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Show off your hard work on your latest cosplay, your cute cord, or cool pictures!

Pic is not mine

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This is me and my BF doing our eva cosplay!! We had such a great time and I kept getting hit on :P

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it's old bait gulls please do not respond

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Did you seriously type this out

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Umm no and that's really rude of you to call my photo bait.

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Tell me his secret how did that neckbeard get laid?

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Glad that you guys had fun.

Everyone let's all make an effort to not shit up the thread

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you look related

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here's how these threads always go
>if you're really ugly and/or really fat
"lol fatty lose weight" + various insults
>if you're average or only a little plain/ugly
"omg you're so cute" "i love your cosplays!!!"
>if you're actually cute and/or popular or asian

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I’m always hesitant about posting in these threads but here’s my first full armor build that I wore to Katsucon!

There’s some details I had to skimp on for time constraints but I aim to fix them up before I wear this again.

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hello*~! my friend and i went as sirius and froppy last sunday @ cosplay carnival. this is a teaser from our mini shoot.

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Pretty good for a first.
Definitely needs more work, the armour itself is very flat and lifeless, you can tell its foam, but your proportions are great and it still looks very very clean. Can't wait to see your improvements!

I can't help but ask
Why is one looking at the camera and one away?! THAT IS THE ONLY THING WRONG WITH THIS PHOTO.

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i'm actually not sure if our photographer asked us to do this or we just did ourselves. KEK

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sirius is best girl
also this froppy is super cute!

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sirius gives me this really sweet big sis vibe.
thank you! ^^
my friend's sirius' cosplay looked even better in person!

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Thank you! I was hoping to weather it to give it some dimension but I wasn’t sure if the paint was going to dry in time, I’ll definitely add that.

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They look like siblings...

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I've been playing the shit out of Monster Hunter World and I love the Jyura set so I tried my hand at all that bone texture. That being said I'm still far from done