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Is there any girl in your comm/that you know that you just can't stand? For whatever reason? Are you salty about her, is she salty about you? Did she steal your brand and set it on fire or did she ruin your meetup? Maybe she didn't do anything at all, but whatever it is, tell me the stories (without namedropping) and let's have a vent about that one bitch you can't stand.

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I guess I'm salty about one girl in our comm who's younger than me (but just by 2 years). She got into the fashion before I did and she's really annoying about it. We share the same taste but I don't even know who's buying who's dreamdresses anymore.

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Three girls turned up to our last meet not in lolita. One could have been an ita mess and one could have been otome but the third was clearly going for "fashion", not lolita at all. Also they were cliquey and just talked to each other and left really early after hijacking our guest from Japan. It was really weird.

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that one girl who always brings up how she was sexually abused as a child and therefore has the right to hate on ageplayers. i despise them as well but she brings this up every fucking time. sorry you went through shit but... why bring it up all the time, especially when no one even mentioned ageplay etc in the first place? she also overcharges all her sales, like double retail price for old dresses, her proof image always being a worn image. nothing wrong with that but if i would pay that high price i would like the dress to be new with tags. sorry, i dont want to buy your used dresses anyway. i dont know why she annoys me so much, but i never told her or anyone else in my comm.

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Never forget FrillFest where he wore jeans and a tennis shirt to the event day

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Wow, I'm 90% sure I know who and what meet you're talking about... I'm pretty sure those girls were dressed for London Fashion Week, and they seemed to be accompanying Minori there like a planned thing. I talked to them a little and they seemed nice enough. Their outfits really didn't fit into the meetup though, I agree that it was a bit weird.

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London comm?

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They were really sweet, you probably just didn't make an effort to talk to them. Also I think they knew Minori, and she wanted to go to LFW too, so she wasn't 'hijacked'.

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Yes, London comm. If they were taking her to lfw then why didn't they just come pick her up her after the meet? It seems rude to show up to a lolita meet like that

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Is this pic from there?

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They weren't being disrespectful or bothersome, anon. And by that metric, are you going to complain about Minori not being in lolita either? Those girls were nice, their presence unobtrusive. I don't think they were a big deal... But I guess >>9794984 asked for salt, so I shouldn't knock you for providing it.

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So Minori shouldn't have come because she's not in lolita either?

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That's kind of adorable, he looks like a fan of midori's

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I love Midori (favorite model) and Isobe, this picture melts my heart.

Are you talking about Minori the other fashion/artist, or are you misspelling Midori's name?

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Minori, the shironuri artist.

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Why was Minori doing there?

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Who was phone?

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When did lolibrary start accepting replicas? Did I just never notice before because I block all taobao from my sight automatically?

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I wish they didn't accept taobao. Same for lolita updates. It's so hard to get actual brand updates without following their twitters. Even then, it's all in Japanese

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I meant to say: Why was Minori there, but somehow changed to What was Minori doing there midway.

I agree with this. There is just too much taobao to keep track of. It's hard to know which shops to trust, when there are so many new ''brands'' and non-lolita brands who decided to release one lolita dress.

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She was invited as a guest. She's friends with the host, which is why I don't see any problem with Minori's other friends coming, even if they're not dressed in lolita.

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Would you be fine with it if I brought along my non-lolita friends as well? I'm a make-up artist

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You're being silly. No one would want your friends to come along since you're not relevant in the community. But since Minori's presence was part of the reason people attended, her bringing some people she knows doesn't seem like the greatest offence in the world.

If you attended, you should know that we almost didn't have enough people to make the meet anyway, so if they had declined to go the meet may not have been successful.

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I thought London had a big community? Why was it so difficult to find people?

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maybe lolitas don't care about a non-lolita efamous girl. idk i'm not in london comm but if it was in my comm i wouldn't go either.

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I didn't go because it was 50 fucking quid

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>requesting drama at the beginning of a new general

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It was on the expensive side and was a tea party on a bus, so a lot of people couldn't afford it or were worried about getting carsick.

Everyone got a table with their friends, it wasn't all about her or anything like that. She was very friendly and appreciative of our clothes too, she used to be a lolita so she's not completely irrelevant.

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And it seems to have worked too.

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She used to be a lolita? Are there any pictures?

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How is she annoying about it besides allegedly buying dresses you wanted?

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Where can I even find information about the London comm? I can't find a facebook group, unlike my main comm

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Search for EGL London?

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Thanks, I was being retarded

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That does sound annoying. It's horrible that that happened to her, but if it's her only topic of conversation, then she sounds really boring and like she may need a better therapist.

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There are two minors in my comm who post on cgl to start drama. I know it was them because they posted about meets they've been to and even one they've organised. They are so obvious, one of them came on here to complain about something she received during a gift swap.

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I don't think they started accepting them, they have a tag for Chinese indie. It's just some volunteer has started adding it. They also have "brand" categories for chess story, infanta, and surface spell. Not sure when the "brand" "taobao" was added.

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>gift swap
Lmao i vaguely remember that, was about some handmade shit in a euro comm right

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Design replicas have always been on their site. It’s way more difficult to police and technically not illegal, so they are usually allowed in lolita spaces (ex: CoF). This is nothing new.

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Less gossip, more Isobe

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Is Novala acceptable too?

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Novala is never acceptable.

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We are talking about a database of lolita releases. A lot of them are tagged as replicas. It's not difficult.

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Stop spamming

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I ran out of pics anyway, don't worry.

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If you're talking about what someone said in the comm thread, it was never sure if it was her (she received two nice gifts besides the shitty handmade one) but in any case, I don't think she's a minor.

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There's a woman in my comm who I always thought was just super socially awkward, but I'm starting to feel like she's actually being rude. Every time she's at a meetup she goes up to another lolita and is like "so you're new to lolita, right?" even if the other girl has been part of the comm for years and dresses much better than a newbie would. At first I thought she was just trying to be welcoming and start a conversation but her tone is really rather condescending and she doesn't seem to want to talk to the person afterwards, just goes "hm" and walks away. Apparently she has done this to a lot of girls and they're always left feeling confused and a bit insulted sometimes. Today it occurred to me that she's like an IRL version of the "you must be new" meme.

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wonder if she's that one anon who constantly brings up that her dad is a disgusting pedo. literally, never passes up an opportunity to yell about it, especially if LWLN is brought up.
she has misplaced hate for LWLN, thinking Tyler is using the AM/John harassment stories to make bank.

so ridiculous. I hope she gets major help. I don't envy her at all for what she's been through, but she's not yet healed and it shows in how she is lashing out.
whaaaaat is that ghost baby on the sailor lolita's head?
wow, haven't seen K8 wearing black in a long while

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There is such girl in my comm. She's such a toxic person she basically ruins my staying in comm. Too bad she somehow claims she has a crush for me, so she constantly harasses me trying to convince me that all the lolitas are lesbians. Whenever I try to leave she acts super upset and posts sad kitty pics, then begins threating me saying she would like "to wear heeled shoes to jump on my ribcage". Sometimes the tries to troll me online trying to involve into conversation. I was too stupid and shared some problems of mine with her like lack of money for lolita or my age that basically prevents me from wearing some extreme sweet things. Now she never lets me to forget about those constantly trying to "comfort" me, although I never asked. Why tf would someone comfort almost complete stranger for lack of money?? What a blatant absence of tact?! This days I have to avoid all of the local communities and I even frightened to post lolita on my own socials, because I'm just sick and tired.
Need to mention, she's pretty popular lolita in my comm and western comm too, but she's ridiculously two-faced. She's been bitching anonymously about every single lolita from my comm who's any good at dressing themselves/is popular online/has rich bf or parents who buy them brand. She doesn't mind even talking shit about people she calls "friends" in her public socials. She truly hates kids, not just like any other child-free person, but she just treat them like a personal offence. One of her friends once took her son to a small meet that bitch wasn't even invited to, but it didn't prevent her from bitching for a weeks how she hates it so much. Ugh, this is honestly exhausting.

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Is it weird that I find Isobe cute? It's not in a sexual way, he just seems like a cute old man who would get easily flustered and likes collecting stamps. I want to pat his head and take him out for tea or coffee and have long conversations about literature or something with him.

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Is ott sweet lolita ita?

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it's not weird if you have yellow fever

>> No.9795308

Name. And. Shame. She sounds terrible and I'm sorry you have to go through that.

>> No.9795312

liking Isobe doesn't mean she'll treat any guy to tea just for being Asian.
it's pretty rude to label someone's interest in an Asian person as symptom of a disease. it's tired and fuckin' wack dude.

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This one bitch keeps advertising her overpriced Taobao SS, but nobody can say shit about it because she's a mod.

>> No.9795330

did she want to pet him and take him out before she saw his pictures? he's like a talking puppy to her. you don't know if he likes talking about literature.

>> No.9795337

I wonder if it's also the same person who insisted that smalltalk is never okay and talking about past sexual abuse at meetups with people you hardly know is perfectly fine and anyone who may be uncomfortable with it (even if it's because they're a survivor themselves) is just boring and needs to suck it up. I'm not the only one who remembers this, right? She made this argument multiple times in different threads. I also hope she finds help and manages to heal, even just a bit.

>> No.9795358

>I'm not the only one who remembers this, right?
you're the only one who remembers this biased version. there was 1 nutty person there, but most peope just preferred real conversation to smalltalk.

>> No.9795366

nah, i remember it too. there was just 1 nut but the consensus was the nut was a nut and small talk exists for a reason.

>> No.9795370

Yeah but that persons definition of “real conversation” was basically telling everyone all sorts of traumatic personal shit, and anything more lighthearted was waved off as boring smalltalk for basic bitches.

>> No.9795372

There's one queen bee and self proclaimed "AP bitch" in my local comm that is everywhere and so annoying, edgy and unnecessary rude under the disguise of being "brutally honest" in her online presence alone that I don't even bother joining. It's one thing to be a cunt on cgl, we're all anonymous so we can say what we want regardless of others. But acting like this irl for everyone to see is just straight up cringy and embarrassing.

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It's not like I want to bone him because he's asian. I don't even like guys, I'm a lesbian. I just think he looks like a cute old guy who'd be fun to talk to. I like talking and hanging out with older men because they often have interesting things to say and stories to tell, and he seems like that sort of person. Obviously I wouldn't actually pat his head if I met him in real life, that would be rude and inappropriate.

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Picture literally says New York City, he wore a striped white and blue tennis shirt and Misako was the guest at the event I'm talking about. He also didn't smile a single time that day

>> No.9795423

Aw man sorry anon for rudeness in my head I wrote something that specified that it took place in Sweden for which a NYC photo would've been dumb

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When did people stop giving a shit about skirts? Where is the time that they were always recommended to newbies for being cheaper?

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Western lolitas got too fat to fit skirts

>> No.9795465

Speak for yourself burger.

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To me it seems like a lot of people just don't care anymore because they think having the dress version makes them "more" of a lolita. And I think a lot of people don't want to figure out how to coord them. I feel like I only ever see lolitas who've been around for a while wearing them now.

>> No.9795475

Ap doesn’t do skirts as much so, the rarely are coveted and they don’t really seem to fit a ton of people.

>> No.9795479

>implying I can't fit into skirts
Besides, have you seen the fatass European lolitas on YouTube?

>> No.9795482

Maybe a dumb question but does anyone know what dress this is?

>> No.9795489

I think this is probably true, plus the fact that the standard for how showy your coordinate is has gone up in recent years. Like girls wanna look more dressed up, casual outfits are out, chiffon ruffles all over your OP and underskirts are in. The funny thing is that casual or simple skirt outfits often get warm responses because people like the simplicity, but most people are trying not to look too plain to fit in

>> No.9795498

Correct me if I'm wrong but gothic brands still release skirts as usual

>> No.9795508

Little bit of everything discussed honestly. Don't care though, means more for me.

Boz and Pierrot do, but Moitie hasn't released a new skirt in a while. Neo Gothic Arch only came in JSK/OP cuts.

>> No.9795512

>means more for me.
I wish this were true, but my two favourite brands (ETC and AP) stopped releasing skirts, likely due to lack of interest.

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Can i get your guys opinions on this goth loli coat i found on kiji. i thought it looked pretty cute so i was considering making a whole outfit from india stuff because it looks like an offbrand. pls let me know what you think

>> No.9795568


That frilly jumpsuit still haunts me

>> No.9795570

It is cute if you're not a lolita
If it are are lolita, you should have higher standards

>> No.9795623

First mistake is calling it goth loli.

>> No.9795625

Mary in the sky with candles?

>> No.9795626

Sorry candies...... not candles

>> No.9795647

Are you the bait anon who posted in the odottemita thread? Try harder.

>> No.9795650


Look i consider my self a newb and i just want to be a goth j fash ho. Im not trying to go over the top

>> No.9795651


I find him cute too, though I'm Asian and probably have yellow fever as default setting. I just like that he seemed involved and interested, I mean I know he owns Baby, but seeing him actually dress up and take photos and looking at photo albums is kind of different because dudes normally blow off lolita as "girly stuff" and then act like they don't want to catch a disease from it. It's kind of refreshing to see a guy be so naturally interested.

I also really want to give him a haircut, or maybe some hairgel, so there's that.

>> No.9795655


So.... non lolita?

The lace looks cheap, the bows are kinda Bodyline-tier. If you're a lolita you definitely want to stay away. If you just wanna be a jfash ho then I guess do whatever?

>> No.9795657


I don't think all Asian girls have that as their default setting by any stretch, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has yellow fever in their default.

I find him really cute in the 'aww Asian dad likes cute things' kind of way. Like when you see some Asian's dad actually take interest in their hobbies rather than be cold and distant. Which makes me sound like I have father issues, but luckily I have a dad who geeks out almost as much as I do over inane things. I just see it so little in so many other Asian families of my friends that you have to treasure the moments and people you get.

>> No.9795658

>goth j fash ho
Kill yourself.

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Does anyone know where to get a pair of rocking horse shoes?
The only place I see that has them in my size are from Glitzy wonderland and desu for 100 bucks they look pretty cheap

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It was a mini-hat after all

>> No.9795680

You should probably let the mods of your comm know about this. Take screenshots of your conversations and send it to them. Telling someone they’re going to jump on their rib cage isn’t normal...

>> No.9795685

I mean VW is an option if you are down for the cost (or for shopping second hand)

>> No.9795703

From cheapest to most expensive - Bodyline, Antaina, maybe Angelic Imprint, Viv West

>> No.9795823

mini hats sold out online in less than a minute, and they only carried one color in each store

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What'd you gulls get in the AP Japan sale? I ran an impromptu group order for my FB chat so I could justify just buying the violin bag in black. I also picked up some of the Cecilia Cross jewelry for a friend who's asleep, but I thought might want it. I figure worst case scenario I can sell it. They were cheap!

>> No.9795856

There’s one E-famous lolita in my comm that we all know posts here to stir up shit about herself. I can’t stand her and hate that when ever I want to buy something of get something that she also has I get the “ oh anon you and fame-chan should twin” or if I get something she wanted but missed the preorder/ I got it in the color she wanted first, I get the “ you’re only doing it because you like fame-chan” by the other lolitas that like her. It’s annoying and is why I don’t attend meets any more.

>> No.9795868

Sorry anon, not even close! I know because I own Mary in the sky with candies haha

>> No.9795874

It's this skirt: https://lolibrary.org/items/btssb-thumbelina-skirt

>> No.9795879

I’m in a similar situation. Our tastes are pretty much 1:1 and we own a lot of the same thing, but I also have some of her dream dresses and she has some of mine. Whenever I post a picture wearing a dress she wants, her friends comment “ooh that’s @efamechan’s dream dress!” which makes me feel really awkward because I don’t want to sell it. I can’t post anything about any print or dress I like or bought without at least two people jumping in to say that efamechan has or wants that dress too. They don’t do that for anyone else in the comm.
In this case the girl herself is really nice though, only her weird little fans are annoying.

>> No.9795889

expanding upon this, if you're wearing a skirt you also need to be wearing a (cute) blouse that actually fits and doesn't buckle which would prove a challenge for some people.

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File: 1.28 MB, 320x213, 1508793785960.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's two. One's a perma-ita. She insists on handmaking everything and always chooses horrible lace and quilting fabric to make her sorry dresses out of, despite being politely directed towards more suitable fabric. She then pairs them with atrocious obviously not-lolita blouses. She's very obnoxious and now wants people to buy her awful trash. The second is less obnoxious but just as embarrassingly ita. She tries to turn thrifted prom dresses into lolita items and wears furry paraphernalia in coords.
There's also an ageplayer but at least she has the decency to keep her kinks private.

>> No.9795899

Gulls give me motivation to go to a meet I can’t be bothered to go to please.

>> No.9795903

Respond with a "Haha yeah, I can see why. It's lovely!" or something similar for dresses you already own.

>> No.9795904

It's fine to say goth loli

>> No.9795905

How likely is it that AP's Sweet Lacy Basket will get a Made-to-Order release? It sold out so damn fast and I know it'll be released on AP USA but I'm sure it will be ticketed and a lot of people seem to want the lavender OP so I'm not optimistic about getting it then either. But I guess we'll see.

>> No.9795910

Vivienne Westwood and Melissa. Look for them secondhand if you're cheap.

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don't go lol

be at home and sad you didn't go instead

...thats what I always do

>> No.9795925

True. I often hear people talk about "hacks" like how their blouses aren't buttoned under their JSK and obviously if you're wearing a skirt you can't get away with something like that.

That's what I do, yeah. Usually with an "I love it too!" thrown in to indicate that I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon. I wonder how she feels about it, because If I were her I wouldn't want people to constantly @ me to point out my DD in non-sales posts.

>> No.9795933

Okay so I get a lot of people don't fit the skirt or blouse that they bought (despite there being blouses with 115cm bust), but I'm surprised that skirts became so irrelevant that people don't even consider someone else could prefer them over OPs and JSKs. Like people in my comm don't even ask "how many main-pieces do you have" or "what's your favourite main-piece", they ask how many dresses you have.
Everything is always about dresses now and I'm salty about it.

>> No.9795935

If that where the case, why hasn’t Efame chan stopped it? She sees it when it’s happening to me>>9795856 and does nothing because we both are tagged about it in our comms page. I’m sure she’s sitting there in hopes to have me sell it to her by the constant “ that’s efames Dream dress” thinking I’ll be all willing to help a lolita out in getting another “ dream dress” she wants.

>> No.9795937

There is this one girl I was personally friends with before being a lolita and she introduced me to the fashion. But when I started wearing it and going to meets she began to ignore me, only hang out with the popular comm members and pretended as if she didn't know me. It beamce awkward for me going to meets with her presence and fake behaviour, so I eventually stopped going and became a lone lolita.

>> No.9795938



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File: 36 KB, 632x256, IW new label.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IW's new label goes live on Wednesday. Can't wait!

>> No.9795945

I can relate to this anon. You’re not alone. But the friend like that ended up into a bit a the comms drama. So now I’m laughing because I’m not involved since I chose not to involve myself with the popular girls. More likes isn’t why I wear the fashion.

>> No.9795948

hype hype hype hype hype

>> No.9795960
File: 1.45 MB, 249x249, dgs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am very very excited

>> No.9795961

Which one? One mod put up a business list but I don't see any taobao on it.

>> No.9795962

>that one girl who always brings up how she was sexually abused as a child

what is it with lolitas not understanding like... social norms and boundaries? one I had only met once before brought up that she was abused completely out of nowhere and it was super awkward.

>> No.9795966

>one person does x thing, nobody approves
>''omg what is it with all people from x group!''

>> No.9795975

Salty too, but then I see Btssbs latest skirt releases irl and they’re so not worth it. Like they nearly cost as much as the JSK yet they’re 0% detailed and literally just two layers of fabric sewn together hold up buy full shirring around the waist. I ain’t gonna pay 200bucks for that. And I already own a few (old) skirts and love them. But the new ones are meh

>> No.9795980
File: 370 KB, 480x480, B42SK509-ivsx-1-480x480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they nearly cost as much as the JSK
Pic related is 17,064yen, but the JSK is 27,864yen. They sometimes still do the corset style ones, but Americans don't fit them lol.

>> No.9795982

I can't wait!

>> No.9795989

just find the motivation in how much better than everyone else you will look

>> No.9795992

As a busty-with-a-small-waist-chan, it’s way easier to do the skirt + fitting blouse thing than the jsk + blouse unbottoned thing (guilty—it’s only one blouse and only because I was an idiot and did the metric conversion wrong as a newb). Jsks, while they come in larger sizes then skirts sometimes, still have to fit your top and look nice in them. Blouses can be purchased at a larger size through taobao or Lady Sloth and paired with a skirt that fits your measurements. It almost always looks more appropriately fitted on me.

Now if you can find me a structured blazer that fits me, that would be some hot tech.

>> No.9795993

>implying any country outside of Japan is just as small and skinny as them and no fatties exist outside the US

>> No.9795995


It’s pretty common to have stories about lolitas overstating shit? Obviously I’m not talking about the entire group because I’m in it, genius. It’s not something you have to repeat every time because most people understand context

>> No.9795996

Fuck yeah! IW is so great for staples in so many styles. I’m excited to see what they can put out.

>> No.9796004

the only thing that sold out exceptionally fast were the mini hats and lav OP, so i wouldn't get too excited for one honestly

>> No.9796005

There are some japanese brands that do basics like blouses in plus-size too, like physical drop and maxicimam. I have a moitie blouse that fits more than 100 cm bust...

>> No.9796014


So I saw! Didn't expect they made such a small tiny number of them like >>9795823 mentions, but at least I managed to get one in pink.

Hope some other gulls got what they wanted.

>> No.9796026

I could've gotten one in pink as well, but I just want lavender.

>> No.9796027

How did you get one? Who is your SS

>> No.9796030

looks like straight up milanoo. sorry senpai
the bows are too sweet for goth anyway. look for an all black coat. try Restyle for indie. punkrave might even work, depending on the design. do your research though so you don't buy cheap looking stuff to end up looking like ass.

>> No.9796037

Nayrt but my SS was rather slow, because of work but Harajuku still had a pink one left earlier today and they might get some more colors tomorrow.

I managed to get the white OP and JSK, let's see whioch one I'll keep.

>> No.9796049




Yeah, lavender slipped out of my cart way too fast. But I got the white dress so pink still works. I think I really only managed to get what I wanted because everyone else went for lavender everything.


Wow, congrats anon! That's impressive.

>> No.9796052

Nice, i was able to get the white op as well, I’m pretty happy. I was also thinking about getting the jsk in sax, but the op was my priority.

>> No.9796067

There isn't a comm thread at the moment, so I figured I'd ask here.
Does anyone know if there's much of a community in Seoul? Any gulls living there at the moment?
I'm going to study abroad there, and I'm wondering if I should even bring my lolita. From my previous experiences in South Korea, I'm not sure I would feel 100% comfortable wearing it out and about alone, and it takes up so much space. If there are other lolitas/potential events, I'd love to at least take a coord or two, though.

>> No.9796069

Actually everyone went for white and then lavender. The white OP was pulled from my cart first and when I looked at the listings after ordering only white was sold out for both OP and JSK.

I considered getting lavender as well! Good thing the white colorway has lavender in it as well.
I‘m looking forward to the OP the most, I love the design. But I‘d probably have to alter it so in case I can’t get myself to have the OP altered I can keep the JSK.
Luckily AP Paris had the hat in lavender still available, now my set is complete.

Is anyone else disappointed they’ve stopped doing skirts, OTKs and jewelry for prints lately? I would love some hydrangea themed stuff.

>> No.9796070

I'm surprised pink seems to be so unpopular. I guess the pink flowers don't show up as well against it, though.
For once I really love both the OP and JSK cut.

>> No.9796086

I guess it’s the same like Romantic Rose Letter, the print blends in too much.

>> No.9796088

I missed sweet lacy basket. What's it going to sell for second hand, do you reckon?

>> No.9796127


There's still a couple of colourways left, if you fancy pink or sax (jsk). Or you could contact an in-person SS and see if they can call up an AP store for the colourway you want (sometimes the prints sell out completely online but not in their physical stores).

Either lavender or white is going to sell for above retail if you want to get it right now, since it's sold out in the webshop. But give it a year and depending on whether AP promises a better floral print next year, the price is likely to drop eventually.

>> No.9796136

no offense but can anyone explain to me why AP is the most popular brand in the US?

>> No.9796138

>bright colours
>huge sizing

>> No.9796139
File: 67 KB, 135x313, secretss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9796172

Sizing and sweet motifs mostly, though Baby released some really good stuff last year.

>> No.9796176

Thanks anon, I want the lavender so I might wait. It's a wishlist dress but I don't need it immediately, I'll chance it in a year

>> No.9796200

Yep, white OP, then white JSK, then lav OP, then lav jsk sold within the first five or so minutes. Then the sax OP went.

>> No.9796224
File: 37 KB, 360x640, tumblr_m4kgruAMbO1rqabfdo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Super girly aestetics. Pretty animals with long ass lashes and cute puff tails, perfectly aligned bows, custom lace and buttons. Back in the time they were making super detailed intricate solids. It's not just the sweet theme but basically the style of their artists and designers. Personally I would happily buy some classic themed things, if they were made in such pretty whimsical style.

>> No.9796229

Anon what dress is this?

>> No.9796233

AP has some really pretty solid OPs that I've come across (Vintage Doll comes to mind). They don't seem to release them much any more.

>> No.9796234

My comm was also involved in some drama which I'm glad I wasn't part of. The comm kind of destroyed itself as a result. Most of the girls quit or just do private hangouts with their friends these days and everyone else was forced to become a lone lolita. I'm always happy when karma serves justice lel

>> No.9796235
File: 77 KB, 688x518, 090627_sweet14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's Colorful Heart jsk https://lolibrary.org/items/ap-colorful-heart-jsk absolutely insane detailing desu

>> No.9796238

Aw, I wish the heart lacing was one the front! I have a new wishlist dress now, it's lovely. Thanks!

>> No.9796240

No, it's not fine to say goth loli, newfriend.

>> No.9796250

My best friend was able to get the lavender one in-store today. Maybe contact a ss.

>> No.9796253

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Personally I love Baby, too, but their art style simply doesn't grab me as much. It's usually more subdued and stylized in either an illustration or classical art sort of way, I guess.

>> No.9796281

VW has shoes for giants? Hot damn!
Actually, this is a great idea! Thanks senpai

>> No.9796316

I'm sorry you're addicted to over used memes but it was common to say loli when I started, and I don't care enough about cgl's opinion to stop

>> No.9796319

All Japanese sweet brands do that desu

>> No.9796344

>She truly hates kids, not just like any other child-free person
Going off topic a bit, but being child-free =/= hating kids. I'm a primary school teacher and also child free. I love kids, I just don't want one.

More on topic; keep screenshots of the things this girl says. Especially the harassment and the weird threats, it's not okay and hopefully your mods will step in with proof. If not, post for the international community to see, like those girls in Japan did recently. Mods will do something once the torches and pitchforks are out. You shouldn't have to live like this anon.

>> No.9796398

Ever had a Meetup in a ghetto place?

>> No.9796413
File: 556 KB, 793x996, deleted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did anyone happen to see what this was about/get screenshots before it was deleted? I think it was the thread about "what prints do you like" but that seems pretty banal for a topic to get out of hand. Share if it was juicy!

>> No.9796805

It's literally in the comm description and not that hard to figure out. I had her blocked for a good while because her posts in lolita updates kept spamming my feed.

>> No.9796806
File: 586 KB, 1240x1873, 4EA840E5-DA17-4841-8626-3A6E9F7B13C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New bodyline stuff
I haven’t bought from them in years but it’ll still be nice to see

>> No.9796871

There are no ghetto's in my country since WW2

>> No.9796881

it doesn't say anything about a shopping service, try harder vendetta-chan.

>> No.9796895

never herd of the archives huh

>> No.9796896

... facebook archives? have you been hit on the head recently?

I hope they actually start restocking again, I want that sailor dress sorry not sorry

>> No.9796909

That's kind of true, since skirts shirring are always waaay less generous than jsks for some reason.

>> No.9796935

Is this that stupid decora business? they have overpriced unicorn bags you can get from Ali for like $13 .

>> No.9796952
File: 285 KB, 1242x1799, 1ADB66B2-8928-4630-9073-30079A78DFF9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, you left out the best pics.

>> No.9796953
File: 425 KB, 1232x1849, 2D6ABD8C-B79F-4915-986E-9529436DB767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9796963
File: 37 KB, 483x530, cocona shock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9797021

Will Closet Child combine orders? For example, if I buy something now and then tomorrow order something else, is that too late?
I feel like CC used to do this and even hold items, but that was a long ass time ago.

>> No.9797022

No. They haven’t held orders in years.

>> No.9797037

Did Mr. Yan's wife dump him again that, after all those years, there will be a new waifu search?

>> No.9797044

I figured as much but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks.

>> No.9797047

You just went full retard

>> No.9797077

That was my first thought when I read about the model audition.

>> No.9797103


All of what the others said, plus pockets. Don't underestimate the importance of pockets, I keep wanting to switch brand loyalty but the idea that I'd have to sew my own pockets into other brands' dresses kind of makes me reluctant to plop down full price for a dress I'd have to alter.

Plus, AP do actually take a lot of care with their design and construction. Quite often you'll get a dress in and find it actually has 3-5 different types of lace, at least one of which is custom made for AP and can't be found on taobao (at least until someone replicates it), the buttons will be novelty buttons that are unusual and match the theme, and 98% of the time their bows are perfect. Don't be fooled by how most AP fans seem to chase prints, they do have pretty solid construction behind most of their dresses.

>> No.9797169

Everything you said is the same as other sweet brands, besides that not all of them do pockets.

>> No.9797188

So the rumors about Misako “retiring” as Kawaii Ambassador after this year are true?

I heard that she is planning to settle down and start a family.

>> No.9797192

Well that sucks. I had hoped the company was dying.

>> No.9797194


>> No.9797199

I hope she continues to post lolita content when she has a family

>> No.9797206
File: 24 KB, 600x600, FB_IMG_1512929737084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most Japanese lolitas seem to quit when they get married and have kids. I hope Misako keeps going, but I'm not feeling optimistic about it.

>> No.9797208

the fucking cgl archives you straight up retard omg

>> No.9797215

How can they check the archives if it wasn't posted here you dumbo. If it was post the link, and work on less obvious samefagging.

>> No.9797220
File: 35 KB, 360x480, 74afed11gw1ewi7npmjk6j20dc0hsju0_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let the reign of Yui Minakata begin

>> No.9797223


>> No.9797249
File: 128 KB, 600x1289, DWjD1YDVwAI6Wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ETC is releasing pic related to celebrate the anniversary of one of their physical shops

>> No.9797269

Look at Baby, their lace, trims, buttons - all of them has some really simple generic motifs. Also have you ever noticed that AP dresses have really thoughtful construction. Slightly high waist, that makes your torso look smaller and cuter, fuller skirts, that have built-in petti and basically sits better on your own petti, proportional bows, but not just some gathered pieces of fabric.

>> No.9797275

Not everyone likes the look of higher waist cuts. I really like AP but a lot of the bows on my dresses are kind of wonky, with one part longer than the other.
I love AP, but I'm sick of waist ties that aren't lined on both sides.

>> No.9797277

This is a good analysis, I appreciate baby’s cuts in that they have a more mature look, but still keep the cute factor. AP is mostly just cute fluffy doll looks. Not saying they can’t look mature just usually for most.

>> No.9797286

AP also tends to use more or more noticeable lace on the bodice and straps than other brands.

>> No.9797293

Just bought a few things from Maiden Clothing through a forwarding service, I've made a payment using the email they sent me, but haven't received a confimation for that. Is that how it's supposed to work?

>> No.9797295

hi edgefriend

the post i'm referring to was from FB, not cgl, and was not discussed here, as the kind anon told you.

thanks for trying :-)

>> No.9797302
File: 82 KB, 528x800, tumblr_lxyd6sFaCR1r6q9yno1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some small details that make a coord look polished?

I feel like I'm not awful at coording, but it always feels like something is missing. What finishing touches do you find make a big difference?

>> No.9797312

I actually expected better

>> No.9797315

I always forget wrist stuff.

>> No.9797317

Accessories! Specially in the wrists. Also,balancing hair volume and hair accessories

>> No.9797352


>> No.9797385

Long live the queen

>> No.9797416

In my country too many people are familiar with the works of Nabokov, and saying "loli" or "goth loli" does not get that immediate association. I never use it around other lolitas, but when dealing with normies I'd rather drop a few letters than go into long explanations every fucking time.

>> No.9797431

I think a lot of the negative reaction comes from native english speakers, where “loli” is really only seen when it’s related to child porn (which is wayyyyy more difficult to explain)

>> No.9797464

I've always loved this series for the bold color pairings alone.
I want the mint so bad but I'm never going to fit my tits in any of those cuts.
match your metals. don't wear lace accessories with a laceless main. make sure fabric weight is consistent; but if mixing weights, like coording chiffon with velveteen, make it balanced.
having the style consistent is a huge miss for many coords. the longer you're in the fashion the easier it is to tell get the feel from an item, and if something's too sweet in its detailing for a gothic coord.

the most successful coords, however simple, are clear in style/intent. perfection is when the accessories match not only in motif/theme but style and color as well. quality all over is also key.

>> No.9797467

Baby you know that i miss you

and i want to get with you

But i cant talk right now

So kiss me thru the phone

>> No.9797470

A friend of a friend said to me 'i love your lolita-style outfits, it's great that you made something so creepy look so cool.' I asked my friend what she meant by this and she said that she was genuinely trying to compliment me, and that she's read the book.
Well if she's read the book surely she knows it's nothing to do with what Dolores wore?
I'm feeling pretty disheartened. I knew people thought it was weird, but I never thought they saw me as a 'creepy' freak until now. Any words of advice for feeling ashamed? I know I shouldn't feel bad, but I do.

>> No.9797488

why are you like this lol

>> No.9797522

Yeah a lot depends on the language and cultural context, many murica-chans forget that there are other countries out there where things are different.

>> No.9797548

you haven't done anything wrong. no shame darling.
I reunited with my bff recently after not seeing each other for years, and she described the fashion as "trying to look like a little girl"
she seemed so sure of that description, like she shared my understanding and was in the know, and I didn't have a space in the convo, or the energy t b h, to correct her. it bugs me to this day...

lolita is adult clothing and honestly looks weird on kids. it's too fussy and elaborate, and built for grown ups.
you're not creepy. alternative and non-normative, but not a malignant pervert.

>> No.9797551

God I hope she does.

>> No.9797566


>don't underestimate the importance of pockets
>proceeds to underestimate the importance of pockets

No, really. An IW dress is likely $250. Baby and AP dress likely $300. Only one of them I can wear straight out of the box as-is. Only one of them I don't have to send to the tailor's for a week and shell out more money for pockets. Only one of them I can throw on for the weekend and not care about matching my purse because have you heard, the dress has pockets.

Guess which one I buy?

>> No.9797570


Honestly, it's just that all the sweet brands actually have their own identity and their own market segment. Someone who likes a more toned down but sugary sweet style will go for Baby over AP. Someone who likes plainer dresses with simpler prints will go for IW. The ones that go for AP obviously dig the cutesy fluffy precious doll aesthetic. There's no real big mystery about it, I think they all do their own thing to cater to their own followers. Baby followers would probably throw a hissy fit if Baby started putting out dresses that looked like AP, similar to IW, and AP dresses that aren't fluffy pretty doll dresses would probably sit abandoned on the rack because their followers like the fluffy pretty doll look.

>> No.9797583
File: 126 KB, 1024x557, scolopendra__shoulder_armor_minimal_version_by_pinkabsinthe-d6bn6cn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to make a character based coord for a convention. Would >pic related< be a terrible idea?

>> No.9797584

I know I've read in several previous threads that some lolitas buy the same print in different colorways. Either because they love the print so much or the cut is so flattering.

Now I'm wondering if anyone ever buys the same print, but different cuts? Like the same print, but they own it in a skirt AND a jsk, for example.

Genuinely curious, I suppose.

>> No.9797587

I do this. I have Daydream Carnival and Holy Lantern in the JSK and OP versions, I have Fancy Hospital in the cutsew OP and special set, and I have Drained Cherry in the OP and skirt. I also have two milky cross OPs, but in different colorways. Yeah, I'm kinda basic, but my wardrobe is large enough that the repeats don't really take away from the variety.

>> No.9797598

Are you sure she meant that book? There's books about the fashion too.

>> No.9797627

Honestly, yeah it doesn’t look good. What character are you going for?

>> No.9797632

I also have never been to one either but I wanna go. Just got work and I'm a coward when it comes to driving in the city.

>> No.9797634

Also very accessible. I live in Cali and ordering from their US website and shipping is fast and easy.

>> No.9797638

Same, after that sailor dress and AP knock off I figured they'd know what to do

>> No.9797641

I think they get way more sales on the ugly shit than we would like to admit, and thus have a reason to produce for the ita market

>> No.9797659

The comm is going to shit anyway, most of the mod team don’t go to meets or even wear lolita anymore. Out with the old, in with the new I say.

>> No.9797664

Nayrt, I guess if she's read SP/VR she might have gotten the impression that it's "creepy" because a lot of content in it is on the creepier side, but it doesn't misrepresent the fashion, what it looks like or what it's about.
If I had to guess, it's most likely about Nabokov. Either way I don't think anon's friend is all there in the reading comprehension department.

>> No.9797677

Have you never ordered from the Japanese site though? It's faster and easier than the US site...

>> No.9797691

It's a character with an entirely metal arm. And I'd prob make it out of silver leather, not shitty fabric like the original artist, this was just the best example I could find.

>> No.9797704

I read responses to posts like this to try to figure out if anyone cares about how much of a jerk I can be to post me here.

>> No.9797706

Edward Elric...?

>> No.9797715

It felt like that, too. She seemed like she was so certain that she was correct. Even my best friend was saying 'well it is creepy, and are you sure it's not got anything to do with the book? I mean, it is called lolita'. Very disheartening. But thank you anon, your words are kind.

Even I haven't read that and I wear it almost weekly. She definitely meant lolita, and she was definitely calling me creepy for dressing in a way that she thinks invites pedos. I don't even dress in sweet, I wear classic.

>> No.9797725

>I mean, it is called lolita
>also stop calling yourself goth, you can't wear architecture and you're not from a Germanic tribe
>words have more than one meaning???
Your preferred substyle has nothing to do with it, anon, people are just fucking dense.

>> No.9797732

It's like the only sweet brands you know are Baby and AP

>> No.9797738


When it comes to cuts, the effect can be very, very different. Even more so if you have them in in different cuts and different colourways.

- I have the skirt and jsk for Chess Chocolate. The skirt is pretty much almost non lolita casual. The jsk is properly lolita.
- I have the skirt + cutsew and the OP for Happy Garden. Both sets in blue, so they share one set of accessories, which is nice. The skirt + cutsew is fully lolita, but kind of casual, like a picnic meet sort of outfit. The OP is more like a cafe meetup type of dress.
- The one that's the most similar is Musee du Chocolat OP and jsk. I have the ivory set with headbow and tights, they were kind of a dream set and I really don't want to get rid of them even though they're a bit too fancy for how I usually dress. I also have the pink jsk that's a bit more versatile and easier to change up. Both sets share the same chocolate accessories.

In my case it doesn't even make sense for me to chose between keeping a casual cute skirt or a lolita jsk, between a casual lolita set or a non-casual set, between a dream dress or a more versatile non-dream-dress. The only actual effect from keeping multiples is being able to share similar accessories between prints, can't say that's a bad thing.

>> No.9797742


Other anons already covered the other reasons. It's not like Pina Sweet Collection or Chocochip Cookie are any easier to buy than Baby or Meta.

>> No.9797745
File: 73 KB, 540x720, loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has the best coord available

>> No.9797751

Thanks anon
And I'm not trying to trash sweet, I should clarify. It's just pastels and cupcakes are what people here most commonly would associate with children.

>> No.9797762
File: 1.04 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p4qyueKEN01r2eyrho2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9797763

What is this tumblr shit

>> No.9797772

ew wtf

>> No.9797786


jfc rando is right all right

- Baby-rando seems to be doing decora, that was more associated with Angelic Pretty than Btssb.
- IW-rando doesn't have enough brown going on
- when it came to Moitie the "arteest" heard the words "gothic lolita" and therefore drew a goth emo boy instead of an aristo boy. Furthest thing from Moitie ever.
- Angelic-Pretty rando seems colourblind
- Metamo-rando should really have been an a teddy bear camo shit and they put him in this?
- Mary Magdalene rando mistakenly looks like a priest, which was more Atelier Boz's thing (Boz-rando in turn looks more like he's cosplaying, which would be Bodyline's thing).
- JetJ-rando doesn't even look artsy enough to "get it"
- Bodyline-rando just looks out of place, at least make him out to be an ita coser or something.

Why are none of these ever right?

>> No.9797792

Did this artist even bother to look at the websites of the brands? Because not a single one of these is accurate. Why is Moitie an emo with a girly haircut instead of Mana wearing aristo? Seriously, Moitie should have been the easiest to get right. Why are Boz and MM both cosplaying as vampires? MM isn't even gothic. Bodyline should just be Mr Yan in his top hat. This artist dropped the ball so hard it's actually frustrating.

>> No.9797793

I have this JSK in yellow & lavender, it's absolutely cute and it was one of my goals to wear this while I was in the process of losing weight. It's one of AP's smaller dresses unfortunately.

>> No.9797798
File: 37 KB, 311x296, jfc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9797823

I hope it’s Violet Evergarden, she could be loliable.

>> No.9797851

I have a girl like this, lets call her Kate. We are a very small comm, only 6-7 people in total, Kate is one of them, for quite a few years now and she always acts in a very pompous, condescending and kinda passive aggressive manner, even though she sweet talks a lot. But the worse thing is, she has nothing to show for it! She's not managed to make a decent coord all these years, and she has the audacity to self proclaim as a "brand-whore" just because she has an old AP skirt and some otome dress.

I have a lolita mentee in this group, that I am very proud of, and last meetup was her debut in lolita. She wore an amazing VM coord with a super cute classic hat and accessories. I was very happy that her first coord was so good. And when the meet was almost over, Kate, (as if representing the entire group), told her in a sweet/patronizing way that "WE" would really love to see her again, even if she wears the same dress.

Bitch, you will never be the lolita she is and she just started. I would have kicked her off for making people feel awkward, but we are so few...beggars cant be choosers I guess.

>> No.9797856

>6-7 people
At that point it's not really a comm, it's more of a friend group. If others dislike her, can you freeze her out?

>> No.9797871

>i recognize those noses
>art style looks like japhers
>tfw it’s japhers
Anyway. There only thing this shares with lolita is the OCC characters sharing the brand names. Nothing else.

>> No.9797875

Does anyone have experience with Dreamv heels? How comfortable and durable are they? I’ve been looking for a pair of plain platform Mary Janes that fit my clown feet and they are the first place I’ve found some in months

>> No.9797879

I've been wearing a pair of their flatforms as daily shoes, they were around 20$ and after the first day are quite comfortable! I've had to glue the sole back on however

>> No.9797880

The idea is fine but their aesthetics hardly match the brands they represent... Does this person even wear lolita... Even Bodyline-kun makes no damn sense

>> No.9797892

One in our area comm that's a 3edgy5u pseudo-Goth transtrender. She always acts victimised by everything, and hijacks every conversation with how things are so terrible for her, and how hard her life is, but people are only rude to her about her 'Goth' stuff because she goes full edgelord and takes an attitude with people, trying to upset the Christians on purpose, going on about like how she's vampire and stuff, wearing demon horns to a church, etc. She's in her 20s, so she's too old for this cringe, and it makes the other Goths/Lolitas that wear Gothic look bad. Most of us want to just be left alone to do our own thing, and she just goes around doing this stupid attention-seeking shit, and won't grow out of it. In fact, the older she gets, the more desperate she seems for attention. I think she's been doing the transtrender thing because of an actual FtM person in her circle of friends getting lots of support and her feeling left out, but she doesn't even try to look male, just bitches about pronouns

>> No.9797893

I honestly don't understand japanese lolitas sometimes.
>my listing didn't sell for months
>better delete it and relist it for a higher price

>> No.9797896
File: 36 KB, 600x450, 1500009940643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Absolutely horrible. Delet this blasphemy.

>> No.9797900

Thank you! I think I’ll go for it, then

>> No.9797927

A lot of times people who do that, or list things with comically high prices, aren't listing to sell. They're listing to document or show off. There were a couple of people on mbok/y!j that did this shit constantly.

>> No.9797929

So in your opinion, how many people do you need to form a comm? We are deffinitely not a fiend group because we dont hang out outside of lolita. Eh I'd freeze her out but with so few people, I'd rather help the existing members up their coord game than shoo people, or I will be left alone haha

>> No.9797933

I don't know, I guess if you are just joined by lolita then you're a comm, but since you said this Kate girl has been into lolita for years I assumed you guys knew each other over the course of a long time, hence why I assumed friend group.
I'm dealing with a girl who sounds like your girl. Terrible coords, bad makeup, but acts like she's all that and a pack of crackers. Super condesending. I think I posted about her recently, just trying to vent it out. I wish I had a solution to dealing with these sorts of people, but not everyone finds them as annoying as I do.

>> No.9797935

Yes, that is absolutely hideous. See if you can find or commission something similar in metal. If you can't bear wearing actual metal, commission something in thermoplastic or worbla from someone who makes good cosplay armour, or hard leather from someone who makes larp armour. There are tons on Etsy.

>> No.9797943

I have a couple brand blouses from my teen years that are, kinda ugly, pit stained and to embarrassing, to sell or give to another lolita.
is there anything better to do with them then give them to a thrift store?

>> No.9797965

A thrift store isn't going to be able to sell them either. You could ask a dry cleaner if it's possible to remove the stains. You could also ask in the old school thread if anyone is interested. If you still can't get rid of them, repurpose them into decor or cleaning rags.

>> No.9797968
File: 36 KB, 300x300, 83CE6AE7-79DC-40E6-9051-2FB0047694D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scale mail is easy to do and find commissions for... that may also work

>> No.9797971

Oxyclean, bro

>> No.9797972

True, it doesn't look anything like the pic that person posted but if it's not for a specific character then why not?

>> No.9797974

Send them to me yo

>> No.9797979


I'd say take a stab at selling them cheap anyway. If you don't like it being connected to your name, ask a friend to do it under their account for you and buy them dinner in return or something.

Alternatively, assuming you already tried all the cleaning methods, you could straight up soak it in bleach and see if you get a white (ish) blouse at the end.

If you sew, you can also take it apart for raw materials, ie- lace and fabric to make another blouse, bag, headbow, dress for your kumya,

>> No.9797983
File: 34 KB, 250x333, 04f44527-9518-546b-a59c-4f5f51e19219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try to clean them first, if that doesn't work maybe you could dye them a different colour (I don't have experience with that). I would wear them underneath a cardigan or OP. You could also alter them into something like pic related.

>> No.9797987

1 dollar auction on lacemarket

>> No.9797994

When will Moitie finally release something new? Fucking cosplays and re-releases don't count

>> No.9798028

Try to get the pitstains out. Donate to a nooblita online. Cut off any parts you still like to keep as trim? Otherwise yeah I’d thrift em off

>> No.9798070

She sounds similar to someone in my comm though my comm is quite large. She calls herself an AP brandwhore even though her wardrobe consists of like two AP dresses and a bunch of “loliable” things that she originally bought for various cosplays. Despite this she talks like she’s an authority on everything Jfashion and is constantly lecturing people on subjects she actually knows very little about even if the person she’s talking to has much more experience and knowledge on that subject and is telling her she’s wrong. When she’s not condescendingly talking out of her ass she’s talking about cosplay and then gets annoyed when not everyone at a lolita meetup cares about cosplay. I try to avoid sitting with her at meets though she’s funny to observe from a distance.

Like people who list shiny Pokémon on the GTS and then ask for a lvl 5 Mewtwo in trade.

>> No.9798075

>if something's too sweet in its detailing for a gothic coord.
It took me so, so long to understand this. The smallest details can give a sweet vibe to an otherwise neutral style/gothic appropriate dress. Little bows, certain ribbon choices, all make a difference in the feel of a coord overall.

>> No.9798083

That's how I imagine every person in RC to be

>> No.9798088

It's an old picture from 3 or 4 year ago
This was my comm's event and when we gave them that scrapbook, he got teary-eyed. It was adorable

>> No.9798090

Is it weird that I love mixing styles and fabrics? I have been in the fashion for a long time, and I just recently started to get bored of the ''standard recipe''.

>> No.9798092

I wish people still did fan projects for brand guests.

>> No.9798110

Same here. The girl I described doesn’t post in RC much but there’s another girl in my comm who does, to the point where people on cgl have complained about her. She at least isn’t a cosplayer but she dresses mediocre at best and still thinks her unsubstantiated opinions are super important. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her and cosplay-chan go head to head. Maybe I should try manoeuvring the two of them together some time, see who comes out on top.

>> No.9798189

If you really want to get her going, ask her what kind of music she listens to.
>probably doesn't listen to any goth music hence not an actual goth
>probably dresses like shit hence not an actual lolita either

>> No.9798194

Don’t be such an elitist, anon! You don’t have to like goth music or wear lolita clothes to be goth or lolita, you just have to ~identify~ that way uwu

>> No.9798200

Err no anon. You need to actually wear Lolita fashion to be a Lolita and actually have a gothic aesthetic to be considered a goth.

>> No.9798204

in the clouds, miles above your head, flies the joke.
how pretty

>> No.9798218

>actually have a gothic aesthetic to be considered a goth
Not only did you miss the joke completely but you also don't know shit about goth. Incredible.

>> No.9798221

Sorry, that was my bad. I’m not very good at getting jokes. Especially in t cat format. So sorry about that : /

>> No.9798223

*text format

>> No.9798229

Aww, cute. Just a tip for you: If you see someone using uwu on 4chan, it's more than likely heavy sarcasm.

>> No.9798237

Thanks for the tip : ) appreciate it

>> No.9798240
File: 419 KB, 480x640, B42OJ299-w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Baby print, no skirt this time. They do have two bags with this print.

>> No.9798244
File: 480 KB, 480x640, B42BG814-bmulti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually really need a new bag and I love bears, but I feel like it'll show up cheaper secondhand?

>> No.9798246
File: 522 KB, 480x640, B42OJ298-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9798252
File: 959 KB, 320x180, tumblr_m7ew23Y2T51r6m0q4o2_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe that anon wouldn't miss it, if it was actually funny, ugh

>> No.9798256

I like this colorway a lot more, the colorful one reminds me too much of nursery prints.

>> No.9798260

Rereleasing Iron Gate, Cathedral, or Gothic Arch would essentially be printing money, why won't they just do it already?

>> No.9798271

Reminds me of a nile perch print

>> No.9798280

haha that gif is so awkward
MF was like, pics? oh! video, oops.

if only this was made for me. I love teddy bears so much. and these colors!! I'd buy both the natural and neon black so effing quick

>> No.9798282

They would've if they wanted/could, but I think Mana prefers to ''update'' his prints, so we got Neo Gothic Arch and Royal Gate instead. I would buy the originals if I wanted, but I just want new new things.

I unironically love Nile Perch.

>> No.9798290

"Taobao and shopping wizardry" is her title in the comm.

>> No.9798291

If it's too big for you according to the measurements, both dresses can easily be made smaller than that with the corset lacing and waist-ties. I know from experience with similar releases.

>> No.9798292

>Mana prefers to ''update'' his prints
Just stick neo to everything and make a slightly more detailed print. I'll buy it all. And I'm pretty sure so will everyone else.

>> No.9798347

Her coords aren't usually all that bad - except when she tries too hard to go edgy and ends up looking costume-y. I don't think people in the comm would tolerate her as much if she was ita on top of the bad attitude desu. She dresses 'Goth' outside of Lolita, but in an Instagram/tumblr-core kind of way (nu-Goth?) with harnesses and 'witchy' hats, and red contact lenses, etc. I doubt she knows Siouxsie Sioux from Patricia Morrison, though. She's likely to be the kind to argue ~but Goth is what you make of it~ and cry elitist.

>> No.9798486

Thanks for all the suggestions gulls
Ive tried to get the pit stains out, but they have been setted in for a good 7 years or so. so idk they will ever come out
the old baby blouses have tons of nice thick cotton lace, so I am gonna try and make some maxi pad headdresses, and wrist cuffs!
still mentally difficult to put scissors to brand tho

>> No.9798515

Almost all of these are just outright wrong. I hate tumblr art and just loathe stupid tumblr genderbends for no reason. They clearly don't know anything about the fashion.

However, Bodyline-kun can stay. That is the most accurate Bodyline personification.

>> No.9798537

me too anon. yaaay

>> No.9798546

this looks cheap as fuck

>> No.9798574

If only they had taken 1 minute to research a single brand. What a waste of skill

>> No.9798594

It's a collaboration, and a lot of collabs end up a bit weird. I personally like it but not for lolita or retail price. I'm also obsessed with bears, though.

>> No.9798604
File: 270 KB, 639x679, 1516787285949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go to jail for your crime

>> No.9798727

For pit stains I've found that mixing shout stain gel with baking powder and leaving it in for a few days then soaking it in a tub of vinegar for a week works wonders. I managed to turn a blouse that was completely dark yellow when I received it back to its original ivory through this method.

>> No.9798756

This would be cute in dark red

>> No.9800572

turh them into detachable yokes for under square necked ops?

>> No.9801692

I have done this with slow motion bouquet and I'm wanting to do this with a few other older pieces.

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