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Super Volks

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>Mfw lots of shops and brands are closing
>Mfw just want people to support my favorite brands so they don't die

Sheglit, Boz, and Atelier Pierrot make beautiful shit, that is all. Please buy their stuff please and thanks in advance. I am doing my part, spent almost $800 to get two sheglit dresses and a corset buttcape thing recently.

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I think AtPi should be OK since they offer international shipping. But Sheglit and Boz...

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Atelier Pierrot carries other brands on their site so I think they are good. They even now carry moitie.

Boz needs to make better sizing, or at least publish better measurements. They have a cult status on some pieces but I don’t know if they realize what pieces beyond the Roland are liked.

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Boz is one of the only brands that offers mens and womens sizing. You can get a jacket over 100cm in the bust. They're also one of the only brands I've spent several grand on to buy directly because their ladies sizing is perfect for me (pls don't make it bigger). The only thing they need to do is list a waist measurement, the 86cm and 90cm bust measurements are usually accurate. Also if you're tall and or have long arms rolands are PERFECT in arm length.

WW picking them up for overseas would be lovely, since then I could combine shipping with other things WW offers.

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Honestly I think the gothic brands will be okay. I also love Sheglit and buy from them new all the time through WW. AtePi I wish would redo their website, it's so early 2000s look, but then again the Japanese for some reason don't seem to care as much about web design (I'm talking in general, not about brands, most have great websites). It just makes me want to browse their site less, but otherwise they're probably more than fine. Boz always sells out of pretty much everything and have a very secure cult status, I would almost worry more about their stock if they partnered with WW haha.

Only brands I'm concerned about right now are MM and the other small classic brands like Abilletage, Millefleurs, Physical Drop, etc. PD at least has really strong outreach with the western community and the creator makes it easy for people to message her on FB to order things, but otherwise we're really relying on the Japanese market to keep these indies afloat and help them expand, which judging by VM I don't know if they do. MM seems to be relying entirely on the Chinese market now.

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This. Boz will be fine. They also don't waste money on a huge shop in the middle of shopping centers in Tokyo. They just have a small one out of the way with larger shops in less expensive cities.

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Boz is on Shop in Wonderland, so...
>mfw they have all that meta and boz
>mfw in stock at siw of all places

Boz's sizing is so flattering! I am not really into the style but the cuts really sold me on the brand.

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>mfw when I'll never be able to buy brand directly because customs fees would kill me

Do any Japanese shops apart from CC use airmail? Really wish they did because at least then there would be a chance of avoiding all those charges.

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You could use a forwarder like Tenso, or an ss for this anon.

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It’s not impossible for us, it just costs more. Either learn to suck it up or use a shopping/forwarding service that marks down like the rest of us.

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By buying directly I meant without using a SS, I thought that was fairly obvious? I've bought stuff like that but it would be nice to just get something without all the extra steps.

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Smaller brands let you decide what method to ship anon.

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Sorry for the dumb question, which ones do for example? I've looked at Atelier Pierrot and Miho Matsuda and both only seem to do EMS, is it even worth it emailing them to ask?

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Definitely, I've had good experiences with both Atelier Pierrot and Miho Matsuda. Antique Beast did ship using another method when they made a mistake in my order so you also could ask them as well. I normally choose EMS though so I can't remember exactly who gave options.

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im going to marry a dearsd

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You can always email them for more specific measurements

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There are pop-up shops in Paris every now and then, including goth

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Chinese Lolitas love Boz, they'll be okay.

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It makes me so mad that RC will allow more threads by newbies asking if you really do need a blouse and petti but discussion about the fashion in relation to different music subcultures isn't related enough and gets closed. Can we stop letting people start the same boring discussions 3 times a week pls .

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Vaguely related, I don't know if this is me showing my age or what but I don't understand why newbies put up such a fight about blouses and petticoats, the latter especially.
When I was a beginner I was enamored with everything that made the fashion what it is, I had no idea skirts could be so fluffy so discovering petticoats was incredible to me, and I aspired to look like the well dressed girls on EGL.
What even is the point in getting into a fashion style that you don't even like to wear? If blouses under JSKs are so stifling to you and petticoats and other layers are so uncomfortable that you throw a tantrum like a child when you're dressed up, why are you even here?

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Why is the V&A museum's coord so ugly.

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This. I agree so much.

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>on a mannequin

There you go

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Agree! I was the same way about petticoats, I loved it so much I even started wearing them under more normie skirts that were too flat for my taste.

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The answer is that they're poor/bad at managing money.

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This, I used to wear a lot of vintage stuff and never understood why it didn't look quite right until I started wearing petticoats with lolita. Now I have a range of poofs and lengths, and it makes everything look just right when I break out the fifties day dresses.

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Is it a money thing? Still seems odd to me, like they purposely "rebel" against the fundamentals of the fashion which only makes them look like normies in deflated frilly dresses.

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When I started in lolita, most of the invisible things like petticoats, shapewear and bloomers seemed like silly little expenses. I just wanted the cookie dress and the cute little cookie bag that went with it, having to spend money on a petticoat just seemed so meh (even though I know I needed it), especially when my main interest was on the cute print and not so much on looking like a human feather duster.

I had to work my way up the poof level, too. Started with a nearly flat, freebie hard tulle petti that did almost nothing for my skirts, because the actual petticoat I bought was so poofy I felt really alien in it. On some level, I did understand that the petticoat was what made the dress look good and the print actually visible. But throwing on that CP marshmallow monster for the first time and just having so much skirt was a really odd feeling, like is it supposed to be so big? I'm like, taking up three times the space I normally take up (not really, but it feels that way). And so on.

Now I regularly layer petticoats for that AP-level poof, and I get happy when my skirt is so wide I have to squish it down to go through doorways. I also own like 5 petticoats in different shapes, lengths, poof level and colour, having already killed 3 petticoats that I need to get rid of. Took me a little while to get to this level, though.

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I just bought Girl Meets Sweets and was pleasantly surprised that it had a story that unified the different collections.
Reading through it last night was really lovely! Sakizo does a lot of lingerie and ero-style outfits, but there were some friggin lovely dress designs.

Apparently the apron and dress in pic related, which is the 2nd or 3rd page in the collection, was designed by Seraphim. I love the shoulder lace.

just wanted to share because reading it in bed with tea last night was giving me such lifestyle feels. I just want to fill my life with classy, fanciful shit.

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In that case it sounds like you wanted the cute motifs and prints, not the actual style. Which is fine, except that many newbies these days are the same way and they don't understand why wearing a dress without any makeup, accessories, or a petticoat, except for maybe a cosplay wig, doesn't mean they're wearing lolita - Because they don't get that the style encompasses a lot more than just wearing a specific kind of dress. And when you try to explain this and help them, they bitch and whine about elitism.
It's just strange to me, I guess.

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This looks lovely! Was it released recently? I might have to pick it up too, I'm always looking for more reading material.

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It legit does not fit that mannekin properly at all. That's probably why the bloomers peek that much

>> No.9783923

Where did you pick it up anon?

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I can't remember if I nabbed it from Fril, Merc, or Y!JA, but I got it secondhand from Japan via SS

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For all those familiar with Physical Drop, what does the measurement 94.5 Up mean? This is a bust measurement, and I'm not sure whether 94.5 Up means the same as 94.5+. My bust is 97 cm, and I'm wondering whether I'll fit comfortably.
>pic very related

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I'd assume 94 is the min. doesn't look like it has back shirring, so the max is likely 105, 110, and the waist ties achieve the 94cm min. it looks really comfy tho! love that satiny fabric

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I was into the shape, the look, the whole works. I did wear petticoats to achieve the look but kind of thought they were an inconvenience that I spent as little resources as possible, until I started betting the hang of how different pettis affect how the dress looks, and then it started becoming a little more important, even a little fun. My early coords had their share of frumpiness while I figured things out.

But I guess I see what you mean, it never occurred to me that I get a note from my Mom saying I should be excused from having to follow the laws of physics so I can look like a perfect lolita without a petticoat. Does it ever work if they're told the dresses look frumpy without the petticoat? I knew I looked terrible without a petti, so I sucked it up and wore one anyyway.

>> No.9783987

>Does it ever work if they're told the dresses look frumpy without the petticoat?
I like to equate petticoats to good bras to illustrate the point; sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much. The girls that care about the fashion to some degree do eventually get it though, so not all is lost.

>> No.9784008


That's a good analogy, although considering the number of young girls who seem to wear the wrong bra (or well-endowed not wearing any at all) I'm not surprised it doesn't always work.

Sometimes it feels like lolita is the learning ground for young weebs to learn how to dress themselves, really. Good to hear that the ones who really like the fashion do end up getting a petticoat in the end.

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Thanks anon! I went ahead and ordered it. And yes! That fabric is what ultimately made me choose the green colorway instead of the black. Just beautiful.

>> No.9784236

Could someone please tell La Carmina that old 2nd hand lolita isn't that expensive anymore?

>> No.9784266

Just to keep tally, what are all the brands that have officially died and stores that have closed?

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I miss her. How did she pass away?

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There's this one really condescending girl in my comm. I try avoiding her because I don't like the way she speaks to me and other people. She acts like newbies are below her, you're not allowed to laugh at her, she NEVER does anything remotely light-hearted. She's the sort of person that'll call you 'sweetie', 'honey', 'sugar' as she patronises you. It really pisses me off.

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Leave it, letvher rest in peace.

>> No.9784395

Okay, that's fair. I just never understood why there was such a hush around the matter.
Hope she's continuing to make amazing coords in heaven.

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Damn, is she still around? I thought she quickly became irrelevant and nobody bothers with her anymore, not even the newbies

>> No.9784733


I feel it has to do with how much people were mean to her here. She had a few vendetta chans who would mercilessly cut her down while she was here. Don't think it's linked with her death, but it's pretty sickening to see after she died to see everyone saying how amazing she was (and then asking how she died) when people clearly backstabbed her here.

>> No.9784756

What..? I've been here for years and I've never seen anyone hating on her, I don't even think she was talked about at all until she passed away.

>> No.9784770

Is there context to this or are you just saying she should start wearing brand? Because she shouldn't imo let her stay ita forever, we don't want her.

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I remember hearing a while ago that Lockshop's quality had gone downhill. Is it still not very good?
If so where are people buying their wigs these days?

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Because it's really none of our business.

>> No.9784966

People still buy lockshop. A lot of girls have switched to dreamholic.

>> No.9784973

>never understood why there was such a hush around the matter.
Difference in culture? To me it feels really weird as well

>> No.9784980

In my country, people not saying how someone died usually means they passed in a shameful or criticisable manner, for example drug overdose or murder suicide.
I'm sure she didn't go out that way, but that's how it seems to someone who has no clue. Owning up to it and saying 'xyz happened' is less shady than pretending it can't be spoken about.

>> No.9784985


Was it the wig quality? I remember people saying not to buy from there because the shop fucked up and requested people wait for their wigs. Then ended up not sending the wigs, and the excuses had dragged on so long most people didn't get refunded either. Then some drama where the shop started deleting FB comments from girls who didn't get their wigs or their money back.

You could still buy from them, I suppose, but if the money does disappear and you don't get a wig you'll find very little support anywhere, since it already blew up into big drama and you still chose to throw money at them.

As for where people are buying wigs from, I see a lot of random taobao shops. Dreamholic's taobao is pretty popular. If you're sticking to all things Japanese, Cypress and Priscila wigs are still recommended because the fibre quality is pretty good.

>> No.9784989

It was a lot about the quality, older ones were thick with quality fibers, around the time Choke was blaming the factories for the time delays, rhe quality steeply fell off. Major fiber fallout, thin enough to see the thick tracks, shine, tangling, and all the while more and more people were having issues getting in touch with Nina.
It was sweeping drama, then it was a meme, and it's still a silent battle since no one learned their lesson the first time, and everyone's done hearing about it so no one's handing out free sympathy cards.

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Oh, that definitely sounds worse than I remembered. I do remember folks were roasting her for a long time afterwards because she made some racist comments. But she seems to be back to her old popularity now? idk.

Shipping for her stuff was expensive so I ended up not buying anything from her shop, I usually go for the Japanese shops instead. Looks like I dodged a bullet there.

>> No.9785030

her wigs are hit or miss, her customer service is nonexistent and she's denying anything ever being wrong for three years now. don't buy her stuff unless you're willing to gamble, I've heard good things about prisila as well, cosplay wig stores generally have high quality stuff that can work with lolita (Arda, Epic), and there was another Asian store I can't remember the name of now that was surprisingly affordable and legit

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I mean shit got so bad she shut down the US store so seems obvious she doesn't know what the Fuck she's doing.

>> No.9785093

Arda's wigs look like ass and way too thick for casual wear, but Epic recently added a new line/sister brand for casual wigs that are pretty decent imo.

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What did she say that was racist?

>> No.9785249

Nah I’m sure it was exactly this. Likely suicide, because again it’s easy to say they got physically ill and hard to say that someone took their own life. Officially we don’t know but you can read between the lines here.

People still buy from GLW so it’s not surprising. I hope she addresses it properly instead of just pretending she didn’t ruin her business by not caring about it.

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Wasn't she fighting a long-term liver or kidney illness though? I feel like I read about it in a post of hers a loong time ago and then the statement from her family seemed to corroborate that after she passed.

>> No.9785273

This is just me, but If people generally enjoyed my coords, I wouldn't want them to stop posting them if something happened to me
Fashion is in some ways a form of art for a lot of people, and I think most artists would like their art to be appreciated even after they're gone

Just my opinion though, it's kind of hard with these sorts of things, maybe she felt that way as well, in that case it's kinda sad to stop posting pictures etc, but if not you don't want to be posting them either.

Again, just my opinion, don't mean to be disrespectful in any way. It's always sad to see people go at such a young age, I hope her family is doing okay and that she can rest in peace

>> No.9785291

It's one thing to post coords and another to speculate on cause of death.It's how rumors and misinformation spread, it's disrespectful to the family/friends. If they wanted that information known, it would be known.

>> No.9785294

Arda is ok, lots of fibers, but there's a lot so it hides how low quality they are.

>> No.9785305

gosh that little stuffed rabbit in the wall photo is my fav thing in the world right now. so adorable and sweet looking.

>> No.9785402

Does anyone else have trouble zipping up their dress at the bump between the bodice and skirt of the dress?
My dresses fit me fine, there's room to spare but i always have the hardest time zipping up dresses at the bump point and once i get the zipper to go past it, it zips just fine to the top.

Any advice for this or is this just the way the zippers are and good luck to me.

>> No.9785403

This happens when you are in the larger end of what will fit into a dress.

>> No.9785405

How? It even happens when I am not wearing the dress and am trying to zip it then.

>> No.9785406

>>9785403 is usually the case but sometimes that's just want happens if the dress and zipper are older. Older dresses are generally smaller though.

>> No.9785408

No, this happens regardless of how fat you are. Sometimes the zippers are just shit and get caught around the excess fabric.

>> No.9785413

It can also happen simply because of the construction, anon. Old meta is infamous for this problem even if you have plenty of room to spare.

It always helps to have a second person with these, but if you're by yourself there are a couple of things you can do. Try to keep the zipper as straight and taught as you can...and if it's an "invisible zipper" be super mindful of the fabric around it to avoid catching. If the zipper is really old or stiff you can try rubbing a tiny bit of waxpaper or beeswax on the problem area too.

>> No.9785416

It's just the way cheap invisible zips are. They tend to get stuck on around the waist seams. Sometimes rubbing a graphite pencil on the zipper teeth will help the zip pass more smoothly.

>> No.9785417

I own that specific dress, I can take measurements for you if you want. My bust is 88 cm and it fits me fine, but I feel like it could fit a more busty person without stress. No back shirring, but the waist is shirred and the waist-ties are long enough to be wrapped all around the waist, not only tied to the back.

>> No.9785418

Thanks. It's just really frustrating because I'm pulling the fabric taught, keeping it at straight as possible and the battle can still take me longer than necessary to win.
I even bunch it by pulling it to the side to rule out any "you're too big for this dress" and it's still difficult.

>> No.9785441

This happens to me too even with €500+ dresses

>> No.9785464

If it’s a parial shirring dress, you can pull it over your head. You can also replace the zipper for a better one.

>> No.9785584

alright, I don't have personal experience with arda so I'm parroting what I've heard, and most of it has been positive. my bad.

yeah seconding the invisible zip thing, I have a skirt that I could fit into fine if the zipper wasn't a shitty invis one that won't zip properly past a bulky point. I can force it with lots of pulling the fabric around and swearing, but sometimes it's just more sensible to replace the zipper

>> No.9785633

Arda has always been hit or miss for me. I love their silky Nina but it is a LOT of hair and not casual. I’d be curious to try the new epic line. I have healthy thick hair but sometimes I like wigs to try new styles: bangs, short hair, super straight without frying my own hair, lighter colors.

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Thought I'd be helpful if anyone has been eyeing something on Wunderwelt - they have a ¥1000 off ¥10000 coupon for the next day, can also be used on Fleur stuff.

Was going to use it on that Roland they uploaded a couple hours ago but it's already gone, rip.

>> No.9785969

thank you based anon i've been watching a dress for three months waiting for the price to eke a little lower

>> No.9785973

No problem anon! Just be sure to stalk them - I check there once a day. I think they have a coupon every month or two - I remember using one for New Years and they actually had a ¥2000 coupon the first two days of February I'm pretty sure. Or maybe my perception on that is skewed since we just got out of the fall/winter holidays where there's always reason to have coupons.

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Which keywords should i use to search for a brand underskirt on the japanese second hand market?

>> No.9786185

try petticoat. a lot of underskirts are listed as Baby or AP petticoats
actual pettis are usually called paniers.

>> No.9786221

Is there anywhere other than SiW that sells Boz to overseas?

>> No.9786229

I love how afraid everyone here is of being called a fatty.

>> No.9786287

It's the answer to everything on this board tho.

>> No.9786338

Yeah, I agree, that was what I meant as well.
I know a lot of people (including myself) tend to be really curious about that kind of thing, especially if it's someone you really like, but you gotta realize that it's none of your business and you just gotta leave it alone
Sage for OT

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File: 59 KB, 500x667, 863b2014c4c0d27eb991689ce315a5c5--magical-girl-hair-looks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought it was Katzixx that passed from a liver or kidney related illness?

>> No.9786574

Boz themselves

>> No.9786597

Use a shopping service, Boz has a cart system so most SS will buy from them.

>> No.9786758

I don't really shop taobao resellers, so I'm kind of out of the loop. Is LolitaWardrobe or My-Lolita-Dress more reputable? Is it just Devilinspired that's Milanoo reskinned?

>> No.9786760

I think you're right but we found out about her illness after the fact, someone close to her shared that info. With Opaline Rose I thought she herself and talked about it a long time ago.

>> No.9786994

Anyone know what Moon Kana has been up to lately? There don't seem to be any updates from her since 2015 or so. I used to like her music and weird screechy singing.

>> No.9787000

Please go away. All resellers are trash, go circlejerk about them on rufflechat like every other low effort scrub.

>> No.9787039

My Lolita Dress is pretty good. I’ve ordered from them without any problems. I heard Devil Inspired is pretty scammy unless you’re e-famous.

>> No.9787045

my lolita dress openly and continually sells replicas. do not support them. if you want a reseller try clobba, or just buy direct using a Chinese shopping service >>9754508

>> No.9787227

Has AP released whool coats in Sax? Looking for one. It seems they always make pinks

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File: 274 KB, 1057x479, No400_bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.25 MB, 1598x1134, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 16.18.33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.54 MB, 1144x1582, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 21.05.05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.45 MB, 1178x1580, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 21.05.14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Sure, AP, release Valentine-themed tights on Feb 17th, after it's already over.

>> No.9787247

that headbow is genius. how has no one done this before?

>> No.9787248
File: 780 KB, 770x1478, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 21.05.49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The beads on these are colourful sax and pink pearls.

>> No.9787250
File: 410 KB, 475x640, B42OJ208_lemon_model-01-475x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Btssb Cheerful Lemon series

>> No.9787252
File: 399 KB, 476x640, B42OJ209_p_model-01-476x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 380 KB, 476x640, B42SP510_lemon_model-01-476x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


(this is a salopette)

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File: 342 KB, 473x640, B42JS211_n_model-01-473x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Little Lady in Spring series but of course nothing in the series is actually name Little Lady or Spring (except for the bag)

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File: 345 KB, 465x640, B42OP322_b_model-01-465x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 337 KB, 474x640, B42JS208_w_model-01-474x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Re-release of karami 3-tier for Baby's 30th Anniversary

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File: 535 KB, 738x441, spdress-eslide3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Last one.

Meta's Secret Garden re-release.

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File: 376 KB, 720x1018, 4cf98fcd-edbd-5fc3-affc-1326f2504c37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute, but I liked Meta's take on this more.

>> No.9787435

Has anyone received their reservation confirmation for Lotta yet?

>> No.9787454

I wanna see what the ivory version looks like, since I have a near-identical JSK from LG as the navy. Might still get it bc it's cotton/cotton vs. polyester though.

>> No.9787472

Is it just me, or does the petti look really awkward?

>> No.9787536

can anyone recommend some good indie artists/illustrators that sell 4x6 prints?
I need some lolita art for my room (will take yumekawaii as well)

>don't have the stomach to browse through DA

>> No.9787543

It looks like a hoopskirt that’s too big.

>> No.9787589

Suggestions for a big fluffy twintail OTT sweet wig that isn't ita? I was in between one dreamholic's bonbon series wigs or an epic cosplay wigs lavender wig and tease it up? Or should I just stick to a natural color like black? My coord is mainly pink and lavender with some sax blue and yellow accents

>> No.9787607

want it
need it
gotta have it

>> No.9787769

Lucaille was the other, I bet.

I highly recommend Lucaille, they are fantastic. The quality is great and the photos are their own! And you cannot beat the prices.

>> No.9787791


>> No.9787878

Some dirndl themed country lolita release again.

>> No.9787881 [DELETED] 
File: 589 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foepxhpjdaj213d2r8kjn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped my pic, brand is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeTBjHrq7Gg and reservation is starting from 7pm local time

>> No.9787883
File: 665 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foepwnjc74j213d2r87wk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9787884
File: 589 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foepxhpjdaj213d2r8kjn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Release is 7pm local time

>> No.9787886
File: 727 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foepxi041nj213d2r8hdw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9787887
File: 461 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foeq9in7jmj213d2r8u0y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9787888
File: 416 KB, 690x1739, ceeddd6egy1foepsp2orrj213d2r8kjm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9787909

For what purpose


>> No.9787974

Not exactly the same measurements but here's some illustrators I like:

>> No.9787992

Why are you promoting this noname taobao brand? It'd be better if you posted this in the taobao thread, if you must.

>> No.9788021

For those who have bought from voodooodolly before, how do you actually get in touch with her? I tried messaging her on FB several months ago to ask if she was taking commissions, never got a response but okay. Now I'm waiting on an order I placed over a month ago and I just want to get an estimate on when it will be ready. I've tried emailing and FB.. radio silence. What do I need to do to get a reply?

>> No.9788028

Try reaching her through Instagram. That worked for me when she missed my email. She's not transparent about the progress of her work so I imagine she gets lots of emails like ours.

>> No.9788048

Yeah I had luck on insta. Also she mentions things like when she is going on vacation or doing shows there so you get a feel of how busy she is.

>> No.9788075

Has anyone tried WW's petticoats before? Thoughts?

>> No.9788077

I don't own it myself but there's this review: [email protected]/2017/08/the-petticoat-showdown.html
I'm surprised there aren't more reviews of it, it's been available for a while. In any case, make of it what you will.

>> No.9788084

>avoiding getting ripped off by the chinese
>pay someone a flat fee to do it for me instead
>they're actually nice to communicate with
>they don't fuck up my order because engrish is their second language

Fuck off. Both taobao trends and taobao ring were the worst experiences. Remember that buynosaur shit?

Yeah no fucking thanks.

>> No.9788122

>being this new
They've been posted in generals since 2013 you pleb.

>> No.9788123

I have a WW petti. It's fine under things that don't need a lot of poof, but it's pretty flat and it can't be layered over top of things, so I actually prefer one of my bodyline ones for daily wear. It's in storage right now, but I believe it was a layer of tulle with a layer of organza on top and a smooth lining inside.

>> No.9788124
File: 228 KB, 1024x1365, ceeddd6egw1f667r4ziftj21kw23ue1l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone's new.

>> No.9788125

so embarrassing
anon, I know you're new and all, but all you need to do is post one photo and then the shop name or link. you uploaded damn near all the series photos.
It's not necessary for taobao releases, especially since quality is never a given, and they're clearly a new "brand".

don't do it again.

>also, lurk more

>> No.9788128

How are they new when Misako already did PR them in 2013? Time travel?

>> No.9788130

this is an image board, people can most as much as they want

>> No.9788131

I hope you scream all other people, too, that post all dress variants of a collection.
>nvm this anon likely can't even tell dresses apart

>> No.9788132

sorry, I forgot threads have an unlimited shelf-life and image capacity!
If I want to see all colourways from every possible angle, I can just go to the shop itself.
updates on releases only need one, maybe 2 photos.
it's not unreasonable.

>> No.9788135 [DELETED] 

You are not a mod so stfu.

>> No.9788136

>what is making new threads

>> No.9788152

Are you talking about anon who posted Baby releases? It's one photo for every dress, if you don't see the difference between that and making 5 posts with one dress, maybe you are the one who can't tell them apart?

>> No.9788181

Stop responding to bait. Taobao has become controversial on cgl so it's quite easy to bait in the general by posting it.

>> No.9788278


Maybe I want to see them. Your opinion isn't better than mine. Scroll down if you don't want to see them ya salty cunt.

>> No.9788286

Dude, are you five years old?
Just post one pic, unless there are detail shots and other colourways.

Also, watch your fucking mouth.

>> No.9788292
File: 502 KB, 748x588, 3268235977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you so angry anon? No one said that they didn't like them, they just said that it would be more suited to the taobao thread, and that they aren't sure about quality. If you had to post it here, one post would be sufficient. Imagine if anon posted pic related, but all in different posts. We don't need all of the detail shots, if someone is interested they would check themselves.

>> No.9788315

What are cotton candy shoes like? Is there a thorough review of them anywhere or would any anons be willing to review them and compare them to other brands (AP, Antaina, Bodyline)?

>> No.9788347

I think their sizing must be listed wrong or weird because I see people on LM constantly selling pairs because they got the wrong size by accident

>> No.9788360

I have some and they are nice, but very hard and somewhat uncomfortable. I haven't tried putting inserts yet, but that would probably help.
I think their sizing runs either small or inconsistent. They do not have the snaps like Asian shoes, so it's a hassle to put them on and take them off. I can do a more thorough review once I get home if you like.

>> No.9788376

>Taobao has become controversial on cgl
Which is hilarious cause we still have taobao threads.

>> No.9788379


So what, you buy from the Leighs I take it?

>> No.9788422

Thank you, I would really appreciate it!

I'm most concerned about fit/comfort and quality (durability/how cheap they look and feel). Also how the soles are because I'm prone to slipping and wearing out my shoes rather fast.

>> No.9788556

I own the WW one and three CP pettis (daily bell, daily A-line, regular A-line). It's honestly a lot nicer than my CP ones - not extreme poof, which is too much for me honestly, but a good middle ground where your coord looks good but you don't feel ridiculous and your dress isn't straining itself. Materials are nice and it feels good. My CP dailies are okay and usable, but ironically while people say CP quality is getting worse my 2013 regular A-line from CP is the worst while my dailies were purchased 2015. It's wonky, uneven, and I kind of hate it. I really should replace it sometime.

Never tried any other pettis though, so I'm not the best source.

>> No.9788666
File: 653 KB, 701x701, moitie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one of you is going?

>> No.9788687

Does or has anyone hired a professional photographer to do a Lolita photo shoot in ? Is that a weird idea?

I'm thinking of putting together an outfit and having my cat and I photographed in it for a keepsake.

>shes older and I think id rather this sort of keepsake than a tuft of her fur or something when she's gone

>> No.9788689

do both

>> No.9788711

Is there a tactful way to call a seller out on postage costs? I'm in Europe and looking to buy something from another European seller, but the shipping costs are overcharged by almost an extra 50% of the original price, I know that for a fact because I've lived in the country she's from and have sent out plenty of packages there as well. How do I tell her that's pretty excessive?

>> No.9788717

Ask her to doublecheck, or ask her which method in which carrier she sees it and then you can calculate yourself.

>> No.9788950

I've done it before and it depends on the person. Usually they will correct it or give you more options, but I've had one girl get upset over it. Maybe just ask what the package weight is and calculate it online.

>> No.9788988

maybe the postal charges have increased since you lived there.

>> No.9789037
File: 33 KB, 821x640, 1493648704350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw has been sending out shipping quotes in the past day and I'm in Europe
I'm from a country with ridiculously high shipping and I'm afraid someone will think I'm trying to trick more money from them. Are you sure you remember the price with tracking? If the shipping price is relatively cheap, would it be the seller is adding packaging and transportation into the shipping cost?

>> No.9789049

>adding packaging and transportation into the shipping cost
Sellers shouldn't do that, and if they do it should only be a few dollars. It's like with paypal fees, if you want to account for it add it into the selling price.

>> No.9789062

I've moved half a year ago and checked with the post website so that's 100% not possible.

Yeah I'm positive. Why would I post this if I hadn't checked first? I agree with >>9789049
that it's bad form, of course shipping supplies cost money but you should factor that in into the cost of the item, & if it's some very specific packaging that you need you should just let the buyer know so it doesn't come across as trying to inflate the costs.

I did, it still didn't add up.

>> No.9789085

I want to go, but Moitie doesn't anything I want that adds up to the minimum purchase amount right now.

>> No.9789122

You mean we’re not an exclusively lolita hivemind??!!

>> No.9789145
File: 311 KB, 1305x2397, IMG_20180217_174047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still can't decide if I like this. I actually like torchon lace but don't like the ruffle on the bottom. I know you gulls hate steampunk but in all honesty how bad is this

>> No.9789146

Hive mind is real if everyone jumps on the hate bandwagon.

>> No.9789148

Well I actually factor both in the actual price of the item and agree it's a shitty practise to charge for something else in shipping but according to one Rufflechat thread a while back few sellers do that. I was just trying to think few possibilities but of course there is still chance the seller is just trying to cash more.

>> No.9789151

No anon do it!! I wish I had done this with my cats!

>> No.9789179

If you like it rock it.

>> No.9789181

>I know you gulls hate steampunk
Steampunk is a meme at this point. And it's even worse in goth circles. If it's done well it's nice. Sadly most of the times it's shitty and gimmicky. As always, if you like it, do it, just do it well.
AatP has done some steampunk prints before, it isn't anything weird.
I like it, honestly, not really my style, and the ruffle looks weird, is it shiny? I also don't like how bodice is cut, I'd preffer if the lace was at waist height.

>> No.9789243

I really want to apply for the MmM model application at sakura-con, and there’s a section that’s to write your social media. I’m both a lolita and cosplayer so i’m worried that it would negatively impact my chances, any advice?

>> No.9789249

I'm sure the people sorting through the apps aren't totally brain dead. It's probably fine.

>> No.9789337

Obviously not everyone has jumped on the hate bandwagon then.

>> No.9789342

aaaa those shoes are wonderful

>> No.9789349

They're in stock on the baby USA webstore

>> No.9789366
File: 164 KB, 1153x477, Prime Internal Torment™.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 27cm ft
I'll never wear brand shoes, anon...

>> No.9789422

It's sour grapes kind of thing. They don't have the funds to get a petti, bloomers, etc. AND a dress so they just get the main piece and feel better towards the bells and whistles. Then they try to get other people on board so they don't feel as bad. If they had the funds to afford it or were better at managing money, they almost certainly wouldn't be so vocally against it.

>> No.9789432

I love it but I'd get the skirt

>> No.9789470

I just spend $8 on packaging for someone who didn't tell me they lived overseas (I only have flat rate packaging, which if I were to send it overseas the shipping cost would be double what it costs in a different box) and they didn't even pay enough to cover the international shipping let alone packaging. Why do people not read the full listing and terms of sale?

>> No.9789541

Did you explain that pricing in your TOS? There's no restriction on LM for those outside your region from buying it, so you have to assume they will.

>> No.9789562

Yes, it says message or comment for international shipping quote... I am about to stop shipping overseas because of this, I had someone do this before but the shipping was cheap enough I just took a loss and sent it anyway. But this item is quite heavy and large so I am very mad and do not want to just ship it without additional payment

>> No.9789636

request the shipping charge anon.
you are well within your right. if she doesn't pay and decides not to continue the sale, refund her and relist. shipping isn't cheap.

how did you not know her location though? did you not use pp for the transaction? anyway, invoice her for the extra charge. as lolitas, we're used to paying extra when shipping turns out more than expected.

>> No.9789641

But if they buy the listing, then that means you will figure it out and add it on? They agreed to an unknown price, meaning you can charge what it costs. What have you been charging them?

>> No.9789661

You can't do too modern coords with this dress, I think the styling in this pic is already giving that away. It's giving me late 2000 vibes and I love it. Not too steampunk either, if you decide too coord it in a classical way.

>> No.9789722
File: 170 KB, 892x626, sweet MM vibes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute dress-up game on /f/
I'll attempt to link it so you don't have to wade through the degeneracy of a pink board

nvm won't let me link
google sweet-lolita-mega-dress-up
relaxing and adorable, good after brunch activity if you're stuck indoors today

>> No.9789729

Fantastic Dolly cosmetic bag lol :3

>> No.9789732

Just a quick heads up, Japamart charges domestic shipping even if it's free/exhibitors burden, don't reply if you mention that and are overall very slow.

>> No.9789738

neat! thanks for sharing I'm checking this out

>> No.9789768
File: 396 KB, 622x508, this summer , your brand will never fit the same.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must not have been here the other times it's been brought up. It's a hoot.

>> No.9789784

There's enough for it to seem like a movement. I'm sure one of a kind, but surely you have seen the amount of hate that is happening towards the site.

I don't know why you need to be in denial about something like this.

>> No.9789832

A “movement” of people who don’t care for Taobao brands still isn’t the same as the entirety of cgl boycotting Taobao.

>> No.9789962

There are a lot of people pushing for that though.

>> No.9789964

You realize you're on an anonymous image board and "a lot of people" could literally be one or two anons with an obsession, right?

>> No.9789974

is it ok if you just buy taobao things that brands can't give you? Like non-replica shoes, bags and accessories? But not dresses.

>> No.9790038

I really doubt you can easily research said companies to make sure they have adequate quality control and are following labor laws and environmental protections. Also remembering that China doesn't have enough regulation in the first place.

>> No.9790056

I guess my first thought was trying to stop taobao from taking over japanese brands, since that's easier to attempt to prevent. Unfortunately the foods I buy aren't always fair trade, so I don't regulate the clothes I wear either.

>> No.9790062

I don't see the harm in trying. All this talk about it has me researching more and I've discovered a large number of indie brands that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

>> No.9790453

No there aren’t.

>> No.9790468
File: 576 KB, 606x604, IW_JSK Unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just wondering if anyone could help me ID this JSK. I'm having difficulty using the new Lolibrary to search more than 1 tag.

>> No.9790471

IW Bertille Rose jsk

>> No.9790491

>Unfortunately the foods I buy aren't always fair trade, so I don't regulate the clothes I wear either.
Da fuck?

>> No.9790591
File: 402 KB, 873x889, lolibrary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does just typing in the tags not work for you? Might be a bug then, cause it works just fine for me.

>> No.9790614

what >>9790468 means is that they are new to lolita and trying to blame their lack of exp and knowledge on lolibrary.
if you know how the old site search worked then it's a piece of cake to find things.

>> No.9790626

I'll give it a go then, I kind of forgot about indie brands but I love supporting small creators. My only worry is shoes, because I don't fit into brand ones. Cotton candy feet are insanely overpriced in my currency (comparable to brand shoes) and the shipping would basically double the price. That and I'm not keen on the designs. I can't find normie shoes in the colours/styles I like.

if you need me to spell it out for you:
I am not too bothered about buying ethically. There. Everyone else understood what I was saying.

>> No.9790637

Does anyone else think it's strange how much people romanticise old school lolita now? Not just the fashion, but the community as well. As if we didn't fight and call almost every white girl ita back in 2003.

>> No.9790648

No, it’s not that weird. Nostalgia goggles are strong, and most of us weren’t around at that point.

>> No.9790649

I've actually found a number of Japanese indie brands that make shoes that are suitable for the fashion. But I guess it does depend what size you are. Miho Matsuda did provide an additional size up though by getting enough requests so it is something to keep in mind. What styles of shoe were you looking for anon?

>> No.9790659

I don't know, I've been around to see people getting called ita just for wearing black and white (2007-ish iirc?) and I thought the people who thought this way were full of shit back then too. I've always romanticized the fashion though, especially the stereotypical black fabric/white lace look.

>> No.9790682

I think it's because there were almost no lolitas in the west back in the early 2000s and the quality of lolita in the west of pretty low in the beginning. The lj community only took off in 2004-2005 and 90% of the posts were noobs asking if x is lolita or them showing off their horrible put together first coords. But at the same time things started getting exciting, because a handful of well dressed comms started to emerge and everyone wanted to be like them. Most of us were still noobs or still dreaming of being able to dress up like this back then. So when a halfway decent coord popped up on lj, everyone was seriously getting excited and praising them. With the over accessibility of brand today and expectation for perfectly put together outfits, this excitement has gone. I think many of us are getting nostalgic over that feeling of being able to get excited over small things and simple outfits and we wish we could go back to those time (but without the negative things attached to it like the excessive drama and noob envy).

>> No.9790683

As someone who's been around since 2004 I think it's funny to see people who only found out about lolita in the last few years be nostalgic for an era they never experienced. The most hardcore old school girls in my comm are 19-20. I don't mind anyone romanticising the fashion from back then because I still love it too, but when people act like the community was so much better I can't help but roll my eyes a bit. We had lolita_secrets, getoffegl and lolita_fucks, which was basically a constant ita thread except the people talking shit were doing so with their username attached. LJ was also filled with other communities dedicated to gossip and mockery. I vividly remember the rise of SJWism on LJ in part because the same people who used to call girls fat ugly trannies for not fitting unshirred AP suddenly went around getting offended at words like "dumb" because das ableist!!
My local comm was also mean as fuck and extremely cliquey back then. If you weren't part of the in-crowd some girls would literally ignore you even while you were standing right in front of them. I can get very nostalgic sometimes but that's one thing that I know for sure to have improved immensely.

>> No.9790694

>The most hardcore old school girls in my comm are 19-20
Same in mine. I get it that some people just prefer the aesthetic from back then, but it's weird when they say lolita was more fun back then. Drama is actually much easier to avoid now.

>> No.9790779

when people say lolita looked more fun back then I don't think they're talking about western lolita comms. obviously you can't go back in time and separate the good from the bad, but I know what these girls are wishing for. more active brand advertising, more street lolitas, several living fashion publications, and more of an alternative feel in general.

old school, especially old school gothic, to me is timeless. If I could experience what it was like to be in Tokyo when you could meet wild lolitas every Saturday...dude.
Lolita is not as big in Japan, though it's stronger than ever in other parts of the world.
old school variants are the essence of the fashion. it always reignites me when I'm in a rut.

>> No.9790784

I think I romanticise it because I was introduced to lolita then and can only afford to actually wear it know. I think there's a lot of people like me who were preteens lusting after street snaps online during the old school era and can just afford actually buying and wearing it now. We were outsiders looking in, and didn't experience some of the uglier parts of the community either personally because of that.

>> No.9790785

Whoops, *wear it now

>> No.9790789

>I don't think they're talking about western lolita comms
This sounds even weirder? They didn't experience lolita in Japan, certainly not in the time they talk about, so how do they know if it was more fun? I don't think Japanese lolitas look less happy now... Gothic lolita was actually more of an Osaka/Kansai thing, and the lolitas hanging out at in Tokyo Harajuku every sunday was just one temporary aspect of lolita.

>> No.9790802

Maybe it's related to the carefree feeling you get from some of the street snaps in this thread >>9789384 for example, especially the ones with girls sitting on the concrete without worrying too much about getting dirt on their brand.
If it's this, I get it. A lot of things feel too perfect and uptight these days, like everyone has to look their absolute best at all times lest they be called cringey or ita, or cringey itas.

It's not a feeling you get if you don't care so much about online criticism though. I've met my friends completely casually on several occasions, we went out together in full lolita (though simpler coords) just to have some tea together; not as "a meetup", or "a community", just friends going out together. It's very liberating and does make the fashion feel a lot more like an actual fashion rather than fancy clothes worn for events to impress other comm members/gain likes on social media.

>> No.9790838

Nayrt but I’ve never seen anyone be called cringey for sitting on a block of concrete. Usually that term is reserved for people who act obnoxiously by humping lamp posts or whatever.

>> No.9790922

It's not so much being called cringey for sitting on concrete as it is treating brand like it might dissolve and evaporate with the slightest touch (though it might be somewhat understandable considering how common chiffon and other light fabrics are today), who are too scared to wear their frills often because then they might be damaged or, god forbid, need to be washed.

>> No.9790924

*girls are too scared
>tfw you can't type

>> No.9790931

That's not how circlly words it. People want to be charged exact price for shipping, no more or less. So that's why it says "Contact seller for quote" if you don't pick a price. It is not optional. Plus lots of people buy things and then use a different address, how would Anon know which address is even right?

>> No.9790946

Yeah but if you buy without contact it's understood that you really want the item and will pay the shipping costs. There is no system in place to prevent people from doing so, so they will. Simply message the buyer what area they will need a shipping estimate for and then bill them for that. If they change the address on PayPal, issue a refund and rebill them for the new address. It's only a problem if they keep switching addresses which is scammy behavior imo.

>> No.9790963


That's brave. I have trouble buying clothes online because there's no way to see it in person and confirm you like the material. Much less taobao, which currently has the problem of manufacturers seeing "fancy dress costumes" as a mini trend so they're churning out some really odd stuff hoping to sell it to the "lo maidens" (if you follow lolitaupdates you'll sometimes see one when it skates by the mods), and buying indie where you're not sure about the quality, or the ability of the person to deliver is pretty scary as well. Buying the first release of some unknown taobao indie brand is like a trifecta nightmare, especially with people complaining about some shops taking an awful long time I always wonder if there's some orders where someone loses their money because the indie brand can't quite hack it.

If you do do it, be sure to post photos and a review that's better than the usual "it's my first dress yay". We could sure do with more reviews on taobao quality.

>> No.9790970

Lately I’ve noticed more girls admitting that they’ve never washed certain brand pieces because they don’t know how or don’t want to pay a dry cleaner. Especially Holy Lantern. I just put them on a mental list of people not to buy from unless I can inspect the item IRL at a swap meet or bring and buy.

>> No.9790979

I didn't mean to taobao "indie" or even western indie. I'm looking at Japanese indie brands and I'm already pretty good at discerning quality from pictures and materials used so I'm not too worried about it. I'm saying to stay away from taobao brands for your exact reasoning plus >>9790038.

>> No.9790989

People from my comm have definitely referred to others as cringey and gross for sitting on the ground in lolita. Two girls agreed that they wouldn't buy things from those girls even lol

I think many people treat this as a mix of both a fashion and collection hobby, so people become overly protective of their clothing. Also for whatever reason, it seems a lot of people don't like to or are afraid to launder their clothing, so that's probably another factor.

It's ridiculous imo, but I am a fairly outdoorsy, carefree person in that regard. I would rather take the risk and fully enjoy myself in my clothing than treat it like some holy baby. Barring some unfortunate accident, as long as you are not a total clutz or idiot and you launder your clothing properly, brand should hold up very well.

>> No.9791012

Nayrt, but I wouldn't think you were cringy for doing that. But I also wouldn't buy from you because I like my clothes in excellent condition and I don't do those types of things myself. I'm not judging you for it, I just don't desire to do those things and actually desire not to. I once bought a dress from a girl who did this and I will never again as it had snags in the fabric and it's not even chiffon. It was a thick weave cotton so I'm not even sure how she managed it. Little things like that will bother me so now I have to hunt for the dress again and sell off this damaged one. But I realize I'm anal about condition, this affects all aspects of my life.

>> No.9791017

I don't understand the "chiffon is too delicate to wear and wash" meme. It holds colour well and is easy to wash. I usually don't have to iron it at all (unlike my old school pieces). But I would never sit on the ground. That's gross.

>> No.9791032

which is why its so easy to push this idea that the site is evil.

>> No.9791038

How would you even know? You've probably bought clothing people have done ridiculous shit in without knowing. It's not like you can ask for a frillfax on every dress you buy.

>> No.9791039

You've hit the nail on the head.
Not to blogpost or anything, but I was about 7 when I discovered lolita, via the old fruits books. So part of my love for Old School is that those street snaps shaped my idea of what lolita was and I so badly wanted to be those girls, but the other part is that I like the more relaxed attitude and that it felt more like an alt subculture. Obviously there's plenty that I prefer about lolita now, but personally I never really romanticized the western community, I think most romanticize the old Tokyo lolita scene.

>> No.9791045

The good thing is that you can recreate this feeling in your own life, right now, wherever you are. Wear your frills casually just for fun, dress up and go out for tea with your friends just for fun, or invite them over to your house and gush over GLBs together.
Regardless of how "cringey" the modern community might label these activities, they make this fashion so much more fun.

>> No.9791049

My modern chiffon pieces snag much easier than my cotton pieces. I once got a nasty snag in my Milky Swan OP just from brushing past a door handle with a screw that stuck out by like 1mm. I’ve walked past that door handle many times in other clothes with no problems. It does make me paranoid about wearing the specific pieces out.

>> No.9791051

Nobody thinks those things are cringey. Get over yourself.

>> No.9791052

In 2003 I was 10, so no, I wasn't doing any of that. Like many others, I discovered lolita through Fruits, when I was about 14. I was a poorfag with no internet connection in the middle of nowhere, so the only lolita anything I got to enjoy was what photos or scans I could get when I used the computer at a friend's house, since they had (shitty satellite) internet. I always liked how old school looks so porcelain doll like. Cute and feminine but a little creepy, or not afraid of itself. My favorite style is still pastel vomit sweet circa 2010-2012, though.

>> No.9791053

You'd be surprised.

>> No.9791062

This. Is everyone in their comm a conlita or something? But even conlitas would be excited about Japanese magazines.

>> No.9791071

Probably but I started buying new to avoid this. It's only a problem when I'm looking for a past release.

>> No.9791075

A handful of conlitas may think it’s cringey to wear the clothes normally but they hardly represent the entire ~modern community~.

I think anon just wants to feel special.

>> No.9791076

That's why I wouldn't like to buy from LM when possible. Western people seem to be more intense about "having fun in lolita".

>> No.9791077

I already do all of that, anon, and it's great. But there is no harm in dreaming of an idealized version of what the lolita scene used to be.

>> No.9791087

Imo it's just weird when they don't realise it's idealised and use it to bring the current lolita comm down

>> No.9791096

What is a good place to learn about different types of lace? Like the terms that are used for it in lolita. I google for it but I get a lot of (ugly) bridal things.

>> No.9791099

In general I think the most common types of lace in lolita are cotton, tulle, and chemical.

>> No.9791105

Isn't that only the name of the fabric?

>> No.9791119
File: 390 KB, 478x640, Lemons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it still a meme that salopettes aren't considered lolita? I love lemons so much and I feel like it could make such a cute summer coord

>> No.9791125

Different types of lace are made using different fabrics anon...

>> No.9791126

Not all salopettes are created equal. This one would work for casual lolita imo, as long as you're small enough for it to fit properly.

>> No.9791132

shut up you egg, I've been here and using lolibrary for over three years and the new update has completely wrecked the search bar for me. it's effectively been proven it's working differently for different people

nayrt but nope, I get either fuck all or entirely too vague results - especially if I try to use tag search

>> No.9791138

Here are some old blog posts on the subject.



>> No.9791139

Have you not attempted to try different tags or go on different browsers/phone? Sometimes certain combinations and pages will be stuck on loading for me forever, so I take out or add a word

>> No.9791161

I think that creepy porcelain doll vibe is what I like most about old school. Even sweet had a bit of an edgy attitude. I do wish there was more of a blogging scene, especially lifestyle blogging now, I don't know if I'm not looking in the right places but most active blogs I find are mostly outfit snaps.

>> No.9791189

Is there any big difference between Mercari and Fril as far as the process/cost with SS?
Like is one generally easier or cheaper than the other?

>> No.9791207

Same here lolibrary just sucks now. I end up having to look through 30 pages because I can’t do a defined search.

>> No.9791209

No, some SS don't do mercari though

>> No.9791374


Sorry, guess I misread. Yeah, I want to say Japanese indie isn't so risky -- they have this attitude towards stock/promo photos where it'll be as close to the final, and a lot of the shops do write down the material they use. Whereas taobao brands sometimes the final product you receive is practically a different dress than the promo pics.

>> No.9791450

No problem anon. I've had better experiences buying from Japanese indie than I've had buying from brand so I want to help keep them in business, you know? I hope the Japanese lolitas continue to support them.

>> No.9791568

Not about wanting to feel special, I guess my experience and the opinions I've seen are different to yours.
I'm just sad to see people (conlitas or otherwise) heatedly insist that lolita is just clothes and nothing else and if you "force" anything beyond the fashion then you're cringey, and clearly I'm not the only one.

>> No.9791576

First time buying through zen market to grab an ultimate dream item and I got a message saying that the seller is blocked. The seller has a lot of positives so I doubt it's from fraud and instead because of zen market being a proxy service. I thought zen was one of the few SS left that didn't throw up any gaijin alarms, what do gulls? Will japonica be the same too? Are there any other fast SS to get around this?

>> No.9791577


If you're still up for reviews, I'd love to read them. I'm still really curious about the quality of brands like Moon Afternoon or Rosa Bianca, or some of the stuff that Atelier Pierrot carries (like Alice Garden or Snob).

>> No.9791582


I've always thought Japonica was the one SS company that threw up the least number of gaijin alarms, just that they were overwhelmed and slow to respond a few months ago so anons stopped using them. They were fine for me in my recent order, but I'm an old customer, so.

>> No.9791585


>> No.9791587

I've only had one seller go gaijin alert on Japonica out of all the times I've used them. I think they're okay. But I'm also an old customer so idk.

>> No.9791591

I've heard about Japonica being slow but also about their instant bidding, does it work? I haven't used them before and even though they're back to taking on new customers I'm scared they won't be fast enough (less than 10 hours left on bid).
I've used tenshi once before but she took over a day to respond, which was totally fine for that situation because I knew about the listing in advance. I'm on the fence on emailing her right now

>> No.9791598

When I've sent them an order within their business hours they have taken a few hours to get on buying it. I've asked them to bid on items with only 8 hours before without trouble though.

>> No.9791599


I wish I could say it's worth a shot, but to be honest less than 10 hours is pretty iffy for almost any SS, although both Japonica and Tenshi have pulled through for me a few times I would not have been surprised if I got a message saying they were asleep/at work and didn't read my email.

If you can do without the money for a bit (Japonica needs to be paid up front) you can shoot them an email and give it a shot anyway. They used to have a different method for urgent auctions, but I can't seem to find the instructions anymore.

>> No.9791610

I just sent a request to tenshi a couple of minutes ago, I'm hoping that she sees it before the listing ends because I can pay fast. I don't know if I should try out the japonica instant bidding as well to be sure, I'm still within their business hours but not by much.

>> No.9791629

Yeah but there are a lot of different types of lace that can be made from cotton, so that’s not actually all that helpful. Raschel, cluny, torchon, venise, guipure, broderie anglaise, chemical and other types of lace can all be made from cotton and be either high or low quality. Many years ago I was a noob parroting that cotton good! polyester bad! and my grandmother gave me a big bag full of 100% cotton lace to sew with. It was all raschel, and not even the nice raschel that Meta uses. Oops.

This second link illustrates it pretty well.

>> No.9791635

Return customer in, I sent them an order and they responded and bought the listing within the hour. I think they just prioritize old/return customers.

>> No.9791641

I don’t see how wearing lolita to have tea with friends or reading fashion magazines can be considering “forcing” that lolita is more than just clothes. Do your conlitas not wear clothes when they’re out with friends?

>> No.9791674

Rosa Bianca is AMAZING. I can take pics when I get home.

>> No.9791684

I can't believe someone thought you meant taobao when you said indie brands. Things sure have changed.

>> No.9791692

Does anyone else feel like they lose interest in a brand if they don't release things often enough? I have that feeling with Moitie. I can't remember the last time they released wrist-cuffs or shoes.

>> No.9791728

What is the distinction between ロリータ and ロリィタ? I know they're different ways of spelling "lolita" but I'm not sure if they have different connotations or anything. ロリータ seems to be a lot more popular, so is there a reason some people use ロリィタ instead?

>> No.9791731

I've seen some people say they use it because it's not as widely associated with other "lolita'" things like ロリータ is, since that's the general term.
There's really no difference, though.

>> No.9791735

One is lolita fashion and one is Nabokov and fetish stuff, don't ask me which one is which

>> No.9791737

its similar to westerners using rorita instead of lolita so they dont get followed by porn bots. ロリィタ is the spelling they sometimes use on western sites like youtube and tumblr because the normal spelling gets blocked in save search.

>> No.9791738

I think ロリィタ is mainly used for the fashion, other for the book. Just google the two and compare the results.

>> No.9791886

It both says Lolita and both are used for the fashion, ロリィタ has less hits as they just recently started using it. (It’s not really correct linguistically.) But the reason on why they transfered to this new spelling has already been mentioned.
Have to say that eventually this spelling will also get used by the wrong people and then they will need a new alternative.

>> No.9791918

>they just recently started using it

>> No.9791925

Most Japanese lolitas I know IRL/follow did not predominately use ロリィタ until relatively recently, like the last 5 years. Plenty still use the other spelling, too.

>> No.9791930

so it's just a recent trend in your group of friends then

>> No.9791935
File: 328 KB, 1101x458, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.24.56 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post examples of other lolitas using it 10-20 years ago. Hardly any of the popular yaplogs from my baby ita years even use it, and plenty of books written about lolita by lolitas use the "normal" spelling, too, as did the GLB.

I'm all for using the alternative spelling, but it's incorrect to claim that it was/has been the standard for a great length of time.

>> No.9791939

I posted an example of someone using it in 2013, that's not recent but I guess that is just my opinion so whatever

>> No.9791940

>I'm all for using the alternative spelling
You said they'll need a new alternative
>it's incorrect to claim that it was/has been the standard
Nobody claimed this

>> No.9791941

Five years ago was 2013, which the other anon stated they didn’t count as recent. Y’all are just talking past each other

>> No.9791947

I never said they would need a new alternative. Where did you get that?

>>9791918 Claimed that the mainstream use of ロリィタ was not recent, that it was older.
Then I counterclaimed that its popularity was fairly recent. Within the last 5 years is still "recent" to me, since we're in a fashion that's been around in some form since at least the 80s and that boomed in the 90s (20-30 years ago).
Then >>9791930 said it was must only be a recent trend among people I follow (selection bias), so I gave some evidence that ロリータ, not ロリィタ, has generally been the standard spelling for the fashion.

I am all for using ロリィタ, that's fine. No other alternative needed.

>> No.9791950

in auctions I mostly see ゴスロリ, and 2nd is ロリータ

>> No.9791974

Nobody said mainstream usage
>Have to say that eventually this spelling will also get used by the wrong people and then they will need a new alternative.

>> No.9791987

They dress normie outside of meetups and cons.

>> No.9791993

Tbh that's what comms seem to be for. Most normal lolitas I've met were not in a comm.

>> No.9792011


I joined lolita in 2006. It was already mentioned way back then that some girls use an alternate spelling so that they aren't associated with lolicon lolita. To be honest ロリータ still got me more results than ロリィタ in 2006, so may have been a thing just a small group of girls did rather than the majority.

No links for you though. Not many blogs and things survive from 2006, I'm afraid. Just a thing to keep in mind when arguing over history that aside from the GLB it's very hard to find anything preserved that will give you definitive answers.

>> No.9792026

I never said that it wasn't used at all, simply that it wasn't common. Also, a surprising amount of blogs listed here are still accessible if you or anyone else wants to walk down memory lane:

That wasn't me, anon.

Anyhow, fun little spat gulls.

>> No.9792092
File: 145 KB, 750x1001, IMG_7080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who let the SJW's loose in RC again

>> No.9792094

If you start looking at people's facebook profiles you'll notice most people commenting on RC aren't even lolitas. What happens on RC is unrelated to lolitas imo.

>> No.9792098
File: 12 KB, 226x227, FB_IMG_1514906443850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty much an SJW and even I want to tell that idiot to suck my special edition AP "Milky Benis" burando dick.

>> No.9792100
File: 180 KB, 750x1056, IMG_7079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9792105

People on RC must be really bored if this is what they're arguing about now.

>> No.9792110
File: 35 KB, 800x450, IMG_7081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> op implying that white people should only speak white languages

When ur trying so hard to not be racist that you become the racist

>> No.9792112

Are they too autistic to tell anyone who says that isn't even serious jfc.

>> No.9792135

Good to know that her wigs and makeup are still terrible. Yeah it's an improvement, but only by a hair (lel)
If you don't think this is bad - her bangs are literally diagonal. Don't come and tell me that's intentional, it looks like ass.

>> No.9792137

dropped youtube link because I'm as bad at posting as k8 is at styling herself, apparently.

>> No.9792166

please do! i'd love to see

>> No.9792170

It's a fucking joke.

Also the thing about french is stupid, too. Most people cannot pronounce random foreign words flawlessly off the top of their head without looking it up. There's also so many accents and differences in pronouncing letters in the world. "Moy-tee" would be a pretty simple mistake for an English speaker to make who's not familiar with French or who is feeling out the word.

>> No.9792205

Yes, but in this case brand in Japanese is literally burando (ブランド). It's a borrowed word. Comparing cat to chat is similar, though neither is probably borrowed. A better example would be the word baguette or lingerie in French and English.

>> No.9792207

jesus kate find a new place to film, this isnt 2007. youtubers with less than 1,000 subs have better production value.

>> No.9792212

wow. what a dick. Burando is a loan word from English. it's not a mistake, it's a word in Japanese that is of English origin. Like karaoke or bologna...which you could say we pronounce as a mistake, but it's not, it's a loan word that English speakers have made their own.

>>9792110 is right. these assholes are revealing their true ignorant thoughts. they're the ones in the wrong. as usual.

but keep over-correcting, white SJWs. you'll never get to heal the ill-thinking at the root underneath and are no better than your parents. actually worse: parading around like you care about others and championing other people's causes.
>I digress...

why did you post this here? no one cares about your vendetta. the Farm is that way

>> No.9792335

>Condition: Like New
>Damage: Pilling

If you do this, fuck you.

>> No.9792538

Hey lolita general, /k/ here, question for you: my girlfriend is into your general aesthetic and is looking for some new earbuds. Does there exist a set of cute ass loli earbuds that aren't junk?

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