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Anons, nooblita question. Now that spring is approaching I'd like to wear some lighter coloured coords (basically, dresses where the main colour isn't black or a jewel tone) but I just look horrible in all the white/cream tights and socks I've tried on. I'm quite small (152 cm tall, 26" waist) but they make my legs look really stumpy, especially if they're quite matte. Got any coording tips or alternatively flattering legwear suggestions? I tend to wear AatP and Meta most often if that helps & generally like more toned down stuff.

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>No Texas thread

I'm going to Dallas in a week - what's the best places to hit up for items I can use in a lolita coord? Purses, cardigans/jackets, shoes, and accessories are main needs. Only place I know in Texas is Shop In Wonderland, but I don't want to support them.

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anon, you sound like you look fine. I don't want to minimize what you're saying but it could just be your own body view issues tripping you up.
tights and heels elongate, but feel free to wear Meta's lace-top OTKs because they are beautiful. do not limit yourself.
You can look into legwear that has vertical stripes or vertically aligned patterns if that makes you feel more comfortable.
>basically any IW otks, pic related

but please, just wear what feels light and matches and don't worry so much about your leg shape.

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So,usagiyouhinten says she's working on a new store "at her own pace"(on her twitter bio),and Alice fururun has something on their web about returning in April. The Bodyline site migjt go online any moment now,and we also have taobao. So,does anyone still believe Lolita is dying? Is it evolving? Is it stuck?

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Way to beat a dead horse once again, moron.

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>beautiful coat pops up on lm
>in love, want it so bad
>shipping is $40
>can't force myself to pay that for shipping for one single item
>kill me

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Coats are always expensive to ship, besides I feel like with dresses you have some leeway in styling them/making them fit you better, but with outerwear I feel like it just has to be perfect for you straight away, does that make sense? If you really love it then you should go for it, maybe the seller can give you a bit of a discount on shipping if you ask.

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40$ for a nice heavy coat doesn't sound too bad as someone who's paid 50 and over for simple jsks...

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Anyone thinking of going to the Juliette et Justine tea party in Paris?

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I can't go but I'm looking forward to see people's coords online

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Both of you are def right... I think I’ll just wait it out a bit and see how I feel about it within the next few days.

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They are heavy. If it’s going to be international shipping, then that’s a pretty good price. If you are in the United States, that’s crazy because a flat rate large box is 20 dollars to ship and a coat would fit into that. But as >>9818311 said, coats are hard to sell because they are pretty custom in their own right. I have been trying to sell mine for about a month and a half with no sales. It’s like 100 dollars, never worn custom sized. I’m an average build so it could fit a lot of people but nothing. It’s simply too sweet for my gothic closet.

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I'm curious, what do we think about the Kera correspondents so far? Does anyone has favourites or people you think are lacking?

I personally really appreciate the more international approach of Kera nowadays, but I feel like most of the time they are choosing quantity over quality right now.

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Does anyone know where I could get cute rain boots? Only ones I’ve seen are the plain tall pink or black ones Walmart sales.

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You can look up these transparent boots, they have them on Amazon and I've seen them at forever 21 also. But they also fog up like crazy.

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AliExpress has some options if you use the colour filter. There's a few nice ones in white.

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I appreciate the news, anon. Thank you.

Hoping it's legit and there's an actual Japanese market big enough to support their comeback and it's not just sugary nothings mumbled to keep a few vocal handfuls quiet.

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Is there actually anything good on there? I really only hear cgl bitching about this or that article.

Kera was a mixed streetwear shop to begin with, so I'm not really surprised if they don't really screen their lolita stuff. Not that I particularly expect them to, anyhow, Japanese street fashion wasn't really inundated with Chinese costumes the way egl was back in the day, so I don't think they ever really got the "lolita means quality" doctrine in.

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Does anyone happen to have spme worn/coord photos with Antique Beast's bat maid headdress? Black or white doesn't matter, i use to have some some but i cant find them any more.

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Ooh thanks, anon! I might try commissioning them for something sometime. If anyone else knows of indie brands that make full sized hats like this (that don't just slap stuff on a straw hat base), I would love to get more names.

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Maybe Cloudberry Lady?

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I've had them before, they fog up too much. Besides, I don't think they fit lolita too much.

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Crap photo but here it is worn

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Look into tights that have a vertical cable pattern. They don't have to be chunky, they can be microfiber or something. I own a pair of these in cream and they're my go-to.

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agreed that they dont fit lolita too much, but other jfash.....

didnt even think about the fog. should a texasfag worry about humidity?

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You might like lace/crochet tights better! Solid white or cream socks are not the most flattering on anybody desu, but the same is true of a lot of lolita staples. I'm sure you look cute either way anon!

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as a (fellow?) ana-chan, >>9818217 is most likely correct. unless you have abnormally large calves or dropped 200 lbs or something, your legs are probably fine. wear what you think matches best, IMO. but like other anons have said, vertical patterns are your friend!

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Other than >>9817425 AP is also re-releasing Dramatic Rose Princess in different cuts this weekend.

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And some random accessories

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Sparkly cherries (two colours, plus bracelet and ring)

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Any news about tickets and venue?

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Tickets are going to be sold on the 18th

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Can you please not spam like this? You don't see me posting every sock and necklace Sheglit has released either.

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Nyart but agree and if anything a collage?

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any way of keeping crochet knee socks up? One of mine usually start sliding down after a few hours of walking.

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Sock glue

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I’m probably just being dumb, but I can’t find the info on their website or twitter. Where are the tickets being sold?

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The event is on fb.

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Do you think it's okay to look relatively low-key for a con tea party? Like it's not Rufflecon or OTTea or anything, but are you good for a tea party in a simple coord as long as you're not an ita or a replica-chan?

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I love this new jsk cut!

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If people are shaming you for wearing simple coord to a tea party they are the problem

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Nothing wrong with simple, unless there's a coord contest and you are trying to win it. As long as you fit the requirements of the dress code (i.e. wearing the guest brand, if required) and it's not too casual to be "nice enough" for tea, then a simple coord is fine.

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I live in Arkansas, and even during the winter these things would fog up. It just gets so sweaty there, which sucks cause I love being able to show my socks.

I've heard of people getting the coating spray that some folks use for their snow googles, or poking small holes at the bottom, but that last one defeats the purpose of a rain boot imo.

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Figlia (shop from Taiwan) is releasing cute strawberry tights that fit S-XXL sizing.

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Thanks kind anon

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>too casual to be "nice enough" for tea
What does this mean

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>>9818217 >>9818702 >>9818683

Thanks anons, I think vertical patterns would be a good idea. I guess I'm just self conscious about it, I'm quite petite but my legs aren't so when I wear lolita I don't want to draw too much attention to them, haha. >>9818699 are there specific ones you'd recommend? I've tried on a a pair of mostly sheer AatP otks but the pattern doesn't look great on my calves.

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So, I ordered something from a second hand shop. They mailed it out without tracking (because, they claim the guy at the post office was new and messed up). It’s airmail untracked from Canada to the USA. It has been about 3 weeks since they said they shipped it out. I still haven’t gotten it.

Am I fucked? Is this normal?

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>untracked airmail

100% normal. Give it 4 weeks at the very least before considering a dispute.

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I'm guessing anon means stuff like
>no/insufficient petti
>no headgear
>no accessories
>normie socks

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I know we've talked about lolita related websites, but I wish there was an actual good one to show off your wardrobe.

Right now, I just keep lolibrary pics of my dresses in a folder on my computer, but I just wanna display it in a cute way online so I can look over it. Sighs.

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Instagram's not really great for this kind of thing because there's no way to organize images based on item type, year, or however else a user might want to sort them.

I've been working on something like this off and on for a while, if you or any other interested anons have any specific features you'd like implemented on a site like this feel free to dump them here and I'll see what I can do.

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Anyone here know how long Victorian Maiden takes to ship out an item after purchase?

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There's currently no function to share your wardrobe with others (to my dismay), but I use Closet Space to catalog my wardrobe. It's both a website and an app so you can take pictures of offbrand stuff with your phone and upload stock images on desktop. You can sort items by brand, color, style, etc, make outfit collages and choose when they would be appropriate to wear for weather, and overall it's really nice imo. I fiddle with how I name items though because I want all my legwear to be in the same catagory - if you call socks socks and tights tights they get seperated so I just call them all tights, and so on. Only thing that's broken, at least for me, is that putting in when you bought stuff doesn't matter as time doesn't progress for some reason. (It'll say "bought today" forever)

At least you can take screenshots to share which somewhat works.

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Like you said, sort by brand, year, item type, and even style would be nice. A way to organize how the items are shown with pages belonging to each user would be cool as well. Being able to edit the font/background/overall page aesthetic too.

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These in ivory are one of my favorite go-tos. They're pretty stretchy and the allover pattern is nice and subtle.

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Aliexpress has some adorable ones

>> No.9819389

I'm going to be traveling to hawaii in a few weeks and was wondering if there were any stores I should check out while I'm there. Googling it only got me one store that allegedly stocked Bodyline but looked more like an aliexpress reseller

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I'm having trouble buying from meta's site. It gives me an error when I try to pay. has anyone had this happen?

>> No.9819401

just roll the shipping into the total item cost. Then determine if it's a reasonable price. If you saw it in a store with that price on the tag, would you buy it?
People have some issues with shipping. They will get all mad at a $10 item with $20 shipping but $30 with FREE shipping? What a bargain!!

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Have you tried Google photos? I find it really useful for this and you can even organize the photo order.

>> No.9819438

This is what I do. I just have a folder on my Google drive with all my photos. You can rearrange them and make sub folders easily. Plus it is quick to access.

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I love it but sometimes getting it to stay propped up is a bitch. It's good with wigs that have a little volume.

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I once came across an app called Discloset with seemed to be a more social version of ClosetSpace - you could upload pictures of your wardrobe, combine them to make coords and other people could also make coords for you and suggest items I think. Unfortunately you could only take photos with the app itself and there was no other way to upload anything.

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Sorry if this isn't the place to ask, but does anyone know if an ebook/pdf version of the Kamikaze Girls light novel exists? I know the manga version is out there but I'm curious if or how much the novel differs from it

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There isn't an official one. Don't read the manga, it is actual shit. The whole story was flanderized to hell and back.

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Really sick of the influx of mercari/fril resellers on Lacemarket lately. Sometimes I wish we had something like a wall of shame for things like this.

>> No.9819612

Agreed. Wish the LM mods actually gave a shit, but I doubt they'd think it possible to actually determine and moderate resellers

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Fuck you you fucking scalping bitch you bought this off of mercari for $80 I tried to get it but my ss was too late. I fucking hate these types of people who pull this shit simply to gain a profit at the expense of the rest of the community.

>> No.9819621

I feel like she totally reads these threads to and hunts for dresses just to do this. I know I read a post in the confessions thread that someone admitted to doing this.

I mean, she is free to do this, making a profit and all but damn. I'd be livid if she scalped one of my DDs since I feel like one of them would pop up for cheap.

>> No.9819622



Tangentially related, but how many of us have actually requested the ability to block/filter users? It gets brought up here from time to time but idk if it's been suggested to the dev team by more than one person.

>> No.9819627

To some extend I can understand the mods. It would be hard to make rules for that and they'd get a guaranteed backlash no matter how mild or strict the rules might be. But god, those people are so annoying. The worst thing is that they don't stop or reduce it to a normal price, even though barely anyone buys from them. And so these dresses who could be in the hands of a loving lolita will rot untouched in a closet of a greedy cunt instead.

I see we noticed the same listing lmao.

>> No.9819633

It's not the mods its fuckong Alice who refuses to do shit all about anything despite nagging from her mod team and the rest of the lolita community.

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Fint released some rain boots a while ago.

>> No.9819707

I've requested it before, but they don't listen to any feedback on my experience. The only response I've gotten is "use a different browser" for things that are broken on the site.

>> No.9819777

What can I do about elastic on the shoulders of a OP that have been stretched out? The seller didn't disclose this to me but I like the OP enough to keep it.

>> No.9819782

Replace the elastic. Was it sewn directly onto the fabric or is it in a ‘tube’ of folded over fabric? The latter is easiest to replace.

>> No.9819784

>super cute
>in stock in my preferred color and size
Well, shit. Thanks for this, anon!

If you don't have the necessary skills to replace the elastic yourself, take it to a seamstress.

>> No.9819809

Doing shit like this just ruins the second hand market. You make it harder for the few people that want it and half the people in the DD thread got limits on money, even for their dream dress.

>> No.9819835

Honestly I’m willing to pay whatever for my dd but of-fucking-course id rather pay less and get it direct. Fuck scalpers. Name and shame.

Oh and it’s one thing to scalp a brand new high demand dress but another to fucking scalp used shit

>> No.9819855

Pinterest, you can create a board and add different sections etc and others can view and follow them

>> No.9819875

I didn't see any alt fashion or jfashion shops when I went. Mostly a lot of malls with luxury brand stuff.

>> No.9819890

>Lives in TX
>Shipping within the US is $16-$17 for her listings
What the

>> No.9819903

So we know about Koukibi and Rainies. What are other known scalpers?

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Is there any hope of getting this headdress at a decent price secondhand after it has sold out?

>> No.9819915

Shiri is a scalper, 100%.

>> No.9819918

Can't believe nobody's brought up hervia yet. She doesn't have anything stupid scalped rn but in the past she's been bad.

>> No.9819921

We should make a public blacklist /warn list or something

>> No.9819923

Just buy it online from an Angelic Pretty in America or France

>> No.9819926

I fucking hate Koukibi. She bought Sweetie Violet in an unpopular color for cheap on LM and then resold it immediately after for almost $200 more than what she paid. I wanted to buy it from the previous owner but she snatched it and scalped it.

I too saw this dress on mercari and thought someone who really wanted it bought but haha nope. What a cunt.

>> No.9819931

Isn't rincinerate another scalper?

>> No.9819935

It sold out from AP USA in minutes.. I missed out on it twice..

>> No.9819936

Man, I worry some people think I might be a scalper. I buy tons of cheap shit from auctions or mercari to repair them, wear them once, and then sell them. I also am tall and a bit chubby, so often things don't fit and I sell them straight away. I often charge what I paid including shipping, I feel it's ok to charge that especially if I've fixed something that arrived broken or smelly. I'm not a scalper, I swear. I just have a shopping addition.

>> No.9819937

of course, that's fine. the issue is when someone buys stuff for like 100$ and sell instantly for 400$. that's not even a lolita, just a shady scalper faggot

>> No.9819938

I think? I remember hearing the name but don’t remember seeing proof

Shiri from Belgium is 100%

Can we please put a scalperwatch on the BST threads in the future

>> No.9819939

>charge what I paid plus shipping

That’s fine anon, it’s when it’s at or above new price

>> No.9819942

>I buy tons of cheap shit from auctions or mercari to repair them, wear them once, and then sell them

No anon, you're not a scalper. You're an angel.

>> No.9819953

Thank you three so much, I feel a lot better about my selling habits now. I do try to be a good seller, so it's nice to know that my efforts are appreciated!

>> No.9819955


>fixes items before selling them

You're the hero egl needs, nowhere near a scalper.

>> No.9819994

I forgot about Gemgem87, she's a scalper too. I'm "SO TIRED OF LOOKING AT" her URGENT sales and her fake reductions.

But where?

As long as you don't charge double of what you paid for, you're fine. You should get your addiction in check though anon. This kind of buy-wear once-sell behaviour can't be good for shopping addicts.

>> No.9820000

I include shipping, taxes and SS fees when I sell something

>> No.9820002

I’ll compile an excel at some point or a docs and post it on bst? I can’t think of anywhere but there or DD thread.

>> No.9820039

What if that's what I paid, though? I'm not going to sell dresses I paid 200-300 for at 150 just because someone else did it once. I don't need the money, just occasionally get something I don't like at all even though it was a dream dress

>> No.9820051

Depends on
>prior owners

If you buy it new and want to list that that’s totally fine. It’s when you buy for less and raise it THAT much. I’m totally ok with lolitas buying and selling to make a little dough but not for huge markups

If anything if the Japanese find out the market may as well become more xenophobic

>> No.9820053

If that's what you paid for it, then there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that. Anons are only complaining about people who buy things at a certain price only to immediately resell them for much higher. Their only purpose in buying them to begin with is to turn a profit

>> No.9820056

That or we try to include it at the top of any new DD thread the way the AA thread has their slab of links for each OP.

>> No.9820059


When I see her shit or anyone else who has an emergency or urgent sale in their titles my kneejerk reaction is that I absolutely don't want to continue enabling their shitty financial decisions.

I think Sue is the only seller I've seen whose leaving lolita sale seems kinda sad because she's got a lot of nice pieces. Most other leaving lolita sellers, you look at the shit they're selling and you really can't help but think like yeah, there's a fucking reason you're leaving with the shit you wasted money on.

>> No.9820168

Is that for new items?

>> No.9820177


This entire thing made me roll my eyes and groan. Can't stand people like this.

>> No.9820195

queer events? what?

>> No.9820200

Am I out of touch or was there no forewarning of this release?

>> No.9820201

This is exactly why people used to make fun of lifestylers. How pretentious can you be?
>I got into lolita in 2005
>first dreamdress was Haenuli’s Little Prince JSK
Sure Jan.

>> No.9820203

her coords are as bad as her attitude

>> No.9820207

Going through her other posts, it seems she's very christian. That explains the weird focus on purity and the smug, condescending gone.

>> No.9820208

Tone, even.

>> No.9820209

>only has 12 notes
lmao take your vendetta elsewhere

>> No.9820212

Ah thanks. I was just worried people would think I'm a scalper since I don't really pay attention to the western market, just buy everything from JP out of habit and because the selection is better. But that means that I didn't realize I grossly overpaid for certain pieces until I went to list them on LM after getting them and not liking them and looked up how much they had gone for on the Western market. I had no idea you could get super popular prints like cosmic cheaper here, it used to be the exact opposite. I really need to stop buying from y!j, but it's so addictive

>> No.9820213

There were too many evil, impure queers in her comm.

>> No.9820229

No Japan trip thread right now - I remember in a thread a while ago someone said an Atelier Boz store was in Marui Annex near Shinjuku, looking at Boz's website I see their only Tokyo location is actually in Shibuya, I'm guessing the annex store is gone? And it says head office but am I right in guessing it's also the head store?

>> No.9820235


Maru Annex stored closed down a while ago. The head office in Shibuya doubles as a store, yes.

>> No.9820237

Thanks so much! I probably should just make a thread at some point since we're getting in the spring travel season, will do for next question I have.

>> No.9820266

This is why I don't buy from western sales. Really? You're not a shopping service. And the item is likely in better condition from Japan than from you.

>> No.9820270

They might be saying they add the fees they paid to get the item from their SS. Basically then they would be breaking even, which I think is okay.
If they mean adding their own SS fees, that is shitty.

>> No.9820272

Sorry, I disagree. Neither is okay. Sorry you had to use a shopping service, but why would I buy from you when my ss is cheap.

>> No.9820401

Who do you use then?

>> No.9820404

You can just not buy from them then?

>> No.9820471

She annoys me because her Urgent sales don't even seem to be she actually needs the money, she just wants to get rid of her unwanted/unused clothes and wants them to sell faster, but her prices aren't low enough to make her shit move. Either bite the bullet or stop fucking playing the URGENT PLEASE TAKE OFF MY HAND!!!

>> No.9820491

Moitie ita always puts HYPER RARE in her sales posts like that’s goinf to make a difference in the sale. Her prices are often too high for what she’s selling even it was was actually rare.

>> No.9820505

I feel like a lot of French girls seem to do this?

>> No.9820508

I won’t buy from French sellers due to bad experiences in the past but I wouldn’t be shocked really.

>> No.9820510

In the Dallas area there Is a store called Cosplay n Charm. Doesn't sound promising but they sell a lot of Lolita accessories and such from Taobao, I hear. I have also heard that their store stock varies a lot between restocks so there can be times when they don't have much.

>> No.9820524

I'm curious about your experiences, I've bought from many French girls before and it's been fine but I'd like to avoid bad sellers if possible.

>> No.9820581

Do any of you still use livejournal for things other than lolita? Or do you only use livejournal for wardrobe posts?

>> No.9820583

Wow, this is some next level cringe.
>"Rules are too strict, but people won't conform to the image of purity® I think lolita should have/did have before I actually got more involved!"
>"Professors totally told me I'm smarter than my asshole brother, even though that has nothing to do with anything."
>"Misogyny today isn't like the misogyny I faced, so it isn't real."
>"Too much queer, not enough Duggar purity."
>"Only one of the above has anything to do with the fashion, but I'm going to write everything like it somehow matters directly."

This girl needs to get out and talk to people. Not just a lolita comm, but any kind of cultural diversity outside of her probably private Christian college and deep south community.

>> No.9820584

I think you are overexaggerating i checked the listing for sweetie violet. she only got $100... and she kept the dress for 4 months...? Are you being salty.

>> No.9820589

I am a little worried also I might be considered a scalper. Ii dont really mind if they mark it up as long as someone is willing to pay it, but I buy dresses for cheap wear it once or try it on and then fall out of love, I don't do it for the sole purpose of scalping. I also buy some items at scalped prices. I realize it doesn't look as great as I thought and I can do without it. I know there are girls willing to pay more for it so I list it higher. I also am sometimes in need of a little dough to pay off some things so I thought lolita is sometimes a viable option for it.

>> No.9820594

Nayrt but didn't she buy dresses, photograph them for her wardrobe post, and then sell them as NWT/NWOT? Not to mention her constant listing and deleting only to repost the listing higher.

>> No.9820602

If you buy something for a scalp price and sell it for that price or lower that’s fine. Realistically it’ll move a lot faster if you give a discount but that’s not scalping yourself.

How much are you increasing the price percentage wise? How often do you do this? Look at those things and consider how it seems. I bet you’re fine because you even care to mention it

I have visual proof of some of the scalpers repeated behavior.

>> No.9820605

Man all y'all paranoid in this thread. Listen, just don't stalk Mercari, buy up rare shit you have no intent of wearing, and then mark it up over double the price. The biggest sign of scalping is that the person has clearly never had the intention of wearing it and the price is around the max market value. If people are willing to pay a little more, that's not scalping, that's capitalism. Scalping is bleeding out as much as you can from desperate people because you have something rare.

>> No.9820608

That's a more extreme version of scalping senpai. For example, trying to sell a pair of socks that normally go for $25 for $55 is also scalping.

>> No.9820611

That's not real scalping, just highly annoying. I can't count how often I had cheap but rare/old things snatched out of my shopping cart because of impulse buyers who'll sell and mark it up on LM two weeks later.

>> No.9820625

I list it at quite alot actually like the max market value... i dont see why it matters. If someone got the dress fair and square they should do as they please with it. Their dresses don't belong to you.

>> No.9820626

Lol ive bought socks for $50 before but i dont care. Because after SS fees it's close to 45$

>> No.9820628

Okay that's cool and all but it's a shitty thing to sell your busted socks for over twice the market value and try to pass it off as okay because "muh SS."

>> No.9820629

Original poster of that question here:
I list them at around their max market value too, i do it every so often too, but I offer pretty long payment plans for people, so i feel like it should justify the price point? Buying on mercari you can't use a payment plan.

>> No.9820630

don't know any seller that sells busted socks and asks for $50? Usually when I buy socks for that much, i usually ask for picutures, and they are only worn once or a few times max.

>> No.9820633

I see you aren't familiar with LM

>> No.9820636

>I don't really pay attention to the western market, just buy everything from JP

Me too, but because the price range is higher on western market, and overall it's easier to spot the piece in nicer condition in JP. I totally understand people wanting their money back, including the shipping and all the taxes, but I don't think it's worth of buying, when you can get the same thing for cheaper. I guess, the only exception is when it's something super rare or BNWT.

>> No.9820638

Am I unlucky or what, everytime I buy from mercari the listing says no stains or it's nice. But then I get huge ass stains. I prefer the western market even if people list it at higher prices.

>> No.9820640

I shop on LM only. Don't know what you are saying.

>> No.9820641

Idk maybe you're just retarded then? Because it's common from scalpers on LM

>> No.9820646

It's hard to tell if you have no intent of wearing. I buy dresses and want to wear it. Try it on, and realize...it isn't for me, then list it higher. What's the big deal?

>> No.9820654

I don't understand why you have to be rude about it. You can just ask for better pictures if you are getting BUSTED socks in the mail. I for one have never seen $50 socks that are damaged with holes?

>> No.9820655

If I buy something from Japan I have to pay SS, pp, shipping and customs. If I buy something on lacemarket I only have to pay shipping (often less than 10 euro).

>> No.9820662

>being this autistic
>getting upset someone is "rude" on 4chan

Please go and stay go.

>> No.9820670

Totally agree with you anon

>> No.9820674

So you saying there are $50 socks with holes on LM? Where?

>> No.9820676

I've also heard other people saying, that japanese people have generally higher standarts in what does it mean "mint condition". What about western places, often times when I look around LM it says "brand new, only wore it twice". This is ridiculous.

If I buy something from LM, I have to pay that person's SS, pp, shipping and customs, also my own pp, shipping and customs if only they didn't buy that in their local store, which is not that often. Anyways, western market is not the initial source for piece I get.

>> No.9820679

I don't know where you are that shipping is less than 10 euro for you, but I'm jealous. For me it's usually at least 17 from within the EU.

>> No.9820693

You guys need to f***** calm down about scalpers. You know that even businesses like closetchild and takoyaki etc all buy shit for almost nothing. Like they offered me $30 for cinema doll and they sell cinema doll for like $200+ dollars on their fking website. Like sersiouly calm the fuck down everyone. They buy shit for super cheap to keep their businesses running theyre technically scalpers too. Goddamn stop it guys fuck off seriously. Also lots of asian lolitas specifically chinese do it too and no one guys around saying they are going to ban them etc. some do it for a living to sell and resell. There are lots of people willing to pay that price point, which is also why for example brands like BTSSB raises their prices. That's fine. You fucking come into a hobby knowing that the shit is worth alot fkin calm down.

>> No.9820698

You raise an interesting point anon. It's hard to catch all scalpers, and honestly just let them do their thing. There is really no need to. Complaining about them is petty. I honestly don't care if they exist. I don't really even call what they're doing scalping. It is capitalism. All of you have no clue what does along in their lives, they might need the funds and are just selling as extra cash. Sure i'll pay them because they were the one that secured the dress first. I already am able to pay alot for dresses. Stop complaining guys, and get a better paying job. Or maybe ask the sellers for cheaper or a payment plan. I'm sure they are reasonable human beings. Brands do lots of releases for popular prints already to combat the scalpers which does all of us lots of good.

>> No.9820711

I thought shiri and koukibi actually listed their items at decent prices. I've bought from koukibi, before she is a very pleasant person to deal with. She helped me with a really long payment plan of a few months. They both seem like lolitas that really wear the fashion, and are just getting a pretty penny.

>> No.9820712

Y'all so weird. What's a point of paying 500$ for a dress, which market value is around 300$? I guess, it has nothing to do with people being not prepared for typical prices of lolita clothing or having low paying jobs.

>> No.9820715

Shiri was selling wish me mell at a decent price... i wanted it but its gone, i wonder how much she bought it for?

>> No.9820717

It's market value is not at $300 if there are plenty of people buying it for way more. The market price is dynamic it changes due to popularity

>> No.9820719

Do you remember when Fairy Marine was released everyone screamed about it and it was selling multiple dresses on mbok for $1000 and they all sold. Well... that is the market value. Then it got rereleased and got killed ofc but... a more modern example would be.. You know that dumb angelic pretty cloud dress. Brilliant sky? Its release was $300 but everyone wanted it so it climbed to $1500

>> No.9820721

I do think there is a difference between businesses like Closet Child and Wunderwelt and scalpers though. CC and WW don't go around Mercari buying every cheap auction then putting it up in their store for way higher. You, yourself, have to go in there and offer to sell your items to them knowing that they won't pay you much. They run based on what people sell them despite knowing of their business model.

Scalpers seem like normal members of the community buying from other individuals who are selling their stuff in hopes that someone who wants it will buy it and use it when they no longer use it. But they aren't, and they had no intention of wearing it. I just feel like it's sad and I highly doubt the people selling these items on Mercari would be happy if they knew girls were buying them then reselling them at 4x the cost immediately.

>> No.9820724

Do people have a right to sell it at $1500? Even though they bought it for like $700 and fell out of love with it after trying it on.

Debatable but sure. I think we should lay off the scalpers too.

>> No.9820726

I like how you went from censoring the word to only typing half of it out to outright saying “fuck” within a few sentences.

>> No.9820729

Yeah i had someone buy something cheap off of me and litterally the day it arrives(i followed the travking) the bitch posted it for sale calling it *rare* for twice the amount she paid. It definately made me not want to sell to her ever again. I felt it was very dishonest to anyone who potentially would of wanted to buy it. This type of behavior inherently hurts the community at large.

>> No.9820735

I have bought maybe 8 times from 8 sellers. But only had issues from 5 of those 8 sellers based in France. Two of them sold me soiled and dirty clothes ( pit stains mostly but this wasn’t disclosed in their sales ToS). One backed out of selling me a dress and never returned me the full money I paid. Claimed “ PayPal tax on international currency”. The other two did shitty jobs packing the items causing one of them to get cut and holes in the item becuse it was in a bag and not a more enforced envelope. After those incidences I just told myself to never buy from French lolitas any more even if they all are not like that. Too many bad sellers in my history to ignore it.

>> No.9820740

How do payment plans justify scalping? Not saying you're a scalper, but I don't get that argument. And yes, you can ask mercari sellers for payment plans and holds.
I think it all boils down to if you sell your things and make a small profit depending on how popular your item is or if you're greedy and buy lolita with the thought of making as much profit as possible with it.

>Try it on, and realize...it isn't for me
How? Like, I understand if you try something on and it doesn't quite fit right, so you sell it. But if that happens often, so often that other people might notice it, that's weird. Either you should seriously consider your buying habits or you should listen to your inner voice and question your own intentions while buying.

The only one who needs to calm down is you. Just because other people do it, that doesn't mean it's morally okay. The system how second hand shops work is different from scalpers. It's a difference if people actively go to them and sell their things for dirtcheap on their own accord, or if they stalk the already competitive market to buy the cheapest things and resell them for 400%. Sure you can say "that's how capitalism works, I do what I want" but don't expect people to not judge you for it. And japanese lolitas complain about scalpers too.

>> No.9820742


We all have been beholders of CTP, appearing for around 850$, which is twice cheaper than it usually comes on LM. If people could educate themselves about buying from JP market and just basically keep patience, the western prices would chill down with the lack of demand. Some things totally appear for lower prices, why are you trying to convince me, that buying expensive is better, this is dumb as shit.

>> No.9820750

Actually so shiri sold me a dress that had a hole in it. I didnt ask her about it though. I just left positive feedback because I was afraid

>> No.9820752

You should message her.........

>> No.9820753

My SS said i cannot negotiate with time or hold. Only way I can make any comment is to pay :( if i message the mercari seller then they will not bid on it.

>> No.9820757

Ok then I probably need to address my buying problem.. i think I actually have a shopping problem. I list stuff for more all the time but I havn't got called out for it yet.

>> No.9820768

What about buying something second hand off a JP site years ago for a decent price. Years later you fell out of love with the dress/change styles and see on LM the dress regularly sells/sold for double what you paid for? Is it fair to undersell myself just because I got a good deal years ago?

>> No.9820780

People can sell for whatever they want. I agree what Rainies etc do is dscummy, but in the end you can essentially say what you want by not buying from them. Despite how much we want them, dresses are ultimately not essential to living. We can just not buy them. That's how it works.

>> No.9820782


*scummy, even.

>> No.9820785

It’s not scalping if you bought it to actually wear it and the market price changed in the meantime. Scalping is when you buy only to resell for a markup.

>> No.9820788

No sell it for more, ignore everyone, just do what you want. Who cares.

>> No.9820790

Sometimes I buy things that I think Ill wear, but then run into an emergency situation where I need money and just sell my lolita i JUST bought at higher price. Is that not okay?

>> No.9820792

Learn to manage your money better.

>> No.9820793

You don't have emergency funds...?

>> No.9820795

Sadly no.

>> No.9820798

Yeah i do. Ill learn to do that better....
also sometimes i find a dream dress and I dont have the money for it but i emergency sell lolita for that too at marked up prices.

>> No.9820799

This thread is literally turning into a sob story like a #metoo movement
All of these posters have scalped before and are just confessing to it. Seems like everyone is guilty of doing some supposedly immoral thing. I think it shouldnt really matter, also these girls wouldn't be doing it unless they needed the money.

>> No.9820819

I mean it depends on what it is. When I buy from LM, it's usually only one thing so it fits in an envelope.

>> No.9820822

This. Didn't a certain Korean girl get kicked out of her local comm because she bought cheap secondhand brand from comm members and sold it for much higher to foreigners?

>> No.9820823

>I was afraid
of what? wtf? i knew there are a lot of people with anxiety on 4chan but damn

>> No.9820825

/cgl/ is not the right place to ask for advice on that, you should talk to a professional anon. Shopping addictions can get serious and harmful very quickly, even if you don't make any debts in the beginning.

Yes I'm not sure if there are SS willing to do it, but japanese people ask for holds and payment plans all the time.

Anon read the thread. That's normal and not what we are talking about.

Maybe you should try to distance yourself from lolita and online shopping until you have a nice emergency cushion. Look at it like that: You still have your whole life to find your dream dress again, but one-time emergencies can fuck you up real bag for a long period of time. Save yourself the stress.

Who is confessing? All I see is 4 anons who ask about the definition of scalping. 4 anons is not everyone.
>also these girls wouldn't be doing it unless they needed the money.
I can't tell if you're baiting or incredibly naive. Koukibi, Rainies, Shiri, Gemgem and so on wouldn't scalp in the first place if they desperately needed money.

>> No.9820835

How would you know that for sure that they dont need money?

>> No.9820837

Thanks i will look into reducing the amount of dresses I buy.

>> No.9820870

I heard they sell all knock offs, that store is full of replicas. Dont support

>> No.9820875

Where dyu guys buy wigs? I need halp

>> No.9820877

I find this hilarious that people complain about shipping charges. And freak out about free shipping when it is clearly more expensive.

>> No.9820879

When do they open their orders? Can someone tell me? I need to know when they OPEN! I been eyeing the black bat headband and everytime i check AB theyre closed

>> No.9820881

I saw a yelp review I googled it and it looks like you are right full of replicas, ok gulls, is it okay for these types of busineses to exist? Full of replicas of chinese taobao.

>> No.9820882

Ew. Why would they open a business just to sell replica...

>> No.9820885

Can we get proof pictures that they sell replica print dresses? I see they have taobao shoes too.

>> No.9820887

>Maple Wigs
We had a wig thread, check the archives.

>> No.9820888

Is it okay to just sell replicas in a chain business? Hey gulls what would you reccommend this business front, maybe I'll send them an email.

>> No.9820892

Yeah holy shit this girl is beyond anything.

>> No.9820896

Yeah what the fuck is that girl. I have never cringed so hard in my life. Maybe she has autism.

>> No.9820990

Nayrt, but really? If they needed money how would they continue scalping. If they needed money, the sales would go to that thing and they wouldn't have any more dresses to scalp.

>> No.9821017

They only open for a week every couple of months. They announce their opening in their newsletter. You can subscribe to it on their site.

>> No.9821049


>> No.9821052

I can assure you that most people on this board have autism

>> No.9821061
File: 703 KB, 640x1136, 867E0DDD-39AE-488B-85B3-78A4D6D940A6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not 100% sure of this is classed as scalping, but someone is selling the dolly cat headbow in black for $100

>> No.9821070

yes this seller is a scalper but this item is worth that much technically

>> No.9821074

Then why do you see it pop up for around the $60 mark? and why has that sellers item sat there for like over a year?

>> No.9821078

>brings up metoo
>supposedly immoral
>everyone does it! shouldn't matter!

Discussion about scalping and the western market turns into surprise rape/harassment apologist post. I can't believe it!

>> No.9821080

I'm looking for a picture of a cute lolita with a pixie cut and a white dress. Anyone has it saved?

>> No.9821085
File: 91 KB, 600x697, aisu desu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw there's a weaboo store near me that sells second-hand burando
>literally the one single redeeming quality about this State

>> No.9821096
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, hellopolice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9821142


>> No.9821144

of course, everyone has the iconic picture of the cute lolita with a pixie cut and a white dress

>> No.9821236


I could see how some small reseller buying a ton of "lolita costumes" off taobao might not realise some of them are replicas and not character costumes, especially since the name of the shop has the word cosplay and not lolita in it.

But if they're large chain stores like someone else suggests, and they were marketing to lolitas, then that's certainly a different can of worms.

>> No.9821288


It's like a bizarre updated form of Godwin's law. Eventually, everything turns into sexual harassment.

>> No.9821364

If you have a zit on your back and it pops while you're wearing a dress for the love of GOD clean it before you sell the dress. Some people are absolutely nasty.

>> No.9821367

I think I just threw up in my mouth, anon. That’s fucking disgusting.

>> No.9821368

You're fucking right my dude. And yet some people have the nerve.

>> No.9821372

... Did you buy a dress that had a zit juice stain on it? Name and shame anon.

>> No.9821386
File: 58 KB, 426x639, 18-03-18-t-242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was about five seconds from buying it before I realized what the damage was.
It's the Romantic Cat mint OP on closetchild right now.

>> No.9821398


Does it not come out in the wash?

(asking as someone who has never had back zits, just wanna know how hard it would be the get the stains out. I mean yea, it's gross, but that's why secondhand stuff is supposed to be cheaper than retail. I'm not expecting a perfectly pristine dress if I bought it off closet child, I'm just worried if it can't be cleaned up.)

>> No.9821401
File: 1.49 MB, 160x160, 461336B9-426D-4813-A522-726BDF5EA1BE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9821414

It should. You might need to use Oxyclean or an enzyme cleaner. It's kind of like blood.

>> No.9821421


Aaand that is how the lolita MRSA outbreak happened.

>> No.9821422

There are several ways to clean blood/fluids off of clothing but they work best when you treat the stain right away/as soon as possible. You're right, buying secondhand means you shouldn't necessarily expect a pristine item (unless that's what the seller is telling you to expect), but there's still a world of difference between a stray food or dirt stain and blood/pus.

>> No.9821491


Ah, thanks. I'll take note of the thing about "freshness" possibly affecting whether or not it can be removed, and will try Oxy. The last time I got a dress with a stain I could not remove I ended up bleaching the stain slowly, it was a pita and I’d rather not do it again (that one was only stained on the lace part, but right in front, very large and very obvious).

We've had discussions about pit stains and body odour on clothes before so I guess I didn't think a lot of blood and pus being different, it’s bad though if the stains/odour are permanent and cannot be removed. I guess I hadn’t thought of blood/pus being a possible disease carrier.

>> No.9821495

So is anyone thinking of going to the JetJ Tea Party? Im not sure yet

>> No.9821496

>not wearing an undershirt while wearing lolita

>> No.9821565

The buy it now price is $100 the bidding price starts at $86

>> No.9821566

On the topic of laundering, can anyone who's washed Romantic Rose Letter tell me if it runs in the wash or if it fades the print? I received the blue JSK recently with some food stains I want to get rid of.

>> No.9821625
File: 33 KB, 345x437, IWW-marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>patiently waiting for pic related to go on reservation
>【Start accepting】*March 19, 2018 (Monday)[JST]
>current time in Japan: 16:42 Monday, 19 March
>keep refreshing the page
>still nothing
>please don't play me this way IW
A-am I retarded? What am I missing?

>> No.9821632

Why not?

>> No.9821662

What’s up with this model’s face? I miss model-san.

>> No.9821689

It's up now!

>> No.9821693

>I miss model-san

I saw! I sent in my order within minutes of it going live. Hopefully Fujiwara has more OP designs for IWW, I'm more than ready to pay these prices for IW quality.

>> No.9821695
File: 23 KB, 225x300, 851fa34b-ca9e-5aa4-a6b2-9b9fba226b1c_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too, anon

>> No.9821707

I think it's more relevant in the dd threads than bst, bst is primarily cgl sales and the scalpers don't post there. I can see people being taken advantage of in dd threads though, so they should definitely have a list to check.

>> No.9821746

Because it’s not at the 60 mark like the others. You answered your own question anon. But it’s not uncommon for something to go above what others are selling if. Some people are willing to pay that. If you don’t like the price point, don’t buy it. It’s simple.

>> No.9821766

I wouldn't hope for their usual quality

>> No.9821774

This sounds so whiny, to be quite honest.
Who decides what is a scalped price or not? Is it scalped it it’s above the usual rate? Is it scalped if they paid less? Is it scalped because they list it the same day they get it? Who decides that?
You may argue Shiri or Rainies overprice, but in the end many if their things sell. So obviously the price was okay for these buyers.

I feel like there are too many whiny bitches in this thread. If an item is indeed overpriced, they will either reduce or remain unsold. So what is your problem? Or do y‘all have a problem when someone does buy the overpriced item and sets a new market value for your precious item? In the end they are not doing anything illegal.

>> No.9821779
File: 182 KB, 485x333, iw-iww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True. This OP is clearly a watered down redesign of their Anchor Charm OP, some details are different including the cut, but that's to be expected considering the fact the original's price tag was more than twice than the IWW version.
This is actually pretty interesting, seeing how the cost affects certain aspects of the design and what goes into it.
Still, I don't mind giving IWW a try to see if it's worth it.

>> No.9821783

Woah, this is fascinating! I really hope someone who owns both will do a comparison when they recieve their IWW piece. That would be the most interesting bit of lolita content since that data analysis of the price of Cat's Tea Party.

>> No.9821804 [DELETED] 

That's what I thought too. We should post the list in or after the next DD thread.

>> No.9821807

That's what I thought too. We should post a list in or after the next DD OP.

>> No.9821828
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1448991436767.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That would be the most interesting bit of lolita content since that data analysis of the price of Cat's Tea Party.

audiably laughed at this

>> No.9821840


>> No.9821864

nyart but i think it’s because you didn’t write a complete sentence

>> No.9821867

Cherry_sp is a scalper too. Dolly cat dresses arent that much and she had 4 different cuts/colorways and 300+ feedback.

>> No.9821874

I agree anon. There are way too many whiny people. almost everyone scalps, you just don't catch them. It's also not okay to start assuming that these specific sellers did not try on the dresses and then suddenly not want them. I bought a dress before that I totally planned on adding to my wardrobe...but then decided I wanted another dress more and decided to sell this one. I immediately sold it for double the price because well... that was the market value. What allows for you to assign my dress price. Oh do you want me to have a mourning period and not list the dress for 9 months just so my scalped price will go under the radar. Ya'll just jealous that you were unable to secure your favorite dress first.

>> No.9821882

Everyone should just stop. This is like a witch hunt for sellers now. Everyone is just going to be afraid of selling in general on LM, and you'll never get your favorite dress.

>> No.9821886

How bout you guys stop being a crazy frenzy of "OH MY GOD SCALPER". Also I've sold my Holy Lantern for triple the release price when it came out. Lots of people living in japan are scalpers too. There's a seller on LM that lists cheap but then sometimes expensive japan exclusive releases that puts dresses on a mannequin, full sets for ridiculous prices...that of course. Sells. Pretty close to their release dates. So you guys need to stop complaining. Also your beloved Chibitenshi shopping service also sometimes buys really cheap sets from closetchild/on Y!J around the time she lists them. I noticed this very long ago. You guys need to stop.

>> No.9821887
File: 32 KB, 286x400, 1407253838892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At first I thought you were sarcastic about anons talking about scaplers, but it's actually a thing, omg

>> No.9821888

I've asked in the Irish thread too but anyone have experience wearing lolita in Dublin? (am not Irish)

>> No.9821893

>posts pic of junior model-san/model-san Lite

>> No.9821895


I'd be interested in a comparison actually. I can't wait to jump on, but they've released three things so far and I like none of them (not even for the low, low prices). Very curious where and how they're cutting costs, I'm gonna be upset if it's in the fabric quality.

>> No.9821898

There is nothing harmful about complaining about scalpers, when every overpriced piece is anyways going to reach its buyer.

>> No.9821900
File: 30 KB, 225x300, ad02646c-8e38-532a-aebe-5129feb22294_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. Pic related is junior Model-san. >>9821695 is the OG, just when she was younger and fairly new to IW.

>> No.9821903

I forgot about them, they've been around for a while reselling overpriced bodyline to noobs.

Jfc read the thread you're replying to. We are talking about people who sell over the market value repeatedly and repeatedly instantly sell things they bought of mercari/fril in the course of years. This applies to every person mentioned ITT. No need to piss your pants. And again
>other people do it too!!
is not a valid argument.

>> No.9821904

lol chill out

Why would anybody be scared to sell their shit on lacemarket? I stalk fril and mercari all the time and sometimes see people selling stuff they bought from there at a markup- but it's always reasonable and is just a bit more than what it would cost if I bought it using an SS. Cherry_sp, koukibi, rainies, etc constantly buy cheap shit and sell at a 3x markup. The only people that annoy me more than them are the ones who buy from them. We can't get rid of them but there's no harm in complaining.

Also, I seriously doubt anybody with half a brain buys from chibitenshi's store. I've only ever heard people recommending her as an SS, and even then people always warn for her high fees. Nice attempt at deflecting the attention on to her though.

>> No.9821907
File: 1.99 MB, 1080x1350, PhotoGrid_1521470667211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because I'm a bored NEET with too much time on her hands, here's a visual guide.
>Model-san has a skinnier face and she always looks like she knows she's better than you.
>Sister-chan just looks nice and like she wants you to like her as much as you like her sister.
>Model-san's iconic pose is the side-glance, often focused at her perfect brand shoes.
>Sister-chan's iconic pose is the slightly doofy head tilt.
Finally, an easy way to differentiate them in the wild:
>Does she look like a Slytherin (coughDRACOcough) or a Ravenclaw? She's Model-san.
>Does she look like a slightly stoned Gryffindor or a regular Hufflepuff? She's Sister-chan.

>> No.9821910

Pinoream is the the one living in japan that scalps. I saw them sell HL set for really high and it sold. They also buy from Y!J and mercari. They go to instore releases to buy the popular ones just to sell.

>> No.9821911

Also Zoeosaki scalps i saw her buy stuff off mercari and list it immediately after. Etoile twins dress is like 30$ on mercari/fril she sells for 180 euros.

>> No.9821912

I think anon was talking about scalpers on japanese second hand websites like kamiuchida0730 and the ones who scalp directly after every new popular release thinking it's the new puppet circus.

>> No.9821915

It's extremely dangerous and you will be the laughing stock of town

>> No.9821916

Yeah she bought those huge jewelry ring bundles, sock sets, etc and lists them seperately on lacemarket for x3

>> No.9821917

ok, then add them onto the list with cherry_sp and friends I guess? I don't know what your point is. I was talking about the average LM westerner, which is why I mentioned SSes.

>> No.9821921

I doubt it's the fabric quality; going by info on IW's site and lolibrary, apparently they used a kind of fabric they've used before, including for the first "original release" of this OP, so it's likely fine.

>> No.9821922

If we're talking about shitty sellers, can we talk about hisausa_shirayukihime for a sec? She sets up auctions on y!a for 0.01 yen and deletes them if they don't get near the often unreasonably high buyout price. This means she has almost no bad reviews because you have to actually manage to buy from her to be able to leave a review, and she seems to be fairly nice to people who actually make it.

>> No.9821923

That's what I thought. Also im sick of cherry_sp. she's also a nitpicky twat

>> No.9821925

I never bid on her stuff because I know she just won't accept it and I don't want to funnel in money that I know I have a chance of not getting.

>> No.9821926

I just ignore her listings at this point because she's essentially Clickbait: The Seller. I just wait for peace_kakera's quarterly 1 yen sales.

>> No.9821928
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, 1520972082234.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyart but thanks anon! Man I just really love cgl (most of the time and especially right now)

>> No.9821930

Oh my god yes, she's so annoying. She canceled one of my auctions literally two seconds before it ended. I don't get why she doesn't list it as BIN if she's going to cancel bids anyway.

>> No.9821934
File: 7 KB, 186x200, 1503248667279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noice, thank you anon.

>> No.9821940

This is the best

>> No.9821958


>> No.9821960

Because all the people here are just a bunch of whiny bitches, let us whine. I mean I guess I 'd be more willing to accept if I know the girls tried on the dresses and realized it was not for them.

>> No.9821980

This. For those in her area, Cherry_sp has a "truck" that she wants you to pay to enter with all her sales (to pay for gas of course). THEN you can look at her stuff to see if you want to buy anything.

>> No.9821990

Shocked no ones talked about mrk from LM. Definitely the worst seller I’ve ever met.

>> No.9822013

I was just about to talk about mrk, yeah sux

>> No.9822015

Mrk marks up everything and scalps dresses from taobao, she purposely buys sizes XL or L just so the western market will buy. Shes not even wearing them for herself.

>> No.9822016

What the actual fuck. Any pictures?

>> No.9822017

Actually desu, out of all these sellers mrk is the worst. I wont ever buy their stuff. She doubles\ triples taobao dresses.

>> No.9822020

I want to see proof

>> No.9822021

What happened with mrk?

>> No.9822023

I did a pretty nice trade with her on the comm sales back in the day. I don't think she's a scalper but I could be wrong.

>> No.9822028

She also charges a ridiculous amount for shipping that can sometimes take a month or more to arrive.

>> No.9822030

Angelic Pretty Paris are yet to accept pre orders, so lurk on their instagram ect until then (they ship to murica btw)

>> No.9822041
File: 547 KB, 595x842, ジャンクスイーツPOP_PARISfr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try again anon!

>> No.9822046

Sent my email for a ticket this morning. It'll be my first time travelling abroad on my own (from London)

>> No.9822059

Sorry, no proof, I don't want to cause any drama in our comm, but I think she was already called out for shilling too much and may have left our comm.

>> No.9822084

if you really dont want drama in the great lakes comm maybe go ahead and ban viola rose...

>> No.9822090

>viola rose

>> No.9822097
File: 227 KB, 1242x1784, IMG_3238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On top of scalping, Koukibi's listing titles makes me want to kill myself.

>> No.9822106

Well, consider how much you bought it for? Of course at the end of the day it’s your dress and you probably should list it a max market if you hope it will sell. You aren’t a problem. It’s the people who habitually take multiple items off other sites with no intent to wear and flip them for prices above market value or above the potential value of the piece given age damage etc.

And again they have every right to do this but there are many lolitas in the sales realm that would prefer to not support this behavior if they knew about it.

>> No.9822108

Actually tht dress is pretty cheap. I'm considering buying it. Even if she bought it for less. You're just being salty.

>> No.9822110

Lol she dropped it 60% of what she wrote it before. Looks like she is in need of money

>> No.9822111

Uh it is a complete sentence...?
That would be (noun) since (noun)

>> No.9822112

We need repeated evidence and photo proof yall not one claim

>> No.9822113

>listen HL triple when it came out

That’s brand new pricing of a very rare dress (at the time), not abusing secondhand market.

>> No.9822117

I personally don't open capslock titles on purpose.

>> No.9822120

I dont think this dress is scalped price anymore, that's pretty normal. I think you are being an asshole, probably 'cause she snatched up a dress before you.

>> No.9822123

Hi koukibi. Your scalped AP lucky pack dresses pop up on mercari for 5000 yen all the time.

>> No.9822127

Don't give her money

>> No.9822130

That anon was referencing the title specifically as an example. I assumed they hid the price because it wasn't relevant to be a scalping example.

>> No.9822131

Don't buy it anon. Even if it's cheap

>> No.9822136

Hey anon. Send me the lucky pack dresses. I actually always wanted the cotton candy shop in purple dress but theyre always $150 on lacemarket

>> No.9822137

Someone bought it. Which gull was it.

>> No.9822140

I'm not going to do it for you, but regularly check the AP tags on fril and mercari. I bought my own lav cotton candy shop set with otks for 7000 yen a few months ago and saw a sax dream fantasy set for 6000 yen the past week.

>> No.9822142

if you want it go post on the DD thread for it.

>> No.9822144

Thanks, I'll be sure to do that. Nice to know. I bought stuff on mercari before but maybe my google translate is bad because they always got stains on it.

>> No.9822147

Don’t be so jealous.

>> No.9822151

Yep. If a lucky pack dress (dream fantasy, cotton candy shop, lyrical bunny going out) doesn't seem worth it for the price just wait a while because it will absolutely come up again. Try to buy from sellers with all positive ratings because they usually have the most accurate descriptions. Fril listings are also usually cheaper.

>> No.9822168
File: 35 KB, 720x480, IMG_3112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jealous of cringe tier titles and scalping

>> No.9822172

Like the other anon said I wasn't using this dress as an example of her scalping, but an example of her absolutely stupid and desperate listing titles.

>> No.9822173

New >>9822150

>> No.9822357

Oh hey, I'm also going from London, but with two friends. Traveling by yourself can be really fun too, I hope you enjoy it! Are you day tripping or spending an extra day or two in Paris? If you want some friendly people to check out the city with in the morning before the tea party, let me know and I can drop an email!

>> No.9822454

I'm planning on catching a train on Friday morning and getting one back Saturday evening. I've not booked anything yet and I'm thinking about maybe posting something on the FB page so I'm not so alone.

>> No.9822607


Also heading out from London on Friday by myself, would love some company.

>> No.9824727
File: 6 KB, 106x120, 96ce7e9cf4775060ff146f968f1ad5b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone had their SO dress up for them?
My girlfriend wore EGL/EGA today and i've been swooning all day long
>tfw she held my chin so i would look up to her since she was suuuper tall due to the mana tier platforms
>tfw it's like my chinese cartoons
>swooning intensifies