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Last thread super-saging >>9828981

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Dang these threads are moving slow. I'm going to the Japanese Slang panel starting at 7pm. What is everyone else up to?

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Being sad and alone chain-smoking among these homeless and blacks at the McDonald's 4 blocks away. Hoping someone will take the hint and ravage my boipucci soon.

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Come back to the con and cuddle anon

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Sitting alone debating what to do, thisbis the most bored I’ve been at Sak in 5 years.

>tfw none of my friends came and know no one here
>tfw too autismo to talk to others

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Why didn't you hang with any gulls

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Good q

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Did they say who was going to replace Teddy at 11:00pm or are they just going to shut down the stage after the kawaii vs. kowai dance party?

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Well we still here

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these panels are all so fucking shit what the hell happened

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Y’all down to hang out with a weeby /fa/ dude?

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I'm in the exact same scenario. I only know 1 person in this entire state and he decided to bail on me so I've just been sitting here in the gaming room playing vidya since 10:00am. Was hoping to do this until closing so that someone will have to come talk to me to kick me out until I remembered that this shit goes on 24/7 straight into Sunday fucking kill me

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Yeah just join the discord

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If it's any consolation the later it gets the easier it is to strike up convos since only the weirdos are still lingering past 1:00 AM and if you don't talk to them you can be damb sure they're gonna talk to you.

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Anybody meet the Mana yet?

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He gave me his special handshake

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I thought the obscure OVA/ONA panel on Friday was pretty worthwhile!!

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>tfw went home early

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Dangit, I was gonna go to that one but I hadn't sorted out my plans and set alarms yet so it slipped my mind. One of the few cool looking panels.

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I really enjoyed our small meet up today it was short and sweet. Like a 20min 1 ep anime.

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Are you hot?

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I like to think so

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I went to the fashion show solely for Mana-sama but the other brand was pretty cute too!

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He gave me his messy love

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His creme?

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do any of you guys have pics from the Nier shoot? thx thx

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>Blocks your path to the ATM
What are you gonna do?

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Post fit. I'm interested.

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It had its fair share of awkward and interjecting neckbeards, but I added some cool titles to my plan to watch list. Maybe next year they'll have another one!

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Teleport behind him.
Shit I didn't see based Geralt, I'd unironically ask for a photo with him.

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Did anyone go to the Mana Q and A panel? How was it?

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Very informative! I enjoyed it a lot.

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Pic. I need a last day con boyfriendo before I leave town.

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It was pretty good. They're looking for factories to make bat bags and lace topped OTKs again.

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Has anyone else noticed anything just...slightly off this at year's con? Not just Teddyloid being cancelled by customs, but things just seem...slightly weird. Dealer's hall seems like it's missing a few staples, panels, panels seem a little less animu oriented, etc. Still having fun, but everything feels slightly weird.

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Shit, I didn't go because I didn't think there would be any questions that were worth listening to. Can I get a greentext or tl;dr if a kind anon doesn't mind.

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>Mana likes cooking
>Americans are pigfat and are not getting XXL sizes
>"just because you can squeeze in the dress doesn't mean that the dress fits you", not 100% accurate quote but that's the gist
>it's ok to be oldfag wearing EGL, EGL transcends time and age
>tattoos are pig disgusting unless they're MmM logos
>brand eyelashes soon, maybe
>baby clothes maybe later
>Bara no Seidou confirmed Mana approved good tier album
>BnS gig at Budokan is the highlight of Mana's career
>new MdM album who knows when but gonna be recording something after coming back
>no physical stores planned anywhere
Don't feel like typing more and I'm bad at remembering stuff, but it was surprisingly good and informative.

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I dont even want bigger sizing, just more full shirred releases because they are comfy as fuck and they look nice on a variety of sizes of girls big and small.

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Challenge him to a few rounds of gwent

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Based Mana

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I appreciate you so much for typing this out, thank you so much anon!
>"just because you can squeeze in the dress doesn't mean that the dress fits you"
damn fatties BTFO
Did Mana actually talk or just gesture and someone talked for him?

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True I notice it too, specially this year the dealers Hall and the artist Ally close up wayyy to soon they used to close at 9pm I think.

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Lol good one, love a good card game

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Crunchyroll used to live stream the con online. Last year they had a pretty big booth too. This year booth was barely visible... Honestly I didn't even see they booth. Alot other booth are missing that used to be there like Good Smile Company.

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Seems weird. Is this con just that undesirable to work at, or is something up with the product laws/imports that was somehow not a problem before? I hace a hard time believing it's product loss, because Good Smile (along with most other big vendors) had their shit in lockdown. In addition, nendos and shit are noticeably pricier, and some of the product selection ranges from "dated" to "cheap".

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Is anyone still here

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Yes I am loser in open gaming room playing smash alone pls send help.

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>good tier
Meant god tier of course.

I'm a skinny tallfag so in a way even worse off than fatties, they can stretch dresses width-wise but there's no helping me when sleeves end in the middle of my forearm or pants an inch above my ankle (not really MmM-specific but for all clothing).

You're welcome. Mana didn't say a word out loud. It went like this:
>questions written and submitted on cards at MmM booth the day before
>panel moderator reads questions from cards to the audience and to Mana's interpreter (a lady who handles English enquires on the brand's site and other stuff)
>interpreter translates and whispers the question to Mana's ear
>Mana whispers his answer into interpreter's ear
>sometimes they go back and forth like that for a bit
>interpreter delivers Mana's answer to the audience
Much efficiency!
There were no open mic questions allowed for Mana, although they did then for the two ladies from the brand during the first half before he came on stage.

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The only real thing off I felt was the panels as you said. The Artist Alley was pretty quality this year compared to last though.
I know the feeling you're describing, but honestly it feels better than last year.
I've been going since 2012 and am fairly sure they closed at 6 then. Since 2014 I'm certain. Wish it was a little later though, like at least til 7.

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I refuse to spend another Sunday at the convention depressingly alone.
Someone play vidya with me tomorrow/today morning.

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I'm playing right now you asshole come here immediately or else I curse you to eternal solitude.

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I really do wish I could, I was cursing myself when I saw your post. Next year I will gladly pull some all-nighters with you, but earliest I'll get there today is 5:30am, 6 a little more realistically.

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Eat shit peanut butter fag your not even a real fruit anyway.

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That’s good, when there were open-mic at AX it was just Mana fanatics sobbing and asking him to marry them

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Last day T-T

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Anything still going on?

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Hey peanut butter is good shit
this aesthetic does suck though

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Game rooms, r18 anime

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Why is the arcade room so crowded... I just wanna play games without waiting in line

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That's arcadies for you

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>standing 2 days in lines
>tfw my legs are still
These gains are incredibly, I even lost 10 pounds.

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>standing 2 days in lines
>tfw my legs are swoll
These gains are incredibly, I even lost 10 pounds.

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Anyone gonna be here into Monday? I'll hang it with yo at the arcade. I'm still drunk

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Organized. Same songlist every year with dance style at the bottom. This year chacha was a failurr

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They’ve always closed at 6. Way to complain about a not real thing.

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did anyone ask about the deep sanctuary concert?

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What an asshole. Fatties not okay, but being 50 is totes cool? Way too be up your own ass about your undesirable feature. How you look in lolita when you’re fat or old completely depends on how much effort someone puts in to looking good. And not everyone can afford professional make up stylists to fill in our wrinkles.

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The new L size of the Lace Cross JSK goes up to a 37" bust/ 30" waist, which is hardly small.

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Dont listen to that anon it really wasnt like that at all. The shop girls were asked if they were making larger sizes and they said that while they would like to, it isnt something easily done or very economic for such a small brand. If you see the mmm fb page, fat fucks bitch about sizing all the time and complain how they are always limited to full shirred items.

So here's my opinion on it all. Im not fat but on the higher end of average with a bit of chub. I dont fit into unshirred mmm, and i do NOT want them to add new sizes or design items that may stray away from what we percieve to be the mmm aesthetics. I fit full/part shirred items just fine and i am ok with that. I love the aesthetic and it is flattering on me and comfortable, i personally would like more releases like this.

Mana also didnt say he disliked tattoos. He said he thought it was really cool if people had tattoos in relation to mm, mdm, and mmm etc. However if you have other tattoos, he doesnt care about them one way or another because it's none of his business and they are unrelated to him so he doesnt care.

>tl;dr mana is chill as fuck and doesnt care about tattoos, age or weight, however having sizes s-xxxl like at your typical western clothing shop is not economically feasible for such a small brand.

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My stomach craves the release of death

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>The shop girls were asked if they were making larger sizes and they said that while they would like to, it isnt something easily done or very economic for such a small brand.
That's literally what they said as a summary to all the sizing questions, fitting in a dress doesn't mean the dress is fitting.

>Im not fat but on the higher end of average with a bit of chub.

>Mana also didnt say he disliked tattoos. He said he thought it was really cool if people had tattoos in relation to mm, mdm, and mmm etc. However if you have other tattoos, he doesnt care about them one way or another because it's none of his business and they are unrelated to him so he doesnt care.
I don't think you know how Japanese culture works.

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Agreed, I also got that general feel from what the girl said about tattoos, and how she said it.

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who else /dealhunting/

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Anyone heading to tea party check in yet?

>> No.9837838

Like 20 people here already

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>tfw you ask someone in a nice costume for a picture and they want one of you as well

Bringing back my pink cowboy outfit was a good idea. Only got called McCree like, 5 times in total.

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Seated at tea party now. Excite.

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Last day, why haven't you pick a team yet?

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There’s like 15+ empty seats at the tea party.

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Mana-sama has left the building

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Is the tea party over? How was it?

>> No.9838071

Pretty much over but people are hanging about still

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mediocre compared to other brand teas

>> No.9838142

I saw Mana in passing today

>> No.9838144

Underwhelming. I feel like Mana was only there for 30 minutes or so.

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Underwhelming is pretty accurate. Unless you felt like you were touching the hand of god, he didn’t really add much.

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Thanks to the two gulls who sat with me. You guys are the best!! You two know who you are.

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On god, did anyone else see that trap last night that was puking their guts out in the bathroom during the rave at around 11? I legit thought some dumbass had dragged his girlfriend in until I heard his voice and got a side-glance of their nametag.

I was taking a piss when I saw all that going down and it was wacky. Something about them being Canadian and not having travels insurance so they were pleading for the janitor (an older scruffy dude who probably watches tweekers shoot up heroine on the daily and simply could not be fucked if he lived or died) not to report them.

Eventually they managed to pick him up and drag him out I guess from what I heard. Fucking hats off to you if you're still alive trap anon. You looked incredibly cute and passable even when you were literally dying.

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Does anyone know the sakuracon dates for next year?

>> No.9838279

next easter weekend

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Why do the weebs that run Sak hate Easter so much, baka.

Don't we already disappoint our parents enough by going to cons, they need to throw in "missing the family easter dinner" onto the list too?

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Thank you so much! I didn't realize pre-reg for next year ended at 2pm today so I missed it.

>> No.9838331

I had a great time chatting, you two were lovely!

>> No.9838342

It's usually a long school weekend, which is a plus :)

>> No.9838348

the convention center was half price to book in the early years at least. might still be. sakuracon is big enough now that it doesnt matter but its tradition

since when is easter weekend a long weekend? ive never had easter friday or monday off...

>> No.9838349

The convention center is vastly cheaper on Easter weekend.

>> No.9838351

> lolitas complain about the lack of lolita content and guests at a con
> Con gets goddamn Mana
> Ya'll still complain
Honestly, I don't think some girls will ever be satisfied

>> No.9838365

It was the most food i ever had at a tea party i was quite happy. Most tea parties youre lucky if you get seconds on hot tea

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>read this and decided to ask some girls to dance at last night's rave
>forgot that it said masquerade not rave
>tfw it didn't occur to me how harder/weirder it is to ask for dances at loud ass raves
There's going to be another one next year right?

>> No.9838381

i know, if it was another sunday it would be fine but no I always have to get home before sunday

>> No.9838389

But if you can do it when it's weird, you can do it when it makes sense. You had courage anon. Score some girls next year

>> No.9838397

>Talked/joked/danced with really cute goth girl
>Basically skipped introductions and just had fun
>Never so much as got her name

>> No.9838398

Overall it was good. There was lots of food, tea, and coffee, the atmosphere was nice, met Mana, walked away with a clear file, blue rose with mmm ribbon on it, and centerpieces. Everyone was very pleasant, and it was nice that best outfits were picked by the hosts instead of by voting. They picked people who represented the brand well instead of people who did OTT. It was refreshing. The few downsides were the disorganization, we were told check in was at noon, but they didn’t have the guest list until 12:50. Mana didn’t stick around long so the tea party sorta felt over when he left. And while the food was very delicious and plentiful, it lacked variety. There was only scones, roast beef tea sandwiches, chicken salad tartlets, and fruit tartlets. If you had a dietary restriction you were shit out of luck. The amount of empty seats was also odd considering how many people didn’t get accepted, and how they supposedly had wait lists. Though if people on the waitlist hung around for empty spots they probably would have gotten in.

>> No.9838412

One of the girl at my table was on waitlist and got in.

>> No.9838462

then it hailed.

>> No.9838482

>hang out near the rave since my parents were trying to get late-night autographs
>check out the men's bathroom
>sinks are filled with puke
>some dude drags in his gf to let her huck her guts up in another sink

the fuck was going on in there?

>> No.9838490

I have absolutely no idea. As I was going back to the crowd after taking a piss I saw a staffer throwing some napkins over what appeared to be a puddle with some bits of salad in it. Immediately behind that puddle was a girl who looked about 15-16 passed out in a chair with two other people trying to keep her alive. If I had to guess I'd say it's just stupid kids being stupid and smuggling in alcohol while not staying hydrated.

>> No.9838497

I saw two separate couples enter the men's room inside the rave during different times that I went to use it. One decided to just casually dry hump by the urinals, the other actually entered a stall to fuck.

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See >>9838234

That was no thot.

>> No.9838554

The scene I described happened nowhere near the bathrooms. It was definitely a girl.

>> No.9838581

There was a girl last night with a group of people pretty damn drunk and not wearing underwear under a shirt she was wearing as a dress. was pretty horrifying since her shirt kept riding up. Maybe she was wearing a thong? But there was no visible undies from behind. Probably an underage puker and date rape victim.

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File: 1.81 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9838635

No kidding. Glad the weather went to shit after the main hours of the con.

>> No.9838646

I was waitlisted and got in. There were three of us total and there were still like seven seats open.

>> No.9838651

Y'all were awesome!! Hope to see you around

>> No.9838678

I had no expectations and yet I somehow feel a bit underwhelmed? Long ass line to self-serve food and tea (in teabags to that) counter made me think of lunch time at my office canteen. Food itself was between terribad (savory options) to just all right (sweet stuff). There was no lemon curd and clotted cream for the scones, only jam and fucking butter. It was probably the standard catering package from the hotel so hard to blame MmM for that, but still. Despite making us wait since 12 they still managed to start the party late. Also a few people seemed to be late themselves, like wtf are you doing. Mana was at the party for about half an hour out of two. The handshake was nice and a bit more personal than during autographs but I don't know, with him being the brand and it being the brand's big event you'd think he would stay longer and interact more? Also during handshake the interpreter only translated what some people said but not others - don't know if that was because Mana understands English well enough and there was no need, or if they just didn't care.
But hey, I'm being too negative, I'm totally happy for having been a part of it, and the modest gift will be a precious memento (they were selling leftover file folders for $5 at the booth just before market closing kek). I hope we showed them the interest and support and that they will only improve at future events. I wish I could see it in Mana's eyes while shaking his hand if he was happy at the turnout and dedication or if he just wanted it to be over, but there's no reading the man's mind unless he drops his act one day.
tl;dr, at the end of the day it was totally worth it.

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Another fun year!

What are some other good cons to go to? as a Seattle native I only go to Emerald City and SakCon, but I need to branch out and go places the other 11 months out of the year.
Like there were all those other Oregon/Canadian shows with booth, maybe one of those. Although I'm nervous about traveling for a con (especially across the border) and getting a hotel and such because I've never done that before.

>> No.9838691

Sounds like a good time! I'm bummed I didn't get to go.

Just throwing it out there, if anyone picked up an extra clearfile and doesn't mind parting with it can you hmu?

>> No.9838693

20 Hot Moms of Washington You Can't Unsee

>> No.9838701

There's always Kumoricon down in Portland and earlier today I hung out with an anon who sold me on Tsukinocon up in Victoria. There's also Aki-con if you really hate yourself.

>> No.9838702

Every school I've been to had Friday off for Good Friday, and sometimes Monday

>> No.9838705

Most schools aren't Catholic.

>> No.9838706

For a kinda different experience try J-Pop Summit, also you'll get to visit San Francisco and appreciate just how damn clean and neat your city is in comparison.

>> No.9838714

i dont even know what good friday is....

>> No.9838716

The best con in the world. You know it?

>> No.9838728


Hahaha I too had that feeling that he just wanted it all to be over, at least toward the very end of his short appearance at the tea party. I chuckled inside at all the squealing of some girls as Mana sauntered in and about. I was a little surprised that there wasn't clotted cream either for the scones and not a wide selection of the sandwiches, but like you, I was just glad to have been part of the tea party.

>> No.9838770

I didn't attend a Catholic School

No one does

>> No.9838780

Did you go to school outside the US?

>> No.9838786

Didn't attend Catholic school and not Catholic myself but I know what Good Friday is.

>> No.9838794


My workplace and the schools were closed for Good Friday. I'm right in good ol' 'Middle America.'

>> No.9838799

I had a great time. It was my first brand tea, so I have nothing to compare it to. I got a small smile out of Mana when I said (or rather the translator did) that I was really excited to meet him and I was really looking forward to seeing him again in Japan in September for the Malice Mizer show. The translator said that that made him really happy. So I hope that has some amount of truth to it, I hope it wasn't too boring for him. The girls at my table were lovely.

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>> No.9838842

Midwest USA

>> No.9838848

Wtf how did someone manage to take a pic?

>> No.9838849

That looks like a selfie.

>> No.9838851

Absolutely lovely

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>Recommending aki con
Pic related that was aki con.
If you Google aki con horror stories you will find things such as rape scandal, leaking roof / mold that drip down at the artist ally people. That con has pretty bad reputation, if you look at they past panels it's even worst.

>> No.9838856

Mana did

>> No.9838857

>Recommending aki con
>There's also Aki-con if you really hate yourself.


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Wether it is a good or bad recommendation it is still a recommendation. It's ok my friend it's ok...

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So what kind of pictures did everyone take?
I just recently hopped on the Goblin Slayer pain train, so I was pretty juiced to see this guy.

>> No.9838875

Literally none. There was one anon I wanted a picture of but I'm guessing they died because I never saw or heard from them after they mentioned their cosplay for saturday. Other than that nothing really caught my eye this year.

>> No.9838881

Fucking love goblin Slayer so fucking much haha. It made me wanna play an mmo just to experience a similar world as a bad ass knight.

>> No.9838967

Akicon has new owners and this past year was actually very good.

>> No.9839086

Clotted cream is illegal in the US. Why would you expect it?

>> No.9839094

Pasteurized clotted cream is legal to sell in the states. It isn't quite the same as the unpasteurized sort, but it's still tasty.

>> No.9839097

He took a lot of selfies at the tea party.

>> No.9839172

There was an official photographer at the tea party. Where can we find those photos once they're up?

>> No.9839190


If you're talking about the same photographer that was at the Moitie booth and if they're associated with FakeStar, maybe the photos will be with them. Not 100% sure, it could be a couple of days until anything goes up.

>> No.9839287

>tfw it made me want to be a goblin

>> No.9839393

was it just me that was disappointed in artist alley? vendors was disappointing as well but that’s normal for me ..

>> No.9839405

no I felt that way too, no official good smile company booth unlike last year plus not many options for smaller things, 10 dollars for rinky dink blindbox phone charms or 40 bucks for a figure, nothing for the middle sized budget

>> No.9839423
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>con ended
>tfw still no gf

>> No.9839434

Artist Alley dead since moving out of exhibit hall.

>> No.9839553

really? There were so many people there on sunday and that's the slow day

>> No.9839563

Probably because that's how long it took everyone to figure out where the artist alley was.

>> No.9839614

PCD hitting really hard. Doesn't help that it feels like I did next to nothing really con related, like the rave, panels, etc. Did make a few friends and spend time with them/drink a bit tho
But outside of sak, what other washington/PNW cons are worth checking out?

to be fair a lot of people do their purchasing on sunday, especially last minute purchases

>> No.9839665

Lilac city in Spokane, but that’s more comics....

>> No.9839744

AkiCon is under new ownership, had a good year, and will probably make a comeback. ChibichibiCon is a surprisingly well put together one day college con. There's KumoriCon in Portland that is going to be your most SakuraCon like con.

>> No.9839770

I just realised the guy who Miyavi had a big fight with, Teddyoloid, was also there

>> No.9839774

It's stupid of lolitas to go to a con if they're not into other weeb shit

>> No.9839775

teddyloid was not there anon... where have you been??

>> No.9839781

This was my first year back after several years and the last time I was at the AA it was in the dealers Hall. I easily made 2x my normal at scon.

I think the smaller alley had to do with it. Almost every artist I talked to said it was a very successful con for them.

>Blessed because everyone bought my bulkier items last day and wiped out my stick
>Cursed because momokun bought one too

>> No.9839782

I didn't go, just read someone's twitter who mentioned him and I remembered that thing about Miyavi which made me nostalgic

>> No.9839787

What's your guys damage this year? Mine was 200 neet bucks.

>> No.9839789

This was honestly the worst artist alley I've ever seen. It was Tumblr shit as far as the eye can see. Garbage art style or terrible series. There was almost nothing worth considering buying.

>> No.9839794
File: 3.49 MB, 4048x3036, IMG_20180331_232132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Show me your con gains! What did you buy or get?!

>> No.9839796

The only thing I'm sad about with Teddy not showing up is the fact that I didn't get to see all the Me!Me!Me! roasties do their lewd dances with beads in their beef curtains.

>> No.9839801

>dances with beads in their beef curtains.
Please don't explain further.

>> No.9839808

There was a Me!Me!Me! photo shoot on Saturday late night. I couldn't make it, hoping somebody got pics from it.

>> No.9839810

If you are sad that Teddy didn't appear you didn't miss much we can literally take any Asian guy with an MP3 player that has his songs on it and pretend it's him. And no person would notice any change.

>> No.9839811

How was the fashion show?

>> No.9839812

Which one?

>> No.9839822

I spent most of my money on food, and bought a few stickers in the AA, maybe $200 combined

>> No.9839827
File: 99 KB, 932x1024, 1488683284316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Frogs are turning gay

>> No.9839829

7 Playmats
7 Card sleeves
5 Shirts
2 Cassettes from 1 of the DJs on Saturday
2 Plushies
1 TeddyLoid CD >>9839810 Fuck off pal
And some food
Some stuff not listed or can't remember

Had about $900+ to spend. I always try to make sure to save close to $1k before every Sakura-con

>> No.9839834


>> No.9839840


>> No.9839846

Is there anyone that can identify the music from the MintNeko half of the fashion show?

>> No.9839847

You lost me.

>> No.9839865

Are there any official or clear shots or videos of the fashion show out yet? I missed it but I heard both brands were fantastic.

>> No.9839881

There was not photography allowed for the MMM fashion show and Sak photographers take forever to upload pics. Check back in a couple months ha

>> No.9839886

Can't change your age but you can change your fat, wailord.

>> No.9839892

$364 for flight ticket
$686 room for 2 nights
$60 for 1.5 meals
$45 for ticket
$10 for mystery grab bag
$1 for homeless

>> No.9839909

You should have Airbnb it would have cost you like 180bucks for 2 night

>> No.9839910

Around $800, not too bad....

>> No.9839945
File: 2.13 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9839954

I spent my money on a present for my brother and my whole group bribed my friend to trap mode. Not too bad, 55 dollars for those and then 7 for when I ubered there after missing a bus for volunteering

>> No.9839956

me in the back

>> No.9839959


>> No.9839984
File: 493 KB, 853x436, unknown-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9839993
File: 36 KB, 409x427, 1472077167164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man I lost to much sleep

>> No.9839999

I'm over $800 in hotel fees alone, I'd rather ignore the rest.

>> No.9840000

Hotels have more flexible check in times and will hold your bags before and after you check in/out. No surprises, closer to con, easier to come in/out depending on the bnb, no key fuss, multiple keys.

I enjoy airbnb, I've used it a lot, but they're not a great choice for everyone.

>> No.9840013

Replied to the wrong post
It was meant for

>> No.9840018
File: 61 KB, 1023x585, 7A648E14-5CF5-43A9-AD29-B985661BA070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See this smart ass

>> No.9840023

>Sweet King size bed all to myself
>Cozy temp, quiet
>minimal sleep.
>Lay on padded Mat at home with a couple sheets
>Out for 12 hours uninterrupted

>> No.9840037

Akicon hasn't updated their page for their 2018 event, is there not going to be one?

Is Kumoricon worth making the travel to or not really?

>> No.9840067

Kumoricon can be pretty comfy

>> No.9840074

Most hotels will hold your bags if you ask them nicely. You don't have to stay at them.

>> No.9840075

Oh, that's bigger than me. I'm literally obese in bmi..
So yay? MMM for obese people!

>> No.9840089

Honestly Ana Chans are frightening. Please seek help.

>> No.9840093

and yet no S size for us short skellys :(

>> No.9840119

I missed the saturday show, but went to the fan-run show sunday. Part way through, a lolita sat down in a chair directly next to me, took off her shoes and stockings, and put on a different set. I'm not sure if she was oblivious, trying to get a reaction, or just in a hurry.

>> No.9840143


I agreed. Planned to spend some money on art but skipped it for plushies

>> No.9840148

In a hurry or was just sick of those shoes. If we're not flashing anyone we give so few fucks. These clothes get exhausting and changing in the bathroom is not ideal.

>> No.9840152

Nayrt but when I was overweight (BMI 26), my measurements were 34-30-36 at 5'4". Someone shorter than me could definitely be obese and still squeeze into that JSK.

>> No.9840154

>Went to AA for the 2nd year to see if there was any art of my waifu
>All I saw was Overmeme, SU, and gay shit
burn this shit down right now

>> No.9840162

That's so many artists. In the FB AA group people are always asking what's big now, what makes money, and if X idea will sell. So many artists just hop on bandwagons and produce generic year 1 art school bs.

>> No.9840165

>37” bust
>30” waist
>a-ana chan!!!!
whales are delusional

>> No.9840193


Cant believe I wish Panties and Medical Whiskey would come back to Sakuracon

>> No.9840313
File: 260 KB, 540x406, the_yare_yare_daze_button_by_bubbyparker-dac8mbd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to the Jojo photoshoot on Friday
>arrived a few minutes late, found out they started 15-20 minutes earlier so I missed several group shots
>no pictures posted to the event page
>have seen multiple image galleries for all the other photoshoots but nothing from the Jojo one

What a damn mess

>> No.9840334

yeah it’s not only the Jojo photoshoot that’s like that

>> No.9840335

Did you atleast party with Joseph at the dance Friday night?

>> No.9840392
File: 732 KB, 1280x720, 1471099339846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a good time overall, but fuck the way they handled those FGO autograph sessions.

>Show up early to get close to the front of the line to get my BD of Sabagebu signed
>"Okay, only official merch can be signed."
>Line starts to fill up, guy walks out again
>"Only official merch which Okubo showed up in"
>Still okay
>Line gets even longer
>"Only official FGO material."
>People start to complain
>"Only Fate material which Okubo showed up in."
>Decide since I've been waiting anyway, I'll just get a postcard from the desk
>Thank her for her work as Urara in Sabagebu while she signs. She seemed to enjoy someone mentioning that.

I heard the next autograph session was even more restrictive. I like Fate well enough and understand it was a FGO orientated event, but, goddamn, at least give her time for her none-Fate related work. Especially when you had to fly her over from Japan.

>> No.9840418
File: 292 KB, 592x415, 077_1502625966205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should have ask if you could kept her old socks

>> No.9840422
File: 101 KB, 895x1024, 1522403265848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone down this year with the con pandemic? Or is this the first year that no one is sick?

>> No.9840562

I make sure to heavily dose myself with Vitamin C before con and Airborne during con and I don't get sick.

Dealing with sore muscles is a different story for me though...

>> No.9840572

I have a sick friend.

>> No.9840576
File: 23 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p6kayrqMSe1rpapm8o1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just have this. Maybe someone else can find more. She says she was the only one who wore EGA in the fashion show but I'm pretty sure this is from the EGL label too.

>> No.9840592
File: 221 KB, 960x720, A74AC2E9-F8D1-4483-B8FC-DDC1E900D420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is a photo of the group. The models seemed to be ignorant of the brand so don’t take her word on it.

>> No.9840656

Was there a 4chan meet? For the first time in 6 years I finally had a group that I was with this time so I didn't come here out of desperation like I normally do. Stories if there was one please.

>> No.9840660

>models seemed to be ignorant of the brand

there's at least 2 girls in there that own lots of moitie and wear it on a regular basis?

>> No.9840705

>Briz fucking blossom
Yeah she totally suits moitie.

>> No.9840713

She has a really weird looking face and i can't ever place my finger on exactly what's wrong with it.

>> No.9840730

The only ones likely. Some of the girls were acting like these were new releases but everything is old.

>> No.9840786


What is a 38" bust and 32" waist considered, out of curiosity?

>> No.9840790

I was hoping that they'd be rereleased. MmM pls

>> No.9840822

The shop girls were saying they didnt have any designers working with them right now amd they were looking for new ones. Im not interested in rereleases honestly. It makes the originals less special and unique.

>> No.9840824

I love the re-releases of Moitie because they are always a bit different. The new lace cross JSK has back lacing instead of waist-ties for example. Besides, there are many old dresses that are extremely hard to find because of low production and age.

>> No.9840830

It depends on your height and all over body structure/proportions but that's pretty chubby. That was my measurments last year before i started to watch my portion sizing. I dont eat sweets, sugar or junk food anyways so portioning and calorie counting wasnt hard for me. Im down 15 pounds and my waist is 30in and im still chubby. Most people cant tell because thankfully most of it is in my pouch area and hidden in a petticoat.

>> No.9840835

I think anon might mean the screen print re-releases. I fell in love instantly when i saw the new sample dress at the booth this weekend. I hope they release more headwear soon because i want to get a new black and blue bow to go with the black and blue lace cross dress!

>> No.9840854
File: 93 KB, 700x1221, IMG_20180403_103250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9840859
File: 81 KB, 640x480, Grand-Hyatt-Seattle-bath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn take bathtub selfies with Mana-sama

>> No.9840901

Was it one of the models from the j-fash side of the show?

... was it the "gothic lolita" in the maid dress who seemed super fetish-y

>> No.9840950

Yeah, I heard that one was a mess. I did the Fate shoot this year and that one was really sloppy, too. No sense of organization or cohesion, and I think Aniplex holding their own gathering an hour prior didn't help any (even if it was well-intentioned).

Yeah, this. My sister lined up and while she plays FGO she really wanted her copy of Digimon Cyber Sleuth signed. I heard there was a Yuru Yuri cosplayer in a similar situation, she just had to accept a stock-issue FGO postcard since she couldn't get her other merch signed. And look, I like Fate and all but everything about those rules seemed petty and territorial.

>> No.9840955

>BMI of 30
Uh. no?

>> No.9840957

$95 Gas
$74 Hotel
$90 Parking (Convention Center lot, I'm lazy)
$93 Food/Eating Out
$146 Artist Alley
$50 Dealers Hall

Not bad at all, and I'm even getting money back for some of the gas for car pooling friends.

>> No.9840963

I wonder what restrictions were put on the sponsorship money to fly them out that staff had to do this, and if someone on guest staff didn't read the contract closely enough since they didn't have clear guidelines already in place for how they were going to do it.

>> No.9841049

post con depression hitting hard :,(

>> No.9841099

I think she'd look better without bangs, but, yeah, a few of them were sweet lolitas.

>> No.9841242

for some reason I thought the moitie models would be prettier

>> No.9841317

argh, finding out that she was there and disregarding it because I was not interested in fate was a mistake, I didnt look into it more than I should have, I like sabagebu but not enough to know who voiced who, oh well

>> No.9841330

Bless Wunderwelt for saving Moitie. If they have no designers and no factories for accessories clearly they were in trouble. I hope they can get production up soon I want to buy a bat bag and a ton of Moitie basics.

>> No.9841339

It was very obvious who was and wasn't a sweet lolita.
I agree and maybe this is a personal pet peeve, but a lot of the wigs and hair styling was absolute shit. I saw lolitas in the audience with better wigs.

>> No.9841400


I thought this too but maybe the main concern was finding models who would fit into the dresses as Moitie tends to run small. I did think that some of the makeup was somewhat plain.

>> No.9841404

I was surprised to see some of the models were pretty average sized. I expected pretty much ana for the whole thing but no, there were thighs and tits. I was impressed.

>> No.9841430

I mean if you're 6 feet tall it wouldn't be that bad, but if you're 5 feet that's pretty damn fat. Depends on height.

>> No.9841581

She was so fucking extra. You could hear her heart shatter when she didn't win the coord contest

>> No.9841587

same, anon :( I think it's mainly going back to real life and being away from Seattle, here.

>> No.9841595

did y'all hear about the crazy bitches who got their Iron Gates signed?

>> No.9841606

That is such an amazing idea.

>> No.9841610

Iron gates?

Pls no bully

>> No.9841614
File: 11 KB, 240x320, images (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the name of a screenprinted dress by Moitie. Goes for $800-$1000 generally. Pic related.

>> No.9841622

there was one discussed and in progress last week but the discord killed it so

>> No.9841632

Dam son

>> No.9841661
File: 548 KB, 1610x1198, MMM makeup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found photos of the makeup on Instagram.

>> No.9841666


I'm 5'3" with a 36C bust and 32" waist, so yeah chubby af. I've been working out for the past year but feel like I bulked up too (that and I love sweets on the weekends) so fitting into brand gets tricky.

>> No.9841668


The makeup isn't horrible, just kinda underwhelming. I really think that the main focus was to showcase the dresses/outfits.

>> No.9841672

Some were average, but some had spoopy legs

>> No.9841677

lol more like 2k for the op now

>> No.9841708

Damn how much do you think that would sell for now?

>> No.9841711

I really don't get what qualifications they were picking the models off of..

>> No.9841713

Maybe for the OP cut only. Although the one on yjp has been up for a little while with that price. JSK and skirt cuts are generally sub 1k, with the skirt going sub $500.

>> No.9841732

Multiple girls did this? I commend them, but it sucks the dresses basically can't be worn now (or rather, cleaned).

>> No.9841733

There were 4 girls who did this iirc

>> No.9841734
File: 28 KB, 800x800, 1515438834983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, what Malice Mizer show?

>> No.9841739

Isn't it possible to get the signature embroidered over? That would make it washable again, right? I wonder how Mana felt doing that though.

>> No.9841749

He was signing with different colored sharpies (bronze and silver iirc) and signed the dress lining which is essentially plastic. Would it even wash out? I'd imagine you would hand wash such an expensive dress as Iron Gate in cold water anyways.

>> No.9841752

Wouldn't be too hard to spot wash. It was just on the lining so you could probably avoid getting that area wet.

>> No.9841754

Omg, I don't know if I love this idea or hate it wow, I'm so confused.

>> No.9841758

You could probably just dab it with some weak solvent, it's only sharpie after all

>> No.9841763

Kumo's comfy and pdx is pretty fun to fuck around in if the con dries out.
Also I'll be there and I'm tight as fuck

>> No.9841768

Signed Iron gate anon here

We asked permission before presenting the dresses, he seemed really intrigued by the idea and nodded very enthusiastically when we asked. He signed everything else I brought very quickly/casually. He concentrated hard and signed it really carefully when he did my lining.

>> No.9841770

Wow, reading comprehension, for some reason I thought you were talking about wanting to wash it off rather than preserving it. But my statement still stands, it's only sharpie so it'd definitely be vulnerable to almost any kind of washing

>> No.9841788

Another way to preserve sig is to go over with a permanent fabric pen. Those thins really don't wash out.

>> No.9841812

I think the signed skirts idea idea was cute. Anons who had linings signed, depending on the fabric of the lining, you should at least consider heat setting the signed area to help preserve the ink. Something like ironing the spot through a thin piece of tissue paper on the highest setting appropriate for the fabric, with no steam. There may be other setting agents like Raycafix or such available but the only ones I know are aimed at whole-garment use, not part.

>> No.9841856

I mean her outfit did not really embody the 'look' of Moite.
I don't know what she would have expected...

>> No.9841881

Wunderwelt doesn't own Moitie, it's Tamaqro

>> No.9841888

same wtf..
that’s actually really cool imo

>> No.9841921
File: 32 KB, 679x960, deepsanctuaryvi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, anon, did you not hear? I'm sorry!

>> No.9841967

Which girl are we talking about?

>> No.9842000
File: 71 KB, 640x640, 29740592_1885599145072197_3010571078616481792_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9842021

You can literally check the replies to see who is being discussed. Just go back and read, jfc.

>> No.9842026

Yeah but I don’t know who that girl is.

>> No.9842027

Briz Blossom. Google is your friend

>> No.9842089
File: 281 KB, 2048x1365, 9E6D9C05-0991-41DE-B0F2-712E99F53A2E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mana and models with the official Mana filter.

>> No.9842104

She's the woman that bought likes in order to win the Meta coord contest a few years ago. Trashy af.

>> No.9842108

Briz looks so out of place compared to everyone else.

>> No.9842113


>> No.9842124

Girl in white with tan/gold boots.

>> No.9842130

Oh she was the one skipping around the stage. My friends and I were laughing at how ridiculous she looked.

What did she wear at the tea party? Did she have the snake scepter?

>> No.9842143

Yeah she had the sceptre. I completely forget the rest of her outfit though. But there were some very poorly dressed girls there, she didn't look Bad.

>> No.9842153

I didn’t really notice anyone who was poorly dressed. Just that she looked ridiculous in her OTT mmm costume, and the person who was doing what looked like mana cosplay.

>> No.9842158

>ywn stand next to mana and breathe in his holy scent of darkness and ten thousand blue roses

>> No.9842160

The Mana cosplay was so cringey, especially that overstuffed skirt. But there was someone in clashing shades of red who brought a doll with her and someone else who looked like she hadn't even combed her hair. Most embarrassing.

>> No.9842170

Oh right! The girl with the doll had empty seats on each side for good reason. The. The old lady would have been fine as an everyday type goth outfit, but her hair desperately needed a comb.

>> No.9842174


Which Mana cosplay? Was it the white & blue OTT outfit worn to the tea party? I thought that it was bordering cosplay as well and one of the rules for entry to the tea was "no cosplay allowed."

>> No.9842193

Middle table, mana hair and visual kei make up. With them being late to check people in, they didn’t even check for a brand piece so I’m not surprised they didn’t deny entry.

>> No.9842215

Tea party attendee here. I thought it was fair that the coord contest winners were chosen based off simplicity versus OTT. Afterall, MmM is more about simple elegance and not more costumey-looks.

>> No.9842228

>tfw I wore Iron Gate on one of the earlier days and none of the booth staff even recognized it as MMM ("oh are you wearing moi meme moitie today?)

>> No.9842241

So much for that. They did ask one of the men there but his blouse was Mmm.

Honestly I'm just glad it wasn't Iron Gate.

>> No.9842264

>Honestly I'm just glad it wasn't Iron Gate.
Does Mana even realize what a big deal IG is in the lolita community?

>> No.9842323

It's hilarious if not.

>> No.9842390

She had a massive set of wings on too.

>> No.9842518

Snake staff, wings, bonnet with cheap ugly fairly lights sticking out, 10 underskirts and what print did she have? The musical print? None of her shit matched. She was atrocious. How could she ever think Mana would choose such a tacky coord.

>> No.9842585

The older lady was wearing full moitie and is probably more of a fan of Mana than half the people a the tea including myself. I will defend her until the death of this thread.

>> No.9842591

Agreed 1000%
I dislike how brand tea coord contest = Ott
I just like coords that represents the brand.

>> No.9842595

Yes, I got to talk to her before the tea and she was a sweetheart. More MmM than most of the other guests and a huge fan. Would have done well with a nice wig and makeup though.

>> No.9842597

does anyone have pics of the winners please

>> No.9842598

obviously, he designed royal gate for a reason

moitie ita?

>> No.9842604

Moitie ita is from France anon, though if she could have come to America Im sure she would of

>> No.9842629

Could still brush her hair.

>> No.9842663

Sorry this is a dumb question, but did the models bring their own clothes or did the brand provide them? There's so many older designs there.

>> No.9842668

Models brought shoes and wigs (and some of the accessories), but the clothes belonged to the brand. I asked if they were thinking about rereleasing any of them (especially the long dress) but they didn't have any solid plans unfortunately.

>> No.9842677

Thanks, it's cool that the brand has those older pieces on hand still.
I too would love to see that long dress re-released.

>> No.9842736

I thought this year's was a lot better, comparatively. Last year's had an even worse problem with that. At least this time there was actually stuff I wanted to buy.
Will we ever see a return of the glory days though? Who knows...

>> No.9842823

>bump limit reached
Can we have another thread when this one hits the last page? I want to see the official photos (from tea party mainly and other Mana related) but this is the only place where I know to look for them.

>> No.9842858
File: 1.41 MB, 3986x2885, IMG_6385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Are you ready, kids?"

>> No.9842862
File: 2.09 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9842864

Uhhh the official twitter and facebook? Dont be an idiot...

>> No.9842880

I can't into social media, especially faceberg.

>> No.9842893

I'm tempted to do the AA one year just so I can make shit of stuff I like. Even if it's obscure or old stuff like 5 people would buy, it'd make me happy, and it'd be in the spirit of the AA

>> No.9842902

I do AA but I'm probably quitting soon. The rat race for memes and Pokemon with assholes is getting old. People mostly buy flash in the pan drawings that are printed on charms and pouches in China and it's just a market I'm not happy being in anymore.

>> No.9842939

I agree she was the sweetest. I thought she had a cool elder goth vibe going on.
It was awesome to hear about Mana from such a devout fan.

Keep on rocking nice older lady.

>> No.9843025

That's adorable. He's adorable.

>> No.9843028

Anyone see chlorox chan?

>> No.9843088

Make anything of darling in the franxx and I will come by and buy it lol. Other then that some buddist car I wouldn't mind getting.

>> No.9843091
File: 49 KB, 720x656, bleachslurpee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No but the slushy flavor is sooooooo delicious.

>> No.9843093
File: 37 KB, 1127x685, 1460623005667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly guys I'm lonely I wish I had more money and that there are more cons and more opportunities for me to make friends... So God damn lonely...

>> No.9843100

Solitude is strength, Anon

>> No.9843478

>tfw you have fun walking around con with music going in my headphones
>tfw you see other con goers having fun with their friends
>tfw I kind of wish I had a con friend was well
>tfw you deal with crippling anti social problems...

>> No.9843605
File: 1.45 MB, 2508x3344, 1521778653445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel the same I get tunnel vision when I try to talk to people. But I still try.

>> No.9843817
File: 231 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20180405-190902~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's bullshit but I believe it

>> No.9843943

>Using Bing
Why anon why you make yourself suffer

>> No.9843945

Because it's the automatic translation client on Twitter.

>> No.9843947

Used to be g*le until a while ago. Both are botnets but at least bing is not g*le. Though g*le used to translate slang/netspeak Japanese to lewd words or phrases like 9 out of 10 times, usually with hilarious results.

>> No.9844527
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Day 5 since con is over
>tfw still no gf

>> No.9844876
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one day
one day I'll have con friends

>> No.9844901

Join the discord server. We'll be around next year.

>> No.9844903

Shut up. We don't care about your 'still single' updates.

>> No.9844923

I hope you will, you are my best friends now.

>> No.9845398

Walked through downtown coming home from work........so many people in "normal " clothes. At least the horror con is coming soon.

>> No.9845492

Yeah, I saw "a" chlorox-chan. Was she with one or two tide pods? Tall grill sporting delicious zettai ryouiki?

>> No.9845511

Could go downtown to see all of the MtG nerds. The convention smells about the same as last weekend.

>> No.9846132

See you next year Sakura-Con!

>> No.9846424
File: 386 KB, 1920x1080, finding it though, that's not the hard part.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw page 9
I-it's not over yet... right?

>> No.9846544
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finally finished one day of photos


the saturday set is going to take awhile

>> No.9847104
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>Ask bane for a back break pose photo
>Expect him to get on one knee so I can lie back
>tfw Bane scoops me up like a princess and hold me up off the ground for a moment
>tfw impressed but also slightly emasculated

>> No.9847139

>tfw so out of touch with animu that I only recognize some obvious classics like NGE or DBZ
>tfw so out of touch with everything else I didn't get what was going on when the pirate-head-in-picture-frame guy started singing next to the Mana panel line
Eh, it was fun though. Who was the masked guy in black with claws that hung outside the window by the Autographs and creepily waved at people inside? I swear I saw him there everytime I went near there, and on more than one day too.

>> No.9847506

Fuck it I'm doing it:

>> No.9847859
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