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My husband is a pervert but so am I edition

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i hate the feels thread-they attract the worst people on this board

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Man I just love feels threads

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Man I just really love lolita.

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>Sitting with my grandmother
>she's now 87 years old, sick and dying in bed
>hasn't been able to walk in forever now, coughing up phlegm constantly.
>she's been in severe pain the past several weeks, but now feels that it's finally time
>She's got this peaceful look on her face
>I'm wearing the sweet btssb dress she loved the most.
>We recount the many lessons she's taught me about sewing and knitting
>we talk about the beautiful dresses I bought, and the coords I made and the alterations that had to be done
>we talked about all of the photos I'd taken at the conventions and tea parties I'd been to, and I showed her some new ones I'd taken
>we talked about all of the boys I've dated
>Her laughs are open and genuine, and I try to laugh the same way, but keep getting caught on the frog in my throat.
>it becomes harder and harder to laugh as she keeps going into coughing fits.
>"Baby, it's okay, please don't cry. I'm finally going to be at peace." (roughly translated from Russian)
>I only then notice that I'd had tears running down my cheeks
>I wipe them away and hug her close, afraid of hugging to tight, but afraid of letting her go
>I finally let her go and she says "listen, everything comes to an end sometime. I am so very proud of you and love you very much.
>my vision becomes blurred as tears stream down my face
>she pulls me in closer
>"I asked only you to come here because I didn't want anyone to know about this, not even grandpa. Don't tell anyone about this, okay?"
>yes, nana? What is it?
>"tfw no cosplay/lolita gf"

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Is that why you're here?

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Kinda. The few youtubers I know from my country seem to be cancer, except for one of them. I just wish he's stop wearing the stupid wig, it's like an old joke no one cares about anymore.

Anyways, to elaborate on what I said earlier, I'm not saying that the number of patrons determines the quality of a cosplayer. I was just shocked that those cosplayers I mentioned had such a low amount, I figured that they'd have enough hustle to get a decent amount of horny geeks to give them money. Now I'm just imagining them behind empty lemonade stands. It goes to show how little internet following can truly mean.

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i love grandmama stories and u killed me Anon

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>use the foam, plaster and resin crafting method to make my porps.
>most of the time it goes fine, but i have to be really careful because if the plaster is thin or cracked the resin can seep under and melt the foam thus ruining the prop
>making a shield for my next cosplay, everything is going fine
>apply the resin and let it dry overnight, it seems to be fine last time i saw it before i go to bed
>get up this morning to check
>oh no!!
>the resin did seep under and melted some of the foam, shield ruined and i have to start over

It's not so bad, i can get it done pretty easily and quickly, but it was just going so well.
Also considering other methods to ensure i get it right on the first try, but I'm gonna give the plaster and resin method one more try before I move on.

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I dread to imagine what the videogame channels are like.

As far as your point goes, it's always the same with third world countries, companies get watery mouth when they see the population numbers and how active they are on social media but when it comes time for them to actually spend money on the things they like they're way more frugal than americans. It's why everyone who has tried his hand at the indian market crashes and burns.

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Aw shit didn't notice the other thread was dead reposting here
>It's my birthday
>Just want to spend it with people and not sitting alone at home all day
>All my family and friends have work or school or live too far away
>thought husband would be coming home early but something came up and now he has to work late
I think I'll put on my favorite lolita coord and go to the local history museum or something fuck it

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bake a cake

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Do it, anon! Take yourself out and have fun, you can always celebrate with your loved ones later. Happy Birthday!

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>Just got diagnosed with ADHD
>Finally beginning treatment at 21
>Thought I was just retarded and lazy my entire life
>Grades skyrocketing
>Finished two 6 year old lolita sewing projects
>Angry about lost time and years of pointless stress
>Feel like the meek anime character pulling off ankle weights
So this is what things are supposed to be like...

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don't play with my feels this way

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How was it getting diagnosed with adult ADHD?

I think I might have it myself but I feel kind of embarrassed that I wasnt diagnosed as a kid or that my doctor wont take my concern seriously

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2017 was a dumpster fire of a year for me in a lot of ways. After being laid off from my decent (~28k/year) job, I struggled to get even a shitty job. I had to move back home, which isn't a comfortable situation, and whatever smidgen of social life I had was lost. My self-esteem really took a nosedive, and so did my appearance.

I decided that I was going to change the situation in 2018, and it's working. I made plans to move out, cut off some old ties that were holding me back, and started working (in earnest) on the things that are important to me, like my studies and crafting. I also made the decision to start being more authentically me (as opposed to toning it down around "normies") and just let whatever shit comes my way roll off my back.

The only downside to all this is the amount of money I've blown through in the last week. Between buying basics I'd not been able to afford for a year, repairing some electronics, and having a few dream items pop up, I've spent over half my (small) tax refund in a week.

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Thanks anons! My mom told me she'll bring over dinner and cupcakes later so I'm not going to be alone /all/ day but still most of it. I'm feeling better about the day now that I'm all dressed up! I haven't worn lolita in a good while. It feels nice to wear again.

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This gives me feels. I am so happy for you, anon. I think I might have it, but I'm scared of asking and being told I'm just a lazy fuck.

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it contains them all to this one thread

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File: 108 KB, 1280x720, Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index_Ep01_Academy_City_720pBluRayx264_THORA.mkv_snapshot_06.20_2018.01.30_18.14.12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute fit boys exist on 4chan
>only r9k and soc crossposters come here

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I'm in sort of an open relationship with another lolita in my comm and I lowkey hate every girl in our comm who she's either slept with in the past or who she thinks is hot.

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Pretty easy, honestly I'm kicking myself for not seeing a doctor earlier. I think I was thrown off because I had chalked my focus issues up to effects from a previous depressive episode and my first psych didn't catch it because of that. I knew I had some kind of learning issues that I desperately needed help with it so I finally went to a local learning and psychiatric specialist just for study help and she tested me. You could also start with your GP, and they can either diagnose you or send you to someone who can.
I had thought that too anon, go talk to someone. My entire life I would make myself sick with stress and work at the last minute even though I would sit down to work even weeks in advance. I would get decent grades so no one caught it until my second year of college, because I can't do it at the last minute anymore. I also thought I would grow out of it, like my forgetfulness was just a teenage thing, but that never happened. If you really want to work and try you aren't just being lazy, and even if you don't have ADHD a psych can either help you or refer to someone to help you schedule yourself and find ways to motivate yourself. It's good for anyone, ADHD or not to talk to someone about those kinds of problems, a lot of stuff I thought was normal wasn't at all.

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You'll hate her too when you're just a notch in her headboard.

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I should probably see one as well, fuck

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I would watch this movie

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>>9801124 You may
Think you know feels, but you have no idea, little lady.
Friends, if you could call them that, have been shit all my life.
When I went through depression and near homelessness, they couldn't care less.

No one ever even considered advising me to seek out help.
Only my stuffed animals kept me company

Girls back in middle school used to mock my love of lolita.
Forget ever making any sort of connections, lol.

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Thanks anon! Im the first reply. I'm seeing my GP soon for a refill so I'll try and bring it up.
I thought my focus issues were depression related as well but after being on medication and getting a lot better with my mood, I still struggled with focusing on work and hobbies which was frustrating. As for not being diagnosed as a kid I guess it was easy for me to fly under the radar because I was homeschooled nearly my whole life.

If you dont mind answering, what type of treatment are you doing?

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Man I just love cosplay

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Are you sure she actually finds them hot, not just basically envy for their dresses?

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I just turned 30 and I feel way to be old to still be doing this. All the girls at conventions are 10 years younger, and when I was their age 30 was when it was time to hang it up. It’s not about how I look, though it reminds me I can’t do this forever.
It’s depressing.

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I'm a failure and the only people I can talk to, my very small family, are a bunch of lying hypocrites who are too busy constantly stabbing each others backs verbally. My future looks horrible and I can't get rid if my mental illness, since it also includes some of my last good characteristics and almost all of my creativity is based on it. My only ray of hope are signs of skin cancer that hopefully spread to my organs soon.

But damn, I really have a really fucking amazing wardrobe and taste.

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>was a daily lolita for a while
>start new semester
>srs classes
>srs job
>too busy to wear lolita very often, even to school
>convert to casual cute wear and forgo the frills
>start talking to a cute guy who sits next to me in class
>"you're the lolita, right?"
>"i would always see you walking to class... "
>embarrassed because i know i looked extra af
>awkward laugh and tell him yeah that was me, i must have stood out because i looked strange
>"it's not weird, i like it"
>mfw he compliments specific things about my outfits all the time
>like "i like that shirt, did it come with the ribbon like that?"
>"i like your color scheme today"
>mfw we have similar sense of humor and similar tastes in things
>mfw he has bants

this boy is about to get a lolita gf i swear

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That's so sweet! Ask him out, anon!

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>mfw he compliments specific things about my outfits all the time
>like "i like that shirt, did it come with the ribbon like that?"
>"i like your color scheme today"

It feels like you're rather going to get a lolita bf or something. Men are selfish and don't like to talk about things they aren't interested in personally.

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Do you think he goes on /cgl/? Why else would he know about the fashion, maybe he'll see this and ask you out

>> No.9801451

i was gonna ask to study with him today but i wussed out... i'm gonna get my act together though!

i think he's a closet weeb because we listen to the same obscure japanese music too. i can tell he doesn't really know a lot about lolita, he just knows the name and what it kinda looks like. so if he does go on the chans it's probably more /mu/ than /cgl/...
>if he does see this though, hi ask me out pls

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Nayrt, it's possible he's also a gull but the fashion exists outside of 4chan; maybe he's seen other lolitas in public, came across videos on youtube, pictures or articles about the fashion somewhere else online that piqued his interest, or maybe he has an interest in alternative fashion (whether he wears any alternative styles himself or not). There are all sorts of ways to discover the fashion other than cgl.

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Man I love you all

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>tfw no qt to spoil

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I'm almost 30 and still wear classic. I was never into sweet in the first place though. Don't give up anon! If fujiwara-san can look fab and classy at 40 we can too!

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>tfw white chick
>mfw can never be as cute as Asian chick
They be stealing all my damn white men.

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You're just riding the high from a stimulant. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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>tfw half asian chick who always ends up dating white men
it's not intentional but the meme is true

it's kind of gross but being half asian means being fetishized by both white dudes and asian dudes because you're ~exotic~ to both sides. not going to pretend it's all that bad though.

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Yeah, I'd be flying high if someone gave me some adderall, too.
Why can't you do it forever? Honestly I bet there will grannies in our generation who still cosplay.

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Go back to /r9k/ or /pol/ or whatever applies.

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I'm taking Vyvanse and am doing a sort of CBT with the therapist, good luck anon!
Honestly at this point I don't even care if ADHD is real or not. I think it's over diagnosed, and definitely should be treated in kids. I could barely function without Vyvanse, so if I live a shortened life as a addict it's better than never living at all. I think there should be over the counter amphetamines for regular use desu.

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*Shouldn't be chemically treated in kids, oops

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Prolonged use will really screw your brains reward system but enjoy the high while it lasts. I miss it for sure.

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>implying anyone on /pol/ is white or female
Literally the most ethnically diverse group of white supremacists out there.

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>tfw sniper overbid by a fucking reseller
I swear to god if I see that AP dress on Lacemarket I'll lose my shit

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What dress?

>> No.9801754

I hate when sellers don't invoice for days.
You've seen my goddamn messages, now send me the invoice!

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>tfw want to sell 90% of my wardrobe but I know I'll regret it but its a clusterfuck of shit I never wear but its taken years for me to collect but its to the point I literally cant put any more shit on the rack but I love having a giant collection of dresses...

I'm so indecisive.. What do???

>> No.9801766

A 2002 OP.

Fucking do it already Jahr. But in a more serious note, I know cgl loves hoarding but you could use that money to buy or invest in things that are more useful to you, that make you more happy or that help you grow as a person. If it's hard for you, just start slowly selling things from least to most attached to.

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>grandmother breaks her hip and leg right before christmas last year
>spend ages flipping out about it as she goes in and out of the hospital
>have my car break down and have to spend $6500 on it
>my ex is harassing me off and on because he can't get over the fact I dumped him
>my next door neighbor is being a total creep and leaving notes on my door about how he's glad to see me
>just found out my aunt has cancer and will be going through chemo this next year
>lose all motivation for literally everything
>only thing that slightly brightens my day is that in a month I'll get to go see my favorite VK band at a con and probably get the chance to talk to the vocalist who was super friendly to me and talked with me a bit last time
>can't even motivate myself to lurk LM or mercari/fril for any finishing bits to my coords
>haven't worn lolita in a month when I used to wear it at least three times a week
>wonder if I'll still feel dead for the con or be able to smile at the band

I feel dead inside and at the same time constantly panicked I'm going to lose multiple loved ones soon to the point where I can't even leave my apartment

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>sell dress on LM
>girl lowballs me
>politely decline
>"s-sorry i'm a newbie and still learning what things are worth! how about x instead?"
>agree to her still lowball offer with happy nostalgic feels about when i was first getting into lolita
>send the dress with a bunch of free extra accessories (AP rings, color matching headbow to go with the dress, wristcuffs, a pair of new otks) to help her get started
>she receives the items and without a single "thanks" leaves me neutral feedback for the cardboard box being slightly ripped.
I packed everything inside the box in brand bags and wrapped the dress in tissue paper before putting it in the bag, and taping the bag shut. Nothing was damaged besides the box. I admit I have no right to be salty since she didn't ask for the extra items or anything, but that's the last time I'm doing anything that beyond when selling.

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>tried to get diagnosed in uni through free student counseling
>"Oh sure anon, sounds good! You just need to take this test we offer on site and based on the results we'll get you fixed up!"
>The test is multiple choice and based on your concentration skills
>My one and only strong suit in school because hyperfocus
>mandatory 300$ fee to take it

I guess I could get diagnosed NOW, but I'm out of school so who even gives a shit anymore.

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Name her please I don't want to sell to her

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>See pic related
>Still available
>Check for black colourway
>Double hype!
>Check cuts...
>Well, fuck.

This in black has been a dream dress since it was first released, except I want the scallop jsk cause high waists look like shit on me.
Maybe it'll pop up second hand...?

>> No.9801934

thats you not enjoying being a cuckqueen. Fix your shit, gull

>> No.9801943

That is the nastiest print name I have ever heard

>> No.9801946

Im sorry that's happening to you, have you blocked your ex completely on social media, at that point he'll have to try to meet you in person and then you can get a restraining order.

>> No.9801948

Name and shame. Whenever a seller takes the time to package something nicely and include a brand bag and a personal note, I always send them a message thanking them personally for the attention to the package.

>> No.9801962

Closet Child notified me that parts of my order were out of stock, and now I feel like shit.

>> No.9801967

how do you guys get motivation to work on a cosplay? ive had all the materials sitting around for a year and a half and i havent started it at all. i miss when i would make like 2 new cosplays a year but i havent touched anything for so long :(. what do you guys recommend to get myself motivated?

>> No.9801973

Most of this shit has nothing for do with cosplay or egl
Also petty as fuck, my god.

>> No.9801997

Yeah, as the other person said, fix your shit, you're not meant to be in an open or poly relationship and the other person doesn't seem to give a shit.

Respect yourself.

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That was cute as fuck. Ask him out.

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>tfw the depression is real
>tfw I have no new cosplans
>tfw I don't have the energy to make them anyway
I've been thinking of getting permanent eyebrows. Smart or not?

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>20 dollar monthly food budget
>spent 1,500 dollars on lolita in the last 2 months
I feel absolutely ridiculous

>> No.9802165

What are you eating? beans only?

>> No.9802170

I make frozen meal prep, and I don't eat lunch.
canned beans and frozen veggies, brown rice, and chicken.
also oatmeal for breakfast

>> No.9802221

my motivation was the same on adhd meds as i am off of them. my parents put me on adhd meds when i was like 10 and i hate them for it. i think it genuinely caused my severe memory problems. i was never diagnosed with anything else. adhd meds honestly just made me anxious and caused ocd like behaviors. adhd meds made me focus, but on the wrong things.

i just cant get myself to get up and start making the costume. once i start it i know I'll probably get REALLY into it, but its so hard to start knowing how much work it'll be and how it probably won't turn out good... i feel like i chose a character that was too complicated, but i got all the materials and i planned everything out. i know id be able to make it look good, but i feel like its going to end up looking bad so i dont wanna bother.

>> No.9802227

>was the last person to know everyones favorite gyaru cosplayer is a prostitute
bit dissappointed. is this what's killing cosplay?

>> No.9802232

Wow what a cunt
I doubt she's new.

>> No.9802297

Get a new rack

>> No.9802322

How tf people do cohesive? You either end up having lots of samie looking clothes or get a clusterfuck of things that breaks your mind when you trying to coordinate them.

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>tfw you see age old con drama whores' lives getting progressively shittier while you're loving every laugh with your comfy con crew and qt cosplay gf

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Congratz for bettering your live anon! I'm seconding this >>9801138 anon. Since early childhood, I suffer from concentration problems, massive procrastination and forgetfulness. No one aside from my parents knew about the first two problems, so everything seemed fine, except I barely passed my final high school years because of this. I'm in college now, but just as mentioned here >>9801201
stuck, because you can't finish things last minute anymore. Formally I'm already 5 years into college, but I still didn't manage to get any major achievements. Already considered being autistic or having depression, and therefore to seek help, but always postponed it, because I was pretty sure it's just an episode and me being lazy. Sorry for the blogging, but these feels are hitting me too deep right now.

>> No.9802465

>"tfw no cosplay/lolita gf"
I don't wanna sound like an asshole, but did really happen?

well, the fit ones have it easily to get/talk with girls outside of 4chan

>this boy is about to get a lolita gf i swear
why can't this be me?

I think you are cute enough for me

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>spent hours working on cosplay
>take pictures and upload to insta
>20 views and 8 likes
>shit like pic related gets millions of likes
I hate this world.

>> No.9802470

>mercari seller says no price reductions in their profile
>shopping service tries anyway
>successful haggle

Aah this is bliss, now that shirred AP blouse is mine.

>> No.9802471

>did really happen
Come on, man. It's quite obvious.
Also regarding the rest of your posts, you shouldn't delude yourself like this. If you really want a girlfriend, you need to make yourself into the kind of person that someone would want to spend their time around, and open yourself to situations where you'd have a possibility of having one.
If you're really into lolitas, maybe you should also get into the hobby itself; find out more about it so you and a lolita would have something to talk about. Don't complain about /fit/ having an easier time, improve yourself so that you have an easy time. In fact, that'd help you in cosplaying (through which you can make connections) and make it even easier to talk to and find single ladies.
Make yourself the kind of guy they want and make yourself available, and they'll go for you. Just complaining about it here won't fix anything. And you never know, maybe this /cgl/ stuff is something you'd really be into, too.

>> No.9802502

You want tons of thirsty anons jerking it to your photos?

>> No.9802513

you don't?

>> No.9802527


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I dreamed last night that I accidentally snapped a photo of my vag in the bathroom and Instagram'ed it. Immediately I got a call banning me from my comm for such behavior.

Woke up in tears.

>> No.9802589

Sounds like you've got some suppressed desires there, anon.
Just keep your camming and your public accounts separate.

>> No.9802597

I'm actually ashamed of my body tbhfam.

>> No.9802598

yeah, as if I am not trying it there anyway
and about situation where I could get one, they are rare for me, and most girls what I know (well, actually all), have already a boyfriend anyway
well, this year is gonna be an anime-convention nearby my village, maybe I try it there
either way, it wouldn't change the fact that no women is interested in me

>> No.9802601

no idea how you look like, but there are also landwhales who are camgirls

>> No.9802603

>can't finish things last minute anymore

I have ADHD too, I was usually able to do things last minute in college. (Like reading the assigned reading in class, one page ahead of what the class was up to.) Why can't you do things last minute in your college?

I'm glad you're getting treated, Vyvanse makes me feel like crap but it's indispensable to me when I need to get boring, eternally postponable chores done.

>> No.9802606

I'm not fat, just modest.

>> No.9802607

Nayrt, but I miss it so much. Losing my parents' insurance made it too expensive.

I'm so lazy and tired. It's been two years since I stopped taking it.

>> No.9802608

No matter how you look, there's gonna be thirsty guys out there who are into it.

Remember, there's a lot of things that are hard to change about yourself, but getting /fit/ isn't one of them.

>> No.9802610

Adderal? Makes me feel even worse than Vyvanse, but it's available as a generic.

>> No.9802635

What I hate about Vyvanse is how it gets me manic all day, so that day is shot.

>> No.9802636


>>9802462 here.
I'm sorry for writing gibberish, but I'm a different anon than >>9801201.

>Why can't you do things last minute in your college?
I'm in the MINT field (mainly physics/mathematics), actually not a college but an uni in yurop. We're supposed to hand in assignments every week in each of the 4-5 courses each semester and only allowed to write an exam if we pass with atleast 50% of points we earn through these assignments. They're mostly made up of dry repetitive exercises that will require you to sit for about 2-5 hours on each of them, nothing too spectacular. So not having a tight schedule, one that you actually can hold, will screw you over twice, not getting enough points for the exam approval, and if you barely made it, not getting your shit together to repeat everything for the exam. And then, after exam phase, there are still the lab experiments you have to make and pass aswell, with all the paperwork.

I think, you get the idea. It's all built up on having dicipline, a good schedule, and repetition.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to demonize the major I'm in. It's not an impossible task at all. Many people have successfully mastered their degree and many people will still do. It's just me being the problem and having a hard time to find a solution that works for me.

>> No.9802649
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An under appreciated quality tbqh famiglia

>tfw ex who dumped me viciously is busy making herself the local con lolcow
I hate what she did to me but part of me hates seeing her destroy her own image even further while believing she’s gaining anything positive from it. No, I haven’t reached out to her.

>> No.9802651

They better be kidney beans.

>> No.9802674
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>"Now China has 30 million more men than women, 30 million bachelors who cannot find brides. ... They call them guang guan, 'broken branches,' that's the name in Chinese. They are the biological dead ends of their family."

Lmao @ chinese cels

Everyone knows females are worthless aside from being a fuckhole, and reproduction. Aside from this, they've only destroyed civilization and society, never advanced it.

Your holes are extremely valuable though, you don't ever have to work or do anything in life, men will give you everything in exchange for access to pussy.

Stupid Chinese, at least your family genes would be guaranteed to continue if you kept a girl.

>> No.9802677


>> No.9802678

How are you this salty?

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