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>tfw you want to wear cute J-fashion but you're not a long-limbed slim teenage girl who can pull it off

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Long limbs are usually a disadvantage in Jfash. Do your research and you can wear it too.

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im 5'8.5 and 130-125 lbs... i dont really have an ass or boobs and people have said im like a beanpole (usually shorter overweight females that im friends with)
could i ever pull off lolita or mori kei? im worried about looking big or the clothes not fitting me properly or just being flattering in general

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I'm pretty sure there's a similar thread to this in the catalog, but in any case; your weight means diddly squat, it's your measurements that matter, i.e. shoulder width, bust and waist circumference, arm and torso length.
5'8" is pretty tall for lolita but it's not the tallest by any means; you may have a problem if you like sweet, but classic should be fairly easy.
Instead of writing a blog post, I suggest you check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHMpXGg8-HI

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what about leg length

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I'm those exact dimensions and had some great success with lolita. You will be fine but there will be some brands that run a bit too small for you.

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>tfw i am a long-limbed slim teenage girl
enjoying it while it lasts

body type matters more than age though

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That's being discussed in the general thread right now, look there.

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Lots of people who are not long legged teenage girls can pull of j fashion. And even if you can’t pull it off, who gives a shot? We are all hurtling towards death faster than we realize. Do what makes you happy, you will brighten up yours and other people’s day with cute fashion

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If ladybeard can do it so can you

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>implying he pulls it off
I don't get the hype, really, looks pretty cringey to me.

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I feel this, though i am too short and curvy...

Luckily i only care about nanchatte and its not hard to pull off.

Weight loss isnt in my vision anymore since generic diet and exercise combos (undereating, overeating, correct eating, all with (usually excessive) exercise) dont work for me.. im not going to make it a goal.

O well.. just work around it. Thats the beauty of fashion.

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This would likely be a feel for the feels thread.

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But it doesn't make me feel good because I don't think I look cute in the clothes, I just wish I did.

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He's better at it than you

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