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I wish I was taller edition

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I’m a male and 5’5”
Fuck off

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tall girls can never be truly cute

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>angry midget

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How you gonna wear that burando if your'e six feet tall?

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only if she has big boobs

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>man jaw

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I try to be nice to boys at the con, but there's this awful stereotype that girls with sidecuts are bitches.

I take my wig off. They jump out the window.

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>jealous fatty

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Well this thread is off to a shit start.
Real feels: I'm making my friend a white Miku costume for her wedding. I may cry.

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Look for boys with equally as stereotyped haircuts.

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It's not even just the stereotype. It's that it looks stupid and unnatactive

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Wait why did we make another feels thread aren't there 2?

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Hey gulls.

I think I'm going to kill myself. Not necessarily today, tomorrow, and not even necessarily this year--but I think it's probably going to happen. I don't see my life going anywhere. I live at home, and I've been going to a trade school, but my poor physical and mental health has been dragging it out. I tried college and hated it. I work part-time, but I hate every second. I dislike the trade I'm studying, and I probably won't even be able to go into the field because of my health. I dream of jobs in the arts--but I'm not good enough at any of my artistic pursuits to turn them into a career.

I am absolutely bratty and entitled when I say I cannot survive in a job I dislike. I understand it's unrealistic of me to expect to get a job that is fulfilling and something I'm passionate about, but I can't live otherwise. I'm too depressed for that, and if it comes to it, I believe I will kill myself. It's a huge character flaw, but I cannot live day after day with most of the day taken up with things I hate. I see no value in a life like that. I feel a bit like momoko--bratty and selfish.

It's a huge character flaw, I understand that. But I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I would rather die.

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I think sidecuts are pretty attractive, depends on overall physical attractiveness(face especially) tho. no landwhales pls.

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I believe you're looking for

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Don't dew yourself in. Seek professional help.

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I always thought sidecuts super pretty, but only if it works for your head/face

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I'm in the same boat. Think of your parents. What would they do without you?

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lol niggah i'd kill to be 5'5"

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sounds like they'd have a new room to use once they get rid of all his junk and one less mouth to feed/house.

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It's pretty common for people to have a job they don't like just to be able to pay bills. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but you can save up to have a backup for when you try and fing your dream job.

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Tall girls are beautiful, shut the fuck up.

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Im cool with being short. Easy to fake like a child and get discounts, easy to cut through rough spots in the crowds, extensive clothing options...

Im sure being female plays a role on it being ok haha.

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I too would cry from secondhand embarrassment. Or laughing too hard.

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>extensive clothing options...

> when you're 5'2
> average japanese girl's height
> every dress I like is barely reach my knees

da fuk is wrong with this fashion??!!

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If you're a short dude it's horrible. Unless you want to tailor everything you have to shop in the kids section or buy from companies that cater to your lack of size with 28 waists and XS shirts. I wish I was kidding.

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What brand and cuts do you usually wear? I know AP tends to get short but that sounds extreme. Do you usually go for salopettes or something?

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>roastie seagull
>+130 pounds hambeast

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do you have fairly large boobs? because that'll make a lot of dresses shorter looking. or you just have a very long torso

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At least you get real clothes, normie woman clothes are flimsy, loads of slutty options but barely anything cute that doesnt reveal acres of skin & need layering

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Just be a qt twink

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I'm 5'10" and fit S and M lolita.
I wish I were shorter.

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>but I'm not good enough at any of my artistic pursuits to turn them into a career
If the only thing stopping you from working with art is your skill level, just fucking practice? Do you think people are born being amazing at art?

Also, get fucking professional help. If you don't then yeah, you might as well kill yourself

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>Mfw Lithuanian
>Mfw suicidal
The chart is true

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that's the attitude

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Give back Wilno.

This is kinda outdated, have this.

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Tall girls can be very cute, anon.

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Also, no one to inherit their shit if that anon doesn't have siblings. No one to take care of them as they reach their later stages in life. At the very least, they will die alone knowing that they, in fact, failed as parents.

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As a parent there's only so much you can do, the kid can't be on training wheels forever. Sometimes you gotta know when to give up, cut your losses and move to Florida to have wacky old people adventures.

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What kind of sitcom are you living in, anon?

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Well, as someone who lived in the US as an illegal immigrant because of my parents, let me tell you, sometimes parents themselves don't know what the fuck they're doing. Being a child who knows how to speak english while your parents can barely say hi gets you to realize that pretty quickly. So, it's not as black and white as "being on training wheels" forever, sometimes parents are just fucking retarded and their children suffer due to their mistakes.

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Hail Satan.

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> Snatching happiness takes a lot more courage than enduring unhappiness.

just remembered this randomly :3

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Implying being edgy isn't fun as hell.

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I wonder if China is still the only country on the planet where women exceed men

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>something wrong with my iud
>been bleeding for a couple of days every time after I orgasm (NOT after sex though) for a few months
>have to wait until next month to get it replaced
>haven't masturbated or orgasmed for a month

I'm so sexually frustrated. Do I give in and masturbate and risk bleeding on my burando? I have a meetup today and my lolita crush will be there so I've been thinking of doing it when I get home after it. Or should I hold off? I don't know. I feel like I'm going nuts.

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fucking burgers sort your medical system out

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be a polygamous n*gger and abuse women like the police do until it goes away if you think it might be a gangstalking attack anon

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Why is it that you specifically mention the U.S. medical system to this anon??

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> thinking about masturbation in burando
> but lolita outfit must be perfectly coordinated!!
> thinking, what kind of sex toys would look nice along with what print

Ugh, why are you even doing that to me?

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It's usually a safe guess
I had to ponder for a second why she wouldn't get that checked out asap because I'm not used to seeing a doctor being a difficult thing

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Markets crashing.
There goes my hopes and dreams for burando.

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>Tfw Lolita gf sniffs and cleans your dick intently for 10 minutes in the shower

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? The bubble is still alive, are you down less than what you put in?

>> No.9777269

I was up 16% on the 26th.
If you didn't sell then you're shit outta luck.

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I got a white photo camera to match my white dress.
When looking at dresses and bags with violin themes, I'm thinking about learning to play violin. But then the problem appears, that some dresses and bags are white, while other bags and accessories are brown, and I don't know if I would want a white or brown/wooden violin.

Are you speaking of Bitcoin or dollar?

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Crypto and stocks are crashing.

Although for stocks it's still mostly a market correction. I hope it goes back to pre-2017 numbers.

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>not actually posting it
Womanlets, when will they learn?

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your dog is not your gf anon

>> No.9777278

Ahh...okay. sorry for asking.....thx for clearing that up

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I'm not American. My problem needs to be dealt with by a specialist, not a GP. I've already seen one of those, she said this type of bleeding is a social nuisance and not an emergency, so I've been given an appointment that's ages away. Even though I love my country's healthcare system, it's not perfect. Long waiting times are common if the problem isn't urgent.


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np :)

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My dog is not a loita...

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I'm finally asking ESL-chan from the con to be my gf. As soon a she replies to the Vocaloid gif I sent her. Give me your strength, gulls.

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>can't tell if guy i just met actually likes me or wants to fuck

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Assess if he is 2hot4u or not
Either outcome isn't actually that bad you just won't appreciate it until you're 50

>> No.9777337

>just met
Definitely just wants to fuck.

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First frame looks so hot, idc about the rest

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She's gonna say no. I guarantee it.

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Both can lead to the other.

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Was it rape?

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On my way to the gym to kickstart my quest to obtain a healthier and cuter body! I feel motivated so you should go too!

>I usually just walk but now it’s big girl time

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try swimming too if they have it

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>the two are mutually exclusive
Women, I swear.

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actually m'lady didn't strictly imply that
now I shall have to insist you back away, lest this become personal...

>> No.9777422

Nothing wrong with that tho

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Course not. Everyone categories someone instantly in "would fuck" and "would not fuck" based off looks alone, subconscious or not.
Doesn't mean feelings can't bloom from it. Also doesn't mean you're locked in to that category.

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cosplay gay

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Who's your crush? Also if you're wearing a petti why would you get blood on your brand? It'd have to go through several layers of petti first.

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Don't talk shit about my waifu

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>Doesn't mean feelings can't bloom from it. Also doesn't mean you're locked in to that category
For a lot of guys and a few girls it most definitely does, but the lesson should be for them to move on with their lives instead of hanging on like a wounded puppy.

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Thas rude man.

>> No.9777526

Go. To. A. Therapist. Is being healthy as exciting as self medicating and wallowing in your own self pity? No. Welcome to life. It's fucking boring.

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Oh lol. When that anon said like they don't see a value in life like that, I felt like "but what life actually has a value"

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>I’m a male and 5’5”

>> No.9777586

Get into hedonism. It will spruce up that nihilism of yours.

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consider getting married

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The photographer who shot my Todoroki cosplay added in ice and fire effects, but on the wrong sides. I'm afraid of correcting them because I don't want to hurt their feelings (especially since I didn't even pay for special effects, they just added some on a couple of images because they wanted to and it was really nice of them) But I'm also afraid that posting them on my cosplay page will result in nerd sperging.
And I can't just flip the image because then the hair colors will be on the wrong side.

>> No.9777640

Thank them, tell it's really nice of them, but add a tiny note they are on the wrong sides. It would be nice if they knew, in case they ran into your page and seen the effort they put was omitted from sharing, which could hurt their feelings.
Thank for the other pictures and compliment them all, too.
Maybe you will get friendly "sorry, my mistake" and nothing more, versions without effects, or maybe they will be so nice to fix the mistake and give you corrected pictures.

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Greenland r u ok

>> No.9777657

I think I might be bi and I was just thinking about it, but I honestly don't care right now, because I just ruined a big part of my costume.

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Please don't do it, anon!

>> No.9777675

Fucking hell

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I've had that image on my harddrive for 5 years, this is the first time I've ever had a reason to post it.

I hope all the suicidal anons on here find contentment and a reason to go on. The concept of death horrifies me, the idea that some would willingly embrace it for any reason besides extreme chronic pain or depression is so alien I can't wrap my mind around it.

"This too will pass."

>> No.9777682

people generally DON'T willingly embrace death for any reason other than extreme chronic pain or depression, anon

>> No.9777687

Chronic edginess?

>> No.9777713

>am smol
>had 5’9 gf
Oh my god I didn’t know I was into tall girls until her

I mean everyone’s taller than me but still

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tfw I'm a 5'6 male and my genetics make me look 10 years younger than I actually am, and I constantly am told that when I get older I will look astounding.
My height may make me undesirable to women, but i'm gonna be the one laughing in the end when I get old and turn 40 while my appearance makes me look half my age, and they're all caking on makeup in attempts to try and rejuvenate their youth.

On an actual feels note, my tax return comes in soon and I thought I'd finally finish up up my coord and purchase a few extra things for fun on my usual lolita/cosplay websites.
But of course the things I wanted are all sold out and will probably never be back in stock.
It's fine.....I...didn't want them anyways.......I can find something else, I'm sure I can.

>> No.9777720

I too am doing this as well on a quest to be healthier.
I wish you the best of luck!

>> No.9777731

Nihilism is pretty awful, but hedonism is a bigger evil than nihilism.

>> No.9777740

I envy that they always look so cool and breezy in the summer, like having A/C for your head ahhh. Alas I am too scared to cut my long long hair it took me years to grow.

>> No.9777747

Whatever floats your boat or your absolutely rigid frigidity preventing whatever floats your boat. It's fine either way.

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She's cute and has a great sense of humour and really nice coords? Like how much detail do you want, she's not famous or anything.

>> No.9777764

I don't know, I just like hearing people talk about their crushes. It warms my salty old heart. How did it go?

>> No.9777788

Ah... It's actually heartwarming to know someone wants to hear about this sort of thing! I thought you were being shady lol

OK, well when I joined the community four years ago, she was kinda new too and she was the first person to reach out and try to include me in things. I was a total shy ita but she was always kind and helped me laugh at my mistakes and improve. We hang out outside of meetups, we used to go to galleries and cafes but recently she's really into film so we've been going to the movies in lolita together. She always gets super hyped up during movies and grabs my arm when things get exciting or scary, it's really cute. Last year we twinned twice for the valentines day meet and summer ILD. She's basically my best lolita friend and I really wish I had the courage to tell her I have feelings for her. But she has a boyfriend (open relationship though) and I don't think she's into me that way. I value our friendship so much that I don't want to ruin it.

Do you have a lolita crush, anon?

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Seek professional help my dear. It’s not worth killing yourself.

>> No.9777798

I don't have a crush, I just got dumped so I'm looking for all the cute feels to cheer me up, but that's adorable!
If it's an open relationship, you definitely have a chance, unless she's just into men. Shoot your shot, you never know! Also maybe sort the IUD thing out before you do anything with her, if it happens. Kind of gross to bleed on your partner (unless you're into that) without them knowing first.
So many lolitas with boyfriends seem to be in open relationships or lament about not having girlfriends, I see 'I want a lolita gf but I have a bf' here all the time.

Feel free to go into detail if you're comfortable, and any other anons who want to share their crushes; I'm living my life through every cute crush story I hear. Please indulge me.

>> No.9777803

>that feel when no lolita gf bf gf

>> No.9777808

Man I just really love lolita

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There's a really pretty girl in my comm whom I met recently at a meetup. I took some outfit shots and she sent me a message asking for hers. She referred to her face as ugly in the message... I thought she was one of the cutest girls I've ever seen in lolita. Maybe she was just being modest but she sounded serious about it. I know most people never see themselves the way they truly are, I hate pics of myself too, but I feel really sad now. I still think she's incredibly cute, I wish she could see it too.

>> No.9777818

I've thought this many times but I'll say it here now: Tahani would make the best lolita.

>> No.9777820

I'm not the person you were talking to but I just wanted to say I'm sorry you got dumped. What happened?

Also to add to the crush discussion: I've had a crush on Duplica-chan since I was a shitty teenager on LJ. I know a lot of her outfits aren't really lolita any more but I still love her. She seems like such a nice and genuine person.

>> No.9777834

I feel like my face is too square and it makes me look like a boy T_T. For the record I am a biological female. I literally cant cosplay female characters without looking like a trap and it makes me hate myself. I've been told that i look like a trap while wearing female cosplays. It's makes me wanna die. I don't wanna only cosplay male characters. I wanna be cute, but I've got such an unfortunate face. What should i do?

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Tfw the girl you did a panty-swap with is way bigger than you, and her undies won't stay up.

>> No.9777846

I have a crush on a local lolita who sometimes cosplays Madoka

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>tfw ur skintone looks ugly with sax, the cutest color in lolita

guess ill just stick to my jewel tones instead of sporting kawaii pastels

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Jewel tones are prettier anyway. Maybe you can incorporate pastels details, though? Pic related

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There's a con coming up soon where some people I never get to see are going, but I'm broke, it's a 7 hour drive, and I'm in college and rarely have enough time to leave on the weekends. I miss my friends.

>> No.9777865

Learn to contour and shoop, and choose female characters with squarer faces to cosplay. There are quite a lot, especially if you like sci-fi.

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My friend with cancer want to go to meets bald, and I'm afraid people will notice that her head is shaped like an egg.

>> No.9778055

Op here. I just had multiple appointments, getting put on some new meds and continued therapy. So at least that's something?

I'm just a little down. I've been in therapy and taking meds for about 8 years, trying to find the right fit. I've tried cbt, self help cds and books, mindfulness, yoga. I was in a treatment center for anorexia a few years ago, which only made me feel worse but I guess I'm not dying in the hospital anymore? I don't really know what else to do. Any depressed/anxious anons want to chime in? What worked for you?

>> No.9778062

Don't get me wrong, anon, I have a nothing against that girl, but maybe at some points she dislike herself, but at another, she's totally fine with her appearance, just wants you to tell more how pretty she is.

>> No.9778069

>I want a lolita gf but I have a bf
Literally me, but I don't know if it would be okay to ask my bf about an open relationship. I don't know how would he react, and I don't want to upset him.

>> No.9778079

Just make sure he knows it's only with a girl
It's only cucking if another dick is involved

>> No.9778106
File: 78 KB, 786x916, e49dda443d7d3cdb994778617e525023d16b3683b2782bc13009a3703ff5c22b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Follow your dreams

>> No.9778112

>trust bf to plan trip to japan this year
>said he was going to "snipe" good prices by booking tickets early
>give him the money in advance instead of buying myself burando
>he calls me to tell me instead of buying tickets
>he bought fucking BITCOIN WITH THE MONEY

>> No.9778113

dump that idiot, anon. really, if he's that stupid...

>> No.9778114

Order him to give you back the money and break up with him afterwards.

>> No.9778115

>bf makes a smart decision
>girl spergs out
This is why you should never let women handle money.

>> No.9778116

Open relationships are a meme. If you're not satisfied with just the one partner you have then you should just break up with him and find someone you are satisfied with instead of asking to bang others on the side.

>> No.9778117

As a woman i am entitled to having my cake and eating it too.

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File: 1.10 MB, 1079x1088, 1487186586252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really hope this is bait, but if it's not... I'm with >>9778114, ask for the money back and dump the lying fuck.

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>> No.9778121

I know this is bait but I'm a woman too, not all of us are degenerates, although I wouldn't blame you for thinking that after being on this board.

>> No.9778123
File: 93 KB, 1198x1200, 4fZZq7w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9778124

Not everything you disagree with is bait, anon-chan.

>> No.9778132

I didn't mean to say your post was bait, only that you are falling for it. You even acknowledged in your own post that you're responding to bait... And now I've probably made the same mistake.

>> No.9778133

Not everything is bait. Lots of people on this site are genuinely retarded and spout their opinions without a second thought.

>> No.9778161

I fucking hate it when I see my dream dress but the seller refuses to ship out of the US. This is the second time this has happened, and their dresses just sit there rotting on LM until they take it down.

>> No.9778176

Did you talk to them and ask if they would make an exception for you? I'm sure most people wouldn't mind it if they knew you were willing to pay for the ridiculous cost of shipping.

>> No.9778177
File: 74 KB, 485x445, athf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a dream that people at the con kept asking me for hugs, then getting mad when I did. Woke up crying.

>> No.9778180

unfortunately i got a flat 'no'. I'll have to wait until a girl in my comm decides to sell hers.

For now, I'll just have to admire it from afar. Jealously.

>> No.9778182

>guys talk about video games all day
>girls talk about dresses all day
>yet girls wont date guys that like videogames

>> No.9778192

Man anon we just all really love you.


>> No.9778203

If it was the Con season, so I could See you in person, I'd give you really nice warm hug, anon :3

>> No.9778205

No one wants to hug a fatty tho.

>> No.9778207
File: 64 KB, 1200x500, hero_Shape-of-Water-2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You ever wanna make a costume just for the sake of making it, but don't wanna waste money if no one's gonna wear it?
> be 5 foot chubber
> Fall in love with the creature from Shape of Water on design alone
> Would love to recreate that somehow
> Can't cosplay it because it'd take me forever to lose weight down to twink size and even if it did, still a manlet.
> Keep making designs and plans of how I would do the fins and cowels
> Tfw no one will let me dress them up as a fishman so I can recreate it.

>> No.9778208

Superficial bias.
A lot lolitas are not weebs or nerds, they'll watch a few anime and will probably play some games on their phones bit that's about it. They want normie boyfriends who'll do and talk about normie things with them.

>> No.9778209

>normie things
Such as? What does your ideal bf talk about?

>> No.9778210
File: 191 KB, 1891x1063, neckbearddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be fair, a lot of guys who like to talk about video games look like this.

>> No.9778211
File: 442 KB, 620x822, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be fair, a lot of girls on /cgl/ look like this.

>> No.9778213

Your gender is so apparent, you're transparent.

>> No.9778214
File: 11 KB, 384x384, whale bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then why are you complaining about not getting one?
>tfw no lolita gf
>most girls in lolita are fatty-chans

Ok then why want one.

>> No.9778216

I don't have one anon.
But normie things would very much include not staying inside and playing games all day.
A lot of normie activities include lots of hyper social stuff in public spaces like parties, concerts, sports games, mall shopping, ect.
And conversations about said things as well.
Most weebs and nerds fall under the omega personality, and those are usually considered to be completely unattractive to women.

>> No.9778217

>women want to do normie things
>women want to talk about doing normie things
how boring

>> No.9778218

Video games are incredibly "normie"
. Everyone owns an Xbox or Playstation and has a copy of call of duty or battlefield. Even the broiest frat bros I've seen play a ton if video games

>> No.9778219
File: 29 KB, 600x600, 7ef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These two should date. Both considered unattractive by normal standards because stay inside and on internet/video games all day. Both have no idea what a normie conversation even starts with.

10/10 otp.

>> No.9778220

what DOES a normie conversation start with?

>> No.9778223

> Hey bro, you catch the new episode of The Walking Dead?
> Nah, I was working a double shift. Rents gotta pay itself somehow y'know?

>> No.9778225

>the wanking dead
no thanks

>> No.9778239

Yea that's the only games they play too.

>> No.9778257
File: 672 KB, 800x800, 1511617727016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your boyfriend jumps in the shower with you after coming home from the gym

>> No.9778258
File: 69 KB, 322x391, 1474837496816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your not-so-good normalfag friend follows your lolita insta

I don't have fb and insta connected and I have no idea how she found me. Should I block her?

>> No.9778259

>hai guise i have a bf
Stop showing off bitch

>> No.9778265
File: 127 KB, 515x542, bitchlolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doing last-minute cleanup before butthole inspection
>mfw I use extra-strength Nair instead of the gentle kind

>> No.9778271
File: 33 KB, 519x549, 145831760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>expecting people to reply to obvious bait

>> No.9778280

Is that a real thing?

>> No.9778288

Maybe it's the female equivalent of penis inspection day?

>> No.9778300

>S.O. wants to get married
> none of us want kids
Why can't we enjoy life without all the red tape? Having a wedding seems like a money pit and a lot of dealings with horrible family members.

>> No.9778301

>not wanting kids
You should have them while you can

>> No.9778308

I don't want a lolita gf. I want a lolita bestie who I can can casually sleep with when I'm between boyfriends and hold hands with, but who will still be my friend when we can't sleep together any more. I guess I want a lolita romantic friendship or fwb.

>> No.9778310
File: 77 KB, 905x960, 1517707520932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are no sidegirls when you are in fact a girl. FWB only works because men only want one thing. Get a trap boyfriend.

>> No.9778312

>Hyper social
>Normal things like going to shop at a mall
oh god, is this the level of antisocial cgl has reached?? go outside for the love of Mana.

>> No.9778314
File: 80 KB, 800x751, 1288503149419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it anon, don't have a wedding. When we get married, we just wanna have a casual get-together with friends and family we actually enjoy spending time with. We would much rather use the money that would go into it toward our future or even something fun like a trip. Don't let anyone pressure you into making the decision to have children, either.
>tfw partner is sterilized

>> No.9778316

I was like yeah!! I will be your bff!! and then I realised you weren't talking about sleepovers, you were talking about doing the dirty.

>> No.9778321

The super bowl, the latest ufc fight, what their kids are doing in school

>> No.9778332

But I'm not into that. I don't really want a sidegirl either. That sounds deceitful and cheaty. I just want a friend I occasionally sleep with

I like to have nonsexual sleepovers too lol. Just because I kinda want a lolita fwb doesn't mean I can't have normal lolita friends

>> No.9778338

> when you always wanted to have male partner so you could look respectable to people, but also have female paramour for actual romance

>> No.9778339

Lesbians are the reason /cgl/ has gone down the shitter.

>> No.9778342

I'm bisexual. Nice to know I'm not ruining cgl.

>> No.9778345

I bet you're the type that gets all grabby and then says "it's okay we're both girls".
I have sincere hate for people like you.

>> No.9778348

Ew, no. Just because I'm thirsty in a feels thread doesn't mean I'm not respectful irl.

>> No.9778353
File: 184 KB, 586x577, 1463569718910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the type that gets all grabby and then says "it's okay we're both girls".
Ugh, gross

>> No.9778357

Having kids because you can is not a good reason.

>> No.9778362

Anon if you'd like i can SS for you? Left my email if you want.

>> No.9778363
File: 132 KB, 229x224, IMG_6809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cat Noir bodysuit in progress
>Recently found out that my brother-in-law has a HUGE stash of Cat Noir porn
>Unsure if still want to cosplay

I already promised a Ladybug cosplayer if cosplay him, and I already spent money on the fabric. But it's going to be awkward for me and my BIL if I dress as his bishonen fap fantasy.

Even if I avoid him at the con (which is dumb because we get along great otherwise) he follows my cosplay page and would see it.

>> No.9778367
File: 25 KB, 304x370, 14235975245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cgl suddenly unsupportive of girl on girl
What happened here?

>> No.9778368

Too many predatory lesbians

>> No.9778373

It's already too late. Prepare for the awkwardness.

>> No.9778395

>tfw lolita haul weight ends up being 8 kg
Forever grateful that I have someone to help me carry this from the post office.

>> No.9778396

Clearly don't know how the secondhand lolita market works. You get more money back by selling lolita clothes than having cryptocurrency.

>> No.9778404
File: 150 KB, 600x512, 1485025143139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When did this board turn into a place to let everyone know you have a bf?
Where are my lonely heart lolitas at?

>> No.9778409

they have gfs

>> No.9778410

There are a few really angry anons who reply to anything girl on girl with angry screeching, and then people take their bait making it look like a huge debate. That makes more moderate people uncomfortable about discussing anything girl on girl, on either side.

>> No.9778414

>They want normie boyfriends
Debatable. Not going to fall for the ouji boyfriend meme but I'd love a goth bf at least. Appearance isn't everything but it does matter.

>> No.9778415

When they post, people assume they're baiting or predatory. It sucks.

>> No.9778418

Misfire, meant to reply to >>9778367

>> No.9778420

If you don't want her looking at your lolita pics then yeah, block her.

>> No.9778424

On the topic of LGBT issues in cgl communities
Being a male cosplayer and dating another male cosplayer is wild. On one hand, I'm really glad that most of the people at cons aren't blatantly homophobic. But on the other hand, fujoshi at conventions are fucking annoying. I hate when I'm holding hands with my boyfriend at a convention, doing nothing sexual or inappropriate, and fujo come up to us and say shit like "Omg, you two are actually both guys? You two are actually gay? That's so HAWT." I've even had several instances where fujo ask my boyfriend and I to do "fanservice." In what fucking universe is it ok to ask two strangers to make out and grope each other in front of you while you snap pictures? It's extra uncomfortable when the fujo are obviously underage. I'm 22 and my bf is 24, and we don't want to provide fap material for 13 year olds.

>> No.9778426
File: 28 KB, 384x384, 1394854945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9778428

I get that cosplaying a character that your brother in law faps to is awkward. But you're cosplaying a character that A LOT of people fap to. Maybe in the future you should cosplay characters that are less popular with porn artists.

>> No.9778429

>there is a con this Sunday
>you can buy early tickets in certain locations
>in two of them, said tickets sold out
>only one left that has them, and it's far, but I've been in the area before
>feels good man
>go there, turns out they're sold out, literally just sold the last tickets
>I have to pay for the more expensive tickets at the door of the event now
Ah, in Spanish now...

>> No.9778430

>So cons are the one place where gays feel like lesbians do all the time...
Sorry you have to deal with that, anon. My girlfriend and I get that sort of shit from straight guys and it is really fucking annoying.

>> No.9778433

God will punish you in the afterlife.

>> No.9778436

Good. I've been a bad, bad boy, and I deserve to be punished. I'm sure Big Daddy in the Sky will probe my butt appropriately hard.

>> No.9778438

I'm not going to avoid cosplaying characters just because there rule 34 of them. Usually I don't give a shit if someone is thirsty for my character (unless they're being a creep ofc) but it's awkward when it's someone close to me

>> No.9778439
File: 28 KB, 500x386, b4eb038a-18a4-4fb7-bff6-ca298f88697a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now you know what it's like to be a lesbian. On another LGBT con-related note, there's so many FTMs at cons nowadays I'm never sure if they're a cute butch or a tumblr demisexual aromantic ferret-kin ~queer~ softboi. I wanna meet cute lesbians I can talk about nerd stuff with, not get into arguments about gender politics with Aiden the fujo.

>> No.9778440
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1411570779942.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So... Like most potentially divisive topics on the Internet, then?

>> No.9778441

Get some help. Seriously. Talk to someone. Go outside. Schedule a vacation. Take antidepressants.

>> No.9778442

Introducing yourself with your pronouns, and then asking for their pronouns is a pretty safe way to determine if someone is cis female or tumblr trans while avoiding arguements.

>> No.9778446

Ugh, this so much. They're even invading lolita now. Someone who is genuinely trans doesn't bother me, I just wouldn't date an ftm because I'm not into men or masculinity, but the genderspecials are not what I'm looking for and they scare off the people I would date too.

>> No.9778452
File: 15 KB, 643x425, 1514580270550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's smart. Thanks, anon!
On another cgl related feel, it's been too cold outside where I live to safely wear lolita. I haven't worn lolita for a whole week and I feel so gross, wearing lolita helps me be more confident and happy, but I can't wear it out unless I'm willing to risk getting frostbite.

>> No.9778454

It makes me mad that all the Tumblrgenders give actual trans people a bad image within the cosplay community. I'm FTM, and I'm on hormones and have had SRS, I cosplay males, and I live as male 100% of the time outside of conventions. I don't want to be put in the same group as Aiden the genderqueer ferretkin.

>> No.9778455

this doesn't ALWAYS work because there are plenty of "nonbinary" people who will answer she/her, but it'll cut down the pool pretty quick

>> No.9778457

I'm a Buddhist, so I look at my emotions differently. Maybe look into Shambala, which is Buddhism without god. Make lists, daily ones and long-term. Fill it with anything you need to do (get out of bed, go to work, finish cosplay/coord) and cross things off as you get them done. Get a cute planner and you can decorate it too. Don't feel dumb when something simple makes you happy. Watch your favorite anime, lose yourself in a manga, and remember, it's your brain that's dumb, not you. And if it's really bad, just take a book and read at a cafe or go to a movie, just get out of the house for bit.

>> No.9778459

This. Actual trans people are now compared to fujoshits and tumblrs because little sally decided she wasn't special enough so she's gotta hijack as many identities as she can so she's cool to all her friends.
Now when you tell people you're trans they automatically give you that "Oh no, it's retarded" look.

>> No.9778461

I must have missed something, why are fujoshits in the trans community?
I like girls and guys, and I don't want to be accused of being a fujoshit if I hit on an attractive male cosplayer.

>> No.9778464

They're so into yaoi they now pretend they're boys (not men, boys specifically), because women are icky.

>> No.9778467

no no anon, didn't you hear? yaoi is GROSS and FETISHIZING, they're into pure mlm husbands now.

>> No.9778468

Like >>9778464 said they have decided they want to be in on the cute yaois and pretend to be boys so they can be gay. You can tell because none of them attempt to pass, transition and some even deny having dyphoria. The #MLM tag on tumblr is full of fujoshit 13-19 year old girls in drag talking about how gay they are. Go look, I dare you.

>> No.9778476

Jesus Christ that's dumb. You don't change your gender identity because of porn. If a cis male watched a lot of lesbian porn and decided to identify as a lesbian woman because of that, people would call him out on being a pervert. Why can't we do the same with fujoshits?

>> No.9778479
File: 15 KB, 488x465, C_-SFHxUwAAHEPR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>straight guy
>women barely acknowledge my existence
>gay dudes cream their pants when talking to me
What does life mean by this?

>> No.9778482

For real. Someone I'm confriends with kept posting about how gross fujoshi are and how they "should all be launched into the sun," and then in the same day posted explicit yaoi fanart of the yuri on ice guys having anal sex on their public facebook. They're an ftm, and all they do when they go to cons is cosplay the latest flavor of the month bishonen and make out with other ftm cosplayers. They're my friend, but it bugs me how oblivious they are to the discrepancy between what they say and what they do.

>> No.9778484

Also I usually stay out of the "trans bathroom" discussion but being in the men's room at cons with giggling, underage fujoshits makes me uncomfortable and I refuse to use the urinal if they're around.

>> No.9778485

>people would call him out on being a pervert
Unfortunately, not necessarily. I'm not sure how long you've been on this board but you may have seen lolitas complaining about sissies in their communities; autogynophiles brand themselves "trans women" so they can invade our comms and not be called out on it, so this problem definitely exists for women too.

>> No.9778490

maybe just masturbate with a pantyliner, or be nude and place some kitchenpaer under it

as a straight male, I only can you tell this
either he would turn down that idea (which might be better)
or if he would be ok with that, that it goes both ways but its only ok with women (fro you and for him) and that there is a high chance he wants to fuck your new lolita gfs too then

damn, I actually wanna see that now

true love

this post makes me sad, on so many levels tough

then he should get sterilized, cause otherwise it will happen then

I guess your brother in law might be gay, or at least bi

I guess they have happy feels then

I guess you have it easier then this>>9778424 anon tough, at least you can kick them in the nuts with no problem

actually, Satan is the one who punish them, God only sends them to him

wasn't this always the case tough

>> No.9778491

>you don't change your gender identity because of porn
Except MTFs do that all the fucking time. Tons of dudes ("""women""") credit their trans awakening to watching tranny/sissy fetish porn.

>> No.9778492

maybe, that you aren' that shit looking, but you don't have the skills to pick a girl up
you can do one of the following things
1. become guy
2. try to improve your pick up skills
3. just forget women
(I am trying the last thing tough)

>> No.9778494

I meant, become gay of course

>> No.9778495
File: 67 KB, 294x502, dyke-march-nyc-2017-trans[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If a cis male watched a lot of lesbian porn and decided to identify as a lesbian woman because of that, people would call him out on being a pervert.
Sweet summer child. Are you not aware that trans lesbians are the most valid human beings to exist on this earth? Prepare yourself for reeducation, terf scum.

>> No.9778496

That is so disgusting. I'd like to see people like that going to a trans-specific counselor or a trans support group, and answering "sissy porn" when they're asked how they figured out they're trans.

Only been on this board about 4 months. I've seen complaining about it in lolita threads, but assumed it was just a few guys in a few comms (Kind of like how my local Love Live cosplay community has two creepy crossplaying dudes, but that doesn't mean the entire fandom is full of creepy crossplaying dudes) I didn't realize it was a widespread problem that a lot of comms experience.

>> No.9778497

>be 6'2"
>girls taller than me want guys even taller than them so they can feel feminine
>tfw no Amazon gf

I mean I get it they're allowed to have preferences and I'm not entitled to a gf but it still doesn't feel good

>> No.9778500
File: 79 KB, 631x960, 1511744106913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if I'm my boyfriends's girlfriend (male)?

>> No.9778501

This is true. There's a large amount of autogynephiles/transbians who think that they're entitled to having sex with lesbians because they're now women. When we say that we're not attracted to them or are repulsed by penises, all of a sudden we're evil transphobic dykes who deserve to get raped. It's so tiring. Obviously, not all transwomen or transbians are like this, most of the transwomen I've met have been lovely individuals, but I can't help but being wary, especially when so many"transwomen" who join lolita comms turn out to be predatory sissies.

>> No.9778504

as a Nintendofan, I feel hatred now
on the other side I should apreciate what I get
(and playstation added "tits" after the release of the N64)

>> No.9778506

It's a surprisingly common issue, and it takes a capable team of mods to block these assholes and stand their ground on it; not everyone does this though, there's a surprising number of mods (of several different communities, I mean) who grovel at the feet of these "trans women" and refuse to see reason. You can't even bring up how creeped out you are without being labeled a "transphobe" and a bigot and a bully... until the creeper outs himself as an actual creeper and gets kicked out from the comm, usually when it's too late and the damage has been done.

>> No.9778510

Lesbian trans women are OK. Sissies and creeps faking to feed their fetishes are not.

>> No.9778517

Yeah, if I was a photographer I'd want to know if I goofed like that. It's not just the effort they put in for you, it would not look the best for their portfolio or whatever if they looked like they had no idea what was going on with those special effects.

>> No.9778518

This got really dark. Can we go back to talking about lesbians or lolita shit now?

>> No.9778519

>get screamed at for posting tfw no gf in other relevant threads
>people wanting to go back to lonely no gf posting now
damned if I do, damned if I don't, anons.

>> No.9778521

Sure, I'll start:
>tfw no lesbian lolita gf
I couldn't resist this dumb meme, but it's true. I've been questioning my sexuality for a while, I think I might be bi, and I wish I could explore this with another lolita.

>> No.9778522
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1447043109399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you post "tfw no gf" you're a guy and need to leave.
You are only allowed to post "tfw no bf" and only if you are a biological woman.

>> No.9778524

>Lesbians are the reason we have this shitter
Fixed that for you, you straight male scum

>> No.9778527
File: 46 KB, 649x650, 1506554060537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally found a girl who'll let me fuck her ass in cosplay while staying completely in character
I did it, gulls

>> No.9778529

I want to start wearing fashion, but if I do then I'll have to give up cosplay because I can't afford fashion and cosplay. But my state's cosplay community has been going down the shitter so giving up cosplay might not be a bad thing.

>> No.9778531

But then again, I could use the money I'd spend on fashion to go to out-of-state cons and escape the people who are shitting up the community in my state.

>> No.9778541

Why do so many straight girls enjoy yuri manga/anime?

>> No.9778542

wow, I guess they are really happy that you fucked a thot now
either way, may I ask who she cosplayed?
(Astolfo, perhaps?)

>> No.9778548

Do they? I've gotten the impression that many straight girls are into yaoi.

>> No.9778549

Do you have specific styles that you're interested in?
Also I'm sorry your state's cosplay scene is shitty. Which state, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.9778560

Straight and lesbian lolitas, how do you feel about lesbian transgirls in lolita? What would you expect of transbians for them to be okay and acceptable, and what is a big no-no?

>> No.9778561
File: 28 KB, 431x343, 1457541441105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no lolita gf
Man I just want a cute lolita gf who can help me with makeup when I crossdress, gush about dresses with me, do themed couples coords, and go on tea dates and park dates while we hold hand and look at cute doggies.
(male btw)

>> No.9778562

Yuri is fine because it's mainly cute. Girls who are into straight shoujo are the damaged ones. Yaoi is fetish tier.

>> No.9778563

I'm a bisexual, and personally, I'm cool with them. If they don't make a huge scene about being trans, dress well, and behave like decent non-creepy humans, then who really gives a shit about their gender and sexual orientation? I sure don't.

>> No.9778565

>Girls who are into straight shoujo are the damaged ones

>> No.9778566

I'm interested in ouji or aristocrat.
I also like Harajuku-inspired styles like decora or fairy kei. But I've seen it done badly so many times that I'm afraid I'd fuck it up too since I'm a noob.

No you're fine. I'm from Michigan. It's mostly shitty because three of the bigger cons died last year, so now there's nothing to do from Nov-June. There's a few smaller cons near me, but since they're so small I usually run into this bitch in my community I can't stand (she hit on me and my boyfriend, then got asshurt when we rejected her and ripped my cosplay right before I went into judging)

>> No.9778567

This sounds horrible for your potential bestie anon. I always thought the "all bisluts ultimately fall for the D" meme was overreacting or half-truths but things like this make me wonder if there really is some kind of pattern.

>> No.9778570

All women want dick. It's simple biology.

>> No.9778571

I'm a guy and the meme I hear is that bis always dump us for pussy. What even is the truth?

>> No.9778574


>> No.9778576

Can we stop replying to guys? Please?

>> No.9778577
File: 38 KB, 625x626, e84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9778579

I will tfwnogf whenever I damn well please

>> No.9778581

>/cgl/ - guys talking to guys

>> No.9778582

Maybe we should make dick or gtfo a thing.

On second thought, no. They would just post their tiny mangled dicks, and no one wants to see that.

>> No.9778585
File: 36 KB, 320x240, aromatic.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9778588
File: 217 KB, 1232x1118, 2018-02-06_23.22.29~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this, I believe :3

>> No.9778592


I guess we've been lied to, but the truth must be out there.

A's are the wizards of sexuality and romantics, they don't count.

>> No.9778596

Please don't explain. Anon can just Google if they want to know.

>> No.9778612

Homosexuality occurs when your brain gets wired wrongly. On the biological level humans still want to procreate and that only works if a female and a male come together. Even if your brain is telling you that you don't want dick (or pussy) your body still follows the biological imperative to some degree.

>> No.9778627

>your brain gets wired wrongly
Wow, where did you get your doctorate degree?

>> No.9778639

Just wear a pad girl damn

>> No.9778665

What are you on about? Over 90% of this board has a loving SO

>> No.9778724
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>Bitcoin price has recovered heaftily since his post
>He purchased at one of the largest dips in crypto history and is already up his initial investment if he cashes everything g out right now
>But dumb bitch is crying

It's no wonder women make less than men - they're just fucking retarded with understanding finances.

>> No.9778725
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I want to be an object-head hooker, but my neck to too weak to hold up a television.

>> No.9778735

>Bitcoin price has recovered heaftily since his post
very funny, see you at 2k

>> No.9778756

We believe in you, anon!

>> No.9778759


>It's no wonder women make less than men - they're just fucking retarded with understanding finances.

Women make less than men because they work less, have less lucrative skills, and are all around dumber.

That has nothing to do with bitcoin being a massive fucking bubble and you're a retard if you 'invest' money you can't afford to lose in it.

>> No.9778765

What about when it's the same job and quality output?

>> No.9778768
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>> No.9778780

Then they make the same. The wage gap comes from both averaging all jobs together (engineer and RN employment is lumped together, more men in engineering, men make on average more) and from not taking time in service into account (more women are starting to go into male dominated fields, more men have worked those fields longer, they make more because years of experience)

If it is found out that a man and woman work the same job for the same time and put forth the same effort at a company and the male makes more money, that is discrimination, is illegal and you should report it to the authorities and get nice settlement.

>> No.9778790
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>Mom had me at 14
>Because we're practically the same generation she understands me a lot
>Plays Vidya with me sometimes
>Got into Overwatch because she saw me play it a lot and liked the art style
>She isn't good but she has fun and plays Lucio so just runs around healing mostly
>She sees I always play as Mei and laughs about how if I was a girl I'd probably look like Mei
>Laugh it off
>I actually have a huge fan folder for Mei and waifu her
>Today is my birthday
>Took the day off work but mom sent me on errands
>Came back home and she's cosplaying Mei when I turn the lights on and holding a surprise party with a handful of relatives and holding an Overwatch logo cake
>Never realized how much my mom fucking looks like Mei until this because she never wears her hair up like that or wear glasses
>Just took a small break from party festivities to blow a HUGE nut to my Mei folder
>Feel sickeningly guilty

I'm not sick, right? People healthily tend to like those that remind them of their own parents....right???

>> No.9778797

I wish I was a girl so I could become "cosfamous" and make money off selling sexy prints. As a guy, the only population I can pander to are fujo and gay men, and neither group seems willing to pay for shit on patreon. My hobby is getting expensive, gulls.

>> No.9778806

Pull a Lord Masamune, get ripped and cosplay fanbait

>> No.9778817

>If it is found out that a man and woman work the same job for the same time and put forth the same effort at a company and the male makes more money, that is discrimination, is illegal and you should report it to the authorities and get nice settlement.
Well shit. Time for a payday.

>> No.9778833

Do it. Whistleblower laws protect you from corporate backlash as well. Lawyer up, confront them, threaten to take them to court. They will try to settle out of court, if it's that big of an issue for you, sue them and make a big media thing about it.

>> No.9778839

Nice fanfic, bro

>> No.9778895

When I first got a boyfriend who liked to cosplay, I was super excited and made us quite a few couples cosplays. I think he's gotten way too dependent on me making couples cosplays for the both of us. We're going to a con this weekend and a con next weekend. About a month ago we were like "It would be cool if we could do characters A and B for con 1, and C and D for con 2." I had surgery in that month and was way more sore/fatigued that I expected, so I didn't get the cosplays done. And I have midterms this week/next week, so I'm not going to push myself to get them done.
So instead of doing the couples cosplays I said I'd do, I'm bringing out older cosplays that I miss wearing. My boyfriend is freaking out because he has "nothing to wear" to these two conventions, when he was cosplaying for two years before I met him and has plenty of stuff that still fits/is in good condition. With literally every cosplay I'm adding to my lineup, he's like "I don't have anything from that fandom, what am I supposed to wear?" Like...hell if I know lol. Either look at the con schedule and decide what you want to wear based on that, bring out some old cosplays that you miss wearing, or thrift/make/buy something yourself if you really want a new cosplay for these conventions.

>tl;dr I love my boyfriend but wish I could cosplay independently from him sometimes

>> No.9778924

Dump his ass

>> No.9778927

Why would I dump my boyfriend over cosplay? He's not being a dick or anything, just mildly annoying

>> No.9778930

That’s fuckin weird dude

>> No.9778933



>> No.9778944

INB4 Post deleted

>> No.9778951 [DELETED] 

Your baiting, but the issue is he didn't use his own money to make his investment. Doesn't matter what your gender is, you don't use other people's money for something it was not meant for.
Assuming this really did happen, you dump him. I've never even told somebody on this board to do that, but plane tickets for two people international is not cheap. How much was that? 1,000+ for two round trips? If it was a couple hundred, it might be forgivable. Stealing 1,000 is not forgivable.

>> No.9778953

I hope it's bait, but if it isn't... they aren't getting their money back. They can't. There's nothing to ask back. Only reason he took her money to buy them is because he didn't have the money himself.

>> No.9778955

If he sells everything he put into Bitcoin RIGHT NOW he will get the money back with probably a 15% profit.

>> No.9778960

No lol who are Landau and Veronica?

>> No.9778961
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Except that I'm sure nobody has the same wages at that job. I 'm certain that you that your wage is completely different from every one of your co-worker's wages. There's a reason why workplaces discourage discussion of wages - it only takes one conversation to realize that some people are grossly over and under compensated for doing the same exact job. Pretty much every hiring manager will lowball you on your starting salary expecting you to negotiate, but most people just take what they can get. This is especially true for women, who aren't usually conditioned to be confrontational.

Go ahead and try getting a lawyer - all they have to do is point to the salary of another co-worker, who is also male, and makes less than the salary of the guy you're using as an example.

>> No.9778970

what's with that image?

>> No.9778977 [DELETED] 

The bigger issue is that he took her money to buy something it was not meant for. The cost of two round-trip plane tickets is around $1,000 depending on where you are coming from. You don't take $1,000 dollars somebody gave you to buy plane tickets only to turn around and spend it on something else you wanted. It's be wrong whether it was a guy or a girl who did that. The issue here has nothing to do with investment, honestly. It has to do with the fact he stole the money. He willingly took the money meant for one thing, and surreptitiously spent it on something it was not meant for. That is the issue, not investment. Chances are, if she asked for the money back right here and now, he'd undoubtedly bring up a reason he cannot do so.

>> No.9778979

that is assuming all the other variables are the same and that he isn't working more overtime or isn't just better at negotiating a pay increase than you are. There are so many variables that go into how much you're paid that unless it's a massive amount you're never going to be able to prove it's 100% unequal and unfair

>> No.9779009

It's cute

>> No.9779020

it's gross
femdom is gross

>> No.9779021

So what your saying is the person's gender has nothing to do with the wage difference and instead has many other factors to take into account?
Also I'm a mechanic. I have a wage card that shows what everyone makes on it and a posted list of who was offered what overtime.
Can we please not turn this into /pol/

>> No.9779028

sounds like anon has never been tenderized by lady satsuki

>> No.9779040

Why are so many other guys into video games? They're kinda boring

>> No.9779049

Gotta do something to down out your nagging ;)

>> No.9779054
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>other guys

>> No.9779129


>> No.9779182

>You get more money back by selling lolita clothes than having cryptocurrency
Either you're retarded, or not a lolita, or both. At least bitcoin has a decent chance of making you money, the lolita market isn't going to get less saturated.

If this is even true, sure it might be smart to invest in bitcoin but not with someone elses money without their consent.

>> No.9779190

>trusting in bitchcoin

>> No.9779202

You're actually retarded if you believed for a second that you are getting paid less than a male counterpart because of your gender. Even worse if, on the tiny chance that you are being paid less, you didn't immediately report this to the authorities upon finding it out - instead you just said "omfg fucking patriarchy this is why we need feminism :(" and did absolutely nothing about it besides whining about the wage gap.

You literally learn this shit in school no? Equal pay act? It seems more and more apparent that women who are "victims" choose to be so.

>> No.9779210
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/cgl/ horrifies me. I like some things but the amount of ita shaming and general anonymous hatred, rather than, you know, explaining on what's wrong to new j-fashionistas. I also hate drama and making fun of less sociable people. On the other hand, I sort of got good education and job opportunities instead but still feel that I missed fun of dressing up in Japanese clothes.

Also coming from a poor country poor-shaming makes me depressed. I don't live in a slum I can afford necessities and occasional hobby spending but if I told anyone I buy "costumes" for 100$ they'd admit me to a mental institution without any further questions. Also if I'd ever do any of pan-gender-safe-space-feminist tumblr gimmicks my house would be torched.

Why /cgl/ can't be about fun of fashion and costumes or asian casual fashion like the other hobby boards?

>> No.9779244

Because boys keep invading and shitting it up.

>> No.9779256

Literally your own fault for always answering to obvious guy posts. Stop encouraging them and they will stop coming here.

>> No.9779261

>Because /r9k/ keep invading and shitting it up.

>> No.9779272

But how's that related to cosplay and fashion, fellow gull? I don't think males post in ita threads.
Some posts are worrying (for a casual like me) when the posted picture isn't obvious lolita-cosplay, randum harajuku clothes with a mask, or normie shop dress with bows added on them. I hang out here sometimes for a long time but I still have no clue why some legit looking cords get hate, especially in non-lolita more casual styles and sometimes it feels like gulls are horribly nitpicking.

>> No.9779337
File: 51 KB, 480x480, wg9qonc4jt901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea, gender has nothing to do with it aside from certain traits being drilled into one gender moreso than the other at a young age. As an interesting note, "nice guys" also have a huge gap in pay to their co-workers. "Nice guy" traits tend to be lack of assertiveness, willingness to compromise at their own expense, and being overly considerate of others.

Those that make more are willing to throw others under the bus and constantly seek opportunities to grow. These are traits that we, as a society, just don't really raise women (or soyboys) with. It isn't a gender issue, it's a parenting issue. Teach your kids how to get higher wages and they'll get higher wages. Teach them to always play nice and share their toys and they'll lose out in life.

>> No.9779394

>tfw the only country where guys kill themselves less than girls is China

>> No.9779406

Also Bangladesh.

>> No.9779697

Don't worry guys. I'm a girl and I'm always looking for shorter men, but I can never find them. I fucking love short guys and it hurts. You're perfect as you are.

>> No.9780187

It's nice that you want to make them feel better but no short guy is going to believe this preference

>> No.9780384

nayrt and while I do like when men are taller than me, I've always found myself crushing on shorter guys. I don't really mind their height. I guess it's my subconscious preference.

>> No.9780416

O-ok. At least nobody else feels like this. That's Ok.

>> No.9781424


>> No.9781540

>Those that make more are willing to throw others under the bus and constantly seek opportunities to grow.
Fuck those people who take it to the extreme. One girl and her friends falsely reported the guy, number one seller, for sexual harassment. Because of that, she got a hefty bonus and a promotion. Like, jesus, what happened to investigations?

>> No.9781696 [DELETED] 

actual last

>> No.9782246

>Like, jesus, what happened to investigations?

LISTEN and BELIEVE, shitlord. Facts and logic favor the dominant group and therefore are automatically sexist and suspect.

>> No.9782256 [DELETED] 


>> No.9783002

pwned those libcuck leftard soyboys my dude

>> No.9783225

who's this nikka??

>> No.9783234

yeah nice non-post

>> No.9783308

Nice try

>> No.9783310

Male =/= Man

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