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New year edition!

Let´s kick off the new year, self-post your profiles, discuss and analyze your top 9s, simply vent, and give constructive critique so we can all improve for next year!

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No offense but why keep making these threads? Each one always ends up with vendetta posting, shooping accusations, etc.

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For the followers anon, and the juicy drama that's harder to get in on unless you're in the right story at the right time.

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Well I'm actually a different anon than the person who made the last ones, but I feel like the threads sometimes have good and interesting discussion too!

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this, and I have found great accounts to follow before

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>juicy drama
What ever happened to watching soap operas and not harassing people you don't know?

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If anyone wants to follow a boring, swedish brolita or just come tell me to kms. I wear classic mostly, occasionally post other stuff.

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I would if you didnt post so much random normie shit too, you seem cute

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I really hate that most gulls are like you.

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This sort of attitude is why I never post mine in threads. I know my IG is an ugly mess of lolita and random shit, and I don't want to manage a separate account, so it all goes into the same one.
>Also I'm a total hypocrite, I mostly try to follow people with cohesive accounts despite my own messiness.
>I also don't post it because I'm not very cute and I sometimes overindulge in Meitu.

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No one's forcing you to follow me, salt-chan. Thanks for looking at least, lol.

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Banter aside, this was meant to be a lolita only account and I think I'll try to stick to that from now on.

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>I also don't post it because I'm not very cute and I sometimes overindulge in Meitu.
This. Even just putting a filter over my photo leads to salt-chans commenting about how I use meitu as if I'm wiping my entire face off and shooping a new one back on. It's not always that dramatic.

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If you still wanna post normie stuff maybe do it less often or take advantage of the slide feature? Just an idea

However, if one is trying to gain a following, consistency is key

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you look good. are there anymore brolita instagrams like yours??

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You can put normie stuff like that on your story if you still want to post it...

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Hey, thanks! I can tag the other active swedish brolitas, we've got one for each substyle anyway. I lean towards classic, @sorgevinter is our resident goth/old school and Moitie lover, and I am forever jealous of how good @fisksamlaren is at sweet and old school.

Yeah, the normie stuff is going on the stories from now on.

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Guys, I need help since the past two or three instagram updates my likes and new followers got to a bare minimum. I'm at 2.4k but it seems like only accs with 8k plus get decent likes. But then I see accounts with half of the following as mine who get 300+ likes on everything they post. How does that work??

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I agree with this, if I follow you for style, I want to see style

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I can't use Instagram because of pic related. Do any freedoms-respecting alternatives exist?

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Mine is @tloyou
I mainly post about beer, but I post occasional cosplays/crossplays. Feel free to critique them as well since I always want to get better

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people may just like their photos/style more.

reach is shit right now, you could try joining a commenting pod to get more reach and interaction

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Anyone have any cosplay pod recs? I'd like to join one but am having a tough time figuring out the search terms to find one on FB or Discord.

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Cosplay and butts ngl

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You just do what anons tell you? Why are you a push over?

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My photographer shared me to @theartofcosplayofficial i'm happy

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Why do gulls hate good ramen pics?

>> No.9734099

Because we can't eat, silly. Gotta be thin.

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Awesome anon! I saw your cosplay on the Dutch thread. Hope you got some nice exposure and followers from this!

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Does anyone know how the popular posts when you search tags works? Sometimes I see posts in there with just 40 likes, while mine has hundreds. Or I see posts that are ancient. I get the same when I am not logged in.

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He's free to keep posting shit no one wants to see, but if he wants more followers it makes sense to listen to what people are saying about his content.

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How does one go a out finding a comment pod? I'd love to join a j-fashion one, but have no clue where to look, since it's such a niche interest.

>> No.9734726

I found one from a past Instagram thread here!

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Not a big account, but I post jfashion. I've been thinking lately of posting short (Instagram length, so 1min) videos of me singing covers of jpop etc while in jfashion. Is that something you'd be interested in on insta or would you rather that kind of thing stay on YouTube? Most of my friends keep up with insta way more than YouTube and I like that it would keep my clips short... but I'm assuming most people don't watch videos with sound on.

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I personally hate singing videos on Instagram but a lot of people enjoy them

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Self post, looking for more idol cosplayers to follow, especially [email protected] ones! Happy New Year!!

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Recommend some good Lolita insta Anon. Don't have to post yours.

I'm turbo new to the fashion, are there any token Lolita accounts I should check out?

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It's your account and you can post whatever you want. It's not like your getting paid for content desu

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I mainly post selfies and fashion pics lately

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Having only lolita stuff on it will help me as well though, since I won't have to wade through all my normie shit to get to the coord pics. The account was supposed to be more of a library for coords I like, just got caught up in the "new social media account" craze. Not looking to be famous or get paid, just want opinions and concrit desu.

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>needing people on 4chan to like you

>> No.9734988

I think it's based on what you click and what you post, also who you're following
It's weird for me too

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same i don't like them but I agree, others like them. Instagram really loves to see talent

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I'd like to know that too, I once used unpopular tag and it went straight to top posts without any likes. It only had 4 tags and was picture set with 2 pics, maybe those had something to do with it since I hardly use the app?

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I post brolita and general crossdressing.

>> No.9735065

My account is only a few months old with a couple of hundreds of followers, but I get a good amount of likes because most of the accounts that follow me are still active while some accounts with twice the amount of followers are much older than mine so a lot of their followers might not use insta as often anymore.

I checked incognito and I still see posts that are weeks old and with an okay amount of likes in there. On one tag I see two blurry posts with not even 40 likes.

>> No.9735104

I'll check it out, thanks
Do you know any cosplayer page in it?

>> No.9735130

You're pretty but please learn to do different facial expressions.

>> No.9735132

you can always store the normie pics in your archive to clean up your feed

>> No.9735142

No thanks!

>> No.9735272

>wanting followers

>> No.9735309

Ahhhh I know, I feel like I get nervous and then my face goes derp so I’m working on a more idol-ish (?) smile that I can rely on for photos

>> No.9735397

try to work on a bigger variety once you get your nerves down. it will help your feed look more interesting.

>> No.9735404

I'll try that, thanks anon!

>> No.9735525

but from 4chan specifically? They can get followers elsewhere. Needing to appease people here is sad.

>> No.9736219

Looking for any new members?

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Some folks I follow:


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cgl apparently means something very different on instagram than it does here.

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No shit newfag.

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I followed a couple brolitas here and I really liked their stuff.
I've only been wearing the fashion for a year and I've archives most of my Lolita attempts @pineapple_keks

Feel free to leave concrit.

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sorry that I'm new to learning of dd/lg relationships?

>> No.9741853

Let me tell you all about that,bud

>> No.9741907

I'm not into jFashion so I cant give the best concrit, but I would say I prefer seeing the cords on you (like those mirror selfies) instead of just lying on your bed!

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Man, I am so sick of fake followers. To be happy when I get a good amount after I post something only to see decreases the days following.

>> No.9741973

This or people who follow and unfollow you repeatedly.

>tfw really good cosplayer who makes amazing costumes follows you and then repeatedly follows and unfollows you

>> No.9742026

Especially shops, I have one who has done that 3 times. There is also a person I know who doesn't bother posting anything but still and unfollows hundreds of people per day in order to get followers. With shops they are at least selling shit. She doesn't even keep most of them because people who follow her back do the same to her.

>> No.9742040

What's the difference between editing photos on VSCO vs preview? I am following one tutorial to get my Instagram more coherent, but it's kind of a pain to edit on vsco, transfer, then have to transfer again if something doesn't seem right. Do I lose quality if I edit straight on preview?

>> No.9742045


God I'm retarded. I meant cohesive but you get my gist.

>> No.9742049

I hate shops that do this. Yes I noticed you the first time, good job showing your hand so I’m annoyed enough to never buy from you. Very smart.

>> No.9742061

i'm in love

>> No.9742064

There are a couple that actually stuck around and actually occasionally like stuff. I'm still not going to buy stuff, but at least they didn't make me hate them.

>> No.9742326

I get this too from a LOT of Taobao/Aliexpress reseller shops. The best part is that it's most likely because I use #Taobao on my posts.
Do these shops really think that I'm going to buy their overpriced stock when I clearly know how to use Taobao?

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File: 395 KB, 1320x1773, A47E173E-C62C-4FD0-81B3-91FC3F07CD22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t post as much lolita as I used to but I’m pretty consistent in only posting my sewing projects. It’s a mix of costume, vintage-y stuff, lolita, and party dresses.


>> No.9742366


Are you the chick who posts normie clothes on reddit all the time and people gush over it?

>> No.9742367


I answered my own question. Yes you are.

>> No.9742382

I'll try to keep my floordinates to a minimum. But it's a good way to get a good idea on how well the look flows.

You're too kind. Thank you.

>> No.9742384

Same. I hate when shops follow you. It makes me not want to tag anything.

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Fairly new to photography here.
If you're going to an east coast con pls do a photoshoot with me I want more experience and practice. Might also go to AX and Acen.

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they use bots. I wish IG would do something about it, I mean they have but it's still not enough. Also people don't really bother to explore hashtags like they used to or check you out if you're featured... what to do? :( PS I'm a cosplay account

also did something happen in past few weeks because my reach dropped significantly

>> No.9743261


Los Angeles Based. Going to a lot more cons this year.

>> No.9743734

I'm >>9741973 and yeah I'm pretty sure she uses a bot because she follows and unfollows 20-30 people a day. It's quite shocking because she really is a good cosplayer who's won many awards and competed at an international level too.

>> No.9743832

I usually block cosplayers who do that to me, because to me it just shows how fake they are.

You can't even tell you're new! Your style is really pretty. My only advice is (at least for instagram) square photos get more interaction, so if you can you should start using less whit borders. This means you'll either have to crop your photos, or during photoshoots take a few pictures with a square resolution in mind

>> No.9743955

Just that vsco has more filters and options. Vsco used to double as preview,but the update they did months ago fucked that up

>> No.9743975

I like VSCO for the filters. You have to pay for most of them but you can still get free ones. If you don’t want to pay for extra filters, it might be easier to just use preview.

I use vsco and I bought all the filters they had at the time (there’s new ones now that I haven’t bought, and probably won’t). I purged my instagram a while back (if any of you see a empty, faceless profile following you, it’s me lol) but I have an Instagram for my dog and I edit her photos on it.

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Self post, just started cosplaying and new to insta

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File: 30 KB, 768x231, Hinachi_cosplay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self post.
I do ahegao and all around cosplay lewdies, and occasional cute photos.

>> No.9747994

Ew, fuck off

>> No.9748003

You mad, you'll never be popular or loved?

>> No.9748007

>only 1000 followers


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>2 weeks of making account.
Hmmmmm :)
Also if you only know love in the context of followers, that kinda explains why you're so mad at someone else's decisions.
Mommy didn't hug you enough as a baby?

>> No.9748033

buy more

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Some accounts I really like! Sorry for awkward collage my phone is being a p.o.s rn. I'll post my own account in a bit.

Does anyone frequently use the archive feature? How do you decide what to archive? I have posts that got a lot of likes but look like shit on my page, and posts that fit my page well but didn't do so hot.idk if people really care about a cohesive page or not except for when they are first deciding to follow...I don't tend to visit peoples profile after I've already followed them unless they are a friend!

>> No.9748058

Buying? Nah. It's called putting out content that people actually want. :)
Jealousy isn't a good look on anyone.

>> No.9748064

Hey, just saying it's maybe not the best idea to act like a cunt after giving everyone your social media account?

>> No.9748066

>1k follows
>avg of 200-300 likes per photo
>made a couple weeks ago so no ghost followers
brb laughing my ass off, nice bought followers you have there

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File: 936 KB, 500x270, anime-studying-gif-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love, I didn't buy followers but I did have tons of help :).
I advertised on ahegao pages that already have 7k+ followers.
Secondly, I had friends that were willing to shout me out.
Thirdly I'm active on KIK, so I advertised my account there as well.
Sorry you don't know how to market your account.
Feel free to look through my followers :) There should be no bots in site! <3

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File: 35 KB, 600x436, 72e579eae0eefd0989bb93413d28aa6cf32e7272_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not the cunt here darling, but okay.
I don't have anything to fear in terms of my account. :) There's nothing to E X P O S E me for, so I have nothing to fear.
Be mad kiddo.

>> No.9748081

>bragging about advertising on ahegao pages
i'm losing my shit rn

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More like explaining, but that's okay you can just throw out my tips on how to get better known while contributing to a community you enjoy. That's fine.

No amount of text ridiculing me, will change the fact that you just seem jealous.

Honestly, /cgl'/s obsession with virtue is obnoxious and just knows how 90% of board is filled with self-conscious girls that enjoy ridiculing other users that have more confidence than they do.

>> No.9748091

Obvious daddy issues.
>if I degrade myself online and attract a lot of people who want to masturbate to my pictures that means I'm popular and loved, right??

>> No.9748094

>Daddy issues
Sorry love, I grew up with a very, very, loving family. :)
It's funny how unwilling people are to accept that someone can be happy, attractive, willing to lewd themselves, and still be absolutely normal in every other way.

Some people aren't as miserable as you are, anon.

>> No.9748096

Honestly senpai you really are coming off like a cunt.

>> No.9748098

you're ugly in the face and have a below average body. the only reason people pay attention to you is because you're showing skin lmao

>> No.9748100

>you're ugly in the face
Hmm sure... totally I am...
Love, insulting someone's appearance is a sign you have low self-esteem. How about you take care of yourself before you start insulting others?

>> No.9748102

Nah, you're coming off as an obnoxious cunt

>> No.9748104

Oh yes, because being confident is the same as being a cunt.
Calling gulls on their issues isn't being a cunt. :)

>> No.9748111

I'd love to join too!

>> No.9748117

You came to /cgl/ to get attention and then act like a cunt. You aren't "calling" people out, you're making an ass of yourself right after giving us a way to fuck you over.

>> No.9748120

I browse cgl daily, I'm not some fucking newbie. I posted simply because it's an insta thread, and it could lead to some traction. That's all. Just like everyone else is doing.
I get you're trying to act witty, but you're not. You all sound sad and miserable. LOL

>> No.9748121

>im not some fucking newbie
then you would know our board culture and that you look like a dumbass. keep it up and you'll be a lolcow before long.

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>I browse /cgl/ daily!
>uses :) in her posts
>acts surprised at salt over attentionwhoring via ahegao

>> No.9748125

You are single handedly ruining the thread
Stop posting

>> No.9748128
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



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File: 2.55 MB, 540x398, tumblr_p1bjexVtg21qzqnxxo2_r1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe you're catching onto it.

>> No.9748132

So, we have a new cow it seems.

>> No.9748133

Love :) Love :) Love :) I was going to defend you and say there's nothing wrong with marketing yourself but honestly you sound really condescending, Love :)

>> No.9748136

So does anyone know any jfash/lolita pods I could join?

>> No.9748151

I always get bored with IG because I never get any followers except Russian porn bots and it seems pointless to post when nobody is even looking at my pictures.

>> No.9748153

Your cos is pretty cute!

>> No.9748155

spam tags shamelessly senpai

with the new algorithm there's hardly any other way

>> No.9748165

Find out whatever tags are being used by popular people. Easy

>> No.9748173

so who's capping this and posting it to make fun of her every time she tries to shill her ugly selfies on here

>> No.9748174

>it to make fun of her every time she tries to shill her ugly selfies on here
Feel free anon! Won't change the fact you're probably sad and miserable irl.

>> No.9748176

>projecting this hard

Famous anyone who baws this hard and has so little self respect to post the kind of pics you do must really hate themselves and need constant validation.

I am. Working on posting to the farm too.

>> No.9748177


>> No.9748192

i like how the default response to being made fun of is "you must be sad and miserable! you must have no life!"

it usually takes less than 10 seconds to post something here. meanwhile, it probably takes over an hour to take a shitton of selfies, choose the ones you think are the least terrible, and shoop them until they're potato quality. that's the true no-lifer.

>> No.9748199

Take photos late in the day after doing things
>Put on cosplay
15 mins
>Take photos
20 mins
>Apply filters to one's necessary
5 mins or less
2 mins

Yes, very time consuming. It's not like I have 10+ hours to hang out and game or anything.

Debunked kiddo.

>> No.9748200

>10+ hours to hang out and game
>confirmed for not going to school and being jobless
you're just making it worse jesus christ

>> No.9748201

It's winter break for college students you fucking dingus.

>> No.9748202

So do your family and irl friends not want to spend time with you? Can't blame them desu

>> No.9748203

>no more Love and :)
Her smile and optimism: gone.

>> No.9748204

I commute so yes, my family wants to be around me or I'd clearly be boarding???
What does that have to do with being a college student?
>LOGIC 100

>> No.9748205

Dude. You do realize you're making this so much worse for yourself right?

>> No.9748206

No, I'm on mobile so it's a hassle for me to type. :)))))))))))))))))))))) Which also cues that I'll be leaving you sad gulls to wallow in your self-hate.

>> No.9748209

Nope, but it shows the character of /cgl just a bit clearer ;) bye bye

>> No.9748210

>wallow in your self-hate
the fact that you're defending yourself and projecting so much tells us you're the one who hates herself

don't worry though, we'll never forget you :)

>> No.9748211

If you lurk here daily why wouldn't you expect this???

>> No.9748213
File: 66 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Refer to above darling :^)

>> No.9748214

>stays to defend herself more

>> No.9748216
File: 1.88 MB, 2560x2560, FE6CF06E-0B72-40D3-8DE3-26504141F6BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ I used to think the girls who shooped their faces off and self-posted here were cringe but this thread is so much worse.

>> No.9748224
File: 20 KB, 480x360, BCF2E1AC-9D62-4151-A54B-106B7D173D98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KEK we need a cgl version of this meme

id tell you to not bring your vendetta into the threads, but this thread is already shit so it doesn’t matter at this point

>> No.9748225

you always know when someone is trying to self promote. when one of the accounts isn't as high quality as the others.
Nice try, to badf or you that the dutch community is a small one.

>> No.9748239

OK since a couple people asked if you want to join a cosplay related pod msg me at @knovicecosplay

To also get things back on topic, I have finally realized that pictures with borders just don't work as well as squares, so I really want to go back and delete mine like that but I also don't want to delete recent pictures. Thoughts?

>> No.9748244

just keep posting square pics until those photos are irrelevant, delete them, then repost them as squares later. maybe like a month. pretend it's a throwback or don't mention it at all

>> No.9748274

Uh I'm not dutch and none of those accounts were mine. Sorry, I was trying to post accounts that I either really like or don't get talked about much, instead of just the same accounts that are usually recommend. Nice detective work tho I guess?

>> No.9748322
File: 27 KB, 490x473, 36727b7a8b0a5fc61807175147a88aec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm new to instagram and what I've noticed is that most "insta famous" cosplayers (with over 10k followers) are "cos-whores" who do lewd cosplays and do not care much about accuracy as long as they have their boobs hanging out.Ialsodiscovered so many amazing cosplayers who post their progress that probably takes a lot of time and don't even get 1k followers. I hate it

>> No.9748324

>Follow to see their photos and videos.
Thanks, but no. I hate when people do that

>> No.9748325

I mean at least you have your integrity. Imagine how low your self esteem must be if you whore yourself out like that.

>> No.9748326
File: 36 KB, 1136x640, dMDXHf4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck no

>> No.9748336

Thank you!
I actually do want to go back to using less white borders. I typically upload all of my pictures in gallery format and it seems like you can't use a gallery with portrait or landscape images.
Def might just go ahead and make two different cropped versions of my pictures in the future, normal landscape/portrait and a square one for insta.

>> No.9748337

IG is full of normies who just want to look at tits. Whether the costume those tits are popping out of is remotely accurate or even just clearance Spirit Halloween shit is irrelevant. Such is life.


Don’t poke it please, it only just shut up

>> No.9748398


>> No.9748471

It's smart though sex sells, you'd have to be a moron or just prude not to.
Self-esteem issues =/= Whoring self out
By that logic Victoria Secret models have self esteem issues too.

>> No.9748476

>you'd have to be a moron or a prude not to cheapen yourself and post pictures that make you look like a skank

Lel. You did not just compare vs models to instathots.

>> No.9748483

In the end it's the same shit, model in something sexy and sometimes degrading. Only differences is that models are professionals and are usually modified to perfection, whereas 'instathots' aren't.
In the end sex sells. Models with sex-appeal are the most well known socially.

>> No.9748484

Thanks :)

>> No.9748491

It is not the same shit, please leave you filthy pleb.

>> No.9748495

Anon this is a discussion board and my opinion matters just as much as yours.

>> No.9748503

People who know nothing about fashion and modeling don't have an opinion worth shit on a board about fashion

>> No.9748510

Oh so you mean the 90% of the board? Ana-chans and fatty-chans can't discuss either.

>> No.9748620

oh nice to see sophie here!

>> No.9748825

No, but I'm interested in joining one as well. If you'd like to start one, leave your email and I'll contact you.

>> No.9748840

What does this even mean? Like I've seen this posted endless times when the whole "self poaster!!! Reee!!" shit starts up. But like- you can't actually punish someone through an anonymous image board. You haven't actually caused any kind of repercussion to their behavior.

So are you just trying to sound intimidating? Why act like you have control when in reality you can't do anything aside from make posts at someone?

>> No.9748850

nayrt but when it comes to other online "cows," the more dramu they cause and the more they're mentioned the more easily googlable they become. that's mostly for websites like PULL and the farm though, which is why they make a point of including their real names in the titles of the threads. so, anytime anybody looks them up, they'll be permanently associated with their bad behavior.

i don't think pissing a group of people off on the internet is ever a good idea, especially since this girl in particular seems kind of slow/not particularly smart about what she puts online. i wouldn't be surprised if she pissed the wrong person off and got doxxed. that's the actual danger.

>> No.9748854

You can punish them by tarnishing their reputation and harassing them every time they post. Sure, they can just walk away from the computer and pretend it didn't happen-- but they're selfposting in a cgl thread and making fap pictures for followers. Do you really think they don't care about their online reputation?

>> No.9748958

I don't have an instagram yet, because I'm too worried that if I start one and I don't have any followers I'll get discouraged. Not to sound crazy, I mean, we all do this for a wee bit of validation, right?
I don't mind starting one but I have zero clue how it works. Email me anyways!!

>> No.9748976

Oh, is this the instagram causing all the fuss?

I could really care less if you're posting lewds, but certainly it occurred to you that your target audience likely doesn't browse /cgl/. While the salt levels are getting out of control, certainly you knew this was bound to go downhill.

>> No.9749205
File: 67 KB, 717x431, Goodcrop_2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When it comes to coord pics on insta, what's the least of these evils?:
>mirrored ("twin") pic
>collage with detail shots
>white borders (probably inconsistent)
>rectangle that gets the head and shoes cut off in gallery view

Try as I might I can't take nice aesthetic square coord pics in my apartment and my gallery looks like a mess. I want to pick one thing and stick to it for 2018, but I'm not sure which.

>> No.9749210


>> No.9749222

But then my coord isn't properly visible.

>> No.9749231
File: 115 KB, 700x1050, b46741a1b9bf4b8d646a647e6a5dad3f--gothic-lolita-fashion-gothic-lolita-dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you do it right it will be

>> No.9749242

This would look really awkward with my blank wall and shitty IKEA chairs. I'd prefer to stand.

>> No.9749244

imo collage with detail shots are great because the details are so important to the fashion.
>tfw none of my chairs are gothic enough for elegant seated photos

>> No.9749307
File: 621 KB, 547x597, hhhhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

take the shot from a distance or angle it slightly

>> No.9749327

>they'll be permanently associated with their bad behavior.
haha, really? I've never seen this happen to anyone and it sounds so silly.

>they go on 4chan don't talk to them
who is doing this, seriously?

How old is that person? Are they gonna lose their job?

I'm sorry, but I'm not buying this weird "social power" that anons supposedly think they have.

>> No.9749378

Which one is the selfpost?

>> No.9749382

lmao are nicholael and passerine still doing that lame pastel magical lesbians thing?

>> No.9749611

Anon, cosplay community is fairly small and most people in it visit gossip sites. Your reputation can get ruined fairly easily, especially with stuff like this.

>> No.9749615

You must be pretty new.

>> No.9749744

The epitome of trashy

>> No.9749780
File: 37 KB, 594x431, lizard-tongue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your tongue is so fucking freaky, I hate thin pointy tongues. Reminds me of pic related.

Also your ahegao should be more like :-D and less like :-o
Looks a bit better. But then again, with that creepy tongue, you'd be better off not doing it at all. You look very underage and definitely haven't had sex before if you think the faces you're pulling are hot.

>> No.9749804

All my followers are just my friends in rl and maybe two other people. I don't know if your a cosplayers or a lonelita but the fun of the fashion and hobby comes more from going to cons and patrying and going out for nice dates in your brand. It's human to want validation but if your not out there having fun and fucking around then what's the point of having a lot of insta followers if you don't have anything fun to post.

>> No.9749830

Excuse me lol
Are you implying I'm not having fun or something
Where did it say that in my post haha
I just said I don't have an instagram

>> No.9749867

Cool meme but I've been around for awhile.

Just because I don't believe in 4chin logic doesn't mean I'm new. I'm just really skeptical because I've seen people bounce back from "bad social reputations" before.

>> No.9749869

>cosplay community is fairly small
What the hell are all these cons I see talked about all the time?

Cosplay is pretty mainstream these days...

>> No.9749871

so you're saying you'd be okay with being doxxed because it's not dangerous?

>> No.9749914

cosplay community =/= people who know about cosplay and wear one costume for halloween.
each region usually has their own community, and the community spreads rumors really fast, hence people being ostracized in both midwest and east coast us comms.

>> No.9749986

Lets see you post my credit card info.

I'm not worried about it happening on 4chan.

>> No.9749997

It might be funny if you sat in a huge bean bag chair or something, idk

>> No.9750005

it was hypothetical retard, not a threat. i'm saying, if it really happened, you'd be okay with it? because something tells me you wouldn't be. your point is invalid and now you're just trying to dance around it by being edgy.

>> No.9750054

Sex sells suck it up. The best ones to follow are the ones with both talent and looks.

>> No.9750110

And like I said, I've seen people bounce back from it.

Posting someone's social media photos and name isn't actual doxxing. Unless you're losing your job or your identity gets stolen, I think its pretty paranoid to be worrying about your social rep cause dumb anons found some "dirt" on you.

Someone can defend themselves on 4chan without anything extremely awful happening.

Quit trying push the idea that anyone here can actually do detrimental damage to someone's life by meme-ing at them.

>You're just making it worse!!!!!
Yeah, sure. Nothing actually happened. No one was doxxed. This statement is meaningless.

>> No.9750229

Yea you clearly are not in the cosplay community. At any con that I’ve gone to, people gossip about what was posted on cgl. Must be nice to be so naive about the things people will talk about behind your back.

>> No.9750247

>people gossip about what was posted on cgl.
so what?

How is that dire to your life? It's not you mong.

>> No.9750292

Don't be racist towards reptillians.

>> No.9750371

>why would people care about their reputation in a community that they frequently participate in
ok, clearly you're either retarded, autistic, or pretending to be both.

>> No.9750372

Nayrt but looking at that persons profile it looks like she’s trying to appeal to horny neckbeards rather than anyone actually into cosplay, so it’s possible she really doesn’t care if her peers think she’s trashy. We’re not her demographic, you know? It’s kinda like Momokun. Everyone in the cosplay community hates her toxic ass but that doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets paid on Patreon.

>> No.9750374

No one is arguing about the girl specifically; they're replying to >>9748840

>> No.9750380

Oop, sorry

>> No.9750397

I never understood how low of a human you must be to judge this image. She looks the same minus lighting and small touch ups...get a life.

>> No.9750404 [DELETED] 

Agree, but there's no point in arguing with vendetta. It's better to just ignore it before they come back and shit up the whole thread.

>> No.9750408

Please don't argue with vendetta posters, you're just going to trash this thread even more.

>> No.9750626

>caring about people who do nothing but shit talk and gossip and actually discuss 4chan as a serious subject
Sounds embarrassing.

>> No.9750627

This thread wouldn't be trash if people could actually post without being accused of defending themselves and being told menacing things like "ur just makin it worse".

Its akin to doing the whole "stop hitting yourself" bit that children do.

>> No.9750766

You can put both replies in one you know, instead of samefagging.

>> No.9750770

That's literally what all lolitas and cosplayers talk about; are you even in a community? or are you just one of those uwu at heart~ people.
>accused of defending themselves
This is a selfpost thread... are you okay anon?
Okay, you're clearly just trolling or retarded.

>> No.9750927

Nayrt, but I cosplayed for years and I could give two shits about what others think.
If you care too much about what others think, you're not doing the hobby right. You're just competing and comparing, which contributed to toxicity in the community.

>> No.9750934

Realized all the spelling errors, sorry typing fast.

>> No.9750993

the point is that it's clear the bitch who selfposted cares about what other people think, so it matters.

>> No.9750995

Good for you, but if you really think most cosplayers don't care about what other people think, you're a fool.

>> No.9751027

Nothing said showed that the 'ahegao thot' cared.
To post on /cgl in the first place is a clear sign of not giving a fuck. It's waste of time to pretend that anything on /cgl has a definitive effect on the world outside of this shithole.

>> No.9751073

>Nothing said showed that the 'ahegao thot' cared.
>half the thread is her (you) defending herself
give it a rest anon, haven't you embarrassed yourself enough already?

>> No.9751192

Too difficult on mobile

>> No.9751210

>That's literally what all lolitas and cosplayers talk about
I legit never talk shit about people I know. I used to have a friend group like this and I grey rocked their lame asses.

>are you even in a community?
I am. I've been in my comm for a few years now and I have yet to run into any real drama.

>> No.9751219

That's good for you, but your individual experience is not the norm.

>> No.9751286

What are some lesser known classic lolita and otome instas that I can follow? I'm so sick of seeing the same suggestions on my feed for popular people who I have decided not to follow.

>> No.9751331
File: 379 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-13-00-57-58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My insta. Lots of not very polished classic, larme, and cpk/dolly kei. I'm trying to keep my gallery pretty and cohesive but it's hard when my outfits all have slightly different pallets and I don't want to abuse filters

>> No.9751451

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're the selfpost.
It's a dead meme. Don't use it as an excuse to detach yourself from what we're discussing.

>> No.9751559
File: 1.17 MB, 745x1287, 205E640D-2B0C-4E5C-9187-7C87C095F452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My insta looks a bit like an unholy mess color-wise but I’m doing my best to upload once per day.

>> No.9751813

>Princess Tutu
Good taste! Definitely giving you a follow!

>> No.9751827
File: 179 KB, 1080x1350, cakepopclara_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best 9 from A couple of weeks ago! Started wearing Lolita in 2017 so im very excited to try new things this year. Account is @cakepopclara

>> No.9751833


Don't get me wrong, you're really cute and have nice sweet coordinates, but the duck face is a little unflattering. I really like the bottom right picture! I also really like the farthest left picture. Maybe try those more often?

>> No.9751836

Aww, it's okay to be upset because you got called out. Just don't post to stupidly on cgl next time and tank your rep even further.

>> No.9751842

Ahh I agree! I have no idea how those bodyline duck face pics got so many likes. Thank you though. I want to work on my photography and posing this year for sure!

>> No.9751904 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 494x160, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 5.22.29 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you please stop acting so fucking stupid? It's obvious you self post here, and you're even doing it openly.

>> No.9751906

Reported that post immediately.

>> No.9751913

holy shit, why are there so many cows in this thread

>> No.9751919

It's the instagram thread, what else did you expect? Plenty of non-gulls even come here just to post in the draw and social media threads. Some, like OP, even try to claim it wasn't them, or publicly claim /cgl/ is a rotten place on other sites.

>> No.9751923

The people who posted in the older threads were alright, but I guess after all the vendetta posts, anyone not batshit stopped posting.

>> No.9751931

I posted on here after I saw my analytics. haven't been on a few months. Do you really think I'd be dense enough to self post my channel link and then ask about it on rc? I work hard on my content so I don't have to pull trashy stunts like that.

>> No.9751932

Your work is really lovely and I love your taste in anime!!

>> No.9751952

I just don't like to post in every thread, so I only do so once every few insta threads

>> No.9751965

I'm talking about the insta threads from around a year ago. Everyone who still posts in here usually has some sort of issue lol

>> No.9751990

as someone said on your fb post "I don't care, stop clamoring so hard for attention"

>> No.9752496
File: 155 KB, 485x485, someone-disagreed-with-me-on-4chan-better-call-it-a-self-post-so-i-can-feel-better-about-myself_mh1515940190918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9752925

followed! eventually once i have enough content I want to try posting daily too. I also just finished a himari cosplay and I'm gonna get pics of it at the end of the month!

>> No.9752962

Thank you!!
Thanks, I’m not sure how long I can keep up the daily posts since I only have so many photoshoot pictures hahah. I’m excited to see your Himari, the world needs more Penguindrum cosplay!!

>> No.9753008

that post was cancer

>> No.9753012

you sure do have a lot of time on your hands, hon. Go outside and play.

>> No.9753025

>how can I reply when I’ve run out of arguments

>> No.9753029

I don't follow cosplayers but your stuff is cutesy. Are there any more cutesy cosplayers out there? Like dresses and frills and such

>> No.9753073
File: 303 KB, 1536x2048, 4B42F784-DE6C-455D-A85E-D6DB8CBDFDD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, thanks! idk if a lot of these people fit the bill for cutesy per se, but they make a bunch of frilly things.

>> No.9753074

I can't stand her. She's so stuck up and all she wants to do is schlick December Wynn's ass.

>> No.9753086

Sorry you feel that way anon. Whatever experience you may have had with her, she still puts a lot of nice detail work into her cosplays.

>> No.9753228

You should post more. Youre a decent cross dresser so far it seems..

>> No.9753249

Please wash your face, you look real greasy in some of these photos

>> No.9753492

nayrt but
>plastic beads
>good details

>> No.9753507

I’m not seeing where you’re pointing out plastic beads except for the star ones on Ram, the beads on her Sophie are clearly Czech glass beads. Either way, the price of materials does not change the amount of work she puts in, though she typically uses nice silks and lace. Sage for OT

>> No.9754118

>the beads on her Sophie are clearly Czech glass beads
They look like the plastic seed beads you get in tubes at craft stores to me. She doesn't say anywhere that they're glass beads, so I have no reason to assume they are.

>> No.9754179
File: 650 KB, 1536x2048, A6D7C517-BFEB-45B3-A508-C27F2F158EAF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The seed beads you get in tubes at craft stores are almost always glass.

>> No.9754276

Hi Rose!

>> No.9754291

>all she wants to do is schlick December Wynn's ass.

>> No.9754293

I’m the OP, not sure who Rose is (is that her name?). I just enjoy seeing her work on my feed and know what a glass bead looks like. Didn’t realize people felt so strongly about her, I apologize for making this thread more of a mess than it already is.

>> No.9754482

Ah yes. Because the amount of money you spend on materials determines how good you are at detailing.

Sorry Anon but you're full of shit. I've seen some people make some horrendous things with expensive fabric, that doesn't make them professionals.

>> No.9754707

It's ironic that you say that when a lot of Fuwafuwanwan's posts center around how expensive her materials are and how she's able to use expensive techniques like silk painting.

Czech glass beads aren't ridiculously expensive either but she just never mentions they're even glass, let alone Czech glass like >>9753507 said.

>> No.9754869

She's more talented than half the community so I don't get why you hate her unless you're jealous. Regardless of how much or little she pays for the quality of her beads, she's undeniably a great seamstress.

>> No.9754914


I'm curious for fire away I guess

>> No.9754938

Get better wigs. They all look like shitty eBay tier

>> No.9754944

looks thrown together you need one common filter for all of your photos so theres at least some consistency...you need a "theme"

>> No.9754948

fair some are cheaper but not all, shall up my wig game.

>> No.9754966

Thanks brah

>> No.9755674
File: 1.38 MB, 2560x1920, 20812877-2613-44A4-B3DF-B310C750CA0F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In a desperate attempt to save the thread, here are some actually good cosplay accounts.

>> No.9755676
File: 1.29 MB, 2560x1920, 968A3092-842A-4107-A2A7-FBBC4A6EBAFC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

apologies in advance for the giant size of these images

>> No.9755693
File: 241 KB, 960x1200, IMG_20180112_130515_280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Follow me @malditier I have some lowcost cosplays

>> No.9755944
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, offtherails.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

always wanted to self post on one of these but i know id just be feeding my ego despite trying to keep it in check. hope everyones having a fun new year though

>> No.9756340

Eh just post. The point of these threads is to feed your ego anyways.

>> No.9756558
File: 1.32 MB, 640x1136, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self post. I've been doing a lot of BNHA recently

>> No.9756620

Ntayrt but nothing on this board has anything to do with me on a personal level and I still find stuff to say about the subjects being discussed here. You can comment on something without being upset and assuming you know who is posting is just that. Assuming, which means you don't actually know who is posting. Let go of your meme mental capacity.

>> No.9758374
File: 57 KB, 720x960, 26906940_10215876610488386_5259418631838400544_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's mostly lolita shit.

>> No.9758397

Everyone always says detail shots are better but I always seem to get more likes on my mirrored pictures even though it's just the same pic twice.

>> No.9758403

I'm the opposite. I always wanted to self post but my Instagram is a total mess and I think the reactions itt to it would kill what's left of my ego rather than feed it.

>> No.9758404

>replying to a chain a week old

>> No.9758417

Same. My insta isnt clean looking like some. I also won’t self post just because I don’t want people to know I post here. Don’t want them to start posting me here just because they know I come here and will see it.

>> No.9758422

beat me to it

>> No.9758469

Relatable. I'm not happy with the percentage of bought costumes VS. made costumes right now but hopefully towards the end of the year I'll change my mind.

>> No.9758472

Also relatable. I usually buy what I can, and make what I can't, but I've noticed I like wearing costumes I made more so gonna buy less pre-made stuff from now on

>> No.9758850
File: 84 KB, 768x432, 1230012014372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There should be a hall of shame for the people who use bots to follow/unfollow others.

>> No.9758869

Where's your blond pizza friend

>> No.9758875

I like checking socialblade, it's easy to see who the fakers are when they're following/unfollowing 500+ accounts per day

>> No.9758885

That tool is amazing anon, thank you.

>> No.9759185
File: 74 KB, 608x423, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 3.37.12 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look up some cosplayers that are touted by the cosplay community as cosplayers who make amazing costumes on social blade
>get results like pic related for all of them

>> No.9759318

argh its so fake when cosplayers do this, im always tempted to message them/call them out, but i dont think anyone would care

>> No.9759411

For what it's worth, that picture of the socialblade stats that I posted are the stats of a former WCS representative from my country. I guess we can just enjoy knowing that we might not be god-tier cosplayers, but at least we haven't sunk that low.

>> No.9759904

Their followers wouldn't care and they'd likely start calling you jealous and so on. The bullshit is really annoying, I agree.

Is there anything to show the stats of how many posts they liked in a day? Because while some do the follows/unfollows, others have auto likes and auto comments that appear instantly when you post. Either from the tags used or randomly selected.

>> No.9759967

Does anyone have any real cosplay accounts they like following? Good craftsmanship preferred, my explore posts are almost always makeup costests.

>> No.9760062

An anon posted these and they look pretty good. >>9755676 >>9755674

>> No.9760076

Anon already posted some good ones. Other ones off the top of my head are unyuu, nyunyu, essradi, Fenvaria, somerset sews, Yuqi cosplays, princess rabbits

I hope to make my Instagram more like theirs and post more wip/craftsmanship pics because right now I never do

>> No.9760102

Saw those already and was already following some, was wondering if people had any more.

>> No.9761950


I'll post mine, I never self-post on it but I thought it would be nice to have some way to remember the events I go to, so I take pics of cosplayers


>> No.9762100

Has anyone seen an increase in followers but a drastic decrease in likes lately?
I was hoping the new IG algorithm was a myth but almost everyone I follow has been complaining about the likes as well.
My recent posts as of three days ago aren't doing that great either

>> No.9762282


>> No.9764319

That's nice of you anon


>> No.9764328

So which one are you anon? Cause these both are leagues shittier than the rest of the accounts posted, with basic bought and thot cosplays

>> No.9764545
File: 507 KB, 750x939, 7528CE48-6888-47CE-B357-19943ECDB0B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit this is an unflattering (to say the least) look and she posted it so many times.

>> No.9764889

Cosplayers I like with wips and builds
sarahspaceman - lots of SU, currently doing a pink diamond build
candyskullcosplay - finishing up a neat Reinhardt armor suit
katiecosplays - not a lot of progress in her feed, but in her story you can watch her Sailor Cosmos progress
gstqfashions - lots of leather work, currently doing a Sailor Mars fuku commission
tiny_wyvern - currently doing fursuit commissions but made a really neat deathclaw
joshuahartdesign - seconding (thirding?) this one, the detailing he's been putting into his Sakizou is cray cray levels
Cosplayers with nice aesthetics
rumplepigskin - does a lot of side by sides, hasn't done many recently other than Elsa
cowbuttcrunchies - lovely wigs and cosplays, occasional wips
time_flash - does the 3 in a row of same pic, I really like that layout

these are just some of my favorites that I follow, some doesn't have a whole lot of followers and some do

>> No.9764908

are those two udders on her head?

>> No.9764968

WTF kind of udders have you been seeing anon? Those are probably supposed to be ears.

>> No.9764986
File: 232 KB, 3000x1998, milk-gloved-udder-2000-14118[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think they are supposed to be feathered angel wings

also actually they remind me a small christmas tree with inflated surgery gloves that i've seen in a lab this christmas, it's just that those gloves reminded me udders

>> No.9765041

Any jfash comment pods around? I do cosplay but my instagram is mostly weeb fashion

>> No.9765045

Kek I can see it.

Sorry I can't be of any help, but what are pods for exactly? I never understood the concept.

>> No.9765047

A group where you commit to comment and like each others stuff, helps boost impressions because insta looks at all the "meaningful" (5+ words) comments and then shows it to more people

>> No.9765068

Similar question - any cosplay pods? I'm having a hard time finding any.

>> No.9765077

you can get shadowbanned for pods now btw

>> No.9765080

while true, mine consists of all friends, and we've been following each other since before the pod's inception

it does make me wonder how insta finds out about them

>> No.9765091

Yeah, msg @knovicecosplay, putting together a cosplay pod

>> No.9765148

They only ban pods that discuss this on instagram, which is pretty stupid. If your pod functions on a different website it's fine.

>> No.9765421

What are cosplay pods? I’m sorry if that seems stupid, I’m just not entirely familiar with a lot of IG related shit.

>> No.9765423

Nvm I just seen >>9765047 response. Ignore me.

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