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Ugly boyfriend edition

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>Calling Domo ugly
Please don't do that

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sorry, this was made earlier

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>tfw no bf, ugly or otherwise

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>interview for a new comm
>everything goes well
>shake the comm president's hand
>stand up, ready to leave the room
>mfw the door handle catches my thong strap

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Interview for comms?? I didn’t know that was a thing.

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>two events in March
>one event in May
>currently in outfit planning hell

I'm making this so much harder than it needs to be because it comes down to "which black dress do I want to wear?"

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>tfw I will never fit into brand, JM or Miho Matsuda shoes
Antaina mostly uses shit material, my feed are forever doomed to look cheap.

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what's your size anon? i'm a 40 and even that seems to be pushing it in some places

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I'm loving part8

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How else will they know your butt hole size and color?

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42, just the right amount to not fit into the highest sizes anymore.

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I'm ugly I'll be your bf

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Looking at con pics from early 2016, and I'm almost in tears over how hot I used to be before the binge eating came back.

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>Been looking for this dress for ages
>My perfect cut and colourway come up on LM
>Message seller instantly
>Seller never replies
>Dress sold
I want to fucking die

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Why didn't you hit "buy"? Was there something you needed from the seller?

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I wanted to work out shipping costs with her first, as much as I wanted it, some sellers have given me quotes of $100+ which I’m honestly not prepared to pay

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I like all of my roommates except the live-in girlfriend of the guy I know the least. No one understands why he likes her. She acts like a real-life tsundere but with just all the tsun and no dere. Every single fucking thing he does she has to have something mean and shitty to say about it. She's not even that hot so why put up with all that crazy?

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>finally hit 120 pounds
>5'2 so im still gross
>will never be kawaii and delicate lolita doll who is so small even her brand is too big on her

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Ewe gross

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Why would you want that? Lolitas are weird

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i feel you anon, let's diet together!

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>mfw 5'3 and hit 95 lbs today
>actually like my body now
>clothes hang off of me in that way i've always wanted them to

too bad it was the result of a depression diet (e.g. nothing) and overworking myself so i have no time to eat. if anything it's a nuisance because i'm safety pinning my damn clothes now or else everything falls off. even being skinny doesn't make me happy RIP

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because im chubby and i had no idea i had even gained weight until cgl started pointing it out, and now that ive finally lost some weight im terrified of cgl calling me fat again. i just want to be pretty.

im so jealous of you anon, i wish i could be 95lbs again, but i would be happy at even 110 at this point. my gut is huge and disgusting.

im sorry about your depression though, i hope you feel better and find happiness and time to rest and not overwork yourself.

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>tfw some bed-shitter in a Party City costume wins the contest

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>be bi girl
>join a discord server for lesbians that also allows bi and trans girls
>have to do a voice interview thing
>spill all my fucking spaghetti, social anxiety kicks in more powerful than it's been in a long time
>have no idea what to say or how to act
>mod and admin are pretty nice and welcoming still
>still embarrassed and cringing at my social ineptitude
>realize how socially maladjusted, closed off, anxious and awkward I truly am once I'm out of my bubble made up of my very small pool of loved ones
Kill me. Why does everything and everyone have to be so embarrassing? Why can't I just be normal? Fffffffuck

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These are not cgl feels

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Sorry. I'm >>9795891. I usually post a /cgl/ feel along with my more colloquial feels so they're not too OT (I see /cgl/ as my homeboard in a lot of ways), but I guess I wasn't thinking straight this time.

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>posts a feel about joining a lesbian discord
>I wasn't thinking straight
You clearly weren't. :^)

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> 5'1 and 110lbs
> mfw people still say it's fat

well, I keep on losing weight, but idk I always felt I'm already fine enough to look cute in lolita.

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>125 pounds
I want to die. My only reprieve is that I carry weight well. >>9795902 is my goal, though 100lbs doesn't sound too bad either.

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Which dress was it?

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>tfw you see someone cosplaying your waifu from an obscure anime

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source on these two?

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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>All these people posting these not-problems

This is a joke

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Feels don't need to be problems though.

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im 5'3 125 lbs and i feel ya. i feel so chubby

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Just remember you're all beautiful <3

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And you too <3

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I’m 5’9” and like 140 pounds, I used to be 120 and I wanna die, I gained like an inch on my waist , and I’d rather be underweight and unhealthy than healthy and considered a fatty. I still fit brand but I just feel like I’d be way cuter if I wasn’t so damn fat

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>5'2 and just hit 142 pounds
Jesus Christ...I feel so disgusting and fat compared to all you delicate little ladies. I can't wait until I hit 120 pounds or less

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That's far from fatty territory, please don't starve yourself Anon.

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you all make me feel fat. those feels when 5'6" and 140 pounds

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TFW you have wonderful measurements and a thin BMI. Great for cosplaying anime waifus.
But that same feel when your tiddies alone will bust a zipper on your honeycake jsk so you sit there and cry about your boob loaf.

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Dude, like, just move to Goa with 2000 doll hairs buy one of those motorcycle things and drive around the country.
Move back to Philly, get 7 or 8 roommates, start a noise rock band, book some gigs, burn down an Applebee's, eat guacamole with your roomies.

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>tfw just learning that there's a word in spanish for slutty cosplay (puticosplay)

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>Move back to Philly, get 7 or 8 roommates, start a noise rock band, book some gigs, burn down an Applebee's, eat guacamole with your roomies
Can you explain this backstory?

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>2000 doll hairs
Uncle bumblefuck, is that you?

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pussycosplay basically

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>5'3" 96 lbs
>Fluctuate daily between being repulsed by skinniness and being repulsed by being pasty and fat
>Stopped wearing lolita because I feel so disgusting all the time and don't want to draw any attention to myself
Trust me, getting down to a low weight will do nothing for you, I'm just tired and irritable and get winded doing practically nothing. I thought everything would be better under 100, but my weight was never the problem, it was my self esteem.
>Know that they only way to feel better is getting properly fit with muscles
>Trying to get /fit/ but terrified of eating over tdee for muscle growth
>Going to get help but scared because of bad experiences with previous psychiatrists
>Really don't want to get to the point where hair thins because that really isn't kawaii

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>post a cgl related feel to make it related
that's not relevant either, stop doing that. When people started doing that shit, the quality of these threads took a fucking nosedive. post your stupid gay feels on lgbt

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TFW we have the same bmi.
I'm 4'10 and 82.

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>feels thread
Literally the worst threads on any board.

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they at least had some substance before other than
>I farted out my butthole and misako saw :(
>tfw feeding frosted flakes to my lolita gf who's not wearing lolita
>I want to kill myself, also i went to a con one time
>I'm gay and I'm posting about gay things but I use lolita once in my post so that makes it relevant right?

and then people complain when r9k and /pol/ come here and make shitty off topic and bait threads. This thread being off topic and a shithole just invites them over.

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>making steady progress in the gym
>tfw I might really end up looking like the world's most beautiful '80s tough guy after all

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You aren't fat anon, those extra 4 inches you have on me make all the difference.

I'm short and American so I'm fucked and fat until I can get under 100. I want legs so small they barely stretch out my tights. Everyone thinks it even if they won't admit it, everyone knows the thin underweight lolitas look best. Look at Anzu, no one would care about her if she didn't have thin legs and arms.

>I just want to be kawaii and beautiful

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Your gonna make it, bruh

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Aren't most of those troll posts though? Just ignore and report, no need to throw a fit

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>Be tall and black
>not really into cosplay, more into streetwear fashion
>have trouble making friends with similar interests as me
>other people around me are cool but not into anime and video games like me
> have trouble being myself around a lot of my friends
>decide i would start going to cons to meet people who like what i like
>a lot of people will only talk to their friends or are intimidated by me
>feel more isolated than ever

My experience with cons has really varied. Ive met a lot of great people in the past year, but i can't shake the feeling that an outsider there sometimes. I try not to come off the wrong way, because a lot of people tell me they think im some kind of fuccboi before they got to know me.

I just want to find a girl who understood eva

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what area do you live in anon?

I’ve always had good success meeting people in gaming areas at cons, also cosplay is always a good ice breaker and makes people more comfortable

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Ugh, this happened to me last month.

>dream item pops up, have never seen it for sale
>message seller to confirm measurement since generic lolibrary measurements were listed
>wait a couple hours
>dress sells

>> No.9796248

>sell a few items to a friend last month
>she sounds super excited, says they're dream items, give her a nice discount since she bought so much
>turns around and flips every single item she bought off of me, some for double the price
>messages me today about a cheap dress I'm selling
>OMG I NEED this!! Will you hold it for me??

Bitch I won't even sell it to you, let alone hold it.

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Name and shame

>> No.9796337

I can't; I don't want to out myself and get in trouble with my comm, but maybe you can figure it out by who makes the most URGENT EMERGENCY SALE posts with items 2x their market value listed.

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I wanna look like Joesph Jostar one day as well, we will make it

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OH shit, I've seen them.
I've rolled my eyes at their prices.

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>Can feel something calling out to me
>open 4chan idly
>Suddenly recognize the feeling.
>it is time
>open /cgl/
>open catalogue and begin rapidly scanning until I find the feels thread.
>open feels thread, urgency washing over me
>here it comes

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

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I live in western PA

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Nah, you're just singling out a thread you don't like, like a dumb ho

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>weeks ago
>in latin america
>realize that this wonder woman cosplayer at a recent con I went to was kinda popular online
>she has a patreon
>check it
>30 patrons
>out of almost 100000 people on facebook who like her page

I thought
>well, maybe this patreon is new

Anyways, something similar happened with this Misty cosplayer at another event. I didn't know she was this youtube personality when I took a pic of her. Sure enough, she also has a patreon, as well as an instagram. I didn't pay much attention to her youtube, it looked like clickbaity cancer, but one of her videos got over 1 million views with a really shitty clickbait thumbnail and title. She has over 42000 followers on instagram. On patreon, she has only 20 patrons.

To have something to compare, I checked Jessica Nigri's patreon. 3,629 patrons. Welp. As for those other two cosplayers, I hope those few patrons are donating a lot to them, for their sake. Otherwise, that's fucking hilarious that almost no one here wants to give them money.

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Wrong. I love the feels threads.
They are definitely tangibly related at best on every board however.

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It depends on the community of each board. /fit/'s feel threads are ok for me. /r9k/, strangely enough, is completely terrible at them now. Crazy to think that it used to be kind of a comfy board with fun greentext stories every now and then.

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/fit/s feels thread is the same. It's like 30% fitness 70% blogging and non-fitness.
r9k at least can't be off topic but I never go there anyways. I remember it being pretty cozy 2009-2011.

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>have no money
>go to lacemarket for something related to a thread
>not looking to buy stuff
>see dreamdress
>good condition
>good price
>cheap shipping

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I don't have a lot of money to have a huge lolita wardrobe irl, but at least I can have an enormous fake lolita wardrobe on gaia online dot com...

>> No.9796546

>blew too much money at a strip club
>might not be able to support costhots this month
Fuck I hate being stupid. And an alcoholic

>> No.9796555

You could always just neck yourself. Seems like nothing of value would be lost if ya did.

>> No.9796556

But then who would pay the strippers and costhots? :(

>> No.9796562

My cat would miss me.

>> No.9796583

I should be back up to 1/2/3/4 by april and then I'll finally be in new territory again

>> No.9796596

/ck/ feels threads are al/ck/

an interesting sort of cespool

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>tfw no feedback

>> No.9796600

Yeah fit is all social related feels, so tangibly related to fitness, just like alcohol and ck.

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5 stars
5 stars

Items came clean, and as described in the description. Along with speedy delivery, anon asked for feedback, so here you are and I hope you have a good day.

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>get approached at con
>"Not to be weird, but you're one of the cutest traps I've seen."
>"I'm a girl."
>mfw he looks disappointed and leaves

>> No.9796615

I'd be disappointed too, traps are better than normal women

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I'll take it. Thank you.

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I wear Lolita at least 3 times a week and I’m proud of my coords, but I never get any good pictures, only shitty mirror pics. It makes me sad because I just want like one good picture of me in lolita but I always either forget or don’t have the time to

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My partner preordered a piece of merch for me to use on my itabag because they know it's my favorite character and my favorite merch design so far. They struggle with money and I already actually preordered one before they told me but I'm still just so touched.

>> No.9796676

Iktf. I'm in the process of moving out and hauled all, but four main pieces that I could easily coordinate and pack lightly to several events between now and May.

Same. Do you have trouble with normie western brand shoes too?

>> No.9796678

Oh I'm stupid for not reading the following replies. I believe wunderwelt has size LL and LLL shoes by QueenBee. So long as you don't have wide feet like me, there's a chance that you could have cute Lolita shoes. There's also Hotter shoes

>> No.9796679

GOD I feel this so hard. I wish I could go back to 2012 me who thought I was sooo "chunky" and just slap her silly. I'd then hire her to come back to my time period and slap all the unnecessary carbs and "bad day at work" snacks out of my hand :'(

>> No.9796684

Aw. Invest in a tripod! Im sure there are some made for phones now. I have the same problem though I only wear it maybe once a week. It makes me feel that ive been involved in the fashion for a decade, but it doesn't really show. Granted cameras then we're shittier and files got lost along the way, but in general, I tend to run meets, so I don't usually have time for pics.

>> No.9796694

Yeah you don’t even need an expensive tripod, I have one I’ve been using mine for years I got for $12, it works fine for what I need it for

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>get crush on girl in my little sister's comm
>find out she has a tattoo that says "Daddy bought it. I earned it!"

>> No.9796869

I joined a comm and they’re not ALL itas

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Just you.

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U got me

>> No.9796965

that is very underweight. Please eat!!!

>> No.9796968

Not OP but, i've been having trouble finding a good phone tripod. all the ones i've seen are horizontal only and don't turn which is kinda shitty for instagram imo

>> No.9796987

I agree with you that it’s not a safe weight, but

>please eat

Not helpful

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>papa AvE lurking /cgl/

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Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9797019

I think I love lolita too much. I'm spending over 1000 dollars on my dream dresses for my birthday next month. I'm really excited but that number also makes me feel sick.

>> No.9797025

I started sharing my prop designs online. Now Im constantly worried someone will try and fail to recreate my design and be pissed at me.

>> No.9797028

Usually you can turn the clip that hold your phone so even if it fits horizontally you can make your phone vertical. I don’t think the clip will be vertical it’s not safe.

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I'm finally old enough that people say "wow" when I tell them the year I was born. :(

It was 1991 btw.

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5'3, 105
used to be 115, got the flu and strep on my birthday in november and lost 10 pounds

throwing up 6 times on a tuesday night along with the rest of the week was not what i had planned

>> No.9797126

Just take some ladyvar and do light compounds.

>> No.9797134

JFC all y'all have some serious eating disorders here. Glad I'm not lolita. Used to have anorexia and it was the fucking worst period of my life. If you want to be skinny go to the gym... You will not be under 100 lbs because muscles but you will look and feel 100x better than a skelly.

>> No.9797140

Man I just love cosplay

>> No.9797154

I’m almost 25 and people still think I’m a teenager, it’s nice

>> No.9797156

>im terrified of cgl calling me fat
This for real is a terrible state to be in and you have to work on your self-esteem rather than your body weight because the bitches of /cgl/ WILL call you fat no matter what.

That's not to say that you can't get good feedback here, on the contrary it's the only non-hugbox I know exists, but if you're afraid that *a* gull will call you fat you're p. much doomed

>> No.9797264

They used to call me fat all the time. Now that I've lost weight they haven't, but I'm afraid of it happening again.

>> No.9797267


I really want to join a maid cafe, I'm constantly hiding how high my power level is at my internship and campus. It would just be nice to finally do it as I never got to participate in it before out of fear.

Sadly the only real cafe around is Arcane Cafe which initially I was excited for until people here and other friends warned me a bit. I think I will send in an application in a few months after I get my costume in the mail and practice a bit but idk. I feel like the experience may not be good from drama I heard.

>> No.9797276

>more of my shit just broke
>out of money
I dunno why I just haven't given up and killed myself

>> No.9797316

Almost 25 here too and same. Just got my DL renewed and I looked side by side with one from when I barely turned 18 and nothing has changed aside from my face losing a little baby fat.

Forever Young

>> No.9797321

You cant be scared of being called fat by strangers on here. Most of them do it because they're ugly AF or fatter anyway so it holds no real weight (lol pun)

>> No.9797374

but cgl and lolcow are right about so many things, why wouldnt they be right about weight? everyone else is too nice these days.

>> No.9797399

a good feel
>the fat friend of our cosplay group
>all my faves are tiny anime girls
>too big to cosplay them without looking terrible
>decided enough was enough and completely changed my lifestyle
>been at it over a month and already lost 20+ lbs
obviously i didn’t start losing weight JUST for cosplay but it feels really good knowing i’ll be cosplaying my faves in no time

a bad feel
>a few cons this year
>next one is this coming saturday
>cosplaying in a skirt
>my job is one of hard labour
>legs are littered in bruises
>dry hands no matter how much cream i use
>tfw just wanna be a qt girl with perfect skin

>> No.9797414

I left the local comm because there was too many politics and how complaints were handled. I reported to a mod that I had an issue with a member and they did nothing about it. Turns out the member was part of the mod friend group and they now think I’m lying. I thought the mods would treat every member the same but instead they are too busy covering their own asses to even care about the comm.

>> No.9797427

>legs are littered in bruises

anon you should let your bf/gf know they need to tone down how rough they are with you...

>> No.9797429
File: 29 KB, 633x758, 1479452833829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to cosplay but facial structure is so bad I'd make any character except for malnourished people bad

I just want to be a pretty boy

>> No.9797502

They’re not right they’re nit picky with their idols being literal anorexic skellies. I wouldn’t exactly take what anyone says here to heart regarding weight since cgl, especially the Lolita crowd, has some kind of self esteem issue and promotes thinspo imo

>> No.9797515
File: 562 KB, 720x536, Jagi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you ever wish you could be a tough guy? If so, I have character you could do

>> No.9797534

I'm a tall/lankey boy so tough guys are kind out of my element. I just wanna be a beautiful boy why did I get cursed with my FACE

>> No.9797546

>facial structure

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File: 1.13 MB, 1920x2716, 19CB4669-E390-4CBC-A50C-E69A10873CAB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay here I go..
I’ve been into Lolita since around 2009 and I built up my wardrobe pretty good over the next few years. I acquired probably half of my dream dresss through hard work and a lot of patience. I am not a rich person so every bit of brand I earn is really special.

I lost it all about two years ago in a house fire and wasn’t able to recover really. It’s been hard on me, and up until a little bit ago I haven’t been able to care about clothes, especially Lolita, because I think maybe I might lose it again or something dumb. It’s became so bad I lost touch with most of my friends and disconnected.l completely from embarrassment and sadness.

I finally got over myself and am starting completely over though, I got all my base piece like a petticoat and blouse and other stuff. I’m about to get a couple more pieces so finish my coord and it feels really really good! I’m looking forward to joining the community again!

>> No.9797579

but the ones ive seen don't turn at all is the thing lol

>> No.9797593

I have 0 experience with makeup and it irritates my skin :'(

>> No.9797595

Makeup in general does not irritate your skin. It's one of a few things. It's either a specific ingredient or two that irritates your skin which you can look at to avoid, or you do not properly cleanse it off and moisturizer after.

>> No.9797596

Lift harder, eat more
git gud fgt. There's loads of tutorials out there

>> No.9797610

I've found it really hard to use makeup because my eyes are really really hooded, which causes a lot of problems and makes it difficult.
I have no interest in being a bulky or large guy.

>> No.9797611

Sounds like you're just being a little bitch and making excuses about makeup desu.

>> No.9797616

What are you going to do when a big, strong, rough, tough manly man comes along and opens a jar for you gf, huh?
If you want to do something do it

>> No.9797617

Deflated All-Might?

>> No.9797621

Honestly you're right. I have a hard time getting good at things because I get discouraged REALLY easily. Its something I'm working on but gonna continue to try.
I can open jars. As well as the girls I'm interested in generally don't like huge guys.
That's actually a really good idea! I'll check it out anon. Thanks.

>> No.9797640

>tfw no good way to tell your gf you want to her fuck other guys but only in cosplay

>> No.9797646

Is this how it always goes?

>> No.9797654
File: 249 KB, 1500x1471, jokerharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know Joker/Harley cosplayers get a bad rap, but damn do these two have sick outfits.

I want to be Harley, and get my wife to be Joker.

>> No.9797666
File: 494 KB, 646x466, ghost haunting pepe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have no idea how to tell the cosplay girl your into how you feel about them
>tfw your meeting on Saturday

I'm both excited and terrified

>> No.9797670

Bad pairing, anon. Harley and Ivy are superior.

>> No.9797671

No. Take your lesbian fetish to >>>/u/

>> No.9797684

Nayrt but take your bad opinion to the garbage can where it belongs

>> No.9797685

No >>>/u/

>> No.9797687

I want to get a >tfw no gf decal on my car, how autistic would you think I am if you guys saw that?

>> No.9797689

I'd reach for my gun to put you out of your misery if I saw this in public. I'd consider it a public service.

>> No.9797690

Honestly? I would probably cringe a bit but then laugh. It's silly and imo not that much of a big deal. I don't take this shit so seriously though.

>> No.9797760

Can confirm this is how it always goes

t. another anon suffering from no /cgl/ gf

>> No.9797769

People in my comm always assume I’m 21 at most when they meet me and I get carded every time I try to buy alcohol, but when I tell people I’m 27 they go “WOW you don’t look THAT old!”. Apparently this is supposed to make me feel good about my appearance but it actually just makes me feel like shit.

>> No.9797775

I get this too. It doesn't bother me in lolita really but it sure as fuck bothers me in my professional life. I'm lecturing undergrads next week and I'm nearly 28, but I still have to start my first lecture with a slide about my 'research journey' I.e. How I came to be teaching them so they realise I've been at the uni for a decade and can't possibly be younger than them...

>> No.9797796

It mostly bothers me in lolita because the girls in my comm are all 18-23 and like to talk about how weird it is for ~old~ people (26+) to still be wearing lolita. Then when I remind them of my age they backpeddle and say that it's okay for me because I don't look that old yet. It feels really alienating.

But yeah it's even worse in a professional context because people are much less likely to take you seriously when they think you're early 20's. People often dismiss me as just another student intern even though I'm postgrad and have been working here for years. Like you don't need to explain to me what this machine is or how it works dude, I'm the one who ordered and installed the damn thing.

>> No.9797811

My comm is mostly early 20's as well. My condolences.

I'm tired of explaining to the revolving door of comm members that I'm not in school because I finished my degree a while ago not because I didn't go at all or dropped out. It's really weird that this is the assumption that is made first. Also how do they think I bought all my stuff?

>> No.9797815

>tfw ive lost 33 pounds since november
>thyroid medication has been working great now
>weight is melting off again just like it used to
>tfw still have another 40 pounds to go

So happy to be getting back to the me I remember being before I fucked it up with my BC and then not noticing my thyroid. I wanted to fucking kill myself before because I was swimming an hour every other day and dieting and not losing weight at all.

Got my BC taken out (implant), got on medication, doing fucking daijoubu now.

>> No.9797817
File: 59 KB, 612x474, 245F965E-75B0-4725-BC56-5D55C80B8886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl posts outfit in brown AP dress
>“look at my CLASSIC coord!“
>mfw dark sweet is classified as classic

Sometimes I want to confiscate their whole wardrobe for spouting this nonsense.
A dark dresd can be sweet, a black dress can be sweet and a pink dress can be sweet.
If colors are the only thing you see when looking at a style, you should quit lolita.

>> No.9797820

I'm sorry to butt in but that's just simply rude. My community has a very wide age range, I have been to meets with people 14 to almost 40 and nobody has commented negatively on anyones age. I guess people who do think one can be too old for lolita don't enjoy it much themselves or are going through some weird crisis about adulthood. I'm just turning 21 and I wouldn't say anyone but especially people under 30 is old. I have to say I admire and get inspired of people older than me wearing lolita, it gives me the confidence I can enjoy it as long as I like. People over 30 in my comm still look stunning and to be honest if you take a bit care of yourself you are doing just fine imo.

>> No.9797822

If you think every brand only makes one style, you should quit lolita

>> No.9797824

Thank you

>> No.9797825

Anon, it was a very sweet dress with a chocolate print, it had literally sweets on it.
I know AP sometimes makes classic dresses and IW makes sweet ones, but come on.

>> No.9797826

It irritates everyone's skin, especially in the beginning. Lil bitch.

>> No.9797827

Haha same. People ask me which uni I go to and when I say "I went to X" they ask me why I stopped going. Because I graduated...? I might be that old weirdo who still wears lolita after turning 26 but at least I'm not that old weirdo who hangs around campus long after graduating.
A lot of the girls in my comm get their burando money from their parents or student loans, so no one ever questioned how I can afford my wardrobe.

>are going through some weird crisis about adulthood
I think this is it, yeah. I've talked to girls who were freaking out because they just turned 20 or 21 and omg that means they're adults now, oh no!!1 One girl even pulled up a bunch of pictures of her mother and started showing them to people, asking them if they thought she was likely to age gracefully based on how old her mother looked. It made me really uncomfortable.

>> No.9797828

Lose weight you disgusting cow

>> No.9797829

It doesn't, though?

>> No.9797830

Thats... thats a shoe size anon.

>> No.9797831

Losing weight doesn't make feet shorter.

>> No.9797832

>thinking 42 refers to clothing size
Confirmed eurofag

>> No.9797833

But that could be a european shoe size too.

Im a 38 EU

>> No.9797836



>> No.9797886
File: 256 KB, 500x267, hateu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe you mean Joker and Batman.

>> No.9797909
File: 44 KB, 451x326, 1913207616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been watching a dress for a month every day
>finally able to buy it today
>it's sold

>> No.9797910

I'm just wondering how you think shoe sizes and fat distribution works.
When I gain weight, it goes to my thighs and stomach, not my feet. That would be something.

>> No.9797911

She probably thought 42 was her waistline. Unless she's 7' tall, that's pretty fat.

>> No.9797925

The scalped milky swan bags out there are pissing me off right now. I’ve wanted one for a while. 50 bucks shipped TOPS off a Japanese sales site, and now someone’s trying to offload it for over a hundred. Someone else is doing the same. Yeah it’s a rare bag, supply and demand. I get it. But holy fuck I just wanted to get one at a reasonable price, as it was available, to use.

>> No.9797947

I relate to this feel so hard. A dress I was planning to buy for a month got sold on the exact day I got paid enough to buy it.

>> No.9797959
File: 72 KB, 650x650, aXm5445xjU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for blogging, but I need to vent.

It sucks being at least a little disciplined and surrounded by those who aren't, especially in cosplay. Most of my friends would rather complain than change. If you don't like how fat you look in your costume, go to the gym and eat better. If you don't want to be pulling late nights and rushing your costume only to be unhappy with it, start working earlier and more diligently. It's hard to properly be empathetic to my friends who want to complain to me because yeah, it sucks, but you and only you can fix it. They'll also complain to me and then act like I wouldn't understand because I'm in good shape and will "look good in anything". I'm in good shape because I work for it, and my costumes look at least decent most of the time because I don't shit them out last minute. Hell, even friends who also study Japanese brush my progress off as "you're just so smart" rather than acknowledging that I study for at least an hour every day, often more, while they're doing the bare minimum to pass their classes.

I know that discipline is hard, but whining about it won't change anything, and you can't develop discipline unless you push yourself. Health problems aside (and I do mean mental health, too), the only reason you're not achieving the things you want is because you make excuses instead of being honest with yourself about how hard you're trying. And, like, as someone with severe depression and anxiety who used to be the least disciplined person on earth, I just don't buy that these friends of mine caaaan't because it's too haaaard. At the very least, don't complain to me if you're only going to be shitty to me about it. My only options are to say yeah that sucks, lie to you and tell you you look great don't worry bb, or try to help, and even if I'm not going to be an asshole and bluntly give negative opinions, I'm also not going to say what we both know are lies to make you feel better.

>tl;dr i wish my lazy friends would do better

>> No.9797969

I feel you, anon. Through time I learned that the best thing I could do is to just ignore this kind of whining. People do that to justify to themselves about their weaknesses, an there's nothing we can actually do.

Keep up with your discipline, and hope that this behaviour of yours may inspire others.

>> No.9797973

>mad that people are selling a rare bag for around retail


>> No.9798030

Just buy from a Japanese site, you just have to wait

>> No.9798042

I guess I’ve seen two for sale under that in the past two months but the ss I usually use is slow ass for BIN.

Again I get it but

>> No.9798045

then use a better SS

>> No.9798068

This rant speaks to my SOUL. All of my friends from high school/college have turned into complete fuck ups and it drives me up a wall. I’ve had to stop making concrete convention plans with them just because these people are so damn unreliable.
I’ve tried to guide no less than 2 people who wanted to get into lolita, up to actually gifting a main piece, and still when they see me in lolita I get the whole “you’re lucky you can do that”
If they didn’t spend all their money on alcohol/mix drinks and impulse buys, they would both probably have enough money to afford brand, and lose enough weight to actually fit.
I’m not asking for them to be at my level of discipline, but a lot of people in general need to stop whining about being victimized somehow and get off their asses and do something about it. Take responsibility for themselves.

>> No.9798071

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

>> No.9798072

>tfw probably the biggest fuckup of my friend group
S-sorry guys

>> No.9798074

Maybe it's better to leave your friends alone with their problems. Like stop listening to their rants, stop caring. If they don't drown, they will learn how to swim.

>> No.9798085

My teenager sister began to watch YOI and is on episode 8. She suspects Victor is gay. Oh boy, she's gonna have a ride

>> No.9798086
File: 452 KB, 600x800, 1510486430468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always wanted to wear pretty CGL clothes and look cute, but I have a bit of a complex about my height. Being 5'11 I always feel like I'll look gawky or awkward.

What can I do? Are there even any lolita outfits that look GOOD on tall girls?

>> No.9798095

you're either incredibly new or male

>> No.9798113

>cgl clothes

What >>9798095 said. Either way, if you really want to wear loita, please do your research. There are resources for tall people.

>> No.9798116
File: 61 KB, 240x240, IMG_7222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Me and cosplay group all went in on a photographer
>Group is 4 girls, me (male), and one other guy.
>Photographer is a middle aged man.
>He takes a few shots of the whole group
>Asks the guys to step out of the shot so he can take pics of the girls in the group
>Ok fine, I assume he's going to do the same for the guys
>He doesn't
>We move onto individual shots
>He does at least 10 individual shots with each girl
>Takes 1 individual shot of the other guy and 2 of me
>Obviously we have a ton of time left
>Spends the remaining 20 minutes taking a ton of extra individual shots of the girl with the biggest boobs

>Mfw we all paid equally for that shoot

>> No.9798122
File: 128 KB, 720x960, 12C8D15B-DD8E-404C-8485-2BFD93E29CCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is exactly what I do; I see them at parties mutual friends throw still and they just can’t help but announce their problems to the world. Fun story:
>Girl, let’s call her R, frequently takes trips with her equally irresponsible boyfriend
>Gets speeding ticket out of state in June
>Now December, 11pm
>Literal last hour before an arrest warrant goes out
>Too lazy to contest ticket
>Gets ticket out of car, completely sun blanched
>Crying because ticket is completely unreadable
>Goes to online site
>Ticket was for $300
>$25 convenience fee for online processing
>R cries about the unfairness of having to pay a ticket, “what about Christmas shopping” (despite having 6 months to pay and no other major expenses), etc.
>Reluctantly pays fee
>Two weeks later has to carpool to weekly game night because her car was somehow stuck out of state
My bf and I mostly laugh to each other and judge her at this point

>> No.9798320

give her one with "mommy gave this to me for free"

>> No.9798322

don't worry about that, she probably has a boyfriend anyway

>> No.9798338

>take picture of cosplayer at con
>She contacts me later for the pictures
>After she gets them she won't stop talking about her fucking life
>Daddy issues, mad about her mom, etc
Why do this shit? I just took a pic of you I'm not your boyfriend or a person to dump you problems on. Say thanks and keep it at a distance

>> No.9798342

> be 5ft 9 (ish, I'm a cm kind of gull)
> Used to be 178,5lbs
>Now down to around 147
>mfw I felt kinda thin until I read this thread, realized that I can go down to 125,5 and still be within a healthy bmi
>Guess I'm going hard with the weightloss again, I want those thin legs

>> No.9798388

but anon, I know for a fact that she doesn't have bf

>> No.9798404
File: 396 KB, 447x589, sorry_anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suffer from >tfw no gf in general

>> No.9798412

But I mean, are you happy though? No reason to push it if you're satisfied for now. Let the lifestyle changes settle in, then try some more.

125.5 isn't all that great anyway. if you've been working out a little to pick up some muscle then thats much better than just being underweight

>> No.9798416

I'm 5'6 and 125 and this thread is making me feel weirdly fat. I thought I was secure in my self-esteem...

>> No.9798417

>tfw bf doesn't give me enough attention
>tfw he's acting distant after we spent a long time together because he "needs his space"
>the I just want a qt Japanese bf to get me citizenship in nihonland and worship me and give me attention 24/7 and walk with me to laforet and not complain about holding my burando shopping bags
>tfw that's never going to happen

Why even live

>> No.9798418

>complaining about bf avoiding you
>don't even want him
Hope he dumps you

>> No.9798419

I wouldn't be fantasizing about imaginary scenarios if he paid attention to me, senpai

>> No.9798428


>> No.9798430
File: 53 KB, 226x227, uncultured swine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does selling off my old bodyline stuff attract the worst buyers on lacemarket?

>> No.9798433
File: 9 KB, 230x250, 1415228030366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's see those PR's brah, what's that? You don't OHP? Heh, nerd.

>> No.9798437

>buying bodyline secondhand
There’s your answer

>> No.9798443
File: 54 KB, 540x639, 523234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start messing around with a guy
>only "normie" i've ever been involved with
>he's the gangster drug-slinging partying type
>thinks i'm a cool edgy girl because i'm tough and dress like a delinquent outside of lolita (pic very related)
>just know he'd be weirded out by lolita because he's the ultra-normie
>hide it with all of my might
>i am the ichigo to my own momoko

i mean i'm not gonna marry the guy but keeping my major hobby and former lifestyle a secret is kind of exhausting

>> No.9798446

I hope you've at least tried to talk with him about what's going on. Or if you have, know that most guys don't want to burden you with what's bothering them. They try to shoulder everything themselves and it weighs them down. Give him some time I'm sure he'll get better.

>> No.9798453

I did, anon, but it just led to more "I just want time to myself and my stuff" which I get, but does it really need to include ignoring me?

>They try to shoulder everything themselves and it weighs them down.
That's the thing, I don't think there's anything *wrong*. He tends to do that, yes, but he at least tells me that there are things going on and he wants to deal with them on his own. Now he says there's nothing wrong. I'm actually terrified that after we spent a long time together he realized he doesn't love me or something like that.

>> No.9798467
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>checking out a camgirl site
>check the "otaku" tag
>mfw a girl from my little sister's comm pops up

>> No.9798469

There's a tall lolita thread in the catalog

>> No.9798471

I would watch the hell out of this movie.

>> No.9798522
File: 76 KB, 500x491, tumblr_owfvtxfPCN1wxuj6io1_500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>started dating someone earlier this month
>first lesbian relationship
>we love eachother
>she wants to wear matching jfashion and cosplay with me
>doesn't matter what it is, as long as we dress up together it will make her happy

>> No.9798555

The aliceholic insta commented on one of my pics.
I feel special.
(DESU I don't know how often they comment on things. Still...)

>> No.9798582

You guys are right, and for the most part, I do just worry about doing me, but when they specifically message me about these things, it's annoying and hard to just ignore. I've started mostly giving non-committal responses whenever possible, but I don't want to come across as cold because these are my friends and I do like them aside from this tendency toward complaining over doing.

Yes, exactly. People don't want to recognize that spending more for that nice cup of coffee or another round of drinks add up in both money and calories and then act like they're totally blindsided when it comes to other expenses. "I wish I could go to more cons like yoooou" then stop fucking buying bullshit you don't need every chance you get. If something's high enough priority to you, you work to make it happen. And again, I say this as someone who has a long history of being an undisciplined flake. I had to decide to stop being like that and get myself together, and I feel like a lot of my friends aren't responding to it well even though it's changed my life for the better, and it sucks.

I wonder why it's so frequently weebs who are like this. I'm not saying all of my cosplay/lolita friends are total messes and all of my normie friends have their shit together, but if one of them is lacking discipline and making excuses for it, I'd put money on it being a weeb.

Thanks for commiserating, anons. You gulls also keep doing well for yourselves.

>> No.9798620

>working with spandex for a cosplay
>applique-ing a detail out of spandex on top of a different colored spandex

Even if I'm having stabilizer and steam a seam being right on top of the applique edge is a nightmare, I want out of this topstitching nightmare

>> No.9798646
File: 391 KB, 1080x1080, 1515342961523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you really should say something next time, or demand part of your money back for not having an equal amount of shots. the girls should've know better than to let it happen, too

>> No.9798664
File: 163 KB, 768x1024, 1516846590510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it really does sound like a campy movie, doesn't it
>when ur out with bae kicking ass and taking names but the new release about to drop

>> No.9798675
File: 558 KB, 950x1200, hanthumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find out my friend's little sister is on MFC
>make an account and buy some coins to send her (I bought a Visa gift card with cash so I wouldn't have to buy porn with my real credit card)
>mfw she tells me about WataMote and does a naked twerk for me
Her brother still doesn't know.

>> No.9798691

nayrt but I would assume the girls didn't care because they got their egos stroked and didn't even have to pay extra.

>> No.9798706

>They try to shoulder everything themselves and it weighs them down.
I’ve heard girls prefer that, is it not true?

>> No.9798739

in case this isn't bait

not all girls are the same anon, but i think it's safe to assume that A) people don't want to have feelings shat on them all the time and B) people want to know what their partners are thinking/feeling to some extent. it's not all or nothing, it's a gray area. p sure men don't shoulder things because women like it-- they shoulder things because they feel like they have to. muh masculinity, muh stoicism. those are things men reinforce in other men.

>> No.9798740


>> No.9798785

idk anon you just said you dont like getting the feelings all the time

>> No.9798796

>ignoring the rest of the post
a man indeed

>> No.9798804

Some absolutely stunning girls are showing up on cam sites, and it's just getting more and more depraved as they have to outdo each other.

Used to be if you were hot enough you could get by doing vanilla shit (MissAlice still seems to get by), but more and more girls are getting into it, so being hot or being dirty isn't enough, you have to be both.

Lana Rain has started to do more and more anal, and even recently did a roleplay video with a bad dragon dog dildo.

I feel bad for any girl getting into it now, because the market is really oversaturated and it seems like making mock bestiality is the only way to guarantee a return.

>> No.9798805
File: 61 KB, 300x220, wears cgl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>CGL clothes
Lmao sorry anon. But yea like the other said, just do your research and I'm sure you'll look nice.

>> No.9798828

>those are things men reinforce in other men.
Lol no. Women expect men to be strong enough to cary themselves; they don't like it when you can't. Even my own older sister seems disgusted with me if try to talk to her about emotional problems with her

>> No.9798830

wholesome gf twinning a cute

>> No.9798832

ot but sukeban fashion is good shit and i wish it were more of a thing here
also good luck, feel free to update if he ever does find out

>> No.9798834

>boyfriend just got first real job
>offers to pay for my dream dress as a present


>> No.9798841

sounds more like you projecting your own insecurity about sharing your feelings onto her, bub

>> No.9798851

Sounds like you don't know what you're talking about, pumpkin

>> No.9798867

Maybe it’s the upbringing the two of you had but every single woman I’ve talked to about this subject feels frustrated when their male partners or friends bottle up their feelings instead of talking about them. Communication is really important for a healthy relationship, so when one partner refuses to talk it can cause problems and misunderstandings. That’s how it went in my own relationship, in the beginning my bf never wanted to talk about what he thought or felt because it was ‘weird’ but now he does, and everything is much more comfy.

>> No.9798879

>ex fiance sent pics of her getting railed in cosplay by current bf
>still want to raise a family but 25 and probably giving up
Life sucks gulls

>> No.9798880

Your ex sounds like a grade A cunt.

>> No.9798886

Just a bit. Still dunno what I did wrong but fuck it. Moving back to Texas as soon as possible anyway

>> No.9798895

post them

>> No.9798910

Every single year for 3 years in a row now, all my friends tell me "Im going to make a cosplay this year as well! It's going to be awesome!"
And every year, once the summer conventions start I'll be the only one in cosplay.
I dont wanna be pushy and force them to work on it, but I also wish they wouldn't brag about their amazing plans and ideas if they dont plan on actually executing those plans.

>> No.9798913

Why do you still have any form of contact whatsoever with the bitch?

>> No.9799059

If he did something good then why are you getting a present? Really makes the gears turn

>> No.9799064

Findom lolita.

>> No.9799065

nayrt but he probably feels guilty about not being able to provide for her and now that he has the chance he's making a grand gesture not just for her but also for himself. He wants to do it and will feel better about it after it's done. Don't stomp on his heart original gull. He's a good one.

>> No.9799075

The cosplay I have planned for Halloween is of a character that isn't that popular with normies, but who looks a lot like a character that's extremely famous and well known and I'm worried I'll get mistaken for the more popular character

>> No.9799081

You likely will, but people get mistaken for different characters all the time, even when it comes to more well known series.

>> No.9799117
File: 40 KB, 360x261, 1514280876957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>115 lbs
You can lose weight, you cannot lose height.
>will never ever be kawaii and delicate lolita doll who is so small that all the brand can fit her

>> No.9799119

Yeah but it's not a guys job to provide or whatever you're calling it at the time. I could get if she did something special or he wanted to surprise her but gifts are 100% not a necessity

>> No.9799122

Deleted them, but nah I'm above that.

I'm assuming she texted them from her boyfriend's number

>> No.9799124

Nayrt and I agree it's not a necessity but some guys apparently really like the idea of being able to provide for their partner. My bf never wants gifts and considers the ego boost he gets from spending money on me to be better than any gift. He gets more excited if I wear the clothes he bought for me than if I buy him the videogame he wanted. He also likes to talk about how well he's going to provide for our future children and build us a house and all that stuff. I guess anon's bf is the same.

>> No.9799125

Some guys feel like it is despite differing opinions. Tit for tat is also a terrible way to live a relationship. Sometimes a guy wants to do something nice for his girl especially after not being able to for so long.

>> No.9799135

Cultural difference? In some countries guys still always pay at dates etc.

>> No.9799136 [DELETED] 

>Lana Rain has started to do more and more anal, and even recently did a roleplay video with a bad dragon dog dildo.

You gonna post a link?

>> No.9799144

That really sucks, anon. I hope rebuilding your wardrobe works out for you. My house burning down and destroying everything inside is my absolute biggest fear.

>> No.9799215

I'm >>9799124 and it's not common in my culture, the woman is expected to pay for her half on every date. I think my bf is an exception. He loves to cook for me, too.
>inb4 "omg anon u leech hdu"
>I pay the majority of our rent and living expenses

>> No.9799230

Probably depends on the culture and the person asking.
In my country a girl should not expect the man pays, but if he’s any good he‘s supposed to.
I wish I could elaborate, but I only ever dated my husband.
Though I can fully understand OP‘s boyfriend. I know many guys who enjoy treating their girls more than buying things for their own joy.

>> No.9799306

Tbh I'm not really pleased, but because I'm still living at my parents and they act as if I'm severely underweight and constantly ask me if I've lost more "cause you really shouldn't" I can't really do that much. I'd want to go down to around 135, I still have a lot of flab hanging around, but I'm trying to make that in to lean muscles.
Basically I used to be pretty active in horseback acrobatics but my knees fucked up for some unknown reason and I had to stop all sports and god fat, so I don't really have any strong muscles at all.

>> No.9799330

>episode 8
She couldn't tell before that?

>> No.9799334

You can make it, anons!

>> No.9799347


>the most unashamed, in your face, forced gay couple in anime to date
>suspects Victor is gay

Oh boy.

>> No.9799421

She's still innocent

>> No.9799512

Are your parents from the old country or something?

>tfw you want to slim down, but your parents are constantly "eat, eat, you're too skinny"
>"no boy wants to date a skinny girl"
>"wide, childbearing hips"

>> No.9799537
File: 38 KB, 450x450, 6c87e64b-cd75-47e0-8c81-44b9ebecb54a_1.70ec44d0d744f3ddbdf7cc13ba1ea310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you tried O'Keeffe's working hands?

>> No.9799564

I'm wearing my dreamdress again after months of not touching it and it just falls so good on my body. Really good feeling after a hard couple of days.

>> No.9799768

yo I know that feel I'm so sorry
I got my first paycheck the week after Pinkly Ever After shut down

>> No.9799772

>meet Lolita at con
>After talking for a while start dating
>Only been around 2 months
>She's already sending me dress links
>"Oh anon I love this one so much :)"
Bitch slow down it's been 2 months I've had my current bottle of shampoo longer than we've been together

>> No.9799827

How fast are you taking things? My bf started buying me stuff 2 months into the relationship but we clicked really well and I bought him/gifted him stuff as well.

>> No.9799859

Girl I was interested in is in a relationship. I won't go incel mode because even I think those guys are salty losers but maybe I'll just go die.

>> No.9799916 [DELETED] 
File: 97 KB, 1044x684, IMG_1032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>old friend who was one of the people who inspired me to get into lolita and i reconnect after years
>she's relatively normie despite being a trashweeb and liking FF and one onepiece tier stuff, doesn't actually wear lolita
>today we were going to meet up and she'd see me in lolita for the first time
>she cancels to see a movie with her mom

I-It's not like I wanted to show off to my senpai in melty cream donut anyway.

>> No.9799919

>travel to San Francisco for a trip
>dress up in lolita one day
>walk down to Angelic Pretty's shop
>one my way there, some homeless man asks me to give him money
>I don't give to homeless people
>I said, "No thank you."
>keep on walking
>next block over
>someone is running behind me
>move over to the right so the runner can go by
>it's that same homeless man
>gets in front of me in my way
>drops his pants
>defecates on me
>"Be kinder next time, mam."
>walks away
>completely shocked
>poop on my shoes and socks

I got the poop wiped off eventually and my socks were hand cleaned, but I can't find a way to wear them again. Selling the items would be next to impossible on secondhand sales.

>> No.9799929 [DELETED] 

It's not like it's easy to shit on people in the same way it is to piss on them for a guy. How could you not dodge that? He has to drop his pants, turn and bend over, then get fairly close and push. Seems like in the time it took him to do all that you could have moved far enough away.

>> No.9799946

>really bad week
>depressive episode like never before
>no motivation, stay in bed all day, etc.

>buy $1000 dream dress
>not even happy about it

This isn't what I thought it would be like.
I've literally cried about not having my dream dress before so I imagined that I'd be much more excited when I do buy my dream dress, to the point of happy tears and screaming.
I just kind of look grimly at it and wonder if I really want it, if it's really worth all the money.

>> No.9799973

>depressed asf
>unable to do anything besides browsing fb or 4chan cgl
>no one to go to

I just want to be fine again. Is that too much to ask for?

>> No.9799983

This board should be called /cgl/ible.

>> No.9799986 [DELETED] 

I know the joke you're trying to make but it'd be better if you wrote


>> No.9799989
File: 32 KB, 298x300, 16437049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got a 3d printer
>can't decide what to even print/cosplay first

>> No.9799994


>> No.9799995

Do you not read /cgl/ as "seagull"?

If you do then that'd be "seagull-l-ible*.

>> No.9799999

Yeah, but the joke is already in the word itself since people who frequent /cgl/ are called gulls. seagull-ible is too clunky to work as well when a shorter version of the quip is there.

>> No.9800003

Quints confirm Gull-ible is the one true version of the joke.

>> No.9800006

I was gonna argue semantics, particularly the fact that we're talking about the board, not the inhabitants of said board.
But you got quints.

>> No.9800009

A board isn't a person, so the joke doesn't work. The inhabitants of the board are gull-ible. My quints are justified.

>> No.9800016

Make an account on manyvids and you have a money printing machine.

>> No.9800071

I wish campbell and that anon who keeps posting misako/fart/sister feels could get permanently banned. It's so annoying

>> No.9800130
File: 98 KB, 1280x720, 1506931637265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>did this
>with a $24k car

>> No.9800131

me too, but I also hope the people who gender war bait and lesbianpost bait also get banned along with the >tfw no gf posters

>> No.9800192

that's absolutely terrible i'm so sorry. but i'm glad you're recovering slowly.

>> No.9800202

it don’t matter
None of this matters

>> No.9800211

iktf anon

>> No.9800213

what the fuck

>> No.9800217

Jesus Christ, all the rumors about San Fran are true.

>> No.9800234

>the measure of a cosplayer is how much money they can get from saps
Unironically kill yourself, slutt.

>> No.9800298

Its crazy how good some people can look in cosplay and how ugly they look outside of cosplay. Not even makeup or picture effects or whatever. Just a wig and cool outfit make some people look completely unrecognizable.

>> No.9800318

What's even more amazing is how gorgeous I am all of the time

>> No.9800372

What's even more amazing is how hideous I am all of the time

>> No.9800388

You're beautiful on the inside and that's what counts

>> No.9800779
File: 224 KB, 1440x1079, 1470015896178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally didn't say that at all, holy shit.

I'd say one of the cosplayers I mentioned is totally trying to get money from saps (she was a youtuber with some really bad videos, one of which was one of those shitty prank videos where she told her bf she's a lesbian and it "went wrong"). The other one seems to be taking cosplay seriously and I do kinda feel bad for her. But at the same time, if this keeps cosplay thots from being the cancer they are in American cons, I'm fine with this.

>> No.9800780

That's pretty chunky, anon.

>> No.9800787
File: 15 KB, 286x400, FB_IMG_1514907515137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not gonna lie, that Sumire anon in the other thread has me looking at my lolita closet and feeling uncomfortable. I don't understand 90% of what they're saying and I'm sure they're just a crazy, but I have some anxiety problems and it's really freaking me out. Not looking at that thread any more...

>> No.9800827
File: 77 KB, 640x494, 10454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

went to the optometrist today for contact measurements, turns out the girl at the desk was a cosplayer too
i totally embarrassed myself talking to her and started stuttering all over the place, at one point i was just going 'uhh, uhh, uhh' for like 20 seconds straight and i think i accidentally distracted her from talking to another customer who just came in
i'm sure it didn't play out as bad in reality as it does in my mind but i can't stop thinking about it
she gave me her insta but i'm too embarrassed to contact her

>> No.9800836

Dude she is sharing her interest with you, you are not expected to buy that stuff.

>> No.9800841
File: 59 KB, 1024x768, 1519293064198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well dude if you feel her buy her stuff. It is just money to be honest. I bought my ex stuff she didn't even had to ask. I don't regret it, money is money but the experience you get from being with the each other is so much more valuable. But if you think she is just milking you, cum on her Lolita dress to assert your dominance.

>> No.9800845

But you could just be with her without buying her stuff.
Especially if you've only known each other for 2 months.

>> No.9800860

Idk 2 months is quite some time. If it was the first week or 2 I be worried.

>> No.9800931
File: 196 KB, 580x580, 1518713701745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw girls I don't like fall in love with me
>Mfw why don't the girls I like like me back?

>> No.9800934

It's really not. It's pretty much smack in the middle of a healthy weight for that height. Why does this place have such a warped view of weight and sizes?

>> No.9800935

God, same. Especially the MM stuff. I know it's a troll but it's really uncomfortable. I hope it gets deleted soon.

>> No.9800962

>be latinamerican
>stay away from latinamerican youtube on purpose
So the cancer is spreading home, huh?

>> No.9800967

Looking for a cosplay girlfriend now, you fat fuck?
Go back to /asp/

>> No.9800971

VR chat is pretty fun

>> No.9801006

new bread

>> No.9801025

If they have a sailor collar you will be sailor moon to all of the normies. I one time wore a red sailor school uniform to a halloween party and every other person was like "omg ur sailor moooonnn!! I love sailor moon!!"

>> No.9801050

Don't listen to cgl, you're technically 5 pounds underweight for your height going by IBW. Nearly everyone in this thread talking about weight has an eating disorder and/or body dysmorphia.

>> No.9801072
File: 949 KB, 1334x750, deadontheinside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's my birthday
>Just want to spend it with people and not sitting alone at home all day
>All my family and friends have work or school or live too far away
>thought husband would be coming home early but something came up and now he has to work late
I think I'll put on my favorite lolita coord and go to the local history museum or something fuck it

>> No.9801412

Should've just bought a 3k Civic

>> No.9801519

Happy birthday anon

>> No.9801585

Hook me up with discord I will spend your bday with you. Ain't no fucker die of depression on my watch.

>> No.9801698

Hope you have a fun birthday anon, I’m sure you’ll look great if you go out!

>> No.9804499

The hell is a goa?

>> No.9806538
File: 210 KB, 436x323, 1444560394473.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're hired!