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Last one went 300+ posts.
>post your favorite accounts
>self-posts welcome
>discuss new reach strategies
>please keep shooping accusations to a minimum

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Not my account, found it recently, but this person posts dress details and figure some gulls might be interested.

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Self-post. I make brooches and stuff with resin.

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Self post
Just started recently, first time using foam.
Currently making a Rhaegar Targaryen cosplay, and then will move onto Edward Elric.
Would appreciate some advice and to find others who do similar things to me.

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well shit, just realised I forgot to add this


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Oh hey, that's my account! Thanks for posting me, I'm very happy people are enjoying my pics so far

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Np! It’s such a good idea and needs more followers!

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Selfpost, come talk to me about idols!!

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My personal. Trying to get back into posting more lolita-related stuff bc I took a break for a bit.


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You post every thread.

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self post. I post a lot of tabletop stuff as well as cosplay protects.

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Nice cosplays! Also, if it's ok to say so, you're very good looking and seem like a fun person.

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thank you! I am sporadic with cosplay updates but I am trying my best to meet event deadlines

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I do! I’ve had some luck with making friends who also like idols, more so than in the friend finder threads, so why not?

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I don’t see why anon cares since selfpost is encouraged in this thread.

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Hey there demons, it's ya girl...


Commission her, you walnut!
That's what I plan to do. What character do you want?

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Your feed is so aesthetically pleasing and you seem really cool and interesting. Followed!

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I have a couple ready to ship and planning to make big batches for an upcoming con. Also some blood vial rings. Just send me a pm about a custom order and I will toss in some free B-grade bloodborne brooches I have lying around.

Commissions make me happy. I just want to make the thing that goes perfectly with someone's coord. <3 Idon'tevenchargemuchforcustomfees.

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Thank you! I hope to sort out my camera quality and background this year so there's less Black Blobbism in my outfit posts...

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Omg, you're back?
You dropped contact and I hadn't seen your posts around.
Glad you're ok!

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Self post
I struggle with finding other gyaru lifestyle things to post since I don’t think my life is all that interesting

Don’t really know what direction to take

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I just want to say.. I have been following you for a couple months and I think I have a crush on you.

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I love your stuff but please for the love of god fix the camera situation.

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I don’t think I’m crush-worthy, but thank you Anon!

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Was travelling and such for a few months! Apologies for that.

The sad thing was that I actually got one for christmas and left it in another country.

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Yay, love gal accounts.

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Come off it anon; clearly posting slutty selfies didn't get her followers, how else is she supposed to gain followers besides posting in every selfpost thread?

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Honestly, I got mad respect for the fact that she can do that. I always see people here get roasted.

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>slutty selfies
Excuse you anon, those slutty pictures were taken professionally, thank you very much lmao

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ah yes, very professional picture

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Oh I thought you were talking about my other Tsubasa pics lol

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jw are you a salt monster too?

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>come talk to me about idols!!
well yeah, I like to fap to a few
that's all

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followed a few hours ago

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>selfie in a bikini
Ah yes, so slutty.

Seriously your standard for slutty makes you sound like a Mormon

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I've been posting coordinates for a few weeks now. I have a total of 8 posts, but only 13 followers. I tag my posts as #eglcommunity, #lolitafashion, and #jfashion, among other things, so I don't know what, if anything, I'm doing wrong. Is this normal growth for an account? I was hoping I'd get to interact with others more.

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8 posts isn't a lot, I probably wouldn't bother following someone unless they had like, at least a full page of photos. You want to be sure to post pretty often, like a few times a week if not every day. Those tags sounds about right, tag the brands you're wearing also! And be sure to interact with other people (in a genuine way, obviously, not just to get followers but I've made a lot of friends that way). But yes, for 8 posts 13 followers sounds completely normal.

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Thanks for the reassurance! If I only have time to dress up on weekends (my job is longer than 9-5), what should I post other than coord photos? I try to keep selfies to a minimum, so should I just have a stockpile of floordinates? What about art posts? I'm pretty new to social media, sorry if these are dumb questions.

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Nayrt but I greatly prefer people who post one good coord pic once a week over people who post selfies and unrelated stuff every day. If I see a post in a tag I follow that looks good but then see that their profile is a majority non-lolita I generally don’t follow. So it’s really up to you.

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I like to see coord details, so maybe you can take some good artsy shots of those for every coord you wear and post those mid week while awaiting the next coord?

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If thats really the reason why you post every single thread why don’t you interact with the other idolfags on insta instead?

>> No.9828192

Try following other lolitas in the tag, they'll likely follow back if your style is similar. Follow your comm members as well.

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she doesn’t want to do any work, she wants to be approached, lmao

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I do mostly Star Wars cosplay. Charity cosplay, too, i'm with the 501st legion.

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I really like 2d idols but I’m not into the whole net idol thing. Also, it seems like most people in the net idol thread, if they do like 2d idols, only like LL, which I’m not a big fan of. In general, it seems like people in the net idol thread just have a different set of interests.

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Whoops misunderstood lol; I interact with idol fans a lot by following all im@s related tags, so I’m not sure why you’d say “why don’t you interact with other people”

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They weren’t taking about 4chan.

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Can people suggest good photography accounts pls

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Cosplay or Lolita?

Man there's some salt in here, if any nice anons want to join a cosplay pod (where you comment on each others posts to help with interaction) drop your ig here or message me @knovicecosplay

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Because that’s not apparent from your desperate posting...insta has got to have limitless fans

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My dude I’m just tryna geek out with people about idols and like I said before, I’ve met people who also like im@s from these threads before lol it seems like you’re really concerned about this and I’m not sure why, have a great day

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Only really looking for cosplay
Admittedly I don't really have much of an interest in lolita.

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>i-i'm not slutty!!!
>post this kind of bs

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I think she’s an annoying attentionwhore namefag too but I don’t think this is slutty or even an indication that she’s an attentionwhore. It’s colossalcon so naturally there are swim costumes.

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well, at least she sounds fun

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I don't even like claudie and think she's an attentionwhore but you're being a little ridiculous here.

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Good lord fuck off.

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look at the caption

nice samefag tho

>> No.9828866

>nice samefag tho
can I show you something?

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Most the world doesn't find bikinis, or pictures of them, slutty. You should move to Saudi Arabia or something...

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I found an instagram account for you, anon.
Her hands aren't covered in all her pictures, so I hope it isn't too slutty for you.

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well, I guess I show it to you anyway

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Lemme show you too.

>> No.9828939

thumbs up anon
(also, next time make sure you close your other tabs)

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Nice edited caps, samefag.

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is this now an instagramm, or a bait/roast-thread?

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Great thread guys.

>> No.9828970

a samefag thread kek

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Well I guess if the thread is already derailed no harm in selfposting lol

I love your account, I'm so obsessed with detail shots

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Selfposting because y'all know I'm a gull anyway. Also anyone know any good indie classic brands to follow?

one day we'll be free from this evil

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lotvdesigns is my personal fave.

>> No.9829312

i love you voldie

>> No.9829341

desu it's so easy to use you to derail the thread but you seem pretty chill

>> No.9829367

>boohoo no one else on this board conforms to my Mormon ideals

>> No.9829374

>being this salty you got called out for samefagging

>> No.9829385

Not into Lolita but I'm really digging your profile! Have you ever considered taking photos of the back of the dress too? At least for cords with cute bows/details on the other side?

>> No.9829387

isn't selfposting allowed?

>> No.9829850

Not if you’re me or voldie, everyone else is ok lol

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No pls don't light the fire again it was just starting to calm down

>> No.9829915

>not if you're an annoying trip, everyone else is ok lol

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selfposting too this thread is hell

we never will be free

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of course
just watch out for angry gulls
they always want to fight and nitpick

>> No.9830045

Just ignore her. She's just desperate for attention since she's taken the dive and started posting bikini pics and still doesn't have followers.

Now she's just trying to get them through drama

>> No.9830163

It's so sad when thots have to resign themselves to cgl of all places to beg for followers.

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Just been trying to browse #handmadelolita and #lolitasewing on IG and it's saying "page not found". Have those tags been banned?

>> No.9830832

any updated guide/tips for hashtags and just effective tagging in general?

>> No.9830863

I love your use of redxblack!

>> No.9830872

I hope your no bangs trend takes off

>> No.9830894

Ty! It’s my favorite color combo to wear.

>> No.9830942

5-7 tags is the way to go

>> No.9830963

Thanks anons, I've def chilled out over the years lol

sup cuties

I'm loving it desu, I know people here say it makes me look balding but it's so low maintenance and it's been really good for my skin. I'm seeing a lot of my lolita friends join the no bangs team lately too

>> No.9830972

I have the same problem with other lolita and brand tags.

>> No.9831048

I just checked and was able to access no problem. Does instagram have a function similar to tumblr with "safesearch" where ~naughty~ terms like lolita won't show unless you go in your settings?

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>gaining followers
>the amount of likes I'm getting is still the same, or less even, as when I had 200 or so less followers
>Still sub 1k followers

>> No.9831119

Is it hard to get followers when you’re just jfash and not lolita or do I just suck/ am ugly? I’m only ~250 and a good chunk of them are irl friends and acquaintances.

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why are grills so mean to each other

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>Having nearly 250 acquaintances and/or friends

>> No.9831184

I usually only follow people I know from real life, people from a group I'm in, artists I enjoy, or shops. For the most part, I only follow strangers who wear clothing that I could see myself rocking. It has nothing to do with people being a bad or good dresser. You could be an excellent dresser, but I wouldn't follow if it's in a style I couldn't draw personal inspiration from.

I do love browsing the tags though and giving hearts to outfits and images I like otherwise. I'll always like to awesome room pictures, outfits, and cats. Chances are if I've liked one of your things, I'll pop back in at some point in the future.

>> No.9831209

pls resbond

>> No.9831217

I'll dump some in a minute once my computer stops throwing a fit. Any particular region or are all good?

>> No.9831227

Much appreciated, thanks anon and good luck with the computer!
Any region is good, I just wanna check out some good photographers to use as a reference for what good cosplay photography looks like

>> No.9831259

>somebody disagrees with my absurdly prudish opinions
>must be samefagging I win the argument uwu


>> No.9831263

How necessary are themes to a cosplay account? How do you balance them with WIP images?

>> No.9831305


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The gang's all here so may as well selfpost too lmao. Check me out for mediocre cosplay (+ progress pics in story posts) or equally mediocre coords and detail shots

No guarantee of objective quality bc I'm just a cosplayer, not an experienced photog but a bunch I follow are:

>> No.9831322

What do you need followers and likes for?

>> No.9831329

It's kind of like a fun collecting hobby to me at this point if that makes sense?

>> No.9831445

They arent necessary, but I really like them.
I recently started a fresh with a new cosplay specific account and now have a strict posting style. Each row of 3 is of the same cosplay. I start by posting a photoshoot set (1-3photos), followed by the WIP shots put into a collage, then finally a selfie of me in that cosplay. I have 6 years of backlog to post which I use as filler rows between new projects.
So people can keep up to date with what I'm working on as it happens, I post the new WIP on my story. Which then eventually gets posted as part of a collage once I have everything to post the project row on my account.
When there's a convention coming up I use the "selfie" column to post my line up. Then share a mirror shot & selfie of the cosplay I'm wearing on the day of the con once I'm ready.

Just to note if you wish to do something similar though. I really wish I'd done it in the reverse order. Selfie, WIP, Shoot. But I'm determined to keep this up so don't want to change it around now.

>> No.9831452

why the fuck do all you retards feel the need to state that you're self posting in a very obvious self post thread.

>> No.9831460

For an alternate opinion, I can't stand accounts like >>9831445 (you do you if you like it, just not my taste!) or any strong themeing because if how artificial/sterile it feels and how samey it can start looking on my feed. The again, one man's cold and sterile is another man's satisfyingly organized.

To keep my account looking cohesive despite a lot of different diverse cosplays, I use similar angles, framing, and saturation/lighting levels to the best of my ability, so it looks like an intentionally curated feed even if all jumbled.

I also really only care about seeing high quality or professional shoots of other cosplayers, so that's all I post on my account. Selfies are reserved for stories, and wips may be put on their own pinned highlight wheels but never posted.

>> No.9831463

Why do you care?

>> No.9831471

Personally because I work freelance from home and my internship wouldn’t allow jfash so SOMEONE has to see my outfits. Is it mentally sad? Probably. Does it make me happy in the last few years I have left in the styles I like? Definitely

>> No.9831477

Honestly a LARGE chunk of it is annoying guys I never talked to in high school, possibly dead accounts from high school, and people who are in my same student organization. And a couple of illiterate betafag NICE COSPLAY types from the mistake of linking my Tinder.

>> No.9831566

really liking this account so far! Just a heads up though, I feel like the "Today I'm posting" captions on each and every one are gonna start getting annoying/grating pretty quickly though

>> No.9831584

Because everyone is acting like it's something they can only do because every one else is doing it and it's something special. lmao. how annoying, just post and move on.

>> No.9831620

You're bitching about nothing. Get off your period, for crying out loud.

>> No.9831687

>just got my bangs cut


>> No.9831700

who cares. don't let a fat bitch like voldie determine how you should wear your hair

>> No.9831709

anon is bitching about people being annoying by making a huge deal about self posting in a self posting thread. just post.

>> No.9831754

>making a huge deal about self posting
....the only one making a huge deal is you anon(s?), how is saying "may as well selfpost too" here any diff than someone saying "may as well post my haul too" in a taobao or mail thread?

Do you get mad about people captioning their instagram posts too? God forbid someone write "haven't posted any of X character in a while, so here!" because that's just making a big deal about posting that character when it's already obvious, right? Get over yourself.

>> No.9831757

>just post
because that's been going so well lmao

hey anyone else want to sign up to get bitched at over innocuous things?

>> No.9831855

whoa, any reason why? i’ve been tagging up to 30 tags full.

>> No.9831870

If you use more it lowers your reach. I don't remember when that change was made to the algorithm but it exists

>> No.9831878

Annoying people from high school finding my Jfash insta is literally a nightmare of mine, not so much because I’m ashamed but because they’re the types to save pictures and post them elsewhere to mock them. Do they ever comment on your pics?

>> No.9831943

Oh I’m talking about the trailer park guys who like everything by a girl under 150 pounds or the nerds who keep up with me simply because I’m a nerd who was nice to them six years ago.

My highschool was very small and very rural so lots of classmates never met many new people post graduation. I know I look and dress way better now than then so even if someone posted me to mock me I wouldn’t give a shit, it’s better than me talking with the friends I do still keep about how massive or drugged out other alumni became lel

>> No.9832012

oh duck.. thank

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File: 473 KB, 750x1192, Photo 3-28-18, 4 44 24 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're cool with people with disabilities, I wear lolita and dabble in cosplay and SFX makeup.

>inb4 gurl u ugly
I know, don't bother

>> No.9833596

Imagine being this buttblasted about a bikini pic

>> No.9834915

imagine that anon going to the beach, bet he never did otherwise his head would have expoded

>> No.9834932

Imaging being this salty about being called out for being a thot that you have to reply half a week later

>> No.9834961
File: 24 KB, 293x440, 1423821502374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bickering ITT over a girl posting bikini pics is so fucking embarrassing.

>> No.9834978

Yea, if you're a thot, you're a thot; no point in samefagging in a thread to defend yourself.

>> No.9835009
File: 621 KB, 750x1334, F77CC9A9-86F6-445C-B084-F0253DF8B22D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


im trying to get bigger (I know my costumes aren’t that good I’m learning to get better)

>> No.9835032

youd have more success if you posted actual content instead of screenshotted memes and collages

>> No.9835211

yeah ive been dry on content besides that shit since ive been low on money with college and car payments

but i totally see where you’re coming from, ill try to keep that stuff on the low

>> No.9835230

Yo. Dude. This ain't /r9k/ or /pol/. Ain't no thot patrol here. Even if there were, it wouldn't be over bikini pictures.

>> No.9835255

has anyone here ever had luck contacting a girl on instagram?
there's this cute cosplayer from my city and I want to get to know here but don't know if i should bother even trying

>> No.9835262

Most people don't care to be contacted by strangers. But if you don't send a dick pick and act like a normal person you might chat for a lil bit and then she'll forget about you.

>> No.9835294

Personally speaking, I don't respond to people via DM who I don't actually know beforehand through a community or in real life. Also, chances are you aren't the first person who has tried to "get to know her" through a DM. Do you like it when people cold call you? Messaging a stranger is about the same concept. You should just follow her page if you actually like her images, and hope you get the chance to meet her in real life. It's usually okay to DM people after you've met them once or twice.

>> No.9835311

Why do you want to get bigger?

>> No.9835334

I don’t respond to “hi i’m your fan// you’re cute” dms, but engaging with genuine comments and replying to stories is a good way to make fast instagram friends without cold calling. Just don’t be a creep p mu

>> No.9835539
File: 480 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180331-021545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

@cakepopclara back with a nice icy self post for yall. Spicy casual coords and cerebral sweet coord goodness. Hairs a mess, taking cut + color suggestions! I try my best to improve every day so let's just be our cutest together o k

>> No.9835540

Cry harder thot

>> No.9835837

it’s gay as shit but i just wanna meet more people and be recognized when i go to cons

>> No.9836405

Who'd you miss a call from?

>> No.9839276
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Will you follow me now, anon?

>> No.9839351

Plot twist: I've been following you this since you posted in the last etsy threar because I love supporting quality indie brands but didn't want you to possibly find out who I was.

>> No.9839370
File: 24 KB, 740x328, ogosh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, thank you, anon. And fug. I got a handful of followers since then. It is a mystery I will never solve.

>> No.9839463

Do you guys follow accounts less if they post general life stuff that isn't the same as the accounts aesthetics? Just trying to work out if its worth making a fashion/makeup only account

>> No.9839499

Yep, I don't want to see life shit.

>> No.9839700

Just keep life stuff in your stories. If you really like what happened you can showcase it in your highlights.

>> No.9839704


Some anon always comes along and says 'yes I love life stuff' but honestly, I tried to do life stuff on my instagram but it just didn't work out. People would much rather see a curated Instagram than a 'spontaneous' one despite what they say. If you want followers, curate that shit, create a theme, and don't do random life stuff.

>> No.9839717

I keep seeing people post "hey look I have a new post pls like it" in their stories.
Should I start doing this? I only have 600 or so followers right now.

>> No.9839746

It's best to do that since insta algorithms are all fucky but posting it on your story could make someone who didn't see the post see it

>> No.9841991
File: 1.88 MB, 936x889, flowers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I make flower crowns and plan to make lolita headbands and animal headbands eventually as I get better. I like to focus on fantasy creations and hope to run a business oneday so it would mean a lot if people could give me constructive criticism/advice/challenges of what to make.


>> No.9843170

Imagine being so salty over thinking that someone someone else is salty that you pull this shit

>> No.9843355
File: 256 KB, 750x1109, IMG_1494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does he post so many pictures of the same shitty costume? He's practically a spam account imo

>> No.9843492

>still being salty enough to reply a week later
kek, thots get so triggered

>> No.9843509

Regardless the first anon that thought a god damned bikini was slutty was being a filthy sperg

>> No.9843593

Her entire feed is pretty slutty regardless of whether or not you think a bikini is slutty though

>> No.9843611

Aaaaaah, thank you so much! To be honest, I notice when you like my posts and smile every time. I'm jelly of your IW collection and I enjoy how consistent your outfits are!

That's a good point and something I've been worrying about. Thanks for letting me know, any ideas how I can change things up to avoid that?

>> No.9844161

How do you get famous at cosplay on/off without being a thot? I’m aware this isn’t the questions thread, just curious.

>> No.9844163

I meant to say *on/off of IG. I should sleep.

>> No.9844179

Actually be good at making things, post good tutorials, win some competitions, etc.

For anything on social media, to get famous, you have to post consistently. It's not enough to post good things erratically.

>> No.9845366
File: 8 KB, 303x300, CTYHRp1XAAABtOr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think your cosplay look great! Ignore the hate; great work m'lady

>> No.9845385

NAYRT, but I'm just starting out in cosplay and since I've not got other costumes to repost like I see a lot of cosplayers do, any suggestions on what to post in between WIPS would be appreciated.

>> No.9845418
File: 323 KB, 1000x985, Diamond is Unbreakable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice cosplays, dude

gosh you're cute af

>bikinis are slutty
this is autism

ignore the haters, go have fun mah grill

>> No.9845463

A lot of people seem to take a ton of photos when they do makeup tests/costests as well as during photoshoots with friends. That way they always have something to post.

>> No.9845476

Completely random, but I think I drew your friend (in the middle pic with the drinks) in the draw thread! Smol world.

>> No.9845484

Some life stuff is fine, especially if it revolves around the content, such as mentioning you are going to a con.
why do people do this? kinda annoying.

>> No.9845534


>> No.9845554

Because it's a good costume and he posts multiple angles
jesus christ stop being so judgemental

>> No.9847664
File: 515 KB, 583x587, 2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do people do this? I really can't imagine it promotes the image that much and just makes them look fucking desperate

>> No.9847860

Honestly couldn’t even tell what this cosplay was for almost s whole two minutes.

>> No.9847918

God damn, that's an adorable black dress.

>> No.9847935

They hope the page will notice and share their picture

>> No.9848110

>took a break for a bit
Starting drama with MD sure did backfire, huh?

>> No.9848209 [DELETED] 

Horny guy here, I followed all of your accounts for testosterone and inspiration when I want motivation to fucking make it

>> No.9848295

deets, this sounds hilarious

>> No.9848352

You seem kinda harsh

>> No.9848353

>Do you like it when people cold call you?

yes because I'm lonely

>> No.9848370

Is MD the gothic lolita with the veils?

>> No.9848461

My posts aren't appearing in the tag feeds.
Any one got any solutions? I'm not using banned tags since posts by other users are appearing, and my account isn't on private.

>> No.9848486

maybe you are using too many tags

>> No.9848488

I always use under 10.

>> No.9848546

>OP posts a long tumblr rant claiming MD attacked her for copying one of her coords
>also claims that MD sends broken jewelry to people she doesn't like
>claims it wasn't to start drama, but posts it here and also puts MD's username in the tag portion of the tumblr post
>anons from /cgl/ ask for proof because no shit MD is pretty popular for her coords
>OP backs out with "i dont want drama because i really admire MD i just wanted to rant uwu"
>anons keep pestering for proof via tumblr anons
>OP caves in and posts PMs from FB
>nothing incriminating just gossip between her and some other rando who doesn't seem to like MD
>MD doesn't seem to be the bad guy OP made her out to be
>OP gets completely brushed off and somewhat discredited
>OP goes on "break from lolita"
Now I think the idea of copying someone's coord is kind of dumb since it's just clothes, but MD has a distinct style and OP's coord was almost an exact cut and paste of one of her more popular coords.
I would say that's what started the drama so sure.

>> No.9848614

I think 7 is the magic number now but I could be wrong

>> No.9848619

Is that costume supposed to be Terrorblade or something?

>> No.9848897

Nah I've had that happen to me too before and I used fairly few tags too. My suspicion about why I was temporarily shadowbanned was because I don't post a lot normally, but that weekend I was at a con and went through several cosplay/coord changes per day and that majorly boosted my activity.
I just waited a few days and I got un-shadowbanned.

>> No.9848970

Hey there you pretentious fucking cunt.

>> No.9848993

My break was unrelated to any of the drama and had to do with some personal health issues, but whatever helps you feel better about yourself.

>> No.9849023
File: 14 KB, 604x364, b0ad12b4-3213-4fda-84c3-1e0b95cc4dfa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9849129
File: 508 KB, 1125x2001, 6ce93eed-61b0-4b91-8e2f-358c8d937e40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self post, slowly getting back into gyaru and j-fashion~

>> No.9849135

Your hair is so fucking fried. Please invest some money into hair treatments. It'll make you look so much better.

>> No.9849457

is the entire ‘post under 7 hashtags’ an actual thing or does it really just differ for everyone?

>> No.9849493

Salt, delicious salt

Idk who you are, but you look fat and ugly despite ani apparently malicious and self victimising personality

>> No.9849500

No I don’t lol. Projecting perhaps?

Also >>9848546 should learn to do some research before spreading misinformation. They got a couple things wrong. I never said MD would ship out broken items to people she didn’t like. I said I thought she might pull something like that on me personally.

I wasn’t the one who posted my link here. I did post it to my FB and I’m 90% sure of the person who brought it to /cgl/.

I can’t fault anon for this one, but the “rando” IMs were from two lolitas who are well-known online. Obviously I protected their identities, but I do wonder how people would feel about MD if they knew who those two people were and what they felt.

I wasn’t discredited anywhere expect maybe on here and MDs sob story post. My break was due to finding out I have colitis. My friends would be the only ones to know that though, but trust me. It’s hard to dress cute when you’re going through intestinal pain every day. I’m not one of those people who is good at pushing through that. Luckily my friends convinced me to stay in the fashion.

Anyway. Enjoy your drama.

>> No.9849506

Okay darling, keep believing that, but last time I checked I was heterosexual and wouldn't touch your insta with a ten foot pole.

>> No.9849511

Wow the way you feel really makes me so depressed. Man. What will I do with my life now. If I didn’t like how I look that *might* get to me. Try someone else, darling.

>> No.9849534

>I never said MD would ship out broken items to people she didn’t like. I said I thought she might pull something like that on me personally.
That's even worse. You were being a bitter bitch about it and instead of moving on you tried to hint that she may ruin your purchased merchandise, which would ruin her own reputation.
>I wasn’t the one who posted my link here
Sure you didn't and Mana isn't an iconic figure for gothic lolitas.
>two lolitas who are well-known online
Yeah right. No one has any reason to believe you considering what a liar you were the first time this drama happened.
>I wasn’t discredited anywhere expect maybe on here and MDs sob story post.
It wasn't even a sob story. Sorry getting noticed by your senpai didn't work out the way you wanted it to, but give up no one is going to side with you or turn against MD unless you give real solid proof.
Good luck with your colitis though, I hope you're able to find some solution or medicine for it. I do see that you deleted your original call out post though. Interesting, but I still have screenshots of the messages you posted.
That's so irrelevant to this. Fucking hell man fuck off if you're just going to insult someone's personal appearance.

>> No.9849547

Oh yeah I did delete the original (well, privatized it and the questions related). I figured people still have it. And at this point if people don’t believe me it’s whatever. This was a while ago now and I just dislike the misinformation that was posted. Btw, thank you for not being a shit. Like I really do appreciate the concern and your reply to >>9849506. After a certain age that kind of insult is like the absolute bottom of the barrel and is just kind of ridiculous, even given where we are. I’d honestly rather people confront me directly about their thoughts on the entire thing, and even though it might not seem that way, this shit is in the past. I’m surprised someone even brought it up again.

>> No.9849587
File: 295 KB, 472x436, 1498355770504_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off faggot, she looks good.

>> No.9849652

That pic in bottom middle reminds me of Ms. Doubtfire but in a good way. I love Robin Williams

>> No.9849685

Just starting a cosplay Instagram because I don’t want my normie friends to see what a nerd I am. Any tips on how to make friends with other cosplayers/get into the community? I feel weird just posting pictures of me in my cosplay so I’d assume I should do some cosplay, some progress, some hobby stuff? Idk help a newfag out.

>> No.9849737
File: 2.26 MB, 1080x1739, IMG_20180411_210840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self-post. I dress in lolita style mosly.

>> No.9849829

Post it. Do it.

>> No.9849868

Those bikini shots are really cute

>> No.9850030

I’m not ready to let my poor fledgling instagram be bullied. Let it mature a bit before it is pummeled into the ground. :’^)

>> No.9850037

Just try to follow other cosplayers and they will most likekly follow you back, maybe pm them and have a good talk, its not that hard if you are on Instagram

>> No.9850043

I want to love you and your pictures, don't be a pussy! I MUST SPREAD POSITIVITY, DON'T DENY ME THAT

>> No.9850509

>hey anyone else want to sign up to get bitched at over innocuous things?

Honestly, shit is embarrassing even for this board. Get it together gulls

>> No.9850521

How do people get from 1k to 10k? I feel like you only start snowballing from 10k but it's taken a year to get to 1.5k and people say after 1k it's "easy". My photos are fairly high quality and I'm not unattractive. I cosplay both female and male characters though.

>> No.9850551

part of it is luck. are your cosplays lacking in something?

>> No.9850557

Such as?

>> No.9850617

Good thing that all ended two weeks ago

>> No.9850618
File: 8 KB, 232x218, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying others aren't doing the same in other threads

good ol' /cgl/

>> No.9852115

you cant have this attitude if youre ugly

>> No.9852593

I’m okay with seeing different stuff once in a while, but if you’re posting different stuff ALL THE TIME then you should probably just make a separate account for it

>> No.9852599

you'd prolly get more followers if you didn't act romantically entitled to every female coworker of yours :^)

>> No.9852605

I’m seconding >>9850043
Just post it

>> No.9852630


>> No.9852648

Not really that interesting, just that he tries to get with girls who have bfs because he legit thinks he's better than them.

Wouldn't be as much of a deal if he didn't do this shit multiple times and try and invite them out on dates where only he knows it's a date.

>> No.9853305

Why do so many cosplayers buy followers?

I get that they want to seem popular, but when you have 30k+ followers and only get 200 likes per photo, it’s pretty obvious that you bought them.

And I feel like I’ve been seeing this sort of thing more and more frequently. It’s usually more like people buying 1-2k rather than 30k, but still it just seems like something that I’m seeing everywhere.

What do you gulls think?

>> No.9853351 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 128x81, 413733766981353482.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the first thread ive ever visited on this board and by mohammads glorious name its filled to the brim of roasties
so what do you stacys talk about besides makeup and bitch insults to one another? like i presume cosplay but for a board orientated towards that its not as full as id expect

>> No.9853377
File: 1.29 MB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20180415-154154~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I run an account where I take pics from my Keras/GLB. I try to keep it old school but I also have a lot of 2010s issues so that makes it in there too. Plz ignore my YouTube vid posts for now. They're terrible and I'm trying to get better

>> No.9853505

>tfw you make a separate Instagram for cosplay to hide from your normie friends and Instagram immediately starts suggesting all the accounts of your Facebook friends despite never having linked it

Fuck it seems like I’ll have to delete it now, why must Facebook do this to me.

>> No.9853523

Ngl I look down on cosplayers who obviously use bots or buy followers/likes. It doesn't matter how amazing their costumes are or how many awards they won, as long as they do either of those things, I automatically dislike them.

That being said, I do have friends who have a disproportionately small following in comparison to their likes (like 80-100 likes on each photo but only 300-600 followers) but their likes and comments all come from real accounts.

>> No.9853666

>That being said, I do have friends who have a disproportionately small following in comparison to their likes (like 80-100 likes on each photo but only 300-600 followers) but their likes and comments all come from real accounts.
How the fuck does this even happen?
Some of these accounts don't even have good content

>> No.9853685

>80-100 likes on each photo but only 300-600 followers
Do they use hashtags?
Do they have any niche or flavor of the month cosplays?

I don’t think that’s disproportionate. I have a baby account that’s under 200 followers and my photos get between 40-70 likes.

>> No.9853690

Admittedly I didn't look at the numbers in that post, but I was thinking moreso the accounts with 500 or so followers with 250+ likes per picture

>> No.9853851

There's this cheap online shop that keeps commenting and/or liking my pics randomly every day on Insta and it's annoying as hell to receive notifications only to notice it's them again. Does this happen to you anons as well? Do you ever feel tempted to block them?

>> No.9854118

I almost have not followers but seeing even a new real follower make me happy. Sometime you have to be happy with what you can have.

They never follow me like that, that creepy, they only follow me or like my stuff and it annoy me enough . When it's insta hoes( I have no idea how to say it politely ) who post sexy pic who follow me I just block them

>> No.9854196

yeah it's always the damn virgin hair shops that follow me for some reason; the constant following and unfollowing because of these accounts annoys me sometimes just because I'll think I'm approaching a follower milestone and then all those spam accounts will unfollow or delete and I'll see it drop again and feel bad, but otherwise I dont really care. Really all it means is I'm a couple more likes likely to appear on the feeds of people I actually care about so it's not too big of a deal, personally.

>> No.9854241

At 200 followers I was getting at least 100-150 likes per photo (even selfies and less popular series), so I think it just depends on the kind of followers you have and hashtag usage. A lot of my followers at the beginning were cosplay friends who more readily interacted with my content. At 400 I got 150-350, which might’ve been from getting on the discover page or something.
I just block the virgin hair shops / other spam accounts as soon as they follow.

>> No.9854331

Can people tell if you’ve blocked them? There’s this creepy middle aged, kind of unhinged looking guy who likes and comments on all my lolita posts and I want it to stop, but he lives in my area and apparently even runs in some of the same social circles and I don’t want to piss him off.

>> No.9854352

It just looks like your account doesn’t exist anymore if they search for it. The only way they’d know is if they see your account still exists on the desktop version or through a side account. (I wish blocking also got rid of connected accounts but it doesn’t, unfortunately)

>> No.9854445

They can also still view your stories I think, make sure you click "cannot view stories."

>> No.9854477
File: 619 KB, 455x810, insta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll bite

>> No.9854556

GOD damn u are attractive-
let me guess, gay or taken?

>> No.9854601
File: 1.35 MB, 1079x1372, Screenshot_20180416-201822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've found some good accounts to follow from these threads.

>> No.9854715

In the same line of interest, I found this insta that just posts vintage lace and pretty things.

>> No.9854761

So...how fat are you? Obese? Morbidly obese? Gtfo with your personal vendetta. She’s clearly an attention whore and damn are you ever giving it to her. Nice job.

>> No.9855003

It’s the Instagram algorithm, the more followers you have, the less they show your post to. If it doesn’t immediately get a bunch of comments and likes within 10 minutes of posting, they won’t serve it up to most of your followers.

>> No.9855017

>i-i'm not a thot!!! y-you're FAT!!!!
kek, that's some projection you have going

>> No.9855023

thank you for the complement but yes I'm taken. I appreciate any support of my cosplay and other stuff i post on my IG

>> No.9855040

NAYRT, but you see that's strange...because I have a few thousand followers and I have some posts that will break a thousand likes and I have some that won't even break 100. I post around the same time per day, and those with 1000+ likes seem to only get likes that trickle in over the course of about 4 days or so. And often, those with at least 500 will be likes from accounts that don't even follow me (stores that want me to follow them, and the like). It really has me wondering how many of my actual followers ever see my content (and I'm sure this is information I could probably have if I switched to a business account but....fuck that).

>> No.9855042

Also forgot to mention that my content is really consistent, which stumps me even more on the inconsistency in engagement. I don't post food photos/random normie selfies/overly-filtered or low-quality photos either.

>> No.9855138

Some of your posts are probably getting enough engagement to land them on the explore page, resulting in lots of likes from people who don't follow you. The algorithm is mostly a mystery and I've heard a lot of complaints from people lately that their likes are very inconsistent even if their content is.

>> No.9861247

butterface and no tits why am i not surprised

>> No.9861302

I am very excited for this!

>> No.9861436


Wow, that explains all the inane questions all the efame thirsty lolitas post.

>do u like desserts
>tehe i have anxiety do u?
> wat u watch rite now?

It seems so forced and unnatural. Ah well, what can I say, I barely broke 1000 followers, and they're at 11,000.

>> No.9861714
File: 46 KB, 500x281, 1523837156720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no Voldie gf

>> No.9861824

Thart is good looking group of people.

>> No.9861828

I'm glad I'm not the only one eye-rolling at certain lolitas' new captions.

>> No.9861888

"Please answer this arbitrary question that I honestly don't care the answer to"

>> No.9862028

Not hard when they’re all dressed to model for btssb/aatp

>> No.9862049

Please give me some nice lolita accounts to follow, need sweet/classic inspo!

>> No.9862070

Those aren't even the fashion show outfits.

>> No.9862108

for your sake, don't ever post on here again. you will get eaten alive.

>> No.9862144

I know people hate Zekia, but how on earth did she get from like 5k in 2016 to nearly 200k now? Even with the shoop and only sticking to popular characters, there must have been a way that she promoted herself to gain traction.

>from a desperate anon wanting to go from 1.5k to 2k and to maybe 5k/10k

>> No.9862150

she tags her photos with stuff like #asian and #asiangirl.

>> No.9862152

>I know people hate Zekia
No they don't anon, it's like two anons with a vendetta.
You can ask the same question about any instafamous cosplayer though; she's cute, does decent cosplays, and has luck. Anyone who makes it big is lucky, there's no specific way for you to work the algorithm

No she doesn't, you can look at all her photos and she only tags with the cosplay series and character name, plus cosplay.

>> No.9862156

She's panders to the folks who like qt petite Asians and self promos everywhere, probably uses buys a few followers now and then. You gotta hustle.

>> No.9862161

How so? I don't see her doing any lewds or revealing cosplays.

>buying followers
But her statistics are consistent with the amount of followers she has. If she bought followers her like to follower ratio would be lower, but her engagement rate is almost 10%.

>self promos everywhere
She hasn't done any s4s as far as I've seen, hasn't tagged any people in her photos besides photographers, and doesn't spam follow people. How is she self promoing?

I actually want to know how to grow an account; please don't post vendetta under the guise of advice. She doesn't seem to use any of the techniques people give in these types of threads or in that cosplay marketing group, so how? She doesn't even use those annoying question captions to make people engage more with her photos. Like I get that she's pretty but there's tons of good looking cosplayers that don't get popular.

>> No.9862165

>No she doesn't, you can look at all her photos and she only tags with the cosplay series and character name, plus cosplay.
yes she does, anon. look at her posts again.

>How so? I don't see her doing any lewds or revealing cosplays.
Have you never heard of lolicons?

>> No.9862168

This >>9862152 She’s lucky. If you’re decently attractive and lucky enough for the algorithm to work in your favor, you’re set. That’s why I said in a previous thread that the advice in Cosplay Marketing is useless. There’s no magical loophole or strategy to game the system.

>> No.9862172

Okay, after looking at her posts, she's tagged 9/296 posts with that. But the posts with those tags are from when she already had 150k+ followers, so I doubt it's the source of her followers.

She doesn't do loli cosplays either though? And lolicon cosplayers are still lewd or revealing, look at @rocksylight for example.

>> No.9862173

One thing she does is sometimes cosplay the flavor of the month, and although she doesn’t do that often that is one thing that will give you reach. Cosplaying popular characters of the season. She also has a lot of interesting and or unique looks that I notice other popular cosplayers mimic. and yes, she’s hella tiny and people love that cute small look

>> No.9862186 [DELETED] 

>engagement rate is almost 10%
Going off on a tangent here, but is that a good benchmark for ppl with 100k+ followers or just in general? It seems really low.

>> No.9862190
File: 124 KB, 800x600, engagement-rate_correct.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's really good for someone with 100k+. The more followers you have, the less engagement you have.

>> No.9862191

My b, I deleted my post. I decided to Google it and found some articles with a similar breakdown. Honestly it's a bit validating to see I'm doing well!

>> No.9862272

Did you really go through all of this chick's posts to look at her tags? That's pathetic.

>> No.9862285 [DELETED] 

Are you that upset about being wrong?

>> No.9862290

Are you that upset about being wrong?
All the posts with those tags are in a row and fairly recent too, so it’s easy to see when she started using the tags and stopped using them.

>> No.9862294

I’m so sorry you got caught in MDs web of crazy with her white knighting friends who lurk here.

>> No.9862297

Ew please stop desperately grabbing for attention...

>> No.9862302

OP here, didn't expect some legit answers so thanks.

Whoops, my bad. Didn't want to get accused of bringing her up or anything because I've been genuinely curious for a while. But I must say there are plenty of reasonably cute cosplayers who have maybe 5k followers at the moment.

This is my issue too, but to be fair she could have done that earlier on before eyes were on her.

Sorry for being difficult, but I swear nearly everyone cosplays whatever is flavor of the month, and plenty are cute. I think it might also be a matter of timing. Could you elaborate with the unique look though?

>> No.9862646

Here is a suggestion:

>> No.9862786

fuck off claire

>> No.9862805

What’d she do to you?

>> No.9862807

Are you new?

>> No.9862812

>knowing a literal nobody with less than 1k followers
not everyone has the same vendettas as you sweetie

>> No.9862814

I haven't even posted in this thread before now.
She's been discussed to death in at least 5 different threads in the past 2 weeks alone.

>> No.9862816

sure you haven't.
no one gives a shit about your vendetta, but at least explain it if you're going to act like a nobody is worth shitting on

>> No.9862820

it's the idiot with the d.walkure dramz

>> No.9862824

is there any way to prevent this? legit concern.

>> No.9862835

the one who wore a full set and people lost their minds about it?
not sure why'd you expect anyone to recognize her

>> No.9862836

No, someone wore a full set and people in RC:U started bitching about it. Claire launched on this SJW tirade (she's the cringe-chan with the BLM tattoo). The mods ended up locking the post for unrelated reasons, and Claire whined to the mod in PMs, and then whined in RC about "unprofessional mods" when the mod told her to fuck off. Claire and mod are both annoying, but at least the mod isn't using some SJW agenda to insert herself into every drama ever.

>> No.9862837


Claire also bitched at a European lolita with a gun prop for not being sensitive to USA issues, which was hilarious.

>> No.9862914

Dude Claire's annoying but that post is almost a month old. I seriously doubt anyone cares that much about her to seek out old ass posts and post "fuck off claire" so I think it's more likely at this point that she's responding to herself, either to drum up sympathy (oh these anons just won't quit harassing poor claire!!) or just to keep the spotlight on herself a bit longer. It wouldn't be a new behavior for her (oh no people are being mean on amino!!)

Claire, you seriously have a problem. Please seek help with managing your internet addiction.

>> No.9862932

I hate this. I've noticed some of my friends doing it and I'm like ...gurl no

>> No.9862941
File: 45 KB, 410x391, 1521918436777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw fucking Claire has more followers than me
>time to kms

>> No.9862942

Don't feel bad about it anon. She's constantly following new people to force herself into peoples' inboxes, that's how she's getting followers. She also unfollows anyone who doesn't follow her back. It's an old tactic but it's at least somewhat effective, though it definitely outs you as a famewhore.

>> No.9862973

I thought 4chan was banned in Dubai

>> No.9862975

jesus your ratios are amazing

>> No.9862976

>being this salty that someone called you a thot
jeeze, you think you'd stop being offended after a month

>> No.9862979

As someone who went from stuck at 8 to 1.5K and rising, post popular, post often, post on character birthdays

>> No.9863164

nudity, duh

>> No.9863512

I don't know. What I've done is stop using facebook on my phone and linked a fake facebook to my instagram. Since then I haven't seen my real friends pop up.

If anyone else has any tips it would be appreciated because I hate being stalked by fucking facebook.

>> No.9863826

No, that’s nefferinthia

>> No.9864460

When you say post often, how often do you mean?
Like I post 2-3 times a week, is that enough?

>> No.9864693

Nayrt but i see a lot of cosplayers post 1 - 2 times per day.. if not daily then at least every other day or every 3 days.. .. i feel like thats the safe zone for being more popular..

>> No.9865944

mind if I ask what time frame?

Low Quality Bait

>> No.9866892
File: 161 KB, 607x1080, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self-post. Gothic & dark classic lolita outfit pics. @_naawie_

>> No.9866903

How are your photos all so well composed and good quality?

>> No.9866925

I stand next to a huge window and I also use a tripod. You need to increase the sharpness in all the photos to make them look better.

>> No.9871281
File: 873 KB, 1075x1607, Screenshot_20180504-070537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess I could post since the thread is dying
I'm not super good at updating or keeping a decent steady feed, but hopefully I'll get better over time.

>> No.9871285
File: 1.64 MB, 750x1334, 17E0196A-9B27-4C20-8854-9A7B1702DDEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Adding this Australian cosplayer cause why not

>> No.9872471

Very cute.