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Shaking my head Edition

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I wanna hold hands with that octopus

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B-but that's lewd, anon

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>literally dozens of coords in my closet that I either never wore or never got decent photos of
>finally get some free time and inspiration and want to take some nice pics
>roomie is on holiday and took her camera with her
>only other local friend is working a ton of overtime and has no time to go out for the next few weeks
>city too crime-ridden to be able to use tripods and a self-timer outside alone even if I could afford one
>comm so inactive I might as well be lone and the photos I get from meets are usually unusable anyway
I just want some nice photos maaaan. Looking through years of poorly-lit cameraphone mirror shots is making me sad.

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>tfw still too autistic to go to a con

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Do you have anyone to potentially go with? It's much easier to go with someone, even if you split up at the actual con since you'll most likely meet new cool people there.

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Unfortunately no. Lost all my friends a few months ago because I had to move. Can't really go outside to new places without breaking into tears lately too

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>tfw I'm super attracted to cute, traditional girls in pretty dresses, but they always turn out to be degenerate mega-sluts
>tfw the few good ones already have boyfriends (of course, god dammit)

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Aw, that really sucks. If I knew you I'd give you a hug right about now.

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>tfw traditional girl but also a mega slut
sorry anon, I hope you'll be able to find a pure girlfriend

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Fortunately for me, I have no problem with this. Drop that info babygull

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Thanks. Maybe I'll get over it someday if my meds ever work.

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>tfw you look in the mirror and you feel too small and plump to wear pretty dresses

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that's not very gentlemanly of you anon, at least introduce yourself

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I really hope you do. Cons are a great excuse to just hang out with a bunch of geeks and not having to worry about hiding your power level.

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My apologies. I'm but a simple gull just interested in your sexual exploits and would like to know more.

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I'm sorry but I'm not drunk enough to spend my Saturday night telling a stranger on the internet about my 'sexual exploits'

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Would it help if I told you I also liked Bloodborne?

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it slightly helps

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Nayrt I wouldn't like it if a person was interested in my sexual exploits, no matter what they are. It basically means they treat me like an object.

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We're making progress, then!
Of course I know said anon is a real human being with feelings but I know they'd probably rather stay anonymous in a situation where they'd be disclosing details like that instead of revealing their identity.

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I feel like we might actually have talked before though desu, so it wouldn't be very anonymous at all lol

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Oh damn, a certain story of yours we talked about before related to a church? If so, hope you're still doing what you're doing, gull!

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I get really nervous when I think about wearing lolita outside, but once take the plunge and do it, it’s absolutely wonderful. I love this fashion so much

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yeah we talked before then indeed :^) thank you haha

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I just want to hide in a dress. And maybe cry.
Yeah, I want to cry. For whatever reason. I haven't cried in years, I forgot how it feels.

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Can I shoot you a quick email if you're still using the email address you provided before?

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yeah sure, go ahead

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Nicu, mailed you

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>gf has never asked for kinky stuff before
>mfw she suddenly wants to dress up as MeMeMe, and get choked/spanked with no mercy

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I wish I could make friends that easily.

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You can if you're a mega-slut!

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>the kind of men who like slutty women

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>the kind of men who abhor slutty women

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I'm an unattractive straight male sadly so that's not going to happen

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Can we all report this thread and try again? This is the COSPLAY & EGL BOARD, not /r9k/. Stop fucking talking about "muh kinky gf" or "muh slutty grills!" If it's not related to cosplay or lolita just go back to /r9k/

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What does she have against Mercy?

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Hamgalaxy detected

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hot desu

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The ironic part is that your autistic screeching would prolly fit in well with /r9k/

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You mean the official uniform of daddy issues? Run.

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>tfw no pure bf to hold hands with and have a romantic relationship with
It's daijobu.

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Man I just really love lolita.

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>every girl that I know in my cosplaying area is dating, has a bf or is too hot for me
>every girl that would agree to date with me lives far away
>everyone who knows me, knows I'm single and too much innocent and chill
>everyone knows my father takes me to the events because he wants to watch out for me and help me suit up and whatnot
>tfw everyone around me knows I'm quite the virgin who never had a single gf or one night stand

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You're the luckiest person in here. Buy something off eBay and go be happy man.

I'll be here wishing it was me.

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I also hope for the best for you, anon! Please do try vitamin supplements too. Vitamin B complex helped me rise out of a huuuge mental slump and I'm now able to attend cons again.

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>support MM for years
> email in Japanese to ask if Japan/NOT CHINA will get to order old releases like the Chinese lolitas

Guess VM deserves my money more

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>Several of my dream items are on LM and Y!A for decent prices
>I was pickpocketed recently
>PayPal was connected to my old credit card
>Boyfriend doesn't have much money so I'd feel bad asking him
Why now!? Guess I get to watch my dream dresses be bought by other people. I hope they appreciate them as much as I would. Fuck my life, I should have been more careful with my handbag.

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I didn't read your post, but 10/10 image

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>be me, dating bf for 4 years
>Bf is also #1 con friend
>I love him, lost VCard to him and had a abortion
>been through so much shit I can even mention
>recently bf has become more depressed and sensitive
>starts becoming more controlling
>don’t wear Lolita anon
>don’t make fun of me anon
>don’t dislike what I like anon
>argue about it, turns into scream fest
>breakdown in the middle of the road
>mfw I just want someone to hold me and run fingers through my hair and unconditional love
>crying while typing

I’ve decided to take a break and I don’t know how to feel about this. I can’t wait for him to grow up. This is a man who quit his job at dominoes within less than a week and claims his dream job as a professional smash player.

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>live in the middle of no where in Midwestern US
>cosplay community is pretty small
>there's one cosplayer in particular who wants so bad to be a pro cosplayer
>she buys most of her costumes from eBay, gets discount wigs on Amazon, and edits them pretty minimally
>I'm 90% sure she doesn't go to any major conventions. At the very least, there's not any in her usual line up and I can never remember her mentioning going to one.
>She's pretty well-known in the local community, but not because she's talented, but because the community is just really small
>I think she's recently finally realized that, because she announced her cosplay lineup for the year recently, and it's full of cleavage
>Yesterday she announced that she did her first lewd cosplay shoot
>She makes $2 a month on Patreon. She's pretty attractive, so once she gets those lewds finished, that 2 is gonna shoot up probably over night

What bugs me is that she always goes on about how she wants to be pro, but never really tries that hard. Like I said, she buys most of her costumes and does pretty minimal editing. If you wanna be pro, you gotta learn how to sew. You gotta make all your costumes yourself. But once she gets these lewds on her Patreon, suddenly she'll be making a lot more money--especially if she does this regularly. I guess then she'll be able to really call herself a pro cosplayer, it just annoys me because she's just not even that talented. She's just well-endowed.

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Oh, dear... you need to see if you can get him into therapy because he is likely really suffering from depression. It will manifest differently then it does in a woman, but that's not a commonly discussed fact. When men suffer from depression, they are more likely to express it through irritation and anger then sleepiness and sadness. His controlling attitude, tendency to scream, and increasing annoyance at trivial things like how you dress is a by-product of his suffering. He's super depressed. He really does need therapy. I ask you try to remember this difference in expression if you want to try to make things work out between you two.

I'm not going to comment on him quitting Domino's in a week because that's what people with depression do no matter what their gender. All of this is a sign that severe depression is eating him alive, and he does need the help of a professional. It is common for mental illness to develop in men when they are a young adult.

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Man, I just really love cosplay.

>> No.9782780

>spent two hours de-shining and detangling an old wig
>realise after I did it that I'd sold all the coords it matched years ago and it matched virtually nothing in my current wardrobe

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I'm proud of you, anon!

Do it, it's a good way to vent. If you haven't cried in years, you most likely need it.

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>just remembered I forgot to save/back up the message my waifu sent me on CURE before it shut down

Son of a BITCH

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>rarely get to see con friends
>room with irl friend at con
>hang out with con friends for one full day
>get abandoned at con by irl friend and sent an angry long text
>pissed I'm spending time with con friends
>gets mad at another convention for seeing friends again, all I said was "Hi"
>walking on eggshells the whole con to not be bitched at


On a positive note, I'm already getting started on cosplays for a convention in May! Con crunch be gone

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whoops, accidentally deleted a part. F still fits though.

>friend ignores me whole weekend because I dared say hi to people she doesn't like and isn't her

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>want to make an IG account to post jfash outfits/selfies
>don't really know how IG works, or how to build a following on it
What do? I have a small Tumblr following, so I was considering just making a new IG account and advertising it there, but will that even help if I don't already have at least 100 IG followers and a set of posts?
I see girls who aren't exactly e-famous, and also don't use tags, but they have like 3k-33k followers who like/comment on their content and engage with them regularly. Literally how?

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>Wonder how lolitas pee
>Walk in on lolita gf peeing
>Stare at her and audibly say "ah, so that's how they do it."
>She shuts door because she has to wipe

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bait or not, "audibly say" is an accurate imitation of autist mannerisms, good on ya anon

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The algorithm kinda snowballs then with more views. Nobody knows how the algorithm works, not even those that originally put in the original building blocks for them because they're mostly composed of bots teaching other bots how to better deliver content to humans.

So just make the account, advertise it, view/comment on people of interest and wait for the bots to pretty much do their job and connect you to others.

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I'm dying because it's true.

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I miss 2012 so much. It hurts, gulls. IT HUUUURTS.

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someone tell me I'm gonna make it. I wanna lose enough fat to fit into Mary Magdalene. typing between sets right now. god dammit.

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Probably was more emotionally involved into the abortion (from how you geentexted it) then he let on. If you two having been dating for so long, why didn't you keep the baby (who wanted the child gone?) & get married?

You'll probably lose it, which context of Mary Magdalene are you referring to.

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>brother's gf abandoned him
Should I try to set him up with some girls in my comm?

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mostly I want to fit into that mid-late 2000's stuff that's all around 88cm bust/66cm waist. Currently at 90cm bust and 73cm waist. ugh.

>> No.9782871

76cm here, I feel you, anon. This is quite nasty to know you're not actually fat, but either not ~skinny~ enough to wear brand.

>> No.9782872

k, but when you say "Mary Magdalene" I'm thinking of the saint. Do you plan on dressing up in flowing robes or are you referring to something else?

>> No.9782874

I'm from the lolita portion of this board-- I'm talking about the brand Mary Magdalene.
Yeah, like I definitely have extra weight, but I'm not fat by most standards. It's so frustrating. just gotta eat less food and lift weights and do cardio. no one ever said this was gonna be easy, I guess.

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Oh fuck I was way off

>> No.9782889

This could have been posted by my bf before I met him.
>tfw he now complains about me not wanting to have sex every day
the fuck did he expect
At least he likes it when I wear lolita, unlike most guys.

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mfw having to run past horrible people I know on the street in full lolita
the most anxiety-inducing part of my day
no eyecontact pls xox

>> No.9782916

I feel you anon. I was generally okay with my body until I got into lolita. I guess at least it gives me motivation to get back in the gym

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>hanging out with friends in the city
>spot girl from my local Jfashion community in her typical getup
>wave at her and say hi
>she turns around
>mfw it’s not her, it’s some girl dressed as a rainbow clown for carnaval

>> No.9782920

I was on several occasions on the other side of that, I had a friend who dragged me and a different friend to cons only to run off for the rest of the day with other people she met there, I think it's reasonable to expect to not be ditched if you're going somewhere with someone, especially if we didn't even really want to go and know no one there, it's a shitty thing to do.
On the bright side me and other friend became friends ourselves.

>> No.9782935

I like it and I have a great relationship with my dad

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Did you bring your friend or did they want to go? Because the context is important.
It's kinda rude to ditch your friend unless it's a con you both wanted to go to. If you invited her to the con, you probably shouldn't have ditched her even if you wanted to hang out with your con friends.

>> No.9782962

I really want to get my cosplay done but I have zero actual will to work on it.

Please send help.

>> No.9782968

Deep down, I'm kind of happy that Lolita Updates doesn't keep up with VM. It just means more stock for me and no complaints about VM's sizing/ lack of shipping overseas/ etc.

>> No.9782971

well maybe if they kept up they wouldn't be dying? rip

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I hate when I find a cute dress, and want to buy it, but then remember I have big tits that would probably make it look cheap/slutty, and a broad waist so I wouldn't even have a nice silhouette in it.
I'm not even technically overweight, I just have an abysmal shape and look off in anything that's not either completely skin-tight, or very baggy and maybe coupled with thigh-highs.
Chestlets/petite girls have absolutely no right to complain. They're living the dream.

>> No.9783017

>They're living the dream.
For jfashion, maybe. But in other areas of life...

>> No.9783021

Medium-sized breasts are the best, really. You have a nice feminine form but your boobs don't become a hassle or lead to objectification.

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My friend just told me, one hour before we were set to go, that she couldn’t go to a con. I’m just really bummed out.

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You're cute, anon

>> No.9783124

Friend is also a cosplayer, we room together at conventions, so yes she wanted to go. We had three other irl+cosplayer friends rooming with us, so it wasn't like she was alone. Before this, whenever we would room together she would boss me around and get pissed that I wanted to cosplay on Sundays.

Should have clarified that she's also a cosplayer, sorry!

>> No.9783128

Yeah, I was usually abandoned too, but in this case after spending several years by myself after she would abandon me or make fun of my cosplays, I wanted to see my con friends when she had left me.
She wasn't alone either, since she had left me to go back to the hotel with other roommates/friends and watch anime. On the good hand, we're starting to work through this issue on both sides, so I'm glad about that.

>> No.9783173

I feel this
>tfw job
>tfw hella cash
>tfw can finally afford fabric for DMC3 Vergil cosplay
>tfw fucking dead on weekends and no time during work days

>> No.9783195

I also feel this.

>no money
>all the time in the world but depressed and no motivation

>get job
>suddenly money
>feel much better about myself and life in general so tons of motivation
>no time or energy left to do anything but sit on the couch watching Netflix

Weekends get filled up with chores and social obligations so those don’t help either. How do other employed people do it??

>> No.9783205

The algorithm is connecting me with old men. Help.

>> No.9783208

Welcome to your way to 10k followers.

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God damn it.

>> No.9783213

>as a professional smash player.
Fucking kek

There is no money in smash. Not even like Nintendo puts in prize money for tourneys. The pots are so small. It's one thing to be delusional and try and go pro in league, dota, ect. but smash bros is just dumb.

>> No.9783219

At least with league or dota there’s a career option for a tiny tiny percentage. The biggest smash tourneys don’t pull in all that much at all. Even Magic or Yugioh would be better, and those heavily rely on luck.

It’s one thing to want to be good at a game because you love it, and then luck into money, and another to just want cash for playing a game.

Sort of like low tier costhots, really

>> No.9783222

This is the worst part about the fgc, no money. The people are great though and certain games are trying to get up there with LoL and CS

>> No.9783224

I think SF would be better than smash, prizewise. Oh and Melee more than smash4 by a long shot.

Hmm... lolita fighting game. Mana-sama, AP whore, ita, ageplayer, etc

>> No.9783227


>> No.9783401

How do I make friends at a con if I have no friends? Also without coming off as desperate

>> No.9783409

Its usually get better at organizing.
Planning things out is hard, but incredibly rewarding. I was the same, work and then just netflix everyday. I keep a schedule now. I know 8 pm is sewing time. Personally, I don't have an end time, just that i have to start at 8. Once im into it, I go for a while though. Starting it is the hard part.

>> No.9783455

>Went with friends to valentines day party at a bar
>get tanked
>chatting to fellow cute cosplayer
>drop drink when a dude bumps me
>try to brush it off but look like an idiot
>go back to drinking
Fuck, I'm dumb sometimes.
I felt a good vibe before it too. There's always next time though.

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File: 58 KB, 687x654, 1518148975944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2012 was 6 years ago

>> No.9783461
File: 67 KB, 200x200, tumblr_n0kbdh74bo1sfd142o1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to make an IG account to post dumb weeb shit and coords
>would have to install closed-source software on a proprietary operating system
GNU+Autism is suffering

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My wife wants me to dress as a Dream Daddy character. I like the guy's design, but that fanbase is T-O-X-I-C.

>> No.9783483

>not making a VM to contain all your social media and social media cookie trackers

torvald would be ashamed of you

>> No.9783492

That game was around for ten days before a fanartist got bombarded with death threats.


Because she drew genderbend fanart, of all fucking things.

>> No.9783498
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>letting that garbage on my LAN
I'd have to buy a new switch with vlan isolation

>> No.9783499

you can virtualize most of that. virtualbox supports a bunch of those features.


>> No.9783527

what city? I mean maybe some anon could help you

>> No.9783543

>chronic illness flare up means i can't do much more than shower and feed myself
>can't work on cosplay
>can't wear lolita
>getting next to no joy out of life
>no inspiration, no nothing
>i don't even know where to go from here

>> No.9783552
File: 290 KB, 816x919, 4C1B6298-8F97-416D-863C-7ADA91168344.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I feel bad lately like I will never be able to wear lolita again. It’s just my body shape is all over the place. I thought I was mentally well and was making progress in my weight loss goals as I lost 40 pounds after my pregnancy. Yet now I am pregnant again and I just feel so bad because it’s like all progress is out the window . I am happy for the pregnancy but disappointment comes to mind as I know I have to set aside my love for lolita and adulthood comes first.

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Is there a church, but instead of religious people it's for weebs?

>> No.9783577

yes it's called an anime con and service is only held once a year for 3 days

>> No.9783579

be careful dude, the fans are psychos. Hope your wife doesn't mind being cuckqueened because they will rape you in front of her.

>> No.9783586

>Finally get my life back from depression from all the time i'm spending doing forestry work during the summers while studying at uni rest of the year
>Realize I *REALLY* used to love Cons and cosplaying
>Realize i'm going to be working in the far north for at least the next two years.

Money won't be a huge problem anymore, should I fly?

>> No.9783600

>tfw friends are starting to get sick of cons and cosplay but I’m enjoying it more than ever

>> No.9783608

I mean, I would have preferred VM to be going on to their 30th anniversary, but at this point, I don't think that's going to happen, so I'd rather be able to support them to the very end without the annoying complaints.
Some part of me still insists on never saying this about VM until they close their doors for good.

>> No.9783627

the carnavaller must have had a really nice outfit or the girl from your comm dresses really bad

>> No.9783635


>dress toned down in pink AP pastel
>head to mall with friends to grab dinner
>waitress asks if I'm one of the clowns from downstairs. Gets excited, stars in her eyes until I say no.
>Head downstairs to look at clown. It's a dude with neon green hair and brightly coloured clothes handing out balloons.
>tfw mistaken for brightly coloured clown who isn't even pink
>mfw when I have no face

I get it. I was pink and wearing a carousel print. But still.

>> No.9783660

Don't take it personally, normies are idiots.

>> No.9783674

I'm a lone lolita and I've been so happy I made a weeb friend to hang out with. It's like I've found the /c- to my -gl/. He doesn't complain if it takes me a long time to do my hair or make up and is always willing to take nice pictures for me. We stayed up late playing video games and I let him stay over so he didn't have to drive in the bad winter weather. He ended up confessing. Now he's telling me he's getting married in June, but he has permission from his fiancé to keep seeing me, that was the condition if they got married.

What the hell? I wanted a friend, not all of this shit. Now I feel bad because I should probably stop being his friend, but he helped me through a lot of tough stuff and it's going to hurt. I didn't know weeb boys could be this much trouble.

>> No.9783683

What’s wrong, that sounds awesome to me, why not keep being his friend, it’s not like you had romantic feelings for him or anything. Aren’t you grateful that he still wants to hang out with you even though he’s getting married?

>> No.9783689

>keep being his friend
He confessed to her, as in he is interested her romantically.

Be honest with him. If you still want to be his friend, tell him that; if you're not interested in anything romantic, tell him that. If he doesn't want to have you in any way other than his "other" woman then cut ties with him. I'm sorry your engaged friend couldn't keep it in his pants, anon.

>> No.9783716

Why do women do this to themselves?

>> No.9783717

We've been brainwashed to think that having kids is a good thing.

>> No.9783720

Ain't that the truth.

My wife and I are financially unstable as hell, and she's clucky as fuck.
Despite the fact that we in no way can afford kids, nor can we handle kids - in fact every time she sees kids she's cringes at them screaming and snotting.

And every time I start coming around to the idea of a kid, I have to deal with someone else's kids and it's a fucking nightmare.
All kids seem to do is cost money, eat up all your spare time and make you unenjoyable to be around.
I have some older co-workers who have had kids and they all back this up, saying that by the time your kids are interesting people they are grown up and have left home.

>> No.9783722

Look at this anon >>9783552
Few things make me sadder than seeing adults giving up things they genuinely love because "adulthood comes first". Sorry but adulthood ≠ having kids, this is a decision you've made for yourself.

>> No.9783725


Too many people have kids just because that's what they're "supposed to do".

>> No.9783727

Okay, then don’t have kids.

>> No.9783749

That's 100% my plan.

Problem is when your other half wants kids.
She can never answer why she wants kids, just tried to reassure me that I'll "be a great dad", as if that's my concern.

Problem is it's very hard to maintain effective birth control as a young man; v-secs aren't given out to men under 35 without kids, condoms are fallible (or, in my case, hard to explain to a wife that "wouldn't mind kids") and there's no prescription option for male birth control.

>> No.9783753

Can you buy her a puppy or kitten?
Maybe get to know her menstrual cycle and figure out the least fertile times. I guess mashing up morning after pills in her breakfast is a no-no.

>> No.9783755

>Problem is when your other half wants kids.
I have this issue as a woman!

I actually got my tubes tied (at 26) but now the guy I am with has changed his mind and wants kids no matter what and apparently adopting one is not an option.

I have never wanted to get pregnant in my entire life, but for him I have to think about it, and my only options are IVF or tubal reversal

I dont want to ruin my body with kids though, muh fashion.

>> No.9783767

We have two dogs and two cats.

They fit in around our lives, they shit outside, don't scream or throw tantrums.
Plus, I don't want to drug her (not to mention she has an autoimmune disorder that affects her digestive system and may well cause her critical issues during a pregnancy - doctor has told her she needs to come off her meds if she gets pregnant).

I'm legit buying some experimental male hormonal birth contro (S-23 if anyone is interested, but it crashes your Test and L/S so you need to run a TRT base).

Don't know your exact situation, but just imagine having a large expensive dog you don't want for the benefit of someone else.
Then imagine it is never cute, takes 3+ years to toilet train, costs 20 times as much, makes you fat and causes you incredible pain.

Yeah, kids aren't an interest for me, and I don't even have to deal with the shit that childbirth brings.

>> No.9783772

Oh I already think about it like that! Funny thing is though, I love children, but I hate babies and I abhor pregnancy.

I know I would be a good mom, I spent my whole life taking care of other peoples kids, and I am a teacher!

But I never really wanted my own and I told him hes going to have to really really find a way to talk me into it if he wants it that bad. I just dont know if its possible, but I want to marry him so I just dont know. He used to say he also didn't want kids.

>> No.9783776

Yeah, I don't think I could handle kids until they're like in their early 20's.
Might as well just get a few housemates.

>> No.9783778
File: 76 KB, 361x279, noisesdownstairs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I need to worship my waifu every Sunday.

>> No.9783779

>not worshipping her everyday

>> No.9783782

Im just pissed because as much as I dont regret getting my tubes tied, for him I may do the unthinkable and get it reversed just for this guy. What a fucking waste.

I'll kill him if he tries to leave me after I have his kid, not even kidding.

>> No.9783785

Yeah, I'd never fucking do it.

My poor aunt, she was engaged to a guy who wanted kids, she didn't.
After a few years she got pregnant for him - 4 months later he left her for another woman.
She ended up having a termination she didn't want for a kid she never wanted in the first place.

>> No.9783791

and he made it super weird by "seeing her" being part of his marriage agreement.

>> No.9783851

Aw, I feel you. I had a relationship going on the sixth year fail because of this. They knew that I couldn't have children, but it's very easy for a younger man to say that they don't. When we got older, the reality hit him that I really could not have children. He'd start getting really sad when we'd watch a movie about a family, when he'd see a family having fun out at dinner, and seeing children play at the park. Eventually, it really wore down on him, and led to us splitting up. I don't hate him for it, but I understand that feel. In my case, it was something that I couldn't give him even if I had wanted one.

I've kind of been avoiding dating now. It's is the second year now of being single. I do miss having a relationship, but I don't want to go through that again. I'm hoping one day when I'm older I can either date somebody who already has children or find a man who has found they are infertile.

>> No.9783857
File: 38 KB, 480x480, 21576617_172950233254071_2322598166261661696_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VM private networks don't play nice with my external firewall. The VMs always inherit the firewall rules for the VM host and no amount of fucking with subnets seems to fix it
W-who really needs IG anyway? IRC is basically the same thing.

>> No.9783871 [DELETED] 

OT as fuck but it's emergency and i really need help, gulls.
Today people as work were discussing the necessity of coverage LGBT people in media. Apparently, they were blatantly homophobic and even agressive, and that made me super mad, so I exposed my support to gay people. Idk, how did it happened, but I totally see they think I'm lesbian now (which is not true). How do you think is there something I can fix? Damn, I feel so bad can't wait till working day is over.

>> No.9783875

then you should leave her so she can stop losing her youth in a barren relationship that is going nowhere and search a man who actually wants a familly.

>> No.9783876
File: 300 KB, 202x205, tumblr_static_58hqiea9p544gkso0gkgw0k8o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gf is too good for me by any and every metric you can think of
>she seems to legit be in love with me and want a life together
>too paranoid that life is playing a prank on me to allow myself to be happy

>> No.9783887

We're ten years in and married.
I made it clear from the start that I'm not interested in ever having kids.

>> No.9783893

Is it something you need to fix? Sorry if I misunderstand, I just don't see how them thinking you're a lesbian is harmful unless they're openly spreading rumors about you, bullying you and/or trying to get you fired for it.

>> No.9783894
File: 353 KB, 679x679, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do whatever you’re gonna do but if you love her, have kids with her. It blows my mind when people say “we can’t afford kids” because people have literally never had it better than it is now, and people even 70 years ago would like to have a word with you. I work at an office and volunteer at a senior home on the weekends, and I see two ends of a spectrum
>women breaking out of their twenties, some in their late thirties who get the baby itch way too late
>seniors who never had kids, few as they are
The former reeks of desperation, the latter have nobody and are here because they would just die alone somewhere. Of course, there are those with kids who just don’t visit them.

Cosplay and fucking around are fun, and you can still do it after you have kids but you’ve got to grow up sometime and invest in your future

>> No.9783896

I sit in a room with three of girls, who constantly gossip about the rest of office, like about every tiny thing. There is no guarantee they won't spread gossips further.

>> No.9783899
File: 490 KB, 500x560, 77.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please seize your happiness. If you don't, you're basically saying "I don't deserve this" and whether it'll be taken away from you or not, you'll never truly feel happy.

>> No.9783902

That's some spaghetti, anon
All I can really give is perspective. I dunno how legitimately homophobic they might've been, but a common complaint is that LGBT people get preferred for coverage over a straight man or woman simply because of their being LGBT. Since their sexuality is also a topic, the media feel like they're hitting two birds with one stone to find a story with an LGBT person. At best, it's hardly worth complaining about and people only have a problem because of homophobia or another hangup, but at worst, it can be like something off the Onion where the story basically equates to "Gay Man Exists in Neighborhood."
Depending on where you fall on that sorta thing, maybe you could try clearing up that you think equal coverage should be respected, if it comes up again. But we live in a super politicized time, people probably won't hold it against you too hard to have your views, if you don't spill too much more spaghetti

>> No.9783903

Yeah, nah, not ruining my life because of supposed late life desperation.
I don't know one person who's had kids and is genuinely happy about it, maybe my mother, but she's literally insane and would be much better off if she never had kids.

>> No.9783910
File: 49 KB, 640x616, 1512961891426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with >>9783894 as far as general views on child-rearing, but I think you know that you don't want kids / would not be a good parent, and I really respect the self-awareness to make that judgment. Since you're so far into the relationship, too, I fault you a lot less than I probably would otherwise (to say that in the most passive-aggressive way).
That really is a tough situation, but it's really only one that you can resolve by talking, imo. People are more complex than biology, despite the origins of their urges/desires, and children have a sort of existential significance for those that want them. It's generally not a problem that goes away with time, but only worsens as a person ages and realizes what they consider a permanent existential misstep that they cannot reverse

>> No.9783915

have you ever been to one of Vic's prayer panels?

>> No.9783929

all I want is a husband. I want a deep, long-lasting partnership--someone to pamper, cook with, and dress up with.

One day I even want kids, once I have a house.
I'm just really not into fooling around, and this guy I'm kind of seeing wants the love I have to offer, without giving me any serious love or commitment back.
Luckily, it hasn't been going on for too long, and I only have a gigantic crush. But I'm the fucking definition of monogamous, so the longer I hang out with him, the more I'll only have eyes for him.

I really need to pull back and put the breaks on because he's not the guy for me.
Really praying I find someone who's been waiting for someone like me.
I'm so fucking ready to settle down.

>Vday is in a few days
>probably going to dress up alone, drink chocolate wine, and watch romantic Kdramas to live vicariously through artificial characters

>> No.9783951

Likewise, just want someone like that. Swore off tinder half a year ago because it kept hurting me in the long run, and I’m not going to find the quality of person I’m looking for there. It’s fuckin hard though, good luck.

>> No.9783957

how old are you? maybe you don't need to rush to settle down so fast

>> No.9783965

Yes he does

>> No.9783977

>F, 26
it's not about age though, I *can* wait until the right person comes along.
But I guess age has something to do with it since I've begun my career and really feel ready for it.

>> No.9783983

good luck to you too!!

>> No.9784000
File: 108 KB, 499x488, 1489095731538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a 2hu cosplayer
>gf is supportive of me
>she's a lolita
>flower guy show up at my office
>oh cool some woman is getting flowers for Valentine's Day early
>they're addressed to me
>my gf sent me roses
>every woman in my department has stopped by cubicle asking me shit
>eating at Chipotle now for lunch considering taking the rest of the afternoon off

>> No.9784003

i'm 22 male and feel the same way. idk what age I have to wait for in which people actually have jobs and their life together.

>> No.9784012

aww what a beautiful life! congrats anon, I wish you and your gf continued romance and excellence.

>> No.9784014

This makes me sad because I've given up on that

>> No.9784021

Don't give up anon

>> No.9784029

I'm not the quoted but I've given up too. I never dated anyone in my life because I am that good guy whom girls see as too weak and proceed to ignore me. I can't impose myself, so my flirtings never end well.

I will never have a girl in my life.

>> No.9784032

>I can't impose myself
Are you implying that this is a bad thing? Girls don't like being intimidated into dating guys, I don't know where you picked this up from.
>I am a good guy
>I am a Nice Guy™

>> No.9784037

This. Shit I'm the guy who was quoted and I gave up because my mental issues are seemingly untreatable. It's not hard to get a girlfriend, having it work is the actual challenge.

>> No.9784039


>> No.9784045

It makes me sad to know that after the 2000s era it seems as if people don’t meet the kind of people I met in my convention days. I met my husband at con and he had a career and his shit together. Do people like that not talk to others anymore at cons?

>> No.9784051

Weeb society is terrible when it comes to creating responsible and successful adults.

>> No.9784052

Be gone and be banished to /r9k/

>> No.9784077

You didn't get it..By imposing I meant having some sort of leadership and letting clear I want her.

Since I never dated anyone, it's everything a bullet fired in the dark.

It's not hard to get a girlfriend? It's so hard for me to get intimate with a girl enough to flirt, let alone successfully date anyone.

It's so hard.

Why are you sending me to /r9k/?

>> No.9784082

Leadership is irrelevant, be honest and straightforward, and do not be imposing. Honesty is the way to go. If you can, make it lighthearted.
>hey X, wanna go grab a coffee one day?
>hey Y let's go get lunch
Literally anything like this, it's easy and simple. It's okay if you're shy, as long as you actually do it. If the girl says no then smile and respect it, and try again with someone else that you fancy.
It's only complicated and difficult if you make it so.

Do you have someone you like right now? A cosplayer, or someone into jfash? Or are you posting about
>tfw no gf
in general?

>> No.9784098

There's this cosplayer that I know. She's pretty cool. I've talked to her on a group and she always chit chat with me. She won't answer private messages and that's something widely known. I'm waiting on a opportunity post chit chat in a group to hit her up and be more straightforward.

I just have null experience with flirting with females, and I'm just quite hopeless. I'm not sure if I should try, even. She's famous, I'm not sure if she will give me a chance or just will ignore it.

Although I've trained myself to not look out for any girls because of my lack of abilities. I'm seeking psychological help this week.

>> No.9784099

>the girl from your comm dresses really bad

>> No.9784113

I've been to a con on my own before
Delta H Con
I was drunk for most of it out of anxiety and no friends

where you from, anon?

>> No.9784126

I mean these days it just seems like (shit I am not even 30 so try not to quote me here. I think it seems like younger kids can’t seem to handle much of adulthood at all) Like society has just fostered an environment where they can do whatever they want , no taking responsibility for the consequences, if something happens and they don’t like the result it’s everyone else’s fault. That’s not weeb culture I don’t think. As I was quite the immature little shit but took time to grow into myself. I think it is just American culture these days. Like the 2007 to 2009 era seemed great because even though everyone was childish they knew when to be responsible. What changed?

>> No.9784133

Stop talking like this, please. It's dehumanizing and says a lot about how you see women.
It's good you're seeking help, you should work on your confidence and self esteem, make yourself a good, stable person before you seek anyone else.

As for the cosplayer you like, do you know her on a personal level or is she just someone you know of? Cosplay fame isn't a big deal, it's fame within a niche, so it's not a reason to be intimidated.

Like I said, work on yourself, brush yourself up, develop some sort of self worth, and when you do try approaching her make it as lighthearted and nonchalant as you can.
>hey X are you free this Friday? Let's go to XYZ together
It's okay if you fake your confidence first, just know that if you don't ask, the answer will always be no.

>> No.9784147

Anon, thank you so much for helping me. Could you send me a message on instagram? my account there is @matheusb1998

But answering you...I know her personally. I know what I have to do, more or less. But I'd like your help. I do not disrespect girls or anything like that ever. It's entirely my fault if I can't date anyone.

>> No.9784162
File: 453 KB, 500x302, tumblr_ltpfqc9biV1qisq6q.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>took a break from work to focus on school
>didn't work for six months while i took the last credits i needed to finish
>couldnt afford cosplay or lolita at that point
>sad as fuck, but whatever it'll be worth it when i am done with school
>finish, everything goes well, get back to work
>first month goes well and i use my pay to pay off some bills until i can get situated again
>i could start buying cosplay materials again on February to have a costume ready for a summer con
>early feb i fucking lose my glasses
>i cant work without them because i cant read, type, write--they're basically reading glasses and i work as a receptionist so...
>no back up pair because the pair i was using was the back up and i hadnt had the money to get a new back up pair
>been out of work for almost a week and while it doesn't seem like much it pushes everything i wanted to do and have to do one month back
>rly fucking sad right now that i have to yet again push my cosplay plans back
>cant rly enjoy my "time off" because i cant do most of things i like which involve heavy use of my glasses

i was almost there, anons... now i'm home with little money, pretty much blind and sad as hell
also angry because idiot me really lost those fucking glasses

>> No.9784163

my dude. are you honestly only 19 and thinking you'll never have a gf ever? your brain isn't even fully developed yet.

you are doing a good thing by going to see a therapist. they can help you identify whoever or whatever contributed to your worth and esteem issues, and guide you through building yourself up. work on that first because you cannot achieve a healthy relationship until you are better and will only get hurt.

I grew up in an abusive household which really fucked me up. I haven't been with many people, but each person ended up being really abusive. hmm, I wonder why? because I never stand up for myself, and some of them can probably sniff my unhealthy programming from a mile away.

work on yourself and you WILL find happiness. don't inject yourself into another person's life if you are filled with self-respect issues and insecurity. that's a recipe for all-around pain.

>> No.9784170

Sorry anon, I don't use insta. You've gotten some pretty good advice here though, this too >>9784163
Cheer up and don't be so hard on yourself. You're still very young and it's never too late to better yourself and find happiness - Just remember that you should be happy on your own first, because if you're down on yourself when you're single, you'll still be sad with a girlfriend. Relationships aren't the solution that'll fix your life, you have to fix your own life, and like >>9784163 said, this is something a therapist can help you with.
You can do it!

>> No.9784171

I'm being truly serious. I honestly think I'll never have a gf for all my life.

Although my main concern is that I'm a virgin, and I never got to kiss, or have a one night stand. I'm completely lacking experience and that pains me. I an we are a girlfriend is a responsibility and gladly I have refrained from serious relationships because I know I'm a train wreck.

But ill seek help. If you want you can contact me on instagram if you want to follow up. God bless you anon. I screencapped your posts. Thank you.

>> No.9784182

My dude, I'm the same age as you. I got my first boyfriend this year, lost my first kiss this year, and that shit. I'm turning 20 soon.

Just chill. People who try to force the relationship or the 'forever alone' card often annoy and turn off others. Interact with people, work on yourself like >>9784163 said, and chill out.

>> No.9784186 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 211x239, 1510948957123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>literal children posting about how x, y and z is never going to happen purely based on their vast life experience

>> No.9784191
File: 87 KB, 780x868, lukanigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those are directed at religious people though. We need a church for weebs.

>> No.9784197

In TN conventions and maybe elsewhere, there’s a Pokémon church event on Easter Sunday and we pray to arceus and his son mew

It’s cringe but fun. Prizes abound. People confess their sins like using action replay

>> No.9784198

Yeah, but that's over. I went to the final one.

I guess I'm talking more about an anime club, but with sermons and shit.

>> No.9784215

tfw he learned nothing from Up

>> No.9784229

Wait it’s over??? Shit.

>> No.9784237
File: 29 KB, 375x305, 1516150053142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am in a bit of a jam with my two friends that I have known forever and their two girlfriends
>We watched fate/apocrypha and because I am the only one they know who cosplays they ask who I would dress as, I say vlad
> They think that's boring but what ever, fast forward to today
> They tell me that they me pay a lot of money on valentines day, if I recreated the scene with astolfo tied to the bed
> It would be there Valentine's gift to there girlfriends who really like that kind of thing
>If I refuse then they will not be friends anymore and "will make my cons hell"
Honestly I wouldn't mind, but I don't want four fat peaple on top of me for cash and petty threats. I think I will tell them to go fuck themselves instead.

>> No.9784240

>won’t be your friend anymore

Those are shit friends anon, drop them hard

>> No.9784262

>having massively shitty time
>mailman needing signature for dress today
>trying to keep myself together long enough to avoid questions
Mailman please hurry, I just want to into a pillow okay?

>> No.9784264


>> No.9784276

I really want to get married and have 4-6 children
>tfw that's probably never going to happen

>> No.9784278

No problem. I just think I'd like to let you know you can somehow track me. I am always around /cgl/. I'm just so used to being hopeless and in a stalemate that I just became too used to do anything.

What's worst is that it's periodical. I am pretty cool and normal most of the time. But I've been losing my shit too often, and therapy cannot be neglected anymore.

I'm turning 20 in July, actually. You got it all in 2018? I spent thus New year's eve crying about how I couldn't get a date. I wish so hard this year my luck will change.

I'll try to be come chill. Thanks, anon.

So you're positive that one can always have a girl at their side?

>> No.9784280
File: 328 KB, 798x448, 7jLMr6W.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could have 4-6 children outside of marriage and then get married anon, I have faith!

>> No.9784283

>They won't be your friend anymore
Are they 8?

>> No.9784286
File: 118 KB, 340x368, psgchildhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never married
>had to move in with my parents after a nervous breakdown in 2014
>all my hopes and dreams are dead
>only feel okay when I'm cosplaying

>> No.9784290

I just did, it's going to be hard cuz we knew each other from elementary school. I guess the cracks started to show when I started to take care of myself and they just let things continue to get worse for themselves.
I hope you feel better soon, anon

>> No.9784294

Not >>9784182 but I got my first bf/lost my virginity right before I turned 19 this year. My bf didn't lose it until he was in his late 20s. Nearly all of my normie and non normie friends are virgins (though the former have usually had gfs). Only one of them just lost his and he's been active on tinder since last spring.

I'm similar to you in that I'm fine most of the time but will lose my mind semi-frequently. Therapy definitely helps a lot but you might have to "shop around" to find one that works for you. Don't give up, but try not value getting a gf and all that so highly. You might feel better but she won't get rid of your problems.

>> No.9784302

My boyfriend keeps making impulsive couples cosplay decisions without properly consulting me. We're going to a convention in 3 weeks, and today he was in our hotel room's group chat saying "anon and I are going to cosplay Devilman Crybaby and Mystic Messenger." Like...that's the first I've heard of that. I already have my lineup planned and don't want to throw it away, nor do I want to have multiple costume changes every day. I've been to cons where I do 2 costume changes Friday and Sunday, and then 3 costume changes Saturday because he wants to cram in every flavor-of-the-month yaoi ship before it becomes irrelevant, so we can get asspats at the con from teenage fujo (I fucking hate fujoshits at cons). I don't have any fun at cons like that, because I get pulled away from people I'm talking to and have to miss panels so we can go change our costumes and make it to a panel or photoshoot.
He also shared the new Yuri on Ice official art and said "anon and I are cosplaying these" and now people in the comments section are getting hyped. I'm just like "with what money? With what time?" I already have such a backlog full of shit that he wants me to make, and then shit I actually want to make pushed to the back.

I just miss the days when I could enjoy my craft. Spending months making one really well-made cosplay is so much more appealing than sweatshopping flavor-of-the-month yaoi cosplays for my boyfriend and I.

I also don't understand why I'm the one sweatshopping shit for both of us when he can fucking sew. I think it's because I can make things really fast, which works well with his impulsive decisions.

I'm just really burnt out, gulls. I cry every time I think of my backlog.

>> No.9784305

you should be my Stocking gf

>> No.9784307

Isn't that how the Dutch do it? I guess that wouldn't be too bad. I've always had a soft spot for the Netherlands

>> No.9784308

My main issue is that I've never kissed or anything similar to that. Honestly I know dating is serious she that relationships don't solve problems. It's the virginity that pains me go such a level that make a me freak out with some frequency - I'm seeking help to attenuate my attacks and help me build experience in dating - what to do, the confidence I need, etc.

>> No.9784309

I'm 28 and about to move out of my parents', thanks for making me feel better

>> No.9784311

In a lot of cultures, living with parents before marriage is totally fine and healthy,
>but anon that’s not how it’s works here
Sure but frankly I think everyone’s ready to leave home at different times, and it’s bullshit to say “18 buh bye”

>> No.9784326


I liked away from my parents from 2007-2014. Then I had the breakdown.

>> No.9784334

I stayed home for two years after going to uni for two, so I get it. Mine wasn’t a breakdown so much as a slow spiral.

>> No.9784341

Where do I find women like you? At the grocery store or on a dating site? 33 and I’m looking to settle down, trying to buy my first apartment, find a wife, then upgrade to a bigger home and start a family. Most women my age are child free or already have a kid from a previous marriage.

>> No.9784344

I finally grew a pair and had a serious talk with my boyfriend. Told him that my backlog is huge and I'm not adding to it unless I find a character that I'm really personally passionate about. I also told him that I'm tired of doing everything myself, and I'm going to look at our planned cosplays (serious plans that we already bought materials for) and figuring out a fair way to divide the labor.

He took it surprisingly well. I really hope he keeps this attitude. When I've tried doing this before, he's whined about how he "can't sew" (he can, he just needs to use a pattern and works at a slower pace than I do) until I take pity and "help" him.

>> No.9784351
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do guys think they can fuck around their entire youth, then settle down with a 20-year-old at age 40???

It's because we keep letting them get away with it.

>> No.9784374

Iktf anon. I was independent and successful for a good 7 years from 2007 to 2011 then came down with a case of the irreversible schizophrenia. I've adjusted and the medicine makes me almost normal but I can't work. Can't have a career. Can't have a girlfriend. I'm content but it could have been so much more normal. You don't miss what you have until it's gone.

>> No.9784376

I've wanted to settle down since I was 20. I'm now 25 and pretty much lost hope

>> No.9784377

A guy at 40 will either be an absolute mess and have checked out of society on his own, or he'll have his shit together and will be able to make some demands out of lifw. His demands just happen to include a young bimbo.

>> No.9784378

2004* to 2011. Oops

>> No.9784380

So what was that all about? Ex fucked up your world?

>> No.9784399
File: 188 KB, 750x1150, 1518446042027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Think it's because it's gotten harder to become successful in a career. Entering my late 20's and I haven't had much time for anything besides working towards my career goals. I'm becoming increasingly nervous about ending up as a creepy sugar daddy if I don't find a fellow weeb to romance soon. I don't have the time to go to cons, or make any decent cosplays since I started taking work seriously. I already feel like I'm getting too old to enjoy the yung weeb life.

>> No.9784401

>sugar daddy
Nothing wrong with that tho

>> No.9784421

>tfw when you moved out at 18 so your parent could get married.


>> No.9784428

I fucking hate dealing with people using the feels threads to complain about >tfw no gf but a 19-year-old complaining about their virginity is so ridiculous I'll bite.

I'm 21, have been in college three years, and my current gf was my first real relationship. She's 24, pretty shy and was a kissless virgin when we met. Another friend from college is 20, handsome and stilla virgin. Two of my straight guy friends from high school are still virgins at 22 and 24, another one just got his first gf since high school at 25. It's not that fucking weird to be single or a virgin at your age, please get over yourself.

>> No.9784433
File: 93 KB, 500x585, pepetales.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get good picture with my con crush
>can't post to Insta because the other girls I've been talking to may see it

>> No.9784435

It's because singles awareness day is around the corner anon.

>> No.9784437


>> No.9784444

None of them are official.

>> No.9784448

So you are saying that me (I'm not the quoted), 19 year old guy, should not be worried about my virginity? What's the exact reason why?

The real pain is that 90% of normie society kinda forces you to get in whatever relationship and promote sex heavily. Sex promoted heavily is what pains me, personally. I get blushing when I see sex scenes on tv.

Valentine's day, that goddamn holiday?

>> No.9784458

Fucking whyyy are you dating someone 10+ years older than you? This shit grinds my fucking gears. You're 19, please be careful. That fucking gross guy found himself a naive teen virgin and I guarantee this relationship won't end well.

Grocery store. Any chill local place. Ask cute people out. Dating sites are nightmares.
I met the guy I currently crush on at the post office. I like him a lot but he just wants my affection, comfy apaato, and sexytime. I subconsciously am holding out in case he suddenly wants to reciprocate, but I'm just an idiot lol

I've only had one bf, who then became my fiance. Didn't work out, heartbroken, celibate for 3 years, then here comes cutie charming asshole who loves giving and receiving affection, but wants no part of commitment. Having a fuckfriend is absolutely pointless for me because (tmi but) can't orgasm if the person doesn't love me. I really gotta tell him to fuck off...but I don't want to miss him.

Ugh, blog posting but I'm strugglin'

>> No.9784472

You sound like a mess, you're probably giving off crazy signals and driving commited guys away with that, same way virgin neckbeards drive women away with their desperate signals.

>> No.9784473

He's 7 years older and we lost our virginities to each other; I should have worded my post better. I understand why you're concerned and am grateful but he's definitely not a predator.

>> No.9784483

Seconded that dating sites are for desperate schlubs and people who just want a smash.

As dumb as it sounds try to force yourself to be neutral if not positive for Valentine’s Day. As a kid it meant school friends and candy! I always buy myself something fun because I deserve it. If you feel down about that think of it as celebratimg yourself.

>> No.9784484

I'm not the quoted but what would be exactly the desperate signals given by virgin neck beards?

>> No.9784486

Unless your goal in life is to be a super powered, polyamorous gigolo, there is no reason for you to sleep around.
You and your partner will learn each other's bodies and likes. As long as you are patient, open, and honest with one another the sex will be a wonderful reflection of how you feel about each other.
Every woman is different, so it is not going to help you if you mess around with other girls and then try to pull the same moves they each liked on your future gf.

Also, you're young. If the first time is brief and nervwracking, like it usually is, you just cuddle for 15mins, communicate how you feel, what you'd like moving forward, get some snacks, rehydrate, and then start the next round o' fucking. Best way to go is learning with a partner.
Sex is an extremely vulnerable and intimate activity. You damage yourself by rushing, forcing, or denying its meaning.

>wish so hard that I was having spiritual, meaningful sex right now
>what is my life?????
>also, fuck valentine's day

>> No.9784491
File: 23 KB, 480x480, racewar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thread theme for all the loveless gulls ITT

>ex who dumped me and then got dumped viciously with another new guy
>serial monogomist
Feel kind of bad for her but no longer care beyond that. Pls gib non-skank gf who likes maybe just some of the things I like

>> No.9784495

As long as you aren't fuck ugly you're fine dude. If you are fuck ugly, yeah just give up.

>> No.9784501
File: 141 KB, 500x500, leiadontknow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm 28 and am considering the 18yo girl who has a crush on me
I feel so creepy, but we have fun together. I want to teach her which anime are good.

>> No.9784502

Valentine's day in Brazil is only on June (because that is the day before Saint Anthony's day, known here as the marriage saint). But I'll buy myself a hotdog or something. That makes me happy.

>> No.9784504

Why should you feel creepy? Because a bunch of older fatter girls tell you it's wrong?
Fuck them, if you're happy and your padawan are happy then go for it.

>> No.9784507

Meant to quote you>>9784501

>> No.9784512

Don't feel creepy, there is literally nothing wrong with that, in fact I would call it ideal. I hope it works out for you guys in the long run

>> No.9784524

Your post was clearly thoroughly written and I thank you for it. I even screen capped your post because I like it.

I do intend to have a partner to have meaningful sex through instruments such as role play, costume play and so on. I have excluded the possibility of hiring a prostitute because of that. I'd truly feel like shit if my first time was with a meaningless person.

Plus, I am never going to have the profile of someone who fucks multiple women, picks up girls from tinder and etc. Perhaps my issue when flirting is indeed being someone lacking inpatient, without patience. But I'm trying to take things more slow and I'll seek a psychologist to further help me.

I'm not dead ugly, but I'm a bit on the fat side. Want a picture?

>> No.9784536

>I'm not dead ugly, but I'm a bit on the fat side. Want a picture?
don't do that to yourself, just hit the gym and post your pic on /fit/ let them rip you a new asshole

>> No.9784538

Same reason women sleep around their entire 20s before trying to settle late 20s early 30s. Because they can.

>> No.9784555

I was going to suggest a picture of me in cosplay, not one of my body. That's gross.

Still want?

>> No.9784568

I'm happy I'm not the only one MM ignored. But similarly I've supported Victorian maiden a ton instead of waiting on a reply

>> No.9784573

>DMC3 Vergil
This was my dream cosplay, my boobs growing ruined everything

>> No.9784577
File: 929 KB, 661x763, B4CEE036-0FC5-4CE1-8D7F-F6A239221F23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>keep requesting redelivery of my package
>it never comes each time
usps why do you hurt me so much

>> No.9784585
File: 23 KB, 318x305, IMG_6909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to grow my hair out so I can use my natural hair for ouji, but everyone is against me doing that.

>Coworkers start to tease me when my hair gets long
>Hairstylists always cut it down to 1.5-2 inches even though I tell them to just trim the dead ends

I'll never be a handsome prince

>> No.9784600

when you give into your coworkers teasing you by cutting it again, you're only affirming what they say
if you keep growing it and don't pay attention to what they say, they'll eventually give up

>> No.9784605
File: 29 KB, 426x421, 1396920689566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9784619
File: 87 KB, 500x600, 1475037936894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We should move all our cosplay and egl communities to Second Life instead of facebook and instagram. Every member could have their own house / properties personally decorated with their content or public places for the community with information and other cool stuff to lolita/cosplay. You could visit random members and just hang out with them, leave some gifts or notes, host contests, the possibilities are almost endless.
Maybe have some virtual meetups for all the people who are semi-autistic lonelitas too. Wouldn't that be nice

>> No.9784623

That's true. I just need to ignore it, and find a stylist who really does just give me a trim when I go in for a trim

>> No.9784627
File: 94 KB, 306x243, flintmad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop slut shaming

>> No.9784683

Other than the usual bad stuff (spotty hygiene, dreadful fashion sense) it's a complex network of verbal cues and body language that just tells you this guy is not worth the time. It's hard to explain but some guys might as well have a megaphone screaming out
>i am afraid of girls
>i hate women
>my mom controls my life
>please somebody anybody rescue me
>touch my peepee i'll pay you
>i wish i was dead
>its not my fault it's everyone else's
>my friends all have girlfriends so i need one to

>> No.9784686

I hate my cosplay community so much, its filled with nothing but vermin of people and its so tiny that everyon knows each other. get beef with one person and half your friends are still sticking next to them even if they know they hurt you. why are people like this? if someone were to fuck oveer a friend of mine i wouldnt stay friends with them

>> No.9784689

i am an equal opportunity slut shamer
women and men get shamed equally in this house

>> No.9784706
File: 587 KB, 1050x1152, 1518488275710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That hit close to home anon

>> No.9784745
File: 1.74 MB, 500x281, tamaki_blush1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> have casual online dude friend
> seen his pictures, 10/10 would bang
> start talking to him more cuz he seems like a cool guy
> OhNoHe'sCute
> try flirting, get to sexting
> IHaveNeverWantedToRideADickHarder
> start worrying i'm bothering him too much, get the courage to send a selfie, heart does that flippy thing at his compliments
> thinking about him yesterday, feeling those good emotional butterflies
> "c-could this be...??"
> tfw i played myself into a damn crush

>> No.9784749
File: 176 KB, 548x548, mikupissed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>little sister got suspended for a day
>she freaked out on another girl and ended up padlocking her chair to her underwear
>mom isn't letting her come to the con with me
I barely want to go without her.

>> No.9784759

You know damn well why I'm linking this even though it is in jest.

>> No.9784771

>ended up padlocking her chair to her underwear

I'm honestly impressed at the creativity. Back in my day you just punched someone in the face.

>> No.9784841

>muster up the courage to ask a girl if I can take a picture of her
>she either says "no" or wants to charge me money

Anime conventions suck when you are unattractive.

>> No.9784854

What the fuck kind of shithole con did you go to?

>> No.9784855

Trust me, it’s not you, it’s the stuck up cosplayer

Saying no could happen if she’s in a rush to change or something, if she wants money she a ho

>> No.9784856


Fanime. Maybe it was also because I went alone.

>> No.9784859
File: 42 KB, 428x371, 6bab2f90-8222-49d2-8689-64a8c1d4cdfd..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is incorrect. Back in ye olden days you only needed one I come to support an entire family. There weren't cripple student loans, you could get a house easily, and the middle class was actually a fucking thing.

I see where you're coming from but I physically cringed when reading the implication that we're the best we've ever been in terms of financially stable environment needed for raising children. We really aren't, and it only takes a quick glance at charts and graphs over the past decade to prove wrong.

Not only that, but children almost unanimously lead to sorrow worse than the death of a loved one for both parents. It feels like you have a lot of nativity going on in this post. Look up hard evidence in data. If I wasn't about to go to sleep right now I'd do the work for you and pull up sources. The world isn't a fairy tale; life sucks and children make it suck more. Our current economical climate is complete dogshit and most people who would consider their self to be middle class are actually poor but don't realize it until they meet an actual middle class person and consider them "rich." When you have a generation where it isn't seen as unusual for the average 20something year old to still be living with their parents (not to support them, to BE supported) then you need to realize we have a problem.

>> No.9784951

Anime conventions are for rich people who can afford to dress up and take time off work to parade in costume and hang out with others for 3-4 days. Don't go if you have no friends, poor, and not good at socializing. It won't help with anxiety or shyness or depression. It doesn't matter if you save up for a trip or lucked out someone lending you a cosplay. You will have a bad time. Not only will people not let you take pictures of them, but you will be too poor to buy any of the merchandise. A lot of the activities at conventions are meant for couples and groups of friends. There is nothing for people who come alone unless they are photographers, models, volunteers, or someone who knows how to work a

>> No.9784956

>she either says "no" or wants to charge me money
haha what the fuck. never once experienced this or heard of someone else experiencing this

>> No.9784961
File: 68 KB, 819x449, crys in german.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


S-Shut up....

>> No.9784970

Anime convention tips:
-don't talk to anyone who isn't your friend
-don't take any pictures or make any videos
-don't ask for pictures

You will end up bothering someone simply by existing near them. Keep to yourself. Not only will help keep the con experience enjoyable for others, but you will also avoid being in a cringe thread/cringe compilation video.

>> No.9784978
File: 70 KB, 235x235, BC2418CE-81CC-4923-9B05-539A652D1773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9784986

10 year age gaps sound fun, but take it from someone who has been the 18 year old, that it's rarely a stable relationship. Unless you both want the exact same thing and she is pretty mature, it's going to get old fast.
Not to mention a lot of 18/19 year olds can be addicted to relationship drama. Also dating an older dude, no matter how much of a crush you have on him, will never go over well with your parents.

>> No.9784992
File: 279 KB, 509x354, girls are so lucky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanted to settle and have kids in not-so-far future since before I was 20s.
Once I got financially stable, I gave it up all, became the girl, and finally am happy just with myself, without any proxy in form of a gf, own family, kids, career, money.
Now I'm looking to settle down with my bf. The only thing that hurts, is that I will never give him kids.

>> No.9785050

I'd be up for it, anon

>> No.9785055

For the people who will inevitably take this seriously: this is a joke post.

>> No.9785112
File: 259 KB, 436x539, d02b0fbdc74a15d02c6ca4d7f29383540585f77871e7d28cc54a35be4d144cbd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you gulls doing for valentines?

>> No.9785113

my gf lives in and other city, so I send her a rose. true the mail.

>> No.9785115

>true the email
I'm sure she's happy to date a romantic brainlet.

>> No.9785116
File: 49 KB, 600x338, 1466879706481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some people are camera shy. Charging money is a dick move though
This is bad advice. We have an entire thread talking about positive solo con experiences.
Getting drunk alone and studying for the rhce

>> No.9785120

I think I’ll make a cake for my friend. And eat it with them. Maybe share some with my family.

>> No.9785122

>through the mail
Rose will be delivered to her.
My fault for the language mistake.

>> No.9785168
File: 539 KB, 885x1254, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get in some overtime at work, then do a long workout at the gym and then go to sleep.

>> No.9785176

>not a single gull will have sex on valentines

>> No.9785177

update: sent him a letter. distancing myself and said goodbye for now because he doesn't want something long-term and I can't continue being physical without love and devotion. I have feelings for him and I can't go on hiding them.

here's to another Vday alone, but I'm proud of myself for not punking out to continue the charade. at least I know for sure now that I'm the wife-type and not the fuck-friend...

>> No.9785181

>it's a complex network of verbal cues and body language

Good thing I'm in costume at most cons I go so these things happen less. I fear that I'll give myself off as a virgin, especially when I'm with girls who ate cosplayers, and some cosplayer friends who are girls too. Thankfully I never had bad incidents, but the fear of giving off virgin neck beard signals is relevant.

>> No.9785183
File: 86 KB, 575x767, 1515038359101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time to give up

>> No.9785212

why cant you buy new glasses? if you can get your prescription from your doctor you can just order a pair online for under $100 with your correct lenses even as a temp pair, sometimes cheaper than $50. Otherwise you might even be able to get some from walmart or something if they dont require you to use their eye doctor service

>> No.9785215
File: 512 KB, 540x300, titty kitty.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the only being appreciating your boobs is your cat

>> No.9785216

This is blatantly false. I'm sorry you had one bad experience but that isn't how all solo experiences go.

>> No.9785219

>that moment when your house cat give you the worst rhinitis attacks sometimes

Plus, why your cat is the only one who appreciates your breasts? Are they way too big or something?

>> No.9785221
File: 1.10 MB, 500x380, meirl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the depression hits and you forget to eat because nothing is appetizing
>tfw go from regular skinny to anzu-tier waif
>tfw everybody is complimenting you on it like it's a good thing

part of me knows i should force myself but the other part of me a) likes how i look in clothes now and b) likes the feeling of my body wasting away because at least it's a feeling.

>> No.9785235
File: 23 KB, 338x299, hotcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

opposite problem
>tfw the bulimia goes from b/p disorder to regular binge disorder
>can feel the weight gain
>have never been skinny, just average
>fear of being a landwhale and also all-consuming need to eat at all times
a-at least I sorted out my purging, right? That's a step in the right direction at least.

to keep this cgl related: scared if I gain I won't look good in lolita. I hate mental illnesses. Here's to getting better - you should eat and I should not eat.

>> No.9785250
File: 190 KB, 442x650, 1453485624605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many of you will cry tomorrow?

>> No.9785251

I cried last night so I'm prolly good.

>> No.9785256
File: 20 KB, 420x418, 1512015664743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if he's obviously reciprocating, fuckin' go for it my dude. i went to a shop 2 times and saw a really cute guy working, asked for his number the 2nd time (i'm a gril) and we're about 4 months in and he's a total weeb and we are thriving right now, GO FOR IT

celebrating late in the week because we both work, but i'm buying a slutty seifuku (don't judge pls) for the occasion

>> No.9785259

now that you're on the thinner side, just watch what you eat more but pls don't starve yourself

>> No.9785267
File: 367 KB, 636x358, pikamojis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ended up padlocking her chair to her underwear

>> No.9785271
File: 602 KB, 963x720, 1459451944917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you padlock someones underwear to their chair?

>> No.9785274
File: 59 KB, 410x360, 1eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you need to see if you can get him into therapy because he is likely really suffering from depression

gonna assume he is a grown adult he should get himself therapy its not his gf's responsibility.
depression is no excuse for being a controlling cunt.

>> No.9785281

I won't cry. I have chocolate so I'll just get fat.

>> No.9785293
File: 14 KB, 300x221, IMG_7046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God me too. Hands down the happiest I had ever been on my life.

>a shit ton of great cartoons on tv
>great anime to watch
>local cosplay community was super sweet and like one big loving club
>got hit on a lot but nothing gross or too creepy
>my cosplay was just starting to get okay

>tfw when there are no good shows at all airing, the cosplay community is straight up hoes and stupid 'meme loving' little kids, I haven't had the chance to cosplay in 3 years because adulting and I have stage 4 endometriosis causing me constant ass-shattering pain.

I would cut off my left foot to go back to 2012.

>> No.9785301
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, 797B01D0-072B-4F77-9254-555153A55982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baking my office some brownies and building a small shrine for my husbando.

I am trying my damn hardest. Last time I thought someone was reciprocating turns out they were just being friendly. So I’m biding my time with this, since it seems he’s flirty by nature according to my other online friends. I did manage to invite him to watch one of his fave shows with me since I’ve never seen it and if his schedule is clear we might be able to start tomorrow.
> mfw it’s a cute romcom

>> No.9785303

who is the asshole going around telling guys that being a virgin is bad?
WHO?? There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. having messy facial hair in combo with other signs of unkempt can give you the appearance of lazy, unaware captain of bad-hygiene, but being a virgin is cute.

watch out and protect yourself from cougars and femme doms, unless you're into being used and controlled.
I repeat: there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. it doesn't make you seem pitiful or gross.
I was on purpose a virgin until 22, and seriously planned to wait until marriage. first partner was really insecure and thought I wouldn't have sex because I secretly thought he was ugly/gross. he was in tears on multiple occasions. he was wracked by anxiety and insecurity. I loved him so much that I just gave it to him. we were together for just under 3 years, and were engaged, but he broke it off.

I'm taking it easy these days, and I still kind of wish I'd waited before becoming sexually active, but I'm certainly going to wait until marriage this time around.

>> No.9785306


>> No.9785324

Celibacy isn't bad, being incel is. When there are people who desperately want to have a sexual partner and cannot establish that type of relationship it means they are undesirable for many reasons. It's not the people who voluntarily say they're virgins anyone has a qualm with, it's the people complaining that no matter what they do they're unable to have sex and blame the world (and women) for their problems.

>> No.9785333

It's social exposition that does that to me. Sex is everywhere. Not obtaining it makes you feel bad since it's widely exposed - in coworker conversations, in television, on internet.

Most of my problems with sex are on my head. I've created such a warped view of it, like if sex was some kind of mythology where I'm destined to never have it or I just be on a crusade to obtain it. I am seeking psychological help to get my self esteem issues solved and get some instructions on how to flirt and seduce a girl.

But you're right. My virginity has some value and I'd hate myself if I lost it to a prostitute or something like that.

Shit, I consider myself an incel but it's entirely my fault that I have no success. Only now I realize that. I'm still young and I have no reasons to not change and achieve success.

>> No.9785335

I agree with a lot of what you said, but that's an extreme that might not even apply to >>9785181.
some cosplayers are young, shy, awkward etc. it's not fair to make those intense assumptions.
I know it's tough because 4chan has a skewed demographic, featuring the worst possible degenerate incels, and woman/self-hating mega-slutmen who think life is all about domination.

>> No.9785339

If you focus on correcting what you personally don't like about yourself, that's called growing as a person. Not only will you hopefully become a better person, but you'll also have more confidence in yourself which people mostly find attractive. The people who never try to make themselves better and blame the rest of the world are hopeless.

>> No.9785359

I dropped my instagram account yesterday in this thread so pripkr can see in an actual cosplayer. And I'm turning 20 in July. So I'm indeed young. >>9785339
Even at my worst times, I always blamed myself. I did have a not so nice background (feminist mom who never allowed me to look at girls when I was young) but in the end, these problems are my own and only I can fix them. After this weekend where I had a rage attack, I saw that I could not postpone help. I want to be better so I can help others be better too.

Like you said with the confidence growing, I'll eventually have a sexual partner. I hate how I make that such a big deal when the other areas of my life aren't meaningless or too boring.

>> No.9785360

So people can see I'm an actual cosplayer*
fixed, I'm on my phone.

>> No.9785366

Good taste, anon

>> No.9785368

>it's wrong for a single person to be in talks with multiple options
I want the femcels OUT.

>> No.9785370

Work and shitpost.

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>> No.9785378

oh! i neglected to mention that i do have a new pair coming in. they take about a week to come (7-10 days), they're specialty lenses.

my original plan was to go there get a pair from them, get my prescription and then buy a second pair somewhere else at a (hopefully) cheaper price. they wouldn't give me my prescription because they said it was expired (i've ran on two pairs of glasses and same prescription for the last 8 years and it's still the same), so I had to get an eye exam and the prescription renewed
when the sale was done, i asked them for a copy of the prescription but they told me that they couldn't give me one because the doctor had left and he needed to be present for that so yeah.... it sounded fishy, but idk enough about prescription laws to say otherwise.

>> No.9785434

>being a virgin is cute
Only if the guy is cute

>> No.9785445

>He took it surprisingly well.
Well done! It's amazing how much you can accomplish with some firm patience and a crystal clear language.
And don't forget "Rules, Boundaries and Limitations". Cesar Milan taught me that's the key.

>> No.9785455

Work, and plan for the evening is shopping.

>> No.9785532

I just want a cute femme dom girlfriend who makes me workout everyday before choking me and riding my dick until I'm dry. :<

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>> No.9785816

Yrah, that's dodgy as fuck.

They make money on the frames and lenses, much more than they do on examinations.

Buy glasses from Zenni, I have a super weird prescription and my glasses cost like $15 a pair for my cheap ones and $40 for my super nice ones.

>> No.9785820

Why not appreciate them yourself?
Nipple play is bretty gud, really helps with the mental aspect of getting off sometimes.

>> No.9785827

You padlock around the waistband or, if they're wearing a thong, around the centre line.

You can't get it off the underwear without the key or code, so you can either walk around with a heavy ass padlock dragging down your underwear or go commando.
There's a video, I think from a JAV (one of the fake-amateur ones) of a girl having her panstu bike locked to a pole.

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