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Have you ever been purposely hunting for some smaller items, that are not dresses or skirts? Maybe some specific accessory or pair of socks.

Inspired by someone, who's mentioned hunting down for plaid AP crew socks :3

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My kingdom for these Kumya ears. I know, there is a plenty of brand and taobao alternatives, but they are so perfect. Too bad I've never seen them on sale secondhand.

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I have been searching for CDC’s navy accessories and Scarlet Primiavera’s wrist cuffs. Accessory hunts have always been the most satisfying for me to accomplish. Typically I am looking for the KC to a specific dress or their socks for the complete set.

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Is that a newborn sized elizabeth op?

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Probably for an Usakumya

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It's for lolita handpuppets

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dream item; a newborn so i can dress it in the usakumya dress

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It is

don't be that salty, it's not kawaii

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Funyassi x BTSSB collab. I see it for sale often but I'm just a cheap ass about buying him. But gdi I love funyassi

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A few years ago AP released their Horror Cross shoes, I'm always hunting for them but I either never find the color or my size (;_;) they really are dream shoes

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It's getting to the point where I may need to start posting this fucker in every dream thread.

God damn it. I love the Merry Belle OP so fucking much and just want this matching accessory to complete it.

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Not very ridiculous, but I've missed out on this bag three fucking times. Twice I was outbid on auctions and when I finally managed to snag it on LM, the seller backed out AFTER invoicing me (I got a refund, but I still hold a bit of a grudge against that bitch).

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Yes, these socks. I own so many meta with this kind of lace and I was an idiot for not immediately buying them when I saw them.

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Also this bag. Next time it appears, I'll throw all my money on it.

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I'm in love with this bag but I thought getting it was a pipe dream. Just recently I saw a Russian lolita post about getting the bag and matching coat.

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I bought these socks on mercari. They are absolutely wonderful I love the lace so much.

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This stupid fucking hat.

I don't even know why I want it so much.

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These. I'm in dire need of more legwear and black and blue moitie socks would open so many coordinate options.

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But you better treasure them, or else I'll find you. Did the tags (the pink ones) look any different from other meta tags?

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Melody doll in white, in good shape, with the capelet

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How is that even ridiculous, anon?

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Mostly just want it for that t h i c c d i c c shitposting potential for my insta.

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I just want one of these that isn't in absolutely fucked condition

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How can something be so elegant and cute at the same time

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Wouldn't even wear it with lolita, just with normie clothes. I just love how much bullshit is written on this shirt.

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Same, anon. I saw it years ago on CC and I’m still pissed I didn’t buy it

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The house bag went up on closetchild today.

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One of these BTSSB bow bands, in black. Maybe one in pink or red too. The one with only one bow is OK too. I know they come up for sale relatively often but I keep balking because I worry the gingham band won't match my closet. But then I have literally dreamed about them before. I need one.