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Previous thread: >>9763955

VM's Rococo Bouquet Series goes up for reservation tomorrow, 19:30 JST.

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Guess I'll start with some updates.

Kuma Kumya is getting a reservation. Pic related shows the colourways available.

Laforet's Grand Bazar continues until 29th Jan.

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IW has put their Brown and White Rabbit Series under reservation. They're also having a flash sale starting on 26th Jan, 16:00 JST.

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Meta has opened a second pre-order for their Dozing Cat Series. There's no limit on quantity, so you could potentially buy 10 Dozing Cats JSKs if you really like it, I guess.

They've also produced some solid pieces like pic related.

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Moitie has that Secret Meeting going on where you can get a ticket to visit Mana. The only catches are that you have to spend 21,600 Yen (tax included) with a limit of 2 tickets per person. Also that the meeting is in Japan.

Atelier Boz has placed pic related on reservation.

MARBLE has some new blouses and coats. They also have black lace-topped OTKs if anyone is interested.

LIEF and Magical Holic have some new solid releases as well.

Atelier Pierrot's Amabile Dress has a re-release. They've also gotten some new corsets and skirts in stock.

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JetJ's reservation/MTO that ends on Feb 9.

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tfw tall so everything not floor length barely covers my ass. Not to mention almost all tall lolitas end up looking awkward and it's just not flattering, I've really just given up and stuck with regular gothic/ EGA and longer Atelier Pierrot stuff. At least gothic is more forgiving to begin with but there's also no way in hell sweet would look good on a tall person anyway

In the early 2000s tall girls would just wear bloomers underneath but I always thought it looked even more stupid and costumey

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JetJ also added another size I noticed! This makes me really happy to see!

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how weird something looks is not what makes it a costume. the reason why you're wearing something makes it a costume.

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is it rude to ask a seller who will only ship to the US if they're willing to ship to Canada?

usually when people are reluctant to ship internationally it usually means outside of the continent...

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You could try, but the process of shipping to Canada is the same as shipping to any other country outside of the US (filling out customs, etc.), and the prices are much higher even though they just need to throw it across the border.

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Idk how tall you are m8 but I also think it's about general body proportions? Like I'm rather tall for this fashion (170) but I've never faced any problems with dresses being too short as my torso is 'short' so dresses will end right above my knees usually.

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I thought those bunnies looked familiar

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What, 170cm? You're lucky anon. I'm 180-ish cm, 5'10". I didn't consider proportions, but everything about me is long and lanky.... that does explain it.

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Well ok, that is...quiet tall. I feel sorry for you, but also glad that you found styles working for you! I love tall ppl wearing more aristocrat looks.

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Why do Americans always make such a big deal out of customs forms? I mean, they literally just give you a form to slap on the package at the post office, you write what's on it, done.

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yeah as if people from other countries don't have to do that when they ship overseas

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5'10 is 178. I'm 178 and I look fine. Most people who have only seen photos of me assume that I'm a lot shorter than I am.

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it's dream dress thread anon's time

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I once asked some sellers from both Canada as well as the US if they'd ship overseas they were all friendly and told me they would, but they also showed me the estimated shipping price and it was horrendously high that's why I think lots of us ppl don't ship to eg Europe

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but shipping to Canada from the US is like $16-$25 usd though (I've bought a lot of stuff on LM from US), which I'm happy to pay.
And honestly filling out a customs form takes like a minute, 80% of which is just rewriting your address and the receiver's address.
Why is it such a big deal even?

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So is Cathy Cat's new video about cyber bullying referencing the recent drama with AM?

She is making it seem like people are bullying her over nothing.

Meanwhile Scarfing Scarves is actually dealing with legal action??

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I'm kinda frustrated because I never get crit - or any comments - on my coords. I post to cof regularly-ish and ask for crit, but no bites. Even on cgl no one says anything.
Obvs I want to improve, and asking my friends is no good because they'll just say I look great regardless.

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I have a feeling it is. Can't say I feel sorry for her, honestly; genuine, warranted criticism for endorsing a pervert and scammer who preys on women and minors is not, in fact, bullying by any stretch of the imagination. Cat is an embarrassment to the community and she should feel bad.

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I don't really understand. I think tall lolitas can look really nice. I'm 5"11 and I never really thought it looks bad, it's just a matter of dressing for your height. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't wished I was shorter so I could fit into everything I want, but accept that some things aren't for you. Sure, I hate it when my thighs are wisible, but it's not going to stop me from dressing how I want.
Also, Fanny Rosie, Chokelate and even bloody girlyhoot are tall. Who cares just do your thang.

as if gothic and EGA doesn't look just as costumey as lolita.

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Thanks anon, what style do you wear? Or what brands or pieces have you found that fits you best?

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You know what pisses me off? Having dresses that seem cohesive to the normie eye, but in reality almost every one of them needs a different blouse and shoes.
gonna kms

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This probably means your coords are average and nothing special. Nothing good enough to comment about it, nothing bad enough to comment about it. Try experimenting a bit and see if you get feedback.

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One of the pieces of advice she says in the video is about getting stuff taken down, so yeah probably.

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Honestly, it's better when cgl ignores you. If no one says anything it means your coords are fine, otherwise you would have been nitpicked on already.

Your style might be a bit boring hence no one's noticing you, but it doesn't mean that it's bad.

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PSA to all lolitas
if an item has a few days left on an auction, why would you keep militantly bidding against someone? Sure, bid in the last 5-10 mins, but anything befire that is stupid and driving the price up for yourself.
How stupid are you? I've seen auctions doubled just because you idiots want to be highest bidder for 2 seconds until the other person (who is equally as thick) bids against you too. Come on. It's just idiotic.

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Pissing contest. You have to assert your dominance. Fuckin pleb.

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I will tell you that I for one skip over trainwrecks, or coords with too many nitpicks. it's too exhausting. or if the styling of something is flat and empty.
try posting floords to coord help threads, see if it's your pieces that need help, or your coording...maybe your photos are dim, dull, or potato quality.

are you passionate about lolita? do you have an honest personal style, or are you mimicking more successful coords and half-assing? do you style your whole body, or just put clothes on?

just some things to consider and help push you towards better looking results.

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some people don't care about price and just want the item. sorry you're cheap bro.

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haha sure, I might start bidding against them because I know they're going to outbid me a second later just to drive the price up, if they're going to be dumb.

>> No.9768271

if an auction has a week or so before ending, what's the point in bidding? Call me cheap, sure, but it just seems futile. Even if I had a million dollars to spend I'd still want to get a good deal and not make it unreasonably high for myself.

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Tall lolitas can look great as long as they’re slender, but when they’re fat it looks even worse than a short fat girl in lolita.

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To assert your dominance and give off the illusion you can keep increasing for that long.

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I agree when it comes to Yahoo Auctions for a different reason. The more bids on something, the higher it is listed in the default order. So you can have a a bidding war in the last 20 minutes for dominance or whatever bullshit anons are saying, but it's less likely that other people are able to join in the last 20 minutes. OR you can go full retard and place 20 bids one week before the auction ends, so the first thing everyone and their mother sees is your auction for a whole week. Bonus points if it's posted 2-5 times on cgl and social media.

>I might start bidding against them because I know they're going to outbid me a second later just to drive the price up
Kek, I do this sometimes, especially if they bid in the last minute and extend it to 5 minutes again and again. Works every time. One time someone even whined about overpaying on it in the feels thread.

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Since there isn't a shoe thread at the moment, I figured I'd ask here.

Could anyone recommend some cute but good quality brown leather (or pleather) oxfords or brogues? My old ones finally gave out on me, and unfortunately the company no longer makes them.
I'd like something that is comfortable enough for daily wear and looks nice enough to wear with lolita. I'm fine with up to a 2" heel and willing to spend a bit to get a decent shoe.

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Do you know how auctions work you autist?

>> No.9768363

Yahoo Auctions drives me mad, it's absolute hell to buy on. Is it true it has no buyer protection whatsoever?

>> No.9768383

Do enlighten me if you genuinely think that doubling the price of an item is going benefit you as a buyer. Lacemarket is where I see most of this idiocy happen.

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No one cares about LM auctions, that's why. I barely see people bidding on it and if you overbid people from the start there's a high chance they won't return and lose interest.

>> No.9768405

I prefer just to wait til last 2 seconds.

>> No.9768436

What's the bottom from?

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stupid question but how to order from VM reserves if you are stupid and live overseas but don't want to go through Tokyo Rebel since paying in USD makes no sense for my currency.

>> No.9768555

Use a shopping service that uses yen.

>> No.9768563

If I'm serious about an item, I'll bid within the last 5 minutes. Otherwise, I like to be a bitch and jack up the prices because I can.

>> No.9768564

NAYRT, but it's a vintage rabbit illustration. I don't know who it's by originally, but I have stickers with those rabbits.

>> No.9768566

Speaking of auction theory, how have people's dollar auctions gone? I am thinking of doing one to unload some dresses but on the other hand, I've also gotten a couple blouses for $2 from unsuccessful sellers who tried this. To be fair, they were ETC and some other less popular soft sister brand but still

>> No.9768569

I find it lures in people who wouldn't bid otherwise, which drives up the price at least a bit. I've had a couple of simpler items that wouldn't sell listed at ~90 but that went for slightly more than that on a low auction (I start at more like 10-20).

>> No.9768591

Buy from Wunderwelt Fleur.

>> No.9768811

Fanny Rosie is not tall, lol. Read her IG bio.

>> No.9768857

At least in my area, the US postal offices are seriously understaffed, so long lines and unhelpful staff are quite common. I usually print out Paypal's shipping labels since I have a scale and a printer, but I can understand why some people dread going to the post office.

>> No.9768991

I prefer to use a personal SS for auctions because I'm a Europoor and she can mark down the item for customs. She starts bidding a a day before the auction ends to see if the seller accepts bids from shopping services or not. And sometimes the auction ends at odd times, so she can't be there seconds before it ends. It doesn't matter in the end, if your bid is high enough, you'll still win.

>> No.9769011

It varies so much from town to town. I used to have to deal with a terrible PO. Unfriendly, unhelpful staff. Long lines of Somalis sending GIANT fucking boxes back to their families.

I moved literally 8.5 miles down the road, to another town and the PO is like another world. The staff is helpful and quick, and even the people I see inside or walking to/from the parking lot are nice, say "hello," smile at you.

>> No.9769019

Does anyone have experience with your SS bidding more than you asked? I put in offers on frill and when I got my final invoice back I noticed it was super high. My SS had offered more than I asked because they thought my offers were too low, meaning the items cost 4k more than expected. Because the price was higher they would only send by EMS even though i wanted to use SAL... so now my final invoice is 10k

>> No.9769029

That's kind of messed up, name and shame. Is there anything in their terms that allowed this? The only thing you could do is refuse to pay, but then you'll probably be black listed.

>> No.9769032

>tfw nice thigh gap so i don't have to care about dresses being too short

>> No.9769042

Why would you ask someone to pay a good 6k yen more for the same fucking thing.
You could get a SS for much cheaper. Even chibi tenshi wouldn't charge as much.

>> No.9769048

Can't believe the grey colourway already sold out.

>> No.9769054

Japonica did this to me, they didn't ask if I'd like to up my offer, they just offered more then left me a note about it after the purchase. When I asked for cheaper shipping they told me they couldn't because of the value of my purchases.

I'll probably be stuffed by customs as the faster shipping was so expensive but they're one of the few services that does frill and mercari so I've used them but I think this time will be my last and I'll ho back to tenshi or something

>> No.9769055

I think everything is sold out. I really hope they increase their stock..

>> No.9769060

Fril isn't an auction service. You can ask sellers if they'll lower the price for you but most of the time the price is firm. Are you stupid or something?

>> No.9769067

Ntayrt but
>are you stupid or something?

Was that really needed? What is your actual problem?

>> No.9769081

Was it that new SS?

>> No.9769085

I just checked and wow, yeah, quite a bit of the stuff are sold out. To think it's been barely 5 hours since they opened reservations. I hope they increase their stock as well, but their Twitter mentioned that they won't be doing so. (Though that was when the grey colourway sold out, so I guess there is some hope?)

>> No.9769087

Are you stupid anon? You can make offers on fril and mercari if the sellers say they'll accept price negotiations

>> No.9769096

That doesn't mean they'll accept your offer. You can't say "oh my SS bid more than I wanted" when it's not even an auction. It's not like they paid above the asking price.

>wah someone is being mean on 4chan

>> No.9769105

>It's not like they paid above the asking price
That doesn't seem to be the problem though? More that the SS offered an amount different to what they requested and only let them know after via the final invoice? That's not them being stupid it's the SS not communicating

>> No.9769112

It was japonica, in their terms it has a note about the shipping but I can't find information about them being able to change offers

I'm happy it's not just me then. I'll try another personal shopping service next time.

None of the listings I made offers on, sorry if the word 'bid was your issue here, were firm and all explicitly mentioned accepting price cut negotiations. Japonica didn't pay the original listing price either, they just offered different amounts to what I requested. I also made offers on mercari to purchase many items from a single seller and I saw in the comments they hadn't even tried to negotiate, they automatically offered higher though the seller took significantly lower offers.

No but maybe I should try them instead

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Moitie released some leather wallets, card holders and accessories.

>> No.9769125

I'd feel better paying these prices for actual leather.

>> No.9769127

Gulls I am in freaking out mode. I just took a white dress with a black, grey and green print out of a supposed "protective" garment bag and parts of the dress have yellowed. My ex-husband was a heavy smoker and the dress hasn't been out of the bag in some time. Do you have any tips on how to get the yellowing out?
The tag says hand wash in cold, hang dry but that is doing nothing for the yellowing.

>> No.9769133 [DELETED] 

It is real leather.

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File: 258 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180129_095819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do I believe?

>> No.9769138

Did you even read the post you replied to? They are real leather.

>> No.9769140

What kind of bag was it in, anon? While dress bags can be great for preventing dust, moths, etc., some of them can damage your clothes. The clear plastic bags (like a lot of bridal dresses come from the store in) are the worst offenders.
Generally oxyclean does the trick for me, but it depends on the stain. If you feel comfortable posting photos of the yellowing, I might be able to give more specific advice.

>> No.9769142

The leather is fake, google translate can't read the kanji properly. It's pronounced as gouhi, meaning 'synthetic leather', if it was real leather, it would just say 革, 皮 or 本革

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File: 130 KB, 852x1136, HTB1T58GFVXXXXbhXFXXq6xXFXXXM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a bag from ikea similar to picture.
I did a test soak in warm water with a bit of detergent with a waist tie and after the print didn't run I put the whole thing in. It's currently soaking or else I would snap a picture.
The yellowing is mostly on one side and the ends of the waist ties.
Should I just try to get it dry cleaned or would that run the risk of ruining the print?

>> No.9769150

What kind of Oxiclean do you usually use on your lolita?
Would their colors line be bad for a white majority colored piece you think?

>> No.9769153

Leather is way more expensive in Japan. If leather is so important I wouldn't buy it from there.

>> No.9769162

It's not important, but paying $120 for a small faux leather purse seems like a bit of a reach.

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File: 2.17 MB, 2984x5312, straps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9769180


nayrt, but thanks for clarifying. I like real leather because I'm so sick of the fake stuff peeling.

>> No.9769242

As long as it is color safe, a baking soda soak should help lift the yellowing. YMMV tho

>> No.9769260

I have one too, so ...good for you? Not sure what you mean.

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File: 64 KB, 551x413, 20130823_233049-551x413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've used pic related (for colors) and the white revive with good results. The color safe one would probably be fine.

If the stains are small, I make a paste out of the oxiclean and water, carefully apply it to the areas, scrub it in a bit, and let it sit. Start with 10 minutes, check it, and if it's not coming up, check it again every 5 minutes or so. I don't let it sit on my lolita for more than 25 minutes tops, but I'm also paranoid about losing my clothes to cleaning agents.

For bigger/all-over stains, fill a basin with water and dilute as directed, then let the whole dress soak. I usually check it every hour for up to 3 or 4 hours.

Sometimes ^^^ won't work and you'll have to intensively spot treat large areas of the garment, which is a chore but also rewarding.

>> No.9769325

Thank you anon, hopefully my crappy Wal-Mart has some!

>> No.9769328

Also, this probably goes without saying, but I always research and check for colorfastness before doing this sort of thing. Since you've already tried washing it, you're good, but I wanted to clarify in case some anon sees this and ruins their red dress with oxiclean paste.

>> No.9769350

>wah someone is being mean on 4chan
did you just get here from leddit? feel like you need to be an edgy piece of shit to fit in and that way no one will know you're a newfag.

>> No.9769358

Since it's related to the topic of cleaning, I need some help with a dress. I have an OP that is bright red with stark white cuffs and a collar. I wanted to give all my clothes a proper cleaning and when I got to this OP I was at a lost of what to do. I hand washed it in cold water, mostly spot treating it but the red ending up bleeding into the collar. Tag says it's machine wash safe but I'm scared of putting it in there.

Would using oxyclean + color catchers in the wash save it?

>> No.9769387

can someone recommend me a petticoat? i have one but its shit and i wanna get a nicer one.

>> No.9769397

Wunderwelt's is great for cupcake, Malco Modes for both standard length A-line and longer petticoats.

>> No.9769494

Classical Puppets all the way baby

>> No.9769496

Get a cage skirt instead, they never deflate and you can stick your dead/shit petti over it. Moi moi honey makes a nice one.

>> No.9769504


>> No.9769526

I heard their quality has declined a lot.

Are cage skirts comfortable to sit in?

>> No.9769558

I don't like cage skirts. The movements of the fabrics of your skirt and your clothes in general isn't as natural when you walk.
I wear lolita every day though so maybe that's why for me I'd prefer things that are more natural, even though my style isn't very toned down.

>> No.9769561

huh is this art theft then?

>> No.9769584

Seriously? it's just bunnies. There's loads of pictures like that out there.

>> No.9769587

most likely the original illustration is in the public domain

>> No.9769589

it's a direct overlay sweetie

>> No.9769593

I stupidly bought six pieces of cheap brand through buyee. Do I consolidate the packages or not?

>> No.9769594

why don't you call the aforementioned stickers with rabbits an art theft

>> No.9769598

not at all, it is why i never wear mine. just a deflated one. oh and two short hell bunny ones under that boost my deflated up to a nice shape again. much better.

>> No.9769600

because it's not a direct trace of anything? are you just pretending to be retarded or do you not know how art theft works

>> No.9769601

Depends, do you live in a country where you need to pay customs tax?
If you do, you can probably find a calculator that will give you an estimate of how much tax you'll need to pay based on how much your order is worth (buyee declares full price) and how much you paid for shipping.
Sometimes it works out cheaper to not consolidate packages and have them shipped cheap via SAL or airmail than to pay customs tax.
Buyee won't let you change the value of the package like most SS do, btw.

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File: 59 KB, 600x604, do you have brain damage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 40 KB, 470x377, rabbit-11[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if an image in the public domain you can trace it to your heart content and put on stickers or dresses or your website or w/e

see for instance http://www.reusableart.com/rabbit-11.html

>A collection of over 3,616 free downloadable public domain images for crafters and web designers that have been rescued from old books, magazines, and other print materials. All of the images in this collection are copyright free in the United States and any country that extends copyrights up to 70 years after the death of the original artist making them in the public domain and free to use in your next scrapbook page, notecard or other craft projects.

posting a rabbit, free as free beer

>> No.9769607

well yes obviously if it's public domain it's fine, but there's no mention of that in this conversation, dumbass

>> No.9769610

*if an image is

do you? there is no difference in using an image for commercially sold stickers or for a dress, assuming it's the same image, so it's kind of weird to ignore the stickers while falsely accusing the dress in art theft

>> No.9769611

You quoted an Anon saying they are vintage drawings, yet you still ask?

>> No.9769613

it could be public domain you retard

>> No.9769615

you are funny, see, firstly you didn't even assume that vintage pictures that are widely used for different merchandise were most likely already in public domain, secondly when being pointed at it you went the full retard "you don't know how art theft works" mode and when being explicitly explained what's public domain you try to pretend you knew it and it's not related

>> No.9769617

You seem to lack reading comprehension.

>> No.9769618

I'm in the EU, so I get mad customs fees. I'll probably try airmail, thanks anon

>> No.9769619

the vintage stickers could be made by the original artist while iw is stealing the art from them.
no one mentioned public domain in this chain until you started backpedaling because your realized how dumb you were being.
hows your brain feeling anon? everything mustve changed after your accident.

>> No.9769624

>y-you don't have reading comprehension!!!
maybe you shouldn't samefag three different reply chains and expect anons to assume you're the same person replying multiple times

>> No.9769635

why are the anons in this thread all so angry

>> No.9769638

Why would I expect you to assume I'm the same person as someone else?
Here's your bunnies, I don't get what your problem is.

>> No.9769643

you just got called out for samefagging and you're gonna do it again? lmfao

>> No.9769644

Lets go through things slowly, so you can understand.
Not all vintage drawings are public domain. This one may be, but your initial comments were
>Seriously? it's just bunnies. There's loads of pictures like that out there.
>why don't you call the aforementioned stickers with rabbits an art theft
with no mention of public domain. This is why you're being called out for samefagging and being retarded, because in your initial comments in this chain of replies, there is no mention of public domain. You mentioned public domain in a separate reply here >>9769587 , which was not included in this chain. Do you understand?

>> No.9769649

that was my first post in the thread, did you not see the IP count go up or were you too blinded by butthurt rage to see

>> No.9769652

Do you understand that's not me? Obviously not. I provided you a link, they likely paid the $20 to put them on their dresses.

>> No.9769656

Sniping auctions is for cheapskates

The point of an auction is that the item goes to the person willing to pay the most for it

>> No.9769659


>> No.9769668

for some reason i doubt the guy who made that site can demand his terms of use on the vintage art which apparently wasn't drawn by him even if he scanned the picture

if he redraws it then it's ok but not if he provides it as it was originally made

>> No.9769703

Had anyone here read the Kamikaze Girls sequel? All I know about it is that it's not that good and Ichigo gets framed for murder. Can anyone tell me more than that? Or is there a fan translation availabile?

>> No.9769715
File: 29 KB, 375x250, VImage018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh and I also heard that Ichigo models for BTSSB and Momoko is her manager. Momoko is secretly skimming 90% of the profits to buy brand, because of course she is. What a legend

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>amerifat expat recently moved to eu
>yay lets get stuff from wunderwelt!
>package wasn't delivered, have to pick it up
>show up
>3 billion dollary doos in customs fees
>she wasn't ready
I got the stuff obviously but euro anons...I'm so sorry, I had no idea

>> No.9769761

If it's not you, then you're even more retarded since that means you never mentioned public domain at all until you got called out for being an idiot.

>> No.9769763

I'm also /toy/fag and nothing makes you appreciate being an amerilard more than seeing what yuros need to go through just to get the shit they already paid for. Not to mention their mail carriers taking for goddamn ever just to deliver stuff a few hundred miles.

Meanwhile I'm over here experiencing a fleeting moment of agitation over the realization that my priority package, coming from 3,000 miles away, is going to take 3 days to get here instead of 2.

>> No.9769765

I bought a Classical Puppers daily bell last March and was very disappointed in the quality. Very scratchy and deflated super quickly even with very light usage.

I really like my Aurora and Ariel pettis. I have both their bell and aline and they're still going strong.

>> No.9769770
File: 72 KB, 588x750, 84aed50471e05514397cff4e7a2625cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Classical Puppers

>> No.9769773

I have a copy but I stopped after Momoko saw Ichigo's former sukeban mentor lady on the bus. Takemoto Novala still writes like a retarded thirteen year old girl.

>> No.9769776

use to be a huge buyfag as well, and it was sure great when the dollar was strong and I could order a figure (or 12) monday and have them at my door thursday or have the audacity to bitch and moan about it being delivered in a week even though I was feeling cheap and used SAL instead of EMS. No wonder we're so entitled, america is the definition of instant gratification with no strings attached.

>> No.9769780

god dammit I do that every time

>> No.9769782

I get why you didn't finish it, but would you be willing to tell me me a little more about the book? I'd really appreciate it, it would make my week. Even though he writes like he's writing fanfic, I always wanted to know what happened to Momoko and Ichigo afterwards...

>> No.9769784

I'd pay customs if it meant I get healthcare to be honest. Seriously, my $8,000 surgery > $500 or so in customs for the shit I'd buy

>> No.9769799

Exactly why I feel feel minimal sympathy for Eurofriends always whining about customs, they are paying those high taxes to help cover the "free" healthcare and other services they brag about. Money doesn't grow on trees.

>> No.9769802

I don't know, I got my 20k surgery covered in the US. You just have to have good insurance (ie a good job). I don't have to pay into it with a cut from my paycheck either.

>> No.9769818

I swear by my Malco Modes Jennifer. I roll it up because it's a bit long on me and pin up 8 sections of it to make it more cupcake-shaped, which is a bit of a hassle, but because it's chiffon I haven't experienced deflation, it's super soft against my legs even when I'm wearing ankle socks, and it "flows" when I walk, making my dresses move beautifully instead of the weird static way they move when one is wearing, say, a cage skirt. It gives really good poof on its own and you can always layer another small petti if you absolutely want more.

>> No.9769878

To the anon that asked this >>9760997 the same cardi is up on fril.jp under liz lisa for like 300y

>> No.9769880

Unless they're lesbians, I don't care

>> No.9769885


>> No.9769901

in 2014 someone posted the english subtitles for the lolita movie Musashinosen no Shimai, but the links are dead now. Does anybody happen to have them? or know where to watch it eng subbed?

>> No.9769977 [DELETED] 

Anon your country is ridiculous, there is no defending what they charge for medical procedures...surely you can see that. I got my dogs corneal ulcer surgery for 80 euro and a friend in the states paid 1700 for the same thing on the same breed of dog. vet bill are 100% covered by the owner. Its not free healthcare so what do you say to that.

>> No.9770126

but isnt that only if those allegations are true though like why harass someone because they MIGHT be wrong

>> No.9770137

I have a BunnyHouse one and I love it to death

>> No.9770144
File: 99 KB, 1080x1716, 1517285986890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ID on this please?

>> No.9770154


>> No.9770167
File: 288 KB, 1200x1200, 20160414-192734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /cgl/ do any of you spend time wearing lolita with your SO or do you keep it separated?

>> No.9770229


>> No.9770248


I'd like to. Having a date who supports your fashion and don't mind you wearing it around is such a bless.

>> No.9770249

Ugh, it was to >>9770167

>> No.9770267

me: intelligent conversation
you: get out of cgl this is a place for retards

>> No.9770274

This is cute.

>> No.9770288
File: 221 KB, 432x501, E912C1B6-0066-499E-BFA8-56F116EEC809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend looks ridiculous in ouji because of his proportions + face.

But he loves taking couple photos with my coords

Does anyone have any advice on boyfriend / normie fashion that looks good next to otome kei and classic style Lolita?

>> No.9770304

Cable knit sweaters, or just knit sweaters in general i think look good with classic lolita and otome (esp. jewel toned anything). Maybe some boots with it too? +100 points for collared shirt underneath. If its an especially formal occasion then waist coats might be nice. My bf tends to just wear semi formal attire (nice jeans, dress shoes, dress shirt) when i go out in lolita but desu i think something cozier looks better!

>> No.9770309

ladies, I need laundering advice. I recently bought a dress secondhand with a few small stains on it. I tried soaking said stains with vinegar and laundering but it doesn't look like it wants to play nice. It looked pretty set in when I got it (like the previous owner got as much of the stain out as they could), how fucked am I?

>> No.9770313

I think you can ship it to tenso and lower the value.

>> No.9770314
File: 556 KB, 459x663, tumblr_mhgldv5pKt1qg0fdgo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always imagined that this would be the perfect complement to an otome outfit.

>> No.9770320


(I'm not the anon who posted the site)

Sites like that usually don't own or claim copyright. If they charge a fee, it's usually as compensation for the effort of making a hi-res scan and cleaning it up, if you're a company and making commercial prints, you'd want a higher quality file so your stuff doesn't look like dinky homemade printables, so if someone has taken the trouble to do a nice, clean, high-res scan, it's worth the $20 to not have to re-scan and clean it up yourself. You're not paying for copyright at all, just a better scan.

Anytime someone says it's a "vintage" graphic, the assumption is that it's so old it has passed out of copyright and into public use. Copyright doesn't last forever, it expires after a few decades. The whole concept was argued out the last time someone said Meta used some other graphic, which is why nobody's bothering to explain it in this thread. So no, this isn't copyright violation. IW didn't draw the rabbit, but IW rarely ever does their own art. IW and JetJ both like to go the vintage art route, using free-use graphics on their dresses, which is why JetJ can use stuff like famous old paintings, this isn't something new either, which is also why nobody is batting any eyes at this "copyright" issue except the angry newbies. It's a common comment for JetJ because their dresses are $$$$ despite using free graphics.

I'll rehash the part about characters as well -- characters like Mickey Mouse are also subject to this, which is why Disney likes to make shitty sequels. Every time they make a sequel they kind of re-copyright the character, so every sequel means the character stays copyrighted as theirs, which is why Mickey Mouse still isn't free for you to use despite Walt Disney himself being dead for awhile. Random rabbits don't have this going on, which again is why anons are saying "it's just bunnies", as it's unlikely to be something someone made sequels of to renew the copyright on.

Much clearer now, I hope.

>> No.9770408
File: 913 KB, 470x313, 1507267009712.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 183cm

I've never been able to go beyond window shopping because I see sleeves being at my elbow and dresses fitting like shirts. Larger sizes tend to just be way too baggy too since I'm pretty slender.

Not just feelshit though, I would actually love advice on what might work or if I should just neck myself.

>> No.9770420

>email VM for notification when mint is back in stock
>get email a few hours later that mint is in stock
>use SS to buy the mint colorway, SS successfully bought it
>check the site again and mint is out of stock again

Damn, I was lucky and I didn't even know.

>> No.9770429

everything looks fine as long as you're thin
it's better to be tall and thin than small and fat

>> No.9770430

Look around for people who can both sew and design, commission them

>> No.9770431

Short sleeved blouses and long length skirts.

>> No.9770512

me too, anon ^_^

>> No.9770525

As far as brands go, Naturalizer and Fluevog come pretty highly recommended, the latter has quite the price tag though. Unfortunately I didn't see the style you were looking for, but they have made them in the past. Looking through discount resellers or maybe getting a pair gently used is an option as they're good quality shoes.

>tfw just went to the thrift store a few days ago and found maybe four pairs of Naturalizer pumps and oxford heels in excellent condition
>tfw they were just half a size too big and you can't exactly wear a pump that only fits with a thermal sock on
I'm so sad.

>> No.9770551

Oh anon, you could have added some foam padding and it would fit fine.

>> No.9770576

take a knee-length dress from your closet that fits you well. measure the length. try to find dresses around that length, and expect several cms difference on account of petti poof bringing the hem higher up on your legs.
custom tailoring from indie brands is also an option. if you're slender, look into LOTV designs on etsy. she makes stuff mostly for slim people.

I'm 180cm. if you don't try you'll never know. we can't hold your hand, you have to actually make an effort to get into the fashion.

know your measurements in cm (bust, waist, height, length from shoulder to wrist, and length from collarbone to knee)
take your time, don't rush. find a good main piece that will fit, buy it, then look up coords with that dress.
your goal is to start off with one good solid coord. don't buy any other pieces until your main arrives and you try it on.
you can do it anon. you're only holding yourself back. good luck!

>> No.9770606

Do you have a brand or type you recommend? I've used the little gel things before but the stickiness wears away on them pretty fast.

The store is having a 50% sale this Friday so if the shoes are still there I'll grab them.

>> No.9770674

You need to move the skirt before sitting, but I don't personally find it a big deal. They collapse so it's not like you'll be sitting on hoops.

>> No.9770678
File: 46 KB, 342x342, 1506356715908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be in Canada
>don't get hit with customs
>most shit covered

>> No.9770686

nayrt, but I love this. If only my bf would wear something like this. Last time we went out and I was in lolita he was sad he didn't wear something fancy to compliment me but his idea of fancy is a shirt and jeans.

>> No.9770690
File: 36 KB, 1000x1000, Nelson-Muntz-image-nelson-muntz-36388753-1000-1000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>canadian $ exchange rate

>> No.9770700

I thought customs were indeed a thing in Can.
Lor made a whole video about that after she first moved there. a package from WW costed her like an extra $100 or so in fees?

>> No.9770705

You should neck yourself because you're crying on cgl like a bitch baby instead of actually going out there and trying to find things by yourself. Custom Taobao and indie brands have been a thing since forever. Brands have released 110-120 cm length dresses since forever. Literally the only thing stopping you from living the best frill life is your laziness.

>> No.9770707

I tried searching the archives and didn't see anything, but does anyone know what's up with Takoyaki Co? They haven't had any lacemarket listings for awhile, their website is down, and they haven't posted on Facebook since mid December.

>> No.9770709

doesn't vinegar set the stains instead of lifting them? I only ever use vinegar to get smell out of stuff

>> No.9770711

They're weirdly inconsistent here. Like usually I don't get hit unless the thing I ordered is declared to be $200 CAD or more, but I've heard of friends getting hit for $30 packages, and friends dodging $400+ ones.

>> No.9770712

What >>9770709 said, I'm pretty sure vinegar is used to keep colors from bleeding.

>> No.9770713

That's only if it's heated up.

If you look up "vinegar to remove stains" there are tons of results.

>> No.9770715
File: 424 KB, 598x800, 393809-1301-2015-06-14348137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How pissed would you be if you saw a rare altered piece of brand? Im not talking about whatever the hell Tifferet did to that poor CTP, but something done by a professional seamstress.
My dream dress is Iron Gate but im too big for the jsk or sk and the op never comes up. Im 95cmbust 74cm waist so im thinking of snagging the next jsk or skirt that pops up in black x blue and adding a back panel of shirring and maybe a chiffon bustle to the skirt portion so the skirt stays full with a petticoat.

>> No.9770716

Same here. My bfs idea of formal clothes is his least-worn pair of jeans and a sweater without stains or holes, plus he only has one pair of shoes that he wears both to weddings and to go hiking.

>> No.9770732

if you only want it for the print it's cheaper to get the long skirt

>> No.9770738

Just lose some weight lardo

>> No.9770741

I do that with my rarez MmM, I'm not the only one who does it even within my comm. I'm too cheap for IG but if I'd even come across a damaged one I'm sure as hell will be adding shirring to it. If it's good it's good.

>> No.9770742

I dont like the long skirt. I like egl not ega. I dont really like the cut of the OP either. Im not a fan of empire waist cuts so even though i could fit it i wouldnt want it anyways. I wouldn't say i just want it for the print? Whatever that means? I only specifically like the black x blue colorway. It's my dream print. Not something i want to buy "for the print" or for the status or whatever.

>> No.9770744

How would you feel if someone altered it smaller? Would you feel pissed?

>> No.9770745

Nice try im only 109 my doctor said im borderline underweight. She would be pissed if i lost any more weight.

Thats good to know thankyou! Im glad im not the only one. Ive seen a bunch of people mention they get their items altered but ive never seen any items with obvious alterations like a bustle or a shirring panel on a dress that doesnt have a bustle or that has no shirring

>> No.9770750

I wouldnt care at all but the only thing i hear about alterations are negative. People assuming you're a hambeast if you dont fit petite non asian sizes. My busy is a bit bigger then average, my waist is average. Of someone was in fact fat and bought 2 puppet circus prints and sewed them together i really wouldnt care. I was just wondering if other people felt the same since it's not something you hear about.

>> No.9770751

>Whatever that means?
anon wasn't being salty ya walnut. it's possible to love a print and not care what cut you get it in. you explained that the cut matters to you, so anon's suggestion won't work.

being so defensive. you sound painfully new.

>> No.9770752

I'd just be mad if you'd resell it for a high price. Like more than 150$, because obviously the alterations would lower it's original value

>> No.9770754

I dont care if you bought 3 iron gate skirts and fuzed them together because you have a 100cm waist as long as you can put a better coord together then the french moitie ita and it isn't a replica i dont give a fuck. If youbhave the money to throw down $1k for a rare piece and it's alterations then go for it! It isnt any body elses money or dress so i dont see what the issue would be.

>> No.9770756

Nayrt but if some rare print was altered to their size dont you think the fatties would pay more for it? The Iron Gate jsk gors for roughly 700-800usd i think if anon ever decided to sell it they could still easily get $400-500 for it. I think $150 personally is way too low. Maybe save up your own money to get it for its going price before trying to hypothetically low ball someone?

Anon if you ever did sell id suggest putting it on auction for $200 and see how much you could get for it.

>> No.9770761

Yeah definately wouldnt sell it. It's been a dream piece for about 6 years now. Even if i did I would put it on auction with a low starting price like >>9770756 said. But i doubt that would ever happen. Shit i havent even bought it yet. Just waiting for the right colorway to pop up again

Haha yes thankyou this is my sentiment exactly! I mean Im no misako or Mana but i have decent coords, i get nitpicks just like everyone else.

>> No.9770775

I don't really care if it's a 'rare' piece, because if it's altered no matter which dress it is, it's not the original piece anymore. The thing is that most alterations I've seen weren't bad, but they were all obvious. For me it just lowers the value enormously, doesn't matter if rare or normal.

>> No.9770776

I bought something for gf but it's been stuck on "en route" for way too long and if I don't have it by next week max i'm so boned (we live in different countries,so i want to send her vday's gifts in a package,which recquire a week to arrive where she is)
What should I do gulls?

>> No.9770778
File: 24 KB, 658x378, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dropped my image.
She said she wanted to get into lolita so I got her some accessories to begin slowly and i would be really pissed if it got lost

>> No.9770782

china is slow. even if you would pay for faster shipping, there's still a chance it takes ages.

hope it arrives in time though, wish you luck!

>> No.9770783

>95cm bust 74cm waist
>borderline underweight
How the fuck? Do you just have no ass and twigs for legs or something?

>> No.9770785
File: 159 KB, 407x331, Skärmavbild 2018-01-30 kl. 20.48.20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ASOS is selling some cute wrist cuffs! (For around 9 dollars/8 euros).
I think they would work quite well for lolita.

>> No.9770787

anon is probably very tall

>> No.9770788

Yeah,I had things I ordered after that (also from china) arrive faster so it's kinda upsetting. Thanks anon!

>> No.9770791


This is ugly as sin. Looks like a remnant of a maido fetish costume.

>> No.9770796

I wouldnt say i am tall. 5'5" but yes i am cursed with "chicken legs" and have no ass. Not even squats and lunges has ever helped me in the rear department. Part of what got me hooked to lolita is it hides my non existant ass and flatters my thin legs. People assume im hourglass shaped because of my bust to waist ratio + petticoat.

>> No.9770807

Wow, that means 35lbs of me is nothing but ass and leg meat. That's crazy.

>> No.9770809

How do you get "fetish" from something that simple? Don't project your overactive imagination on some wristcuffs.

>> No.9770813


All right let me put it in terms you can understand. It looks like part of a bodyline luckypack. Is that simpler for you?

>> No.9770817

They look too simple/half assed for lolita, unfortunately. If the fabric was gathered more tightly to create prettier, more well defined ruffles, and the bows were shaped better, I'd be genuinely tempted to get them. They look kinda crappy as they are though.

>> No.9770826

Can anyone ID this OP? Looking through lolibrary I can see a lot of similar nun style OPs but a few seem to missing?

>> No.9770827

En route can take three weeks easily. If the shipping was cheap you also won’t get a lot of notifications on were it has stopped. The estimation date is two weeks from now, so my sugestion is to be patient.

>> No.9770855

Fight me but I actually like it gulls, it's simple and ruffly so it's a yes in my book (wristcuffs are often lacy and OTT)

>> No.9770955

I'm pretty sure it's only if people alter dresses in a terrible way. If it's to change the size and isn't noticeable or ugly then you're fine. I do however hate when people modify skirts into ouji shorts. It always looks so ugly.

>> No.9770964


Not really pissed. I once bought an altered MM piece because she was open with how it was altered, it was altered in a very tasteful way (I couldn't even tell if it was altered had she not told me), and it was very cheap. I later sold it but I was also open about the alterations, and the buyer didn't seem to mind. The only caveat is if it's altered, I do expect a discount because it's been changed from the original state.

>> No.9770982

That is one handsome fuck

>> No.9771020

Perf boyfriend goals. Reminds me of 831acre's bf (on insta).

>> No.9771023


831acre's life seems perf. Perfectly matching good looking boyfriend, seems to spend all her time living the high life in disneyland. I don't even like disney and I envy her.

>> No.9771178

How unfortunate.

>> No.9771183

He's so beautiful, is this what love at first sight feels like?

>> No.9771253
File: 10 KB, 245x180, 1516113968947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's good advice, thank you. I do really want to make an effort into this but it's always been confronting and I sort of assumed I'd be sized out. I'm a cosplayer though so I already know my measurements, so that's something.

I'll look up that person on etsy and try and get an outfit together, thanks anon. I feel less intimidated now. I don't suppose as another giant lady your also know where to get larger size shoes?

Yeah, I figured short sleeves would be a good cheaty way to do it.

Not the worst idea but I wouldn't know where to begin there.

Okay one, I admit I was having a whinge, but I genuinely didn't know I had options here. Two, I'll look into custom Taobao and indie brands as well, thank you.

>> No.9771258

Nah champ, that's yellow fever.

>> No.9771260

Honey... no

>> No.9771603
File: 615 KB, 1280x1798, BozOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped pic

>> No.9771606
File: 215 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180131-070353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9771607

I think it's okay if it's about just a few cm +/-. Of course it will look bad when when someone with a 80cm waist tries to make her 60cm waist dress fit her. But small alterations are OK in my book. I alter most of my pieces to be smaller and nobody ever seemed to mind. People only get mad when you completely destroy the shape of the piece or turn a skirt into pants or something.

>> No.9771634

That's a atelier boz op by the looks of it.

>> No.9771651
File: 166 KB, 500x600, 0cac61c8-0f2b-5373-8869-804bc9979f7b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure about quality, but in terms of style it gives me strong Silky Lady vibes. People, who talk about BDSM thing, should totally seek for help.

>> No.9771660

Gonna attempt to post about this here. Sorry if I offend anyone in advance.

Some friends of mine are going to sak and I want to go with them. My one friend is super psyched about Mana being there.

Thing is, I kind of feel like a posuer lolita. I wear the clothes regularly but I didn't get into the fashion because of visual kei, plus I've only been a lolita for 2 years. I'm not really big into Moitie but I do appreciate everything I've seen.

I'm not a real Mana fan though. I feel like I shouldn't be going. But I want to buy from Wunderwelt and attend a brand tea party.

I asked in the Sak thread but some Mana fans were upset by my opinions.

>> No.9771669
File: 253 KB, 540x376, it's not.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're not a poseur if you wear the fashion well and appreciate it for what it is; for the record, if we were to pinpoint any poseurs in lolita, they would be itas that worship Ay Pee while wearing shitty replicas.
Anyway, it's okay if you didn't discover the fashion through VK and you're not a fan of Mana, you can still go to the event and get whatever impression you get from it. You may not become a fan of Mana or Moitie as a result but you might enjoy yourself anyway.

>> No.9771671

Cute headphone recommendations? I want to be like Momoko and listen to Johann Strauss in an Aristocratic Garden

>> No.9771674
File: 330 KB, 875x1858, IMG_20180131_222608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for the small picture. VM has had an update! They mentioned that 20th anniversary dress as well as their iconic coffin!

>> No.9771677

>crowdfunding the iconic coffin bed
Holy shit take my money right now immediately

>> No.9771678
File: 47 KB, 400x600, IMG_20180131_223413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9771682

omg vm what the hell. this has to be the best "novelty" brand item of all time.

>> No.9771686
File: 360 KB, 1280x1759, VM1999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They've been at it for quite a while now.

>> No.9771690

wow, uh I did not know that. pretty amazing.

>> No.9771694

Does anyone ever wonder how some of these efamous girls manage to do it?
Like closets with over 50 pieces, always traveling.

For example Kate and Hello Batty. Kate just buys the most expensive shit all the time, travels to Japan, does she even make her own money?

Hello Batty is also always going to Disneyland, buying a ton of shit. She never mentions working but doesnt make that much content to be a rich YouTuber?

Do you just have to live on someone else's dime to have that kind of life?

>> No.9771706

Kate resells a lot of things and uses that mone to reinvest; she is also a savvy shopper and looks for savage deals like a $5 AP purse. Her one and only trip (so far) was a wedding gift from her late father. When he died she was left something akin to a trust fund and it sounds like it is used towards investment, so that is her income. She has also begun to be approached more and more as an investor, so she’s be given things or given paid to take things. Most of her traveling is because her husband’s job, and he pays for her to come because he genuinely enjoys her company which is good because that is how marriage is supposed to work. Kate may be spoiled, but she has an income if not traditional. Girl knows how to hustle and is fortunate that both sides of her families are equally generous as they are resourceful.

>> No.9771709

How do you know all of this personal shit?

>> No.9771713

you say crazy, I say HNNGGGH
Taobao/Amazon my dude. Or there are some good western offbrand. It depends on your style. I wear US11, but you have to really train your eye so you don't get fooled by things with some loliable features, but actually look like cheap shit next to your dresses.

>> No.9771714

So it all boils down to being born wealthy. Got it.

>> No.9771716

In the beginning my SO was creeped out by Lolita, and vehemently stated that I would never be able to get her in it, which is fine because I respect her and said so though noting that she’d be beautiful in it. But lately she has been getting her own interest in Lolita. She’s developed such a good idea for what makes a good coord, even if she doesn’t now the vocabulary, yet. We’ve looked through instagram so I can show her some dresses and their coords and she would end up being a real good nitpick. Lately she’s surprised me with unprompted mms of some pieces she’d like, some including dresses while other are ouji. She has also begun to show an interest in attending a meetup with me after she moves to my city; we’ve been long distance for years and haven’t had a chance to see each other in over half our time together. This is a huge change from her original reaction of all but asking me not to wear it when we’re out together. I know her main motivator is to understand me and to be involved in something I obviously love, but I hope she develops her own independent interest because I would like to see her expand herself into more hobbies. I do not keep my Lolita separate in most aspects of my life.

>> No.9771719
File: 23 KB, 309x281, y tho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, this is really sad. I found 2 of my dream dresses through them...
I guess with CC and WW being much larger and having good english communication, it was too tough to compete.

Makes me wonder why places like Kitty Carousel are still open...

>> No.9771721

I know all this because I see what she does in public. You don’t have to be a close personal friend to understand if you have good enough reading comprehension; it is all right there on her instagram page and I see her listings on LM all the time. I got curious of all the rumors and began to pay special attention because I’ve got too much time on my hands between tasks at work.

>> No.9771723

It pains me to say it, but everyone in my comm who has enough brand to inspire envy gets most of their money from either their parents or SO or both. There have been comm members with well paying jobs but they always quit lolita before turning 30. I’m think I’m going that way myself, because the further I go in my career the sillier I feel in most styles of lolita and the less I have in common with the rest of my comm.

>> No.9771724


>> No.9771725


Imagine shipping a 180cm coffin across continents. Though I suppose if you have $2-3k to drop on that part of the crowdfunding in the first place you probably have the means to ship a life-sized coffin internationally.

Is anyone going for the smaller coffin? I need to sit down and look over the options again, I'd love a VM burando coffin but I'm not loving the bundled T-shirt that seems to come with most options.

>> No.9771736

Damn. VM's going out with a bang!

>> No.9771746

In your other post you said you don't really love going to meets in the first place. I'm the same way and I thought a brand tea-party would somehow magically be much better. I went to one at a very fancy location, which was a nice experience, but it was not worth the money at all. It was a brand that I actually liked, but it's not like you get to sit next to the designer and ask her lots of questions. It was just like other tea-party meets where you just sit down, there was a raffle but that isn't enough reason to go. There were just as many badly dressed and well dressed lolitas as at normal meets.

>> No.9771753

I read somewhere that at that time there were only 20 coffins made

>> No.9771758

Thank you for the genuine replies!

>> No.9771759

Did you start wearing lolita because you wanted to meet people from your comm and you thought ''this style totally does not look silly''?

>> No.9771760

The answer is to be rich anon.

And also to not fear insane credit card debts.

>> No.9771765

I guess? I started to wear it because I loved how I looked in it and was active in my comm because I got along with the people there. Over the past few years I’ve started seeing a lot of my dresses as unflattering and the people I clicked with most have stopped wearing lolita and left the comm, so meets aren’t as enjoyable. Does this all sound unreasonable somehow?

>> No.9771771

Its pretty common for people to be like this on this board

>> No.9771779

Sounds like it was just a phase for you.

I'm not the anon you replied to however I find it somewhat disappointing to find people who are only in it for a little while as opposed to those of us who want to wear it right up until death, literally buried in a dress.

>> No.9771781

>180cm coffin
>tfw 180cm myself
well shit.

>> No.9771782

Is.. this a bad thing?

>> No.9771783

You could get it as decor. If you start dating someone shorter than you who's into gothic, they could sleep in it.
>tfw no gothic lolita gf to tuck in to sleep in a burando coffin

>> No.9771800

Idk I can't relate because I love the aesthetic of lolita and don't care about comms

>> No.9771804

Same anon. I just loves the clothes. Sometimes it's like the clothes are better than the people.

>> No.9771808


Me three. I'm a lonelita anyways so it's all fine - my bf will just have to put up with my poof that's all.

>> No.9771811

Material things are better than people in general

>> No.9771813

I don't think you've found the right people...

>> No.9771817

I also find that a bit disappointing. Sometimes I see these leaving Lolita sales with a bunch of iconic pieces as well as everyday pieces and I can see the love for it, but I don't understand why they want to get rid of it all?

I feel like even if one day I won't be able to dress up on OTT sweet anymore, I will cherish the dresses anyway.

On a more personal note, I've always resented the notion that older lolitas should transition to classic, but these days I'm starting to find some of it quite appealing for every day wear. Thankfully I'm only 26 and going to wear sweet until wrinkles set in, but I do enjoy thinking that I will keep wearing lolita, just differently and I will be happy about it, not feel forced to wear only classic.

>> No.9771822

I love those leaving Lolita posts but only because I get to pick n choose from someone's wardrobe. Really fills the void for all those times growing up when some asshole Stacy had better clothes than me.

>you mean if I just have the right amount of money she'll give me her clothes??

>> No.9771835

Oh I definitely love those sales as well but they make me feel sad too.

I always wonder what happened to the person that had so much love and dedication to build up that giant of a wardrobe and then just drop it all.

>> No.9771839

I wish I had a few thousand dollars to throw around on a coffin right now. At least I'd feel prepared.

>> No.9771841

They were always scalpers. Good riddance.

>> No.9771843

Batty is localish so going to Disneyland is not a big deal. She clearly doesn’t doesn’t have friends, YouTube is her only job but has a husband. Don’t envy the girl who has no life and only dresses up for insta likes.

>> No.9771846

I am very much a collector so girls who see lolita as a phase don't make sense to me. Half of the time all they do is wear it to conventions or tea parties, I wonder what the point of even getting into the fashion in the first place if you're going to just toss it to the wayside in 2 years or less? It seems like a waste of money on their part.

>> No.9771851

Batty lives in AZ she is not local. She lives off her husband who has a good job and lets her live as a house wife. I heard rumors she cheated on him a lot? But im not in the AZ or CA comms so i dont know for sure.

>> No.9771853

Localish or not, it's still a road trip and the tickets aren't cheap. I guess she has one of those year passes but still.

I really don't get her at all. She never even goes to meetups even though the CA and AZ comms are very active. Once in a while she will be a con guest like some kind of celebrity but otherwise she really does seem to just sit at home huh..

>> No.9771855

I'm 29 and wear classic. It jives the best with my normie style. Lots of my normie clothes are detailed with ruffles and a-line cut dresses.

No wrinkles here (yet). Wear sunscreen and moisturize erryday ladies. My mom had me using anti wrinkle cream when I was 15 because she used to get lots of department store freebies from her work. I still get asked where I go to college all the time.

>> No.9771860

>the clothes are better than the people
Thanks to this fashion I've made some lovely friends whom I love very much but otherwise, agreed.

>> No.9771862

I'm like this (minus the e-fame) but I make my own money. My significant other makes a lot though so I'm always worried people think I'm bumming off him when I'm not -_-

>> No.9771867

She said her favorite 2017 lolita meetup was going to Disneyland with a friend.. kek

>> No.9771870

Nayrt and idk about that girl but “always being at Disneyland” costs like $40/mo for us locals, especially if you have old grandfathered annual passes. It’s not something only the rich do and it’s not the $300/day cost for regular attendees.

>> No.9771872

>older lolitas should transition to classic
I don't think it's a matter of what people "should" do (despite what some anons might claim), just something that many people choose to do for themselves. Tastes and situations might change as you grow and that's okay, and yes imo this also applies to lolitas who feel like lolita fashion in general isn't for them anymore.
I think that if you feel comfortable wearing sweet until past 30, if it makes you happy and you want to continue wearing it, then by all means, you should do it. Life really is too short. Don't feel forced to change your style because of your age; most non-lolitas would say you shouldn't be wearing frills and bows of any kind past your childhood, anyway.

>> No.9771883

Oh I’m not going to get rid of all my brand and I still love lolita more than anything I see in local stores, but I just don’t feel like most styles suit me anymore. I’m going to continue wearing at least half my wardrobe, just in a more toned down Fanny Rosie way. The dresses I was talking about are pieces that I can’t wear to work or any non-lolita social events so they’ll be better off with someone else anyway. Honestly I hear “I’ll wear lolita till I die!!” a lot but in the 10 years I’ve been involved in my community, all the people who used to say that have moved on to otome, larme, vintage or trendy normie clothes. “Phase” or not, I’m actually one of the old guard.

>> No.9771887

Yes I can tell that part unfortunately, but I'm looking for the actual name or item number so I can find the measurements

>> No.9771888

>until past 30
That's a mistype on my part, sorry about that. I meant if you feel comfortable wearing sweet past 30 (or beyond).

>> No.9771891

They make me scared because I've dropped so many hobbies in the past, even though I really love wearing lolita I'm worried someday I'll suddenly just lose interest and regret investing so much into it. I can't imagine it now but it's happened before with things I also thought were lifelong passions...

>> No.9771893

Apparently they weren't 'life long' if you dropped them

>> No.9771894

I'm not a fan of Batty but she's not obliged to go to meets? Some people honestly enjoy sitting at home, anon, there's no need to look down on someone for it.

>> No.9771895
File: 40 KB, 382x315, 0530-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>180 cm
>mfw i'm 160 cm

>> No.9771896

Yes, that's what I'm saying

>> No.9771908

>Honestly I hear “I’ll wear lolita till I die!!” a lot but in the 10 years I’ve been involved in my community, all the people who used to say that have moved on to otome, larme, vintage or trendy normie clothes.
This. In my experience, the people who are the loudest about it are the most guilty of it later. That applies to a lot of lifestyle lolitas too.

>> No.9771916

Sugar Daddies.

>> No.9771925

no not at all!
I was just being a perv. sorry anon. hnngghh is a meme onomatopoeia that expresses the intensity of sudden arousal.
I think thick thighs are rad.

yeah, most people I like are shorter than me for some reason so that would be cool.

>> No.9772041
File: 114 KB, 974x344, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.37.04 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baby NYC is closing

>> No.9772051

Does anyone know why?

>> No.9772056

If I could take a guess it's probably something to do with rent but it could also be problems with TR having poor management. The original TR struggled to stay open and they were only able to open the new storefront because of Baby.

>> No.9772058

It might be because Baby and AatP have had so many off releases as of late, and they keep getting stuck with stock that just won't sell.

>> No.9772060

You could get your feet cut off anon

>> No.9772067

Is Baby's management kind of lacking? I mean, same thing happened to the Paris store.

>> No.9772071

What the fuck nooooo. Now there's only AP left

>> No.9772083
File: 164 KB, 287x256, 1359643395932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people being dumb as bricks in RC and LU

>> No.9772093

She needs to get called out more jfc

>> No.9772115

>a more toned down Fanny Rosie way
Fanny Rosie is still a lolita

>> No.9772116

FUCK does that mean TR is closing too?! Goddamnit I'm in CT so shipping was always quick when I ordered.

Fuuuuck I wish they could move to the mitsuwa complex in NJ but there are no spaces to rent there and rent iits probably just as much as NYC.

Whelp at least the weeb store near me sells second hand burando. That's as close as I'll get to a real burando store.

>> No.9772117

Yeah the payment plan passes really opened the floodgates to people who wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford it, with the unfortunate side effect that it's now crowded as fuck every day.

>> No.9772127

Yeah they made a separate post saying they are closing too. I’m sorry

>> No.9772135

It is weird that someone who has nothing better to do avoids talking to their peers. It isn’t like she is busy, has a job, or cannot travel to meets. At least K does?

>> No.9772149


I own that OP. Someone told me its item number is BZ6158 and it's from 2006, but it's not on lolibrary as far as I'm aware and I don't know it's actual name. I can try and measure it if you'd like me to.

>> No.9772197

Maybe? The SF store seems to be doing well enough though so I'm not actually sure what the issue is. Probably just didn't make sense for them to keep two US stores open in outrageously expensive cities.

>> No.9772225

>same height and weight as you
>82cm bust, 61cm waist
anon I am very sorry, those are some fucked up proportions.

>> No.9772326

It's called having a type sweetie

>> No.9772329

They will still have an online shop so I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

>> No.9772347

Im starting to feel that way also. The more I work the less I want to spend time on things that are frivolous. I just got in the fashion but I feel like I'm not going to be wearing this stuff once I get married and become preoccupied with other things. Feels bad.

>> No.9772421

You make it sound like you've served your time or something so that totally justifies you growing tired of it and completely explains why you feel like it just doesn't suite you anymore.

Be honest with yourself. It was a really long phase and you feel like you've grown past it because maturity set in.

Don't defend yourself this hard next time. Its almost like you're over compensating.

>> No.9772428

Agreed. It's like she thinks she's too good for it?

>> No.9772429

What? There's no AP in NYC.

>> No.9772459


I'm over 30 and still wear sweet. I don't really do full lolita a lot anymore, though, mainly soft lolita or casual lolita with burando main pieces, so I guess I still count as someone who phased out of lolita?

I kind of want to transition to classic, but I'm so used to AP pockets. Apparently as I get older I get lazier to swap cutesy purses rather than stop dressing up. Why do no other brands put pockets in their dresses.

>> No.9772633

Not even her but what the fuck?

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with not wanting to be around people? Socializing is exhausting for some people.

>> No.9773253

full lolita as in what, ott? I really don't understand why people think that "soft" and casual lolita isn't lolita.

>> No.9773258

soft lolita literally isn't meant to be real lolita, but ia casual lolita is still lolita

>> No.9775494

i went to a tea with triple fortune as guests. id never wear their style but really enjoyed getting to see them anyway. you dont need to be the biggest fan in the world to havea good time. youre not a poseur youre just a lolita.

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