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Share pieces with unique colourways and coordinates that integrate color in an unusual yet appealing manner.

Try not to include more egregious examples of “shoehorning”. It’s fine if a dress doesn’t have a color if
>the accessory fits the palette, such as pastel
>the accessory colour(s) are thoroughly integrated
I’ll start with a controversial classic.

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This is my favorite example of weird color combinations that totally work.

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BlackxPink isn’t exactly uncommon but this is pretty bold

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Can someone please post that ukip coord

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There's nothing strange about red and green...

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Red and green no. Red and olive? yeah.

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Any green and purple?

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Pairing burgundy and shades of green is like the safest classic combo. That flatlay is beautiful though

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go away Piccolo

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Fuck you I’m Bruce Banner

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I like the colour. idk about the cut though. there's "french-inspired cutaway overskirt" and then there's "crotch stage curtains." this feels more like the second.

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I hate this

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NAYRT but I love this... I think it works in a quirky otome/twee kind of way and less as proper lolita.

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I think it looks cute and all as a twee spread but worn, those shoes and the beret aren't going to look very nice.

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You even like the jelly shoes?

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I love this too! It's just so cute, even if it's not lolita.

I think the jelly shoes help add that casual, otome element. They're cute.

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Does anyone have coord pics with this JSK? I just recently bought it in this colorway and would like some inspiration on how to work with it.

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Ah I looked around as I've always admired how unafraid to be yellow that JSK is! I found these two original promotional/stock images, but I think these coords are kind of ugly imo.

I think it would be really cute if you made a sunflower type of theme! A boater with sunflowers and dark brown ribbon, white blouse, dark brown shoes like oxford heels, white socks, dark brown IW bag, a sunflower pin on the dress(there was one on CC a few months ago that was absolutely darling, I wish I saved the image as I can't find it again).

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Was really bothering me so I managed to find it! It was from Kaneko Isao, lots of lovely floral corsages from her, but maybe not a bright enough yellow (though it's a Japanese designer if you like to aim for all brand). Though of course handmaking something or buying a sunflower corsage on Etsy could work too.

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This looks like McDonald’s in a dress.

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Thank you so much! That's a really cute idea that I never thought of. I haven't been able to find any other coords other than the stock photos, but I always see people talking about how much they love the color of that dress. If I go the sunflower route I'll definitely go full country on it and try to add some crow motifs as well. Thanks again!

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I have the skirt in this colorway and not only is it bold, the pink is a very unusual shade somewhere between watermelon and peach pink which makes it very hard to match.

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I demand more Russian inspired prints

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The same sorry

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This dress is a really weird blue/green and practically impossible to colour match that greeny-blue. I still love it though

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Came here to say that, it was, sickeningly, my favourite coord I've ever seen with that print. The colours were just perfect.

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Glad you liked the idea!

Two more I thought up (didn't want to clog up the thread unless you replied with interest):

Easy one you probably already thought of for the fall, harvest witch. I think Hufflepuff style/black would look terrible with the sheer amount of yellow present, so brown instead. Brown witch hat maybe with some small fall decorations/corsages, a brown coat/jacket/cloak (a lot from Boz came in brown which would look neat), underneath a blouse with princess sleeves in offwhite, brown shortboots like Claras, offwhite socks with brown decorations. More fall corsages.

And in looking at brown things from Boz it looks like their Mini Cape with Hood came in brown, so if you ever found that you could do a forest girl look with a headdress, floral decorations, and one of those straw/woven purse baskets.

Thinking up stuff for that dress was way too fun, shame my wardrobe is all blacks and jeweltones because otherwise I would probably search out this dress for myself, haha.

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I have an obsession with matryoshka prints and eastern-european styled prints, I'll have to crack open my folder if I can find any bright enough.

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Ugh, this is a DD. I want it so bad!

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It's been on Tokyo Alice for months:


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Thank you so much for the inspo, I really appreciate it!

I'm not into Harry Potter at all but the forest idea speaks to me so much. I think I can make some nice accessories and a headdress with mushroom, harvest veggie, and autumn leaf motifs. I don't know why but harvest never occurred to me with this dress and it's such a good idea, especially since I live in the Midwest US and harvest time is HUGE here.

The surprising thing about this dress is that it actually pairs really well with black (perfect coincidence with the thread theme). I wouldn't let myself get it for the longest time because I have almost no brown, but the only other coord photo I've seen with the dress had a black blouse and it looked so nice that I told myself I could get it. The brown is very dark IRL and is so insignificant in person that it just looks like black lightened by the yellow around it. The only thing that throws it off are the little brown bows, so if I'm ever to wear it with black then I'd have to cover those up since they clash pretty hard.

The color really is so weird in person; it's like a dark green-toned mustard, close to the stock photo but even darker.

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