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What promises do you swear you're going to keep this time?

Gonna tell your Senpai how you feel?
Watch your biscuit intake at the next meet?
Are you going to pinky swear to buy something during one of VM's MTOs?

Share your New Year's resolutions!

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Actually become a lolita, finally. And lose 40 pounds

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Actually cosplay and wear lolita.
I haven't done a serious cosplay in around 5 years and have been admiring people who wear lolita for at least 3 years.
My current cosplay plan is 50% done and the ouji outfit I ordered arrives in a few days and I just need to get some matching accessories.

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I'd recommend that you lose the weight first before deciding what pieces to buy. Of course most stuff has ease of fit built in through adjustable shirring and the like, but it's definitely hard to predict your measurements if you intend to lose a fairly significant amount of weight. I'm rooting for you! Lose that weight and become an amazing lolita!

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I'm gonna sell off all my sweet pieces and transition into being the big tiddy gothic lolita I'm meant to be. I'm also not gonna buy shit that doesn't match anything I currently own, unless it fits the previously stated goal.

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A full-length Dracula-worthy cloak for my every day wardrobe.

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Best resolution.

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Im going to buy more burando

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I lost a lot of weight last year so this year I want to slim down the flab that is left and become a tiny bit more toned.
I also want to wear jfash more often and save up for a trip to Japan!

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I'll be rooting for you! I'm making my goal for this year 60lbs down. I've lost 40 in the past 7ish months so I think it's achievable. I'll still be overweight but I don't want to set myself up to fail. Long term goal is to get in shape enough to wear the fashions I love (Mori and Lolita) and cosplay.

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I have quite a few goals this year but my main ones are:

1) Lose enough weight to fit more comfortably into my brand and also banish my boobloaf for good!

2) Transition my wardrobe entirely to lolita, otome and a tiny bit of mori.

3) Save up enough for my upcoming trip to japan

Good luck to everyone in achieving their goals!

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Same but transitioning fully to classic. I like sweet but feel ridiculous when I wear it, so I might as well sell these clothes to someone who will actually wear them.
>tfw 2018 was going to be the year I started buying more VM

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Same. RIP our hopes and dreams

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I’d like to get better at wearing makeup, it’s something I never really learned how to do when I was a teenager.

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The same stuff for me! I'll order my first piece next week!(rn I fit the max measurement)

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Stop buying things other than shoes and bags from taobao.
It's a let down quality wise for me pretty much everytime, it's been a waste of my money cause each time I order there I spend like $300,- minimum.

Moar black, black colorways (prints incl.) are my favorite and my go-to, easy to coord and I feel comfy wearing them.
All my other stuff gets neglected, why do I even have it?
It will also make my wardrobe much more cohesive, which is nice.

Sell off pieces in styles or colors that I simply never wear, will probably sell them at a loss but at least I can invest in new things I *will* wear.

Hunt down more wishlist and dream items, found a few last year which made me very happy!

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>Seeing my gf (she's in america,i'm in the netherlands) for the first time
>Try and sell some pieces to go even more toward old school
>Buy a bit less pastels (but we all know i just can't leave it because it's too damn cute) and more dark colored pieces
>Get better at makeup and hairstyling

Good luck everyone! We can make it!

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That's what I'll do, I just really worded it poorly

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I'm like 5 feet tall and like 142 pounds and I want to get to at least 100, but preferably less

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Happy New Years gulls!

2017 was pretty shitty to me, so I’m hoping to pick up the pieces and make 2018 my bitch.

I managed to tick off a bunch of dream dresses of my list this year, and am pretty happy with all my main pieces now. This year I’m going to work on filling the gaps, which includes buying more shoes, accessories, blouses and cardigans.

I’m also looking into using my natural hair for more of my coords, so I want to learn how to style it in different ways. It’s still a little on the short side so I’ll have to wait for it to get longer before I can do anything fancy.

I’d like to knock off a few cm off my waist. I fit brand just fine but I find that some older pieces I’ve admired are right at my exact measurements, and I don’t want to squeeze myself into anything and be uncomfortable.

Let Mana bless us all this year.

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You can do it! I'm 5'7" and way more than I think I should say on here. So far the best thing keeping me going is just remembering to celebrate little victories and not get defeated if I have weak moments. I've gotten into meal prepping for the work week and it's helped so much.

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Last year I splurged like hell, probably added about 20 to 30 dresses my wardrobe. I'm going to try and do a wardrobe post, and hopefully I'll be able to choose just to sell because I think I have too many. Want to buy less this year l.
I'd also like to lose ideally 5 to 10 pounds, if I really push myself, 15.
Here's hoping, good luck everyone.

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I decided to have a motto to live by this year. "Do it for the brand". Lose that weight for the brand, advance in my career for the brand, make that sweet brand money, etc. Looking forward to 2018 and all the goodness it has to offer! Happy New year, gulls!

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Good luck! I dropped 45 last year, and I still have 25 pounds to go myself. If I can do it, then so can you!

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Same here!! Good luck to you and all of us in the same road!!

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>cut processed sugars and dairy out of my diet
>get down to 92 lbs
>tone up so i’m not flabby

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I support you in following your dreams, but that's a pretty low weight anon...please make sure that's a healthy weight for your height before you do anything too rash.

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what if anon is like 5'0"

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Certainly not impossible, which is why I didn't say "that can't be a healthy weight" but instead suggested they make sure.

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I think mine is the same. I always get so intimidated when I go to do my makeup for cons so I usually end up doing none. Then I look at my cosplay photos and cringe.
Does anyone have any basic makeup tutorials they would recommend?

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I can't stand much makeup on my face so I just do a very basic thing to perk things up.
>Moisturiser, wait until it dries
>Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes
>In a triangle shape coming to a point, beat it in with a beauty blender
>Tiny bit of Barry M kohl eyeliner on the outer corners of my eyes smudged a bit with a brush
>Benefit They're Real mascara
>Peachy blush on the apples of my cheeks
>Burt's Bees lip balm because my lips get dry
If you have clear skin you don't need much more unless your cosplay is a character with really OTT makeup in canon.

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Staying away from con drama

Not letting hoes play me

Getting a virtual gf

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>go on a holiday to Japan
>find a bf who's willed to spoil me with burando
>lose 5-10kg

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-reach 50 main pieces this year, shouldn't be hard since i'm at 43 or so
-let myself buy newly released items (that aren't always main pieces) more often. i can afford it but i always stop myself because i'm like, $150 for a blouse? but stuff like that is harder to find secondhand so i need to leap on the opportunity
-start a crafting/lifestyle blog of some sort, or at least share more of that side of myself with others
-dip my toe into classic a tiny bit to see if i like it
-incorporate my naturally curly/wavy hair into my coords instead of feeling like i need to straighten it to look presentable

my wardrobe blew up in 2017 and there's really not many gaps to fill or dream items left despite being involved in the fashion for only a year. hopefully more interesting goals present themselves later.

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My past goals have always been attend half of the meets, which was hard in the past with working retail and always on the weekends.

New year, New comm, This years goal is to make it to 1 comm event not counting convention meet ups and bigger state or country events and to dress up in a full coord and post online at least 6 times this year.
Also lose 5-7kg or be fit/thinner regardless of weight

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Here goes!
-lose as much weight as I can but safely (no slipping back into ED habits)
-be the best dressed girl in the comm
-wear lolita out casually more
-obtain a more cohesive wardrobe - right now I have all my dream dresses, but I don't really have many things that are interchangable.

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I'm going to take my gf to an anime con :D

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Not to buy so many main pieces and actually finish most of my outfits.
My wardrobe is currently:
2 x OPS
3 x JSKS
3 x Skirts

But 1 jacket, 1 bolero, 2 bags, 3 pairs of shoes and an array of small headpieces and jewelry.
I got really set on building a good wardrobe quickly but forgot how important accessories are.
I can only do four outfits, and most are very similar...

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Why the fuck are there this many fatties on /cgl/? Disgusting.

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I'd love to see what you look like anon.

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I bet they're obese and just projecting :0

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At least they are doing something about it.
They can lose weight, but you probably can't fix your ugly personality.

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There's nothing wrong with my personality, I just think fat people look gross and should stay away from anything that draws attention to their appearance.

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This desu. People who fail to live a healthy lifestyle have failed as human beings.

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I hate fatten as much as the next person, but I'm over weight, really trying to lose weight and not wearing lolita or doing cosplay while over weight soo...

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Don't worrry anon, It's only around 5 lbs lower than what I already am, and I lose weight healthily (aka not starving myself or puking my food out).

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My big goal is no more main pieces until I can successfully create 2 different coords per piece.

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>Lose weight, exercise more
>Take better care of my skin and hair
>Wear more jfashion
>Not let my cosplans fall through
>Attend at least one out of state/area convention

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i-is it too late to make resolutions? I forgot to

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>own at least one piece from cirith ninniach
>shift normie wardrobe towards larme kei/otome kei
>more brand blouses + accessories

boyfriend also said to me last year "you're not a brandwhore until you wear a brand outfit (which he defined as brand main piece + multiple brand accessories) for 7 days in a row" so i guess there's that.

last year my nyr was 60cm waist but i love food too much
anyways maybe try to eat healthier this year... i am petite but fucking unfit as hell.

nah go for it don't be a weiner, anon
how you gonna achieve goals if you don't make em?
the first step to getting your shit together is to make plans to get your shit together.

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Get a gf at Katsucon. I had a few conversations with girls at Otakon, but I'm gonna man up and ask for some phone numbers.

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No I’m making mine today too because I was on vacation all these past few weeks lol. It is never a bad time to resolve to better yourself!

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I gained about 20lbs from medication so I'm looking to get at least that off. I told myself no buying any new clothes until I get the flab off so that's my motivation.

I sunk into a really deep depression last year so this year I also want to love and take care of myself more too.

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> lose weight
>Get fit
> Get a better job
> Make more cosplays instead of buying them.
>Ask out my crush because I'm sick & tired of having a crush for over 3+ years..

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Until this fucking Rin cosplay fits me I won't be happy

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>Stop needing sleeping pills to sleep
>Stop needing heaps of caffeine to stay awake
>Cut back on sugar. But ditching caffeinated drinks will save me about 4000 calories a week.
> Lose weight. Trying to cut back on snacks too. The rest of my food is cooked from scratch so I know if I cut snacks out I'll be able to improve. 5'4 and 74kg trying to get down to 60 this year.

>Stress less about cosplay. Just make whatever I want in the best way possible and stay out of the surrounding drama.
>Improve wardrobe. Slowly faded out of lolita over the past few years, and I have just worn jeans and tshirts for 2 years and it's boring and sad. Even if it's just wearing shorts with cute tights or bothering to style my hair. Just take pride in my appearance again.

>Fight the depresso and get my life into a place where I'm happy with it.

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>Finish half made projects. I keep getting halfway, getting bored and jumping onto something new. I must have 4 half finished WIP by now.

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Start cycling. I am also petite and love eating, I don't enjoy exercise routines or gyms but this has helped me tremendously. (You won't lose that much weight I have to say, but it does keep you trim)

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>Wear lolita more often and more casually
>Cut out pants from my wardrobe unless they are necessary
>Don't buy any more main pieces; buy accessories and items like boleros and socks
>Make coords with more interesting details
>Make more handmade pieces and actually wear them
>Sell my ugly old Bodyline stuff

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Make my Lolita Wardrobe cohesive.
And what I mean by that is I have plenty of pieces to work with, but I need to commit to working on making them all functional. Case in point; I bought a bodyline dress because it had a dusky rose base with fern green and mustard yellow in the floral print. It fits great, but I bought it at a discount (total cost: $10) because it's zipper was broken. And then I... never got around to replacing the zipper. I also have pieces where I bought them knowing they needed a bit more embellishment. Like a chiffon top with awesome Victorian sleeves but the neckline was plain. I have the lace collars to sew onto such things... I just... Forgot to actually sit down and do it.

So every time I get ready for a meet I open my closet and am like "yay! I have all this to choose from!" but then after a moment I remember half of everything needs a little TLC before I can actually wear it in public.

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its so nice to read your resolutions! although as a former anorexic i think its sad they are all about weight, haha. move on guys.

this year i want to:
create a photobook with some of my fondest lolita memories, like friends, cute foods, nice sunsets etc.. things i connect to . my lolita lifestyle.
maybe even keep a little photoalbum of my coords, what i liked about them, what i could do to improve them so it may help me to grow as a lolita, but also be cute memories to keep!

i smoke weed on a daily basis for my insomnia but i have already cut back on it and will quit this habit completely, this will also stop the munchies so i will start loosing some weight again.

i will practice on feeling comfortable with less make up and my own hair instead of big eyelashes and wigs, so that i can wear it and still feel cute at work etc.

i will try to start up my youtube channel a bit more and interview other lolitas on it about their views of the fashion, trends, pet peeves etc...

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>It's a let down quality wise for me pretty much everytime
Are you buying brand and cotton, or just anything that looks pretty on pictures? Yes, Taoabo has brands.

>> No.9747337

Are you me? My closet is chockablock with "projects."

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Alter my brand to fit me...I never plan to sell any of the pieces and it's just small things like adding buttons to the straps to make them shorter but I'm having a really, really hard time taking that first step.

>> No.9747412

Why not just move the buttons that are already sewn on the straps? Don't think about it too much, brand isn't community property, they're your clothes and if altering them makes them fit you better then by all means, do it.

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>Get at least one of top dream items (there is 3 left)
>Learn how to do dark EGA style makeup
>Get better at makeup in general
>Start youtube channel finally
>Finish filling in the gaps of my wardrobe.
>Move in with my EGA boyfriend and build a dream dual wardrobe with him.
>Continue learning Japanese

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>mending, washing, general wardrobe upkeep.
I've gotten a bit behind in my sewing especially. So many buttons I need to reattach. And a few pieces that need to go to the dry cleaners.

>take coord pics. Additionally figure out how not to look awful in them.
Swear to god I am incapable of taking a decent photograph. I'm so painfully unphotogenic I make myself cry.

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>work on overcoming my ongoing struggles with an ED so I don't spend my trip to japan and other traveling times this year being an antisocial bitch over food or spend a ton of time in toilets
>try and be more outgoing at cons and actually talk to people who approach me
>try and walk in a fashion show

I've decided 2018 is the year I want to stop hating myself so fucking much.

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I was going to use the extra buttons they give, that are sewed onto the tag of the dress. I’m going to finally do this, thanks for the encouragement. I think I spent too much time browsing secondhand sales thinking “what if I need to sell?” asking questions for no reason.