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4 days until the con.

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Seconding for details. I'm not on fb but am interested in going.

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I'm hesitant to give details out so publicly in fear on non-lolitas crashing. But it's at 4:30 on Saturday 5 blocks from con. Ask lolitas at the fashion show for where exactly.

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Oh and no children since there will be alcohol.

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Do they usually sell out? I wasn’t really planning on going but some friends invited me along. Wondering what the likelihood of getting a badge at the door would be.

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Then don't come. Please.

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i’m sorry some adults enjoying a few drinks together offends your delicate sensibilities so much

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The thing about Sakura con is they never run out of badge. You can literally come any time and any day and buy a badge it just cost a bit more but you will always get a 3 day badge.

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I agree, I'm a tea person myself

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Then get tea. Damn. You don't have to be a cunt about there being options.

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Momokun will be at this con, so if you all smell something foul, that's likely what it is kek

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the fuck for...

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Probably to lobbycon or hang out in freeway park.

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>what are you stressing about?
Buying a car, then finding a place to put said car until I have room to store it in my shop, then paying off said car in as little time as possible because the loan I got has a 9% interest rate in lieu of requiring full coverage insurance which would end up costing more in the long run. This car couldn't have come to my attention at a worse time. On top of that I need to find time to get a tire plugged on my daily so I can stop driving around on the 31-year-old spare that's missing the center cap and generally embarrasses the fuck out of me. It hasn't gotten a single compliment since I put the spare on and that needs to be rectified.
As far as the con goes, I finished preparing months ago. All I need to worry about now is making sure I don't forget to pack important shit that would warrant me driving all the way back home at 6AM on Friday like last year.

Sak has only ever "sold out" once and that's just because they found out what the capacity of the SeaTac Hilton was. The next year they went to the convention center and haven't even come close to the upper limit. You can bring everybody you've ever met if you want and you'll barely make a dent.

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and yet the strange thing is, when I went to sakuracon last year I didnt expect to have any elbow room yet there was more than enough compared to eccc, I just think well there was more people at eccc obviously, they didnt arrange things well enough for space, it felt like I was being bottlenecked at every turn

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This one.

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black tea with dark rum aka gunfire

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4 days left

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The great thing about restaurants is they offer a variety of beverages. Suit yourself; if you're planning on judging others for their choices, then please stay home.

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what are the chances they’ll let me bring my brightly colored airsoft with all its working parts taken out
last year i sombras with guns looking more realistic than mine at the con center

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Just get it peace bonded.

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I had an airsoft gun last year, they peacebonded my holster instead of my gun for some reason

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Seeing that it's a few days before the event, has anyone heard a reply back about the MmM tea party? I was telling my significant other how the whole process to get in has been going and he thinks it's fishy af that there've been no replies back whatsoever and has suggested that I e-mail them (or someone) about it. I've seen a few other anons concerned about this as well and am wondering what to do.

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This was a few years ago now (like 6?) and my friend brought a prop that was a painted nerf gun base, but in the modification process was rendered unable to shoot. Peace bonding said that they would not bond any weapon that had ever been able to fire projectiles, bullets/airsoft/nerf/whatever.

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if you've paid, you're in. no confirmation e-mails though.

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From what I can tell from seeing various posts online: if you didn't get an e-mail asking for payment within 48 hrs. of sending in your tea party application, you're not going. Sorry. Even though the original e-mail said they'd be in contact shortly, they have not sent any follow ups. I e-mailed the con THREE times about this, and have not received *any* replies.

If you did get such an email and have already paid, you should be good to go.

But I agree with you: the convention and the organizers for this tea party have done a TERRIBLE job of communication. It has been a very uncomfortable experience for most involved.

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It depends on who you get at the peacebonding table and how strict they are on the rules, iirc the code of conduct states water guns, nerf, airsoft, etc isn't allowed even if they've been rendered nonfunctioning

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Anyone else staying at the Fairmont Olympic hotel who got the e-mail saying they've overbooked and are moving us to the Sheraton (which is even closer to the convention center)...and paying for our rooms as an apology? I called both hotels to make sure it was legit.

FREE HOTEL ROOM. Niiiice. More money to spend on other things.

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No, but we did get a cancellation notice for our room randomly sent out by the sakuracon booking system, even though our reservation was still there (we called the Sheraton in a panic) and there was no reason for the cancellation email.

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Oh, and the event booking gave us a higher number for the room cost than the Sheraton is actually charging us, by about $100.

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Daaaaaamn. That's poor work on their part.

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I didn’t get that email cause I’m staying at the Westin(the bestin) it’s slightly farther from the convention center than the Sheraton, but I like it more.

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Thanks for your responses, I did get the tea party app email & did send the payment but not getting any "we saved your seats" email had me on edge. I told my friend about it and she said "uh no, you email the hell out of them because that is your money that you sent and they can't even contact you?"

Not gonna lie I'm kinda fed up at this point and am just going to stop expecting any kind of response lol

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Wondering if they'r clearing the hotel of weebs so Mana-sama can stay there. He stayed there last time he was in town.

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It still shocks me that there are people who legitimately find her attractive. Maybe I'm biased from knowing what a vile person she is, but seriously, she looks like she hasn't bathed in years

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she's not ugly and she looks soft. I think it's mainly due to the smoothing and photoshop though.

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Different strokes I guess. I'm more of a Riddle's messy wardrobe guy myself. (Pic related) But if this Momo was down to fuck, I would probably take her up on it if I had no place to be in a few hours.

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Pretty terrible.

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I wouldn't say I find her attractive but my standards have dropped enough that I'd have sex with her if she offered.
I don't think very highly of myself.

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Can't wait to get a picture with her add her to my collection. My ever grown collection.

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Don't do that anon, she's known to dox and harass people who just want a pump and dump.

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Is it Lolita short coat or jacket weather?

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For sure it's all shoop. Im about half her size and I have more rolls then she does in her pictures.

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First one, then the other.

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I'm going to shoot the person an email as well. Getting pretty anxious to hear about details.

The payment email, the person said not to hesitate to message with questions.
whether or not they will get back is another thing...

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Is it really worth the smell, though....?

I'm morbidly curious because I've heard multiple accounts of her BO, not to mention she wears the same clothes for days on end.

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what do I need to do to meet up with cosplay thots?

do thots like normies?

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and to be clear, im not talking about cgl thots. im on ur side.

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>do thots like normies
thots are normies stupid

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yes, i am aware.

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wats the difference

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I'm probably just that desperate.

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3 days left

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anyone else getting things together last minute?

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Well, I literally just finished putting a zipper in a dress, so I'd say yea

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I'm getting boots in the mail today that I have to paint, I've never been cutting it this close

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3 days left friends, what's everyone's cosplay/coord plans?
I don't have time to cosplay or put something together but I can't wait to see everyone's wonderful cosplay/coords.

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How popular/crowded do you think the midnight anime showings will be? Does anyone go to them? I might see parts of the Panty and stocking show panel.

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The whole con is virtually dead after 10pm. You'll probably be one of 12 people in the room.

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Well it’s supposed to have the guy(teddyloid) who did the music as a guest, so if he’s there I think it’ll be atleast interesting.

>> No.9831253

That might change things a bit.

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Is anyone dressing up on day 0? I'm thinking of throwing a coord together to go pick up my badge. Is that overkill?

>> No.9831296

>Is that overkill?
Only if you're forcing yourself. I don't have anything planned for Day 0 other than getting all checked in but I'm down to grab a beer or something with whoever wants to join me.

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Cosplaying Raimu Kawasaki, probably on Saturday. I hope I'll even be noticed.

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>going over costume one last time before packing it up
>notice 1000000000000000000 little things that could stand fixing

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Day 0 there’s a swap meet.

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Friday morning gonna be school uniform Rei Ayanami from Eva, then the rest of friday as Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia. Toga again Saturday and probs a menhera coord on Sunday.

Any other gulls gonna be cosplaying Eva or MHA?

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I've done it. But I go in the afternoon and it's so fast it didn't feel worth it.

>> No.9831614

I'll notice you, senpai, and I'll want a picture when I do.

>> No.9831622

What? Where?

>> No.9831626

Email me and I will send you the deets. Also details with all of the meets and lolita panels are listed in the North Seattle EGL group, and they actively process member requests.

>> No.9831727

me too!

i’m doing last minute sewing and my nervous jitters are getting in the way, ahhhhhh i just wanna get this shit done

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I'm right there with you...
>be done with cosplay for weeks
>They all seem fine
>Try each cosplay on one last time before packing it all up
>Pre-con panic sets in
>Everything looks fucked

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Best of luck on your finishing touches! Hope to run into you!

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wait fuck! i didn’t mean “me too” as in i’m also being reimu, i meant to say me too to the anon that replied to you, as in i’ll notice the character and will want a photo too.. sorry.. my brain isn’t working well right now

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I'm cosplaying either school uniform genderbend Shinji (I know it's lame but I think it's cute) or Asuka! We should take a picture!

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2 days left

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Is it just me or is anyone into the day zero hype? Like, seeing all the people gathering and getting badges. I know there's not gonna be cosplaying or anything but like, getting to see all the people who like the same stuff you do.

>> No.9832014

I always get excited but disappointed because there isn’t really any interaction just... waiting in line

>> No.9832093

Pretty much, yeah. This time around I won't even have my sister to talk to so it'll just be 90 minutes of silence.

>> No.9832120

So the MmM models got emails about which color shoes to bring . . . But nothing about the location of the fittings!

>> No.9832243

Any info on the MmM tea?

>> No.9832309

How crowded is prereg badge pick up ? My flight comes in the afternoon but I also have to make it to the dumb fashion show fitting

>> No.9832317


Why call it 'dumb' when you knew what you were in for? You should feel lucky that you're even in the fashion show

>> No.9832329

Did people get emailed about different colors?

How long does the line usually take?

>> No.9832332

>How long does the line usually take?
I don't get there until around 6PM on Thursday and by then it's about a 60-90 minute wait. If you manage to get there in the early afternoon it goes a lot quicker because everyone's at work.

>> No.9832368

What time do they start lining up people on thursday?

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I usually get there before 12pm though so that I can line up right away.

>> No.9832406

Don't be an ungrateful little fuck. Plenty of girls would be excited as hell to go to the "dumb" fitting.

>> No.9832410

I get to pre-reg about 11am and the line isn't that bad. About 30-45 min outside, and then they let people in.

I only hope I don't get stuck in a line where people have some ID issue to the point where every other line is going fast and I'm stuck going fuck...

>> No.9832426

>Did people get emailed about different colors?
Yes. I believe it was either white or black.

>> No.9832429

I'm pretty sure that's my line every year.

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This. I'm an admirer of the fashion but jfc it brings out the ugliest in some of the wearers. Some of the girls act so entitled and desu the elitism is what kind of puts me off. I'd be a thousand times grateful if I even got to participate in a brand fashion show. Nevertheless, looking forward to watching the show.

>> No.9832440

Because of the poor communication. They still don't have the location for this or the tea. At least they're checking names against registration if there's no time to grab the badge before it.

>> No.9832477

Could you be butthurt more about not getting in? Everyone in the fashion show is annoyed that they don't have a time or place for tomorrow even though some are pretty much coming just for that. And everyone in the tea party is freaked that there's no location or confirmation and some are wondering if they'll cancel since they clearly don't have their shit together. Don't act like people should be grateful to be included in such horrific mismanagement.

>> No.9832481

We have a time and a basic location for the fit. If anything, the concierge will lead us to the proper room. Quit throwing a fit.

>> No.9832487


I'm one of those that thinks they made it into the tea party (got the ticket email) but it's almost 2 weeks now that I sent my payment and am kinda dreading that "we're sorry but..." email. I agree with the horrible communication.

>> No.9832503

imagine being this mad

>> No.9832512


I can imagine. Lolitas be cray lol

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Cool! I'd love to take a pic together. Are you going to go to the Eva photoshoot at 1PM on Friday? I'll be probably one of the shorter Reis, carrying around this bag.

>> No.9832659

I have that on my schedule! I'll be on the look-out for your bag (it's very cute, I dig the KILLSTAR patch). It'll be my first time at Sakura-Con or in the convention center in general by myself so I'll most likely get lost and tardy to the shoot though.

>> No.9832667

does WSCC have lockers for rent? or any nearby?

>> No.9832675

Either way, I'll try to give out a high-five to you, Anon

>> No.9832677

>visiting lolita here

Does anyone know if the Plus size panels are meant for plus size plus size only, or those considered plus size because they are well outside of typical brand measurements?

Basically, I want to learn about alterations and custom sizing, and coordinate proportion tips, but I don’t want to come across as a jackass or offend others because I only have super height and broad shoulders.

>> No.9832682

It’s really for anyone to watch, don’t worry!

>> No.9832731

>when you've somehow miraculously packed 5 coordinates in your carry on suitcase

So excited gulls! Can't wait to see you all.

>> No.9832768

>5 coords
>3 day convention, 4 if you count day 0

>> No.9832773

Gotta leave with style too anon.

>> No.9832795

I have to take the boat over every year. Seeing how the schedule never changes, I get there the same time all the time.

>> No.9832805

this con will need more boss baby

>> No.9832807

I crammed so much shit into my suitcase it's a miracle

>> No.9832814

To the gull who offered to let me stay on their floor tomorrow; is that offer still up?

>> No.9832850

Absolutely. When do you expect to get in?

>> No.9832862

Since I’m just going two days and I take the ferry, then walk to hotel, I tried to fit my two cosplays, pajamas, necessities and props into a single gym bag.

>> No.9832890

I'm going to sneak into this fucking thing. How do the passes/entry work? I would ideally just need to get in once and then stay in. Could I fabricate something and fake the confidence to walk in? Is there a RFID system or some such? I'm extremely resourceful and actually have a team of engineers at my disposal to get into this faggot convention

>> No.9832896

I've heard if you go up to those guys at the booths and hand them some cash, they'll give you a badge and you can sneak in and out at your leisure. I don't know how they get away with it, they're right in front of the entrance where everyone can see. But it works!

>> No.9832897 [DELETED] 

I don't want to pay cash. I have enough cash but I don't want to pay. I rather sneak in like the fucking nigger I am.

>> No.9832899

I hope to god I don’t get into a line with you and have to wait an hour while you fumble for a nonexistent pass infront of security.

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>> No.9832905 [DELETED] 

What do the passes look like

>> No.9832913

OK, hope to see you there! If we miss each other, don't be afraid to come say hi later on if you recognize my bag. I'll probably have changed into Toga a little while after the Eva shoot though.

>> No.9832917

Nayrt but i have more then 3 coords too
1 friday coord
2 masquerade coord
3 saturday coord
4 sunday fashion show coord
5 sunday moitie tea party coord

>> No.9832918

stupid fucking question, but can I pay for the badges (not prereg) with a credit card? I don't want to hold up a line at all

>> No.9832919

(sorry for double posting)

I forgot to say, thanks for the compliment! I wasn't sure if it was tacky or not.

>> No.9832924

No one knows and they stop and check every single person, they also will have a custom made sticker to verify to stop dumbfucks like you from sneaking in.

>> No.9832930 [DELETED] 

nigger if 29000 people are coming in theres gonna be somewhere some monkey paid $11 an hour is just gonna look at the general colors of my shit and just let me in

>> No.9832934

If I'm lucky, earliest I'll be arriving at the airport is about 7:00 in the afternoon.

>> No.9832936

Use cash I don't think they are that advance yet but I don't remember, when you go to con have atleast 300 bucks cash.

>> No.9832945

Alright I'll more than likely be checked in and have my badge by the time you even get to Seattle but you'll probably be SOL for your badge until morning.

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You are retarded it's Seattle minimum wage is 15. You are a broke ass peasant you don't deserve to be in the event. Can't wait to read the cringe story of you if you do sneak in and get escorted out.

>> No.9832951 [DELETED] 

yeah shut up faggot, im gonna get in there and im gonna fuck all of your stupid whore anime bitches.

See you soon

>> No.9832952

>A 12 year old with a team of engineer
Don't make me kek, I cringe to hard reading you shit

>> No.9832957
File: 22 KB, 301x250, 1510241761138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pffffff sure little faggot. I will make sure to bend you over and give you a good one with the Bois.

See you soon soyboi

>> No.9832960

Gotta hem this skirt, fit this skirt, sew some buttons, make button holes, make a bow, paint a button pin, cut a wig, have to go get some badge magic tomorrow for this patch that resists ironing, reinforce it with sewing. Mostly just tedious, but all I really have is today since between work, picking up my badge, and that last minute shopping tomorrow I'll barely have time to attempt makeup and give my costume a test run.

>> No.9832965

Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.
Got any way for me to contact you and keep you posted on the situation?

>> No.9832983

Kik's probably the easiest.
What's yours?

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I was trying to touch up styling my wig, made a mistake, tried to fix it and ended up completely fucking it up instead. Thank god Arda Wigs is at Sakura Con so I can just style a whole new one.

>pic related mfw

>> No.9833047

So Mana has two autograph sessions and a Q and A. Any gulls going?

>> No.9833080
File: 141 KB, 1080x1440, mmexport1522269068335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Still needs some work, but it'll come together tomorrow. See you all at the con!

>> No.9833084

>Arda Wigs is at Sakura Con
Maybe I'll be able to find a wig that doesn't look like ass with my coordinates. I think my face is too small for hime cut wigs...

>> No.9833090

When and where?

>> No.9833094
File: 94 KB, 1080x662, Screenshot_20180328-234044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a screenshot straight from the schedule/program app.

>> No.9833095

>not using the guidebook

>> No.9833099

Nah, they're official con staff and are known for being strict and rude, good luck

You have to be over 18 to use this board

>> No.9833118

1 day left

Today is badge day

>> No.9833120

I should be asleep I have a long travel day tomorrow

>> No.9833129

Same here anon, I finished packing an hour ago but now I'm wide awake and my dayride to Seattle starts in about six hours.

Is anyone else excited about Teddyloid? They don't get Japanese DJs very often, the only other time I remember was in 2010 when they had DJ Sharpnel. Coincidently that was my first year and it was pretty lit.

>> No.9833139

I took a stress nap earlier and woke up at 11 pm. I finished packing, but I'm probably going to die. Think I'll be able to relax and sleep on a 6 hour bus ride?

Re: Teddyloid - I saw him at Kumoricon in October. It was absolutely lit. I'm normally very spaghetti at the raves but his stuff got me up and moving.

>> No.9833233
File: 208 KB, 794x732, D068655F001849279ABF2476259157AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to go to con with
Guy what are the chances of meeting a girl?

>> No.9833236

Just go up to one and talk to her. You already probably have stuff in common and rejection isn’t as bad as you think it will be.

>> No.9833306

I'll be your con gf if you'll hang out with me for the three days

>> No.9833315

Are you a girl (female)?

>> No.9833329


>> No.9833341

Been a while since I used kik, forgot how it works.
The name is either "Spamwise" or "Kaiser Swan"
Profile picture is a banana.

>> No.9833375


>> No.9833446



>> No.9833542

Models, check your email - they've told us the room! Anyone else annoyed they didn't BCC the email though?

>> No.9833680

Offer to be a bag bitch for a cosplay grill

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>> No.9833763

Be able to further their career.

>> No.9833786

Post contact if you are serious.

>> No.9833880

How is the badge line now?

>> No.9833915
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>> No.9833921

How might it look tomorrow at 6AM?

>> No.9833928

About the same.

>> No.9833931

First time going to a con this big this side of the pond, but if it's like Japan Expo then it will be hell, when we lined up at 5 am for 7 am door opening there were couple thousand people in line already.
But then Japan Expo is 10x the size of Sakuracon kek.

>> No.9833935

Where the fuck is the tea party?

>> No.9833941

If it moves at the same pace as it is right now then maybe you'll get your bags by monday morning.

>> No.9833951

In and out 5 min. Was pre-regged. Don’t be one of the many retards who gets in the first line you see. I kept walking and found one with one person.

>> No.9833961

Can confirm, took about ~10 mins or less

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I can't wait for the con. First time going; Is there anything I should know about before hand?

I'm glad my Shuichi cosplay came in time too.

>> No.9834071

Teddy deddy

>> No.9834073
File: 59 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20180329-170608~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9834074


What the actual fuck, half of the con panels have been cancelled at this point and now one of only two guests I cares about

Anyone heard why?

>> No.9834077

No way, I was looking forward to him the most!!

>> No.9834078
File: 330 KB, 1439x994, Screenshot_20180329-170552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot of people are gonna be PISSED

>> No.9834081


I mean if it really was some kind of emergency I feel bad but-


>> No.9834086
File: 803 KB, 1920x2080, Patch_of_the_U.S._Customs_and_Border_Protection.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9834091

>On the bus home
>Get alert on phone

I am absolutely SEETHING right now...

>> No.9834092

I don't know because I didn't get in. Good thing I'm going to the gull tea party and know where it's going to be and at what time.

>> No.9834094

>Inb4 Teddy was never actually a guest

>> No.9834097

anyone else feeling the cant attend sadness???

>> No.9834102

Should have set that alarm clock earlier anon. Sorry for your loss tho. But maybe you won't actually miss anything given what a shitshow the organisation had been so far and how no one knows anything 2 days ahead of the event.

>> No.9834107

>should have set that alarm clock earlier
As if that would have mattered considering it went up at a random time. I was really upset at first since my application was in about 40 minutes after it opening, but seeing how shitty everything is running I feel a little better

>> No.9834111

I'm not expecting to hear where it's at until day of. Just guessing the Fairmont though. Makes the most sense.

>> No.9834113

Everyone probably is, my friend is absolutely pissed, this was the one event she was looking forward to

>> No.9834114

I was as well. I really don't have any idea what to do now as there's no autographs, Q&A, and/or artists I want to see now.

This turned depressing real quickly...

>> No.9834138
File: 855 KB, 428x240, evil_laugh_bobs_burgers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Y'all a bunch of whiny bitches, I hope more misfortune will happen upon y'all. TeddyLoid is mediocre anyways cancer to my ears no class what so ever peasant music.

>> No.9834140

(Sorry for rant post I’m slightly upset)

>> No.9834142

I'm not going to give a (You) for being a fucking cunt with bad opinions.

>> No.9834147
File: 106 KB, 220x268, 002_Look.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will I see any Darling cosplays?

>> No.9834153

What else has been cancelled?

>> No.9834160

Kek, he must of heard how shitty this con is going to be.

>> No.9834162

Nah he wasn't allowed in the US probably. He last posted saying he was at an airport to come to Seattle

>> No.9834172

Ask Mana-sama, he should know

>> No.9834197

link or screen cap?

>> No.9834201
File: 520 KB, 622x647, TeddyLoid post.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was his last post

>> No.9834210

Here. It's speculation among people he was not allowed in

>> No.9834211

Wait, what's been cancelled other than Teddyloid? I have a shitty phone so I can't check the guidebook.

>> No.9834218
File: 540 KB, 916x870, 1508102058984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He heard about the raging femenist and liberals and said fuck that lol.

>> No.9834219


>> No.9834221

*raging autists
Seriously some of you just need to chill

>> No.9834226
File: 22 KB, 432x358, Blush_Pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh noes did I hurt your guys feeling, have more soy milk my friends haha.

>> No.9834255

The anon I was going to beer with has been delayed until close to midnight. Anybody want to take his spot? First one's on me.

>> No.9834257
File: 30 KB, 440x752, rare pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here, have a R A R E pepe.
Now go steal tendies from your momma, you don't have enough gbp to have her bring them to you.

>> No.9834258
File: 160 KB, 908x500, SOL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's ready?

>> No.9834260

>soy milk
>thinking the soy meme is in any way harmful to a board full of females
Crossboarders should be euthanized.

>> No.9834262
File: 103 KB, 566x1035, IMG_20180329_201401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mana has graced Seattle with his presence.

>> No.9834271

I’m fucking pissed!! His twitter showed he was at the airport, think he wasn’t able to get access to the us.. :,((((((

>> No.9834272


>> No.9834273

at least 3 zerotwos confirmed that I’ve seen online

>> No.9834285

Is there anything actually worth going to on friday? I just took a glance through the schedule and all that jumped out at me was garbage.

>> No.9834300

fyi he attended a con in Wisconsin in February 2018 with no problems except a delay in arriving on time... I'm surprised that his visa fell through for Sakuracon!

>> No.9834305

Wow the responses to this thread make me glad i didn't buy a ticket.
I'll see the cool gulls at the bars...or not, because everyone who goes to this con is underage.

Hit me up, I'll be the lolita without a badge.

>> No.9834308

Wow, you're so cool and mature anon. What a true adult you have proven yourself to be.

>> No.9834323

Any gulls staying at the hostel near the convention center?

>> No.9834326

What are these panels exactly?
I always see them but never tried it out.

>> No.9834330

Just go. A bunch of dumb people doing dumb things that's sometimes funny.

>> No.9834334

going to bars wasnt even fun when i turned 21

>> No.9834338

That’s because you have no friends.

>> No.9834339

Who wants to multiplayer puzzle and dragons at the con with me please

>> No.9834342

>everyone who goes to this con is underage.
>tfw 35

>> No.9834344

Prove me wrong, anons

Is this u >>9829076

>> No.9834346

Glad to see I'm not the oldest then
I'm 32

>> No.9834348

friends never made bars funner....
i dont even drink at parties anymore
hell i dont even go to parties anymore

no... lolitas can drink idc but anyone getting hella drunk isnt kawaii

>> No.9834353

Also 32.

>> No.9834354

no that's me :^)

I'll pass by you tomorrow

>> No.9834355

30 and a lolita. Total Christmas cake ;_;

>> No.9834359

I wasn't part of that conversation so I don't even know who was arguing what. Nothing wrong with hitting a pub and having a few pints and laughs with people with common interests tough, no? Unless you're that awkward dummy that doesn't know their limits and when to stop (or how to say no), then it's better to just stay home.

Happy to help.

Cake is delicious.

>> No.9834375

What about a Lolita that can't help but drink?

>> No.9834378

addiction isnt kawaii!!!

>> No.9834379

I'm livid! Main reason I'm even still attending Sakura con was to see him again. Really enjoyed him at Kumori con. I don't even know how I feel about even going to the dances now.

>> No.9834385

Same here, I’ll probably stop by just to check it out though each night

>> No.9834386

>have lost touch with friends that I used to hang out with at the con
>not cosplaying this year, too busy
>didn't preregister so gotta pay $80
>don't want to buy anything
>not interested in any panels
How long is the line to buy tickets for people who didn't preregister? And should I even go at this point?

>> No.9834389

My friend never pre-register, usually on Friday we start our day around 3pm because nothing usually interesting before that. It takes him about 5-10 minutes in line.
I go to this con because of the exclusive merch. And there is a Japanese voice actress I love to meet plus I want an autograph of a couple poeple.

I got you guys, I will just play his songs from my phone it's almost like he is there. Literally probably what he is doing to if he was there lmao.

And for the rest of you people arguing about drinking or not to drink. STFU TEA Master race!

>> No.9834390

Ladies and Gentlemen

It's day 1 of Sakura-Con!

>> No.9834393

>I'm still sewing

>> No.9834396
File: 36 KB, 409x427, 1472077167164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watching Darling in the franxx
>tfw no gf
Also can't sleep

>> No.9834398

I'd sit with you in the murkiest and most obscure corner of the pub all night to talk about how life is meaningless but I'd also tell you that there are better ways to spend it than drinking it away and to look on the bright side once dawn breaks outside the gate.

>> No.9834399

Truly the loliest of lolitas

>> No.9834401

>All of these lolita talking about drinking
>None of them actually came to drink with me.

>> No.9834408

>tfw no lolita friends here

how was the lolita swap meet? I was about to go at 4 but someone convinced me it was too late, plus it was far from where im at..

>> No.9834411

Anyone ever gotten into the con without a badge? I really just want to browse the expo hall for a couple hours and then leave.

>> No.9834416

No idea, I'm not a lolita so I didn't even consider going. If 4 was too late then I didn't have a chance since I didn't get into town until almost 7.

>> No.9834418

Guys I'm super in a pickle. I forgot to pack any type-C cables. I will buy one off someone with amazon prime or something. Or has one to spare. Will reward with appropriate amounts of money of course.

>> No.9834423
File: 14 KB, 480x264, 1476211933416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same here friendo
can barely keep my eyelids open but I gotta finish this shit

>> No.9834440

I've slept 2 hours in the last 2 days, accidentally.

>> No.9834442

You should be dead.

>> No.9834448

I got a couple USB type c you can have mine I emailed you.

>> No.9834452

No it doesn’t get dangerous until 4 days

>> No.9834455
File: 126 KB, 512x810, akira thinking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know if there'll be a Persona/SMT gathering? I see mentions of one Friday evening in comments on the photoshoots/gatherings facebook page, but can't find anything else about it.

>> No.9834457

Yeah, probably will still swing by. Maybe it'll be alright.

You rock! Would love to party it up with other gulls that are missing Teddyloid.

>> No.9834472

Plot twist I'm not a girl, just a chubby asian kid.

>> No.9834531
File: 65 KB, 750x750, 1495857226348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's 5:25 and I want to cry
I really want to cry

>> No.9834535

Maybe Teddyloid was a Russian spy this whole time

>> No.9834562


>> No.9834566

When everyone wakes up from passing out on their sewing machines >>9834535

>> No.9834578

honestly the panels today are a little weak. I'm planning to go during empty times to a Seattle cafe and eat cute, instagram-worthy desserts. I have some recs in mind in walking distance but would love some more! any anons interested in tagging along? I planned solo so any friends would make it more exciting!

>> No.9834588
File: 1.25 MB, 350x265, cyAtvuc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude you're the best. Emailed.

>> No.9834595

It was pretty big. A lot of stuff. Most girls had really cheap pieces, but they were sweet, so I didn't buy much.

>> No.9834634
File: 1.54 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_3253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's tonight at 9 in the cafe on floor 2 like every year.

>> No.9834640

Apparently I'm blind, thanks anon.

>> No.9834642

already guessed it was a visa issue thanks to the current shit administration.

>> No.9834660

I might be interested depending on the time, I’m not from here so I don’t know any cute places..

>> No.9834664

But that's the best kind of cake.

>> No.9834696

I talked to one of the other Japanese guests and they confirmed it was customs issue

>> No.9834839
File: 48 KB, 400x510, 56e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TFW we didnt let a dirty nip with shitty music back in

>> No.9834852

>tfw all the good wunderwelt stuff sold out already

>> No.9834853


>> No.9834867

Does the con feel smaller this year in terms of people attending? Or is it just that first-day slowness?

>> No.9834891

It’s the first day and most people aren’t out of work/school. Don’t have a cow.

>> No.9834895

I ain't there yet, but Friday, especially morning to midday, isn't it usually kinda like the chill vibes of Sunday combined with some of the traffic and energy of Saturday?

>> No.9834897

Can confirm, get off work in half an hour and won't arrive at the con till 4

>> No.9834926

Was there since opening, crowd is only starting to build up now.

>> No.9834945

Its friday m8

>> No.9834980

FakeStar is going to post tea party info soon!

>> No.9834986

No problem! Hope to see a big turnout that isn't just P5, it was already taking over last year before the game was even out

>> No.9834989

You all see the dude who collapsed on the escalator? I hope he's good

>> No.9834990

good job on harassing them.

>> No.9834994

Dresses and jewelry sold out already.

>> No.9834997
File: 178 KB, 1024x700, 495346669_928496a691_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Forgot about date
>Told myself I'd go
>Booked last minute
>Friends couldn't make it on short notice
>Have hotel room to myself

Wat do, this is so much more fun with others

>> No.9835027

I'm in almost the same situation. My party won't make it into the state until midnight at best, and tomorrow afternoon at worst.
Sweet hotel room all to myself, but God is it boring.

>> No.9835041

I didn't. They posted on FB that details would be coming soon, I'm just the messenger here.

>> No.9835080
File: 2.72 MB, 280x240, 1470116929555.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe we'll run into each other without knowing it

>> No.9835115

I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy cosplaying Akechi with short hair, if anyone wants to say Hi go ahead.

>> No.9835148

>mfw just asked them for the info at the booth
It's not that hard.

>> No.9835152

I spent the first day by myself and by god was it boring
>tfw want to look for friends but don't want to be like that "single, shy" guy masquerading for a single girl to hang out with

>> No.9835163

Where the parties at?

>> No.9835170

the guy holding that sign in the exhibition hall made me lol

>> No.9835176

Iktf. I met a really cute girl a few hours ago but I kept it brief just to avoid being "that guy". Haven't seen her around since.

You can party in my room. There's nobody else here and I have no alcohol but you're free to bring some.

>> No.9835188

>dead tired after second day of walking around
I want party but I also just want to lay down and sleep.

>> No.9835194

Speaking of, does Funimation still host parties or is that over?

This is why you take breaks in your room when you have a couple of hours to kill. I just finished a nap so I'm good until at least 2am.

>> No.9835195

41 y.o. amateur photographer looking for female models to take pics of

>> No.9835202

I refuse to believe this is anything but bait.

>> No.9835205

My hotel isn't walking distance to the con

>> No.9835233

>41 year old
Reporting to the police

>> No.9835236

this is 18+ only and nudes are optional

>> No.9835237

Any plan for a meetup today?
I've got rum.

>> No.9835239

I'll take some rum.

>> No.9835241

I came by myself. Anyone want to hang out? 25 year old guy if it matters.

>> No.9835243

yes :)
41 y.o. male if that matters

>> No.9835253

Looking for platonic friendo for the weekend. I likes gunpla, general faggotry, anime, and I play waaaay too much FFXIV. I happen to be female.

Kik if you wanna chit chat, my contact buddy didn't come this year and I really want to nerd out with some peeps.

Fridgewaifu. Pic is a fridge.

>> No.9835256

Where are you?

>> No.9835259

So there aren't any more MmM dresses or jewelry left, but apparently there's still socks. I'm ditching the con today can anyone be kind enough to tell me if they're their printed OTKs or their lace topped socks?

>> No.9835261

my hotel room ;)

>> No.9835267

Also, I know dealers is closed right now, but anyone know if Sean's gunpla stall was selling clippers? Motherfucking left my kit gear at home.

>> No.9835269


>> No.9835271

Aw damn. But thanks for letting me know, anon. I appreciate it!

>> No.9835276

It's friday, Saturday is when the real fun starts. Also the merch area is alot smaller I feel like this year there aren't as many Japanese companies there like last year. And the panels are weaker this year too saddly :/

>> No.9835279
File: 47 KB, 600x956, 4UCuPg2_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related, con live is harsh

>> No.9835281

Yeah the dealers room part where the big licensing companies we're was just wasted goddamn space. And other booths were mostly local places, which is fine, but not enough cheap and weird Asian booths for my tastes.

>> No.9835282

Ayy, where at bruv?

>> No.9835284

looking to hook up with a cute girl or trap
23, m, overweight, virgin

>> No.9835288

Hook me up with your discord or an email where you can send me your discord. I be willing to meet up, if you guys don't mind me doing some con shopping and go to some panels and get an autograph of Mana. Also I don't drink I'm a tea purists. Also I'm an Asian dude, I'm shy at first fyi. No person gets left behind this con as long as I breath lol.

>> No.9835290

Hmm I might have replied to the wrong people oh well y'all invited.

>> No.9835299

I see all these people who have friends and having a good time. Sucks being alone at the con

>> No.9835304

Let's hang out bros.

>> No.9835309

I would, but I don't have discord on my phone. You down to hang out day 2?

>> No.9835312 [DELETED] 


>> No.9835313

I'm about to head home for the night, but us loners should schedule a meetup for tomorrow

>> No.9835316
File: 683 KB, 497x800, PB8nctS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Third time's the charm

>> No.9835323

Funimation, sonicboombox, and SuperOrange are having a party tomorrow, $10 at the door

>> No.9835327
File: 2.42 MB, 3854x2599, dat merch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related that's what I am wearing tomorrow meet y'all at 12pm in front of 6A somewhere, I will be akwardly standing around there. Just come say hi to me, and we shall hang. Leave your discord or email. So we can stay in contact if all things fail haha.

>> No.9835335
File: 1.84 MB, 1350x1350, IMG_20180330_202223_mh1522466735979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone want to go see Pacific Rim tonight or tomorrow at the theatre across from the con? Other lolitas preferred.

>> No.9835344

Where at?

>> No.9835350

My friendoes wanted to know what server you are on/main?

>> No.9835354

Not trying to turn this into /soc/, but after what a downer today was alone I am super desperate for con friends. Message me if you’re up and have similar interests to me and let’s meet up in the afternoon (I’m busy in the morning with the fashion show) and go to signings, panels, and shop together! I would prefer if you’re in the lower range of age
>F, Asian
>Fire Emblem, Bravely, Odin Sphere, (most JRPGS) Pokémon, PAD, J-Fashion (inc. Lolita), Evangelion, NHK, FLCL, Oreimo, most anime actually

>> No.9835363

Hey I'm doing the show too please talk to me all morning about Fire Emblem

>> No.9835368

That would be a dream come true anon. Please provide me with a way to identify you. I’m ready to pile my FE husbando merch on my bag to find you

>> No.9835379
File: 360 KB, 1280x720, 1519673788804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys this con building is trying to Jew us. Put your tin foil hats on because what I am about to tell you will blow your mind. The building has placed signal jammers everywhere and they force innocent attendence to pay 80bucks to use they internet. #staywoke

>> No.9835387

>$160 for three days of internet
I was fucking appalled
The “free WiFi” they have available in the lounge doesn’t even work. I couldn’t even check my email, contrary to what they wrote

>> No.9835388
File: 36 KB, 513x604, On+one+hand+it+is+shadman+on+the+_b9df381a3df73900bddccaace6512dd0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Strange, I've been able to burn my data freely.

If you spot a long-haired, mustachioed Norwegian in a beanie you can talk Vidya at me all day

>> No.9835418

I have friends but I’m going to hang around the vicinity and watch to see what you /cgl/ users look like. The anonymity is gone and it’ll be interesting

>> No.9835419

My data worked grand everywhere but in the merchants hall. Which is kinda where it mattered the most because you want to be able to check if you're getting jewed by the merchants and by how much, especially for some old anime collectibles. I did see strong signal and LTE connectivity so I assumed the cell was just overloaded. T-Mobile btw.

>> No.9835422

I have T-Mobile and iPhone X. I had 0 cell service except the 1st floor. What the hell...

>> No.9835424
File: 604 KB, 601x566, 1512681622323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hi all

i'm local to the area and working on my photography and also a huge weeb

naturally this means i'm at sakuracon and taking lots of pictures

if you want some maybe kinda okayish pictures taken of your cosplay and maybe some free prints if you like them please hit me up on discord Metropolitan#9767

not willing to meet up away from con premises nor after con hours, i'm 25 years old and male if it matters (i totally understand not wanting to meet male anons irl t b h)

>> No.9835426

>Bravely, Evangelion, FLCL, Lolita
>lower range of age
ok nvm

>> No.9835447

Shit that's weird, t.b.h. even in the merchants hall I'd occasionally get data through for like a minute or two. And technically the connection was there all the time, just all requests were timing out as if it was severely throttled. I'm on Android though.
But when i think about, the way how data started working for me almost magically just outside the merchant hall door is suspicious.

>> No.9835475

All you fucking loosers looking for q.t. con friends/girlfriends really missed your chance at the Masquerade tonight. There were so many girls without guys to dance with too bad you didnt have enough balls to talk to any of them.

>> No.9835479

How many people attended? What was the gender ratio like?

>> No.9835484

I was too nervous because it was my first con not to mention rave. I just didn't want to look like a moron.

>> No.9835485

I literally do not own a single piece of formal clothing. Hoe am I supposed to talk to girls I can't even access?

>> No.9835486

Gril reporting in. I also went. Didn't have a date or an s.o. with me. My friend and I grabbed random dudes to dance with and we danced with eachother. It was a lot of fun. The room was pretty packed and there were definately seemed to be more girls then guys, but there were quite a number of dudes hanging on the sides not dancing with anyone.

>> No.9835487
File: 292 KB, 592x415, 077_1502625966205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jokes on you I don't know how to dance lmao.
Also implying girls won't dance amongst the each other. I think they prefer that over con creeps like yourself.

>> No.9835489

Maybe I should go next year then. All those ballroom dancing classes my mom forced me into as a kid might actually be useful now.

>> No.9835490

I asked a girl to dance. I wasnt a creep. I danced with her and her friend. I dance like shit. Afterwards she found me again and gave me her number. Guess the real joke is on you.

>> No.9835491

So... How are they gonna check if you're wearing Moitie before admitting you to the tea party?

>> No.9835493

They had lolita working the booth today. They probably will have a lolita helping check people in. Im sure a lolita wpuld be able to tell what brand you're wearing.

>> No.9835494
File: 279 KB, 500x500, image-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are baiting to hard lmao.
But I must protect my virginity at all cost!

>> No.9835498

Can one of you lonely nerds let me rest in your room between the Mana events tomorrow? Kthxbye

>> No.9835500

Go nuts. I even have two keys.

>> No.9835506

How does one get over con loneliness? I don't have any friends at the con and it feels quite lonely to do the activities there alone.

>> No.9835509

Short answer: alcohol.
Long answer: you don't.

>> No.9835517

I’m just pretty young (not underage) and from past replies I just figured the older anons don’t really like that. I’d probably come off as immature but if you don’t mind that it would be nice to geek out together!

>> No.9835519


Friend requests sent

Let's try to get a 4chan meetup going Sat.


>> No.9835522

Hopefully not the girls at the Moitie booth. I was wearing two different pieces of Moitie today, and they were so surprised when I told them I was so happy to be wearing Moitie at a Moitie "store" and they were like what really?

>> No.9835523

Tack on NegativeTravis#8881.

>> No.9835538

join the lonely cgl anon meetup. there’s bound to be someone you can click with.

>> No.9835542

what's the time and place?

>> No.9835547

I just turned 21 today. Who wants to get a drink?

>> No.9835550

I'll buy a round if you're close.

>> No.9835565

what are those after parties like anyways?

>> No.9835571

>>9835542 see this >>9835327
12pm in front of 6A, you get one chance to change your fate. Come and see the worst thing that could happen is we all stand around akwardly haha.

>> No.9835711

I'll look out for it. I've got a LotR tattoo on my left arm

>> No.9835753

Elegant Rose Reunion - Tea Party Details

Location: Grand Hyatt Seattle
(Room location information pending)
Sunday, April 1st
Check-in time: 12:30 PM
Event start time: 1:00 PM

Waitlist may be available with priority to those who were waitlisted via application. A secondary waitlist may be available depending on available seats for the tea party.

Photos will only be permitted at the end of the event at a specified time.
Photos of, or with, Mana will not be permitted.
Mana will not be signing autographs at the tea party, so please attend autograph sessions on Saturday and Sunday of the con.

Attendees who do not follow the photo policies will be asked to leave without a refund.
Attendees who are not following the dress code will be turned away at the door.

The event tickets, catering, and other details are being organized by Sakura-Con staff, but we will do our best to answer questions that you may have, so please comment on this post with your questions.

Thank you for your patience! We hope to see all of you at the fashion show.

>> No.9835755

We were informed there would be a waitlist of attendees who applied but didn't get accepted, so it should be an automatic waitlist based on application submission. We will confirm these details tomorrow and get back to you.
If there is enough interest from those who didn't apply and want to get on a waitlist, we can consider making a waitlist signup at our booth.

>> No.9835785

good meowning everyone! remember this years theme is courage so make sure you’re not a big pussy, go out and make some friends!! =^w^=

>> No.9835816
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Dance was lit

>> No.9835826

Hard rock cafe

>> No.9835828

>new to Seattle
>wife and I walking up Pike after dinner
>Lolitas 20 deep
>"anon, it's a sugar baby convention!"
>keep walking towards convention center
>get fedora-tipped
>fat pikachu
>"Honey, its anime expo"

>> No.9835846

Shit that's actually so cool.

>> No.9835925

I may walk by and appear as if I'm about to approach you but then make a 360 and leave at the last moment. We'll probably only get to the con after 12 today and head straight to fashion show anyway.

Eh, fair enough, doesn't bother me but not gonna impose. Hope you manage to meet the others. If we meet as a part of the group then that's great, otherwise have fun!

>> No.9835939

Added everyone who posted their discord, if you just got a request then that's me, probably.

>> No.9835940

how is the masquerade ball? I have never been and don't have formal wear. Too late this year but maybe will go next year.

>> No.9836011

Looks like we missed y'all

>> No.9836015

We are standing around 6c if you guys still wanna catch us

>> No.9836021

Well we were.

Panel is fucked

>> No.9836032

It's cool, we just went to fashion show line, pretty long already, also internet is shit in 4A/B so i don't even know when i can post it lol

>> No.9836052

Who in line for the fashion show rn?

>> No.9836054

Any other lone lolitas going to the tea party?
I'm getting a little anxious heading to it alone.

>> No.9836060


Just showed up. Where's everyone at.

>> No.9836077

Seated up near the front right. Pretty much packed in.

>> No.9836093

Where you headed after the fashion show?

>> No.9836101

Front left here. Internet still a shit

>> No.9836105

No plans, can link up by a sign or something.

>> No.9836111

I'm by the 4B sign. 25 yr old male in a gray sweatshirt.

>> No.9836119

What about meeting up right now? Where we lonely con peeps at?

>> No.9836126

I'm by the 4B sign. Where you at?

>> No.9836132

what time does the exhibitor hall end?

>> No.9836135


>> No.9836136

Finishing lunch. I'll come over. Grey hoodie?

>> No.9836140

That plus two

>> No.9836141

Gray crewneck. I'm with 2 other channers as well now.

>> No.9836143


>> No.9836150

We three are: badge in the beard, long haired blonde, and

>> No.9836154

Meet us at 4B then? There's 4 of us both

>> No.9836156

I'm going kind of alone. I know someone going buy she's pretty e-fame sweet Lolita. I'll go with you. Hmu
I'm pretty nervous too

>> No.9836162


>> No.9836167

>/cgl/ meetup
>7 people
>5 guys
>1 lolita
It's fun, come join us.

>> No.9836174

>T-Mobile is based out of Bellevue, WA

You have shitty service because of network congestion

>> No.9836181

Who's the last person

>> No.9836186

A non-lolita girl

>> No.9836199
File: 40 KB, 450x800, Screenshot_20180331-151651~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does walking 5 meters through the door with about the same amount of people around you make the difference between congested and not congested then?

Protip: force your phone to use 3G instead of LTE, it did miracles for me today.

>> No.9836214

>Protip: force your phone to use 3G instead of LTE, it did miracles for me today.
Thanks anon, did that just now. Now I won't be separated from you guys digitally ever again <3

>> No.9836248

<3 you too

>> No.9836262

Is that all I am? Well it's acurate I guess since I'm not cosplaying today. C:

>> No.9836272

S-sorry, you're the soul of the party!

>> No.9836278

Mana line is open

>> No.9836285

I'll shoot you a message, thanks!

>> No.9836327

Meet up when

>> No.9836334

You missed it.

>> No.9836342

Where's my Raimu anon at?

>> No.9836364

Was it awkward

>> No.9836382

Like 8 neckbeards wearing hentai shirts and competing to out-cringe each other with dated 4chan memes while constantly telling each other to go back to reeddit while simultaneously browsing reeddit on their phone the entire time. Pretty par for the course and what we all expected so no it wasn't awkward at all.

>> No.9836390

Mana was so beautiful

>> No.9836418

Anyone else miss out on the Funi party tickets?

>> No.9836433

Apparently you just need to pay at the door. It's at the Hard Rock but I have no idea when.

>> No.9836465


>> No.9836467

OP is a fag and forgot to link new bread


>> No.9836530
File: 83 KB, 639x1024, IMG_erc10g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was here from 9-1. I'll be here on Sunday morning too.

>> No.9836532

are any events recorded I missed the fashion show and info booth + 3 other staff didn’t know if events are recorded lol

>> No.9836564

Starts at 8

>> No.9837082

Anyone partying past 2am?

>> No.9837094


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