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I like this box Edition

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>almost done with my school, will be an official seamstress
>country is a cheapass and people only buy from H&M and Aliexpress

I feel like it's the worst profession you can get here, feels like a waste of my life but it's the only thing I'm really passionate about

cgl related: I specialize mostly in costumes

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What about bridal stuff? Even the cheapest normies I know who think €30 is too expensive for a pair of jeans will happily drop €1000+ on a basic af wedding dress.

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might be an idea. thanks anon

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I agree that bridal is a good idea. I'm also not sure what country you're in, so I'm not sure if this next part is relevant. But making dress for formal dances like homecoming, and for quinceañeras can also make good money. Parents are willing to drop insane amounts of money on dresses for their teenage girls.

On the subject of expensive dresses for young girls, beauty pagaent dresses and costumes are also something you could make.

Good luck!

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Formal dances like homecoming and prom, I meant to say

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>tfw you send her pictures of your dick, and she sends you pictures of hers

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I wish child pagaents were allowed in our country. it's marked as child labour here, but if it was legal, I would go crazy with all the glitter.

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NAYRT but I assume the girl was wearing a thong and she just grabbed one of the straps.

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kek, she sounds amazing.

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I finally got my shit together. I'm flirting with a girl and I got her addicted to the attention I'm giving her. Finally I'm pulling out something successfully with girls, and that added to the fact I realized I need psychological help makes me so happy.

I have no reason to sperg out on any kind of girl, and I have chances with any girl that I want, because I know my self worth. That makes me so happy. Valentine's day got nothing on me, I know soon enough I'll find someone cool for me.

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>tfw reading through the discussion page of a recent event I went to
I don't know what I was expecting, it's a mix of happiness, cringe, some total bitterness, and cosplay thots shilling

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Glasses shops always try to pull this shit especially because they know damn well their business model is in Jeopardy of toppling over now that more people are shopping online and realizing that prices for frames are artificially inflated.

They are required by law to give you your prescription if you request it. No ifs, ands, or buts. It is YOUR property, not theirs. I know it's too late in your case but keep that in mind next time so you don't get ripped off. Fuck brick and mortar eyeglass shops - glasses are a medical necessity. Fuck companies like luxotica.

I had a shop do this to me, I politely reminded them that they are required by law to give me my prescription. They still refused. I then took out a sheet of paper, a pen, and firmly asked for that in writing, with a signature, printed name, and date. All of the sudden, magically, they were able to give me my prescription. Do this trick next time - they'll give it to you. If they don't, you can present a firm case to the FTC (but it never gets to this point because they know it isn't worth it). Ever since then, I always have a pre-written letter prepared every time I get an exam (just generic "I [insert name] refuse to give Anon their results for their optical screening because [reason here] [signature here][date here]" kind of thing). I've only had to whip it out once, they always back down completely from their stance when you ask them to leave a paper trail of responsibility.

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I actually did this to a guy who was creeping me out.

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>tfw no white gf that is into Asian dude
I will never find my kurisu

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>Creeping me out
>Woman language for he wasn't hot enough

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/r9k/ showed up in this week’s feels thread real quick

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are you upset that you're ugly?

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You guys are shallow brainlets with no personality. The only reason y'all cosplay or wear Lolita is for attention.

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>the only reason you wear makeup is for attention
>the only reason you wear clothes that fit you is for attention
>the only reason that you brush your hair is for attention
>the only reason you floss your teeth and make sure your breath smells nice is for attention

do you see how retarded you sound?

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why are you so upset?

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Just report the bitter robot

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who hurt you
what’s her name

was she beautiful

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Finally will be moving to a city that has a comm. No longer will be a lone lolita.
Bittersweet feelings as my boyfriend is acting very distant and cold. He told me a few weeks ago "I have no feelings for anything. I am broken" and was about to break up with me when his friends got him to just put the relationship on hold. I'm devastated by this and I have no idea what to do. He's skipping work a few days a week, has no energy but otherwise everything is the same as before, except he shows me no affection... I want to stay by his side and see him get better but it's so painful. He was so passionate about jfashion but he just completely lost interest. I came into the relationship knowing he had issues but I didn't expect him to be so cruel and emotionless. I just don't know what to do. I want my prince back.

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> find out that I might be autistic
> realize that the reason I might like lolita is because autism
> internalcrisis.exe

I-I mean, at least if I am an autist I’m high functioning?

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yoooooo, slow your roll there grasshopper.
Two major r9k-tier red flags:
>got her addicted to the attention I'm giving her
that's very creepy and worrying. is she an animal? are you trying to lure her? no. she's a human that you are supposed to develop mutual connection with. there are deceitful and sociopathic undertones here my dude. it's not about manipulation. get real.

>I have chances with any girl that I want
wrong. some girls will just flat out not like you, just like you have your own standards and will not pursue any and every girl. Life is not like the Pickup Artist.

You did not learn your self worth overnight. slooooow down. the more you get to know this girl she may not even be datable. take it easy and get to know her. be excited about your internal progress, yes, but don't think you've arrived.

it's a heavily gendered thing to think you can dangle attention and interest in front of a girl and she'll be so needy that she'll do anything for you. be kind and gentle with people's hearts and desires, anon.
please be warned.

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Sounds like he might be depressed. Is he getting any sort of treatment? Stick by his side and try to encourage him to seek help, if you can. Depression is an illness and he needs professional help to manage it.
I wish you and your boyfriend luck and love, anon.

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He admitted he thinks he is depressed, he says he hasn't had any strong feelings for anything in a few years. His friend got him to try an online therapy console but I have no idea what he's been doing with it. He doesn't tell me, except that he's 'looking into it'. I will stay by his side as long as he wants me too, I love him dearly and I can't abandon him. But I don't know how I'd cope if he truly left me.

Thank you though, hopefully he'll be able to overcome this.

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I'm so sorry. please understand that it's not your fault that he is struggling with depression. protect your feelings, and let him know that you still care and will be here if he wants to continue the relationship, but I think you should seize this new chapter.

Your new comm will likely be amazing and offer a lot of fun companionship.
mental illness is his battle to fight. you can support him and root for him, but he may need this space to get his illness under control.
I'd write him a letter with everything you adore about him, and admire about him, and what your dreams of a future with him look like. this way he can look at it and feel your love and be motivated to keep working through his pain.

Am I correct in assuming you are moving without him?

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One girl I know who's a pretty cool chick as well as a fairly capable crafter posted on her insta today that she will be shifting her main content to sexy cosplays and lewd photoshoots. On the one hand, she can do what she wants and post what she wants and it's cool that she embraces her sexuality yadda yadda, but on the other the community has lost another talented creator who's decided to become just another costhot.
I am sad.

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She was cute.... But now she is gone and she is one of you guys...

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I bet she's even cuter now.

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We were going to move in together but he rather stay with his mother for now. His friends (which are my friends too) are taking me in as my current living situation is very chaotic and I already have a new job lined up. I can sense his mother and esp her boyfriend want him to move out but with his current mindset it might be for the best for him to stay there. I just hope he doesn't lose his job.

He has asked me for space, and I am giving it to him but the hard cut compete stop of affection is killing me. I baked him cookies and wrote him a small letter of encouragement for Valentines Day. He introduced me to his comm, they are friendly but I'm sure they'll ask me why he doesn't attend anymore. Maybe one day he can wear aristocrat again and come back.

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>tfw no gf.

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>tfw your bf is also your servant

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sorry, I don't know who that is

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you must be really uggo. even pretty white girl weebs go for average looking asian dudes. look at venus and manaki.

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I don't think i've reached excellency overnight as well, dude. I'm just happy about my progress. I might have gone a little too overexcited at my words indeed, but don't you worry. What i'm seeking out of her is indeed to get to know her better - she's just too 'closed' and we've been talking for a bit of a time.

I have not arrived and I know that. Heck, i'm still going to a psychologist to get my shit fixed so I won't be a train wreck to the girl who ends up loving me or something.

I understand that you're concerned abotu someone who never tried to seduce anyone to become a grunt who bruteforces his way through sex and leaves people's hearts broken but i'm not going to do that. It's not in my nature to do that - I do charity work and she does too. I'm just going to see if she allows me to be more intimate with her, to get to know her better, to develop mutual connection with. Simple as that.

I thank you for your concern and for your reply.

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>vacationing aroun th world with s.o
>finally meet favorite cosplayer and hang out with her
>finally get back home and start working on my costumes for a con happening the 16
>not a week later i get in a car accident and almost fucking die
>will be hospitalized for at least 3 months
>bunch of scar all over my arms and legs
i guess this is how it ends

bonus points for my mom thinking im suicidal

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Wishing you a speedy recovery anon

I work in insurance and your situation is one of my fears. Doesn't help how common it is, and yet so many more people fear flying than driving.

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>Tfw your best friend is dead and nothing you do can ever bring him back

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It doesn't mean shit if he doesn't have that sweet, sweet japanese citizenship.

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>went to school to sew
Lol what, why did you waste money and time on that.

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How do I un-catch feelings? He's a total asshole and doesn't care about me, but he got into my head, why am I like this

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Gonna need some more detail on this plz.

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It looks like the cat saw the bowl up on the table and wanted to do what cats do and knock it off. Unfortunately for the cat it was filled with water and someone was taking a picture of the cat as the water spilled onto it's head.

I wasn't there but that's what it looks like to me.

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>the only point of hobbies is attention
Guess that’s the train of thought you need to resort to when you spend all your free time browsing 4chan

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Whatever anon I'm taking pity on you to answer this without knowing the circumstances.
Chances are if they're actually an asshole (psycho/sociopath) you've bought into an idealized version of who they want you to believe they are. You're caught up in thinking how you would want them to treat you, instead of how they actually do. You're chasing after things that haven't happened instead of what already has. When they break your expectations they promise you something better to make you forget. It's likely you suffer from low self-esteem or you wouldn't be chasing after someone that treats you poorly in the first place, so you also think they are simply better than you. Their attractiveness to you is that on one hand you think they should be out of your reach, but that their limited interest in you has proven otherwise. The reality is they know exactly how much attention to feed you so they can get what they actually want with minimal effort. Here's what you can be sure of, if someone really wanted to spend time with you, they would. If they felt the same about you, there wouldn't be a cat and mouse game about making themselves available.
Get some respect for yourself anon.

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Not that anon, but I've been to cons all across the US and never fail to see a ridiculously attractive white girl with a subpar awkward Asian guy with a receded chin.

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it’s called limerance

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You seem to know what you're talking about. Yeah, I think he's a sociopath. Very smooth and charming, but fake. Lies directly to people's faces and only cares about people who benefit him. He's well known for being an asshole, but I figured those were just rumors, until I got to know him personally. It's hard because he's a well known figure with a lot of influence in my industry, so I have to work and be around him a lot. Pissing him off could put my job into jeopardy.

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Been on the other side of things, in a somewhat similar position to the asshole in question. Things ain't gonna turn out for you unless you're ready to get completely walked over and pretend to be happy about it.

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Anon from last thread with wannabe Smash player bf

we’ve patched things and he is finally getting help for his depression. He has been hiding his emotions and information about his great grandma with dementia (He is apparently now her caretaker) from me because he didn’t want me to worry. Thank you to the anon who made me realize that he was truly hurting inside. We are spending Valentine’s Day together tomorrow.

On a happy note related to this board
>local con coming up
>plan to finally open a AA booth with friend
>bf plans to help with shop too
>so many cute ideas in my head

Hope people like Donut Themed deco phone cases

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>haven't had lovey-dovey crush feelings since I was 14
I'm almost 20 now, is there something wrong with me?
Everyone in my family asks why I don't have a boyfriend. I want to, and am interested in romantic things; I just haven't felt for anyone.

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I've only had a crush on, in order, Mewtwo, Spider-man, and General Grievous. after 14 or so it all just kind of faded away, but I don't have those mooshy feelings.

I don't think that's really a bad thing, if anything it makes you less likely to dive into something stupid and ignore character flaws

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There's something wrong with me. Whenever a manga I love gets an anime, I get bitter about it because I know it'll become a "flavor of the month" anime. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Yurucamp, etc. I've loved CCS since I was 11 and I read Yurucamp a million times when the first chapter came out. I should be happy to see them flourish and get popular (again, in CCS's case), but I feel my mind is being invaded by these grubby selfish "yer not a real fan" emotions. I never ride the waves of popularity -- I really, truly love them and I hate that others will only ride the hype train. I shouldn't waste my energy on this, but GODDAMN does it make me sour.

>> No.9785978

As a tokyo ghoul manga fan, i feel your suffering and it is valid

>> No.9785983

>i read the manga be4 the anime came out, i'm not like OTHER girls!
Jfc, I never understood why people get so salty over anime getting popular. You aren't some superior elite anime watcher just because you don't follow what's popular, and just because someone does like the "trending" anime doesn't mean they're any less of a fan? It is possible to still enjoy a series that you only found because it was #1 on popularity for the month or whatever. It's anime anon, it's not that deep to a lot of people.

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Not as cute as you

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>in LDR, both me and bf are bi
>boyfriend is going to hang out with his friend and have him sleep over at his house on valentine's day
>feel uncomfortable with the latter part for obvious reasons
>ask him not to
>he insists it's nothing, that his friend is straight and that he'd "let me sleep over at a friend's house" (I'm not even sure about this, he didn't even want me meeting up with a friend I met online at a music festival, aka a public place, that we were coincidentally both going to)
>don't feel any better about it
>tell him if he cares about my feelings at all, he won't have his friend sleep over at his house on fucking valentine's day
>he finally agrees not to, begrudgingly
>start to cry and feel bad for being this way, then get angry at him for either somehow not seeing any issue whatsoever with this, or thinking it somehow wouldn't bother me in the least
>sad/mad combo
I've never felt anything negative on, or about, this holiday before. Ironic that the only time it causes me negative feelings is when I'm actually in a relationship.

To make this /cgl/ related
>tfw the clothes I ordered from a cute Etsy store last month still haven't arrived yet
>tfw when they do arrive, I'll probably have to pay a customs fee

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How old are you two? I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, it helps to understand the scenario a little better. He's definitely sus for wanting a friend to sleep over on Valentine's day (why? It's a weekday...doesn't he and his friend have work/school?) and I don't think you should feel too bad about asking him to not go through with it.

On one hand, trust is absolutely crucial for relationships to work out properly and even moreso for long distance relationships; but on the other hand he's giving off some alarming flags by wanting a friend to sleep over on a holiday like Valentine's instead of trying his best to spend it with you.

As for your /cgl/ feels, I'm relating to that somewhat. I had a package of winter capes that got shuffled into mail limbo. By the time I get them, winter will be over.

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Same.... Love you, anon.

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>text gf to ask about VD plans
>no reply ten hours later
Should I leave her for my con crush?

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>Alternative costume for one of my fav characters gets released in a mobile game
>It's right up my alley, just the kind of costume I'd like to cosplay
>Has a ankle-length uniform jacket and a long cape, all fabrics have complex designs
>Search all fabric stores, internet, even Taobao for similar fabrics
>Nothing looks close enough
>Cheapest custom fabrics at Spoonflower start at 17$ a yard
>The cheapest cotton wouldn't even do for this project since it's a formal uniform
>mfw debating wether or not I am willing to spend a small fortune from my college student budget to do this cosplay or not

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$17 per yard is relatively cheap though for fabric.

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Join the club!

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I'm 25 and haven't even felt the need to talk to a girl since I was 18 or 19. I think we might just be broken.

>> No.9786032

I'm the same. I did feel something for someone in the last few years but they were taken so I buried the feeling quickly.

Otherwise the want is there but no drive or anything to strive for.

>> No.9786042

You guys had venereal disease plans?

>> No.9786043

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but you will be dumped. My ex was the same. Suddenly he couldn't meet me because he 'didn't feel well' for a month.
He dumped me after 6 months of this and me patiently trying to help, got together with a friend I 'didn't have to worry about' right away (Within days)

Usually guys only say this so that they can find a new partner so that they can dump you and not be alone. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Happy loneliness day gulls.

>> No.9786048

In my country people use a lot of fancy complicated dresses for religious ceremonies. I’d also suggest to contact theaters.

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Happy valentines /cgl/!
Hope you have a sexy time with your bf!

>> No.9786066

One more reason to never wear thongs.

>> No.9786067

>He's a total asshole
But is he hot?

>> No.9786071

> tfw you broke up with your SO right before Valentines day

Loneliness day indeed!

>> No.9786085

Because some people want to go to fucking school to learn things and become masters at something. Just because school isnt fit for everyone doesnt mean it wasnt fit for them.

>> No.9786091

or maybe, (saying this as a girl) not all guys are heartless monsters like your ex and he really is depressed.

>> No.9786094

Cgl is truly the female version of r9k.

>Sexytime for everyone.
>Gf will just lie in bed the whole day being stoned as she did for the last six months to hammered to do anything.

Fuck me (literally).
Cant drop her because most based girl I ever met but that means I will never have Sex again. Fugg.

>> No.9786095

how else are you supposed to hide panty lines when you have to wear normie clothes.

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i'm a diehard pastel vom sweet lolita but the depression hit and i haven't been able to bring myself to buy anything like that or wear the fashion for months

my style is leaning more towards twee burando officewear from IW, JM, and MILK because it seems more practical but i hope i'm able to find interest in lolita again, or else it was thousands of dollars wasted

>> No.9786097

I'm sorry, anon. Do you have any spare time and energy to dress up for fun at home? Play around with your coords, try new looks or wear coords you've worn before and loved, it might make you feel a bit better.

>> No.9786098

well, it doesn't neccesarily have to be a total waste. I second >>9786097 but if push comes to shove, lolita dresses can still sell for hundreds.

>> No.9786101

>wear normal panties and have pantylines
>wear thongs and everyone can see your thong
thongs are for sluts and you know it

>> No.9786103

fuck you're right
oh well fuck underwear anyways who needs it.

>> No.9786104

yeah, thst anon should stop being such a girl and wear jeans with no panties like a real man :D

>> No.9786105

>t. a girl (male)

>> No.9786107

If you wear "normie" clothes you probably mean tight pants or else you would not have to worry about pantylines.
If you have the choice between pantylines and your thong riding out of your pants then pantylines are clearly better because thong peeks look trashy as hell.

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thanks anons, it's like 5 AM but i pulled together a simple coordinate that i'm going to make myself wear today and hope it sparks something

i guess loss of interest in hobbies is a typical depression thing so there's hope for me if/when i pull myself out of this funk

>> No.9786116

You can do it, anon! You're going to look very cute today!

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Hell yeah, anon. I'm glad to hear that. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you.

>> No.9786133

I was joking anon.
what about that sentence makes you think I'm a guy.

>> No.9786134

sorry for double posting. I forgot to mention that this>>9786095 and >>9786103 and obviously this >>9786133

is me.

>> No.9786142 [DELETED] 

Because discharge and germs on seats in public

>> No.9786144

I had a roommate who wore shirt skirts and no underwear and I guess she didn't notice that she would leave discharge around. Like on the couch or the kitchen chair. Fun times.

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>> No.9786149

I used to do alterations for my local dry cleaner. A woman dropped off her dress pants to have a hole repaired, which was near the zipper.

I fixed the hole, and then noticed something reddish whitish on my sewing machine. I didn’t think too much of it until I started to clean it.

The disgusting stuff on my machine was vaginal discharge from those dress pants.

I cleaned my sewing machine with alcohol. I charged her $25 for a $5 repair. And I informed the owners of the dry cleaners that they are never to accept clothing for repair only, because that was a putrid experience.

>> No.9786152

Why would go you commando with miniskirts?

>> No.9786153

why. i was joking. now i feel sick oh my god thats fucking nasty

>> No.9786155


Lordy, listen man, I get it, there are a lot of dumb cunts out there that do it for attention, but not EVERY.SINGLE.CHICK is an attention seeker. Hell, if you had a fantastic body, wouldn't you like to show it off too? Or the fact that losers will PAY to see you in skimpy outfits? You can see why they do it, its kinda a two way streak, if you stop caring/giving attention, thots will be gone.

>> No.9786158
File: 685 KB, 2335x2507, 1480633474791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no bf
>tfw lonely on valentines
>tfw no sex with cuddling afterwards
>tfw have to listen to my neighbor and her bf all night again

>> No.9786179

are there no girls where you live? do you not have friends that are girls?
I don't understand...
I am a girl who has just as many guy friends as I do girl friends...but maybe it's because they don't see girls as aliens who exist only for sex and romance.

>> No.9786182

>i have many guy friends!
>none of them EVER think about fucking me!
How naive can you be?

>> No.9786184

wtf? I never said that. I've fantasized about all of my friends. I'm a human?
but I don't actually want to have sex with them. they're my friends.
Even if we flirt we still have years and years of connection and devotion to each other. we're real friends with history.
it's possible to be a guy and depend on a girl for true friendship. all I'm saying.

>> No.9786187

>guys and girls can be just friends
t. woman


>> No.9786190

I think they meant specifically sewing, because for most practical applications for sewing like tailoring, school is a complete waste.

>> No.9786201

I went to school mainly for patterning and to get a degree so I could at least have a chance of working in an atelier. without a degree it's even harder to get anywhere

>> No.9786218

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9786248

fuck, i really didn't know this.
thanks for telling me and for the advice, I'll def keep it in mind next time (if i ever need to) deal with brick and mortar stores again.

>> No.9786250

And I love my babygirl :3

Happy V-day you guys!

>> No.9786255


>> No.9786268
File: 712 KB, 2000x1333, morgan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9786277

Hi seagulls,
I hope you enjoy your day
Warm regards, /fa/

>> No.9786278

I wish I could be that lucky

>> No.9786284

Happy Valentines Day, anon!

>> No.9786285

I work and live exclusively with men. The only women I see on a regular basis are either family members or my roommates' GFs. I don't really have any motivation to go out and meet people anymore because actually making friends in Washington is exhausting.
And no, I don't have any girl friends because the girls I knew back then are all married or single moms and are no fun at all to be around because all they like to talk about are their husbands or their shitty kids.

>> No.9786289

>Spends all of her time in bed, stoned
>Too hammered to function
Yeah, nah. Drop her like a bag of kittens into a river.

>> No.9786299
File: 41 KB, 500x375, 1506618406372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to do experimental coord
>dress I want to do it with goes super cheap so was never in a rush to buy it
>slowly get other pieces for said coord
>no one is currently selling dress
The dress in question isn't rare at all but a few months ago it seemed there was at least one listing for it up every week and now nothing. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it either because it goes for cheap. Guess I'll just have to wait for it to come up again.

>> No.9786311

What dress?

>> No.9786320


I live in the UK so I dont know if you're able to do this.
My opticians is down the road from me, but its a small localised branch and they will make you pay through your nose. I didnt get my prescription from them and feel weird about going in and asking for it, so instead I took my glasses to a Specsavers (another place that will do eye tests and sell frames) and asked them to tell me what the power was - they did it then and there so I could go away and buy whatever I wanted.

>> No.9786329

>I live in the UK
I'm so sorry for you.

>> No.9786330

Candy Sprinkle in black. And no, I'm not paying 200$ for the one European listing up on Lacemarket when it regularly goes for 60$ or less on Japanese sites.

>> No.9786332


You sound like me to a certain degree - specifically with CCS.
The thing that bothers me the most is she has so many outfits, and yet the only ones which really get any attention is OP1, OP3 and the Cat outfit.
I know the floodgates will open for people wanting to cosplay from it again this year but I just see it as an opportunity to do better. I look at cosplays other people did, find everything wrong with it and make sure I don't make the same mistake.

I'm here for you, anon

>> No.9786334


Seamless panties?

>> No.9786337
File: 18 KB, 259x224, luluco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling alone and sad on V Day
>check the mail
>mfw my order of manga and workout equipment arrived early

>> No.9786341

>need to stencil something for a shirt
>did the freezer paper, ironed it on, painted it over
>dreading peeling it off since I feel like it'll look like pure shit

>> No.9786342


Yeah, and? That's small fry, you should check out the Moors Murders.

>> No.9786346

Sometimes people act distant and cold because they're trying to manipulating you into breaking up with them so they don't have to feel guilty about it.

It sounds like you're included in the "Anything" That he allegedly has no feelings for anymore. Especially considering he wanted to break up but was persuaded not to by his friends. Do you really want to stay in a relationship like that?

>> No.9786354

Hope you did layers with a sponge and flattened the paper with a credit card edge. If not it may look bad but if you did it should be good.

>> No.9786355

Do you really think people like that would feel bad about breaking up? lol

>> No.9786364
File: 106 KB, 754x653, 0b4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been in Lolita for quite a while, I'm usually happy with my coords and I think I don't throw bad coords, but I always thoroughly check the ita thread in fear that I've been posted. Thank you anxiety.

>> No.9786365
File: 701 KB, 499x887, 16ce707cb63eb9e1e25647a200dba596ac55e25852fe2fe19f3ab57c9c0415d2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm the same but i've never been posted anywhere and my anxiety is getting the better of me.
Could you rate this?

>> No.9786369

Yeah, I do. I can't claim to fully understand it because I'd never do it, but I've had it done to me. It's not just about the feeling of guilt, it's like a noble thing to do in their heads - by making you hate them and break up with them, they feel like they're saving you from the sadness of being dumped. They also get all of the social perks and sympathy of being the dumpee rather than the dumper.

Some people are pure psycho and do it to gaslight and crazymake, so they can set you up as the psycho ex who wouldn't leave them alone to their next girlfriend.

>> No.9786371

>tfw it's VDay and my fiance her friend and I are leaving for Katsucon
>tfw we are all in the same room
>tfw no VDay sex

God damnit

>> No.9786372

Welp, I thought the sponge would add too much paint so I used a brush, and I didn't flatten the paper.

There's slight bleed on some very minor parts of it but it came out pretty well. My autism is tempting me to redo the parts again since the paint washes out until it's heat set, but I also realize it's so minor that it won't be visible unless you're really looking for it.

>> No.9786376

... Why are you asking me to rate it? It's a storebought Rem cosplay, with heavy photoshopping on the face...

>> No.9786380

What about theatre?

>> No.9786396
File: 18 KB, 242x356, pspoop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw my con crush is visiting her dad on V-Day and my second choice is delivering pizza.

>> No.9786402

>got my hotel for anime expo
>$1200 cheaper than it would have been without discount
Feels good man.

>> No.9786416

If you think that's lolita you need to do more research.

>> No.9786455

Man, I just love cosplay.

>> No.9786464


>> No.9786465
File: 98 KB, 933x715, IMG_1378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2018 baby
>New year, new me
>going to put out more content now that I actually have a bit of a foundation to work on with costumes and wigs
>I feel ambitious and inspired, but it feels like I can't get these simple projects I wanted to finish out of the way
>husband tells me he made me an appointment to see a therapist... he thinks I'm depressed and has noticed how much I've been picking at the skin around my fingers
>go to therapist. Told they think I have a chemical imbalance and that they want me to start taking meds and coming back for more therapy
I guess it was nice being taken seriously instead of thinking I'm so immature, or being asked what it is I actually have to be stressed about or that I have no reason to be upset about things. I'm a bit nervous to start taking meds but I just want to feel like I can actually harness my ambitions. I'm tired of feeling so inadequate as a person. I think finding a job I actually like would change things up a bit but we're a military family and I have to kind of make due with whatever I can in the area.
>going home for a bit, going to go to a big con I haven't been to in years
>lots of kids graduating in my family
>okay anon we're going to fit all of their parties into the time frame of when you'll be home
I think for the past 10 years we've had tons of graduation parties to go to that are all during this big con and I feel like I've never gotten to really experience it fully. It's selfish to think only of myself here and to not want to celebrate someone's graduation but god I just want to go home and chill for a minute. Does anyone else feel a weird pressure when they get back to their family home even though it's supposed to be a vacation?
>anon I'm getting married
>anon I'm finally going to be home
It feels like I don't have nearly enough time and money to be home as everyone needs me to be. It makes me feel bad that I'm letting people down even if I have to be honest and say I can't make it home.

>> No.9786486
File: 25 KB, 574x428, 1214016394612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could just be really picky. I'm a super picky guy who didn't get my first real gf until 25. It wasn't from being an incel or anything, I definitely had girls come at me to the point where 2 of them flat out wanted to have a threesome with me, but I just don't get interested unless they meet very specific criteria that I'm not even entirely sure of myself. I can count the number of people I've been attracted to in my entire life on a single hand.

>> No.9786487
File: 37 KB, 799x613, 1518568209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9786488 [DELETED] 

This is why you get a sugar daddy to spend thousands of dollars for you, silly. That way it isn't your money wasted if you get out of the fashion.

>> No.9786496

Picky, sure, but I really don't think I'm asking for much by expecting someone to have more interests than Netflix, dogs, and "mudding".

>> No.9786501
File: 86 KB, 840x700, 1463448854499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Order package of winter capes to arrive in December
>It comes Dec 12th but I'm not home to sign for it so it gets sent back to the post office
>Request re-delivery for the next weekend
>Status arrives to "Re-delivery scheduled" but doesn't actually go out for delivery on the scheduled day
>Go to post office to try getting package
>"Ummm...it isn't here, maybe the package is out for re-delivery already."
>Still no package the next week and status hasn't changed
>Go in again
>They still can't find, but ask me to leave my number and the package information in case it turns up
>Ending of Dec, after Christmas rush, try once again in person and get a manager
>Manager is very apologetic and gives me her personal number
>Still not satisfied and have another package to pick up early Jan so try for the 4th time to get my package
>"Anon, you've been coming here for the past month. It's time to file a lost package request. We've been looking everywhere for it but can't find it."
>Report lost package
>Lose hope on getting it again so just expecting to get insurance for it back
>Decide on a whim to check the status of my package
>Feb 8th - unclaimed, returned to sender
>Package already on its way to Japan
>Get an email today "We still haven't found your package, but we're still looking!!!"

Jesus christ, how the fuck is the USPS so fucking incompetent with their jobs? I went there F O U R times over the course of a month for this package in person and nobody could find it. I had two different people give me their word that they would call me if it turned up anywhere. I put in a request to find a lost package over their systems. I did everything in my power to get this package, and it just MAGICALLY turns up and is found on the exact day that its claim limit is up and instead of informing me they just ship it back. I won't be seeing these capes until after winter is over by now, AND I'll have to pay for them to be shipped back again.

I don't understand.

>> No.9786526
File: 55 KB, 640x641, 3d2c619d59ce938c1073f1c9fd529173--pastel-grunge-pastel-goth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get pickpocketed
>Waiting for new debit card
>A couple of my dream dresses that never appear anywhere FINALLY pop up on LM
>Over a week later, dream dresses are still available
>Card isn't here
>Go to bank to complain
>"Sorry anon, looks like your card got lost in the mail. We'll cancel that one and send you another new one."
>Get home from bank, one dream dress was bought.

Fucking hell. I can't take public transport or buy food on my own money, and my dream dresses are going to be bought before I have my new card. I'm normally a patient person, but this is getting really frustrating.

>> No.9786544

Can't you take cash out from your bank and load a prepaid?

>> No.9786547

I fucking hate usps they lost my $300 op once.. plus other shit shows i hate them

>> No.9786551

Your bank doesn't print them out in the building? I thought that was standard.
I lost mine once, called them that afternoon, and they had one ready for me the next morning

>> No.9786566

Cosplay is one of my favorite things but every time I look at my costumes I feel like they are not good enough, and would rather spend my money on concerts and cute goth clothes. I feel constantly tired and done with everything because there is no more excitement in my life. I love my job but it just sucks the life out of me.

>> No.9786567

I think I might have to. I thought it would arrive fast enough that I needn't bother, but I'm going to look into doing this tomorrow just in case. Thanks for the suggestion, anon.

Wait, there are banks that do this? I really wish my bank did, it's being sent from somewhere else.

>> No.9786568

I think my breasts are too big.

>> No.9786573

They're not.

>> No.9786575

Credit card?
PayPal linked to your bank?
PayPal credit?
You have plenty of options, Anon. I'll never understand why people are so hesitant to use credit cards. They're free money if you have an ounce of financial self control. Pay your card in full at the end of every month - if you're using your debit for everything you're just wasting free cash back deals.

>> No.9786578

This is making me paranoid. Did you file an insurance claim?

>> No.9786588

>Insurance claim
Shipping insurance is practically a scam.

>> No.9786600


There was a con that ran on valentines day pretty much every year it was able to, we had our friend with us each time so we felt like we couldn't do anything let alone exchange gifts without making them feel awkward.

This year was the first year we didn't have them with us, and it was ruined by a family member having a huge ass rant about potatoes. I wish I was joking.

>> No.9786693

I wonder what it's like to be with someone you care about

>> No.9786859

I got an apologetic partial refund from the seller, but once I ordered a purse from wunderwelt and it came to me so destroyed in the paper bag they sent me. I took pics and sent it to them and after a month or so of constant nagging from me they gave me a full refund. So sad though I really wanted the bag.

>> No.9786869
File: 131 KB, 347x299, 1501735567879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9786896
File: 66 KB, 720x960, one of many bnha cosplays.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw looking at facebook pages for past anime events I missed
apparently, Boku no Hero Academia really really caught on with cosplayers in Argentina

>> No.9786952

You're an adult now, not a child. If you don't want to do something, say "Hey, Im not going to do that. Ill catch the next meaningless event though, okay?"

Say it less mean, but just be honest.

>> No.9786964

So I work cons, and I sell wigs sometimes. Usually when tweens ask for the price of wigs, they scoff and walk away. For reference my prices are almost identical to Epic, so anywhere from $30-60 ish. A lot of tweens show up to a con with $20 and forget they need to eat.

This one pair of girls keeps coming up and asking about wig prices. I tell them the price, they walk away. I'll call the main girl sweatshirt-chan, as the other eventually disappears. This means sweatshirt-chan keeps coming to the booth alone and petting the wigs, commenting to me about how cute they are. I make some small talk, but I figure she can't buy a wig, and so attend to other paying customers She disappears again and we start to close up. I start putting wigs away anywhere from an hour to thirty minutes before close because they can take some time.

About 15 minutes out from close sweatshirt-chan walks up with an older woman. Most all of the wigs are brushed, bagged, and thrown into their appropriate bin. She asks if we're closed and I say no, and pull back out a few wigs for her. I ask her which ones she liked, as she had touched almost every wig within reach, and she returns with, "What do you think would look good on me?"

Now, I don't say anything, but we are 15 minutes away from closing. I'm not in the mood to pull out every wig and figure out what she likes, because a lot of the time when someone asks that, they already know what they want and want me to reinforce their decision.

So I remember that she was fascinated with this rosy pink wig with two high pigtails, and I pull that out along with some other colors she says she likes. After displaying a few she settles on the rosy pink one, and the older lady offers to buy it.

>> No.9786971

Turns out the older woman is her aunt, or a family friend. She brought her along with her own daughter, the girl that eventually abandoned sweatshirt-chan. I ask sweatshirt-chan if she wants to wear the wig out, and she says yeah, so I sit her down and get it on her head.

As I'm showing her the basics to getting a wig on, she starts to tell me about how she just cut her hair for locks of love. The aunt chimes in with how long it was, nearly down her butt, and I laugh and explain I did the same thing at her age. And then sweatshirt-chan breaks my fucking heart with:

"And the irony is, just after I cut my hair for locks of love, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer!"
The aunt again chimes in with, "It was the very next day."
I'm just stunned for a minute, say something idiotic like holy shit no way, and then as I'm cashing the aunt out sweatshirt-chan starts talking anime.
"They can have pink hair and cute hair styles! And they have these perfect thin bodies, not like mine~" *groans*
I think she said something else, but I blanked again for a minute because I just saw this baby's whole future. I said something like, "You're so cute in the wig though!" But I wish I had said more. Something to just dispell her future eating disorders and anxieties concerning her mother. I don't even know what would be appropriate, but about once every other week I think about her and feel bad.

I know you're too young to be on 4chan, sweatshirt-chan, but I hope you and your mother and your whole family are doing well. I hope you learn sooner than later that anime bodies are not a goal, they are not a reality. I hope the lack of control you feel concerning your mother's illness finds some other outlet than controlling your calorie intake. I hope you find happiness in something more than a perfect body. I hope you find some hobby you can pursue wholly. I sincerely hope your mother survives and can bring you to anime conventions one day.

>> No.9786982

I wasn't expecting this ending at all, holy shit. Thanks for the actual, genuine feels, anon.

>> No.9786988

This hit me right in the guts.

>> No.9787060

Wow. I was expecting this to end in her getting Cheeto hands on your wigs or her aunt throwing a fit that you're overcharging or something.

I think I spend too much time in horror story threads.

>> No.9787069


I just placed an order for a jsk that I have liked for about 2 years, and finally got it. Feels good, good price, I'm happy. Then one of my dream dresses pops up in the right color although OP not JSK cut. I have money but I don't know if I can justify spending it because it'll fuck with my savings.

fuuuuuuuuck it was listed without the proper name so I never saw it under searches. I'm pissed gulls.

>> No.9787072

Never mind, the OP is unshirred. My tits have saved me from suffering

>> No.9787102
File: 32 KB, 500x434, peachcry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My gf dumped me on Valentine's Day.
Should I pursue my con crush instead? I had a nice convo with her over Hipstergram after.

>> No.9787112

dont rebound.
give yourself time to recover.

>> No.9787116
File: 330 KB, 1070x1188, nogravityfalls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want her to take me to cons and cosplay with me,

>> No.9787118

>My gf dumped me on Valentine's Day.
Omg, what a bed-pooper. Good riddance.

>> No.9787125

> when gf cosplays GF along with you lol

>> No.9787160
File: 257 KB, 380x386, o3JR076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>on vacation in a small town in murrica
>Go to choclaterie for Valentine's Day in semi-lolita ensemble
>owners are sweet and ask to see what makes my dress poofy
>show them petti and explain some stuff
>they then proceed to ask me if I know Melanie Martinez
>renowned chocolatier pronounces macarons as 'macaroons'
Otherwise, it was a good day with good treats.

>> No.9787197
File: 114 KB, 960x638, fatdisney.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw it's Val-Day and no Kaito-cosplaying bf

>> No.9787212

don't bother, girls who aren't in your situation won't understand. I guess because it's impossible for them to be friends without sex, they think it's impossible for everyone.

>> No.9787425
File: 35 KB, 608x235, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.56.17 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thing has 16 watchers which is absurd, but why won't it sell yet?

I also met a girl while doing sorority rush who was into steampunk clothing and sewing. I showed her a picture of a lolita dress and she liked it. Too bad my grades are too low to join. I know it's an incredibly normie thing to do but it would have been cool to join a sorority but meet people who share my interests.

>> No.9787458

I f*cking hate selling my clothes within my country, why are Dutch such cheapskates? sorry postNL charges me 6,95 for shipping and you don't live close enough to pick the item up.

>> No.9787466
File: 503 KB, 576x900, 1451158323752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same, and it still stings. his birthday is in two months, I'd like to go visit on my own for the first time (my mum always takes us there and then breaks down and I don't want to have to deal with her) but I'll probably be too swamped with work ,,

I realise y'all are (at least I very much hope you are) jesting but there is specific underwear designed to have no seams, usually made out of a silky material and with the seam hidden in the asscrack

>pic related
I miss when we dated, /fa/, why can't we go back to that?

only tangentially related, but holy shit? now I feel bad about nagging the Dutch guy in the secret santa I organised about getting his stuff finally shipped, while he's trying to get it just under the limit for a lower price tier

>> No.9787469
File: 181 KB, 319x408, merde.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Melanie Martinez
>macarons as 'macaroons'

>> No.9787490
File: 77 KB, 750x563, scootertip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you order a new JSK and there's a pube in the box.

>> No.9787494
File: 54 KB, 291x362, 1399246150085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My cat just decided to use one my IW bags as a scratching post. In all 10 years that I've had him, I've never had any problems with him doing things like this.
I really liked that bag.

>> No.9787495

When that jsk was labeled as "brand new with tag"

Ugh, this is gross

>> No.9787510
File: 80 KB, 276x291, derpwoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can this even be helped? Pubes fall off, and they aren't always easy to spot. It's not like she deliberately humped your skirt.

>> No.9787516

i found a pube stuck in the tape of the packaging. it’s gross. but what can we do.

can’t be helped but some people will still be able to see it

>> No.9787526

This is quite amusing how people claim lolita being all about A E S T E T I C S, but at the same time have to deal with such a gross things.

>> No.9787529

You have no idea how gross women can be.

Have you ever walked into a public bathroom wallpapered with used maxipads?

>> No.9787541
File: 42 KB, 480x542, 1510208221059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They had a shelf dedicated to Melanie Martinez paraphernalia because there's a local regular that does most of the art for it. They even took the cover out the Crybaby CD to show me and my boyfriend while we were browsing the cases for desserts. Then they brought up facebook on their phones to show pictures of her to me. Originally, they assumed I was one of her friends because of how I was dressed. It was pretty awkward, but they meant well and the chocolate was good. They let my boyfriend have a free 'macaroon' because it was his first time trying one.

>> No.9787559

Skin your cat and make a replacement bag.

>> No.9787562

Well they do sound nice enough, that makes up for the awkwardness. Were their macarons good?

>> No.9787590
File: 1.05 MB, 4128x3096, 18-02-14-18-04-15-801_photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty great. I get spoiled on some macaron specialty shops back home in my big city, and I would give these a solid 8/10. Perfect texture and consistency and actually using ganache as opposed to some shitty oreo-esque filling. My only hangup is that some flavours were overly tangy sweet.

The real treat were these beautiful tea-centered chocolates. So my stained glass goff aesthetic. I regret only getting one and plan to come back for more before I end my vacation.

>> No.9787614

If it makes you feel any better I don't think Yuru Camp is really going to be popular for cosplays. The outfits are kind of generic and boring imo. The anime itself is really good though so who knows, but I don't really see a bunch of costhot posers cosplaying it. I definitely know how you feel though. I watched Yuri Kuma Arashi as it aired and loved it. As it was airing I was so scared that it was going to become the next big slutty cosplay anime but thankfully it didn't. Yuri Kuma is now my favorite anime and I cannot wait until I get good enough at sewing to make a cosplay from it!

>> No.9787621

Okay that definitely makes up for the cringe. Treat yourself, anon!

>> No.9787708
File: 194 KB, 581x811, 18010369_358066657929660_8262805194388237864_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too many lolitas and cosplayers say they're "poor" because they can't afford $900 burando or $637 commissions of their fursona. Meanwhile, I'm holding in explosive diarrhea until payday when I can buy some toilet paper.

>> No.9787719

Anon, just take some napkins from fastfood restaurants. You don't even have to buy anything.

>> No.9787765

They're trolling, but they could also just take the fucking dump and rinse their ass in the shower after. Not rocket science. If someone truly is holding in shit because they're "too poor" then it speaks more to low IQ holding them back from wealth rather than anything else. They're the kind of person that would end up broke in month if you gave them 1 million dollars and then complain.

>> No.9787766
File: 14 KB, 255x230, 1470653669764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, plus

>holding in explosive diarrhea
don't ever do this, other anons, it did not go well for me when I did it. Just drop what you're doing and take that shit.

>> No.9787840
File: 197 KB, 900x592, theword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally hook up with my con crush on Valentine's Day
>he takes off his shirt
>mfw he has a full-torso Lucky Star tattoo
Nothing happened.

>> No.9787859

>didn't cum right away
I would have.

>> No.9787862
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw two itas in Aliexpress dresses get in a fight
I wasn't there when it started. I got there just in time to see the sweet ita shove the goth ita under the table. Goth ita flipped the table and kicked her hard in the nuts. I'm going to try and get them both banned, because they knocked two cakes on the floor.

>> No.9787866


>mfw once trying to hold diarrhea in because talking to client
>started flushing and sweating
>client asked me if I was okay

I took the day off afterwards. That was horrible

>> No.9787903
File: 41 KB, 800x479, genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con friend died three years ago last month
>she was only 17
>mfw her mom posted something on Fb that made me cry
Damn it.

>> No.9787922

yen is rising but i want to buy shit fuck

>> No.9787925

All watches and no buys means they think it's overpriced.

>> No.9787957

>tfw classic lolita and still get compared to Melanie Martinez
I almost miss Emilie Autumn. She was batshit insane too but at least when people compared me to her there was no fetish element involved.
Worst part is when I say oh, no I’m not a fan, this is just how I dress, they get angry and insist that I’m lying and am definitely a fan. If I were such a big fan of a musician that I would dress like them, why would I deny it? I don’t understand what goes through these people’s heads.

>> No.9787960

>I almost miss Emilie Autumn. She was batshit insane too but at least when people compared me to her there was no fetish element involved.

From this point I'm envious to gothic/kuro girls. They have ultimate explanation for normies.

>> No.9787968

>why would I deny it?
Most likely they're not angry because you're a fan and denying it, they're angry because their perception of you is incorrect. They think they have you and your silly outfit all figured out and they refuse to acknowledge the fact they're wrong. People are stupid.

>> No.9788060

How do I recover from yellow fever?

>> No.9788061

Or maybe they think it's kinda like emo where denying it is part of the identity

>> No.9788083

Do emos typically deny that they're emos? Or are you getting confused with goths?

>> No.9788088

And even if that was the case, that's about rejecting a label, not denying you like a certain musician. If anon denied she was wearing lolita fashion when they asked if that's what she was wearing, then this assumption would've been possible.
Denying your supposed love of Melanie Martinez when you're wearing alternative fashion that MM conveniently borrowed aesthetics from for her adult baby shtick, isn't quite the same thing.

>> No.9788098

Do people on instagram not realize almost every popular cosplayer heavily photoshops?
>wow! You look unreal!
yea, because she is, she doesn't actually look like that irl.

>> No.9788099
File: 21 KB, 343x493, 1491349177692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That reminds me

>took pic of this wonder woman cosplayer at a recent event
>check the event's facebook page, go to discussion tab
>turns out this was a somewhat popular cosplayer, but I didn't know
>check her gallery
>the fucking state of some of the photoshopping in older pics

Not gonna say who it is since we're from the same country. But damn.

>> No.9788100

this is a sex doll

>> No.9788216
File: 98 KB, 640x360, 1396830532007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gulls, I'm agoraphobic, and it's making my social life a mess. Ever since I was a nine or ten I've had both general and social anxiety, with the latter being worst when I'm socially obligated to a group of unfamiliar people. Structured settings like classes or work are generally manageable, but things such as parties, trips, and meet ups make me want to turn into a million bugs and crawl out of my own skin. Even if I'm really excited for it or think it will be fun, I become incredibly physically and emotionally uncomfortable leading up to and, if I attend, during the event.

I've only attended three meet ups because of this. The first one, I managed to barely hold my spaghetti thanks to it being a museum meet up where I could wander off alone. Ended up meditating in the powder room for like ten minutes because I felt a panic attack coming on. Then I threw up and passed out when I got home. The second (different comm) felt incredibly uncomfortable at times, but I had some fun. I still felt incredibly drained after a short afternoon tea, though. The third was again bearable, but it was in my hometown at my favorite tea room. I left before the second portion because I felt so drained, though.

It sucks because I really want to go out and hang out with other people who like the fashion, but my stupid fucking anxiety makes it so taxing and not fun. I'm working on it through therapy, but it's worse when I'm already stressed or anxious from my job/life.

Anyone else deal with this? What helps?

tl;dr How can I get over my agoraphobia and make irl lolita friends?

>> No.9788223

Seek therapy. I'm not joking, if it's really this serious then you should see a professional about it.

>> No.9788240

As I said in my post, I'm currently in therapy and working on it. CBT has been helped a little and given me tools, but other aspects of my life during the last few years have made it harder to manage.

>> No.9788248

People apparently really want to believe, or maybe they’re just stupid. A while ago a relative of mine tagged me in a Facebook post about a cosplayer because they knew I liked “that Japanese stuff” (I wear lolita). The photo was clearly heavily edited and parts of the wig and costume were straight up painted on with some kind of photo editing software. Even ignoring the anatomically questionable face shoop, the editing was really obvious when I tilted my screen back. I made a joke about it and got dogpiled by people denying that the photo was edited at all, calling me jealous of her “natural beauty” and “cosplay skills”.
I don’t even have anything against photo editing but 1) at least do a decent job at it and 2) don’t deny it when it’s that fucking obvious.

>> No.9788265
File: 182 KB, 311x300, hanklaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Real yellow fever, or an Asian fetish? Either way, it's incurable.


>> No.9788301
File: 141 KB, 400x419, 1517593801503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lolita is daily wear for me
>literally don't own any normie clothing that would go well together
>wear casual lolita to an anime club, first time going because shut-in who needs friends
>anime club for ages 14-about 20
>walk into the room at the library
>a bunch of 14-17 year olds, mostly boys but a few girls
>some chubby girl starts bugging me, saying "I saw clothes like that in an anime one time!"
>awkwardly say "haha, well, it's not like it's portrayed in anime"
>starts getting defensive about how anime is the epitome of japanese culture
>some of the guys start laughing at our argument
>say i need to use the bathroom and leave

Just kill me. I thought there would be at least someone with more than 3 brain cells but I guess I got my hopes up.
I-I just want friends who like the same things as me, god dammit.

>> No.9788308

A lot of my friends like Kawaii Bro Cosplay and I die inside every time someone shares one of his posts. He's bad at wig styling and makeup, and he picks characters that really don't suit him. The only thing that saves him is his body, and I'm pretty sure he'd be considered a bad cosplayer if he wasn't fit.

I know an unpopular opinions thread would be a better place to bitch about this, but I think the last one got delete and I don't want to start a new one to bitch about a cosplayer.

>> No.9788309

You are the one that can't talk with people normally, getting all defensive over a conversation ice breaker. If you had answered "really, in which anime have you seen that?" you could have started a more interesting debate and actually meet some people.

You lolitas are rude as fuck

>> No.9788312

Fuck off, cosplayers aren't any better

>> No.9788321

>The point

>> No.9788322

Other anon is right, don't get defensive after something like that. Ask what anime it was, recite the typical "lolita is a japanese fashion blah blah..." and if a person shows you the supposed lolita character, maybe laugh at how much of an ita they are? Like, you know, normal human interaction? Not everyone is your enemy, and what you said is really misleading.

>> No.9788323

He’s a male costhot.

>> No.9788324

>maybe laugh at how much of an ita they are
Bad idea if you’re looking to make friends with weebs.

>> No.9788333

>Four years older than little sister
>Been getting increasingly "competetive" now that she's growing up
>Most likely uncomfortable that my child sister is turning into an adult
>So anxious she'll end up taller than me
>Secretly compare her boobs to mine
>Thought they were bigger than mine
>Been trying not to think about it
>Tonight she has her con-friends over
>Listening in on their discussions from the kitchen
>Start talking about binders
Sis: "My binder just feels like a sports bra to me."
>Huh, that's news to me
Sis: "But I'm borrowing it from my sister, and she's got BOOBS."
Sis: "Yeah, she's got D, I've got B."
>Actually tear up as she's second hand bragging about my size (in my opinion)
>Putting our sizes against each other in cup sizes and not under my own creepy insecurities makes it way better
>I'm still the big sister
>I'm still a couple of centimetres taller than her
>Life's pretty good at the moment
>Despite my faults I love my sister

>> No.9788335

Yeah, it depends on what kind of person you deal with. I usually hang out with people who don't get offended after someone tells them that some random character's design is flawed.

>> No.9788351

Most weebs I’ve had to deal with identified way too strongly with random anime characters and would het offended on their behalf. One girl went on a Facebook rant that lasted several days about how lolitas are elitist and have too many rules and she never wanted to wear lolita fashion anyway!!1 all because I told her that a character’s generic sexy French maid costume wasn’t really lolita.
Then again, I don’t go to high school anime clubs. Not sure what the OP was expecting there.

>> No.9788368
File: 33 KB, 720x706, 1516825208007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>need to get supplies for bf and I's couples cosplay
>he keeps being busy on weekends
>was free last weekend but I got sick
>two months left to con and still don't have the supplies for his half
>don't want to buy without him in case everything clashes with his skin tone
I just want to not be rushing last minute to finish a cosplay for once in my fucking life.

>> No.9788370

what yuri anime is this from

>> No.9788377

I'm pretty much desperate for friends and thought 'hey, why not try it'. I'm 18 so it's not like I'm much older than them anyways yet the maturity level between me and them was totally different. (They were screaming memes and shit)
I didn't say it rudely or defensively, I just explained to them that anime lolita =/= real lolita. It's not misleading at all because it's 100% true and anime lolita is pure ita, it just looks 'cute' on 2d characters.
The girl was very forward and pushy about it. Gave me fujoshit vibes. They didn't just say it, they were all up in my face about it. When someone, especially a stranger, gets in my face, I get uncomfortable and don't really know how to respond to situations like that.
When I explained further what lolita was they continued on about how anime determines what is and isn't lolita and basically that anime defines everything in Japan.
It wouldn't have mattered if I asked what anime they saw it in. If I told them the character looked like shit in the nicest way possible, an argument would still start.

>> No.9788550

>Oh cool! Someone with thousands of instagram followers bought one of my etsy items and tagged me!
>Its a dd/lg instagram account

I don't know how to feel about this. They have a decent amount of followers, wearing one of my etsy items, and tagged me... but she is a dd/lg poster....

>> No.9788559
File: 66 KB, 516x723, alicescared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>working at Target
>get a report that some lady is following people around, begging them to buy jewelry from her website
>have to be the one to confront her since I'm the only male on duty
>let her off with a warning
>do other stuff
>pass electronics and see her hassling an elderly couple
>finally threaten to call security
>she whoop-whoops off

>fast forward to this weekend
>attending a shithouse con at the fairgrounds
>enter the artist alley
>mfw the crazy lady is selling jewelry at her booth
>mfw we briefly lock eyes

>> No.9788589

I didn't do my best today

>> No.9788593

There's always tomorrow

>> No.9788643

What happened? Tell us, anon

>> No.9788727

Can you tailor my suit for free?

>> No.9788760

>tfw too self conscious to wear the pieces i have but want to expand my closet
>tfw want to feel pretty for once but love my comfy masculine aesthetics too much

>> No.9788775

Literally me. I decided to keep my frills for special occasions while wearing all jeans and sneakers on daily basics.

>tfw my wishlist is way to big for possible opportunities to wear lolita

>> No.9788784
File: 884 KB, 500x375, ddada6926e8230ca7749632b2173c57d_jpg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Tfw bestie has been unemployed to focus on her writing so hasn't wanted to do stuff that costs money
> Tfw she now has a full time job with benefits
> Tfw we bought our con passes and booked a hotel room with in walking distance of the convention center
> Tfw it's in July and now all we have to do is wait and save money

First con I'm going to in years because I'm to chicken shit to go alone

>> No.9788799

Anime Expo?

>> No.9788809

O comic con

>> No.9788818

>Have a con to go enjoy
>This bed is reeeeeeeaaaallllly comfy
Life is suffering

>> No.9788838

can you build me a house for free?

>> No.9788842

If you don't mind living in the woods

>> No.9788925

Yes I can.

>> No.9788926

Only if you live in it with me
Please respond

>> No.9788933

I started my day off later than I wanted to, because I stayed up too late and my body felt beat up. Then I got rejected and let that interfere with everything else I tried to do. Made me feel like I wasted my week. Oh well, I'll just have to do better next week. I should probably try making some friends while I'm at it.

>> No.9788970
File: 189 KB, 1024x1365, 1513904877354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been die hard old school gothic from the day I got into lolita but lately I start craving 2010-2013 pastel vomit AP. What the fuck is wrong with me?

>> No.9788971

Early 2010s sweet is pretty cute, to be fair. Maybe you want to try something new? Or maybe you just found a new appreciation for it, even if it's not necessarily for you to wear.
You can pick up AP pieces from that era for decent prices, maybe try it and see how you like it?

>> No.9788972

You get smarter, more mature and come to understanding what's really life's essentials :3

>> No.9788974

>I miss when we dated, /fa/, why can't we go back to that?
I still look back to those times fondly. If you'd like, we could try again

>> No.9789034

My really close friend and soon-to-be-roomie is getting into lolita, which im really excited for.
But shes going nearly entirely for qi and wa, which are hard for newbies.
I want her to do well so Im going to try my hardest and guide her.
Wish me well, gulls.

>> No.9789035

If it's any consolation, qi and wa pieces are significantly easier to find these days; coording them can still be difficult but at least quality pieces are more readily available, assuming your friend is willing to invest in brand or has the patience to navigate Taobao.
Good luck to you both!

>> No.9789041
File: 20 KB, 252x212, 1518529393487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>starting new job Monday
>around 3000$ per month
>tfw its gonna be really easy to save up for cons
>tfw no longer minimum wage slave

Thank you kami-sama

>> No.9789139
File: 15 KB, 400x343, 27805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>request time off for cons

>> No.9789167

Shes been getting things from taobao. She's also a history major with a high interest in historical fashions, so she does have a little more of a discerning eye when it comes to that.
Her main pieces have been nice so far.

>> No.9789168

i'm sure she'll look good, anon. what really trips most newbies up is a love for "the aesthetic" without an understanding of what makes an outfit

>> No.9789175
File: 48 KB, 422x387, sixtyniggas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Interviewing for my first 9-to-5 ever next week.

I'm so nervous. This job would change my life. And the prospect of having weekends of to go to cons is exciting.

Also, I'm about to get a tattoo and ask out my con crush. I'm scared shitless.

>> No.9789219

I have been working pretty hard on my lolita blog and I'm proud of it but there isn't really any traffic besides close friends. I don't want to be e-famous or anything, it just kind of feels pointless if nobody is going to read it, like I may as well just keep a diary instead. Another (related) feel: I wish blogs were still popular in general, I don't really care for IG or Youtube very much, they just don't feel as cozy/personal I guess?

Good luck with everything, anon!

>> No.9789250

Do you advertise it?

I also stopped writing because it seemed like I got no interaction, even though some of my posts have thousands of visits.

>> No.9789300

Keky weky. What did you do?

>> No.9789304
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lying on bed after tea party
>5 y.o. sister walks in and elbow drops me in the crotch

>> No.9789310

At my old job we had to clean the bathrooms at the end of the day and the women's was always 5x dirtier than the men's. Not only do girls poop, but some of them apparently like to smear it all over the walls when they're done.

>> No.9789312

I'm not really sure how I'd advertise it? I have no following on other social media, and no lolita friends.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon. How long did you have your blog? When I look at older blogs it seems like they used to get a lot more comments back then. I really wish there were more places for discussion besides cgl and RC.

>> No.9789317

I mostly meant on other social media, like uploading a photo to instagram and linking a new post.
I blogged off and on from 2014 to 2016, so after blogs had basically died. I thought it would be a good way to make friends or get to know people, but most people have moved on. Even Caro from fyeahlolita doesn't blog anymore.

>> No.9789528
File: 170 KB, 1280x1440, 1507123509005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a sperg with severe social anxiety
>used to have a really hard time approaching strangers for a photo
>slowly work on being more socialable
>get more photos of people and photography gradually improves because you take your time to get everything right
>get to the point where you have enough confidence in your work
>one person acts like a massive dick to you for no reason at a convention
>around the same time /p/ points out something you've been doing objectively wrong forcing you out of your comfort zone to correct it
>confidence takes a massive nosedive. rush through photos because you feel like you're wasting people's time.
>end up having the worst set of photos you've taken in four years and least amount of photos taken too
I wish I could say I was just having a bad weekend. This is really the first time I've looked at my photos and didn't think that I made an improvement from the previous years.

>> No.9789549

>What is a young child?
Parenting is rough, and it's pretty common for young kids to use the women's bathroom whether they're boys or girls. That being said, people should be cleaning up after their kids because that's just nasty.

>> No.9789561

Same goes for you if you're not baiting. What's happened is some fucking toddler discovered the feminine disposal bin, realized everything can stick, and decided to do some decorating with sticky pads. You would be amazed what kids will do, and even more amazed what their parents refuse to take responsibility for.

Once in the beauty supply store, lady's kid just started pissing all over the floor in front of me. This kid must've been around 10. Before I could move to get cleaning supplies and paper towels, the mom grabs her kid's arm, says, "I'm sorry," and fucking books it out of the store. I cleaned up piss that day. Sage for off-topic, but don't forget that women do have kids... kids result in shit and piss related monstrosities.

>> No.9789563

Look at it this way, anon. If people are happy with the photos you take of them then that's all that matters.

And if that fails, you'll always be better than Eurobeat King.

>> No.9789602

>gf is pregnant
>she's only 17
Time to be a family man, I guess

>> No.9789618
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, DespairHomu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Got exam tomorrow
>Really love university studies
>Absolutely hate this subcourse
>Been procrastinating hard until today
>So much fiddling with costuming
>Cleaned and washed clothes
>Watched anime for once
>Low key want to say fuck it
>Also know my academic pride relies on passing EVERY exam on my first try
>This pride is what propels me to keep studying
>Need to keep studying to apply for student housing
>Need to keep studying to keep said housing
>Want to move out so bad
>Start to stake all of these bad feelings on this single exam
>Obsessively squeeze and pull at fluffy trim on costume
>Decide to vent on /cgl/ even if this is pretty off topic
>Promise myself to smash the practice exam after writing this post

I've got cramps this week from sewing so much by hand, please help

>> No.9789624


your life is over my dude

>> No.9789627

Move to Colorado. Change your name. Become a painter. You did this to yourself.

>> No.9789649

Tell her to get an abortion or say you won't have anything to do with the child. You'll still have to pay child support if it is in fact your kid but your life won't be over.

>> No.9789688

what yuri anime is this from

>> No.9789694
File: 1.96 MB, 300x300, giffhappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Straight savage.

>> No.9789751

Oh man anon I feel you so bad. There's a mobage that I've been playing ever since it released back in 2015, that's now gotten attention with cosplayers. It fills me with unimaginable amounts of salt that I see more and more cosplayers at cons, or people in social media talking about wanting to cosplay from it but not actually bothering to play it aside from downloading the game and rolling the gacha a couple of times with the accumulated free currency. There was even a person on the local artist alley selling prints from it, and a friend who follows their twitter mentioned that the person had complained about ~being insecure~ about drawing from something they "no longer play" even though they never actually started in the first place.
I'm glad that the game is popular in Japan because I know a lot of the fans there actually support the game itself, but I hate that popularity in the west often means people "liking" the series so that they can cosplay from it and get showered with attention.
I cosplayed from the game myself a little more than a year ago and only like three people actually recognized me. Last fall I cosplayed from it again and got a bunch of cosplayers talking to me about how happy they are that others are starting to like the series too. I've probably never been more annoyed at a person who was complimenting my costume and I felt like an awful human bean but I just want to protect my absolute favorite things from people who'll just dump them for the next popular thing.

>> No.9789813
File: 43 KB, 400x158, y we fight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've bitched about my friend before on here, but time to do it again.
We've been friends since our teens, and don't live close to each other anymore, but I think I've always been a good friend to her. She's pretty much my only close friend. I don't have a lot of people I talk to, but recently she's made loads of new friends and told me that I'm horrible to her and have 'changed'.
I don't know what's happened. Whenever we hang out she's always talking about her other friends, and I just have to smile and nod as if I give a fuck. One of these girls is very homophobic, and my friend is bi, so why would you want to hang around someone like that? She's hurtful to me as well, she's always calling me stupid and a horrible person, but I just brush it off because I'd rather have her in my life than start drama. It's been like that for so long, it seems pointless to call her out now, but I did anyways, and she has excuses for her behaviour, apparently I deserve it.
At this point I'm exhausted. I don't even know what the issue is, she won't tell me what exactly I've done aside from I went to sleep one time when she wanted me to stay up and entertain her. I really have no fight left in me. Being sad like this knocks all the life out of me, even opening a window seems extremely difficult. I know it'll pass but I hate this. I suppose I'm being replaced. I didn't realise years of friendship could be erased so easily. Sucks to suck.
I just feel like laying down and ceasing to exist.

To keep it cgl related, I don't feel attractive in jfashion because I have a weird body shape. I'm average weight but I don't have a defined waist, even with shapewear. I feel like a cylinder with boobs. I like what I do but someone else wearing my clothes would make them look 10 times better. Seeing photos of myself is hell.

>> No.9789819

It could be that her new friends are a negative influence on her, but you're both adults. She should know what she's doing is wrong. I recommend trying to make new friends and minimizing contact with her.

>> No.9789870

You can do it anon.

>> No.9789872
File: 44 KB, 200x200, SimonHappyCry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You big nerd.

>> No.9789905

>cosplaying anarchy sisters with cosplay friend
>i'm panty, she's stocking
>she does this really generic instagram hoe makeup with a tiny bit of bottom falsies
>don't know how to tell her it doesn't suit stocking AT ALL without coming across as a controlling cuntwad

>> No.9789913

I'm really curious what the mobage is.


On a related note, I started UtaPri's mobage this week, and I really, really want to like it but I just keep getting salty that it's not IDOLiSH7. I find myself annoyed by all the stereotypical characters and fast forwarding through their dialogue because none of it is personal. Since it's an add-on to an existing franchise the game takes the stance that the player already knows and loves all these characters and gives me absolutely no reason to care about them while overloading catch phrases and fan service. Meanwhile the idol raising rhythm mobage I adore got a subpar anime and no hope of an english game release in sight.

I know I should be drawing UtaPri prints for Artist Alley because it is exactly up my alley and my brand and the kind of thing people will expect from me. But I'm just. So. SALTY.

Meanwhile I keep playing UtaPri and I don't know if it's because I'm starting to like it or if I'm stubborn and hate myself.

>> No.9789914

She emotionally abuses you. Dump her ass. Now.
She isn't your friend anymore. Calling you stupid and horrible is just for making you feel guilty. If she can't tell you what is wrong, she just doing it for herself.

Find new friends. You'll feel better soon.

>> No.9789921
File: 93 KB, 600x800, Stocking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell her. She can't insult my wife that way

>> No.9789977
File: 89 KB, 1261x634, that_preggers_meme_by_nezumiyuki-d8h5105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>male posters egging on another male poster into doing the wrong thing

>take responsibility
She needs you right now, marry her and be there for her and your child

>> No.9789986
File: 7 KB, 300x168, F8263BA1-DC81-465C-B6AD-56850C01C4E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SOmeone stole my fucking wallet at work the other day and I am so furious. Rilakkuma wallet had My 3ds games, my SSN, my school ID, and my credit card which they used to rack up over $600 in charges from the Walmart literally across the street where I worked. And I was planning a taobao/rakuten haul within a week or two. Now I have only $5 to my name in cash while I wait for my new card to come in and my money reimbursed.

>> No.9789991

After a lot of time, money and effort I've got the perfect blonde shade that I absolutely love - but it doesn't suit me. I want to go darker/more natural now, but it feels like such a waste.

>> No.9790023
File: 58 KB, 380x325, 13245742961372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's awful, I'm sorry you had to go through that

>> No.9790035
File: 1.78 MB, 333x194, 1454985259975.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're fucked, m8
And chances are, your kid will be miserable as well. Happy 2018.

>> No.9790036

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as I predicted, the anime cons are drying up in my country, on march and april, because school will start again in march

>> No.9790045

>two valentine's day themed cons this month
fuck both of them

>> No.9790052

Not male. Just hate children. The child will probably be fucked worse if their parent doesn't want them. Best to get out and pay child support. You do owe that much to your child.

>> No.9790055
File: 15 KB, 259x224, 1513373301428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute purple wig finally arrived 3 days ago
>feel excited to go out and wear it
>walking in public through large crowd
>someone stops me
>turn around
>it's a woman, early 20s
>she looks me in the eye
>"Never wear a cosplay wig casually."
>"T-This isn't a cosplay wig"
>avoid eye contact and flee

>> No.9790057

How fucking rude, you could have been wearing it because you have alopecia or an illness or something. Even if you're just wearing it for fun, why so judgemental?

>> No.9790063


Never. Ever. Marry someone over a child. Ever.

Be there for them, be there for your child. Be a good father. But being a father and being a husband are completely different roles, and it's a terrible idea to commit to one because of the other.

>> No.9790074

Because you have too much anxiety over what some meaningless bitch said to you

>> No.9790081

Sounds like that other girl was just being a bitch

>> No.9790102
File: 8 KB, 316x239, amygun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>female poster egging on a male poster into doing the wrong thing
It's time to abort mission.

>> No.9790106

>tfw I only recently started going to anime cons
>went to as many as I could so far in the year (not in the US, so there aren't a lot)
>mostly ok events
>have to wait until march to go to the next one
>tfw actually kinda sad about waiting

Fucking crazy now that I think about it. Years ago, I wouldn't want to be caught dead in an anime con.

>> No.9790110

Do not kill the baby. Lmao.

>> No.9790111
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Welcome to the dark side. You're here forever.

>> No.9790118
File: 117 KB, 1080x1080, more.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's take this thread to the bump limit
I mean really, really, really caught on

>> No.9790122

won't have to worry about that with all the college shit I'll be dealing with soon

>> No.9790127


>> No.9790196
File: 29 KB, 690x500, here comes the money.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

burando money, take it all and run, even if it's dirty af

>> No.9790211

>I don't really care for IG or Youtube very much

Same. I love reading (and hate vlogs), but it's hard to find updated and quality blogs.

Maybe try advertising it on your social media like what >>9789317 suggested? Relatively easy to build a following with semi-regular to regular posting of coord pics on IG. Just use the right tags.

>> No.9790220

Anon, it'll ruin her life too. Don't be stupid. My mother had me at 17 and her life is miserable.

>> No.9790234

Anon, did you get the money in the form of a shitty diaper? If not, I think you just roll with it. Cash is cash, and she's giving you free exposure.
It's gross when your customers are gross, but honestly, fuck it, just enjoy the profit and your name being put out there. Don't outright encourage it by openly pandering to dd/lg people, but as long as they're throwing money your way, take it.

>> No.9790430

I know it's unrelated, but...
>had a car accident a year and a half ago
>survived it without any big scratches
not the same situation like you, but be happy that you are alive

valentines day is over, but I am free, so if you need one for next year

what's the actual difference between a normal wig and a cosplay wig?
either way, I guess that woman had a point tough, better colour your hair next time (sorry if I made you upset)

>> No.9790594

Ask your mom why she haven't aborted you. She will be happy to answer for sure.

>> No.9793837
File: 44 KB, 644x775, 1507391478387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm jealous, have had a crush on the same person for five years, and I haven't even talked to them or seen them in years feelsbad

>> No.9793843

also fuck grammar, I guess

>> No.9793863

People who are dicks at cons are the fucking worst

>> No.9796012

>He's clearly going through levels of horrible shit
>You're calling him cruel