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>discuss good/bad tea parties you've been to
>discuss tea and locations
>share recipes
>share table setting ideas

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One of the worst ones I have been to was the one run by Amber to host Misako years ago in NYC ( this was before the whole Anime Matsuri fiasco ). Amber ended up selling I think over a hundred tickets or so for a venue that was pretty much a bar, so everyone was crammed in so much I was literally freaking out at how little space there was to even move around. Just thinking about it gives me PTSD. Just hope Amber made good money off of that, especially since she did fuck all at the actual event besides giving everyone the stink eye while wearing a borrowed dress from Misako, because she couldn't even dress herself well enough for her own event. And Amber has been accused from a previous event of pocketing money for herself from it so wouldn't be surprised if she did this as well.

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>never 4get

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I have plenty of space and ideas for tea-parties, but there's this thing in my comm that people won't come to your meet if they don't know you well/if their friends aren't going, and I don't have any lolita friends myself.

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What's this?

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Bless you OP for this thread.

I had a phase when my only outings were going to parties which left me completely deregulated and stressed out. Now that I don't really feel like keeping doing that, I can't stop fantasizing about throwing tea parties with my friends, even if none of them wear frills. This thread give me hope.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite tea, to contribute. I really love the cinnamon flavor, it mixes so well with biscuits.

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I have afternoon tea by myself and all the time I spend making snacks for myself really relaxes me

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What types of snacks do you make? I think it would be nice to make a tea party for myself or a few friends but have no idea where to start.

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I make my own scones, cakes, jams and macarons. When I don't have much time, I just put numerous things on a slice of rye. Also, when I have wine in the evening I enjoy matching it with the perfect cheese.

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Yes, give us the tea!

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How are the AP USA teaparties? I see there is one upcoming that's $150 per ticket. It can't possibly be that worth it right?? I mean yeah you might have a chance at a raffle and some tea and that's about it.. I would rather buy a dress I think.

The Baby USA teaparties seemed pretty awful to me. Overpriced and crammed into the actual store, yet people were tripping over each other to get in. Brand teaparties in Japan have actual designers and fashion shows..

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I host small tea parties with my friends sometimes. The place we usually go to can accommodate my vegan diet as well as gluten free/allergies for other people. The location sucks because they always put us out in the lobby so random people will try to take pics of us eating, and the last event I hosted they gave us some ridiculously short time to be done by and then told us after we rushed through our food that we could stay as long as we wanted.

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Forgot to add, I’m a little reluctant to host larger tea parties for my comm because many places pre-make meals, so any no shows still get charged. I’d be worried about people flaking out and sticking me with a $60 bill on top of my own bill. I know girls who have gotten burnt because of this before.

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don't they have fashion shows and special guests in paris as well?

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She actually lost money on that. People were given free drinks beyond the tickets passed out. The bartenders kept count of the drinks but didn't limit who they served. I had to correct one bartender twice and tell them to take my money. There were also people who snuck in on top of the 125 cap, someone on my friends list admitted to doing this.

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Search the RBT archives for Cakes and Couture.

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This is my issue for wanting to rent a place out for tea. My comm members are so cheap and not fun.

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Last time we went to KE they actually managed to sit us inside instead of in the lobby, but I think it was only because the host called ahead to double check that we were going to be inside the actual restaurant. Honestly their food is good but we really need to find a newer place.

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I'm in the same boat, my comm wants events but not the price tag that goes with it. Anytime we can hold a tea party with private room it;'s nothing but complaints about food, games, lack of entertaining conversation etc.

Right now, I'm looking into doing more private teas in my house once I have it a bit more organised with my furniture and my kitchen.

I really love unusual high tea themes, I recently found these conical dessert moulds and I'm in love so I've been looking around for foods I could make in them.

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I love these so much anon, thanks.

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I do this too occasionally. I really want to make it into a more daily thing though.

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This is a very addictive thing to start and will make you fat. I highly recommend not making a habit of eating sweets with tea frequently alone, it will become something akin to morning coffee and sugar is one hell of a drug.

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Get people attending to pay before hand

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Oh wow, those are beautiful! Can all of us exciting lolitas start our own comm?

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If you collect payment from everyone a week or two before the event it will cut down on flakes, plus only people serious about attending will rsvp. It makes it easier to pay on the day as well.

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Inside the building where Babyssb SF is located, there is a wonderful tea house / casual cafe that does a full high tea for like $30. It's really great; they even have a simple "combo menu" of any pot of tea paired with one of the items that would be included in their high tea. They have really nice crumpets so I always order that plus a pot of whatever seems fitting for that day.

They also make...
Hold onto your bustles...
Avocado Crumpets.

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Generally my issue is hardly enough people want to pay up front because they are that cheap.

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Thanks for your amazing insight.

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>tfw u finally for the first time in ur life have money to spend and would absolutely attend a $60 teaparty every week

i dont understand how everyone in this hobby seems to be so broke their rent is threatened all the time, it's fucking irresponsible

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EXACTLY. And it's not like they're super young or anything so that's not even an excuse. I waited until I got a decently paying job and was put of school to start really buying lolita. A lot of my comm members are quite a bit older than me and act like one tea party is going to break the bank. They should just admit they're being cheap because they're cheap.

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What makes you think she puts sugar in her tea and on her slice of rye?

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Oh, piss off.

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So what you're saying is, only the US brand sucks?

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I'm so lucky my comm is great at holding large tea parties. We only do it twice a year for ILD and everyone understands there are absolutely no refunds, but you can try and transfer your seat to someone else. I think the big tea parties here are successful for two reasons: 1) they are rare and balanced out by casual meets and smaller tea parties and 2) it's comparatively cheap.

I think it's a bit harder to justify it for people in more expensive areas. $80 for tea, cakes and maybe some salad, is kinda crappy when you can just go to a nicer place for $40 but with a much smaller group.

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$150 sounds nuts, what could really make it worth that much?

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Bread is pretty fattening.

This was an unnecessary comment tho. We all could have gone without this.

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It's probably not worth that much, but the location is a really nice hotel and they probably have to cover for the special guest. It'll also be more of a lunch than just sandwiches and tea.

I know my chances are slim but I would like to get picked for the fashion show. Last year the models picked were top tier.

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rye bread isn't that fattening., it amkes you feel full very quickly so you end up eating less

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Maybe they're trying to do the same sort of high quality events that the Chinese lolitas have been getting? The AP events there always look insanely good

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Hmm, let's see what I can dump

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>team mini

Aw damn, I forgot that I'm on a different computer/IP address

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I actually started doing this to live healthier. 6 small meals feels much better than eating 3 big meals.

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I cant't wait to get my own house and put all the frilly stuff I want in it. It's gonna be great.

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Oh damn, I'm mini on mobile. What is my true team?

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nobody cares.ive changed team more times than i can remember

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I've been thinking about hosting a tea party for a while, and I might do one during Anime Boston next year. Not sure about themes, but I was thinking of encouraging everyone to wear coords inspired by the Mohawk indians, to sort of give it an American tea party feel.

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Ugh, fucking same. I need to stop buying avocados though.

Saved a few things from the old glb

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Huh, forgot that I saved a collection on pinterest, but not actually in a computer folder

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idk why I have this in my folder, but now I want context

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That's because those hotels are cheap compared to our western money. And the Chinese lolitas attending have money.

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The last AP USA anniversary party a girl won a jsk set so. And because of the old $50 min purchase you had to make to qualify for a ticket which was $75, it ends up being the same price

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I really want to do a science themed tea party for my comm as the presentation is so cool and doesn't require high tea stands

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some more photo inspo I have saved

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I think it's a yogurt and berry flavored jelly

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geode cupcakes

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because I'm known for my dad jokes and bad puns

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My dream is to one day be able to host a tea party in good health making delicious treats like scones and small appetizers. Of course paired with wine or tea. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/cranberry-orange-scones-15682
One can dream of course

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Also there are never enough savory treats vs sweets at tea parties. Why is that because I have found plenty of beautiful savory recipes ?

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>imgines sitting on a bench with a big poofy dress
Oh god

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Being alive is pretty fattening.

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Sorry about your shitty genes, anon

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What of it?

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Seconding this, and adding to ALWAYS make sure to factor in hidden fees. Taxes, tacked on gratuity, ticket 'convenience fees' ect.

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Dumping some savory recipes

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End dump

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Yes! I love me some tea time socials.

Why Dream? You don't need terribly much to do a decent one, and you can get everything you need for the service quite cheap and easily. Its all about presentation.

Savoury is so under represented. It was my turn to hold a tea for my friends a few weeks ago.

> two kinds of tea sandwiches:
*Miniature BLTs
*Cucumber, chive and creamcheese
>Assorted cheeses and nuts
>Raw carrot chips, broccoli florets, and celery, with a dip of balsamic vinegar caramelized onion
>Deviled eggs

Sounds super fancy, but is all really cheap and simple.

Thats nifty.

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They probably don't wear bloomers and would get stuck to the bench.

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Not sure if this is on-topic enough but I love tea prints and I don't want this thread to die

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Hoooooooo avocado crumpets. I am really living in the wrong part of the country

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>> two kinds of tea sandwiches:
>*Miniature BLTs
>*Cucumber, chive and creamcheese
>>Assorted cheeses and nuts
>>Raw carrot chips, broccoli florets, and celery, with a dip of balsamic vinegar caramelized onion
>>Deviled eggs
Marry me. Or at least cater a tea.

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I found the absolute perfect place to host a tea party. The decor is beautiful, it has a kitchen for food prep, and the room rental fee goes to help low income women. How much should one charge for a tea party ticket? I'd like to make sure I can cover the cost of the room/food, and I figure any extra I can just donate as part of the rental fee. I'm also planning a giveaway/raffle. I agree with what people said up thread about getting the money before, but I was hoping the anons here had other advice or tips. Thanks in advance!

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How long do all those pastries take to make?

>> No.9857153

you should know the cost of the room already, and you can calculate the cost of the food per person

>> No.9857198

I LOVE the idea of donating some of the money to help low income women. I'd love to see my comm do something like this

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>Dat Lady Rose on display

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Crown and Crumpet! Probably still one of my favorite tea spots in the city. Their clotted cream is the best and they have such awesome teas.

>> No.9857318

Thirding Crown and Crumpet! Be sure to check in on Facebook, the owner brought us free macarons. She's a very nice lady.

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