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Last thread:
>I wish jewel tones were more prevalent/commonplace in lolita fashion

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That's not an unpopular opinion just an uncommon one, you half brain.
But to add onto the thread
>Chinese lolitas are ruining the fashion
>Gothic lolita is the best style and requires the most creativity, this is followed by Classic
>Larme is normie and people only like it because it's japanese

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>Chinese lolitas are ruining the fashion
Is it an unpopular opinion? I thought it was a fact.

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I figured it was an unpopular opinion because so many people seem accepting of taobao and sjws would lynch me if they heard me talk about their precious PoC.

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It's still a fact though. Brands try to cater to their tastes to get their money so they churn out ridiculous OTT designs that are completely unwearable and make the fashion become more and more like a costume, and the brands that don't follow suit eventually die out. I'm tired of this shit.

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I'm quitting Taobao because of this. I got sucked in by the low prices and numerous cute designs, but the reality is 9/10 times the quality is awful or just sub-par and I end up getting rid of the stuff because I keep feeling let down when the items arrive. Better to put my money with who I want to support. If Taobao brands were better quality and weren't churning out piles of garbage constantly then I'd think different of it, but right now it just seems like the community is getting cheaper and more entitled because of how Chinese brands have sacrificed quality and taste for quantity and price.

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Are any of these unpopular opinions? I agree with all of them, I think we could be friends anon.

>the community is getting cheaper and more entitled
They are. People keep saying we need to 'get with the times' and taobao is all the rage but if I wanted to wear trashy trendy crap that falls apart in a few wears I'd shop at fast fashion stores, not participate in a fashion subculture that is supposed to value elegance and quality of garments.

The Chinese market and taobao in general are killing the core spirit of the fashion with their dumbass meme dresses that have ugly ~unique uwu~ prints and 50 underskirts.

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Unpopular Opinion:
I fucking hate wristcuffs. They get in the fucking way but everyone bitches that your coord is "incomplete" without them. Pulling them up or flipping them backwards to wash my hands every time i go to the restroom or eat food is a pain in the asshole and as a daily lolita i dont have time for that bullshit. Even at meetups when 99% of the time you're eating or in food related activities, I'm really just over it and i fell like I'm the only one that feels this way. Besides I wear a lot of gothic/classic and it just doesnt look like it's necessary.

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i hate them too, anon. they are stupid looking

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>everyone bitches that your coord is incomplete without them
i lurk an embarrassing amount and have never really seen this complaint though. actually it seems like less and less people are wearing wristcuffs and replacing them with bracelets or nothing at all. they're kind of a relic of ye olde sweet days that aren't particularly popular right now.

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I really wonder how much longer those of us who prefer all the brands that are shuttering will stick around in the next couple of years. I know for myself I'm getting more aggressive in picking up older/plainer items, and it'll probably be what I concentrate on for at least 2018 through 2019.

The only thing I can defend taobao on is the damn fishbone petticoat. In terms of actual innovation, it's the only thing that's come out in a long time that pushes us beyond the constant battle of deflating petticoats and needing multiples just for different poof levels.

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Honestly I think they're kind of pointless and impractical. They only really look ok in with OTT sweet puffy short sleeve blouses and OPs. They're not cheap either, usually they're like 3000ish yen and for an extra 1000 I could buy a parasol.

People bitch and moan about cheap plastic jewellery and PU leather, but never the price of wristcuffs? Am I the only one who would never pay that much for them? I think nice bracelets or gloves look way better if you must have something on your wrists, especially with gothic or classic.

Personally I want to focus on supporting more gothic jp brands such as Moitie and Atelier Pierrot. I want to buy more direct from jp brands because I can afford to and that's really the only way to try and ensure they stay around (with the exception of dream dresses and such) I feel like I've mostly bought baby/aatp last year which I like but I want to diversify more and support more brands, especially in the wake of seeing so many classic brands shut down. I also want to sew some more casual pieces to pad out my wardrobe a bit since I only got into lolita just over a year ago.

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I wish this was a popular opinion so I could buy them all for cheap and have unlimited wristcuffs

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I wear boleros and cardigans as much as I can to avoid wearing wristcuffs

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I don't care about sissies, ageplayers, and living dolls. People always complain normies will get the wrong idea. Normies will never view lolita in a normalized fashion kind of way. Seeing a sissy or whatever confirms their views, but even if they were proved wrong countless times, most of the time their views wouldn't change anyways. I could care less what normies think/say, and I could care less what kinks people have.

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I think the second one might be kind of unpopular because sweet dominates and I've heard from girls in my comm that "hurr durr it's all black what's so hard/creative about that"
But Mana just tweeted about how gothic lolita has died and he wants to spread it throughout the world again so there's hope for a nice gothic revival.
I'd also like to add another opinion,
>Girls that get mad about other girls modifying their brand are probably con/meetlitas that don't view the fashion as a fashion. They view it as formal wear only/a costume. Modifying brand is fine as long as you don't try to resell it for retail or more.

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I feel this too, as long as no actual physical harm comes because of being seen this way, who gives a shit? Other subcultures have misconceptions too, such as people assuming all goths are super kinky and easy or that all punks are criminals, but people in those subcultures don't throw nearly as big a fit as lolitas do. Modern lolitas are super prissy about everything, I guess since the fashion now is pretty much "pretty princess dress up time" girls started adopting the mannerisms/attitudes of prissy princesses. I guess that's an unpopular opinion?

Another one I have is that I actually love piercings with lolita, especially sweet. More punk edge, less perfect princess please!

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I feel like sweet and classic look more creative in hindsight than gothic because more variation in colours, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it requires more creativity for individuals to coordinate and wear. Maybe more creativity on the designer's part is there but it's extremely easy for people to just buy full sweet AP sets or add a bunch of underskirts and flower crowns to any classic dress they find. Overall I don't see much branching out from the given look. I'm not saying no one experiments in sweet or classic but it's just a lot easier not to right now.

With gothic there's a lot of the same old style moitie look but I still think there's a lot of more experimentation from gothic lolitas. There isn't really one trendy look that is a given like there is with sweet and classic. Maybe it's because gothic lolita hasn't been the most popular style in ages, we have to be creative and experiment to figure out what works for ourselves because our style isn't really all the rage right now.

Re: Altering brand, I always alter my stuff. I don't plan to sell it and it costs a lot so I might as well make sure it fits me just right. I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a blouse that falls off me or something. That one girl that dyed an AP dress black and tried to sell it though... I have no words.

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>I still think there's a lot of more experimentation from gothic lolitas
Yeah that's definitely what I meant when I made my post. I just feel sweet lolita falls victim to trends way quicker than Gothic and even Classic, though it's a victim of flavor of the month trends too.
I think gothic lolita also has the ability to borrow ideas from actual goth styles which opens up more choices for shopping for accessories and other items to incorporate into coords. Sure, sweet can borrow from fairy-kei and decora, which has been seen in the past, but it's still quite limited imo.
>That one girl that dyed an AP dress black and tried to sell it though
Okay that actually hurt to look at because it just ruined a dress.

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Yeah, I definitely want to also buy directly from VM (I mean, all things considered) so it's going to be an interesting balance of expenditures this year.

I've dyed pieces before but yeah, never with the intention of ever selling and always within the same color family, i.e. offwhite -> ivory. And I've converted more than one OP to to JSK because I preferred certain details or cuts. It's strange to see people act like they're essentially borrowing a clothing item because they're looking at the potential of resale.

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The prissy princess thing has been around for more than ten years. Have you ever read an older GLB? It’s full of stuff about being a ~pure maiden~. Even if some of it was tongue-in-cheek, it’s not a new phenomenon at all.

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+1 on the "larme is normie and people only like our because it's Japanese." I really don't get it.

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Anon, are these truly unpopular opinions? If so, lolita is going down the shitter.

My personal unpopular opinion is that pastel wigs look like fucking shit in all coords and natural, well-styled hair is superior.

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Girls with clear face (no acnee/ minimal blackheads) should just slap some mascara and lipstick and call it a day if they wish
Maxipad headresses look retarded most of the time but are easy to slap on and are comfortable
A taobao replica of Die Walkure would be nice, considering half decent materials.
Europe is nice to be a lolita in, even if it lacks shops

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>Normies will never view lolita in a normalized fashion kind of way
I wouldn't be so sure; I wear the fashion regularly and every now and then get stopped by people who recognize it and compliment me on my coord. It's still alt fashion but it does get more recognition as a legitimate thing as time goes by, kind of like how goth is.

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I like wearing cardigans or jackets more than i like wearing blouses.

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>kind of like how goth is
Not that anon, but goth is still viewed as weird as fuck and has a ton of misconceptions about it. Hardly anyone looks at goths and think, "Goth fashion! Very normal. The girl wearing it must be really sane and have 0 problems!" Just because they're getting used to seeing it doesn't mean they view it as normal. In fact, if it was actually "normal" nobody would even blink an eye or take a second glance at them.

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I did say
>It's still alt fashion
And obviously most normies looking at something out of the norm tend to come up with strange conclusions and associations; it doesn't make it normal and widely acceptable, but at least goth is somewhat recognizable as A Thing, you know?
Most people looking at lolita don't know what to make of it because it's so out there and different from any alt fashion that's commonly seen in the west, but that's slowly starting to change.

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The meanest shit I’ve ever heard from strangers was when I hung out with a goth girl for a few hours. People were constantly whispering behind our backs, calling her a vampire or a zombie or a witch or a freak, saying “Eww I made eye contact with it!” loudly enough for us to hear, etc. It was awful. People can be shitty to me when I wear lolita too but it’s a different kind of shitty.

I hope so. Right now I still get Little Bo Peep and Melanie Martinez comments way too often and I don’t even wear sweet.

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fatty chans are a-ok in my book.

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I caved and bought a pair and I never wear them unless I'm wearing gloves with the same color. It's a waste of money when younger me used to toss up between buying brand socks or brand wrist cuffs. Always choose the socks.

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>alt fashion
>wouldn't be so sure it won't be viewed as normal!
being recognizable doesn't equal being normal, like I said. most people look at lolita and think it's ddlg, living dolls, melanie, bo beep, etc.

>> No.9745210

When did I say it's becoming normal? I'm just saying people are slowly starting to recognize it as a thing that exists.
>oh, a lolita!
>is that lolita fashion? I've heard about this!
Comments like this don't mean the fashion is becoming normal, but they do mean that people are starting to catch on that it's a fashion that exists.
Is it a common view? No, obviously not, I'd say the majority of the public still has no idea what they're looking at when they see a lolita, but it's a step in the right direction.

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I think BTB-like secrets would thrive again if they were on Instagram. People send in secrets, the secrets account formats them, they get posted. It’d be pretty trust based, but what secrets site isn’t?

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You first, ana chan

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I agree. Size doesn't bother me if the girl looks good.
t. Underweight chan

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If someone is wearing same brand head to toe I just assume they can't coord shit

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How come? That doesn't really make sense because all items being from the same brand ≠ matching set. You still need a sense of style to dress yourself well, otherwise you can still look horrible wearing one brand head to toe, pic related.

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Higher prices for cons helps keeping bros and normies away, which is good.

>> No.9745992

I don't hate them, but I've never felt the desire to own any and have never thought "you know what would complete this coord? wristcuffs." glad to know that other people don't think they're some pinnacle of necessity.

i felt the same until the chiffon blouse revolution. Cotton blouses always looked and felt super dowdy, plus they wrinkled really easily.

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I wish this was true. My shitty local convention is steadily increasing prices year by year and it's only attracting more and more annoying normies.

>> No.9746039

How ?
This is a legit question, not bait.

>> No.9746137

Any normie horror stories?

>> No.9746429

>Western fairy kei is killing itself
Nobody in fk groups critic each other or helping people learn how to coordinate an outfit. Cosplay wigs, hot topic trash, and super cheap knock off art on tshirts. Instead of learning about how they can buy from Japanese brands people would rather buy pastel clothes from the mall that are inspired by Jfashion.

>> No.9746479

Fairy kei is an ugly fashion for people who can't let go of childhood, anyway. Good riddance.

>> No.9746495

I'm guessing old and ugly

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Nah, just tired of fatties covering themselves in tacky cartoon crap and calling themselves magical girls.

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I hate high teas, they are so obvious for a meet up, expensive, and get done at least 4 times or more a year in my comm. It's all the girls want to do.

>> No.9746616

Living doll people are harmless and I'd rather be asked if I'm a living doll instead of being asked if what I'm doing is a sex thing or if I'm doing ageplay (I don't even wear pastels).

Sissies are gross and problematic because their whole fetish is based off humiliation. So they intentionally put themselves in situations where people will be mean to them and usually creep on young girls in comms.

>> No.9746620

i hate how people call afternoon teas "high teas"

>> No.9746666

My comm too, I'm so sick of hotel teas. Are you in a central Texas community, by any chance?

>> No.9746698

alas, I am not anon.

>> No.9746701

It's what they get called by the places they go to? What is your definition of High Tea?

>> No.9746717

That isn't fairy kei anyway, just pastel fashion.

>> No.9746736

Not that anon but weebs are usually broke in my experience. If the price gets high enough it chases off almost all the underage congoers, neets, and a lot of the college students. Normies and fans who don't have to pay for cosplay materials can afford a bit more. Since normies have no interest in merch either they save even more. I wouldn't say it's the main cause but I doubt it helps much.

>> No.9746840

high tea was originally taken by the lower class for nourishment purposes after a hard day of labor and typically consisted of heavy foods. afternoon tea is the midday tradition that originated within the upper class to bridge the gap between meals and involved the lighter, daintier foods that people associate with ~high tea~ now. the way i see it, if you're trying to come off as refined or do something refined, at least know wtf you're talking about.

>> No.9746845

On one hand the English language is constantly changing and words take on new definitions all the time. But on the other the people who call afternoon tea "high tea" are almost always the ones who try too hard to sound posh and roleplay Upper Class Victorian Ladies and that is infinitely more annoying imo.

>> No.9746846

I'm a sweet lolita, and even I can admit it's really not that hard. But hey, it's not a competition. We all just want to wear nice dresses and shit. But I respect how difficult it can be to coordinate your shit.

>> No.9746847

Every single place I've ever seen that offers afternoon tea calls it "high tea". Even though it annoys me when people get their terms wrong, I've started going along with it because calling it afternoon tea just results in misunderstandings and confusion.

>> No.9746916

This image is cursed

>> No.9746997

Are you in the US? I see 'Afternoon Tea' advertised as such in the UK.

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>Larme is normie and people only like it because it's japanese

As someone who wears Larme I kind of agree with this. When Larme first started showing up here on cgl it was pretty novel because the trends in Larme hadn't worked their way to the West yet so it seemed really new and fresh. Now that it can be done with nearly all offbrand it's not as exciting so I feel like a lot of people have jumped ship for more unique fashions.

I still continue to wear the style and wear Larme brands because I like the general style of a lot of Japanese brand clothing and how they fit, even if it's not totally unique to Japan. Even with Larme brands they have some details which are harder to find abroad, so I find it easier to just go to the source. But I acknowledge that as far if jfashions go it is pretty normie.

I did try lolita once upon a time and it just didn't feel right on me. Same with fairy kei. So Larme kind of hits a sweet spot for me, giving me a flare of Japanese fashion with clothes that I feel comfortable wearing in most settings. I do still wish I felt comfortable in lolita though.

>> No.9747009

Mainland Europe.

>> No.9747042

That coord is nitpick

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Cool unpopular opinion, anon-chan

>> No.9747208

Cosplay photographers should have to pay extra for a photographer badge and be cleared by the con to be able to do official paid photoshoots.
It would keep creeps out, keep the quality up, and they already charge artists to be there

>> No.9747265

Do you actually hate the fashion or what fatties have done to it? I think the fashion is actually cute on cute people who know how to dress, but its death is enviable due to fatties and fakebois.

>> No.9747277

Nayrt but I think it looks cute on a small subset of cute tiny childlike people and super embarrassing on the average person. You could say the same about lolita and most alt fashions, but with fairy kei it’s worse because a lot of the outfits look exactly like something an actual toddler would wear if she could pick out her own outfit for the day. Lolita can be childlike but it’s not 1:1 “I stole these clothes from a large child”.

>> No.9747330

I'm tired of all these dumpy, unattractive white fujoshi claiming to be trans-males because they think an ugly woman can still be a cute boy. I'm sick of them still dressing like and cosplaying as girls and presenting it as "smashing the gender binary". Who the fuck do you think you're fooling?
Fuck off. You're not trans. You're an autoandrophiliac. Take your stupid femboy fetish elsewhere, you Lena Dunham looking bitches. You and sissies are poisoning the waters for actual trans people.

>> No.9750338

I hate how popular old school has become and how fast it sells now. I wish everyone would just go back to calling it ugly and ita or move into the next trend (which would be moitie I guess, if more fatties could fit into it kek).

>> No.9750382

I'd rather see ugly people who love and are passionate about a series and can talk about it with a smile cosplaying than people who are attractive but have no familiarity with the source material and act like their shit don't stink.

Panels at conventions like "Ask a Trans Person" and "LGBTQRSTUV Representation in Games" should be refused no matter how few panel submissions there have been or how loud the people who want them cry.

21+ conventions for anime should exist, even if they're small.

People who run around with ghetto blasters or other devices that loud play music at conventions should be told to turn them off or leave.

I'd rather see dances with autistic weeaboos awkwardly dancing to anime music at anime cons than raves full of non-anime EDM and druggies.

I miss the days when people had to make their own costumes. Even if they looked awful, it was the effort that counted. Nowadays, people are shocked even if you say you commissioned your cosplay from a friend, like they always expect that you bought it online.

I once saw an old guy cosplaying as a little boy character at a con, and I wasn't disturbed.

>> No.9750559

80% of lolita fashion gulls are lolcow pieces of gossiping shit.

>> No.9750624

Yup. Its why I hate most of the people that post here and shit post as much as possible.

>> No.9751565

People who complain about normie clothing are special snowflakes who aren't like other girls

>> No.9751569

Complain about normie clothing, how? There are all sorts of complaints or claims about mainstream fashion.

>> No.9751576

People who are really into old school are just cheap. There are lots of beautiful new solid dresses and brands with the same or similar aesthetic as 20 years ago, but those lolitas don't want to cash out.

>> No.9751577

Meant to reply to >>9750338

>> No.9751592

Eh, not necessarily. I buy new releases just as well but they don't quite compare to designs and materials that were used in releases more than a decade ago, and I've dropped higher amounts on dresses that were released many years ago because I wanted them. Not all old school is cheap.

>> No.9751595

>Remove the shoes
>Give it to someone else to wear

Poor moitie ita. At least she loves her favorite brand and is improving

>> No.9751600

some people have a thing called brand loyalty

>> No.9751686

I'm old school and buy new school stuff few times a year (last year socks, shoes, dresses, cape etc.) but I have never wanted a dress from, for example, Baby's classical series. They do not compare to really old ones. I'm also pretty sure most people who buy secondhand want to get away a little bit cheaper than buying brand new, it's not just old school thing.

>> No.9751862

idk people who claim that normie clothing is unwearable in general. what complaints do you think are valid lol

>> No.9751876

Which is bullshit

>> No.9751977

I think of maskers whenever people bring up living dolls. The "living dolls" who get confused with lolitas are seldom terribly impressive (or even doll-like).

>> No.9751978

Nobody has ever thrown glass bottles at me except when I've been wearing goth.

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Okay, the reason people sometimes complain about normal fashion is because they likely live in the U.S.A. Starting about 4-5 years ago, this trend of wearing leggings as pants started, and it is everywhere. There's a bunch of women wearing leggings as depicting on the right-side of the related image. This is not fashionable. I've only once seen a girl pull off wearing leggings as pants, and that was a rare occurrence. She wore it in a very athletic (yet dressy) sense, and that was the rare exception. There are far more fashionable ways in normal fashion to show off your butt.

>> No.9751986


>mfw my friend who is a doctor thinks wearing leggings to work is professional

People have even called her out on it. It personally grinds my gears too. But despite being really stubborn and a little daft, she's nice, so I go along with it. But yeah, average Americans really have the worst fashion sense.

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File: 28 KB, 391x600, expensivepants.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The other reason people complain has to do with assholes commenting on the price of their j-fashion clothing in a negative light. It's frustrating because, especially if they live in a city, people pass outfits that expensive every day on the street. They just don't realize the difference between brand name and the cheap rendition that eventually ends up at the local Salvation Army. The pair of jeans you see in the attached photo cost $228.00. The entire outfit the woman is wearing likely costs at least $500.00, if not more.

However, nobody would rudely make negative comments toward the outfit depicting in this picture based on an assumption of cost. That's the two things I've heard people bitch about with normal fashion. It usually isn't hatred toward normal fashion as "unwearable", but merely aspects of it.

>> No.9751993

I mean, I don't hate people for bad fashion sense. I'm also not a rude person who will go to call people out. However, when you wear normal fashion, you had so many options compared to some niche alternative Western fashion or J-fashion. They had so many options, and they managed to dress poorly. How?

>> No.9752001

Nyart but people who actually go outside wearing leggings as pants should be ashamed. I don't live in the US and that's the kind of thing I wear to sleep, how much of a slob do you have to be to wear that shit in public?

Personally I complain about normie fashion because usually it's comes off as low effort and slobbish. A lot of normies don't put effort into their appearance period, they just wear shitty fast fashion that is low quality. When a lolita (or really anyone that wears 'nicer' clothes, jfashion, alt fashion or not) puts time, dedication and a lot of money towards coordinating nice outfits only to go outside and be surrounded by a bunch of slobs wearing leggings as pants, it's understandable for them to be turned off by normie fashion in general and complain about it, because generally most normies don't value having nice clothes the way we do.

Normie designer fashion though is generally really nice. Regardless of liking the designs themselves, you can't really argue that unless you're just a weeb.

>> No.9752011

Yeah, that's why I wanted to clarify what consitutes mainstream fashion in much of the U.S. I could see how someone, not from the U.S. or from one of those rare fashionable U.S. cities, could hear a general U.S. person say, "I hate mainstream fashion," and misinterpret it.

Well, even with fast fashion, you can wear it well. That's why there's really no excuse. Even if you're dirt poor, you can put together a good outfit if you live in the U.S. It's affordable and there's plenty of options.

Right now people in my town are wearing those galaxy print leggings with random, "comfy" t-shirts and hoodies. I'm talking about those shirts with some generic team, organization, or restaurant logo screen print that doesn't cover the ass in some random color that doesn't remotely match. They also wear the sneakers, usually white or a neon that doesn't match, with it; I guess they're wearing the socks that don't show. It's frustrating. It's like, "Was it that hard to pick up a plain black oversize hoodie or black tunic too? It's like $5.00 to $7.00, and you just spent $25-30.00 on a pair of galaxy leggings." I'm less particular on shoes since I understand they're expensive, but if you have the money, buy matching shoes.

P.S., I wouldn't be ragging on this particular outfit were it not for the fact I've seen it on 20 different people at this point.

>> No.9752056

Leggings as pants is not only tacky but here in the US many people unfortunately don't have the figure for it either.
Also I've seen a number of women who apparently don't know the difference between actual leggings and footless tights which are *not* opaque enough to be worn alone.

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baito. you're just butthurt you look cheap in cheap fabric and cheap lace, anon.

oldschool is higher quality, and if I can look better for less, you can be damned sure I'm okay with that.

>> No.9752210

Other than the points raised by other anons, I'd also like to add the cost of mainstream fashion vs. the quality.
Obviously I mostly mean fast fashion, but since getting into lolita and learning what quality fabric and lace looks and feels like, I'm always appalled by the absolute overpriced garbage sold in normie stores.

>> No.9752224

Fast fashion is cheap. Clothes see-through.

>> No.9752260


>> No.9752279

>muh japanese fashion folded 1000 times to surpass the western piggu fashion

>> No.9752404

When I visited the US I noticed a lot of people running errands in not just leggings, but actual pyjamas. When I commented on this to the friends I was visiting they acted like I was the weirdo for expecting people to “dress up” for the grocery store. I understand being comfy, but surely you can be comfy in real clothes that aren’t so threadbare I can see the print on your underwear? People where I live aren’t fashionable at all but nobody would ever dream
of leaving the house in pyjamas.

>> No.9752441

I think this is a problem for non major cities in the US especially more so than the leggings as pants argument. Living in rural america not wearing local walmart clothes and putting on a nice outfit from HM or some fast fashion made them think you were spitting in their face. My mom had to put away her macys branded purse because people thought she was a rich bitch. However going to school/working in a major us city where people had access to designer stores and it was more or less normal to wear or own designer purses, as a lolita got more comments about "comic con" or "princess"/"bo peep". At work a coworker saw a lady in a gucci tshirt and instead of something nasty she said "oh man i wish i could afford a 2k tee shirt and wear it casually to get a coffee".
Locally, Kate Spade has really been getting popular and its more expensive than most brand.

Now being in europe, while we do get stares for being out there, since normie where is fairly put together, i think its the whole full american makeup/insta makeup that gets stares and shit.

>> No.9752456

I’m in a smaller Western European city and I see the insta baddie makeup pretty often, especially on retail workers. A few months ago I swung by IKEA and the girl at the customer service counter was in full Kim K drag with heavy contour, eyebrows on fleek, falsies, overlined lips, the works. The girls at the cash register at my grocery store don’t go as OTT but drawn-on heavy eyebrows are more common than natural ones and I see bad contour on a weekly basis. Is there even such a thing as good daytime contour?

I’m from a small town in the middle of nowhere and the attitude you described existed there, too. Local clothing stores were a few steps above Walmart but even wearing plain dresses on a regular basis got me the “bitch thinks she’s better than us” reaction. Going back now, all the fashionable women are wearing leggings, uggs and those jackets with big fur hoods.

>> No.9752474

So you live in the UK?

>> No.9752476

I'm more frustrated with scalping cunts taking advantage of it's popularity and snatching up $30 dresses to resell for $120. If you don't actually want to wear it, don't buy it.

>> No.9752478

Do you also hate closet child and wunderwelt?

>> No.9752479

I hate wunderwelt sometimes when they want 50 bucks for an unwearable dress with cumstains on it. In general though, both of those still sell for a reasonable price, not like girls that really jack up the prices even more for similar damages just because it's trendy.

>> No.9752487

20 times is nothing. Leggings + Hoodie + cheap tennis shoes = the go-to outfit out here in the midwest. I (shamefully) wear it sometimes too now that it's winter and I work a job where I can't wear good clothes or they'll get ruined but I can't imagine going out in public or to a nice restaurant thinking you look ok.
I honestly chalk it all up to people being lazy. Hell, half the time I go shopping someone's wearing pajama pants or stained, ripped sweats for their normal outfit.

>> No.9752489

Please educate me about those brands still using torchon lace and thick textured cotton fabric.

>> No.9752490

I actually do think Melanie Martinez hurt the fashion, or at least its image somewhat. She may not have started the wave of weirdo 20-somethings acting toddlers talking about fucking their "daddies" but she sure as hell did help propel that shit into the mainstream, and the fact that she wore lolita pieces doesn't look good for us when we've been trying to shake the ageplayers for as long as time incarnate.

>> No.9752491
File: 80 KB, 506x720, 1435019423884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would a POPULAR opinions thread be like? There's so much complaining here (not always for the wrong reasons, mind) I don't know what would be the popular opinions

>> No.9752495

it would be full of complaining about things everyone dislikes

>> No.9752498

Popular opinion: I like lolita fashion.

>> No.9752552

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion per se but you'll get lynched for saying it out loud:
>western MTF crossplayers are disgusting autogynephilic waifufags who don't realize how bad they look and act as slutty as possible with their boypussy fantasies
It's like blackface but with women. At least FTM crossplayers can pull off anime pretty boys convincingly but every time I see a 6ft2 lanky soyboy asking for tips on how to dress up as his loli waifu I feel like screaming.

>> No.9752555

You'd be surprised.

>> No.9752569

I have wear them with long sleeve OPs because my arms are too longgg

>> No.9752570

I don’t think any magical girl has that much arm hair

>> No.9752583

>obsessing over genres has little to do with actual Japanese fashion
>Japanese lolitas wouldn't know what the fuck anyone on this board was talking about.

>> No.9752587

This, I own pieces fit for classic, goth and sweet because I like them all and don't really like having only one substyle. If I like a dress I'll buy it even if it isn't "cohesive".

>> No.9752592

Misako said there are over 100 substyles

>> No.9752596

Misako was trolling the fuck outta you.

If you categorize everything like that there's a different "substyle" every time anyone anyone gets dressed. Nobody in Tokyo is thinking "these socks are classic-country-elegant-lolita, but those shoes are elegant-dolly-hime-lolita"

>> No.9752608

Oh, ha, ha. I meant the outfit I described specifically down to the galaxy print leggings. The outfit itself, no particulars, is worn by everyone under 30. Always black leggings, random t-shirt.

>> No.9752613

I wish there were more conventions that didn't prioritize industry guests. I'd rather a con spend its money on venue, maybe have better contest prizes, but I've been going to cons for over 10 years and I have never wanted to meet a con-promoted guest, and I likely never will.

>> No.9752660

I don't think this opinion is unpopular. I'm sorry for the girl that was hurt by her but ngl I've felt a relief ever since her fans decided that she's "cancelled".

>> No.9752664

Not just an american issue though. In Germany most girls run around in the most boring clothes you can imagine. I can't even call it fashion, cause that would mean there was any effort behind it.
The problem is that dressing up in any way has to have a specific reason. For most, the reason is "I have to go to work and I will face customers." But if you just wear a dress or a skirt people will ask what's the reason for it.

>> No.9752668
File: 312 KB, 320x172, happy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think that's as unpopular as you might think. I have no issue with categorizing stuff because it makes it easy to find what you're looking for online. Western fashion has always had a lot of 'styles' or 'genres' so it's not unexpected if something makes it's way over here.

However, I get sad at the amount of people who get discouraged, "fitting into a specific style". It's really not too important if you wear something, and the result looks good. Just wear what you like and what looks good. Don't worry if it doesn't fit a label. Wear pastels one day and black the next if it makes you happy. Mix and match stuff. I don't wear lolita, but I see people stressing about that in the fashion I wear, and it makes me sad.

>> No.9752676


>> No.9752689

They don't, but Misako counts things that gulls call ''theme'' and any time someone mixes lolita with another style. Like wearing lolita with a retro twist is a substyle to her.

>> No.9752693

Where I live in Germany people will definitely ask you where your skirt/dress/trousers are if you are only wearing leggins with a top. You must be surrounded by salty poorfags.

Besides the Western European part, everything you said screams UK to me. There isn't even a Walmart in the rest of Europe so you're full of shit anyway.

>> No.9752717

Where did I say there was a Walmart in my country? I said our local clothing shops are better than Walmart, but not by much. And is it really so surprising that there are similarities between different European countries? What would even be the point in lying?

>> No.9752782

Pyjamas? That's fucking shameful. Where I live people mostly wear old tshirts with jeans or denim shorts and I feel like that's trashy and not put together (It's usually paired with fried hair and dirty worn out shoes) but at least they're decent compared to people who wear their fucking pyjamas to the grocery store. People here just look kind of greasy and lazy but maybe I've taken it for granted, at least they're not going out in their pyjamas. The only people who are really 'stylish' here are rich Asian tourists and exchange students or people that have to dress professionally and/or work in fashion. Otherwise everyone dresses in the same lazy outfits. It only bothers me because I barely see anyone from here wearing anything else.

Galaxy leggings? Weren't those a thing tumblr girls/weebs wore in like 2012? Why the fuck is anyone still wearing them in 2018?

Where I live most girls seem to have fried hair and the same jeans/shorts and dirty worn out shirt combo. Dresses and skirts are extremely rare unless you're going out and even then it's weird to wear them unless you're going somewhere posh. When I wear a plain dress, no makeup and no hairstyling to run errands I still get asked why I'm dressed up nice. I'm not dressed up nice, I literally threw this on in 2 minutes and I barely brushed the knots out of my hair. I'm wearing this because I couldn't be assed to coordinate a blouse and a skirt.

>> No.9752947

Grxpey, his thirsty-ass groupies, and LARPers in general should all be banned from /cgl/.

>> No.9753000
File: 209 KB, 684x684, 1515004042776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can't even call it fashion, cause that would mean there was any effort behind it.
Bachelors Fashion Student here. You're an idiot.

>> No.9753043

Did he turn you down or something?

>> No.9753054

That anon is probably just green with envy

>> No.9753149

You fuck the fucking fuck off my perfect fluffy baroque husbando.

>> No.9753178

>heavy contour, eyebrows on fleek, falsies, overlined lips
Man i see this so fucking much. The girls who work at the sandwich shop near my work have insta baddie makeup on and false nails everyday, while they're wearing their dirty joggers, exercise pants and sandwich shop tshirt. The dissonance is so jarring.

Everyone looks the same instagram look these days, they all have the same nails, makeup, hair, everyone has those mimco pouches, michael kors bags, etc. What i really don't understand is why these girls spend so much time and money on their insta-baddie makeup and designer handbags, but have gross false nails, fried hair, wear leggings or sweatpants, sneakers and thotty fast fashion tops. Even worse when they're straight up wearing gym wear, and expensive gym wear at that, trying to be so ~luxe~ when really they just look like shit. I really doubt anyone serious about being at the gym goes in insta thot makeup with their kate spade bag and then decides to go shopping with their girlfriends afterwards.

>> No.9753256

>I went to college to learn to make basic clothing for basic people, so I know fashion

>> No.9753317


>> No.9753344

Every time I've seen her mentioned on this board it's "I don't think she's ruined lolita's image, but-" granted I've only seen five or six boards mention her since the initial issue so I probably missed most of it. Also yeah I'm sad this is how she ended up getting rejected by her fans, I'd rather no one had gotten hurt, but the backlash caused by it is hopefully going to end up a net positive.

>> No.9753392

>implying most lolitas aren’t the definition of basic

>> No.9753398

I especially hate how they apparently think being a woman or a little girl is inherently "humiliating". I don't call a lot of things sexist, but believing that existing as a female is degrading is pretty sexist imo.

>> No.9753408

These are all common opinions, you dumbshit

>there's nothing wrong with wearing fullsets, but they should basically count as casual because there was no effort put into it
>makeup is for whores
>fatties and uggos make the best lolitas because that's who started the fashion in japan

>> No.9753413
File: 499 KB, 500x200, 1382400910076.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fat girl wearing food print

>> No.9753415

Seconded so hard. Hell, maybe if we can start pushing the idea that this is some kind of cultural appropriation we can get the SJWs to turn on them, instead of enabling them so much by acting like gender identity is sacred even if it is clearly only motivated by creepy pedo fantasies.

>> No.9753422

>Fatties and uggos make the best lolitas
This, I hate when people call an outfit ita just because the girl is kind of ugly. Lolita is an alternative fashion, not a beauty contest, alt fashions are full of weird looking outcasts which is part of what makes them great. I hate how squeaky clean everything looks, I want scowls and wild hair to come back.

>> No.9753430

>”fatties started the fashion in japan”
>many old school skirts are 65cm waist max

>> No.9753432

Baby's latest floral release, Le Bouquet Eternel

>> No.9753434

69cm waist is considered fat in japan, and you can still cram that into a 64cm skirt

>> No.9753438

Japan thinks that's fat. Sorry to tell you.

>> No.9753445

It might be chubby in Japan but it’s normal/skinny in the West, so the argument that Western fatasses are better lolitas is still bullshit.

>> No.9753447

>Japan thinks that's fat
Excuse me, what? Sure, it might not be seen as skinny, but a 65 cm waist is not considered fat. I have a 60 cm waist and it's smaller than most one size skirts, and smaller than many of my Japanese coworkers waists.

>> No.9753454

>makeup is for whores
I'm sure you look spectacular in your pretty dresses with your dark circles and blemishes.

>> No.9753457

Literally no one said anything about western anything being better
Stop projecting

>> No.9753478

It looks different on a 170cm person than on a 150cm person...

>> No.9753650
File: 29 KB, 300x400, 4a1ffd73-a3e0-5d65-810e-2438397d6af8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think lolitas who call other lolitas "ita" just because they wear something a little bit uncommon (but still obviously suitable for the fashion) are just as despicable as the judgemental normies.
A lot of lolitas love to say they are victim of oppression by normies coz they're alternative and don't dress "like everyone else". Well guess what, at the same time they bitch about other lolitas behind their backs if they're not wearing the same cookie-cutter basic coords everyone in the comm wears. Way to be hypocrite!
If the silhouette is right, the main piece is not milanoo or some shit, and there's no autistic mismatching going on, it's *not* ita. You're just a basic bitch.

>> No.9753653

Agreed, to some degree. The term is thrown willy nilly (at least on this board), often aimed at girls whose coords aren't that bad.

>> No.9753874
File: 699 KB, 720x893, 20180115_191213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does a female by birth feel the need to share her preferred pronouns? Is she trying to be edgy and get people to think she was male at birth? There are real people out there, like me, who actually have to struggle with gender identity. This pisses me off so much and it's shopped as hell.

>> No.9753888

Because tumblr has convinced them that cis girls can present themselves as uber femmes and still be a "kawaii pastel trans boy uguuu."

>> No.9753905

You're right. That is unpopular.


>> No.9753907

She's trying to normalize asking for and giving pronouns regardless of someone's assigned gender at birth.

>> No.9753911

Yeah being a doll is the closest look to lolita anyway.
Sissies are gross, ugly, and their dresses are crap. Ageplayers are pedophilic and also cringey.

>> No.9753916
File: 84 KB, 312x321, dumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9754145

If this is the group I'm thinking of they had made a post about how gendered language was banned and suggested people put their pronouns on their posts to avoid specials being misgendered. Seriously, if you want to be seen as a guy appear as a guy, if you want to be seen as a girl appear as a girl. It's not that hard.

>> No.9754202

Are there really even that many transgender people in the world that this needs to be a thing? I feel like this is just an extremely tiny minority (along with a bunch of tumblr teens jumping on the bandwagon) that is very vocal online and has somehow gotten the power to make everyone else tiptoe around so as not to offend them. It's really bizarre to me.

>> No.9754214

Transactivism is literally insane from every perspective tho

>> No.9754294

I think they're 0.3% of the population.

>> No.9754362

Your feeling is accurate.

>> No.9754537

I hate lolitas and want them to leave this board forever

>> No.9754588

There probably aren't and people that are actually trans just want to live normal lives. The gender specials and transtrenders are the ones causing a stir with wanting to claim they are male while being and dressing like a female. I highly doubt anyone with gender disphoria will actually act in such a self triggering way. They are going to present how they want to be addressed.

>> No.9754595

I can't wait for the ugly winged eyeliner trend to die

>> No.9754669

It's just not the real deal. The dresses look overdesigned and still have modern elements like chiffon which cheapen the look.

>> No.9754827

>I think it's super cringe-y when people wear cosplay in public other than for conventions, meetups, and photoshoots

Obviously I'm not talking about leaving the convention and running to the McDonald's across the street. In talking about when there's not an event anywhere nearby and weebs put on cosplay and go to the mall, go out to eat, or go dick around at Walmart.

>> No.9754835

We have a group that does this around our round 1 arcade. They put on wigs, Lolita, and cosplays and walk around the arcade

>> No.9754859

How is wearing lolita on casual outings with friends a bad thing?

>> No.9754860

Seattle? There's a general JFash/Cosplay meet at Round1 in a few weeks!

>> No.9754861

I said cosplay, not lolita

>> No.9754866
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 74238948295234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They put on wigs, Lolita, and cosplays

>> No.9754871

For some reason I just read "wigs and lolita". I'm starting to wonder if I'm genuinely retarded.

Nah, wearing lolita in public doesn't bother me because it's just a fashion, not a costume.

>> No.9754877

It's okay anon it happens.

>> No.9754917

Wearing cosplay to malls/stores annoys me too. I wouldn't even care, but 11/10 times mall cosplayers are loud and try to instigate shit with normies.

>> No.9754991

small brands

>> No.9755287

If you've ever been to Japan, you'd know most people there aren't particularly skinny at all. There aren't as many potato-shaped and obese like people in white countries, sure, but it's really not that severe.
Not sure where this "uwu japanese people are so tiny and petite and 65cm is considered FAT there" meme is coming from.

>> No.9755616

Do you just do a curved line on your lid?

>> No.9756138

>you'd know most people there aren't particularly skinny at all.
Yes, and they are considered fucking fat.
America's population is mostly 200 pound wailords, and we consider them fucking fat, because they are fucking fat.
The ratio of fatasses to nonfatasses doesn't make the fatasses not fat.

>> No.9757631

You clearly have an issue with fat people.

>> No.9757792

A very loud, resounding agree from me. This is poison for the trans community.

>> No.9757802

Hit the post button too soon.

Are you from Texas by any chance? Sounds like our local community.

>> No.9758948
File: 107 KB, 960x960, 1510547093851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bonnets always look retarded and costumey even when everything else is done right.

>> No.9759294

Wouldn’t the true Lena Dunhams be the womyn loving, uterus-proud, eyeliner-sharp-enough-to-kill-a-man-feminists of your kind?
Someone isn’t trans based on whether they pass or are attractive or whatever. And gender isn’t clothing based. I hope to god this opinion stays unpopular because you seem retarded.

>> No.9759297

Fatties always look retarded even when everything else is done right.

>> No.9759313

Why are you bringing up fatties?

>> No.9760119

Floral headpieces look like tacky craft store garbage 9 times out of 10.

>> No.9761695

That's because 9 times out of 10 they are made from cheap craft store garbage

>> No.9761708

Lena dunham is not very good at feminism

>> No.9761711

I really like the new Dva design.

>> No.9761775

Classic lolita is boring, except ott classic

>> No.9761827

> not having any coveted pieces feels comforting at some points, bc hunting down some rare things or every single item from set is stressful af. you're just not involved into that competition from the very beginning

>> No.9761991

I just wanna wear cute clothes anon. Also that would get the sjws on the lolitas who aren't trying to be fetishy and weird about it.

>> No.9762288

your "blackface but with women" idea sounds as a version of trans-exclusion radical feminism, it exists for a few decades and is considered a fringe version of feminism, except you go as far as attacking people who are not trans but use the "female only" clothes. with the modern notion of non binary gender it doesn't even differ much from attacking the actual transwomen

the sjw will rather turn on you and rightfully so, because you try to limit the other people's right of self-expression and try to enforce the cross gender barriers

blackface itself is a silly accusation too but blacks are the american holy cow

also if they look bad they are not a threat to you, are they? (:

>> No.9762342

They’re a threat when they use it as an excuse to get into women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, shelters and prisons, actually.

>> No.9763870
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1406331844175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all OTT looks like shit
Simple lolita with just natural hair and minimal accessories is the greatest, anything other than that looks like your cosplaying your OC.

>> No.9764169

While I do like some OTT coords, I have to agree with this.

>> No.9764174

>minimal accessories
>that reaction image

>> No.9764267

they're laughing in self loathing at themselves

>> No.9764272

You both like classic,right? Maybe gothic

>> No.9764309
File: 1.13 MB, 962x1153, MS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That chinese lolita doc on rufflechat really gave me some feels. The way those two girls wore it out was just so damn refreshing. A blouse, non-cluttered tights, lolita shoes, little to no headwear, no petti, and a matching purse. I really loved how they were distinct and expensive-looking enough to be lolita but without any part of the eyesore aspect.

>> No.9764312
File: 24 KB, 250x250, pppshaw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's OTT to you??

>> No.9765527

I never noticed before- girl on the left has a piercing

>> No.9765532

I like all substyles of lolita, I'm just tired of seeing the costumey OTT bullshit paraded on social media as the only thing this fashion is about.

>> No.9765537

Where can I watch that? I don't have Facebook

>> No.9765543

t. ugly crossplayer
Lose some weight, quit pushing your yaoi on everyone and stop calling yourself a boy, Melissa. You're not trans just because you fetishize underage anime characters. Calling people feminists or TERFs won't make you less embarrassing to the entire LGBT.
All sane human beings hold this opinion, it's just that Tumblrites like you harass them and send them death threats whenever anyone publicly says it.

>> No.9765553
File: 264 KB, 519x1195, Rufus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just discovered this board, I really like the vibe this place gives. I've already seen a few tutorials and a lot of the concern is usually about money and the price of things. How can a poorfag afford a cosplay? I'm thinking about trying to make my first costume on this character, but it's so obscure that finding info feels hard. Also I'm a retard in everything remotely related to clothing.
I don't even require a proper answer and I will accept being told to fuck off, just tell me where should I start to minimize the failures and messes I might make on the making

>> No.9765554

Gtfo of this thread dumbass

>> No.9765557

Hey newfriend, you might want to check out this thread >>9730099 or, when in doubt, post in this thread >>9763296

>> No.9765559

Sorry, should've searched. I passed through the catalog and I didn't notice neither

>> No.9765580

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Trendsgenders get on everyone's nerves and they expect asspats for every sort of ""pushing the boundaries""" of any gender conformity action that they do. If you're friends with anyone who is trans, it's incredibly easy to identify the trendsgenders.

I've never met a transwoman who has prowled on ciswomen in bathrooms, changing rooms, and shelters. Usually I have to go with them so no one attacks them in those areas. Troll harder.

>> No.9765582

>wigs look like utter shit, natural hair is best
Unless it is a very nice, natural looking wig or you have *literally* awful hair - im talking shaved head, bleached to shit and falling out, trichotillomania, chemo, etc. then just fucking stop with the wigs. I can't comprehend why over half of lolitas wear wigs with their outfits, they honestly just straight up look like shit. Invest in some accessories or a blouse rather than buying another one dimensional cosplay wig off eBay.

>> No.9765584

Agreed. People are lazy and think they can plop a wig on like a hat and look acceptable instead of dedicating some effort into styling their own hair.

>> No.9765596

No, but the rest of the post and the picture are contradictory.

>> No.9765895

Personally I wear a wig because my hair is too short and the style is not suitable for lolita. I'm growing it out though so when it's at a decent length I'll probably wear it naturally sometimes. But why do you think people don't style their wigs? I never just throw on a wig and go. I make sure it's styled in a way that suits the coord and my face.

>> No.9765898

It's good that you take the time to look good in your wigs, but an overwhelming amount of girls on social media post coord pics with raggedy/unstyled/terrible looking wigs and think they look fine. Something tells me these girls are the same ones that bitch about normies complimenting them on their costume.

>> No.9765901

I got into Lolita because of anime and I love the slightly costumey daily outfit type look.

>> No.9765904

Nyart but I find that a lot of people just wear straight up ebay cosplay wigs. Straight from the bag, no bangs cut and no styling and it looks awful. If you have a high quality wig that is styled properly then it's probably fine.

Now that I think about it I don't understand why the lolitas who insist on wearing wigs don't think to invest in them the way they do with their clothes. They always seem to wear cheap cosplay wigs that throw the whole coord into costume territory, which is ironic since they tend to preach the most about wigs being necessary for 'balancing' a coord.

>> No.9765914

What makes it costumey to you? I don't mean to attack you, just genuinely want to understand this idea that cosplayers/anime fans have about alternative fashion/jfash being a costume. I get the impression that people like this can't comprehend the idea of wearing unusual fashion styles as self expression, and it's bizarre to me.

>> No.9765936

You answered your own question.

>> No.9765998

Most girls in my comm who wear wigs don’t style them at all, and many of them don’t even trim the bangs properly. I can count the number of girls who put any effort into styling their wigs on one hand and my comm has over a hundred members.

>these girls are the same ones that bitch about normies complimenting them on their costume

>> No.9766024
File: 36 KB, 480x480, 18444269_248863212256334_811544022018424832_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Printed, busy tights with printed dresses look stupid and create a lot of visual noise
>There is absolutely nothing wrong with plain, solid tights
>There is absolutely nothing wrong with boring "basic bitch" coords and posters that criticise them either don't wear lolita or are comm and conlitas only

>> No.9766030

This. I hate the term "basic" though, simple lolita coords are still outstanding and gorgeous compared to anything you might see on the streets, and I'm sad to see that the community these days apparently has no perspective and doesn't see how beautiful lolita can be without billions of accessories.

>> No.9766035

So because you don't understand the meaning of fashion you use an incorrect word for it?

>> No.9766048

yep they're stupid normies

>> No.9766049

Am I lost? Is this not the unpopular opinions thread? I've never seen anyone against plain tights. Cookie cutter coords are highly liked and I barely see them criticized, look at cookie-bunnie.

>> No.9766063

Cookie cutter coords are consistently torn apart on cgl, but there's no winning either way; simple coords are torn apart for not being complex enough, OTT coords are torn apart for being costume-y. Imo basic coords will always be better, if you think coords are only valuable and original if they incorporate sceptres and wings, you're better off on the cosplay side of this board. People also seem to conflate "cookie cutter" coords with having a consistent style, plenty of people tear apart Charlie's coords for being too samey, but from what I can tell she just has a specific way of coording.

>Tl;dr yes simple coords are unpopular

>> No.9766074

Girl this is still 4chan, of course things that look good are going to get torn apart.

>> No.9766078

Simple lolita coords made up of quality pieces yes, I agree. But low quality Chinese stuff often needs prints and layers and ott accessorising to hide how weak the foundation is so if you coord such a main piece simply it becomes apparent how cheap everything is.

It’s an unpopular opinion in the COF threads, at least.

>> No.9766088
File: 85 KB, 560x560, 3645071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I absolutely mean simple coords with quality pieces.
>low quality Chinese stuff
I'm still of the opinion that taobao brands are lowering the community's standards and ruining lolita as a whole.

>> No.9766112

Maybe it's just a couple of salty bitches posting a lot but I see it plenty here, as well as criticizing people for "never improving" even if they also say there's nothing technically wrong with the coords. There's almost an attitude that you start out simple and "progress" to something more OTT or experimental. As for the tights I've seen that too, especially with plain black ones, not so much with white.

>> No.9766137


>> No.9766142

You know in general, they seem to wear much less poof than we do in the west. 2:04 for what seems like little to no petti under Luminous Sanctuary. It's sacrilege here "hurr look at her sad poof" but I...I think I prefer it.

>> No.9767165

I hate when cosplayers talk about and try to use advanced materials and techniques before they even have a decent grasp of basic ones.

I don't care that you say Kamui use whatever extra material or technique to seal or make something, you can't even handle basic foam sculpting sweetie.

>> No.9767789
File: 174 KB, 908x764, 17155767_186476815185406_8326222964850859107_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>More punk edge, less perfect princess please!

Same here, anon! I'm more into monochromatic tats with lolita tho, it looks so refreshing. Although I don't think I will ever go for it myself, anytime I think about getting tattooed I feel like I'm gonna regret about that later.

>> No.9767795

I mean, that's fine - you do you boo. I guess I would prefer to see a nice natural wig rather than short pixie cut hair, for instance. I just cant comprehend these people who think "oh fugg gotta get a wig because lolita is wigs!!1!" and dont flesh out the rest of their coord since they're wearing a $7 monotone auburn wig. Heck, I've seen "my first lolita haul!" videos where they buy like 5 taobao wigs and its just????? Wigs aren't a staple for the fashion, only for some substyles.
They're never styled nicely either, fuck I dont even think they run a brush through them, its really triggering. If you have to ask someone whether they're wearing a wig or not, then they're doing it right.

>tfw got asked if my natural hair was a wig a couple times at my first meet
S-should I take that as a compliment?

>> No.9768048
File: 70 KB, 600x389, 1497944367257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've seen "my first lolita haul!" videos where they buy like 5 taobao wigs
Why are newbies like this

>> No.9768058

At this point I’m pleasantly surprised whenever a newbie in my comm buys a petticoat before she’s bought a wig.

>> No.9768064

A lot of what you're complaining about just happens on cgl and some social media. Most lolitas don't post on social media that much and are just normal people who like the clothes without caring about what other lolitas do.

>> No.9768738
File: 245 KB, 550x600, 1454707870191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If your cosplay is military in any way and isn't well crafted armor, I'm going to consider you extremely lazy until proved otherwise

>> No.9768752

true, I've seen people in fully bought gear from /k/ try to enter masqs when they made literally nothing.

at that point you did nothing but add shit to your shopping cart like the people who buy from aliexpress. except those aliexpress people actually did makeup and styled wigs

>> No.9768791

If styled correctly, real hair looks better 90% of the time.

>> No.9768952

thats kind of the joke. a bad one, but yes.
I like sweet.
dear god that's perfect and what lolita should be

>> No.9769192

I wish there were more people in my comm who were actually successful. Way too many people working in things like being customer service representatives or retail work. I have nothing in common with these people.

>> No.9769200

What's your job, anon?

>> No.9769204

Management consulting

>> No.9769230

Chances are you have more in common than you think. If you want to enjoy the comm that you currently have, maybe try some empathy training.

I don't like everyone in my comm, and there are only a couple of girls I consider close friends, but I can find many things to connect over with most members. Your social status/class doesn't preclude you from making friends unless /you/ let your biases clout your judgement.
I'm also lucky enough to have been able to secure a good position, but the reality for many people is very different. The job market is still very competitive and limited in many areas, and many educated, talented people are underemployed.

I understand if you want an equally wealthy friend to do expensive things with, but thinking that you have nothing in common with and can't befriend people because of their employment is doing yourself a disservice.

>> No.9769238

lol what comm is that? i would've left the comm within months

>> No.9769239

Anon, is your comm particularly young? They might still be in school.

>> No.9769240
File: 2.20 MB, 400x223, ezgif-2-1bb00b6030.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9769241

They are obviously wearing a petticoat

It must suck to have nothing to talk about besides your job. You don't have to be well educated to be a kind and interesting person.

>> No.9769247

Kind of agree. I’m not hugely successful or anything but I’m on a career path and have concrete plans for the future, which is more than I can say for the majority of girls in my comm. Most of them live with their parents and either work retail or are studying something that’s interesting but has low job prospects, like Asian culture or Japanese language or fashion design. Only the fashion design students know what they want to do after they graduate, the rest have no clue.

A lot of them are constantly complaining about their parents but make no effort to move out and instead buy more dresses ever month. At most meetups I’m the only one with their own apartment and a full-time job, which makes it hard to really connect with the others. It’s like being surrounded by aimless teenagers even though they’re all in their 20’s and a few are older than I am. It’s not that I look down on them for not working towards a career but there’s something depressing about about taking to someone whose only ambition in life is to keep working at Starbucks so she can buy a new AP release every other month.

>> No.9769252

Are you the same person whining about how everyone is jealous of your high paying job in the brand alternatives thread?

>> No.9769268
File: 112 KB, 1437x908, DCEkaUOXUAIfTxU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's ironic that you go say this on 4chan

>> No.9769294

>brand accessories are a huge fucking ripoff ($40 for plastic fucking necklace, $120 for fake leather shoes that will scuff in 1 day because fake fucking leather)
>brand buttons are cheaply attached, would it kill then to strengthen the buttons a little?
>this problem is even more noticeable with "fake"buttons, particularly with uniform imitating pieces with their buttons all floppy and droopy
>Big brands should just hire some popular taobao designers instead of futilely trying to imitate them, or but then out and keep them as a sister brand that they're willing to help give a quality boost to

>> No.9769299
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1513731554018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Big brands should just hire some popular taobao designers instead of futilely trying to imitate them, or but then out and keep them as a sister brand that they're willing to help give a quality boost to

>> No.9769302
File: 350 KB, 720x481, 1506366711879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9769307

I don't understand why my real leather shoes scuff, apparently that doesn't happen to anyone else unless it's fake

>> No.9769311

Most of my old school shoes were made out of leather, all scuffed until death, unless Clarks lie about their shoe materials

>> No.9769319

I always read it in a cowboy voice when gulls talk about leather

>> No.9769321

cloud* I hate my phone.

Some people take longer than others to figure things out.
Maybe I lucked out with a relatively mature comm (though we're not that old), but I don't see a lot of the attitudes you're describing in my comm. Even the girls who do work at Starbucks or the mall have other ambitions. I haven't heard a single person complain about their parents since a teen weeb joined and flounced a few years ago, but I also don't obsessively follow every person in the comm's social media.

Do you know where this gif is from? It's great.

>> No.9769355

>Even the girls who do work at Starbucks or the mall have other ambitions.
Of course a lot of people have ambitions in life. They are too unskilled to make anything out of them.

>> No.9769377
File: 174 KB, 1000x1002, 1501672209437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I definitely disagree with the last, but cheap jewelry, shoes, and bags piss me off too. There's such great attention to detail in everything except those things, which is especially frustrating for shoes. There's a definite lolita look that you can't find outside the fashion in a lot of our footwear but it's such cheap shit bar Vivienne Westwood. I'm glad I only wear classic and gothic so I can get leather offbrand, but it must suck for sweet lolitas. Hell, I even toyed with the idea of learning cobbling to make my own bubble toe shoes.

I wish brands would release high quality metal jewelry with real gemstones, maybe not Cartier-tier diamonds, but even something semi-precious like garnets.

>> No.9769380

Having sex in loita is the same as having sex in any other clothes. My boyfriend doesn't particularly fetishize the look, it's just we both agree I look my best when dressed up, and he wants to fuck me at my best. I don't see an issue with that. His actual fetishes are much more well defined and specific, and he'd actually request "wear this one piece swimsuit for me" but never "wear candy carnival for me" at all. Sex in Lolita just happens sometimes if I come home horny or after a comm meet or if I'm just lounging around the house dressed up for myself.

Even when he accidentally jizzed on my baked sweets parade skirt, it's not like it was some unholy crime. It was just like oh lemmie hand wash this out for you babe, my bad. He consistently gets it on brand socks when I give footjobs and it washes out easily so I don't see an issue. Why do people think it blasphemous on one hand but then in the same breath hate when people say lolita is some special costume instead of just regular clothes. Would you care if you had sex in any other clothes?

>> No.9769383

Scuffing happens to real leather but the magic of the real deal is that it scuffs less easily and you can polish over the scuffs, instead of a cheap plastic fabric layer tearing. Conditioning and sealing your leather will help too.
>That satisfying feeling of cleaning all your shoes with saddle soap and conditioning them with mink oil.

>> No.9769385

With real leather the scuffs can be polished out. This is a lot harder to do with fake 'vegan' leather because of the way it's composed of a thin, leather looking skin on a fabric type base.
You can also polish the scuffs out of a leather purse. Leather can also be dyed, which you can't do with the fake stuff.
This is 100% why I prefer leather for accessories.

>> No.9769404

Nayrt but are you seriously denying that fake leather is less durable and more prone to damage than real leather? Holy fuck, pick up a book. Literally 10 seconds of Google will educate you, so I'm not even going to bother posting citations considering every entry on the front of the search will tell you that you're wrong. Fake leather is painted on top of by the way, so a scuff on a fake leather purse means it's most likely fucked because good luck repainting it. Real leather is dyed, so a scuff can actually be salvaged. You sure you aren't being sold fake leather from eBay sellers passing them off as real?

>> No.9769406

Great, so you're simply an arrogant prick. Glad we straightened that out.

>> No.9769411

>Candy carnival
SO CLOSE. Almost believed this larp.

>> No.9769420

I wish you could wear jsks blouseless more without people losing their minds. I think it could work with certain cuts, especially in sweet or gothic

>> No.9769423

I honestly just like calling it a “tea party” because it’s typically more of an ordeal than ordinary afternoon tea time.

Unpopular (but not the only) opinion: I really miss the uchuu kei, weird body paint style, and other styles that were typically weird offshoots of Japanese street stuff but weren’t really codified or in magazines like how Larme or Lolita is. Long live uchuu, as hideous as it looked when nearly any person wore it...

>> No.9769427

Some people have to work and save money before going to school, not everyone has daddy's money to send them off to get a fucking marketing degree. I wouldn't be so high and mighty with that.

>> No.9769429

>I haven't heard a single person complain about their parents since a teen weeb joined and flounced a few years ago
I’m jelly. Whining about parents is one of the most common conversation topics in my comm both at meetups and in the FB group. I’ve also muted over half the comm members I have on FB because so many of their posts were about their parents not understanding them or their hobbies. I don’t have anyone under 20 on FB. It honestly makes me a bit uncomfortable to know all this personal family drama involving people I’ve never even met. At least it’s always something petty and not anything serious. The worst I’ve heard was a 24-year-old complaining that her mother never did her laundry properly because she was too lazy to look up Japanese care labels. Why not do your own laundry then??

That wasn’t me.

>> No.9769437
File: 108 KB, 443x441, 1457060097703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a 24-year-old complaining that her mother never did her laundry properly because she was too lazy to look up Japanese care labels.
Just do your own damn laundry holy shit
I can't even complain about "kids these days" because she's not a kid.

>> No.9769443

I think it depends on the guest. Eric Stuart and Vic McNoggin can fuck right off, but I drool over niche mangaka. Having a decent DJ is important too. VAs aren’t really my thing, western or Japanese

>> No.9769452


I mean, it depends I guess. I like to wear my Guzma out fit in public all the time but it's a simple sweatpants and a jacket with a necklas, it's pretty much a closet cosplay. Something like a full fursuit or a cosplay that has a lot more detailed and intrecate parts I don't understand why or how you could wear they casually. Seems like work, autistic and have fun when that normie asshole breaks something or fucks up your cosplay.

>> No.9769454

I see this a lot with middle class kids whose parents (and sometimes nannies) did do almost everything for them for much of their lives. The people I know like that were almost all helicoptered and had everything done for them, and thus were neither offered opportunities no or forced to learn how to take care of things.
Some of my fellow students at a prestigious public university in the US couldn't make macaroni and cheese from a box (age 24); didn't know how to fry an egg (19); thought that dish soap was the same as dishwasher detergent (23 and 24); washed her100% cashmere sweater dress in our dorm washer, on hot (20).

>> No.9769459

In most cases I know mommy and daddy are the ones financing the useless degree and every cent from the retail job goes to burando.

>> No.9769464

When the sun is down it's time to fucking party. Anyone who complains about memespeakers, drunks, druggies ect need to go to bed and get mommy to tuck them in.


That's literally what as been going on since 7am now stop throwing a bitch fit and get lit. We haven't bothered you the entire day so fuck off it's our turn.

>> No.9769472

This. Back during peak homestuck they got kicked out of the local mall numerous times, for screaming/running/being annoying fucks that didn’t buy anything. At the time i figured “ah, kids will be kids”, but now I recognize that no matter the age there’s a bare minimum of common respect required in public spaces. Just because you’re dressed as Sasuke doesn’t give you the freedom from social norms nor the separation of consequences from yourself.

>> No.9769482

I'm getting really sick of these fucking fagots who get their pet registered as a medical animal so they can bring their stupid ass pet to the con. Not only is it abuse to the system but abuse to your animal and you need to have your pet taken away since you clearly don't give a shit about it other than for the attention while your dog is having it's own breakdown from the noise and waves of people trying to pet it.

>> No.9769487

I like wigs when it suits much more than my natural color or length. I also wear ones with bangs cut in because I don’t want to put them in my hair. That’s not terribly common for me, so typically I just wear s natural hair. I think there are benefits to wigs nonetheless.

That said shitty cosplay or offcolor wigs are terrible and are an ita staple

>> No.9769495
File: 24 KB, 510x383, Umad-meme-generator-u-mad-bro-u-mad-319409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's my experience, I don't care to read a book about leather thanks

>> No.9769499

Solution: indie or less lolita focused brand.

Jewelry? Automatic Honey, Q-pot.
Secure fasteners and findings? Korean, Japanese, European, American indie. Craftsmanship is much tidier from a one or two person operation as opposed to factory clothing.
Shoes? Get some real fucking shoes, if not leather than at least something sturdy.

I recognize this doesn’t alter the quality of big lolita shops, but whining about how you don’t like something is silly. Don’t buy it, or buy it used if you can.

>> No.9769501

>washed her 100% cashmere sweater dress in the dorm washer
>on hot

I cry real tears, anon

>> No.9769502

I hate when people can't deal with the fact that language and meanings change depending on the place and year

>> No.9769503
File: 92 KB, 441x363, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't mind drunk or high people in the halls at night, even rowdy ones. I just wonder why you seem to want to go to a con specifically to get smashed and piss off con goers, there's a ton of normie places to get blasted at.

>> No.9769509

If it's a registered service animal, that's one thing. I don't think emotional support animals should be allowed into the venue, though.

>> No.9769517

You can party without stumbling around drunk with a speaker blaring who let the dogs out or taking a hand full of Adderall

Maybe if you were older than 16 you would know that

>> No.9769520

what's the fun in that?

>> No.9769528

I'm the opposite. I don't know what to do with my life, I don't even know if it's worth it for me to get a degree in anything and I'm almost 25. When lolitas start talking about their careers at meets I get stressed.

>> No.9769555

A lot of top US universities are need blind and have good financial aid. Flagship state schools tend to be fairly affordable and it's easy to get scholarships for. You should know this if you did any research.

You sound lazy and/or incompetent.

Why don't you consider technical training? It's fairly cheap and in demand. Or what do you think you will do with the rest of your life?

>> No.9769557

>Or what do you think you will do with the rest of your life?
I just said, I don't know. Why would I do technical training?

>> No.9769563

I think the drama around momokun her 'stolen' red reding hood costume is overdone. People are obsessed with hating on her.

>> No.9769625

I have that dress and it sits like that without a petticoat.

>> No.9769634

I don't like masqs or how cosplayers seem to think participating in them is necessary. I don't like sitting around just to find out I lost because I wasn't friends with the judge. Sorry, but maybe if the judges at those things weren't so biased and competitors weren't such a clique I'd participate.

>> No.9769641

with the bag leaning against it? I've seen the video

>> No.9769672

Just do it anon. They'll get over it.

>> No.9770264

At one smaller con I met a person with a pig that was trained to detect seizures and that was cool.

But yeah, I hate when people bring dogs for their "anxiety" or whatever into an overcrowded convention, and you can tell that the animal is more stressed than the owner.

>> No.9770460

i do it all the time anon, just don't post photos online if you don't want people raging over it

>> No.9770484

It's not silly, it's called criticism. The jewelery, shoes, and whatever are all good in every aspect BUT quality. Complaining about wishing that your favorite jewelery or shoe design was made with more quality isn't weird. You aren't going to find an Usakumya necklace from any other shop, so you can't just buy a better quality one from another shop.

>> No.9770507

>brand accessories are a fucking ripoff

I've legit bought accessories from the children's section of stores and had girls ask me if its chocomint or angelic pretty.

>> No.9770514

>Good financial aid
Yes, 20k down from 60k but you still have to live somewhere and eat after first year. It's not that great at all, and I'm damn glad I waited after saving it I would have been fucked my sophomore year. Would have been even deeper in debt just to feed myself.

>> No.9770603

Fat ita detected.

>> No.9770612

I had a "full ride" scholarship to a good in-state school, worked during school, and still ended up with $15k in loans. A lot of people who had more money than me (my family was dirt poor) but whose parents' really didn't make that much (~60k combined) were totally screwed out of most need-based aid. Even the ones who went to CC for the first year or three ended up with 10-30k.

>> No.9770629

>showing upper arms, shoulders, or any leg above the knee in lolita is almost always disgusting
>brolitas need to fuck off out of the fashion because 99% of the time they look terrible
>rocking horse shoes are ugly
>sweet lolita always looks retarded
>most <20 lolitas look like horse shit

>> No.9770718

Yeah the second one was my position, parents made too little to send me to school but too much for good aid. It really screws the people in the middle. I worked on third party scholarships but after applying for about thirty I only about 1k total.

>> No.9771058

Black chunky shoes with sweet lolita are underrated.
I think they "anchor" a coord into perfection


>> No.9772085

It wasn't a peacock, was it?

>> No.9772092

Enjoy looking like scuffed up shit then, anon.

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