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He's not wearing a dance belt Edition

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Stop remaking these threads with your stupid fetish ops

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Holy moly anon how new are you?

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lol I finally got it

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>tfw all your favorite hair colors in lolita look like shit with you skin color
Literally only black, red and dark blue looks okay. I don't like too bright unnatural hair colors on myself and black is so boring with gothic.

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Have you tried blonde? Or grey? The latter is kinda costumey but blonde can be quite striking in gothic, plus there are many different shades to pick from, one of them ought to look nice on you.

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>mfw my boyfriend thinks I'm too high maintenance because I like to wear J-fash, wigs, and makeup
>mfw he complains it's too fake
>mfw I never even go overboard (maybe some lipstick, cat eye liner and a pair of false lashes every 8000 years)
You know what? I think it's my fault for even talking about it to him. 99% of guys don't understand that shit. Even though they expect girls to look pretty like in movies, anime and TV shows, the actual work required for it is too much for them to accept. The moment a girl actually listens to a guy and stops dieting, taking care of her skin, wearing makeup, doing her hair, etc is the moment he cheats on her with another girl who still does all those things.
I love him, but in the end, he's still a guy. It just makes me sad that he'll never fully accept my hobbies or mode of self-expression. At best, he'll get used to it, but it will always bother him. At worst, he'll turn into an asshole about it as time goes on and try to make me stop.
I want to believe that he'll eventually learn to appreciate it, maybe not because he personally is into it, but just because it makes me happy, but I just don't know. I feel really sad now.

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dump his ass

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Why are you wasting time on someone who doesn't respect the things you love to do?

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You know there are guys who don’t give a fuck or who will even like the fashion. They’re not even that rare. Your bf wants a girl who doesn’t exist.

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I'm not a fan of the "dump him" memes, but my ex-boyfriend was exactly the same.
He always told me he didn't want me to wear make up because it was too ~fake~, but then he'd also make mean 'jokes' if I didn't shave my legs for a couple of days.
My current boyfriend accepts me the way I am and thinks my fashion is a great way of expressing myself.
Please don't think that you have to stick with someone who doesn't respect you and your hobbies, I'm sorry to say so but it probably won't just magically get better.

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>Even though they expect girls to look pretty like in movies, anime and TV shows
sounds like he doesn't expect that to me.

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This is literally female r9k territory lmao

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/r9k/ wouldn't have a girlfriend to complain about in the first place.

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>mfw just married

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I don't get it, pls explain

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I'm going to let someone else explain if they want to. It was pretty funny though. Two words: boner robin.

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>tfw no cosplayer gf

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>The moment a girl actually listens to a guy and stops dieting, [...] etc is the moment he cheats on her with another girl who still does all those things.
>I love him, but in the end, he's still a guy.
literally female arcanine

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I mean, who wants to date a greasy hambeast though?

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>want to do a bunch of cosplays with other girls this year and become awesome friends
>have 10k+ followers on social media

>my actual friends can't make it to cons/don't have the funds/time to cosplay
>everyone who mention they want to cosplay with me only wants to use my social media following to climb up the ranks of efame and brushes me off any time I try to get to know them better/blocks me once they realize I wont help them become efamous

>everyone more popular than me thinks I'm trying to use them for efame and gets clearly annoyed any time I try to bring up wanting to cosplay with another girl

Christ, I'm just trying to cosplay with another girl, be supportive and have fun together, they can even pick out the cosplay. I don't give a shit about being efamous, my social media following just sort of happened naturally.

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>make cosplay from series
>friend buys theirs from same series from aliexpress
>friend has people coming up to them all the time for pics
>get stuck holding bags and phones
>tfw I spent more time and effort and the person who takes the cheap way gets rewarded

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Just curious, anon, what's your cosplaying 'line'? Do you focus on one series or you have lots of costumes?

I know a few female cosplayers and they tend to go all gossip on each other.
I'm more known for my Star Wars work so I can't really say much.

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>I don't care about being e-famous
>I just posted on social media constantly and purposefully to build up a base of followers
lmao knock it off with the humble brags

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How many years of dating? I feel like giving up after so many years and still nothing.

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I focus on cosplaying from series that bring me a lot of joy, regardless of whether they are popular or not
I also really enjoying cosplaying characters I suit, because it makes other people really excited as well
accuracy is important to me since cosplay is me just paying respect to things I enjoy.

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Four and we were friends for years before we started dating
>mfw waiting for him to get home in my lingerie

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Oh, I understand. What's your favorite costume?
I tend to go for accuracy since the S.W. fanbase tends to be picky on wrong things in costumes, or incorrect things.

I'm just sorry you're only finding toxic people. Unfortunately it's easily found in the cosplaying business, but thankfully that kind of nuisance is easily identified.

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My dream dress is currently shipping from across the world... It hasn't moved in 4 days (with express shipping.)

I am panicking. Please tell me I'm being irrational.

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I feel your rage anon

It's even worse when you have some cute girl getting taken photos of just because she's cute, even though her costume looks like it got dragged through a dumpster

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>finally finished with the one cosplay that took me a solid month to work on, so now I'm free
>bought some p r i m o fabric for cheap in NY yesterday (I think about it every couple hours)
>probably going to make some dogwhistle anime/cosplay casual wear shirts for the spring/summer
>study abroad process coming along smoothly, I heavily underestimated how much money I'd have for souvenirs and living
>April hits, I'm going to hit up Tokyo with my new clothes and explore all the rotoscoped areas anime is based off of.

The thing I'm most excited right now is the fabric though. It took me 7 stores to find the ideal cotton jersey that was actual cotton and not some shitty 90% rayon 10% cotton blend. And it was 6 bucks a yard! It's wild.

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While two other posters have mentioned this, ill say it again, this is such a robot post, despite being in a relationship, the reverse, or male equivalent of what you are saying is muscles, "girls" like muscles, but they dont like the effort, time and dedication put into actually getting them, they want them to just magically be there without losing any of their partners attention to themselves. Get over your petty shit.

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He sounds like garbage, dump him.

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Girls have to exercise to stay fit too anon...

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They're saying they put in the effort, time, and dedication to look like a doll, and their boyfriend is saying they don't like it at all, and think it's fake.

However, assuming she dressed that way before he started dating her, that appearance would be something he was initially attracted to. It can be upsetting to have an interest that somebody clearly understood before dating, only to turn around to say that they suddenly dislike it upon dating, and want it to stop.

I understand the idea that men want that is a little bitter, but that's not the main issue I see. Nor is it comparable to your statement since the issue is she's putting all this time into it only for someone to complain.

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This is where I come back to you. You shouldn't take this out on bitterness toward what men want. If he is the type who would cheat, he'll cheat on you whether you did such things or not.

The main issue is that the fashion is your hobby, and you enjoy it. He should understand, and accept, that this look is not for him. It is for your satisfaction, and don't let this issue turn you bitter or forget that it's your personal happiness.

I'm not sure what conversation led to him ragging on your fashion, but you shouldn't stop doing what you love. If he perpetually speaks lowly of it, then you should consider different options. There's a difference between saying you don't care for someone to look like a princess all the time versus actually bashing on somebody's hobby because you don't like it.

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The issue is the "cat eyeliner" .

Stop that stupid fad shit and a guarantee you he will calm down.

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I'm an etsy seller. I once had a customer pay extra for express international shipping with a 6-10 day estimate. It took nearly 30 days to arrive.

I've also seen non-express international packages only take 5 or 6 days to arrive. Sometimes there will be no scanning for a few days and suddenly be "out for delivery", sometimes it is held in customs for a week or longer.

May the heart of the cards be ever in your favor

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Well, they should wear winged liner and fake lashes if it makes them feel good, and they enjoy the end result.

However, fake lashes is another guys seem to hate. I only learned that working in Sally's. Guys who hadn't been before would come in either to get something they heard about, for their partner, or with their partner. Anyhow, the lashes were right there by the door.

I can't tell you how many men would stop, look at this display, and go white as a ghost. So fucking many. They'd even come up to the counter asking me questions, some genuinely alarmed that the beauty industry was taking eyelashes off people and sticking them on strips to sell to the U.S. It was bizarre. It really freaked a lot of men out. I can assume most get weird about fake lashes from my experience.

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I wish she had written back to my last message. Was it something I said? I think she's a very interesting person with a unique lolita style, and I would love to be friends. I was really enjoying talking to her but maybe I came on too strong or seemed too nosey. Chances are she was just busy or got stuck in one of those procrastination loops where the longer you leave a reply the more awkward you feel before sending it, but I do worry that I said something that put her off. I'd relish the opportunity to hang out and talk to her more, but I'm not going to force it. I just wish I knew what I did wrong, if anything.

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as i predicted in a previous feels thread, now that i've painted my prop it looks like shit.

Should I just start over? Watch more tutorials/practice on small things first? I'm really lost

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try it again. doing stuff the 2nd time is always muuuuuch easier and cleaner.

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Today I wore lolita for the first time in ages. On top of this terrible winter, I've been dealing with depression and severe loneliness. Whenever I thought about dressing up, all I could think about was how cold it was outside, how boring this shitty town is, how fat and ugly I felt, how lonely i was, and how pointless it was to even try.

But today it felt right.
I felt better about myself in the morning and decided to wear one of my dream dresses. Then I had some great coffee, worked on a couple of projects, made pizza for dinner, and watched one of my favorite childhood movies.

I feel so much more authentic and true to myself in lolita and other styles, but I get discouraged and unmotivated, especially in small towns and the winter.

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Man I just really love lolita

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I went to a meet up today and slammed my leg fat in the car door.

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Girl. I'm out here wearing full OTT sweet and the only negative thing my boyfriend has ever done was almost accidentally buy a replica (which still isn't that bad- good intentions and all). Give him an ultimatum. Learn to love you as you are, or you will leave and find someone who does love you and all that comes with you.

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>tired of being lonely
>give the friend thread a chance
>almost of them were males except 2 but got ghosted
I didn't know /cgl/ had some many guys.

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I finally read So Pretty/Very Rotten and I was mostly ambivalent towards it but the last comic (the one about Jo and Tia) made me fucking bawl. Totally worth the price for that one alone.

I couldn't help but wonder if it was a reference to some actual drama that happened though? It just felt too real.

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Ah that's true, I forgot the second time is always faster, I feel a lot more motivated now!

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But the standard of fit is way lower, not to say they dont need to try or put in effort, but fit nowadays when applied to women is just skinny, maybe even for guys, which is irritating for people who are actually fit. ("Fit")

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>pull out a cosplay I haven't worn in a year
>mfw BO
Dear god, I have no idea how to fix this. Year-old sweat! FUCK!

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Then she isn't moderating it well enough (for him of course, she can do what she likes yada yada), she might do it everyday, not have a layer that she ever takes off, which is hard because you will always linger in "Do i know them territory?"

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>genuinely alarmed that the beauty industry was taking eyelashes off people and sticking them on strips to sell to the U.S
This is the funniest shit I've read in a long while

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That's awesome, anon! Depression is a bitch.

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It might be a reference to a story that was told to them by one of the girls they interviewed, or even a spin on one of their own personal stories; one of the creators of SP/VR doesn't wear lolita anymore iirc, right? Maybe I just remember wrong, idk.
I definitely second the notion that the book is worth the money though. My favorite read in 2017, by far.

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went to my first con and cosplayed

made new friends and the feeling of getting recognized for my character was magical

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nayrt but you'd be surprised the amount of guys that think stuff like that. My dad used to think that those tacky sets of plastic press on nails were actually real human nails that they somehow harvested. I wish I could say I was making this shit up.

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More like a lot of guys are on the friends thread because female seagulls have already become buddies and left the thread.

>> No.9758534

Febreeze alone isn't going to get it, get a hand steamer and learn how to do spot cleaning.

>> No.9758548

I actually really miss working there because it was an enjoyable job. I'll never forget the amusement that eyelash display brought. I'm glad my work story humored you.

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Fuck. The guys don't even read the no guys on the not looking for section. Its so damn annoying.

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I put in a Mercari order with Japonica, and made a point to write in the comment box that I was happy with the item’s condition. They still messaged me at 1am my time to tell me it was missing a ribbon. By the time I woke up and replied it had sold. Then they tell me it was “an overlapped bid” and another member put in an order earlier.

I suppose it’s bound to happen sometimes, but I’m still so upset to have missed out. I should have just used a different SS, dammit. I also can’t help that worry that if only they had bought it right away instead of messaging me I would have got it. I wish we could just buy direct from Mercari ffs.

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>get contacted by a guy from the FF thread
>everything seems to be going well, we share similar interests, he seems quite nice
>as soon as I mention having a bf he grows unresponsive and ghosts me

so the memes were true after all

>> No.9758597

it's not memes, you should realize that cross-sex friendship is pretty rare and also tricky

>> No.9758602

Nayrt but I've made good experiences with cross-sex friendship in all of my other hobbies, lolita/J-fashion is the only one for me where guys just seem completely uninterested in platonic friendship and only talk to you if you are a potential ~qt lolita waifu~.

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Literally every other board I browse is having heated debates over this thing and it's freaking me out

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what are they saying?

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Beggars can't be choosers. Be happy if you even find someone who doesn't ghost you.

>> No.9758614

The feeling among guys is that if a woman already has a boyfriend she shouldn't be trying to contact new guys on the internet, feels like you got bamboozled. Also male solidarity, if you had a girlfriend you wouldn't want other dudes making moves on her.

>> No.9758616

Guys always seem to get pissy here if you put "not looking for: guys" though.
Should every female just start including a little paragraph about how they're in a committed relationship and if a guy plans on contacting them there can only ever be platonic feelings?

>> No.9758617

Stop browsing /v/ and /r9k/.

>> No.9758618

and apparently /clg/

>> No.9758619

short answer? yes

long answer? this is 4chan, the most common post in every board is >tfwnogf or a variation of it, guys here are thirsty and lonely, save yourself some trouble by revealing up front you have a loving boyfriend, that way you go from guys trying to get in your pants to guys asking you for dating advice

>> No.9758620

Not her but I've seen it in /co/, /fit/, /g/, /tg/, /lit/, /fa/, /tv/, even /lgbt/ for god's sake

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>give the friend thread a chance
>meet cool girl with mutual love of silent hill and jojo
>message her once
Learne my lesson

>> No.9758644

What could there possibly be to debate?

>> No.9758649

that sucks OP
are you a guy?

>> No.9758652

One side celebrating the existance of those things, the other side calls them pathetic virgins, shitstorm ensues with some interesting points popping up along the way

>> No.9758655

That sounds pretty retarded.

>> No.9758656

>virgins obsessed with sex dolls
No news here.

>> No.9758657

>at con
>talking to girl about a game we both like, she's cosplaying a character
>people getting mad we're talking in the hall
>ask her if she wants to go to a food truck to keep talking and get lunch
>she yells out very loudly "I have a boyfriend" and runs off
why do you lot do this?
do you think any guy who ever talks to you is trying to stick his dick in you? Honestly that's pretty narcissistic to think every guy who talks to you wants to fuck you.

>> No.9758660

wasn't this posted a couple months ago?

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Well, whenever a girl treats a guy like a friend, he starts screeching about how she "lead him on" or "used him as an emotional tampon" (and sometimes, actually rape her) when she doesn't want to hop on his dick.
Blame other guys, they're fucking it up for everyone. Tell them to stop using friendship as a foot in the door, and maybe girls will be less paranoid.

>> No.9758671

Are we really gonna bring up the Aziz Ansari debacle? Is this where we want this thread to go?

>> No.9758675

No one brought him up?

>> No.9758676

Lmao so some girl getting a big head and thinking every guy that looks at her wants to fuck her is somehow men's problem? Fuck off

>> No.9758678

we're beating around the bush but that's where the discussion is headed

>> No.9758679


That doesn't sound like that causes what the other guy described. The other guy described a situation in which a girl thinks just because he's talking to her, he wants to fuck her and you're on about... Being friends with someone? Surely if you have a boyfriend and you're friends with someone, this isn't a comparable situation because the guy friend would then know you have a boyfriend.

>> No.9758680

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.9758683

Still waiting on it from you anon

>> No.9758694

She's not the one with the problem, though. You are, because you came to a bunch of women to complain about it. So, yes, it is "men's problem".
Since no one's coddling you, you want to say "Fuck off" as if you're not the one who came slithering to us. Pathetic.

>> No.9758696

When a guy you don't know that well asks to "get lunch", there's really no way of knowing whether or not he thinks it's a date and if he expects he's going to get it in.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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> Broad shouldered woman
> Have to wear men's sized blouses
> Get super excited when I see they have pic related in men's sizes
> My shoulders are 17 inches
> Their men's size for this blouse is just under 15 when normally it is 17
> Why do they do this?

>> No.9758712


Yeah I don't disagree with that. I was pointing out that the response wasn't at all related to what he said. Your response was more in line to what is reasonable.

He talked about two strangers meeting, she went off about how someone who is already friends with someone gets emotionally manipulated to put out under the guise of "you lead me on."

These are not the same thing.

>> No.9758716

>because you came to a bunch of women to complain about it.

4chan is a collection of anonymous image boards. He didn't go to a bunch of women.

>So, yes, it is "men's problem".

It's men's fault some people are narcissists? Interesting conclusion.

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>tfw you are also broad-shouldered woman
>size S waist/abdomen but have to buy size L in every single blouse/coat
>if it fits on the shoulders then it's baggy everywhere else and makes me look fat
>all backpacks rub my underarms raw
I just want to look elegant.

I don't hate that I have broad shoulders. I hate that nothing fits on them. I guess I need to learn sewing and tailoring.

>> No.9758722

You mean you. No one is fooled. Sorry you didn't get the response you wanted, but avoiding potential drama as a result of seeing it happen over and over again is not a "narcissistic" trait. Have a nice day.

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>You mean you. No one is fooled.

These "I know it's you" gets cringier with each retard that does it.

So no. Not me.

>> No.9758729

And what lesson is that?

>> No.9758733


>> No.9758741

This was absolutely posted already

christ anon get over it. It deeply concerns me that you are still hung-up on this incident

>> No.9758743

Winged liner pretty much signals that you are DTF. That is why guys hate it. It's a thing among the costhots right now and when guys see their mate wearing it, they think they are about to get replaced. Kind of like prison and guys walking with their pants half off their ass to show they are "available"

>> No.9758745

Winged/cat eye eyeliner has been a trend for a literal decade now and most women wear their eyeliner that way. It doesn't mean anything.

>> No.9758752
File: 193 KB, 663x619, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck are guys imagining up these days? A woman wearing winged eyeliner means she likes it. That's all. It has nothing to do with men.

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>being this delusional

>> No.9758754

Oh man
The bait is becoming advanced

>> No.9758758

what if he's saying outrageous stuff because he wants us to post our precious customized reaction images?

>> No.9758759

Fegs all yas

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>guy from FF thread contacts me
>he complains about getting ghosted by some other gull a while back
>he himself ghosts me shortly after

>> No.9758798

is that the romeo blouse? i got it and my shoulders just barely fit but i'm swimming everywhere else

>> No.9758805

>screenshots proving anything
I can spend 1 min editing those pictures buddy.

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>tfw see a classmate wear a ColossalCon shirt
It's cool seeing fellow congoers.

>> No.9758871

Alice isn't lolita

>> No.9758883

I'm feeling hungry

>> No.9758913

for cocks?

>> No.9758921

Well for food but I guess if you're wondering I want some kbbq

>> No.9758952

You’re right anon. Men fucking suck. Honestly, if you’re bi, try dating women. But regardless of gender don’t date anyone who says dumbass shit like makeup is fake and clothes are speshul or whatever. It’s what you love, and the people you love and trust should respect your interests, not pester you for them.

Plus that complaint is retarded in the first place.

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>no cutie to sit on my face while dressed as Raven or 2B.

Thanks op.

>> No.9759019

>the predatory lesbian
everytime, like clockwork

>> No.9759047

>make it clear that I’m not interested in romantic relationships and really only looking for friends who already actively wear Jfashion, any Jfashion
>contacted by guy who doesn’t wear Jfashion but says he want to wear “male Jfashion” and needs advice
>insists multiple times over that he just wants to make cgl friends and is not looking for a gf
>okay fine, I’ll give it a shot
>he has no idea what he wants when it comes to fashion except “nothing too gay”
>keeps changing the subject to anime and regular life stuff
>“wow anon I’m so glad you gave me the opportunity to be your platonic friend, friend!!”
>offhandedly mention fiancé in response to a question of his
>he stops responding to my messages
>haven’t heard from him in months
I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt but for fucks sake. Good luck with your vague af heterosexual male Jfashion though I guess.

>> No.9759062
File: 1.64 MB, 400x400, aqua crying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wants to contact people from the friend finder thread
>they only want to use non-free IM software or services under NSA's control
>tfw then botnet doesn't want me to make friends

>> No.9759089

/g/ please

>> No.9759103
File: 765 KB, 1458x1062, 1gpj3x9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A bunch of stuff really:
>it was dumb of me to think a cute german girl would want to hang out and shoot to shit just because we like the same things
>i should stop focusing on getting validation from others, especially women, and instead should be focusing on validating myself
>dropped 60 pounds already, time to turn that flab into lean muscle
>my apartment could use a potted plant or two
>i might get a dog from a shelter
>part7 is kinda shit
Take your pick

>> No.9759139

predatory lesbian LMAOOOOO... thanks (-:

>> No.9759149
File: 457 KB, 692x1027, so-pretty-very-rotten-page-173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, I'm a girl and a lolita. I'm a bit basic, but not an ita.

>> No.9759152
File: 23 KB, 236x366, 1512679283986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck my shopping addiction, I just put in about 20 sniper bids on Y!A. I'm really glad they mostly fail or I'd genuine be bankrupt by now.

Also who the fuck is hisausa shirayukihime and are her auctions even worth bidding on?

>> No.9759159

She's an awful seller, her auctions are essentially clickbait. If she doesn't get buck on her auctions she cancels them.

>> No.9759164


>> No.9759166

I find that to be true of guys on the internet in general. Guys irl can be fine and chill but internet dudes are mostly just lonely and horny.

>> No.9759172

Men give that advice because they're biologically more efficient and don't need to put in an ounce of the trivial and futile effort we girls have to painstakingly perfect. It angers me to see that their beauty standards are so low, but in the end I blame it on ourselves for being spineless.

But that's just my opinion :^)

>> No.9759180

Until girls stop dating slobby guys, it's never going to change. Most of the hetero relationships I see with an appearance imbalance favor the male.

Even in lolita, when a mediocre looking guy posts to COF, it's nothing but thirsty girls clamoring to pat him on the ass for his subpar efforts. I really don't get it.

>> No.9759184
File: 92 KB, 441x363, 1511104639446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9759191

Japonica is the worst for this kind of shit. I've messaged them to put in offers and they've decided what they think is the better offer, offered that instead then invoiced me the difference- what's more annoying is when I've contested their offers and then seen someone offer even lower than I originally did and had the seller happily agree.

>> No.9759193

I added someone from the FF, he was having trouble with conversation so thought he must be even more shy than me. Turns out he was just visiting the thread looking for girls and wasn't into j-fashion or cosplay, his difficulty was due to having no idea what I was talking about. He was furious when I wouldn't give him my address (I said my lolita penpal and I didn't write physical letters anymore as she was travelling). It was disappointing- his fake interests were really fun.

>> No.9759214
File: 75 KB, 500x681, 1493007834409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another girl called me cute today.

I don't know when I got so twisted but this short comment feels more important than any other compliment I've gotten lately.

My friends call me cute from time to time. My boyfriend basically showers me in the sappy stuff when we're together. But all of their words are discarded and trumped by my own self doubt. They only say that because they like me. They only say that because they know me.

This girl who could mention this after the short span of five minutes we had been talking mattered more. It mattered because she didn't know me. The simple, short reassurance of a stranger sticks to me and leaves a mark. She found me cute.

I don't want to think that I distrust my friends and loved one. If only this was an issue of me being insecure about my first impression on others.

But I feel deeply guilty about fussing so much over her one compliment compared to their mountains of love. I'm so sorry.

>> No.9759236

Unless it's wearing AP idgaf and that titcow won't fit anything but the largest dresses

>> No.9759248
File: 113 KB, 443x249, 1503768485715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Part 7 is shit
I will fight you

>> No.9759257

The breast look average size.

>> No.9759258
File: 254 KB, 670x930, MR-29327-505014-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do I let myself read the Complex Age oneshot when I feel down about lolita? It breaks my heart every time. I feel so sad for the main character, and for myself. I'm only 23, but... Will that happen to me too someday?

>> No.9759273
File: 349 KB, 500x500, 1405392762950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get this feeling. I used to have huge guilt over this sort of thing, but I've come to terms with it over time.

I think it makes sense, anon. That girl had no reason to call you cute, no potential ulterior motive, no knowledge of your personality. I think love from friends is a thing that feels nice in the long term, like a constant minor happiness, but appreciation from a stranger is a big sudden shot of one-time happiness. It's natural to feel very hung up on it. Of course it would feel important to you. It sounds like you DO appreciate your friends and partner, you don't sound ungrateful to me. I wish I could convince you to stop beating yourself up over it.

>> No.9759276

Have you only seen tits in porn or something? The average woman you see walking down the street does not look like this.

>> No.9759280

Thirty only seems old when you're very young, anon. The trick is growing a thicker skin so mean, thoughtless comments don't get to you as much and that gets easier with age too.

>> No.9759285
File: 25 KB, 365x386, 1359963092822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw don't own all my dream dresses

literally why live

>> No.9759291
File: 42 KB, 220x359, 1459038013729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course, everyone ages sooner or later. The question is: Why do you care?
I thought the one shot was very.. japanese and couldn't help rolling my eyes at that. I understand seeking validation from coworkers and peer age groups to some extend, but completely sacrificing something you love that much for nothing but to be "more acceptable" in societies terms seems overdramatic and kind of pathetic to me. The main character should've been true to herself and honest about her interest from the start. If she just stopped liking lolita it would be a completely different case, but it didn't look like that to me.
But fuck that little passive aggressive bitch at the meetup.

>> No.9759292
File: 136 KB, 800x1200, 5cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i'll never have an anime gf

>> No.9759295

Could the three of you clue the rest of us in? Pretty rude desu

>> No.9759311

What do you want to know? Anon said the title, just read it.

>> No.9759316

literally just read this

am >>9759285
feels suddenly amplified x10

I've been thinking about this for so long. I'm 21 so I am living at the perfect lolita age. I get to wear coords every day to my universities lectures without a care for what anyone else thinks. I'm over the moon, being able to live this daily lolita life.
But I'm also using my student loans to finance this lifestyle. Everyone tells me not to, that's it more worth it to pay back student loans asap, but they're wrong. I'm running out of time. I only have so long before I get too old. Once I get a job, I won't be able to wear lolita in my line of work anymore. People's first impression on me will matter. In fact, I probably will have to keep it a secret. I'm asian so I will have a few extra years, but I feel like my lolita days are going to be short lived. Sure I will be able to wear lolita on the weekends when I go out, but it'll never be the same anymore...

I actually think about this so often that it really scares me.

>> No.9759322

is this a silicone doll...

>> No.9759356

I am >>9759280 and I had no idea what it was either so I Googled the title and read it. Basically, a 34 yo lolita takes a few mean comments by people who don't matter in her life to heart and quits lolita, then burns her entire clothing collection. It's sad but I think it's sad because she abandons something she loved based on the perceptions of strangers rather than because she's ageing.

>> No.9759368

The thing with men, and not just your boyfried, is that they are extremely superficial and shallow with apperance. You may be more "natural" than the next girl but if it looks like you put effort into it than you seem "fake" whereas a brown scene girl who looks like a goblin the next morning after her countouring wears off is socially acceptable.

There really isn't an easy way to be subtle with cgl unless you go mori/classical or "conservative" with frills.

Wigs I would say are crossing a line, I know everyone can't have beaitufl hair but there are ways to take good cair of natural hair and grow it out very long and inject enough volume to house a family of doves while still looking lolita.

Leave the wigs for conventions and extreme lolita-themed dos.

>> No.9759381

If it helps any, read some of the comics from So Pretty/Very Rotten. They take the sort of sad, longing feelings expressed in things like Complex Age and present them in a more nuanced and gently positive way, imo.

>> No.9759386

I agree, that's what gets me more than the age thing. I wish I knew what her friend Nori thought in the end when she goes to meet her all normie. Nori seemed more interesting imo.

Fuck that little bitch very much. I've seen people say that she's cgl personified, but I refuse to believe it. I think cgl would have called her fat and kicked her out of the comm for being such a bitch

>> No.9759395

a silicon doll gf is fine too :^)

>> No.9759400
File: 39 KB, 404x600, tumblr_nwf4v6m4uB1uea1yfo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in my 20s but somehow boobs suddenly growing??
>gaining like 3kg on top of that was enough to push me over the edge into not fitting a lot of my dresses
>can't even zip up some pieces while wearing a binder
>rather lose weight than resign myself to never fitting my favourite brands again but still feel kinda depressed and forced into it because lolita is literally the only reason I want to lose weight
>still fit all my normie clothes, feel healthy, face looks good, tits look great, BMI perfectly healthy 20.5, don't eat junk food anyway
>heck, 93cm bust waist still fits a lot of brand but like fuck do I want to try to sell half my existing wardrobe in this market, even if I could bear to part with the pieces
>need to lose 5cm on bust and 2cm on waist just so shapewear will work again
>have past experience of boob weight being the most stubborn to shift, so worried that the amount of weight I'd have to lose to make an impact would turn my face from kawaii to ugly skelly mode
>friends acted like I was anorexic for suggesting losing a few kg, even though I'd still be at a healthy weight if I did so and both those friends are constantly dieting
just feel vaguely unhappy about it. use of old school sadlita is ironic considering i can't fit oldschool skirts any more.

>> No.9759413

I own the book but man...
This has been a very real fear of mine for a while and Complex Age basically made it more concrete.

>> No.9759422

Have you ever considered just working out instead of dieting? It will probably just trim off a few cm without you having to deprive yourself of some things.

It's also totally normal for your boobs to grow a bit in your 20s. Get refitted so you're wearing a properly fitting bra, and maybe try bras without padding in lolita and minimizers.

>> No.9759463

Are you on any type of birth control? Sometimes that increases the density of breast tissue. Dropping down to a low dose mini pill can help.

>> No.9759494

there's nothing wrong with winged eyeliner other than that it looks like fucking shit on almost everybody, especially fucking white girls

seriously I can't wait for that trend to die, it makes pretty much everyone's eyes look tired and smaller. people who say it does the opposite are fucking delusional and blinded by the trend.

>> No.9759523
File: 571 KB, 540x720, 36416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just woke up today and finally accomplished 100 lbs of weight lost. I weight 180 at 5'5 now, my goal is 110. I haven't gotten any loose skin so far so I've been happy about that.

I'm so excited thinking to actually being thin for once in my life, I've been fat and feeling like shit for so long. This will be my last year of being fat. It makes me happy to see the people who used to bully me for being fat being fatter than me now. I've always just looked at cosplay from afar but once I stop being fat I'll try it out.

>> No.9759525
File: 257 KB, 700x525, eyescream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me six years ago
>be in high school
>doing lolita for only the second time ever at a con
>some slutty "goffick" ita comes up and gasps loud enough to make me jump
>"Ohmagawd, are those circle lenses??!"
>she reaches for my lenses
>mfw this bitch is about to shove her fingers into my eyeballs
>freak out and struggle
>mfw she's still trying to grab my fucking EYES
>knee her as hard as I can, right in her groin
>she drops like a sack of rocks
>con security shows up
>everyone in the area backs me up, saying that she tried to yank the contacts out of my eyes
>apologize anyway for hurting her
>ita-chan gets told to keep her bruised pussy away from me or she'll be baned
I almost never went to a con again.

>> No.9759532

>she'll be baned
Was she a big guy?

>> No.9759555

I love you, anon.
Never change.

>> No.9759561

>Was she a big guy?
For you

>> No.9759616

the disease right here. Isent it sexual harassment to try and get someone to do something they are not? OH wait, female double standard card.

>> No.9759654 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 500x411, 1481541966166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be tight financially
>have a bit of saving to go towards new glasses frames (nothing wrong with the old ones, just wanted to try a new style)
>see wig i wanted was on sale
>decide to wait an extra month for the glasses, order wig excited over getting a great deal
>after checkout realize i ordered the wrong color
>realize after that even though the color i wanted was appearing as in stock on site, it actually isn't when i look at my cart, so i cant even ask for them to just swap the color
>site says no refunds, sales are final

>tfw crying with intense anxiety because i don't know what to do in this situation other than accept my mistake/fate and either beg the wig/credit card company to cancel it or try to resell the wig for full price

>> No.9759708

the feel when you just found out a tripfag seagull is now twitch famous ish damnn lucky her.

>> No.9759804

>in line for Miraculous Ladybug panel
>guy in front of me shits himself

>> No.9759807

Anon, I feel like we are living the same life. I really want to take advantage of these few years I have looking pretty and youthful and having almost any clothing style look cute on me. I'm being irresponsible with money though, and I'm worried about the future because even though I'm going to university I have no clue what I will do in the future and I feel like I know nothing about the world. I'm 21 as well. If you're interested in chatting/making a lolita friend in the same situation then send me an email!

>> No.9759809

sounds like /pol/'s shart in mart meme

>> No.9759833

I don't fit about half my wardrobe even with an unpadded/no bra now, most of my stuff is 88-91cm max and maybe a fifth is 82-86cm max. I probably need to do more exercise anyway, but it's not going to impact my bust size unless I cut fat as well, right? >>9759463 I've never taken birth control and I'm not on any other medications either.

I can relate. I don't believe in getting too old for lolita but I know it's much easier for me to do now than it will be in the future. I know I should be more careful with my money but I don't make enough for a deposit on a house and there's nothing else I want to spend it on that's worth sacrificing youth in my favourite styles.

>> No.9759843

All international shipping is still clogged up from Christmas right now, my package just got scanned in at the local office after a month and a half of waiting.

>> No.9759853

wig arrived much sooner than expected, which was a relief. bad news is that it. is. tiny.
i seem to hear "it's too big" or "it's too small" regarding their wig cap sizes, so despite the seller otherwise being trustworthy, i was not able to determine an average, and my head isn't freakishly large.
with intense wig surgery and wig splicing, could i salvage this wig? am i fucked?

>> No.9759940

how tiny is it? Also what wig company is it - perhaps you could get in touch and ask for a different one?

>> No.9759948
File: 15 KB, 438x256, synchronicity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So fucking happy, my package that I thought was lost forever's tracking has been updated. I thought I was out of pocket of like $200. Not celebrating until it's in my hands (customs will fuck me in the ass probably) but I'm just so happy. It's not dead.

>> No.9759955

I wonder how many people have actually had a package lost. In all my years of buying things overseas, I’ve never had anything lost, but I always see people here who have had it happen.

>> No.9759991

wigisfashion. not sure how to go about asking that though.

i don't know the wig's exact measurements, but my head circumference is ~22 inches and i have a lot of hair. even with everything pinned down and pretty much flat, it's still too small of a wig cap, mostly around the back and close to the temples. wig327 if you were curious

>> No.9760004

>try and get someone to do something they are not
>if you're bi
Are you illiterate or being deliberately obtuse?

>> No.9760009

you're insane

>> No.9760014

well it indeed looked lesbo-predatory

>> No.9760018

>predatory lesbian
funny that you never hear similar criticisms of men from the same people. i wonder why that is

>> No.9760019

People say that about men on here all the time, they just call them creeps

>> No.9760021

>nice lady stops me at the train station
>compliments my coord, asks where I buy my clothes
>"oh they're from Japan, I buy them online"
>says she'd love to buy something like that for her daughter
>hands me her phone and asks me to open some links for shops
>pull up Wunderwelt, I guess it'll do
>she marvels at it, asks for more
>open thelolitaguidebook on tumblr on the What Is Lolita Fashion? page
>explain that there are links for more shops there
>she doesn't look but thanks me as I walk away
>a few minutes pass before I wonder if I goofed up
I hate interacting with strangers. I'm still not sure if that was a good call or not, but I guess worst case scenario the name lolita scares her and she doesn't bother snatching up some brand from WW.

>> No.9760032

"Predatory lesbian" is a spin-off of "predatory transbian" which is a very real thing both out there in the real world and in /lgbt/, you acted like one, sorry.

>> No.9760035

that's true. why even make a predatory lesbian distinction? creeps is the same.

handmaid-chan's just salty because chad dykes give her major cognitive dissonance

>> No.9760048

>in line for Miraculous Ladybug panel
>guy in front of me shits himself

>> No.9760056

wtf deets?

>> No.9760101
File: 225 KB, 269x360, giphy (3).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have finally taken the first steps towards learning to make cosplays! I made a simple stuffed bunny for my daughter and now know pretty well how to use my sewing machine! The last time I ever tried to make anything was in middle school and I just felt so challenged by simply threading the sewing machine I had to have my grandma do pretty much everything for me except the sewing part. The bunny turned out pretty wonky looking so I'm gonna try to maybe make another little stuffed animal and then I'll make my daughter a simple dress and work my way up to making some simple cosplay stuff. Also another feel, I really want to cosplay Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club but I feel like that game's fans are slowly turning cancerous and annoying and I'll start not wanting to associate with them once I get a chance to wear it to a con.

>> No.9760128

>I probably need to do more exercise anyway, but it's not going to impact my bust size unless I cut fat as well, right?
Are you retarded anon or do you just not understand how exercise works?

>Cardio burns fat

>> No.9760141

Ntayrt but you can gain muscle without losing fat if you still eat a lot.

>> No.9760147

You can't gain muscle and cut fat at the same time
Your body doesn't want to affect extra muscle when you're at a calorie deficit

>> No.9760155

You can do it anon!

>> No.9760157

>tfw your country wants you to start paying a $16 for everything you order from China
>tfw you won't be able to buy cute china shit anymore

>> No.9760161
File: 38 KB, 955x500, shithole-trump-hotel-955px.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn which country are you from?
sorry to hear that anon

>> No.9760162
File: 102 KB, 450x443, 1495576089161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>more lolita arrives
>immediately add it to the closet
>right alongside the rest of the unworn dresses
>tfw they'll only get worn once this year
>tfw already looking at more prints

>> No.9760177

Sweden. The most bullshit part is that it's an administrative fee that you have to pay because they have to "process" the package so they can tax you for it. So you'll actually end up paying $16 plus 25-30% of the packages declared value.

According to them it has always been like that but they haven't enforced it for cheap shit.

>> No.9760199

NL here. Over €22 (including shipping costs) they charge 21% VAT here, and depending on the shipping company between €9-€13 in administrative fees. Shit suuuuucks and I feel your pain.

>> No.9760210

I think we've gotta face facts, women are over. This is the end, sisters.

>> No.9760215

My bf never complains about that kind of stuff at all because he is not shallow. Find someone else. I’m not about that not all men^tm meme, but for real. Stop thinking all men are as shallow and bitchy as your boyfriend.

>> No.9760216
File: 1013 KB, 240x180, G5QdgLp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you me? I've got a wishlist three miles long and no space in my wardrobe.

>> No.9760219
File: 54 KB, 500x380, 1488957271869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just have a weakness for prints, even if I know I won't wear them. It's just nice to open my closet to get my normie work wear out and see all these gorgeous prints next to them. Sadly I only wear them when I'm at conventions because there's no one in my town that wears lolita and I can't wear it to work.

>> No.9760222

>inb4 conlita
Can't you wear it on your time off? You don't need a community to wear clothes, unless you might get in trouble with your work for dressing outlandishly.

>> No.9760226
File: 106 KB, 363x510, 1513226917347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's gonna be so nice when the autists and neckbeards are removed from the dating scene because they're too busy fucking they're dolls
Freedom at last~

>> No.9760229
File: 16 KB, 236x236, 0643b8b4192706b640eb9cfff22034ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That stinks. Do you ever wear casual coords on weekends? That might be one way to get more use out of your clothes.

I definitely understand the enjoyment of opening your wardrobe and seeing all of the dresses.

>> No.9760230

only the well-adjusted adults will be able to afford them though

>> No.9760232

Isn't that the con-demographic tho?

>> No.9760239

that's not true at all

>> No.9760244

I'm pretty dang rural so really the only place I could wear them is around the house. I don't want to end up on People of Walmart.

Pretty much what I said ^ which sucks because I'd love to just give no fucks on the weekends but there's nowhere to wear them unless I drove two hours into the city just to wander around.

I'm lucky that the cons I go to are heavily lolita populated though, like Anime Weekend Atlanta.

>> No.9760248

Yes, freedom from all that male attention you guys crave so badly? What do you think the newspapers will call the day when 300 cosplayers are are found hanging by ropes braided from the remains of pink wigs? How long do you think you guys will last with no-one commenting on your pics?

>> No.9760258

maybe im underestimating the buying power of autists and neckbeards but i dont see them drop a few k for a sex doll.

>> No.9760266
File: 247 KB, 300x167, yigzuzOPo1upem7o_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of you shitposters are so desperate for attention is kinda scary
here's your (you) anon~

>> No.9760273

Thank you!

Do you think the nooses will be made out of pink wigs or bows, tho? More scope to be creative with the wigs, I think.

>> No.9760276

Do you have any idea how easy it is to save up 2k? It's not a big deal

>> No.9760281

if they can blow almost an entire paycheck on merch of the latest piece of waifubait shit from a 5 seasons and counting low quality anime adaptation of a cashcow video game franchise, surely sex dolls aren't out of the question.

>> No.9760284

I mean, what else do they have to spend their NEETbux on?

>> No.9760286
File: 100 KB, 300x278, 1431715789527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have a supportive boyfriend who loves when I wear fairy kei and is planning to cosplay with me for our next big con

>> No.9760289

Feel you too mate. It used to be over like 300 SEK here but they just decided that they need to extend it to all packages because of "lost taxes".

>> No.9760291
File: 200 KB, 638x574, 1496091246703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're welcome
I think bows on the pink wigs would be very qt
I think there may be some that might do it with their own shapewear!

What's the most Lolita way to die tho
I think being crushed under the weight of all my brand is the way to go

>> No.9760302

dying from a hate ulcer, hypernatremia and later permanent vegetative state induced by salt

>> No.9760303

I got no comeback. Very well done. I concede.

I'm thinking about something along the lines of "Eaten to death by all the cats that they've amassed in place of children and husbands" but it's not my best. Not punchy enough.

>> No.9760306
File: 290 KB, 1200x1192, President_594d6f_6391922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't care for it all that much, the race aspect was great but it got dropped constantly, this dude goes from being a chubby midget to a supermodel out of the blue, he's a great villaing but gets shafted for more Dio wanking. It's like Araki had a bunch of fantastic fresh ideas but caved in to the pressure of paying homage to what came before.

>> No.9760320
File: 220 KB, 557x411, 1390533661339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have a supportive boyfriend who loves when I wear lolita and is planning to cosplay with me for our next big con

>> No.9760339

Just got back from a con
I was so fucking ready to call this a bust. Not much to do other than get merch and pics of the few actual cosplayers. But I met two wonderful people, a guy and a girl, none of us knew each other beforehand. We talked and talked about all sorts of geeky things. It was great. Made new friends. Safe to say this probably wouldn't have happened if the event wasn't so boring, but yeah, I had a nice time.

>> No.9760373


>> No.9760378
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He did a big wet fart and ran away.

Holy shit, bibba.

>> No.9760391

>When guys say "tfw I want a cosplay gf"
> had a cosplay gf a couple of years ago
> thought it could work despite bumps and early signs/warnings
> Dumped me suddenly despite her teasing a chance to get back together
> Eventually found out she was cheating on me for some time from former friends

I'm cool now. She is full of issues. So I dodged a bullet. Still as of lately questioning why I'm still part of this community other than anime being a part of my life for a long time now.

Oh well.

>> No.9760394

Nah, not even in the same hemisphere.

>> No.9760400
File: 471 KB, 273x400, 1460070890992.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-I'll cosplay with you anon I don't even use public social media platforms all I have is a regular Facebook that I only add people I know on!

>> No.9760403

>He dont likes my hobbys and that bugs me.

Which is totally ok and an absolutely comprehensible emotion.
Followed by:

>All guys are like that and loving a women for what she is and not what she pretends to be is asshole behaviour (while demanding her to look fake pretty is also asshole behaviour depending on my mood). Also I'm mad at him because he cheats on me while he isn't actually doing it but my hurt feelings tell me that he would so he basically already did it since I need a reasonable excuse to be mad at him for the bullshit I made up before that even I myself won't take serious.

Which is 100% irational crap that couldn't be more women stereotype.
Please, I bet you are a super nice girl but if you ever want to be taken seriously, stop that and note that guys won't leave or cheat on you over your fake eyelashes or your make up, guys do that to you for exactly this attitude that leaves them with the typicall "I'am an asshole regardless of whatever I do and I don't even know what I'm doing" feeling.

>> No.9760410

Bandwagoning on this post, but I wear a full face of makeup every day and jfash on the weekend and not once has my bf called me "high maintenance". Why is this? Because he respects me and understands that my hobbies are important to me. Fashion and makeup are my form of self expression, and he not only understands, but appreciates that they make me happy. I think the issue is not that men are shallow (shallow men exist, but so do shallow women, not-shallow men, and everything else in between), but that your boyfriend doesn't respect your hobbies. Have you tried sitting down and explaining to him why your hobbies are important? He doesn't have to appreciate them for what they are, but if he can't understand why it's important for you to have hobbies you love, your relationship has bigger issues than just a bf who doesn't like makeup.

>> No.9760416

If you're in the US, USPS never fucking updates their tracking. I've had packages arrive on my doorstep when the tracking said they were still in customs.

>> No.9760436

You absolutely can if you're a beginner and very overweight.

>> No.9760443

>>9760403 is a robot, do not respond

>> No.9760448

dump him and get a better one
don't fall into this mentality of "i hope this one can change"
instead think "i can do better"

>>9760410 same here, I wear full makeup + circle lenses + lolita almost every day.
Normie boyfriend appreciates me and think I'm cool as hell

>> No.9760463

I'm 22, just graduated university last may. I honestly think there's no perfect time to be a lolita. In school, I never got to wear lolita to lectures because my energy was too drained from studying. Now, I work in a lab and I can't wear brand to work for safety reasons. I can honestly say that I'm fine with it. I get to go out in lolita on weekends or on weeknights if I'm not just staying at home, which is enough for me. My job is exhausting and I just don't have the energy that I did in college anyway.
Nobody at my job even knows I wear lolita, and I haven't put an ounce of energy into keeping it secret. Even if they did know, they wouldn't care because I work hard and get good results. If you earn yourself a good reputation at work, nobody will give a crap about what you do in your downtime.
Finally, why are you so afraid of aging? It happens to everybody, and the people on the internet screeching about nasolabial folds are a tiny, tiny minority. I think life is already too short without arbitrarily setting end dates to hobbies you love based on something as trivial as aging. You'll get wrinkles whether you wear lolita or not. I'd rather be wrinkly and happily involved in my hobbies than wrinkly and bored from giving up the things I love.

>> No.9760479
File: 713 KB, 1000x1542, tumblr_ob0jfoqYt01ubyhoco1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good points,I agree, part 7 was supposed to be something separate and different but he just went with what he knows.
also, damo is still one of my favorite characters, you hot good taste, my dude

>> No.9760507
File: 110 KB, 719x1024, a693ab33522b6f9f2e869edac57ca98a99239a70_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, right? Here you are conditioned to see twinky prettyboys for the last 3 parts and then comes this Ron Jeremy looking motherfucker taking on all the good guys by himself and giving them a run for their money. Kinda wish he would have worked things out with his girlfriend but that's just me being a fan of the slobXprincess trope, or at the very least I would have liked for her to deliver the finishing blow.

As for part7 I think he wanted to go to new territories and only use the previous parts for neat little references but his editor or his accountant or maybe even his wife convinced him it would doom the project.

>> No.9760519
File: 44 KB, 421x292, 1353546333660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for trying to cheer me up & encourage me anon.

>If you earn yourself a good reputation at work, nobody will give a crap about what you do in your downtime.
A big part of the line of work I'm doing is probably going to involve clients, rather than mostly mingling with coworkers.
It's people that I don't know who scares me, not people that I do know. I'm afraid it'll make people lose respect for me.

>Finally, why are you so afraid of aging?
Man cuz it's weird if I'm 40 with lil wrinkles and I still wear pink dresses with cakes on them and wear my hair as twintails...

>> No.9760535
File: 223 KB, 491x496, phineas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hath any other fair maidens fallen constipated by yon Lolita diet?

Alas, I shall poop no more. Curse ye, Misako!

>> No.9760536

Who cares if you're weird? We're already weird now by most people's standards. I doubt a few wrinkles will do much to change that.
If you're worried about looking good in sweet, there are ways to style any print to make it a little more mature. AP makes pink blazers, and you can swap the tea party shoes for pastel colored heels.

If your work involves mingling with clients, you're going to have to dress accordingly, but again, you won't see your clients when you're not working, right? The odds of running into a client while you're at a meetup or convention are pretty low. And besides, it's pretty easy to be unrecognizable in lolita. I look like a completely different person with a wig and contacts instead of glasses.

>> No.9760549
File: 631 KB, 1095x952, 1452021610975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My ex introduced me to lolita and jfashion via /cgl/ since he knew I was into fashion and cosplay. Ever since we broke up, I've felt so ambivalent about the fashion. I still love it, but wearing it always reminds me of us, which makes it hard to enjoy myself.

>tfw want to tell him how I feel but don't want to be the crazy ex girlfriend
>tfw sent him a gushy 10 page letter anyway

It should arrive tomorrow.

>> No.9760561

I'm kinda cringing about the letter, but IMO you should stay in the fashion. I own a dress that I bought because an ex liked it. I haven't sold it and don't think I ever will, because I have positive memories of wearing that dress that have nothing to do with him. If you love jfashion, go out and have fun in it. Make some new memories with your friends, and think of that instead of him the next time you wear it. Or, better yet. focus on how confident/pretty/whatever it makes you feel.

>> No.9760565
File: 24 KB, 500x546, 51439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no weird ex gf writing me gushy letters to reconcile our love

>> No.9760596

Yeah, I have no plans to leave lolita or anything, but I do feel weird about all the clothing languishing in my closet. I feel better after expressing some things in the letter, so even if it goes pear shaped, at least I got a bit of closure.

>> No.9760618
File: 38 KB, 236x354, 113D65E4-EBBF-469B-BA4F-8972F3E3960C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comm meet at local karaoke cafe
>my turn to sing, it’s “My Heart Will Go On”
>killing it, on pitch the whole time
>comm is quiet, most on their phones
>Misako shows up and steals the mic from me
>all the itas cheer her on
Every fucking time.

>> No.9760680
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dressed as Miraculous Ladybug
>sit down
>feel freezing cold on my buttcheeks
>mfw the entire ass of my costume is gone

>> No.9760713


So can I. But I know it wasn't me. The screenshot was mostly just gravy. If they chose not to believe me, it just makes it funny.

>> No.9760719


Stuff like that gets better over time. Stay involved in the things you enjoy and eventually they stop being associated with them. Why? Because you don't have enough positive memories not related to your ex. Keep involved, make positive memories and it'll stop being that way.

Wish you the best anon.

>> No.9760729

I know it was you. I was there.

>> No.9760752


>Saying "if you're bi, try dating women" is predatory

God I hope you receive help for your mental condition.

>> No.9760756


Oh fuck dude you're right. I'll write a formal apology this instant.

>> No.9760766

You did the lesbian equivalent of
>hey bby wan sum fuk?
at a girl who is having trouble with her boyfriend and showed no indication of being into girls. You were trying to be slick and you got caught. Don't get mad at me, work on your game.

>> No.9760775

why are you so adamant on subtext that does not exist? get some help

>> No.9760776

Thanks. Have it on my desk by midnight tonight.

>> No.9760778

Hey it's cool, you dropped your spaghetti just like guys do, I'd be trying to save face too. Especially if you plan on trying to pick up chicks in future threads.

>> No.9760780

i'm not that anon. give up

>> No.9760782

>give up
Well she certainly did, but do expect her to come back in the future.

>> No.9760795

>Be lesbolita.
>Only creepy ugly mommy doms interested in me.
>All fictional media for some reason ships interracial lesbian couples exclusively.
>Can't even escape into fiction with a qt lesbolita gf.

Mcfucking kill me.

>> No.9760797
File: 181 KB, 800x1160, 3660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to attach pic.

>> No.9760800

blame inter-sectional feminism for attaching as many causes together and muddying up the identities of all those groups

>> No.9760806

I just want to escape into fiction without having some box ticking asswipe shipping me with a shitskin.
Doesn't help that the LGBT community seems to automatically assume that if you're not butch, then you want to be with a butch or a mommy dom.

If I wanted to fuck a dude, I'd fuck a dude.

>> No.9760813
File: 372 KB, 1000x1000, Aoi.Hana.full.1003417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a lot of Yuri manga out there that isn't all tumblr interracial shit

>> No.9760816

Yeah, this. If you want to escape in fiction go to manga. Tons of cute couples.

>> No.9760818

Might have to, just wish I didn't have to dig for normal lesbian couples.

>> No.9760824

>tfw same
Thank you bf for loving me even though I constantly dress like an an autistic pastel crazy cat lady

>> No.9760852

>Doesn't help that the LGBT community seems to automatically assume that if you're not butch, then you want to be with a butch or a mommy dom.
Fucking this, I just want to be with a cute feminine girl without having to look like a man. It seems like every femme lesbian I meet wants somebody that looks and acts as masculine as possible, it makes no sense to me. Being a lesbian lolita is suffering.

Also like other anons said, check out yuri manga for lesbian romance that isn't super politicized. Dynastyscans is a site that only uploads English-translated yuri.

>> No.9760855

Thanks, glad to know there's some hope for us.

>> No.9760994

I might sound stupid, but does elastic ever.. not stretch out over time?
I just realized my dream dress is 10+ years old and if I ever get it, the elastic straps/shirring might be ruined.

>> No.9761008

depends on if it's worn and how it's stored. as long as there's no pressure on the elastic, it should be fine even after a lot of years

>> No.9761012

the 22 is without shipping counted in, anon. unless DHL fucks you in the ass

>> No.9761072

>Interracial lesbian couples exclusively
Fucking this.

If it's a lesbian romance, bam, shack her up with the black chick.

Got into that super camp Van Helsing show, of course the lesbian chick hits on the butt ugly black girl.

>> No.9761096

best kind of waifu.

>> No.9761112

>tfw waifu hasn't done that for me in years.
Honestly feel like ending it, desu, I'd rather not be in a relationship than stay in a passionless one.

>> No.9761114 [DELETED] 

>find cute but relatively old OP nwt on lm
>no lolibrary entry
>google search the op in hopes for measurements and pictures
>find an old ds on livejournal selling the op 5 years ago
>no measurements on here either, but notice that this person was selling it nwt as well
>no measurements in any of the replies either
>look through completed purchases on lm for this op
>only one listing of it, nwt, sold last year
>still no measurements
>notice sellers name sounds a little familiar for some reason
>wait it's the girl who bought it from the listing 5 years ago
>look at the buyers name
>it's the person selling it in the listing i'm considering
Is this OP cursed to forever remain nwt?

>> No.9761115

Im a big fan of 2008 prints and since they're 10 years old now, i double checked a few of them.....
In my quarter shirred items, they seems a bit looser than it should probably be but not like the elastic completely gave out. My bust is largeish tho, so this stretching was likely caused a bit by me. I hang them but theyre all non elastic shoulders straps.

>> No.9761116

>find cute but relatively old OP nwt on lm
>no lolibrary entry
>google search the op in hopes for measurements and pictures
>find an old ds on livejournal selling the op 5 years ago
>no measurements on here either, but notice that this person was selling it nwt as well
>no measurements in any of the replies either
>look through completed purchases on lm for this op
>only one listing of it, nwt, sold last year
>still no measurements
>notice sellers name sounds a little familiar for some reason
>wait it's the girl who bought it from the listing 5 years ago
>look at the buyers name
>it's the person selling it in the listing i'm considering
Is this OP cursed to forever remain nwt?

>> No.9761119

Can't you message the seller to ask for measurements? At least then you won't make the mistake of buying it, realizing it doesn't fit and continuing the curse.

>> No.9761124

Germany here, i think this is true to some extend but everytime i got a package sent to customs they included shipping in the cost. tfw $200 package had 70 euros worth of fees.

>> No.9761129

I did get the measurements from the seller actually! I just thought it was funny what a journey the OP had made.

>> No.9761217

>get bf ~10 years my senior at 15
>been with him for 4 years
>he's had ups and downs with me but overall treats me nice
>was on the fence about lolita and always worried I was trying to impress other guys by dressing up
>slowly showing less and less affection for me
>"you have other guys who want you anyway so even if I left you what would it matter? you always dress up for them and not me so you'll be fine"
>feel guilty wearing lolita now
>no drive to dress up
>during a recent conversation he mentioned how me "dolling up" makes me look too mature
>but when screensharing with me I saw him conversing a little overly friendly with another lolita
>who I know is only 15
>feeling that the real reason he doesn't love me as much anymore is because I'm not underage and not because of any other bullshit reason he's giving me

every time I wear lolita lately I feel sick thinking about this. don't delve into pedotalk please, I'm not baiting that. I know I should dump him but he is the only support I have.

>> No.9761219

That's textbook abuse, but who would have dared to guess that creeps into young girls might also be manipulative assholes?
He's probably been talking to young girls this whole time, desu.

Quit making excuses for him and yourself. If you know it's bad, GET OUT. You don't have to do it immediately, but start formulating a plan NOW.
It's not going to get any better, and wouldn't it be nice to leave on your own terms rather than wait for him to kick you out so he can replace you with his next victim?

>> No.9761222

You got into a relationship with a paedophile. He was manipulating and abusing you then and he's still doing it now, you're just starting to be old enough to be aware of it, and he's probably being less subtle about it because he's already groomed you.

Get the fuck out, and if you feel comfortable, report him to the authorities.

>> No.9761223


YES this. Make that plan. Do not, I repeat, do not stay under any circumstances. It only gets worse and waste your precious energy. Life is really fucking short and you need to move on without manipulative boyfriend. His support is not worth your piece of mind.

I cannot state this enough....leave.

>> No.9761226

>dating a 17yo
>happy and motivated
>sisters and ex shit on relationship
Geez, I hope I don't eventually turn into that guy.

>> No.9761291

>give in to long-held weeaboo desires and start learning Japanese
>get super excited when I can translate bits of hiragana on product packaging and Twitter
>power levels rising
>reaching the Hyper Weeb stage of development at 24 y/o
It's a bit embarrassing to admit to my parents that I chose to learn Japanese (impractical) before Spanish (very practical (I promise to learn it afterward)), but this is so much fun! I'm gonna be bilingual! Maybe I'll visit Japan since I won't be afraid of being lost and unable to understand the language.

I hope I can pick up all the series I had to leave behind because they weren't translated into English. Japanese manga are generally cheaper in America, so I can fill out my bookshelf without having to pay $10 per tankōbon like I do with English ones. I've decided to cosplay from Transistor Venus when I can finally own and read the complete collection in Japanese. It'll be my first cosplay, and I'm glad to have chosen a good obscure manga so that I hopefully won't be stopped for pictures often. I never cosplayed before because all my cosplay tastes were relatively mainstream and I didn't like any of my non-mainstream ones enough to cosplay from (except for Teppu but I didn't want to walk around a con in just a sports bra and sparring gloves).

/word vomit

>> No.9761297

>visit Futaba to practice my literacy
>discover ねこ
>cat pics everywhere
>heart eyes, muthafucka
>but can barely understand a single post
I'm in heaven. As soon as I'm able, I'm making that place my home.

>> No.9761302

Jesus Christ anon, he's an abusive, manipulative predator and you need to leave. Also warn your comm and warn the underage lolita.

>> No.9761339

Was in an extremely similar situation. You'll feel pain at first but better when he's out your life. Also you may be overthinking the "overly friendly" thing entirely in your own lowered esteem tantrums so don't delve on it. At best you can give the girl a warning but you might be misunderstanding on your part.

>> No.9761354

predator is a cool word, how did it happen to mean some seducer

>> No.9761364

Blackmail to expose him so he can buy you brand.

Do it. Get back at him.

>> No.9761368

>guy is doing some sketchy but not necessarily illegal activity
>"anon, do something explicitly illegal"
you're a moron

>> No.9761369

I don't want to be THAT person, but why is are pedo relations so common in lolita? So many underage stories in these feels threads. Actually, don't answer that...the question itself gives the answer. Makes me as uncomfortable as ageplayers using the fashion, but on the other hand I can't deny having crushes on older guys when I was a teenager...especially my chem teacher.

>> No.9761374

Sexual relations underage girl is illegal. Just because she's of age now doesn't mean he's cleared of his past crimes. If she came out and said he engaged in sexual conduct with her as a teen and has logs, it doesn't matter if he never diddles a kid again.
>Your honor, I may have had sex with her as a kid but she blackmailed me to buy her clothes!!!
6 months for her and 10 years for him.
She has the upper hand ^-^

>> No.9761375

I am in higher education and my aspiration for my physical appearance in a couple decades is to trigger some young woman’s daddy fetish.

>> No.9761378

Japanese isn't hard. Building a study habit and staying to it is the hardest. As soon as you got that down it becomes very easy. Don't for get to get the anki deck for vocabulary.

>> No.9761379

I mean, this is all just a bait post to get replies and allow you to spew male hate so I don't really care that much. but extortion and blackmail will 100% land you jail time for about 5-10 years. especially when you spell it so much

>> No.9761383

Having crushes on older people as a teen is normal.

Being an adult and wanting teenage girls to want to fuck you isn't normal.

>> No.9761384

Doesn't the jail time he gets depend on the age of consent where she lives?

>> No.9761385

same reason why I have seen a lot of younger girls hanging around older guys at cons.
it's not so much that they're attracted to them, but as a young girl they want to feel wanted and feel like they can get and keep the attention of a guy older than they are. It makes them feel better than the other girls their age, even if they aren't sexually attracted to the guy or want anything from him, the fact that he is giving her his attention is enough

>> No.9761387

yes it 100% does
if it's in europe, then he did nothing wrong, age of consent is between 13-15 there
in the states, a lot of states have romeo and juliet laws that would lessen the sentence based on how close in age they are together.

unless she's still under 18, she's gonna get the full sentence for extortion every time

>> No.9761389

It sounds like is not the right guy for you. While real ouji guys to be your Lolita prince are kinda rare, there's plenty of guys out there who will love you for who you are, fashion hobbies included. A lot of alternative guys, especially, are into their fashion and some do make-up, interesting hair, etc. so they tend to understand better (but that's just my experience. Gothic Lolita with Goth boyfriend; we both wear fancy stuff, lots of black, and he sometimes wears makeup).

Some guys have stupid expectations of women (just like some women have stupid expectations of men), but not all guys out there are like your current BF, so if he's continually disrespecting you and your hobbies, dump his ass and get a guy that treats you right.

>> No.9761398

>t. Brainlet

>> No.9761399

>tfw you go to a con as an imperial officer and a Ladypool puts her leg over your hips so you kinda have to grab that leg and it felt good as fuck

I didn't ask for this but now I love deadpool and their cosplayers.

>> No.9761413

Cats?? Near precious burando?? They'd shed & shred! Never!

>> No.9761417

Oh my god, Anki Decks are incredible. Thank you so much for telling me about this! I had no clue that such a valuable resource existed.

>> No.9761418

write your own self-insert, nazi fan fic then FFS
you're alone for a reason

>> No.9761422

>nazi fan fic
are you a person of color?

>> No.9761425

>all the betas quench their thirst
>con quality goes up substantially since costhots no longer get their support network
>all the "teehee donate to my patreon so I can buy more shitty Alibaba cosplays die out"
>cute girls will no longer get attention on the sole basis that they're cute even if their cosplay is party city tier shit

I can't wait.

>> No.9761428

no, I'm a pickle

>> No.9761431

Put a plan together to leave him. He probably IS going to replace you with another underage girl, and he's already being manipulative and controlling with you. There's ways of getting support outside your relationship, and depending on where you are, organisations that can help you get on your feet independently as your under 21, and have been groomed by an ephebophile (however you spell the word for a pedo that's into pubescent rather than prepubescent girls, but still underage). It's better you get out on your own with a plan and a fresh start.

>> No.9761435

I don't want to be THAT person, but girls are biologically programmed by evolution to acquire mates that can provide protection, stability, and confidence. Older men will almost always be able to provide this more than younger men. On the flip side, men and biologically programmed by evolution to get mates younger mates who are healthier, more fertile, and have had less mates to ensure their seed has no competition. Modern societal conventions indoctrinate us against what comes naturally but it's still normal.

>> No.9761454

Daddy Issues: The post

>> No.9761460

Pretty sure PostNL just counts everything because fuck your wallet.

>> No.9761483

Ok, but how long before the costhots kill themselves because their only source of income is gone?

>> No.9761545


>> No.9761623

Ah, I dated a man much older then me when I was 15. I'm the end, it was the worst relationship ever. I'll never go for older men again because they are not guarantee to be any better. I had a best friend who kept pushing the relationship. In his case, he cheated on me with older women from his university. So, I finally left. He got married to some woman, and they divorced. He tried hitting me up years and years down the road. I told him to fuck off.

You might have to say fuck off, my friend. You should continue to dress up, do your make-up the way you want, and not worry about men. There's someone out there who might treat you right. Do not subject yourself to a lifetime of misery.

Sometimes those types of men perpetually change to younger women, and sometimes they just enjoy cheating because it's easy to cheat on an umderage girl. Your older now, don't wait adulthood on a man who dislikes your fashion.

>> No.9761641

No one wants to fuck you, Tyreesha, doesn't make us Nazis.

>> No.9761664

>get bf ~10 years my senior when i was younger
>am now an adult
>always worried about him leaving me because i'm not the dumb kid i was before
>talk to him candidly about it
>he expresses similar worries about me leaving him for somebody younger or more successful once i realize "there's more for me out there"
>we're good now

thred is ded but relationships like these come with a LOT of baggage. i think an issue is that, if you're in a relationship that grows with you from child to adult, you're used to operating the way you did when you were a child. like, the relationship stagnates and it never evolves into a mature, honest kind of love unless you take initiative. that guy sounds like a douchebag, but also, you're not a kid anymore. if something bothers you, talk about it to him frankly. if he can't handle that, then he's the child and you should gtfo. never stay in a relationship just because you're used to it.
>inb4 "look at this dumbass victim giving relationship advice"
tl;dr communicate

>> No.9761675

go back to /r9k/

>> No.9762221


>> No.9762224

You're a Nazi and will natural selection is coming for your milky white asscheeks

>> No.9762226

You are a Nazi and natural selection is coming for YOUR milky white ass cheeks

>> No.9762500

Honestly, black girls are worse than beta orbiters.

You're not entitled to anybodies' pussy.

>> No.9762617

Your pasty asscheeks belong to me

>> No.9762796

he's a pedo, anon.

>> No.9764899

In fairness, they’re called reactionaries for a reason. Weimar Germany was a relatively progressive and modern place, it had some of the most modern hate speech laws even by today’s standards. But it was decadent, and some would argue it was degenerate. From this liberal paradise, the nazis were put into power. It’s not like you’re taking people and making them into radicals, but you are absolutely influencing them and making the radical option more attractive.

>> No.9765023

>meet canceled
>oh okay
>meet replanned
>meet canceled again
>oh okay

For fuck's sake I'm so tired.

>> No.9765364


>> No.9765366

I think it's possible if you eat the same amount of calories for a long period of time and just work for muscle. It's more like gaining fat and then gaining muscle and eventually the fat goes away because the energy is being used for muscle.
Seems really slow though, and it's just a theory.

>> No.9765387
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>Alway cosplay old animes
>Never have photoshoots at conventions for my character, when there are I'm usually solo or there's just one other person
>Wearing main character of a current popular anime to upcoming big con so there's going to be a lot of duplicates at shoots

I know it's like the dumbest thing to be intimidated by and most people cosplay popular characters and feel fine but I'm like preemptively feeling inferior

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>be friends with a cute girl I really like
>both of us in the cosplay community and go to the same cons regularly
>build up courage and ask her to the formal dance at an upcoming con as well as a few other dates over the weekend.
>says yes and talk about how excited she is to go and how much fun they'll be
>con comes around and it's a few hours before the dance
>get a text from her saying she "forgot" she had a cosplay meet up with some friends and cancels the date and the others as well
>next day scroll through snapchat out of boredom
>see she posted a bunch of snaps
>pictures of her laying next to some other guy and him walking around the hotel room
>"look at my SNACC!"
>"My snacccccc is sooo hoooot!"
>get super depressed and spend most of the con in my room watching TV and sleeping
>weekend and overall con experience ruined

She literally flaked on me just so she could go hook up with some other guy.
I've never been so heartbroken. I know I probably shouldn't let it get to me, but I feel so awful that it happened. Is this how protags of ntr series feel? God, getting cucked feels the worst. And I was so looking forward to that con as well.

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How do some women and most teen girls not realise that men in their mid 20s and up who date literal teenage girls are nearly always absolute losers who typically sit at the bottom of their social hierarchy within their own age bracket? They aren't pedophiles, most girls that age have secondary sexual characteristics, the VAST majority of men find them physically attractive. Those men just understand that the maturity difference between a 25 year old and a 15 year old is insane, and that the relationship would not be remotely interesting since it'd be more like having a child than a partner.

You know when you're 15 and you look at the biggest loser/waste of space in your school or whatever? The 25 year old dating a 15 year old is that guy to everybody his own age, you just can't see it because you aren't there yet.

"hehe guess im just mature for me age teehee"
"older guys are just like sooooo much more sophisticated teehee"

t. friends younger sister is 16 and dating a 24 year old loser so it triggers me.

>> No.9766909

I'm a creepy ass dude who is socially awkward and even I can't wait for this

I don't even want one

I don't even go to cons anymore

Why am I on this board

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