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This isn't what we agreed on edition

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>that rare feel when you actually see an SNK fighting game cosplay

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i'm afraid if i cosplay someone obscure i won't get any photos or recognition (aka friends to make) but i also can't decide on anyone who would be considered mainstream because i'm indecisive

pls help i just want to cosplay finally

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Give us your list of characters you're considering?

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feet are 2 gaijin 4 the cute dainty shoes I want. I hate having size 9 women's trollfeet

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zelda (botw or tp), xianghua from soul caliber 2, ashley from wario ware (i feel like her pigtails wouldn't look great)

i feel like once i have the cosplay i'll chicken out or feel like i should have picked someone else

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But the best part of when you cosplay obscure is the people who DO recognize you.
It's better than everyone around you cosplaying something everyone knows.
People get super fucking excited when you're the only one that they've seen.
It's the most mutual excitement on both parties. And it's always fun to experience or watch

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these are all mainstream except for the soul caliber 2 one (not sure bc im unfamiliar with the series) though

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When you meet cool people at con, but they live hours away from you.

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>tfw casual date says he wants to buy me burando

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>All 3 are super mainstream characters from franchises with at least three different games

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>on break from school
>fall out of routine
>get really lazy
>doing regular less than what I was doing last week feels too hard

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yeah sc2 is obscure but yes, they are mainstream, and hence why i said i'm indecisive and feel like i should have picked someone else or won't feel right

i dunno i think i just need to do zelda to start off since she's always cosplayed

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I have never cringed so hard at one poster in my entire life.
>muh "obscure" sole columbine 2
>wario ware

How about you cosplay good characters from good games instead of meme garbage.
t. /v/

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You don't make friends just because your cosplay is popular.

I got stopped all the time last year for pics. It doesn't lead to anything real, and most people have their own groups already. So don't worry about making friends.

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i'm sure your tastes are toptier, anon.

maybe suggest shit to cosplay, then, as i really have no idea who to start with. i don't know how else to express my problem, you don't have to be a cunt about it

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i didn't mean so much popular, just more so someone would start a conversation about it i guess

i'm not too worried about making friends in general, just people more geared towards cosplay

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Go to a con dressed up and you'll meet other weirdos dressed up. It's not rocket science. You can start the conversation.

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>massive winter storm about to hit NYC
>flight leaves NYC tomorrow afternoon. Still not canceled.
>bus from where I am to NYC cancels.
>Just want to escape abusive mother and move.
>Have lolita meet in the new state I'm moving this Sunday.
>Probably going to be stuck in the airport with all my lolita packed for a day or two.


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I'm solo cosplaying Link. At least for the first day of an upcomming con. I figured 2nd day I soukd do an obscure cosplay I wanted to do.

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>tfw get feedback from older orders
Thank you.

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Wife that nigga before he wises up.

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You shouldn't just cosplay something because someone suggested it. Otherwise what's the point? Why invest a bunch of time and money into a cosplay if you don't care about the character or the series?

You cosplay because you enjoy a character or a franchise, not because it's 'cool' or 'mainstream'. You're missing the entire point of the hobby and you haven't even started yet.

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I have to decide whether to go to a HUGE convention that a bunch of friends will be at, who I will most likely never get to see in the same place ever again...

Or a big convention with a single but much closer friend who will let me room with them for free because they don't like going to cons alone (they sell in AA), who asked me first, and will know if I pass them up for the other con.

Both are on the same weekend. Part of me just wants to stay home and save the $400 in travel fees so that I don't have to choose at all, but that's such a pathetic first world problem.

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Where are you moving to anon?

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This is very true, I have literally had people run up to me and THANK me for cosplaying obscure characters before.

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Anon this is awful advice, you’re essentially telling people not to bother talking to other cosplayers because they all have their own friend groups and don’t want any more friends. While this may be true for a minority of them, you WILL make friends if you make an effort talking to cosplayers at conventions. Let’s not forget that the community is one of the main reasons people enjoy con culture.

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>giving anons false hope
Wow what sort of monster are you?
Don't listen to this anon, most cons are clique-y
Just think about it; how do you think the con started up in the first place? Friend groups.
You're like a 15th wheel.

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What an ass

It's easier to make friends if you're a friendly person, anon.

Which is actually good advice for
If you want to make con friends don't be afraid to start up conversation waiting in line for panels! You already have something in common. Also, participating in panels (gameshow panels etc) is a surprisingly good way to meet people afterwards who thought what you did/said was interesting. Go to the photoshoot for whatever you're cosplaying from - they're kind of a wash for decent photos, but it's a GREAT place to meet a lot of like minded nerds, and they generally devolve into just chilling and talking towards the end. The tabletop gaming tables are another great place to meet people, with the bonus that getting a round of Munchkin in or learning a new board game are both really fun.

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You know it's the truth. Think about it.
People entirely avoid cons just because their friends aren't going.
They post on roomshare threads only as a last resort.
They try, desperately, to find other groups sharing any minute interest if they ever go alone.
Why would people go there to invite some sort of random into their group that probably doesn't know the fanbase, doesn't have the same tastes, and is also questionably friend material? Everyone knows the type of people that frequent cons can be very... well, you know.
Why sugarcoat the truth?
Why lie?
Name the cons you planned to go to alone.
Then name the cons you either avoided because you didn't want to go alone or went to begrudgingly alone because you already spent money on it.
Yup, that's what I thought.

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I actually go to all sorts of events to socialize. Normal ppl do. Thats what events are for. You get together with other humans. If you are a robot we have a containment board for you.

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From reading this it really sounds as if you don’t attend cons, or maybe went to one or two and had a bad experience. You don’t just walk up to people, talk for a few minutes, then try to get into their friend group. That’s not how anything works. Typically you’ll start talking to a person, possibly at multiple different times throughout the con if it’s a smaller con where you see the same people over and over, and maybe exchange social media, especially if you’re both cosplayers. From there you can essentially keep up with them, know what cons they’re going to, meet with them at future cons, maybe meet some of their friends through them. After some time, you’ll have “con” friends of varying degrees of closeness, possibly meeting up even outside cons with the closer ones. The socially anxious ones who don’t want to go to a con alone are often the people who want to make friends, but have trouble talking to others. The room thing you mentioned is a different issue entirely, as not everyone feels safe sleeping with strangers.

Cons are inherently social. Their social aspect is only somewhat lost in the biggest of cons (and typically in comic cons as opposed to anime cons), as people not typically interested in conventions or cosplay (and thus probably not interested in making friends there) attend these most. All the bonds made through conventions that people reading this post have made are proof that all you’ve said is baseless.

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>I actually go to all sorts of events to socialize
>refusing to say "cons"
like pottery

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Well its not what your getting at but yeah. Maybe I didn't say con, but my first con in in less than a month. I am approcing that con like any other social event.

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>track down random you met at a con and follow where they go and what they do on social media in order to specifically find them again
If someone did that, I feel like there's an "S" word I'd call them. What could that word be, I just...it slips my mind.
Also, isn't it strange that you're making "con friends" that you'll likely see only once a year? For what purpose? It seems like you're making them for the sole sake

Fuck I got distracted and lost my train of shitposting thought. I'll get back to this later.
Something something temporary con friends.

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Keeping up with people you’ve met isn’t stalking anon, it’s literally what social media was made for. It’s also the reason main reason why most people will put their upcoming cons in their bio, so people know where they can see them next. But you’re a robot so I guess it’s okay if you don’t understand.

Anyway, I can tell you’ve had bad experiences at these things. If you drop a throwaway email I can talk to you more and hopefully help you out, but I’m not willing to shit up the thread more by continuing to reply to r9k crossboarders.

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Yeah you'll make friends if you're a woman, should be easy.

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A con isn't like any other social event. The other anon is retarded but so are you. It's way more groupy than a club, or some team building shit your work does. It's filled with socially awkward losers who cling to their few friends. Yeah it isn't impossible to make new ones there but it's not so easy. Talking to people in lines or whatever is easier, it just usually doesn't lead to friendship. That's pure delusion.

That being said I hope you love your first con. Mine was life changing.

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Naw. You just talk to ppl. Never been to a con. But It's the same as every other social situation becouse they are all the same. This is not the one event across space and time that is different. You are referring to how people act. If I see a fat hunchover neckbeard in a bar I wont have anything to say so I wont speak to him. Same with the con.

Easy mistake to confuse peopke with the event. Luckily the hepful users of 4chan dont attack people by calling them retarded and work to help you understand how socioty works.

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Talking to people is easy at a con, making friends is not. Sorry we're not all Stacy like you are.

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Your just spliting hairs. Getting to know someone then drinking with them and getting their social media means you are friends.

PS dont assume my gender senpai

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If that's the case I've made tons of con friends, but that's a really loose definition of friend and I don't think most people here are looking for that when they mention making friends.

So sorry if I upset your masculinity, Chad.

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I'm sorry if you don't have friends. Thats how it works. Your not finding friends who will die for you at a con.

PS Don't assume my gender.

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you dont sound like someone i would want to be friends with if they approached me or even have a conversation with

im a total autist but i'd at least try to talk to >>9824080 before running off

>> No.9824082


That happens. Ill wanna talk to you about the character you are cosplaying as or have a phone charm of. You can and will make an excuse and run off.

On to tge next person in line at a dealer buying the same thing I am.

Be friendly and ya make friends.

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>that's how it works
I don't consider every person on my Facebook or social media accounts a friend. 95% are aquatinted with me at most.

That's ok, you'd have literally no idea. This is an anonymous imageboard, it's not like people act as assholes in person or how they really feel. Society wouldn't function.

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Man I just really love lolita

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>score a super bargain on LM early Monday
>seller still hasn’t contacted me
Why must I be impatient, I’m probably just a bit too fat for the thing anyways

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Man I just really love cosplay

>> No.9824092

are you the same person?

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Man I really love this person.

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So you dont act like this in person? You act haappy in person?

I'm happy in person and I'm happy online. Fix your personality. Be happy. Uou will make friends. Yes even at cons.

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>Post to /cgl/ weekly/daily, often to feels threads too
>All of my friends are seagulls as well
>They recognise my autismo posting style and confront me about my /cgl/ vent feels in person

I love my friends but sometimes it's nice to vent about cosplay-related feels without involving anyone you personally know

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>tfw a guy I know posts here and I recognize basically all of his posts instantly

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Sadly not, but man I just really love that person.

Man I just really love you too anon

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I love you too anon. Isn't thus just the best board?

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How...? It just seems so impossible to me to pinpoint posts to one person. Maybe because I’m a lonelita that doesn’t care? But it makes me curious as to how many people frequent cgl.

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Content and typing/posting style basically.
If you've talked to someone online for a while you start to recognize certain patterns, and if you already know that person posts in the feels thread and you know a bit about their life you can easily connect posts to them.

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Have you considered that maybe this is your experience because you're an asshole? I go to pretty much every con alone unless my sisters tag along, and I've found it very easy to go up to people and strike a conversation, despite my usually crippling social anxiety. Based on your comments, maybe you should put yourself into question.
I mean, what are you expecting, you can talk to someone for a few minutes and have it be a meaningful interaction, but people have things to do, they're not going to go into an hour long conversation over their phone charm and take you along to the rest of the con. They'll talk for a little while, trade social media if they feel like getting to know you and go about the rest of their day. That doesn't mean they hate you, just that socializing doesn't work that way.

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Basically what >>9824109 said. Especially if you're good friends with someone, know a lot about their life and know which thread they frequent it's easy to tell it's them.

>> No.9824132

You misunderstood everything I was saying. I was argiung with the guy from the frist half of your post. Just explaining that you can be nice have conversations and sometimes make friends. Idk if you thought me and him were the same person of what.

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Friendly reminder neither Chad nor Stacy post or lurk in this board
Friendly reminder we're stuck with each other

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i dont understand why people still bother posting in the dream dress thread. it lets a bunch of asshole stangers what dresses you want and if they are a super rich asshole they might buy your dream dress.

has anyone here ever benifited from posting to the dream dress thread?

>> No.9824196

I have!
I posted my quite rare dream dress a few months ago and a kind anon linked it to me on Mercari NWT for a really good price. I quickly snatched it up and I own it now and I've never been more happy. It was a miracle that that anon linked it to me because it's such a rare dress I would've missed it otherwise.
Unfortunately there are some awful people who just buy it cheap and resell it to the person for higher. It's fucked.

>> No.9824198

You still haven't learned how to spell society. Pathetic.

>> No.9824205

Yes, twice! I have Iron Gate and a less valuable dream dress thanks to those threads.

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>get posted on CoF
>receive compliments

simple but happy feel

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Oh shit, does someone I know aware that it's always me spamming posts about wanting to be an '80s tough guy

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>taking bf to first con next weekend
>he has no idea what to expect (but is a huge weeb)

guys what do i specifically make sure he does to leave a good impression

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>Have a shitty few months between final con of last year and the first one of this year.
>Broken foot, no local friends to hang with, but power through it anyway.
>Most of my con family aren't going to this con, convinced it wont be as good as usual but it is what it is.
>Have a blast at con, seriously the best one I've ever been to and half of my friends weren't even there.
>Decide that I'm going to continue this positive streak.
>Things go tits up, relative threatens suicide because they broke up with their sweet girlfriend who only ever did things for them and their jobless ass. Bought them a Switch, gave their kid lifts to school and drove halfway across the country to see them.
>Other relatives turn to mush and are doing everything for them and try to rope me into this self inflicted garbage.

I just want things to be all good for longer than ten seconds guys. I've been watching the family deteriorate for years and I've decided nothing I do will stop any of it from happening.
I can't wait to move out and have my own weeb den and sewing room without having to tiptoe on eggshells.

>> No.9824256

Just link a throwaway mail next time anon. I wish we would make that an etiquette for posting dream dresses. And I also wish anons would actively discourage people to say "oooh what is this dress? Now it's my dream dress too". Like bitch at least use lolibrary, don't expect us to spoonfeed a potential rival.

>> No.9824278

fuck that shit.
Not only do most people who vocally threaten suicide just do it for attention, but you need to do you. don't deal with trash.
people who are going to kill themselves don't advertise it. It takes an incredible effort to talk to anyone about it.

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I know.

>> No.9824290

Of course. I have friends and I meet people at cons. But my definition of friend isn't adding them social media.

>> No.9824293

Bring plenty of food, water, band-aids and painkillers, nothing ruins a con better than being hungry, thirsty, and hurting. If it's a big con, getting there early to beat the crowds is usually a good idea. Look at the schedule beforehand, choose what you want to see, and take notes so you know when everything starts. Don't try to cram a thousand panels in one day, give yourself time to take breaks, chill in quiet corners, etc. Watching the cosplay competition is my favorite thing at any con, but ymmv on that. If you want to shop, try the Artists' Alley first, they have a ton of unique stuff, don't spend everything on overpriced merch resold from taobao. And don't force yourselves to stick to your plans, just go with the flow, you're there to have fun!

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haha this is going to be somewhere in the double digits for my con experiences, but his first! thank you for the extra tips though, i usually forget to bring extra snacks and to see the cosplay competition!

>> No.9824328

Just the item going up for sale creates the possibility of someone buying it, would you rather never even know about it or create a slight chance that you might manage to snatch it first or contact the seller to put it on hold, etc.
Just like the rest of the world, cgl is full of snipers, scalpers and other shitty people, it doesn't mean you should give up on that chance to help someone achieve their dream.

>> No.9824351

>meet people at cons through rooms and series meets
>Every time I got to a con with them there's some issues, a fight, someone getting put in cuffs, someone getting called out by security, someone grabbing at people, etc
>Have enough of it and book my own 1 bed rooms at cons and stop sharing rooms with them
>They can't get rooms in the main hotel and are accusing me if being selfish now because I have a room all to myself in the main hotel
>I just want to go to a con without having to spend a night talking to security/cops about what my roommates did to get in trouble
Fuck me for being selfish though right?

>> No.9824354


That's part of the reason I was so angry and unwilling to wade into that swamp of shit.
Some years ago I was being seriously bullied, as in gangs of girls would try to cut my hair off because it was long and they were jealous. I tried talking to someone in confidence because I was running out of ideas to keep my head screwed on, when my family found out I was screamed at and ignored. I wasn't allowed to do anything fun which might help to lift my spirits.

But now someone else is crying wolf and they're falling over themselves to help? The person in question was blaming everyone else, whereas I thought it was because there was something wrong with me and tried to muddle through.
I knew it wouldn't last forever but I felt utterly helpless and out of options as a teen. This person is on their mid twenties.

I feel heartless but now feel hard wired to dish out tough love the same way I was my whole life.

>> No.9824357

if it's your money, fuck 'em. you'll just have to pay the security deposit in full if you let them stay with you, possibly.

have a good time at the con without extra assholes!

>> No.9824361

As a Mexican this is not rare at all, you always see some Kyo, Terry, Ryo, Ralf, Athena or Leona. I would like to see some Mai though

>> No.9824368

I have a nice lump of inheritance money and I know I should be saving it for my future, but goddamn it, so many of my dream dresses have been coming up recently.
>Feels both amazing and horrible

>> No.9824386

take a huge chunk of it and just put it away. don't touch it, consider it an emergency fund. then, along with work/school/whatever, balance it and maybe treat yourself to a dream dress!

>> No.9824409

Yeah what the other anon said. Set aside enough for 3 months living, emergency fund. Invest another 70%. Then after bills for the month buy yourself something nice.

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Bless you two. Thank you for advising me to make sensible financial choices rather than just enabling me. I'll do as you say.
Though I am wondering... Invest in what? I do have a retirement fund, but I don't really understand stocks and shares yet.

>> No.9824459

>but I don't really understand stocks and shares yet.

Buy T (AT&T) shares (I use charles swab, but robinhood is popular too)
do nothing else at all
watch your money increase by 5.50% each year from dividends.
AT&T isn't going to be crashing any time soon.

Also, go to /biz/ and do the exact opposite of whatever they say to do.

>> No.9824462

>go to /biz/ and do the exact opposite of whatever they say to do
I... I think I love you. Thanks for the laugh as well as the good advice, anon! I'm not in America, but I'm going to look into this and see if this is how things work in the UK too.

>> No.9824464

I encourage you to also consider investing in your retirement. Look at charts of compound interest, they're all over the place, but basically put a little away so you'll be comfortable and maybe even get to retire early if you save enough.

>> No.9824483

what about borderline chads or stacys?

cosplay as his waifu

>> No.9824492

What about when someone gets super excited about your obscure cosplay...but it's because they've mistaken you for a vaguely similar mainstream character instead, and have no idea who you actually are?

The absolute worst of feels.

>> No.9824495

"I'm actually [other character] from [other series] but I also like [whoever they mistook you for]."

Proceed to make a friend.

>> No.9824521

>Invest in what?
You have to know what you're actually saving for first before anyone can answer that question. If you don't know how to proceed then you should at minimum try protecting yourself from inflation with 10-year treasury bonds. Investing in individual stocks is fairly dangerous if you don't wish to actively manage your account or understand financial information. You would be best to consult a professional once you can accurately describe your goals for saving, instead of asking anons for advice.

>> No.9824523

Funny enough, my obscure character was mistaken for another obscure character, she was so happy telling me that her brother loves the series. I played along with it, I didn't have the heart to tell her

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>apply for a job
>it could be my dream job
>the process goes very slow
>contact the non-HR person with questions
>dream job confirmed
>he asks for a call
>scheduled today in the morning
>goes really well
>he asks me for another interview with more knowledgeable person
>another call the same day
>goes excellent
>an hour later get a surprise call
>it's an interview follow-up
>almost got the job, they want to hire me
I think I'm in heaven.
>but there's last step ahead
>they want to fly me over, to a different country
>an in-person interview
>insecurities kick in
>I need to overcome them
I need that job. It will help me save for my medical expenses, to help me resolve my insecurities for good, such a stupid closed circle.
>need to think about positives
>dream job in dream country with dream money
>will finally live together with my bf
>will still be able to afford burando while saving
>workplace sounds really chill and I possibly could be coming to work in lolita
>still afraid as hell

>> No.9824535

How wonderful! I understand your fears but try to keep thinking how well you've done so far, and consider the good things ahead of you. You can do it, anon!

>> No.9824536

You're going to nail that interview and everything in your life will improve. You've going to do so great.

>> No.9824543
File: 330 KB, 500x281, excite.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just ordered the 3D printer I was saving up for! I have so many projects to use it for cosplay, I can't wait for it to get here >.< Wish me luck for it to arrive soon!

>> No.9824545

is it at least a "good" one?

>> No.9824549
File: 275 KB, 600x350, You can't judge how beautiful a girl really is by the way she looks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you! I will do my best!

>> No.9824554
File: 13 KB, 300x300, AD9C9F49-41D8-4678-97B3-268F193E6854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel guilty every time I eat and I hate my body, I’m 5’9” and like 138lbs, I cry all the time because I don’t feel like I’ll ever be enough for anyone, I’ve started to skip meals when I can, and I just excersized until I couldn’t stand, I just feel like shit all the time.

>> No.9824563
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1504524964035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't worn Lolita in months. I still love how it looks, just university is sucking the life and energy out of me. The time it takes to get ready, combined with the fact that wigs give me wig ache and my shoes are uncomfortable means I have no motivation to wear it. All these pretty dresses hanging in my wardrobe and no desire to wear them. It sucks.

>> No.9824567

I have no experience with these types of things. But I hope you eat and rest more. You deserve to eat, no matter what you look like, you do not deserve to starve yourself of comfort or necessities (like food and sleep). If you do not have any friends right now, that is not indicative of your worth. I know that is hard to believe because sometimes, when you see others with dates and friends, it feels lonely. But this does not reflect your worth. You deserve friends, you are not boring, you are not less. Everything is a skillset. People with more friends than you are just more practiced with speaking. If you are naturally quiet and prefer closer company, that is okay. Please do not hate yourself, and if you have anyone in your social circle you can trust (a good sibling, a mom or dad, a friend) please confide in them these feelings you have been having.. ask for help.. ask for reassurance.. Life is too short to be so worried, and sad. Have a good day..

>> No.9824568

How about wearing it in a more casual way?
I wear lolita to uni almost every day; I've never worn a wig before and just wear normie shoes that match well.

>> No.9824569
File: 108 KB, 680x578, PANIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw this could be about me

>> No.9824573

What style do you wear, anon?
If wigs and shoes are your main issues I suggest trying to style your own hair and finding a pair of shoes that's more comfortable but still appropriate to your personal style. Doing this is easier if you're into classic or gothic but possibly sweet too, depending on the colors you like to wear.

>> No.9824578

> le dream dress, almost top tier piece
> waiting for payment, meanwhile checking second hand on daily basics
> large scalper set for 200 bucks more, than all the things separately
> I don't want like a half of things of it, but whatever
> smaller set for really cheap
> yay, can't wait till payment!!!
> payment day

Pretty typical. At least I can save up for that scalpers set guilt free.

>> No.9824594
File: 94 KB, 500x667, 20151005230228390_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, but I wouldn't mind knowing you, I enjoy your posts.

Don't worry, your reaction doesn't seem fitting for him either. I think he doesn't post that much anymore now that his gf quest is completed anyway.

Lolita is supposed to be a street fashion anon. Wearing a wig has never been a requirement and you really shouldn't force yourself to wear uncomfortable stuff if it's just a hassle for you. I actually love really simple coords like in this image, it looks so cute yet wearable!
Try to find new ways to wear your clothing that actually make them fun for you again.

>> No.9824599

It's a CR-10, it's entry level but it's very popular, it has good reviews, good results, and the print volume is really big for the price so I'm pretty confident it's a good choice for me

>> No.9824600

I wear Sweet and I'm trying to get more casual bits and pieces but I'm also really into OTT Lolita so a lot of my stuff is very OTT. I'm tempted to buy a load of casual cutsews but I also have to save up for a year abroad so i'm stuck with this OTT wardrobe and no motivation to wear it.

>> No.9824616

Thanks anon, it’s just really hard, I’ve been really depressed for 3 or 4 years and it’s just gotten worse and worse, in reality I’m not even really that fat but every time I look in the mirror I just feel disgusting. I do have one good friend, but she recently got into a relationship and doesn’t pay much attention to me anymore. I have a boyfriend who I love, but he just doesn’t understand and I try not to bother him with it too much anyway because he’s so stressed from work. I used to self harm a lot, and I’m glad that I don’t much anymore, but it seems like not eating is doing just as much harm as real injuries. Im weak and tired all the time but I just can’t stop.

>> No.9824635

>another victim claimed by modern trends
My condolences. I suggest picking up some more casual pieces to balance things out; I doubt wearing OTT daily is comfortable in any capacity.
Style your own hair, switch out OTT headdresses/head eating bows for smaller bows or hair clips, minimize the amounts of accessories you wear, and consider changing your coording methods from super matchy-matchy into a more relaxed version appropriate for casual wear; i.e. if you wear a lot of pink, consider adding a new color to your coords to make more comfortable shoes (that typically don't come in pastel colors) work with your looks.
For the last point, ignore gulls screeching about "shoehorning"; most of them don't even wear the fashion in the first place, not to mention daily.

>> No.9824638
File: 57 KB, 639x497, 1521660679470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9824650

>his gf quest is completed
Yup, it's definitely not me.

>> No.9824654

>tfw I'm Lazy Vampire gf and I don't know if that's a good thing or not

>> No.9824668

>spends all her money on snacks, weed, and video games
>and burando
oh no

>> No.9824669

It sounds like you have an ED that is escalating. Try to reach out to any professional mental health service in your area as soon as possible. You're right that not eating can be just as damaging as other forms of self harm, and this is exacerbated by compulsive exercise. You can get through this, anon!

>> No.9824670

> tfw my gf and I
feels good, man :3

>> No.9824671

Reading such posts, I wonder why people won't message the seller to reserve the item, even if small deposit.

>> No.9824673

If they are paying to flying you over, you already have the job. They want you to meet with other people you may be interacting with to make sure you hit it off. But if you're 3 interviews in, you're probably a fine person and it should be fine.


>> No.9824676

Nice choice

>> No.9824680

I somehow doubt there are nearly as many go-getters looking for weebs.

>> No.9824681

It’s just hard because I see other girls, specifically Lolitas that have legs so small that they barely even stretch out their tights. I just want that so bad, and because I’m not that I feel like I’m not cute enough. being tall makes it worse since most people agree that lolita looks bad on tall people. And idk everything else in my life is falling apart, I think at least if I was skinnier it’d make me feel better. I haven’t been to any professional help cause I don’t want people to worry about me when they find out That I need that.

>> No.9824683

Congrats, sounds like the job is yours! I hope you go for it, overcome your fears and get where you want to go.

>> No.9824684

>Can you go to the store for me?
That's not how it works. Going to the store is a sign of weakness.

>> No.9824687

This is the worst feel
Becoming a regular in some /cgl/ tangential discords means that the threads I care about are no longer anon spaces for me. Sometimes I just want to be a salty bitch on an anonymous forum without getting called out for it, y'all

>> No.9824699

As long as you find yourself a sucker to sponge off and you keep him happy with the occasional handjob it should be fine

>> No.9824709

I've had my ~obscure cosplay mistaken for a character from a series I hate.
Bad feel, not friend material.
I don't tell them they're wrong, I just kinda smile it off and get outta there.

>> No.9824712

Open Roth IRA with E-Trade.
Once you have $5000 they will auto-invest with core portfolio/robo advisors. Do not recommend blindly investing.

>> No.9824713

>"video games and anime are for children"
>loves to spoil you
So... would she buy mobage-currency and anime merch for me?

>> No.9824721

I'm in the UK, does this work over here?

>> No.9824723

Oh no sorry. Try moneyfarm.

>> No.9824726
File: 447 KB, 500x319, efd0361e51f4b5dc7c0d46eb3775ff3941a03ec1_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, they are paying for the flight, and the hotel. It really felt like the interview was finished after the second call, and they just want me to meet with others, as you say. The week is also specific, as all team members, including remote ones, will be present.
Thank you, crossing fingers!
It will also be the first time I will be on a plane, I'm excited!

>> No.9824729

Pack your laptop and your interview clothes in your carry on bag! Any flight with a layover can be dicey for checked baggage getting there on time, and the same goes for international flights. Make sure that if you land there with only your carry on and have to wait a couple days for the rest, you still have everything you need to be confident and ace that interview.

You're going to be awesome!

>> No.9824741
File: 988 KB, 500x300, 1418512387033.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you a lot, anon. I've been losing weight for a while now and it's a big difference but every time I look at myself I still feel ugly and fat. I don't think I can ever look the way I want to, especially not while being healthy.

>at least if I was skinnier it’d make me feel better
This part really hits home for me. I feel like I have no control over my life and I have no clue what to do to make anything ever but the one thing I can do is lose weight, and maybe if I lose enough I'll be happy. If you want to talk, send me an email. I hope you can feel better soon, it's not bad to lose weight but please do it in a healthy way.

>> No.9824748

I get that. I've been through that. Your brain has chosen skinniness as a way of control but it's not what you really need. I encourage you to maybe see a therapist for "anxiety"

>> No.9824751

Feels bad man

>> No.9824752
File: 60 KB, 479x720, Chibi Moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for the tips! I actually got a suitcase recently, which should be below the carry on limits, and the stay would be only 3 days, of which on 2 I would fly, so I don't plan to have any checked baggage.
Now thinking about what to take and wear.

>> No.9824769

It’s at least nice to know that I’m not alone, I agree that it’s at least a way to feel in control when you can’t control anything else. I’m gonna save your email anon, I hope that that’s not weird, but I might contact you at some point

>> No.9824770

Got banned from a fb group by a sjw for posting a picture of bad cosplay lol guess I should stick to cgl /shrug

>> No.9824774

what I know, you have the right wight for your body so no neet to lose anything

>> No.9824779

where can I find a lazy-vampire gf?

so your gf is the Oni and you are the vampire?

>> No.9824784
File: 66 KB, 516x723, alicescared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw only about 3 months to find a date for the Miku concert in NYC

>> No.9824785

>you have the right wight for your body
>tfw around 105 at 5'9

>> No.9824798

She is. You being an ugly skeleton whose burando probably slips off her malnourished little boy body doesn't change that.

>> No.9824802

Oh I wasn't making fun of her. I was lamenting my difficulty gaining weight.

>> No.9824804

Oh shit, I'm sorry anon. Too used to people coming in here fake-bragging about their weights, didn't realise you were lamenting. I hope whatever is stopping you is resolved, that sounds like it really sucks.

>> No.9824807

get your thyroid checked? i just found out i have 0 progesterone thats why i am having trouble gaining

>> No.9824814

It's no problem, I really should have made it more apparent.
I might get that done soon. It's kind of embarrassing, but my major problems are just feeling too full whenever I try to eat more, and the fact that pretty much everything gives me a stomach ache.

>> No.9824823

i get the same thing. i even got an mri to make sure i didnt have any gastro problems. could be food allergies too. i do protein shakes and bars to try and snag some extra calories. i would get tested if you can, though. <3 hope you get some relief

>> No.9824824
File: 175 KB, 600x848, 701F48E06E8C422F88534C336C69C19F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw no Lolita go to pick her nose and wipe her boogers onto you so she won't wipe them onto her clothes.

>> No.9824828
File: 66 KB, 620x515, 1520375710312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw lazy vampire gf
Having the time of my life, she'll probably not make a good mom and that wil make me dump her eventually but for now I wouldn't change it for the world

>> No.9824829

God I wish I was that Skinny

>> No.9824837

I saw this and nearly started crying, I feel so disgusting

>> No.9824839

>tfw 125 pounds and 5'5".
>tfw I am painfully normal
>tfw will never be so skinny people gasp when they see me
Why live

>> No.9824841

I wish I had your "difficulty". I'd happily trade twenty years of my life away to be as skinny as you.

>> No.9824844

I cried

>> No.9824857

>/cgl/ Cosplay & Eating Disorders

>> No.9824858
File: 1.72 MB, 372x262, 1414464821266.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I honestly, and deeply, want to kill myself over how much fucking money I used to spend on taobao when I was younger. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of shit I grew out of and can barely sell anymore. Fuck shopping addictions. Fuck them so much.

>> No.9824859
File: 184 KB, 667x812, hilacringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comm president invites us to come over and eat her chocolate pie
>mfw it's not a euphemism

>> No.9824862

does anybody else feel like their lolita wardrobe grew too quickly to justify it? most of the lolitas I know don't buy very frequently and while it's not a big deal I feel a bit embarrassed about owning so many main pieces

>> No.9824870

Me. I'm at over 100 main pieces after being In the fashion for almost 2 yrs. At least now I have no desire to shop anymore

>> No.9824872
File: 2.51 MB, 700x500, 1517638078702.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would you have done with the money? Buy actual burando? Why are you so sad anon?

>> No.9824873

Me. I genuinely try to keep the things I buy secret from most of my lolita friends to avoid judgement, I find it very embarrassing.

>> No.9824878

Idk about that. My first relationship happened from a so called go getter trying to get with a weeb.
Not what I'd call a good relationship though.

>> No.9824881
File: 27 KB, 300x300, 1490179502568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw taobao SS hasn't responded to my emails regarding the hold up with shipping for a week and a half

I'm getting nervous, gulls. I keep thinking that maybe they're just busy with >tfw no cosplay/lolita gf and have been too backed up and it's sort of selfish for me to believe that my order is more important than others', but I'm still extremely nervous. I try not to think about it or I start chewing my nails again.

>> No.9824883
File: 13 KB, 488x238, 1499127661337 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was doubtful on there being anywhere close to as many go-getter types as lazy vampires, not that they don't exist. Also yes, from my experience too, higher income women seeking low income men end up being not "right in the head".

>> No.9824885

I would go with the single close friend, that sounds more fun to me personally

>> No.9824894
File: 61 KB, 500x333, 1469391959843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Invest it, use it to learn new skills, put it aside to buy furniture, use it to try new sports, use it to travel when I still had massive time for it, use it to enhance my beauty, use it to support creative hobbies or yes, use it buy actual burando. Literally everything but buying chinese garbage I won't use or need.

>> No.9824895

Funk brothers is always really obvious.

>> No.9824896

i want to create/join a local cosplay friend squad that does cons together but i'm a mid-20s guys so it's hard to even attract attention. I'm always the one constantly reaching out, asking for social media, sending the initial messages. I wish I knew what to do to get people to actually want to message me first instead. I'm kicking myself now for throwing my prime friend-making years down the drain

>> No.9824900

every local squad I've joined that has been larger than maybe 5-10 people eventually starts to lose its identity under how large it's gotten. Plus, eventually people become really obsessed with getting more people to join that they don't think if those new people even fit what the group was originally about.

>> No.9824902

Well, since this is body image fuckery edition.
>borderline underweight
>look ok in Western clothes
>always small size
>some lolita baggy and ugly
>some lolita horridly tight
>can't lose more weight and be healthy

I hate the sizing of this fashion. Nothing's made me feel uglier except for when I switched to adult clothes when I was 10 because I was too tall for kids stuff. I always buy to my measurements too. I feel very envious of people who buy without fear or anxiety.

>> No.9824904

I'm a little embarrassed so I downplay the amount I have and wear it as often as I can

>> No.9824906

What the fuck is this webm though?

>> No.9824909

well my ideal size is like 8-10 max, right now I have four including myself but two are in a different state. Ideally I'd want more in my state but I swear the weeb scene here is super clique-y

>> No.9824911

that's what I thought too, I joined a group of maybe 10 or so people but then they just kept adding more people. Eventually it got out of control and where I used to be friends with most people all of a sudden I ended up on the outside
I wouldn't keep a group much larger than like 6-8, or if you do, make sure the people in it aren't the type that want more and more all the time

>> No.9824913

I want to know the context of the OP image so bad.

>> No.9824915

Japanese Idols doing a skit

>> No.9824919
File: 19 KB, 400x300, 1514614242239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just checked warosu, this anon has been posting in every feels thread since last September.
>I love you, anon. May your love for lolita never die

>> No.9824952

Does nobody else like a put together lady?

>> No.9824959
File: 94 KB, 655x617, LnaJj5O.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would if the disparity of income didn't always turn out to make them psychotic and abusive control freaks.

>> No.9824961
File: 235 KB, 800x800, 2b-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you pose with a 2B cosplayer leg wrapped around your waist
>Tfw that's the first and only time that has happened.

>> No.9824987

That's not going to stop me from doing what I want

>> No.9824988
File: 222 KB, 874x720, angerytomoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since 2016, I've spent $723 on whipped cream. Don't bitch.

>> No.9824989

Explain yourself anon. What the fuck have you been doing with it? Why do you know the exact number? Are you okay?

>> No.9824991

This seems to be the case for people seeking a relationship with disparity of income no matter which way it goes.

>> No.9824992

huffing i assume

>> No.9825004

Making cakes for tea farties.

>> No.9825008

I agree with this anon trying to become friends with people which are already busy with life and their clique is impossible. Therefore why keep on trying? If you simply do your stufff, in time, people will come to you and make time for you.

>> No.9825034

You're going to continue feeling like shit if you exercise like that and don't eat.
You should be appropriately dieting (which does NOT mean skipping meals, retard. And don't believe what others say or do about skipping meals because they're equally retarded and honestly should be hung).

First and foremost, you need to relearn to love yourself and take care of yourself. If you are having difficulty doing that, talk to people, seek out advice. Talk to a therapist. It's only after loving yourself and realizing that you want to improve to take care of yourself out of love will positive change come.

But most importantly,
>I don’t feel like I’ll ever be enough for anyone

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9825040

so I originally bought this one cosplay to use as a reference, and I was soo close to finish my cosplay but a big piece of it malfunctioned so I have to use a bought piece instead. I guess it’s good I have a backup but I can’t help but feel defeated.

>> No.9825044

>tea farties
Well, I know you don't get out much.

>> No.9825046

>5'4, 170lb
Ganbatte anon, I'm lugging myself back to the gym to get down to your weight, it's the healthiest BMI for my age.
Don't feel too bad about yourself, you're amazing.

>> No.9825054

>passive aggressiv female
>insults anon on something social on a recluse japanese cloth stiching forum

never chang

>> No.9825069

>Oh shit, I'm sorry
(sorry, I had to post this)

me too anon

>she'll probably not make a good mom
that's what you think

at least, it happened

>> No.9825107

congrats anon, don't forget to take some time to get a little pampering so you can relax

>> No.9825117

Remember what our goddess Momoko from Kamizake Girls said: it takes courage to hold onto happiness. Get those insecurities in check and jump at the opportunity, even IF something goes wrong and it ends up not working out, it's better to regret trying something and failing than not trying it and then spending your life wondering, what could've happened.
At this point it does look really likely that the job is already yours, so go for it! Good luck!

>> No.9825132


>> No.9825143

Could be hormonal imbalance

>> No.9825153

That sucks anon, has it gotten better since? I also did a bit too much retail therapy in the early stages of my depression, it's hard not to beat yourself up over it.

>> No.9825158

I've dated a girl with ED disorder and I'll tell you the things I should've told her. This is all in your head. It doesn't matter how much your partner loves you, it doesn't matter if you're a bombshell because there was never anything wrong with your body, it's your mind that's straight up broken.
And nobody can fix it for you, doesn't matter if your partner breaks his back trying to make you feel better because this is something that only can fix.
Oh and you're not innocent and you're not a victum, oh no you're just as bad as the girls who commit suicide because you're hurting everyone who cares about you when you are hurting yourself. Your ED is currently hurting everybody around you and they have to constantly make the choice of not giving up on you or ridding themselves of the pain you're causing them

>> No.9825162

Man, are you the same person who gave someone that really shitty "hard-talk" about suicide last week? You clearly know nothing about psychology, thank god you never said this to your ex because this would just make someone in the ED mindset retreat further inside from the guilt you're heaping on them. Also, you're actively wrong: people generally can't bootstraps themselves out of EDs and yes, therapists and treatment centres literally can change their lives. You should be encouraging anon to believe that she is worth recovery and to seek help instead. Your message is more about you dealing with your own pain than about encouraging her to get help with hers.

>> No.9825165

Neither do you anon. But we are getting of topic:
I recommend psychology and it's actually the only outside help that actually helps. Everything else is at best a show of affection and at worst enabling the ED.

>> No.9825170

That's literally what I said? All someone with a loved one with an ED can really do is show affection and gently encourage the person with the ED to seek treatment. Or stage an intervention with the support of a recovery centre with the intention of them going inpatient, but those can fail horribly. Hard-talking someone with an ED won't help.

>> No.9825189
File: 21 KB, 352x352, pepe_suicide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw it's been many moons and still no cosplay gf

>> No.9825195

You can also check your karotype since you're on the taller side. You could be XXY. They don't usually test for Klinefelter's unless you have developmental issues or delayed puberty so it is often not recognized.

>> No.9825199

I had this problem, turned out I was in extreme denial about stress/depression and an abusive relationship. Dumped the d-bag and gained 2 sizes.

>> No.9825212
File: 212 KB, 480x355, Gaboo_(Anime).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, they tell smokers how much money they could save by not smoking as an incentive to quit, but really, that money would have been spent going out to eat, or buying all sorts of dumb shit. Humans buy dumb stuff. If you hadn't spent it on taobao, it wouldn't have gone into a magical savings account you can access now. You would've just bought other dumb stuff.

>t. Person who owns a very dusty drum set, hoardes old useless computer parts, and has textbooks that have never been read

>> No.9825232

There’s a girl in my comm who seems to be on cgl 24/7 and her posts are super recognizable and easy to link together with all the information she provides in her posts and IRL/on FB. She has posted about her name, preferred lolita style, planned cosplays, edgy political opinions, college troubles etc. and probably other shit I missed because I’m not on cgl as often as she is. Girl, pls, learn to leave out or at least fudge the details in your posts like the rest of us because our entire comm is on here.

>> No.9825234
File: 746 KB, 451x293, 59fad5bc164de0b12a69f5badee30e9f_5317.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my best lolita friend has told me she can recognise my posts but none of them are anything I wouldn't tell her anyway

>> No.9825244

>All someone with a loved one with an ED can really do is show affection and gently encourage the person with the ED to seek treatment.
I agree bar the gently part
>Hard-talking someone with an ED won't help.
No but the person with ED has to be aware of the fact that the ED is causing them the pain, not their physical appearance. >>9824554 believes the pain is caused by "I don’t feel like I’ll ever be enough for anyone", and the way that anon handles this is by " skip meals when I can, and I just excersize".

>> No.9825247

Do you really want her to be one? You can live happily without kids

>> No.9825265

It’s the anon you replied to
I know that if I keep this up I will hurt people, but I’m not trying to hurt anyone. I know that it’s still my fault but it’s just so hard, I’ve been so depressed for four years and I just wanna be happy. I wanna love myself like other people do, and I feel like being skinny would make me love myself. In reality I know that nothing will change, I’ve felt like this for so long that obviously nothing I do can fix it, but I’m just stuck with that mindset. I’m trying to get better, I know that my best friend is worrying about me, she deserves an apology because she has to deal with me. I’m sorry. I know that I’m terrible, and I know I need to fix it, but it’s just so hard, all I want is to not hate myself for once.

>> No.9825289

If you go get therapy, you'll know you're doing something to try to make yourself better. Even if you don't feel you deserve it, if you think she deserves a better best friend, please go to therapy for her sake. If you don't think your deserve to be better, maybe you'll hate yourself a little less knowing you're doing it for her.

>> No.9825291

God I want Momoko's room.

>> No.9825316

I’m eating 3 meals today, I’m gonna force myself to do better

>> No.9825321

Yes that's what I think, I don't think she's gonna just magically flip a switch in her brain and be overcome with motherly instincts and that's okay, for now at least.

I do want kids, at the very least one. She's great to be around and what we have now is pretty much perfect but eventually I wanna go to the next level and I don't wanna force her into it.

>> No.9825332

That's honestly a very mature response to the dilemma. If she doesn't want kids, it's better than assuming she'll change her mind and want them later just because she's older. And having children is one of those major life commitments and priorities that no one should enter unless they're absolutely certain they want to. Like buying a house or killing a man, that shit sticks with you.

Although has she ever talked about not wanting kids? Because you might be making an assumption, and people do a lot of growing up between the young 20's of freeballing without responsibilities and when they're old enough to want to really lay into some bigger commitments for longhaul stability.

>> No.9825355

That's a good plan, anon. Best wishes, I'm rooting for you!

>> No.9825365

Thanks anon

>> No.9825373

When I touch the subject she's VERY quick to dismiss it or change the subject or brush it off or laugh it of and she has that smarmy "pfffft fucking retards" towards people with children, especially other women, that's so common among canadians these days.
The way she puts it what she enjoys most out of life is our little pseudo-neet routine plus the trip overseas we take when I get vacations(croatia this year) and there's no room for anything else.

>> No.9825382
File: 202 KB, 451x577, 1520780106848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do lolitas really fart, or is it just a meme?

>> No.9825393

No girls dont use the bathroom theyre too pure for that shit

>> No.9825406

Alright, sounds like you know your girlfriend and you know yourself. Sucks that your long term priorities won't line up but I'm glad you're enjoying what you've got together while you've got it

>> No.9825411

>okay, for now at least
>what we have now is pretty much perfect

This is annoying fucking shit! Don't you think she might actually consider you as a partner for some stable long-term realationship, but just without kids? You just treat her like a temporary toy, this is desrespectful af.

>> No.9825434

>Spend majority of my night reading ametur fan fiction

>Think about it the next morning

>want to vomit

anyone els

>> No.9825435

It sounds like the two of you need a dose of honest communication. That's really the foundation of a stable relationship, if you think you love her and being with her makes you happy, stop beating around the bush and have a sincere conversation about how you see your future together. If you don't, your relationship is bound to fall apart.

>> No.9825437

Read better fics

>> No.9825474

fuck alright I'm sorry I got too caught up. I actually wanted to went more than I wanted to help. I will now try to say the things I said in hopes of actually helping you:
The ED is making you unhappy, changing your appearance will not help you but getting rid of the ED will make you happy. This cannot be achieved with the help of friends and family rather it has to be either by your own strength or the help of a therapist, preferebly one that has dealt with ED before.
In my experience ED does not come alone, it is often followed by other disorders(borderline, depression, etc) so try to find out if you have anything of that sort and act accordingly.

>> No.9825504

don't force yourself too strong

you are too weak

>> No.9825516

>wear obscure cosplay to a con
>no one recognizes me
>next con a few months later
>decide to wear obscure cosplay one more time even if no one recognizes me
>walking around con
>get stopped left and right for photos
>people light up when they see who I’m cosplaying which makes me light up

I was really on the fence about wearing it again after the first con, but now I’m so happy I did!

>> No.9825534

Don’t be sorry anon, you weren’t wrong in your first post, but believe me I’m trying really hard, it’s just difficult when there are so many people around me that encourage it without realizing, if I can’t fix it and it gets worse I’ll get professional help, but I’ve eaten today, so that’s a start I guess

>> No.9825537
File: 8 KB, 540x375, d29d20f4-8b89-47b4-a6ba-ef085d62bb1b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know there's a slight possibility of them being a gull/seeing this but I'm just starting to get really frustrated and not sure what to do

>Selling cosplay
>Can you hold until after X con coming up?
>Have encountered flaky buyers in the past but I really want it sold so I agree if they pay a small non-refundable deposit first to hold them to their word
>Con passes
>Eventually contact them "Can I send you the invoice now so I can ship out soon?"
>"Can you send it next week?"
> Wait a week, send the invoice.
> Nothing
> Message them to make sure the invoice sent properly/indirectly remind them to pay
> "It went through, you're fine! :)"
> Wait another week, still hasn't paid the damn invoice.

This box has been sitting packed and ready to ship for nearly 2 months now, free me from this hell

>> No.9825573

Lemons and lemonade and all that.

You don't take temporary toys out to Turkey and Croatia and hopefully Japan next year. It's one if those non-negotiables, you know? I want kids and I'd rather we split up amicably than to goad her into it.

You're right and I think the both of us have been unconsciously putting it off because having that big talk would probably set a deadline for us instead of just living in the moment like we're doing now.

>> No.9825577

You should mention to her that you absolutely will be having children in the future. The break-up will be worse the longer you are together. I speak from experience. I had a very harrowing break-up that really affected me because they waited until 5 1/2 years into the relationship to lay down the bottom line that they wanted a child. It would've been very nice if they had brought this up much sooner in the relationship. In the end, it just led to an extremely nasty break-up that turned me into a blubbering ball of mush. I'll state that I can't have children so there was no matter of saying, 'Oh, sure, let's have kid." Still, I don't think the breakup would be any less nasty just because they are capable of having a kid.

I'm not sure if that suggestion matters to you since you're living in the moment, but I think it is important to address if you're 100% certain you want them. It's better to break up sooner then later.

>> No.9825581

At this point you have been more than patient. Gently remind her that the original deal was that you would hold it until whatever con ended and now it has been 2 months past the con. Then set a deadline for her to pay (maybe between a week and a month) and if she doesn’t pay by that date, she loses the deposit and you relist the item for sale.

>> No.9825656

>Treating her like a temporary toy
Are you aware of what board we're on and how the girls here treat guys?

>> No.9825657

This girl in my local con scene never credits her commissioners and will allow people to think that she made everything she owns because she added one or two small details. It makes me feel a very angry feel.

>> No.9825680

Sell it to someone else. You have no contract with them you have no obligations.

>> No.9825688

Alot of women are buying into the no kids thing. They all hit 40 and get baby rabies. Have a family is litterally tge meaning if life.

The problem is either she does not think she can be a good mother or you cant be a good father.

Two ways to go about this. Either get you both in situations with a lot of kids had show how great you both can be with kids and how fun it is. Or get her pregnant. If you get her pregnant her biology will force her had and she will love her baby.

And if in the end she aborts you can leave her knowing she is a monster who killed your baby.

>> No.9825689
File: 64 KB, 500x299, tumblr_la3o3x2hRQ1qzqvrk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wore a costume to a con this weekend that I was really excited about because it's from a show I really love. I only had my picture taken three times and all of them were posted... and my face looks SO CHUBBY. The wig just was not flattering at all and now I just wanna die a little bit because ugh, I know it's not the biggest deal but I was so happy and now I never want to wear it again.

>> No.9825691

Honestly I don't know the exact situation, but if they are anything like my ex who was all of the lazy vampire meme, their real fear wasn't motherhood, but responsibility. Her opinions made the choice between having a family or a career focused life very easy for me, and it was a bitter breakup. However, she did end up deciding she wanted kids a few years later, but spent the time inbetween our break up doing the typical "find yourself" routine. Got back in touch with me afterwards saying I had never given her the chance to try having kids, that she "wasn't ready" at the time, and that I had been impatient. Seriously, if you're financially supporting your SO and they aren't working to get ahead in their life, there should have always been the understanding it isn't simply a free ride. Back to your dilemna, I wouldn't phrase it as "I want kids now, give uterus.", but rather asking her how she fits into your plans for life, and if she doesn't want to advance her career, what she's going to be doing instead. Make it her idea, even if you aren't giving her many options. Also, don't think because of her opinions on having children now, that things can't change. I've seen more than a few women be very happy about it after the fact rather than immediately before.

Yeah, fickle thing that women telling you "I want to have your children." doesn't exactly mean "I want to be a mother." Trying for a surprise pregnancy is a really shitty idea.

>> No.9825695
File: 16 KB, 600x600, b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is very bad bait, robot.

>> No.9825696

That's assuming we're attractive enough to get guys.

>> No.9825705

Get a better wig and have your friends take pictures of you next time

>> No.9825736

That's what butthole inspections are for, to make sure we're fart-proof and thus worthy of being called lolitas

>> No.9825763

Go as a group then.
If you're worried about no pictures as Ashley, go with a Mona or a Wario. More characters will help identify it better.

>> No.9825766

>met nice cosplayer
>exchange instas
>she has like 6 ahego selfies and 10 musically videos

Hoo boy

>> No.9825778

I mean that’s pretty cringey, but it sounds like she doesn’t act like that in person. She was normal and nice enough during your conversation that you wanted to exchange info.

>> No.9825783

Sounds like a stacy and you have no fun

>> No.9825799


lmaoing @ ur no fun allowed life

>> No.9825807

>tfw conventions are the only time i socialize
>distance myself from friends after every con to work on cosplay

It’s like I can’t talk to people when I’m not in cosplay

>> No.9825861
File: 38 KB, 480x446, A40E6B18-64BD-4341-9699-3E47931FD726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplayer credits every part of cosplay except the part, which is clearly from cosplaysky

I see u bitch

>> No.9825866

*main part oops

>> No.9825879

I'm lonely

>> No.9825886

I can relate. I’m awkward and reserved in my day to day life. Yet when I’m out at a convention and in cosplay suddenly I’m full of confidence and effortlessly talking to everyone.

>> No.9825888

Hello anon, how was your day?

>> No.9825907

God are you me?
I’m lonely and I have a hard time reaching out to people. Then I get to a con and I start socializing like some kind of extrovert

>> No.9825914

Same here. To me it’s partly the atmosphere and partly the cosplay. I just get out there and go have a blast, make new friends, etc

>> No.9825919

Oh I should add in my daily life I’m a total shy kid tho I haven’t left my room in uh, 5 days now? Depression too.

>> No.9825922

Lolita is stupid.

>> No.9825923

Cosplay is stupid.

>> No.9825927

I have depression too and I think the reason I have so much more confidence when I’m in cosplay is because I’m dressing up and pretending I’m not me for a little while

>> No.9825928

Ur stupid

>> No.9825941

What characters does she cosplay?

>> No.9825944

I guess that’s one way of looking at it. I know I’m still me despite the costume, but I think my confidence boost comes from knowing I put the effort into something and feeling good about it

>> No.9825962

Uneventful in a bad way

>> No.9825974

Your mom is stupid

>> No.9825977

I feel the same way. I never wear makeup, am considered pretty out of shape and ugly, and normally things don't go well for me but cons give me the chance to throw on makeup and be someone else who's more popular and liked than I actually am

>> No.9826097

Take some DNP. Just don't overdose or you'll die.

>> No.9826101
File: 152 KB, 851x406, tumblr_oo3xbkdqvW1un96evo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I think I'm getting too old for cons
>I haven't even been to one

>> No.9826112

How do you know you're too old for it if you never even tried attending? It's silly but you might enjoy yourself.

>> No.9826116

I'm 22. I feel I should be more 'adult' and that cons are more for people 16-21. Feels retarded mang.

>> No.9826122

For a lack of a better word, that is retarded. Not only have you never attended a con and already feel like you're "too old" for something you never even did, 22 isn't old at all, you have no perspective whatsoever. Some people start to wonder if they're getting old for cons at 30 but even that isn't correct, as long as you enjoy the content that the con has to offer and know how to behave yourself.

>> No.9826143

If anything, you're too immature. Who never goes to an event and then just makes assumptions about it. You're still in the "ideal" age range my dude, so just go to the fucking con.

>> No.9826161

I figured as much from a google search, but no idea what's going on in the skit itself. But thanks anyways anon.

>> No.9826162

Cons are for everyone, it's silly to think you're too old when you're not even 25. If cons were truly for people 16-21, there wouldn't be even a 10th of the events that currently exist.

>> No.9826165

Can relate. Cosplay is the biggest thing (besides my actual treatment) that allowed me to dig myself out of the depression pit. Just actually doing something that didn't make me feel like I was wasting my life, and having something to show for it. Plus being able to put it on at the end and actually look good for once. Cosplay is pretty much the only reason I'll bother with putting on makeup and ditching the slob depression outfit.

>> No.9826173

if you can tell who they are on an anonymous Chinese newspaper comic forum, you should marry them

>> No.9826181

>I'm 22
You have 7 years at least. Anime expo has lots of 21+ events.

>> No.9826187

>tfw breaking out
Don't pick, don't poke, don't rub, don't touch, don't pick.

Just moisturize, sunscreen, bandages, and pray you don't scar. You're ugly enough already.

>> No.9826189

Remember to not be too hard on yourself. I understand having low self esteem but telling yourself that you're ugly won't help you feel better.
Also, drink more water if you don't already.

>> No.9826191

Not the other anon but make sure to get your sleep in too.

>> No.9826198

Ugh, yeah, acne is such a pain. I'm already 22 and my acne is just starting to get better. I have a ton of scarring from the 10 or so years since puberty too. The scars aren't super deep, they should go away on their own with time, but it's still the thing I'm most self-conscious about.

>> No.9826201
File: 89 KB, 481x307, C1444CB0-70F8-4E21-9A85-6A5F6711A359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I’ve learned a lot about online business practices from browsing /cgl/. It wasn’t something I intentionally came to this board for but now I have more knowledge of what to do if I ever open a webshop and how to properly ship/label packages, communicate with overseas businesses, file associated taxes and the like. Very good stuff!

>> No.9826205

You two are lovely. Thank you.

I'm 25, mostly had things under control except for hormonal/forgot to change my pillowcase related issues. But in the last year or so I've started scarring a bit more, plus I'm pale so any PIE hangs out for months. Makes me stupidly anxious. Hopefully you heal up wonderfully anon.

>> No.9826215
File: 47 KB, 267x400, Yuzuru_Hanyu_in_2015-2016_Grand_Prix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you date this guy?

>> No.9826219

Probably not. He's cute but not my type, at least appearance wise.

>> No.9826225

Protip: he wants to fuck.
Do you also want to fuck?

Doesn't pretty much every comm have a stacy tho? There's always someone who thinks their status within their circle of friends is more important than good looking costumes.

So long as you can move your legs, fear is irrelevant.
Take one step after the next and eventually you will be at your destination.
Let your feelings rage, but take control of your body and physically move your body where it needs to go. Your feelings cannot stop you.

>> No.9826231

what kind of job?

>> No.9826236

I’d rather Javi desu

>> No.9826255

That's fine as long as you don't go around bragging.
There is seriously nothing worse than girls bragging about their bf.

>> No.9826277

>Be me, female Britfag living in Jockland
>Have a prosthetic arm from elbow down on left arm due to car accident as a child.
>Finally decide to go to a convention rather than just lurking on here
>DeeCon is the next Scottish convention
>Get crazy idea.
>Ask in group chat if my friends want to do a group cosplay of the characters from Violet Evergarden.
>They agree to it
>I spend ages painstakingly sewing Violet's doll costume to be as accurate as possible
>Spend lots of time and money making a replica of Violet's arms I can attach to my stump.
>Finish the cosplay yesterday, message the group chat to see how everyone else is getting on.
>Nobody else has even started working on their cosplay yet, all of them have changed their mind to normie-tier store bought Disney costumes
>"Oh don't worry anon, it's just a costume. It's not that important anyway. You should do a Disney Princess too."
>MFW this was a way for me to feel comfy about interacting with strangers regarding my prosthetics
>MFW my 'friends' don't get why I'm upset at them.

/cgl/, I'm pretty sure I'm legally allowed to kill them now, right?

>> No.9826280

Is it like a robotarm? Can you crush a guys head with it?

>> No.9826282

Your friends sound like shit.
I'm not familiar with the series, can you not cosplay that character on your own? Obviously having your friends ditch you this way is incredibly shitty but you've worked so hard on it, you deserve to wear your creation and be happy in it. Fuck your crap friends, do what makes you happy.

>being this retarded

>> No.9826284

The celebrity crush I've had on this guy for the past 6 years and stack of photobooks in the corner of my room say yes, but board-relevant how?

>> No.9826287

To be fair Violet is the only character worth cosplaying from VEG. You'll look marvelous as her so don't worry about your friends being basic Sleeping Beauties. Your friends seem low effort and have shit taste to be honest.

>> No.9826288

Are you actually that into him?

>> No.9826291
File: 9 KB, 300x168, violet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sadly, no robotic terminator arm for me (but maybe in a few years I'll get one of those cool as hell bionic ones!)

I could for sure, and I probably will end up doing it anyway, since anyone who recognizes it will know who I am without the context of the group of us all together.
I'm more upset that 1) I'll look stupid cosplaying an anime character when the rest of my friends are all dressed as Disney Princesses, 2) They promised to do the group cosplay and changed their minds as a group without letting me know.
If they had just let me know, I'd have been okay going as Disney trash as part of the group to this, and doing Violet to a con further in the future, giving myself more time to make it rather than stressing myself out over getting it ready in time for this con.

Pic related is the character btw

>> No.9826296

My boyfriend and I have formally discussed that if I ever have the opportunity to cheat on him with Yuzuru I can, so yeah?

To stay on topic, every time I start working on my big dream project I get more and more discouraged because I haven't finished it already. It's been almost two years since I bought the supplies and started and I've made like 10 things in the interim.

>> No.9826310

Just found one one of my favorite cosplayers was caught lying about making their own stuff. I guess it makes sense because they have so many cosplays, but damn I’m so disappointed.

>> No.9826321

I’m sorry but you’re dumb. There are plenty of “older” people at cons. I mean just take a look at two of the most well known cosplayers. Jnig is like 28 or 29 and I think yaya is 36. Plus I’m always excited to see people 60+ cosplaying old characters like Mallory archer or general Leia.

>> No.9826328
File: 36 KB, 481x401, looking_at_walking_garbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My boyfriend and I have formally discussed that if I ever have the opportunity to cheat on him with Yuzuru I can

>> No.9826329

Who was it?

>> No.9826331

Spill the tea.

>> No.9826332

Not that anon but chill the fuck out you prude. A lot of couples have a one free pass for a celebrity agreement. It’s not really a big deal because it’s unlikely to ever happen and both parties discussed and consented to it anyway.

>> No.9826342
File: 962 KB, 4342x2826, 1521767760148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see someone cosplaying as cop
>its not cosplay

>> No.9826344

This really isn't a thing in a monogamous relationship and I don't believe anyone but that anon would say so.

>> No.9826351

You are going to look fucking dope.

If it's a multi-day con you should still make a basic bitch Disney costume just so you can be part of the group and pose with them for pictures (groups always get pictures no matter how shitty they are). But you wear that shit on the main day and be proud of it, because it's awesome and you've worked your ass off for it. The people who recognize you will be fewer, but they will love it.

>> No.9826355

Another anon here, and it really is. Colloquially it's called a "Celebrity Free Pass".

>> No.9826367

Yeah no. That's fucking stupid and so are you.

>> No.9826368
File: 92 KB, 1080x991, 1521812530955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you date someone from /k/?

>> No.9826377

New Thread >>9826372

>> No.9826378

I always book a 2-bed room for myself and my gf. Even if both of our friend groups are attending. We worked hard to be able to attend cons and we would like some privacy on our days off. can fully relate.
Also one can still be with friendos at cons even if you don't sleep in the same room.

>> No.9826379

She might not be sexy, but that trigger discipline is.
No, I'm not the thirsty /k/fag

>> No.9826389
File: 191 KB, 1200x1165, 8f010ea2fbee4573df8b5dff7edbf36f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was seriously depressed till octover this year
>had a really bad breakup and work wasn't paying enough for the amount of trouble i'm going through daily. So i always just barely got by each month by sliding some of my bills till next month
>Met a really qt girl online who worked at a nearby bookstore, which i always ordered from.
>we met up couple of times,went on "no pressure" and "no strings attached" dates.
>i asked her to go out with me on valentines. She said yes. Best birthday gift ever
>found out that she was bullied a lot at her previous workplace and she also wanted to commit suicide. She almost succeeded but her parents found her in time (her scars are still very deep). And she told me that i basically saved her by reaching out to her.
FFW to march. I just got promoted, less work and i'm getting 30% more. I can save up now to finally buy the apartment i live in. We're planning to go to our first con together in cosplay, staying in a fancier place just the two of us.

Pinch me peeps, am i making it?

>> No.9826405

I’m proud of you anon! Congrats!

>> No.9826406

What this person said, have you never heard of this?
I mean, it's not common in short relationships but
it's bound to come up when you're in a long-term
committed one. Just a talk usually starting with celebs
and then which ones you find attractive etc.

>> No.9826407

meant to reply to
>>9826344 as well

>> No.9826415

>Thots ruining my goddamn pure and qt animu androids...
It's like they didn't even play the game at all. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

>> No.9826425
File: 319 KB, 585x347, 20yo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9826430

cute af

>> No.9826895

>me and my friend both like Lolita
>both were underageb& so we could never really buy it
>admire from afar
>Eventually she drops me never gave me an explanation really fucked me up she was my close friend for 5 years
>Am now on a mission to be the cutest lolita out of pure spite
Fuck that but it really woke me up since then I've been focusing on being less retarded and being a happy kawaii normie and losing weight
I want to make it gulls

>> No.9828012

someday youll both go to the same meet and one (or both) of you will look terrible.

>> No.9828060

everything is stupid

>> No.9828064

>/cgl/, I'm pretty sure I'm legally allowed to kill them now, right?
not entirely sure, but I heard once, there are still a few laws in england, where it's legal to kill someone else (but depends often on the time, the place, where are you from, and what weapon you use)

either way, still cosplay Violet, sounds perfect with your prosthetic
next cosplay could be a (mirrored) Edward Elric

>> No.9828767

Go fuck your friends and PLEASE cosplay as Violet.
I'd be so much more excited seeing a well done Violet cosplay over a basic bitch ass Disney princess.

>> No.9829506

>closet full of bruando
>no time to wear anything because healthissues and shitty weather
>can't wear lolita at work, because I'm afraid that I'll ruin it
>only 4-5 active members in local com, no meets, because everyone is busy or no time

Should I just quit lolita and sell all my bruando?

>> No.9829602

>Go fuck your friends

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