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>join /cgl/ discord
>meme cosplay, casual versions, poorfags everywhere

The absolute state of /cgl/. I thought you guys were elitists.

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>using discord to judge a board
do you even know how many users are on this board?

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>there are DOZENS OF US
>board moves 5 cm per second

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It's still from 4chan.
...and remember...
You're here

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Do you not understand that's how 90 percent of cosplayers are?
The few salty posters who have a stick up their ass about every cosplay are just the vocal minority here

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>everyone on this board uses the discord I went to


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This board is slow and the com is small, the truth is revealed.
>cgl is poorfags that enjoy pretending they're elitists

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More like the bad cosplay and cringe threads are crossboarders pretending to be cosplayers and making fun of fatties

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I've been wondering for a long time what crossboarder means. Is it implying people on /cgl/ don't browse other boards? I'm positive most here browse at least /a/ and /co/. It seems like a ridiculous term made by delusional people who think /cgl/ is a closed space.

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Probably a poorfag region discord.

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Crossboarder isn't a term exclusive to /cgl/.
If the board isn't your primary board; you don't frequently go there out of a genuine interest; and when you do go, you troll, bait, or roleplay, you're a filthy crossboarder.

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link it tho

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It means people who don't regularly browse here. Mostly used to describe people who aren't lolitas or cosplayers who either come to meets to hit on people or post in threads to try to detail or stir up shit

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Ooh yeah, what >>9763602 said, link please. I haven't had the opportunity to join a general /cgl/ discord, only a region-specific one.

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I doubt you want to, all the generic ones are trash. The regional ones seem to be the few that aren't a trainwreck

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I agree, i'd like some input and help on a few ideas.

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I don't know why I even bothered censoring the names in pic related.

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Sewfay poster spotted

But op, you're such a tremendous faggot. Who gives a shit what /cgl/ thinks 90% of the time? Unless it's constructive criticism (which it almost never is), it's worthless. Cons are about having fun in whatever way you choose to have fun. If you hate fun then I don't know what to tell you.

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Ya got me. I like to read the stories too

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