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Let's talk about skincare routines and offer advice. Makeup news and questions, too.

To start us off:

>What are your skincare/makeup favourites this Winter?
>Any release you're looking forward to?

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Grabbing a couple of serums from Daytox today. Anyone use anything from this brand?

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Need help.

I've always had oily skin, but recently I've been struggling with tight, sensitive and dull skin PLUS being oily (dehydrated skin I guess) and I can't find any products to deal with it. Plus I've started getting eye wrinkles and idk what to use for that, either, as my under eye area is also feeling dry + oily...

This is what I use right now, not really seeing improvements with the use of any of these:
- Bioten Micellar Water
- Dr. Organic Tea Tree Face Wash
- The Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet
- The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Roller (does nothing except feeling fresh because of the metallic roll-on, and it's super expensive, 0/10)

Can anyone with a similar skin type offer me any recommendations? I already drink plenty of water and try to get plenty of sleep in. Rip exercise because I don't have any time, I still walk for about 30min everyday though.

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My skin gets really oily when I don't use my products. Now here is the question. Should I wash everything off for the night or leave it on without washing my face before bed? I'm a guy, so no makeup.

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is there a collection of GLB/gyaru makeup tutorials photo sets anywhere or am i best off just looking at old makeup threads?

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My face was like yours -- oily, but so dry that it was physically painful most of the time. Sephora lady commiserated and recommended the following morning and night, which not only solved all my oily-and-dry problems within a month but also kept my skin hydrated through a subsequent course of Accutane.

- Any toner water
- Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Night Oil
- Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

At various times, I tried swapping out for cheaper products (argan oil for the Caudalie oil, Eucerin eczema moisturizer for the Tatcha cream), but could feel the difference. Now that I'm off the Accutane, I can at least just use the Tatcha cream at night and a lighter moisturizer during the day.

Fucking RIP your wallet, hello balanced face.

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Always wash your face at night or at least some time after you come back home just to cleanse of all the dust and other stuff in the air that are stuck to you skin from being outside. Apply moisturizer or whatever you routine is afterwards. If you meant as in should you wash all your products off right before bed then no.

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So, just reapply everything for the night?

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How to even out skin tone? I have some old acne scars, hyperpigmentation. They're no longer red, but they are darker than my normal skin tone.
What should I use?

Pic related

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I've never really used any sort of skincare routine, but I've also never worn makeup.

I'm not prone to spots, but my skins looking worn out and tired. Generally my only skincare routine is drinking water and eating kiwis.

My skin is oily in the t zone, but really quite dry elsewhere. Basically I'm wondering what's something low maintenance I can do? my skin is quite sensitive and not to be a meme but natural products appeal to me more. Any tips? I suppose I have a moderate budget, but would prefer something that might have a bigger up front investment, but will last a while.

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I recently received a free Cosrx BHA blackhead power cream as a thank you because I bought a whole bunch of stuff on mishibox.
Blackheads aren't so much my problem as sebaceous filaments. Will this work for that too?

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I've had a lot of success using The Ordinary's Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA followed by their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

Gothamista recommended it in a youtube video. I was skeptical and a little worried so I eased myself into it, but I've seen great results.


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Thank you for the advice! I tend to avoid hyalauronic acid since I live in a dry climate and it dries out my skin more than it moistens it, lol.
I guess I'll just wear it at night with my humidifier on blast.

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Get a moisturizer for combination skin. Get a toner for your t-zone if needed.
I am using FAB's moisturizer right now for the winter. I recently got Chocolate Gold from Too Faced and I'm not that impressed though.
I can't wait for Sugarpill's Little Twin Stars collab!

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I also live in a dry climate but a bit of rosehip oil followed by The Ordinary's Natural Moisturizing Factors works wonders.

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My skin gets a combo of prescription retinoids 3x per week, mandelic acid peel 1x per week and niacinamide/vit c most days. I have both active acne and dark hyperpigmentation and I think the peel helped me more than the niacinamide and vitamin C to be honest, saw the biggest change using that. I live in a humid climate though, and humidity seems to break me out more than dry climates do.

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>mandelic acid peel
Where can I buy that? Or do I have to get it done somewhere?

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Any recommendations for skin whitening? I'm wearing sunblock but after a holiday last year my face has stayed 4 shades darker than my body and looks like I have foundation on that doesn't match when I'm bare faced, almost like a mask. Kojic acid soap seems to be really drying so I'm hesitant to use it on my face

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It sounds easier to fake tan the rest of your body.

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What are your favorite, most potent Vitamin C serums available with Amazon Prime? There are so many brands, it's pretty overwhelming.

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kojic acid soap IS drying, but there's not really any actual whitening product that isn't. if it's just because your face is tanned and the rest of you isn't, why don't you try using a lighter foundation? or mixing a lighter foundation with your current one?

plenty of korean brands sell ''brightening'' products which will make your face appear a few shades lighter. don't confuse these with whitening products. these combined with sunscreen might help you depending on how tanned you are.

alternatively, >>9769033 has a pretty good point if you aren't stuck on being pale.

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does anyone have any suggestions for a non-drying foundation (or cushion or BB or anything) to cover my flaky, dry, red NW10 skin?

i've got plenty going on for skincare and trying to fix how dry it is, but I really don't want it to see the light of day in the meantime. for reference, i'm definitely pink/cool. missha M perfect cover bb cream in 13 matches my skin extremely well, it just catches on flaky spots and looks like trash after a few hours. it looks like the matching tension pact has a yellow tone instead of pink or i'd be trying that out next.

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I'm currently using Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 12 Beige Rose and I swear by it. It feels very light, almost like you're putting on moisturiser and it blends with your skin very well.

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Definitely. I never really had blackheads either but BHAs were fantastic for my nose and sebaceous filaments. I've only used Cosrx's BHA power liquid, so I can't attest for the cream.

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Good to know, since they sent me a full size one. Thanks!

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Not sure what your "everything" is so I can't say for sure.

Sorry no whitening product recs but look into tone-up creams which help to instantly brighten your complexion a few shades.

I like innisfree's ampoule cover cushion.

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Welp, reading this thread is like a having a bucket full of ice water poured over me. My current "skincare" involves E45 cream morning and night, makeup only on special occasions, and washing my face with cold water. I'm 23, a nonsmoker, but constantly dehydrated. I'm starting to notice age creeping up on me, and after reading this thread, I'm scared it's too late. I need to get on this skincare stuff ASAP.

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Honestly staying hydrated, cutting most sugar from my diet, and protecting my skin from the sun did more for my skin than quitting tobacco (not that I was a heavy smoker, but still).
There are apps you can get that remind you to drink throughout the day, and if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't like water, invest in some good tea or something.
If I'm feeling really dehydrated, I'll even stoop to buying a large Powerade Zero or Pedialite, since years of sports conditioned me to drink those really fast.

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Wear sunscreen. Prevents most signs of aging and wrinkles. You can't fix aging with sunscreen, but you can prevent sun damage. Try a retinoid or something along those lines for fine lines and other signs of aging. Keep your skin hydrated and make sure to always remove makeup properly.

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I bought mine from a Taiwanese brand, Dr Wu. I got the 18% intensive renewal serum. It's not a peel like you'll notice actual skin peeling off your face but it definitely seems to brighten/increase skin turnover.

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I've recently started developing eczema really bad. I work as a chef so it always flairs really badly at work and im constantly worried about being judged for it (I already have Vitiligo isn't one skin problem enough?)

What products do people use to treat their eczema?

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Where can I find cute stuff to glue to my face? Stickers, rhinestones or glitter or whatever
I've checked aliexpress and similar places, and I haven't really found anything that interesting, so I was wondering if anyone knows any better ways to find stuff like that

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What you describe sounds like a normal person's skin who is not using the right products. I have an oily t-zone and if I don't moisturize my face is tight and irritated. Obviously there are 8 billion products on the market you can use but just for starters here is what I use:

>Face wash: Lancome creme radiance. It's gentle but removed makeup/oil well. I use it now that I'm older and no longer need a harsh salycilic acid facewash (don't really get breakouts any more)
>Toner: Lancome Radiance. You may benefit from Tonique Confort if you are still in your teens/early 20's. I've used both, love both
>Moisturizer: Lancome Multi-vital SPF 30 during the day, some apricot moisturizer from Whole Foods at night. I'm less picky with night creams. If it's thick and uses natural moisturizes and has vitamins in it I'll use it.
>Eye cream: Shiseido Bio-Performance eye cream. I apply liberally at night, just a tiny bit before doing my makeup in the morning

As far as managing oil goes:

>Once a week, pore strips on the nose and chin. I personally don't fuss with my forehead since I wear long bangs
>Daily: Blotting paper 2-3 times per day. I use Gatsby (Japanese brand, in the white package) and Clean & Clear interchangeably. Both have positives and negatives. Gatsby sheets are big and have powder coating them which is nice, and they also come 70 to a pack and are pretty cheap (~$5 USD), but they are a rice-paper blend so they make a loud crunchy noise when using them. C&C are easy to find in any drug store and work extremely well, but the sheets are smaller and you only get 30 to a pack for $6-$7.

I'm really not super picky about makeup brands, but my Mom used to work for Lancome and Shiseido so I'm familiar and comfortable with their skincare lines. You can find similar, comparable products and varying price ranges from many companies.

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How can I get naturally red/flushed looking lips? Benetint is too much on the pink side

Basically like this pic of gisele, that kind of lip color

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I had dull and oily skin, then I started using an AHA (personally I use Mizon's). After a week of using every other day my face was noticeably brighter, my pores less congested and just generally my skin looked so much better.

Before using any actives though I would suggest working on hydrating your skin. Don't be afraid to use multiple hydrating products in your routine (I use etude house SoonJung toner water with the mizon snail mucin gel and sometimes an essence if I need it). I would also look into your cleanser and see if it's a high or low pH, low is typically better. If your cleanser leaving your face feeling dry or squeaky clean it's probably worth shopping around for others.

Sorry for the info dump lol

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Look for products with vitamin c or retinol. iirc you're not supposed to mix the two so go for one or the other. I prefer retinol because it helps prevent acne too.

You don't even have to get something prestige or a serum. You can just use something like Olay and it will work just fine.

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Pretty much any department store, in the arts/crafts section.

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So I got the Stila waterproof eyeliner since many gulls recommended it, but for some reason whenever I try to do eyeliner, the product feathers out and i have to make the lines thicker than I want. I have hooded eyes so I don't have a lot of eyelid space to begin with.

Anyone have any tips to get eyeliner to stop feathering?? I really love this eyeliner over my Kat Von D but that one never feathered out on me.

I use those sticky rhinestone nail decorations and basic small star stickers you could probably find in the kids' arts and crafts section. for extra hold, i use a very tiny tiny amount of clear eyelash glue on the back.

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Thanks, for some reason I didn't even think of checking craft stores.. I'm dumb

Also, second anon with the eyeliner problem; I can't really help you with it feathering out, but I have extremely hooded eyes as well, and using an extremely thin applicator like this really changed the game for me.
I have to keep the eyeliner very thin if I want any eye shadow to be visible, and using something thin like this really makes it a lot easier

Not really what you asked about, sorry if it isn't really that helpful, but it just popped into my mind reading your post so I thought I'd share

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Thoughts on this?

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"we lived without skincare for trillions of years so modern skincare must be worthless"

One, ancient bitches were way into skincare. Two, ancient bitches looked haggard and died young, and if Retin-A encourages cell turnover and keeps me looking fresh I'm going to use it.

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When it comes to using sunscreen on your face, are there any special ones that are a bit "easier" to wear or special made for your face? Because I've tried regular sunscreen on a few occasion and it feels too thick and heavy, if that makes sense.

(It doesn't have to super potent or anything, I live in northern Europe so whatever I use mostly has to protect me from overcast sky levels of sunlight.)

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Yeah, there are loads specialised for the face. Personally I like Shiseido but they're pretty pricey. I know it's le reddit, but if you go down to section 5 this is a good place to start: https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianBeauty/wiki/theabroutine

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Found some there that look like they're worth a try, thanks!

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Question, /cgl/. I have curved brows that I want to make into straight brows. How hard is it to maintain that? And should I microblade or can I tweeze to begin with?

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Some sunscreens that I find easy to put on the skin

>shiseido white lucent brightening protective cream, spf 23
>Missha all around safe block, spf 50
>biore watery essence, spf 50 (tried it once as my mom had it, I'm hooked. Waiting for my shiseido block to run out so I can purchase this)

BB creams are also a boon as they're easy to apply and are slightly moisturising. Most asian BB creams tend to have higher SPF as well.

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Not really that hard, yes you will have to maintain them every so often. I personally tweeze mine but either is fine.

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I sleep on my stomach, always have for my entire life. I want to change my sleeping position because i don't want how I sleep to make half my face wind up wrinkly.

Any tips for re-training my body to sleep in a way that doesn't smush my face all over my pillowcase for 8 hours at a time?

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ANON I DID THIS! I learned to sleep on my back because I wanted to learn astral projection and it's recommended you sleep on your back for this. I've always been a side/tummy sleeper but now I can sleep on my back.

What I did was used a small pillow and used that to prop my head up and keep it straight, facing the ceiling. My inclination to turn over always started with wanting to move my head to the side, so the pillow ads support and makes it comfortable for me to sleep on my back

Then, I used podcasts for sleeping to help knock me out or at least distract me from the feeling of being in a weird position until i was tired enough to sleep. My favorite is called Sleep With Me. It's not ASMR (which I hate). Just a guy who tells stories that are interesting enough to keep your mind from turning, but boring enough so you really don't care if you sleep through it. He does things like reading/commenting on the trader Joe's flyer and walking you through old episodes of star trek.

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Does anyone have a good heavy foundation recommendation for someone with super oily/acne scarred skin? No matter what I do my skin just oozes oil halfway through the day. I'm hoping to find something that can at least last me 6 hours at a con before I need to wash it off. If you have any primer/powder suggestions too, I'd be grateful!

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Careful anon, there are a lot of fakes on Amazon and due to the way Amazon stores products, it's Russian roulette as to whether or not you'll get the real deal.

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Eat healthy, stay hydrated, use a lip scrub weekly. Lip color is linked to blood flow and is a reflection of good health. In addition to a scrub you can use a soft tooth brush to redden your lips.

Anyone have any opinion on Milk or Glossier? I've done some research into both but I'd like to hear some first hand opinions

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I wouldn't get anything too expensive from Amazon. I figure if it's $20, there's probably not a lot of money to be made off of faking it. Normally I'll buy whatever's popular.

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Glossier and Milk are very "millennial aesthetic" brands, which I'll admit their ads totally pull me in lol. They both go for the minimal makeup look (moreso Glossier, Milk is fun editorial). Glossier's best skincare is their milky jelly cleanser and I've heard good things about their new solution exfoliator - everything else is pretty lackluster for the money when you can find better for less (milky jelly is basically CeraVe's hydrating cleanser btw except it can take off light makeup). If you're into natural makeup Glossier does shine there. I want to try their skin tint and concealer. Their boy brow is the most fantastic natural brow product I've found but it isn't so amazing that I NEED it, I'll likely get it again in the future but it isn't that life changing imo (and you already need decent brows for it). Milk has more fun things and for their cream products you get a lot for your money (1 oz!) their holographic highlighters and eye pigments are beautiful and worth the money imo. Haven't looked into their skincare much but it doesn't seem worth the money to me.

So tl:dr they both have one or two great products but don't expect anything life changing.

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Does it need to be heavy coverage? Personally I always recommend using a light/medium base and then getting a heavy duty concealer - but if you insist on a heavy coverage foundation I've heard Estée Lauder Double Wear and Marc Jacobs Remarcable are among the best for oily skin, along with Dermablend (probably the heaviest coverage of all). If you need something cheaper, I hear the L'Oréal Infalliable Matte is great. I personally like powder foundation in the summer when I'm most oily, I use Lucy Minerals (indepdent brand online, also recommend Meow Cosmetics).

RCMA No color powder is a great translucent setting powder. If you use it with a mattifying foundation it should help oil control. Also look into your skincare to see if you could add more moisture to combat your overproduction of oil.

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Has anyone here tried the Burt’s bees lip crayons?

Milk has really great highlighters and you get a lot of product for the price. I would absolutely recommend them.

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Have you tried Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily skin? I use a cheap drugstore oil-control primer under it and I can usually get 6 hours out of it - however I do have to blot and I only have trouble with t-zone oil usually. It breaks me out but it's the best drugstore-tier thing I have found for cosplay.

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got a $50 ulta gift card. what eye shadow sets should i get

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Yeah, I've been grabbed by their ads too. My daily makeup look is exactly the kind of thing they promote. I'll stop by Sephora and check out some of the Milk products. It doesn't seem like anyone carries Glossier ATM.

Another question:

Has anyone purchased a 10-step kit from Soko Glam? The reviews are pretty good product-wise, but is it more cost efficient to buy the $200 bundle or the individual items?

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I start to have puffy and wrinkly under eyes ( not like oldage wrinkle, more like momokun scrotum under eyes and I don't want to end up like her )
Do someone know a not too expensive if possible under eye cream, I live in france so if you know one that I can buy here I would be really happy !

And I start to have quite a lot of blackhead, do some of you know a mask that dont lift them and hair with them, (my skin is quite sensitive) but help to shrink the pores and purifies them .

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Anyone has a good lip care routine for really chapped lips?
I wear lip balm everyday because they get dry af real quickly, often opening up cracks, I can never get them all plump and beautiful whatever I do.
I use a Lush lip scrub and it doesn't seem to do that much, following a Tony Moly lip balm (used a bit of everything from Labello to Neutrogena to Carmex, everything seems somewhat the same on my lips, so I just ended up with the TM one since it's cute and smells nice at least).

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I apply raw unrefined shae butter to my lips at night, and in the AM before leaving for the day. It's cold as fuck and dry as fuck where I live and this has been the best. I carry lip balm with me in my purse but the shae butter is doing all the work.

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Thank you very much!

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Need some help. I've been in hospital for surgeries a bunch this past 6 months, and I think the combination of medications I've been on for that have really messed with my skin.

Previously, my skin wasn't really oily, and sometimes got dry in places. I was using a good foaming cleanser, a simple toner, and an oil free green tea moisturiser for everyday, with an apricot oil moisturiser for directly after getting out of the shower to lock in moisture. Then, my skin would occasionally get dry but not often. I was on escitalopram and a hormonal birth control pill.

Now, my skin seems super oily and I have fully formed pimples appearing almost overnight. To combat this, I've switched to a more natural rosehip cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, but I'm trying to be careful not to cleanse my skin too often because it gets even oilier. I use micellar water as a makeup remover but I barely wear makeup now because it makes my skin flare up. I'm also getting pimples on my back for the first time, which is a new level of awful. I have come off the escitalopram, and I am now on an IUD called Mirena instead of the contraceptive pill. I've also switched to linen pillowcases, stopped using fabric softener on my bedsheets, and changed my shampoo.

I realise that my contraceptive pill was controlling my skin a lot, but I don't think my current level of breakouts and oiliness is due solely to that. Any advice, particularly product related? I'm 26, I don't have time for pimples haha.

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Just to turn my eyes girly as a guy, what are the essential makeups?

I use double eye lid tape and contact lenses to make my eyes bigger cuz i'm asian but I still want to use makeups to make them look more convincing

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You'd probably get better advice from the crossplay thread, anon.

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>I realise that my contraceptive pill was controlling my skin a lot, but I don't think my current level of breakouts and oiliness is due solely to that.

Sorry anon, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but not only was your combined pill addressing any issues you naturally had, but you've now switched to a form of contraception that actively causes acne and skin issues. Doctors will tell you the IUD has less systemic effect because of its placement directly in the womb, but it's actually not. It's more systemic. Serum blood levels of progesterone are the equivalent of two mini-pills a day.

There is nothing you can do topically to address hormonal acne. It may calm down slightly as your body adjusts, but there is nothing you can do to fix it completely aside removing the hormone causing it.

Unless there's a reason that you can't take combined contraception, I'd heavily advise reverting back to it. If not, you might have better luck on a lower dose progesterone only. Go for the mini-pill, because you can cease use immediately if you don't like it. It's very difficult to convince a doctor to remove an IUD or implant. Doctors like long acting reversible contraceptives because they are cheap, but over 50% of women have IUDs removed before necessary. If this were any other medicine, or consumer product for that matter, it would be deemed a failure and withdrawn from the public.

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An good products for getting rid of (or at least reducing the appearance of) lines on your lips? I've tried one of those lip masks with collagen and peach extracts and liked it but I haven't seen any locally.

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>citation needed

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progesterone worsens acne
You can find five billion sources for this, acne is also listed as a side effect of progesterone only contraception in the literature that comes with it. Conversely, the combined oral contraceptive pill is widely used off-label to treat acne.

half of women have mirena removed

Progesterone serum levels and mirena coil

You might not be able to see the full papers without institutional access but the abstract should still be visible.

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Any recommendations for medium-to-full coverage foundations? I don’t have imperfections I need to cover but I use foundation to look pale for cosplay. I’m naturally ~NC25 but try to go down to NC15 in cosplay. Basically the coverage just needs to be good enough to make it look like I have pale skin and not just paint on my face.

I have combo skin, looking to spend ~$30-55. Thanks!

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>don't have family doctor
>have rosacea, have very mild antibiotic prescription to deal with it
>antibiotic took a month to work but worked wonders after that period, skin completely clear
>runs out
>go to local clinic to get refill
>bitch doctor chews me out about being on an antibiotic and refuses to refill my prescription because she doesn't believe I have rosacea, I apparently don't have rosacea symptoms despite having a diagnosis and a family history of it
>uh yeah because I'm on meds for it
>gives topical prescription which does shit all
>skin goes to shit again
>either have to wait six months for a specialist consultation or shop around at other clinics significant distance away until I find someone to give me my fucking prescription
I hate doctors.

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NC15 here, I personally like Dior's foundation (I use their 011) but it is lighter coverage unless you powder on top.

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Yea, I agree with the other anon. Mirena is known to cause breakouts; just google "Mirena acne" and you'll see a bunch of people complaining about this.

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whenever i put on a wig i look like a boy wearing a wig and when i put makeup on it looks worse. wtf do i do it pisses me off. i dont wanna look like a fucking trap when im a literal female

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>Find liquid capsule vitamin c
>Break one, squeeze the crap out, mix it with your night moisturizer
>Apply, try not to gag from the smell
>Apply your sleeping pack
>Wash face in the morning
I do it every so often or spot treat as needed, but I dont think it's good if it's done as a daily thing.
You should start seeing a difference after a few applications

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Seconding the whitener advice.
I slather myself in aloe before and after whitening treatments personally and haven't had issues.

>> No.9777717

If you're purely doing it to look pale, maybe consider a white mix in foundation? Manic Panic Dreamtone is a good one. It also comes in regular foundation shades that are pretty pale. They also have a white pressed powder but I wouldn't recommend that unless you want to be purely white, just set with a translucent powder.

>> No.9777723

Can you post the kit you'd want off of SokoGlam? It depends on the products, Amazon has a lot of stuff where the price fluncuates. Roseroseshop has major deals usually too among other stores

>> No.9777725

Depends what you're looking for? BH Cosmetics has huge affordable palettes if you're looking for a lot of colors (and good colors for cosplay)

>> No.9777760

seconding BH cosmetics, i have their big palette. The colors are low output but great considering the price, and you can layer them up if you use a decent primer.

>> No.9777881

Not that anon but has anyone tried Bh cosmetics makeup brushes?
I have a palette from them and it's decent but I've thought about investing in some sugar pill eye shadows since I heard they're super pigmented

>> No.9777901

Where is your bevy of information coming from?

>> No.9778000


Crap. Thanks for the info, will read through as many of the articles as I can.

For context, I mainly switched to the IUD because I am forgetful taking my meds and after my hospitalisation my anxiety about being able to raise a child if I did accidentally get pregnant has skyrocketed. On the bright side, if I go back on the oral contraceptive I’ll probably go back on my anxiety meds too and just have to remember to take them together.

>> No.9778152

The Ordinary

>> No.9778193

i recommend aloe and maybe some honey+sugar scrubs!

>> No.9778941

Which specific product?

>> No.9778946

What’s up with Ben Nye, cgl? I’ve used their stuff before with great results, but their site seems way out of date. Is a 2018 catalog even coming, or should I try a distributor? Camera ready cosmetics is the first result, are they worth the risk?

>> No.9779093

Similar problem myself and lanolin has DEFINITELY helped. I apply it at night and my lips look all greasy but by morning it's all soaked in. I use Smith's rose salve throughout the day and that keeps my lips moisturized without any grease. I used to exfoliate them a lot but I haven't in maybe a month now because they finally stopped cracking.

>> No.9779108

I've ordered from Camera Ready Cosmetics multiple times without problems. They're legit.

>> No.9779118
File: 188 KB, 1536x1158, FF9FBE68-989A-4D4F-BD3B-D760FD5C1042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw bought Murad Resurgence Night Cream because of Ulta coupons and points offers
>still spent $50 but not as bad as the $77 original price tag
>light feeling but not as moisturizing as I'd hoped it would be
>normally a pretty savvy shopper and frequent skin care generals often
>not sure why I didn't just ask the general for even a $30 Korean night cream
>don't want to return it because the store would probably throw it away and that's a big loss to them
>don't really want to keep using it since there isn't much benefit
I haven't had a bad reaction, so that's good. The main problem is I feel this $77 lotion is just as good as a $30 one. I got drawn in by the savings but I still overpaid for something that's not "holy grail" material.

My skin type is dry and sensitive. I use Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker in the AM, Garnier micele water in the AM/PM, and cleanse with Murad Resurgence Cleansing Cream in the PM.

>> No.9779128

>don't want to return it because the store would probably throw it away and that's a big loss to them
I can tell by this that you're not asian, LOL.

Returns are there for this exact reason. Don't be retarded and return it.

>> No.9779130

they can handle it. please return it

>> No.9779136

Hue. Definitely not Asian. I don't want to lose the bonus points I got from the purchase but they don't match my out of pocket price. Thanks for the encouragement~

>> No.9779147

Sorry if this is asking to be spoonfed, but I'm honestly at a loss on what to do and I have no clue what's going on with my skin.

I've always had a simple routine -wash with cleanser in the morning and moisturize. Sometimes I'll use a toner, but not always as they tend to irritate my skin. I'll use a face mask occasionally if my skin is particularly dry or dull. Recently I've been getting what I'm assuming are clogged pores around my chin. They never come to a head, they're just little bumps. If I squeeze them (I try not to) some gross stuff comes out but it doesn't look like that cheese shit that comes out of pimples. Then on my forhead I've been getting small red bumps as well, but they don't pop and they're driving me crazy because they're all over it.

I don't smoke and my diet hasn't changed. They only thing that has changed is I've moved recently but I feel silly for thinking maybe the water has something to do with it. Sorry for the rambling and such, I've never been very good with skincare.

>> No.9779227

Water can affect your skin! The water quality in the city I went to for university was vastly different to home and I used to get really bad breakouts at home over the holiday break because my skin...just got used to the water there? Maybe try an AHA/glycolic acid serum as well.

>> No.9779235

Get a water filter for your tap, it'll help a lot.

>> No.9779323

does hairdye count as makeup? is it just me or do my hair colour/highlights get more vibrant 3-5+ days after the initial colouring?

>> No.9779338

Try Hada Labo's arbutin line! I had a similar problem and I've noticed a huge difference.

>> No.9779631

Whenever I put on powder, my face gets really oily and shiny after a few hours. How do I fix this? Is it normal? I think I am generally on the oily side but if I just wash it and put on moisturizer it doesn't get nearly as bad all day.

>> No.9779698

I have to git gud at stage makeup by the 24th. Obviously I'm doing my on research, but I don't suppose that anyone has some specific recommendations?

Specifically it's for a 1920s showgirl production, although we don't need coordinated makeup, so it's kind of iffy.

>> No.9779855
File: 114 KB, 1024x768, 20180207_200626-1024x768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I've decided I hate shaving my legs. I wear pants/tights/long skirts most of the time and my partner doesn't mind so I'm freeing myself of the hassle.
How do I soften/lighten my leg hair?

>> No.9779857

You're fat.

>> No.9779864

>what are camera angles

K thanks that's really helpful.

>> No.9779899

I don’t think you’re fat but camera angles have nothing to do with it, you have rounded calves lol

To answer your question: best option is Nair. You could bleach it but why? Or just leave it and ignore anybody willing to bitch at you for body hair

>> No.9779917

Nair smells, is expensive, and burns.

>> No.9779919

I have some bumps on my forehead that are the same skin tone as the rest of my skin, any idea what they are? I wash my face and moisturize twice daily.

>> No.9779926


>> No.9780153

I sure hope not. They're super small and basically invisible.

>> No.9780252


>> No.9780258

closed comedones
use aha or bha

>> No.9780262


>> No.9781880

Do you have any photos of yourself with the wig+makeup?
I can’t really give advice if I can’t see the problem

>> No.9781976

alright gulls what are your holy grail face washes? and what type of skin do you have?

>> No.9782136

Weirdly, cetaphil for sensitive skin. Combination, acne prone/sometimes dehydrated/aging.

>> No.9782154

Su:m37 Miracle Rose cleansing stick. Combination, closed comedone prone, sometimes dehydrated.

>> No.9784292
File: 40 KB, 564x564, c79d4e46e92eb7d03692cece7cc0d877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is about hair but I didn't wanna start a whole new thread.

How do girls get their hair so nice, soft, shiny and bouncy? What products would you recommend? My hair isn't oily or dry, just normal. But I'm always so jealous when I see other girls with lovely hair bc I've never been able to make mine look nice ;_;

>> No.9784316

I think I just burned my face with PanOxyl. I’ve used it for months no problem and now my temples across my jawline are fried and all of the skin is flaking off. What the fuck happened

Should I just drop it? It has been really good and I always use sunscreen. I’m thinking take a break and try again once daily instead of 2x. I think I’m developing a sensitivity to sulfites and sulfates

>> No.9784387

Have you tried leave-in conditioners? I'm no haircare enthusiast at all and don't know too much regarding different products, but on days I want my hair to be extra nice I shampoo and condition as normal then throw in a good amount of leave-in. I use It's a 10 but also have Biosilk and a cheap Garnier one that does decent for cheap though not quite as nice.

They make my hair super soft, silky, and shiny and reduce any frizz that happens later in the day.

I bet hair masks might do a similar thing too though. I've never dyed / bleached my hair so no damage here and I haven't tried hardcore stuff.

>> No.9784450

Do you blow dry your hair ever? Apart from genetics, the bouncy, soft look is created from products and heat styling.

>> No.9785269
File: 480 KB, 802x936, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.16.07 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to do a Jamaican castor oil mask every week or so and it would make my hair look great for a couple days, but it took 2 washes just to get it all out. I think because it's marketed for very thick hair and not my thin white person hair (hair dresser even commented how fine and easily tangled my hair is the other day ;_;). But I haven't tried any other leave-in conditioners or hair mask treatments. I don't dye my hair either, the pic isn't me haha. I'll look into the leave-ins you recommended, thank you.

I just blow it dry and then straighten out my bangs with a round brush+blow dryer, no other styling. My conditioner says it's a heat protectant too so I don't think it's damaging. If I don't blow dry my hair looks very flat. Pic is how my hair usually looks.

>> No.9785295

Blotting paper. And set your powder with an oil absorbing/shine reducing powder. You'll still need to blot throughout the day though

>> No.9785300

Welcome to my hell
My last hairdresser said my hair was 'like velcro', at the length of my upper back

>> No.9785321

Right hahah, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I can't wear a jacket or hoodie for more than 5 minutes before my hair becomes a rat's nest. I use a bit of Doo Gro on days where I'll be wearing more than a tee shirt and it does actually help the tangling a bit, but it's still inevitable.

>> No.9785341

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash and I used to have dry flaky skin, but this stuff actually helped me get it into a much more normal range.

>> No.9786375

I'm a guy looking to lighten my skin. Will the tutorials in the sticky about makeup work for me?

>> No.9786435

why wouldn't makeup work on male skin

>> No.9786515

I was afraid that how guy and gal skin are a little different and bones structure and what not would make the tutorials not accurate. Like, for instance there was one about enlarging eyes. I was wondering if it would work well, because her eyes looked really feminine afterwards and I didn't know if it was because she was a woman or due to the process itself.

>> No.9786565

I have started to get really, really dry and flaky skin underneath my nose and above my lip and around my eyes. Every morning when I wake up, my skin is peeling and it's disgusting! I have to wake up early to exfoliate and moisturise straight away because it hurts.

I have eczema but I've never ever had it on my face before. I've done nothing to change my routine and it came out of nowhere. I'm a line cook and it gets the worst at work - I try to take small breaks to moisturise these areas but it gets dry so quickly that I can't do it every time my skin acts up.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? I haven't gone to a doctor yet because I've had this before (a month ago) and it went away in a week. I can't even wear make up over it because it flakes away in an hour.

>> No.9786940

Get some 1% hydrocortisone to use for a few days.

>> No.9787461

ive got a square jawline and broad shoulders. wearing any kind of eye makeup seems to make it worse. ive been asked if i was a trap after posting a photo of myself in a female cosplay online.
normally i look like a girl, but if i put a wig on something looks off... my wigs arent shitty either.
not posting my face because im not trying to get bullied.

>> No.9787823

i have very sharp facial features, i always add a light contour to my jawline to soften it a bit, werk that contour hun

>> No.9787907

I know this isn't quite on topic but it's a beauty question and you guys may be able to help.

So I had split blonde/brunette hair for 2 years, and dyed it back to brown a few months back for a new job and the bleached part was starting to look damaged. I trimmed it a fair bit when I did this as well. Trouble now is, the brown dye keeps fading to a lighter colour on the side that was blonde, qnd on top of that, the blonde side is barely growing at all so my hair keeps going lopsided.

Any tips to help it grow again and maintain the colour?

>> No.9787917

i dont know how to contour tho lmao

>> No.9787932

practice, its soooooo easy, literally take a smallish brush, dip in brownish contour shade, run across jawline right at the jaw, not below or too far above, ear to ear, then blend with your beauty blender, i can contour in under 5 minutes full face now, but it took lots of practice to get there, watch a youtube tutorial, as much as folks hate J* watching him contour was how i first tried this to soften the jawline

>> No.9788502

Neither did I before I learned it watching youtube and practicing. No one is born with makeup skills, ffs.

The side you previously dyed is probably more damaged than you think and may be breaking at the ends as well as being slow to grow. Sometimes Biotin is helpful with overall hair growth, so you could try that (be warned, some people get acne from it though)
In terms of keeping your colour I would suggest washing in cold/lukewarm water, not washing more than twice a week, and consider just letting it be slightly asymmetric as every time you dye it you are probably causing more damage

>> No.9788757
File: 267 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2018-02-17-14-39-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys... do any of you have any tips for thickening my hair?
My hair is similiar to Ilay (the girl on the photo, no where as pretty as she is though), I mean if I don't style it a certain way or tie it high and tight, bald lines(?) would appear. I've been really self conscious about how thin my hair is and it hasn't always been this way. I've tried using garlic+olive oil mixture as advised by my mother and bro and it worked for my bro, but the smell was so bad and would stick to my head even after washing it, not to mention the itch that comes with it. So if any one of you could be of help, I'd really appreciate it.

>> No.9788984

Hello, everyone.I haven't gone to Asia in a few months and I'm running out of sunblock.Where would I be able to purchase authentic Asian sunblock auch as biore aqua and showed? I'm concerned over getting fakes.If anyone could point me to the right direction.

>> No.9789098

I always buy asian sunscreen, skincare and makeup from there, and it says its an authorized reseller for all the brands I have bought.

>> No.9789117

Scalp massage with any oil, doesn't have to be garlic. Try miconazole weekly on your scalp, that's worked well for some people. Wash your hair less and avoid pulling on your roots (no tight braids or ponytails). Check your diet has enough protein and nutrients, and if that's ok try biotin supplements. Finally - it may just be the genetic lottery you got. Styling it with waves and more volume may help to hide it.

>> No.9789302

My eyes always start to feel heavy and sticky when I wear eye makeup beyond maybe a single coat of mascara. Is this normal?

I thought it might be because the makeup was moving too much, but I've started using primer and setting spray with no change. Happens with drugstore shit as well as higher end brands.

>> No.9789315

Thanks so much ill make an account.

>> No.9789452

Isn't yesstyle just another taobao/aliexpress reseller?
I thought it was, but I might be wrong

>> No.9789477

Experiences with roaccutane? I've been having acne for 15 years and I'm going to see another specialist soon and ask for it. Getting pretty desperate...

>> No.9789484

You are wrong.

>> No.9789491

So I never wear makeup--not for cosplay or everyday life. But I'm working on a costume that's gonna require some pretty dramatic eye makeup. What brands would you recommend for eyeliner, eyeshadow, and (pale) foundation? I'm looking for dark colors, blacks/dark blues, probably some browns for contouring.

>> No.9789502

What’s your budget? I encourage you to practice some once you get it.

Personally I’m fond of Make Up Forever for most costumey things but they aren’t cheap. If you want midline, Maybelline has great liquid longstay eyeliner. Not really sure about which drugstore eyeshadow is best.

>> No.9789532

Anyone has tried any of the It's Skin power 10 serums? I got VC as a gift and was wondering if anyone here had opinions on them, reviews I read were very mixed.

>> No.9789638
File: 333 KB, 857x1332, 74C17DFE-21D5-43B7-A654-63DE8F715F12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could try a color depositing conditioner to maintain the color. I use one about once a week to keep my roots from fading and it’s a lifesaver. Leaves my hair super shiny and soft afterwards too. Pic is the brand I use. Just make sure you wear gloves when applying.

>> No.9789834

How do you re-apply sunscreen throughout the day? It sounds weird to suddenly pull out a sunscreen bottle and start putting sunscreen on your face when others are around.

>> No.9789836

Go to the bathroom.
Did you really need to ask this?

>> No.9789851

What if you are outside and there is no bathroom nearby?

>> No.9789857

Just do it. Why are you so self conscious? Nobody cares it is a daily occurrence.

>> No.9789859

>a daily occurrence
Is it? I have never seen anyone doing that.

>> No.9789993

My budget's about $50--probably not enough for some super high quality stuff (someone irl recommended Kat Von D, but there's no WAY I can get that in my budget) but, to my understanding, it's enough for brands that are decent?

>> No.9790001

I recommend Wet n Wild for everything you'll need. They have a new foundation out that's $5, great and comes in pale shades. They have great eyeshadows and a great contouring palette. You could get everything you need plus some decent brushes. Theyre also almost always on sale at drugstores and online

>> No.9790020

what about at the pool

>> No.9790072

The pool is one. And I've seen people put lotion around here too.. I've also seen people put on makeup.Just go ahead and reapply with confidence.

>> No.9790098

Ehh WnW is hit or miss. Some of it simply doesn’t work well at all, some is fine.

My advice: get colormatched for your foundation at a nice store. Don’t buy it there, just see what shade is best. Then you can use online tools to compare it to drugstore options.

Then , again maybelline liquid liner is a great dupe for the kat von d. For the other products I’d look at the WnW reviews carefully. Also consider ELF, NYX, and even Revlon and Maybelline. REVOLUTION is also decent for cheap makeup.

>> No.9790162

Thank you!!

>> No.9790166

So what does everyone think about this Ulta controversy? About how they've been putting returned products back on the shelves and using them as samples? I never shopped much at Ulta since I prefer Sephora brands, but it's so unsanitary it just infuriates me that they've been doing this.

>> No.9790168

*Forgot to mention that they've also been selling these used products as new, that's an important detail. Lesser used products have been put right back on shelves, more heavily used ones have been used for samples and by the in-store makeup artists. Absolutely gross.

>> No.9790445

I went inside ulta to buy a Tony moly lip scrub and the scrub inside had a bunch of finger prints in it and was heavily used. the employee looked embarrased. I never shopped at ulta again.

>> No.9790762

For sunscreen I'm torn between staying with biore even though it has tons of alcohol in it. I just want to protect my face, so I'd like a fragrance and alcohol-free. I was leaning toward can Make mermaid one because it is alcohol free even though it has a fragrance in it.

>> No.9791060

Can I get a rec for a nice, cheaper lotion+serum combo? I used to use Skinfood Peach Sake but they discontinued it?

>> No.9791074
File: 1.82 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this desu. Brings out my ~natural waves~ and makes everything shiny. Downside is that it’s pretty pricy for a small bottle

>> No.9791082

How do you all test if a hair color is going to work with your skin before you dye it?
I'm a soft summer with naturally reddish, light-medium brown hair that lightens considerably in the summer. I found it incredibly hard to dye my hair because it almost always ended up washing me out, so I stopped. It's been years since I did anything major with my hair now, though, and I want to try something new.

>> No.9791085

Ulta makeup is nasty and I only buy sealed hair product from them.

Fwiw tonymoly is way overpriced there, but I get wanting to test things in person

>> No.9791086

Get a wig in the color you want to try. Or go to a wig shop in your area that will let you try on wigs of different colors.

>> No.9791122

Unfortunately there aren't any wig stores near me, and I've found that the color of wigs online is rarely the color irl, even with decent companies.

>> No.9791151

With the makeup, do what the other anon said and watch YouTube tutorials and then practice practice practice!! You won’t be able to do it perfectly at first, but over time, you’ll see yourself improve.

As for the wig, just post a photo with a sticker over your face or something.

>> No.9791533

You could try photoshopping your hair a different color. There are a bunch of tutorials online if you don't know how.

>> No.9791556

It is super overpriced there but they had it on clearance so i thought it was worth a try.Ugh, never again though. I only go to ulta to smell the perfumes.

>> No.9791581

I do if I'm going to be outside a lot and I'm not wearing makeup, if I am I would probably reapply some base makeup with spf. It's not weird at all if it's a day that would call for it. I don't like having sunscreen on my palms though so I'd have to wash it off after reapplication. If you don't have a bathroom near you they also sell compacts nowadays with like a sunscreen cushion that you can just reapply like you would any normal compact/cushion. In the end which is worse - skin cancer or having people look at you reapply sunscreen?

>> No.9791625
File: 120 KB, 960x800, granblue-4m-autos-man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does one get their skin to look like a vampires?

Makeup is fine, but you can't honestly expect me to put foundation all over my arms and shit, that thing will cake and clump up like hell even with my barely existing bodyhair(by male standards)

>> No.9791656

Sunscreen at all time when you are outside, even if the sky is cloudy. Avoiding sunlight in general.

>> No.9791724

im in the UK, theres no such thing as sunlight and even still I dont have skin like that fag from twilight (I can make my face that pale, but I'll have to use something else for my arms).

Do people use paint or powder or someshit? I know that popular show from tumblr has a literally white skinned girl or something, same with mimes but not as opaque.

>> No.9791726

You need to use sunscreen every day. Even if there isn't a lot of visible sunlight due to clouds or whatever, there can (and are) a lot of UV rays that will slowly but surely damage and darken your skin.
Please don't use body paint for this, it's not going to look good. If anything go with a really light foundation.

>> No.9791755

I am still not sold on the "sunscreen all day every day even on cloudy days" thing. It sounds like a big commitment and I am doubtful about the results. I know it's important on occasions you are gonna be outside under the sun for hours, especially during summer and spring days, but that's all. People keep saying it's crucial every single day because it slows down aging but is it really gonna make that much of a difference? I have never seen an older person look much younger because they kept using sunscreen during their youth.

>> No.9791994


Not an argument for sunscreen in particular, but against sun damage.

>> No.9791995

Work nights for a decade. My brother is basically transparent lmao.

Alternatively- stage makeup and photoshop.

>> No.9792078

It is, but it has some legitimate products as well
it's more worth to just buy biore on amazon though

>> No.9792123

I'm probably a minority here since I'm a member of a buy/sell makeup group on Facebook anyway but I don't think it's a problem if the returned products are being used as testers. I thought that's what Sephora did with their returns too. The testers have to get resanitized on a regular basis anyway and the customer should know to proceed with anything open to the general public with caution.

There's no way for Ulta to win this though. If they continue selling the returned products, then people will stop shopping there. If they change their return policy so nothing can be brought back to the store once it leaves or is opened then they'll lose a lot of potential customers since there's pressure to make the 100% correct choice on a product you're trying for the first time.

>> No.9792171

>I have never seen an older person look much younger because they kept using sunscreen during their youth
Maybe you don't "see" an older person look younger because they don't look old in the first place, dumbass.

>> No.9792172

All makeup stores use returned makeup products as testers, including sephora lmfao

>> No.9792179

No one has to sell it to you. If you want UV rays to prematurely age you, go right ahead. The rest of us will be wearing sunscreen.

>> No.9792223

People need to stop thinking of sun protection as hiding from 'light' or 'heat.'
It's a very strong form of radiation that is blasting you at all times, indoors or otherwise.

Wearing sunscreen every day is literally the same as applying a second layer of moisturizer. If that's a big commitment to you, I can't imagine how you could possibly function in real adult life.

>> No.9797133

What concealers/treatments/etc. have you found best to treat or cover undereye dark circles(very dark purple prominent), I’ve been using off-brand undereye masks and caffeine concealers special for dark circles but I haven’t seen any difference for YEARS(or if they do minimize they come back quickly), I need to completely revamp my routine
Recommend me any product no matter the price, I’m tired of looking like Tomoko, fun while it lasted

>> No.9797145

Some people just have them. My whole family looks like we haven't slept in a week.
I'm seconding the request for a good concealer, though, both for undereye circles and the eye area in general. My eye sockets/lids are also slightly yellow and red/purple, I think because my skin is so thin. I always look sick without makeup, and it's hard to get a good neutral base for things like eyeshadow.

>> No.9797171

Have you tried any of Benefit's boi-ing concealers? They all can be used for under the eyes.

>> No.9797196
File: 13 KB, 380x565, maybelline-concealer-instant-age-rewind-eraser-dark-circles-treatment-ivory-041554546781-c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just like >>9797145, even my little cousin has some awful dark circles worthy of a college student. My every day routine for this consists on applying Benefit's It's potent! eye creme, then primer, foundation and Maybelline's Age rewind concealer. While it doesn't eliminate them completely, since mine are pretty bad, it makes a HUGE difference, so I definitely recommend this concealer. I also have Tony Moly's Panda eye stick but it didn't do much for me, though someone else may have a different opinion.

>> No.9797238

Have you tried color-correcting? A salmon color can help minimize the more purple/blue-ish parts. I use Becca's undereye brightening concealer and it works well for my hereditary dark circles, but they lean more towards the cooler side of the spectrum.

>> No.9797281

Thanks to all three of you! I looked into a few things and will probably pick up some of the Benefit Bo-ing Industrial strength as well as a color corrector.

>> No.9799111

Sunscreen makes makes my face way too oily, even stuff like Biore, I hate having to put it on. Is this normal? Can I do something about it?

>> No.9799134

Same. Biore irritates my skin a lot

>> No.9799706

Does anyone own the Fenty Match Stix Trio in light? Would you recommend it?

>> No.9799750

Look it's not like I slather myself in SPF 50 every morning, but I wear SPF moisturizer EVER DAY and have been doing so since I was 15. And I live in New England where I'm lucky to see the sun shine for 8 weeks a year.

>> No.9799755

It may be the alcohol in biore, have you tried spf rated powders?

>> No.9799760

Have you tried any vitamins? I also struggled with acne and cystic acne but since I introduced zinc and evening primrose oil into my diet I've had zero breakouts and cystic acne has ceased to exist.

>> No.9799831

I am dying to find a skin care regimen that actually works for me. I've got a terrible cystic acne problem all over my face and shoulders. I never feel pretty in anything I wear because of my damn face.

My skin is so sensitive I don't really know what to do. I wash my face with pure glycerin soap because most soaps make me break out. I'm allergic to lactic acid and hydrocortisone. I use 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide as a spot treatment, but get rashes if I use it on wider areas of my face. I don't wear make up so I know that's not causing it, and I change my pillowcase literally nightly.

I've been looking into sensitive skin products, but I don't know enough about all this to understand what's actually a good idea and what's a company trying to shill me. Mixed reviews every where because of course this kind of thing depends on the skin type of the person using it.

>> No.9799832

*I meant Salicylic Acid, oops

>> No.9799847

Eyeliner stencils

can i get a rundown PLEASE

>> No.9799953
File: 72 KB, 1200x1200, e95e5af89dfdabb88a3357bf2834130f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You're stupid when there is a plethora of information by licensed medical professionals and experts for fucking free online, and you ask a Chinese cartoon website instead of doing your own goddamn research.

You're hopeless. I don't think I, some random anon, could educate you better than a well researched website, but here we are.

>> No.9800070

glutathione injections at a med spa

>> No.9800145

I've tried their blushes and mascara. The blush is really buildable and pretty but it doesn't have long wear and the mascara feathers leaving little black dots on my under eyes after a couple hours

>> No.9800196

Anyone know any kind of nude eyeliner or concealer that's waterproof? I have extremely sensitive and teary eyes and I'm so tired of having to constantly touch up my eye corners from where small tear leaks happen and it starts to look so gross. It's an every day thing, whether an eyelash pokes weird, the sunlight is too bright, the wind blows on them, etc. In bonus difficulty I'm very pale, hence why maybe nude eyeliner is what I might have to go with, but any suggestions are welcome.

>> No.9800203

Box dyes: what's the best of the worst? Looking to go a bit lighter, from a dark dirty blonde to medium (maybe strawberry) blonde.

>> No.9800240

>most soaps break you out
There’s a ton of reasons this may be happening, but have you looked at the pH levels of your soaps? Maybe try using something closer to the 4.2-5.6 range

>> No.9800335

Have you tried cetaphil for sensitive skin?

>> No.9801005
File: 134 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have tool or guide recommendations for trimming naturally thick brows? I struggle to trim them enough so they look maintained without cutting shorter ones too short. Pic related is what I'm after, mine look a lot thicker/wilder right now, especially in the arch.

>> No.9801078

Foundation recommendations that aren't cakey and/or crease? I currently use MAC's nourishing waterproof foundation but that settles into my creases under my eyes like a bitch- I also got a sample of Stila's Stay All Day foundation and I like it because it doesn't settle into the creases but it looks a little cakey. I have combo skin, dry cheeks and oily t-zone.

>> No.9801087

What's your application like?

>> No.9801688

I didn't know that was a thing I should check, I'll look next time!

I haven't yet, just the gentle cleanser?

>> No.9801699

Use a waterproof eye primer, like Lancome aquatique. It comes in 5 shades, the lightest is beige porcelain.

>> No.9801877

I use elf's hydrating primer on my cheeks and then color correct redness and under eye dark circles. Then i use the foundation and a beauty blender to blend everything out and set with Laura Mercier translucent powder. I don't use a lot of concealer because it always creases under my eyes

>> No.9801888

Looked at some reviews and several mention the exact same problem I have, thanks so much for the suggestion anon! This could be a life saver if it works out.

>> No.9801994

Have you tried oil cleansing? Are you using moisturizer? Other than the acne, what's your skin like? Is it dry? Oily?

Also, any recommendations for a drugstore brand eye shadow that comes in pink?

>> No.9801996

Feria is the worst. I like Garnier brands.

>> No.9805401

Nayrt,are there sunscreen cushions that are JUST sunscreen,no makeup? I don't want to cake on more BB/cc cream if my makeup is ok

>> No.9805411

100% silk pillowcases can help with the skin thing if you find you just can't bear to sleep on your back

>> No.9805620

yes, just look up sun pacts. they're a thing and you can get them on amazon.

>> No.9806077

I have very pale olive skin.
Would Japanese brands work well for me? A lot of western brands are too warm for my skintone and look off.

>> No.9806719
File: 693 KB, 706x706, tarte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've got oily skin I keep mostly on lock with my skincare routine/blotting, but want a better foundation than the cheap ass Rimmel's Stay Matte. Any suggestions from other oily guls?

Pic related. Was looking at this one for convention wear.

>> No.9806733

If you want BB cream, imo Japanese brands tend to have more yellow/warm shades (like MAC NC), not specifically "olive", and are a bit darker compared to Korean brands which are more pink/grey and often have quite pale options (e.g. Missha perfect cover in no. 13).

>> No.9809212
File: 104 KB, 634x424, article-2378854-1B00FA92000005DC-761_634x424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for this terrible picture, but on the topic of dark circles and eye bags, is there anything I can do to make the "eyebag" portion of my eye puffier?
Mine are incredibly sunken in, so even though concealer helps cover the discoloration, the area tends to catch a lot of shadows. The only time I have aegyo sal are when I'm smiling, too.
Right now I focus on diet/hydration and moisturizing, with the only skincare/aging products I use being sunscreen and whatever samples come my way. I'm willing to invest in some things if they actually work.
I have combination skin that's somewhat sensitive for reference.

>> No.9809220

Not sure if you can make them puffier. An eye cream will help to moisturize and that could have some effect (and you should be using an eye cream if you're in your late teens/early 20s anyway). There are plenty of options but just for reference, I use Shiseido's Bio-Performance eye cream. They actually discontinued it and replaced it with another product with a different look, but same function. I still find the Bio-Performance at TJ Maxx at a hefty discount (since it's discontinued now) so that's what I'm currently using. I'll switch to the new product when I can't find the older one anymore.

As far as "looking" puffier, you can use an illuminating/highlighting powder on your aegyo sal like you see in a lot of asian makeup tutorials. That will help catch the light and make them look more pronounced.

>> No.9809221
File: 118 KB, 327x333, 1504057154971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get up for work, doing makeup
>try to make razor thin eyeliner line and practicing doing more classic-lolita style makeup
>fuck up, end up with thick eyeliner line, no time to fix
>weekend/day off from work, doing makeup
>perfect thin eyeliner on the first try, nowhere to go

Every goddamn time.

>> No.9809499

My mum did a mixed vampire facial which really helped her eye area, since it's microneedling with hyaluronic acid which attracts water (so makes your skin more puffy and hydrated) and your own plasma.

>> No.9809560

Any recs for an light eye cream (non-comedogenic if that exists in eye cream)? I don't care for fancy extras, I just want a moisturizer for my eye area, so therefore I don't really want to spend too much. I also have sensitive skin, if that helps.

>> No.9809566

Inb4 Reddit but I would check out the r/SkincareAddiction and r/AsianBeauty subreddits for information about creating a routine, they have a link to everything you could need. To summarize though you just need a basic cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Cetaphil, Sebamed, CeraVe and Eucerin are the brands you'll want to start out with for extremely sensitive skin. I love CeraVe but it has broken a lot of people out so do some research/try to figure out what ingredients bother you from past products and narrow what ingredients are the cause of the irritation so you can avoid products with them in the future. I'm sure you know this but avoid things with artificial fragrance and a large amount of essential oils because they'll probably just irritate you. If you're into all natural stuff I suggest looking into oil cleansing because you can create your own oil that works with your skin (even if you don't care about "natural" oils are great one ingredient moisturizers on their own).

Lastly I would stick to products with short ingredient lists as that usually indicates that there will be less potential irritants. And when looking for a sunscreen, I'd stick with physical (meaning the sun protection comes from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). They're less irritating than chemical and work just as well.

>> No.9809567

seconding. All eye creams I've tried so far make my eyes itch

>> No.9809569


>mfw bought that at TJ Maxx too
>mfw never realised it was discontinued

I should go stock up tonight, shit.

>> No.9809710

I have the same problem and I use the GinZing eye cream from Origins. It helps the more you use it, and you get a lot considering how little you use.

>> No.9810308

Any thoughts on CeraVe moisturizer with spf? I recently started on bianca gel (clindamycin/tretinoin) for very mild acne and my dermatologist recommended me CeraVe to stop this gel from drying me out or burning me. I have combination skin, and other moisturizers that my derm has recommended me in the past kinda sucked, either they were too heavy or made my skin more oily/breakout, so I'm a bit skeptical about it.

Would also like to know if CeraVe moisturizer/sunblock and Shiseido's urban environment sunblock leave a white film, are oily/heavy, and how they mix with makeup.

>> No.9810477

Anyone have any good recomendations for head to toe lightening? And any tips from experience for that matter?

Im already faily pale with an olive tone but I want more of a porcelain light complexion kindof what like >>9791625 is describing.

Reading the reviews, Im considering getting some kojic acid soap but Im not sure how to fit into my skin routine.

>> No.9810498

Haven't tried Glossiers concealer but I do have their skin tint. Its very light on application, even the consistency is very watery. Its just enough to give you an even skintone look without covering too much. Although you can look flushed still after using so if thats one of the things your trying to cover its probably not for you.

Another thing too is that you have to make sure your skin is moisturized before applying and NEVER use a primer.

I actually bought a bunch of items recently from there, I used the kits as an idea for what products to use together and what they recommend but otherwise your better off on your own unless you want those exact products. I didnt even bother getting certain things from their site and technically not on the full 10 step thing anyways. You might find that you dont want to do face masks or already have a good sunscreen so buying a kit could potentially be redundant.

Their brushes are alright. Not great not bad. I bought two sets from them. One was the 36 piece ultimate set a year ago and then a 12 set white tipped from years before that. The 12 set was actually pretty good, was very underwhelmed by the quality on the 36 peice though. Some of the eye brushes (round fluffy blender and the smaller one) were super scratchy and some of the other eye brushes (small bullet brush and small filbert brush) are horrible at picking up pigment. They still work but its a hit and miss.

>> No.9810614

Bad news, if you have olive undertones you aren't ever going to get porcelain white. I'd also advise a full body glycolic acid product to exfoliate and increase skin turnover while you're doing the avoid sunlight stuff, just to get there faster

>> No.9810850

Seconding this, I'm a gross NC 25-30 in MAC shade trying to reach NC 15-20 through any means possible at this point.

I like kojic acid/papaya soap, I've been using it on my entire body for about 2 weeks in a row now and I see a slight improvement, but I'm not sure it will stay pale.

At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure there's nothing else that will permanently make me pale except for bleaching and injections procedures, which will cause another shitload of problems.

>> No.9810949

The CeraVe AM moisturizer is fantastic, one of the best from the drugstore. If you have problems with chemical SPF be wary but otherwise its super well formulated and wears beautifully under makeup. Otherwise get Neutrogena Dry Touch and layer it over a reg moisturizer. I hear the Shisedo is very good but I've never tried it myself.

>> No.9811357

Petty much. Strict sun avoidance (UV rated clothing, umbrella, religious sunscreen) will also help.

>> No.9811885
File: 30 KB, 400x489, 1710545_fpx.tif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You see this shit!!!! THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! Its gods cum. Its a miracle in a jar, ethereal. I never thought I would be rid of the black voids surrounding my eyes, but goddamn this shit proved me wrong. I wake up looking like a raccoon that got into a bar fight over the last bag of coke, but 20 mins after slathering this Jesus juice on eyes mounds that are so dark Anish Kapoor is banging down my door with a copyright infringement, they somehow transform. Not anything flashy, my eye flesh is not a magical girl, but something soft and artfully subtle. Its like Bob Ross is coloring over my skin while gently whispering encouraging praise in my ear. I can feel the hurt in my soul deflate along with my swollen sacs. Its euphoric.

>> No.9811902

This isn't tumblr

>> No.9812388
File: 91 KB, 900x900, The-Ordinary-Salicylic-Acid-2-Solution-Review-900x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9812391

*Has anyone used this? I'm thinking of picking it up but I would like to hear something from you gulls first.

>> No.9812422
File: 465 KB, 2576x1932, IMG_5317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for the gross pic but I am at my wit's end. How do I clear pic related?

I started the pill about 9 months ago and it has really cleared up my acne big time. However I still have these hormonal pimples around my cheek area. I am a 10-stepper and use BHA/AHA masks, glycolic acid toner, etc. but these suckers still remain. Sometimes they are more prominent, such as now when I'm at the end of my cycle, but they just never go away completely. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of this type of acne without something like accutane?

>> No.9812484


God i keep waiting for their glycolic acid to restock but it never fucking does.

>> No.9812488

My sister had pretty bad acne but her skin is 100% clear now and it really cleared up in her mid 20's. It may just go away if you're still in your late teens/early 20's.

With regards to immediate treatment: are they the underground type of pimples that are sore to the touch and un-popable? If so, what I always do for these is the following:

Tea compresses with chamomile and lavender tea bags. Traditional Medicinals and Celestial Seasonings both sell this tea. Chamomile and lavender are both anti-bacterial. Chamomile is an anti-inflammtory agent and will reduce redness and swelling. You may want to do two a night, and it make take 2 nights to notice a big difference but it always works for me.

In addition to the tea bags, put some peppermint oil on the spots right before you go to bed. Peppermint oil is, again, anti-bacterial and a powerful anti-inflammatory. Even my most stubborn and painful underground zits would look so much better in the morning.

>> No.9812489

Make sure you're washing your pillowcases regularly, those can be from sleeping on your side.

>> No.9812505

Thank you very much for the tea idea, and it may very well be a waiting game. They do come to a head sometimes but more often do not pop, though I really don't touch them unless it's bad. I will definitely try the tea trick and I'll get some peppermint oil as well. Tea tree does not work for me so hopefully peppermint won't fmsu.
I usually wash my pillowcase weekly but I will amp it up to 2x per week to see if there is a difference. It could definitely be contributing so I will look into it

>> No.9812595

Tried sulfur spot masks?

>> No.9812620

So I never really jumped on the whole makeup thing when I was younger and still living with my mom/generally having other women around me so now I'm at a little bit of a loss with learning how to do my makeup and whatnot. There are two big questions burning on my mind.

My eyebrows are fucking thick and wild (I inherited my dad's goddamn gorilla hair genes), and one is naturally arched differently than the other. How do I go about styling them? One time my mom plucked them for me since it was my very first time and it took a long ass time doing the top and bottom and they didn't look any different. Is waxing a viable option? Does it hurt like hell? How do I know if I've overdone it? I've seen little eyebrow threading pop up shops around and about. Is that a decent method for styling them or is it just a meme? Do I still need to fill in the color of them or whatever after fixing them up?

Also, I'm not entirely sure why, but my eyelid on one eye is puffier/droops noticeably more than the other one. My doctor said it might be because I was unknowingly squinting with it or some other issue then didn't mention any options for what I can do to get it looking normal again. Should I be taking that into consideration when I'm applying eye shadow or whichever? People have told me you can't see it unless you're focusing on it/it isn't noticeable at all, but I'm really self-conscious about it anyway. Are there any shortcuts to make it look less noticeable?

I can try and take some photos if needed but I'm not sure how well they'll come out.

>> No.9812700

NAYRT but I used to have the same issue. Changing the pillowcase out every couple days seemed to give me the best results. I ended up actually buying some extra pillowcases, which it made it easier to swap out pillowcases every other day without having to constantly do laundry (or have the pillowcases from a nice bedding set fade prematurely from washing).

Another alternative I've heard is to sleep with a clean towel over your pillow every night. I'm assuming they mean something like a flour sack dish towel rather than a terrycloth towel. Haven't tried it because I move around so much in my sleep that it'd probably fall off, but YMMV.

>> No.9813528

>How do I go about styling them?
Start by tidying up random hairs (like monobrow, outside brow area ones) then evening the arch up from underneath to the same height and shape. This may mean you pluck one to match the other, or pluck them both to the same shape. Once you've done that, do the edges/on top further to make them even. Some people trim the length of their brow hair as well.
>Is waxing a viable option?Does it hurt like hell?How do I know if I've overdone it?
Yes, and imo it doesn't hurt more than threading but I wouldn't DIY if you aren't experienced. You run the risk of pulling out hair at the roots that was creating shape elsewhere, and having a random bald spot in your brows you need to fill in. You'll know if you've overdone it.

>I've seen little eyebrow threading pop up shops around and about. Is that a decent method for styling them or is it just a meme?
Yup threading is fine. Hurts like a wax though, and make sure you go to shop staff that have nice looking brows because they likely do each other's.

>Do I still need to fill in the color of them or whatever after fixing them up?
Not if you like how they look as is. If you want instagram drag queen brows though, fill them.

>> No.9815942

I use Milk's lip stain. It lasts really long and looks natural. I use it under my lip balm and you can't even tell I'm wearing the stain

>> No.9815957

You can look at older people who tanned in their youth to see UV damage. You wouldn't be wrong to think buying all your makeup with SPF is going to make a difference. The makeup isn't generally applied heavy enough to make a difference, and high SPF sunscreen can only last half a day at most. You are best off avoiding sun exposure. You should buy sunscreen, but you'll want 30-50 SPF. Otherwise, you're not really making a difference. You should use it when you plan to be out in the sun an hour or more for good measure.

>> No.9816370

I'm thinking of buying the Milk sunshine skin tint, anything I should know beforehand?

>> No.9816521
File: 32 KB, 712x712, glycov-1_1b223857-a490-4dbf-bfe5-222406291c94_1024x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have any of you used the Bravura Glycolic Acid 10% Peel? I've heard good things about it and wanted to know if the end results were as good as the claims.

>> No.9816620

So I just ordered 12 The Ordinary products and the tracking for shipping wasn't updated so I found my package outside by accident. All of the bottles were super fucking cold, even my marula oil was frozen solid like coconut oil.

Is there anyway this could possible affect the formulation? I got Argireline, Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic 2%, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Lactic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Niacinimide, Marula Oil (Which I assume is ok), Granactive Retinoid, Azelaic Acid, Martixyl

>> No.9816809

Any gulls who have ordered from yestyle?

Totally jumping on the ten step skincare routine bandwagon and they have alot of items I want.

>> No.9816946

Used it for a while, but didn't do much for me. My concern was mostly blackheads/sfs though. It worked well on regular acne, but I don't typically get that very often so I would just spot treat every now and then. If you get regular acne I would recommend it, but I find other BHAs to be better.

It can lather/foam up if you rub it in, so I would just pat it in. Dries very quickly.

>> No.9817041

You would likely be better off contacting TO directly to ask them this--they might even partially refund/give you something if that is the case. IIRC most of the acids you listed prefer cold to warm weather, so they SHOULD be fine, but be very careful about any water-based formulas in glass bottles that are frozen/nearly frozen, because they could have expanded. Leave them to thaw at room temperature.

>> No.9817097

I have a few times, tracked shipping, used my countires post service. Easy to get free shipping, everything came in a smallish box, packed securely, no issues.

>> No.9817179

Yeah I did contact them earlier today. No response as of yet so hopefully they can contact me soon.

All of the products except the marula oil were in a liquid state when I received them so they should be fine (I hope). Really its just a nagging concern I have since the temperature was so cold. I left them to warm up a bit on my vanity.

I did try the retinoid and the buffet and it seems okay I just get worried considering that I highly doubt they were meant to be exposed to 20°F for hours.FML

>> No.9817318

Yes, but my skin doesn't really like any acids in liquid consistency except for mandelic (like nothing happens...). I freaking love their night cream though.

>> No.9817810
File: 11 KB, 240x240, 1518953279717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wake up
>bad rosacea day and my forehead is pretty damn red
Feels bad, admittingly I have been making it worse by scratching the itch. I want off this wild ride. Can they graft a new non rosacea face onto me if I cheesegrate my current one off?

>> No.9817830

ordered from them twice in the last month or so, ships out usually in just two days, can take a week or so to arrive, but there is tracking. they've included two free facemasks each time, got free shipping both times. would recommend.

>> No.9817843

Hi, I've never worn makeup before but after waking up and just having a day of being tired of looking like crap I ordered some stuff.

What I ordered was
LANEIGE Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++
LANEIGE Two Tone Tint Lip Bar in Tomato Sherbet
Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Waterproof Mascara Long & Curl
Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner in Bitter Brown

So I guess my question is... what else do I need to get? I'm really going from 0 knowledge of makeup so any pointers are appreciated. I want to be cute TT__TT

>> No.9817915

aw anon! you’ll look great! i’m sure that you were beautiful anyway. but all the items you got look super great! can’t say for the bb or the lip item but i can say that the heroine mascara and the liner is amazing. maybe invest in a little bit of eyeshadow? or if you wanna go for a cutesy look, some blush? you don’t necessarily have to feel like you NEED to get anything, but instead just add to your ‘collection’. :)

>> No.9817963

Eurofag here, advice for dry skin products? On accutane right now, could use some advice.

>> No.9818044

Does anyone know how to determine what your skin type is?

I've been told that I MIGHT have dry skin because my skin is shiny, and I sometimes I get really dry patches on my cheeks and other random places (usually after I take a bath).

On the other hand, during the day my skin gets so greasy and shiny that I have to walk around with tissue paper tp wipe away all the oil. Can't even lie ny head down without getting grease stains. So... I'm assuming I have oily skin.
Or maybe combo?

I want to know because I'm getting into skincare, to get rid of my bumpy textured skin, and I dont want my skin to get any worse.

>> No.9818056

Does anybody own anything from pretty vulgar / early bird cosmetics? I haven't seen any review on pv yet on youtube and i'm curious about the quality.

>> No.9818061


there are quite a few reviews on youtube

>> No.9818064

>Does anyone know how to determine what your skin type is?

Theres no quiz or anything lol. You just figure it out from what the description of oily or dry skin sounds like. Combination skin isnt really all that uncommon, but from the description your giving, you have oily skin. The dryness from what you described is probably because your skin is stripped from washing it. Otherwise if the dryness is constantly present hen you have combination skin.

>I want to know because I'm getting into skincare, to get rid of my bumpy textured skin, and I dont want my skin to get any worse.

Honestly the best tip I can give you for having oily skin is to use an oil cleanser and double cleanse. It sound counter-intuitive but like dissolves like. So washing your face with oil can actually help break down the excess dirt and sebum on your skin. Double cleansing is when you clean your skin with a water based cleanser afterwards to further remove excess oil. A problem that I have found with my skin is that if I use a cleanser hats too harsh my skin dries out afterwards even if I'm normally oily. Which can cause more problems because once ur skin is stripped the sebum production can become overactive and make your skin more oily.

>> No.9818065

The Heroine make items are definitely great! If you're looking for more Japanese cosmetics, canmake has a great cream blush, and Dolly Wink make great lashes. I haven't tried them, but Canmake also has some eyeshadow quads that seem like pretty good quality. You've definitely got some good basics, though! You might not even need more than that. But do make sure you have a good eye makeup remover--the Heroine Make mascara doesn't budge otherwise.

>> No.9818094

Check thataylaa's youtube channel

>> No.9818466

>Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

That shit is is the shit! Nice choices!

>> No.9818496
File: 71 KB, 750x974, IMG_5447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worth a try. Also got their lactic acid from another seller. Anyone have experience with these?

>> No.9818666
File: 99 KB, 800x960, abh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any opinions on the abh lip palette? I picked one up today on a whim.

>> No.9819128

I just received a pretty vulgar blush in one of my subscription boxes this month. It was powdery and using a brush on it left a lot of dust in the pan, also the color pigmentation wasn't great. I'm glad it was free,. but it really doesn't make me excited to try their other items.

>> No.9819131

Has anyone here used the Lime Crime Venus XL palette? How does it compare to Modern Renaissance? I'm thinking of getting one of those but not sure which one to go with.

>> No.9819156

Please don't buy from Lime Crime.

>> No.9819172

Is there a full skincare routine worth of products that I can get for under $50? Or what's the lowest I can go in terms of price?

I wash my face every morning and evening but I feel like it's not enough as I've recently found myself plagued with clogged pores on my forehead/chin. I'm running out of face wash soon so I figured that I'll grab some new stuff while I'm out buying more. I'm thinking all I need is a new face wash, a toner, and possibly a weekly mask? I've never had a full skincare routine before and I'd love to clear my skin or at least even out my natural complexion a bit more. There's only so much drinking tons of water and washing my face can do I suppose.

>> No.9819175

I should add that my skin type is generally dry. Not severely so, but I get kinda crusty around my nose and on my cheeks if I skip a face wash for a day. Definitely in need of some exfoliation as well.

>> No.9819176

I received a gift card for Etude House for my birthday.

I was thinking of buying items from the Moistfull Collagen or Wonder Pore lines. My pores are enormous and my skin is a little dry with acne scarring. Any recommendations from EH?

>> No.9819179


>> No.9819181

virtue signaling and fear mongering because of old drama

>> No.9819196

The Wonder Pore Freshner is shit. I also had the foam cleanser but gave it away since it was way too stripping

>> No.9819236

I'm really late to the conversation, but I wanted to give my opinion on the subject of Wet n' Wild. I really like their Coloricon kohl eyeliner in black and dark brown. It had worked for me on par with more expensive brands. I don't like the lighter colors though. They don't have a lot of pigment payoff. I can also fully recommend their Megaslicks balm stain. I use the colors 'Red-dy or Not' and 'A Stiff Pink' all the time. I also love their Pout & Kiss gel lip balm for chap stick.

On the subject of Kat Von D, I do really like their tattoo liner in black. I agree with >>9790098 that I've found Maybelline the best equivalent with the Master Precise liquid liner, but it still doesn't compare to the tattoo liner in my opinion. It's worth the splurge if you can spare the $20 in the future.

I can't help with foundation because I appear to be allergic to all of it. I still haven't found a foundation that won't break me out despite trying out higher end brands including Smashbox and Makeup Forever Ultra HD. I think there might be something crucial to formulating foundation that I have a sensitivity to. I suffer.

>> No.9819245

Her quality is still kinda shitto, IMO. Personal drama aside I wouldn’t buy from them when there are better “indie” brands out there

>> No.9819246

You probably have dehydrated oily skin.

>> No.9819347

The moistfull collagen is really moisturising. I have dry skin and I use the cream and the emulsion at night, but find them a little heavy for day use.

>> No.9819363

The main two things you need is cleanser (face wash) and moisturiser (esp if you have dry skin). Adding in a toner (to refresh and get rid of residue cleanser), a serum (concentrated skin ingredients), a mask and eye cream (undereyes need extra hydration) if budget allows. Also, sunscreen is good if you are concerned about aging and skin pigmentation, although finding one you dont hate can be a struggle.

>> No.9820844

Do collagen pills work? Do collagen-containing skin products work?

My sister gets breakouts from foundation but she seems to fair well we’ll with Clinique beyond perfecting foundation.

>> No.9820857


Have you tried Bareminerals? I've heard their powder formula is really hypoallergenic.

>> No.9820966

Wasn't there a huge skincare FAQ in one of the gens here at some point? What happened to it?

>> No.9820989

Their powder contains bismuth oxychloride, which some people find makes their face itchy/allergic. So if I was above anon I'd take caution with that too.

>> No.9821110
File: 90 KB, 750x562, toocute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi guys, me here again, I went and ordered some of canmakes blush! they look so cute I'm excited for them to get here! :-D

I wanted to asked about two things. I've currently no brushes, and I'm not really sure what to go for. I've looked at the Too Faced Teddy bear set, but I think I'm only really interested in it because.... the charm on the bag is... too adorable....

I'm also interested in the Too Faced Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette. So basically... anyone experience with these two things? worth the price? better things out there? I see people say Too Faced is more about the packaging than actual quality of the product and I don't want to buy something that looks cute only to have it turn out to be shit.

>> No.9821180

I have the too faced teddy bear brushes and they’re very cute and soft. I like them a lot, but they’re pretty expensive. I’ve had a good experience with it cosmetics brushes, and brushes from the store Claire’s.

Too Faced doesn’t have the worst quality products, but their product isn’t the best either. Anastasia Beverly Hills renaissance palette is a good palette imo, it has some reds/oranges if you feel crazy and some browns for if you want to do a more natural color. I use the brush that comes with it.

>> No.9821352

Collagen molecules are too large to pass through the skin barrier so no, they won't work collagen-wise. Depending on the other ingredients in the product, you may or may not see a difference in your skin. Doings a basic google search shows that collagen pills work (not in the way of direct collagen going to your skin, your body breaks it down first), but there won't be much of a difference if you're already eating a balanced diet that allows your body to make high amounts of it. Since your body produces collagen on its own and has to break down the pills before using the remaining amino acids to create collagen, you may consider just consuming foods that have a lot of it and vitamin C.

>> No.9821407
File: 260 KB, 1200x800, palettes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No experience with the Too faced teddy bear set. I have the peachy mattes eyeshadow palette, and while very good and colors blend out nicely, pulls really warm and is all matte. I honestly don't reach for it very much. I usually like a bit of shimmer in my eyeshadow particularly for lolita looks. Personally, I think a good cheap beginner palette is the Etude House sakura palette, particularly for lolita. While not the most pigmented, colours blend out well and it comes with sparkle and shimmer colors perfect for warm toned lolita styles. The drawback I'd say is that it doesn't have the most transition shades, so your looks end up samey after a while.

Colourpop also has great palettes, and I'd recommend Dream St. or Give it To me Straight for a good warm toned neutral palette. Dream St also has pops of teal that surprisingly works well with the rest of the palette if you're into that.

If you want a more expensive palette that performs better, I'd recommend either ABH modern renaissance, or their new soft glam palette. Unfortunately, it comes with a steeper learning curve as the shadows are very pigmented and you need to blend out for ages if you get too much on your lid, but if you go slow and put only little bits of shadow on at a time you'll be grand.

I've included the palettes compared to the peachy mattes for comparison. Personally, I think Sakura Etude house is closest, but it's up to you and what you want. I like Soft Glam/Modern Renaissance the most, I would say Give it to Me Straight would be the most versatile.

>> No.9821432

Thanks so much for all the options! Yes looking at them the soft glam palette is really beautiful... I think I'll have to go with it instead! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this :-)

>> No.9821452
File: 18 KB, 207x491, 971642_10201709494557861_188635346_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't want to return it because the store would probably throw it away and that's a big loss to them
Are people really this beta?

>> No.9821455

y'all really really need to google the curly girl method and start from there

>> No.9821461

I'm really into Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream! I have an olive tone and pretty dark circles, and this covers them without it looking fake.

>> No.9821470

y'all know the regular box of stridex pads at walmart are 2% salicylic acid too, right?

>> No.9821475


You can't go wrong with that choice! I own it and the eyeshadows are beautiful and soft and pigmented - I'm glad they went back to that formula after the subculture debacle. I am such a terrible eyeshadow addict - I actually own all of these palettes except Give it to Me Straight. I'm glad my obsession helped you a little bit.

>> No.9821493

This happened to my Sephora order before, tracking didn't update and items were left overnight in my mailbox. Everything was frozen solid. Called up Sephora to question about if the products would still be safe to use and they offered to refund or exchange/reship right away for no extra charge.

Any BHA recs for sfs? Pretty sure I'm allergic to TO's SA after a few trials.

A brow product (pencils are probably the easiest to use), brows can really frame the face and make you look more put together. For early work days I only fill in my brows and sometimes do just base makeup (generally a cushion bb).

Wonder Pore toner is generally raved about but probably not great if you have sensitive skin. Moistfull Collagen has a nice gel cream but also avoid if you have sensitive skin.

>> No.9821567


>> No.9822313
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Can someone help me id my eye and eyelids shape? I've been trying many eyeliner styles but I can't find one that looks good on my eyes. I always end up looking bad and cringey.

>> No.9822365

Just darken the eyelash line with a pencil, try and see how it looks if you do your lower lashes as well.I can’t tell if it would suit you just by looking at the eye shape so you need to see it and judge yourself. Anyway it shouldn’t be too heavy but enhancing

>> No.9822390
File: 342 KB, 1815x784, hooded-eyes_How-to-apply-eye-shadow-for-your-eye-shape_Smashbox-Full-Exposure-Palette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like a hooded eyelid to me. So skip the eyeliner completely.

>> No.9822420

Is it bad to use multiple Acid products on my face? I'm currently using the ordinary 2% salicylic acid, but was rec'd to try Glucoside Solution 12% for dark spots and 5% caffeine solution for eyebags. I'm pretty dumb about this stuff

>> No.9822496

just go to sephora and ask for a sample! also ask for a sample of tartes foundation primer

>> No.9822600

Right now I'm just using Stridex in the red box and it works great for SFs. I used Cosrx a while ago but I heard the pH wasn't at a level where it could work properly. I never had a problem but maybe it was a recent change.

>> No.9824604

What's with spray sunscreens? Are they good? How would you know if you are applying the correct amount?

>> No.9824817

I use the Neutrogena 100+ spray sunscreen all the time. For the most part it works great, and is clear (no white streaks) when applying. Note, even with spray sunblock it is important to rub it in to get even coverage. It's pretty easy to tell if you're using too much because it's thin and you will literally be dripping if you over apply.
Also, don't stand right next to your car windows when you're applying the spray. And be careful if you're applying it in a bathroom with tile on the floor, it will get slippery. Ask me how I know.

>> No.9824892

Currently trying the returning A-Sol, no big improvements so far. Will probably purchase the blackhead power liquid next haul to try.

No Stridex in my country unfortunately. Are you referring to the blackhead power liquid? I know they have 3 different BHA products in like a toner/treatment form and I know the A-Sol ones were suppose to be much weaker.

>> No.9826108

Aw, thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I'll give it a shot. That'll be easy because I can likely get a sample from the makeup lady at Belk's. She's really good about giving out sample containers from what other people have told me. I haven't tried Clinique before. I kind of went from drug store quality to super high end quality, but haven't tried anything in-between.
I have seriously been considering getting one of the starter kits for Bare Minerals. I might want to wait until I go to the city for that one since my skin tone is hard to match. Even with the HD foundation, I had to mix two different shades. (I felt really bad having to return those since it was almost $100.)
We'll see. Ah, I'm 100% certain I'm allergic to anything in silicone family which rules out pretty much all foundation and primer. Even with my moisturizer, I use a weird brand from Sally's just because it contains nothing silicone-based. I'm not really worried about the bismuth oxychloride, but I am worried about the zinc oxide. I'm not 100% sure if I'm allergic to zinc oxide, but all the powders I've tried have broke me out too. So far, zinc oxide appears to be the common ingredient. (Also, the sunscreens I've used before containing zinc oxide seem to break me out, but most sunscreens are pretty comedogenic.)

Wish me luck.

>> No.9827912

I'm a little late but I have a suggestion based on anecdotal evidence: I dated a guy in high school whose Mom became allergic to almost all makeup after her first pregnancy. The only makeup that didn't cause her to break out or get a rash was Clarins.

>> No.9830712

Moisturize daily, eczema doesn't help you look cute. I have lush's charity pot which is great when you have skin that's sensitive or prone to drying out/cracking(though that's more a hand problem for me). Usually I use the Biore charcoal pore minimizer on a daily basis or every other day because I work in a kitchen and my flesh is just achin for that grease.
Once or twice a week I use the Lush's Just to clarify mask, it's really gentle and helps really flush the death from my face. And then usually every sunday I use a tonymoly face mask, either the megatox moist shot or I'm aloe moisturizing sheet.