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Con crush is already seeing someone Edition

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Previous thread: >>9709508

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My vibrator broke and I want to buy a new one online but I can't because I buy so much brand the mailman knows me by name.

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Fuck your mailman instead

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Nowadays most companies have extremely discreet packaging.
Unless you want to buy from a specific brand/site where it would be obvious, then I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

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This. My magic wand came in the most nondescript packaging. You'll be fine.

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Why do so many newbie Lolitas post in groups asking if something is Loli-able and when they say no, probably not, they go "well I'm new and I wanted to try it". Goes double in handmade because they usually can't sew either. I don't get it. Shouldn't it be common sense that you if you're new to something it's harder to pull off nontraditional things?

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>tfw when stopped watching Osomatsu-san because I started to relate too much to the main characters

Watching an anime about NEETs is only fun when you're not one yourself.

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Ugh, I don't have the patience for that. It's doubly worse when they straight up disagree with more experienced lolitas. Like why did you even ask?

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i'm in college and have wanted to cosplay since i was like 12. i don't have the courage to wear costumes in public and i'm way too much of a perfectionist (without the skill) so i want to commission a few cosplays.

i'm not insecure about my looks at all, i just am insecure about being judged on my coosplay/confidence in said cosplay :/ but it's pretty much what i want to do every year and pussy out.

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I posted my coord on CoF 11 hours ago. I took advice from a discord server and they were good. I am really satisfied with my coord and I went to sleep expecting to see a lot of likes when I wake up.
>10 hours later
TFW it only got like 20 likes and is buried under a shit ton of other coords and I can’t find it on the feed

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I never watched Watamote for the same reason, a bunch of friends recommended the manga to me in late high school but I couldn't bear it. I'm out of my weeb phase but it's still too cringey to look back on.

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There's one girl in a sewing group that posted an ugly, ill-fitting Black Butler cosplay pattern and was like "I want to make a Lolita dress, is this a good pattern?" and when people said no, it's better to use a well-fitted bodice pattern and a rectangle skirt, here's how, she was like "Well I'm not much of a Lolita or a sewer so I wanted to use a pattern!" Another one a few days ago was insisting this gross neon colored rockabilly dress was Loli-able and kept linking to a super ita tutorial when people said it wasn't even though the question was "do you think I could use this for Lolita?" Why can't these girls just buy a fucking Bodyline dress, it's not that hard.

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I want to buy a cosplay. But I am a sperg and will drop my spaghetti at any con I go to. Also I feel like I'll get shit on for buying a cosplay, even though I like the character. Dunno how to feel about it.
In better news, my itabag merch is coming in the mail which makes me a little happier.

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Pretty much this but with insecurity about looks too.

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If you like the character you should do it! Unless you’re entering a comp, there’s nothing wrong with buying your costume. Just don’t claim to have made it.

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>got inspired by the room thread and want to decorate my room, maybe get some antique furniture
>contract is up for renewal in six months and I don't know if I'll be able to stay here, or if my next place will be somewhere I'm allowed my own furniture if I have to move
I hate how insecure renting is here, it's fucking expensive to move every year. I just want to be able to take coord posts with that Victorian-Maiden-back-when-they-also-sold-homewares aesthetic, not stay forever in an anonymous rental mess.

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>Like why did you even ask?
People are constantly seeking validation for their retarded ideas

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Watamote is lesbian harem now. You can just bear with the beginning (which is cringy af) and enjoy the rest of it. It's really fucking good.

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Don’t take it personally anon the algorithm is fucked

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>excited to make costumes and have some plans on the horizon
>never really went to cons outside of my living area (northern NJ/Ny and Boston for college), will be in Tokyo during the summer for college

I'll be so ready to equip all my friends with costumes next con though

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Lord no I'd never pretend I made it. I think even if I did make it, I couldn't enter a comp, I'd probably die of stage fright.
Just have to work up the nerve to find a commissioner.

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I feel the same about New game! in like the opposite way, I can't bring myself to watch it because the MC has my dream jo AND she got it right out of highschool... anime starts to suck and feel bad after you realize escapism doesn't actually let you have the same lives as the characters... maybe that's why I still cosplay

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Wtf, dude, are you doing anything to get your dream job? You can find job as indie dev super easy and you don't have to have degree. I know five people that get their jobs after high school because they have decent portfolio or they got hired after interships. Just follow your dreams, yo.

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I went to a comic convention in Italy dressed as a marvel character.
>Two people recognised me
>I don't speak Italian
>Epitome of uncomfortable

But hey, now I'm an international competitor

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I get the feeling that a lot of the time, these people don't actually care about the hobby (I've seen this happen in several other hobbies too) and just want to feel like part of a group while also being the most special one there while also not putting in too much effort because ew, effort. They just want everyone to pat them on the ass and were never really going to listen to anyone's advice in the first place.
>join existing group for that instant audience
>show them your amazingly unique original idea under the guise of asking for advice
>option A: they fawn over how original and creative you are and you feel validated
>option B: they tell you you're not the greatest thing since sliced bread and you get to feel like a misunderstood artiste and stew in your righteous indignation

My favorites are the people who come up with something truly retarded, like dyeing contact lenses themselves with food coloring or whatever, and then act like poor oppressed victims when everyone tells them that's dangerous. How dare you try to protect me from myself!

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Where'd you buy it from? I'm scared that I'll accidentally pick the wrong store.

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does anyone know a shop that takes paypal at the checkout? i dont shop online with credit card and most places ive found only take credit info

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just edit it to say concrit welcome, itll bump it up and people will comment more because they love to give crit/asspats

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nayrt but you should check the official site of either the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Europe Magic Wand (depending on your region), they list reputablre resellers!


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Kamala Khan?

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well, use your hands instead
>Fuck your mailman instead
or this

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They still sell homewares

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X-23 actually. I thought with the movie it would be more recognisable but I did do a version of her from the comics so...

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Well despite their movies making billions Marvel's comicbook numbers have been going down and down and down for the past few years, so a place like Italy wouldn't really be up to speed with their stuff.
Also places like Brazil, France, Mexico, Italy and Argentina have their own regional preferences in comics/vidya/anime and it's usually pretty apart from what's hot in the US/UK.


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>good feel:
>sold a bunch of stuff I don't wear anymore so now I have burando spending money again yay

>bad feel:
>IW taking forever to invoice me for sale items and everything I wanted is probably sold out by now

>worst feel:
>asked people who rejected my job application for feedback like my psych told me to do
>"hello Anon, technically you were fully qualified but in person you came off as nervous and insecure and we are looking for someone more confident, thanks, bye"
>position was purely technical behind-the-scenes work, no interaction with the public at all
okay cool that will totally help me be less nervous at my next job interview thanks a lot

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Ugh that IW feel.

I bought double of everything as a surprise gift for my friend, but I guess that's not happening and I need to stalk auctions now....

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When your thong diaper goes missing.

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Maybe some jealous bitch from your comm stole it? : /

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>gf found out I browse /fit/
Oh god this is so embarrassing and all because I couldn't stop laughing at this stupid video

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Could I get one of you fujos to draw erotic fanfiction of Jimmy Garroplo pls

>> No.9715012

>draw fanfiction
so like an erotic graphic novel?

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you didn't even spell his name right, I don't think you're dedicated enough to your husbando

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>con semi-crush seems to be heavily implying she wants to sleep with me
>I am too scared to do anything

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Worst case scenario, you will either regret dressing up in front of people because you feel embarrassed...or you will regret never having done something you've always wanted to. Best case scenario, you have fun trying something you've always wanted to.

I struggle with anxiety as well but the embarrassment/anger/sadness you may feel at stupid randos' reactions will eventually fade away; don't let your fear of them dictate your actions

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Ugh. Just wanna go one meet without someone doing a big fart.

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>tfw no bf to shitpost with

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Don't tell me you're gonna say no to this smile

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>doing a punisher cosplay
>all the tactical shit hanging off him is hella expensive
>need to cut weight so I actually look like a vigilante murder machine and not a frat boy douche
>but also need to bulk up so I don't look smol
>all the cons I go to don't allow guns

What's the point just kill me

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>tfw no-one to hang out with in Stockholm because my country is filled with normies

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also ntayrt but if you need a UK plug lovehoney also sells an adapted one, sage for irrelevant

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>qt in my weeb class dresses like she's a seagull
>today was last day of class, missed opportunity
>also feeling really lonely lately, friends feel really distant since none of them are weebs and I'm turning into the biggest NEET I've ever seen.

this sucks, my man

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Bought my first ouji outfit today. Should get here later this month. Might even be going to my first meet too. There is a con next month too.
I guess i'll soon officially be part of the lolita community, I just hope they accept me.

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>tfw only friend is leaving for a convention on my birthday next friday
>another year spent alone I guess..

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>started college
>still no friends
>dreams crushed

my whole class is so normie. there's 1 real weeb who I obviously talk to since we have some things in common but he's the embodiment of a literal neckbeard. nice guy, but i just dont see us becoming close.

I did join a discord for my school's esports club though so im hoping to get the guts to show up and meet some of them, since I saw people talk about anime in one of the channels.
I feel like a complete loser too. I don't drink or party and worry a lot about doing well at school.

Also, I'm making my first cosplay props this year and i'm a little overwhelmed.

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what college anon? I'll be your friend

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>it’s my birthday
>have a little party with my small group of friends
>they are more into anime and games, I am the only one who dresses in Lolita
>they know some things about Lolita from me but just the basics
>they all pitched in for a “big gift”
>almost sobbing because it’s the sweetest thing they could have ever done
>later, at home, I check out dress
>something seems odd about it, the print looks faded and the lace feels kind of rough
>calls friend who purchased the gift and ask her where she got it from
>”oh I found it on some website”
>goes to said website
>friends got me a replica of my dream dress

I don’t know what I fucking do.

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Are you a man and how is she

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Definitely go out to club events and meetings! You'll have a chance to meet people with the same interests.

>> No.9715315

have benis, will shitpost

>> No.9715319

just be grateful they thought of you at all. Maybe at some point in the future or when they ask let them know, but for now just be thankful.

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lol you cosplayed a hooker

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You are a hooker

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Yes I am a boy
>I'm p much her only male friend
>She keeps saying stuff like "I really wanna fuck someone, I'm thirsty, etc."
>She called me cute a couple of times
>Locks arms with me, touches/strokes my face/head
>We were cuddling & netflixing, she said she appreciates my eyes and biceps, and considers me buff. Rested her legs over mine for a fair bit
>When she was taking off her sweater she said "don't worry I'm not stripping, maybe not hehe we'll see"
>When another friend texted her about us watching netflix, other friend said Netflix and chilling, I said "oh yes" and she said while giggling "at least warn me"
>She just said "Anon!" while giggling when I tried reaching for the remote but instead grabbed her ass by accident
>She's usually the first to text or snap me

I really don't know I keep just thinking "oh she's a friendly girl there isn't any meaning behind this I'm just being used as the gay friend"

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Speechless, she very much wants to fuck you if even half of what you said is true. You've got to take initiative tho. Get over being such a sissy about it, when you're cuddling next let your arms drift together, start rubbing your hand lightly on her and watch her match you. It will escalate from their and your dick should start thinking for you, I hope shes smol so you can really throw her around.

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feels thread?
i started up cosplaying because im having an identity crisis after my girlfriend broke up with me
all those years from the past i only learnt how to be a boyfriend, and after the brokeup i just lost my purpose to live yknow
friends been helping me out but sometimes i just want to end it and all, you feel me bros

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fuck i didnt realize the spoiler feature is not in this board

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>There is only one other girl in my area that I know of that cosplays
>send her a message in an attempt to become friends
>No reply so I wait a few weeks and send another message to another social media account
>still no answer and I feel so awkward and cringey
>still have only neckbeard friends
>still have not successfully made friends with another girl in my life

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This is half-feels half-seeking advice. I accidentally bought a replica bag off the LSE sales page, and it took me five months to realize. This evening I compared it to the legit bag I already owned in a different color, and the damn brand name is missing from the front. This type of bag would fall under a grey area similar to replica shoes, and looking back on the sales post the seller never actually claimed it was from the original brand. Is it worth bringing it up with the mods? If not I'm content with just moping around for the rest of the day.

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A couple of years ago I ordered a vibrator online and my room mate was the first one to grab the package and bring it inside for me. I guess he looked at the label and was curious as to why it was marked "novelty toy". I just told him it was one of my anime figures. Pretty sure he knew, though.

>> No.9715518

only bring it up to a mod if the group you bought it from says no replicas allowed. what bag is it? like melty moon/ some very distinct brand design or just a heart shape?

>> No.9715545

Gross. The fujoshis will probably slobber over you, though.

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>tfw friends are amazing at cosplay and you suck / don't have the body type for anyone you want to cosplay as.
>tfw no money
>tfw you feel like a burden to be around and that nobody truly likes you, they just tolerate you
>tfw no gf

>> No.9715578

I miss Alice Fururun.

>> No.9715580

>what I fucking do.
You stop being an ungrateful cunt and thank your friends for listening to you and paying attention to your likes and getting you what they could afford you stupid fucking child

>> No.9715585

this makes me salty because I have no friends and you have this "problem"

switch places with me pls

>> No.9715586

>just done with finals
>sleep schedule fucked up
>did well, better then I expected
>only unmet goal was securing a sexy oppa
>will probably watch alot of kpop and kdrama over winter break
>hopefully this fuels my resolve to find and keep an oppa

I know some of you girls have yellow fever, how can a white girl get a top tier asian guy in college? I'm a 5'9" blue eyed brunette, so I need a tall one.

>> No.9715587

Try going to different dorms. I'm on an all male floor with mostly transfer and international students, and a good portion of them are asian.

>> No.9715589

If they've hung out with you even once voluntarily, they like you. Don't be so hard on urself m8

>jared if this is u I love uuuu

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I'm not Jared I'm Dylan, but thanks anyways

>> No.9715634

I've been having trouble with my emojis lately.
What would be the opposite of this one ^_^?

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Fuck that shit, hitachis are ass, get a doxy

>> No.9715645

Go to the con as well?

Wear it for them once then buy the real one for yourself and dont tell anyone- theyre not gonna knoenthe difference

>> No.9715649

I've never used the American hitachi one, only familiar with the EMW myself and I love it.
Why do you prefer the doxy over the hitachi?

>> No.9715651

The hitachi has the hard plastic head and has a very sharp vibration, and scroll wheels are too easy to knock off and ruin an orgasm imo
The doxy has a soft head, a deep rumbling type of vibration that doesn't make your clit after a while and buttons , also a climbing intensity setting

>> No.9715652

I'm going more for "sad and disappointed" and less "constipated"

>> No.9715653

Oh wow, the doxy sounds pretty much exactly like the EMW then!
I didn't know the original hitachi was so sucky in comparison to the European version.

>> No.9715663

>tfw lifestyle lolita
>starting therapy for mental health
>worried therapist will be like my last one and keep bringing up how my clothes are some sort of sociopathic freudian notion
>just want help with coping with seasonal depression

>> No.9715666


>> No.9715671

can you stop spewing your thirsty koreaboo thot bullshit all over the board, thanks. Also try not fetishizing a whole race because you're obsessed with one specific culture, that shit's gross.

>> No.9715684

Do what I do and wear normie clothes to therapy and all doctors' appointments just in case. Gets more difficult if they keep asking about your hobbies or a lot of your social life is comm-related though.

>> No.9715685

Asians aren’t tall

>> No.9715695

Ayy anon bi mi frien pls I live in Sthlm I'm not normal at all lmao

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You guys looking forward to the world cup?

>> No.9715709


>> No.9715710

Wouldn't it be v_v

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>You've got to take initiative tho. Get over being such a sissy about it
How do I do this
Every time I think a grill is giving me some sort of sign I always tell myself "don't be that guy, she's just being nice to you"

>> No.9715719

As basic as it sounds, read guides/watch videos online on flirtation/signals that women give if they're interested etc.
Flirting is totally a skill you can practice, no one's perfect at it from the beginning.
If you're unsure about whether a girl is interested or not try to lightly test the waters, make some remarks that you could play of as jokes and such.
Like the other anon said try some light body contact, see how she reacts.
"That guy" usually implies just being way too forceful/not being able to read and interpret a girl's body language. You can usually tell quite easily if someone feels uncomfortable or not, just don't keep pushing anything if you can tell that she feels awkward or tries to change the topic or such.

>> No.9715737

I’m so irked. I found someone selling OTKs I’ve been searching for, for YEARS and she said she’d sell them to me.

It’s been over a month since messaging about an invoice and left on read. Apparently other people have also been having a hard time getting ahold of this seller.

It’s just so frustrating. Why bother even selling stuff if you’re not going to communicate with your buyers?

>> No.9715738

I wish I could experience being Nico at the instant of this image

>> No.9715746

>put off repairing some broken accessories for months because I've never used a glue gun and assume it will take ages to fix
>eventually borrow one from a friend
>fix everything in literally seconds
I'm glad, but I also really regret leaving some of my favourite hairclips unusable for so long. At least it forced me to be more experimental and not use the same accessories all the time?

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Jag vet den där känslan, my only 3 friends are basically normies. I cant fucking stand any normies outside them though.
Bor också i stockholm :(

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> related feel:
>cosplaying for the first time in years at a con early next year.
>have felt terrible about myself , looks and body, preventing me from doing so, but have made a lot of positive physical and mental health changes this year.
>minimal skill so buying most of the stuff, which works cause pretty normal looking character.
>still nervous I'll look like an idiot

>unrelated feel:
>pretty middle of the road politically, very much about individual rights and nerd.
> I end up matching with basically Tumblr. Jpg sjw girls constantly on dating sites , apps.
> can't stand them.
>just looking for qt.314 shit lord who enjoys shit posting and nerd stuff.

>combo feel :
>ex wanted to couples cosplay, but my issues made it hard for me to feel motivated
>knew it was important to her but never did
> eternal regrets, because i realize that it's important to support your SO and their hobbies.
> promise self if dating cosplayer again in future will give help and support they need, as their hobby is just as important to them as mine is to me.

At least we mistakes can be lessons.

>> No.9715763

You know those things reduce your sensitivity if you use them a lot right

>> No.9715770

Just a myth.

>> No.9715773

Yeah it only happens in really rare cases, it's not a common thing at all.

>> No.9715775

>starting new job so I'll be able to afford to up my cosplay game
>new job involves moving away from the cons I like

>> No.9715777

She didn't really invite me though, it would be weird of me to just show up.

>> No.9715778

Do girls even get friendzoned?

>> No.9715781

>got friendzoned once by a guy because he said that me really being into vidya was too 'boy-ish' of an interest
>he later got a gf and constantly shit talked her because she was annoyed by him playing so much vidya
wew lad

>> No.9715786


>> No.9715788

The fat ones do

>> No.9715791

You're probably just ugly

>> No.9715792

y-yeah probably ;-;

>> No.9715793

I’ve been “little sister”-zoned by every guy I liked in high school and early uni.
>Aw anon I could never date you, you’re like a little sister to me!

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>mfw lolitas complain about there not being any/enough milk or sugar for tea
Tea is best enjoyed as-is.

>> No.9715803

Once I got friendzoned by guy whose weight was about 150kg (but l liked him 'cause he was smart and funny), 'cause, as he determined it, I was "too fat" for him. My weigh then was 50kg...

>> No.9715804

I think it depends on the tea. But I use sweet leaves not sugar or honey.

>> No.9715805

The simple anatomy of it is the more nerve firing that happens because of a certain stimulus the less it is going to fire, it essentially becomes used to seeing that sensation there. This means it will not respond to any type of touch or pressure except that certain stimulus. I mean if you want to become a vibrator addict go ahead but don't say things are a myth because you don't understand how your body works.

>> No.9715809

Anon you know you can switch it up between using vibrators and fingers

>> No.9715811

>tfw I chose the path of the Stacys and now I just visit /cgl/ 24/7 and live vicariously through all of the cosplayers and lolitas here
It wasn't worth it. I want to have fun, too. I want to stop watching anime in secret.

>> No.9715817

You could also get a bf too

>> No.9715819

Here, have mine.
Eyes: ^^ >< nn uu vv XX OO ;; ,,
Nose/Face: ~ _ u n w . //// !!!
Combine, e.g.: >~< ^u^ n_n ,////, uwu OwO v.v >n< ;~; X_X >!!!<
Just don't use them on 4chan too much.

To stay on topic…
>tfw not a biological girl
>can't enjoy magic wands u_u

>> No.9715820

You could if you weren't a cheerio

>> No.9715822

>tfw I have a bf and he uses both on me
My point still stands.

>> No.9715823
File: 63 KB, 500x500, 404 dictionary entry not found.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a cheerio

>> No.9715824

Poor dude

>> No.9715825


Owch. They meant well anon, but just get the dress yourself like the other anon said and swap them out. If they only know the basics then they probably wont be able to tell you made the swap. I think it's nice that they paid attention to what you'd been saying and wanted to get a gift you would really enjoy, so just grit your teeth for now and let them have it. They'd probably be mortified if they knew the truth.

>> No.9715827

I know that feel

>> No.9715829

Poor dude? For pleasuring his gf with a vibrator and his fingers? Do you think that just because a guy does that he's never ever able to also put his dick in her?
I don't understand what you were trying to imply

>> No.9715834 [DELETED] 

It's emasculating, he's being second banana (lol) to a machine

>> No.9715835

Girls don't see a vibrator as a replacement for their boyfriend's dick though, it's just a toy that can make sex more fun and exciting, for both partners.

>> No.9715837

What the fuck you don't shove the vibrator inside of you

>> No.9715842

Guys do tho
>sorry big boy but it looks like you're just not good enough for her
>here use thing thing to get her off why are you even here lol
As I said, poor guy

>> No.9715847

M8 nobody's using a vibrator 24/7, it's not going to make your nerve endings go dead. It's just a different type of stimulation, it's easier than getting finger cramp but it's never affected my ability to get off other ways.

Why can't you do both?

>> No.9715848

Man I feel bad for your girlfriend if you're that intimidated by a mere vibrator.
Using a vibrator to get her off is like blindfolding her or tying her up or something, it's just an added sensation and factor for her to enjoy.
A girl still wants to be embraced, massaged, kissed and 'loved', do you really think that most women would choose a vibrator over making love to their own boyfriend?

>> No.9715849

You take that back.

>> No.9715852 [DELETED] 

Who the fuck är ni? Pls bli vän med mig! :'( Är egentligen fett blyg irl lol hur ska det här gå vill hitta er!

>> No.9715857 [DELETED] 

Every single guy on earth from the creepiest creep to the dreamiest dreamboat has the same aversion to it, the difference is how they come to terms with it:
>well this is as good as it's ever gonna get, I should be grateful
>nice, this means less work for me
>lol it's not like I'm gonna marry her
>and up next is my fleshlight

>> No.9715862

>do you really think that most women would choose a vibrator over making love to their own boyfriend?
They certainly choose it over making love to me

>> No.9715871

You should read through the product reviews on sex toy sites sometimes, there's enough men talking about how they got vibrators for their wives/girlfriends because they personally wanted to use them while having sex.

>> No.9715875

I dont think hes ever had sex just stop replying anon

>> No.9715880

My boyfriend has bought me three separate vibrators and a dildo and I don’t like any of them. I’m pretty sure he’s got a fourth one in the mail for Christmas. He seems to think he’s doing me a favour but I’d be much happier if he bought me some secondhand brand. I just don’t enjoy sex toys...

>> No.9715885

Well have you tried talking with him about it?

>> No.9715886

Good on them, not every guy is on that camp, hell some guys are firmly planted on camp
>this is bullshit, I'm outta here
Look all I'm saying is please have an honest heart-to-heart with your bf, make sure he's okay with everything, and make sure he isn't just telling you what you want to hear

>> No.9715889

No I understand, my ex-bf was really opposed to vibrators and actually talked me out of ever using sextoys.
My current boyfriend is the one who actually got me my first vibrator because he just finds it really hot to see me pleasure myself with it, so he's definitely into it.
I just wish that guys would be more confident about it, because for me a vibrator definitely doesn't compare to actually being fucked by my boyfriend.

>> No.9715891

Yeah. He gets all his information about sex from the internet and his male friends so he’s convinced that I ought to love vibrators and is on a quest for The One that I’ll enjoy. I’ve told him several times that I don’t want a new one but he won’t listen. On the one hand it’s sweet, but on the other I’m annoyed that he won’t listen to me and keeps wasting money. It’s not like you can sell the things after you’ve used them.

>> No.9715895 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 591x720, madara and tomoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

18 Man, bor på söder. Jag är dum och går i skola 2 timmar om dagen, resten av tiden så browsar jag alla boards på 4chan och gymmar lite då och då.
Är jag förresten

>> No.9715900

Have you tried explaining it to him with some kind of comparison he could relate to, like "You know how everyone seems to enjoy X but you just don't? That's how I feel about vibrators."
I mean if you've already straight up told him that while you appreciate his efforts, getting gifted some brand instead of vibrators would make you way happier there isn't much else to do I guess, just wait it out until he realizes that it doesn't seem to be your thing.

>> No.9715902

Are there any sites in your country with good returns policies? At least then you can send it back if it doesn't work out. I know lovehoney in the UK does product returns, they recycle stuff if it's been used.

I feel you on not really being into vibrators, the sensation is odd and they just don't do that much for me. Bought a bunch when I left home and was really underwhelmed. At least my girlfriend likes them. If he's into the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom maybe you could compromise on something else, or buy something to use on him? sage for completely OT.

>> No.9715967
File: 1.93 MB, 460x259, 1509484247851.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they recycle stuff if it's been used.

>> No.9715980

You sound like a very considerate and thoughtful guy.

The only thing that would make you "that guy" is if you refuse to back off, get offended, or take it out on her if you try to make a move and she declines. it sounds like she's really into you, though.

Just make sure you're safe about it and maybe try to get an idea of whether this is just a fuckbuddy thing or has the potential to become a relationship? Or what kind of relationship you want out of it? Not to be crass but it's usually best to consider these things before you stick your dick in someone.

>> No.9715982 [DELETED] 

Ayyy cool bro bor söder om sthlm är 23 år och är lowkey social men tittar på lite anime och gillar typ att läsa lite manga. Gillar artister som suehiro maruo, junji ito etc. Älskar allt type moon gör btw. Gymma är inte min grej dock dricker typ 2 energidryck varje dag och binge äter kolhydrater lmao.

>> No.9715995

>tfw could've had so many dresses right now if I bought some bitcoin few years ago

>> No.9716005

Dude this forum is english only

>> No.9716007 [DELETED] 

Ta en bot till Finland så jag kan vara dig vän. Jag har inte varit i Sverige so det skulle vara roligt att visitera men jag inte bor i Åbo eller Helsingfors so det är inte så lätt att resa till Sverige för en dag. Naturligtvis är jag inte samma än vän i Sverige men om du är verkiligen ensam här är jag. This applies to the other anon also.
>Sincerely, finnfag with poor Swedish

>> No.9716020

>It’s not like you can sell the things after you’ve used them.
Well, have I got news for you

>> No.9716029

Fuck off to /int/ if you want to speak in a language other than English, it's against the rules

>> No.9716082

Made a discord lul
join it

>> No.9716084

Most of SoCal has active fires I am super anxious about one nearby now that continues to grow. The city I live in is covered in smoke . What can I do to protect my dresses ? What if I have to evacuate and leave them behind?

>> No.9716094

>tfw never even got to read these posts
come on mods

>> No.9716097

dont you have 4chan X?

>> No.9716099

>not knowing how to use an archive

>> No.9716100

No. Can you read deleted posts, even when you didn't have the thread open when they were posted?
Are those posts in the archive? oh fuck me

>> No.9716103

Yes you can get 4chan X

>> No.9716104

If you're actually worried, pack stuff that's really important to you now and put it in a place where you can grab it if you need to evacuate. You could also ask friends in more secure locations if they'd be willing to hang onto it for you until the danger passes.

>> No.9716105

nvm I'm an idiot. I fixed it

>> No.9716117

>tfw you realize a girl at your university wears nanchatte seifuku on a regular basis
>only realize this after you totally wasted your chance at getting to know her your first year
>only know her by her first name, don't see her enough to actually have any reason to start up a conversation
>she doesn't come to any sort of anime-related events at the university either

>> No.9716120

When is going to anime-related events at a university ever a good idea? I went to the first meeting of one at my old college as a mature student (any student over the age of 24, which I was at the time) and it was full of 17/18 year olds just out of school and autists shouting across the room to eachother. Never went back

>> No.9716123

"Hey, you wear nanchette right? I really like your style! Where did you get X?"
Wow, that was hard.

>> No.9716124

related feel
>be lolita at college
>mfw there was a qt boy who made eyes at me all the time, smiled when i noticed him, and complimented me
>last day of class
>am extra qt for the occasion
>"i'm gonna get his name!"
>don't see him

it was so weird (nice weird) to have someone be genuinely happy to see me without even knowing me. he said something so nice to me one time and i didn't get his name why am i like this

>> No.9716128

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9716137

suddenly hold her hand, see what that does

>> No.9716147

my only non lolita clothes are pajamas and my work uniform, ill probably wear casual in black colour with a tshirt but i had a really bad experience last time and she tried to have me sectioned as a crazy haha

>> No.9716150

dont feel too bad, I know at a lot of places the actual tech workers want to hire whoever is qualified meanwhile the HR people want someone who "dresses nice" or presents themselves well. so there is a disconnect there

>> No.9716154

>do you think they would
yes, I have known many to do that, especially when sex becomes a weapon and bargaining tool.
They get off via vibrator and leave their boyfriend to have blue balls/ keep him from jerking it as a way to win an argument

>> No.9716190

It's IW's Spade Bag. Super basic design, and I think the removal of the brand name makes it ok. I'll just buy the legit if it comes up.

>> No.9716199

What do you do when you're over the age of 30 and still goto anime cons because you find its the only thing in life relaxes you? I want to meet somebody my age with common weeb interests (80s/90s anime and vidya). I think I'm fucked.

>> No.9716237

...that means there's an issue with the relationship, not with the vibrator. sometimes i forget /cgl/ is full of retards and then things like this remind me again

>> No.9716239 [DELETED] 

sometimes I forget that cgl is full of abusing man-hating cunts but posts like this remind me
I bet you do the same to your boyfriend

>> No.9716242

nah, my boyfriend is the one who bought it as a surprise and uses it to torture me in bed. healthy relationships are a thing, anon. sorry you got cucked by a vibe though!

>> No.9716265
File: 962 KB, 1800x1800, 1502653715929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comes into feels thread to post freels
>Mfw it's all vibrator debtes

Good feels
>Shipment from Japan
>'It should be here by now...'
>Tracking not updated
>Rather time-sensitive shipment so slightly worried
>Thinking if I should leave home since package isn't coming in today
>Sudden doorbell
>Postman outside
>'Hi sorry the tracking didn't update, but your package is here'

>Opens package
>Everything is beautiful
>Realised I bought too many Moitie chokers
>Get to AP item
>Comes with AP plastic bag for ~¥5000 purchase
>Side-eyeing the rest of burando
>Not into sweet, first item like this, don't know how it's gonna look
>It looks amazing on me
>Feel so kawaii

So this is why people get attracted to sweet. I kind of get it now.

>> No.9716296

become a volunteer or vend at the con.

>> No.9716375

My dude, you need to spend a little time away from the internet. /r9k/ and /cgl/ are not the places to be forming opinions of all women everywhere.

There are decent people in the world and not a lot of them spend time here.

>> No.9716384

Truth. Its super creppy. Telling someone even in a roundabout way that you like the for there race is as bad as saying you hate them for the same reason.

>> No.9716386

I'm pretty new to this board. Is all the vibrator talk normal? Is it all those thrusty fat con thots that can't get any?

>> No.9716389

Me too anon

>> No.9716395

Does it count if I asked someone out and they said no to a date but that friends with benefits would be ok?

>> No.9716407
File: 393 KB, 1959x1469, 1494590159674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont know how to join a discord or how to use it. help

>> No.9716410

Use google? It should be pretty straightforward

>> No.9716448
File: 180 KB, 499x561, lifesucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Two years this month since my con crush died.

She's definitely just a skeleton now.

>> No.9716449

>Mom have been telling me to get a job
>Tell her that I won't be able to study and work at the same time because of super fancy school (Studies from 8-17 every day. Either from lectures or homestudies)
>Remind her that I get goverment funding in my country for studying (over 250 usd/month) and go plus every month.
>"Well, you should save as much as possible for moving out, not waste your money on 'pretty dresses'!"

Meanwhile spend absolutely zero money on partying and only eat out a few times a month and bring lunchboxes every day, even been bringing instant coffee to school to not have to buy coffee.
Let me just have my one hobby, please. c':

>> No.9716464

I got lil'sister-zoned early on by my now fiance, maybe you weren't persistent enough

>> No.9716498

anon pls is so easy. I made my account just today in a few seconds pls. join us ensamma sthlmare pls.

>> No.9716562

>going to leave city in 7 days for holidays
>still waiting for 6 packages
>they should have been here this week
>it's Friday and still nothing
I'm starting to worry that someone stole my packages, but I really hope it's just local post failing me, coupled with busy period of the year.

>> No.9716604

>tfw shopping addiction

>> No.9716608
File: 100 KB, 500x500, 1512666504179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw broke & shopping addiction

>> No.9716624
File: 772 KB, 1280x720, 1512664604805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no cgl bf to do lame holiday stuff with

>> No.9716636
File: 8 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no cgl gf to do lame holiday stuff with

>> No.9716654

use this as an opportunity to help your addiction

>> No.9716662

>wear lolita to university generally about once a week
>last day of class, a girl in my chem class tells me that my clothes are cute and she wants to wear them to, get into the fashion
>i get really excited, start telling her about the the fashion, substyles, showing her the lolita guidebook
>she seems to be interested
>"so can i wear my converse with lolita fashion?"
>tell her no
>"well then nevermind, im not interested."
>she leaves

I'm so confused... Are wearing converse a ride-or-die situation to this girl? Wtf is wrong with normies?

>also tfw no new lolita friend to introduce to the fashion and dress up

>> No.9716664

That's fucking hilarious. Sorry you didn't make a new lolita friend, anon, but that sounds like a dodged bullet. We don't need more lazy, unfashionable itas.

>> No.9716672

She gonna throw you out of the house

>> No.9716678
File: 210 KB, 466x453, ceb3e659-b8dc-48c4-9bc8-63a2e672a5df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suppose it is pretty funny. I was just so excited to find someone who seemed genuinely interested in lolita and not a confused grandma asking where the parade is.

>> No.9716683

Understandably. Don't worry though, you'll find a lolita friend (who isn't a tacky converse ita) eventually.

>> No.9716694
File: 51 KB, 500x321, 1463890071166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 5'11
>ordered 3 platform shoes for daily wear

>> No.9716699

Live your life, anon, you're going to look amazing.

>> No.9716728
File: 494 KB, 500x257, bitter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>really love this game and have always wanted to cosplay from it
>game comes out with character that is perfect
>new goal!
>game is hosting a cosplay contest where you can win a couple thousand dollars
>go and look at the rules of the contest
>CAN'T be for 4 different states including mine
>well there goes that

>> No.9716743

Could you enter with a friend or family member's address from another state?

>> No.9716748

fruity pebbles

>> No.9716754

I would but it's because of weird prize money laws in those states. pretty mu ch they are too annoying to deal with so the company just said screw it. If I entered and won something, I think the legal matters would fuck me up like taxes.

Tdlr: they have real legal lawyers unlike some cons and I would props get in real trouble

>> No.9716755

Woops that was for you

>> No.9716766
File: 149 KB, 841x720, kirinoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most weebs want to fuck their little sister, so this could be a good sign.

Source: My wife calls me "oniichan"

>> No.9716845
File: 716 KB, 572x576, 1506136383508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no tall gf to step on me in platform heels

>> No.9716982

yeah i dont see a problem with that. basic shapes are fair game, something like APs rabbit head bag not so much because its a known mascot

>> No.9717011
File: 257 KB, 1200x798, 1511393140314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no cgl gf to dump a load in while lifting her up after we do cute holiday stuff

>> No.9717017

That sounds like a 'you' problem.

>> No.9717018

Still too many ghouls and larpers in cgl

>> No.9717039


>> No.9717149

I knew what larpers are, and I'm fine with them since they seem to stick to their thread, but wtf is a ghoul in the context of this board?

>> No.9717150

I think anon means
>larpers = pretenders, people who don't actively cosplay or wear jfash and pretend that they do to blend in and/or start shit
>ghouls = crossboarders

>> No.9717171


>> No.9717190

You are a class A retard. Congratulations.

>> No.9717193

Thanks kind anon!

But that would hurt!

>> No.9717206

I was outbid

>> No.9717237
File: 18 KB, 480x360, iahtethis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The girl who has a con crush on me turned out to be only 17. I'm 28, so I'm not going for it.

Too bad. Guess I'll have to pursue my backup option, a mean goth girl who's obsessed with llamas.

>> No.9717239

I really hope this post didn't work on her.

>> No.9717253

I had a dream about my concrush last night I know that's weird as hell, but oof what a dream.
Concrush IRL has started seeing someone. A little sad, but whatever. He's happy and we probably wouldn't work out, anyways.

>be dream me
>at con, sitting in room waiting for panel
>his gf sits right in front of me
>don't actually know her, but excited to meet her. Don't want to randomly talk to her unless he's there so I can not be creeper "u don't know me but I know u cuz ur bf"
>see him siting elsewhere in panel room
>he sees us, won't come over, starts texting her
>I see over her should the text reads "come over here. I don't want to sit there"
>she's trying to get him to come over, he won't do it
>"There's someone I don't want to see over there; you come here"
>she gets up and goes over there
>punched right in the feels

This isn't going to happen IRL, right? Right??

>> No.9717256
File: 204 KB, 503x388, 1512603234264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man I know that feel anon, I had a kind of similar dream about my /cgl/ crush last night...
well we aren't talking anymore anyway, so I guess at least I don't have to worry about my rejection dreams becoming reality

>> No.9717259
File: 78 KB, 388x445, 1512671108835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when I need to be 10%bf for a cosplay but I'm at 13-14%

Was at like 35% a year and a half ago but I still doubt I can push myself lower, feels bad

>> No.9717262
File: 27 KB, 500x427, b74a6dc125d2b8257e5551600ada3b32--sad-anime-anime-art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

S..same. Ever since he started seeing his gf we kinda fizzled out in conversation. I'm hoping he's just in that honeymoon phase and will want to talk again, because right now all his time/energy goes to her and he isn't really talking to a whole lot of other people, it seems. Even if I can't really crush on him anymore, I miss chatting with my friend.

>> No.9717268
File: 71 KB, 720x405, 1511463266727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation anon
I guess in my case it was kind of my own fault, I had a lot of shit going on in my life and was really overwhelmed with the fact that I had developed feelings for him so it took me really long time to actually reply to his messages, and now that I finally managed to message him back it appears that he's gone or just doesn't want to talk anymore (which is understandable I suppose but still hurts...)

I really hope that you'll be able to chat with him again anon! It really sucks to lose a good friend that way

>> No.9717304

Don't give up guys! While it's true you have to accept the situation it's not impossible that the situation will change. I was in a relationship when I started to chat with a guy from imageboard about half a year go and we hit off so good it made me really think what I want from my life. I dropped contacts with him for two months and I got courage to leave my bad relationship and when I messaged him again we catched feels pretty quickly and now we are actually together, more happily than I could have ever imagined. It's fresh still of course but I wanted to share an example of how it can all end well for you gyus.

>> No.9717324

Thank you for the encouragement anon, I hope that you and your boyfriend will have a long and happy relationship!

>> No.9717342

Gulls and Ghouls. Get it. Similar sounding but different. But yeah as >>9717150 said

>> No.9717344

>recently dumped
>losing some weight
>hosting a panel at the next convention
>excited to go to all the panels ive never gone to before because my ex thought they were all boring

I guess I will even go to the dating panels now that im single.

>> No.9717356

Ketosis. It's not just a meme.
It's really not pleasant, but it works.

>> No.9717361

I wanted to make photos at cons to train social interactions a bit and become a bit less afraid to talk to people, but when I asked two girls for posing, out of nerves messed up settings and photos went out bad. I guess thats why they didnt reply to emails.

Is this board good place to make a thread about tips for amateur photographers anyway? Or there is a thread for that already?

>> No.9717376

lmao what the fuck is a kg use real units binch

females are so retarded

>> No.9717377

>dating panel
Have fun with a bunch neckbeards and living at their parents home neets

>> No.9717392

I have no idea what to do with my day

>> No.9717414

>>>/p/ should help

>> No.9717419


About technique, I guess so but was thinking about how to approach cosplayers and do the social things related with making photos of them.

>> No.9717424

are you a student? catch up on some school work. All caught up? Read ahead for next week's material so you walk into class already knowing everything the teachers talking about.

Do you work? Volunteer to come in on weekends, get that over time and bring in more dollars and cents.

NEET? volunteer. work with kids, animals, old people, strap on some gloves and pick up trash around your neighborhood.

There's so many things to do today!

>> No.9717445

>finally got motivated to clear out my wardrobe, get rid of all those items that look nice but don't fit quite right, or stuff I haven't worn in forever
>post to LM, excited because I found hundreds of dollars worth of stuff to sell

>two weeks later only sold a couple of pieces, it's been years since I sold "boring" items (not new releases) so I don't know if this is normal now
>can't use B/S/T thread to promote because my comm is so anti-cgl
>probably going to throw some small accessories and stuff like wigs in the trash because even if I price them at <$5 shipping outside my country quadruples the price so they're not worth listing
>want to give some things away because the idea of a newbie finding them in a thrift store warms my heart, but I'm afraid the second-hand shops in my city would think it's a costume and toss it
>already pricing a lot of stuff at only 60% of what I paid (not even counting shipping and shit European taxes on some things...), can't reduce much more or the sale isn't worthwhile

>tfw I've been putting off selling some of these items for nearly two years, and if I'd sold them back then I probably would have made at least 80% of retail
take me back

>> No.9717448

sell wigs! If they're worn sell them at a huge discount and they'll still make a sale. If you have pastel ones you could put them on ebay and market it as SUPER KAWAII LOLITA HARAJUKU WIG, and weebs will snap that up

>> No.9717469

Sadly all natural colours, maybe I should sell them as a lot or something. I grew my hair really long so wearing wigs takes a lot of prep and is only worth it for fancy wigs on expensive occasions, but I still have a bunch of basic Bodyline/eBay wigs from back when I didn't know how to style short hair taking up space. Maybe a cosplayer would buy them.

>> No.9717517
File: 285 KB, 492x438, reptartotherescue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl in my comm ripped a ten-second fart, and then dabbed. It was the most badass thing I've ever seen.

Dab on them bakas.

>> No.9717529

DNP nigger.

>> No.9717531

You could cross post to a fb sales group to raise awareness of your sales.

>> No.9717532

I really wish I had a girlfriend but at 180lbs I'm too much of a hambeast to find another cute girl interested in j-fash. I've lost 10lbs so far but I'd still need to lose another 40 or 50 before I'm satisfied. At this weight I don't feel confident enough.

>> No.9717533
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the secret to Instagram fame? Please god, I've been at it for a year and only have 200 followers.

>> No.9717534

>girl interested in j-fash
I pray for your soul.

>> No.9717548

blue tint apparently and posting early morning time according to your region

>> No.9717549

tfw i won an auction on LM and the seller hasnt reached out to me, it was a bidding war and i felt lucky to win until i realized its probably a dead auction. i watched this damn dress tick down the clock for 20 days... and the comments on the listing went unanswered for a long time so i knew something was off...

>> No.9717574

>tfw work 60 hours a week and between staying in shape, sleeping, eating, there isn't much time for anything else
I'd love to volunteer some day.

>> No.9717580

I'm a European lolita, I wear it daily and am super interested in plainer clothes and older releases. I don't check LM as much as I should but I'd be very interested to see what you are selling. How can I identify your posts?

>> No.9717583

You’re being unreasonable, without sugar it’s just leaf water

>> No.9717585

I have never put sugar in tea. You still have the flavor but unsweetened tea is like 2 calories per cup

>> No.9717587

Even sweetened is only like 20 a cup

>> No.9717589
File: 1.90 MB, 300x279, tumblr_inline_on9ylgLW0p1re7yis_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think only on cgl will people really care that much about bought cosplay. You wouldn't be the first sperglord at a con, you should definitely do it!!

>> No.9717594

purchased a really old school meta skirt on closet child today

i already forget what it looks like

>pic no longer on closet child because i bought it
maybe im just retarded

>> No.9717600

FYI no one gives a fuck. If they ask just say someone helped you.

>> No.9717633

>have an marketable actual skill I don't use for work
Don't know how to volunteer it for the community

>> No.9717637

I agree with you, same with coffee, it just tastes better alone, the way god intended.

>> No.9717690

My ED shit is getting worse and I can’t bear to wear lolita or put effort in to my appearance anymore. I’m sad because I am quite active in the lolita community and people are always like “why don’t you wear lolita more often?” And I have no excuse for them. I feel like an impostor and a fake ita lolita at heart type now. I don’t want to leave lolita, I’m just waiting for the day I finally like my body and stop hurting myself again.

>> No.9717698

This isn't something you wait for, anon, you have to take care of yourself. Please seek help.

>> No.9717719

I know I should be getting help and it’s not normal, but that’s not how it works. I need to lose weight first.

>> No.9717721

It's not just "not normal", you're sick. And I'm not saying that to insult you, EDs are illnesses, and you need help to heal. If you need to lose weight then you should see a dietitian, maybe even a personal trainer too, to help you plan your eating habits and exercise and make sure that you do it in a healthy way, but you absolutely should seek professional help about your ED on top of that.
And if people ask why you don't wear lolita anymore, you can tell them that you're dealing with some personal issues at the moment and leave it at that.
Please do this, anon, you'll feel so much better and you'll look so beautiful in your frills. Don't let your illness kill you, it's not worth it.

>> No.9717726

>been plagued with no gf/no girl bad feels for the past year
>finally get tinder laid last night
>spent half the time thinking I could be shitposting/planning my next cosu during it
>faked it at the end because I just wanted to get out of there and just dipped
>unmatched her and deleted tinder as I left the place

Shallow fucking isn't filling up the emptiness inside, time to focus on improving my sewing skills

>> No.9717731

>faked it
As a guy? Wouldn't be it be obvious
Why didn't you just tell her it wasn't working and leave

>> No.9717749

>keep fucking up attempts to make the simplest part of a cosplay

>> No.9717754
File: 14 KB, 300x300, fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3am check facebook for cosplays randomly
>see someone posted cosplay I've been wanting for a while
>popular chara know cosplay usually sells fast
>it's my exact size, everything fits
>want to buy cosplay immediately, message seller
>see other people sending messages, start to panic
>manage to snag cosplay before anybody else after talking for a bit and sending money
>two days pass, seller hasn't responded after sending money
>cue me getting nervous again
>read various scam stories on cgl/online in the past
>start getting more nervous feel like might've gotten conned even though only been two days

T-they're probably just busy right....?
Don't let the one and only time I buy off facebook fuck me over

>> No.9717783

If they try to date heavily outside their league.

>> No.9717786

>somebody made that edit
But why?

>> No.9717796

closet child listings still exist after theyre bought, scroll to the bottom and look at your recently viewed items list

>> No.9717803

What are you into at cons anon? What have you done in the past at cons?

>> No.9717806

idk, do you usually check the condom in the trash to see how much cum is in it?

>> No.9717810

>went on vacation with boyfriend to his home country
>supposed to be just us, can do whatever we want
>ask him beforehand if he has any plans with his family or anything plans in general
>”nope anon, nothing like that planned with family at all”
>at the airport
>his mom randomly shows up
>oh she’s just saying bye to him since he’s never traveled internationally by himself before
>surprise, she’s coming with us too
>”oh sorry anon, I forgot to tell you”
>get there
>family gatherings 24/7
>”don’t worry anon, they don’t care about what you do or say. you’re just an accessory that I brought along”
>first half of trip doing absolutely nothing except sitting the houses of bf’s relatives each day.
It’s been rocky with him for a while anyways, and I think this is the final straw. I was trying to last through this trip at least, since we’ve been planning it for a while, but I’m about to end things and book a flight home for tomorrow.

>> No.9717826
File: 1.02 MB, 499x281, IMG_8340.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Contributing with good feels for once.

Big Christmas meet for my comm was a success and everyone was so sweet and welcoming. One of my friends even gave me a nice little gift. I'm so glad to have some solid friends in this new country, even if they all live hours away.

>> No.9717828

well if you plan on leaving him you might as well go enjoy your vacation alone

>> No.9717835

>>”don’t worry anon, they don’t care about what you do or say. you’re just an accessory that I brought along”
I hope this part isn't true

>> No.9717947

I think I've burned out. I get so irritable trying to organise meetups for my comm. I did one big meetup recently and since then I've just felt deflated, I had previously been scrambling around trying to plan another thing for next year, but now my enthusiasm has dropped to 0. I'd already looked at venues, pricing, tickets, possible guests, etc, and now I just can't bring myself to do any of it. I guess I feel discouraged because I mentioned it to some comm members and nobody really seemed interested. I was heartbroken because I thought it could be something really fun and there would be plenty of notice to take a day off work and stuff, but everyone just seemed confused and unenthusastic about having a big event where we could invite friends from other comms.

Idk if that's even the main reason I'm feeling down about it, though.

>> No.9717983

I mean I just wont date them?

Im rather sure the dating part is optional.

Theres always that 1 in a million chance though.

>> No.9717992

if you were a creep the best course of action is to just not be a creep in the future right? i got too thirsty and messaged this girl i met at the con several times. apologizing would be even creepier probably?

>> No.9718002

Yes. If she hasn't responded at all, please just stop contacting her.

>> No.9718022

Message her at least 5-6 more times to make sure she didn't just miss your initial reply.

>> No.9718031


Message her at least every five minutes to remind her you still are interested. If you slip out of her mind, that's the end for you. Let her know how interested you are and how much she means to you Hopefully she gets the message soon!

>> No.9718042

Are you close enough with any of the members to bring this up? I’ve seen people burn out when people take all their work for granted

>> No.9718052

Speaking as a recovered anorexic, "I just need to lose weight first" is actually not how it works. Get help, anon. I promise you can be so much happier if you fight through this, but you have to make that choice for yourself, and I guarantee you that not choosing recovering is choosing to be even more miserable.

>> No.9718073
File: 66 KB, 704x464, 6c670f0d3bf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"you should wear red, you look so aggressive!"
>"woah how's the weather up there?"
>concerned stares from children

>> No.9718080

I'm sorry, anon. I don't know if you're a boy or a gull but you can be cute too. This is tired and old but do you smile often? If you have a resting bitch face it probably doesn't help the impression you give, so I suggest you try smiling more, and genuinely.

>> No.9718090

I will love you anon. *hugs*

>> No.9718101

“Why don’t you smile more, hun?”

>> No.9718120
File: 104 KB, 1920x1080, 1443154427972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>resting bitch face
People say I look really intense when I'm stressed or tired so that's probably it.
Thank you anon.

>> No.9718179

I finally got into lolita and jfash generally after a long time of pining after it. Now I know this sounds stupid but buying things stresses me out so much. I keep refreshing second hand shops and sales almost constantly, then never buying anything because nothing seems like a good enough deal/I can't justify spending money on it/what if it looks dreadful and I can't sell it and so on. Once I actually do buy something and get to wear it it makes me happy, but actually getting anything is such an anxious experience and I overthink it horribly. I have enough disposable income to be able to buy myself something if I really want it, but not enough that I can afford not to be careful with my money. I have no idea how I managed to turn something that brings me joy into such a chore

>> No.9718190

>Boy or a full
>Men can't be considered residents if this board
Really makes you think

>> No.9718198

It was just a pun on "girl" and "gull", no need to get your boy shorts in a bunch. Try to smile more. :^)

>> No.9718211

Warm Happy feels

>> No.9718213

I like to snip the end off and shove it up my ass

>> No.9718219

Have them donate your winnings to a charity on your behalf.

>> No.9718248

I'm really enjoying playing with colour in my coords right now - classic browns and creams, dusty florals, pastel colours, subtle prints. Half my wardrobe and over 90% of my everyday wearable pieces are black. It's a weird feel.

>> No.9718253

I don’t understand the language of the country, and it’s pretty much impossible for me to go around alone because of it.

I wish it wasn’t true too.

>> No.9718259

>Cousin's fb photos popping up on feed
>Mostly gatherings with other families with kids
>All adults are blonde and white
>Nearly all kids are blonde
>Don't know if white supremacist or is all of St. Louis is just this white

>> No.9718275

Wow, what a great feel. Thanks for sharing, anon.

>> No.9718308

Does being depressed make your face less pretty? I'm asking for a friend

>> No.9718310

blonde people = white supremacy
thanks America

>> No.9718311

woops forgot my meme arrow here it is

>> No.9718314

yeah, eventually you'll get older and it'll definitely show.

>sadly speaking from experience

>> No.9718315

Have you ever joined a new cosplay group, and everything is fine and you really get along with them for a few months, and then suddenly all at once you start to hate their guts?

I have no idea why I feel this way. They haven't changed, and neither have I. Although, honestly, I guess our personalities are really different and we have no shared interests outside of the anime we cosplay from?

>> No.9718346

I was mostly talking short term. I feel like I see a noticeable difference within just 2 weeks of being in a good or bad mood

>> No.9718358

you probably never liked them, but were optimistic. Today your optimism ran out.

>> No.9718370

I think you're right. It's easy to get excited about meeting new people when you don't know anything about them. And then, maybe you get to know them a little better and find out there's nothing there? Something like that. Just because a group of people really want to make friends w each other doesn't necessarily make them compatible, even if they're trying really hard. It just becomes another obligation

>> No.9718373

>Started talking to this girl over the summer
>She said I was cute
>Kept hinting that she wanted to do a couple cosplay saying how much she preferred these two girl characters together
>Thought I was finally going to get a cute girlfriend
>After nonstop talk for about a month, she suddenly went radio silent in the course of one day
>Now confirmed to be into a different girl
>This is the third time this year

>How can a white girl get a top tier Asian guy in college?
The chances of you finding an Asian guy who at minimum isn't completely turned off by your yellow fever is nearly impossible.

>> No.9718374

I honestly don't know because I've been depressed most of my life and can really tell now because of how my face looks. I basically neglected to ever look in the mirror much or anything, so I'm not sure about short term, but in the long term, yes, definitely.

>> No.9718382

>trying to get fit
>there's progress but the face fat is still there
feels bad

>> No.9718383

i've felt the same many times. It happens.

>> No.9718403

Because I wanted to be polite about it

Why would faking it be obvious? I just act the same as if I actually came and then bailed.

It was retroactively great for my mental state of mind of "wow I still get laid" but also I really would have rather done so many other things instead

At least I managed to convince her to watch The Room, since I wanted to see it again

>> No.9718413

I am not cgl, but can I be your boyfriend?

I guess she must really like her converse then

>a mean goth girl who's obsessed with llamas
she should better date Carl then

>> No.9718414
File: 25 KB, 223x223, 1488561741513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I will most likely get THE promotion at work
>tfw we are restructuring at home, I'm getting the access room and all of its closets and brothers old room is getting turned in to a dedicated sewing room

moe money
moe storage
moe projects

>> No.9718419

Face fat is typically the last thing to go, just keep at it.

>> No.9718515
File: 179 KB, 498x343, spacey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>out of the blue ask my ldr bf if he would mind if I was wearing lolita all the time, even outside
>he asks why would he
>reply that there are gulls with bfs who do not appreciate when they clothe weirdly and unusually, gathering a lot of attention
>his reply melts my heart
>"I'll hold your hand and make everyone jealous"
We are going to meet in February. I will wear the most beautiful coord I can to greet him.

>> No.9718626

damn, that's cute

>> No.9718847

Would rather not boil alive from the inside

>> No.9718871

That's a meme.
Keep under 4mg/kg and just don't eat carbs.

>> No.9719209

This reminds me of a Korean reality show episode where a girl from southeast Asia married a poor Korean farmer and expected her life to randomly turn into a kdrama.

Needless to say the shi-uhmuhni was exasperated.

>> No.9719304

My nigga

>> No.9719313


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