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I figured this would probably be the best place to ask on 4chan.

I'm a redheaded guy from the UK but my eyebrows are blonde as fuck and borderline invisible, I would like to dye them but I don't know what colour I would go for or the best brands.

Here's a pic for reference https://imgur.com/a/fUBaL

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Hey dumbass why'd you cover your eyebrows.

Go to the help thread.

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Because they are invisible and my hair colour was the point of the post

here u go though

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also i cant find a help thread specifically for what im doing, i guess there is the brit thread though

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Go for the lightest shade of brown and buy eyebrow/eyelash dye.

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Kill yourself

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Just go to a beauty technician or eyebrow bar and get them tinted. Trying to dye them at home is a recipe for disaster, if you get dye in your eye, you're likely to go blind.

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Some women use 'just for men' to darken their brows but going to a hairdresser or beauty bar would be a much better idea if you have no experience. I'm in the UK and most places that can thread your eyebrows can tint them

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u look like ur prob a qt which is almost def the point of the whole thread but fr do you live with your mother? Jesus you need an interior decorator more than some eyebrow dye.

But anyway go to a salon. You don’t want to fuck up trying to do your eyebrows yourself.

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Redhead here. I only dye my eyebrows if I am already dying my hair. My natural eyebrows are also invisible (Thanks, genetics.) You can go get them tinted, as other suggested, or just color them in with a light eyebrow pencil. Takes thirty seconds, MAYBE a minute out of your day. Ive used this one, and its not bad.

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use the beard dye just for men

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>"I figured this would probably be the best place to ask on 4chan."
>asks on possibly the worst place for this on 4chan
>asks on 4chan before using google instead

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