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That fucking goat again Edition

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>go to a con dressed in normie clothes
>notice a stark difference in treatment by salespeople of normie-looking people versus cosplayers
>feel some petty bitterness at sub-par treatment so decide to cosplay for the first time at a con in summer
Now I have to figure out how to alter wigs for my big skull.

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I haven't noticed this, I've only ever been in cosplay at cons. Sorry you got treated like that anon, good luck with your first cosplay!
What I've noticed as far as treatment from salespeople is sometimes they'll loudly call you over and aggressively try to sell you something if you're cosplaying the same character or series. It gets pretty uncomfortable imo.

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Remember it's ok to buy a cosplay if you dont have the time or motivation to make one!

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>notice lace I bought on a whim years ago perfectly matches fabric I just bought to make a skirt
>get excite
>want to put it on the hem
>have 240cm of lace
>skirt's hem circumference is 250cm

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But don't tell people that you made it yourself or else you'll get bullied :0

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Current mood: Ventricosus

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Hey, can you fuck off? You're a literal retard and probably (I hope) underage, go hang out on reddit or somewhere.

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How about you fudge off? stop following me you're like a literal stalker gosh.

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Maybe if you didn't want that you shouldn't have namefagged?

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I'm just going to mentally block you so that I don't have to read your posts ever again bye

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reading this literally gave me cancer

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>took a girl home on xmas eve
>she's been squatting there ever since
>she's sixteen
>she makes good breakfast

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underage b8

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Aww, you're sweet. It wasn't a particularly bad experience, but just enough to make me feel spiteful. Thank you, anon! I'll need all the luck I can get, especially with finding out my best angles/poses.

Thanks! After browsing /cgl/ for so long, I had high expectations for myself and thought I needed to make everything from scratch to be a "true cosplayer" (despite it being my first time). I realize now it's silly to think so. I really shouldn't waste 999 hours on a screen-accurate high-quality cosplay when it's not out of passion.

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Tell her to mix it up and do some deadlifts too.

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>actually check the member list of my comm's FB page for the first time
>mfw i see 60% of the weebs from my old middle school/highschool on the list

it's not a huge deal or anything but it's so weird to see how they all turned out. one of them is in a women's group (cult?) associated with the freemasons and cosplays punk sailor moon at every con she goes to. e-everyone needs hobbies, i guess...

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>mfw i finally decide that i legitimately want to try out cosplay and that i won't let my appearance stop me from doing my best at representing the character i want to

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>copped a nice summer dress for mori at Goodwill
>classes don't start until the 16th
>got the motivation to start drawing again
>Devilman Crybaby airs in two days
Life is good.

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>two days
I sometimes wish there was a bit longer break between seasons so I could catch up on stuff.

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>Katsucon is in 45 days
>I have to make 4/5 entire cosplays by then, some being commissions
>I can make stuff fast af but I'm lacking motivation lately due to work being shit and the cold makes me tired

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Yeah, it's kind of annoying to have a bunch of stuff build up in your backlog. At least Devilman is getting released all at once, so it'll be a couple hour binge watch, and then I'll have that slot in my schedule free to catch up on something from last season.

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>Planning my cosplays for the year with optimism
>Rid of my atopic dermatitis with light therapy
>This is the year to be pretty
>On cosplan list is Nipa (leftmost witch in pic related)
>Review a random episode because hype
>Suddenly hit by the realisation that she's pale as fuck
>Medical treatment made me tan
>Moment of despair
>Realise I wanted to cosplay Waltrud first (rightmost)
>Decided not to because she was tan
>At that time I was pale as fuck
>The tables have turned
>Derailed hype train flips onto a new track

This is great, I will get to be a lesbian meme.

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First anon you replied to here. I'm still working on angles and posing too, but I have a couple tips that might help you!
>Try pressing the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, this can help give your chin and neck a slimmer look.
>Posing can sometimes be a bit daunting, especially if you're taken off guard. Looking up in-character poses beforehand can give you a better idea of what to do and boost your confidence.
Good luck anon, I hope this helps, and let us know how your first time goes!

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>Got a bunch of new video games and downloaded some new anime recently
>Yeah, I'm going to do it all!
>No, suddenly don't have motivation
>Haven't had the motivation to do anything I enjoy in quite some time
>Decide to possibly start a new cosplay
>No, motivation lost

I wish I could have the motivation to enjoy nice things again. I don't know how to find it. It just feels like all I do these days is eat, sleep, and work. Even my boyfriend is getting concerned. Maybe one day...

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Wow, me too.. I just play games all day..

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What kind of therapy did you use anon? I have tried almost everything under the sun for mine.

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can you do a skirt slit?

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Go for a walk, take a day trip to somewhere interesting nearby this weekend, read something short that gets your brain going, give some new skill/hobby a shot. Trust me, you'll be back at it again soon

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I just recently realized I'm falling out of cosplay. I have so many plans with my friends, and I promised I would be with them, but it's just so tiring making cosplays. I've been getting more and more into lolita since it's something I can wear a lot more than cosplay and it's easier. Ugh.

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>be me, lolita
>have never had weeb friends
>find a group of cosplayers online to go to a con with
>meet them in person today
>they're all disgusting
The thought of sharing a room with them makes me nauseous. They look and smell like they've never seen a shower in their life, one of them is a tranny, the only other actual girl in the group is grosser and fatter than the guys.

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Thank you for your kind words anon. I will give those a try soon.

We can do it anon.

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>tfw a fatass con-creeper steals your panties right off your ass

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RIP you.

Just ghost them and find another group.

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How did this happen???

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>drinking with sister, dad, his gf, and friend over the holiday
>my appearance and the word 'Fishtown' get mentioned around the same time
>realize I could easily pull of a Fishtown thug-style character
>can't think of any

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>loose motivation for the last week because everything is so fucking cold
>apartment starts looking like a mess
>suddenly no desire to go out to cons or anything else
>have New Years party
>soak in shower, trim beard, forced to put on nice clothes for the first time in two weeks
>suddenly perk up and start caring again

It's like going through the motions gets your brain back on that track.

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I bought my first AATP jsk and I'm really happy about it, the fit is great and the weight of the dress is just amazing. Im so glad I lost weight and can finally properly fit into shirred brand, I'm proud of myself; it feels so good to wear quality clothing

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same but with minor differences
>be lolita
>used to have a lot of free time for the fashion as well as cute and relaxing hobbies
>get new job
>ugly uniform and restaurant shoes
>work nearly every day with 9+ hour shifts of constant activity, no breaks
>sleep the moment i get home
>do nothing enjoyable on my days off because i have no drive
>just clean the house and do laundry instead

i want my whimsy back. the worst part is i'm able to buy more as frequently as i used to want to but i have 0 time to feel cute.

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I have reached out to make weeb friends several times now but each time they end up being so awful that I want to cut off contact and take a very long hot shower.
>horrible hygiene
>wear the same unlaundered 3-4 weeb/nerd shirts everywhere
>no indoor voices so it’s all screaming all the time
>openly talk about wanting to see anime or SuperWhoLock guys fuck
>one girl drew SnK yaoi and showed it to her parents ffs
>the one time I roomed with a few of them, the bathroom sink ended up covered in pubes despite all of them constantly bragging about not shaving
>the ugliest two were a lesbian couple who kept groping each other in public
>all of them were at least overweight and wouldn’t stop commenting on my body, either creepily complimenting me or insisting that I must be starving myself

Each year I think I’m being unfair, only remembering the bad parts, and that I should give the local weebs a second chance. Each year I regret this decision. Last time I tried the NaNoWriMo crowd thinking they’d be a little more well-adjusted but they were just as bad AND expected me to read their terrible Mary Sue self-insert fan fictions, one of which included several sex scenes. I give up. Going to cons alone is better than this.

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>tfw you're a crossplayer who secretly wishes they were an anime boy
>tfw you were starting to fall for the Tumblr genderqueer meme, then realized it's all a sham and there's actually some validity to the whole "People are being brainwashed by Tumblr and anime to question their gender and ruin their lives" thing

As constrictive as they are, gender roles facilitate civilizations and give people a sense of purpose. As a sort of collective nihilism among the youth starts to take over, what use is gender anymore? That's the starting point for gender-based "activism". It's important to note that the nihilism in itself isn't the disease, but the natural product of a garbage society that's been lying to us all our lives. We're told that we're special individuals every day, and some of us do become artists, musicians, writers, actors, etc, but let's face it - the bulk of the population are fodder for a disgusting machine that leeches us our entire lives.
If there was some social worth to "genderfluid" people in the western and western-derived world, the same way Native Americans had/have social worth for "Two Spirit" individuals for religious purposes, maybe it'd be good. As it is now, it's a frivolity. And the main export of frivolity is distraction, the encouragement of inaction and complicity. It's another ploy to get people to waste their youth, buy compression bras, get fake tits, etc in a bid to "feel like themselves".
As long as freethinking teenagers and young adults in society are falling for this frivolous meme (as well as the memes of "demisexuality", "autigender", and other seemingly unnecessary add-ons to the otherwise valid LGBT collective), starting a revolution and working toward radical change will take a prolonged backseat. Fighting over nomenclature, classification and the realization of feelings that can never fully be explained by human language - or perfectly expressed within the existing limits of the human body - is a fool's errand.

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There needs to be a survivors group for this shit.

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>poorfag after holidays
>still feel urge to do lolita shopping
>barely have the energy to wear lolita

nothing interesting, just complaining

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Hord cute till you're able to work less. Build perfect, well thought out coords with every tiny beautiful detail. It will draw you back in with the desire to wear such glorious threads!

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Every successful treatment I have ever found in my personal hell has started with a doctor. We need to face the fact that we're sick, not only in our largest organ in the entire body, but also in our heads. You know how it is. It feels good to itch.

To overcome this to sit face to face with a dermatologist is a good kind of scary. They immediately prescribed me heavier drugs/cremes/salves and this time around I got sent to the hospital for light therapy. I'm actually not sure if I'm getting UVA or UVB blasted at me, but it's the slow one. Most visitors to the clinic get short treatments around two minutes per dose in a room adjacent to the changing room. On the other hand I walk to another room down the corridor and take a nap for twenty minutes inside a human toaster. (I've gradually worked myself up to that max-time. At the start I only laid down for four minutes) It's funny that you say you've tried everything under the sun, because this light therapy is literally a personal box of sunlight.

As affectionately as I might describe solariums and the hospital it's actually because I enjoy it. Just going out of my way for treatment three times a week over the course of two-ish months have helped me not itch as much. It has also helped me motivate myself to use my cremes, heavy or not, and allowed me to see my skin in a healthy state if only for a few days. As expected atopic dermatitis goes up and down, but I'm far more up than I was two months ago today.

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That is good but if you're really fat doing a fit character you know that isn't going to turn out well.

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I am definitely going to look into this. I’m at the point where those steroid creams don’t work anymore and all the lotions don’t do shit. Thank you anon and I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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>As constrictive as they are, gender roles facilitate civilizations and give people a sense of purpose.

I just want to be 100% clear here, you're saying that purpose derives solely from one's gender?

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>you're saying that purpose derives solely from one's gender?
Maybe "purpose" was the wrong word. More like assigned duty and place in a society. Being told "You are X" and the expectations and norms associated with "X" simplifies a person's lot in life and relieves them of at least 10% of the existential angst they would face otherwise.

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Demisexuals, demiboys, etc. are a symptom of restrictive gender roles. People think that because they're not uber femme they can't be cis women and because they're not totally masc steroid freaks they can't be cis men. And that's bullshit. If we had less rigid gender roles there'd be less people coming up with this nonsense and thinking they must be trans.

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If that were true, those people would've been fucking everywhere in the 60s, 50s, 40s, etc.
Today, gender roles are as loose as ever. No one still expects girls to only wear skirts, have long hair and never play sports or like anything "tough". They're still pretty rigid on men, so if anything, if restriction was the cause, they'd be the ones calling themselves "demigirls".
Being trans is literally a brain issue caused by existing parts of the brain not matching up with the body in sexual characteristics and identification, resulting in confusion, shame and self-disgust. No amount of leeway short of declaring sexual characteristics as a pointless, outdated marker for gender (which wouldn't be too far off, sex and gender are different, but for the sake of practical application in colloquial life, eg reproduction, physical strength, propensity for diseases, etc they're linked for the sake of ease) can help relieve that sort of pain.

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lol no i'm literally underweight and the chatacter i want to cosplay is fairly skinny, it's just that i don't think i'm as good looking as he is

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I've seen people try to make this argument on /pol/, but you're the first poster I've seen who can actually word it convincingly.

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You'd be surprised how many tumblr kids are absolutely convinced that they're trans because they do/like X thing that isn't typical for girls/boys to do/like, as if their entire identity is based on their interests or appearance.
I'm all for kids exploring the world and themselves but all this does is reinforce the stereotypical gender roles these kids claim to hate.

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As a lolita i hate when i visit generally kawaii-esque AA tables because i feel like they try hard and expect me to buy when its all the same stuff ive seen at 5 other tables. I like art print tables because they seem friendly but dont expect anything of me when i dont buy anything.

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>Totals up costs of items I want
>63,000++ Yen

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No, because LGBT rights weren't where they are today in the 40s - 80s. You can't be thrown in jail for being trans anymore and trans people have certain rights. Gender roles are still there but more insidious these days and tend to be reinforced by our peer groups.
Yes, being actually trans is to do with the brain-body map but there's a whole generation of kids on Tumblr who are saying that it's discrimination to say someone isn't trans without dysphoria and are doing what >>9740701 says.

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>basically suffered for a few years at uni to be able to move away from my home town, worked non stop on top of school
>finally moved here, figured i could find a job but looks like a need a year of training aka more school
>weebs are horrible in my area, all "japanese" merch over here is clearly fakes from china and still priced as if real and imported
>lolitas are too cheap to eat out or do fun things in my city, when for me everything here is half of what im use to. Here its easy to eat for $13 with a drink and back home you're lucky if you can keep it under $20 with a soda.
>bought three new dresses last year but probably wont get to wear them especially with other lolitas
>had plans to go to japan this fall but because of the training ill likely start my job in fall and wont be able to take time off.
>cant go before i start work because ill likely have interviews and such over the summer, not exactly sure when training ends and not enough play money...
>ffs im suffering more than when i was in uni, working at coffee stand but could make japan trips work during breaks every once in a while.... while living somewhere i was unhappy.
>going "home" isnt an option as the job market sucks and living costs are much higher.

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I really hate /pol/ because you can tell that everything they do and say is based purely on "Wow, fuck people who aren't like me", not "Hmm, what is the potential good in this? And what is the potential harm?". They're fueled purely by disgust and hatred.
It's always some bullshit about "degeneracy" along with some misrepresented data, revisionist history and a collection of slurs. They don't try to understand, they just blame anyone who's not exactly as themselves for the world's problems, and look for any excuse to continue doing so.
I'd really like it if people could just do what they want and be happy. I just feel like spending your energy on trying to politicize and pin down something as fleeting as self-identity is like chasing your own shadow to put into a box. There are so many more important things to focus on, and I can't shake the feeling that this particular subject is quietly being used to draw attention away from those things.

>> No.9740727

But consider this: The people who actually grew up in those times aren't today's genderfluid demisexual aromantics.
They're the kids who grew up in the midst of LGBT people actually being accepted and what it means to be a "girl" or "boy" being far more freeform than what it used to be. They're the people who read yaoi and yuri in the early-to-late 2000s, called themselves "bisexual" on MySpace because it was trendy, were into the androgynous emo fashion and visual kei, etc. Unless they're from the Bible Belt or some other particularly small, close-minded place, they don't look back on their best friends being murdered for being gay because they were either like 7 when that was common, or they just weren't born at all. There's no "anymore" for them except in history books.
>Gender roles are still there but more insidious these days and tend to be reinforced by our peer groups.
Could you list off some examples? I haven't experienced anything like this personally, so I want to understand better.
>there's a whole generation of kids on Tumblr who are saying that it's discrimination to say someone isn't trans without dysphoria and are doing what >>9740701 says.
Those are the people I'm talking about who are being distracted by this dumb "genderfluid" meme.

Yeah. Understanding that gender in itself is a social construct is good, but using that simple fact to push for it being expanded is ultimately fruitless. There are some things human description will never be able to fully express.

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>I'd really like it if people could just do what they want and be happy. I just feel like spending your energy on trying to politicize and pin down something as fleeting as self-identity is like chasing your own shadow to put into a box. There are so many more important things to focus on, and I can't shake the feeling that this particular subject is quietly being used to draw attention away from those things.

This is exactly how I feel, but I've never been able to put it to words. Do you mind if I copy this?

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>20 dollars for food vs 13 dollars for food
These prices are both possible where I live depending on what I eat. Are you talking about fancy restaurants?

>> No.9740895

Go ahead, anon. Glad I'm not the only one.

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>doing punisher cosplay
>con doesn't allow realistic weapons of any kind

guess I'll die

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I like Menhera, but I really can't stand most of the western people who wear it. They all seem to be autistic, fat or have poor taste. Their threads are always full of salt, too. It's like they can't have one thread without chimping out at somebody for no reason. They don't even have a concrete idea of what the fashion is supposed to look like, but some crazy subset of them still get triggered whenever they see something that isn't a carbon copy of one specific type of outfit.
Guess I'll just wear what I like and try not to get too involved in any community.

>> No.9741013

i'm so happy for you. one of my first brand dresses was also aatp (st mephisto cathedrale) and I still love it!!

>> No.9741014

same goes for any J-fashion style

>> No.9741099

Menhera is probably worse though, since it’s literally centered around mental illness.

>> No.9741122

Show me a decent looking menhera, google didn't do me any good.

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Lmao, this has happened at our Florida cons. If her thong is sticking out, cut the straps with scissors and you can run away with the whole blessed thing. Classic prank.

>> No.9741151

...how do you think thongs work?

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Snip the strings and the whole thing falls apart. Then you yank it out of her pants and disappear into the crowd.

It's a Florida tradition! Happened to my friend at HolMats when she was dressed as Ramona Flowers.

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It figures.

>> No.9741180

Ah, that is clearer. Thank you.

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>Plan out group cosplay with friend
>find cosplay in my size in sales group perf measurments, good price
>Buy cosplay talk a little bit and get everything set up
>seller takes AGES giving excuse after excuse why cosplay hasn't been sent
>month passes they're not even checking my messages anymore see them online all the time
>talk to mods, but seller still lhasn't responded
>con less than 20 days group cosplay ruined
>friend upset at me for not having cosplay
>can't buy cosplay new won't come in on time

There's no winning.

>> No.9741185

What was the character?

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The intense focus right now on the #metoo movement or identity politics while barely any attention is being paid to structural problems like the our budget deficit and debt (which will now have an additional TRILLION dollars of debt thanks to the terrible Trump tax bill which our generation will have to pay back for them) makes me feel like people want to tackle cut and dried problems rather than facing difficult problems with no easy solution. Meanwhile the people benefiting from the current way of things get to keep picking our pockets, and have a vested interest in keeping the populace distracted.

It's kind of like when you're trying to get your costume done by a certain deadline, and you procrastinate by cleaning your house or paying your bills. They're important things that have to get done, but they're not the priority. But useful idiots won't shut up about them.

>> No.9741210

>the our budget deficit and debt (which will now have an additional TRILLION dollars of debt thanks to the terrible Trump tax bill which our generation will have to pay back for them) makes me feel like people want to tackle cut and dried problems rather than facing difficult problems with no easy solution. Meanwhile the people benefiting from the current way of things get to keep picking our pockets, and have a vested interest in keeping the populace distracted.


>> No.9741213

Supply-side economics do not work. Can you provide proof that it does? Because I can provide proof that it does not with a single word:


>> No.9741214

Since when do Communists care about budget deficits and national debt?
But we should care, because we're going to have to pay for all the Baby Boomers' spending.

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The 80s and 90s should be proof enough.

>> No.9741233

>Baby Boomers
Fuck them. Entitled cunts who think the world owes them everything. How more years until they die off?

>> No.9741251

>Ones entire identity is tied to their gender

You know thats literally what tumblr thinks too, right?

>> No.9741257

Friendly reminder that American School best school

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That's it?

>> No.9741293

>>Baby Boomers
>Fuck them. Entitled cunts who think the world owes them everything. How more years until they die off?
Thinking we're any better or going to do any better.

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>tfw haven't cosplayed in a month

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>tfw about to drop half a grand on a cosplay and having second thoughts about if it'll even make me happy

Seems like all the cosplays I do the past couple of years I get excited for but when I have them and put them on I don't feel anything.

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He's pullin' your thong, js.

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>finally make a lolita friend at school
>she's a hardcore DDLG
Every. Fucking. Time.

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Probably 40 years, at least.
And since the older people get, the more likely they are to vote, politicians will be catering to them and their greedy ways (and spending trillions of dollars our generation will have to repay) for ages.

>Thinking we're any better or going to do any better.

I used to think that. Then so many people our aged suddenly turned into SJWs, and the Baby Boomer media declared them the voice of our generation, and declared the rest of us Nazis for disagreeing with them.

>> No.9741408

What's that blue stripe? Is she wearing two thongs?

>Every. Fucking. Time.
Is it really that common? Why is it becoming so popular?

>> No.9741432

>early 2016

>> No.9741457

>Every. Fucking. Time.
>Is it really that common? Why is it becoming so popular?
Everytime I find a lolita friend, there is something aggressively wrong with them, so I feel that anon's feel.

>> No.9741459

Call them out in the sales group.

>> No.9741503

Gross. Why are Floridians so deviant?

>> No.9741546

Living in paradise all winter long must be doing something to their brains.

>> No.9741550
File: 206 KB, 952x536, coldaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


yeah okay

>> No.9741554

>steaming clothes for wardrobe post
>drop steamer on leg
>top layer of skin peels off like a cooked thanksgiving turkey
>massive rectangle burn right on my thigh
>the pain

at least it's on my thigh so nobody will see it while i'm wearing lolita or anything but hot damn

>> No.9741555

>it's 20 degrees outside
>there's a fucking blizzard hurricane on the way
>the high Saturday will be -1 degree

I'm still jealous of Florida winters.

>> No.9741562
File: 24 KB, 360x204, 1494535387011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw north florida is 30 degrees

>> No.9741575
File: 40 KB, 500x381, r40qr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Florida man strikes again, what will they think of next!?

>> No.9741578

hm? anchorage actually referenced on 4chan? here i am guys, i'm alive and a little cold!!

>> No.9741600

>little cold

Must be a welcome change from being a lot cold.

>> No.9741617

That’s only 6 degrees Celsius, not even freezing.

>> No.9741643
File: 255 KB, 422x951, 1356752314611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sold brand to an absolute ita
>she tries to scam and file a full refund a month later, probably because her fat ass ripped the zipper
I don't know what I expected.

>> No.9741660

Does anyone have problems with rude buyers? I’ve been selling my old cosplays and wigs, and people either
A. Bait me for months then message me telling me they need it in 3 days and won’t pay for 2 day or overnight shipping. Then get mad at me when it arrives late, or tell me off when I can’t drop everything I’m doing to drop off a package.
B. I give them an estimated shipping cost (usually only 4-5$ for wigs and 7-10$ for costumes), and if they don’t like it they just leave the chat we’re in without saying anything.

This doesn’t keep me up at night or ruin my day, but it’s been weirdly persistent.

>> No.9741661

What absolute pussies.

>> No.9741665

same tbqh

vaguely Menhera- related sad feel:
>buy qt dress from a company Ive wanted to get something from for a while
>check listing a week later, dress is on sale and half the price of what I paid

;___; why do u hurt me like this nemutai company

>> No.9741671

This keeps happening to me with Innocent World.
>pay full price to reserve something
>same piece shows up in lucky packs months later
I guess I just have shit taste.

>> No.9741682

I have that so often when I'm trying to sell anything or have a potential customer (I make cosplays and the like).

>complaining about price
>complaining about shipping
>complaining they don't fit in anything
>straight out ignoring me when I tell them my prices.

only lolitas are fairly decent to sell to

>> No.9741704
File: 34 KB, 583x474, 0E5B39C1-E926-4A29-9F46-9AA3C5043982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>live in New England, today is super blizzard
>came down with bronchitis and can barely breathe
>literally sound like Craig from South Park when I talk
>have a speech at college tomorrow and I’m supposed to be going to a weeb concert next week


>> No.9741721

Oh the other side I've been burned by sellers a lot. They will charge extra for a rush fee and still ship it late, or not send shipping info until I tell on then to PayPal. I'm sure dealing with the more commercial sellers and commissioners has probably made them like that.

>> No.9741727

>ask a question in a general after searching the catalog for "stupid questions" "general help" ect. ctrl F in threads just in case.
>theres a very specific thread for it which isnt normally in the catalog and 5 people complain that i didnt search

>> No.9741730

im taking about the same tier of cafe/resturants/diners that arent chains. Here cute cafes are more abundant so to stay competive theyre pretty cheap compared to where im from where theyre not so common and instead its chains like CPK, buffalo wild wings eveywhere so getting a salad or a small sandwhich at a cafe is $20 and a fresh fruit french toast is $18. Here it would be outrageous to pay more than $10 for a breakfast entree

>> No.9741731

my butt hurts

>> No.9741735

A personal feel is when they make a long payment plan.. like two months for a $100 dress and miss payment dates here and there.. and then they complain on social media that i havent shipped it same day or the next day after their last payment, partically because vastly differnt time zones and my country has a ton of holidays for christmas and new years.

>> No.9741737

lol he made a thread on /fit/
an escaped moldovan sex slavemoved in with him

>> No.9741738

I stopped doing payment plans for anything priced $100 and under because if someone can’t manage to save up that amount for a luxury purchase, it’s likely they won’t manage to stick to the payment plan either.

>> No.9741740
File: 73 KB, 600x398, new_retro_collection-img600x398-1509764056ulv4zy4614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The more I buy burando the more I'm terrified of becoming a burando ita. I have to improve my hair styling and makeup skills, definitely, but looking at just the clothing itself, I feel like I'll never look the way I want to.

>> No.9741802
File: 48 KB, 492x449, 1514699697364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Decided to go to shitty Ohayocon because my friend got cheated on by his gf with one of our mutuals
>He wants to do an MHA group on super short notice


I like MHA but I expect there to be a fucking sea of MHA people

>> No.9741835

Probably, but if it's to cheer them up, I'd do it for a close friend.

>> No.9741844

Be the tape guy. No one's ever the tape guy and he's cool

>> No.9741848

I fucking hate cosplay. I hate what the community has become like. I hate every patreon thot and greedy photographer. I hate the circle jerking and shit talking. I hate the forced drama and competition. I hate how expensive it is. I want to quit. I've been here for years and years but I've had enough. Are there any chill hobbies that would fill the void? It seems like every fucking scene has the similar problems once you've been there long enough.

>> No.9741862
File: 17 KB, 405x289, 1514944579077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go through jacket patterns to modify
>Find the exact one the character uses
>mfw the pattern sizing begins in XXL
>I'm size XS

>> No.9741863

All humans are the same an they drag their shitty problems everywhere, Anon. Just stop associating with or looking at the worst parts of the cosplay community and you might find it does your heart a world of good.

>> No.9741891

All social hobbies are toxic.

>> No.9742009

Proof that "global warming" is a liberal lie
Trump 2020

>> No.9742091

>start new retail job
>manager often praises me
>yet still have hardly any shifts for this and next week
>seems to be the case for most new staff members, but some still have a decent amount of shifts

What the fuck, seagulls. /cgl/ related because I want to buy burando.

>> No.9742096

People generally are shitty and cliquish so you're not going to escape that in any social hobby. Personally I take great enjoyment from backpacking, which doesn't require anyone but myself. Just tell people where you're going and when they should expect you back and you'll avoid getting movies made from your suffering.

>> No.9742106

Me and 2 other friends just got lolita outfits for the first time recently and are going to go out in public wearing lolita next week
excited feels

>> No.9742127

>go to the movies
>3 itas walk in
>clearly don't know what they're doing
>one is overly excited and looks the worst
Why do these people do no research before putting together a coord?

>> No.9742136

>be me, lolita with various other weeby hobbies
>in various comms for lolita/ other hobbies
>tfw feels like i've made no friends
>tfw i just want to have genuine, nice friends who i can share hobbies with
>tfw people prove time and time again to be toxic

How do I join a niche hobby without everyone being toxic people? No matter how many scenes I enter, whether it be cosplay, lolita, the artist scene, furry fandom, they all seem to just either be not interested in making friends or are heavily toxic people who absolutely love drama. I'm not saying i'm above them or whatever bull, I literally just want to distance myself from people who genuinely revel in other peoples misfortune or like to stir shit. Why are people like this
also why are people moving away from faking being ''wholesome'' to now actually wanting to be ''my new years resolution is to be a bitch''
at least when they faked being wholesome i could pretend it was real

>> No.9742137
File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1452402052852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9742140

if you smell shit everywhere you go you should check your own shoe anon

>> No.9742145

They probably think you're autistic because you preface all of your stories with 'I'm me'

>> No.9742146

Out of curiousity, where do you sell your cosplays?

>> No.9742147

>start new food service job
>manager often praises me
>get paid significantly more than everyone else doing the same entry level job
at first my morality kicked in because i think they're all working just as hard as me, but burando.

>> No.9742150

I've never been involved in any drama, it just seems to happen around me
i feel like im the awkward person who just attends but no one really talks to, even when i try and engage

>> No.9742154

Out of curiousity, where do you sell your cosplays?

>> No.9742155

I'm hoping for cheerleader effect

>> No.9742162

>do convention artist alleys for a living
>have a bad falling out with an ex-friend
>she tries to get people to stop buying art from me because of the drama
>doesn't work
>decides this year that she'll get back into cosplay
>is planning on doing artist alleys again
I know it probably won't be a big deal as long as I'm not placed next to her or something but I'm not looking forward to running into her at cons... especially if she's going to post nasty shit about me online afterwards.

>> No.9742170

I'm currently so stumped on getting the pattern for a top im making perfect, so for right im giving up, making it as is, and going to revisit it later. Still feels bad tho

>> No.9742173

my wardrobe is growing but my social life is dwindling

>> No.9742218

I feel like everyone who goes to cons regularly has that one person that they have to avoid.
Strangely, I have an ex who I try to avoid since she lied about me harming her that actually bought something from my table once while I was away and a friend was at the table. Felt strange knowing she bought something from my table. She knew it was my table too.

>> No.9742252

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9742254
File: 457 KB, 692x1027, so-pretty-very-rotten-page-173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really feel the first two panels of this comic. I think I'm pretty when I look at myself, but I'm actually kinda old looking and I look really awful in photos even if my outfit is good. I can't afford plastic surgery or anything, so I'm really trying to be ok with not being pretty or even cute... But it's hard. Especially with how awful I look in photographs. Does anyone have any advice on how to pose for good group pictures or in lolita?

>> No.9742256

>store raised pay per hour significantly (over 2.00 usd an hour)
>start job right after the increase so I get it
>hardly any of the people working prior get the raise
feelsbad, but burando

>> No.9742257

Where is that image from?

>> No.9742259

me too man

>> No.9742284

Find your good angles. I took some time to figure out mine, but I noticed I look awful from my right side but pretty qt from my left. So now I only pose showing my left angles but life is hard when people take pictures of you from your bad ones without you knowing and post them on fb.. Sorry it's a bit more of a personal feel rather than an advice.

>can't wait to have enough money for plastic surgery

>> No.9742294


>> No.9742362

I might be you, becuase I feel the same. My advice from experience would be to be nice to everyone especially the snobs and use the kill them with kindness method that way you avoid looking like the asshole for not getting along with the fake girls. Trying to tell mods about their bad behavoir usually backfires as well so just try not to stir anything up so you can still go to meets and have fun with out creating any bad blood between anyone. It's better to have the comm be calm with fake nice than to have any kind of drama imo.

>> No.9742447
File: 841 KB, 450x254, wordforworddramaqueen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've never been involved in any drama, it just seems to happen around me
>i feel like im the awkward person who just attends but no one really talks to, even when i try and engage

I've known of a couple drama stirrers in my life and they always characterize themselves like that so maybe check those shoes

>> No.9742459


>> No.9742460

Ok lol

>> No.9742467
File: 25 KB, 217x329, sickofyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to think that, in the cosplay community, every girl is a DDLG and every guy is a siscon.

>> No.9742532

As some who's done cosplay, LARP and lolita, I'd say cosplay is the most toxic. LARP and lolita have their own shitty aspects but cosplay has a combination of those and then some. If you want to dress up but want to get away from the patreon thots and their thirsty neckbeard orbiters, try a fashion hobby. If it's the crafting you like and you want to get away from social media drama and popularity contests, try LARP or historical costuming. All social hobbies have their problems but not all are equally bad. It depends on the local community, too.

I'm excited for you, anon!

>> No.9742536

Read >>9740682. No one said "entire identity".

>> No.9742543
File: 15 KB, 300x300, DEwNHvaUAAAloL2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start talking to someone from cgl
>we get along really well, finally have a gull friend I can talk about lolita with
>suddenly it becomes apparent that they have developed feelings for me and they keep alluding to it

fuck, why does this always have to happen? I just want a platonic friend to talk about cute dresses with

>> No.9742546

I'm having a hard time deciding which dresses to sell to go to America visit my gf for the first time.
But also I'm kinda scared because if things go well in the future,I really don't wanna leave the Netherlands and live in the US,it's scary,and if I fuck up i'm done for.
But having to learn dutch (and possibly french) herself would be really hard and it would be hard for her as well.
I just don't know what to do gulls i'm scared...I haven't been this happy with someone since years

>> No.9742547

Offhandedly mention a bf even if you don't have one. On the other hand won't they see you posting here?

>> No.9742550

we've talked for quite a while and I told them I'm really not interested in relationships right now
I've been trying to avoid responding to their flirting because I thought maybe they would get the hint and let it be, but at this point it's just too stressful/awkward for me
I've never had the whole "let's just be friends" thing go well so I'm afraid it's just gonna end with us not talking anymore if I confront them, but I don't really know what else to do... so yeah, I suppose at this point it doesn't matter if they see this and actually figure it's about them

>> No.9742554

hope you don't get catfished, anon.

>> No.9742562

I know who this is. You should've just said something, gull! I wasn't going to throw a tantrum because you didn't reciprocate, make it awkward and block you or something, I'd still want you to just be happy and be your friend because I enjoy talking to you.

>> No.9742569

Moving from the Netherlands to the US would be a really retarded move unless you already have a great job lined up. I know people who've lived in the Netherlands for 3+ years and are getting by on English (as their second language) only, and they're doing fine. Practically everyone here speaks English and she's got you to help her.

>> No.9742576

If this is really you, thank you for understanding ;_;
I'm sorry I haven't been on much on discord, I've just felt awkward about the whole situation and have been really busy with work too, I'd really love to stay friends too!

>> No.9742580

anon if you arent part of the drama then you just need to sit back and grab popcorn. Thats probably the favorite thing about my comm. They smear each other publicly and share eveyrones secrets and i get to pretend i have no idea in person. However this does mean im not really friends or close to them.. were just chatty at meets and facebook friends.

>> No.9742586

Anon im basically your girlfriend. I moved to Europe from America. With the political shit going down itll likely be even harder to move to the US and ive heard its really hard as it is. Even as a white person who can intergrate themselves well..

However if you haven't talked about this with her, you might be screwing your relationship over. I knew i didnt want to stay in the US but a friend of mine was also international dating and after a year or so they realized they both didnt want to move away from their home country so it wouldnt work.

I would agree with the other anon that the netherlands is easier to get around with english. In my experience everyone seemed to speak english was open to it. My boyfriend also studied there for two years, never learning dutch but of course his native language has some overlaps but mainly got around with english....Meanwhile here, its not so easy.
Im very jealous that you can take her to meets, if you go to them, because im having a hard time integrating into my comm.

>> No.9742635
File: 1.07 MB, 1141x1141, next level cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no dutch gf

>> No.9742661

Me too anon

>> No.9742714
File: 463 KB, 608x624, 1496055759656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you really want to cosplay but you can't justify spending money on materials/clothes you won't wear outside of one or two cons a year

>> No.9742715
File: 92 KB, 397x345, fufufu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you successfully bait the thread derailer and get the thread back on topic
Just fuck right off, man.

>> No.9742726
File: 949 KB, 1334x750, deadontheinside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never really been part of an active comm but always would wear lolita out to class or on dates
>got married, switched classes to online and moved out to the country with husband
>don't go on dates very often now because money is a little short at the moment because of all the moving costs and fixing up our new house
>have nowhere to wear lolita now
The last time i was able to wear lolita was at a con in september. I miss wearing lolita to class all the time. I barely even leave the house anymore.

>> No.9742729

Just wear your frills indoors then. It's what I do when I have nowhere to go and miss dressing up.

>> No.9742730

are you me?? except i'm from belgium so i think they would have to learn both french AND dutch which is insanely difficult,add all the paperwork for that,the money needed,...
I just feel like it won't happen and it depresses me

>> No.9742790
File: 1.44 MB, 500x375, eeeeeeeee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your crush, out of nowhere, says they'd wear dandy if they could

waiting for an opp to go out with him in lolita. If it turns out he totally digs it, then I hope he dabbles in fancy fash and wifes me the fuck upppp

>> No.9742805

I'm really sick of people dragging me into their fights with attempts of making me side with them. I don't like either side but they both keep acting so obviously fake and it just makes me hate them more. You're both hated by the comm because you act like this then aggressively talk shit behind their backs.

>> No.9742812

HAH this is meeeeee

>> No.9742822
File: 23 KB, 640x360, 10455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fit all my burando with lots of room to spare
>eat sugar and fast food only
>can't remember the last time i ate something healthy
>feel chubby since i gained a lot of weight compared to last year
>can't justify dieting since i tell myself i can only eat stuff in amounts like this while i'm young
>too lazy to work out
how do you gulls find motivation?

>> No.9742824

try keto, carbs and sugars are addictive and make you eat more. With keto you burn fat instead of carbs, both helping you lose weight and making you feel full quicker and longer. When I started it a few months ago I immediately started feeling a lot more energetic

>> No.9742825

>she fell for the marriage meme

>> No.9742839

>diagnosed with several mental and physical illnesses over the last few years
>tried one million different medication combos
>finally found a good med cocktail
>almost like a normal person again!
>time to get back into cosplay!
>oh wait, I've gained 30 pounds and don't have a job
>cry and make slow, slow workout progress

>> No.9742850

just looked it up, the benefits look awesome. looking at all the restrictions, i don't know if i can jump into it right away considering i haven't eaten a raw veggie/fruit in months. good goal for the future though, thanks.

>> No.9742866

And me!

>> No.9742922

Jesus, what a nightmare

>> No.9742949
File: 78 KB, 480x640, 38eb82ebd87173bade91910491e4b59c--diary-of-dressmaking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet lolita on /cgl/
>click instantly
>feelings start to develop
>talk about meeting up and wearing matching coords
>she confesses she's a catfish and is actually a "he"
why am i so stupid. blinded by wanting a lolita gf.

>> No.9742970

>tfw people in the friend finder threads remove and ignore anyone who's male
>tfw you need to pretend to be a woman online just to find friends that share the same hobby as you
idk why this board is so infested with man haters, but it sucks.

>> No.9742971

did you ask him out after?

>> No.9742974

Anon please go to the grocery store and buy an apple or anything

>> No.9742985

>man haters
i've actually made some really good male friends on here. thing is, I'm 100% lesbian. the person knew that, and continued to encourage the idea of a possible more than friends thing. it wasn't the fact he was man, if he was open about it from the start i would have been happy to be friends (unless he's a sissy), it was moreso that he lied.

>> No.9742989

yeah, that's not my experience lol
from my experience, people who add you on here ask in the first few messages what your gender is, and if you say male they just ghost you
women here are fucking awful, most parts of lolita and cosplay are infested with sexist little man haters spreading a bunch of vitrol

>> No.9742990

regarding friend finder threads, i give every dude who talks to me a fair chance--it's just that the majority of the guys who've contacted me through here didn't have any /cgl/ hobbies or an inkling of interest in the things i liked whatsoever. i even specified not to contact me (regardless of gender) if we don't have any hobbies in common. wouldn't be surprised if they thought i was some kind of man-hater for not talking to them after they admitted we share 0 interests.

>> No.9742992

Unfortunately a lot of the dudes here are from shit boards like /r9k/. There's guys here who are legitimately into cosplay (and fewer who are legitimately into j-fash), as well as being very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject, but the robots looking for a cgl gf give them all a bad name.

That being said, I think it's usually easy enough to distinguish between these two sets of guys. Especially in the friend finder threads where the robots write "umm I went to a convention once" before proceeding to list a bunch of vaguely-related interests, whereas guys legitimately into /cgl/-related things will list multiple conventions they go to, costumes they've made, brands they like, etc.

t. male

>> No.9742995

Why would you want to try to make friends here if you think all the women hate you and why can't you just add the other men

>> No.9743003
File: 92 KB, 700x700, 1513371968622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>LARP and lolita, I'd say cosplay is the most toxic. LARP and lolita have their own shitty aspects but cosplay has a combination of those and then some.
Interesting, I've always found the LARP community to have issues I find more annoying than Cosplay or Lolita. The latter two are easier I think because you don't really have to interact with them beyond a superficial level most of the time. LARP probably because I'm American and if its not a ponzi scheme, its a dilapidated arena for adults to be whiners about not being the 'good guy' or the winner.

>> No.9743051

I'm speaking from strictly a lolita perspective, since that's why I'm here. I'm not against men, but I don't come on this board and go to the FF thread to talk to men (unless they're actually serious about wearing and discussing lolita. usually this is not the case). I'm not into cosplay. Most of the guys I've met on here are cosplayers who just stare at lolita photos from afar. I want to make other lolita friends on here, I have more than enough guy weeb friends.

>> No.9743057

>if you say male they just ghost you
Because men don't come to women for friendship, they use it as a foot in the door to try and get their dick wet, then chimp out when it doesn't work.
You brought this on yourselves by either crying about being "friendzoned" all the time, or boosting those who did and antagonizing the women who thought they could just maek friends. Eat shit.
J-fashion is a realm for girls who like girly things, as well as befriending other girls. Go befriend another guy who's into whatever you're into, this isn't for you.

>> No.9743067

Yeah exactly. I'd be fine with 'befriending' guys on here if a) they were actually interested in being friends and b) any of them actually wore J-fashion.
I'd love to have friends to talk about lolita with but whenever I posted in the FFs threads all I got were crossboarding guys who asked me for con/cosplay advice (even though I specified I do neither) or they were clearly thirsty and didn't even hide it.
It just gets annoying.

>> No.9743188 [DELETED] 

The last guy I added that I didn't meet first in real life went horribly. Things were dandy until they started messaging me saying they were drunk while repeating, "I'm trying to keep their hormones under control." I only began talking to them based of a mutual interest in nerdy stuff. This is the most recent example, but it gets disappointing after awhile. So disappointing you eventually just stop trying to make friends with dudes.

>> No.9743192

The last guy I tried being friends with that I didn't meet first in real life went horribly. Things were dandy until they started messaging me saying they were drunk while repeating, "I'm trying to keep my hormones under control." I only began talking to them based of a mutual interest in nerdy stuff. This is the most recent example, but it gets disappointing after awhile. So disappointing you eventually just stop trying to make friends with dudes.

>> No.9743218

Thissss. I've left out "no romance" due to complaints in the FF thread but specify that I'm not interested in cosplay or conventions. Still get messages from guys who have little in common with me and/or try to convince me to meet up with them at a con.

Sure I can chat about anime or vidya but I posted in this board's FF thread to find jfashion friends. The discords have been a (mixed) blessing.

Other cgl feels: I really am fond of all the friends I've made through this hobby. Wishing you all the best in 2018 <3

>> No.9743219
File: 862 KB, 500x280, natsume 01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw love and want to cosplay from 2hu but worried about attracting 4chan boys so don't
I'd be more okay with dudes from /cgl/ since this is a kinder board than others, but the love for Touhou spans across the entire site and pretty much everyone in this weeb hellhole goes to anime cons at some point.

>> No.9743221 [DELETED] 

I am going to BREED you cosplay girls one day

>> No.9743224

Just remove yourself from conventions and cut off toxic cosplayers?
I did that a couple years ago after some personal drama involving people from my local comm. Stopped attending cons and cut ties with several people, while continuing to cosplay with close friends for private photoshoots/meetups and alike.
Best decision I made regarding the hobby.

Alternatively, if you don't want to cosplay anymore at all, simply don't? It's not an obligation.

>> No.9743227

not really

also all the hardcore 2hu fans I know are either gay (assuming you're a girl) or are interested solely in 2d so don't worry

>> No.9743232
File: 58 KB, 1280x720, anohanafeels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have good friend
>Don't get to see friend much but did just have a trip with them in Japan and it was great
>Friend is super stressed out with work chaos and really needs vacation time
>Friend is at same con with me right now but is not answering my messages
>Friend only gets to see her girlfriend a few times of the year and is probably spending most of this weekend with her
>I totally understand friend needs this time to relax and be with gf
>Still really hurt that she won't even acknowledge my existence
>Ghosting hurts

>> No.9743236

>card keeps getting declined for closet child
>check bank
>plenty of money in my account
>call number on back of card aka call the bank
>tell them what's up
>verify my account and purchases
>"okay anon just try the purchase again you should be good to go!" thanks
>try again-declined. wait 15 minutes, try AGAIN, declined again
>call back and do whole thing over, they apologize again and say it should work now, I hang up
>still declines my card. wait 15 minutes, declined again

goddammit I hate bothering the poor people at call centers they're probably just as lost as me

>> No.9743241
File: 37 KB, 500x395, 1489619917390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>starting to get really good at cosplay and making cosplay friends
>same time starting 6 year schooling program that's going to limit my cosplaying, especially when I start rotations in a few years

It's not even a time issue because summer cons exist, it's all a "I can't buy this wig because I need textbooks and to make rent" issue.

>> No.9743245

Anon, if you're not in Japan, are you making the payment to CC through Paypal? I've never had trouble with payment when I select the Paypal option and then my card at checkout.

>> No.9743271

>The discords have been a (mixed) blessing
Tfw I'm only in one /cgl/ discord and it's basically dead now.

>> No.9743276

Yeah, I'm using paypal. That's what's so weird. I've bought countless things on Closet Child in the recent past. I called my bank a third time and they have no clue what's going on, they said there should be no problems on their end and could be a merchant issue.

Any other anons having trouble buying from CC?

>> No.9743284

>tfw I did this to someone
Man, fuck me; I am terrible

>> No.9743331

>look like a chad
>Stacies mire all the time
>Just want a gf to cosplay with who would be good company
>Every time I find a girl that's good company, I'm too worried about the rejection fucking up the friendship so I never make a move
>I'm not even shy around girls or anything, it's the worry jump from friend -> girlfriend that kills me
>This is increasingly gnawing away at me, and tinder sluts don't fill the void anymore

It's even worse after experiencing emotional shit, like I've started playing Fate/Stay a couple of days ago and I just want someone to be the Saber to my Emiya.

On a side note, Gilgamesh really does look like a character I'd want to do. Gotta look at how to form EVA armor

>> No.9743333


Med school?

>> No.9743336
File: 173 KB, 630x374, girugamesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9743340
File: 526 KB, 455x577, 1016301736391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw I'd rather do Archer but I'm too light skinned and I'm not as cut

>> No.9743341

iktfb. Having trouble finding a girl who shares or tolerates my interests. I deleted my tinder account because nothing good comes of it. The only nerdy shit I go out and do is sunday night 40k, which has little to no female population. Again though, I just need to find someone who is sweet and tolerates my fucking hobbies.

>> No.9743368

Gulls I really need help with this one. Do I message her and say I just need confirmation that she doesn't plan on seeing me at all this weekend?

>> No.9743370

Anon honestly I probably wouldn't message her. I think she just wants alone time with her gf. You just had a whole vacation together. She definitely cares about you but she needs time with her gf too, like you said they only see each other a few times a year and only have two days.

>> No.9743371

>tfw cosplay
Upvote if u agree

>> No.9743373

I'm more bothered that I thought we were good enough friends that she could at least give me a answer. Its souring my whole con experience wondering if I did something wrong.

>> No.9743377

Yep, pharmacy school to be exact. It's something I'm extremely passionate about and I'm super excited (I'm a tech right now), but there goes all my disposable income lol

>> No.9743387

She may be too busy with her to check her phone and probably isn't answering anyone else either. I highly doubt you did anything wrong

>> No.9743394

Seconding >>9743387 that it’s likely she’s just not checking her phone/messages at all, not ignoring you specifically. I used to have a friend who’d freak out and claim that I hated him if I didn’t check my phone for a few hours. It was extremely annoying. Please chill out and don’t take it so personally.

>> No.9743412

I like having shiny hair and I hate getting cavities.

>> No.9743416

How’d your speech go?

>> No.9743417

That’s great anon!! Have fun in your first Lolita outing, it will be a great memory!!

>> No.9743420

Just trying to put together a coord for an event, but it has been such a hassle...
>searching everywhere for loosely specific item
>find something on LM
>lose bid
>all the while searching elsewhere for backup
>request item off fril through tenshi
>she buys it for me the same day, no deposit
>grateful and surprised since its lucky pack season, tell her i'm ready for the invoice
>5 days later she tells me the seller has been unresponsive and may have to file a claim
>another 5 days i ask her for an update
>she filed a claim
>sus out whether its guaranteed so i can start looking to buy something else
>it is

>exact item pops up on LM
>make offer, everything's going great
>seller is super responsive and kind
>any sort of express shipping seems to be fucking expensive, like $80US
>regular might take too long
>seller mightn't be able to make it to a post office until monday due to bad weather and holidays
>is making extra effort to get to one sooner (bless)

>submit taobao order over 2 weeks ago
>1 item is kill
>1 doesn't have the colour/cut in stock
>back and forth a couple of messages to choose another
>then another item doesn't have my colour/cut
>what the fuck is even in stock here
>choose another, still kind of unsure if i'm even getting any of the correct colours as they were vague as fuck through translation
>hence ordering two
>finally ready to ship today
>taobao shipping options have no estimated delivery times
>two most expensive options had rough estimates
>not paying out the ass for uncertainty
>picked the cheapest shipping option
>another site says that option took 6-10 working days
>need all this stuff in just over 2 weeks

Welp, at least my aliexpress taobao resold shoes are going to be here on time. I should probably know to leave more time for taobao orders, but my last one went so much faster. On the positive, tenshi and the LM seller have been so kind and responsive to me.
I hope it all works out gulls ;;-;;

>> No.9743424

Slow and steady is really the way to go anon! I believe in you, just wait and see where you are a few months from now if you keep at it, you won’t recognize yourself!

>> No.9743428

forgot to write a tl;dr

>lose bid, then unresponsive fril seller, finally get the item on LM but face either slow or retardedly expensive shipping
>taobao stock fuckery delays shipment, shitty shipping options with vague or no estimated delivery

>> No.9743481

Expanding on this, the people in the Menhera discord server are pretty shit-tier.
This admin there talked casually about watching some drunk woman attack her dog with a broken bottle. She didn't even call the police, she just said "We're in front of a police station, so I think it will stop soon", then confirmed that no one came out to stop it.
She still didn't call the police at that point. She talked a lot about torturing hamsters in her childhood, too. I've never posted there once, just lurked for updates on stores, but it may be time to leave.

>> No.9743491

>look like a chad
>stacies mire all the time
from the perspective of a nerd girl, even people who look like chads are kind of a turn off. and all the other nerdy (but pretty cute) girls i know feel similarly and date smart-looking guys. you may have to turn down the chaditude for this pursuit.

>> No.9743514
File: 1.14 MB, 500x170, natsume 03.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding this >>9743491
While I no longer look like a frumpy nerd and have learned to dress myself well, I still have the typical low self-esteem of a nerd and an aversion to mainstream attractiveness. I only become uncomfortable and confused when a "chad" talks to me, and my instincts tell me to leave because I can't deal with the social butterflies/popular group. (Yeah, I'm trying to overcome it, but as a "chad" this is the kind of mindset you're having trouble with attracting.) Remember, most nerds were the rejected kids during their formative years, so someone who looks like they'd be mainstream attractive, popular, and well-socialized are seen as the antithesis to their existences.

>> No.9743530

Thirding but for a different reason than the other anon. When I was younger the “Chad”/ popular guys who were into sports would only ever be nice to me because they were planning to humiliate me and/or trying to get their dick wet (“alt girls are all sluts amirite bros??”) so even 5+ years later, when a guy like that chats me up I get suspicious and back out.

>> No.9743545 [DELETED] 

Then why don't you leave? No one would miss you.

>> No.9743548


I'm the original poster. To clarify, I'm not a "Chad", I just visually look (blond hair, green eyes, sharp chin, athletic build) and I give off the aura that I am one

My entire "would rather date someone with similar interests" issue is doubly compounded by me trying not to show off I like anime/cosplaying. It's something I bring up after I'm sure the other party is into it as well, since I feel like it's one of those hobbies that would be socially unacceptable for a finance student to have (given the huge amount of sportsball enthusiasts). I wouldn't be surprised if most cute girls into anime/cosplaying would also keep it secret (given how cringy 80% of the community is)

Puberty has been kind to me and I've started getting /fit/ (for myself, and to offset my nerd hobbies), but while I don't really care about the /fit/ pushing away the type of girls I would like, it still gnaws at the back of my mind.

One of my girl friends was super surprised when she heard I didn't have anyone, which really drove in that spike more.

Thanks for the perspectives gulls, I had a sinking suspicion that the "too attractive to approach" paradox exists

>> No.9743549

Then you should leave.

>> No.9743552

>Main comm changes to include general Japanese fashion with lolita
>Other comm is shitty and full of fat itas

Guess I'll just be a lonelita then

>> No.9743557
File: 25 KB, 361x330, 37ED709B-A893-4F78-AE52-DDE1AB8D6B65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cc is being raided. i want all robots to die in their sleep.

>> No.9743565

That's literally what I said. Keep up.

>> No.9743567

Aren't CC's mods pretty diligent? They'll be out on their asses soon.

You sound like the hamster torturer

>> No.9743571

>>Every time I find a girl that's good company, I'm too worried about the rejection fucking up the friendship so I never make a move
>>I'm not even shy around girls or anything, it's the worry jump from friend -> girlfriend that kills me
I feel this

>> No.9743583

They are, robot posts are deleted shortly after being posted, but they won’t quit(it’s been at least three days of this shit iirc). I think it’s scaring some regular posters away.

>> No.9743589

I just don't get them.
>screech at women for invading their spaces
>women fuck off and make their own
>these same males who were complaining about women follow them and shit the place up
I kind of wish I had the time and motivation to start a Discord server purely for girls on chan boards. I'd lock off the main channels to newcomers until I've verified they're female through voice chat or something.

>> No.9743594
File: 630 KB, 1533x1430, Neeya.full.977043[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I were a girl so I could cosplay Neya

>> No.9743596

Do it, anon

>> No.9743612

They enjoy ruining other people's things, plain and simple. Seriously just scum.
I wish lolita was more of a secret club sometimes.

>> No.9743634

Thank you! This really brightened my day!

>> No.9743670

>being a pharmacy tech
I’m so sorry

t. Former pharmacy tech

>> No.9743718
File: 37 KB, 600x338, original (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw all the girls from my small comm are a mess
>tfw can't even find any lolita friends on the ff thread
how did you gulls find other lolita friends? idec if long distance at this point

>> No.9743729

are you in the vetting discord?

>> No.9743741

Everyone is always doing some type of drug wether it’s alcohol,pills or weed.
T.exdealer some of the people I sold to were older people. A lot of the country club people bought coke from me and a friend.

>> No.9743876

>meet a girl at a con,perfect match
>she's apparently trans (mtf)
>feels uncomfy around trans people,think it's a mental illness and kinda shittalk Mtfs in general,...
>she's super different from those tumblr types and women fetishists (is serious about it but rarely ever brings it up,discreet,isn't overly feminine,...)
And the more time I spent with her the more i'm falling for her. Why am I suffering so much every time i fall for someone?
Why couldnt it be a "normal" girl? Even if she had her surgery i feel weird about it somehow. Like my lesbian badge is gonna get revoked and i'm disgusting for it (had a lesbian friend in the comm tell me i was "maybe bi").

And in other news,she asked me to cosplay with her,i felt so happy about it,my heart beats fast when she talks to me,...I'm so confused.

>> No.9743877 [DELETED] 

(Also she obviously passes btw,she just has a prominent adam apple but there's nothing else that really gives it away??)

>> No.9743886

You are going to cause problems for yourself dude, I promise this is likely to end in pain. Trans status aside, she’s got issues on top of that.

>> No.9743891
File: 309 KB, 1745x1080, 1512323547878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9743893 [DELETED] 

What kind of issues?
Honestly I think I love her but I've been raised to think trans people were just...you know. So it's quite a shock. I don't wanna cause her pain but I also don't wanna pass a chance to maybe get a really good match. We have so much in common.
Yet this one thing makes me feel uncomfortable because of what my lesbian peers and parents might say if they find out. I could put what i think aside,but i live in fear of what people are going to say it's dumb.

>> No.9743900

Has he been snipped yet? Mtf have so many gross issues down there after surgery.
Basically just a festering open wound for life.

>> No.9743904

guys do it too, but they're mostly just looking for girls in the same way. Bother genders in that thread are basically just thirsty as fuck for girls to post.

>> No.9743953


>> No.9743964
File: 606 KB, 440x237, 1509974200728.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you like her and she seems like a good person, you might as well date her. From what you said it doesn't sound like anyone would know unless one of you says something about it anyway. Also, no, you're not bi. You clearly see her as a woman, so you liking her seems pretty lesbian.
>Also, caring about your "lesbian card" being revoked when the vast majority of lesbians have dated at least one cis man before

>> No.9743966
File: 158 KB, 625x626, 20f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9743974

the vetting discord is cancer

>> No.9743978

>stating that transpeople have mental issues is bait now

>> No.9743980

You may have mistaken sissy hate for trans hate. They aren't the same thing.

>> No.9743984

How am I baiting? Mtf surgery means an open wound and constant visits to the doctor.

>> No.9743986

What does sissy hating have to do with calling posts stating that transpeople have mental issues bait?

>> No.9744001

Because issues with trans people has never really been a problem here, especially if we're talking about those who pass. It's usually sissies that pull off their outfits horribly and bring their fetish shit to the table that brings ire on /cgl/.

>> No.9744002

this. ACTUAL trans people that aren't tumblr freaks or sissies shouldnt be hated.
It's becoming such a meme.

>> No.9744003

>discovered my highschool best friend unfriended me on fb
It's a weird feeling after we drifted apart 3 years ago. I'll still have those con memories.

>> No.9744005
File: 678 KB, 500x748, mana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's not trans, but try to remember that one of the most iconic people in lolita is not a girl. There isn't issues with people who pull things off successfully.

>> No.9744007

Derp, that was meant for >>9743986.

>> No.9744013

Sissies who aren't even trans to begin with trying to force their fetishes onto unsuspecting people on /cgl/ or men attempting to pass for women within a fashion has nothing to do with stating that transpeople have issues, mental illness or that complications arise from having their cocks turned inside out in an attempt to recreate something resembling a vagina. You can say it's bait all you want, it doesn't make it any less true.

>> No.9744015

Tell me. How does it affect us? It really doesn't, at all.

>> No.9744020

>anon makes a post detailing a personal situation about how they're falling for a transperson
>people give their thoughts and opinions on the topic of transpeople
>omg how does it affect us? also here's some completely unrelated shit about sissies and a man in lolita fashion

>> No.9744023

Your lesbian badge isn't going to get revoked. You wouldn't even be attracted to them if they identified as a guy. I agree it might cause problems later on sexually just because you'd have to deal with the fact it's there. So, it might not be something you could get over. It's easy to ignore when you two are just hanging out, but when you all get dirty, it's going to be there even if they aren't using it.

Just take things slow and see where they go. If anything, they can be a great friend.

>> No.9744028

I just find it silly since everyone has issues in life. It not that avoiding trans people will avoid people with issues. You are the one who asked people to go back to tumblr. They called it bait since that's the last thing many would be thinking of here. It's not like people here are sheltered and don't know what the surgery means.

>> No.9744030

Plus, her issue isn't 'what are trans people like in your opinion'. It's that she is a lesbian and feels that it would conflict with her sexuality since there is, or was, a penis at one time. Her problem is, "I like vagina only, and this person I have a crush on has, or once had, a penis."

>> No.9744033

Dont worry anon, my bf is exactly like you - looks and acts like chad, but is really nerdy lazy weeb.
At first I didn't find him physically attractive at all (he is 6'3, well built, sharp features, conventionally handsome), I didn't think he'd be "my type" and that he had to be barking up the wrong tree with me but his perseverance and personality won me over and it was clear we had lots in common. Now i don't shut up about how good looking he is.
Just give your love interest a chance to see who you really are without pushing it on them too hard, and if the personality clicks then everything else will fall into place. You have to be quite open and fearless, but also meek as not to scare them away - i'm pretty sure if me and my bf met in any other situation we wouldn't be together or it would've taken a lot more courting and dicking around.

>> No.9744034

Seconding everything >>9744033 said
I'm also a finance student and I'm a weeb. I'm into jfash, not cosplay, but I've never gotten trouble for it and a lot of people like it. Quite a few of my peers watch anime or are super into vidya and related stuff. Cosplay isn't far off from those, so don't worry about it.
Showing off that side of you may make you seem less intimidating; I know that I'd be much happier talking to an intimidating looking guy if I knew we had similar hobbies and interests.

>> No.9744037

I am not sure whether this is belongs here in feels as it is just my opinion on this fashion or in the unpopular opinion?
>Menhera has always seemed kind of ridiculous to me and I don't know why you're surprised that a "fashion" that makes out mental illness to be kawaii with brightass colors and vague guro aspects at times attracts autists or other mentally unbalanced like flies to shit?

>> No.9744048

I'll be honest that I've never understood the push to make something out to be a community. It's not like a lolita comm or gal circles where people meet up and hang out. The thread always has salt because trolling. You are right, a fashion with heavy doses of negative and medical imagery is going to attract people with negative thoughts, sickness, and mental illness. Nothing wrong with people who don't fit with those things wearing it though, but it's true you are going to come across people who don't function normally.

>> No.9744049
File: 40 KB, 427x427, I&#039;ve had enough of these plebs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What an absolutely disgusting post

>> No.9744054

A someone with a mental illness, I completely agree. Menhera really creeps me out, because why would I want to flash around my deepest personal problems? I feel like a lot of the people it attracts really romanticise mental illness. I'm not going to go full Tumblr and say that it's "problematic" or whatever, but personally, I find that really weird and uncomfortable.

>> No.9744063
File: 239 KB, 1071x1500, cannibalcorpse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, there's the other end of the spectrum where people have dealt with society making the mentally ill out to be grotesque monsters. It's an alternative fashion for certain. Some people wear Cannibal Corpse shirts, and that's arguably bad taste. I guess it's a matter of perspective.

It really depends on if the wearer is able to draw the boundary that fashion is just a fashion. This kind of goes into mental hospitals advising kids not listen to music with depressing or violent lyrics. No, there's nothing really wrong with the music, but they advise abstaining from it in the event the person doesn't draw a boundary.

My main concern is I just sometimes get iffy when very young people express interest in the fashion. I don't think it's problematic, but I lean more toward the side that it is something adults should wear just because of the reason you stated about romanticizing stuff.

>> No.9744066

I got pretty excited over music ly youtube vids so I got the app and nearly every cosplayer that is somewhat decent and are obvs female claim to be male or genderneutral.

>> No.9744074

I wasn't sure if my thoughts on menhera would trigger anyone as that wasn't my intention. It is nice to know that people also have similar feelings in that regard though. What I mean to say is that I am not going to be surprised when a general fashion that is a little unorthodox attracts folks who are quirky or otherwise a bit weird is what I meant? What other people do in their fair time is their business. I wear lolita fashion which is cute and colorful and attracts younger types sometimes. Also weird people are into it occasionally and that sometimes can be embarrassing or an awkward conversation sometimes to have with friends or worse strangers broaching the subject. It happens but you can't allow everyone else to influence your feelings on something you personally like or enjoy. Idk went on a tangent there sorry but I hope everyone has a good day Happy New Year

>> No.9744078

It's not 'triggering' to discuss something. You didn't offend me, I was just offering a different perspective. Both sides have their valid points. That's why I brought up younger people since I am concerned they might be more prone to taking aspects from the fashion to make a personal identity. So, romanticizing things is a valid concern.

>> No.9744082


>> No.9744112

Motivation will come from habit, not the other way around. You need to brute force it for the first weeks/months. Then you start doing it routinely and feel strange when you don't work out.

>> No.9744116

Not a girl, but I find motivation to work out from anime/vidya. Like seeing the swole characters motivates me to lift. I keep picturing if my body would survive or at least endure some of the situations in anime/vidya, and it makes me want to be fitter. I could lie to say I want to not look like a pasty nerd, but that's not the strongest motivator.

I don't even really diet honestly, I just work out to balance out the junk food intake. I also binge my junk food, where I eat nearly all of my snacks in the evening (while watching anime)

The biggest trap is finding someone else to work out with. Don't do it. They WILL eventually stop, or take random breaks, and justify it, and you will feel like you don't have to go to the gym since they're not going. Make sure your motivation is from within.

>> No.9744127

wow who hurt you anon

>> No.9744135

it's not about motivation because that is fleeting, it's about discipline.

>> No.9744143

Anon you nasty ita fuck. Lace on a hem is supposed to be gathered

>> No.9744144

my hair is shiny and thick and i haven't had a cavity since i was little since i take care of both
yeah i'll probably have to just kick myself into changing now instead of always saying "later"
thanks for sharing. yeah, won't work on me since i have no interest in muscles. actually, working out kind of scares me since i don't want to end up with muscular looking arms or legs. i'm still a us size 1 in jeans (used to be smaller than a 00) and i know even if i get back down to my "normal" size, my waist will never look like animu girls. but finding inspo is a good idea, i'll probably try to find some soon.

>> No.9744145

Yeah, this. My Bros and I buttfuck each other while identifying as girls, so it's not gay. I suck her feminine penis (no homo) so it's fine.

>> No.9744146

the strange thing is, i'm really good with discipline when it comes to studying, spending, planning, etc. my diet and lack of work out is the one thing i can't seem to find motivation to even want to discipline myself for. it's hard because with the other things, i can see direct consequences and know the impact. with diet, it's like, i can see the weight gain and i know of what could happen, but then i see all these obese people around me and think i'm okay. my health seems to be fine too.

>> No.9744156

I have enough money but live in the middle of nowhere and have seen bad plastic surgery walking around (Michael Jackson noses, very wide apart boobs) Wish I were in California or Jersey or somewhere this were more acceptable because I'm afraid to have it done around here

>> No.9744166

>I have enough money
then travel to get the ps anon?

>> No.9744270

Getting time off at my job is a bitch. I can get a couple days here and there but not enough to really travel. Even at Christmas I only got four days in a row

>> No.9744463

>crush on qt lolita girl who joined comm recently
>asks her if she wants to go somewhere, just the two of us
>"a d-date?"
I replied back laughing and then we made plans. I know it was a lighthearted joke but i'm dying to ask if she's lesbian and single. I feel like she's not and I'd just creep her out, though.

>> No.9744470

>pmed a girl to buy something from her fb album
>"let me get you a shipping estimate!"
>days later, no response to another message
oh well

>> No.9744471

I want to die

>> No.9744478

a large number of women and some men who claim to have the same hobby as me, but are only looking for women and 100% not men

>> No.9744510

You’d need more time than that for the recovery alone even if you did it locally. Even relatively uninvasive surgeries need like a week of recovery time.

>> No.9744519
File: 50 KB, 225x300, B5406FD6-8905-4AD3-8060-438FC170CE67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you one of those newbies who thinks insulting people will make you look more knowledgeable and experienced?

>> No.9744570
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So you can live the lesbian seagull dream AND make kiddies later if you want?

what is supposed to be the bad part of this

>> No.9744606

why are these threads so slow¿

>> No.9744607

I mean
She probably can't make kids
99% of trannies in the US are sterile due to the drug they prescribe for anti-androgen

>> No.9744614

hideous shoes

>> No.9744619
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I hope this kind of feel is on-topic (although let's be honest, 90% of these threads aren't anyway.)

I'm finally getting ready to move out and have started collecting bits and pieces of nice old furniture. Finally all those years of lurking room threads will come to fruition! I would've actually posted in one of those, but there isn't one up atm.

Also I got this huge corner cabinet (meant for a tv?) that I'm going to turn into a soft hidey-hole for my cat, who is skittish and likes to hide when people visit. Gonna put tiny battery-operated fairy lights in it.

>> No.9744624

that's such a cute idea for your cat! I always love it when people make some interesting furniture for their pets

>> No.9745042
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I'd check it though, maybe if she jerks off and saves the sperm, it can be used later
they should just be lesbian to each other

>> No.9745596

i think about this at least once a week. i sent it to a friend once and they didnt get the same joy of it as i did

>> No.9745597

i swear you posted this, image and all, months ago. is this a pasta?

>> No.9745627

she is. kiss her faggot

>> No.9748866
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>tfw my voice isn't sexy enough