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No bf to have breakfast with Edition

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Same except no gf to have breakfast with, it's not a great feel.

Tangentially /cgl/ related feel: I managed to get friday off from work so now I have more time to work on shit like cosplays. Pretty nice feel.

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I'm basically beginner in Lolita fashion.
>have admired it for about 10yrs or so until I recently got out of school and a job to fund it
My coords always get at least 200likes when posted to cof and everyone compliments me. It just doesn't feel right somehow. Some people work so hard to be in this fashion and they put all their heart into it. And then there's a newbie like me, buying some second hand brand getting hundreds of likes. I so wish people would give me concrit. *cries in lolita*

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I feel super bad, gulls.
I had someone hold a dress for me for a week and a half until my paycheck, but then it turned out I was getting as much as I thought, so I have to cancel on it.
I feel terrible. This is the first time it's happened, but god, this is awful, I really hope they don't hate me.

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Don't take it so seriously. Getting likes isn't a judgment of your moral goodness or poorer people's lack thereof. People are simple; you look good, they like. If it weighs on your conscience that much, do giveaways or something.

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You could explain this to them and see if they will do a payment plan

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It just means you have good coords. You said you’ve been admiring it for a long time so you’ve picked up on what makes a good coord and what you think you look good in and it obviously works well. Also dropping a heap of cash on new brand doesn’t necessarily make it look good

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Thank you. I know I shouldn't take it so serious. I mean lolita is what I love and have always longed for. It makes me happy to see that people are saving my photos and posting them on here as inspo. I'm just not really self-confident

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If you buy me cute clothes, I'll be your gf

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>mutual breakup with GF 1 year ago
>haven't contacted her once or looked at any of her social media until yesterday
>"Engaged to ""just a friend""

It's w,e really. I let her get away so I can't complain. It's just a wee bit hard seeing her already engaged so fast and to a guy that was "just a friend" and did some very questionable shit.

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>get involved in fandoms, cosplay groups, social media, etc.
>disappointment, weird and sad out of place feelings, anxiety, start to hate the things I love most
>go my own way
>enjoy my hobbies more than ever but crushing loneliness
>no happy middle ground in sight
>endless fluctuation because I hate people but don't want to be alone

Why were humans made?

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Cool cgl related feel

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Happy feels! I ordered for the first time a batch of my own keychains and it Will be my first time on the artist alley!
I hope i sell some,the idea of random people having my merch and enjoying It makes me happy

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lmao at this shameless bragging

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Only if it means we buy each other cute presents and involves lots of cuddling

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god how I wish I wasnt so inspirational and talented!
This is you, inspiring people with your brilliance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-AoThVJV3o

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Sometimes I forget just how awful the KPOP fandom is.

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It's been 3 years since the best drama in the lolita community. 3 years since sweet rebel, LACE, pixielocks being a weirdo, and Kate making everyone hate her just because she bought a cute cat.
I could really do with her coming back and making more drama.

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>tfw no cosplayer gf to go to cons and other events with

Sometimes it pains to be the youngest and the only guy in the whole group to be single.

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I miss Chokelate.

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She never left, just everyone forgot her scamming, haha. She still posts, you know? If you can't see her posts you probably aren't in many lolita groups.

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idk i like drama when it doesnt involve my money getting taken from me

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>When you are young enough to cosplay anyone and have lots of free time, you have no money.

>When you finally have enough money to cosplay, but don't have free time anymore.

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>cosplay with little sister
>she ghosts me
>get a new gf
>mfw she's not as hot as my sister
The only girl hot enough to take sissy anon's place is an ESL-chan from a local comm. It sucks.

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>going to first con with friends
>friends all cancel
>guess i'll go alone
i'm nervous as hell, i don't know how to approach people and am shy and awkward.

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This same thing happened to me a few months ago and I had the best time. It took a lot of stress off of me that I would have had worrying about if everyone was having a good time or if we could make sure the schedule worked for everyone to do/see what they wanted.

My advice is kick back, go to some panels you maybe wouldn't, walk around without a care, and if you want to strike up a conversation with someone then compliment their cosplay or ask them how they liked a panel they went to, etc. Easy stuff. If all else fails, scan social media and see if there's anyone you know there who you can stop by and say hi to.

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As long as you cosplay, even something simple, it makes talking to people 100% easier

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Did your sister ghost you because you tried to fuck her? Because that's the sense I'm getting.

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thanks for this anons. i'm trying to get myself more excited than nervous

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just go to the local bar when you're lonely

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>get some exercise
>sleep well
>wash my face
>look in the mirror
Was I always this hot?

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>tfw no many lugnuts you put in your tube sock you'll never be an east coast cyberpunk rock n roll tough guy spooky spy hunter
>you will never capture members of foreign spy rings during shows at the 9:30 Club
>you will never have gogo tailgates at Joe Gibbs Redskins games be a part of your job
>you will never be a part of a counterintelligence outfit called The 138
>you will never protect America, her constitution, and her people by being a 1980s macho man super spy

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do you get posted to the cof thread here? I find people are more honest and willing to criticize a coord anon. I've gotten some of my best tips here when all I get on fb is asspats.

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Your own sister ghosted you?? Is it because you called her hot?

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Argentine anon from a previous thread here
Just went to a con for the second time ever.
Filled with joy, but also a bit of sadness because I only started going to these since late december. Sometimes I wonder what I missed out on by not going to these before, but either way, I'm loving the experiences so far.

Also, no pics again, sorry. Third time will (hopefully) be the charm.

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I did that! They can't do a payment plan sadly, but they were super understanding and luckily had someone else interested! I don't feel as bad now!

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Ass hats, I have never been unappropriate with my kid sister.

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>tfw can't feed lolita gf frosted flakes in bed because she's out of state

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200 likes is literally nothing tho. it just means you're mediocre.

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not that anon, but they said
>at least 200likes
meaning that's a minimum and their average amount is probably much higher

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>finally have some time at home to myself, want to get cracking on a big cosplay project I've already got all the materials for
>keep sleeping in and staying up super late bc depressed as fuck during the day and only motivated at night
>why must I be like this
Any tips for getting a sleep schedule back on track, gulls? I feel bad firing up the ol sewing machine at 4am when people are trying to sleep

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>my brother keeps wondering where his son's diapers go
>mfw he doesn't know I'm wearing them to tea

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if their amount was higher than they would have actually said so fampai

it's clear a newb is trying to humblebrag about their 200 whole entire likes when it's actually nbd

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I would like to visit argetina for a con. any you can advice?

>> No.9745654

I think it's less of a brag about the number and moreso that they're confused as to why they don't really get any comments about criticism or any kind of feedback. They're looking for more than just people liking their photos.

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Somebody I thought I knew well was recently revealed to have raped a girl, and the whole situation really has me worked up. I heard both sides of the story, and while I completely agree that what he did was totally wrong, the circumstances were such that I can almost understand how it happened and what was going through his head at the time. The difference between a awkward moment with no harm done and a rape was one momentary decision, and that's really scary to think about.

The thing that really gets to me is that it seems like the profiles for a conventionally attractive man and a rapist are almost identical. Self-assured, confident, assertive, popular, etc., all traits that men are encouraged to have, not least by women, and yet it's those exact same traits that lead to pushing on when consent isn't clear instead of backing off. I don't see how this situation can resolve itself without a huge change in social dynamics and until then society and especially our little community are going to be broken as fuck.

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Man, I just really love lolita

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man i come here for the /cgl/ related feels, not things that make me want to kms because people are terrible

/adv/ or vent on the farm, sorry about your friend, was raped before and found myself empathizing with the dude who raped me because i'm a human being, it's normal and it wears off after a while

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>The difference between a awkward moment with no harm done and a rape was one momentary decision

No it fucking isn't. There is more than one decision and they're all wrong.

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I get posted on here, but even then only receive compliments.

You're getting this point. I'm coming from a different jfashion community where I got teared in pieces everytime I posted sth (even tho it got compliments on fb). So yes, I'm just generally confused about this sudden amount of positive feedback as I was told that lolitas are oh so awful and nitpicky. While in reality I seem to be the only one nitpicking my coords.

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He wasn't really my friend, just a long-time con acquaintance, and don't be sorry about him, understanding what happened and forgiving or accepting what he did are two very different things.

You're probably right, I've never come anywhere close to raping somebody so I have no real idea what it'd be like. I guess I'm imagining how it would have gone were I in that situation, and not how it goes for a person who rapes people. I was looking at it as a situation where he'd made a really serious mistake that he should have known better than to make, but maybe he went into the whole thing knowing exactly what he was going to do.

Just to be clear, even if it went the way I was picturing it, I'm not defending it in the least. It's like murder, if you get mad at somebody and pull out a gun and shoot them in the face in the heat of the moment, you're still a murderer and deserve the consequences.

>> No.9745700

I'm saying that even if he didn't go into it with assaulting her in mind, it takes more than one decision to go from not raping someone to raping someone.

>> No.9745701

Post here asking for concrit. We'll provide

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In this case they were both drunk, but she was much more drunk, and the "single decision" I was talking about was the one to pursue what he perceived as a consensual encounter when it should have been clear that she wasn't in a state to consent properly. To go back to the murder analogy, because it has better-understood terminology, I was looking at as a case of negligent manslaughter rather than first- or second-degree murder, but on reflection I realize that I can't assume that it wasn't one of the latter.

Anyway, though, the point was that I could envision a situation in which I could make a critical mistake and become a rapist. Maybe it's not realistic, I don't know because it's never happened and it's very unlikely to happen (I'm not a drunken con hookup kind of guy), but it's still scary to imagine a situation in which a combination of inebriation and bad judgement which felt relatively minor at the time could lead to me doing something monstrous that would haunt the victim and me for life.

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I really hate how if you're a girl and you make the decision to get retardedly drunk, you can then write any sex you had off as rape if you regret it later.

>> No.9745716

Again, it's more than one decision. It's the decision to hook up with this girl who was probably clearly wasted, it was the decision to ignore how wasted she was, it was the decision to keep going as time went on, it was the decision to never check in to make sure things were okay, it was the decision to assume everything was fine, etc.

My entire point is that there isn't ONE mistake. It's mistake after mistake after mistake. There is more than one point where he could have stopped.

This is not even true. Women know there's a difference between a regretful hookup and finding out you were taken advantage of. And men who can't see that women are capable of telling the difference are terrifying.

>> No.9745723

I'm not saying they personally can't tell the difference, I'm saying they can make others believe whatever they want them to, because there's no proof of any dividing line between "I made a bad decision when I was drunk" and "I got taken advantage of". People have sex when they're drunk all the time, and I'm sure you're not claiming everyone who has sex with a drunk person is a rapist. Even when you're drunk, you're still responsible for your own actions. Not a man, by the way.

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To me it was that initial decision that was the "walk away" point, but you're right, he could have stopped at many points and he made many bad decisions.

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Nice subtle /r9k/ crossboarder post.

Though I sorta see where you're coming from considering I've had a close friend who claimed she was "raped" when really it was a situation where she was willing but hesitant and didn't communicate that and regretted the next morning. Everyone gave her ass pats and called her so brave for coking out and such but even in her side of the story she was kissing him back during the initial kissing and didn't say flinch when he went from the kiss to the crotch rub.

The problem is less "Chad is so attractive that he rapes by accident" it's "People need to communicate better or deal with the fact that people aren't mind readers and there are only so many 'hints' they can realize" the guy in your story probably would have stopped if she said a simple "please don't" to him. In the heat of the moment, it's too easy to just go with the beat of the drums; regretting it after doesn't make it rape.

Asking "is it okay if I have sex with you" at the start of every encounter ends up feeling stupid for both parties (especially since just because you're going out with someone and have had sex with them many times before doesn't mean you can't rape them). If you aren't okay with something, communicate it clearly. Don't claim rape if you were going through the motions without objections and then regretted it when you woke up. What may have been obvious to you probably wasn't to them, especially with how objectively terrible we are at remembering events.

tl;dr - Chad isn't the problem, we just need to better emphasize how important communication is. Your partner is NOT a mind reader no matter how much "they should know what I want by now" or whatever.

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>both were drunk
>b-but he was less drunk so blame is on him

When you're drunk you're drunk. Even at tipsy your judgement is impaired and "obvious" signs aren't obvious at all.
This drunk man was shot for the most obvious thing - he kept stumbling and trying to pick his pants up or whatever. It cost him his life, but when you're drunk the "obvious" things you shouldn't do don't always click. Drunk is drunk. Communicate clearly and don't expect "clues" to tell the story (drunk people are bad at giving clues too by the way).

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poor guy

>> No.9745790

You can make your samefagging less obvious next time

>> No.9745883

Anicomix events are the only ones I can recommend since I'm a noob to cons myself

>> No.9745894

I am going with my boyfriend to our first con together! He's not cosplaying, but I plan on either cosplaying or going in lolita. I'm really excited about it, we can weeb out together. These are good feels, for once.

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>Organised in August to do a shoot with this Li-Ming cosplayer
>She said they’d send a phone snap of the full outfit as a test in November
>It’s fucking January and I’ve heard nothing

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She's a dumbass and will be divorced in three months. Just hope she doesn't have a kid she won't raise well before then.

>> No.9746250

>Ghosted by your own sister
>Worried your girlfriend isn't as attractive as your sister
I'm happy my problems aren't this retarded

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You can wear a baby's diaper?

>> No.9746256

No fucking shit

>> No.9746257

Force yourself to fall asleep at ten. It has to be early like ten because you're going to stay up for a few hours before falling asleep. Use sleep aids if you need but don't use them for multiple days in a row because they wear off fast. Or force yourself to wake up early at a reasonable time and don't take a nap until bedtime. That method is easier.

>> No.9746260

If it was alcohol or drugs or something then I will usually default side with the guy. I hate how the current idea is that if you're drunk or on drugs of your own volition you don't have to take responsibility for your actions. Especially if both people are on drugs and only the man gets punished. If she was telling him no then it's his fault but if not then they both probably made bad decisions.

Men need to be more understanding of when girls say no but if a girl is unsure and leading him on but she has reservations the guy is going to take it most of the time because that's just how men are. Women need to learn how to be assertive more and you shouldn't be allowed to say you were raped after you agreed. Changes need to be made on both sides.

>> No.9746269

>In this case they were both drunk, but she was much more drunk
>It's the decision to hook up with this girl who was probably clearly wasted
He was drunk too. His decisions are impaired. He should take responsibility for fucking up but so should the girl. They both have agency and they both chose to get drunk in a situation where sex could occur. They're both responsible and it's not rape. Having some sex you didn't like isn't rape.

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>mfw I grew up to be hotter than my sister

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>girl gets her period at a meet
>mfw she tries to cover the stain by puking on it

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Thanks for listening anon.. It's even worse than that. She is 20 and it is a long distance relationship. I know, it's retarded. Still miss her though. Oh well, on to better things.

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>For the last few months, I spot for a day after every time I orgasm
>Also get a weird mild cramping feeling
>Have stopped masturbating and can only give my boyfriend blowjobs, leaving me very sexually frustrated
>Occasionally give in and do it, but regret it afterwards
>Scared my IUD might be perforating me or something horrible
>Stopped wearing lolita for fear of blood before I figured out why I kept bleeding seemingly randomly.
>Haven't started wearing it again since I've basically become a shut in after this problem.
I know I should go to my gynae, but I can't afford to. I'm really uncomfortable and I can't even talk to anyone irl about it. Has anyone here had this happen before?

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a neighbor stole a package from my mail room full of lolita I bought myself for christmas. I rarely ever have spare money for lolita so it's really exciting to get new pieces and accessories. But someone just took it for no reason. I've had small stuff stolen in the past but usually I can replace it but not this time. It was a pretty big order too. I've had a really tough time recently and lolita is the only thing I can really find joy in right now. I'm feel so hopeless Filled a report but I doubt i'll ever get it back.

>> No.9746450

we're women and basically every situation where fluid is coming out of our vaginas is considered "normal." can you remove your IUD by yourself? why don't you try taking it out and seeing if that's the issue before freaking out?

>this reminds me of when i went to the gyno because i was bleeding heavily for just under 3 months and she said it was normal

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>tfw the two girls I'm interested in both move away forever


>> No.9746459

Make a fake package with either a tracker or just watch it in secret to see who picks it up and steals it. Unless you live around a ton of shitheads, I'm guessing it's that one person stealing your mail. Confront them.

>> No.9746462

>Taking out my IUD
I... I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, anon, but I have the copper IUD and that sounds like a recipe for a ripped cervix. I don't think I can do that.

The thing that's really freaking me out is the cramping. The spotting I wouldn't care about much, but the pain is scary.

>> No.9746463

I'm so sorry that happened to you! That's really the worst. I second >>9746459, find the bastard who did it and get your frills back!

>> No.9746464

I actually ordered a mini camera today so I can catch their ass, I live in a building we're be impossible to just wait and see outside. So hopefully I get my burando back or press charges

>> No.9746465

oops sorry, i'm ESL and confuse "IUD" for basically anything you stick in your vagina to stop having babies. save up for the doctor so that your vagina doesn't get rekt, friend. also nuvaring is good.

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I told your story to my brother and he said be strong.

>> No.9746472

>press charges
If you go with the fake package, make sure to actually mail it to yourself so no one can argue "it's not real mail so it doesn't matter."

>exclusive to the philippines

>> No.9746485

Ah, that makes a lot of sense! I guess I'm going to have to do that... Hopefully I can go in a few weeks. I wish I could try nuvaring, but I can't use hormonal birth control due to another medication I'm on. Thanks for the advice though! Wish me luck and an unbroken uterus haha

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Good idea, but if you're getting it sent to your place, pray to Mana-sama they don't steal the camera too

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>fart right before taking my seat at tea
>realize I just farted in my own face

>> No.9746522

Take the lugnuts off of their car, put them in a sock, and beat the living shit out of them with it

>> No.9746560

>Wife goes off pill and onto Implanon.
>This was three years ago.
>She's had a non-stop period for three fucking years.
>Refused to see a doctor about it or consider an IUD instead because she heard of one bad story in a fucking magazine.
Wouldn't be so bad, but she doesn't shave, or even trim, she shaves up to her bikini line and that's it; it's like a stray dog's muzzle.
The fucking smell man.

Can't wait to for this fucking thing to come out, don't even care about having to wrap up.

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>see posts about plastic surgery in last FF threads
>made me want it even more
>realize I have enough savings to get what I want done
>build up confidence to talk to strict catholic mom about it
>she supports me
>turned into the first long in depth convo we've had in years
I was fully expecting to get an earful of how awful surgery is, instead she actually is pretty understanding. I guess watching me grow up crying in front of the mirror played a role but I'm still really thankful.

(If anyone's curious I'm getting my eyes and nose done, my jaw is rounder than a baseball but I've learned to embrace it)

>> No.9746692


>can you remove the IUD by yourself

How about you shut the fuck up holy shit. That can result in worse things like cervix fuck up and pain and infection what the fuck are you trying to do kill her.

>> No.9746694


Also no it isn't always "normal.". If you suddenly bleed on an IUD without warning you need to see the OBGYN to see if it's placed correctly. I had to have mine "wiggles" as I had dyspaerunia. Sometimes bleeding and pain can indicate a perforated uterus.

Jesus fuck this board will kill people.

>> No.9746695

read the thread dumbass

>> No.9746696


Yes. Unfortunately it's something you may to see your obgyn about. Sorry I sperged out but it could be most likely it moved a little and needs to be moved back. My obgyn did that. She took an ultrasound to make extra sure it didn't perforate but that's really rare and your Gynae may not do that depending on your symptoms.

Sage. I'm so sorry. I'm done now. I was seeing red for a bit.

>> No.9746713

Your wife doesn't have to shave at all, dumbass. How about you encourage her to take care of her health instead of just waiting for you to be able to get your dick wet again?

>> No.9746715

Really though are there any IUDs you can remove by yourself?

>> No.9746716

First of all, I hope you’re not getting surgery with expectations to look like the pic you attatched. Not gonna happen, she got tons of surgery, much more than a simple eye and nose job, and shooped. Second of all, what’s with all the fake plastic bitches and why are they becomming so accepted? You’re the reason the beauty standard for girls is going up you ugly cunt. Plastic surgery monster. Not even human anymore.

>> No.9746722

She doesn't have to, but god damn, if you're gonna be on the rag EVERY FUCKING DAY for three years it's grotty.

And it's not like I'm being hypocritical, I keep myself fucking baby smooth down there; pubes are annoying enough without being matted with period blood.

And yes, I have been asking her to go see her Obgyn, but she absolutely will not and will not consider an IUD/etc.

>> No.9746723

>t. Salty Amerimutt.

>> No.9746725
File: 1.29 MB, 195x229, blink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A little severe there. It's fine for people to get something that makes them feel better. Sure plastic surgery isn't a good way to feel better about yourself but if it's what she wants to do.

>> No.9746727

Bleeding isn't going to make the hair gross unless she isn't showering, and if she isn't showering regularly, she's going to smell regardless.

And maybe ask her to go without the expectation of getting an alternate birth control? "Hey, you've been bleeding for three years, and that can't be healthy. Can we please check out a doctor about it? I just want to make sure everything's okay." There's a script for you and everything.

>> No.9746734

Bruh, let me just tell you, we can smell it.
Every one on the face of the Earth can smell period if you're not drowned in perfume and you've gone longer than 4 hours without a shower.

It's a fact of life, doesn't make it not grotty.

And yes, I have always brought it up from a health concern, but she will not go to the doctor.

She was the one that took the initiative to get the Implanon because she was suffering crazy anxiety attacks, even on the pill and using condoms.
Shit, we spent a while not even having PIV sex and she was still freaking out over the possibility of becoming pregnant through mishandling.
Hence why I suggested non-hormonal IUD, because she needs a BC method that's reliable and not subject to "operator error".

>> No.9746737

>Every one on the face of the Earth can smell period if you're not drowned in perfume and you've gone longer than 4 hours without a shower.

I'll admit it, ya got me up until here. Congrats on the three (You)s.

>> No.9746746

I'm not fucking with you.
That said, I'm an Ausfag, so sweat might play a part in it.

I think it might be because you guys sit in the aroma as it builds up, frog in a pot of water sort of situation.

>> No.9746778

honestly if you DONT support nose jobs for people with ugly noses, you're just evil - everyone deserves a nose that fits their face.

honestly, and this is going to sound like bait but I'm serious, I think nose jobs for people with ugly noses should be covered by insurance, it's way more necessary than gender reassignment bullshit

>> No.9746780

con-crush might be moving closer to me.
Maybe even in the same city.
I (guy) am getting excited

>> No.9746819

>cant afford to go to a gyno
This is why systems without universal health care freak me out. A country should care about the health of its people.
I hope you get better soon, anon. If it's happening after your IUD at least you have a reference point of what's causing it.

>> No.9746835

MFW this chick snatched one of my dream dresses last year, I haven't seen it come up anywhere since then in my preferred colorway, and now she's selling it with some weird damages.
Fuck it, Imma wait a little longer and wait for it to pop up in a better condition and/or for a better price. Still a bit salty tho

>> No.9746859

Maybe she used it for porn.

Imagine how many gulls have paid good money for dream dresses, stained with all manners of santorum.

>> No.9746863

I had three plastic surgeries before the age of 18 and honestly all of them were great decisions, I can’t even imagine life without them. No one except people I told ever knew either, I just went from ugly to normal kind of gradually due to swelling going down lol. It is really the greatest thing you can do for yourself I think. I don’t understand why people pay so much money for their car and house, which they will be in maybe 1%~70% of their lives while totally ignoring their body, which they will be in for 100% of their lives.

>> No.9746881

IUD poster here. It's ok. Honestly, my first instinct after seeing the "just take it out post" was also to go ballistic, I just realised the person probably misunderstood before hitting post. Getting it adjusted sounds right... I have an undersized uterus anyway, so it's more likely to have fit issues. I can probably get to the doc's next week, so I'll mention adjustment then.

Thanks anon. Really wish we had universal healthcare, I pay taxes and I still can't afford to go...

>> No.9746978
File: 842 KB, 440x170, iud.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Has anyone here had this happen before?
YES. My IUD was embedded in my uterus and had to be surgically removed.


>> No.9746986

I want to get my eyes done too, anon (double eyelid surgery). I have a consultation with a surgeon next week, but I'm starting to wonder if I should travel somewhere for a surgeon that has a lot of experience with asian faces. It would be super convenient if I could get it done locally though.

>> No.9746989

>i'm not fucking with you

Maybe you aussies just have bad hygiene but where I'm from it's very rare that you can smell a girls period, and when you can you try and be tactful but let her know so she can address the problem.

I've smelled a girl on her period maybe four times and i'm 25.

>> No.9747049
File: 102 KB, 450x443, 1463039605072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to a con with my roommates and two of them keep trying to pressure the third one into doing one of their old closet cosplays. I know the third roommate is lazy but the other two don't even think she should wear a wig at all, even though she got (rightfully) self conscious for doing a really, really bad no-wig homestuck cosplay the last time we went to a con.
Despite this, I don't want to say she shouldn't do this because I'm the only one who is for sure not cosplaying (I don't have enough free time to make one so I'm just wearing an old lolita coord one day and calling it good) and I feel like I'd come off as someone ruining the "fun" of it for my own miserable sake.

>> No.9747071

yes hello my friend hired a cosplayer to join our dnd group for an event and she was cute but it was my first time meeting one (and my first time posting here) and I just want to ask, are these girls sluts?

>> No.9747073


>> No.9747076

Thanks anon, yes, I am aware I will never look like the girl. If I did want to have the very "ulzzang" look I would go for my jaw first. I don't want to look like her even, I want to look like myself, just improved.

This is so reassuring! Honestly, as much as people want to deny it, having a nice face can open up a lot of opportunities. Humans are just more inclined to do more for attractive people, studies show it over and over.

Good luck anon! I was also considering getting it done in Korea or something, but I was worried because of the ghost doctors and the less personal feeling since they see and do so so many procedures. I heard they don't really help foreigners if things go wrong either, but maybe that's just one person's bad experience. I did some research and found a local doctor who specialized in Asian faces. She costs over double what was quoted from me from other doctors, but when it comes to this it's better to pay more for a good result. Look up doctors on Realself and make sure they have experience with Asian faces, our eyelid anatomy is so different from Caucasians so surgeons who try to apply the normal technique can mess it up for us.

>> No.9747095
File: 17 KB, 300x277, latest-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this feel, my nigga.
>girl has major crush on me
>does a stereotypical anime confession (she was a weeb)
>not really my type, but I don't want to break her heart so I agree to date her
>relationship sucks
>she obviously wants out
>give her multiple chances to break up with me
>she doesn't
>OK, maybe she's just being a tsundere
>slowly begin to appreciate her
>basically begin to fall in love
>she breaks up with me
>marries a "just friend" from work

>> No.9747180


Hey I'm a small uterus too! Sometimes the fit really is a big issue, more than I anticipated when I got it placed. I'm really glad you're making an appointment next week. It's really telling of how effective this healthcare system is when you can't get followup appointments for medical devices that need care, and I feel really bad that this even has to be an issue for you. I'm assuming you're in the US?

Best of luck anon. Sending hugs and good will your way.

>> No.9747235

>working on a cosplay now
>already eyeing the one I'm going to make after this one

Feels kind of weird, and I'm nearly halfway done with it, too.

>> No.9747371
File: 97 KB, 489x422, universeonastick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My nipples got stolen at a meet. :(

>> No.9747604

>have always been skinnyfat And could spare to lose a couple pounds or tone up.
>this past year work at a coffee shop and pack on 10-15 lbs
>no longer working there. Also weaned myself entirely off sugar or milk in coffee mid workin there.
>okay, time to diet and exercise.
>no soda, No alcohol. No ice cream no fast food. Easy enough as they’re not my favorites and they’re the first thingss /fit FAQ mentions
> later add no instant food and Limit self to one serving size or 150 calories worth of cookie or junk food because I know I can’t cold turkey . Literally weigh it out on kitchen scale every time.
>start cooking legit meals, salmon (125g) and boiled veggies and (admittedly probably too big of a serving but maybe around 100g) plain noodles as my default meal. Home made Soup consisting of celery root, carrots, leak, a few small potatos and spices as another go to meal.
>snacks are veggies such Such as carrots And cucumber.
>little to no weight change after a few months of this
>drink water and plain hot teas all day, sleep schedule Is wack which often only has me eating lunch and dinner.
>can’t figure out where I’m going wrong otherwise.
>feel to insecurely to get back in cosplay ans Lolita. Feel sick wearing anything remotely form fitting for More than 3 hours basically anywhere on my torso like waist or ribs.
>probably should ask a doctor but knowing my past experience it’ll be a “nothitns wrong with you, it’s normal” and something to do with over eating carbs and not exercising enough.

>> No.9747611

>sleep schedule Is wack which often only has me eating lunch and dinner
probably part of your problem desu, every word of that

>> No.9747629

Maybe you just have a bad sense of smell?

I reckon I cop a bad whiff at least once or twice a month, asked a couple of guys at work and they said the same.

>> No.9747664
File: 62 KB, 216x250, legotriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to buy Hatsune Miku tickets for me and my wife
>afraid she may divorce me before the concert, leaving her ticket to go to waste
It's in July. Not nearly enough time to divorce and meet someone new.

>> No.9747675

Just leave her you cuck.

>> No.9747695
File: 29 KB, 320x320, 1515356001871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>am rooming with 4 people at upcoming con
>pretty sure one only hangs out with me to make himself look better, often makes me the butt of the jokes.
>also pretty sure that the other two have started to dislike me, they've stopped texting, snapping me or asking me to hang out
>4th is a friend of the above two
>was asked to do a photo shoot for someone, I said sure without knowing the cosplay. She showed it off recently and it's a skimpy bikini looking thing when she looks somewhat chubby. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to make her look good.
>I started going to cons to practice talking to people and make friends, this hasn't helped and I'm starting to question why I even go to these things. It's really starting to make me feel like I can't fit in anywhere. Even going to /cgl/ meets I end up one of the quiet background characters despite the fact that I've been on this site since '09.
>soon to be a year and a half of lifting and I still look like a dyel with shit lifts due to inconsistently cutting hard for 8 of months
>pls make feeling of loneliness go away

>> No.9747699

Bought my first dress for 2018, and it happens to be the dream dress that really got me into lolita! Happy happy

>> No.9747714

I have mirena, the plastic one, oh my god that would be the worst fucking pain imaginable.
It's T shaped inside of you to keep it from being removed.

>> No.9747716

Maybe aussie bitches don't mine like the rest of us do.

>> No.9747718

Also, I've had like 5 periods in 8 years lololol
Be jelly

>> No.9747719
File: 248 KB, 545x595, 1453638961817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's really starting to make me feel like I can't fit in anywhere.
Maybe. I used to always push myself to try new things and hang out with people, but always felt this way. Now, I just do things alone.
But, maybe you still need to meet the right people. Whatever you do, don't overdo it.

>> No.9747731


In short no because like >>9747714 said they're all T-shaped. It's engineered to stay in for years. So no, you wouldn't be able to just magically pull it out without some professional help and hope for your cervix to be intact afterwards.

If you want to try something you can pull out after a period of time, a nuvaring might be an option? It's a ring that you put in and change once monthly. It's the closest thing I can think of to an 'iud you can take out yourself.'


Nice m8. I just stopped spotting and starting to fully enjoy the period free life. Jelly of your glorious period free golden age, hope I'll get there!

>> No.9747801

Good feel, anon! Congrats! Which dress is it?

>> No.9747807

My body took most of the year to stop spotting, 2nd, 3rd and 4th were blissfully clear though, 5th year the spotting came back, transition from first to second placement there was only one light day.

The trouble is figuring out when you're having a period when you have no clear indication, I admit I underestimated how much I relied on obvious tells before.
I get irritatable and more notably have wild mood swings.
Up until recently is was difficult to tell if it was because the other person deserved it or because I was on my days.

So if that's a bother for you I'd keep a watch on it haha. Only other neg is my partner still finds that the cord jabs him, but he's had time to get used to it.

>> No.9747816

I'm sorry this was TMI
I never have anyone to talk to me about it, but it's the greatest thing.
I'm just pathetic and excited someone gets it.

>> No.9747854

I look ugly in lolita because my legs are too short. I can't wear unshirred OPs because they run too big on me. But I can't bring myself to leave the fashion.

>> No.9747859

In what way do your legs make you look bad? Have you tried wearing different cuts of dresses, or different lengths?
As for unshirred OPs being too big, if you really love them you can always have them altered to fit you. Better to have something that you love fit you well than leave it as it is because muh resale value; ill fitting clothes always look like shit, whether they're too big or too small.

>> No.9747870

>have had YouTube channels for years with hopes of making fun anime/fashion content
>never actually do anything because afraid of all the negative comments that will happen and possible backlash of "This has already been done before"

Man it's just been years since I've had this dream and Idk what keeps holding me back, I was there at the beginning of pixielocks, beginning of akidearest and animeman, before Reina and many others, I could've been there by now and now I'm just starting to get old. Quite disappointed in myself but still want to see myself do this one day, the internet is a weird place I just really want to create genuine fun content, the few stuff that I have put out tends to get good feedback too and I put so much love into it (have decent equipment and editing skills too)

>> No.9747872
File: 100 KB, 500x341, 1466909907761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm trans, transitioned back in high school, 24 now
>Been stealth mode since I left school and moved, only a couple of close friends know
>Been cosplaying for four years because friends do it and they got me into it
>Enjoy the con and talking to people who are interested in the thing I'm cosplaying, make friends
>Plan cosplays months ahead and work hard on them
>Haven't ever been able to look at photos, they just make me want to die
>Don't feel this bad about photos outside of cosplay
>Can't work out why it makes me feel so shit but don't want to give it up because I really enjoy it but it's one of the only things that still really brings up those old horrible feelings
>Just feel like I'm going to be broken forever

I don't know what will help.

>> No.9747873

Dude, jsut do what you like/love and don't give no fucks. the more you let other people's opinions hold you back, the more you stagnate and rot and feel regret for not doing shit sooner. tons of people have the same interests and do similar vids. who the fuck cares. you don't have to be a special snowflake.

>> No.9747950

Honest question:
Has transitioning helped you feel better about yourself?

>> No.9747966

>be lesbian, weeby but not into wearing lolita
>however, lurk cgl and follow lolita fashion for years
>dream of a cute lolita gf

Sometimes I think about buying like 1 lolita dress and going to a meetup to meet girls but then I realize I'm being a predatory weirdo and want to kms. It's not a sexual thing for me but I just love the fashion and a lolita gf would be like a fashion accessory for me which I realize is kind of fucked up.

>> No.9747972

I’m glad that you’re self-aware. Maybe you could meet a girl into lolita through your other weeby interests, but your personalities and things you have in common should always take priority over how either of you dresses.

>> No.9747979

>wearing lolita while running errands
>cashier recognizes what i'm wearing as lolita
>"it costs so much money though"
>just nod and say "it can, sometimes"
>she looks taken aback

how do you gulls respond to comments like those? i get them every couple of times i go out. i just respond casually but i feel like it offends people. what response are they looking for?

>> No.9747996

I usually respond with something like "Not necessarily, if you know where to look". I buy a lot secondhand so it's true. I do think it's rude to comment on the cost regardless though; and it's either that or "How can you afford this?"
I don't understand how people think this is an okay thing to ask.

>> No.9747999

They're trying to make small talk. Have you seriously never made smalltalk in your life before?

>> No.9748001

money isn't smalltalk

and anyway, what kind of smalltalk could come from something like "what you're wearing is so expensive"? they're basically backing you into a corner--if you confirm that it's expensive it could be rude, if you deny that it's expensive it could be rude. if they want to make smalltalk, they can make a better effort.

>> No.9748002

Small talk is fine but that's not a good example of it. Small talk is along the lines of,
>Where did you buy this dress/skirt/bag/shoes?
>Was it difficult to get?
>Do you always dress like this?
>What are you all dressed up for?
counts as small talk in certain situations. Asking someone about their financial situation, especially when they're a stranger, is rude.

>> No.9748004

You're overthinking it completely there little miss autism. She saw you liked simething but all she knew was it's a pretty but expensive fashion. There's no secret meaning or trap going on here, she's just saying what she knows about it and hoping it generates some light, polite conversation and keeps it from getting awkward.

>> No.9748005

>it's autistic to not want to talk about your money with someone you don't know

>> No.9748006

Most people who wear flashy, expensive fashion want people to know they have flashy expensive fashion. Look at /fa/, they want everyone to know they paid 400 dollars for their Rick owens

>> No.9748009

It's autistic to get all huffy and ruffled because someone mentions that a flashy, expensive fashion is expensive. You read way too much into it and seem to be looking for a reason to be mad and offended. That's why you're probably autistic.

>> No.9748010

thanks for making it obvious that you don't wear lolita fampai

>> No.9748014

Thanks for showing that you're an autist looking to be offended by anything people say lmao

>> No.9748015

It's still rude to discuss money with strangers though; it would be equally rude to come up to someone with a Prada purse and ask "How did you afford this?"

>> No.9748020

And most people who have a Prada bag would then be able to brag about how either they make a lot or their husband makes a lot.

>> No.9748022

>looking to be offended
This post >>9747979 mentions nothing about being offended, but it mentions not wanting to offend anybody. Are you okay?

>> No.9748024

Smalltalk doesn't pry into personal affairs like "how can you afford [expensive thing]" does.

>> No.9748035
File: 1.24 MB, 257x200, IMG_1535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>commenting on people's spending habits is small talk

No. No it is not. Where I am from it is beyond rude to talk about finances much less to a stranger??

>> No.9748038

use the FF thread, or drop a throwaway here if you're daring enough (I see guys do it all the time). I've heard of people finding partners on /cgl/ it's not impossible, though you may end up only getting replies from people too far away.

>> No.9748075
File: 829 KB, 980x1080, 1512697047573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's okay, I like having a Lolita gf as like a personal dressup doll. Of course I still love the shit out of her, but we have a damn thread for Love Nikki on /cgl/ so I'm sure everyone understands the appeal of admiring someone dressed up nicely and picking out cute clothes for them. Doesn't have to be fetishy at all, just a fun extra. I met her from the friend finder thread a little over a year ago, and if anything it helped her feel more confident to wear Lolita more so who knows. Just try not to be thirsty, I guess. The best relationships start out as fun friendships.

>> No.9748090

Don't tell people to use the friend finder thread as a dating service

>> No.9748092

You can say it's nothing compared to the cost of designer brands where you're charged $5k for a purse. Also mention that the second and market is good.

>> No.9748093

This, it will just encourage the crossboarding neckbeards.
>Why can lesbians do it but not me? Misandryyyyyyy

>> No.9748101

No, there's still sexist overtones in how people act, I just don't want to hear more bitching about "I met this girl and I really want to date her, but she's not gay :(" on here or have to worry about people trying to talk me into something. It's not a dating service.

>> No.9748105

why does every cosplayer on instagram pretend that they are the opposite sex?

>> No.9748107

cosplayers are mentally unstable to say the least and anyone who wants that level of attention tied in with cosplayin it's basically for sure

>> No.9748112
File: 123 KB, 440x259, 50C884FB-42C4-4E80-9B97-7BD6E9C2DDB6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>new country
>no friends
>my job is solitary so no work\uni friends

I’m going insane.
I only talk to my partner and 2 autistic housemates

One of said autistic housemates likes me a lot and creepily wants to fuck me

Second things I’m disgusting and is too autistic to hang around

>partner works a lot and we only get to do gym/house maintenance stuff toguether

I don’t know what to do anons I feel really lonely and I don’t have a comm yet

>> No.9748134

I moved to a new state and the same thing happened to me. I posted on the strictly platonic area on craigslist asking for friends interested in anime. I ended up meeting about three people later in the week, and now I have a group of great friends (they introduced me to their friends and we became friends). I know CL has a terrible rep, but it was actually a godsend for me.

>> No.9748137

See >>9748075 It works for some people.

>> No.9748138

And for every guy is lesbian who gets their "cfl gf", you have people who get guilt tripped into shit or misunderstood or whatever else because people treat it like it's a dating site

>> No.9748139

This means you're hot maybe

>> No.9748143
File: 965 KB, 275x210, 161E7F80-82FE-40F4-9641-8C30372F4935.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CL where I live is usually just for porn adds unfortunately (not US)

I’d go to cosplay meet ups if a really creepy dude in the scene didn’t organise everything open to the public (___ cosplay)

>> No.9748146

I forgot to add I’m happy it worked for you though!

I love to hear that it actually works for some people.

I’ve tried fb cosplay dudes but I usually get swarmed by fedoras 5-8 guys messaged me non stop last time I posted anything about it.

>> No.9748149


>> No.9748160

>tfw no gull gf who appreciates lolita
my last gf was really mean about my being into lolita, and was embarrassed by it. not a good feel.

>> No.9748171

I think there's a distinct difference between someone going intl friend finder because they fetishize lolita, like every single guy around the thread does, and someone going in because they genuinely love the fashion and don't partake in it but would love to be close with someone who does. They have plenty of opportunities to make genuine friends just discussing the fashion and then the possibility of romance. If she's as interested in lolita as she says she is, then she should be good just making friends without the creepy posing as a lolita thing. Just how in personally feel on the subject. She doesn't come off as someone who would have zero interest in any lolita she meets unless she's letting under their petticoats.

>> No.9748183
File: 47 KB, 475x531, 1512702493835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no /fa/ or /cgl/ bf who understands your obsession with clothing

>> No.9748189

My favorite shirt broke in the washing machine and I had a mini break down about it.
It's special because it has my favorite animal on, and my bf bought it for me. I treasure anything he gets me because we're in a LDR and I don't get to see him that often. I tried looking online for a replacement but I just can't find it. It was my fault for accidentally putting it in a too hot wash. Whenever I wear it I feel closer to him (stupid as that may sound) and I've been feeling like shit all day since I found out. This sucks.

relevant to cgl because he bought it at a con.

>> No.9748191

>wanting to date someone who's from /fa/


>> No.9748196

How did it break? Can you wear it as pajamas and get another? I honestly wouldn't recommend that, it doesn't feel the same

>> No.9748219

Tfw I am the fa/cgl bf

>> No.9748223

Just cosplayed for the first time in years at a con. No pictures but did get to talk to some people cosplaying from the same series and have fun socializing so i think ill improve it and wear it again to the next con.

Was nice talking to strangers who enjoyed the same thing at a con again.

>> No.9748228
File: 154 KB, 389x378, 20180110_105112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could always take me instead anon <3

>> No.9748233 [DELETED] 

>be moderate poor fat
>pour my extra money into crypto
>make small gainz
>dream dress comes up
>consider cashing out for dd
>fomo too strong
>dream dress eventually gets bought by someone else

>> No.9748243

jump in the friend finder thread

>> No.9748247

I'm the lesbianon

You sound like a cute couple!
Thanks for the suggestion but as the other anons said I guess it would be creepy to use the FF thread for dating. That's probably what most of the males already in there are doing tbqh

>> No.9748249

Take a friend out on a bro date

>> No.9748258

My best friend from high school uses /fa/ and dated at least two /cgl/ types, so they definitely exist. Don't give up

>> No.9748259

This. I had a literal tumor under my nasal bone. Almost died, first from continuing to leave the tumor there to grow (as it had been there most of my life, thought it was just how my nose was naturally shaped”) and then from blood loss because nobody was expecting a golfball -sized tumor under my bone (CTScans can’t see under bone, thus mine was clean). Doctor botched the surgery and I ended up with a hole in my nose and a still-displaced bone.
Long story short I finally have a normal nose (that works) two surgeries later, insurance covered NEITHER because they were both considered nose jobs. Having a nose that fits your face is literally life changing, think braces-tier in both how you look and functionality.
>>9746677 I wish you luck and to make sure you get someone certified in facial plastic surgery. Realself is a good reference.
I don’t necessarily condone the use of plastic surgery to achieve the plastic aesthetic, but you have to understand most surgeries change something outwardly small to the outside world. I used to be obsessed with my increasingly growing nose but now I’m free. I don’t have to worry anymore.

Sage for OT

>> No.9748260

Man, fuck off
Not every dude is constantly trying to get his dick wet
Shockingly, men want friends to talk to as well
You're going to die alone

>> No.9748261 [DELETED] 

I REALLY REALLY need to breed Lauren, she needs to be held down by her hips and taken over and over again.

>> No.9748271
File: 294 KB, 985x1200, 6BDEA009-8D33-467D-9729-91F020D48CBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On topic feels

>BF repeatedly mentions how much he loves it when I dress in lolita
>Encourages me to go to meets and make friends in the fashion
>Happily listens to stories I have about my comm/online gossip
>Recently asked if there’s a male equivalent
>Mention Boystyle, show him some really good pirate-themed Ouji (he loves pirates)
>Now researching places to buy items/the anatomy of an outfit
>Accidentally gained Ouji accessory

We already couples cosplay, and he mostly wants to complement me and join me at meets.
I just have little knowledge of boystyle to begin with and I’m a MM/VM-hoarding dragon so I’m not sure what the male equivalent might be
Any help is appreciated

>> No.9748281

Get your thyroid checked.

>> No.9748283 [DELETED] 

I REALLY REALLY need to be breed with a fat, stinky, balding incel. I need to be held down by my hips and taken over and over again.

>> No.9748288

What if I'm fat and stinky but have a glorious mane of greasy locks?

>> No.9748289


>> No.9748302

I don't think I've hated having a sexuality this much in years

>> No.9748320

>Friend asks me if she can borrow one of my props for a cosplay she's planning
>I'm playing vidya
>Tell her it should be in my closet
>She comes down after 10 minutes laughing and slapping the ass on my onahole
>Forgot that was in the closet tol

>> No.9748334

at least he didn't find the bad dragon dildos

>> No.9748342
File: 468 KB, 1126x1001, 1451708027766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're diet still sounds meh.
Try and eat as raw as you can. Cut out all processed carbs (bread, white rice, pasta, etc.) and sugar (even natural shit).

Cut out the 150 kcals of junk food. You need it COMPLETELY out of your system, absoultey nothing with added sugar (it's in most stuff)

>> No.9748351

It had a print on it and the print completely peeled off. It was actually a casual top that I sometimes wore as pajamas, and most people would probably be like 'that's ugly' but I don't care, it made me feel good.
Sorry to vent, I'm just really upset.

>> No.9748352

>>Don't feel this bad about photos outside of cosplay

if its only cosplay pics, you might be comparing yourself to that unattainable look of an anime character?

>> No.9748360

>making a cosplay
>progress is really fucking slow
>mostly because I do really stupid things (like trying to turn tubing inside out with a skewer instead of sewing at the end, pushing a needle through, and then pulling it inside out)
>Every single time I realize I'm doing things inefficiently I get madder

>> No.9748363

I find it so strange when people think that because you want to get plastic surgery/did get plastic surgery, or if you photoshop your photos, that must mean you have huge body image issues and hate yourself. Like I'm fine with the way I look, but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world just the way I am uwu~ and if I had the chance to become more beautiful, of course I'd take it.

>> No.9748366

It's incomparable. I'm happy in a way I thought wasn't possible. I have a normal life now, full-time desk job and my own place, I go out with friends pretty often. If I decided not to go through with it I think I'd have necked myself by now.

I think that's a part of it, and to me it makes the parts of me I'm insecure about stand out like a sore thumb. My friends always look amazing and I'm just so bleh. I just feel like looking cute in that way isn't really attainable, maybe just because of how I feel. I just sort of thought I'd get over it after a while, or at least the negative feelings wouldn't be as intense. No such luck.

>> No.9748368

You're not failing, just finding ways that don't work

>> No.9748392
File: 27 KB, 640x360, filth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the only people who hit on you and flirt with you at cons and in public are guys
At this point I've given up even hoping for a lolita gf, I just want a gf. I've been told I don't "look lesbian". what.

I've been considering getting double eyelid surgery for the past three years. I have a love/hate relationship with my monolids, but I'm worried double eyelids won't look right on me. I tried double eyelid tape but it still feels like somethings not right.

>> No.9748440

This is why some gay guys do that stereotypical "gay accent" with a lisp. They don't naturally sound like that, but they adapt it as a way to tell other gay guys that they're gay.

>> No.9748449

>afraid she may divorce me before the concert
How is that even a problem. If she doesn't like you that much why would you want to go to a concert with her?

>> No.9748454

So you're saying she should get a mohawk.

Monolids can look good but I guess it depends on your situation.

>> No.9748459

>I've been told I don't "look lesbian"
Assuming you're Asian, from the monolid part, that's probably it. It's pretty rare, at least in my country, to see Asian lesbians.

>> No.9748488

Too ugly for any cosplay. Wrong gender so cant into cute things. Too old for all of this anyway. Cant into photography. Dont have any friends to attend any events together. Fuck my shit life.

>> No.9748492

Become a 1980s style tough guy

>> No.9748497

>tfw female
>will never be 1980s tough guy

>> No.9748499
File: 204 KB, 2874x1934, sarah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9748502

Its easy.
Just wear mask, its what I've been doing for almost 10 years now. Tons of masked cosplay

>> No.9748505
File: 129 KB, 1024x876, FB_IMG_1513412334794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're a qt then plz.

>> No.9748512

I would second getting your thyroid check. The other possibility is your exercise isn't as good as you think. Honestly, calories are calories. It doesn't matter if you are eating 2,000 calories of junk food or 2,000 calories of lean beef, whole wheat noodles, and almonds, it's still the same calorie intake. Most those diets are just meant to prevent diabetes risk or for people who need protein to build muscle mass.

Check your exercise, you might not be burning as many calories as you think you are. Intense exercise is likely your key. Otherwise, you are going to have to reduce your calorie intake until you get to your goal weight.

Lack of sleep and stress can also add to your weight or make it hard to lose where it matters in the waist.

>> No.9748536

post pics of your eyes and I'll help you decide. no, i'm not trolling.

>> No.9748543
File: 84 KB, 530x530, 4918578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

7/10 QT
I'll only go with if you have VIP though, otherwise no!

>> No.9748568
File: 48 KB, 422x387, sixtyniggas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to animu shop with normie friends
>gush about how cute Kanna (Dragon Maid) is
>friend who's very traditional says "If you weren't so against settling down, you could make your own Kanna to raise."

>> No.9748574

I've seen this post before

>> No.9748594

True, I guess it's not so much that I hate the way they look, but just that I hate that I can't wear makeup the way I'd like.

Could be. There's quite a few Asian lesbians in my area though.

I don't have enough self confidence to post a photo of myself, even just my eyes, on 4chan, but thanks for offering to help.

>> No.9748741

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9748751

me too anon
putting together my wardrobe post has been so much fun

>> No.9748757

Eat diet friendly snacks throughout the day, make sure you eat something for all three meals, wven if it's small.
Try not to eat heavy after 7pm
Heaviest/ most food eaten should be either breakfast but better if it's at lunch.
Wake up, drink water.

>> No.9748759

Rethink yourself.
You don't get the full amount of nutritional value out of raw food.

>> No.9748788
File: 1.40 MB, 300x199, 1399432039686.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got shit done
>but super stressed about financial strains
>can't decide to stay at an unsatisfactory job or move back home where work's hard to find
>debating on returning to school
>don't want to fall even more in debt
>don't even know what to even study
>tfw you might be too dumb/incapable of pursuing jobs that pay the brand

I guess it's all the matter of trying.

I also hate that I'm always considered the quiet one or really reliable because I'm super organized, but very few know that I'm constantly stressed out, so I have to keep organized or I'll lose my shit.

>> No.9748796
File: 33 KB, 680x387, weebgreet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


On the brighter side, I'm thankful that I don't have a drama hungry community and members are starting to suggest/host meets, so it takes some stress off my shoulders.

I can't even think of buying lolita rn and I could really use some shoes and tops. I haven't touched LM since last summer.

Also, idk wtf I got into anime, but I'm very thankful to have been a weeaboo. My parents didn't approve of my nearly unhealthy fascination for Japan (their home country was affected during the Japanese expansion), but had I been a total normie or stopped watching beyond Pokemon and Sailor Moon, I'd be lonely af.

Thanks for the memes, my friends.


>> No.9748804
File: 29 KB, 500x407, FB_IMG_1512929877156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Graduate recently from university.
>Don't have a job because I'm in unstable housing until May.
>Have an allowance from well off parents, but eat really cheap food and don't go out much so I can buy lolita.
>Dad tells me he's retiring in March.
Fuck, I can't get a real job until May but I need money. I feel completely unprepared for the real world, but I need to stop being a leech. I don't want to take my parents' money after Dad retires. I have quite a few marketable skills, I just really don't know how to market them and am scared of entering the workforce.

How stable and easy to get are online jobs, especially translation? I can speak three languages fluently and I write decently, I figure translation might be a good job for me but I don't know how to get started.

>> No.9748827

Lel. Tilapia is shit fish. It's not healthy.

>> No.9748829

It depends on what languages you speak. Some such as the dialect of Spanish they speak in Mexico, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese are in fairly high demand if you are American. Other languages not so much.

>> No.9748833

It doesn't even taste good either

>> No.9748880
File: 255 KB, 444x397, Laughing vectors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when men try to talk about women things

>> No.9748886

Good feels
>wardrobe is finally starting to look cohesive
>a dream dress I've been searching for four years is coming in the mail soon

Bad feels
>person on LM is selling one of my dream dresses and I made her an offer after not seeing it sell out for a few weeks
>doesn't message back for a few days
>then she tells me she has a higher offer and asks me if I can pay more for the dress
>I just feel like she's playing around with me so the dress will sell for more

>> No.9748900

ask for caps? she has no place to be pissed off if you do because it's right to be suspicious

>> No.9748921

Ignorance toward what exactly an IUD is aside, I chose not to reply when I got to, "I bled heavily for just under 3 months, and didn't end up at a hospital long before that."

>> No.9748939

I said most. Why are you so mad unless it applies to you. Holy fuck this is why males should be banned from here.

>> No.9749014


>> No.9749077
File: 35 KB, 471x700, Guccidandy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you wanted him to be more matchy with you, you could always look into incorporating a style that's inspired by Victorian dandy fashion? Not strictly jfash any more, but would mesh well with MM and VM.

>> No.9749097


then try to flirt with girls more openly.

>> No.9749121

Why would I go to /lgbt/? I'm not a homo

>> No.9749129

I guess I'm a little upset at the moment.
No valid reason.

... I feel bad because people's default reaction to anything that upsets them is "blame and punish others", even if it's their own damn fault. It'd be nice if social interaction wasn't a constant struggle against other people's lack of self-awareness!

>> No.9749133

Don't get me wrong, I want to include men in this fashion more..
But goddamn all the Dandy faggots have fucking sticks shoved so far up their asses you can experience it every time they open their mouths.
It's not like I'm making wild generalizations either, there are not enough of them to do that to.

>> No.9749144

Most of my dresses end at my knees, I managed to find a shorter old school JSK hat fits me perfectly (stops just over my knees) but I don't want to wear old school only.

>> No.9749162

Is it ok if a guy also knows this feel?

>> No.9749206

>tfw this but then I try to take a selfie and I look like a potato

Everyone deserves to feel confident, anon!

>> No.9749252

I mean, by this point she may as well just remove her own uterus in the shower, right? That's what I had to do. It took a little wiggling around but once it was out I had to inspect it and shampoo it. I'm glad that in the end it was just an old tampon that was constantly being squeezed to leak more blood out lmao. Being a girl is so hard, an I right fellow girls???

>> No.9749265

It means you're not ugly enough/butch enough to give off the vibe that you're into girls. You gotta start approaching girls yourself cause youre gonna have a hard time triggering gaydars.

>> No.9749276

because it's filled with people that hate their sexuality.

it's a steep hole to fall in. though I found those types to gain that kind of personality by staying within their own circle jerks. I'm saying this as someone who used to do ouji.

>> No.9749286
File: 658 KB, 360x184, 899D7EB2-7D35-442E-97D3-15ED7E3C7B38.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m bf anon, I’ve been looking into things edging into dandy/steampunk territory(mostly for the historical inspiration, no cringy uneccesary gears here)
I find it difficult to see him getting a stick up how butt, as it currently stands he’s dimitri with a beard...
...actually that might be a good style inspiration now that I think about it.

>> No.9749299

I get this a lot, I usually point out one of the items I got second hand on fril.jp and say "it's not that bad, see this was only 10/15/20$"

>> No.9749324
File: 15 KB, 342x430, sanic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a huge deadline in like 15 hours. But I'm still 2000something words off, and browsing cgl.

To keep this vaguely related, I absolutely adore my comm and want to get involved as much as possible, but I worry I'm annoying people with how much I talk/do things. They're so sweet and I don't want to irritate anyone. Sigh.

>> No.9749414

Same issue with the guy thing, anon. ...M-maybe we could solve each other’s problem?

>> No.9749433
File: 718 KB, 500x281, fasdiouadfs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you see people you'd like to connect with in your state in the friend finder thread but you're such a poor conversationalist that trying to form a friendship would be in vain
Ideally, I would probably ask if they wanted to meet up and go places together but we're women and it might be weird for them to meet up with a rando on 4chins right off the bat. I hate that I can't connect with people solely through words. I have to go places and actually do things to have fun with others. Agh... I want to go to art museums, the zoo, Japanese restaurants/shops, bookstores, nature parks, water parks, graffiti parks, and just walk around cool places while taking pictures. I want to create art/cosplays alongside someone while listening to podcasts.

>> No.9749444


>> No.9749445

I speak a sort of generic Latin American Spanish because I moved around a lot as a child, but I can do Mexican dialects. My other language is French. I don't live in America, though.

>> No.9749518

>>tfw this but then I try to take a selfie and I look like a potato
Front cameras usually have a slight fisheye lens on them so they distort the image, especially on closeups.

>> No.9749561

Go for it m8. 2017 was one of my favorite years because of the gulls i met at meetups. We occasionally get together and do all of those things you listed. Our first non-con hangout was at a big art museum party

>> No.9749566

>tfw one of the gulls that I met through the thread lives somewhat close to me
>tfw not sure when or how to bring it up

>> No.9749569
File: 622 KB, 383x286, fuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna hang out with gulls and make friends to do shit with, but I'm so awkward it's pointless. I'm also fat and more goth than lolita and the stuff i wear is handmade or off brand so no decent lolita comm would accept me. Feels shitty

>> No.9749570

bring it up now

>we're women
>we're the same gender

That's perfect, though.
If you were the opposite gender, I'd understand your hesitation.

>> No.9749572

Well it's your own fault for being fat to begin with?

>> No.9749653
File: 131 KB, 500x334, nyc12052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happened to Parfaitdoll and Miss Lumpy's friendship? They were friends inspo to me, I wanted a lolita friendship like theirs. But I quit lolita for ages and only just found out that they fell out years ago! I feel heartbroken, even though it happened years ago this is like Door-chan and her girlfriend all over again to me.

>> No.9749668
File: 151 KB, 401x499, 1512249086558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a lolita girlfriend, but I have a boyfriend.
I don't want to cheat ever, nor do I want to break up, but I have this super gay feel and I can't fight it. I'm pathetic, I know.

>> No.9749673

I look like a potato in pics taken by other people with fancy DSLRs, too. Only mirrors make me feel beautiful.

Not really cgl related but
>trying to take pictures for resume with remote controlled DSLR
>take 46 photos
>look like I’m in physical pain in every single one

>> No.9749676

or better yet a box with venomous snakes in it.

>> No.9749683

Me too, anon.

>> No.9749691

Dslrs work with mirrors anon. They reflect the light up to the viewfinder from the lens

>> No.9749694

run away with me and lets live in a castle somewhere in a forest

................unless you wear bodyline

>> No.9749695

>photo for resume
>Oh no baby what is you doing.jpg

>> No.9749697

Most jobs don't need or require a headshot where the fuck are you applying?

>> No.9749703

I still have one bodyline dress left from my ita days, but I'll throw it out for you, anon. I mostly wear IW, BTSSB, and good Meta now, I hope that's acceptable

>> No.9749707

>modeling doesn't exist
>high end stores that require you to be attractive to work there don't exist


>> No.9749709

>Someone from here being a model or working at a high end store
Nice fantasy anon

>> No.9749712

It's ok, I forgive you for that one dress
Come be the classic lolita princess of my dreams.

>> No.9749716

I've actually worked at a high end store. That being said, they are likely just taking a photo to make their resume stand out, putting a face to the name.

Working at high end places suck because the pressure to meet commissions is insane. It wouldn't be so bad if I lived in a city, but the corporation didn't understand that people in the sticks can't pay $150.00 for a fucking pom pom keychain much less any of the other shit in the store.

It's less about being attractive, and more about looking presentable and professional. The city might be more particular with who they hire in the appearance department.

>> No.9749734

>not knowing models for jfash not only lurk but shitpost here

Just because you are ugly doesn't mean everyone else here is.

>> No.9749746

People who like to pretend they're models shitpost here.

>> No.9749751

Durr of course. But then why do I still look like ass in those pictures? Maybe I should try taking a mirror selfie with the DSLR. Mirrorception.

I’m not a model or anything to do with appearance but everyone I’ve talked to about this, including people who work in HR, have told me that I should put a photo on my resume. The HR people even told me that my job applications may have been thrown out in the first round for not being ~personable~ enough so hey, might as well slap a photo on there and see if it helps. Not like I can fail any harder than I have been doing so far! Except maybe if I look like a total serial killer in the photo and it gets me arrested or something.

>> No.9749754

I... I'd like that, anon. Where in the world are you?

>> No.9749757

If that makes you feel better about yourself anon, sure.

>> No.9749758
File: 27 KB, 500x429, sadanimeboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have goth lolita gf
>shows up at fuck all in the morning smelling like weed and with six pack of my favorite beer without me even asking
>share a cigarette in the driveway, doesnt give a fuck if her lolita smells like smoke
>watch anime movie i torrented earlier that afternoon
>play her something on my acoustic guitar afterwards
>go outside for another smoke together
>shag again
>wake up and make those japanese style omelet rolls and small overly sweet pancakes
>shes still in bed playing pokemon on her ds when i see if shes awake
>have breakfast together around noon, then leaves for work from my place
>no lolita gf anymore and know things will never be as comfy again
>but mostly its just
>tfw no /cgl/ gf

also OP's fault for OT

>> No.9749761

At a lot of places, they don't care what you look like. They want a 1 page summary of what you want, what you can do, and what you have done that's relevant to the job

Extra things like pictures and making it multiple pages detract from your resume.

>> No.9749762

Europe, so probably nowhere near you
RIP our budding romance

>> No.9749872

Poor you. If she's your gf, she'll be back for more after work or at some point soon. Suck it up and wait for her, or text her.
>Smoke on her burando
I hope I never buy anything from your gross gf.

>> No.9749875

Actually I am in Europe! I'm in Germany

>> No.9749903

I'd rather be alone than have a gf like this

>> No.9749910
File: 115 KB, 484x319, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t feel bad dude, you get to either watch her life fall apart or watch her be an evil manipulative skank and take this poor idiot for everything he’s worth. Just sit back and enjoy my friend. But remember, this isn’t the mountain peak, it’s just the beautiful view you catch halfway up

>> No.9749962
File: 400 KB, 656x551, hehe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmu anon

>> No.9749969
File: 40 KB, 290x290, gwenoutrage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find con crush on Fbook
>he's bragging about the time he took a shit in his ex's trunk
Should I still like him?

>> No.9749972


>Just bought a lolita JSK and I'm possibly buying a skirt soon after eyeing the fashion for years.

I could cry tears of joy right now, honestly. I wore a few horribly ita outfits when I was 18-20 but now that I'm 25 I can finally afford the good shit.

>> No.9749981

yay anon! stuff like this warms my heart. i was just thinking about how much i miss the feeling of being new to lolita. savor it!

>> No.9749983

People will tell you that it's not a good idea to include a resume but if you're an attractive girl then your chances of getting hired are probably a lot higher so go ahead.

>> No.9749992

Definitely not but it's up to you.

>> No.9750009

>getting married in 2 weeks.
>small quick wedding so I decide to order a dress to wear
>having second thoughts about that dress and frantically searching on LM last minute
>Nothing frilly and solid color
>the ones that are, are visibly stained or stretched.
>there is no hope left in me

>> No.9750013

>waiting till 2 weeks before your wedding to buy your dress

You did this to yourself. Assuming you're not an idiot who's marrying someone in like a month of being engaged why wouldn't you have your dress by now?

>> No.9750026
File: 598 KB, 625x532, 88bTfKn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm really glad that BtB has been a little more active recently, I'm enjoying this revival. The gobelin anon makes my week, and I don't even like gobelin.

>> No.9750031

Ntayrp but as long as you're a lolita, drop a throwaway and I'll be the lolita gf of your dreams.

>> No.9750103

>show mom picture of lolitas
>"Oh my god! why are their bottoms so BIG?"
>"They're wearing petty coats."
>"What does that mean?"

>> No.9750111

Nah, it's been over for a while and I'm on the other side of the country anyways. Sorry if greentext was written in a bit confusing of a way.

Was pretty dreamy for me desu senpai.

>> No.9750115

Anon, said they already have a dress, they just wanted to wear lolita last minute.

>> No.9750118

Thanks! Gonna wear my first (and pretty simple, but I'm just beginning) coord to hang out with my friends at a con in February. I know "conlitas" are generally hated but it's an event I want to dress up for plus I only have this so far, I'd wear the fashion more often if I had more of it.

>> No.9750130
File: 121 KB, 1292x861, burnward.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have con crush
>find out she'd be a lousy mother to my potential kids

>> No.9750148
File: 79 KB, 291x287, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>single, con going mother
You deserve whatever happens

>> No.9750156

Sorry if I was unclear.

She has no kids that I know of. I lost interest in her because I learned that she has no maternal instincts, and would not be able to raise my offspring.

>> No.9750162

Hi John K Peta

>> No.9750186
File: 350 KB, 1364x2048, img_4365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently made friends with three other girls in my local cosplay community who love a certain character as much as I do. We all cosplay from the same series and we all love girly shit and makeup. I was so excited.

Except... they all love Jessica Nigri and in our group chat they're always posting pics of Jessica Nigri. But I just can't take Jessica Nigri seriously and I do not like her cosplay at all - I saw her recent Instagram video of her pic-related cosplay and I literally snorted at how ridiculous it was with her actually grabbing her tits and shaking them at the camera.

What. The. Fuck.
I don't understand why so many girls like Jessica because to me... that's not what cosplay is about.

I guess I'm gonna have to grin and bear it because I really love these girls and I want girly cosplay friends so bad. All my other cosplay friends are dudes. All my non-cosplay friends are girls who don't cosplay and aren't really into girly shit either.

Maybe, after all these years, I'll finally learn to love Jessica? Ugh.

>> No.9750207

bet their favorite pokemon is pikachu

>> No.9750211

Good. She doesn't deserve to be seen as a broodmare.

>> No.9750213
File: 36 KB, 500x289, IMG_1096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ugh this is so pathetic but i dont care anymore. are there any other jfash people who have an ED? could really use someone to talk to about this and i cant with normies because i come off as a tragic 14 year old
>inb4 just eat healthy!!!!!!!
pic related

>> No.9750222

I've worked in HR and immediately threw out resumes with photos on them, so.

>> No.9750232
File: 827 KB, 1846x1258, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty sure you just aren't looking hard enough because jfash is full of chicks with EDs. Japanese fashion almost glorifies it desu. Pic very related.

Sounds like you have a case of special snowflake-itis. Maybe that's why you come off as a 14-year-old to "normies".

>> No.9750235

yea maybe i do
i dont really know where to meet people is the thing, and even then how to bring it up.

>> No.9750237
File: 158 KB, 594x439, 1488435250547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lurk more? A therapist is what you need. Not 4chan.

>> No.9750238
File: 993 KB, 500x281, 2doges1pikachu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welll.... I mean, mine is.

He's too cute not to love.

>> No.9750248

Plz help me get an elf on the shelf gf

>> No.9750250
File: 41 KB, 640x480, 1459476942336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love the smell of pussy.

If I smell a girl on her period, or just some funky pussy/ass smell coming from her, I deliberately take a big sniff in front of her, and tell her she smells good.

They get embarrassed. I'm not afraid of any backlash, they're too embarrassed to tell anyone else.

>> No.9750257

You a girl?

>> No.9750260

im embarassed to say how long ive been on this board haha
yeah i know, just figured i would take a chance since its the feels thread anyway

>> No.9750261

Bless u

>> No.9750262

No of course not.

I don't think girls like the smell of other girls. Just like men are disgusted by the smell of other men.

>> No.9750288

>I'm not afraid of any backlash, they're too embarrassed to tell anyone else.

Tell that to the three dudes I've gotten fired for making creepy comments at me.

>> No.9750295

1) I'm self-employed
2) Judging from your attitude, I probably wouldn't want to smell you. Probably fat/rotten.

Even if I did work with you, I just said you smell good, you're not getting me fired unless you lie (which you could do, and probably get away with it).

Thanks for reminding me that I should record every interaction I have with a female, and other men should too. You can do this with any smartphone.

Gotta protect ourselves from women like you. Keep pushing your luck, you'll end up in prison like this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/24/woman-falsely-accused-15-men-rape-sexual-assault-jailed-ten/

>> No.9750300

>I have with a female, and other men should too. You can do this with any smartphone.
it's against the law to record without permission iirc.

>> No.9750301

Slander and false accusations are illegal too, and much worse crimes.

Like comparing a speeding ticket to robbery.

>> No.9750302

It's not just the words, but how you say it, dipshit.

"Hey, Anon just came up to me, purposely smelled me and then commented on it. It was weird and made me really uncomfortable."

That would call for an HR report right there.

>> No.9750305

>Look at me, I'm proud of being a professionally offended cunt. I'm happy to destroy society by making it impossible for the 2 sexes to interact with each other.

>> No.9750308

If you can't interact with women without being creepy, that's your problem, not mine.

>> No.9750311

What's the hourly pay like at the being offended factory? Is there finally a worhwhile career path for women with womens studies degrees?

>> No.9750312

i guess it depends where you live. where i live the recordings won't be amissible in court.

>> No.9750313

Hmm, you seem suspiciously against the idea of men actually having evidence to prove when a woman is lying about him.

>> No.9750314

So if a woman says she raped you, and you have audio/video evidence that it's not true, you still go to prison for rape?


>> No.9750315

just telling you it's not foolproof mang

>> No.9750316

I'm sure it's this charm and suave choice of words that allows women to feel comfortable around you.

>not understanding how inadmissible evidence works
How's that STEM degree working out for you, babe?

>> No.9750320

And I'm sure it's the wall of trophies you keep and bragging stories about how many men you can get fired in your power trips that will make men super eager to be around you.

Oh and lets not forget your stalwart beliefs about how men should still go to jail for a womans lies even when he has proof of her lying, because "Yeah well he got that proof of me trying to maliciously ruin your life wrong, so you're the real villain here".

Like it's honestly confusing to me how a person can be so evil. And fucking smug about how evil they are to boot.

>> No.9750321
File: 173 KB, 876x960, 1515098248893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not understanding how inadmissible evidence works
I'm sure a lawyer would tell you it doesn't work like you think it does.

>How's that STEM degree working out for you, babe?
How's that art degree, student loan debt, and cat collection coming along?

>> No.9750323

>it's another /r9k/ invasion episode
At least the thread can't be bumped.

>> No.9750324

1. It wasn't to brag about the number. It was to let you know that not all women are doormats and some of us will, in fact, not tolerate disgusting behaviour from men. But hey, it is a pretty good number so far, right?

2. At no point have I mentioned anything about your rape case nonsense at all. I haven't mentioned anything about false accusations or what results from them. You're putting plenty of words in my mouth that I didn't say. Reading comprehension is hard, though.

3. So you do admit you didn't understand what evidence is admissible in court? Hey, at least you learned something today!

4. If you want to talk about evil and smug, scroll up and read your own posts about purposely making women uncomfortable by talking about how they smell to their faces and being proud because "they won't say anything." (Which leads me back to point number one, which is that some of us will, and you'll have to deal with those consequences.)

>> No.9750325

Shit like this is part of why I don't even try

>> No.9750328

Wasn't me retard. You didn't find it at all odd that there were 2 posts in response to you here?
And how one of them had a little (137) next to it, indicating that it was a new IP posting for the first time in this thread? And how ever since that post, there have been 2 different strings of conversation going on? All of those question are rhetorical. You're a woman so of course you don't know how 4chan works, and you also don't need to understand anything about anything because you get a free ride through life no matter what.

>> No.9750333

I'm well aware there are two dudes replying to me. I don't use any 4chan extensions so I don't see who new posters are because I don't care to keep track of who's who. I might as well be replying to the same dude because your rhetoric is all the same.

>You're a woman so of course you don't know how 4chan works
He says on the board where there are more women than men.

>> No.9750336

Yeah what a disgusting rhetoric, the idea that men should be able to defend themselves from womens lies in an era where women go around bragging about how often they get men fired with complaints to HR. Clearly only the 2 most evil, basically identical people in the world could agree on that.

And lots of women being on /cgl/ doesn't prove anything. If anything it does the opposite, this is one of the few boards you're able to come on with your delicate female sensibilities (don't even bother trying to deny how fragile you are, seeing as you already complained that someone commenting on your smell basically makes you cry and need their career ruined to feel better) because this board is sanitized and treated like tumblr or some chat room, you can't handle and thus know nothing about the rest of 4chan.

>> No.9750343

You must be 8 feet tall with this amount of reach.

>> No.9750348

Making fun of you is actually quite easy, no abnormal height required to reach that.

>> No.9750350

I wasn't talking about the mocking, but hey, why would I expect you to understand anything I've said at this point?

>> No.9750351

You or the other guy admitted to being a huge asshole to people because you thought it was funny. If you think that you shouldn't be reported to HR for saying something totally inappropriate then you're mistaken. Not even a woman. If a woman said something similar to a guy she'd deserve the same thing.

>> No.9750353

I've never commented on a womans smell before. I've never been fired or reported for any inappropriate behavior as far as I can tell. But I hardly think telling someone they smell nice should constitute job ending harassment. I just wanted to point out how a woman who brags about how often they get men fired over such things is clearly a malevolent cunt on a power trip.

>If a woman said something similar to a guy she'd deserve the same thing.
Pffffftttt hahahaha thats funny. Seriously, that's a good one. Look at them, actually pretending they would ever hold a woman accountable the same was as a man. Oh god it's too ridiculous to not laugh at.

>> No.9750354

Look, if you're decent looking, but walking around with your pussy and ass smelling so bad that other people around you notice it, then I'm gonna smell you and comment on it.

Deal with it. You're not going to get me in trouble over it either. It would be a ridiculous case that would never hold up in court.

>> No.9750441

I am in Scandinavia so we will probably never meet but I love you

>> No.9750492

Have you ever worked a day in your life? Why does court keep getting brought up? They don't take people to court to fire them...

You just get fired. There is no court, and in the U.S., they can fire and lay you off for whatever reason they please. That's why companies pay unemployment.

Why do people keep bringing up court? You don't go to court when employers decide people should be fired. This court thing alone makes it bait because that's not how firing works.

>> No.9750496

You can't fire me, I'm my own boss, and I probably make more money than you.

>> No.9750502

That's cool. I just had to throw out there that people don't have a court session every time a company decides to fire.

As far as people being their own boss... Well, chances are if it's anything like my experience, they aren't hiring people legally anyway. In that case, you just walk away. No pain, no tears. Just walk away.

All I'm saying is this thread for ridiculous.

>> No.9750504

Got ridiculous.* Mobile posting... I just woke up, and this thread was the first thing I saw. It's out of control.

>> No.9751119

>tfw no bf to do urban climbing with in Stockholm

>> No.9751131

>tfw no gf to go parkouring/freerunning with

>> No.9751182


>> No.9751187

Sadly no, but in Europe and not on the other side of the planet for a change

>> No.9751698

1. You're a troll who has never done any of the things you're claiming to have done.

2. Sexual harassment is against the federal law: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/sexual_harassment.cfm

3. Firing someone for reporting your sexual harassment is, again, against the federal law: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/facts-retal.cfm

4. Please see again that you are a troll who is lying about everything, because if you really were self-employed and had employees under you you would know the laws regarding how you have to treat your employees.

I'm a dude by the way, just before you try to demean me for a stinky pussy.

>> No.9752288

bowie :(

>> No.9752903

>money isn't smalltalk
brainwashed westerner

>> No.9752910

Nigga have you ever heard of a rhetorical question?

>> No.9754781

shut up whitey

>> No.9755222
File: 396 KB, 573x529, REACTION IMAGE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet girl on discrod
>start chatting
>she obviously likes me, compliments my voice
>turns out she already has a boyfriend

>> No.9755227

>implying the feels thread has anything to do with cosplay

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