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I hear about cosplayers hooking up and doing lewd shit at conventions all the time. Does anyone have any interesting experiences?

Mine is probably mild compared to some.
>At an anime convention with at least 20k attendees
>Its nighttime and the kiddies have gone to bed
>Walking around the convention with a remote-control bullet vibe inside of me
>Let my boyfriend control the remote
>Did this for several hours
>I don't think anyone noticed

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>All my roommates are gone
>Try having a quickie with my gf
>One of our roommates came back to the hotel room because they forgot a part of their cosplay

That was my first and last time trying lewd shit at a con

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>Dirtiest thing you've done at a convention or meetup?
>Dirtiest thing you've done
>at a meetup
I hope you're not expecting serious responses with things that actually happened.

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I'm calling bullshit, there's no way they wouldn't notice. Also
>being a whore

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got fucked as diane, which satified my giantess kink. nice

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Rooms have tend to have locks in addition to the standard keycard lock that prevent things like this.

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Wow, a thinly veiled sex related thread that gulls will get pissed off over due to its sheer existence until it gets 404ed!
Everybody poops. Everybody pisses. Everybody fucks. There's zero point to being pissed. Discussion is healthy for you and your mind, and might even help someone that's in a bad place but wouldn't otherwise realize it. Embrace it.

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Hooked up with a girl from tinder. She picked me up at ALA and we parked somewhere.

Used a condom at first but she pulled it off and let me dip in a few times bare before sucking me off.

She dropped me back at ALA and I never saw her again

She was not an attendee just a chick I matched with who was local I'm from further south.

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I fucked a woman cross playing a Sailor Scout. It was kind of hot.

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I helped clean up a dumbass boot that nearly died in our airbnb's bathroom. That stupid slut threw up everywhere after trying to go toe to toe drinking with someone way more alcoholic than him. Most disgusting. Thankfully I had missed the brunt of it, but cleaning the sharpie dicks off the porcelain was no fun.

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>a woman cross playing
I have questions, I need specifics

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One of my hotel roommates brought a blow-up doll as a "joke". Nothing sexual got done with it but someone shoved a Faygo bottle into its hole.

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I would like to kiss or hold hands with a cute young guy or trap but the cons I attend only attract ugly unshaven weebs, so no lewd stuff

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Fucked a 16yo in a Touhou cosplay in a con stairwell that wasn't being used

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That's some prime pussy

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Forgive me, I ment I fucked a woman while I was wearing a Sailor Scout costume.

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Dirty juggaho.

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I let my brand touch a public toilet.

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Yeah, my brand waist ties hung in the toilet. Fortunately they were removable and I could wash them immediately, and fortunately it was in Japan and in the morning, when the cleaning staff had just cleaned the toilets. Still, not something I want to repeat.

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Meet up: go to the city in cosplay, decide to check out a shoe store. Have my friend grabbing my boobs right under the security camera.
At a con: have the same friend flip up my skirt in the game room while standing bent over the back of a chair

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A guy saw me and my gf making out in our cosplays (i was cosplaying a sailor scout,she was dressed as a female antagonist) in an abandonned staircase. (it was evening,so we decided why not even though we were scared about getting caught)
At some point she started giving me a hickey while holding my breasts and neck, and I just saw him peeking silently. I got spooked but decided to ignore it and keep on going,idk if she saw him,but he sure was interested (until someone called him and he left)
For some reason it was kinda hot to think this guy was blueballed all day while two cute girls were having it right in front of him.

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i'm also a lesbo and as shitty as it might sound, for some reason i like the idea of guys spotting/watching me and my gf (by accident) , is that normal or am i fake? what are these mixed feelings

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Why are you friends with them again?

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You could be a father now and you don't even know.

ugh. Dirty.

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I know that since this is /cgl/ most people won't understand this but I really felt dirty when I cheated on my boyfriend at a con. It just felt so right at the time, he was dressed as that little guy from TTGL, I was Yoko and I found a hot Kamina cosplayer, I just couldn't resist.

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>everybody fucks

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>Everybody fucks
Said the soyboy virtue signalling numale who hasn't had sex ("yet") with any of the m'ladies that he likes to orbit.

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Sounds more like roastie cope desu

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Sucked my bf at the time off on a semi remote balcony behind the con center. A cop-panty cosplayer came around the corner just as he was coming, she either didn't notice or pretended not to. He proceeded to finger me even though we'd almost been caught...

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>she either didn't notice or pretended not to.

Honesty I'd probably just pretend I didn't notice too
Confronting or acknowledging that would just be awkward as fuck

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I got drunk and made out with someone while I was in a magical girl cosplay. I actually think she had been buying the drinks, and my memory is really hazy but people while we were at a panel were accusing her of taking advantage of me.

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in there defense I have been in rooms where the lock click isn't that loud.
anyone would be interested.

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I wanted to post some bait about acting like a slut at a con, but then I read the thread and noticed that the reality of /cgl/ sluts is way worse than any bait I could imagine.

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Well this is more like tradition for me. I’m a male cosplayer and I usually go to each con in some shirtless cosplay outfit. So then I post my room number up somewhere and occasionally girls at the con would drop by my room and I let them touch me wherever they want. Most girls feel around my pecs and play with my nipples. Some were more daring and felt up my junk. And the usual “can I take your picture/selfie with you” question from them which I would be happy to pose for them.
Yeah I usually do this each con I go to. Is this even considered lewd or dirty even?

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Yeah. Yeah it is.

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>with a remote-control bullet vibe inside of me
How does it stay inside you. Wouldn't it slip out if the muscles contracted and such.

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patience anon patience the cosplay whores and sluts will come eventually. Just be patient.

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That would make you an exhibitionist. You get your thrills by being seen in for most would be a compromising condition.

Not unless he came inside her, and he said she sucked him off. So exactly where he climaxed is in question.

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Got a guy to ditch his friends and rent a hotel room just the two of us. I paid nothing

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fuckin weirdo
why not just say you want to bone
'I let girls touch me' ...but, you don't try making a move? So weird. If I was trying to get your dick and you just stood there like 'hur hur look at me pecs' I'd be like 'ok well this guy's odd, time to go back to the con, no dick today'.
Inb4 you backpedal and say you fucked them. C'mon dude, you're weird.

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>this level of ignorance
you could also be a father without knowing it

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>I’m a male cosplayer and I usually go to each con in some shirtless cosplay outfit.

Gay yeap and not offence gay but just Gay for your own body gay.

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Not likely, I don't hook up with strange women I don't know. If I have a kid out there, I would know it by now. Women love their child support money.

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Which 2hu?

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walked into a public bathroom in my socks

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There was a fairly attractive girl dressed in a lolita outfit while I was volunteering at a medium sized con.

She was just walking in circles around the con so I went up and chatted her up attempting to implement that good /cgl/ lurking knowledge by dropping questions about her coord and shit.

I tried my best to keep things interesting but holy shit she was incredibly shy/boring even when I kept the convo directed towards herself, just really socially awkward/introverted.

We exchanged info because i had to go finish my shift but I did see her in the corner of my eye here and there while I was badge checking but never got close enough to actually exchange any sort of greetings.

My shift ended right when the rave and other night events begun so I headed back to my room and took a bunch of shots with roomies, packed gatorade full of vodka, and finally reconciled with lolita qt.

It was pretty obv that it was worse for her being around my friends as she was just got more quiet than before. I was fucking gone at this point so lolita qt helped me back to the room when we encountered an escaltor. Idk why but we walked passed it toward the elevators
for the disabled people or people with hella props. Then we got in the staircase that nobody fucking uses because theres a godamn escaltor and elevator.

Now my memory got kinda fuzzy around this point but I remember leaning against her while going up the stairs and we stopped midway where the stairs split in one direction to another. I think she mistook my leaning as an advance because our faces were getting pretty close but we did end up slobbering over each other for a good minute.

Naturally things progressed rapidly and we're in her room doing the dirty. It was fucking exhausting because I was pretty much doing all the work, like im pretty sure she ruined about 3 condoms till I just put it on myself.

In the end the sex wasnt even that great but shes very qt and I still talk to her sometimes

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Middle school sex ed pre-menses edition:
Sperm is viable and present in 'precum' and may induce pregnancy just as if you pumped a full load in her, slut.
I weep for the retards you've brought into the world and wish them the blessings of suffocating on their own tongues.

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Wow, people who actually believe in the 'pull out' method really do exist.

>> No.9725182

Been using the pull out method with my gf for 3 years. Not a single babby in sight. Good job falling for the Jewish propaganda.

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thread is over, this is the dirtiest thing.

>> No.9725195

but cumming in them is the best part, anon

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>Walking around the convention with a remote-control bullet vibe inside of me

Wish I could find a woman like you anon.

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You forgot the part where you woke up, you desperate /r9k/ neckbeard cringefiction writer.

>> No.9725371

Masturbating while your "girlfriend" is being fucked by her black bull is not "pulling out" you silly little goy.

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>go on on Tinder
>mfw all the girls there just want to have sex, not hang out with me
>go to con alone dressed as Shiro (Voltron)

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>having sex is slutty :((
>only if you're a girl though
ok dude

>> No.9725429

Exactly. Why is it so hard for you to understand, soyboy numale? Because you can't get laid?

>> No.9725456

What's so unbelievable about not having sex?

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>1 month before con, one of my roommates, let's call him M, confesses his ever undying love for me
>we have been friends for over 6 years and I tell him I'm sorry but I'm not attracted to him at all
>2 weeks before con, find out that our other 2 roommates can't make it so it will be only me and M in a two bed hotel room
>I tell him that I haven't paid for my ticket or portion of the room yet, but that I would get it next week, if he still wanted to go
>M tells me that he already paid for the room in full for the whole weekend, plus an extra day to get settled, and that he got me the weekend pass for me for the con
>speechless, but I accept his offerings and vow to pay him back immediately
>3 days before con, I get a random message from someone, let's call him D, in a contact thread on /soc/
>we end up chatting for 12 hours every day and decide to meet at the con on Saturday
>first day of the con and M is following me around everywhere, asking me who I'm talking to all day long and if I want to get something to eat or something
>we run into a mutual friend at the con, let's call him P, who asks if we are going to the formal dance after the con
>M tries to say he needs to get up early, when I say that I will be there in a dark red dress, so he shuts up and suggests bringing alcohol
>later that night, after we all help finish two bottles of vodka, P confesses HIS affection for me, M is drunk and staring at me silently most of the night, and I somehow convinced D to meet me that night
>okay.jpg, icandothis.jpg

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>>9723587 >>9723637
I can't believe my eyes. Gulls acting like r9k autists. GIRLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

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>convince P to give me a spare key to his room
>P immediately heads up to his room
>M and I go back to our room and I get a condom out of my suitcase
>M starts to take off his tie, when I put my hand on his shoulder and tell him that I need to borrow the room for the night
>M starts to go on about how he doesn't have any idea where to go, when I hand him the spare key to P's room
>M looks sad, but actually leaves
>meet D down in the hotel lobby and kiss him the second we meet
>D asks if I have been drinking and I said that I did a little, because I was so nervous
>D says we won't have sexy time, because he couldn't just take advantage of me like that, so we just cuddle and giggle all night long
>the next day, spend all day long at the con with D
>pass M and P a few times
>P tries to be super friendly and introduces himself to D, but won't say anything to me
>M just looks like he's on the verge of tears all day long, hardly see him in any panels, never speaks to me or D
>M apparently threw up all over P's room that night and P had to clean it all up
>D leaves after that, but promises to see me a week (actually saw me 2 days later, because he missed me too much)
>have an awkward car ride home with P and M
>D asks me to be his girlfriend 2 weeks later and eventually to marry him 3 months later
>P will only speak to me when he's drunk
>M still looks so sad and refuses to talk to me again
>never got to pay him back

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I shared a straw with a Lolicosplayer.

>> No.9725506

Its not that people wont "understand".
Its that youre a fucking disgusting whore.
Youre a fucking adult and cant even control your impulses, simply disgusting.

>> No.9725511

Came to a fingerbang under the table in the cosplay repair area of AX.

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So, are you two dating/married?

>> No.9725609

I'm a girl you walnut.

>> No.9725630

Yes, we are getting married next month.

>> No.9725837

What is urine?

>> No.9725966

So that’s how I can get laid with girls at a con? Go on Tinder while at the con?

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Oh man these replies. I use to give this guy I was in a situationship with blowjobs at every con.
There was one time where this guy was going down on me & one of my roommates tried walking in, thank god I locked the door. I pushed the guy into the bathroom and I don’t think my friend found out & if he did he probably didn’t say anything.
Oh and was fingered in the staircases by him as well at another con

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OP here, pic related

>> No.9726164

>married in 3 months
goddamn trash

>> No.9726208

Desperate soyboy numales marry fast (to the first used up roastie who needs a betabux provider).

>> No.9726381

Wait, so M paid for the room and you kicked him out? Kind of a dick move.

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Nope. I've been going to SDCC for the past six years, never once did anything lewd.

I almost called up an escort to the hotel room one time but roommate seemed to be there more often than me so didn't follow through.

>> No.9726788

I would maybe ask you at one point, if I can join, or at least take pictures/record it

how many dudes, and landwhales are dropping by, and where is the best place to psot your roomnumber anyway?

>Gulls acting like r9k autists.
as if they aren't r9k autists themselves

>he was dressed as that little guy from TTGL
you mean Simon?
also, why didn't you let him join?
maybe he would have been ok with a threesome

>> No.9726816

>people still trying to push this five year old fake news

w o w
get a life laura

>> No.9726817

I took a girl into a stairwell for photos and was going to eat her pussy under her skimpy skirt, but she had to leave for a panel. Sad!

>> No.9726842

t. soygirl nufemale

>> No.9726862

LMAO, this bitch still posts here

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Cons are made for dirt like myself.
>always loved anime, manga, and Japan garbage in general
>started cosplaying at 16
>practically raped my first con
>every con after I crossplay and pickup girls
>started working full time right after highschool to support my degeneracy
>all money goes towards costumes, hotels,food, booze, videogames, and other misc expenses
>aim for average looking girls in average cosplay in chances they'll fuck/role-play in costume
>kinky degenerate sex almost every con
I'm getting old though desu. Will probably stop in 3-4 years and then kill myself when I realize how much money I wasted.

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Having hard ons. Touching boobs

>> No.9726959

I'm a virgin

>> No.9726997

That's very good and don't let the jealous girls here make you feel bad for it. Some people still recognize and respect their bodies, and people who don't feel very offended about it because it reminds them of the bad choices they made.

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Always been a fat fuccboi at every con

>> No.9727054


This idiotic numale soyboy fedora tipper actually thought that was a girl.

>> No.9727155

>How does marriage work
We got engaged in 3 months. He didn't want to risk losing me lmao we have been engaged for almost a year a half now.

Yeah, I wasn't proud of it, but the thread called for dirtiest thing at a con and I feel like I did M dirty. Especially since he was so "in love" with me at the time.

>> No.9727158

You're everything I hope I never become. Fucking trash.

>> No.9727171

Tinder worked out for me once at Otakon. I had used Tinder a lot at cons but to no success. I kept waiting for something to go wrong but it never did. Was a fun time.

>> No.9727250

Dirtiest thing I ever did, as a beta male, is just touch some tits
I think once I went to a con and I was about 15 and I went with my friends, and this titty monster is jumping on the laps of all the "hot" boys and she jumps on mine, so I spanked her ass and she ran off and called me a pervert. 3 hours later she pulls me aside and drags me and some guy who tagged along with me and she grabs the mudkip plush I bought for my sister and shoves it down shirt. And me, being the beta fuckin teen I was, but also fuckin autistic, just unbutton her top and grab my mudkip back, she says "is that ALL you're doing after exposing me?" so I grab her tits for a while and maybe 3 minutes later my friends find me and pull me back to the main hall, she comes back a minute later button-up her top and winked at me.
And that's how I touched my first boob and met my first thot

>> No.9727309

>Does anyone have any interesting experiences?
I hooked up with two bitches cosplaying some Pokemon shit. We get to their room and they start undoing my pants after getting out of their cosplay. They smelled like alcohol but whatever. They're slobbing on my tip for a couple of minutes then they start arguing about their tongues touching or some shit. One calls the other a dyke and gets punched. So they're scrapping butt ass naked on the bed. I wasn't leave with blue balls so I kneeled over them while they pulled hair and nutted on their faces. I groped them a couple of times and slapped their asses before cleaning my dick in the bathroom and leaving.

This really happened and isn't just my fetish. No one lies on 4chan.

>> No.9727365

Experimenting to see if I still remained secually attracted to someone. He consented to sleepy blowjob so I gave him one ended up getting a blowjob myself. I finished he did not. Long story short. I still don't have sexual attraction and I don't know why a blowjob would make me feel different about sex.

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>calling himself a beta
>touched boobs
you are everything else than beta

were the two bitches pic related?

>> No.9727442

The night before going to a con with a couple of my friends I stayed over at the house of one of them, since she lived about halfway between my house and the con. We slept next to each other on a big foldout couch in her basement so that we could watch TV, and in the morning I wore up way before she did, so I took the opportunity to kiss her on the cheek. I didn't really even have a crush on her, and I'd known her boyfriend since second grade, but I just wanted to see what it was like. I still feel like kind of a creep for it.

>> No.9727504

Let's see I simulated oral sex under a con registration table. I prented jacked my chainsaw off while thrusting. I've mounted or seductively plased myself over other cosplayers for the camera.

>> No.9727991

I allowed another guy to simulate oral sex on me. It was during a panel game of the sexiest way to apply a condom. I played along and threw my head back while putting my hand on the back of his head.

We won

>> No.9728904

>were the two bitches pic related?
Yes. Totally.

>> No.9729058

me too dude, don’t worry about it.

>> No.9729084

>I fucked a woman cross playing a Sailor Scout
That was not cross playing. And it's a Sailor Senshi. 2017 already.
And yes, that would be hot.

>> No.9729401

sounds really like it was simulated


what is, if he crossplayed a Senshi?

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>click on /cgl/ by accident
>see this thread
Well, I guess this is as good inspiration to start my Lucio and Falco cosplay as any.

>> No.9729468
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One time, a girl in my comm let me taste her tea from her cup. Another time, the wind blew too hard and I accidentally flashed my lolita crush my bloomers. She laughed and said they were cute and I felt happy and a bit turned on.

>For a fashion so full of lesbians and bisexuals, all my lolita experiences have been really tame.

>> No.9729507

I've got a handful of lewd stories. Fucked my bf at the time in one of the con elevators late at night. We were both cosplaying 'businessman' characters from different franchises, and he bent me over while I held onto the rail in the elevator for balance. Guy turned out to be a total fuckboy in the end so I ditched his sorry ass, but I still enjoy the memory.

>> No.9729510

>For a fashion so full of lesbians and bisexuals, all my lolita experiences have been really tame.
Do you expect to be constantly courted at a fashion community?

>> No.9729690

>Beta cuck calling another Beta cuck Alpha because he accidentally groped what *may* have been a womyn

>> No.9729694

Like 90% of the males who post here (that's right, here, on /cgl/) are

Prior to 2011, things were different

>> No.9729701

What's skewing the numbers? Why is /cgl/ a virgin magnet?

>> No.9729807

4chan is in general, it's not cgl exclusive.

>> No.9729820

I help cons and I've managed to hookup with other con volunteers. It has never been during a shift as we would bang in hotel rooms.

>> No.9729853
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No... But I can still dream, right?

>> No.9730091

Me three?

>> No.9730159

One time, some friends in my lolita comm when I was a teenager took a picture together peeking under another's skirt while she made a cutesy "oops" face. One of the girls posted it on egl with our other meetup pics. To this day, I live in fear that it will resurface and come back to haunt me.

>> No.9730308

Dirtiest thing I've seen/done was when I was manning an artist alley table.

I was slouched down in my chair and looking at my phone. It was slow at the time, but when I eventually looked back up, I saw a Tatsumaki cosplayer walk past the table, and since my eye level was just at her waist level, I caught a glimpse through her dress openings/slits and I was 95 percent sure I saw vag.

Had to confirm so I found her later and had we had a conversation that pretty much ended with me going "so when I sitting down, and I might have seen through your dress opening, and I was wondering if you wern't wearing underwear?"

She burst out laughing and nodded before shimmying off with her friends.

Was worth the drive at that point.

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I doubt a bullet vibe's battery would last that long.

>> No.9730598

One of my ex's borrowed a friends Yuna costume for a con. It had been years since ff10 came out and the girl she borrowed it from said she didn't really care about it any more, so we fucked a few times with gf wearing it at the con, then returned it once we got back.

>> No.9730869

>be 16 years old at a con, dress normally, I'm not into anime and am stuff
>spend entire con just taking photos of cool costumes.
>get couple girls numbers, and up fucking one in the back of a an empty screening room playing hentai after hours.
>asks me to call, never do.
>spend next 5 months pumping and dumping various girls I met.

Most of them were over 18. They didn't care.

>> No.9730877
File: 170 KB, 500x673, FE2AE087-A98C-45AF-9D6D-7ACDCD289B34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I took LSD in mlp:fim meetup. I was 16 and the worst edgelord ever.

>> No.9730972

>I will never have such game in my life

>> No.9731106

Average game, just not a sperg anon. I'm 5 11, slightly overweight, but confident. I'm also mexican American, in California

>> No.9731456

Already 3 virgin soyboy numales... the gathering is upon us...

>> No.9731469


/r9k/ fantasy #BorderHopper edition

I bet this is Jeebus of /a/

>> No.9731585

The Gathering of Wizards [virgins]

>> No.9731644
File: 304 KB, 960x1280, 1498447896750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you are nothing but a background character in someone else's story
>you will never love
>you live never not be a virgin

>> No.9731656

Well, looks like you were about to rape the girl in this pic. Please castrate yourself before you actually rape one ok?

>> No.9731750
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Probably gotta be when I got my leash yanked at ichibancon one year
>Be partying with bros
>Straight Chad's in One piece cosplay with ones little brother being a spot on Luffy
>Friend gets us in
>I turn the fuck up taking back to back shots and pounding beers
>Sanji Bro pulls out a fat wad
>Get daggers from friend and gf
>Decide to politely dip after they paid for my partying all that night so far
>Friend and gf joke that they thought of something we could all do together
>I was always pretty dense so cue 20 questions trying to figure it out.
>Eventually gf whispers that it's a threesome
>Still the most debaucherous night of my life to this date, and that was years ago.

>> No.9731875

Anon....do your friend and gf seem really close? That sounds like a cause for concern.

>> No.9732142
File: 321 KB, 640x879, 9F82C3C3-2EA0-427A-9315-C8CD04BA6C62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>me 19 Y/o,small and joyful grill
>con staff with few friend
>get to the hotel and ask to share bed with Nepboi( tall, average looking )
>Knew Nepboi had a hard on for Loli so decided to wear my Illya cosplay that day.
>Get to con and do my Conshift
>All day trying to teasing nepboi,doesn’t respond to the bait. >Instead I get some creepy weeb talking to me every second.
>sad & horny fuc off
>Animated some late night panel with bunch of friends. All of them had big ass tiddys and I was just looking like a fk kid.
>Panel ended, ashamed and didn’t have enough energy to attempt the rave.
>Get back to the hotel room.
>Nepboi on the bed playing vita.
>start removing my cosplay,nepboi tell me to keep it on
>”you look cute in it anon”
>”wow didn’t know you were into loli dumb weeb” big liieeee
>Removed the cosplay anyway, shower and join him in bed
>getting sleepy and ended up spooning him.
>too pure to touch me he was keeping his distance
>got tired and decided to grab his donger, and kissing bim
>we make out until Nepboi tells me he’s a cherry boy.
>Had short and sweet sex.
>until nepboi started pining me down and licking my feet for a good 10 min
>I was soo embarrasse and didn’t enjoy it AT ALL
>At that exact moment our roommate decided to comeback from the rave and cough us.

Since then they call me stinky feet and I want to bury myself alive. Still banging with him sometimes but Told him the foot fetish was too much

>> No.9732146

reeeee that's so fuckin kawaii
why do they call u stinky feet tho u showered before
u didn't properly wash ur feet?! or were they just teasing
anyways so cute reading that uwu gj anon

>> No.9732157

>until nepboi started pining me down and licking my feet for a good 10 min
>I was soo embarrasse and didn’t enjoy it AT ALL
>At that exact moment our roommate decided to comeback from the rave and cough us.
Ayy lmao

Can you give me source on your pic?

>> No.9732284

>>me 19 Y/o,small and joyful grill
*small, ugly and fat

>> No.9732320

Slut constantly latches on to my bf because we're all part of the same circle of convention friends. I baked some laxative brownies. My bf refuses to go anywhere near her now. I am a problem solver. I bet shit done. Pun intended.

>> No.9732327

I haven't done anything because I don't talk to anyone. I go in, see the merch, then sit at the game room and play some games to pass the time, go to panels, go home.

>> No.9732350

should have baked them into some bean-based dish.
Only thing worst than diarrhoea is explosive diarrhoea

>> No.9732433

wtf I hate wahmen now?

>> No.9732442

I fucked a crossplayer in the butt. He wasn't even vaguely passable. Basically 5/10 guy dressed like Yuna. I decided I don't give a fuck cause I want to stick my dick in something. Talked him into coming back to my hotel room and I fucked and busted a nut really good inside him.

>> No.9732466

I don't know if you'd consider this dirty, but at the last con I went to I got so shitfaced I faceplanted multiple times and ended up getting kicked out. Had to be held by the arms by two roamers

>> No.9732487

This situation happened to me, only my grill was a bit more... Forward.
It was 2015 at a Michigan con, Friday night after the Homestuck photoshoot. This cute little female John cosplayer just gravitated herself towards me for about an hour. We started talking and after about a good 3 hours she asked me if I was staying anywhere that night. You see, I was staying with my ex-gf who was getting it on with this admittingly hot Bro cosplayer, leaving me getting cucked. So after some thinking, I said no. She invited me over to her hotel for the night, and after a while we did the dirty.
Fucking hate her guts now desu after what happened after that.

>> No.9732508

I'm a girl though, does it work for us as well?

>> No.9732516

t. virgin male 56%er

>> No.9732536

>Party at local con
>Meet my /cgl/ husbandu crush
>End up having a four way with him, another girl, and another girl who ended up being a trap
>Get introduced to kink for the first time
>In the same night, found out I like to dominate sissy boys, and get tied up in rope bondage.
I lost one of my brand stockings. No regerts.

>> No.9732546


>> No.9732564

>Fucking a /cgl/ manwhore

Please tell me you got tested after.

>> No.9732599

I tested positive for awesome.

>> No.9732601

Sure, Ill bite.

"What happened to make you hate her anon?!?!?!"

>> No.9732605

I got her pregnant and she decided to have a coat hanger abortion without telling me.

>> No.9732636

>Being this wrong AND salty

>> No.9732639

>Meet my /cgl/ husbandu crush
>End up having a four way

>> No.9732672

why would that make you hate her, it's her body, her decision

>> No.9732703

its her body alright. And its the foetus body.. She did not respect the last part.

>> No.9732720

We were a part of a panel studio a few months after the one night stand. Over the course of 2 years she became more and more... devious. Basically became her cuck until I met my current gf. They fired me a few months ago because of "disrespect".

>> No.9732739

Too bad they can't talk.

>> No.9732741

Fetuses are essentially mindless potatoes you retard.

>> No.9732753

Population in this world is an issue anyways, she did good

>> No.9732795

Maybe she asked for consent.

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