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Previous thread: 9800541

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Whoops >>9800541

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>being so new you don't know how to link posts

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What can I say? I got excited to finally start a general and I fucked up.
>Very disappointed with myself to be honest

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>bullying the baker

don't be rude

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Literally anyone can make a thread.

You should be, this isn't even a simple slip up seeing as you had to type it out. Are you really so new you don't know the easy way to link posts?

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If you haven't filled in the VM survey, please do!

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I'm not new, just stupid.

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You'd have to be a whole new level of stupid for this.

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>Literally anyone can make a thread.

And you didn't ya lazy bum

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Neither did you.

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I'm not the one being rude to the baker though

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We often discuss taobao dresses flooding the market, but there's less discussion about how even lolitas who own a lot of brand mains often wear taobao shirts, shoes, accessories, etc nowadays. Why has this become so common? What does it mean for us and for Japanese brands?

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And I'm not the one being a giant autist by using the term baker.

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Off to a great start gulls.
How about we stop bullying OP and share some tricks to sell brand as fast as possible? Do you list your sales anywhere else other than LM and FB?

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>share some tricks to sell brand as fast as possible?

Take care of your shit, take good pictures, and don't expect to earn back 100% of what you spent

And remove the GOD DAMN pet hair from your clothing. Nothing irks me more than buying a "like new" or "NWT" item only to open a box with a dress that looks like Spike's been using it has his personal doggy bed

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This would be more suited to the BST. Not to mention most people who aren't new to the fashion have figured this stuff out by now.

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It probably sucks for Japanese brands, but their blouses especially are very expensive. I do think you get what you pay for, most of my blouses are brand and I love their details and design. Still I understand why a lot of lolitas, especially daily lolitas, feel their prices are unreasonable.

I have tried ebay, but it's shit. Considering trying depop. Has anyone else here tried depop?

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What did everyone choose?

I ended up choosing quite a bit which might work against me, but I'm most excited for these four to be possibly re-released. I also asked specifically for the elegant canotier hat to be re-released, because it can't be re-released enough times.

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Of course I dropped pic.

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I'm still very salty about the lack of Beth

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You would think so, but whenever someone comes in here to ask about x thing because they couldn't find the thread for x thing in the catalog, you know it's because they don't know how to make a new thread for x thing. Happens all the time.

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Take good pics and sell it for less than you spent.

Is not common in my comm at all. We like the fabric that touches our skin to be soft and not smelling of burned plastic.

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Maybe Beth will continue

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To the anon in the last thread who linked me to someone who might have had pic related for sale: Unfortunately she's already sold it, so I'll just have to keep hoping my DD pops up in the future. Thanks for the link, though! I massively appreciate it, you are the best.

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Sell lower than the going price. Include shipping in the price so that it's "free shipping." Don't list your piece when there are other people selling the same one- this one makes the least difference but it does help a bit.

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I'm not that into revived casual Beth, I liked the original version more. But it would be nice if it did!

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Did this get released as a skirt in pink? I think I have it

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I picked the two on the left and the skirt. Excellent taste anon.

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Those people are also all retarded

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Honestly, as someone who started years ago buying primarily Taobao as I thought "wah brand is too expensive", even for side stuff I mostly just own brand now. Accessories are easy to get for cheap secondhand and through seasonal sales. And who can beat IW's sales that are multiple times a year and put a pretty reasonable price on a brand new blouse that's better than any Taobao blouse I've ever owned. Japanese secondhand is amazing for prices on just about everything. Even shoes, though plenty of normie shoes work for the fashion.

I honestly don't know why it's as common as it is, but I'm guessing it's because there's just so much Taobao constantly available and it floods the Lolita Updates thread at all times. Brand releases are far between but there's always a million new releases from Taobao and some brands that have pretty much permanent pieces. Instead of having to wait for a brand sale, wait for something to pop up secondhand, wait for that accessory you want to drop in price on Mercari or LM you can just buy it right then and now for seemingly cheaper, never mind the quality. And with people chasing likes on social media and the fashion being rather costume-y for many they want the outfit they're thinking of as soon as possible.

At least, I think that's part of it. I'm a lonelita who wears it once or twice a week (job with a uniform during most daytime hours sucks), my perception may be very skewed. I'm only assuming it's "common" because people mention it is.

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I can only find photos of these three colourways. Lolibrary says there were four: red, blue, black, grey. I'm not sure if this pic has black or grey. But no pink.

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Less money spent on accessories means more money to spend on brand main pieces.

Brand accessories are very expensive though and sometimes seen as not worth it (mainly shoes and jewellery). Taobao offers a lot more variety in styles and colours, giving you the option to make more coords with one main piece.

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When you started out, did you not know about the secondhand market? What was going through your head?

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It's not worth it to buy from taobao just for accessories and shoes because of shipping

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I'm a large bust-chan and for a while didn't even know AP and Meta made blouses that might accomodate my tits. I'm going to try to buy more brand blouses this year.

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To be fair, I've bought brand shoes before (from BTSSB and Queen Bee) and they've been awful. At least with taobao shoes, I'm not paying premium prices for bad quality. I wear taobao shoes to meets and Western shoes in my daily coords. I'm never buying brand shoes again unless the quality gets better.

Blouses, I don't understand, except lolitas in hot climates buying those weird chiffon crop tops to stay cool.

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I didn't know about Japanese secondhand, even CC and WW, just the western markets. My first purchases were actually some socks from an IW sale in 2013, a cheap cutsew on EGL sales, and two knits on LM if I'm remembering right - but the main pieces and blouses had very intimidating prices even secondhand for someone going from only buying cheap normie clothes at thrift stores and Old Navy. If it helps to understand, I'd often scoff as spending even $20 on a shirt normally, and most things that hit that price point in the western secondhand market are very ugly/niche/worn.

Left the idea of doing the fashion for a year, came back, and started buying Taobao because then I felt like I had big important main pieces for a fraction of the cost. I've since sold many I bought back then, though a few are still pretty good (Nameless Poem, even if everyone has it, is very solid), and sold some of the blouses and other things I bought that I realized weren't up to par when I started really hitting up the secondhand market, discovered Japanese secondhand, and brand sales.

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I was afraid to vote for things that are nice and deserve rerelease but weren't what I really, really wanted. Top five were what I voted for - I know, I'm very boring and they're not VM's most popular things but I'd buy them if they came out again in a heartbeat. Royal Lace-Up is actually a DD for me and the Ceremony Skirt in purple is a super high wishlist item.

Bottom were my requests, Rosalie coats in teal are my favorite. Other two are my other VM dream dresses, though I doubt they'll bother investing into embroidery to rerelease Waltz of Snow, sob.

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I see a healthy mix of people who wear offbrand/taobao with brand as well as people who only wear brand. I think the fashion has grown a lot globally and that doesn't work well with the limited nature of brand releases. i.e. Instead of waiting for a brand to possibly release something you need, it's much easier to hop on taobao and find an approximation for less.

BST is primarily for actual sales/wtb listings, discussion should stay in the general or qddtot threads to avoid clutter. There's also a good beginner's guide in the thread if people really need a starting point.

Mostly agree with you but sometimes I don't want to start a thread if I'm just asking one question and don't intend to stick around long.

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It's a newfag asking questions that anyone who's not new knows the answers to. Its not like that's actual discussion.

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More worth it than $300 plastic JetJ shoes.

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American Duchess got involved with a ton of drama in the historical costuming community because one of their Simplicity patterns copied a costume designer's work from "Outlander", causing the designer to delete her blog (where she shared free info to cosplayers). AD had specified that Simplicity should avoid photographing the dress in the same color that it was on the tv show but they did anyway. They have since had to change the pattern covers to avoid further issues.

TL;DR Simplicity doesn't have the best reputation outside the Lolita comm either.

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I'd honestly just pop the Beth dresses into the empty line at the bottom where they ask what you like. Even if they don't re-release it at least they know there is some interest in it.

I haven't voted yet, so if you drop the full names of the Beth items you wanted I'm happy to paste them into my vote.

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I also requested Rosalie short coat, if it really gets a rerelease I'm gonna cry of happiness

>> No.9803249

I requested the same coats as you, also in peacock. Went wild with the voting though, since we were allowed 10 in each dress category so what the hey.

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I've listed stuff on depop but most people there don't want to pay $100+ for a dress, so it's not a very good market. For some reason there's a market for overpriced Liz Lisa/jfashion, though.
Also note that depop takes a 10% fee from the total cost (including shipping) so it's pretty shitty.

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I use depop for non-lolita jfashion and have been mildly successful. When I first started listing items I sold several things right away, but now I haven't sold anything in about 3 weeks, so I think "activity" plays a big role in listing views.

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i've actually had success in asking them to post their listing on LM to buy to avoid the fee when I bought a jsk, OP and bag from someone.

i'm not active at all but i get notifications everyday from people liking my things and the occasional comment / PM. I think you should be following a lot of people and have a lot of things to sell in order to have some success.

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Most people in my comm only buy brand main pieces, legwear and bags and go Taobao for everything else. I once said that I can see a clear difference between brand (particularly IW) and Taobao blouses (because I own both!) and nearly got my head bitten off. I agree that buying brand blouses directly can be very pricey but IMO it’s worth it, especially if you can snag something on sale. My brand blouses have held up wonderfully over the years and I often wear them to work, whereas my blouses from Taobao started showing damage after a few wears and I’m kind of embarrassed to wear them to work because they’re noticeably on the cheap side. There is one Pumpkin Cat blouse that looks to be on par with some of my brand blouses so I wear that one to work too, but the fabric causes me to become statically charged and get little shocks from door handles and such. Keeps me awake, I guess.

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>doesn't know about the use of bullying on 4chan
It's always the newfags calling others newfag.

That's why I asked for tricks, not general how-to's. God forbid I'm trying to change the topic away from obvious baiting.

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Do you have pictures of those shoes?

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>Less money spent on accessories means more money to spend on brand main pieces.
Idk how to tell you this anon but people can tell you spent most of your budget on your main piece, cutting corners is not a good look. I'm not saying you have to drop hundreds on brand new blouses, secondhand blouses can be found for really cheap and the quality shows, unlike what you find on taobao.
I used to buy a lot on taobao until I realized how much cheaper and better it is to get secondhand brand. My coords look and feel much nicer and I've never looked back since.

>> No.9803585

I don’t personally own anything from taobao anon, and I never said that the difference in quality isn’t evident. But it is how many people who are on a budget think, hence why it’s so commonly acceptable - though usually when they learn how hit-and-miss taobao is they move on to scouring the markets for secondhand brand blouses.

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How do you all find brand blouses that fit your shoulders? I'm a EU size 38 and I have a lot of trouble with it when it comes to gothic brands. Maybe I should look at other substyles.

>> No.9803596

If you have wide shoulders try the mens lines. Boz and AatP make mens sizes of most of their designs. Otherwise there are gothic blouses with elastic necklines you might be able to work with (Atelier Pierrot makes that style on the regular)

Don't expect them to be cheap though, you'll either wait awhile for stuff to come up secondhand or buy new.

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Lavender RLL set... Damn AP Paris why hurt me so bad?

>> No.9803602

Same. I bought from Taobao a decent amount in 2013-2014, then gave up on it. The only thing I regularly wear that's from Taobao are my Antaina tea parties, and even they are only 1 pair of my shoes.
There are some nice releases from Taobao, but in my experience, they're never as nice as brand. There are also way too many duds. I'd rather take my $40 and find a brand blouse or cardigan secondhand than order shit and hope it's comfortable and fits well.

>> No.9803625

I have a large brand wardrobe. But I don't buy brand shoes because they are usually shit quality and don't fit my feet anyway. I got my staple of brand blouses but I also have a lot of tabao ones because the brands I like just don't do the unusual colourways. I also buy a lot of basic hair accessories from taobao or just get the supplies from there to make them myself. I think it's pointless to spend like $100 on some fabric roses and lace glued together when you can get the same for cheaper elsewhere. And for things like jewellery I never buy brand, I prefer western brands for it.

>> No.9803630

I don't think I have extremely wide shoulders tough. 38 is an American 6/medium? Tough if it wasn't for my shoulders, I'd wear XS or S.
I just looked at AatP men's size blouses but (besides that I have a very feminine style) they'd be too big for me. Atelier Boz would fit better but again don't go with my wardrobe.

>> No.9803638

This is why I buy blouses from taobao. I'd love to buy them from btssb or iw, but their L size only has 2cm extra shoulder width. Why? Actually it doesn't matter, their L size would look ridiculous on me anyway considering my bust is only 84cm.

>> No.9803643

Emily Temple Cute has a 39cm shoulder width

>> No.9803674

So then you're in between AatP ladies and mens sizes? You can always tailor down.

I'll be honest and say that Googling what an EU38 shoulder width is is telling me sweet fuck all. Measurements in cm are probably the most useful way of getting good help (not your fault, the garment industry just doesn't have any universal standards and the US has vanity sizing run wild). I'd like to help a fellow goth out!

>> No.9803691

nayrt but it's a US size 6 and UK size 10, probably 38cm shoulder width.

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But Simplicity was helping to get the word out about lolita fashion. They weren't making replicas, they were making patterns.

Were are the lawsuits from VV and others levied onto Simplicity?

>> No.9803705

I only own brand blouses (mostly AP, ETC, and IW) and my shoulders are 38-40cm if I'm measuring correctly. AP is hit or miss, but IW and ETC, as well as other Japanese brands like Fint, have worked out really well for me.
I've only owned one blouse by Baby, so I don't feel like I can judge them on that.

>> No.9803706

So the IW measurements on their webshop are wrong?

>> No.9803710

>spreading the word of lolita fashion
>by marketing stolen designs as patterns for "costumes"
Please quit while you're ahead.

>> No.9803714

This is the spelling of a visual kei band

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I just took out a blouse to measure. I have this in size M, lolibrary lists the shoulder for the medium size as 36cm, but my measurements give ~38cm.

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You may think wearing lolita fashion is not a costume, but for normal people, it is a costume. Sorry to burst your bubble, mam.

>> No.9803721

>for normal people
Literally nobody cares. Weak bait, 1/10 got me to respond.

>> No.9803736

I have 38cm shoulders and a 85cm bust and I love IW’s size L blouses. They’re roomy in the bust and waist but they’re not supposed to be tight anyway, and I can actually move my arms around without hulking out of the seams. Bless IW size L!

“Normal” people also tend to think sweet lolita is ageplay so we might as well start marketing it that way, right? Someone alert AP and Baby.

>> No.9803739

Where do the shoulder seams hit you?

>> No.9803770

Patterns of stolen designs, anon...

>> No.9803780

Bait. Go back to the cosplay threads and jerk off over your weeb costumes.

>> No.9803802

It wasn't stolen, anon. Simplicity made patterns.

>> No.9803815

Of a design made by Vierge Vampur.

>> No.9803817

Yes, but Vierge Vampur wasn't making enough design to sell. If you can't keep up with demand, someone else will sell them at a discount.

Lrn 2 economics.

>> No.9803819

>replicas are totally legit you guys it's basic economics

>> No.9803822

Simplicity's patterns were not replicas.

>> No.9803823

>has a degree in econ
>has a partner getting a degree in econ
Just because you can sell something, doesn’t mean you should.

Replicas come with a reputational risk, and if that backfires on your company you can’t whine muh economics. People looked at their product and chose not to buy it, and encouraged others not to buy it as well. That was their decision.

>> No.9803824


Take it to the Rufflecon thread >>9803727

>> No.9803828

Exactly. VV should have send in their lawyers to Simplicity's offices instead of a lolita troll Antifa mob being formed on Rufflechat that was the internet's version of the Charlottesville protest.

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Please stop, your bait is reaching levels of retardation that shouldn't be possible.

>> No.9803834

I’m >>9803823 and >>9803824
is right. There is a dedicated thread now and we need to take this convo there. I’m saging

>> No.9803839

>mfw I don’t have good enough japanese to comment in the coat section
Thanks for requesting these, anon. You have good taste

>> No.9803885

>Romantic Lose Letter

>> No.9803945

>blouse from Seraphim: 35,640JPY
>long-sleeve dress from Seraphim: 30,780JPY

>> No.9804012

Blouses are pretty complex for a good fit anon... Sometimes they just as much detail as a dress.

>> No.9804024


Would you post your handles, anons? I'm always looking to follow more people on depop selling more casual jfash

>> No.9804035

I love Anna

>> No.9804051

>that purse
Has Sanrio threatened a lawsuit yet?

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pic related is unironically how all Chinese lolitas I've seen irl dress

>> No.9804098

I'm mostly bothered by the mixing of saturated primary colours with pastels

the outfit itself is not lolita just because the skirt is a lolita skirt

>> No.9804103

I just think it's funny Chinese lolitas are known for their OTT photoshoots, but irl they don't even wear it properly. they slap on a lolita skirt with normie shoes and shirt and still call it lolita.

>> No.9804106

ah very true

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File: 2.93 MB, 480x270, 1506921191211.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, I can kind of see what she was going for with the melting shirt and melting skirt, but those colours do not work together and those shoes need to be burned in a dumpster.

>> No.9804130

Suggesting that because a tiny foreign designer hasn't brought an international lawsuit against a gigantic company like Simplicity means everything is totally peachy makes you sound really stupid, anon

>> No.9804152

There are 2 types of Chinese Lolita’s

1. Rich kids who buy dumb shit with daddy’s money and do that OTT shit. See also those Chinese girls who are living abroad but never integrate into local culture.

2. Ita girls who struggle to buy brand and seem to forget it’s not cosplay. They may have gotten some income now to burn but depend on shilling taobao to western girls to be in the fashion.

>> No.9804160

I'm >>9804052 and I work at a hotel where I've seen a few Chinese lolitas. I wouldn't say many, but I've seen girls wearing brand skirts and jsks. I always thought they're just wearing their clothes casually without calling it lolita like some gulls say they do. Then I actually met Chinese lolitas through a friend who studies there. The ones I met dress very casual like the ones I see at the hotel (no petticoat), but they really believe what they're wearing is lolita. Basically, if it's burando it's 100% lolita to them no matter how you style it.

>> No.9804196

Gosh I would give anything to have an anna tsuchiya gf

>> No.9804201

a gf who divorced several times?

>> No.9804203

The Chinese lolitas where I am do this too. Not as much though - they're capable of making a good coord (they seem to be rich) but they sometimes will wear a JSK or a skirt with badly dyed hair and just a hoodie. It always looks off to me

>> No.9804205

can't get divorced if you never marry her

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File: 60 KB, 700x700, Queen Bee One Strap Pumps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bodyline 23.5 too small
>Yosuke USA 24.0 to big
>the hunt for some fucking high-heeled black classic-suitable shoes continues

Wish me luck gulls. If these fuckers appear on LM in a week you'll know I failed again.

>> No.9804247

in your opinion, can an average but 6'0" guy pull off dandy or is that only for twink mode? Is there a look for more jacked guys?

>> No.9804248

Kill yourself.

>> No.9804250

were you the one who recently sold some brown BTSSB heels to me? if so, we should be friends and bond over shoe finding woes

>> No.9804259

No that wasn't me, but I'm glad I'm not the only one

>> No.9804262

Dayum, the people who went to the BTSSB/Tokyo Rebel event cleaned house. Tons of stuff sold out on their website now. I can only assume they were able to move that much product so quickly due to the tea party.

>> No.9804316


Thanks, anon. I've come across the other spelling and kind of wondered if this was a new, weird one.

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File: 61 KB, 674x446, kyoto-rickshaw-tour-in-kyoto-171849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just say you're fat and not jacked, and we'll give you the honest answer that fat people can't look good in anything. Pic is a Japanese dude whose job is to pull rickshaws all day long for tourists in Arashiyama. He's jacked, but not fat. See the difference? He'd fit fine into burando clothes despite having so much muscle definition from being a human horse as his job.

The ouji thread is at >>9715254. Post your measurements such as shoulder width, waist, bicep, and ask if anything will fit you. If your waist is actually bigger than your chest though, do what the girls are told to do, lose weight before you get into fashion.

>> No.9804358

How do you feel about oxford heels? I bought custom ones from Julia Bo and they’re lovely

>> No.9804360

Anyone else find misako's Instagram vaguely unsettling?
>Eats tiny, tiny amounts of food, or just films a tiny scoop of food
>Dead eyed stare into the camera, then that stiff wave
>Creepy babydoll voice that she is confirmed to put on, her real voice is much lower
>"Ganbare Nippon"
>The same toothless smile
Maybe it's just because I don't follow any other models, maybe they're all like that, but misako weirds me out

>> No.9804361

Been looking for a pair that aren't ugly as sin like most western brands. I actually ordered a pair from Miz Mooz but they emailed me a day later saying they were out of stock and gave me a 20% off coupon. I bought a pair of brown high heeled mary janes from them instead.

>> No.9804378

How do you convince yourself to sell a dress your sentimental towards.

I have a dress I like but I got the same print in the cut and color I prefer finally. But I'm weirdly finding it hard to part with my original now even though I have no need for it in my closet

>> No.9804381

Decide beforehand what other items you'd want to buy with the money you get from selling that dress. There's more incentive to get rid of it that way. I'm currently in the process of selling a dream dress I never wear to buy some cute summer blouses that I actually NEED in my wardrobe.

>> No.9804398

I think this is a really cute use of her brand pieces in a casual outfit

>> No.9804411

She's no different than any other japanese chick on instagram eating bird portions and looking as "kawaii" as possible. It's pretty common to put on a higher voice to be cuter in Japan too.

>> No.9804433

How do you discipline yourse to create a cohesive wardrobe? I can make multiple coords out every main piece I have but my wardrobe still looks like a mess thematically. I can't bear to part with some of my pieces that don't fit my wardrobe that well either.

>> No.9804436

>It's pretty common to put on a higher voice to be cuter in Japan too
Listening to shopgirls talk in Japan is literally like listening to nails across the chalkboard. They pitch their voices so high and it's super obvious how fake it is.

>> No.9804439

Why are you switching brands and then upset that they don't fit?

>> No.9804441

Separate them into different closets anon.

>> No.9804457

Why does it matter if all your clothes match? There's so many great themes and color pallettes in lolita, so why limit yourself?

>> No.9804474

Cohesive wardrobes are helpful if you are only interested in one style and want to save money/time. If yours works for you, who cares?

>> No.9804482 [DELETED] 
File: 746 KB, 1080x1323, IMG_20180303_135942.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AtePi's Pre Order Fair has started and will run till 3rd March, if anyone's interested.

>> No.9804484
File: 746 KB, 1080x1323, IMG_20180303_135942.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AtePi's Pre Order Fair has started and will run till 31st March, if anyone's interested.

>> No.9804485

I just sold some brand blouses after ordering taobao blouses, for me it's that the quality has gotten better, typically fits my long arms and shoulders better, and is a fraction of the price for decent quality if you get the right ones.
>tl;dr fits better for less money

>soft and not smelling of burned plastic
>being this dumb

>> No.9804486
File: 536 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180303_140519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9804488

Nayrt here, Bodyline rarely restocks their shoes anymore.

>> No.9804501

simplicity was at fault for the cat ears but I think in the outlander case American duchess was more at fault.
its awful. I wouldn't let the wearer into any parties. its just to much.

>> No.9804553


I always assumed her insta was low key advertising sponsored stuff. Imagine what the food is like after the photogaphy person spends 20 mins taking 34278916102 photos of it from every angle to repost over the next week. It's probably cold and weird by the time she gets to taste it, no wonder she's dead eyed and only takes a tiny bite. Plus the way there's very few other customers in the background in almost everything, they probably have her show up to film the "tea time set" in between actual business hours, so she's probably not even hungry and just has to pretend it's yummy.

>> No.9804631

This reminds me of that interview Cathycat (I know, I know) did with Anna Tsuchiya when she modeled for BTSSB. Anna kept saying that she felt embarrassed that her voice was so deep and un-cute. I think she sounded way cuter talking and laughing genuinely than she would have with a staged high-pitched kawaii voice.

>> No.9804682

Didn’t Simplicity buy the pieces, rip them apart, then sell patterns? I recall that a Simplicity lady bought something from one indie booth and the designer recounted it, right? I’d be terrified if my “sponsor” was that predatory of indie designers and bought pieces only to shred them. There’s issues with this in plush communities with stealing patterns, so why can’t lolitas boycott?

>> No.9804685

She works as a nurse AND model, I don't think she needs more income. If I had two jobs I wouldn't waste my precious free time at eating food I didn't like, personally

>> No.9804687

She's inspired by dolls, that's why she always has the same smile and doesn't like to show her eyebrows. She says showing her eyebrows could show more emotion.

>> No.9804700

They are supposed to do something in the 14th of this month

>> No.9804706

answered you in a more appropriate thread

>> No.9804709

You're too nice for cgl desu

>> No.9804716

this is bad advice.
the guy in your pic is toned but not jacked. his muscle is lean as opposed to bulky. surely you know the difference between being fat and having built muscle? the way a person builds muscle also differs slightly across races (look up calvin klein 'mark your spot' ad campaign for comparison). I'm really embarrassed by your ignorance.

also, don't tell people to lose weight before starting the fashion. it's clothing, which can look good on anyone as long as they find and stick to what flatters them. it's kind of easier to build a wardrobe if you're thin and short but it's never impossible to look good if you are tall and/or chunky.

>> No.9804721
File: 55 KB, 800x533, mk_15_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've loved Anna since her work with the Nana anime. I was flipping out when I first saw Kamikaze Girls and saw she was 2nd lead. never afraid to laugh out loud.
She has a very feminine gruffness to her. it's super punk and genuine--I never want her to change.

>> No.9804754

I think my heart just skipped a beat. I love that actually happy smile on her face. Like you know she was legitimately having a great time.

>> No.9804757

You're not going to find much in lolita that flatters you if you have a 100cm waist and Hulk shoulders

>> No.9804758


>If your waist is actually bigger than your chest >waist actually bigger than chest
>narrowest part of the body bigger than chest
>basically describing a fat apple shape

You're totally right though, this is probably the body shape of someone with a really jacked up stomach and totally not fat. He'd totally look good in any fashion he wants to wear so let's encourage him to sink time and money into whatever he wants.

>> No.9804762

This is literally wrong though. Fat people will always look much worse than normal-sized people, no matter what they wear.

>> No.9804763


I wouldn't list "model" as her second job, "kawaii ambassador" would be more like it. And I think of her insta as being an extension of that, so any income from promoting companies through that would count as being part of her second job, not her third job.

>> No.9804792

When you get those could you say how the fit is? Or if you already got them? I'm really wanting to buy some of those clearance shoes ever since someone mentioned them in a thread a while ago where I'm guessing you were the one saying you bought some oxfords, but since they have a no return/exchange policy on clearance I'm a little hesitant.

>> No.9804907
File: 122 KB, 613x417, carissa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was the one looking for oxfords but they were sold out. I got these instead. They fit true to size. I can't comment on stuff like wide/narrow/arch support since I have never had any of those issues when it comes to shoe fit. As long as my toes aren't jammed or I'm not stepping out of the shoe I'm a happy camper.

The leather is extremely soft and buttery, no breaking-in period required.

>> No.9804922

I think it's also a Japanese thing for women not to show the insides of their mouths when they smile

>> No.9804960

How rude is it to message someone on LM whose listing says they won't ship outside the US?

There's something I really want, but if I paid for someone on the US to receive it and forward it to me it wouldn't be worth the price anymore. I thought of offering to send the money as a gift so I couldn't fill a claim and get a refund if things went wrong, but then I might get scammed myself. Am I fucked?

>> No.9804998

A lot of us won’t ship outside the US because people expect us to eat part or all of the $crazy postage to their country and act shitty when they find out what the cost will be. In the US it’s no more of a hassle to ship internationally than domestically, it’s just a hassle to deal with foreigners who expect cheap shipping.

If you’re aware of the cost to ship from your country and fully willing to pay it, DM them, the worst they can say is no.

>> No.9804999

the cost to ship TO your country FROM the US*

>> No.9805009

This has literally never happened to me. It's because people are too lazy to look up different international shipping methods and fill in one extra form.

>> No.9805010

Is VM not dead now?

>> No.9805015

Do you ever read anything?

>> No.9805022

What brands would you recommend? I tried to order some blouses from either dear Celine or boguta, but it was sold out or something and I can't find any other blouses I want

>> No.9805028

Crazy story on LM. I won an auction for my dream dress 2 days ago. The seller messaged me of the price and shipping to pay on Paypal. I sent the money via Paypal. Now the seller is demanding that I pay more money to pay the difference of the Paypal fees the seller incurred. The seller has withheld the dress until I pay the remaining amount. Am I right to put my heels down and say, "no"?

>> No.9805036

Yes. It's against both Paypal and LM policy to charge PP fees. Politely tell her that those are her responsibility and that you had already agreed on the price, point her in the direction of the appropriate rules, and contact a mod ASAP in case she tries to spin this on you.
I would contact PayPal as well, but the less zealous might wait until she continues to try to push it.

>> No.9805048


>> No.9805058

I'll do that. If the seller continues, I'll contact LM.

We made a contract and agreed. One side can't change it.

>> No.9805086

she looks like a demon here but im kinda digging it

>> No.9805168

I've sold internationally twice, and had such miserable experiences both times that I decided it wasn't worth it. The customs form is nothing compared to dealing with someone bitching about cost after they've already clicked BIN.

>> No.9805241

Out of pure curiosity, how many views on a lm listing is considered "quite many"? I've noticed that some of the items I'm selling gets like 8 views while others are well over 100 but how many would say a ctp listing get that people look at just out of curiosity?

>> No.9805248
File: 447 KB, 853x481, drhgydhy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of anna tsuchiya, I goddamn wish I could find the actual picture of ichigo on the billboard. i've looked loads of times but can never find it online

>> No.9805341

where are you getting this from? homie only posted his height...

remember, clothing is made for people, not people for clothing. anyone who is brave and dedicated enough can look good in alt fashion.

>98cm waist
>shoulders wider than hips
basically me. I have a guitar body and I'm doing pretty good. if you dress your body properly no one can clock your size

>> No.9805365

Sorry you don’t sell much I guess. Your lack of having had an experience doesn’t mean it isn’t the norm.

>> No.9805369

sorry you don't have a backbone

>> No.9805374


>> No.9805392

lmao what is this even supposed to mean?

I agree wholeheartedly with >>9805168, I sold internationally only five times before the whining and "asking for a favor :-)" became not worth it. On three of them I wound up relisting the item because the buyer wouldn't pay their shipping as clearly stated in my terms, and left negative feedback for them. Two of THEM tried to leave me negative feedback, but LM mods sorted those out.

My point is, filling out customs forms takes 30 seconds and the people at the post office will do most of it for you anyway. It's not an issue of laziness, it's an issue of foreign buyers not taking the time to confirm shipping costs before hitting BIN and then trying to make their own mistake my problem.

>> No.9805406

I feel like I'm one of those mean buyers. I always looked up shipping costs beforehand, so the first time I bought something from a US seller I was shocked that it was more than twice as much than I looked up. When I asked her to explain the difference and if she had considered different shipping methods, she got pissed off and re-listed.

>> No.9805442

Most likely, it was the difference between an untracked or tracked package. Personally, I wouldn't send something overseas without tracking, which easily makes the shipping cost 50 USD or more.

US sellers aren't trying to scalp you on shipping. Our postal service is just garbage.

>> No.9805468

This. Most US sellers aren't trying to scalp, USPS is just really expensive if you're trying to ship overseas. That and a lot of them are just completely clueless as to how to ship a parcel.

I'm in Canada (live near the border) and I ship via USPS all the time at work. A lot of people I've purchased stuff from just use the simplest shipping option rather than the most cost-effective shipping option. Like sending a light chiffon blouse in a huge flat rate box instead of wrapped in a waterproof envelope because it's easier to calculate postage.

>> No.9805494

Insurance and tracking. Both are required by Paypal TOS if you want to be covered as a seller.

Don't forget the ones who freak out when they're hit with customs charges and want to leave you bad feedback because you didn't mark down the package. Which you couldn't, because you had to insure the package. Or the ones who insist from the beginning they don't need tracking and insurance, just mark it down as a favor please~

Bitch, no. That's my ass on the line.

>> No.9805505

It's also just the case that shipping to certain countries from the US (Australia comes to mind) is stupid expensive no matter what service you use. Unless you're buying a $400 full set or something, it's generally not worth it as a buyer from some countries to buy from the US.

Shipping cost differences are influenced by a lot of things, including the destination country's postal costs, whether the US has good import agreements with that country, and so on. It's completely out of sellers' hands, which is why I just have the "inquire for shipping" option for international as my default on LM and an explicitly spelled-out "if you back out of a sale because you didn't check shipping before bidding and are surprised by the cost, i'm leaving negative feedback" disclaimer on my terms of sale page.

I also just don't have the international option on for anything priced under $200 because it never seems worth it anyway, but if someone PMed me saying they knew they lived in postal-highway-robbery-land and were ok paying for some dream piece, I'd of course sell to them.

>> No.9805514

>Our postal service is just garbage.

I encourage you to look into this more deeply. Our postal service is fine, but import/export tariffing is one of the ways countries we're in multilateral trade agreements with are able to funnel US dollars to their own infrastructures. It's the destination country charging the high cost, not the USPS.

>> No.9805536

>Our postal service is just garbage

Bitch please you have no idea how good we have it. USPS is incredible. We are so goddamn lucky to have USPS.

>federally protected privacy
>47 cents to send a letter to anywhere in the country, which will probably arrive in a few days
>meanwhile, Canada can take 2 fucking weeks to send one letter from East coast to West Coast
>priority mail is 2-3 day shipping for most packages to the CONUS for less like $14
>First class takes 3 days regionally and cost like $3.50 for padded envelopes
>no VAT (not USPS specific but still USA USA USA)
>If you are blessed with living on the East Coast ISC NYC processes your packages through customs in 24 hours or less
>Informed delivery service

Nothing has made me appreciate USPS more than being a /toy/fag. The shit people have to deal with just mailing things within their own goddamn country is mind boggling!

>> No.9805544

>hitting BIN and then trying to make their own mistake my problem.
I'm the anon who first asked if it's rude, and knowing this reassures me a little.

I don't understand hitting BIN without a shipping quote (even if it's domestic), where were these people located? Europe? Maybe because I'm from a complete shithole and used to pay out the ass for shipping, but not asking and making sure it'll be worth the price sounds absolutely ridiculous. And so does asking for untracked and marked down because shit gets lost all the time even with tracking, let alone without.

sage for semi-blog, it just infuriates me that people have no common sense and make things harder for others

>> No.9805551

I had someone hit BIN on a 35 dollar item I was selling, and then freaked out when I told them the shipping cost. Yes, they were from Europe, and no, they didn't ask for a shipping estimate before buying. They also tried to turn the sale into a trade after I told them repeatedly that I wasn't interested in any of their stuff. In all honesty, the biggest reason I don't ship overseas anymore is because I don't want to risk ever dealing with this person again.

>> No.9805552

Nayrt but I other than the pricing (which I think is unreasonable at times) it honestly varies. The USPS in my hometown is excellent and has great service but the one where I live now is terrible and my shit gets lost all the time. It depends on the workers.
Obviously it isn't god awful but it's not unreasonable to complain.

>> No.9805585

I was about to write this. the usps is one of the best postal services in the world. the cost are more then ok. I am going to mail a letter to india for less than $2. it barely takes two weeks. postal money orders are fantastic. just go to the usps website. Americas postal system is tops. I receive tons of items from china, india and france with no custom fees.

>> No.9805593
File: 923 KB, 839x1389, IMG_20180304_113540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Items up for reservation on IW's page.

>> No.9805662

ayrt, the three i had problems with were from Australia, Poland, and I wanna say Ecuador or something? I know some south american countries have absolute disasters for shipping/postage, so I felt a little bad for the latter, but I think stupid buyers just exist everywhere.

>now i secretly hope you're about to DM me about the AP OP i'm trying to get rid of, if so it's all yours anon

>> No.9805792

I got a sell from a guy that calls himself diaper-something, and his bio says "I love babies and diapers". In lace market.

I want to refuse the sale, but I don't want the negative feedback. I don't want him to use my items for something weird

I don't know what to do

>> No.9805793

I think it would've been fine if she had explained. I never said I didn't want to pay it, I just questioned it.

It was indeed a blouse.

PayPal is known to side with people who live in the US/who use creditcard over Europeans so I can kind of get it that Europeans don't want to pay for that, but in my case I did look up shipping with tracking.

>> No.9805799

I'm so sorry anon, maybe contact mods?

>> No.9805801

Read the terms of use of lacemarket. They're not that long ffs.

>> No.9805803

>tfw no lolita gf
I'm lonely

>> No.9805810

Not that anon, but there's nothing in the terms about not wanting to sell to people.

>> No.9805814

Kind of weird that they made a rule about what payment method to use but not about refusing buyers

>> No.9805844

How does a (really) high-end lolita dress look like?

I don't know anything about the stuff, I'm just curious and have lurked the board for the past 2 days.

>> No.9805848
File: 94 KB, 480x640, 2c22fed5-b9af-5099-a651-d19698c950e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should take a look at the lace thread >>9798300

>> No.9805855

Because it's up to you. Sellers are allowed to put in their own TOS that they reserve the right to refuse sales.
OP, just change your TOS and tell him flat out you're refusing the sale. Contact the mods if he threatens negative feedback.

Nothing happens if you get one negative, and I'm pretty sure we can all look at it and tell that it was Mr. Baby crying about not being able to shit his diaper in a frilly dress.

>> No.9805910

I honestly figured out the best way is to just start buying. You’ll never know the differences between taobao and Bodyline vs brand until you can physically feel them, if you’re that new. Brand is generous in fabrics with good laces and their printing is wonderful. The colors on taobao are not as crisp and I’ve had insultingly thin fabrics and unlined pieces from them. Their laces are basic as well.

>> No.9805913
File: 40 KB, 400x600, IMG_20180304_220852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VM's restocking their Lace Up Puff Sleeve Doll OP (Valentine's Edition) tomorrow, March 5th, 19.30 JST.

>> No.9805926

See >>9805910
Looking through #lolitadetail on Instagram might help too.

>> No.9805931
File: 111 KB, 575x645, 20160905_162014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of my friends wore this as her wedding dress

>> No.9805938

I also recommend looking through the dream dress thread, as many anons have more elaborate OPs as their dream dresses (not most, but many do so there are plenty of pics in that thread).

>> No.9805940
File: 713 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20180304_154748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How great is this new look from Sheglit? Wa doesn't have to be tacky after all

>> No.9805943
File: 215 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20180304_225705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The stuff they've been showing has been really nice.

>> No.9805945
File: 171 KB, 1200x803, IMG_20180304_225958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9805948

I'm going to need that blouse

>> No.9805968

Anyone ever worn this kind of pendant with lolita before? I am tempted for some reason https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Gold-Plated-Iced-Crowned-Jesus-Hip-Hop-Pendant-30-Rope-Chain-Necklace-D459/222196436149?hash=item33bbf08cb5:g:JTAAAOSwdzVXk-6D

>> No.9805978

Why would you wear something so tacky for any reason at all? At least get one that doesn't look so cheap.

>> No.9805991

the blouse does look very nice (if bare - I'd probably wear at least a haori over it) but the skirt isn't winning me over at the moment, not even sure why.

>> No.9805993


>> No.9805998

You'd be hiding something very elegant

>> No.9806006

Me too. Actually, I have lolita gf, but she's really far rn and I'm not going to see her any soon. I miss her so much (._.)

>> No.9806019

why not, i would be all for blingbling hiphop 2002 lolita. pink fur, pimp hat and cane and all.

>> No.9806049

Do you not understand anything about lolita?

>> No.9806065

They’re probably the same people who post to RC about wanting pizza or graffiti prints in lolita and prefer Taboao because there’s more “variety”.

>> No.9806124
File: 208 KB, 838x679, 02c8afb3c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pizza print is actually a thing and it isn't any less cute than your beloved Honey Cake.

>> No.9806125


>> No.9806167

Bait harder

>> No.9806218

This place sure is dead without trolls

>> No.9806378

I don't get why people in rufflechat use the word normie. I thought it was a 4chan/r9k specific word. By that, everyone who uses facebook is the very definition of normie.

>> No.9806388

It's really not and if you think that, then you need to get off 4chan more.

>> No.9806428

Rufflechat is the lolita equivalent of r9k

>> No.9806450

I wish they re-released the long sleeve version

>> No.9806462
File: 7 KB, 225x225, i came.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that perfectly aligned stripe

>> No.9806494

There's also a book title by Novala with this spelling

>> No.9806512


I'm so confused why the peachy, almost orange color is 'chocolate strawberry' and the deeper, reddish color that resembles strawberry with chocolate is 'orange.' But what do I know.

>> No.9806540


I like the blouse. The skirt, not so much, but I have two solid color skirts I can pair this with. It'll be great. Maybe I'll finally grab a haori for once.

>> No.9806544

Why are haori accepted in lolita fashion? They're so long and wide, it ruins the silhouette. If someone wore a cardigan that long I'm sure it would end up in the ita thread.

>> No.9806549

Especially if you wear it with oldschool sweet in pastel colors. Big pimpin

>> No.9806553


Even in lolita fashion, if you execute something that doesn't quite match guidelines well, it's better than strictly adhering to the guidelines.

I'm confident I can do it well. If you're not, it's probably not for you.

>> No.9806596

>4chan specific
Is it summer already?

>> No.9806603

There are like two people who have managed to pulled off using actual kimono pieces in lolita, and one of them is dead. You are most likely not the other person.

>> No.9806605


I've done other things that didn't necessarily adhere to guidelines before and have been well received. Never been posted to the ita or nitpick thread. I think I know what I'm doing. But thanks for your concern.

>> No.9806618


Taobao started making lolita-specific haori with their wa-lolita costumes (let's face it, at that point it's really more about making a costume out of Japanese traditional clothes to sell to the weebs than making actual fashion), so now the itas think it's cool to let their weeb flags fly.

It's fine, they'll still get posted to the ita thread if they look bad anyway, and the thing about wa-lolita is that everybody gets a free pass to call them deluded weebs on top of saying their outfit sucks. So the taobao manufacturers get their money, the weebs get their walolita, and we get fresh content for the ita thread. More or less win-win-win.

>> No.9806683

Not to mention USPS is actively getting budget cuts whenever the GOP needs some cash

>> No.9806706

>simplicity was at fault for the cat ears but I think in the outlander case American duchess was more at fault.

How? AD made a way more historically accurate pattern and detailed their research on their blog. They said the following:

>I think it’s important to note that it’s not an official pattern. Nowhere on the pattern or in any of Simplicity’s advertising, etc., does it mention anything about Outlander. I can’t control what Simplicity does, but I make sure that I credit Terry and the show whenever we post about the patterns. Fashion designs can’t be copyrighted or trademarked. I based the pattern on extant garments and 18th century paintings, but Simplicity required the pop culture reference, so we did the gown in red with the split center front seam. The similarities end there and I purposefully steered the project away from the TV show dress and towards historical pattern shapes and silhouette because of this. I had no control over the photo shoot styling either.

>> No.9806729

This made me burst out laughing. That really is what it has become, hasn't it?

>> No.9806744

except without the nominal attempt at preventing reposts

>> No.9806747

why do you hate Chinese people so much

>> No.9806762

I mod, drop me your email

>> No.9806776

So are you trying to say facebook is not a platform for normies?

Sorry I don't use facebook or reddit or whatever you're talking about. I don't know how this makes me summer, unless you're using the term wrong.

>> No.9806782 [DELETED] 
File: 833 KB, 245x185, what do you do anyway.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my lord. Stay in your lane, you're in danger gull

>> No.9806784

oh my god

you gotta lurk more

>> No.9806787

I've been here since 2007. Do you have any more buzzwords you want to throw before you give me a proper answer?

>> No.9806796

If you’ve been here since 2007 stop trying to prove yourself when you’re anonymous and nobody gives a shit. Quit derailing you buttholes.

>> No.9806802
File: 148 KB, 370x617, haori_yuko-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't need to wear it if you don't like it, but I'm curious - is pic related also 'ruining the silhouette' for you then?

>> No.9806809


"Taobao" isn't "the chinese people". It's a bunch of chinese companies that are out to make money. Much like Simplicity is an American brand trying to make money. I can dislike Simplicity and still be meh about Americans, same as I dislike money-grubbing taobao companies and still be meh about Chinese lolitas.

If they're dodgy companies, they're dodgy companies. Chinese or not doesn't exempt you from being a dodgy company.

>> No.9806813


Lumping all taobao companies in is a little unfair even if some of them are dodgy. Some of them make genuinely original designs and a lot of these indie brands are headed by lolitas with a passion for the fashion. See R-series and Krad Lanrete for instance.

>> No.9806817


Fair enough, should have specified some taobao companies instead of a general taobao.

>> No.9806820


That turned out to be much more cordial than I thought it would be. Thanks anon for seeing eye to eye with me (and I definitely still agree there are dodgy taobao companies and for the most part taobao quality really could use some improvement).

>> No.9806844
File: 25 KB, 450x531, b3cd2778-8e51-41eb-b3bb-b7bb44aa58b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is lolibrary down for maintenance for everyone? I didn't realise how much I used it until I couldn't

>> No.9806846

umm I saw a post here a few days ago that said they were revamping again but I don’t remember when it said they would be doing it. It could be now

>> No.9806852


Fuck, couldn't get orange. Now it's going to start haunting me agh.

>> No.9806853

The admin has been working on it all weekend to get the search and stuff back up how it used to be.

Iirc there's only one girl doing the code and such, so I'm just going to sit back and wait. I'm excited for it to be back to normal.

>> No.9806858

I'd like to see a pic from the front

>> No.9806865
File: 46 KB, 600x600, b55d2487f76484545736ca7acbf0d43c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you'd wear things like pic related with lolita?

>> No.9806868

nayrt, but I would, if the color is right for coordinate. Those add extra cuteness to the whole outfit.

>> No.9806870

Alright, thanks for confirming you have shit taste.

>> No.9806871


I mean, the issue was never really about taobao quality. The companies that make wa lolita releases started flooding lolitaupdates with overly shooped photos of haori coords. Thus making the weebs think haoris are easy to coord and that they'd be hot shit in it, making weebs super enthusiastic to start making what amounts to fandom coords.

>> No.9806874

NAYRT but thanks for confirming youre a salty bitch

following the rules strictly is stupid and innovations needs to happen or else we'd all still be wearing oldschool and sweet/gothic/classic would never have come into existence

the whole fucking point was rebellion against japan boring ass uniform fashion and standing out and looking different and you morons want us all to look the same

>> No.9806876

I'm all for breaking the rules as long as you look good, but that shapeless non-detailed cardigan is fugly.

>> No.9806879
File: 61 KB, 1080x1080, 26871431_143571779655271_15066513346134016_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you can't do oversized, it doesn't mean nobody can.

>> No.9806880

But some things are just really unflattering

>> No.9806887

Why is damaged moitie still more than $100?

>> No.9806889

Is this a self post? She looks disgusting

>> No.9806896

Because it's still moitie.

>> No.9806899
File: 376 KB, 678x678, 20180305_130026_mh1520254900290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went ahead and bought the Kamikaze Girls sequel, even though I can't read it. I'm using the Google Translate image app to at least get the general gist of the story, would anyone find it useful if I scanned or digitised the book? Or if I formatted and copied over the crappy but followable translation Google is spitting out?

>> No.9806906

I'd be interested in the original scanned copy. I can understand Japanese pretty well.

>> No.9806918

That wasn't the point at all. Actually, part of the reason lolita brands often use the same cuts as each other is because lolita kept the uniform culture.

>> No.9806929 [DELETED] 

Hello. I'm a Dutch guy near Leiden who's looking for a (qt) (lolita) girlfriend.

Add me on discord if you're interested

>> No.9806939

take it to /soc/

>> No.9806941 [DELETED] 

Im not that degenerate senpai

>> No.9806977

I know it’s a thing and it’s not lolita.

>> No.9806983

>or else we'd all still be wearing oldschool
I wish

>> No.9807005
File: 155 KB, 853x1280, 18-1-14-06h-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont know where else to ask, does anyone know the name and year of release of this dress? closet child said it's the ekaterina jsk but looking at pictures of ekaterina they don't really look much alike, I tried looking at lolibrary before it was down and couldn't find it, the only pictures I found of the same jsk were on wunderwelt and it had another name

>> No.9807012

I'm not too sure but judging by those bows I'd guess this is a more recent release, possibly 2010-ish.

>> No.9807038

My parents use the word normie

>> No.9807050

i'll check starting from 2010 when lolibrary's working again, thanks anon

>> No.9807052

Literally everyone does when it’s applicable. This person is just an idiot.

>> No.9807058

Never really understood the hype over this dress. I mean, obviously people love it because it's pastel, flowery and OTT, but it looks messy. The bodice and sleeves are beautiful, but everything from the waist down is overkill.

>> No.9807070

>but Simplicity required the pop culture reference

bottomline: Simplicity is trash guys. do not defend them. they do not care about using members of the communities the try and pilfer, just making cash.

>> No.9807073

I'd absolutely get this as a tattoo

>> No.9807083

Does anyone have experience with Lief? What’s their quality like?

>> No.9807087

Me either. Tbh I don't understand the whole thing about Baby mto dresses. They always look so overdone and unbalanced. I feel like people buy them for the sole purpose of having status piece.

>> No.9807097

some people think they're beautiful. they're always well-presented and coorded during fashion shows and I'd love to have one for special events desu

>> No.9807099

I don't know where you read that, but I'm pretty sure she was just migrating it this past weekend to a better server and fixing search if she has the chance.

>> No.9807118

If you used google instead of expecting everyone to spoon feed you then you would have seen a decent review from 2016.

>> No.9807122

I’m aware how to google, and know they’ve been around forever. I just thought I would ask, considering this is one of the few places I’ve seen honest reviews on taobao, etc.

>> No.9807137

please do this! i really love novala takemoto's writing. I'm sure /cgl/ could cobble together a halfway comprehensible translation.

>> No.9807142

Lief's quality is good but they're not around anymore. iirc the designer is now working under the name/brand Baroque. I got their Sacred Night JSK in wine when it was originally released and the one thing I would say is that the sizing can be kind of excessive. I got the Large because I expected it to be tantamount to normal brand sizing and there was waaaay too much shirring, it hung on me like a sack and I had to eventually sell it because there wasn't a way to salvage it short of spending more $$$ on tailoring.

>> No.9807148


Huh. Looks exactly like my dress, which is the lucky pack jsk from 2010. I didn't know it came in brown, I thought everyone got a pink jsk.

>> No.9807152

They're very much alive and have 2018 releases upcoming. Please don't spread misinformation, we don't need more brands to die.

>> No.9807166

Thank you for the recommendation! Like >>9807152 said, they are still around and I was looking at some of their pieces for casual wear. The sizing info is very helpful, considering I’m usually in L for Japanese brands and would have gone for a large. I’ll stick with a medium, then.

>> No.9807190

wow that is some piss poor trolling

>> No.9807192
File: 1.43 MB, 1234x854, Lief.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of Lief, have you guys seen this new gobelin & jacquard series?

it's positively gorgeous and I have been mulling over shelling out for the ivory long gobelin jsk+bonnet
the long lengths are rare and so tempting, but I've already bought so much the past month...

>> No.9807198
File: 88 KB, 500x748, B5C01A50-A890-4DA0-9F10-6CEFDE2865E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m Lief anon, and I was thinking of picking that up along with some of their tartan dresses. That black is gorgeous.

>> No.9807205

Thank you anon!

>> No.9807221

sorry you're ugly and look like shit in that cardigan

>> No.9807242

This is by Atelier Pierrot, yeah? I still have the origional pre-order info page bookmarked lol. Im in LOVE with the black floral print but since the pre-order date has passed I have no idea how to get my hands on one. Will they eventually sell it in-store or will i have to pawn it off someone on lace market?

>> No.9807248

You could try emailing them anon. They were super helpful and I got a dress that was sold out on their website. But I did use broken Japanese which could have helped them respond quicker.

>> No.9807281

read the post and filename?
it's by Lief, but AtPie carries Lief stock and releases in their webshop

>> No.9807286

Are you implying you're not trolling even though you're using a meme?

>> No.9807310

To be clear, I emailed about a different brand Atelier Pierrot stocked as well, so you should be fine to email about Lief stock.

>> No.9807358

Anon please look at her face and tell me she's cute

>> No.9807359

I think anon was referring to her coord, which is not good. That's the way I read it.

>> No.9807393

What you said has nothing to do with what I said. If you're going to reply to someone, acknowledge what they are saying instead trying to push some argument that isn't actually happening.

That's the way I read it too.

>> No.9807406

You are literally a dumbass and obviously don't pay attention at all. They're alive and well. Just look at their facebook page

>> No.9807444

Sorry! didn't know. I found these releases through the atPie twitter and online shop, so I had this strange assumption in my head that the pieces were called Lief and not associated with the brand Lief. Stupid, I know

>> No.9807450

Thank you for the advice!! I'll def try.

>> No.9807458


USPS have literally stuck a label over the address of a package I sent to the US, then returned it to sender for not having an address on (it was at a delivery office and they refused to release it to my buyer). I got the package back weeks later with a USPS-branded sticker over the address, filed a complaint with my post office, and got a shitload of money back for the tracked & insured package being mishandled.

A friend also had a Milky Cross OP destroyed by USPS because of a similar issue, and the buyer could even see the god damned package in the back at the delivery office. She was trading the OP for the JSK.

The US postal system is fairly garbage compared to most european ones, but we do get shat on by customs.

>> No.9807469

>I'm excited for it to be back to normal.
If it ever does, considering the full site hasn't been "back to normal" in YEARS since they changed it.

>> No.9807495
File: 179 KB, 1200x1600, P1000133[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kinda want to wear a haori in the skirt instead of loose over it. That girl who is dead. I think she said in a blogpost that she rolled up a kimono when making this coord? I wanted to use a haori similarly, with a high waisted skirt. I think it looks way better silhouette wise.

I feel like wearing it loose only works if you're very thin. Just like how sack dresses only look good if you're very thin.

Also, I think all these meta wa-lolita prints suck and look customy.

I know the girls who's dead, but who is the other one?

>> No.9807499

Posted this question in the dumb questions thread but didn't get an answer.

Does WW Fleur take longer to invoice shipping fees than regular old WW? I placed an order over the weekend (would have been Saturday morning JST) and haven't gotten my shipping invoice yet. Normally I'd be more patient but in dozens of WW orders (all placed on weekdays) I've always gotten my shipping invoice in like 12 hours or less so waiting 2 business days is much longer than my normal experience with them.

Should I shoot 'em an email tomorrow or is this normal for the Fleur shop?

>> No.9807506

It generally takes longer for me - what did you order? I know at least when I order anything Sheglit through them it takes about a week for them to get the item in from Sheglit and prep it for shipping, It does say on their items it's shared stock and may take 3-5 days to arrive, so it might be the same for other brands Fleur carries.

>> No.9807509
File: 19 KB, 745x110, adffefa81ded6c55b01ca9d7146951a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you should wait. Saturday and Sunday I don't think they invoice at all, only ship and reply. It's very early Tuesday morning in Japan, so you haven't waited the two days they mention yet.

And no, both shops take equally long. You can order items from both together and have them shipped in one order anyways. It's just two parts of the same shop.

>> No.9807515

Thanks anons. I ordered a few pairs of shoes. Makes sense that they may need to grab new stock from another store.

I figured I'd wait to email until tomorrow as that would be 48 business hours, but since you mentioned 3-5 days I won't bug them until the weekend if I still haven't gotten the invoice.

>> No.9807527
File: 298 KB, 900x1300, tumblr_ovwvd8uBhC1trg65uo5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably Sanakanin? Though IMO her coords are really hit or miss.

>> No.9807557

If you owned it in person you’d understand. This was a grail dress and I just recently received it. I was nervous to bring it into my seamstress and warn her of its value before she agreed to work on it. She has 30+ years is high-end bridal experience and said flat out she had no doubt it was its value. Watch her slowly admire its details really affirmed to me what I had seen. The dress is detailed. It is messy, but in a lush avant-garde sort of way. It makes it work, especially when worn. It must just not be your thing which is okay.

>> No.9807574

Thanks! I've seen her a few times but never knew the name. She has some nice ones indeed.

>> No.9807587

H E L P how do I remove water stain from satin? someone save me

>> No.9807603

Thanks. I still think it's ugly.

>> No.9807611


A haori is missing an extra front panel of a proper kimono. I mean you can still try it, just letting you know the two aren't the same pattern. Two-piece kimonos exist, if you can get your hands on those they might be easier to work with than a haori that was never intended to close in front like a kimono.


God I hope not, I thought most of her coords were misses and she was more like the definition of a haori destroying most of the defining silhoutte of lolita. Never could understand why cgl liked her so much.

>> No.9807616
File: 276 KB, 750x982, TB22g4Kp9XlpuFjy0FeXXcJbFXa_!!54882540[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to make it hanfu inspired more than wa-lolita (the style of hanfu in pic related). I know haori is Japanese, and that the cutting is different from kimono. I was talking with a Chinese friend of mine and she though it could actually work well. If not, at least I have a nice haori to wear outside of lolita. Not going to force something that doesn't look good.

>> No.9807651


Hanfu has a different sleeve cut again and is usually much lighter than a haori. You could try a jimbei to get the lighter material, though the sleeve cut would still be off.

You honestly sound like a racist tourist at this point, mixing up countries, so I'm just going to wish you luck and leave it at that.

>> No.9807666

Lot of modern haori are worn casually nowadays. But like I said, I'm gonna try it. If it looks bad, not gonna do it and just wear the haori like it was intended.

Only reason I dare to try in the first place is that a good friend of mine (who is native Chinese and wear hanfu) thinks it would look good together as well. She often enough tells me things look bad as well (also when it comes to hanfu and such, and me wearing tradition clothes), so it's not like she's just being nice. But if I try and it still looks bad, I won't wear it like that.

And honestly, I care more for the opinion of people like her I know personally than random people online.

>> No.9807727


lol anon. I'm Chinese, that's honestly why I told you it sounds racist, like you can't tell apart one country from the other. Haori being worn casually and haori being used in place of hanfu are different things.

I'm not telling you not to do it though, I just wished you luck.

>> No.9808103

Sorry my wording might have been bad. I've seen some casually worn hoari with belts and such over it to accentuate the waist. Wanted to put it inside a high waist skirt to keep the lolita silhouette while keeping its open look, which would indirectly make it look similar to that style hanfu. It was more based on some modern Japanese fashion pictures I saw from hoari. Didn't mean it like I was trying to make hoari into an hanfu, just wanted to explain the idea. Probably did so badly.

>> No.9808598

I just ordered from WW Fleur the other day and they invoiced me a few hours later.

>> No.9808616

I think that's way better than wearing it like >>9806802