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Be proud of your kinks edition

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the old one isn’t even saging

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>finally find the lolita lesbian gf of my dreams
>we both love the same brands and styles
>she is perfect
>we date for several months
>me and her start growing distant because of school, work, and my health issues
>decide to take a break so that we can kind of start fresh once everything has settled down
>find out that she's already dating someone else and doesn't love me anymore, one month later despite promising to get back together with me and i promised the same
>back to tfw no lolita gf
I've been talking to new people to maybe get my mind off of it and 'move on', yet I feel really guilty. I feel like I can't trust girls anymore in relationships, this always happens. At least the men I've dated are total incels who don't know how to talk to girls so they won't run off with someone else so quickly..
My mindset right now is just that if she's abandoned me, I might as well start seeing new people already... which I am already back on the dating scene. I don't think my feelings towards her have changed but I feel like I should just hate her for the lies she told me about "I'll wait for you forever, I love you so much!" There's no point in being sad over it, but I hate being alone and single. By next week I'll have a rebound relationship.
>why am i like this

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I’m so sorry anon. I feel like jumping into a new relationship you don’t care about is a bad idea. It sounds like you’re just doing it so you don’t have to be single or deal with your feelings, which isn’t healthy. Take the time you need to truly grieve the end of the relationship.

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but what if my kinks are all disgustingly vanilla?

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>Non- lolita friend demands access to to meet so they can take photos for a project
> Can’t accept she won’t be welcome
> Asks me to dress her up in lolita so she can come
> I tell her I don’t want people wearing my dresses
> Continues to harass me whenever she can, demanding I dress her up and bring her along

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God I hate entitled bitches like that. They’re the same kind of people who will totally destroy anything they borrow and won’t apologize or even realize they’ve done anything wrong.

Send her links to places where she can buy her own. She’ll probably complain about the cost, but then you can point out that the cost is one of the reasons you don’t lend out your pieces.

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I'm in a bdsm relationship and lolita and sometimes feel ashamed of it.
But it's so amazing, ugh. I love it so much.
>tfw your domme/gf thinks lolita is cute as fuck and loves when you wear it
>she wanna try EGL/EGA
I wanna marry this woman

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>Domme and gothic lolita (though I don't cross the streams)
>tfw no cute sweet lolita sub

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Man I just really love lolita

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Same sis. Same.
Also I love this board (sometimes).
Love you all, gulls.

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> is a sweet Lolita sub
> only attracts daddys

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Is it true that sweet and classic lolitas tend to be the kinkiest?
Like the more proper/cute they look, the sluttiest they get behind closed doors

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Man I just love cosplay

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But that's just something i think. Not baiting or anything.
>tfw sweet lolita (old skool best skool)
>people assume i'm one of those degenerates into ddlg because i like pink,frills and cute stuff
Fucking why

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Live your life the way you want to anon.
As a degenerate far beyond the fragile tenors that is accepted, I welcome you.

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Ew. Daddies. Seriously creepy.

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>People assume I'm into ddlg because of my clothes.
>Actually into fisting, bootblacking, bruises, and other non-kawaii shit.

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Take the time you need to grieve. Don't do a rebound because you will come to regret it, it's better to be by yourself and then invest in a relationship you truly care about.

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If she was willing to move on that easily, then it's better the relationship ended, rather than it being longer and it hurt more when it did end. I wish the best of luck to you.

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my favorite is when guys are interested in you cause you look like your into ddlg and then get mad when your not and wont fuck him in your dresses

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fucking same.
Really want to drink in cosplay

I've just started browsing lolcow recently again and man that place has really spiraled downward
like I know you have to let the salt flow but jeez get some hobbies people, go outside or some shit

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I know right! Also they're all gross and definitely just want to stick their dick in you.
I wear sweet/classic, I look so demure but little do people know that i'm into BDSM,being collared,impregnation/breeding,mind breaking,tentacle porn,... And I say the lewdest things during sex (and get embarassed afterwards even though my SO loves it)

Yeah. Lolita is expensive I don't want cum on my items especially since i really hold them dear for some part (sentimental value). And I find ddlg/sexual ageplay repulsive.
I would mayyyybe accept being fucked in lolita by my SO (only because i love them very much) and only if they were very careful (or came inside) about it but even then lolita sounds like a pain in the neck to get fucked in with all those layers.

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I saw two (middle schoolers?) girls cosplaying while I was working today since there's a con in town. I complimented the girl who bought something from me and she seemed really happy that I did. I'm glad I could boost her self-esteem a bit. This is a good feel.

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I've had a couple of strange interactions on that website/similar to the ones I've had here where people assume really strange stuff
just from reading a post. It's really bizarre, and I feel people just get too caught up in the salt

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The closest I ever got to fucking my SO in lolita was when we got home drunk after a party one time. We started making out and as soon as I pulled down his pants he suddenly froze...
>Anon? Hey, Anon?
>Yes, boyfriend?
>I'm too worried about ruining your dress to get hard. Can you maybe take it off?
>Practically tore it off and rode him like a champ in my petti and blouse.
We still laugh about it now. We must have looked goddamn ridiculous. He's a keeper.

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Have you ever been pregnant anon? I come across a lot of breeding crap online, but I’ve always found it worrying when people were actually forced to get pregnant for their kinks. Like, do they actually want kids or?

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> into feeding and weight gain
> have to stay thin for Lolita

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This reminded me of a recurrent fantasy I have and now I feel uncomfortable.
>Come home from meetup with cute lolita girlfriend
>We're laughing and getting a bit flirty
>I push her down on the bed and she pulls up her skirt and I go down on her
>Sometimes she goes down on me
I don't think the lolita clothes are a fetish in my fantasy. I think it's more about sharing comfort and intimacy with someone who has a lot in common with me. Most of the girls I've dated I've broken up with because we had almost nothing in common.
>tfw I'm so alone
>tfw no lolita gf

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Jesus anon that image title. I'm going to hope you found that off Google and didn't name it that yourself.

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FUCK. Thanks for the warning, deleting that right now

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And yes. I'm an idiot phoneposter and I googled something like lolita girlfriends and saved the first pic that looked cute. Goddamn sissies making everything creepy and gross

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Nope. That would terrify me and I would even find it gross before meeting my current SO. But my SO is unfertile,and so am I (endometriosis). Thank heavens.
I'm kinda ashamed to admit it's hot, still.
It's just the whole "being full" thing that I find hot (the feeling is just amazing) not the "oh no i might get pregnant!" part.

Haha this is sweet, he sounds like one. I hope your dress was fine. Best couples have those silly moments.

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If your own kink doesn’t disgust you is it even a kink?

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what? nayrt but I get turned on by my kinks, not disgusted

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i was drunk and i accidentally bought an overpriced item and im so fucking mad at myself

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This was the file, though I renamed it now. The original title had a huge string of random numbers and then something like "sissy bois - lolita girlfriends". Even though the image was recognizably two actual lolitas and not sissy at all. Ugh.

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I like to imagine a weird stalker weeb taking this photo while hidden in a bush

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Thanks, although aren't lesbians just as "degenerate"?

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Sissies are on a whole other level. Lesbians aren't particularly degenerate, many lesbian couples don't even have that much sex.

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Why would you be uncomfortable about that? It's almost wholesome.

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Yeah actually I would say sissies are mind fucked much further.

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>be me
>wear dream dress out for birthday today
>it's fucking beautiful
>but i feel ugly
>surrounded by kind, loving boyfriend & family
>still sad
>depression why are you like this

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>Men pretending to be girls pretending to be lesbians.
>Girls pretending to be lesbians.
No, the sissies are worse.

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Can I please be your girlfriend?

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I'm imagining a nature documentary about them.
>And here we see two lolitas carrying out a complex mating ritual.
>The pink one has asserted her dominance by wearing a dress with visible brand names.
>Watch how carefully she surveys her potential mate, checking that her wig is pinned properly, that her pettis are fluffy, and that her dress is not a replica.
>The submissive lolita looks up in patience and supplication as she is examined, careful to not say or do anything un-kawaii while this takes place.
>If all goes well, they will proceed to the next step within a few minutes:
>Butthole inspections from the comm leader to establish whether they are suitable to mate and hold hands during meetups.

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this happens to me a lot. Some days the sad just hits hard. If this happens to you often you might want to go to the doctor and see if you have a chemical imbalance. My bf has that it makes him depressed randomly for no reason.

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Deerstalker did a video but it's rated G

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Is it weird that I never liked Milkyfawn's room? It always looked a bit cluttered and hoard-like to me. I still love and miss her and her coords though.

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M... Maybe, anon. Where are you?

>> No.9827903

Asking out of curiosity, is her collection fairly large? It seems kind of big, even with it having been collected for ~5 years.

>> No.9827905


It was until she went super minimalist, sold her collection, and now is recycling all her vegan food and waste five times over and subtly shaming her boyfriend over not doing the same thing exactly.

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Sadly the Midwest

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Wtf. Does she still have any social media? I never understood why she couldn't do moderation - keep a bit of lolita, but also unclutter and have a more healthy and sensible lifestyle. But I guess she always did seem attracted to extremes...

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Aw. I'm in Europe. I hope you and I both find nice lolita gfs someday, though. I'm sure we will eventually if we keep trying.

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Thanks, good luck to you too anon!

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>started working on new cosplay on Feb
>progress has been slow, but that's fine
>deadline is kinda far off but i don't wanna rush or anything so i'm trying to keep working
>problem is i haven't felt like working and more often than not i have to force myself to get at least one step of the process done
>this has never happened before i have always been really excited and happy to work on cosplay
>find myself rly frustrated if even the slightest thing goes wrong--i cut the foam a little crooked, i got a little paint somewhere it's not supposed to be

today was a prime example, i was cutting some foam and the cut came out crooked and i have to do it again. for some reason that made me so angry and frustrated that i haven't gone back to my work room and it happened several hours ago.
i'm actually dreading going back, too.
this is not why i cosplay, anons.

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When I don’t have motivation to work on cosplay, I spend some time browsing the tags of my local con or cosplay wip tags. Sometimes it inspires me.

If you’re cutting crooked so often, you need to invest in a good metal ruler. You can cut against a metal ruler to get straight lines and you don’t have to worry about damaging the ruler itself.

>> No.9827934

i will try looking through some pics for motivation. thanks!

it's not so much that the cut was crooked, it's how angry it made me because it's rly insignificant. i can just cut it again and i will. i've made plenty of mistakes in the past (much worse than this) and it's never gotten me this upset. know what i mean?
it's a little baffling and confusing.

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>Decided to cosplay a character because I genuinely love her. She's what initially got me interested in the series and picked up the manga to find out more about her
>Found out every other girl at con is also going to be cosplaying her since she appeared in the anime last season

I know I'm probably just being petty as hell, but I can't help it.

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Yeah I know what you mean. When you’re already frustrated, the littlest things can set you off and make you want to quit. I don’t usually get that way with cosplay, but I’m an art major and I get that way when I’ve been in the studio for several hours and it feels like things just aren’t turning out how I want them to. At that point I usually step away and give myself a 15 minute break. I get a snack and some water, then I take a deep breath and dive back into whatever I’m working on.

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I'm finally getting to meet Steve Blum and the Futaba VA this year.

Feels good, anons

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This is so sweet

>> No.9828008

Those are two sissies

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11 more days and /cgl/ will be deleted. Where will you go after?

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Anon, you will do your best in personality and in skill. Outshine them all!
Shitpost relentless on /fa/

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Man I just really love jfash

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gonna make /fa/ eat my gull ass

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the only thing you can do is make it very clear that her "project" is a huge insult. or call her dirty and say thats the reason you dont want her wearing your clothes.

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>tell bf about how i want to wear lolita
>he says it's dumb and doesn't like it
>"well it's my hobby anyways you don't have to like it for me to enjoy it"
>been talking about lolita more regularly and showing him stuffs
>order first AP set and overjoyed since it's so beautiful
>bf sees how happy i am first time in a long while bc depression
>Is more supportive now and even asked about the bag and shoes i've shown him
>promised to buy me something i'd like

I'm really happy how he changed his mind and wants to support my silly hobby now. Guess he thought all lolitas are really OTT and that's why he didn't like it. Doesn't stop me from wearing OTT in the future tho

>> No.9828039

>Tfw just got out of long relationship with shitty person who hated lolita, never let me go to meets
>Falling for a girl in my comm now that I can go to meets whenever I want
>She likes me back but I don't want to jump into a rebound situation

Gulls help pls my kokoro is going to explode if this goes on much longer!

>> No.9828051

I want to find a hot older daddy type into no strings attached kinky BDSM stuff but never done anything like it. Where do I even start? And idc about "munches" or any of that shit.

>> No.9828071

the internet is one hell of a drug

>> No.9828074

Honestly man, taking a break always come with the risk that it won't be a pause on a relationship imo

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>tfw have sex in lolita all the time without any worries

Do you guys have overactive sweat glands or something? I can't even fathom "being scared of ruining my dress" when fucking unless there was a facial involved. How do you end up getting cum stains on clothes? I've never once had my clothes ruined by sex, and this is coming from someone who's boyfriend loves jizzing inside and keeps going long after he's ejaculated. It isn't even a fetish thing, sometimes we're just really horny and because I'm in lolita every single day chances are we'll have sex while I'm wearing a full coord.

>> No.9828082

>wants a fantasy world were she gets everything she wants
Well, be worth it and do some leg work anon, someone like that isn't just going to fall into your lap.
If you live in a big enough city you probably have leather events for cultured middle aged sycophantic swingers, there's bound to be a few decent drags there if you look since you're too good for munches.

>> No.9828083

I'm in your boat anon, but not like, in your boat, unless you're into that sort of thing.

>> No.9828084

How is that a fantasy world? Do you need to be involved in your local BDSM community to get into it? I'm just not really into the aspect of being super open about it to a bunch of people. I want basically a FWB who's open to kinky stuff.

Is that really impossible to find?

Well yeah but... where? I have tinder but don't exactly see people advertising their kinky status unless they're some weirdo.

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>Do you need to be involved in your local BDSM community to get into it?
Not that this is required, but this is the safest way to get involved. Unsurprisingly the BDSM scene can be dangerous for random encounters.

>> No.9828096

Guess it's not really for me then.

>> No.9828100

Just as another fyi, the overlap from the goth community and the BDSM scene is fairly large. So, there's a way to dip your toes in it without going all out as well. I would still like to stress private encounters can be dangerous. which is the only reason I'm replying to something completely OT anyways.

>> No.9828113

You're putting your life and body into the hands of someone else, it's not something you can implicitly trust with a total stranger.
You should think realistically about what you want.
Go to events or talk to people online, get a feel for the people.
And the fantasy is what you're expecting to find of the man you want. Well adjusted older kinky men with money are literally in their prime.
Good luck getting one to notice you if you aren't willing to put in effort.
I know that's weird to think about, but younger Doms aren't viewed with the same status or respect.
You'd be aware of this if you became involved, even anonymously, with your fet community.

Oh, I just had a thought.
You can get everything you want, from a professional Dom, if you pay for it. That way you can be on friend terms, be able to trust implicitly and not have anything tying you down.
Win/win, princess gets what she wants.

>> No.9828119

While this is true, I've found that the creep ratio is higher.

>> No.9828120

You either need to know someone in the local community to get invited into the fold to even start getting involved, or you can try your luck on one of the numerous social media sites for it and going that way to try and find local people who can tell you about local events, or a local group.

>> No.9828124

I really respect a lot of the people in this thread. So thanks I guess.

>> No.9828128

Hey, you do know that bdsm comms are pretty dicreate right? If you want to keep your identity to yourself it's entirely your choice
You only divulge what you're comfortable with, you don't have to talk about what you're into.

>> No.9828131


That's one hell of a way to spell discreet.

>> No.9828152

This is just hypothetical right?

>> No.9828158

It might be true for some individuals but definitely not for everyone. I wear classic and have no interest in sex whatsoever so I really hate it when people assume that since I’m dressed conservatively I must be into some kinky shit. Leave me alone.

>> No.9828170

I agree, this attitude is irritating, especially since the attitude seems to be that girls who are dressed frilly are either slutty subs or secretly into ageplay. Though, I wear classic and am a domme, but keep the kink part of my life extremely private. I find it uncomfortable and invasive when people speculate about my sex life because of the clothes I wear.

>> No.9828172

Right, it's really invasive. Part of the reason I stopped wearing gothic is because strangers would literally come up to me on the street to ask me about my sex life. That has stopped since I changed to classic, but now it's friends and coworkers who speculate about how wild I must be "in the sack". I can't wait until I'm a shrivelled old granny and nobody wants to think about me having sex.

>> No.9828173
File: 23 KB, 480x376, 1521910725360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would assume anyone heavy into alternative fashions is more than likely interested in kinky things. This has been my experience.

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File: 2.22 MB, 1648x1346, Sister Breeder.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BDSM,being collared,impregnation/breeding,mind breaking,tentacle porn

Where to find girls like this? Except the tentacle part. Not my thing.

>> No.9828210

lol wow fail.

>> No.9828212
File: 105 KB, 634x330, Arachne-au-Purgatoire-Gustave-Dore-detail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tentacle is the best part. Monster girls abesto though.

>> No.9828216

Oh, oh wow, man, you really hit that one.
I feel this so much omg.

>> No.9828217

TFW fat dude and will never play pretty lady dressup with all you ladies. RIP.

Keep hating on the filthy degenerates tho, this is filling my heart with hope.

>> No.9828218

Tentacles to me just have too much stigma.
>Oh you watch anime? Do you like tentacle porn too?
It's like the bread and butter of weebs.

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>tfw most of my wardrobe is Jane Marple
>people always tell me I look like such a proper lady
>everyone assumes I'm respectable and innocent because I'm rather young looking too
>in reality I'm a completely depraved degenerate

>> No.9828223


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My friend cancelled on me before a con. I don't want to go alone. I don't have any weeb friends. What do?

>> No.9828226

Go and make friends there

>> No.9828227

My boyfriend is a chubby dude, but we've found some ouji he looks good in. He's friendly, polite, well-informed, and takes very nice coord pics and meetup pics, so he's become a member of my comm in his own right rather than just being a silent ouji accessory.

If my boyfriend can do it... And if Gropey can become one of the most beloved guys on cgl... You can do it too, anon. Just get some ouji or dandy clothes that fit (maybe ask Gropey for help, he's a lovely person and I'm sure he would) and behave like a decent human being, and I'm sure your local lolita community will welcome your presence.

>> No.9828243 [DELETED] 

>was a super poor teenager with strict parents who would never sink cash so I could go to a con
>move out, become financially stable, have money to use on cosplay
>realize I'm a complete and utter bear at my absolute thinniest

>> No.9828245
File: 413 KB, 853x480, c52944cf6e9d6d36f943de87a2e290b5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was a super poor teenager with strict parents who would never sink cash so I could go to a con
>move out, become financially stable, have money to use on cosplay
>realize I'm a complete and utter bear at my absolute thinnest

>> No.9828248

You're the degenerate, anon. Being fat and the lifestyle that goes along with it is disgusting.

>> No.9828253

>Not even a giggle over the image being of Arachne
>No classic lolitas slicking to Dore.
Why live?

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File: 6 KB, 200x200, 1515849627681.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to my first ever con (Toracon!) in 2 weeks since it's hosted at the nearby college not even 10 minutes away. Ever since I started my job doing art fulltime I've lived the life of an absolute shut in despite not actually being completely socially inept.
Is there any chance I could actually make friends going to this? I'm so nervous.

>> No.9828271

But that feels great, when you're burned out with porn. Your mind is clear from dirty, and nobody can manipulate you over your insticts.

>> No.9828276

Original anon from the post here. I don't even watch porn. It bores me.

>> No.9828286

sounds very nice!

>> No.9828290

Same boat anon, I might attend this as a first con just because it's relatively close. I was looking at the panel list and some of it looks like it'd be fun.
I just wonder how many people are usually attending...

>> No.9828297

Absolutely same here. When she told the main theme of her room was kinda french rococo, I was like wtf, what's rococo about that, it's typical weeb crib. So much stuff you can't see everything properly. It doesn't even cute. But I really liked her style too, she was such a true AP girl, much better than K8 or those chicks from Finland.

>> No.9828303

She has an instagram, or at least, had an instagram. I will note she probably browses here because when someone pointed out

>subtly shaming her boyfriend over not doing the same thing exactly.

the instagram caption she was doing it in mysteriously disappeared.

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I fucking hate myself anons
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate myself and deserve death
>tfw I hate cheaters with a passion
>LDR partner fucks up badly in some other aspect of life that affects me very very detrimentally but it's not really their fault
>Someone very close to me gets very sick to the point where we dont have much time left
>find out the news, go drinking
>get more drunk than I have ever been in my entire life
>have sex with some girl
>hate self for it
>hate hate hate hate hate hate hate self for it
>like I cant stop crying and being sick
>I love my partner
>fuck fuck fuck
>I hate myself so much I wish I could take it all back I wish I hadn't done it
>dont even know why I did it
>literally have no clue, she wasn't someone I find attractive at all
>not her fault tho, I still fucked her
>starting to think I may have been spiked because I don't remember anything and I don't usually black out when I get drunk, and I'm way more sick than usual, not to mention I don't usually get very drunk even if I drink loads
>even if I was spiked it still happened and I hate myself so so so so sososoososossososososo much
>didn't even enjoy sex
>just wish I was dead
>partner is the sweetest and I love him so much

he was going to cosplay with me at our next event.
also that was my first experience with another girl and I wish it hadn't happened like that, but it's kind of minor. Either way I'm a rotten scumbag and I deserve to die. How could I do this to him??? I don't get it. Why do I have to ruin things.

>> No.9828324

Well I think if you come out and tell him BEFORE you two have sex or are intimate in any way, he might understand. I wouldn't mention anything about being "spiked" as that might make it seem like you're trying to deflect blame. Also a guy might not feel so bad about you cheating with another girl, but won't be happy. If you really do feel that bad about doing it, and would be prepared to try and make sure it never happens again, he might understand.

>> No.9828331

Link to her insta?

>> No.9828341

So you're a dude, who has a long distance relationship with another dude, but that dude makes some mistakes, so you get annoyed/upset and get drunk and go home with some random girl.
I mean everyone does things for a reason, even if they don't want to accept what that may be m8. Just be open/honest with the person you care about and see where the chips fall.

>> No.9828347

I'd never do it again, I'm not ever going to go drinking alone again, I'm only going to go with friends I trust. Honestly it made me realise I wasn't bi like I thought I was. So, at least that's sorted. I guess I'm straight but I just like girls in a romantic way, not a sexual way.

I don't know, I need to tell him, but he's asleep now. LDRs are difficult but I've never fucked up like this. I never thought I would.

It was more that my relative is about to die and I'm not going to be able to say goodbye (different countries), that made me go drinking. But that's something else entirely and I don't want to blame my mistake on anything aside from myself.

>> No.9828359

It might be better to meet with him as soon as possible and get it off your chest.
Incidentally that's what a girl I was in a LDR with did to me, first she said that there was just a little thing she wanted me when we met, and then when we met she told me that she'd lied about her past. It was pretty bad.

>> No.9828363

When you calm down you can assess why you did it to begin with. No one will know your motivation except for you. Then you can proceed with telling your SO.

I've posted this in the past, but I was pumped to make a cosplay friend. We got really close and he made a move on me. Then I found out he had a fiancé and would be getting married in the near future. I felt horrible for his fiancé and knew they would break up, but I can't change what happened. It turns out they made an agreement to allow him to continue seeing me. It surprised me and that doesn't work for me, but maybe when you both talk about it you'll come to your type of agreement.

>> No.9828370

Lol he's probably gonna dump your ass. If he doesnt, you'll spend the rest of the relationship knowing that he settled for you, a cheater

Maybe you should just call it off first to save whatever dignity you have left.

>> No.9828376

We’ll get to work. Most skinny cosplayers have to work their asses off to stay in shape

>> No.9828379

In case you two are too socially inept, I’m just gonna say it. You two should go together and be friends.

>> No.9828380

I still can't get a real job for a year and a half until I graduate and am qualified. I'm so tired of waiting. I wish I was dead. I'm nearly 30 but don't feel like an adult at all because I'm still in school and waiting until I can finish and graduate and have a career and make actual money. Until then I barely have enough income to do anything fun. Everyone younger than me and my age around me irl is fairly accomplished with decent jobs and income and they're doing fun shit. I'm doing nothing but existing. I don't even feel alive.

>> No.9828387

What's your education? How many places did you apply? I was in a similar situation in '09 after the crash and went on a job site and spent weeks applying to every single job posting across the country that was entry level in my field

Ended up getting a few different contract positions in different cities for a few years until the economy improved and a recruiter snagged me a full time position based on my experience

Also I know people in their 40s that have no education, no savings, still renting etc. You still have 35+ years to start your career

>> No.9828399

I haven't finished my education yet. I dropped out of college when I was in my early 20s due to severe depression, so I'm qualified to do basically nothing. Now I'm finally finishing it, but I still have 1.5 years until I can get the paper saying I have qualifications. It's just the waiting that is making me tired, because that's what most of it is. There's no way to really speed up my education to less than the minimum amount of years, so I'm still stuck here for a little while. I just want to be able to have nice things, to eat nice things once and a while. Right now everything feels expensive because my income is quite small. I may get a summer job, which should help, but even then it's not much.

>> No.9828408
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been three years since that fateful con when I tried to give my friend a boost for a photoshoot, and accidentally shoved a thumb in her ass.

Haven't spoken to her since.

>> No.9828417
File: 150 KB, 729x1096, red_brick_wall_9_by_everage-d6xlxrx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My kink is cosplay feet but everyone thinks its gross for some reason

>> No.9828419

I don't have a foot fetish, but it confuses me why so many people are intensely grossed out by it compared to others like ddlg which is almost commonly accepted now. Foot fetish always seemed weirdly innocent to me.

>> No.9828420
File: 139 KB, 460x521, 1508215627802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish you could block people based on their 4chan posts. Like, a permanent option to never see posts made by a specific IP ever again.
Instantly, every post and thread they make would disappear for you, and if you wanted to know if they had said anything, you'd have to head to the archive and dig. Any posts that are replying to blocked posters would be hidden for you, as well (though not the posters themselves).

>> No.9828430

This goes against the nature of what 4chan is, and if you are this sensitive to specific people you should probably not be on here. Tumblr sounds more your style.

>> No.9828434

t. scared of getting blocked
I recognize specific posters by their syntax, and I'm sick of them shitting up this place because no one else recognizes them and mods are either too useless to ban them, or they know how to get around bans.
If you think not wanting to personally see a specific, recurring shitposter "goes against the nature of 4chan", I hope you bring that same energy if this place ever gets spammed with goatse for weeks on end, and get upset when the spammers get banned because muh freeze peach. I bet you think it's "unfair" to filter tripfags, too (though, you're probably too new to know what a tripfag really is, or that they can even be filtered).

>> No.9828437

>i recognize specific posters by their syntax

You sound insane.

>> No.9828438

You sound new (or too dumb to recognize typing styles). It's like you don't even know HWC-chan was a thing without ever having to use a name.

>> No.9828441

>bringing up a long dead meme

You really must be desperate to make me look new, but it's not working.

>> No.9828443

Chan... chan...

>> No.9828444

HWC tripfagged for a large majority of her time here and went out of her way to announce it was her and use a very distinctive typing style paired with image file names that were all the same. It's an unusual and rare example.

Sage for this irrelevant bullshit.

>> No.9828447

Again, I hope you rally for 4chan's ban system being revoked in the name of "the nature of 4chan", assuming you're not as new as you come off.

>> No.9828449

>very distinctive typing style
>image file names
Yes, this is what I mean when I say I recognize specific posters.
It wasn't "unusual" or "rare", her post volume was just so ridiculous that you'd have to be a fool not to notice.
Also, no one cares if you sage. Most of us have been saging for a while.

>> No.9828450

4chans ban system is a joke anyway with how easy it is to ban evade. But keep on telling yourself that I'm new and that you can somehow actually know who's posting what on a fucking anonymous image board.

you do know that people can use different typing styles right

like this

uwaaaah am i hwc??

husbando san no beniz ga daisuki

>> No.9828451

>most of us have been saging for a while

You accused others of being new but you sound new as fuck.

>> No.9828456

How so? Do you think saging is only a thing if you state "sage" in the post? Because if so, you're the one that's new.

>> No.9828460
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, maeks u tink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actually starts shitposting because someone said "I wish there was a way to block shitposters"
You really were just salty that you might get blocked in such a hypothetical situation all along, kek.

>> No.9828461

Nobody said that. You sure are reaching hard with every post you make. It's pretty sad.

>> No.9828463

Aren't you also shitposting? this thread is about feels, not calling people new.

>> No.9828464

I said "if so" (and framed it as a question to begin with), and you still haven't explained how I "sound new". It really sounds like you're the one that's reaching since you have no argument, and it's kind of pathetic.

>> No.9828465

reach harder.

>> No.9828466

It wasn't about calling people new, it was about wishing you could block recognizable shitposters.
If you are this sensitive to the word "new", you should probably not be here.

>> No.9828467


>> No.9828469

I think it's interesting how you have come full circle and can do nothing but recycle the comments that have been given to you. Who's the shitposter now?

>> No.9828471

>what is a joke
It's like you didn't read the first bit of the post, and you're actually getting pissy for unknown reasons.

>> No.9828473

>i was only pretending to be retarded
You've been shitposting ever since your initial post. Has that all been a "joke"

>> No.9828475
File: 222 KB, 874x720, angerytomoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be proud of your kinks
Really? You want more diaper, spanking, and farting posts?

>> No.9828479

I actually haven't been shitposting, I just apparently triggered you by suggesting not everyone wants to see trash posts.
Again, do take your own advice and try out Tumblr. That's a great place for avoiding opinions you don't like.

>> No.9828480

It depends on the alternative fashion. Goth heavily overlaps with BDSM culture and Jfash weebs probably grew up watching fanservice-y anime, but everyone I know who got into lolita from the feminine/vintage/historical fashion perspective is very vanilla or even prudish IF they talk about sex at all, which we generally don’t.

>> No.9828481

idk is it a kink to just want a cute weeb guy who supports you and isn’t a creep?

>> No.9828483
File: 841 KB, 450x254, IMG_2812.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i actually haven't been shitposting
>used >>>/tumblr/
>keeps calling people newfags

>> No.9828489

>telling people to go to Tumblr and recognizing newfags is criteria for being a shitposter
I guess 90% of /cgl/ is made up of shitposters, now.

>> No.9828490

>doesn't know what shitposting is
>calls other people new

The irony

>> No.9828491

You're retarded and I really hope your partner has some self-respect and dumps you.

>> No.9828492

>wanting to not see shitposts is bad and means you are the real shitposter

Pure irony

>> No.9828493

>still continuing to shitpost

I hope you get raped

>> No.9828494
File: 86 KB, 640x480, 1500052623778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tells others they hope they get raped because they responded to them on an anonymous imageboard
Nice, I bet you don't see yourself as a shitposter

>> No.9828497

I do. at least I'm not delusional like you, pretending you aren't.

>> No.9828502

You admit it, that's good. Now if only we had the block function.

>> No.9828509

It’s related to feels because of how fucked it was but does anyone remember the name of that lolita gang rape doujin? Where the girl was wearing Milky Planet?

>> No.9828518

Still shitposting

>> No.9828524


>> No.9828547

he didnt. suck my ass.

>> No.9828564

I usually check Fril every day, but I let it slide because I was busy and now I see I missed the koitsukihime skirt for ¥2,500. The one time I don’t check! I love that print, but it’s always too expensive for me or sells before I see it.

>> No.9828593
File: 76 KB, 1242x943, a0b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate when two autistic retards shit up a thread trying to get the last word in.

>> No.9828597
File: 132 KB, 800x450, satisfied drake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i'm a cosplayer and I my kink is clothed sex/cosplaying sex

I regret nothing.

>> No.9828608

The fuck? I kinda want to see, it sounds terrible

>> No.9828609

Fucking koitsukihime pieces have been popping up all over recently and yet I still haven't got my hands on one.

>> No.9828617

This meme seriously bummed me out, so I reverse searched up the story and the kid actually did get into college (Edgewood College in Madison), and the reaction is him reading his acceptance letter. I feel much better now.

>> No.9828637

It made me laugh pretty hard and realize I'm a bad person.

>> No.9828688

Same but i just kinda snickered. But it's pretty distasteful and edgy.

I'm glad to know this is actually a wholesome pic and that this kiddo is doing well.

I knoooow that feel anon it's fucking infuriating.

Also are we kinksharing ITT? I'm a gothic lolita into BDSM but it's probably not very surprising. I love domming (and occasionally receiving especially if we're role reversing suddenly before i can even understand what's happening to me).
Whips,leashes and chains all the way baby! For both boys and girls.

>> No.9828703
File: 141 KB, 502x502, 1517782478702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As someone trained to do structural and pipe welding who currently does framing I have a few tips which may or may not be of use
>ABC. Always be comfortable. If you are not physically in position to do your best work, you won't
>simplify each step of the process as best you can. Set yourself up at thoroughly at each phase, so the actual act of completing each step is the easy part
>never point a blade toward yourself
>do not try to wrestle with a dull blade
>keep your work piece steady. Clamps are your friends
>brace your cuts. Anon mentioned using a metal ruler; I prefer to use a speed square when I can
>when making a cut, especially a long cut, it may be beneficial to angle the piece downward away from your body
>plan the entire thing before you do any thing
>when you do start, have everything arranged, secure it if need be, survey any potential obstacles in your workspace, size up what you intend to do, make your measurements, double check their visibility, do a dry run, assess whether or not it's what you want, double check your measurements, then cut
>after you do something make sure it fits with the other pieces
>if you're standing, place your knees, elbows, and hips against something steady to keep yourself in place. You don't even need to put weight on them, just put them against something that won't move as a place holder to orient your body in space
>also if you're standing, use two hands one tool hand, one supporting hand. Keep your supporting grip very loose. I don't even use my hand for support if possible, I prefer to gently prop one wrist up with the other. It is especially helpful to brace your supporting elbow
>don't flare your elbows, point them downward
I hope I could be of some help to everyone

>> No.9828734

I have a very good job and have a huge closet full of more brand than one person needs.
>tfw no lolita gf to share my burando with

>> No.9828830

>At least the men I've dated are total incels who don't know how to talk to girls so they won't run off with someone else so quickly.
Incel here
so, why didn't you keep one of them?

ask what the project is about, and tell your meet of it before-hand
what is, if they are ok with that?

>not sure if femanon or not

>many lesbian couples don't even have that much sex.
sounds boring

Violet Evergarden?

no idea, but my only problem would be, I can't shitpost with girls anymore

there is fetlife

also have a minor footfetish, but sometimes, I am also disgusted by them

you can still try to get them banned

so, you really thought that story was true?

>please be a girl, please be a girl...

>> No.9828832

>Post WIP pics to Instagram
>Friend instantly comments on it telling me how I went wrong and should have done it her way
Is it too much to ask sometimes for a "nice job" instead of criticism? I'm not looking to be critiqued on everything I do, and unless I ask, I really don't want to hear what people think I did wrong.
It's like when a kid shows you a rock they found that they thought was really neat, and instead of just saying "that's cool", you tell them it's nothing special and they're stupid for liking it

>> No.9828833
File: 85 KB, 500x628, 1515802996627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9828834

>Also are we kinksharing ITT? I'm a gothic lolita into BDSM but it's probably not very surprising. I love domming (and occasionally receiving especially if we're role reversing suddenly before i can even understand what's happening to me).
>Whips,leashes and chains all the way baby! For both boys and girls.
can you tell me more?

>> No.9828844
File: 46 KB, 600x600, 1516998478825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it's a bad idea.. I really do. I used to be really bad about rebounds. It was just one after another a few years ago. It filled the void that was left in my heart and I ended up deluding myself into "loving" the people I ended up with, even if we only dated a week. I feel like I'm on the same track. I'd like to take the time I need but I'm stupid enough to think putting the pain to the back of my mind is better.
I probably will regret it but it's like I can't help myself. Being single makes me feel like I'm worthless and nobody loves me. Even if it's not true love, I still want to be someone's, and I want someone to be mine.
I do think it's for the best it ended because I don't think she ever loved me as much as I loved her. That's the only good thing about this.
And that's fine, but we both promised to get back together. We stayed in touch and everything. I just suddenly found out through her posting lovey-dovey pictures with her new SO that she was now in love with someone else. If she had even asked me, "are we really getting back together?" maybe I wouldn't be so hurt.
Because I don't stay with people I don't love, rebound or not.
Also because they only viewed me as their ~perfect kinky lolita doormat waifu~ They really only ever viewed me as a sex object because that's what the relationships were always based off of. This was a couple years ago at least and I've really changed since then, but part of me wishes I still had a hoard of robot incels that would be there for me (even though it was all fake sympathy)

>> No.9828847

>Also because they only viewed me as their ~perfect kinky lolita doormat waifu~ They really only ever viewed me as a sex object because that's what the relationships were always based off of.
ok, I guess I can understand you

>> No.9828880

>starting to wear lolita more and more regularly
>makeup improving a lot
>getting better at my hobbies
>prepping to open an etsy store soon
>bought 3 dresses that have been on my wishlist forever in the past few weeks

>grades are plummeting though because I'm spending way too much time on my hobbies

Fuck, at least I'm happy with everything else I guess. Thinking about my GPA slowly decreasing each semester is making me depressed

>> No.9828886

How is Lolita distracting you from grades? Are you staring at your closet for hours a time?

>> No.9828895

Putting on makeup, planning coords, reorganizing my closet, etc suck up a lot of my time. It's not my only hobby either which I'm also investing too much time in

>> No.9828913

I feel this, in a way; when I started wearing lolita daily it used to take me literal hours to get ready, for no real reason.
I know it's fun but please don't let it eat away at your grades, anon; a good job will get you more brand in the future.
Instead, try to "train" yourself to get ready quicker, without actually rushing.
What's your daily style like? Is it simple and "wearable" or more OTT?

>> No.9828933

Have you ever shined a blacklight on your clothing?

>> No.9829002 [DELETED] 


>> No.9829006

Idk senpai that's all there is to it,really haha

>> No.9829025

Well that was sad. I wish she had a mindbreak and had started enjoying herself or just had been a massive slut like the lolita in that one John K. Peta manga

>> No.9829034
File: 19 KB, 300x170, gurutheron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>befriend gul from friend thread
>learns that they have a passing interest in lolita but have been too afraid to wear it because they don't think they'd look good
>convince her to give it a shot since we'll be at the same con
>tell them i'll let them borrow one of my dresses for a few hours and walk with them
>they get excited
>I get excited

I can't wait to see how this plays out i just know they'll look beautiful!

>> No.9829058

You're a cutie, hope you guys have fun!

>> No.9829059
File: 403 KB, 1064x1500, 100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went and found that manga and wow she's cgl incarnate.
>Thinks she's the boss and ends up begging for dick

>> No.9829062
File: 142 KB, 400x663, 1499402139551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cgl incarnate
>begging for dick
Gulls only thirst and beg for burando. Get your normie fantasies out of here.

>> No.9829063

>Gulls only beg for burando
Judging by this thread they also beg for pussy...

>> No.9829068

>I'm a gothic lolita into BDSM but it's probably not very surprising. I love domming (and occasionally receiving especially if we're role reversing suddenly before i can even understand what's happening to me).
>Whips,leashes and chains all the way baby! For both boys and girls.

If I wasn't taken I'd ask you for your e-mail or something. I'm a classic lolita into subbing. I'm more into ropework than chains tho.

>> No.9829069
File: 287 KB, 458x550, 120_mh1522023586912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Has a rilakkuma and cute pyjamas
>Looks 17 at 30+
G... Goals?

>> No.9829075

> dream dress appears
> nervously awaiting next paycheck to arrive

Counting down the days. I paid my bills too....

>> No.9829082

Yeah. We're hella gay (not all of us but quite a bit)

>> No.9829087

I thought it was going to be some regular hentai at worst or some ecchi.
Boy was i wrong. I want to puke. Also the milky planet lolita story made me cry. I'm gonna go lay down now. Who fucking wrote and drew those things even.

>> No.9829091

The lolita in that hentai tries to get some submissive normie pussy before the main character decides to be a white knight and make her cum himself.

>> No.9829094

And this is why we don't look up things 4chan recommends.

>> No.9829099

Same, anon. If they have to make porn with lolitas why can't it be nice and romantic? Why does it all have to be this sort of thing?
>tfw no cute lolita yuri

>> No.9829120

It used to be @osoiok but it's gone now, I don't know if she changed it or outright deleted it. Either way it's clear she wants to be left alone, at least from seagulls. You're not missing much though, unless you're into zero waste and all that.

>> No.9829123

I'm mostly curious what she looks like now but I am currently trying to reduce my waste and live a healthier lifestyle so it would have been interesting on that level too. Shame she deleted.

>> No.9829128

What manga is this? Reverse image search isn't helping

>> No.9829129


>> No.9829132

it's porn, that's why the person who posted a link to it got banned. Take it to /r/ or something if you want the source

>> No.9829135

It's called Wakuwaku. There's only like one chapter about the lolita. I think it's chapter 4 or 5. I know anon upthread felt like puking from it, I just found it hilariously stupid and unsexy but consider their reaction your warning I guess.

That too.

>> No.9829152

Pregnancy hormones make sex actually fun

Too bad it ruins your ability to wear anything but sack dresses and full shirring for awhile

>> No.9829157
File: 401 KB, 1023x1023, Sorry+i+dunno+more+like+_8531872656decada5a1b77e4aa0a1e13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found it too

>> No.9829188

I can tell you that your grades don't matter too much, expect for your first job with a company, and even then you just need a minimum.
Keep pursuing your passion, cause at the end of the day that will make you happy.

>> No.9829203
File: 549 KB, 1280x1707, 1519798241450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Who fucking wrote and drew those things even.
Shiruka Bakaudon. The gag is, it's not some fat, neckbearded incel. It's a small, thin woman. She draws a lot of fucked up manga where girls get raped/killed/tortured. Apparently, it's because she was bullied as a kid and it drove her insane. She hates women, and little girls.
The Milky Planet Lolita one wasn't even the worst. Hentai artists are wild.

>> No.9829213 [DELETED] 

You know, It's not that this stuff exists that upsets me. It's that this stuff exists and there are people who exclusively jerk off to scenes of hardcore rape and violence.

Even worse, I remember going down the rabbit hole and reading about the darker side of (real life) porn and some of the stuff out there that exists will make your stomach churn.

>inb4 kink shaming

>> No.9829219
File: 70 KB, 500x285, Just-to-suffer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know, It's not that this stuff exists that upsets me. It's that this stuff exists and there are people who exclusively jerk off to scenes of hardcore rape and violence.

Even worse, I remember going down the rabbit hole and reading about the darker side of (real life) porn and some of the stuff out there that exists and is done to real life people will make your stomach churn. People are fucked up, man

>inb4 kink shaming

>> No.9829222

>/cgl/ this is what your bullying does

>> No.9829224
File: 215 KB, 720x719, 1521103868713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever heard of Pedogate? There's a certain point where you look into the abyss and stop feeling anything anymore. You feel sick and sad, but there's absolutely nothing you can do.
The world is a horrible place.

>> No.9829231
File: 796 KB, 1200x1600, sunset life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recovering from porn addiction
>this thread a-makin' me sweat

it'll be daizyoobu though. I'm in a place where I'm trying to re-evaluate my interests and find my healthy, non-destructive fantasies, since the super degenerate ones were my go-to's. trying to develop a non-porn brain so I can improve future real-life intimacy. I'm still adventurous and lewd, but sex is really spiritual and I want it to be sacred within a committed relationship.
it doesn't help that the last thing I watched had a super hot male performer I'd never seen before, both thing being rare as heck. keep thinking about him, but going strong! It's been 8 whole days. that's major for me. I can waste a third of a day, and I always feel like garbage after. I clearly have an issue and I'm glad I'm stepping away from it.

on a better note: bday is coming up and I have a new op on the way. so excited to plan new coords!! I'm going to be so extravagantly gothic, I. cannot. wait.

>> No.9829233

>It's that this stuff exists and there are people who exclusively jerk off to scenes of hardcore rape and violence.
Some people have violent sexual fantasies starting at a very young age anon, even before they understand sex or sexuality. People who get "warped" into it by becoming exposed to violent material are typically just in a phase before moving on to something else, but people are typically able to be diagnosed as psychopaths while they're still young kids.

>> No.9829234

Every Sat at the cluuub

>> No.9829246
File: 538 KB, 898x751, 1504032226346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I stop getting so angry at 4chan posts? I'm generally a calm, collected person IRL, but when something pisses me off here, I can't help myself. I say really mean, petty things and I just can't let arguments die unless I basically have the last word. It's lead to thread derailments of all sorts. I guess it's better than being that way in reality, but it's not good either way.

It's almost like an addiction in that I'm almost disappointed when the other person doesn't reply, too. For example, someone tried to come at me in a thread on another board, but I didn't see it until hours later when the thread was on autosage. I typed up a response, but the thread is probably going to die soon. The knowledge that they may never see my reply, and that they will continue living with the opinion that they somehow "won" or "struck a nerve" is irritating to me.

>> No.9829247

I mean, you're on a track, but I'm not convinced it's the right one.
I remember deep digging for the worst most fucked up shit I could find. I combed gurochan for hours.
The video I found of a woman being violently, mercilessly raped is burned into my brain and it'll probably always take up a little brain space.
No chance she survived it, so it was also a snuff film I guess.
I'd say that I'm a lot more empathetic than my peers having seen as much as I have, and shlicked it to the shit I have.

>> No.9829257

yikes dude. do you have an overbearing arrogant parent or something?
you've gotta let go of that need to be right or have the final word because it's not that serious and will eat you alive. practice letting this one go and it'll just get easier from here.

>> No.9829268

Thanks anon!
I hope everything works out.

>> No.9829270

>tfw I can’t go to anymore cons until I’m done with this college semester
Just fuck my shit up

>> No.9829271

If you only ever thought about it once exposed, the good news is you're highly unlikely to do anything real. Being excited from simply watching is completely different from actually performing those acts, and this is becoming increasingly common for all types of niche fetishes people pick up from porn. The most dangerous behavior for children who later will actually commit the violent crimes tends to be finding satisfaction with animal cruelty, and that will typically start at a very young age, elementary to middle school is unfortunately common. If you end up being uncomfortable with the things you're "digging deep" for, you should probably stop watching porn altogether for a while. Were you projecting your desires onto anyone from the film? Or were you just excited from spectating? That's still pretty bad anon.

>> No.9829272

>do you have an overbearing arrogant parent or something?
Yeah, actually. Both my parents have been like that all my life. They're slightly better now, but it used to be pretty bad.
I know you're right, it's just hard. I place too much importance on stupid shit.

>> No.9829276

The first step is realizing you have a problem.
Something i too need to work on.

But remember, there's nothing wrong with having a high sex drive.
I wish you luck in your endeavors and hopefully i too can overcome the hurdle as well.

>> No.9829296


NAYRT but I remember a lot of kids being cruel to animals though. Maybe it was the kids I was exposed to, but I was in a small town with a lot of children of former red necks. They'd catch birds, have no idea how to handle rabbits, were generally very rough with small animals, didn't have any problem shooting them with bb guns or slingshots.

I think a lot about it now. They were all kind of off in one way or another, ended up not doing great in life, and one I discovered had big mental issues later. I thought I was the odd one out because I liked to cuddle animals, but it seems more like I was just surrounded by a bunch of psychopaths.

Went way off topic but I guess coming back around is that sometimes I feel really guilty for enjoying certain less mainstream fantasies (although I feel more empathetic with the sub), but I have to step back and remember that I always respect the code or whatever, that I'd never do anything like what is mentioned above.

>> No.9829311

>this thread
My, uh, friend wants to know if it's plausible his first sexual experience not being 100% consensual is related to being open to the idea of restrained, used like an object, being struck, and being put in situations where his strength and masculinity are useless by a woman are related

>> No.9829314

Anon, did someone use your kinks to their advantage and raped you under pretense?
That's fucked man, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

>> No.9829323

No, the kinks came later

>> No.9829324

its called beating up a mental host club frequenter chick

>> No.9829328

>tfw been having too rough of a week to make up a story post for >tfw no cosplay/lolita gf
I'm sorry.
I tried.

>> No.9829346

"Mishandling" of animals as a child isn't exactly the type of behavior exclusive to an adolescent psychopath, it's about inflicting suffering to them intentionally, and gaining satisfaction from it. Killing small animals with a BB gun or slingshot isn't exactly torture. They would have to hurt the animal, recognize they are hurting it, and feel satisfaction at the signs of suffering by the animal. For a more direct example, the witness accounts and recordings of "for thrill" serial killers often involve allowing and instructing the victim to make displays of their suffering, even if it could put the perpetrator in danger of being caught.
>ended up not doing great in life
Intelligent psychopaths tend to find themselves in positions of power, as all the associated behaviors (the "Dark Triad") allow them to advance their own interests at any cost.

People frequently confront their adolescent fears by adopting them later in life as part of their sexuality. The interactions of fear and arousal are very strange. Most people have experienced highly stressful or dangerous events and immediately after enter a state of increased sexual arousal. There's a surplus of studies that show the kind of thing "your friend" went through being more common than you might assume.

>> No.9829359

That’s like what? 2 months max?

>> No.9829361

>beating up a mental host club frequenter chick
>Menhera Hosukyou Bokobokorin

>> No.9829364

My kinks are all fairly tame :(

>> No.9829370
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1474862929368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the 5th buyer backed out in a row
I don't know why I even try to sell on Facebook anymore.

>> No.9829375
File: 854 KB, 886x990, 1499299261939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I won't lie, the fetish collars and depraved artwork typical of the style really do it for me senpai.

>> No.9829380

you mean "NAMBLA"?

>> No.9829390
File: 124 KB, 359x282, 77e8d93c-0303-443a-acf1-b713df8d7e3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no perfect small sub boy to hold down and tease and torture lovingly
>tfw lolita and the only guys who are attracted to it are into ddlg and i aint even remotely sub
>tfw i dont even want to inflict that much pain, just watch a cute boy squirm
>mfw if dreams come true

>> No.9829393

Iktf anon, although I want to make a big strong guy squirm instead.

>> No.9829397
File: 23 KB, 500x282, jfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck, anon, don't even get me started. I've looked into the belly of the beast, I've read testimonies from real life women who were sold or tricked into sexually slavery. The one that probably haunted me the most, was this woman who'd been molested and raped by multiple different men from a young age. Her mother was an abusive alcoholic who didn't give a fuck about her and would bring in random men all the time and let them molest her. Then when she was a teenager, she ran away from home and got tricked by these pimps, beaten and forced into prostitution until she managed to escape a few years later.

But even worse than all that, were her paintings. She painted something like 10 different paintings, all relating to her incredibly painful past. But one in particular haunted me, it was so disturbing.It was of a scared little girl, and this monstrous, demonic looking man was huddled all around her and staring directly at the viewer, teeth bared with the most deranged, psychotic expression. It just bored into your soul to look at it. That, combined with knowing her story, it really fucked me up to look at. Why is the world such a horrible place, anon

>> No.9829399


>> No.9829400

please go back to r9k and never return here

>> No.9829404

Same, but the boy doesn't have to be smol as long as I can play around and have my way with him.

>> No.9829406

I mean the amount of shit that pops up when you scratch the surface of the US government and Hollywood (eg Jimmy Saville, or for a more modern example - Dan Schnieder and pedophilia. Main guy for The Amanda Show and a few other Nick live-action series. He's a massive creep and a footfag, but no one has done anything about him).
Remember Epstein and his island dedicated to child trafficking? Bill Clinton went there more than once, Donald Trump casually talked about it before it was investigated, and celebrities are said to have frequented it as a hotspot. Why would we expect them to stop?
There's also a documentary on a pedo ring that leads up to the government called "Conspiracy of Silence". It was banned for "unknown" reasons, but it's available on YouTube. It's just very scary.

>> No.9829407

What about a buff guy?

>> No.9829409

God, there's so many stories just like that. I guess we should be happy that she and a handful of others got away without being killed like the majority probably are, but at the cost of having this shit hang over their heads for life.

I'd like to believe that one day it'll be over, and all the monsters behind it face the harshest repercussions, but that seems more and more like a fairy tale every day.

>> No.9829420
File: 30 KB, 400x400, 1508393737911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These things are happening right now in first world countries, with all the "asian" grooming gangs in Europe. It seems like the courts, media, government, and law enforcement aren't doing anything about it either. Completely ignoring it, pretending like it's not happening. Having personally known victims of things like this, it makes my blood boil. Knowing there's nothing you can do to give the victims back the childhood they deserved, and watching them suffer from it into their adult lives. Not the type of feels the feels thread is supposed to make me feel.

>> No.9829444 [DELETED] 

>got in a bike accident a couple years ago and scraped my knee terribl
y>take good care of it hoping the scar wouldn't be bad.
>its horrible btw
>it's a terribly dark mass of scar tissue so now I can never wear cute shorts or skirts without thigh highs again.
>when I wear lolita it kills my mood
>am tall, have soccer calves
>can't wear OTKs and tights always slip down

Anyone have any recommendations? I miss ankle socks.

>> No.9829445

Try treating it with vitamin e

>> No.9829453
File: 253 KB, 344x476, audreypunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>living with a disability
>but also trying to be kawaii
Help me.

>> No.9829472

I’m so glad I’m not the only lolita into this kink and with the same feeling about why it’s hot.

My SO is extremely vanilla though, so I’ve never told him about it and I have a feeling he wouldn’t be into it.

>> No.9829508

I'll be your smol boy anon.
Since i have such a small frame you can even dress me up like a girl if you wanted to~

>> No.9829524

I just really love lolita and cute jfashion, man.
It brightens my day to be dressed cute, even if i feel sad at least i'm sad but in pastels

>> No.9829565
File: 259 KB, 1291x1206, 1521581560375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw childhood friend turned husband
>tfw only guy I've even been with
>tfw boring, vanilla & happy
Makes me feel bad having read this thread

>> No.9829568

Why do you feel bad? If you're happy having an "ordinary" love life then there's nothing wrong with it.

>> No.9829576

The reason vanilla is popular is cause it works for most people. Vanilla is a good flavor that’s lasted for a long time. No shame there

>> No.9829577

I'm so sad. Lolita was the only thing that motivated me to go to college. I've been looking forward to graduating for so, so long. I just wanted to get a job to buy more lolita and go to beautiful places. Turns out that's not enough motivation to get a job.

>> No.9829578

? What’s your degree?

>> No.9829584

Business management

>> No.9829631

i found out my boyfriend was jacking it to this shit awhile ago and i dont know what to do

>> No.9829635
File: 79 KB, 291x287, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lesbian gf ran off and forgot about me :(
>heh, at least I know how to pick men I know won’t leave me
The blight that is modern women

>> No.9829636

>There's a surplus of studies that show the kind of thing "your friend" went through being more common than you might assume.
Could you point me in their direction?

>> No.9829639

What’s your disability?

>> No.9829640

I lost around 30 lbs two years ago - managed to keep it off for a year, then went back into school, started medication, and honestly slacked on my excersize schedule and I gained it all back. Hoping once the weather gets nicer I'll have more means to run and bike outside, but damn, gulls, I went from average to chubby/overweight again. Feels bad.

>> No.9829641

What does you having been with only one guy have to do with anything? I'm happily married to the only guy I've been with too. We're definitely not vanilla though

>> No.9829644
File: 88 KB, 600x600, 1511214060637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw this girl in a tiny, comm-like group I'm a part of is always making weird, passive-aggressive racial comments
When I made a happy post about getting accepted to a thing I worked hard for, she immediately she said in the group chat "It kinda bothers me that some people just get picked for stuff because they're minorities, not because they're good y'know". I said something like "What do you mean? I haven't seen that personally desu?" and she came out with some weird story about her cousin not getting into uni, then backpedaled when I asked how she knew a minority person specifically made it so he wasn't accepted.
It's not the first time she's done this, either. I've never targeted her or really done anything to deserve that sort of behavior, so what's her end game?

>> No.9829645

Fucking filters, I promise I didn't say that

>> No.9829648

No end game besides being a racist pos, sounds like.

>> No.9829650

Desu is better than the alternative so what's the problem.

>> No.9829657
File: 1.42 MB, 540x348, tumblr_ns03pb0lkn1trty0oo1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Buy something on LM
>Message seller saying item has arrived and leave them feedback
>They don't leave you feedback.

My last 4 transactions has gone this way and I'm too pussy to bug them about it at this point. Oh well.

>> No.9829664

are you the Violet-cosplayer with a real left-arm-prosthetic from another-feels thread?

doesn't mean, you two can't kink up a little bit of your love-life

>> No.9829678

Next time you message that the package has arrived just ask would you mind leaving me feedback?

>> No.9829697



>> No.9829727

are you me?
>bf recently broke up with me
>super sexually frustrated all the time
>spend all day watching porn and masturbating
>feel like I wasted the day after
>trying my best to fend off cravings by window shopping for my newly found love of goth
>thinking of asking parents for first goth piece for my upcoming birthday

>> No.9829733

>tfw kinks consist of settling down happily, raising a few kids, building a meaningful bond with my partner, and living a life full of meaning and virtue

>> No.9829741
File: 84 KB, 441x559, 1459802743151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have fat 6ft weeb boy toy
>cutest thing ever to edge him
>turns from big masculine but chill dude to basically a cute blushing tubby ball of fluff
>stopped seeing him tho cause it turns out he loves me way more than i love him
>i moved on but still think of him all the time about how adorable he is to tease
>current bf is pretty thin but I secretly lust after fatties
>still wish sometimes i could just be a complete whore and have a harem of dudes cause im attracted to both thin and really fat guys.

>> No.9829743

That is the sexiest thing I've read in a while and I couldn't agree more.
My heart just skipped a beat, anon. Thank you.

Maybe you be blessed with all the burando, accessories, and fun tea parties.

>> No.9829744

"Hey there!
Just wanted to let you know I've left you feedback, when you have a moment could you leave feedback for me?
I would really appreciate it!

>> No.9829746

You’ll understand in a few more years once you get into swapping.

>> No.9829748

Sounds like she's internalized that chip on her shoulder.

>> No.9829753

There is another thing about this besides doing or not doing it real. A woman has died for that video to appear, and nobody knows under what circumstances she's got involved into that. Hypotetically every gull here could be at her place.

>> No.9829754

Every low mptivation scrub has a general business degree. Thank fuck it's still more useful than a 'liberal arts' degree.

What do you want to do anon? Run a business one day or just do the corporate rat race till you can retire?
If you can pull a state job paper pushing you'll make money and even be able to wear lolita to work every now and then.
If you can't hack something soul sucking maybe look into what you'd enjoy doing and get an apprenticeship.

>> No.9829756

I want this but I haven't been in love with anyone since high school. Am 27 now.

>> No.9829757
File: 239 KB, 708x537, 1456091842219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no good bara/daddy type character cosplayers

>> No.9829761

>daddy type
Explain this shit to me please because I'm tired of seeing this term everywhere. Is everyone using ddlg terms now because it's suddenly cool?

>> No.9829763

>daddy is a ddlg term now

>> No.9829764

I'm 25 and I haven't been in love ever. I love my family so it's not like i'm a psychopath. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm too autistic to actually fall in love.

>> No.9829765

Acceptable as long at you are under 200lbs so I can pick you up

>pls be in midwest

>> No.9829766

Daddy was a thing before ddlg was.

>> No.9829767

Have you had celebrity crushes?

>> No.9829768

like ""dadbod"" characters
like the dad from oriemo
or Jecht (even tho he's buffer than a dadbod)

>> No.9829770

Don't put too much stock into what anons say.
I had a completely normal childhood aside from my mom being a narcissist, and I'm one of the more extreme people (in this thread at least).
In the abstract it mentions 'extreme coping methods' and I take that to imply that in some cases victims will pursue their trama to lessen the impact, making it 'theirs'.
I've talked to a lot of people at the munches that one anon was belittling, and it can almost be like a support group for people after 'uncle bad touch' etc.


If you want something better, use google scholar.

>> No.9829772

Not to be too tumblr here, but have you looked into aromantism as a possibility?

>> No.9829775

One, but even then it's not serious and I mostly use it as a way to make jokes. Nothing serious enough to call love, but I don't think you can "love" a celebrity in a romantic way since you don't actually know them. Maybe my standards for non familial love are too high.

>> No.9829781

It sounds accurate enough. I can "really like" someone but it's never really based on a romantic feeling, just being extremely entertained by someone. I don't want to call myself aromantic though because that seems pretty special snowflakey to do.

>> No.9829783

She dresses kinda hipster/resale, pretty normie. Cute apartment with plants and bulk jars and stuff tho. Really basic stuff.

>> No.9829784

Are you retarded?

>> No.9829789

You need to talk to him and get it sorted. Clearly it's something that makes you feel uncomfortable, and has some pretty bad implications. Ideally, he'll be willing to work on that for you. If not, you'll need to think about what to do after that - aka D U M P H I M.

>> No.9829791

I mean, how is it a "snowflake" thing if it's an accurate descriptor of someone? Natural purple eyes are weird and rare, but if you had them it wouldn't be snowflakey to say that your eyes were purple, it'd be accurate.

>> No.9829795
File: 68 KB, 1280x720, 7632098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5'1" guy
>Love lolita but don't think I'd be suitable to "brolita"
>But hang around a lot of lolitas irl to live vicariously through then and discuss the fashion
>Surprisingly attract a lot of them
>Have dated a handful
>All of them want me to be super dom dungeon master
>I just really wanna be edged and dommed but can never admit it
>Always end up with unfulfilled sex life

Where ARE you gulls??? If I date another girl who wants me to tease and edge her for 30 minutes just so she can lay like a dead fish for me to finish on I'm going to cry.

>> No.9829798

get a fetlife and don't talk about Lolita

>> No.9829803
File: 15 KB, 500x375, FB_IMG_1521947533542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be male
>single and lonely
>tfw no gf
Now that That's out of the way

>have gul friend
>usually neat conversations about dresses and fandoms
>lets it slip that she bought a sleeve
>tease her for it a little
>proceeds to tell me how she's going to use it on her bf
>then tells me about how she jerks her bf off every night and all the kinky sex they have

It's cool you're loveydovey with your SO, but tmi senpai. Telling a single and lonely guy your sex life is really not fun to listen to. I really could've gone without knowing that.

>> No.9829810

hnnng seconding this
but I'm also a giantess so..
>bf who can handle some post-orgasm sensitivity torment when

incorrect. Daddy refers to hypermasculine looking mature guys. has nothing inherently to do with powerplay, as a guy with a daddy look could go either way.
Dadbod is just middle aged guy with a little weight/sagging from age, doesn't work out regularly but still looks good.

>> No.9829817

Just want to make a point to say that I have several, varied kinks.
my priority for a future husband is someone who loves me deeply and is giving and spiritual. I'm not looking for a person to tick all my fet boxes, as interests change over time.
I just want someone to build a life with and play with!
>who also digs my wardrobe

>> No.9829825
File: 46 KB, 480x480, 1521290945253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as you moan, I'm happy.

>buff guys subbing to tiny girls is my jam.
>guys desperately trying to hold in moans
>cute needy whiny moans too

>> No.9829833

God you sound perfect. Godspeed anon, we are out there

>> No.9829837

>>9829833 here

Im so sorry
I meant

^^^^ hold out hope, we're out there, you sound adorable

>> No.9829838
File: 78 KB, 500x557, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically got a chub

>> No.9829842

I know the circumstances, and no she probably didn't have access to the internet, third world country and all that.
She was not in a position where anyone would have cared if she lived through it, that's all you ought to know.
You type a lot

When you say he's 'jacking it to this shit' you'll have to be more specific, because if you catch him on liveleak beating it to beheadings, that's one thing.
Also, age/maturity is a factor too.

Porn is ultimately, a fantasy, you engage in the fantasy by projecting yourself into the scene as either the one with power or the one without.

When I combed gurochan, I was looking for a) beautiful/grotesque pictures that were nonsexual for me but really spoke to me, and b) sexually charged fantasies where I could project myself onto the person being tortured and mutilated, sometimes onto the person cannibalizing another person, but that was less often.

When I found that snuff video, that was it. I witnessed a person get reduced to being less than animal, and then I saw the animal stop looking for ways to escape and give up.
Maybe in school you watched a video of wolf/moose predation? I did, and it really reminded me of it. At some point the moose getting chased down by a pack of wolves stops trying, and even though the wolves are physically weaker, or the moose could get away if it went on for just a little longer, it can't keep going.

If your man gets off to anime girl mind break where she just starts loving it and is an insatiable whore for ugly bastard dick, there's no reason to worry.
If he gets off to animals in human form destroy each other, maybe worry.

Oh, and ask him if he liked 'Emergence' and if he did, drop him like a hot sack of shit.

>> No.9829849

please dont encourage r9k and fit to come here

>> No.9829858
File: 28 KB, 225x350, 137160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are brolitas always looked down upon espically in the lolita community?
Everytime i talk about or wear it people just assume I'm a fetishist, even other lolitas.
I already look like a girl and even get mistaken as one in my personal daily life because of my small frame.
Man, all i want is to wear pretty dresses, drink tea, and hold hands without being deemed weird.

>> No.9829861
File: 279 KB, 1200x963, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>crossdressing faggot raises red flags
Are you dumb? Like do you dude but come on, it should be obvious why people treat you differently. You’re either a harmless invalid or a potential predator in their eyes.

>> No.9829866

I wish. I'm actually on east coast.
But maybe we could do something like talk over Discord or Skype? That could be fun~

>> No.9829871

New thread >>9829870

>> No.9829880

I'm cool with nice brolitas. It's just I've met so many creepy ones that I'm a bit wary at first.

>> No.9829912

You don't know them, but at least you know your brain is able to produce feelings of attraction

>> No.9829971
File: 234 KB, 600x800, china.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No I have both arms.

>> No.9830006

I wonder if there have been studies done of men specifically or if I could volunteer myself for research

>> No.9830044

he was jacking it to real rape snuff videos. one of which a girl had a like 3 foot hard dildo inserted into her and he was like" she couldve lived, but she "stopped struggling" and there was blood. its really disgusting, but i have no friends outside of him and his friends so if we broke up id be absolutely alone. i was hoping to start going to local lolita meets, but i have no car and a barely usable wardrobe.

>> No.9830058

Get a job, a bicycle, and some clothes from the thrift store. Call your relatives and tell them that you need somewhere to stay until you get your feet under you

>> No.9830119

>b) sexually charged fantasies where I could project myself onto the person being tortured and mutilated
From experience, the obstacle to overcome when trying to find people who want this to happen to them has been combinations of manic depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts being the norm. It's far from trivial to handle the dependency from a partner afflicted by those things, and happy moments tend to be sparse in the relationship. Not talking about people who are just masochists, but the people who have a fetish for being in the position you're describing. Hope you're doing well for yourself anon, and thanks for being open about your experience.

Determine if it's an acquired taste or something they've wanted to pursue for a long time. Ask about their childhood and when they became interested in it. If they try to talk you into it, you need to GTFO like other anon said.

>> No.9830237

Emergence wasn't even that bad. But she was hotter before all the gyaru crap.

>> No.9830304

>Porn is ultimately, a fantasy, you engage in the fantasy by projecting yourself into the scene as either the one with power or the one without.
but this is wrong

>> No.9830347

>tfw 6'1" guy
>reading this thread
>Extremely conflicted on wanting to sexual break girls or to have them dom me

>> No.9830353

Go away fuckboi.

>> No.9830354

suck a cock faggot

>> No.9830401

Would it help to have somebody to check in on you and get you over the big hurdle of the early stages of fighting addiction? I would do that for you, no other expectations involved.

>> No.9830555
File: 114 KB, 500x281, 1521816888147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want a cute lolita to be my girlfriend and do kinky stuff but I'm a girl and I don't wear lolita. 0% chances.

>> No.9830560

Why don't you try buying some secondhand dresses and going to a couple of meet, your homersexual deviant

>> No.9830576

I see myself horrible in those beautiful dresses... I'm tall, athletic and my face it's not cute in the loli way

>> No.9830587
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>I'm tall, athletic and my face it's not cute in the loli way
It's sounds like you're trying to say you're hot. There are a couple of tall lolitas on here who can give you tips if you actually want them, but I think you. If you want to do something do it. If you don't don't, You were born free

>> No.9830856

It was a joke a non
What part?

>> No.9830858

>What part?
Projecting yourself into the scene as either the one with power or the one without

>> No.9830983

Also the part about fantasy. Those are real people.

>> No.9830994

>what is hentai

>> No.9831723

Think of the real 2D children!

>> No.9831788
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>> No.9834860

quality tastes

>> No.9835609
File: 178 KB, 728x1041, nopornonmychristianimageboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, c'mon you pansies, they're not that bad.
And besides 774 is way better.

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