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I know there is already a makeup thread but I've been recently curious about makeup specifically for coording.
>What looks good?
>Do you have a go-to makeup style for going to cons and comm meets?
>How important is your makeup to your coord?
>Are there any good youtubers for lolita makup tutorials?
Lay it on me gulls.

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Recently I've been looking for inspiration outside of lolita for makeup, since I find lolita makeup kind of boring and samey. Mostly I watch western goth youtubers, like drac makens, jessica haze, biohazardousbeauty, etc. I also don't tend to match my makeup to my coords and actually recently have been into clashing makup looks (like the eyes and lips don't even match).

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I always see people complain about Instagram makeup with Lolita and I'd like to know why?

Also - is it bad to match my eyeshadow color to my dress?

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"Instagram makeup" usually skews towards western concepts of "sexy" rather than the cute aesthetic that lolita aims for so it looks out of place with the fashion.

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i've recently transitioned from the typical heavy "kawaii" makeup we see on westerners (overdrawn black eyeliner, noticeable falsies, circle lenses, white eyeliner) into the trendier soft makeup popularized by larme. best thing i ever did. i'm asian with soft features and the makeup i was doing before overpowered me and made me look like an ayyylium.

after doing it myself i can't help but feel like a lot of other lolitas would look better with less. especially in regards to circle lenses... most people really don't need them. especially westerners who typically have bigger eyes, it seems a little much. but i get it, personal preferences and all.

to answer one of the OP questions, i think good makeup makes or breaks a coord unless you're stickering over your face. it doesn't have to be pro MUA-tier, but the most important thing is knowing your face and doing what flatters it most. don't make the mistake i did.

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I have droopy funeral eyes so I always tend to go for a cats-eye look to make my eyes look more open and alive. But sometimes I wonder if it's appropriate for most of my coords

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So I shouldn't be wearing winged eyeliner with lolita? I feel like the eyeliner suggested for my eye type is so minimal and not even worth putting on considering you can barely see it so I always do wings.

Why is the make up supposed to be so minimal even if you're wearing something OTT?

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You sound awful.

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>implying all lolita is OTT
Who's talking about OTT? You can and should wear more over the top makeup if your outfit is more over the top, but there's a way to amplify your makeup in lolita without wearing western trends that are unrelated to the aesthetic you're aiming for.
If you think wearing natural makeup with a little bit more emphasis on your eyes to make them doll-like isn't enough for a regular lolita coord, you're probably doing your makeup wrong.

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you'll be okay anon, i promise.

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>What looks good?
If done correctly and with the right coordinate, I think almost any makeup style can be tweaked to suit lolita. Even a very light handed and subtle "instagram makeup" look could work with a classic coordinate.

>Do you have a go-to makeup style for going to cons and comm meets?
For cons and meets I use a heavier foundation, usually Born This Way by Too Faced because it is full coverage and lasts all day. Normally, I just wear a BB Cream and some powder.

>How important is your makeup to your coord?
Relatively important? I usually wear some form of sweet, so my makeup relatively stays the same regardless of my coordinate.

>Are there any good youtubers for lolita makup tutorials?
The kawaii pateen tutorials aren't too horrible for a beginner. But there really isn't a huge variety of strictly "lolita makeup", they all could just easily fall under gyaru, or generic kawaii doll makeup.

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Gonna spam some inspo now

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Fashion Squid wore more larme and Amo style than lolita, but she adapted Japanese trends for a Western eye wonderfully.

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Does anyone else do contouring with their Lolita makeup? I usually only do it under my jawline but I'm considering doing some to make my beaky nose look smaller

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I wear gothic/classical so I do contouring to make my face look not super round, since I like the more mature look.

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I really like experimenting with my eyes for coords but I never seem to know what to do with my lips. Usually just leave them bare or a thin layer of gloss.

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Usually prefer light lips too heavy lipstick myself. If I think I need some color I like putting a lip tint like Peri in the center of my lips.

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Any lolita makeup suggestions for hooded eyes?

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ugh my model waifu, I want to see her more often

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you're fucked for eyemakeup desu, just use some dollywink lashes to make your eyes pop.

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I feel like you may not understand what OP is means when they say "instagram makeup." Instagram makeup refers to the sharp, over contoured, borderline drag makeup that is popular these days. Pic very related.

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I wear gothic and always do some kind of powder contour and highlights to define my cheekbones and nose. I think it might be too jarring work too well for sweet unless it's really lighthanded and has more blush or something, but I've never worn sweet in my life so I wouldn't know.

Personally I don't really go for the understated look. I like it on other people but I just feel naked wearing it myself. I also find that the typical larme and dolly makeup looks get boring to apply on a daily basis, so I like to mix it up and go a lot darker to match my clothes. I get most of my inspo from western goth that I alter to be girlier, or darker editorial makeup.

As a go- to, I have one regular daily eye look I can do in 15 minutes, it's similar to >>9720999 but I change out the lips. When I have more time I like to match my makeup to my coords. If I have royal blue or gold as my accent colour/colour that is not black I incorporate it into my eye looks, similarly with pinks and reds I switch out my lip colour and blush to compliment the coord.

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Same problem here, so I use lower lashes and more color and liner on the lower lash line. Otherwise my makeup is basically invisible on camera.

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I used to admire some lolitas in my comm for their make-up but after meeting them irl I think they look ridiculous. Heavy make-up a lot of lolitas do only looks good in photoshoots.

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Most Lolita’s today only dress for the likes they get on Cof or Instagram and notes on tumblr. Heavier makeup is used for photographs since a camera washes the face out.

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This is bullshit. Just because the most active girls in your comm are like that doesn't mean most lolitas are

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Anyone have any latino lolitas or inspo they can recommend? I always feel like trying to use the makeup done on Asians or most anglo western girls doesn't suit me. I do like the korean "soft" type makeup but I feel like it doesn't stand out on me.

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Instagram make up is clowny. It looks "good" after a ton of filters, and is inspired on drag and theater: it needs to be strong enough to be seen from far away and to exaggerate features. Girls started to love it because it made them look sexy (albeit cartoon sexy) when their faces were boring, or didn't look cute enough with normal makeup. Some people can be very beautiful with few to no makeup, so people may want to compensate with the Instagram brows. The biggest problem is that this makeup looks horrible face to face, since it is not meant to look beautiful or enhance you, it looks plastered or like someone drew eyebrows on you with a sharpie. Watch Goss makeup artist for his explanations about these trends.

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Wow their skin looks so slimy and disgusting. How could anyone where that near their brand...

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What would you recommend, anon? I'm planning on buying my first set of falsies soon.

Also, does that mean I should give up on trying out eyeshadow? My hooded eyelids make me sad :(

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An e-famous girl visited my comm once and IRL she looked like a failed drag queen after a rough night. Her foundation was slathered on way too thick, her contouring looked like she smeared dirt on her face, her falsies were covered in thick nasty globs or mascara, the back of her wig looked like animals had been living in it and the full back shirring of her dress was so stretched out it didn't look like shirring anymore. She looked ten times worse than >>9721091. It was eye-opening. She gets 400-900 likes per COF post.

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You’re reading too much into anon. Calm down. Or cake on more foundation. Which ever one offended you more.

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Since I transitioned from Gyaru to Lolita, my inspiration comes from the Gyaru makeup. I tried more natural things that I saw in older bibles, but they just don't work for me.

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yeah, give up on eyeshadow, it'll just dissapear when you open your eyes anyway, if you're feeling it maybe a subtle color on your upper lids that barely show, but not too much since it'll look clowny.
what this anon said is right. personally, liquid liners do nothing for me but smear, but liner on the lower lash line with a gel stick has done me wonders. keep it with you though, since you'll have to reapply.

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>Most Lolita’s today only dress for the likes they get
None of the lolitas I know do this. It's just common on cgl to pretend lolitas are like cosplayers and everything used to be better.

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i don't think it's the "amount" of makeup that matters so much as the way it is applied/the end result achieved. does your makeup complement your coord or does it detract from it?

a small wing isn't bad if it helps enhance your natural lash line and suits your coord. an ultra-glam out-to-your-eyebrows wing and dramatic contouring usually look awkward when you are going for a soft or cute look.

along that line of thought, i don't think it's bad to match your eyeshadow to your dress. it just shouldn't overpower or clash with it, i think.

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Sigh. Maybe I'll try out just putting a little bit on my upper lid just to see how it looks. Hopefully it works out. Not being able to add some color to my boring eyes is a little depressing.

Also, for eyeliner, I've had a lot of luck with Kat Von D's tattoo liner. It dries really quick, doesn't smudge, and stays on all day in my experience, but it might not work out for every gull. My only issue with it is its consistency, the product isn't as opaque on first application as I'd like it to be.

I'm thinking about trying out Dolly Wink's eyeliner too. Maybe I'll find a new favorite!

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Can anyone offer advice on easy, basic lolita makeup? I never wear makeup outside of lolita, not even foundation or anything, and I feel like a lot of lolita makeup tutorials are too high-level for me.
I also am not used to my face in heavy makeup at all, it looks very jarring to me, which is also why I'd like to keep it minimal. I don't want it to look bad or inclomplete though, so I wouldn't want to go without makeup in a fashion as outlandish as lolita. I wear classic, mostly IW and VM.

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How hooded are they? Look for Alissa Ashley on YouTube,she does tutorials for hooded eyes. Maybe you don't like the looks,but the techniques are good.

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Links to their social media? We have similar eye shapes

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I have a very simple daily routine, so maybe I can help. Personally, I do:

>Cushion foundation in my skintone (used to use Laneige, now trying Maybelline Dream Cushion)
>Under-eye concealer (Nyx)
>Heavy blush in a soft pink color (Tarte), applied to the apples of my cheeks and blended out on my cheekbones
>Curl my eyelashes, apply dark black mascara designed to add volume (currently finishing up a tube of Urban Decay Perversion, want to try Chanel)
>Throw on some lip tint if I’m feeling it (usually Covergirl Outlast since that shit will stay on thru the apocalypse)

However, a lot of this has to do with my appearance (pale, oval to round face, blonde eyelashes). Look up tutorials and try out some things that look simple. See what enhances your features in a way you want. You don’t have to go nuts, but a little makeup goes a long way!

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There's a few girls in my comm who wear really dark or oddly colored lipsticks with sweet lolita. It doesn't look good. Has anybody else noticed this as a trend or is this something exclusive to people in my area?

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I really love Dolly Wink - it goes on SUPER dark and the tip is super fine, so you can be as precise as you want.

The only problem I've had with it are the fibers of the brush springing apart at the tip, so there are some little stray hairs that I have to watch out for...wish i knew how to fix it.

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My lolita makeup routine is fairly simple I think compared to most lolitas
>face primer to help ready my face for the rest of my makeup
>concealer in any spots that need it
>bb cream
>white eye shadow right underneath my brows to lift the face
>light blush
Sometimes I add a bit of highlight to the the bridge and tip of my nose, but that's basically it.

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I'm the OP of this reply chain and I'm the one who brought up Instagram make up because I've seen it get trashed in a lot of CoF threads.

I don't contour but I do my eyeshadow like most I see and I guess its more like western make up. I'm lucky and my skin is pretty clear so I don't bother with foundation.

I just put primer on and then just match my eyeshadow color to what I'm wearing. I only wear false lashes if I feel like the event is worth it.

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I wear very minimal makeup, especially since I primarily wear old school. I use a light powder and blush to smooth things out. Then I line my outer eye corners with a dark brown pencil under the lashes and blend, topping it off with curled lashes and mascara. If I'm going to a meet or dressing up I'll wear falsies and subdued eyeshadow. I wear tinted lip balm day to day, but meets I might wear something a bit more pigmented.
My main objective is to look fresh and put together but not made up. I feel like heavy makeup can make things look a little costumey and it's really not my thing.
I've seen a lot of girls try to match their lipstick color exactly to the colors in the print, including unnatural ones, instead of finding a complimentary color for their face and outfit together.

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you don't need strong eyebrows in lolita

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Her blush is uneven

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I don't know why the other anon is telling you to give up on eyeshadow. I have hooded eyes and I still wear it. Just cover your whole lid. Mine is still visible and I have a fold over.

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I don't do anything to my eyebrows and I didn't even mention them? They're literally always hidden under my bangs. Plus I have naturally dark hair so its not like I need to fill them in.

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Cosmashanti on instagram

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Sounds like Agnes

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Depending on how hooded they are you can go off Asian makeup tutorials lol

My eyes are hooded and small so I put more pigment in the outer corners to drag it out. You just have to be careful with that because it could make you look droopy eyed if you don't want that look. There's lots of tips on YouTube that you could try out and see what you like best. Sometimes you are even better off just forgetting eyeliner.

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>>What looks good?
For me, I found a lighter foundation or BB cream, thin longer wing, subtle eye makeup, neutral to pink blush, a bit of highlight, and depending on the coord, and anywhere from a neutral to a bold lip works well. I'm Asian, but I tend towards dewy Asian skin, western style eye makeup, no contouring or soft contouring like most asians, and a solid bold lip like westerners.

>>Do you have a go-to makeup style for going to cons and comm meets?
It depends. For instance, i once did a rococo style coord for a con and I tried to emulate the really rosy cheeks of the era without going overboard and minimal eye makeup. The only other difference is that I put falsies on.

>>How important is your makeup to your coord?
I think it's pretty important and ties your coord together. Lolita is fairly outlandish and will wash you out, so makeup is important even if it's just a wash of a single neutral eyeshadow, mascara, and glossy lips.

>>Are there any good youtubers for lolita makup tutorials?

I think Lisa Eldridge is really good for timeless, classic looks, and would be a good start for any newbie. My favorite Korean youtubers currently are Heizle (if you can get over her Christian rock playing in the background), Lamuqe, and Pony Syndrome. Pony especially has a stunning berry makeup that changed how I do dramatic makeup for myself.

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How often do you wear makeup when you wear lolita? I only wear them about two times a week, and I want to start wearing lolita more often than that but I don't want to damage my skin by upping how often I wear makeup too.

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I never liked the super exaggerated makeup and white eyeliner. I prefer soft makeup, and I don't like wearing falsies much (probs bc I still suck at applying them). I totally agree with you! I love soft, more natural but still cute makeup. I like wearing circle lenses, but not the super alien looking kind with a very thick black ring.

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When I'm not working, I wear lolita once a week at minimum. I've always been very, very sensitive to makeup, so I usually don't wear anything beyond a lip colour and maybe some mascara. Even a little eyeshadow or liner can make my eyes burn and swell shut for a couple days.

I'm actively trying to find more products that work for me, however. So far I've had moderate success, and I think my skincare routine both before and after makeup application has played a major role in that. I've switched to a milk cleanser from Avene recently that I've found to be gentle and effective, especially so with a quick pre-wash rinse with micellar water. I'm using an eye cream again after having disastrous results on my first, second, third, and fourth attempts, and it seems promising so far as well. I'm hoping to be able to wear eyeshadow and light foundation regularly, then ease into eyeliner. I feel the pain of easily damaged skin, anon. Literally. I wish I had better advice for you than to take it slow.

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I have pretty deep-set eyes and the only eyeliner I bother with is tightlining. But I have naturally light hair, dyed dark, so I do what I can to make sure that black masara doesn't look too out-of-place. Honestly unless you have loads of lid space or are fixing up the band of your falsies, it's better not to bother with liner.

>What looks good?
Depends on your face shape. I wish I could pull off under-eye blush but it'd be comical with my cheekbones. Honestly, I think it's very important to match your undertones, and coordinate your lipstick with your blush.

>Do you have a go-to makeup style for going to cons and comm meets?
I'm a lonelita :(

>How important is your makeup to your coord?
I feel like it'd be incomplete without decent makeup, but the makeup isn't what *makes* the coord.

>Are there any good youtubers for lolita makup tutorials?
I'd recommend Nikkia Joy or Stephanie Lange for beginner makeup tutorials, but their styles definitely don't suit lolita. I think it's best to master the basics and then practice, practice, practice for a lolita-friendly look.

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I don't think strong eyeshadow is necessarily a problem itself. It's more a problem with how it's worn. Look at n0bleofshadows, she wears makeup with lots of eyeshadow but it suits lolita. Then look at the cut crease instagram baddie type of eyeshadow and you see the difference between what is most suiting for lolita. Besides Mana's makeup was pretty heavy and still looked good.

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I think so too lol

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What platform are they on? I didn't see an ig.

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>> No.9721925

Tumblr. On ig theyre noble.of.shadows but there isnt too much lolita stuff on there.

>> No.9722122

Any Asians here with uneven eyelids that doesn't use eyelid tape/glue? How do you do your makeup?

>> No.9722134

I usually revert to a smokey eye and just change the colors and my lips to suit the coord, but I wear almost exclusively goth. I usually use my 'color' as a lower eyeliner as well (usually purple, red, or brown). Ecen in my rare sweet moments I tend to use the same style but in light, neutral colors.

>> No.9722136

Sometimes when I wake up, one eye is puffer than the other, so I use dark shadow in my crease to help even it out. Hope that helps some. Other than that try using falsies, it always affects my crease and makes it look deeper set.

>> No.9722138

See vivekatt on YouTube for what I mean with the falsies, in addition to some generally good inspiration.

>> No.9722146
File: 46 KB, 500x168, 2865730246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should've mentioned uneven in terms of double eyelids. >>9722122

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean dark shadow in your crease though? Like a cut crease or a wash of color up to your crease?

>> No.9722155

Like I use a pencil brush and put the color right where my crease is, and underneath it. The dark color should help hide the fold itself.

Here's a link to a better explanation:

>> No.9722249


I wish I could tell you but it will always end up that one wing will be thinner than the other and I just deal with it I guess.

>> No.9722275

I found their tumblr but couldn't find any pictures of them?

>> No.9722282

her eyes don't seem that uneven?

>> No.9722287

This post is more for puffiness, but the same principles apply.

Again if that doesent work, try wearing g falsies. The band will push the eyes in and sometimes create a eyelid crease or help define an existing one.

>> No.9722314

those eyebrows...

>> No.9722363
File: 128 KB, 500x688, 2389f083a8b2cec19147d1900ef61ed7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like they changed their url to noble-of-shadows.

>> No.9722370

I always spend 2+ hours on my make-up and I mostly do a dollish x gyaru kind of make-up. I only wear casual make-up when my outfit is casual as well. (But even then I still do a dollish kind of make-up.)
Make-up is very important for me. If I get invited for a meet and the meeting is too early or such, then I’ll decline it when I think I won’t have enough time for my make-up. I also can’t go out in Lolita without wearing false eyelashes.
I am not following any YouTubers besides KawaiiPateen, I mostly get my inspiration from Japanese Lolita and Gyaru magazines and then experiment. I don’t think there is one thing that looks good, it really depends on the person and their style.

>> No.9722387

jfc how much makeup are you caking on if it takes you over 2 hours

>> No.9722389

>If I get invited for a meet and the meeting is too early or such, then I’ll decline it when I think I won’t have enough time for my make-up.
Out of curiosity, is this your “2+ hour” time, or do you spend even more time on meet make up? Do you spend 2 hours putting on makeup every day?

>> No.9722395

I am a perfectionist, so everything needs to be equal and perfect. But, quite a lot.

Just for meets. I don’t really wear Lolita on a daily base and when I wear Lolita outside of a meet it’s mostly Casual Lolita. Casual make-up doesn’t take me very long.

>> No.9722404

Okay, thanks. I couldn’t imaging putting on 2 hours worth of make up just to leave the house.

>> No.9722419

What is your routine?

>> No.9722454

Most of the time it is: base, primer (I have a lot red spots on my skin so at some places I apply it twice), foundation, a second layer of foundation (one layer is not enough to hide the red spots), concealer (for the remaining red spots and my everlasting purple eyebags), powder, highlighter, eyeshadow (multiple colors), eyebrows (pencil, liquid amd powder), some more highlight below the eyebrows, eyepencil and eyeliner (multiple colors like black and white), mascara, fake lashes (top amd bottom), some mascara and eyeliner to connect the lashes better, blush.
Because I also put multiple layers on my lips, in between I also do primer on the lips, a base lip color, inner lip collor (a more redish color at the inside), outer lip color (a lighter glossy color at the top part of the upper lip and lower part of the lower lip,) glossy top coat. Sometimes I use a lip pencil as well.

>> No.9722457

>mfw I have one in-out and one out

It's awful trying to even them out. I don't think other people really notice either way, but I DO.

>> No.9722479

You tryna look like an anime character?? Lol u freaks

>> No.9722484

I think you’re mistaking Lolita for cosplay.

>> No.9722493

>replying to random uneducated swines
Anon, please.

>> No.9722503
File: 50 KB, 1068x410, eyes-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have one in-line and one in-out. People notice and remark on it regularly. It sucks, and eyeshadow (or any kind of product besides light moisturizer) makes the difference more pronounced. I also get triple eyelid randomly on either lid but never both at the same time. (pic not me)
I've given up on eyeshadow and just use eyeliner and mascara/sometimes falsies to hide my wonky lids. The falsies always fall off at some point during the meet, though.

>> No.9722505

Have you tried eyelid tape?

>> No.9722524

Not yet, I'm afraid that will damage my already thin eyelids and will make them droop sooner. My mother's eyes used to look like mine when she was young but now they droop over her lash line.

>> No.9722610

How do you do your eyeliner?

>> No.9722613

You gotta put a lot of glue on both corners of your falsies. Other wise yeah, they'll pop right off from blinking for a few hours. I have hooded folded eyelids too and I manage to keep mine on.

>> No.9722701

I hope you wear gothic lolita

>> No.9722708

Tbh this is fine, most people on cgl like >>9722701 have no idea how to decent makeup and it blows their mind that good makeup takes time and several products. Do you use two full layers of foundation, or just layer it over the problem areas?

>> No.9722725


Good makeup doesn't need to take two hours. Professional MUAs often take less time. More power to anon she has the patience, but you definitely do not need two hours to have decent makeup.

>> No.9722751

>professional MUAs
Invalidated your own argument there sweetie.
No one said you needed to take two hours to do makeup either, just that it’s fine to do so. Don’t take things so personally.

>> No.9722754
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>> No.9722759


>most people on cgl like >>9722701 have no idea how to decent makeup and it blows their mind that good makeup takes time and several products

is what I was replying to. I disagree that you don't necessarily, and I also know plenty of non MUAs who do good makeup without taking two hours to do so. I was just pointing out that professionals who are under expectations to do good makeup don't need that much time either.

>> No.9722762


>do necessarily (need 2 hours)

is what I meant oops

>> No.9722776

Again, nowhere in that statement does it say that you need to take two hours, just that doing good makeup takes time. And the comment is clearly in reference to anons thinking that taking so long with makeup means you need to “cake it on” or hope you “wear gothic” because they think that long application time = heavy looking makeup.
Professionals aren’t relevant because that’s literally their job. That’s like saying that a professional seamstress can make a dress in a day, therefore the same standard can be applied to everyone else.

>> No.9722781

>multiple layers of foundation
You probably look ridiculously cake faced irl. Your skin might not have as much redness if you took care of it better or stopped taking on so much makeup jfc

Do you grind off your skin with one of those electric clarasonics?

>> No.9722786


She literally said she puts two layers of foundation on. That's heavy makeup unless she's layering two layers of western style BB cream, in which case why would you even do that. Spot concealing redness with a color corrector or a spot concealer would work so much better and result in less caked up makeup. So not only is she taking a long time, but it's also not really the recommended technique. Reminds me of a certain youtuber who always caked on heavy foundation on top of her cystic acne and then insisted full coverage foundation was actually only medium coverage.

>> No.9722787

Clarisonics only vibrate, they don’t do anything along the lines of grinding btw. Just so you don’t sound any more retarded than you already do.

>> No.9722788

>every foundation is full coverage foundation
>not understanding why would you want to build up lighter foundation instead of covering it with heavy coverage in one go
>reccomending spot concealing when you have no idea how much of her face has redness
Okay, clearly you don’t know much about makeup, my bad in assuming. No point in arguing with the ignorant, carry on.

>> No.9722789

Stop asspatting her and trying to defend yourself. There's a difference between using various brands vs caking on layers of foundation because you don't know the proper way to hide your acne spots, or take care of your skin.

>> No.9722795

>using more than one layer of foundation means you’re caking it on and don’t take care of your skin!!!
Sometimes I forget that the majority of gulls are makeup impaired, and then stuff like this reminds me.

>> No.9722800

You guys are retarded. You don’t know what foundation she uses, two layers of La Mer isn’t going to be the same as two layers of KVD.

>> No.9722806
File: 124 KB, 735x1051, tumblr_o1owmkzGiQ1uea1yfo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

enough arguing, more makeup inspo!

>> No.9722808
File: 208 KB, 738x1049, tumblr_ny7xxoJ8gD1uea1yfo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9722809
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>> No.9722810
File: 498 KB, 560x800, tumblr_lmulq5EEKN1qermuoo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9722814
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>> No.9722816
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>> No.9722820
File: 411 KB, 800x1184, tumblr_mv6qkkVbvY1ro5bwro8_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9722821

I wear 1 layer of liquid foundation and 1 light dusting of powder foundation, is this not okay??

>> No.9722823
File: 167 KB, 736x1057, 423420594334ef2d1135ba9dbc1e9273--gyaru-makeup-kawaii-makeup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9722824
File: 96 KB, 500x724, 1486534063166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, thats fine. It is also fine to layer foundation if the foundations you are using are thin or aren't full coverage.

>> No.9722825
File: 119 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nhb2uwbtM61r5njyjo2_r2_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9722827
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>> No.9722829
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>> No.9722832
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>> No.9722836
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>> No.9722838
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>> No.9722849
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>> No.9723065

I use a color corrector (the green one) and that doesn’t fix my red spots at all! The foundation I use is really light, so just wearing one layer is pretty much the same as wearing BB Cream.

I feel like some anons think I look like someone from Jersey Shore. Don’t worry anons I don’t look like an orange pumpkin at all. I made sure that all the products I use fit my skin color and that I use a proper powder to make sure it doesn’t look shiney or anything.
I have never gotten complaints in real life, on CoF, on CGL or anyhting, so I don’t think it’s as bad as you’re all thinking. The fact that it takes me more than two hours is not because I just keep applying more and more layers of make-up. I am a perfectionist, if I notice my make-up is not symmetrical I remove parts of it in order to do it again.

Gothic Lolita is one of the styles I wear. But the make-up I wear is not that much different from some Japanese GLB examples posted in this thread. I also wear Hime Lolita, when I wear Hime I mostly do a Hime Gyaru kind of make-up and yes that’s kind of extreme. But again I never got any remarks on my make-up.
I wear big wigs most of the time and personally I think it looks weird if you don’t adjust your make-up to it. If I wear minimum make-up with my wigs, it just looks like I am not wearing make-up at all.

>> No.9723090

I mean I would think it looks bad with classic and sweet lolita to put 3 layers on your eyebrows, but I wouldn't say anything, that's all

>> No.9723094

I agree with that it looks weird for classic, natural make-up fits better there. For Sweet it depends on the kind of sweet, modern days sweet is more casual than it was a few years ago. I joined Lolita when Sweet had the Twin tails trend and everyone still tried to do dolly eyes, and even though everything has changed I still mostly think of that era in terms of hair and make-up.

>> No.9723233

Do you have a picture of that with eyebrows done with liquid, powder and pencil?

>> No.9723258

Anyone have tips for lightening eyebrows, either through dye or makeup?
My eyebrows are very thick and much darker than my hair (hair is dirty blonde, eyebrows are almost black), and I feel like they look too stark and harsh with sweeter styles.
It also makes it hard to change their shape much unless I shaved them all off, which I'm obviously not going to do.

>> No.9723285

Get an eyebrow gel.

>> No.9723298

No sorry and I also don’t have a clear picture of my own eyebrows as an example. I personally have really thin and light eyebrows. So I first use a pencil for the shape, the liquid to make my hair follow the shape and then powder to color it to my hair color. I do this with both my OTT and casual/natural make-up. I know it sounds like a lot, but if I don’t it looks like I am almost eyebrowless. And I can’t use a pencil only, because where I live it’s really difficult to find eyeliners or eyebrow mascara in lighter colors. We only have black, dark brown and dark grey. And I don’t like a dark eyebrows with light hair combi. Also with eyeshadow I can also make my eyebrows match with the color of my wig.
Haruka Kurabayashi does this as well, but I have to add she shaved off the biggest part of her eyebrows. You can see what she does in those Kawaii Patteen tutorial videos on youTube for examples.

Eyebrow dye doesn’t stay on long, as it fades out fast. I don’t know which colors they sell, but here they do always show you how it looks on which kind of eyebrow color. (Because having a darker color eyebrow also effects how ldark or light it will turn out.) It’s definitly worth a try if you always want your eyebrows to be lighter. I don’t recall how often you should do it, I believe it varies between 2-4 weeks.
If you want to temporarily do it, first applying some liquid eyebrow gel and then eyeshadow does the trick. Again I will refer to Haruka’s kawaii patteen videos.

>> No.9723299

Damn I forgot a number. I wanted to reply to >>9723258

>> No.9723401

Would eyebrow gel make them lighter? I've only seen clear (which I use for shaping) and gel aimed at darkening them, like mascara for your eyebrows, essentially.

>> No.9723410

You can get blonde eyebrow mascara. I use one from NYX.

>> No.9723821

That’s just regular aging that’s got your moms eyes more hooded.

>> No.9724404

Does anyone ITT know of any good resources for natural looking makeup? I already have dark eyelashes and a clear complexion, I just don't want to look washed out in pictures.

the girl in the upper right of >>9721698

are the only posts ITT that I thought didn't look pasty or costumey. Shiny lip gloss, pasty foundation and matted eyelashes are not flattering IMO.

>> No.9724990

This. If it's for a photo, you can always wink or close your eyes if you want it to show!
Also seconding the kawaii pateen tutorials. I use those for my everyday looks.

>> No.9726574

I love the make up but I keep getting distracted by her trying to use a headband as a choker

>> No.9726581

Does anyone have any tips to stop eyeliner and mascarra smudging into panda territory? I've been trying to deal with this for as long as I've been wearing make up

>> No.9726599

Wear primer.

>> No.9726626

It's kinda tricky because "everyday" makeup vs what you're calling "natural looking" is pretty different. In photos, you can often pack a lot of makeup on but not necessarily look super made up although in real life it might be obvious that you have full coverage foundation, contour etc. The girls you think look natural still have full foundation (possibly some photoshop as you'll notice they don't have any texture to their skin which even the clearest of complexions should have in photos), probably some contour or at least highlight as well as blush, and reasonable amounts of eyeshadow but just in shades of brown and lipstick but more in pinks rather than the browns, brights, and nudes etc that are instagram popular.

>> No.9726671
File: 99 KB, 285x750, tumblr_lf56cjIlnz1qaon64o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is anyone else concerned about getting "yellowface" accusations? I see more online justice warriors insisting that straight eyebrows, or lip tint, or circle lenses are automatically yellowface?

I do take inspiration from Japanese and Korean makeup styles but I don't think doing so means I am trying to look Asian. Most western makeup trends currently aren't appealing to me right now.

>> No.9726674

Those arguments aren't logical, they're usually flung around by kids who don't know anything about the world and are trying to be virtuous warriors defending ~*the weak*~
It's really nothing to be worried about. The same people like to argue that lolita fashion is "cultural appropriation", not realizing that it's based on fashions that were popular in the west in the first place so if anyone is guilty of "cultural appropriation" it's the Japanese girls who started it (which is also a dumb point because the argument at its core is bullshit).
Just do what you like. A tween calling you names online because you're wearing circle lenses is not a big deal.

>> No.9726678

I don’t worry about it, people are just stupid. It’s so easy to reverse the argument as they try to look western, as blue, green and grey eyes, blond hair, etc. are Western features, which they try to addapt. Same with creating a white skin, fake eyelids and bigger eyes. But of course whitefacing is not a thing...
As you might notice I think the whole discussion is kind of stupid. Just let people do what they want. It’s not like we are creating a racist stereotype or anything. Or motives also aren’t ones were we make fun of them, it’s just actual appreciation for a certain make-up style.

I have to say nobody ever said anything to me about it, I also doubt if they can guess your race through a photo. (When you wear gyaru make-up like the one below, as it hides your standard features.)

>> No.9731627

>I just don't want to look washed out in pictures.

Anon are you wearing blush? If so, what kind/color? For a natural look, IMO, good foundation and blush are the only necessities. You can add a little or nothing to your eyes. Blush is really the key to not looking washed out.

>> No.9731840

>How important is your makeup to your coord?
I like matching my make-up to my coord and think a different make-up style can really change how an outfit looks. The same oldschool coord could look creepy and doll-like with one style or simple and girlish with another, or a classic coord could look subtle and contemporary if you follow modern Japanese trends, or like you're an elegant lady from the past if you take inspiration from historic trends. I'm not amazing at it by any means, but it surprises me how many lolitas don't adapt their make-up at all, just using the same product placement with every outfit (maybe with different colours).

I often use contouring or draping for gothic to make my face less cutesy, but I have to be very careful with it to avoid looking too manly. With sweet I nearly always use a shimmery highlighter and sometimes contour my nose a bit, with classic I stay more natural but if my skin's too bad to get away with sheer coverage I have to use light contouring to stop foundation alone making my face look washed out.

>> No.9731857

My favourite simple cute routine for beginners and casual looks (I'm pale with brown hair):
>BB cream in a consistency that can be applied with fingers
>brow mascara /lightly filling gaps in brows with eyeshadow (might not be necessary if your eyebrows aren't as light as mine)
>single eyeshadow colour all over the mobile lid so you don't need to blend multiple colours and can even apply with a finger (pick colours close to your natural lid like matte brown, or shimmery pink/bronze - monotone eyeshadow can look weird or dated if you use bright shades)
>brown pencil liner on the upper lashline and lower waterline (blend a little with your finger or a Q-tip)
>little bit of champagne/pale pink shimmer eyeshadow or pencil liner n the inner corners to brighten the eye (avoid stark white)
>dark brown mascara (I tend not to use lengthening formulas as a lot are clumpy close-up)
>matte or *subtly* shimmery pink blusher (NB bright pink blusher looks natural worn if you don't use a heavy hand, I usually apply blusher nearly last so I get the amount right)
>lip tint / lip gloss (no 00s frosty glitter, go for a simple sheer) / natural lipstick (e.g. rose pink)
Depending on the outfit I might do black mascara and eyeliner instead, maybe a subtle winged liner or a red lip, but eyeliner and lipstick mistakes show up much more with stronger colours so it's harder if you're new. This make-up is quite soft, even larme-ish if you apply heavier blush, but it looks very nice in person and you can expand from here to try things like highlighter or daily false lashes.

Googling common make-up mistakes, advice on where to save and where to splurge with different make-up products, and trying out things like different blush placements to figure out what you like might help you too.

>> No.9731869

Agreed, it won't show in photos but it'll show IRL when you blink or look down.

>> No.9732070

I wear sweet. I use subtle contouring to make my nose look slightly slimmer/smaller and to make my jaw and chin look smaller and cuter. I usually use 2 shades of foundation to do this. It tends to look really smooth this way. I have a somewhat angular face. So I try to make it look.softer and rounder.

>> No.9732076

Hooded eyes are tricky. Learning how to tightline is your friend.

>> No.9732078

Yep. And there are tricks to blending colors from past the fold to make your eyes pop more. Hooded eyes just need different techniques than other eyelid types.

>> No.9732079

You might be allergic to a specific ingredient. I can't use eye makeups with acrylates. Maybe look at the specific things causing you trouble.

>> No.9732111

Using more than 1 layer is a basic technique. Some foundations are buildable for this purpose. And I prefer to use 2 layers of lighter weight foundation rather than jumping to full coverage.

>> No.9732112

Eyebrow bleach kit

>> No.9732118

Fuck, why has every brand of eyeliner I've ever bought never produced such a clean line?
Anyone familiar with this eyeball know what they're wearing?

>> No.9732125

Get Dollywink or Kate Tattoo liner.

>> No.9732127

Eyeliner brand honestly doesn't matter as much as your skill with the eyeliner.

>> No.9732128

Certain eyeliners are easier for beginners to use, though. Especially the pen type eyeliners like KVD or Dolly Wink's where the tip isn't too flimsy.

>> No.9732129

Felt tip liners area lot easier for beginners use, even if the wing won't be as sharp. Not sure what you mean by pen type, since that can mean either brush or felt.

>> No.9732131

Anon means liquid liners where it's a stick and you take the cap off to access the brush/felt, as opposed to liners where it's a brush in a pot.

>> No.9732132

Yes, which can mean either brush type or felt type sweetie.

>> No.9732135

Pen as opposed to pot. Where you hand grips the applicator also affects how easy it is to apply eyeliner.

>> No.9732150 [DELETED] 

ntayrt but I'm pretty sure that anon knew what a pen type liner is, they just didn't know which type of pen liner that was being referred to, since felt tip and brush tip liners are pretty different in terms of applicatin.

>> No.9732185

How do you make yourself look so.. soft? whenever I wear eyeliner and especially heavy eyelashes I look like a whore, I just wanna look cute help

>> No.9732255

>I look like a whore
If you really feel the need to treat yourself this way, you're not gonna get any help.

>> No.9732261

Well, for that picture at least she just filtered the fuck out of it.

>> No.9732406


there might be some filter but you can watch her makeup tutorial for that look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snID726Y42E

using brown eyeliner and mascara makes a huge difference

>> No.9732483

She's using a skin smoothing and brightening effect over the entire video anon... you can tell from the skin blurring and lack of detail.

>> No.9732493

That video was pretty useless because I feel like I do everything "right" but thank you anyway haha, maybe the glitter in the corner of the eyes help for a soft look? I mean the video is obviously filtered but it still looks nice
Will try brown mascara+eyeliner! I've heard that one before and it's maybe what I need

hey whores are cool but I want to do cute j-fash too

>> No.9732502

imo hese two vids are really nice for softer looks but still photograph well.

>> No.9732520

Thank you for these. I really like the narrator's voice.

>> No.9732533

Thank you so much!

>> No.9732774

I use Maybelline New York Line Stiletto liner. Been using it since highschool and have never felt the need to look for a different brand. The line is nice and crisp and it's super water proof. I never feel like I have to touch it up during the day

>> No.9736643

I can't find the video of the bottom right corner look. I remember watching it in yt months ago,but I don't remember the channel's name or the video's title. Does anyone have the link?

>> No.9736645

She took it down because she ~didn't want to be associated with japanese things since she's chinese~

>> No.9736698

thanks, i actually find this really cute.

>> No.9736703

try revlon skinny liner, the brush is like two little brush hairs so its really easy to make thin sharp points. I havent had any issues with mine drying up either.

>> No.9736784

Nvm found it on bilibili
That's a shitty excuse? As if multiculturalism wasn't a thing, and Chinese and Japanese cultures weren't related(also,it's pop culture,not traditional)

>> No.9736788

yea, there's a bunch of discussion about her being a hypocrite on pull
she's a huge weeaboo but tried to erase any trace of it off the internet for a while because she was a ~chinese angel~

>> No.9736791

samefag, but it sounds like i'm exaggerating but she literally calls herself that

>> No.9736831

We are talking about Princessmei right? She's been spamming her trips to Japan and her Tokyo modelling jobs on youtube and insta for months now...

To stay on topic. I prefer lining just my top lid with eyeshadow using an eyeliner brush, can someone rec me some delicate falsies to keep things soft?

>> No.9736863
File: 731 KB, 1295x786, 123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep, and right before she started modeling there she was talking about how insulted she was when people asked her she was Japanese, hence
Even her first video, which is now deleted, started off with a rant about how people asked if she was japanese and korean and how she was very offended because she was 100% chinese lol

>> No.9737514

I think Mei just had a SJW phase and got self conscious because criticizing fujoshi/female fans of BL and Yaoi were really starting to become en vogue on the internet, so she panicked and quickly rebranded herself, trying to move away from jfashion, from cosplay, cut off ties to Omocat and her friendship with Seto Ayuni. Anything that has to do with Japan. I think she realized that was dumb now though, since she's now open about her BL obsession and posts about the doujins she buys in Japan.

>> No.9737530

Does this actually stay?

>> No.9737531

>her friendship with Seto Ayumi
That's seriously the only thing she kept and didn't try to hide, anon. That is the whole reason she's getting gigs in Japan.

>> No.9737561

Lip stains can get you that look, but that looks like it's done with a gloss almost so I'm not sure.

>> No.9737564

She was quiet about it for awhile though, I never said she stopped being friends with her, Mei just tried to make her image into a Chinese-American activist. But I think her followers didn't care as she got burnt out.

I like Mei. She's cute and I'm glad she's not hiding her interests anymore.

>> No.9737565

I mean.. that doesn't make her less of a hypocrite though. Especially since she used to complain about being
compared to Ayumi Seto. As well as all her "cruelty-free" stuff that she dropped as soon as it became inconvenient.
It's good for her career I suppose, but it makes her look really sneaky and just in it for the money. If she wasn't ok looking, people would definitely be on her ass about it.