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>3 months later
One day I'll stop adding new stuff to an order. One day.

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My lolita BFF and I split our first order in years, used taobao ring. Can provide links if needed.

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Is that an usakumya?

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Links to:

The white, long sleeved blouse.
White/yellow(?) bonnet
Wristcuffs (both)
Bolero with stars (left of the bloomers)
Red Velvet bolero
bottom right bolero

Please and thank you! I know it's a lot lol but that's all a really good selection!

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CSSBuy is notoriously bad for mixing up orders. Wouldn't recommend them.

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Nice haul! It really makes me want to make an order haha

Links to the black and white cardigans please! Also what brand is the one that made the white rose headband? Left side with 2 roses and a pear chain. Looks like a CiciWorks one I have

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How long should I wait before I push the remind seller to ship button? 16 sellers have shipped and I'm waiting for 3 more.

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I've never bought anything from a preorder on taobao before, only ready-made items, but I really want to grab a dress that will be coming out soon.
There's no need for me to keep checking if the dress is ready, I'll just get a message from SS when the shop lets them know it's done and the second payment is due, right? Are there any SS who DON'T allow preorder items?

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So, I preordered two different things through Taobao's cargo service, *without* a SS. So ymmv, but they never messaged me, I had to keep checking the store for when the tail was due.

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I've been avoiding Taobao because of the agents and hidden costs.
But now there is a pair of shoes and one blouse that's really cute.
What's the cheapest way to get a small order?

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anyone have a link to this bag? I know it's a replica, but I've been looking for the original for far too long now... and I know it's on taobao somewhere

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seconding this!
Been looking for the replica forever

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So tell me gulls, what is the best thing you've ever bought on taobao?

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ayrt, I just found the two links that made me discover this replica, they are dead now, aargh! I hope some other anon can help us out!

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Found these shoes on ebay and theres no way in hell im paying $100+ for shoes that are clearly from taobao, but I cant find them anywhere. They are exactly the same as these (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c-s.w4002-14476622723.97.26fcd8cfCTZSZ8&id=7997984363) angelic imprint shoes but with a bigger platform. Anyone know where to find them on taobao?

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I've stayed away from taobao for more than a year but I couldn't help myself this time

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Could a kind anon help direct me to a basic tracksuit such as these?

All I have been able to find is the white T shirt paired with the bloomers version.

Would thank you after.

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just buy adidas (or abibas if you’re poor)

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link please? it's super cute

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I want the link please! this is just my style.

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They also sell it as a jsk! It won't be released for another 1-2 months but I'm really hyped!


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You're a blessing, anon.

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ey, agencytaobo is down? i cant get in the site,Im freakin out

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What does this mean? It only appeared for some of my items as an option under the "refund, complain business" area. "Virtual lift counter price" doesn't mean much to me...and I'm afraid I'm suppose to do something before the seller ships. When I click into it though it looks like it's area to "report" something.

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it won't be of much help if you don't have taobao's messenger application downloaded. it sends them a reminder and they get back to you in the app if there's a reason why they haven't shipped it.

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you might have already seen this listing, but it was the best i could find

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According to google:

> The purchase of the virtual counter price counterfeit baby what is the meaning that the equivalent of reporting options ~ such as double 11 such activities ~ If the merchant in double 11 prior to the price of goods ~ higher than the usual price ~ this is the virtual lift price ~
This is a violation of the provisions Can report ~

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Just in case the explanation is a little confusing.. from what it sounds like it's when a seller has a 'sale' and the price of the sale is more than what it was before the sale. Like price inflation.

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ali doesn't have the brand I was looking for.
But nevermind, I decided to buy from AP.
>tfw when burando never lets you down

>> No.9694120

>Don't want to pay extra fees
>Buys brand instead which definitely costs more than any fees


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Brand looks better imo, I know what I'll get and has a better resale value.
Also, I hate dealing with Taobao Agents and their weird hidden fees. Did it once with a 'reputable' agent for a classical puppets petticoat and it was such a hassle. Communication was horrible and they took so long to ship it out even when everything was paid for.

I've been eyeing the AP shoes for a long time and they looked beautiful and sturdy in person when I was in Shinjuku. To me it is money well spent.

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Umm, okay, you do you, I guess?
I'll probably put off buying from Taobao until my best friend orders again and I'll ask her to get me something.

>> No.9694137

>put off buying from Taobao until my best friend orders again
Oh you're one of those. Do you complain when your friend asks you for two shipping fees as well?

>> No.9694138

Nah but I'll let her figure it out and pay her what she needs. I just don't want to bother with translating, order spreadsheets, comparing agents and the likes.

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>I'm too lazy to complete basic functions

jfc even my legitimately special needs friend can navigate and order from Taobao without issue

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When I last ordered something it was too bothersome, especially because I only want like one item.
I'll simply let my friend handle it and have it shipped in a bulk.
After all I'm managing her purchases on lacemarket as well. So I don't really get why everyon has this "Just do it alone." attitude when you can just share the work.

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This isn't your blog

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was just replying, man.

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read >>9694147 again

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desu who cares, threads get shit up all the time, taobao general is no exception

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Try taobaoring or spreenow next time, anon. All you really have to do is drop the url of the item in and it pulls the deets from the taobao page for you, and you select your size/color/etc. from there. I was intimidated at first but once i tried it i realized how easy it really was

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What's up with AliExpress? Do some stores list items from Taobao stores?
For example this cosplay, besides there being many uglier version on AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item//32821689768.html
The pictures are cut. The cosplay is really well made, which makes it easily recognizable.
This is what I believe to be the original, the store ran pre-orders, and all designs came from here first: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=561038674471
Do some AliExpress stores serve as an SS, or are they using stolen pictures to sell fake stuff?

Also, maybe a stupid questions, but can cosplay dresses be used as a baby's first steps into lolita?

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A lot of aliexpress stores are resellers of taobao stores. for exemple there's one that used to resell ToAlice & Bobon21 (I think they still do)

And no, don't do that

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I've stayed away from lolita (and cgl. for that matter) for over a year but the dress drew me back in, so help me god. The 11/11 sales didn't help either

(shout out to the anon who posted a link to muyuge in the previous thread)

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I'm looking for some lolita shoes just made of real leather. I'm just tired of that cheap "vegan leather" that falls apart.

>> No.9694653

Links to the sailor dress and pink bag on the bottom please?

>> No.9694665

Can you link to the bonnet in the top row, and the heart bag in the bottom left corner, please?

>> No.9694674

You got epic great taste anon, I'd buy that JSK asap if I wasn't so deathly disgusted by the slightest gory stuff. That blue color is perfection.
Would you mind linking to the pink heart-shaped bag?

>> No.9694691

Replying to blouse anon at the bottom of the last thread

Aliexpress link


>> No.9694700

I'm not sure, Left is her order, Mine is right, I'll link you to whatever it is


It's no trouble, sorry to make you wait!

white blouse


red maria wristcuffs

you said both, were you talking about the rose hairpieces under it?

white star button blouse

black bolero

red velvety bolero

white short sleeve bolero

It is! sweet dreamer/ciciworks are the same seller, I'll link you in case someone needs it for whatever reason?


>> No.9694704

Except there are multiple accounts of brand shoes being the exact opposite of sturdy and AP shoes being made in the same factory as the knockoffs?

I'm not going to shit on you for purchasing brand as opposed to the knockoff, but using the reasoning "they're sturdier" is not a good one. Hope they work out for you though.

>> No.9694729

JSK and bonnet (the preorder period’s done so they’ve taken down the specific listing): >https://shop65205545.world.taobao.com
Sailor dress: >https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.20141002.4.215195373DeOG7&scm=1007.10009.70205.100200300000001&id=530779603200&pvid=ac8d858e-f4a1-4a76-86ba-8de840a6ac60
Heart pink bag: >https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-9041620645.2.6bc8d80Cnr9t8&id=42068571203
pink bag: >https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3773-c-s.w4986-17282799577.8.384e9647avJeUP&id=557703019197

Thanks anon! I'm really excited about the JSK, the print is cute but what sold me was the color!

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I originally started this order for xmas gifts / wedding supplies and then I'm not sure what happened.

>> No.9695069

Thanks for the advice, I downloaded the app and saw that they actually sent me a confirmation button. Pressed to confirm last night and still no shipping update. I'll probably give them another half a day since it's day time over there and see if they send it before clicking remind to ship.

Thanks! The price actually went down from what I remember but I think that's because I qualified for some post-purchase store promo.

>> No.9695111

link to the dress + matching bow, bags and luggage please? I love them!

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The pink heart bag is a bit less pink than it appears.

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I have an order placed with my bf, and we have pictures of most of the items but in one of the items says:member request refund i read the FAQ but i found no solution to this, first timer too what does that mean?

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Anyone have tips on what size to pick when buying a cosplay outfit?

My measurements feels kinda out of reach as compared to the charts the sellers provide.
Is it okay if I just give them the measurements I had or pick one of the sizes because looser might be better or something.

I'm super skinny and my measurements are like 72 waist, 78 bust and like 175cm in height

>> No.9695376

forgot to add that, when I used to buy normal clothing from taobao, I would always pick one size larger and they came perfect because China clothings are always small for some reason

Not so sure about cosplay outfits

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Really depends on what kind of cosplay it is.
If it has sleeves or legwear that could be too short if wrongly sized (and look bad), go with one that is closer to your height, probably L/M male or XL female.
You can always make it tighter with safety pins or some sewing, but you won't make it longer. And also never take perfect/just barely fit, because you might gain weight, eat big dinner, and will feel really tight in the clothes, they won't look as good, and the measurements might be inaccurate. Always get yourself 2~5 cm of safety.

For example I'm your height, b/w/h 82/65/84, and I went with one size, small sizes, and M size. I aimed for fit, as most of these clothes are dresses which are not long to the ground, the sleeves aren't meant to be too long either.
On most of these clothes the differences in lengths are also really small, the biggest appearing in the middle blue one, 6 cm sleeve and 9 cm pants between S and XL.

I think there's little need to be worried if you go one size below your height to get a better fit.

But please take my advice with a grain of salt, as I don't have my cosplays yet, so I cannot say how they will fit in reality. It's more of a hint to give you an overview on how particular parts of clothes differ in sizes.

I don't know about other clothing, but you probably meant one letter size bigger (e.g. S -> M, M -> L, L -> XL). I think it's better to look at the measurements, than at the letters, if they are available.

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I talked to both the sellers and they said they also offer custom size since they are made on demand
If the sizes in the charts don't fit, I was wondering how accurate it would be if I provide them with my actual measurements

>> No.9695457

Thank you for the link! I vaguely remember something that CiciWorks liked to change their name, and wasn't sure if they still used it anymore haha

>> No.9695788

7.18kg so far and only about half my order has arrived with 3 cosplays on the way. How is everyone else doing?

>> No.9695864 [DELETED] 

I didn't realize it but the green dress was reservation although my SS was able to get me on waitlist for the ready-made release that comes out on 11/20.

sprout bag:
brown bag:
Luggage inserts:

>> No.9695869


I didn't realize it but the green dress was reservation although my SS was able to get me on waitlist for the ready-made release that comes out on 11/20.



sprout bag:

brown bag:

Luggage inserts:

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Can someone tell me the chinese term for cash box? Ive been scouring the internet for a cute one and I want to check out taobao.

When I was looking for the Japanese term "手提げ金庫" I found out it translates into handbag safe lol

>> No.9696022



>> No.9696024

they all mean cash/coin box loosely but from a quick search they're not really... boxes? that can lock? if that makes sense

this gives me results for boxes though, maybe try that.

>> No.9696269

Anyone know the store to this? It's from an old thread:

bonus USB-charged macaron hand warmers

They also mentioned a strawberry pot too.

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My order came in today so I'm going to review some stuff. I ordered with taobaoring and ems shipping. TBR were as good as they always are for me and my package arrived in my country quickly although customs decided to hold on to it for almost a week. Fortunately TBR marked the package down so I only had to pay a small fee.

>Strawberry OTKs: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=25801368876
Decent and reasonably thick socks. The design is a bit blocky but overall cute
>Ballet OTKs: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=18158422592
Same as the strawberry ones; thick and a bit blocky but cute. The white is definitely offwhite rather than pure white.
>Lace ankle socks: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=18797442148
I've bought these before but decided to get some more because they're a good staple. The pink is very vibrant.

Diamond Honey:
>Blouse: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=546270921818
I also wanted this blouse in pink and the long-sleeved version in pink too but they were sold out when I ordered. Came very wrinkled and in need of a good steaming. Quality is OK for the price and there were a few loose threads. I tried it on briefly without a bra and realized that it would look very sexy pair with some lacy underwear because the fabric is slightly clingy. It also felt quite static-y when I took it off.
>Socks: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=548440997656
I took a bit of a gamble with these because another anon a few threads back had some in red with color bleeding. Mine arrived without any noticeable bleeding although I wouldn't say the print is very sharp. They are quite soft though and I can see them becoming a staple for me.


>> No.9696283


Red Maria:
>Headdress: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=558335033931
>Wristcuffs: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=558450843776
I have some dresses with dusty pink in them so I decided to grab these. They are slightly more peach in color but not too noticeably. The headdress has a single comb hot glued to the middle which I'm not too keen on. The material is soft and the details are nice although the lace is not the highest quality. It also feel slightly long compared to my other rectangle headdresses. The little star charm on the wristcuffs is nice. Note that to get a pair of wristcuffs you have to order two.

>Cardigan: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=558492677457
Very thick and chunky. I like them a lot and wish I'd ordered more colors. I would say they're slightly a bit too stout. The bows are detachable by a flimsy little pin and look a bit sad though.

>Bag: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=8906742851
Better than I expected. Just enough detail not to be boring but not so much that it's too busy. The lace detail on the front is actually a small pocket. The zip feels sturdy and it's a reasonable size. I think however this bag might be a replica?

>> No.9696297

anyone know if you can buy nailpolish over taobao? I know there are limitations on liquids when buying from overseas, anyone in the US buy nailpolish?

>> No.9696352
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What's up with this (these) petticoats? The picture shows one worn under the other. They are being sold as two separate pieces it seems. What's the purpose of combining the two?
Also, would it be a good petticoat to use with lolita?

>> No.9696371

No, you can't. There's no "limitations" to liquids, they're outright banned.

>> No.9696372
File: 46 KB, 888x499, 17190709_10155115894876306_6030297197085459618_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>picture clearly shows one petti makes the other bigger
>"What's the purpose of combining them?????"

>> No.9696378

Curious would it cost a lot ot ship a cash box? Would it change the weight if it's metal?

>> No.9696383

...yes? Metal is a lot heavier.

>> No.9696393

Is Canada the only location that you can ship cosplay weapons without a ton of issues?

>> No.9696470

Does anyone have any old school-ish lolita jsks saved?

>> No.9696573

I know this is a very general question, but I'm looking to buy some lolita shoes, which Taobao shops would you say have the best quality? I'm not expecting God knows what, but better than bodyline is what I'm looking for.

>> No.9696596

sosic shop. comfy, inexpensive and true to size/colour in my and my friends' experience.
Antaina had a good reputation and does custom sizing too, but I can't vouch for them personally, having never bought from them

>> No.9696600

I think you dropped either an image or a quote here anon, I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. (Thanks for the handwarmer link though)

>> No.9696603

oh wait nvm even that link is broken

>> No.9696679

Link to the strings of leaves please?

>> No.9696829

I'm looking to order a bespoke gothic or classic lolita blouse. Which shops are good? I know which ones accept bespoke orders but i want to know which stores will actually do a good job.

>> No.9696862

Link to the lavender ita bag in the bottom right corner, please?

>> No.9697286

Any stores for Angelic Pretty style jewelry?

>> No.9697409
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I didn't realize just how big this haul was until I tried making a collage and I had to split it into two.... so here's part 1.

First time ordering without a shopping service, so far so good!

>> No.9697414
File: 681 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_1822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And part 2!

>> No.9697432

>big haul
>90% of the order is berets, bows, and phone cases
It's barely even going to be 5 kg lol

>> No.9697433

I have major beret envy.

>> No.9697436

You're not wrong! I really just didn't realize how many items are in the order, but yeah it's not going to be a very physically large order.

I have a problem

>> No.9697438

I love your haul!
Link to the transparent bag in the 3rd row and the daisy and poodle berets and powder puffs in >>9697414?

>> No.9697785

You want the red or the blue because I have links for both.

>> No.9697793
File: 37 KB, 968x422, old thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah anon I'm trying to find the store since the link is broken. I'm not sure how you find stores to broken links.

Thread was from here: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/7970122/#7970753

>> No.9697809

Any Buynosaur updates?

>> No.9697845

6 months later and no
Got my PP refund tho
Turned to be scammers

>> No.9697883

I think this post is made by a rival of buynosaur kek

>> No.9697916

Nayrt, tried to get in touch with them on 11/11. Zero contact, gave up on them. Decided to go with a different SS and I'm very satisfied so far.

>> No.9698031

My package is in limbo. I tried asking them when they sent it and for the tracking info and no response. They were fine the first time I used them, but I seriously might open a pp dispute.

>> No.9698039

Speak of the devil, they just e-mailed me.
I'm pissed they messaged me how they were "surprised" my items are still not with me a month ago and it might be a customs thing, but the tracking they gave me shows it's still in HK.

>> No.9698146

Just a warning for those using the taobao US forwarders: Jiacheng has better customer service, but they don't open the packages to make sure everything is there. Zhongshan will open your packages to make sure all the items are there, but their customer service is the worst.

>> No.9698512

>poodle beret
>daisy beret
>powder puffs

>> No.9698545
File: 422 KB, 700x984, TB2Z2wwckfb_uJjSsrbXXb6bVXa_!!14321260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just placed my preorder for this beauty, plus still waiting on a parcel from a couple threads ago that's stuck in Canada Post limbo; I swear a I'll post all your requested reviews once my stuff actually arrives...

>> No.9698692

Link to this dress? I love it

>> No.9698709

link to the maid headdress?

>> No.9698731

Both please
Thank you anon

>> No.9698741

Here you go! I'm super hyped for this one; it's super inexpensive, review pics look great and it even has pockets!
The black won't be out until like February, but they have ready stock of the other colourways available (or listings for December preorders if you want it slightly cheaper)

>> No.9698863

Bless you, anon.

>> No.9699058

I think it depends on who you get? The Zhongshan rep I spoke to once was very nice and used passable English with me but the one I spoke to 2 days ago was pretty blunt and only used Chinese even though I was using English lol and even in Chinese they didn't use all those terms of endearment they usually do to sounds cute and casual.

>> No.9699132
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I'm looking for a pair of spandex shorts for cosplay purposes (spats aka bike shorts), but they need to not have a gusset or actually be for cycling. Pic related for example. Anyone know a store or a search term? I tried bike shorts but it just showed cycling gear.

>> No.9699138

>they need to not have a gusset
Most shorts like that don't, unless they're actually underwear

>> No.9699139

yoga shorts

>> No.9699198

My order is probably going to be around 15kg. Is that really big to ship in one go? Would it be better to divide it into 2 shipments?

>> No.9699200

I thought the heavier it was the better ?

>> No.9699202

safety shorts?

>> No.9699214

I just wasn't sure if it would be likelier to get taxed if it was bigger.

>> No.9699241

It's not about how nice they are, it's about the time it takes them to respond and how quick they are to fix things.

>> No.9699247

They respond to me immediately on the taobao chat. What did you use to talk to them with?

>> No.9699250

Is your total value over $800usd? US Customs doesn't tax on packages below that amount. This is of course irrelevant if you don't live in the states.

>> No.9699270

I used aliwangwang or the taobao chat. I used zhongshan for over two years btw, and I consistently made orders that were over 20kg every month. Their customer service was bad almost every time there were any issues. They would weigh multiple items wrong and take 3+ days to update the right weight, but they wouldn't update it in the system, only update the price afterwards when I was about to pay. They also made me pay for shipping twice when I had an item that was larger than normal. Like I had already paid for my shipping and was waiting for it to ship out, then realized from tracking that the package didn't move for over a week. So i asked them why and they said I had to pay more shipping since the original payment that was listed on the website didn't cover it. They didn't make any attempt to message me about this btw, despite the fact that they could easily message me on aliwangwang about it.

>> No.9699379

Do Taobao and Aliexpress have similar prices?

>> No.9699457


>> No.9699584

AliExpress is made for foreigners so there's conversion rate + enough extra money to cover shipping for the free shipping items. Something on Taobao for $0.75 is probably $2.50 on AliExpress.

>> No.9699702

Anon, what's the measurements on the cardigan? I was interested in them but Im busty.

>> No.9699814

About 48cm measured flat

>> No.9699838

Has anyone else been having problems with EMS as well? I'm in Northern Europe and packages shipped with EMS have usually gotten here in time. I know Chinese EMS isn't the most reliable in terms of shipping times but it's been 13 days since the package was shipped and I'm getting a bit paranoid.

>> No.9700138

I've been having problems with my taobao parcels in general, timing wise (both SAL and EMS) but I'm in Canada so it's probably our own shitty postal service's fault

>> No.9700344
File: 150 KB, 603x360, 1510216095993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saw this in an old thread but the thread was already in auto-sage before I could ask for a link, can anyone help out?

>> No.9700495

The bottom of the image says paloli (albeit a bit cut-off), so I'm guessing it's from here https://paloli.taobao.com/

>> No.9700552
File: 52 KB, 596x668, 146a82df663445da06b3e8fc4e5392d22896b913_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has any taobao cos maker made Monika from DDLC yet?

>> No.9700609


>string of leaves

>> No.9700611

Wendys bag please!

Also. I had a tb package come into NY last wed, its still there. What is the estimated time itll take to get out of there?

>> No.9700870

+1 from paloli!! I ordered one of these, looks super cute

>> No.9700957

So most of my orders have arrived at the Zhongshan express warehouse, but apparently there's an issue with my Cats Tea Party order. According to google translate and my awful Chinese, I think something's missing from the order. I'm sending a message in both Chinese and English to Zhongshan, hopefully they can tell me what's up.

Has anyone had this problem before?
For reference, this is the message:

>> No.9700971

Yep, it's missing an item and you have to contact them. Good luck, because they've been shit at resolving things for me. You'll likely have to contact the seller yourself to figure things out.

>> No.9701787

I think I had something similar in my last order. I checked in with Zhongshan to see what was up and basically something is missing from the package (they even took a picture of the package to clearly show me what was missing) so they told me to contact the seller. The seller ran out of stock of something and asked me if I wanted to replace it for the same item in a different color or to just get a partial refund. The seller guided me through the steps of applying for a partial refund and it was settled fairly quickly. Luckily for me the seller had better English than Zhongshan lol so the process went by fairly smoothly.

I had to contact the seller through the messenger app and after I downloading it and I realized that they had actually sent me a message about the missing item before shipping it.

Just wondering if you know, but does Zhongshan still send out by EMS? Or is it only DHL now? I tried asking but they kept telling me it's "random" and I tried to inquire about who decides if it is "random" but I haven't been able to get a clear answer.

>> No.9701810

It's still random. I think they weigh the item (EMS) and measure it (DHL) and whichever one is cheaper is the one they send it by.

>> No.9701827

I just got a package from Zhongshan today via EMS.

>> No.9701832

Thanks! I just wasn't sure why they wouldn't let me choose but I guess I'll have to take my chances. This will probably be my last time ordering with them though, I don't like that I don't get to choose my own courier.

>> No.9701860
File: 54 KB, 274x251, ku ku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Here's a bunch of them. Tell me if none of them are what you are looking for. The one from Gintama 3Z is the closest. The term for track suit is cos运动校服

https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. <- Has both pants and top

Top only

Cheap version

Love live versions:


Are you looking for shorts in picture related or any kind of spandex shorts in general?

Picture not related.

>> No.9701862

What's the full name of the series I can try to look it up.

>> No.9701868

doki doki literature club

>> No.9701879

>Are you looking for shorts in picture related or any kind of spandex shorts in general?
The shorts from my pic, yeah pretty much. If you do happen to have any links I'll look at anything though.

Thanks, I tried these but only found stores with really low sales or flashy designs.

>> No.9702000

Where's the best taobao store for Petticoats now that Classical Puppets has gone to shit? I'm in the market for a new one and want to add to my haul.

>> No.9702886

Do shops on taobao still make any new Love Live costumes? I'm having a difficult time trying to find some newer u's costumes since all the old shops that used to hype up SIF no longer make stuff.

>> No.9702895


This anon >>9700957 here again. I contacted Zhongshan but also sent a message to Cats Tea Party just to be safe. CTP solved the problem in 15 minutes, I was just missing one beret. Thank god for my mediocre Chinese or else I'd be fucked.


>> No.9703092

I it's mostly aqours costumes now, think the most recent μ's set I've seen is the unidolized pirate ones and some of the sets from ASA

>> No.9703377

Man I'm so in love with the ao dai Nico and Umi cards. Too expensive to commission but too unlikely to find on taobao...

>> No.9703385

I know your pain Anon, I've been waiting for taobao to stock up love live costume sets that aren't hideously ugly.
I mostly do aqours and it's impossible finding cute things of my favorite girl (Dia) which sucks cause she gets the best cards like her shrine maiden idolized or the new fall set idolized.

>> No.9703438

They aren't as quick with them anymore but I still see some floating around and some on a preorder basis with the finished product date a few months later. Shops also seem to be more choosey on which idolized outfits to produce now so no one store will have them all.

What are you looking for in particular? I can try to help you search.

>> No.9703444

The phone thingy and bolero please?

>> No.9703458

Why is Love Live more popular than [email protected] in China?

>> No.9703470

If I just wanted to order three things, what would be the best SS to use? Apologies if this is such a retarded question, I've never used taobao before and it kinda scares me lol

>> No.9703477
File: 752 KB, 3999x999, 1511468907745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If anon from last thread that asked me to review this petti is still here, I just got the petti! From left to right, stock image, petti by itself, with petti on, side view with petti on, no petti.

Its pretty comfortable for me at 73 cm waist. It has fully shirred waist band and it is lined.The poof is massive but it doesn't feel heavy.

>> No.9703541

damn, link?

>> No.9703558


>> No.9703560


>> No.9703663
File: 106 KB, 640x360, mfw.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>on a whim buy some dresses and outfits from Taobao because of being mesmerized by the pictures
>weeks later realize they are probably not cotton
>freak out that it might be some low-quality synthetic material
>start translating descriptions in pictures
>discover that the dresses are made of velvet, satin, and chiffon, all claimed to be high quality
>Chinese characters hint at possibility of the fabrics being made of silk
>also cotton lace and embroidery
Crossing fingers, I won't know for sure until I get them!

>> No.9703961

Seconding this. I own both the bell and the a-line from AA and it's super poofy. A+.

>> No.9704188

>doki doki literature club
I can't find the Japanese name for it and the english one comes up nothing so far. I'm still looking anon.

>tfw you never heard of this series before today

>> No.9704201

It's a western game

>> No.9704656

dude just go to walmart they'll have this kind of thing pretty much anywhere

>> No.9704664


free on steam, 11/10 would recommend

>> No.9704959
File: 190 KB, 477x454, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look it up out of curiosity

Memes and gore. What even is this game?

>> No.9704962

a poor man's kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi.

>> No.9705030

Her legs are fucking triggering my autism.
Why can't people consider basic anatomy?

>> No.9705034

I kinda figured something like this had been done before it just wasn't translated yet.

>> No.9705157
File: 1.61 MB, 986x985, 1509066739747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This order came in, if anyone was interested in reviews!

>> No.9705350

omg anon that sprout backpack bag... I need it!!! Link please!!!

>> No.9705354

I'd love a review of the Heart Breaker pullover if you have the time!

>> No.9705359

>thinking taobao clothes are good quality

>> No.9705366

3rd row skirt, please!

>> No.9705367
File: 471 KB, 569x378, canutellwhatwigsilike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My taobao order for this month!

>> No.9705431

Link to black hat pls

>> No.9705439

http://www.spreenow.com/taobao-agent/taobao/559928573205 Here you are!

>> No.9705448

What's the quality like on those Miu shop items? I'm still waiting on mine.

>> No.9705621

I just did christmas shopping for 3 and a half people on Taobao but still felt bad adding to a haul I was already doing.

>> No.9705654

Link to the third wig?

>> No.9705655
File: 292 KB, 418x517, 1479089967756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3 and a half people
>a half people

>> No.9705660

Here you go! http://www.spreenow.com/taobao-agent/taobao/558391636917

This is the one wig I'm sort of iffy about, it looks like it's gonna be a pretty heavy/thick material.

>> No.9705675

Played thourgh it yesterday. It's free and a rather short game so I'd recommend it. It's nice, not as good if people make it out to be if you ask me, but it's nice.

>> No.9705678
File: 119 KB, 500x276, cut that out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let me live my lies.

>> No.9705792

Thanks anon..
Worst comes to worst I'll piece it together. But by doing that it'll be a lot more expensive shipping and precurement/fee wise.

>> No.9705860

It was just an obtuse way of saying gifts for 3 people, and half of one person's gift.

>> No.9706613

Can someone help me decipher the final price of this dress? I'm seeing 200cny for the grey longsleeve OP. Due to the rating of the shop I'm expecting a not great but still wearable dress.

>> No.9706647

Link to this awesome cardigan plz

>> No.9706681

link to the first wig,please!

>> No.9707160

Cardigan: http://www.spreenow.com/taobao-agent/taobao/537957806105

First wig: http://www.spreenow.com/category/c11078/taobao-agent/taobao/560846482087

>> No.9707596

So, Bhiner has fucked me up with the shipping costs (no, I never learn), has anyone had luck asking for refund later after receiving the package and weighting it to check if the weight was right?

>> No.9707628

You should ask, and if they refuse to fix it, just paypal claim/credit card chargeback.

>> No.9707636

I should do that, good idea. Bhiner so far has been good to me, much better than other shitter services.
I've done this before but if you do a claim on pp for miscalculating the shipping you have to say it's for something else, because they won't accept the claim if you've been overcharged for shipping.

>> No.9707857

Can I have links to some stores with wedding dresses?
I'm looking at normie stuff too but I recall seeing some taobao ones that were pretty cute and not too crazy. (ie, like baby wedding dresses)

>> No.9708108
File: 142 KB, 640x778, IMG_4295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shop36736293 on taobao has some really beautiful dresses.

>> No.9708125
File: 48 KB, 400x400, tumblr_ozuap1jnPc1rir2yno1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By any chance has anyone bought or found any decent cellphone tripods for taking outfit shots etc? Every listing I find or see linked (including pic related) has dozens of reviews showing the thing broken after one use or being generally incapable of standing up on its own.

>> No.9708143

just get a selfie stick and a cheap tripod and put the phone holder attachment on the tripod. all the cellphone tripods will be super short

>> No.9708250

I don't mind it bring super short (in fact that's preferable, it'd just be set up on my desk/dresser)! I'm just tired of trying to prop my phone up awkwardly against books and shit and trying to keep it straight when I don't have someone to take the photo for me/a good mirror

>> No.9708356
File: 145 KB, 355x318, 1474692498597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I bought this and it should arrive any day
Good thing I just needed something cheap to take on holiday.

>> No.9708416

anyone have the store link to "ThisTime"? The link I saved is broken and I can't seem to find it again via google

>> No.9708961

Review and link on the open shoulder hoodie on last row?

>> No.9709582

I am very confused right now.
I want to order https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=557511572492 as it is supposed to be in stock soon (and plenty got them ccording to reviews) but my SS says it will take 3 months and idk what to believe now.

>> No.9709782

Has anyone bought any good quality school uniform jackets? They're pretty easy to find, but I'm scared of getting really bad ones..

>> No.9709869

I think the people who are reviewing now preordered back in September, you can tell by the amount of people who have reviewed vs the number of people who wrote stuff like "looking forward to it!" in September. Also the reviews are not looking too good.

>> No.9710132

can I get help or suggestion, from your personal experience, what's the nest SS to go with? I live in the US btw

>> No.9710259

link pls

>> No.9710379

I'm >>9708356 and mine arrived yesterday and works great. I was worried after anon posted but I tried the tripod on a table and the floor both and it's fine as long as I don't tilt the phone back far enough to put it off balance.


>> No.9710462

Could I get some help with this?
The options are
"half-sleeved pants" and "nine sleeves trousers", is one the pants and one the top, or are both options the set but one is with shorter pants or something?
Sorry if I'm just missing something obvious

>> No.9710474

>>9708125 here, glad to hear! I just saw so many pics/reviews on the listing where the thing actually broke from just the weight of the cellphone and was really worried, but for a couple bucks if there's a chance of it being okay I may as well try, thanks!

>> No.9710690

See the review section for me has been broken for a few weeks and just loads endlessly so I haven't been able to check reviews of anything, otherwise I may not have bought it myself.

Thankfully I just need it for filming events while I'm on vacation so no money lost for me desu.

>> No.9711014

Any reason why my tracking from Zhongshan forwarder is reporting that the origin of my package is coming from Hong Kong?

Also, the last couple times I ordered through them I literally received my package in 3 days from when I paid internationally shipping. This time it took them 3 days just to pick up my package from when I first received my tracking # and I made sure to pay during working hours over there.

Any top recs for any non-taobao direct forwarders? I want to try a new one with more shipping options next time for smaller orders.

I'm pretty sure any "9 sleeve" option is basically long sleeves top with long pants and any "short sleeve" option is short sleeve top with capris length pants.

>> No.9711045

All links?

>> No.9711386

Thanks anon!

>> No.9711478

where is the magic circle hoodie from? is it good quality?

>> No.9712931
File: 112 KB, 293x298, 1492365478216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would anyone know where I could find a wig in this approximate color, shape and style? I realize some styling will be necessary on my end. I've done some searching myself but not had the best luck. About to start looking through the spreadsheet too.

>> No.9713640

velvet, satin, and chiffon aren't fibers, my dude, they're weaves

>> No.9713671

>>9705157 here.
Sorry for the late replies!

Heart Breaker Pullover: It is HUGE. Like... insanely large. It didn't seem to be that oversized to me in the photos, so I was unpleasantly surprised. I'll probably wear it to bed or sew it into something more flattering to me.

Tight Skirts: I got this in both colors and really like them! They are really cute. I'm 5'6" and 120lb and it is almost too small for me though, so definitely not advised for anyone bigger than 25in waist.

Miu Shop: It's nice! The items all came in a timely manner and were good quality. Some of them smelled plastic-like and one was larger than I anticipated, but I'm happy nonetheless. Can't beat it for the price.

Magic Circle/Open Shoulder Sweater: It's from miub.taobao.com. I was surprised because only one of the shoulders is cut out, not both! I don't really mind since I like asymmetrical details myself, but make sure to look at the listing closer than I did if you're picky. It's definitely thin and not very good for keeping you warm, but it looks cool and the print is crisp!

>> No.9713972

Can someone help? I want to buy some lolita dresses for my girlfriend, for Christmas, I'm new to Taobao and SS... Just want to know, is this a reservation, a final price, or total...?
Thank you.

>> No.9715207

This is kind of a strange request, but is there a search term for fake food? I'm doing a Blend S group and want to make prop trays with fake food for us to carry

>> No.9715241

Can you use the 10$ yoybuy coupon twice? I wanna make a new account to get it again but they prob recognize my shipping?

>> No.9715422

Yeah I think they crack down hard on people making more than one account, I wouldnt risk it. Check how many points you have though! Usually I have enough to exchange for like $4-5 of coupons at a given time

>> No.9715430

I didn't think /cgl/ would have such good memes

t. wandering /biz/antine

>> No.9715726

sage for ot but /biz/ has memes? I assumed you guys just talked about taxes and how to best pay homage to your capitalist overlords desu

>> No.9715750
File: 2.33 MB, 480x270, 1506052014898.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get stuck with the taobao mandatory login bullshit
>log in to account
>nah we're gonna need a verification code
>cool I guess
>phone not receiving a verification code
>can't log in
>fuck taobao
I just want to give your shops my foreigner money, why is this so hard?

>> No.9715759

halp i need lolita cardigans/boleros, any good shop recs?

>> No.9715760

thats the remainder page for a reservation, meaning you needed to have already made a deposit. look for "spot" listings, which are for leftovers and are full price

>> No.9715934

I thought "spot" pages were items on which you could place a deposit/reservation?

>> No.9715981

nayrt "spot" is just a poor translation of "ready stock". so no, anon is right and spot is leftovers usually.

>> No.9715983

i am not from /biz/ but it's just shitposting about cryptocurrency, there is very very little business discussion

>> No.9716003

Thank you a lot!

>> No.9716101

Thank you, anon, i had always just assumed what it meant but I'm glad to have someone finally clear it up for me!

>> No.9716271

link to the post its!! omg

>> No.9716403

What is everyone's experience with Dream Holic? I am looking at their medium length wigs like Apple Jelly and Miss Scarlet as well as some longer ones. They look a bit thin and shiny, can anyone confirm?

>> No.9716476

does anyone have any experience buying from miss cat on taobao? if so, how was the quality?

nayrt but you can get them here

>> No.9716520

not my personal experience but I know a lot of girls in my comm have been openly disappointed with them recently, quality-wise

>> No.9716839

link to the alice in wonderland beret please!

>> No.9717116
File: 218 KB, 750x225, TB2W7d_g8DH8KJjSszcXXbDTFXa_!!2505562691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does it mean?
Is it 30 off orders 90+, or every order 90+ will have 30 worth gift(s) added?

>> No.9717288

I have their Boleyn girl wig and I love it. Feels and looks nice and doesn't tangle easily even though its a longer wig. My only complaint is that the bangs are those trendy thin/wispy kind. I'm not really into that style so it was a little disappointing and annoying, but it doesn't ruin the wig for me. Oh, and they photograph nice, if that's a concern to you.

>> No.9717293

spend 'x' RMB and receive 'y' freebies

>> No.9717303

Don't buy any unnatural coloured wigs from them. Otherwise they're okay. They don't have a straight part like they try to pretend in the stock photos though,

>> No.9717307
File: 54 KB, 750x518, TB20Mkdk4hmpuFjSZFyXXcLdFXa_!!2505562691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could pick more stuff then, I guess… My SO should be happy.

They also have a lucky pack with panties, if anyone is interested.

>> No.9717321

Link to the biscuit beret please.

>> No.9717375
File: 447 KB, 1073x315, taobao order.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've needed new shoes for ages

>> No.9717395

Are there any good taobao shops out there that specialize in gothic lolita headwear? Hats, bonnets, anything really. I know some shops sell that stuff with their releases, but are there any that actually focus on just headwear?

>> No.9717428
File: 18 KB, 250x125, iku (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone knows where to buy a good 2B (NieR) cosplay? I know there are a bunch of them, but do you have any shop recommendation?

>> No.9717514

They suck. Soak them in fabric softener for like, 3 weeks at a time and you'll see some results. I got a boleyn girl that was majorly fucked up and they said they'd send me another one (and their replies took forever, even after I showed proof), but as soon as paypal's 180 day protection ran out, they ceased contact. Fuck dreamholic, honestly. This was like, 2 years ago, maybe? I've never heard of them doing this to anyone else though, so hopefully melva just fucked me over, no one else. I don't think they make scamming a regular thing.
Also I've had better quality wigs from ebay and aliexpress, no joke. I only have one wig from dreamholic that's okay.

Also their stock photos and colour swatches are notoriously terrible. I ordered 3 wigs, one of which was meant to be blonde, and it was positively ginger. That was the worst, but another was meant to be medium/light brown, turned out to be dark brown. My boleyn girl that was fucked up was meant to be ash blonde and it was grey with black roots. I shit you not. She defended it by saying 'the colours may look different on your screen than irl'... not that bloody different! I've not really said anything about it until now but I've noticed them getting recommended more than usual and I'd like to make sure people don't get fooled by their pretty stock photos. A lot of people say they're good or mediocre, but I'd never buy from them again.

>> No.9717686

seconding 2B

also if anyone has any good bayonetta recommendations before I start hunting, though that is a long shot and would likely require modding (SSB outfit in mind or similar)

>> No.9717829

That sucks, sorry you had to deal with that. I have several of their wigs and so far I've only had positive experiences. I actually don't see them get recommended that much now (I only see people mention them to say they're meh or that they got defective products like yours), but honestly... I really like them. I find the colors really pretty and more or less accurate in real life, plus the wig caps actually fit me and they're not overly full. This is just my two cents based on my experience so far though.

Agreed on the fabric softener. You really do need to treat them or else they're too shiny. I don't soak mine for 3 weeks though, so maybe I've fucked up.

>> No.9717830

I should have come out and said it back then, but I was worried that I'd be 'that girl' or people wouldn't believe me (even with proof pics). I honestly would just recommend to people to get stuff off similar taobao stores if they like the look of dreamholic wigs, because the good dreamholic wigs I've seen always seem to be as good as (or subpar to) taobao lolita wigs.
Then again, I'm obviously an outlier, as I've never heard of other people getting scammed as bad as I did, which is a good thing at least. I'm glad yours turned out alright. The wig caps are good though, I'll give them that.

>> No.9717834

Anyone having trouble seeing item reviews on Chrome? The rest of Taobao works fine but when I go to see the item reviews the little loading mascot just keeps loading and loading but never actually does anything.

>> No.9717844

Works fine for me when I'm logged in. I had some troubles in Incognito mode, I think.

>> No.9717846

Really odd. I even tried on FireFox and the same thing happens. I wasn't logged in on FF but I was on Chrome.

>> No.9717850

Like to the chocolate melty beret?

>> No.9717856

is "生成" or "generate" essentially a pure white?

is it safe to use a ball gag from taobao? genuine question, since it's generally recommended to avoid food containers/water bottles/cutlery/anything going in your mouth/other orifices

>> No.9717984



This is Japanese for ivory, not white.

Expect about 90% of taobao stores to send you something in light yellow instead of ivory, though. Not an issue if you're strictly 100% taobaolita, but if you're buying it to match japanese burando, don't bother.

>> No.9717985

It's safer than such recommendations seem to make it.
If you buy from respectable stores, with many reviews, then you have little to worry about.

China still has many regulations on what can be certified for contact with food, and what can have contact with skin (cosmetics, etc.).

Sex toys are a little more tricky, internationally, not only from China (not to mention the fact that China products have 70% of global market), as there are no regulations in any country about them.

All in all, I believe it's safe to use ball gags from China, as long as the store looks respectable and specializes in this kind of stuff. Not some "mom and pop we sell everything from nearby factories" store, as they might not check their products for quality and safety.

>> No.9718173

Has anyone applied for a refund on taobao before and the other party not respond?

I chatted with the forwarder beforehand to ask for a partial shipping refund after receiving the package and seeing it weight significantly less. After showing them photo proof the chat agent calculated how much should be refunded me and guided me through the steps of applying for a partial refund. She even confirmed that I had correctly applied for it but said that someone else will have the deal with the refunds so I will have to wait 3-4 days and fast forward to today the refund is going to time out in a couple hours. The refund page translated says that if the seller doesn't respond the system will automatically refund me but I'm just wondering if anyone can confirm this? Also, will I be able to get the refund directly to my cc or will I have to somehow go through alipay or something?

>> No.9718192
File: 15 KB, 544x266, 1512001657968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>put in 12/12 order for dem discounts
>taobaoring still hasn't confirmed my order
plz taobaoring. It's only been a few days but I want those discounts.

>> No.9718268

Don't get it from icos. The skirt was really fugly.

>> No.9718271

1/3 delusion and miaowucos

>> No.9718277
File: 112 KB, 750x556, TB2J0cyaVXXXXb3XpXXXXXXXXXX_!!59243280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Can anyone help ascertain what the last 'colour' option means? The english translation: leather 188 yuan consultation customer service. I'm guessing its to request other colours, since the same shoes in gold and aqua can be found on aliexpress. If so, would i be able to just ask for gold in the notes and my taobao agent will understand and get the correct colour? Or is it probably just better to buy the gold ones off aliexpress even though they're probably more expensive than the fees + item.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated!

>> No.9718369
File: 229 KB, 1000x419, Wiki-background.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know where to find these dresses now that Ascos and Lion&Cat aren't restocking theirs?

>> No.9718379
File: 11 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thought you gulls would like this. There was an event in Shanghai this past weekend called CP20 and it was an anime convention, but a TON of taobao brands and guest brands were there. This video gives pretty good close-ups of a lot of their prints and items!


>> No.9718436


Yes this works, if the seller doesn't respond you automatically get the refund. And you will get the refund through your CC, but that itself took another few days (a week, roughly, I think?) to show up in my CC history.

Normally before asking for a refund I'd chat with seller (not the forwarder) on aliwangwang to see what their deal is. Have had some sellers not even answer and not even ship out my packages so I just request a full refund. No idea what is up with those sellers.

>> No.9718437


This is awesome anon, thank you for sharing.

Do you follow any particular people to find links like these? I love seeing burando tea party videos.

>> No.9718445

these are two some of the better looking ones I've found


It really sucks Ascos stopped stocking theirs, I've been wanting to get one for a while so that I could match with others in my comm who have those ones already

>> No.9718584

they usually don't work on weekends, at least in my experience. they should probably confirm it at some point tonight (depending on what time zone you live in; i'm on central time in the US)

>> No.9718591

yeah, the last option is to request a custom color, assuming for 188 yuan rather than the ~105 yuan the in-stock options cost.

if you show your SS a picture of these shoes in the color you want, i think they should be able to get them in the correct color for you

I looked the shoes up on Ali (~$40usd; sorry if you're using a different form of currency). Ordering through taobao (~$28.41 without fees/shipping applied) would save you some money, but I think it depends on how easily you can communicate with your SS and how much you trust them in the end.

sage because i should've included this in my previous post

>> No.9718627

I've ordered from this shop before and they're pretty good about communication. They may ask to see a photo example of the color you're looking for

>> No.9718754

They did in fact confirm today. Thanks anon, I was starting to get worried.

>> No.9718782

I got mine from Meow Shop. Really nice quality, fits well, and all the accessories are great. They even give you two choices of blindfold (one see-through, one opaque). I got the one with the white bodysuit attached and it's a bit hard to put on, but worth it. Let me know if you want pics.

>> No.9718975

How long does it typically take a costume (pre-made, not custom sizing) to ship from the seller? I ordered a couple more than a week ago and they still haven't shipped, is that normal?

>> No.9718977

Thank you anon! I need the Cute accessories and I don’t think these stores have them _(:3」∠)_ If you know any places that sell the accessories separately I would be forever in your debt

>> No.9718984

No problem! Lucky I happened to be looking for the same thing myself ~

It looks like Ascos still sells the accessories separately

>> No.9718986


Not sure if this helps or not, but uwowo is reselling the ascos versions of these dresses on their storefront site! Only large is left, though.

Unfortunately, looks like they only have the passion accessories left in stock, as well

I purchased my perm Frederica cosplay (originally by ascos) from this website and it's the exact ascos version~

>> No.9719005
File: 182 KB, 1552x640, 24955486_736663073199898_1178364393000132728_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard about this particular event from Chinese Lolita Updates on facebook, and then when I asked my chinese friend she shared the video with me. Sorry I can't be more helpful anon.

>> No.9719012

Which option is it for the cute accessories? I thought these were just for the individual characters hair accessories :(

Anon you saved my life! I have the Lion&Cat dress that I got second hand and the accessories are scratched/have hot glue globs/missing gems so I'll definitely be buying the Passion accessories and maybe even the dress itself although it's a size too big I might be able to make it work! Thank you!!

>> No.9719026

Oh actually you might be right, I think it is just hair accessories :/ I couldnt find any other listings of just accessories unfortunately

Oh that's great, thanks anon!

>> No.9719128


No problem - I'm glad I was able to help out my fellow imascg fans!

>> No.9719148

Ah okay, thanks very much for the help! I'll definitely show a picture. I'd like to go through taobao as i have other things i need to order from there anyway. Its for an event in late January so I have plenty of time.

>> No.9719306

Thanks for the reply, they never ended up responding and so the automatic refund is going through now. Not even sure why they didn't respond to the refund when we agreed on everything over the chat but whatever I guess as long as I get my money back.

Another thing that kind of surprised me was that they couldn't/didn't just look up my package info and see how much they ended up printing the shipping label weight for. You would think that that stuff would all be recorded in their system under my parcel number. I had no problems sending them an image as proof but it just seems like it would be a lot more efficient to be able to pull up this info on their end.

Really depends on the seller but I'd consider contacting them a week in.

>> No.9719318

Is angelic imprint or antaina usually better? I'm looking for some black old school platforms

>> No.9719364

Could someone help me find a heart shaped button maker and cutter? Id be forever grateful since my searches have been fruitless

>> No.9719378


I'm kind of split between thinking they do it on purpose to make it harder for buyers to file claims (kind of makes sense when you think about how many people in China probably try and game everything, even small tiny shops), and that Aliwangwang is really more of a chat app for them, whereas for us it's strictly to chat with taobao sellers. Sometimes you get a little handphone icon on some convos that (I think) indicate they're using it from their handphone, I always wonder if they're replying to my messages while they're out getting milk or something, and so can't look up my parcel info (it's kinda dumb, I'd just leave the message unread until I could get to a PC, look things up and knock out a proper business reply, but I guess some people prefer to answer whatever they can there and then? idk).

Anyway, glad you got your refund sorted.

>> No.9719388


I see. Thanks for sharing the links with us!

>> No.9719664
File: 2.19 MB, 748x1496, 1509239314475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of these went OOS before I could buy them, but I got my order in and couldn't be happier! Let me know if you want reviews.

>> No.9719687
File: 252 KB, 750x750, TB2VT0CacjI8KJjSsppXXXbyVXa_!!1621182800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone shopping lucky packs on taobao? I ended up picking up a couple of stationery packs and an anime merch lucky pack. Only went mid-tier on it because I don't really want a cushion or a bag.

Curious if anyone else can recommend decent lucky packs. I really want a crafting lucky pack but the restriction on powder and liquids kind of rules out all sorts of resin, glue, glitter, colours, and so on.

>> No.9719705

Link to whole bottom tier,middle 4th tier,and pastel pink jacket?

>> No.9719726

I bought that heart belt in both colors and clip on light too! They’re expected to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait :)

>> No.9719788

Review on the light?

>> No.9719792
File: 266 KB, 1028x1000, dresses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ordered JSK+KC+shirt+skirt from Magic Tea Party for ¥628 and a lucky pack with (lewd-ish) panties, got the tied ones for ¥29. I will also get ¥30 worth of gifts from the panties store, because I spent ¥90 there on 12/12.

MTP LP: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=558555454767
Pic related is the model I picked. I don't know how good it will be, or how it will lie on me, as it's going to be my first proper lolita dress. I'm honestly more interested in getting the other items, or maybe all of these as a set, to get started with fashion. So please don't bully if you think the dress is not pretty.
Panties LP: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=536004580449

I'm yet to get anything, and I'm worried how much excitement it will be, as my SS takes pictures of all items that arrive.

>> No.9720680

What are those 1¥ items in most shops for?

>> No.9720702

Shipping, probably.

>> No.9720753
File: 161 KB, 800x591, Pic1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tried to order a toy prop from taobao - obviously fake (pic related), because I simply do not have the time before Katsu.

I ordered it through basetao but they immediately cancelled it because it's a "gun". After a quick google search I discovered that China won't be able to ship (toy) guns internationally.

Have others here shared the same experience or is there an agent that could ship it?

>> No.9720807

Just try ordering it from like all the possible services, ones bound to just not give a fuck and send it. You could just contact customer service and beg them if you're desperate.

>> No.9720898


That's not too bad of a start, looks like the set comes with a blouse and random skirt. If your SS is okay with holding your items you might as well wait for photos before picking out some legwear, petticoat, shoes and bag and shipping it all together, then you'd have your first outfit.

Thanks for the links. I'm not into gimmick underwear, but that MTP set looks interesting.

>> No.9720906

No shopping service will send that to you; it’s banned and services will get fined/strikes against them.

>> No.9721031

Thank you. <3
I have already ordered a petticoat, I hope it will work well with the dress. I need it for some cosplays, that I'm ordering along.
A big batch of stockings and tights is coming to me from AliExpress, including plain black and white ones, so I hope to match something.

As for a bag and shoes… I have already spent too much on this order, and I'm getting a bag from Japan (which sadly might not match the coord well, but I just couldn't pass on it).
I'm completely lost about shoes, even more that I need a little bigger size than are usually available (around EU 41).
And I really don't want to spend on shopping much more anymore. I'm now thinking how to avoid custom duties. Might be difficult with a 10+ kg package from China.

>> No.9721033

Weird but good to know. Guess I'll have to get off my ass and just make it.

Thanks anon.

>> No.9723064

nayrt, but i know that feel when you just want your items and have already spent a lot.

if you're not on a time crunch trying to prepare for a particular event, though, then i really would recommend waiting til you find the other items you need and shipping them out together. better to pay the horrid shipping fees in one go than paying around the same amount for not as many items at a later date.

some shopping services will hold your items indefinitely until you finally ship them out, so you can keep adding to your order as long as you like. i know from experience taobaoring will. disregard everything above if you are trying to make a deadline, though...

as for shoes, however, i know some shops on taobao that offer size 41 and above.

>inexpensive shoes

>both of antaina's storefronts run a range of sizes, too

>there's also angelic imprint

for purses, there's also berry q, mufish, etc

sorry for blog post; hope this helped, though

>> No.9723118

Just a bit more info on this if anybody cares to know, It’s not exactly just liquids as some liquids can be shipped out of China without problems. however, nail polish is considered flammable and that is the reason it cannot be shipped unless it’s shipped via specialized lines or ground shipping. (Same thing from Japan,Europe,USA- basically nowhere can you honestly ship flammable liquids such as nail polish or perfume without using a specialized shipping line - if you do and label it something else and get caught you’ll be in some trouble for it as it’s a danger)

Anon if you want Chinese nail polishes just do aliexpress.
Aliexpress sellers who sell nail polish get their stuff out by using specialized shipping lines capable of handling their “flammable liquids” or are willing to simply lie on customs forms and have been getting away with it whereas the agents for Taobao are unwilling to lie as they dont want to screw their connections with the postal services they work with , but some agents do actually have specialized lines for flammable goods that will be costly to use and take a long time.

>> No.9723418

I don't know why I got sad watching this. Maybe cause we don't have something like it in Europe.

>> No.9723683

All your requested items are from https://shop66985238.taobao.com/, except for the demon bunny hoodie which is OOS now so I can't find it; sorry! (I think some of the other shirts are OOS now too, but they have other cute designs!)

I love both of them! I hope they arrived safe and you like them as much as I do!

Light Review: The lighting in my house is pretty poor, and my phone's front camera sucks in low light, so I needed a solution. This thing is awesome! It has three levels of brightness, but honestly the first level is more than enough. It's pretty blindingly bright, so it will take a while for you to get used to taking selfies with it. It does an awesome job filling your face. It takes one AAA battery, I believe. Super light and portable too. I'm excited to use it at cons. I couldn't be happier for the price I paid.

>> No.9723803 [DELETED] 

link to the pink+blue space-y jacket, please!

>> No.9723829
File: 196 KB, 1500x750, out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you, it helped, especially the shoe store links.
I will wait for the dress to come, to see which colorway I will get, and then decide on shoes.
White style in black+red colors.

Sadly didn't get the bag I wanted, and nothing is able to catch my interest.
Maybe I will get something practical for now, that will be able to fit my laptop and EDC, and somehow look with lolita…

>> No.9724171
File: 129 KB, 500x399, 1507582246527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw find good shoes for cosplay on Ali
>image search on Taobao because have an order going already
>only stores selling them have 4.6 shop ratings
The image reviews on the boots all looked alright and the reviews on that item were all good (+ hundreds of buys) but I'm still real hesitant.

>> No.9724239
File: 26 KB, 127x127, relatable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have cosplay wig recommendations for large heads? I'd prefer to order some cosplay wigs off Taobao since I already have an order placed but I've always found Taobao wigs are more for girl heads than guy heads and I don't want to buy anything that'll squish my bf's head.

>> No.9724638

I sold mine immediately after getting it. I paid about $35 for it when all was said and done and I was massively disappointed. The wig was thin, the bangs were cut awkwardly and the braid that I got as extra was haphazardly glued on there with chopped off end of it showing.

>> No.9724700

With taobaoring is it possible to change your shipping method when you submit the order? This is my first time using them. Also how are they with preorders?

>> No.9724711

you actually have to click the button to send the code, it doesn't auto send.

>> No.9724733

I've used them for preorders and had no issues.

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