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"Really makes you think" edition

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>tfw first cosplay in 6 years
>Get tons of compliments and have a great time

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Same, kinda...

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>first tea after the Super Bowl is this weekend
>promised my comm I'd do a naked Hare Hare Yukai if the Patriots lost

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Start practicing so you can at least do it with clothes on

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Thats what you get.
Dilly, dilly.
Philly, philly.
t. Philadelphia Gull

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what is the most annoying meme being spouted at cons these days?
For me, it's things related to Ugandan Knuckles

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I know all the moves. That's not the scary part, lol.

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I'm fucking ugly and socially retarded aahhhh

Trying to work on it.

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>work for ages on a new coord
>really proud of it
>clean myself up and wear it to tea
>can't wait to show off
>arrive at the venue
>hear obnoxious weeaboo music inside
>open door
>mfw some flabby, pasty, naked chick is dancing around like a three-year-old

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tfw your Lolita gf plucks your stray back hairs with her bare hands after sex

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Yes I'd be pissed. I didn't join this hobby to see saggy tits, bush, and acne-covered buttocks.

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Yeah! You joined for the bros!

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My ass isn't pimply. :-(

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>Troop of Uganda knuckles walks by
>Chanting "DE WEI DE WEI DE WEI DEWEI" to this tune https://youtu.be/LkJ5WLZpQkk

I laughed

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And notice you didnt deny the other two points, Saggy-Tits McBushyVag

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Every time I want to buy something nice for myself I can never decide or see something I like...

I've been sick the past week and I really wanted to enjoy some retail therapy gdi

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What do you usually like?

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Mostly sweet. Here have been my thoughts so far
>Taobao order? But China is closed down for another week. I still keep adding random things to my cart though just in case I go through with one in like 5 days
>New petticoat to replace my old CP one? Thinking Melikestea but dont want to wait months to receive it.
>Cant find anything interesting for burando on second-hand sales. Mostly looking for accessories and bags
>Really wanted to get pic related from Maxicimam but realized it was about $200 brand new in my currency, looking around for it second-hand but nobody really sells Maxicimam
>Wanting to try out wigs again. Thinking between Dreamholic (but again China), cyperous, or prisila.
> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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and that's great, cause?
(sorry forever alone incel here)

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I recently got a bad injury that's keeping me from working out (which used to take up every evening) and now all I do when I get home from work is browse this board and window shop for dresses online. I have too picky of tastes for someone with my financial means, so I'm just constantly refreshing secondhand sites...and now I'm tempted to go browse Taobao.

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> missed out on some really rare high priority dress in great condition due to the lack of money
> next payment comes in a month, but I can safely buy only one major piece
> some low priority things popup in bnwt condition for pretty much okay price

What would gulls do? Do I keep my funds till the next time my dd pops up (which may take years, actually) or just get something cute like now?

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Sad poorfag times, 3 wishlist dresses I've been tracking for months sold in under a week, getting paid in 2 weeks but now all the good deals are gone.

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Man I just really love lolita

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>be dude doing cosplay for the first time
>decide to practice doing makeup for day of the con
>realise how much more attractive I look with even basic shit

I feel kinda gross going outside without it now

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Lately my feel is
>wanting to buy brand new from brands I love because I'm worried they will be next to close

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You and me both, anon.

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>looking at some girl's IG
>think "The whole nymphet/Lolita aesthetic is played out, tacky and lame as fuck lmao"
>suddenly remember I ordered a dress that reads "Lolita" on the front from a larme/larme-inspired store like two days ago
I am the tomato in the mirror.

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Buy both and put your DD on a credit card.

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>a group of teens going down stairs with a "U KNO DA WAE" sign
>shouting "DA WAE"
>not even in an english speaking country

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I just want my friends to be happy, but bad things still happen.
I just want myself to be happy, but bad things still happen.
Both of these things I have little control over.
I'm really trying hard. But it's so difficult to exist like this.

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Do I feel this. Oh boy. I'm not going to throw some "life sucks but we gotta go on" cliche on you, just know that you're not alone.

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>show friends wip pics
>Every time they see them, they tell me I should use a different method that costs about twice as much and requires more space and tools than I have
>Stop showing them my wip pics for this reason
>"Anon why did you give up on cosplay? You're gonna be bad at it forever?"
Sometimes I wonder

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Thanks anon. You're right though, we do have to go on. It's that or dying, and I don't want to go yet.

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I'm an oldlita (29). Knew about the fashion in the early 2000's but only recently started building a lolita wardrobe. I own mostly solid IW dresses and skirts+blouses since they suit my personal taste and sweet isn't really my thang.

I'd love to join my local comm but feel like I wouldn't be accepted due to my age. I look quite young since I'm short and take care of my skin (still get asked where I go to college all the time) but I'm still self conscious.

I'm hoping to attend Rufflecon this year and maybe I can meet a few people that way, instead of just jumping into a comm with people 10 years my junior.

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>tfw my girl grabs the hair between my thigh and balls and pulls patches out

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>waiting for package shipped 20 days ago
>arrived in country on Saturday
>this morning, at 7:30, it's been taken for delivery
>the package is being delivered to my workplace
>got sick
>didn't go to work
>had to bring sick leave papers anyway
>decided to do this later, so my package would already be waiting for me
>16:00, package is not there
>got back home with empty hands
I hate this country's post. Not only it's taking so long, the package was sent intra-EU, but they also take ages to deliver it.
I just want my burando!
>another package, reached the city yesterday
>all day rolling through various technical post offices
I will be genuinely pissed if any of these two will not be delivered by tomorrow.

>look for shoes to get in better mood
>check 7 different stores
>nearly nothing in white
>nothing catches my interest
Why are pretty white shoes so rare?

Visit the comm, maybe you will like it, or maybe you will find nothing in common with the girls there due to age difference. You will never know without trying. Definitely do not worry about your age.

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I doubt they won't accept you, but it's likely you won't have much in common with them beyond the fashion.
Wasn't the last Rufflecon the last one? That's what I remember, I could be wrong though. Either way, finding another way to meet other lolitas beyond your local comm is a good idea, assuming you're not interested in trying your local comm anyway.

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I avoided posting in the friend finder thread because of my age but maybe I'll make a post there after your encouragement.

And fuck, I hope that wasn't the last Rufflecon. I only found out about it last year and realized it's super close by.

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I was recently gifted my dream dress and I'm still crying over it. It'll be here this week and I'm so excited for it!

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Which dress! Show us here or in mail thread

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Go for it! Keep in mind you do need to be alert about who contacts you, crossboarders looking for a qt cgl gf tend to do that to test their luck, but you can definitely meet friends here too.
And if Rufflecon doesn't happen anymore, maybe look into joining and traveling to another comm nearby.

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>instead of just jumping into a comm with people 10 years my junior
>mfw i'm into the Star Wars cosplaying 'business' and most of the people I deal are easily 5 years older than me

I understand you, in a way. At least the community accepted me well because they consider me pretty mature.

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>finally confessed to friend/con crush and got rejected
>he admits he had feelings for me but ultimately decided to deepen a relationship with a girl he was talking to before we met
>we stay close friends bc I didn't want to look bitter about being turned down (even though I'm salty inside of course)
>he sometimes vents to me about her and I can't help but think to myself "you should've picked me then"
>also can't stop mentally comparing myself to her because I'm so insecure
>they go to a con together
>notice she's next to him wearing a cosplay I planned to do
>feel like the character is ruined for me
>tfw fit and can pull off the costume pretty well but I've lost all motivation

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Those crossboarders are not looking for a 30 year old woman they're hoping to swoop in in a dumb 18 year old

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>left lolita for jfashion
>left jfashion too
>trying to find my own personal fashion style
>my style sucks but I don't know where to start because I have no idea how to dress myself without the harsh guidance of others
>try to get back into lolita so I dont look like shit when I go out
>hate it
>try to get into normie fashion and follow their harsh guidlines of looking like a dull hoe or a middle age mom
>despise it
>find a jfashion I like
>no guidelines, I still end up looking like shit anyway

feels bad to be fashion incompetent

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Why not step into kfashion, or follow Tokyo Street Fashion for inspiration (I know you've left jfashion, but the stuff that is put on there isn't much like it). If not, just generally copy outfits that you like, so you can eventually learn how they do it (I was a complete Kim Taehyung skin wearer when I first started going for kfashion intead of lolita).

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29 is not too old at all. Try your local comm you might find some of them in their mid 20's maybe even their late 20's.

Im 29 too and my comm in fl has plenty of people close to my age. The younger ones are usually bigginers but we have a few veterans that are older. It might be a little odd being a begginer at this age but its not odd to be a lolita at this age at all.

Try networking in places like instagram too. I've most of my lolita friends online over the years.

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I actually looked into kfashion for a while. I think the biggest reason Im in a *grey area* is because while I like bright colors, I cant stand anything too OTT, and these days jfashion just feels like if you're not wearing OTT shit, you're a failure.

I do like the idea you gave me about finding one person's fashion and just copying them until I find my own thing though,thank you.

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True, but you might not know if they're so desperate to contact any gull that they gloss over her age.

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In few months I should have my facial hair permanently removed and won't have to be worried about it being visible anymore, even if concealed with make-up.

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My comm is the same. It's almost entirely made up of girls in their mid-to-late twenties and a handful of people older than that. I think we have one, maybe two teenagers? And they rarely show up to meets because they're kids with no money.

Don't let age stop you from doing what you love, anon! I think cgl and online communities are much more vocal about being "too old" for the fashion, when in reality most of us (or at least anyone who looks good/has a decent sized wardrobe) are much closer to 30 and beyond than 20.

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I've been pretty depressed for a few months now. Nothing has brought me happiness - cosplay, lolita, anime, hell, even my boyfriend had trouble keeping me happy.

About a month ago, he surprised me with a gift: a baby Chow Chow puppy in a cute lil basket.

Gulls, I've never considered myself a big animal person, but I'm in love. This dumb puppy has brought me out of my depression. I get up early to take him outside and walk him twice a day. I take him to Petco to let him pick out toys and snacks. I play with him constantly. He sleeps curled up into my side at night. I'm enrolling him in puppy preschool.

Not just that, but my interest in cosplay and lolita has been revived through him as well. I finally put together a serious dream list of dresses and am actively looking for them. I've settled on just who I want to cosplay and what cons I want to go to.

I love my little puppy so much. Even if he's bites at my hands and has scratched my face on accident - he's brought me completely out of my depression. My boyfriend and I are spending much more time together by taking him to the park. I'm getting way more exercise.

I'm just beyond happy, gulls. It feels so good to be out of that horrible depression. I can't say how much I appreciate my bf for doing so much for me and sticking by my side.

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Good for you, gull. Dogs are a much better alternative to screaming children.

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What a sweet boy! I'm happy for you, anon.

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What an adorable little floof

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I finally got off my butt and started working on a cosplay I've wanted to do for ages last night. I've been really stuck in a rut for a long time with no motivation to actually work on things so it feels pretty damn good.

And now I can't work on it again for most of the week because of classes and work, rip.

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>In few months I should have my facial hair permanently removed
why tough?

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Good post. I'm happy for you, anon, and your puppy's adorable.
Cherish him.

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Sounds fucking terrible, anon

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Oh my god, that is seriously wonderful! That cute pup is tugging my heart strings. I'm glad you're there for each other! Dogs are made to love and be loved.

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I would need tits for them to sag.

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>want to take gf to cosplay event at a bar Thursday
>tfw she's only 17

Maybe she has PCOS? Or some other condition that gives women beards.

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Still not denying that bush.

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Maybe it’s my first real post-con depression but man Katsu was both so fun and a drag. It was my first big con with my boyfriend of two years and my first con in a year. I met someone who cosplayed the same character as me and was super fun to talk to and hang out with and invited me to go hang out on Saturday night. I was really happy just talking to someone about the same shit I liked. But meanwhile my bf is absolutely anti-social, puts his headphones in when we could just chat, doesn’t want to go out past 9pm, and is just all around unhappy to be there. I knew he didn’t like crowds but he said he was coming for me. But it was just so upsetting seeing him not enjoying himself there and I was asking him what he wanted to do/if he needed a break or anything the whole time. Sunday he totally snapped and had me crying in the dealers room. I want to go to more cons and make more friends and go to some parties (my bf and other con buddy are not about that and even banned alcohol and had a curfew for our room). But idk what to do about it all. I just want to latch on to that one cute friend I made and never let go cause it was the ideal con time I’ve always wanted that I don’t know if I’ll ever have again.

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Just don't invite your bf any more. It's OK for you two to like different things, and getting out and doing your own thang once in a while will make you (and your relationship) happier and healthier in the long run.

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>why tough?
I ask myself that about various things about me from time to time. I'm a biological train wreck, and possibly also a genetic one, but I don't know what to get tested for and what to look for.

To keep it about feels…
I like that lolita is so modest, showing body is uncommon, and that the dresses help me look feminine, looking good on my small chest, is tight to my waist, and gives me a lot of volume below, nicely covering everything. I like opaque tights and OTKs.
I'm happy I have found clothing I finally feel comfortable in. Wearing dresses gives me so much joy.

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nayrt but I have seen a lot of people cheat on their boyfriends at cons, to the point where if I took my bf/gf to a con, I would not really want to take them to a party or to let them out of my sight really.

con girls are promiscuous as hell, I don't see what the point even is in going to a random room party and getting wasted if you're there with someone else and leaving them behind. to cheat?

>> No.9791318

Not those anons and I mean, I guess it's a bit different since I'm single, but sometimes I just want to have some fun (stupid) times with friends? Not everything revolves around looking for romance or flings or whatever. And though most con girls are more openly touchy-feely than club girls, I find they also have their internal guard up more and it's harder to actually get them to bed.

>> No.9791325

yeah but what purpose is there really to getting wasted drunk in some random anime nerd's suite with random people if it's not to get laid?

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>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

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The best boy

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I cant tell if you're serious or if you're being sarcastic.

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>tfw that bitch in your comm who always bitches about being single FINALLY gets a bf

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And then she's going to bitch about her boyfriend, break up, and bitch about being single.

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Dude here
Your boyfriend sounds like a manchild. And an asshole for making you cry. To some degree, I'm anti-social, but even I know to put my fucking headphones away when I'm with my gf.

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Does he make you happy?
Does he listen to what you say?
Does he let you have your freedom?
Does he disrespect you?

Ask yourself if what he does for you would be acceptable if you saw it happening to a friend with their boyfriend.

I'm not gonna hugbox you here because It gets you nothing, just hang out with people who wanna party at cons if that's what you wanna do.

Leave your Boyfriend at home where he is more comfortable.

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>wore lolita to nice restaurant the other week
>fancy looking older woman gave me a genuine smile and nodded at me when we made eye contact
>while leaving, heard another older woman exclaim how pretty I was
My only experience with women around that age range is from my own mother (and very negative) so I'm grateful to them

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There's nothing wrong with a lolita having pubes.

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>tfw you have Manic Pixie Dream Girl syndrome
>tfw you want to be there for everyone who's starved for love
>tfw you can't because you have your own problems and yourself to look out for
>tfw a lot of the people you try to befriend end up turning out to be shitty and toxic anyway
When I read a post on 4chan where someone says that all they need is somebody to show them care and companionship, my heart hurts. It's like seeing a pitbull puppy in the pound. You know nobody's going to adopt it. You know it's lonely and that it never had a chance in this world. You want to take it home and make it feel loved, but you know deep down that it'd probably turn on you one day and rip out your neck.
I know that people aren't projects and that you should never try to "fix" them, but goddamnit. When you see someone in need, isn't it only right to want to reach out and try to pull them out of their hole? Isn't that just human? How does anyone just overlook another person's suffering without feeling something?
In my mind, I despise people, but in my heart, I have all these gross feelings.
To make this post /cgl/ related:
>tfw the printed thigh-highs you ordered finally showed up
>tfw they're all lovely
>tfw you look cute af in them

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>been growing out hair and bangs for a year
>suddenly I want bangs again
>cant decide if I should cut bangs or not
>really prefer how bangs look with J-fash, and don't really like to wear wigs
>decide to do it
>look at several pics, been cutting my bangs so many times before, so not really worried
>somehow they turn out really bad, even though I thought I did what I did last time and I loved them
>tfw I feel so ugly
>tfw I know it'll take another year for them to grow out
>tfw this shit made all my suicidal thoughts much worse again

I don't know what to do. I'm so sad and upset at myself, but I don't know what I did wrong

>> No.9791745

I'm sure you look fine. Don't be so hard on yourself for something so silly. I just got bangs for the first time ever and I thought I looked like a dork for a week, but they're growing on me and I like them a lot now. Give your bangs some time to grow a little bit! I'm sure they don't look as bad as you think!

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You get burnt out on saving people over and over again for them to use it as a precedent for you to fix all their problems for them as if by magic when it's a real struggle for you. Then you lose your hero complex and realize that they'll fuck up a lot but either move onto someone else to narcissism at or become actual non-codependent people. Self esteem helps with this.

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I know these feels too well.
What's worse is when people don't want to accept help.
I want to help people, but often get hit with feelings that they don't deserve it, they don't want to be saved, and it's better to leave them alone, to keep my own sanity and not need to stress.
I think I have saved one person from suicide, so maybe the effort isn't so futile after all. And another one for sure. Yeah, some people are worth all the effort.

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>that con creeps thread
jesus christ, it only took one reply for that to go straight to hell

>> No.9791767

I'm pretty sure it was just made to stir up shit. So mission accomplished

>> No.9791773

Sorry I ghosted you. You're a nice girl

>> No.9791792

There are plenty of people who just enjoy drinking. It is the same reason you'd get drunk alone or with a friend of the same sex. You'll drink with strangers because it is fun to get drunk on top of conversing with people who have a mutual interest. You might even make a new friend.

I guess it would just depend on your personal reason for drinking and/or socializing. I'm also unsure if you are being serious or sarcastic; it's a mystery.

>> No.9791795

It can be nice to have older people in a community because there are situations that maturity can come in handy. The age shouldn't be an issue although there might be slang, movies, and pop culture discussed that you might not be familiar with...

The only thing I can think of is remember that the older you are, the more important is generally is to have your outfit, hair, and makeup on point. I don't know why, but generally older people are given less leeway to look like a fool then younger people.

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I'm not sarcastic, I just don't see how its fun to leave your boyfriend behind and get completely shitfaced on mind altering substances around a bunch of other guys. Just sounds to me like an excuse to cheat, and even if it wasn't intentional, it's gonna happen. After seeing the way girls act at these parties at cons, I seriously don't want my girlfriend to go to them if it's not a smaller one with friends.

>> No.9791799

You don't have to get shitfaced to drink, anon... People who always get wasted at parties have alcohol problems.

>it's gonna happen
You sound controlling and irrational. Maybe you should reconsider the types of people you hang out with if this is all you see.

>> No.9791809

Have you been to the large parties at acen, colossal, or ax? It's just nothing as far as you can see except underaged kids getting shitfaced and trying to fuck.i still don't get why anyone in a relationship would find that fun or go there if they weren't looking to chest. It's like going out to a club if you're not single, why?

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>tfw 27 yr old /toy/ crossposter who just likes to lurk feels/con horror story threads
Should I just leave?

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>> No.9791854

My friends and I go to the club to dance and burn some energy, not be harassed by men. You honestly sound like a douche.
>all congirls are sluts!
>getting drunk means they want the D!
>you only drink, dance, and have fun if you want to fuck!!

And yes, I've been to both Acen and Colossal. My friends are mostly chill, older types who know how to be responsible, and none of us have ever had to problems with getting too drunk or being around underage people. If you don't understand why a bunch of adults would want to party in costumes in a waterpark, why are you even here?
Again, you need to think about yourself. Do you just want to fuck and cheat every time you get drunk? Why is the only thing you notice underage kids? Why do you associate with people who also associate with those people?

>> No.9791863

I understand partying anon but partying without your boyfriend and getting hammered is just asking to cheat. Why even take that risk? I have seen so many friends and girlfriends go down that path at cons for me to believe it's some innocuous thing about "just having my fun you prude".

>> No.9791866

>partying without your boyfriend and getting hammered is just asking to cheat.

Maybe if you were a loose whore to begin with but in general it's not.

>> No.9791868

Unless you think everyone wants to cheat when they're drunk, that's a ridiculous statement. Even then, it's ridiculous.
Trust is the foundation of all relationships, and if you can't trust your significant other to go out and be their own person without compromising your relationship, that's your problem.

>> No.9791878

Also in this case the SO was a total wet blanket at the con it seems like, so what is anon supposed to do? Not go and have fun because her bf doesn't want her to? Do you realize how manipulative this sounds?

Pro tip: if your SO constantly feels the need to follow you, check on your activity, guilt trip you when you do something you enjoy because you're not thinking of them 24/7, etc. you are not in a healthy relationship.

>> No.9791879

Yes but establishing boundaries with your so is important. If he doesn't feel comfortable with you doing it then you pro ably shouldn't. You can cry about fair and trust but if he doesn't feel comfortable with you getting drunk with other people and partying without him all night then you shouldn't do it.

>> No.9791881

In this case it was a fake situation created to make this argument happen. 90 percent of shit in these threads don't actually happen and are just vaguely related to the board so it can sneak by

>> No.9791883

Protip if you feel the need to leave your boyfriend behind because you don't like him you are not in a healthy relationship.

>> No.9791884

>tfw didn't get invited to the con orgy

>> No.9791933

>3rd year in a row
Must I dress as 2hu to get in?

>> No.9791942

2hu is dead and busted

>> No.9791949
File: 37 KB, 500x414, png-crying-girl-anime-blush-broken-crying-favim-com-2126178-png-500-414-scarlet-syndicate-pinterest-manga-manga-girl-and-anime-500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was going to say something nice but then you mentioned pit bull puppies abandoned in pounds... I adopted one of those puppies when I was a kid, and she finally died of old age last week. I grew up on a ranch so we had loads of dogs, but she was always special to me. Best dog I ever had. She was such a good girl and now I can't stop thinking about how much I loved her, crying, and feeling low-key mad at you for dissing doggos like her. I know you're probably right for most pit bulls, but goddamn it, I loved my dog.

>> No.9791952

I agree with this. I wouldn’t be comfortable if my boyfriend left me behind to go party with other girls, even if I’d never think he was going out to cheat on purpose. If this happens often and he keeps disregarding my feelings on the matter I'd probably break up with him since clearly we have different priorities in the relationship.

>> No.9791956

>burn some energy
Yes, I too, like to burn some energy with sluts, if that's what y'all are calling it these days.

>> No.9791976

I'm sorry, anon. I didn't mean to discredit all pitbulls. I'm sure your dog was amazing and sweet.

I guess.

Some people are definitely worth saving. I just wish there was a way to know right off the bat. It hurts to leave people behind.

>> No.9792004

How did you equate not liking doing something with someone because they're not enjoying it to not liking them?

>> No.9792028
File: 221 KB, 266x429, 1457057459167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> discover some horror stries behind second hand dresses
> lurk what diseases may be caused by those
> "Head lice presents the biggest concern with previously owned hats"
> freak the shit out of myself

How do you gulls sanitize your headbows? Is it basically possible to sanitize them with that plastic bone inside?

>> No.9792033

Why do people not use google? Lice can't survive off a host for more than 24 hours. Your hat is fine so long as someone who has lice hasn't worn it in a day.

>> No.9792035

That was a massive clusterfuck of a run-on sentence and I couldn't understand a word of it.

>> No.9792052

why would lice live on a headbow?

>> No.9792061

>I couldn't understand a word of it

My bad, I didn't realize I was dealing with a literal retard.

>> No.9792064

lolita started feeling routine/formulaic for me after i basically put together my dream wardrobe, so i decided to revamp my entire "normie/not-lolita" wardrobe too. jfashion is finally making my heart beat faster again and it's nice. i haven't felt this for months!

>> No.9792089
File: 45 KB, 427x231, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's tragic. I'm so bored I've resorted to sifting through shit.

>> No.9792107
File: 114 KB, 730x762, 17B5A4A3-0C22-45DD-A96E-F21B75A560E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think this was more the problem for us after all. I did try and point out panels and events that would interest him (dbz, naginata demos) but it was always no you pick - I’m here for you to have fun. But I tell him it’s our first real trip together for him to have fun too. The Sunday blow up was ultimately about how selfish and self centered I was for cosplaying and doing only what I wanted though I did want him to enjoy himself and spend time with me. Sorry this derailed into promiscuous partying BS I just needed to vent.

>> No.9792134 [DELETED] 

Read the post again. The guy in question wasn't just disliking something, it sounds like he was throwing a tantrum like a child.

>> No.9792143
File: 1.54 MB, 230x230, 1517512955953.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find site that sells adorable dresses
>"Our processing time is 1-3 days. For items that are described as "handmade" in the description, please wait 7-10 days"
>ok cool
>order two dresses, making sure the items I'm interested in don't have "handmade" in the description
>3 days go by, no shipping info/tracking e-mail is sent
>check site
>they JUST added "Pre-order 10 days" to one of the dresses I bought
The exact thing I did not want to happen happened.

>> No.9792156
File: 88 KB, 1200x667, Kikifeels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been saving money for a big taobao order
>really want this one To Alice dress
>check the site
>ofc the colorway i want is sold out now

I just hate it so much when something gets sold out and i realize the chances to get the thing just went abysmal, if not impossible

>> No.9792180
File: 303 KB, 960x1280, lolidrink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waiting at the shuttle station with my big brother
>a Me!Me!Me! shows up
>tell her she looks cute, and that I want to cosplay Daoko Girl
>she ignores me
>starts flirting with my big bro
>he ignores her
>she starts dancing; "accidentally" flashes her panties
>"accidentally" slips a nipple
>mfw all of this

>> No.9792206
File: 70 KB, 476x400, 13245742861372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no railgun cosplays, ever

>> No.9792243

failgun sucks anyways get out of here cringe trash

>> No.9792262

And what did your brother do?

>> No.9792263
File: 109 KB, 421x600, 466894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I posted in the last thread about simultaneously procrastinating and stressing out over my exam. Some anon on here replied with the classic TTGL quote. If you're reading this I want you to feel very lucky.

I immediately thought my friend had posted that reply. They had been chatting with me earlier the same day, and knew about my situation etc. I brought it up to them today and showed them the thread. Turns out they hadn't even been on /cgl/ that day. Whoever replied to my post was just another stranger.

I am in awe of the entire internet. TTGL was a big part of my teenage years, and always holds a place in my heart. That's why I thought it was my friend, because they would know how well those simple words spur me on. It's a popular show for sure, but that reply was meant for me.

Thank you Kamina-anon.
Have one of my pictures to express my gratitude. I believe in the you who believes in me.

(Also I passed the exam. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.)

>> No.9792271

Kamina-anon here. Glad I could help and grats on the exam!
Keep it up.

>> No.9792279
File: 48 KB, 422x387, sixtyniggas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But that's wrong.

He didn't care.

>> No.9792346
File: 27 KB, 500x281, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that moment when multiple people have complimented you for your heart, your qualities and your personality, while some went as far as telling me it's bound to happen something special to me

Wew. I never expected the cosplaying community to be a hugbox but sometimes I just feel flattered. I am not sure if that is because i'm considerably younger than most in my cosplaying area, but still.

>> No.9792373

Post pics of bro

>> No.9792380

>planning to cosplay a bunch of expressive characters this year
>had to get dental braces

>> No.9792426

>Want to cosplay sleeveless characters or characters that show abs
>Also want tattoos

>> No.9792429
File: 282 KB, 897x548, 1491613091772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2010 was 8 years ago
>we're closer to 2030 than 2000
>constantly getting older
>kids born in 2000 will graduate high school
>people born after 9/11 are older than 4

>> No.9792438

>dating normies

>> No.9792439

>you will never be a no sleeves, aviator sunglasses 1980s though guy

>> No.9792441

this tbqh

>> No.9792443

I've never been able to do this because I have bad burn scars down my arms

>> No.9792445

>look at alle the instafamous j-fashion whores
>90% of them have turbo neckbeard bfs

how and why

>> No.9792457

Gene Starwind?
I'm sorry to hear that anon, I hope that those were the worst that happened and you have no long term disability from whatever caused it.

>> No.9792458
File: 24 KB, 480x360, adventuretime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should have told her he was your bf lol.

>> No.9792459

there's nothing wrong other than big scars from burns on my arms, I threw up my arms to prevent some hot oil from hitting my face and it fucked them up. I barely notice because i just got in the habit of always wearing long sleeves and picking out long sleeved cosplays

>> No.9792463

Better your arms than your face. I'm sure you're still kawaii.

And then fucked him in front of her to assert dominance.

>> No.9792515

>bf insists on seeing black panther after dinner
>wearing full gothic coord
>theatre is full of black people in costume and traditional wear
> have never been complimented so many times by normies
> ladies next to us offer sliders during the movie

I don't care much for superhero stuff but I've never had a better time at the movies.

>> No.9792519 [DELETED] 
File: 110 KB, 400x316, millisec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see Black Panther opening weekend
>dancing in the aisles
>mfw the man next to me is eating a large Papa John's pizza

>> No.9792528
File: 165 KB, 900x1200, johnnytest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>browsing Lolibrary
>can't coordinate for shit
>burst into treats
>slam laptop shut
>mfw I accidentally closed it on my nipples

>> No.9792537 [DELETED] 

I'm trying nofap, and yes I'm a girl. I never watched porn, but the masturbation was getting to be too much, so I'm going hard mode.

Problem is, now I'm just sexually frustrated and just want the release so I can go about my day and not have to think about it...

>> No.9792542
File: 168 KB, 448x448, wendy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also a girl. These days I can only get off to vines of women getting hit in the crotch. Even cartoons don't do it for me anymore.

Sometimes wonder if should stop masturbating.

>> No.9792547

It's not easy but it can't hurt to try!

>> No.9792548

I stopped watching porn and masturbating like month ago. Still alive. Although I still don't feel a need in such relief, it creeps me a bit.

>> No.9792549
File: 34 KB, 680x734, 608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I brought a very last minute, shitty "casual d.va" cosplay to a con knowing full well it was shitty and didn't look like d.va at all. I wasn't even planning on wearing it but the group I was with convinced me to wear it for at least a pic, so I wore it for about an hour and then changed out. Turns out, one of the people in the group posted the photo to a facebook group and then someone screenshotted it and posted it to a shitposting group. I'm pissed and also want to kms

>> No.9792554

That sucks af, but I guess people forget it soon. Wait some time, it will get better. Maybe you will decide to rework your cosplay make it shine

>> No.9792556

At least you'll never be as ridiculed as "fart D.Va"

>> No.9792557

Welcome to what year 5+ of marriage is like

>> No.9792558 [DELETED] 

I just want a nice Jewish girl to let me defile her and call her a filthy kike whore while I fuck her brains out.

>> No.9792562

Is there a story behind this??

>> No.9792564

Thanks anon. It actually did inspire me to start preparing for cosplays better in the future, so there's that :^)

>> No.9792568
File: 61 KB, 702x960, dvadewdorito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl uploaded a video of herself twerking as D.va. Somebody edited in a fart noise, and it went viral. She got PISSED, threw a fit, and deleted all of her twerk videos.



>> No.9792570

I get this feel to a degree. Sometimes I feel like I just want to be the Mary Poppins of the romantically troubled and "change their lives" like some dumb fiction where I vanish at the climax but leave them better off for it.

The problem is that its and entirely me being in love with the idea rather than the actual person and I wouldn't want it to go as far as a physical relationship which lets be honest is the most important thing for most guys.

>> No.9792571

Sorry, anon, I confused you with other person, who made unfortunate d. va cosplay recently. Maybe you should really better to gtfo with your garbage.

>> No.9792572

my fucking sides

>> No.9792576

>Closed laptop on nipples.
Jesus, I need this.

>> No.9792582

thot got what she deserved

>> No.9792584

I'm in tears. can't stop replaying.

>> No.9792585

"oh my god, how dare my tasteless ploys for attention and fame illicit anything but positive things!"

>> No.9792591

>>notice she's next to him wearing a cosplay I planned to do
make it and do it better then her.
It hurts, you will get over it.

>> No.9792597 [DELETED] 

sounds mean but you have either get cuter than her and/or wait for him to get over the novelty of having it on tap. men literally cannot see past sex and physical appearance early on in new conquest, no matter how bad the warning signs are. They are hard-wired to drive out anything other than the goal of locking the female interest down.

The good news is the flood of hormones responsible for this behavior wears off in about 6-12 months, which is the window you need to to get him because she will be angling him for commitments he can't escape when she notices this happening. DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM until he has completely broken things off her with her (publicly) and started officially dating you, because all that will do is satisfy his conquest emotion early and allow her to play up the all sorts of drama to guilt him into getting back together with her and he'll call it "a mistake". In a choice between two women he has slept with, he will go with the one he has more history/knows his buttons or he'll find a new girl entirely.

Sleeping with a guy works for making a relationship more serious, but the worst way to steal him from someone else.

>> No.9792621

Less likely to cheat, safe option, willing to bend over backward for them.

>> No.9792627

They're loaded probably

>> No.9792640

Oh god, my cat did the worst yeowl to wake me up today. It sounded like so sad. All it wanted was some food, why did it have to sound like it was dying?

>> No.9792659

I'm kind of jealous.

>> No.9792670

I know this feel to a more extreme degree.

>order a bunch of stuff online halfway december
>one of the items won't be in stock until february
>fair enough, I can wait
>in the meantime other items run out
>now one of them won't be restocked until june
>mfw I have no face

>> No.9792683

? Why didn’t you just buy everything else beforehand?

>> No.9792690

I need all of it for a project anyway so I figured I might as well get it all sent over in one go.

In hindsight that would've been the better way to go though.

>> No.9792721
File: 74 KB, 340x230, 1519018984051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>slipping back into depression & suicidal thoughts
>slowly becoming a shut-in
>starting to develop an eating disorder
>the only things that temporarily give me joy anymore are masturbation and cute dresses

at least my wardrobe is coming together nicely I guess

>> No.9792723

Hit the gym, grow your hair out, and let her tie you to a chair

>> No.9792725
File: 68 KB, 1100x660, 1493193360651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have stomach infection
>Lose ton of weight very fast from a healthy starting weight
>Stomach healed
>Started restricting instead to keep losing weight
>Know what I'm doing is awful but still want to see how far it goes
Now I have a bunch of cute clothes that don't fit me, but I still feel like I'm disgustingly fat when I'm naked even though I know it makes zero sense. I didn't have these issues before it's like losing all that weight from being physically sick flipped a switch.

>> No.9792726

>favourite indie brand finally gains popularity and becomes more accessible
>their new stuff is not really lolita anymore

>> No.9792727

Gulls, I know the weight loss might feel good or habitual now, but please get help. EDs are no fun, and whether it seems like it or not, they will wreck your life and health. I'm only in my mid 20s, and my body is a mess because of an eating disorder I had as an early teen.
Depression and physical illness were my two main triggers, and I wish I had had the self-awareness to seek help before it was too late.

>> No.9792728

>wore circle lens almost daily from age 16-19
>optometrist said it was fine
>somehow it still fucked my eyes, not too bad but I wake up with dry eyes every day and can't wear lenses anymore because they hurt like hell
>appointment with an optometrist every month, still no explanation on why i can't wear lenses anymore
>booked next appointment on December, they can only see me next month
>was mostly into lolita, am into cosplay now and actually *need* lens
>nope sorry, sew and craft all you like but no wearing cosplay for you because your eyes are fucked

I hate everything

>> No.9792731

Get a second and third opinion??

>> No.9792732

You can cosplay without lenses.

>> No.9792733

You don't *need* lenses for cosplay. If anyone is going to nitpick the shit out of you for not wearing colored contacts, they'd probably do it even if you did.
For photoshoots, just practice shooping your eye color if you really want to be accurate.

>> No.9792744

I was going to do that until I recently heard my crush was supposed to match her and make it a couple cosplay. He just didn't finish his costume on time because it has a complex design. Even if at the next con I went through with my plans and looked amazing, there's a chance I awkwardly run into them and my heart would break.

They actually did a finished couple cosplay together on a different day. Cutesy photos/videos of them together all over my newsfeed. Feelsbadman.

Back when me and my crush used to be much closer, we were going to do an extremely simple costume together (Your Name) but he didn't bother to start any of it and I came to the con dressed up alone. Now I'm watching him go all out with someone else.

>6-12 months, which is the window you need to to get him
I don't think I would be okay with waiting for him like I'm some sort of backup option. I really hope by then I would already moved on. And yeah, I'm sure if things don't work out between them, he's going to find a new girl entirely by then and start with a clean slate. He's great at meeting new people and getting a lot of female attention.

>> No.9792748

I'm the first anon you replied to and honestly I think I've had certain disordered eating behavior for years now but now that I'm feeling depressed as shit I can't be bothered to keep myself in check anymore.
I'm underweight but when I look in the mirror I look average-chubby in my opinion, lately I had to get all my skirts taken in because they kept falling down my waist but then when I look at myself my arms and thighs look so fat to me.
I honestly can't tell anymore what my weight or body are actually like, I often don't even feel hungry so I just don't eat but then I'm freezing and tired etc.
I guess on some level I know this is probably bad but then when I look at myself it really doesn't look that bad.
...do you have any tips for seeking help with this? I think I would feel ridiculous trying to seek out a therapist because on some level I still feel like I have 'control' over this, but at the same time I feel like my perception of reality is completely off.

>> No.9792751
File: 773 KB, 260x221, 1504840665221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I seriously consider dropping out of university to do an apprenticeship for a more lolita job
What do gulls? On the one hand, the job is literally perfect for my qualities and my ideals but on the other hand it's painfully clichee and I can already see people rolling their eyes, the apprenticeship pay of most companies in my area is painfully low and I already changed my major once.

>> No.9792757

who cares what others think? are you the type of person who lives for a good paycheck or need a paycheck to live?

>> No.9792760

nayrt, but better paycheck definitely makes life better

>> No.9792761

i mean, it's not about other peoples opinion, but all the material things that help making quality of life better

>> No.9792762

it depends on what type of person you are, a lot of people get depression from going to a job they dislike and the money doesn't save them from that

>> No.9792767

>friend is getting married
>wedding is going to be very traditional so most lolita dresses would look out of place
>am a daily lolita so I’m scrambling to find an appropriate dress
>stuff from normie stores is either ugly or overpriced (€350 for a plain polyester cocktail dress made in Bangladesh that I will have to get altered to fit me lol no thanks)
>settle for removing all the removable parts like the collar, bows, etc. from an old IW jsk so it’s just a simple solid dress with a flared skirt
>bride okayed it, but she’s the type to okay anything and then passive-aggressively complain about it afterwards so I’m still not entirely sure
>wedding is in two weeks
>anxiety building that the dress will be too plain
>oh god why am I doing this
>suddenly get fuckton of FB notifications
>other wedding attendees are posting pictures of what they plan on wearing
>at least three of the bride’s other female friends are going to be wearing t-shirts with slacks and long frumpy H&M cardigans, which they apparently consider formalwear
>bride is <3-ing all the pictures
...I’ll be okay.

>> No.9792768

>Tfw found out a lolita who used to shit on ageplay all the time was actually an ageplayer
why is it that the ones who are the most vocal about it always secret ageplayers?

>> No.9792770

>at least three of the bride’s other female friends are going to be wearing t-shirts with slacks and long frumpy H&M cardigans, which they apparently consider formalwear

when did people get so lazy with dressing up?

>> No.9792772

I don't need extreme wealth, but I'd like to live without having to worry about money and counting pennies at the end of every month. Being able to pay rent and a minimum of food and having some spare money for second hand brand, smaller hobbies and savings would be ideal.

I'm definitely that kind of person. Though I don't dislike my major (History). I like it quite a lot and already have some nice connections with curators and archivist but I don't know how I'll feel about it once I actually land a job in that field. If I don't like it as much as I thought, I'll already have invested way too much time into it to completely change my direction. I'm 24 and in the age where I need to get my shit together and decide on a career path. Problem is I still don't really know what I want and I'm terrified of wasting more time on something I won't commit to in the future.

>> No.9792774

I got my bachelor's degree in 2017 and I'm considering going into an apprenticeship too. Not for a lolita job though. I'm thinking of plumbing or household electrics, because the money is good.

>> No.9792783

please post photos of their terrible outfits

>> No.9792787

Maybe they think it'll throw people off their trail.
>if I bitch about it loud enough they'll never suspect ME!

Probably around the time when jersey fabric was invented.

>> No.9792788

I wish apprenticeships were more of a thing in the US. In my areas the only fields that offer them are linework (trimming trees, essentially), pipe layers, and welders, and at a high school career expo, I was literally laughed at for approaching one of the tables as a girl, even though I'd taken 3 years of metal shop and liked that sort of thing. When I told my guidance counselor, she just smiled and said, "Well you should just go to college anyways."

>> No.9792795

You have the perception of control, and that's a major warning sign, since a lot of people develop EDs as a coping mechanism for feeling like their lives or many things are "out of their control."

It's not ridiculous to talk to a therapist at all. Plenty of "normal" people go to therapists for much less.

I had undiagnosed PICA and other weird eating habits since I was a kid, and my doctors/therapist told me that had they known this back then, they probably could have intervened a lot earlier, since those can be early indicators.
The biggest thing is being honest with your treatment providers. When my weight loss started in earnest, I thought I had control and would just lose weight until I reached my GW and felt good.
It was all a lie. The disease will slowly take control of your thoughts and wrest whatever power you did have out of your hands, all the while telling you that this is actually exactly what you want. Long term they will harm your relationships and turn you into a liar, because protecting your disorder becomes more important than anything else. Eating disorders are a lot like addictions in those ways.
Please seek help. I cannot put into words the grief and remorse I feel over what I have done to myself and others with this. Being safe in this case is much better than being sorry, and you still seem to willing enough for treatment to work.

>> No.9792799


>> No.9792806
File: 238 KB, 430x440, effmiku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>day off
>want to work on cosplay
>wake up
>have constipation AND diarrhea

>> No.9792913
File: 151 KB, 455x511, I can&#039;t afford that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>are you the type of person who lives for a good paycheck or need a paycheck to live?
>tfw need a good paycheck to keep living
I'm 99% sure I will turn in resignation before the end of the month, and once my contract terminates move countries to earn more money than I would ever be able to get here.
Life sucks when you live in a second world country. Gotta move where I'm not treated like a cheap workforce.

>> No.9792960

>Tfw you save up for a jsk for weeks and when you get a raise that same day someone else buys it
I don't know what to do with my life right now

>> No.9793019

What JSK was it? You could find it again.

>> No.9793056

I have no idea. Looking through their profiles it seems like wearing anything nicer than sweatpants and a sweatshirt would be considered “dressing up”.
At least I won’t feel underdressed!

Ahaha no I’m a petty bitch but not quite that petty
>it would also not be cgl-related

>> No.9793057
File: 1.88 MB, 750x1334, 6A3F57A506F14AA2B84F2D82DED1F484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>haven't seen highschool classmate since graduating 3 years ago
>their first and only update on how my life has turned out
>I'm zoning out at a traffic light with a thousand mile stare
>blaring Boogie Wonderland

>> No.9793061

It was mmm holy queen jsk in black and white

>> No.9793076

Anyone got a link to the discord?

>> No.9793093
File: 57 KB, 500x400, pepetko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>admiring hot Shimakaze
>she bends over to adjust her sock
>suddenly notice a pair of testicles in her undies

>> No.9793102

Probably the best situation to be in.

>> No.9793104

You got TRAPPED son.

>> No.9793235

>tfw no Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid cosplay, ever

>> No.9793248

Did you miss it when every thot and her dog were Lucoa orrrr

>> No.9793255
File: 77 KB, 558x580, 1465118454894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously I'm so happy for you anon you sound like such a good dog mom too! I wish I could get a dog but my husband is really allergic and our neighbors have a bunch of big dogs they let run loose and I'd be scared of them attacking it if we got an outside dog. Give him some belly rubs for me!

>> No.9793293

I fucking did it. After years of viewing this fashion from afar, and being lolita-at-heart scum, I have my first two dresses on the way, and it didn't even break the bank. feelsfuckinggoodman.

>> No.9793295

Good job, anon! Which dresses?

>> No.9793296

Congratulations anon! That feeling of your first dress is great!

>> No.9793309
File: 105 KB, 1013x633, SoExcited.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Innocent World has to be my favorite brand and I wanted Strawberry for awhile now, but was on the fence about it. But then I was like fuck it, life is too short, ya know. And I work hard so I deserve to treat myself every now and again.

>> No.9793310

I'm not famous but my neckbeard-looking bf matches the kind of nerd I am on the inside.

>> No.9793313

*Strawberry Plate, so eager I forget to words proper.

>> No.9793315
File: 121 KB, 1280x720, 1423821302369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, yes
It was at a time when I was done dealing with Kyoani's shit, so I probably missed a bunch of stuff like the fanbase apparently being obnoxious. I literally just started watching the anime after a few people recommended it to me.

>> No.9793318

You have good taste, new anon! Best of luck with your coording, I'm excited for you

Maybe she just has a fat pussy? Some vulvas can look funny in tight panties, but look great without them.

>> No.9793325

Nah, that girl had nuts.

>> No.9793334


>> No.9793372

Update: It's almost gone.

>> No.9793411

Did you eat something that made you sick? Or do you have a constant history of digestive problems?

>> No.9793454

Food poisoning, I think? I never get sick.

Thanks for your concern.

>> No.9793459

I'm glad you feel better anon. Hope your cosplay turns out nice.

>> No.9793467

>tfw bloated because period soon
>stress eating from exams
>gained like 4 lbs
Fuck I know I'll go back to normal after my period and in two weeks now that my exams are over but feels bad right now

>> No.9793480

4 lbs is only like 1-2% weight gain for most people nothing to worry about

>> No.9793484

I agree with the sentiment, but you should check your math. Most people don't weigh 200-400 pounds, anon.

>> No.9793521

I thought that was when you got blindsided by a pulling guard after the tackle seemingly whiffs on his block on you

>> No.9793539
File: 34 KB, 400x400, yelling man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>found out the other day friends keep me around out of pity
>don't know how to react
>never bothered to make friends in my comm or go to any meets
>too broke for cons
>online friendships just make the lack of irl bonds hurt more

It hurts, gulls. My favorite person in the world treats me like a sad old spinster who needs the company. I'm fucking 18. I don't know what to do

>> No.9793546


Most people fluctuate around 5 lb around period time due to water retention. It's pretty well known. You're fine, just relax after exams and get back into a routine.

>> No.9793547

any ideas why they treat you with pity?

just save up for a con anon

>> No.9793559

I plan to, it's just gonna take me a while.

The pity comes from both the fact that I'm the only single friend in the group, and the fact that I've cried on my friends' shoulders in the past. I figured it was ok because we seemed really close and venting shows trust. It's only in the last few weeks that I realize how badly I misread the situation.

>> No.9793560
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really appreciate the concern, gulls. ;w;

Me all day. Kek.

>> No.9793568

>tfw gave up on dating but still incredibly lonely

>> No.9793573
File: 24 KB, 495x619, 1514213150540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can only afford to go to one con a year, my local one
>it's in just over a month
>the weather the past 2 days has felt just like it does during the con
I can feel the (nonsexual) con-lust rising up within me. To be surrounded by cosplay and merchandise and all of it once again.
It's the only place I feel at home

>> No.9793660

Have fun anon. I love con time too :^)

>> No.9793834
File: 82 KB, 640x659, 39c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waiting on several packages without tracking
>local post office is shit and will often return untracked packages to sender or simply lose your package if you weren't home the first time they tried
>open door each time doorbell rings, but every time it's some guy with a shady story
>"hello I am Bob from [inaudible] company and as a promotion we're offering to clean/fix/upgrade all your expensive electronics for free so please let me into your house and show me all your expensive electronics, thanks"
>mention it to housemate who's out of the house from 7 am to 7 pm
>"oh yeah those are probably burglars, there's been a rash of burglaries in the area lately"
>yeah not opening the door for anyone anymore
>I didn't need those skincare items and sewing supplies anyway

At least if we got burgled they probably wouldn't steal my brand, right? Right?!

>> No.9793839

Adopting a pet sounds like a good solution

>> No.9793842

get security camera
problem solved

and my own story
i got asked to join a cosplay group 5 weeks before the con but made the foolish mistake of trying a new taobao service (new to me)
really hoping it will come on time, since the new year they might be backlogged on orders

>> No.9793855
File: 231 KB, 1280x1312, 1423821502379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's the only place I feel at home
I know this feel
Luckily, I get at least one con a month or so. It's a nice community, too, hardly any cosplay thots.

>> No.9793866

It's not allowed in my apartment complex, otherwise I would.

>> No.9793870

Noro virus
Wash your hands people

>> No.9793887

For twenty seconds. So many savages in my office douse their fingertips for 3 seconds and call it a day.

I haven't caught the office norovirus once in 7 years working here. Because I'm not a filthy animal.

>> No.9794343

I was lucky enough to work with my BFF (we have been friends since college and ended up working at the same place). He quit and today was his last day. I have no one at work that I'm friendly with now.

I retail therapy'd hard. Thanks for being there for me in my time of need, Innocent World.

>> No.9794353
File: 64 KB, 250x333, dianaop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am >>9791402 and mildly (very) salty, looks like Rainies bought the Diana OP I missed two weeks ago for ¥3500 and is now trying to sell it for almost $100 plus shipping. I really, really want this dress but I feel so bitter about that markup, and it's missing the belt anyways. But maybe I can make an offer on multiple items or something since I don't know when I'll see it again. Since it's happened to me I'm now curious, has this happened to anyone else where you saw your DD be bought only to be resold immediately?

Like, I really, really want this dress, but I'd likely have to buy it again in the future to get the belt anyways. And I feel like instead of the feeling of success and joy that I normally feel at getting a dream item it would be tainted by my sourness at this whole situation.

>> No.9794390

my husband died a few weeks ago and I miss him so much. ive been going back to the gym and getting into lolita seriously again. im trying to fill the void but it's tough. i just want to talk to him again and tell him how much I love him. I miss him, gulls. I miss him. So much.

>> No.9794394

That hasn't happened to me but I've thought about buying shit only to have it bought by rainies and then resold at a markup

>> No.9794395

I'm so sorry for your loss, anon. It's good you're doing things for yourself, please also consider talking to someone close to you about this, or even seeking professional help, just to help you through this.

>> No.9794400


I gave in and bought Noble lady from her. I know she bought it for 5000 yen but he 136 euros wasn't bad considering i last saw it at 18,000 yen. Eh. Feels sleazy but at this point I was dying for that dress.

>> No.9794415

Not a DD but I was eyeing a Vm bustier from CC and a few weeks after it sold she posted it on lm. Pretty salty about it but I don’t think it was as big of a markup as yours.

>> No.9794437 [DELETED] 

I fell this way about Hospility Doll-chan sometimes, even though she's not a reseller and I don't judge her for her markups, I'm still kind of salty since she always manages to snatch super cheap things I love seconds or minutes before I do and then sells them after 2 weeks.

>> No.9794438

I fell this way about Hospitality Doll-chan sometimes, even though she's not a reseller and I don't judge her for her markups, I'm still kind of salty since she always manages to snatch super cheap things I love seconds or minutes before I do and then sells them after 2 weeks.

>> No.9794453
File: 77 KB, 768x1024, 1438382671763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>confidence up after lifting for a few years
>almost at goal weight for star ocean dio
>still have very obvious scarring on my arms
>tried mederma, dermablend, still noticeable

I don't like it.

>> No.9794458

Just photoshop them out in pictures

>> No.9794461

Anon, please continue to look after yourself during this time. That's a horrible loss for anyone, especially at this age and I hope you are getting support.

That same seller bought a gingham piece recently for under ¥4000 and is trying to sell it for 4 times that. I recognised it from the condition of the dress but she does it so often it's not worth trying to haggle

>> No.9794466

She played with fire and got burned

>> No.9794683
File: 13 KB, 980x749, common sense flowchart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you want to be there for everyone who's starved for love
Don't do it.
Most people who suffer from crippling feelz have some internal issue that prevents them from feeling happy or comfortable, no matter the situation.
Trying to send them love will not make them feel loved, and will drain you.

>I know that people aren't projects and that you should never try to "fix" them, but goddamnit. When you see someone in need, isn't it only right to want to reach out and try to pull them out of their hole?
The hole is of their own making. They pull themselves into it. You treat them as a project to fix, they'll treat themselves as a project to break.

>How does anyone just overlook another person's suffering without feeling something?
If it can't be fixed then it's not worth worrying about.

Do you know those people who borrow money from their friends/relatives just to buy stuff they don't need, and they're out of cash within 3 days and they beg for more money?
You giving them money won't help their situation.
This is also the case with people who cannot find happiness with themselves. You giving them happiness does not make them happy.

>> No.9794688

>Pro tip: if your SO constantly feels the need to follow you, check on your activity, guilt trip you when you do something you enjoy because you're not thinking of them 24/7, etc. you are not in a healthy relationship.
That's true.
But what are you meant to do, just accept you're gonna get cheated on? That's not good either.

>> No.9794695

>found out the other day friends keep me around out of pity
>don't know how to react
Don't react.
Your problem is now their problem.
In the meantime, get better friends. Or enjoy being solo. Either works.

>> No.9794704

This. It's better for most people if these unstable people just end up killing themselves. They're not fun to be around, often boring, desperate, and have a laundry list of reasons people probably don't like them.

>> No.9794721

i feel like i'm falling out of love with lolita and i'm kind of pissed off about it because i have so many beautiful things

like why couldn't this feeling have come sooner before i made that giant AP order or something

>> No.9794728

well you can always sell it if you don't like it, so don't worry too much

>> No.9794730

why do you still like it? and why are you out of love? write it down.

>> No.9794733

>people who suffer from crippling feelz
Sure it's the first thing that comes to mind, but not everyone "starved for love" may even realize it, just saiyan.

>> No.9794739

I'm ugly, like really ugly. Even my mother admits that I'm just really ugly.
Make-up doesn't fix it, and I'm so scared that plastic surgery would go wrong somehow.

>try lolita
>finally feel pretty
>later see a photo of myself all dressed up

>> No.9794740 [DELETED] 

Not that anon but if you're depressed and too lazy or stupid to figure out why, you deserve it and should kill yourself.

>> No.9794741

Go to korea for it, they won't fuck up.

>> No.9794759
File: 112 KB, 540x540, sadtoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Went to a cosplay event and met some cool people tonight.

But now I'm drunk and and wishing the cute girl I met at the con last year didn't live two states away.

>> No.9794772

I don't think you understand. What is there to "figure out why" if they don't realize it in the first place?

>> No.9794778

Then they're oblivious to their own feelings or problems and are too stupid to live. Not hard.

>> No.9794801
File: 86 KB, 1300x957, woman-get-sick-asian-young-woman-wear-medical-face-mask-J08AXP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If your really self conscious about your face just always wear face masks with lolita. Im considering doing the same. Or at least wear them for photos.

Also have you tried false lashes? They really give me a boost when I'm feeling I look like crap.

>> No.9794802

>false lashes
Seconding, I'm quite ugly but they do wonders for me

>> No.9794810

i humped my usakumya in my sleep and now i feel like a rapist

>> No.9794823
File: 131 KB, 347x299, 1501735567879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9794858

>After several weeks of hell, I'm finally free to relax
>Browse LM and other secondhand sites
>TWO of my dream dresses are for sale!? And for decent prices?
I feel so happy, gulls. Maybe the world does love me after all.

>> No.9794892

Index is getting a S3 soon so you'll have your day again

>> No.9794906
File: 1.30 MB, 498x278, 1516314084688.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>walking around dealers hall in cosplay
>was an idiot and had my prop sword and sheath on my back
>homestuck girl comes by and takes it out and tries to run
>chase her down and try to get it back from her
>after about 2 minutes of arguing she gives it back but flexes it as hard as she can so the paint on the blade chips and cracks, making it look awful
>call event security over, explain to them
>they say that since I have it back there isn't anything they can do about her trying to break my things or attempting to steal it
>she smugly walks off and I have to change out of cosplay for the rest of the weekend
I really really hate underage cosplayers, especially the homestuck/SU/Korra/Tumblr autism crowd

>> No.9794908


Bad shit can and will happen, you can't control that but you can control how you react. Don't let the bastards grind you down because everything will eventually pass.

>> No.9794912


Run on 'Fuck you' power. Do the cosplay, do it better, make him fucking sorry he didn't pick you.

>> No.9794917


You sound like a saint, I bet you dont stare at your phone and pretend to listen to her either.


>> No.9794918

>they say that since I have it back there isn't anything they can do about her trying to break my things or attempting to steal it
What the fuck kind of backwards logic is this? What a load of bullshit. Sorry that happened to you.

>> No.9794932

Their logic was when I went to security the prop was in my possession and she said she didn't do anything. So they had no proof that she stole it or tried to break it, and even if they did they can't make her pay for my things so they best they could have done was have her give it back to me.

>> No.9794999


I laughed so hard that -I- farted!

>> No.9795005

Sending thots and prayers.

>> No.9795040
File: 202 KB, 400x300, axolotl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally fit into my brand again after having a kid 7 months ago
>have an intense craving and feeling moody the other day
>husband jokes that maybe I'm pregnant again
>Oh FUCK no
>it was just my period returning
>crisis adverted
>I can keep wearing my brand
>thank fucking god

>> No.9795138

I know that feel and actually did that a lot of times. It often backfires though, because once they're better and you want to break up and move on to the next target, all your effort is undone and they're miserable again. Happy to hear someone else knows the feel though, I always felt dumb as fuck because of this

On topic: my lost package is really lost. It was declared lost a few months ago but I held on to hope because this happened before, tracking would stop working, post office would say it was gone, then a couple months later it'd show up. Not this time, I guess.

>> No.9795166

please dont be the one who brings your baby to meetups

even if you dress up your baby no one wants that crying, also we’re all tired of your “mom” stories

>> No.9795175

Oh fuck no that's what babysitters or leaving them with your spouse are for and if you really want to bring your kid out and still socialize then that's what mom groups are for. I'll never understand moms who feel the need to bring their babies everywhere with them I need a fucking break sometimes.

>> No.9795178

It's stories like this that make me upset you cant use physical force to defend your shit. A good punch to the face would have done that kid good.

>> No.9795199
File: 201 KB, 326x321, 1506903844084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard at katsu someone came on a cosplayer's skirt. I can't help to wonder how someone was stealthy enough to not get caught.

>> No.9795200

It's the organisers responsibility to know who's coming though. I hate people who bring their baby everywhere but I hate people who leave their baby at a babysitter/daycare all the time more.

>> No.9795202

Look up sharking

>> No.9795205

>all the time

Where did mom-anon mention that? Everyone can drop their kid off with a family member or sitter every once in a while for a few hours while they go do a social event that may not be optimal for kids. If you’re doing a zoo meet that’s one thing, but entirely another if you’re having a fancy tea. Nothing wrong with taking the occasional break.

Also some people are both working parents so they don’t have much of a choice with the kid. That’s less lolita and more poverty line, but you get the idea.

>> No.9795209

I'm aware of that, still don't get how you get away with it in a crowded public place like a con though.

>> No.9795300

>write a long heartfelt post
>add feel image
>didn’t check if it wasn’t in thread until I posted
>duplicate file


>> No.9795313

You mean you don't have a whole collection of feel images to choose from in case that exact thing happens?

>> No.9795342

My life is worthless and wonder if I should go to a cosplay school next year because I've done literally nothing for so many years now and see no way out, but that's expensive and I'm probably a bit old too. And what do I even want to do with cosplay? I have so many cosplay dreams, but pretty much all of them are unattainable because I'm a male and they are all female characters. So what cosplays would I even work on if I went to that school, it'd have to be something half hearted from an anime I liked but not a character I'd feel passion for at all. And even if I went to that school, it may be really lonely if no one wants to be friends with me. After so long in the cosplay community I still don't feel like I can meet people and do stuff whenever.
And I want to meet someone, but it's hard to contact people to meet them, when they may not want to be with you and they don't really need you either, even though they suggested we'd meet outside cons when we met at a convention a long time ago, but why does it have to be me who asks them, and I know no one wants to be with me so it feels bad to beg them to be with me.

>> No.9795374

>Cosplay school
That's a thing?

>> No.9795393

I'm going to tell you something I should have told my friend before he killed himself.

The problem isn't everyone else, the problem is you. If you have all these worries and constantly view yourself so negetivly, get off your fucking ass and start changing yourself. If you decide you're going to act more confident, after awhile of pretending you'll actually get more confident. Take responsibility for yourself and at least fucking try instead of blaming everyone else or constantly thinking something is wrong with you and not taking any steps to change it. Put yourself in situations you're not comfortable with. Talk to a stranger. It doesn't fucking matter if you fuck up they won't remember you anyway. Don't give up, if things don't work out man the fuck up and try it again, and again, and again.

I see allot of how he acted toward the end in your post.

Don't fucking kill yourself, you have no idea what it does to those close to you.

>> No.9795399

I'm 27 and had my life fall apart over and over thanks to reoccurring depressions since I was a teenager. Every time I tried to rebuild my life it eventually just fell apart again. I've dropped out thrice because of this, can't hold onto any jobs and lost nearly all my friends after trying to take the easy way out. I've had all the therapy our healthcare system could buy, but in the end it just boils to this: Life is shit and then you die.

However, you at least have some control over how much shit your life is. If your life truly is as worthless as you claim it to be, any change you'd make to it would be an improvement over how things are now. Do yourself a favour, just enroll and at least try because there's nothing worse than spending your nights awake wondering how your life could had been if you'd chosen to do something so many years ago.

>> No.9795404

>don't blame others
>don't blame yourself
>you'll hurt other people!!!!! who cares about you!
You're retarded.

>> No.9795410

I'm also emotionally unstable and have been hopping between numb, cripplingly depressed and violently enraged for the past 3 months because I've narrowed it down to one particular moment that started his downward spiral and if I had just said no instead of yes to letting someone else room with us he'd still be around.

>> No.9795413

Did you not do anything to try to help him when he was alive?

>> No.9795415

I have no plans to kill myself. I know that objectively that's what I should do, but I don't feel it at all, I'm not even close to killing myself, and at the current rate it'll never happen.
And what it does to those close to me? My family would feel really bad I guess, but besides that, I bet there'd be a relief in the cosplay community about never having to risk meeting me at convention again, and the government would love it so they could remove me from the unemployment stats. The idea that society wants me to kill myself kind of makes me want to even less out of spite, society deserves the burden of me existing.

Maybe I was overdramatic? I'm not depressed, and I guess it's not that worthless, it's just that I never do anything and I'm really unhappy with my life.
And it's not like things can't get worse, if I do the wrong things, things may get a lot worse. Currently I have at least some people I can greet and in best case even spend my days at conventions at, if I do anything that makes them unable to stand me I'll lose a lot.
This may just be justifications to avoid acting, I realize, but it's also true.

Kind of

>> No.9795416

are you >>9795393 ? even if that's the case it's no reason to give somebody on the edge some super shitty advice. go take out your anger in another way.

>> No.9795420

If you're >>9795393 and went and talked to your late friend that way with that advice it's not a wonder he killed himself.

>> No.9795424

I did everything short of throwing him in a padded room or dragging him to a therapist myself. Have him numbers and resources, was always there for him. Tried to keep his spirits up but maybe if I have him some tough talk something would have gotten through to him. He seemed to be doing better for about a month, find out it's because he planned the day he'd do it, and the last conversation I had with him was me nothing about how all my friends come to me when shit hits the fan and I constantly have to be the emotional rock. He hung himself 3 days later.

>> No.9795433

>stopped cosplaying bc time/money constriants
>finally making decent cash
>have time to work on things again
>all of my cosplay friends have either stopped cosplaying or moved in the meantime

You ever learn about social hierarchy in social fish species and how there are subdominant "sneaker" males that just slip in unnoticed and spray everywhere when no one's looking?
It's like that, but with dudes from /r9k/

>> No.9795440

The fact that he was so well prepared shows he had given plenty of thought to it beforehand. It was his choice to end it all, not yours. There's no point in taking the blame for his actions or being mad at anyone. At some point you'll have to realise it's not your your fault and learn to move in before this drags you down to the same place he was.

>> No.9795446

I'm not mad at myself, with the exception of that last conversation gets to me sometimes. I'm mad at him for being so weak and leaving his family and son, and I'm mad at the person who sent him down this path but that belongs in a horror story thread.
And I apologise for the way the first post came off, I basically meant it to say something along the lines of change yourself for the better. Figured maybe tougher words would be better than hugs and coddling since that worked out so well before

>> No.9795484

>tfw have serious dirt on another girl in the community
>debating whether I should bring it up or take the moral high ground

>> No.9795506

It was his life and his choice to kill himself. If he had it that planned out he prolly is better off that way instead of staying miserable.

>> No.9795520

A girl in my comm got arrested for burglary LMAO

>> No.9795560

One of the most helpful things I've don for myself is to just stay busy, especially early in the day. I sometimes try telling myself I'm Tom Brady, the ace of spades, a beautiful genius or some other some other autistic shit; it semi works. Allowing myself to feel kicked in the teeth and then get angry enough to do something about it.

>> No.9795601
File: 199 KB, 698x698, 1513000985150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9797774

>that con creeps thread

It's amazing going through a thread and absolutely not agreeing with what any person is saying

>> No.9797785

>>their first and only update on how my life has turned out

Do you mean they messaged you, or...?

>> No.9798980

what sort of weird ass friendship group is that that people post what they're going to wear to the wedding? is this an american custom? also they sound like they dress awfully for a wedding. I think you will be one of the most appropriate there.