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Previous thread: >>9718621

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Looks like a light burgundy/ darkened raspberry to me

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What happened to soft degree? I can't find their aliexpress site.

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When will our dude finish his history of lolita? I was ready to throw my money at him 12 years ago. Haven't heard or seen anything about him since So Pretty/Very Rotten.

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Probably won't happen soon, and if and when it does, something tells me we'll have to wait even longer for a translation, which is a shame.
Unrelated but is there a translation of what you posted? I don't think I've ever seen the pic nor the title before.

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I remember reading it but I can't find it now and a lot of translations haven't been saved from deleted blogs and websites

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If someone has a bigger/higher quality scan, I'll translate it. It's hard to read some of the characters here.
"Angel Stripped Bare by her Devil: Or, both angel and devil in a broken mirror"
The first line is "I want to pluck off your angel wings."

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Are people still going to post their wardrobes on LJ?
I know LJ is dead, but I always loved the wardrobe posts and came back for that every year so I'm hoping people will post theirs (again).
Still too chicken to post my own though!
Any of you planning on posting?

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We can't really tell what's going to happen this year but people did post their wardrobes on LJ last year, if that's any indication. Feel free to post yours too if you want.
I want to make a wardrobe post for 2018 but I'm not quite sure whether I'll have time to put it together. Might post it on LJ this year, if I do.

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I'm doing my first wardrobe post and you bet I'm using LJ. gotta be a part of that tradition!!

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it takes a lot for me to let go of a tradition so i'm going to post it on lj

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I hope you have the time anon.


I look forward to your wardrobe posts!
I always try to comment when people post cause it's a great tradition and hope people come back the next year.

But I've never posted mine and it makes me feel a bit guilty.
Taking pics is so time consuming and the light in my room is just very sucky which is kinda why I've been holding off as I'm so critical when it comes to my own pictures.
Plus, I'm also kind of insecure about my wardrobe, not that it's horrible but it's not a great as some of the ones that get posted.
Maybe I should just do main pieces and headwear or something?

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I'm not posting because my wardrobe has only shrunk since the last time I posted, and it's pretty pitiful. With that said, I plan on posting next year if things improve, and I hope a lot of people post this year.

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Your wardrobe is your own, you shouldn't compare it to other people's. Try to come up with an interesting way to present your wardrobe if you think it'll make it look better, like organizing it by color or spicing up shots of main pieces or blouses with accessories. There's a lot you can do, be creative.

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I was planning on posting but then a bunch of personal stuff got in the way and I won't have the time.
Hopefully I'll be able to participate next year.
Pretty excited about seeing everyone else's wardrobe though, it's one of my favorite traditions!

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I thought I would this year but with limited daylight, and 60+ main pieces of a mostly dark wardrobe, it probably won't happen. But I look forward to wardrobe posts every year

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You could also just post pieces that you personally find interesting, are your favorite or that aren't many pictures of.

I have a really big blanket that I put my things on to take pictures of, so I can re-use the photos of last year, I just have to photograph my new stuff on the same blanket.

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How come BTB secrets didn't go up today?

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There's another black wardrobe I've seen a photo of on /cgl but I can't match it to any wardrobe posts or tumblrs. It makes me wonder how many people with impressive wardrobes don't post on social media or are lonelitas etc.

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because nobody cares about them

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>makes me wonder how many people with impressive wardrobes don't post on social media or are lonelitas etc
I used to be a mod of my comm's fb group. We had around 300 members at that time but only the same 10-20 people coming to meets and commenting on posts. All of the members did wear lolita, we deleted/rejected everyone who didn't.

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>your favorite or that aren't many pictures of.
I've wondered if perhaps just doing this would be a good idea as I have a few older JetJ, Baby and VM pieces that don't have a lot of lolibrary info and others might want more pictures if they come across them.

Reusable backdrop is a good idea, but I will just have to work around the lighting situation. Shold start in the summer next year

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That would be really nice if you if you did. I always check out other pictures besides the stock photos before I buy to get a better idea of the colour and details etc.

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I'm posting mine but same story as >>9723435 - large mostly-black wardrobe + sucky apartment lighting with too little natural light for photos after 2pm even on sunny days. Good luck.

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I'd love that, especially since it can also be used to update info on Lolibrary.

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Wear or “wear”? My comm’s FB group is full of people who own like one Bodyline dress that they wear to a con once a year, but I wouldn’t exactly call them lonelitas.

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I usually post mine in blog platform

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Scarfing Scarves video got taken down.

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She should post it on a different platform

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What a bunch of shit. There was nothing in that video that warranted a take down. Sounds like Ask Japanese is trying to cover up the issue.

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I'm not sure, it's a lot of effort and people seem to comment less and less. On the other hand, I really look forward to all the wardrobe posts.

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I'm so sad I didn't get to watch it yet. I bet her Cathy Cat roast was legendary.

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The roast was more towards John Leigh again. It was Cathy Cat's association with John that got her roasted.

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wow, I had opened it to watch it and totally forgot, but it's still loaded in my tab, whew

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film it and post it to dailymotion or bilibili or something

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I fucking need to watch it jfc

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I'm so confused by maidenclothing's new ordering system?

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There was a massive purge of wig stores from Aliexpress earlier this year. I tried contacting Soft Degree to get an explanation but never heard back from them. Sad.

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www facebook com/ScarfingScarves/videos/1094529037354887

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Its also giving me a hard time, glitches with items in my cart. :(

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Def bilibili. Let the Chinese lolitas what is going on. John better not prey on the Chinese lolitas.

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Thank you

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I would do it but I don't know chinese so I can't make a good attention-grabbing title like LOLITA FASHON SCAM AND SEXUAL ASSAULT in chinese tagged with all the brands Shop in Wonderland sells

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Thanks for sharing. I'm still baffled that the Leighs are able to make buisness within the j-fash community. John's story has been told so many times you would think that everybody knows by now that he's a horrible person and you should avoid buisness with him.

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Because no one is speaking up and John's not a big fish to fry.

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I almost love this but something is just off enough that I don't want it. Unsure what it is, I think maybe the chiffon ruffle bothers me

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That could be removed without any damage to the rest of the dress

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Can confirm. VM attaches their hem ruffles to the lining of their dresses instead of the fashion fabric like what a lot of AP/Baby does

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>Loosely translated: The perverts in Japanese Lolita [fashion] : scams, sexual abuse?!

Run wild.

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Please do this. My friend is looking for a nonfacebook mirror rn.

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ya know, if Tyler could just drop a link to Mega real quick, they will never know...

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I didn't even get to watch it.

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It's on FB now >>9723543

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Yikes. Can't wait to see how the drama escalates from here.

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So what happened to secrets this week?

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That's not true.

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Awesome.Last time I heard from this guy was on the lovelylor video about the shop. Even her was defending this guy just because of that store and I was like, "wtf? what?". Anyway, at least, (I hope, because the mass is so dumb) any texan lolita buy any products/services from them, ever.

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ScarfingScarves has two more videos on this asshole, sparked by Lor's video iirc. I just don't understand why he's still an issue, why is John still here?

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Because their con is supported by casual weebs so they still have the money to mess around with lolita brands and people like Cathy Cat.

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Secrets are out. Are the links all fucked up for everyone else too?

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Yep. I only see about 4 of the secrets.

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You can still see them, just paste the image links.

>> No.9723827

how though? pasting them in the search bar doesn't give me anything

>> No.9723832

Are you pasting the image link or the entire line of html? Extract the bit that starts with http and ends with .jpg

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Can I be real for a second, I think Novala is a bit of a hack. I love KG, I love a lot of his writings, but I really think he bluffs about how much he knows about Lolita, how long he's been involved (since the 70's???), and unless he delivers on this History of Lolita, I feel weird.

I don't think he's creepy or anything like that, I'm just not sure he's as knowledgeable as people give him credit for. He's pulled a lot of stuff about the history of Lolita out of his ass already.

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I really hope Lor sees sense, I know a lot of oldfags don't watch her stuff but she has a lot of influence over wannabe lolitas-at-heart, newbies, and general pastel weebs.

>> No.9723851

Where does he say he's been into lolita since the 70s? He'll probably get a lot of information from people he knows from brands and magazines.

>> No.9723872

He claimed it in the So Pretty/Very Rotten interview

>> No.9723874

Honestly I agree. For someone so invested in fashion he’s also a painfully bad stylist and designer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls half of his history of lolita out of his ass.

>> No.9723880

I mean he's 50 years old, it makes sense he got into it in his teens rather than in his 30s or something. And he's also really into punk besides lolita. It's just a fact he popularised sweet lolita at one point and I respect that. What does he say about lolita in So Pretty/Very Rotten that's bullshit?

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Are you a lonelita if you are not in a comm or if you don't know/hang out with any other lolitas? Most lolitas I know don't post to CoF and other social media but they aren't lonelitas. I also know several lolitas who aren't in the comm and they do wear it every week.

>> No.9723914

thanks, I think I copied a bit too much of the code. now it works

>> No.9723917

I have a John Leigh thread created on Lolcow if anyone wants to dish shit out on him.

lolcow farm/snow/res/445742.html

>> No.9723929

Someone uploaded 2 videos onto bilibili last year: https://search.bilibili.com/all?keyword=Last%20Week%20Lolita%20News

>> No.9723946

I only care about the john leigh videos, not lwln itself

>> No.9723950

For some reason, I can’t see the RC:U thread. Can someone screenshot it?

>> No.9723964

Tudou and Youku would be much better but you need a phone number to register for nearly everything in China. I uploaded the video for people like >>9723642 on mega.


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I've been out of lolita for a while. Where do people go to trade stuff these days? I don't think you can do that on lacemarket?

>> No.9724016

$10 that cathy cat reported the video. She is pretty terrible herself.

>> No.9724019

you loose. AskJapanese reported it. It says so in the description.

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Yeah a lot of them aren't involved enough in the community to know about this kind of stuff. That's why it really helps to share videos and articles about them, not just about the sexual assaults (though I guess that would get most attention because of #metoo) but the scamming/not paying venues as well.

>> No.9724030

Facebook has many sales pages you can list trades onto.

>> No.9724054

Which is a channel that Cathycat is a part of....

>> No.9724061

ok but what are they called cause facebook is filled with garbage??

>> No.9724066

I'm not here to defend CathyCat but scarfingscarves is an unfunny hack. So I'm glad someone else can be the funny lolita in our comm

>> No.9724077

Nayrt, but are you trying to say Cathy cat is funny

>> No.9724081

Lolita Sales in English

>> No.9724085

Ok but that's not even the point

>> No.9724086

I don't care about what the point is. I'm tired of that unfunny bitch being the talk of the town. She's a fucking hack.

No. Most lolitas aren't. I'm not sure why so many of you keep trying your hand at comedy.

>> No.9724089

I like SS most of the time. In some of her more recent videos, the swearing/name calling/verbal barrage is a bit too much, though.

>> No.9724094

>I'm glad someone else can be the funny lolita in our comm

>> No.9724100

Anyone who is actually funny and isn't stealing someone else's schtick.

>> No.9724111

when are we as a community going to call out Misako for her working with AM? And being blind to the truth? Because she does know what is going on. It doesn't just start with Cathy Cat

I get it. It's because she's a Japanese model and people still stick their nose up her ass because it will better their chances at a Kawaii Ambasador position.

>> No.9724118

Haven't we already? It's kinda hard to get the masses to turn against her, but I'm pretty sure cgl already did.

>> No.9724124

It wasn't organized.

>> No.9724125

I don't speak any Japanese

>> No.9724130

its not hard to get mass groups of people on 4chan to go along with shit honestly.

>> No.9724132

Why don't you do it then? I don't want to be responsible for making Misako sad

>> No.9724133

It's easier to call out Cat because she's still part of the western/english-speaking community.

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I'm fed up with all ths Leigh drama.

I don't care about these people and I still don't care about all the drama. If he's a creep he'll go to jail eventually. Why did noone ever go to the police?

I wouldn't boycott AM, I wouldn'r boycott shop in wonderland if I was in the US and I surely will not boycott Misako or Cathy Cat.

All these fuckwits happily buy Bodyline from the mem creepster number one but everyone get's their bloomers in a twist over them.

>> No.9724137

I'd never buy bodyline, I tell every new lolita I meet that it used to be a sex shop I don't even care how true that is desu. I'm more concerned about the Leighs business ethics

>> No.9724141

>If he's a creep he'll go to jail eventually
>Why did noone ever go to the police?
I don't think you've ever gone to the police with anything. They aren't exactly pro-active when you report a minor crime.

>> No.9724143

Why wouldn't you boycott? Idgi. If you disagree with what they do, your wallet is the only thing that will talk. Exactly why businesses continue with bad practices, they only start to care when it affects their wallet.

>> No.9724157

I trade on LM you just buy each other's listings...

>> No.9724158

I'm not in the US, the police actually does things in my country.

Why should I boycott? Do I boycott AP because they produce in china?

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>comparing production in China to sexual harassment

>> No.9724164

>Do I boycott AP because they produce in china?
production in china is good though its helped get china to have a growing middle class

>> No.9724165

Take it to the press if you want. The Washington Post and The New York Times want to publish good stories about sexual harassment. Houston is a large market, but Leigh is not a big fish to fry.

>> No.9724169

If you don't live in the US then idk why you're even saying anything and its very "fuck you I got mine" of you
> inb4 "muh opinion :^)"
You probably won't ever go to AM nor will even travel to Texas but people gotta live with this shit and the local comm is overrun with this bs. For the last several years its the same thing every year and for the lolitas who still shop in their store or go to AM or heck even buy bodyline it just shows how self-serving some people are.
>But muh lolita e-fame!
>muh cheap rori!
>muh meme bodypillow
Sage for rant but I'm a lonelita because of self-serving clowns who rather get into an overproduced fashion "show" and suck this dudes dick for free AP. It's like ya'll lost the point of this fashion but maybe im just old.

>> No.9724173 [DELETED] 

why are you here trying to stop discussion about him, you're never going to attend AM anyway, and it's not even a good con.

>> No.9724174

why are you here trying to stop discussion about him, you're never going to attend AM anyway, and it's not even a good con.

>> No.9724187

>the local comm is overrun with this bs
Isn’t that what local comm threads are for, then?

>> No.9724189

Are you trying to say that SS’s existence was preventing other lolitas from being funny?

>> No.9724190

Yeah, don't buy the products they produce in China. Look at the labels. Not everything they make is made in China. Jewelry Snow was produced in Japan, do you even buy new?

>> No.9724194

Lol do you even buy knew? So many of their dresses were not produced in Japan.

>> No.9724196

Correct so buy the ones that are? Almost all of their blouses are produced in Japan. Look at the labels when you buy, why is this hard?

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who shat in your petti?

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File: 52 KB, 528x960, examplesample.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I noticed this when I was inspecting my Melody Toys jsk. I bought it from Closet Child originally but I'm just curious what the sample tag (pic related) represents. Was my dress used in a fashion show?

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File: 166 KB, 900x1200, DRBavH4UEAEATSC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hi deniece. How's your cuckquean life?

If you don't care then shut the fuck up and keep walking you retard. In my case I'm against these 3 weirdos.

>> No.9724222

>>I'm not in the US

Then shut the fuck up, no one cares about your foreign >opinions.

>> No.9724225

it means it's from the sample collection. all non-fast fashion brands have them.

>> No.9724226

PS it was cheaper and may have differences for that reason

>> No.9724237

By the same token, not everyone in these threads cares to read about your US problems. If you want to talk about this in depth then please make a new thread or take it to the farm or something. This is the Lolita General, not the Texas Comm General.

>> No.9724240

garbage comedians that millennials think are funny

>> No.9724241

Sort of. She became the center of attention.

To be honest. I just hate youtube comics in general.

>> No.9724245


John has organized an event in germany. He does dabble in the nternational community. He is not an US exclusive problem.

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File: 1.75 MB, 1186x1108, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 1.24.54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you new? This couple is not a problem limited to a tiny convention in Texas.

>> No.9724263

Yes but do you see how everyone wants to advocate against AM and JL but won't touch their precious Japanese brands because in the end, all you guys care about is brand and being noticed by your Japanese senpai?
If you're going to take down the establishment, take the down the whole thing not just people that seem convenient to you because they speak English and represent the western world.
Stop buying from AP, Stop buying from Triple Fortune, Boz, Meta and boycott against Misako for advocating this type of behavior and making it seem like it's ok. If you don't want to go as far as not shopping from them all together, write to the designers and let them know what's going on.
Cathy Cat is just the tip of this ice burg.

>> No.9724268

NAYRT but to be honest, I just don't expect better from Japanese models/brands like I do from westerners. Their society is much, much more accepting of predatory behavior from men, particularly when the wife consents (as she clearly does in this case) and it's an older man preying on middle school/high school aged girls. Look at literally any aspect of Japanese art or culture; it's not just overlooked, it's encouraged. I don't "blame" Misako for not finding it something worth not getting paid over. Her culture taught her it's acceptable. Ours doesn't agree.

>> No.9724278

damn. harsh but true

>> No.9724280

>tiny convention in Texas

AM's popularity has grown a lot in the last few years, probably surpassed a few cons this year. They had over 36k in attendance this year and it wouldn't surprise me if they're in the top 5 now.

Only a small portion of loltias seem to care and they won't boycott the massive list of people who support John by letting him sell their products in his shop or attend his con. Why is this just targeted at Cathy Cat when you have everyone else you listed + Akira, etc who still go to AM and promote his shit by doing so.

>> No.9724281

I'm in California. Conventions with 5 digits' attendance are 'small' to me, sorry. Carry on.

>> No.9724283

AX is an exception, anywhere else it's in the 20k range. It's not a small convention stop trying to pretend it is.

>> No.9724284

What about the scamming, how they treat business partners and not paying venues?

>> No.9724286

If that's all they cared about they would attend AM. Next

>> No.9724287

um, AX is not the only 100k+ convention in CA?

>> No.9724288

I agree with you that the Leighs are trash. Wipe them off the face of the planet. I just can't really bring myself to "blame" Japanese models and brands that are willing to work with them, because I don't expect them to know better.

>> No.9724293

Only anime convention. Why would I count over non relevant cons that don't have jfashion events?

36,000 people is not small.

>> No.9724294

>>being this rustled when I already apologized

I guess everything really is bigger in Texas, including panty knots

>> No.9724296

I misunderstood your sorry, I apologize back.

I only wanted to point out that the 2015 allegations against John Leigh did absolutely nothing in terms of stopping him. Anime Matsuri's popularity is only growing. Their shop is still growing and they get more and more brands supporting them. I really don't know what people could do again that would affect anything.

>> No.9724303

So just be complicit to people who turn a blind eye because they're Japanese? This is why the outside world doesn't take aligations against AM seriously. It's a joke.

>> No.9724308

Or you just care too much for your precious Japanese brands and pretend to advocate against AM because it suits your narrative better.

>> No.9724319

That first sentence didn't make sense, try again.

I take the allegations against AM extremely seriously, I just rationally understand why Misako, a person raised in a culture where such things aren't even considered wrong, let alone crimes, might not. What part of this is difficult for you?

>> No.9724321

what narrative is that?

>> No.9724324

the scarfing scarfs video already has 15000 views with people commenting that they won't be attending AM anymore, and it got uploaded less than a day ago

>> No.9724327

Water under the bridge.

And no, I completely sympathize with the frustration. Predatory men everywhere get away with too much shit. In the last few months a handful of really high-profile ones have been taken down and while that's a hopeful sign for cultural change, it's probably not going to work fast enough to make a difference for AM, and that's atrocious. The best we can do is keep boosting the signal, and keep putting it on people that if they hear stuff like this and wave it off, they're complicit. When you consider how many men have to be rapists for 1 in 5 women to be raped, it sort of makes sense how people are able to just make excuses.

>> No.9724334

I really do hope it makes a dent. Tyler is a goddamn hero, and we actually have the Leighs to thank for making it blow up (by falsely DMCAing it, they poured gasoline on Tyler's match). Knowing how conventions like Dragon*Con have consistently existed with terrible allegations makes me skeptical, but keep fanning this flame. Any possible hurt it can put on the Leighs is worth the effort.

>> No.9724335

Do you know how to reach those people in Japanese? Do you know what kind of agreement they have with John Leigh?

>> No.9724341

>Tyler is a goddamn hero
lets not exaggerate

>> No.9724349

Oh? What have you ever done that this many people have seen and talked about, let alone to benefit other people as a public service?

>> No.9724372

cardiac surgery ;)

>> No.9724373

I really want to watch this but god, her voice and head movements are so annoying. Is there a transcript anywhere?

>> No.9724389

lmao sure, doctor-chan

>> No.9724392

post the video

I live far away from TX and heard about the Leighs from ceeg, thank goodness. At first, I was tempted to browse their shitty shop for TF bonnets but am so glad I just use an SS to buy new.
pedos and ephebos always flock to things that young people like. it's really gross to think that they founded an arcade before starting an anime convention. are they going to start a private boarding middle school, or open a build-a-bear next?

I think it's too nuanced regarding Jbrands and models. they are probably only thinking about reaching their American audience, and not how they are supporting/affiliating with disgusting degenerates

>> No.9724395

on the internet, nobody knows you're made of cups

It's been talked to death about already, and though it's good of her to talk about it some more, if she ignored it she'd be doing herself a disservice because anime matsuri is easy to research and to get people talking about. Regardless if it's been spoken to death about already. Her end bit was a bit cringey and I felt like I was being preached to, and although this guy is slimy as fuck and doesn't deserve to set foot anywhere near the community, the sexual harassment surely is less of a reason to get him in jail than embezzling/stealing money. If you want the brands to not work with him and cut all ties, surely that is the most obvious route to take. Of course the big brands/Misako etc don't care about the sexual harassment because someone will always say 'screenshots are faked' and 'it's not a big deal, he didn't touch anyone up', so although it's something that will shake the western community, I think his shady business practices would have a bigger effect. Sorry for rambling.

>> No.9724419

every time it's talked about there are people who didn't know about it yet. and yeah her options were: talk about the drama, or ignore the drama and not get all those new subscribers.
>don't care about the sexual harassment
why do people always forget about the money he owes everyone? any business partner should care about that

>> No.9724429

Yes exactly! It really surprised me how eager all the brands seem to be to work with him. They send all their models to AM, they collab with shop in wonderland, do they seriously not think the same thing could happen to them? Like, he owes 80k to some landlord and managed to get away with scamming that udongpongsuk guy out of thousands too. Are they really that naive that because he sometimes puts on ouji that they're not going to fuck him over?
I'm 100% here for sexual assault victims coming forward (this sort of slimy behaviour is arguably something that a lot of women have to deal with, so it's good that it's being made clear that it's not okay, if it's a little belated) but surely him being a rampant thief is a larger deal. Everyone will be mad if he scams AP/Baby but everyone's pretty 'meh' about his thieving so far. I get that it's a personality game and it's juicier to go on about how girlypoot and lockshop scammer girl came forward, but the issue that your favourite brands could potentially be dealing with is huge.

>> No.9724434

I don't think the big 3 are going anywhere but anyone who has had fear that lolita is dying off are definitely having those fears validated.

>> No.9724438

Lolita as a feeling is dying off. APs releases are shit taobao tier and nothing has the same feeling it does in comparison to when I first joined the fashion many moons ago. But maybe that's just me.

>> No.9724439

its a different community now but everything you used to enjoy still exists online and in magazines

>> No.9724453

I suppose I'm just sad because it's changed. It may exist online but there's nothing new that I know I'll be looking forward to. Oh look, AP did another clusterfuck of british motifs/pastel sheep/baby stuff (and ofc there's only high waisted cuts). It's great for those who like it, but not me. I appreciate magazines, but it's moved on from what I like, and now I have nothing to actively be wondering about.
And my dream dresses aren't even much cheaper.

>> No.9724456

you're acting like there are no brands who still release the same stuff they used to. putumayo and excentrique probably died because they've literally been doing the same for 16 years.

>> No.9724465

Most of the gothic brands haven't changed all that much in terms of design over the years and they seem to be doing fine. Stuff that Boz/Pierrot releases this year don't look all that different from stuff they released 10 years ago. At least relative to AP/Baby anyways.

>> No.9724468

I'm not into the gothic brands though. Sweet moved on, I'm going to complain about it because I'm damn salty!

>> No.9724486

There are sweet brands that still do the same shit, I'm sorry you're to ignorant to know about them. AP has always been one to follow and create new trends. If you paid attention to them before you'd know that.

>> No.9724492

Excentrique is closing due to the director retiring.

>> No.9724493

What are the allegations surrounding DragonCon?! I've never heard of any of them ever

>> No.9724499

>Everyone will be mad if he scams AP/Baby but everyone's pretty 'meh' about his thieving so far.
He already has screwed Baby over though. There's some evidence of that with Buttcape's post iirc and Choke hinted at it but never provided proof.

>> No.9724501 [DELETED] 

Let's be real, if you can't pull off high waisted cuts, you probably don't possess the right body type to be a cute lolita.

There's a reason Japanese lolitas are cute and look good in groups, while Western lolitas tend to look frumpy and all the fatty-chans make the one cute girl look bad.

>> No.9724508
File: 31 KB, 600x600, 1509670636084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we not have weight baiting for one thread? Just one. For fuck's sake.

>> No.9724510

Ok but that still in itself doesn't make any sense. You feel strong about the situation yet you dismiss the fact that Misako and all of these other brands turn a blind eye to it because of cultural differences.
Sexual harassment is sexual harassment anywhere in the world. You can't use the excuse of "cultural differences" to dismiss your favs when they're being problematic.

>> No.9724526

Someone would have taken over if it was profitable

>> No.9724530

And Baby doesn't work with them anymore

>> No.9724533

...Have been into it since 2007. If you're going to lecture me at least have sources. I'm blatantly complaining about the larger lolita community not being the same, step off

>> No.9724534

show us your tiny, waifish figure, oh lord and saviour model-chan.
Save us from our degenerate fatty ways... oh wait, you can't it's a bait post. Or a buttmad asian. Or both.

>> No.9724535

Asians dont come here, we're all roleplaying dudes

>> No.9724543

Can you please do one in Japanese too

>> No.9724553


>> No.9724561

nayrt but from /cgl/'s general attitude on sack cuts/high waisted cuts I thought they'd look terrible on me but they don't
I'm not even thin or waifish, I'm average height and weight and honestly have a broadish figure but they look pretty good on me. As long as you're not shaped like a man or a fat fuck you should look fine

>> No.9724568

Yeah, yeah, I know guys just love shitty low brow humor. You can't help it that you mentally failed as a human.

>> No.9724569

She's gonna be the next Tina Fey.

>> No.9724639

You don't know if they signed NDAs and certain length contracts for being a guest at the event so all we have for now is speculation... I would assume that most of them wouldn't want to work with AM and actually backtalk a ton about Leigh with the rest of the guests. Most of the fashion guests realize the money is in China so they're probably not going to attend USA events as much unless the anime con cover a lot of costs.

>> No.9724876

kinda lolita related mail question
does anyone know it EMS packages that arrive in the US have a delivery guarantee?
they are entered into the USPS system as priority mail express international so it technically should.

>> No.9724881

You probably have low standards for yourself.

>> No.9724890

Not sure what you mean by delivery guarantee but you should have to sign for EMS.

>> No.9724899

Ntayrt but you sound pretty fucking average. I bet you're not really one to talk.

>> No.9724912

Hey, where could I find a background version of Fancy Hospital?

>> No.9724916

sorry delivery guarantee, meaning if it is not delivered by the date specified by usps then you are qualified for a refund

>> No.9724949
File: 70 KB, 640x544, imgur-xBoF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think my secret will get rejected?

>> No.9724952

probably, still should've censored tyler's face with a heart or something. showing face is still a no-no even if it's a positive secret. doubt they'd flag for not censoring mushroom face though since he's technically, by his own forcing, media.

>> No.9724957
File: 761 KB, 1299x1299, Fancy_hospital_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean this?

>> No.9724977

It's not a no-no if they're a public/media figure, which Scarfing Scarves counts as too imo.

>> No.9724981

I'll share justification when I post it up, if the mod doesn't use it, oh well. At least it still lives here.

>> No.9725011 [DELETED] 
File: 84 KB, 440x541, Antigones, h.NAOTO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone knows what's going on between h.NAOTO and antigones MR?

>> No.9725087

I bit you watch rick and morty.

>> No.9725167

LWLN new video is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjPo4Q3TGbM

>> No.9725183

Can confirm that many of the brands have signed exclusive contracts with AM. Don't know how long theyll last though

>> No.9725187

Ask Japanese spectacularly screwed themselves over. Beautiful.

>> No.9725198

I heard that Triple Fortune's contract expired and they won't work with them anymore but I wish they would post something to make that more than just a rumor.

>> No.9725208

no, I'm just not fat.

>> No.9725221

I've said for a long time that CathyCat is an annoying, fame-hungry ita. Anyone who is surprised that she'd throw the community under the bus for a few bucks and some e-fame clearly hasn't paid attention to her.

>> No.9725223

You know what we have to do. We need to unsubscribe to these Youtube channels and other SM platforms (i.e. Facebook, IG, etc)
-Kawaii Pateen

Want to fight back? Unsubscribe and spread the word. Make it hurt them.

>> No.9725230

Why kawaii pateen?

>> No.9725240

Fuck you, no, who cares.
If people gonna be annoying about "omg how can you follow cathy cat???" I'll rather unsubscribe to Tyler.

>> No.9725242

The three channels are tied to one another, and KP have shown their support of AM too.

>> No.9725243

you're so uncaring and cool

>> No.9725246

I've never seen KP work with the Leighs or AM

>> No.9725249

Every once in a year everyone is like'The Leighs and AM are so creepy boycott them and everyone who they ever worked with!!!" But nothing happens aside from a few people like Misako or Cathy Cat being dragged through the mud.
Either do something worthwhile or shut upand stop clogging every general and lolita group on facebook with this shit.

>> No.9725250

Are you blind?

>> No.9725251
File: 1.03 MB, 400x181, 1453386754989.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9725256

How do you know nothing happens with it? And we bring it up several times a year, every time someone new works with the Leighs in fact. Informing new people of his nastiness is doing something.

>> No.9725257

They have a point though anon. John hasn't done anything noteworthy in over 3 years since this started. Just because Tyler brought it back up again doesn't mean the same thing won't just be forgotten in a few weeks like before.

>> No.9725258

Why are you ignoring all the people who aren't attending AM anymore because they just found out about this?

>> No.9725261

Because it's like not enough to care? Like what was brought up above, since this happened, AM has grown by like 20% in attendance. So when this was fresh news not enough people cared to not go to AM and it was reported about a hell lot more than one YT video from a lolita.

We'll see what happens with next years attendance.

>> No.9725265

you sound like one of those bitter people who throws thrash on the floor because everyone else does too

>> No.9725267

not all attendees are lolitas, or even lolitas who are gulls or have fb.
who knows what the actual distribution of new attendees is?
The fact that CathyCat, an efamous spokesperson of sorts for Western lolitas, partnered up with the Leighs, called them her 'friends', and is advertising their businesses to her subscriber-base is a huge problem.
this is really gross and lolitas usually band together to rebuke shit like this to the curb.

you don't have to participate, but don't shit on the effort.

>> No.9725272
File: 87 KB, 1024x911, srsly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fuck you, no, who cares.
Well anon, I care. And a few others that want to be safe at cons an other public spaces. >>9725223
Was giving is opinion on what to do to call them out. Nobody's forcing you to do shit anyways.

>> No.9725273

Who wants to bet the John Leigh has fondled CathyCat's boobs or has offered to buy her Victoria's Secret lingerie (gross)?

>> No.9725276

Agreed. Fingers crossed that once the contract ends for all these companies, they never go back to AM again.

>> No.9725277

>lolitas usually band together to rebuke shit like this to the curb.
Now don't make me spill me tea laughing.

>> No.9725280

AM attendance numbers are inflated as fuck tho. They're counting anyone with a weekend badge 3 times (1 entry per day).

>> No.9725282

This is not how businesses work.
Cathy was probably just sent this shirt and told what to write by her business. End of story.

>> No.9725289

I also thing CathyCat is a puppet in this story. She was probably told to do all that by her boss and was ignorant about the Leighs drama. We shouldn't forget she works in Japan and has a limited amount of free time.

>> No.9725291

Same, I love empire and high waist cuts. Just waist can look good on me but only if it sits at exactly the smallest part of my waist, if it's too high it looks atrocious

>> No.9725292

>lolitas usually band together
you mean used to

>> No.9725296

CathyCat traveled to America for Anime Matsuri this year.

>> No.9725299

>just sent the shirt
>posed photos are from official-looking photoshoot touting partnership between Putumayo designer and Leighs
she isn't a slave, she has a choice in what she does and doesn't support.
but, if you check her channel, she's been involved with AM several times.
she's not a puppet guys.

>> No.9725305

Yeah, she was sent there because of her job. She works for WAO-RYU! TV which made a deal with the Leighs.
What's your point?

>> No.9725307

In it doesn't mean she isn't required to do this by contract.

>> No.9725310


CathyCat explains in this video the Mexican KA invited her to the US.
Is Daniela John's puppet?

>> No.9725311

She could have said, "No". Which I would have done.

>> No.9725313

Yes, her too.

>> No.9725316

>She was probably ... ignorant about the Leighs drama
CathyCat was informed about AM and John Leigh many times on Youtube comments and on social media, and she has chosen to deliberately ignore everything, including comments directed to her on livestreams.

Daniela was shown to be working with Shop in Wonderland in the past so probably yes.

>> No.9725321

>CathyCat was informed about AM and John Leigh many times

Yeah, she was, but after she suggested the deal to her boss and WAO-RYU! TV signed the contract. I can totally imagine her caught in the situation not able to tell her boss to stop it all after the announcements was already made.
I think it's in the Japanese mindset to handle that kind of situations by sweeping everything under the rug.

>> No.9725323

I'm starting to feel embarassed about wearing too much sweet and wish to wear more old school gothic lolita or sweet in dark colorways but I'm having trouble selling a part of my sweet pieces because i still like them (but already did several outfits with them) and not buying any more pastel coloured pieces.

>> No.9725329

Just wear what you like, anon. Life's too short to care what other people think or to get embarrassed about what you like.

>> No.9725330

> by sweeping everything under the rug
yes, and they would normally do that by deleting all mentions of AM/John and stop working with him

>> No.9725331

Dressing your age is not really in spirit of lolita, but why not trade your clothes for darker/non-pastel colorways?

>> No.9725336

So is every convention that has a decent amount of jfashion guests and events going to all succumb to drama? They even get brands that you don't usually see at other cons. Why does this always happen? RC is on it's way out already and it makes me sad we're losing so much.

>> No.9725340

>Why did no one call the police?
lmao, I wonder this all the time. If there’s mountains of evidence, why did no one ever do anything? It just became a shitty lolita version of #MeToo and no one does any legal action.

>> No.9725341

To be fair, John Leigh's money scams and sexual harassment are a few leagues above "drama".

>> No.9725344

What other cons has it happened to? Y'all should organise your own events instead of expecting weebs to do it, like they do in Europe and Asia.

>> No.9725345

Some of them did report it to the police if I remember correctly from the petition. To be fair, if it happened to me I wouldn't expose it online. Do you expect people to take pictures with the police report or something? If someone did report it, do you think the police would arrest him for asking someone about her orgasms?

>> No.9725348

This a million times
I haven't been able to go to RuffleCon yet but that's what I like about the concept.
we need classy and reputable events that are just for Jfashion.

>> No.9725355

That can't happen because jfash is just too small. An anime convention is nice because it's large and attracts a lot of people, RC was just so tiny compared to it. AM is able to get multiple brands and famous jfashion guests, along with other nice side events like Swallowtail Cafe. RC is so small that it has to merge with steampunk, LARP, goth fashions and I even think I saw a furry there.

Has John done anything besides make poor sex jokes? The report of the girl he put his hand on her leg, and the jabot incident but besides that I can't find anything else. Police aren't going to get him for asking about orgasms, you need more than that.

>> No.9725361

Why are you in this discussion if you haven't even read the houston press article?

>> No.9725364

You're right anon, I'm just an influencable idiot and since I heard my crush said she didn't like pink at all I felt kinda bad. I also noticed I tend to feel more embarassed when showing pink cutesy sweet coords unless they're very casual/mature (cardigan,no big headbows,...)

I know. I should do that but I just love all of my pieces so much. I already have 3 darker pieces and I love them just as much too.

>> No.9725366

Rufflecon and SFE events are much better for lolitas than any con I've ever been to. 99% of attendees are lolitas, it's where I met lolitas and designers I've admired for years.

>> No.9725381

Yes thank you! I searched surce dolls but I didn't see one. I wish she'd always make bg's of the prints. I have a 2015 folder full of them that she did.

>> No.9725401

it helps people who make print replicas

>> No.9725415
File: 90 KB, 600x600, DRUSgIhVAAANJcL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so hyped for this new ETC print

>> No.9725417

Too bad Rufflecon is a run by shit staff and now SFE is dead.

>> No.9725418

I love high waist cuts.

>> No.9725419

>SFE is dead.
They're in the middle of creating a mook nobody asked for

>> No.9725426

You don't even have to be that slim to look good in high cut brand. Most dresses have generous shirring.

>> No.9725427

Already done.

>> No.9725430

I’d expect everyone to come forth with as much evidence possible. There’s no need to be public, but you have to report. Yes definitely, you can get in trouble for “asking about orgasms” and verbal harassment.

>> No.9725432

Just because you CAN fit in something does not mean you SHOULD sometimes. Sure fatties can often fit into high waisted dresses, but they tend to look a lot fatter in them unless they have an unfortunate body type that gives them no waist definition.

>> No.9725433

I think that torso length plays a factor t b h inwhether high waist cuts suit you. If you have a long torso they can look really unflattering on you, especially if you're relatively small busted..

>> No.9725436

This looks great, does it have other colorways up?

>> No.9725439

There’s s really important difference between being able to fit your body into something and looking good in it.

>> No.9725574

>replica fear mongering
Charge for the images or deal with the fact that if you make something amazing then people are gonna try to rip you off.

>> No.9725610

She is such a fucking drama llama at this point.

>> No.9725618

thank you. Jesus it was taking awhile for people to see.

>> No.9725625

This so much, I wish people could understand this.

>> No.9725673

Um what? AP posts those as the background of their website.

>> No.9725681

They're all owned by the same agency, wao

>> No.9725789

>Is Daniela John's puppet?
Yes, they convinced her to come live in the US and become their shop's manager.

Rufflecon's staff seem like power/money hungry bullies with the way they treated Puvithel.

>> No.9725798

Oh good, so it's not a replica conspiracy?

>> No.9725924

If Daniela is working for The Shop at Wonderland, do the Leighs have proper immigration papers for Daniela. Someone better call ICE...

>> No.9725978

And that hurts the Leighs how?

>> No.9725996

Fuck you.

>> No.9726000

Why are people hating on Misako but defending this daniela person?

>> No.9726011

Definitely not going to unsub from Kawaii Pateen
It's not her platform just because she has appeared on there
the others sure, but why them?

>> No.9726028
File: 56 KB, 342x465, 1463447584628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once the news media in Houston learns that a local business is employing illegals over Americans, people are going to be pissed and it'll look bad for the business owner too.

She's Mexican and she might be an illegal working as a slave for the Leighs. Maybe having Trump in the White House isn't so bad.

You have it reversed, Anon.

>> No.9726066

Shut the fuck up, stop making stereotypical assumptions. Daniela is married to an American so whatever her immigration status is, its her personal business and has nothing to do with lolita. Since AM is an actual business they also have the ability to sponsor a work visa. Get your racist bullshit out of here.

I don't think it's actually defending Daniela but rather people don't want to encourage anon's racist mentality.

>> No.9726073

Houston/Harris County has one of the largest Mexican population. Daniela is the mexican Ambassador and her being bilangual probably helps them more than having a regular American lolita. You're really giving off kkk vibes with that statement there...

>> No.9726088

Can we kill RuffleCon instead and have SFE back?

>> No.9726102

Be careful what you wish for. John Leigh may end up buying Rufflecon and run a lolita convention under his ownership.

>> No.9726116

the mexican kawaii ambassador lives and works in the us? wtf?

both can exist. but also nothing is stopping others from organising stuff for lolitas. maybe its because i dont watch anime but rufflecon is much funner than going to a con.

>> No.9726137

Daniela is an idiot for working with john and should be held accountable for seeming blind to the situation , but there is no reason to make racist assumptions about her citizen status.

Lolita's are so fucking ugly. Get this shit out of here.

>> No.9726145

do you know know where you are?

>> No.9726147

John wanted a Tijuana Mama w/Denice.

This should be investigated. Does John have Daniela's papers or did he pick her up at a Home Depot?

>> No.9726154

>wahhh racism go away
You're on 4chan ffs

>> No.9726158

Because, as was pointed out upthread, KP support AM too. You're free to do what you want, just be aware of this.

>> No.9726160

I wish the houston press article about AM existed in Japanese

>> No.9726167

Definitely people from Texas. Y'all sound like you fuck your cousins lol

>> No.9726168

I'm from the Netherlands

>> No.9726171


>> No.9726172 [DELETED] 

Jessica, that you?

>> No.9726182
File: 126 KB, 1080x1080, 1509831497960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Choke? You trolling again.

>> No.9726198

If this is true, I'm highly disappointed that she would say racist shit like that.

>> No.9726217

Ehh I’m no fan of Choke but I don’t think it’s her. It does sound like something one of our new mods would say though, just swap the nationality to Turkish/Moroccan instead of Mexican

>> No.9726235

>naming names
Fuck you

That's really sad. I don't know any of the mods personally and I'm not the one who was saying racist shit, just >>9726154

>> No.9726250

She's said racist stuff in the past... nothing about Mexicans that I can recall but her record is not clean.

>> No.9726269

I know from reputable sources that you have said racist stuff in the past yourself

>> No.9726271

No that was me

>> No.9726273

>naming names
how new are you?

>> No.9726278 [DELETED] 

everyone knows who you mean by it and the other one is literally a nobody so don't post her here

>> No.9726349
File: 3.05 MB, 1266x1246, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 4.49.09 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Katy Perry is trying out ero lolita. Discuss:

>> No.9726351
File: 3.29 MB, 1272x1274, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 4.49.35 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another photo

>> No.9726353
File: 110 KB, 652x463, enough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It just looks like a wonky attempt at a "sexy Marie Antoinette" look, not lolita in the least. She was actually already dressed in "actual" lolita, it was as horrendous as you can expect.

>> No.9726363

Will AP have a sale anytime soon? A winter sale or something like that.

>> No.9726364

Wow, the collage just makes her look like a JAV actress. Trashy.

>> No.9726376
File: 31 KB, 589x331, Screenshot (38).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure you CAN'T use Tenso to order something with the white button from AP online shop, but does anyone know if FromJapan can order white button stock items?

Or if not, who can?

>> No.9726383
File: 193 KB, 663x619, bitchwhat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a new thing after seeing this reaction image somewhere on here recently-ish

If no one else can Im sure Chibitenshi will be able to.

>> No.9726390

I don't keep up with celebs - did she call this lolita? If not, why are we talking about it?

>> No.9726394

Yes, probably in a couple of weeks after christmas/new years is over.

>> No.9726395
File: 47 KB, 640x480, 30041110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you goys think of people wearing Lolita or Lolita items without tagging it as such or calling themselves a Lolita for various reasons?

>> No.9726402

Nothing. Lolita items are just clothes in the end, there's no rule against wearing Lolita items outside of Lolita if you're not calling it Lolita.

>> No.9726415

Japonica will do it.

>> No.9726418

What does that button even mean? I assumed it just meant like sold out or something

>> No.9726423
File: 13 KB, 369x221, racism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9726452

Has anyone heard anything from Innocent World regarding their Rabbit Letter reservation? The release was slotted for December and I'm an antsy bitch.

>> No.9726468

I don't have the exact translation, it's supposed to indicate that there may be stock in physical stores and to inquire after it. There's a separate "sold out" indicator once stock is completely exhausted.

Seconding >>9726383, I've had tenshi chase down multiple white button items successfully.

>> No.9726473

Ok but it's not half bad Rococo-punk

>> No.9726476

Same, but Minori did a pretty good Japanese post about it, so it's not like there's nothing in Japanese either

>> No.9726484

They're probably trying to avoid being posted here.

>> No.9726487


Thanks for the suggestions! For those who have used tenshi for white button items before, does she go instore or try to order it through the online shop?

>> No.9726489

oops, meant to reply to >>9726468 too

>> No.9726497

Are you stupid?
It's not even that bad. It's a standard AP set. Fix her hair and she's like any other white girl wearing lolita. God, I thought the outrage over this died when everyone left livejournal.

>> No.9726502

Is rufflechat uncensored dead? Or is there a different way I have to find it other than the search bar on fb for groups?

>> No.9726564

She looks like rococo Big Bird

>> No.9726625
File: 84 KB, 375x500, 0811095_p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly relatable, lowkey that's why I asked

>> No.9726662

It's titled RC Uncensored Lolita Debate, for some incredibly stupid reason.

>> No.9726706


Well it makes it harder for other people to find you, so you're less likely to end up being discovered and posted here. But on the other hand being harder to find can also make it harder for other lolitas to find you and make friends with you, if that's something that matters to you.

>> No.9726714

New bread: >>9726711

>> No.9726794

Where can I find that post?

>> No.9727338

its called that because theyre not associated with the actual rufflechat and didnt want to get bitched at for copying the name

>> No.9728854

>t. Cathy Cat.

>> No.9728858

then don't read it. No one is holding a gun to your head honey. Skip over it and quit your bitching.

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