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How do you organize your wardobre. Mine is a cluster I need help .

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Gently fold konmari-style and place in drawers. Organize by thickness/sleeve length. Steam dresses before wearing. I’m not a lifestyle lolita, so this works for me.

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Just ordered a bunch of sock organizers to put accessories in. I store these under my rolling closet rod from ikea. The goal is to get more so I can organize each type of item on their own rod.

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i bought some shower rods which i put in a tiny useless corridor that i never use. i first put up some fairy lights, then my old ap postcards and posters. i hang my dresses in the ceiling now, sorted by color as it is easier on the eye. i also use cute hangers i found on ebay. socks and waist ties rolled up nicely in a drawer. blouses in a separate wardrobe, with the bottom half full of folded things such as bloomers, or shoes/bags. i love organizing.

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Agnes is that you?
If so, your new wardrobe looks amazing.

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guilty. i took some pictures just now, its far from perfect, but i thought its easier to show it than to write about it. its two shorter shower rods and one longer! and a work in progress. any ideas on how to make it cuter?

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Oh wow! Looks very nice. I'd be worried about dust though, does your apartment not get dusty?

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How do you reach your hangers to get things down?
This is adorable, but I would be forever scared the rods would fall down.

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thank you! well... i like cleaning as well i guess. vacuum cleaner is my best friend. and so far it hasn't been an issue. fingers crossed.
i take the little chair and stand on it to get them down! i wear lolita on weekends mostly, so it's not that big of a problem. if i wore it daily it might be another story though.
and sorry but i just think; if the rods fall down, just put them back up? its fabric, not porcelain, haha.

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Curious.. does the smell from the cooking food and stuff not set into the dresses??

Unrelated, but I have been looking at apartments where the kitchen, bedroom and living space is basically one area and I am so paranoid about the grease and cooking stuffs getting into everything..

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I have a similar setup and I use hangers that has an antislip materials and a long stick that looks like a Y and then just pick it up from the pole and take it down.

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i almost never cook but when i do i open my balcony door next to my kitchen, and make sure to change the filters in my fan over the stove often.
that is so clever! i need this kind of stick.

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I bought a round hat box for my berets since I have so many. I found some decorative boxes meant for photo storage at Michaels. I have one for each accessory type. For example, 1 box is for flower clips (because I own enough to fill the box), another for individual bows, and another for headbows. I started folding my waistties Konmari style and keep them in a box too. I'm thinking of switching to placing them in a baggie and hanging them with the dress itself.

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Headbands - how do gulls store them? I've tried the "over the side of a box", "threaded through loops", and "vertically stacked around a big round thing" and none have really worked for me. I have quite a few reasonably large headdresses/fascinators etc mounted on headbands, and I think the weight of them just makes them fall off stuff. Currently I'm going with "stuffed in a box", but I would like something easier to sort through/see

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You can find clear plastic boxes around somewhere to store them! And decorate it with some thin ribbon.

I'd suggest smth like pic related to protect your clothes. A zipper bag for your clothes can also work if you already have a wardrobe. There's a few you can find at ikea or the container store.

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NTA but I lived in one of those apartments that have kitchen and bedroom etc all together for a while and never had an issue with that even though I cooked very often (at least once a day) and didn't have an actual wardrobe. Is that usually a problem? I never deep-fry stuff so that might be a factor?

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I've been having trouble with storing all my lolita and normie clothes. I have so much of both that I'm running out of space. I realized recently that my only solution is to get rid of a decent portion of my normie wardrobe (the stuff I don't really wear as much or stuff that doesn't fit since I lost weight) but even then I won't have enough space. I need to get a second chest of drawers. Any suggestions for cute looking ones is welcome!

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This is how I've stored most of my headwear. I need to finish decorating it so the bar doesn't look so exposed.

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This is a clever way to store them, but having rods/items above me always makes me nervous

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haha thats another photo of my wardrobe. i sometimes like putting up dresses on it to just think of them and how much i love them. in that white ikea closet behind i have all my blouses and stuff. but i want to get rid of it and try find a way to get less closets in my tiny apartment (i have three already). if anyone has an idea let me know! i am terrible at home decor and clever solutions for compact living which is why i still keep this ugly white sad closet that takes up SO MUCH SPACE.

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I really like this idea! I usually have such a hard time trying to store my head bows and such. Where did you get the hooks?

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this is so cool, what are those little hook things called?

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I really like this! Do the clips leave any indentations on the bows though?

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Are there any dresses, etc you aren’t in love with? The easiest way to reduce storage space is to identify items you aren’t really that into but are keeping for various reasons (it was expensive, I used to like it, I may wear it one day). At the end of the day, those items keep you from being able to love and use those you do more.

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They are simple curtain hooks I got off amazon.

Nope. If they did I could easily get the indent out with a little bit of fingering. They are made for cloth. Some of my delicate bows are attached with satin ribbon pinched between the fabric and the clip. The clips have teeth so they latch on well, but it also keeps it touching only some of what is necsssary. Any damage I can foresee is mitigated by the damage they get otherwise get being squished in boxes or drawers, and I have less of a chance of losing them.

I am sure someone could think of a danger in this, but honestly I’ve never had a problem even with my delicate items. I just know to be careful when taking them down. It has also trimmed down the time it takes for me to find things and get dressed which was my entire goal. I can also see things now and my KC are less likely to get squished.

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I am wanting to get a dress form or something to coord for display/photos. Any recommendations?

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Sorry for the retarded question but how do you gulls store your pettis?

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On a hanger in my closet

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Don't get a sewing one, get a display form, they are miles cheaper.

Holy shit I need this.

Shoved in a shelf in my closet. Inelegant but their fluff has survived 3 years of that (hard tulle pettis from melikestea)

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Stuffed in a zippered bag made of sturdy fabric. They still retain their shape due to organza material. Hanging them in a closet takes up too much precious closet space.

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The "normal" headbow headbands will fit into wider letter holders like these, you can hang them off a hanger and hang that in your closet, or use an S-hook if there is one hole at the top. If you can find the clear ones and only keep max 3 headbows in each pocket, you can hang them all up and it'll be easier to see at a glance all the headbows you have.

Fascinators, canotiers, minihats, etc -- clear boxes seem to be the only route, I'm afraid. I know someone uses a mannequin head to model them, but that's not going to keep a lot of them organised.

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I store my pettis in one of those BOSNÄS cubes from Ikea, pic related.
It's basically a sturdy footrest with storage, so I store it underneath my desk and can pull it out to get things from the top of my wardrobe, so it's serving three purposes for me.

I can confirm that my pettis do well being squisehd in a fabric bag as well, you just need to be careful so the zipper doesn't get caught.

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Same anon as >>9792016 ;

Sorry, I'm addicted to organizing my Lolita collection. My best solution for petti organization has been this thingy:

I mostly use cage pettis, so I just hang them up as seen and then throw in a small space in one of my closets. But for my chiffon ones I hang them on hangers, hang on this space saver, then hook the space saver on a command hook on the wall. This helps to keep me from squishing them. But I also hang them upside.

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My shitty wayfair chest of drawers collapsed this week. All my stuff is in IKEA bags on the floor until I can find a new chest of drawers. I'm trying to stay sane, but I hate this. It's a fucking nightmare

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I've built my own after I saw this picture. It's really easy to make, cute and helpful!

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kind of like konmari? the problem with lolita for me is that i adore each and every one so much. but its not the same with my normie wardrobe, so i guess ill try to downsize that part and get more space for lolita.

>>9792016 this is so cute and clever! envious of all your pretty items.

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>its not the same with my normie wardrobe, so i guess ill try to downsize that part and get more space for lolita
Perfect! I live in a small place, and the best place to start when trying to organize is always going to be downsizing. You can’t store more than you have room for!

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Do a room tour video, I'd watch that shit

Could anyone post jewelry displays? I'm starting to accumulate some and I'm trying to figure how to display them where I can easily see and grab them

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here's one for rings/bracelets

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Maybe we could start a month of room tours? Like maybe in June.

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great idea!!! all in. yes preferably when its not dark outside 80 % of the time haha

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Here's my "miscellaneous crap" tree. Most of my jewellery lives in various boxes that have been gifted to me as I'm pretty good at knowing what I have and each box contains a particular colour/style.

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i made a quick room tour now, posted it here if you want to see. i still want to improve my home a lot but its how it looks today, and my closet as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTDvDyHDrU

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Everything I’ve ever seen from Wayfair has been utter trash... I’m sorry anon. Ikea has been much better in my experience, if you are still looking to buy new

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Your apartment looks so nice. I wish places were set up and styled like that in the US. Thanks for sharing.

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This was super amusing, thank you for this!

This honestly looks like every apartment I’ve lived in in the US... just look for pre-war buildings.

>bonus: walls so thick I can’t hear the neighbors fucking

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Maybe in New England or something, but none of the apartments I've lived in in the midwest or west coast were like that. Older buildings here never seem to be taken care of properly either.

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I’ve only ever lived in the midwest... If you live in the city, I promise there’s a pretty, well taken care of old building somewhere

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Anyone remember LilithGrey? She was a gothic lolita who had a youtube channel. I remember her having this amazing room tour where her room was black/red, with a massive walk in closet.

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aw anon you hurt my heart, her channel was one of the first ones I came across in 2016 when i was starting out, and I was so inspired! When I saw she nuked her channel and deleted all her videos I nearly cried. I loved her room tour, reviews, vlogs, everything.

Honestly that would be awesome, I really want to make my living space nice and cozy, but am never motivated enough to find time for it. I'd love to try and do it, and if I don't succeed at least I'll have everyone else's posts/vids as inspo to try harder next time. Let's do this!

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"heterosexuals" lmfao

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How do you store multiple big styled wigs without having a million wigheads?

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Sounds good. June seems a good month since it is in months after January’s wardrobe post and gives us time to get our spaces ready.

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Here's how I store my headpieces, necklaces, and jewelry. I really like the tension wire for my head pieces because I'm a messy person and it's difficult to just throw other stuff on it. I'm currently working on another frame with cork backing to match my magnetic necklace frame, to tack enamel pins on.

I also have some big hooks with crystals that I hang my purses on.

I really like this. Maybe I'll try that for big earrings or something.

This is brilliant. I'll definitely have to get one of these. I've been wondering forever how to store my pettis.

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desu this looks like a dust and verdigris nightmare for cheap brand jewelry

i don't get why people want to display their clothes out in household air which gets full of smells, dust and aerosolized oil, etc. granted i live in a dustier biome than some that exist on this planet, but most dust in a human household is dead skin cells anyway. and it's just constantly glomming on to those dresses being used as wall art. this is why i dryclean anything i buy secondhand.

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Depends if they can be carefully disassembled at all (e.g. if you've got things that clip on and off to a base wig) otherwise it's shelves and cheap polystyrene heads.

I live in quite a humid climate so we have air conditioning and a home air filter system to help with humidity as well as filtering a lot of dust etc, so it's really not a huge issue. I would notice a thin layer of dust maybe once a month on surfaces, if even that - so really different from somewhere that's a dust bowl in a dry climate. We don't really leave the windows open as well because there are no insect screens installed yet. I'd feel grosser about a closed closet system as I feel like there's no air circulation and the clothes could get damp...

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dust doesn't just come in from outside, is my point. i lived 14 years in a literal rainforest, so i'm familiar with humidity, but dust still happens in humid places. you just don't see it as "a layer of dust" because on porous stuff like fabric the humidity makes it seep in.

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Dust settles in my closet, too. I live in the tropics but travel to cold places every now and again. Before a trip I always schedule a dry-cleaning for my coats because they'll generally have a layer of dust on them. Dust will get indoors despite leaving windows and doors closed, so closing the closet doors won't keep them off your precious burando dresses either.

For those that do open displays of dresses and accessories, I always assume either the photo is staged and the stuff is normally kept in boxes, or the person is a daily lolita. At some point you have to ask yourself which is more troublesome, spending an extra 10 mins a week wiping the dust off an open display, or spending 5 mins every single morning, 7 mornings a week, so half an hour a week, fumbling with opening and closing boxes of accessories, because "dust nightmare omg world is ending".

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That's actually a really nice patch. Bought it from an Etsy seller called astropuke.

>> No.9800810

Yeah, I probably should have clarified our air filter is one of the fancy ones that also filters out dust already in the house, not just from outside in so it's recommended for asthmatics (since house dust mites feed on skin, having it only filter outside air is kinda useless when your asthma is set off by dust mites)

To be honest though, I'm not sure closets really help that much with dust since you open and close them anyway, so if it seeps in with higher humidity surely it's just getting to my clothes anyway through the small gaps in the closet door...

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In a case. Could be a legit drum shaped theatre wig carrier. Could be a soft zip up case. Could be a plastic storage bin. Whatever works for you.
You will still need wig stands or heads to help keep the shape. If there's a money issue, you can stuff the wigs with big balls of newspaper or check local beauty shops for lightly damaged heads.

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File: 195 KB, 568x700, wardrobe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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ughhhhhhhhh the dream

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Love these ideas

I'm in the process of organising my Lolita room too so have some shots of how it's going. I've got an earring tree, bracelet/ring holder, some misc. boxes I'm putting accessories in, sock organiser, a pinboard. necklace hooks and ( not pictured ) a hat rack and some baskets. Getting to a kawaii room goal slowly.

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Oh hey, that's my wardrobe! It has grown over the years quite a bit and I'm really in a desperate need for more space, haha.

To answer your question; I bought this really cute hanger type jewellery organizer where I keep my necklaces. It keeps them all untangled and easy to see. I have a separate jewellery box for ear jewellery and rings!

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If you're willing to share it, do you have an instagram anon? Your wardrobe looks so nice, I'd love to see what else you post

>> No.9807175

>making a patch into a rosette
>mfw I've never thought to do this

That's a great idea

>> No.9807188

I like that "I want to leave" rosette. Actually, I'd like to see more stuff like this.

>> No.9807193

Anon, that wardrobe is so lovely. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I have that image saved to my phone and use it as motivation to organize my closet from time to time. I agree with >>9807171
I’d love to see why it looks like now!

>> No.9807282

I'm not sure to be honest, with regular foods I mean.. all I know is things like the scent of curry embed themselves into stuff like sofas and rugs, I work retail and process returns.. sometimes I don't even want to touch the stuff people try to bring back cos it stinks of whatever they have been cooking.. so it's always in the back of my mind when I see clothes hung or displayed anywhere that isn't a closed off wardrobe..

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Got my cork board put together but it's not sturdy enough to hold enamel pins yet. I'll have to figure out a better way to mount it so it stays stiff when I press things into it. I'm open to suggestions.

It's also very easy! All you need is hot glue, hem tape, and an iron to put one together!
You should make yourself one! >>9798870

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Nayrt but you've given me so much inspiration for rosettes

>> No.9809484

Sock goals.

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seeing a wardrobe with all the dresses hanging worries me.
Is it weird to fold dresses?
So many,of my dress have elasticized necklines and straps, or are made of sensitive material, so I fold them to prevent damage from hanging.
but whenever I see wardrobe pics all the dresses are just hung.

>> No.9814683

No, just means you'll have to iron or steam them more often. I fold and hang my dresses about 50-50.

>> No.9814687

So my ikea clothing hanger is starting to lean sometimes? It is metal and for the most part sturdy, bit I think I have too many clothes on it. Is there a way to help stabilize it untill I get another hanger? Or any recommendations for a half sized hanging rack to add?

>> No.9814692

Most of my dresses have standard straps and bodices so hanging them on regular hangers is perfectly fine; everything elasticized is hung up by the parts of the garment that have no elastic, on clip hangers.
I have no space to fold all my dresses and I absolutely have no time to iron them whenever I want to wear them, and I wear them daily; hanging them up is a lot more convenient imo, but every wardrobe is different so if folding them works for you then carry on.

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So I bought this about a year ago to hang up all my stuff and really just have a separate closet for my lolita dresses. It works perfectly fine - the only thing is that all my stuff is so heavy that it leans pretty badly, no matter what I do.

Is there a way to fix this or would I be better buying something else? If so, what should I buy? It being cute doesn't bother me, but I do like the fact that this one has several levels for different things to store.

Link; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Closet-Organizer-Storage-Rack-Portable-Clothes-Hanger-Home-Garment-Shelf-Rod-G68/131570756673?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

>> No.9814863

Would you mind taking a picture of your wardrobe with this? I like the idea, but it seems like it would look really bulky.

>> No.9815418

Can you anchor anything to your walls, or does it need to be freestanding?

>> No.9815993

I have a question to those with open closets/wardrobes.
If the pieces you hang up aren't worn daily, will they gather a lot of dust or get dirty?
Sunlight will not shine on the clothing directly in my case so that will not be an issue, but I do worry about dust accumulation and moths.
I know wardrobes with doors won't protect my clothes from moths 100% either but an open wardrobe does make it a lot more easy for them.

>> No.9816053

that really depends on how dusty your house/room is in general. if you find that you need to dust super regularly then yeah i wouldn't hang them without some kind of cover, but otherwise it's generally ok. i recommend an air purifier if you're worried about it, my place used to get really dusty and it's helped so much!

>> No.9816689

It's not very dusty, plus there will be a shelf above it which will probably catch most of the dust any way and I clean my entire room thoroughly 1x a week.
I will look into an air purifier though, thanks for the tip!

>> No.9819242

Air purifiers are amazing.

>> No.9819247

Honestly the only way once they start leaning like that is usually to brace them at each end or against the wall.

>> No.9819277

I just have it leaning against my wall atm.

>> No.9819305

If you display jewelry in a rack like that, you can cover it with a bell jar or something similar.

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Anyone had experience with tabletop hat racks/stands? I have a number of hats that I want to display, but most hat racks/storage solutions are either store displays or wall hanging. What I ideally want is something I can put on my dresser, possibly with some padding to put the hats on to keep the shape of the crown.

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