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Let's keep this on-topic, and don't fall for bait.

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I'll take "Shit that never happened" for $500, Alex.

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I feel extremely pressured to be on my best behavior now

(Still gonna shitpost tho.)

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And then everyone stood up and clapped!

>tfw senpai noticed you

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Why do beef goblins crave victimisation?

It has always confused me - perhaps they subconsciously understand that they deserve ridicule?

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>agreed to do a P4 group cosplay with friends
>do a lottery to determine who does who
>draw Naoto, aka worst girl
f-fug, I wanted to be Rise

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>hates Naoto
>thinks Rise is best girl

A woman after my own heart

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>beef goblin
that sounds like a euphemism for a different kind of hungry person.

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Insecurity in general. I doubt that Chloe cosplayer even said anything to them, she probably just sat there looking cuter and maybe didn't smile while looking in their direction or something. I also doubt she fell, or that the poster helped her if she did fall. It all sounds like a fantasy and she's adding details to make herself look like the better person.

There's a (not fat) girl in my comm who will make up stories like this about people harassing her in a similar way for things she is insecure about (her hair, the way she dresses) and will then tell everyone about these evul h8urs even while I'm standing right next to her and know for a fact that she's making shit up because I was there too and nothing like that happened all day. It's honestly embarrassing.

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Finally read So Pretty/Very Rotten, I really didn't like Jane Mai's comics. I loved Novala and An Nguyen's stuff, but... I disliked Jane's stuff so much that I found it hard to get through. That makes me sad, I REALLY wanted to like the whole thing.

Also, the last comic in the book made me cry and I'm not even sure why. I loved that story.

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If that happened to me I would call her out on the spot.
There used to be a girl in our comm (she moved to cali, have fun) who made up stories all the time and the way she told them were so annoying, she made it seem like she was a celebrity.
>people would walk up to me in the store and group up to take photos of my ita coord, i couldn't handle it!!
god that was top cringe.

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In a previous thread I had complained that my friend was way more liked by a group I had invited her to while putting less time into costuming but honestly better looking costuming.
She has now involved herself in the one group Im a part of that I didn't include her in. Literally my only friends that don't like her more than me because they didn't know her. She talked to them over the net and now they all want to meet her and insist on me bringing her to our next hang out. I know I'm going to be replaced just like every other damn group she gets into
I'm just sick of being number 2 to her.
I love her to death,she's my best friend, and we hang out all the time. why can't I just have one group of friends where she isn't...

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Is this what female friendship looks like? I've got a guy friend who is taller, richer, and more handsome than I'll ever fucking be but we're great friends. I'm not even number 2, maybe like 5th on a good day. Still invites me to go out, watch anime, and drink together.

Is your friendship so shallow you always have to measure up? It's not a dick waving contest. Be happy you even have friends, a lot don't have the luxury.

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Sorry we don't all enjoy being human trash anon. I know no one will ever love you, but some of us want to be loved, appreciated, and feel like we matter.
I'd make a picked last in sports analogy but I doubt you have ever played a sport.
Also, this thread is for dumping emotion. Of course I'm not constantly trying to one up her or comparing myself at every second. Just bugs me sometimes and this is a good anonymous location to unload

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You have to stop being so insecure, if you consider yourself number 2, you will always be number 2.
Damn, why do you have to overthink everything so much?

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Sorry your entire self worth is based on how much someone loves you. You'll literally never be happy of that's the case, and I truly pity your life view. You're clearly loved and people like being around you, but because you aren't the complete center of attention you complain.

I hope some day you get over your ego. I really do.

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lol good one, nonny
We don't do "friendship" or "bromance" thing you guys do (which is kinda gay by the way), at best we have a fragile peace and at worst we have a complex series of alliances

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I see. If you wanted to just wallow in self pity, then maybe r9k is for you.

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what actually happened
'Hi can we take a picture with you?'
'No, sorry.'

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Wrong reply meant to reply to

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I'm so sorry anon, but good riddance to that!
Sometimes I do call her out but I tend to keep it gentle ("You mean while we were in line for the bathroom at X meet? I don't remember that at all") and she'll scramble to change her story with minimal subsequent drama. Outright calling her a liar will cause her to go full vendetta-chan and start making up things about me. I've seen it happen to other people and even though most people are used to her shit and don’t believe her, it's still annoying. She has a habit of acting like a helpful big sister to newbies who aren’t on to her yet, and those people will eat up anythings she says. I’d rather hold my tongue and roll my eyes than be cast as a bullying hater among the younger girls in the comm.

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>tfw male
>loving homies
>mutual respect
>never been backstabbed once
feels good

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Same. Really makes me glad to be a guy. Can't imagine playing daily mind games.

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I'm prone to overthinking?
Again, really just a in this thread thing but I won't deny I do

you ranked yourself in the friendship. you do the same, you're just less honest with you self. it's okay, you're safe here

I want to believe that I have actual friendship with her. But I agree with a lot of other girls, complex alliances is a much better description

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You forgot the best one:
>legitimately interested in each other without being a sexual prospect or in a relationship

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I can rank myself without getting upset about it, that's the difference. We're great friends, literally all I could ask for.

If you're not even close enough to discuss this with her you really need to sort your shit out.

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>"bromance" thing you guys do (which is kinda gay by the way)
Bromance is the best thing in the world and the only people who get annoyed by it are the jealous ones.
>tfw male bestie moved away and is swamped with work
Feels bad man.

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Is this why women at cons can't be casual friends with a guy without either blowing him or thinking he wants her to blow him?
We had this discussion last thread, and honestly I'm starting to think the women here don't know what friendship is if they think bromance is gay or men and women can't be casual friends

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So I’ve been wanting to get back into Lolita and check out what kind of facebook groups there are, especially local communities I can join.
>found one
>semi-dead group filled with obese Itas.
>admin/leader looks like a fuckin troll


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Is the "out of spoons" metaphor used exclusively by obese women? I hear it so much at the cons.

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I feel like im getting too old to keep wearing lolita daily.

I love it but more and more im making more professional acquaintances that I happen to run into more than I like, and im somewhat embarrassed when they find me in lolita. They never say anything bad about it, but I know it may make me look more "childish" even if I mainly wear classic

Anyone know any jfashion I can wear that are more normie acceptable but not just normie clothes. How is mori recieved?

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>Anyone know any jfashion I can wear that are more normie acceptable

What's even the point?

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>Anyone know any jfashion I can wear that are more normie acceptable

>> No.9684196

I still want to be cute? I said more normie acceptable, not that I want normie clothing.

no no I save those for trips to walmart to hopefully one day be on "people of walmart"

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>tfw male
>tfw had loving homies
>backstabbed them all
>now alone
it's an abstract feel

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It originated as a metaphor for people with invisible chronic illnesses but it was quickly picked up by munchies and malingerers who use it as an excuse to be lazy and avoidant.

Mori comes off as frumpy bag lady to most people unless you keep it super minimal. Personally I’ve had good luck mixing simpler classic pieces from IW with pieces from preppy/twee/whatever normie brands. I also have a bunch of tops by Axes Femme, though if you’re coming from lolita you’re going to want to be super selective since they tend to cheap out on the lace and other details. JM and Leur Getter are great too, but more pricy.

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Thanks for the tips!

>> No.9684207

Make your own comm. I know for a fact it'll be better than the one those suckers are a part of

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Fujo please. I know I'm beautiful, but I'm not living out your yaoi fantasies with my friends, no matter how much you want it to be so

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I have a genuine fear of fat people and it makes looking through a lot of the western posts about lolita difficult for me to go through.

I know I sound like an asshole, but I am very much repulsed when I see fat people and get panic attacks if I'm out in public and one touches me.

>> No.9684217

>get panic attacks if I'm out in public and one touches me
You don't sound like an asshole, more a nutcase

>> No.9684219

That seems like a weird phobia or some bizzarre ED symptom dude. You need help.

>> No.9684220 [DELETED] 

Because I'm afraid of people who are unhealthy and have high risk for being diseased? I understand the asshole part because fat people have feelings but it makes sense to be afraid of them

>> No.9684221 [DELETED] 

you do know you cant catch diabetes or fatness through touch, right?

>> No.9684222 [DELETED] 

>Because I'm afraid of people who are unhealthy and have high risk for being diseased?
Yes, because obesity isn't contagious you idiot. Do you have panic attacks around cancer patients?

>> No.9684224 [DELETED] 

Obviously, but since they take such poor care of themselves who's to say they take proper hygienic precautions to prevent stuff like the stomach flu from spreading?

>> No.9684225

I wear brands like JM, IW and Axes daily. Just wear casual skirts (that aren't too short) paired with cardigans or blazers. Stick with ankle socks or tights (knee highs and thigh highs can read as fetishwear to some normies) and you're golden.

This can be pulled off with anything from goth leaning to sweet leaning if you chose your themes properly. Good luck!

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Do you have any proof of your claims?

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>no female friends to discuss lolita or even just talk about general girly stuff with
>decide to post in the friend finder thread to finally make some
>tfw the only people that contact you are guys with similar interests who don't actually wear lolita

It's really fun chatting with gulls who have similar interests, but sometimes I do wish I'd just have a single gal pal...

>> No.9684229 [DELETED] 

I didn't say it was. Why are you assuming all this shit?

It does however pass on through families because children pick up their eating habits from their parents. So...

>> No.9684231 [DELETED] 

>Why are you assuming all this shit?

>who's to say they take proper hygienic precautions to prevent stuff like the stomach flu from spreading?
>when I see fat people and get panic attacks if I'm out in public and one touches me

What does shitty parenting have to do with you needing to see a psychiatrist?

>> No.9684233 [DELETED] 

look, you are clearly fat and upset at hoe repulsive people find you, but you did it to yourself

>> No.9684234 [DELETED] 

I wish but it’ll be sort of hard. I live in a small town and I was hoping I could at least find something I can join that’s in a bigger city. Might as well make a legit one.
>leader of dying group is a failed FtM Fat Tranny as well

>> No.9684237 [DELETED] 

Dubs confirm

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Don't feel bad anon. You'll make a new best friend to talk about girl stuff and lolita soon. Just have faith

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Fat people can do exercise and eat less to rid themselves of their obesity. You're going to be an idiot for the rest of your life, unfortunately

>> No.9684247

Have you considered nanchatte?

>> No.9684252 [DELETED] 

I'm not an idiot, you must be pretty upset to default to such an unfounded insult. Plenty of people are repulsed by fatties.

>> No.9684256

I did but Ill be teaching Japan and Id really rather not come off as an adult trying to pass as a japanese teen.

Its so damn cute though Ive been considering getting into it for another casual style.

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I'm repulsed by severely obese people too, but not to the point where I have panic attacks if one of them so much as looks as me, lmao. Sorry you're mentally ill, sweetie

>> No.9684265 [DELETED] 

Lmao nice asspull, I specified them touching me, which makes total sense since fat people are unclean. Nice shill you fat piece of shit.

>> No.9684266

And there goes the point of the thread....

>> No.9684269 [DELETED] 

>post about your retarded irrationality and mental illness
>get called an idiot
>y-you're just fat

I'm sorry your fat uncle touched your princess parts when you were younger, cupcake.

>> No.9684272 [DELETED] 

It's not a mental illness. and it's not irrational. Being afraid of the unhealthy isn't at all irrational and doesn't make someone crazy... Nice projection with the molestation bit too.

>> No.9684279 [DELETED] 

Why are fat people always so defensive?

>> No.9684282 [DELETED] 

Because they deep down know they are unattractive and unlovable

>> No.9684286

Yeah, you're right. It's completely normal. I had a panic attack when I crossed the street earlier and saw a car pull up next to me because I have a deathly fear of dying in a car accident

>> No.9684293 [DELETED] 

This would be more comparable if the car actually hit you since I specified it was far people touching me that made me anxious. Keep trying with your poorly constructed "arguments" that make it ever more clear you are a mad fatty

>> No.9684298

You mean if the car lightly brushed off me? Keep trying with your poorly constructed "arguments" that make it ever more clear you are a mentally ill ana-chan

>> No.9684301 [DELETED] 

So now I'm anorexic because I don't like fat people? You keep on twisting things to the point where they aren't actually applicable in hopes to make me look bad but it's all so far fetched that you're the one who ends up looking insane.

You could have said "yeah you're an asshole" and you know? you probably would be right. But you went down this path trying to paint me as mentally ill and completely irrational when it's not the case at all.

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File: 24 KB, 600x600, 7A7A9CFB-AFDC-4B4F-8D4C-DCCEA98A1F9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gulls, please.

>> No.9684310

I feel like this was written by a rper
if not, your social skills are seriously out of whack

>> No.9684311

Jesus fuck, we don't even need /r9k/ to derail these threads anymore. We're doing it just fine ourselves.

>> No.9684312

>have the perfect height, figure, hair and roundface to cosplay Ochaco from Hero Academia
>/a/ tells me she's bound to get cucked any time now
Now I'm afraid to actually go through with it

>> No.9684317

So now I'm fat because I don't like mentally ill and retarded people? You keep on twisting things to the point where they aren't actually applicable in hopes to make me look bad but it's all so far fetched that you're the one who ends up looking insane.

You could have said "yeah maybe I am an idiot" and you know? you probably would be right. But you went down this path trying to paint me as fat and completely unhealthy when it's not the case at all.

>> No.9684322 [DELETED] 

>can't even come with an original response

This is how you throw away any hope of winning an argument

>> No.9684331

So you're afraid of people with unhealthily low bmi's too? No? Ok you're just nuts, got it.
I bet you're going to say that anyone calling you crazy is a fatty-chan. Not even close.

>> No.9684333 [DELETED] 

I am, but that's far less common. Fuck off with your assumptions

>> No.9684334

looks like we've got a couple of thots here

>> No.9684335

>assume anyone who doesn't agree with your retardation must be obese
>somebody makes a similarly far-reaching assumption about your body type to you to prove a point
>oh my god you're twisting everything and painting me as something I'm not, this is completely far fetched and you're just trying to make me look bad

The irony is fucking palpable

>> No.9684336 [DELETED] 

The thing is only fat people get this mad over someone not liking fat people

>> No.9684340

Have you tried reaching out to other girly gulls who've posted on the ff thread?

>> No.9684343

The skinny girl is right, the fat girl is wrong

>> No.9684346 [DELETED] 

Thanks anon, it's the natural order of things

>> No.9684349

The only one who got mad was you. I already said that obese people also repulse me, I just think you're an idiot for having panic attacks over it and find it highly amusing. Sorry /cgl/ isn't your own personal hugbox, sweetie

>> No.9684351

85 posts to 36 posters........ looks like we've got a samefagger in our midsts, gulls

>> No.9684355

Good feels!
I've got a con in a few days and everything is completed. This never happens. I'm slightly suspicious and waiting for something to go horrible wrong to derail my plans.

>> No.9684356 [DELETED] 


It's two people arguing you retard. Did you just learn that term? Is that why you're using it so incorrectly?

>> No.9684358

Why are we fighting like this? We should all be friends

>> No.9684360 [DELETED] 

I'm not mad, I'm sad for you and your jiggly thighs and clogged arteries

Shut up newfag

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>tfw autistic and chuunibyou enough to bleach my hair white before entering uni
>tfw pale, quiet, awkward and dress in weird clothes (weird to normies that is)
>tfw I look creepy to other people so they avoid talking to me
>tfw now after a year I still have no friends in uni
Why am I like this...

>> No.9684375

>I'm not mad
>only retort is still 'you're fat'
Sure thing, cupcake. I'm already laughing at the thought of some salad dodger accidentally brushing up against you in the supermarket and causing you to go into a fit of hysteria. Just keep reminding yourself 'it's normal', lmao

>> No.9684376 [DELETED] 

Post pics I like albino autists

>> No.9684378 [DELETED] 

Look, your condescending terms of endearment are even about food, it's plain to see you are fat. It's constantly on your mind.

>> No.9684383

And obese people seem to be constantly on your mind to the point where you had to come here and post about them in addition to collapsing and physically being unable to breathe properly because one of them touched you. It's plain to see you're not all mentally there

>> No.9684387 [DELETED] 

You are projecting untrue biases and your own mental instability onto me because it's not accurate, and nice to see you didn't even deny being fat this time. Inconsistent argument, but we all know the truth. Maybe if you stopped cramming donuts in your face 24/7 you wouldn't be so repulsive and therefore not so bitchy?

>> No.9684390

Wasn't her thing that she wanted to be a whore. I think yukiko wanted that too

>> No.9684393

>literal panic attacks over fat people
>says other people have 'mental instability'
>only retort is still 'you're fat'
>triggered when someone dares call her ana-chan

You can't make this retardation up

>> No.9684395

>I didn't play the game

>> No.9684400 [DELETED] 

>fearing a waddling festering blob of disease and hotdog smells is crazy
>calling someone who gets upset over someone expressing a distaste for fat people to the point of false accusations of being molested as a child fat is crazy

Okie dokie fatty-chan.

>> No.9684404

>fearing a waddling festering blob of disease and hotdog smells is crazy
Get help you crazy bitch

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>trying to get group together to go to Ikkicon on New Year's
>all my friends are fat
>they don't want to cosplay until they lose weight
>they refuse to eat less and count calories
>mfw when I'll be the only one in cosplay

>find out they're still waffling on if they're going to Ikkicon
>they're broke and spent all their money on a recent two-day trip
>ok w/e we can still get to Ikkicon if you budget
>they refuse to budget and have zero savings despite living with their parents and not paying any bills
>Christmas is coming up so they'll probably blow their coming paychecks on family/friend gifts
>mfw when I'll probably be the only one able to go

Most of my friends have turned into people who refuse to exercise self-control and joke about their mediocrity without trying to improve themselves, and, while I still love them very much, I hate that they've become this way.

>> No.9684407

No, it looks more like having sleepovers and taking pics of each other in underwear and when you hear about guys peeing in the same toilet while at their sleepover/camp you call them gay.

Ehh idk

I imagine vendetta change fanart to be holding a gun or something.

>> No.9684408 [DELETED] 

Just as soon as you put down the fork

>> No.9684409

I didn't know oral was so prevalent at conventions

Imagination is inherently abstract

>> No.9684413

on the plus side no friends allows you to go wilder than usual, if you're that type

>> No.9684415

You can continue to call me fat all you want, even though I'm not, but it's plainly obvious you have some seriously deep-seated mental issues and hangups that no amount of healthy eating is ever going to fix, you absolute basketcase.

>> No.9684418 [DELETED] 

>Call me fat even though I'm not
>gets triggered when someone says they don't like fat people
>uses "cupcake" to address people

nobody believes you.

>> No.9684429

>have already said at least 3 times I think obese people are gross
>'I've already dug the hole this much and have nothing more to contribute, I'd better just keep calling them fat'
I don't care if nobody believes me, you've already confirmed you're a nutcase and admitted yourself you have fucking panic attacks over fat people. It's going to feel good to wake up tomorrow, not be fat and not be mentally ill. It's a shame you can't say the same thing

>> No.9684432 [DELETED] 

>diseased people touching me makes me anxious
>mentally ill

Stop projecting your own obvious struggle with mental illness onto everyone else.

>> No.9684438

>Having a very obnoxious/big chin.
I..is there a way to make my chin look smaller? It looks so bad atm. Any exercises that may help lose fat around your chin or something?
It really destroys my confidence to cosplay.

>> No.9684440

>talking about obese people as if they're lepers ready to infect you at the slightest contact to the point where you shut down if one touches you
These are obvious symptoms of your mental illness and erratic behavior. Contact a psychiatrist

>> No.9684441

Fucking same here.

I used to be obese, now nothing in the world disgusts me like fat cunts. I can't believe I ever lived like that.

>> No.9684444 [DELETED] 

Again, twisting shit to make it sound worse than it actually is. Is this how you justify eating to the point of being disgusting and disabled? You're really good with delusional logic.

>> No.9684446 [DELETED] 

It's okay anon, you're so much better now. And you never have to go back to being like that. I believe in you! You beat a nasty, disgusting mindset that leads people to their graves 30 years early. You are strong.

>> No.9684449

Plastic surgery.

Only option.
Unless you're fat, you won't have significant enough fat deposits to lose.

If you are fat, just lose weight - spot reduction is a meme and you'll always look better if you're not a beef goblin.

>> No.9684451

Nobody's twisting anything you fucking retard. You've literally called obese people 'diseased' and talked about shit as inane as the risk of them spreading stomach flu because you think they're so unhygienic in addition to your stupid panic attacks. No normal functioning and mentally healthy person reacts this way to fatties, nutso

>> No.9684453

Thanks, but I should have never been like that, I robbed myself of my best years.

Not being fat takes such little effort, anyone who is obese is making the choice to remain that way.
I think I spent maybe 5 years like that, and it's 5 years too many.

>> No.9684454 [DELETED] 

Obesity IS a disease you uneducated cunt phlegm

>> No.9684461 [DELETED] 

Not her, but fat people are disgusting and as a rule have terrible hygiene; not being fat takes literally zero effort, so if they apply the same level of care to their person hygiene, etc, then they're at best walking gastro farms.

If one of them touches me, I feel like a fucking leper has just tried to grope me.

>> No.9684468

What does that have to do with your inane as fuck ramblings and clearly deep-seated mental issues? You're not going to catch the obesity disease and suddenly start gorging on donuts because a fat person touched you, retard

>> No.9684469

I used to be upper bmi (never overweight but still chubbo) and I had an ED. Thoughts on this? I don’t know how to feel myself as it was compulsive

>> No.9684470

I am currently working out and eating healthy and am slightly overweight. It just feels like my chin is standing out, like the bone feels like it is going forward..or it's just fat.. I have no clue anymore. Let's hope it disappears with proper diet and exercise, because plastic surgery is very expensive and risky.

>> No.9684473 [DELETED] 

It's been explained to you, and now by multiple people. You're either legitimately retarded or fat and upset people don't like you.. Though I guess retarded and fat are othe same thing.

>> No.9684479

Multiple people in the thread thinking fat people are gross (including me) has nothing to do with your mental issues and hangups though, lmao. Reminder this is what set you off in the first place; someone thinking your panic attacks are stupid.

>> No.9684484 [DELETED] 

No, my main issue is with the "ur mentally ill for not loving far people uwu what an idiot" SJW bullshit that keeps being spouted. Also being called anorexic for thinking obese people are gross was extra retarded.

>> No.9684491

Thank you anon! I'll keep trying

Yeah I have contacted a few, but usually they stopped replying after a few exchanges. Not sure if I'm just garbage at talking to other girls now or if my interests seem too odd or something?

>> No.9684494

Don't get emotional over your food, treat it like a science.

Get a dexa scan, find out your body fat and set a realistic/healthy target.
Then find out your TDEE, cut at a 500kcal deficit until you hit that target.
Then go to maintenance calories - set by week rather than daily.

I use MyFitnessPal to track what I'm eating so that i can balance my diet with minimal effort.

>> No.9684495

tons of chads probably want to try autistic pure virgin waifu

talk in your usual manner to a few chads; do not pursue them hard at all. Stay casual

Chads have the biggest networks; you'll find friends

>> No.9684496

If you can press your finger in your chin and you can feel bone without having to press through a by fat - then surgery is your only option.

>> No.9684501

Please point me to the post where I said you had to love fat people, you absolute moron. 'SJW bullshit' even though I've already said multiple times I think fat people are gross? I laughed at you because your original post said you had a 'genuine fear of fat people' and have panic attacks when you come into contact with them, which is pathetic beyond belief and deserves to be laughed at because it's so fucking ridiculous.

>Also being called anorexic for thinking obese people are gross was extra retarded.
I see the irony of that post is still completely lost on you when you've spent the entire thread saying the only reason anyone could possibly disagree with you is because they're fat. Please never reproduce

>> No.9684506 [DELETED] 

Nobody believes that you aren't fat, "cupcake."

>> No.9684507

>Made a few internet friends.
>Always pursue the friendship too hard, so they always get weirded out/think I want to fug them.
>Last internet friend has stopped replying to me on IMs.
So fucking depressing.

>> No.9684511

Yeah, that's what I thought you fucking idiot, lmao.

>> No.9684512

Not her, but I find it completely rational to be repulsed by fat cunts.

>> No.9684515 [DELETED] 


Kill yourself.

>> No.9684517

There's a difference between 'I'm repulsed by fat people' and 'I have such a genuine fear of fat people that I'm literally going to pass out if one touches me'
>absolutely destroyed and nothing to come back with
Try not to have another panic attack, schnuckums

>> No.9684520 [DELETED] 

The only reason I would have a panic attack is if you were fat... so you ARE admitting to being fat.

>> No.9684521

I wouldn't think she's over reacting, they're beyond disgusting.
It's like freaking out if someone with necrosis touched you.

Sure, you're not at risk, but it's perfectly fine and emotionally sensible to be afraid of people like that.

>> No.9684522

Yukiko's dungeon was a harem, rise's is a strip club.
Their boss fights(harem monger/stripper) are their repressed selves. The whole motif is being true to yourself.

>> No.9684527

Yeah, it really is depressing. I never thought that I had that much trouble talking with other girls before, but I mean there must be a reason for them to stop talking to me?
Now I'm just afraid of contacting people because I don't want to weird them out or something...
I hope that we can both find good friends one day!

>> No.9684529 [DELETED] 

Thank you for being rational and thinking things through instead of memeing at someone they're mentally ill for being afraid of something that's entirely normal to be afraid of.

>> No.9684533

I've already said multiple times I'm not fat and that I think fat people are gross but your retarded brain somehow manages to consistently misconstrue this as 'please love all fat people' and 'SJW bullshit', because you're a mouthbreather and can't wrap your head around the notion that non-obese people can think you're an idiot. Like I said, never reproduce.
>comparing someone being overweight to necrosis
You're just a stupid

>> No.9684538

Honestly, I feel like obesity and necrosis are in the same realm, at least psychologically.

>> No.9684539

>Yukiko's dungeon was a harem

>> No.9684543
File: 48 KB, 1080x1326, FB_IMG_1510079722216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has this been discussed here yet?
Whats the thought on the "new brand"?

What about Cathycat? Is she complacent or ignorant? Does it matter?

>> No.9684544 [DELETED] 

>you're just a stupid
>a stupid


>> No.9684548

lol triggered whale

>> No.9684551

>Though I guess retarded and fat are othe same thing.
>calling people stupid for making typos when you've already done it yourself
I'm dying. This is the best you can do?

>> No.9684552 [DELETED] 

I'm just passing by and wanted to point out how dumb you are.

>> No.9684558

You think people are dumb for making typos? More delicious irony.

>> No.9684559

Are you me, all of my friends are male and they're great but I've always wanted another girl to talk about girly shit with.

Problem is for some reason I'm super spergy when talking with other girls. With guys I don't care what they think of me so I come across as more chilled out but with girls I really don't want to fuck up. Then I just end up dropping spaghetti everywhere anyway.

>> No.9684560 [DELETED] 

The only think that's ironic is you were trying to call someone stupid while typing as if you were stupid.

>> No.9684562

fuck off fatties and autistic fatty hater can we get back to the feels thread

>> No.9684563

>The only think that's ironic
>The only think

This is some meta-level ironic retardation

>> No.9684565 [DELETED] 

T-that was the joke anon.

>> No.9684567

Chad types just seem obnoxious and shallow to me (at least the ones I've met) and I am not really interested in getting involved with one in an attempt to get friends.

>> No.9684568

Are you actually dumb some people type on their phone and don’t feel the need to correct every single readable typo

>> No.9684571

Guys engage in oneupsmanship too. It's a personal issue.

One guy in my friends circle has convinced himself we are food rivals and every time there's a potluck he waits until I sign up and tries to one-up me with more expensive ingredients.

>> No.9684572

Are you dumb and unable to follow a simple chain of replies? I don't give a shit about people making typos, the irony was that anon calling me dumb for making one while making one themselves in the process

>> No.9684576 [DELETED] 

I was making a joke ya walnut.

>imply someone is stupid for doing something I did in that exact same post

You'd think you'd be able to pick up on the fact it's a joke.

>> No.9684579

Look can we all just agree fat people are objectively unhealthy and gross and fat apologists are worse?

>> No.9684581

How many times have you seen somebody say something stupid only for them to say 'I was just pretending all along' on the internet? It probably was a joke but it's always just easier to assume they fucked up

>> No.9684586 [DELETED] 

My bad, clearly it was too hard for anons tiny brain to figure out.

>> No.9684595

Nah, it was just a shit joke

>> No.9684599 [DELETED] 

I know you're upset you didn't get the joke and now all the adults are laughing at you, but that sort of language is not okay missy. Sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

>> No.9684612
File: 2.86 MB, 946x698, 1510008694731.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>banking a joke's success on somebody assuming you were just pretending to be retarded all along on 4chan

>> No.9684616 [DELETED] 

There's no talking in time out.

>> No.9684641
File: 294 KB, 2048x1536, 1510061919120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what's the /cgl/ version of this?

>> No.9684670 [DELETED] 

Every fucking time gulls. Every. Fucking. Time.

>> No.9684770

"Brand" lolk A t-shirt that was designed by Hasegawa, that they paid him to do. I don't know where they get off on calling this a "brand". I'm curious to see if one, these lame ass shirts actually sell, and two, if they will ever release something that is actually designed by them. With Deniece being so far up her own ass, you would think she would relish an opportunity to shove herself in the spotlight instead of having to pay someone else to do this shit for her.

It's a shame really. If this t-shirt was actually sold by Putumayo, I would probably buy it.

>> No.9684773 [DELETED] 

I hold no value to scoiety. I should honestly just kill myself

>> No.9684782 [DELETED] 

Nice cgl related feel

>> No.9684789

I don’t mean to stir shit up since we had a shitshow earlier about weight. I got back from a con, got pictures back where I look huge, and I weighed myself today. 137, I had gained 9 pounds over 3 months. I downloaded loseit and my bf and I have recently switched our diet around. My EDNOS is flaring up really, really badly and I can’t stop looking at thinspo and proana bullshit. I’m seeing my therapist this Friday. I am in a really bad place right now.

>> No.9684797 [DELETED] 

Nobody cares that you "have an eating disorder" unless you're underweight or vomiting. Drink some green tea and shut up, fatty.

>> No.9684800

I hold all the value. Everyone should die except me.

>> No.9684824
File: 109 KB, 413x395, thatsagoodone_4e49021057fe4d9a1195d9b0b95db398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>become stoner
>drop 30 lbs.
>finally obtain burando
>mfw weed cured my life

>> No.9684830

whoa wait holy shit, someone else in an old thread told this story, who was a chloe cosplayer, and described this but from the other perspective, I need to find it

>> No.9684838

men are the most competitive creatures in the world, don't forget that

>> No.9684846

god I fucking hope not, that'd be fucking disrespectful, it's for people with real illnesses (fibro, CF, MS, epilepsy, etc)

>> No.9684847

But what about the munchies??

>> No.9684852

You eat ice instead of junk food

>> No.9684854

>eat ice

RIP your teeth

>> No.9684887


I started keeping fruit on hand. I also switched from chocolates to shit like Jolly Ranchers that you suck on instead of chew.

One thing I've noticed is that weed makes me slightly paranoid about my food, so I don't trust fast food when I'm high. I barely even crave it anymore.

>> No.9684889

Do it scientifically, with a set end goal and a maintenance plan.
If you control it, rather than letting it control you, it can be a very powerful tool against ED.

>> No.9684891

This isn't really good advice, anorexics often turn to their ED for the control aspect

>> No.9684897


>keep healthy, easy to eat food close (seaweed snacks, dehydrated fruit, kale crisps, etc.)
>wait for couchlock
>eat healthy things because you're now part of furniture and no longer have ability to make pizza

>> No.9684898

women are fucking weird food is fuel stop over thinking shit and treating your body terribly

>> No.9684899

Yes, but as someone with a hell of a lot of experience in this realm, the problem is that people use compulsion to control their bodies.
You need to control your compulsion - actively work to put logic and reasoning above your compulsion.

>> No.9684901

Shut the fuck up fatties should suffer

>> No.9684904

How bad are your fucking teeth for ice to damage them?

>> No.9684910

Top kek.

I like you.

>> No.9684912

Just google "eating ice is b" and the result "eating ice is bad for your teeth" is the first result you uneducated twat.

>> No.9684914

Compulsion is by definition illogical. If it were logical it wouldn't be a compulsion.

>> No.9684918

No shit, Sherlock.
It's why you have to put serious time and effort into beating it.

It's way fucking easier to do if you have a plan.

>> No.9684933


Adding on:

>plan your stoner time and eat very lightly beforehand
>use stationary bike while high

Weed helped me make exercise fun. I used to dread it because I had this mindset that I was a disgusting fatty snd deserved to suffer anyways but now I just put on chill music and cycle for a couple hours.

>> No.9684944
File: 233 KB, 777x777, smug bat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>exercise bike
Bike outside, do sprints and burpees, you wuss

>> No.9684950
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bf left me, but my comm took me to see the My Little Penis movie and we had a great time.

>> No.9684954 [DELETED] 

>got banned for calling fat people defensive
lol mods confirmed chubby chasers

>> No.9684956 [DELETED] 

More like mods are fat themselves senpai

>> No.9684957


>> No.9684966 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 511x511, 1507925798424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fit/izen here for the feels
>ex fwb of 18 months that I thought of as my gf got a bf 6 weeks ago
>tell her I want her as my woman 5 days ago
>"sorry I can't, I'm in a deep relationship with the guy. We've talked about marriage" (wtf)
>tell her she'd be happier dating me
For the first 3 days I tried messaging her more for her to realize she actually likes me more. Then I realized, nah. No need to manipulate her into liking me, she either likes me enough to break up with that faggot or not. And apparently she didn't. Pretty sure their relationship won't last, since she's complained to me about a few issues with her bf. I'll be home in 3 months to swoop in and make her regret rejecting me. All I can do for now is no contact and keep improving, hopefully drop the 23 lbs and be shredded at 13% body fat to have her jaw on your floor (for obvious reasons). It was hard to not peep her sc story today

>> No.9684991

20k debt and "I'd rather call myself a lolita collector"

>> No.9684994
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 1487804553048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lovesick over a cosplayer in a relationship
Just fucking kill me.
I'm not even prone to curshes, I didn't have one in 10 years.

>> No.9684996


B-but I don't like being high in public anon...

>> No.9684997

>announcing ban evasion
Enjoy your next ban, moron

>> No.9685000

>thinking it matters when they can just evade that ban like the last one

You're dumb

>> No.9685002

>thinking gulls are sophisticated enough to ban evade efficiently
She's probably posting off her phone

>> No.9685003

Sometimes I feel like I look kinda retarded to like pastel and cute things and I feel kinda embarassed about it around goth friends/normie friends. They don't mind at all but i'm always scared to overshare my love for it or overdo it. I'll always keep it low for work,like a cute,strawberry sweater,but with black yoga pants. Or a cute dress,but with a normal cardigan on top. Yet I always feel kinda embarassed to be "the only one". I have plenty of friends who adore it,or even partake in the style and lifestyle (as in,cutifying their life in general by buying cute everyday things) though,thank god.

>> No.9685004

>thinking ban evasion on a computer is ""sophisticated"" to begin with.

>> No.9685008

>thinking the majority of gulls even know other boards on this site exist in the first place to warrant knowledge of ban evasion
Judging by the calibre of her posts I doubt she can manage it

>> No.9685010

being high as fuck on opiates uppers and or drunk while cycling is wonderful senpaitachi
t. former bike messenger

>> No.9685014 [DELETED] 

I smell an upset fatty. Most gulls are more proficient with a computer than you're giving them credit for.

>> No.9685018 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 251x251, 1507504101960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There seems to be a sense of male fear here. Let me explain, I'm 24, 6'0 in great shape and on track for a great career. If I were to attend these cons, and you're cute enough... I'm going to try to sleep with you. I don't need more friends, I need pussy. There's nothing to be ashamed about it, you're getting a great lay and I'm seeing if I found the woman I wanna date
Tldr; Stop living like you live twice

>> No.9685020 [DELETED] 

Gulls are quick to align themselves with any retard posting here as long as they say they hate fatties. Have some fucking standards

>> No.9685026 [DELETED] 
File: 415 KB, 1440x1203, Screenshot_20171108-075338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They got me too.

>> No.9685028 [DELETED] 

Hating fatties is having standards.

>> No.9685029

Gulls. Don't do it. Don't take the bait. Ignore male posters.

>> No.9685030 [DELETED] 

You can hate fatties and not post like a simpleton simultaneously.

>> No.9685032 [DELETED] 

>mean while on /fit/

>> No.9685036 [DELETED] 
File: 538 KB, 245x200, 1505826074239.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you not have a father to teach you how dating and interacting with literally half the world population works? It's okay, you can call me daddy

>> No.9685039 [DELETED] 

>Ignore male posters.
Please don't.

>> No.9685043 [DELETED] 

lol triggered whale

>> No.9685052 [DELETED] 
File: 99 KB, 1440x1080, Space Adventure Cobra - 16v2 (Blu-ray, 1080p, 10bit)[C8092466] [Gokmen].mkv_snapshot_18.45_[2016.03.09_06.33.00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the matter? Can't handle the way my handsome look make your kokoro go doki doki?

>> No.9685053

I recently started working out and eating better and got one of my friends to do the same thing so I wouldn't have to go to the gym alone. But all of a sudden she stopped wanting to come with me, which is fine, she's not required to, but she went back to her old habits and I'm doing this all on my own. I was really excited to have someone to get fit with, but it doesn't seem like she's as invested into it as I am. She definitely kept me motivated, but I'll have to focus on myself and make sure I stay on track

>> No.9685054 [DELETED] 

I didn't, though.

Also, reading back the thread, it doesn't seem like the gull you're raging on was posting "like a simpleton".
It's more likely that you're just a triggered beef goblin.

>> No.9685057 [DELETED] 

Keep on keeping on anon.
When I made the change I made /fit/ my home board, surrounded myself with motivation, never skipped a day.

>> No.9685058 [DELETED] 

My ex has the same issue. You need to find internal dedication with the gym and nutrition lifestyle.
>>9685018 you gotta look good to get my D

>> No.9685061 [DELETED] 

Daily reminder that men love having some thiccness to grab on to and we don't want to bone skeletons. Halloween is over, Anachans. Back to your crypts

>> No.9685063 [DELETED] 

Falseflag harder, fatty-chan

>> No.9685066

[Rattling intensifies]

>> No.9685071 [DELETED] 

You're right, there are men that will pound your definition of "thicc" women. In reality, those dudes are undesirable losers that no woman would date. Top tier primo dudes standards for women are higher
Tldr; I only sleep with cuties

>> No.9685072

[thigh jiggling intensifies]

>> No.9685073


>mfw weed makes me slightly paranoid
>mfw don't like alcohol or opiates
>mfw I have no face

Sorry nonny. I'm glad you have fun though.

>> No.9685074 [DELETED] 

Fuck off tubby.

I would LITERALLY go abstinent if my only option was fatties.

>> No.9685075

Christ, sorry ya'll have such shit friendships. I would absolutely describe my friendship with close friends as "bromance"

>> No.9685077 [DELETED] 

Chumbawumbas need to understand that the only men they'll ever attract are the literal bottom of the barrel slop.
Any man with a fat fetish is not a man at all.

>> No.9685082
File: 115 KB, 720x1280, eat a cheese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw super stressed over exam in two days
>feel like I'm going to fail, doing practice problems and I don't really know anything
>however have big box of burando arriving on Saturday
>placing another big order in a few days
>planned out all my gifts for my secret santas
>finally have a few exam-free/non-busy weeks so will be able to dress up more than once or twice a week
I'm happy but I'm really scared, hope I don't fail.

>> No.9685083 [DELETED] 

>all these cranky skeletons who're upset because they've gone an hour without purging

I like tits and ass, Anachans. Get some meat on those bones and then we'll have some real talk.

>> No.9685084 [DELETED] 

Post your body so people know what to associate your fetish with

>> No.9685087

>not wanting to fuck a skeleton is fetish territory now

Back to your crypt I say!

>> No.9685089
File: 22 KB, 467x433, 1500419726175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean if they followed you, it was for the shitposts.
>tfw all of an cafe followed me once

>> No.9685090
File: 113 KB, 457x640, 1504552869959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9685092

>muh dick

>> No.9685095
File: 101 KB, 581x399, 640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally going to a con and cosplaying after 2 years
>going all weekend for once as well
>Excited to work on styling wigs again and having fun with friends

>> No.9685102

You are very obviously an upset fat chick

>> No.9685110

I'd show you my manhood, babygull, but you'd probably throw up at the thought of having to put meat in your mouth

>> No.9685112

This response is basically proof you are in fact an angry fat chick larping as a dude

>> No.9685113

Good luck!

>> No.9685114

If u kill urself who's gonna clean up the body? Still a net loss either way might as well live for now

>> No.9685115

Whatever makes you feel better, Skeletor

>> No.9685116

>but you'd probably throw up at the thought of having to put meat in your mouth
yes HPV warts will do that

>> No.9685119

>implying he(?) has had sex

>> No.9685152

If you are a dude, just post a torso shot, with a timestamp.
Otherwise gtfo.

>> No.9685156

Tits or gtfo can be manipulated though. Photoshop or taking pictures of her brother while he's asleep.

>> No.9685159

Eh, a fat gull is likely to be from a fat family.
I doubt anyone who's obese has a desirable sibling.

Torso + timestamp or gtfo.

>> No.9685162

That wedgie shit seems to fetishy.

>> No.9685168

Don't listen to them, Ochacuck will never be a thing

>> No.9685173

>only the skinny girl got banned
>the fat girl's posts are still there
Way to show your bias, mods. Body positivity YAAAAAY

>> No.9685174

Ty Anon, I am really trying my best here. I worked really hard to not have bulimia anymore and I really don’t want to go back. I’m going to the gym tomorrow with my boyfriend to try and feel more in control of this.

>> No.9685180

Wasn't just me, it was ANYONE who agreed with me that fat people are gross.

>> No.9685183

Good work.
Just remember, compulsion is never the answer, and any failure is only temporary.

>> No.9685185

Holy kek, just went back and had a look at all the deleted posts.

Admins need to reign in the fatties in the the moderation department.

>> No.9685196
File: 283 KB, 712x717, Teal+is+a+blue+green+so+half+way+_f5fd106a7aad10eb7f7f92b1d7c4b666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>messed up relationship with only friend who lives nearby
>can't stop fighting people on social media
>drowning in schoolwork
>body breaking down at 26
>boyfriend lost job
>bf only plays magic online
>tired of asking for help

Why am I like this?

>> No.9685205

>taking pictures of her brother while he's asleep.
Would someone really do this?

>> No.9685206

Fatties would.

>> No.9685213
File: 15 KB, 300x300, DEwNHvaUAAAloL2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no bf to carry your parasol and protect you from the sun

>> No.9685223
File: 37 KB, 470x345, rambothumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never watched the show, but that movie was moe as fuck.

10/10 anime.

>> No.9685228 [DELETED] 
File: 95 KB, 506x900, 1510010020421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw ((((((((modern women)))))))))

>> No.9685234

If I remember correctly Yukiko's thing was fear of being trapped running her family's hotel thus her boss fight is a bird in a golden cage, Rise's thing was not knowing were the idol and the regular girl separated thus her boss fight is a faceless stripper.
But I'm a dude, maybe women got some deeper interpretation out of it, I don't know.

>> No.9685249
File: 52 KB, 480x516, 1509824567492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*tips sasuke*

>> No.9685254

thanks for the cgl related feel

>> No.9685288
File: 34 KB, 460x459, axGXOxp_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning 30 this year
>conventions are starting to look like a kindergarten
>don't really want to give up cosplay and cons
Do I have to resort to steampunk? It seems like the only community that has people 30+ in it

>> No.9685290
File: 879 KB, 245x230, 1509940690652.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I may or may not be 8 months pregnant

>> No.9685298
File: 341 KB, 500x356, tumblr_np6kzxPmtC1uvjclyo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahh I have a similar feel anon, this was me a week and a half ago but i eventually made it through. Good luck!

>fairly new to the fashion
>not been able to wear lolita since i've had a complete coord together (4 months)
>now closet of 3 or so decent coords just sitting there
>any time i'd like to go out and wear something cute i'm either too tired, at my boyfriends or people are busy and cant hang out
>uni is finally over for the summer (ausfag)
>smashed all my exams except one, which i'm still fairly sure i've passed
>good feels incoming.mp3
>have fun cute things planned already
>going to a ballet, a symphony, maid cafe i never knew about, bakeries and cafes
>mine and my boyfriends first anniversary in a couple of days
>taobao and liz lisa order coming through
>cant wait to wear cute shit
>getting some things for my room
>finally able to join my local comm and attend meets

I'm just feeling really good gulls ~

>> No.9685319
File: 42 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1508020059791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bf lost 200 pounds and realized he could get a hotter girl he gone

>> No.9685331

i felt the book was very disjointed. at first it felt like i was reading a guide for a 101 panel, too much "beginner" content. then i really liked the rest of the essays and the comics but wish they were both expanded on in their own books. i would buy many more books of just essays about lolita, and id definitely buy many books of short comics about the lives of lolitas if they became available. it just didnt flow as a single piece and felt like it ended abruptly.

>> No.9685344

>tfw no below my league starter gf to build my confidence and learn the ropes on

>> No.9685355

>tfw I never date girls inferior to me because they might leave me if they get better

>> No.9685365

A few months ago I posted screenies of a girl I hate (and am "best friends with") along with some petty malicious comments. Then I realized my dumb ass didn't crop my avatar out.
Deleted it before anyone saw but it made me realize that some day my salty ways are going to bite me in the ass. Karmas a bitch yet I'm still here... posting and stirring up drama.

>> No.9685366

>tfw no lolita gf to be over protective about

>> No.9685368


>> No.9685370

Why are girls such fucking harpies? You'd never get this shit with men. If someone is acting like a faggot you just tell them and ignore them forever instead you made the faggot your bestfriend?

>> No.9685376 [DELETED] 

That's an easy one.

According to evolutionary psychology, women rely on the community and others in general for physical protection, so they are "wired" to be interested in how they present themselves to others (fashion, beauty, mannerisms, etc.) so they attract males and are generally viewed positively within their community, therefore, they use this against other women since they are not playing in the same league as men.

Men don't generally depend as much from other's opinions since they can hold their ground physically and are prone to risk taking activities such as asserting dominance, changing paradigms and usually that-stuff-that-upsets-some-people-and-sometimes-somthing-great-comes-out-of-it. That's why they come off as less bullshitting and are more prone to just tell you you're a faggot and break your face if the situation demands it. Women usually don't take this approach and will attack you trying to shame you or put "public opinion" against you, because that's "their" enviroment and area of influence.

>but anon, how does this work?

These behaviors are chemical, and are ingrained in the brain, testosterone and estrogen are the culprits, that's why effeminated men will tend to use the women's way of dealing with enemies and why long-clit girls become the queens of the jail.

On a side note, yes, this is what is behind the numale phenomena and the propagation of emasculating ideologies.

>> No.9685386
File: 2.23 MB, 450x270, received_1429638193715874.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My favorite VA caught me staring at her flabby arms. I feel like shit.

>> No.9685400

I never said I was a girl. I wear ouji, definitely have a penis. Sorry to burst your r/incel bubble boys.

>> No.9685406

>trying to shame us by calling us incel so other's perceive us negatively

Thanks for proving my point, so, you must be a low testosterone male, am I correct?

>> No.9685408

such a place does not exist :^)

>> No.9685409

I don't need to insult you guys. You did it yourselves. Nothing is worse than when you log off and remember that you have to be you until you die.

>> No.9685411
File: 237 KB, 500x511, 1495591429110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw got called a newfag a while back for not knowing about AP's purple tags
>tfw still rustled at that
>literally own 30 AP main pieces
>only just now buying pieces with purple tags

>> No.9685412 [DELETED] 
File: 121 KB, 520x588, 1509930779450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now you aren't even reasoning, you literally proved right my longpost about evolutionary psychology.
Not in /fit/, not in /g/ and not in /diy/ (mention these because I frequent the) can "incel" be seen as an insult or even mentioned at all. Because it's something a woman would use to shame a man. And you literally showed here >>9685365
that you did "will attack you trying to shame you or put "public opinion" against you, because that's "their" enviroment and area of influence."

Therefore "that's why effeminated men will tend to use the women's way of dealing with enemies".

Protip: That wall of text wasn't even intended to hurt women or anything, it's literal science.

>> No.9685414

I didn't read your long post and I barely skimmed this one. You're retarded and I genuinely feel bad for your mom when you scream "grill me a fucking cheese!"

>> No.9685415

>I never said I was a girl.
Nah, this is a woman

>> No.9685417

Being called incel obviously strikes a soft spot for you, doesn't it?

>> No.9685418

Don't beat yourself up over it, it's okay to not know things. What pieces did you get?

>> No.9685419

I can hear you mouth-breathing from here.

>> No.9685420

I'd be willing to believe he's actually a dude seeing how low testosterone men go
Absolutely nonsensical reply l m a o
Did you get triggered by the picture posted?

>> No.9685422

Didn't look at your picture. Not sure why you think I would if I didn't read your first long rant. We get it, you hate the big mean womynz who betrayed you or whatever.

>> No.9685423

If the sound's irritating you why not try breathing through your nose instead, love?

>> No.9685426

>reading comprehension

>> No.9685428

is this a pasta? why is this on cgl...?

>> No.9685430
File: 1.90 MB, 316x228, 1510072961481.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>didn't read
>barely skimmed
>didn't look at your picture

I'm literally laughing out loud, you are a special kind of retard, you somehow think I'm hating on women while not reading what I'm saying but, also you read enough to reply you didn't read (paradox).

I want you to know that I'm reading your posts in your femenine voice in my head involuntarily. You must be more femenine that outspoken homosexuals.

Somehow explaining evolutionary psychology is "hating the big mean womynz", lmao. Try reading a book sometime and lay off the soy, boy.

>> No.9685431

You say you can hear the sound of mouth breathing
I suggested you stopped breathing through your mouth
Can you follow that?

>> No.9685432

Some anon asked something and I wanted to give input, which resulted in massive triggering of some soyboy that felt alluded to.

>> No.9685434

I read the first few lines and then realized you're one of those incels. Of course I wouldn't subject myself to reading someone's mental breakdown lmao. Why are you posting on cgl if a cgl related feel bothers you this much? Lolitas are catty bitches but you just come here to ~trigger~ yourself and prove to yourself that all the women in the world are inferior. Why do that to yourself, get a hobby or something.

>> No.9685435
File: 103 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1505316608620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe it. That bitch sounds like a gull.

>> No.9685437

>I can hear *you* mouth-breathing
Can you follow or do you just resort to "I know u are but what am I"

>> No.9685439
File: 82 KB, 700x860, 1509923655317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck you're retarded, allow me to explain it for mentally handicapped people. Look

This anon made a comment >>9685370
Then I gave info with this reply >>9685376
Then you started to prove my point about what I wrote and I was amused at that fact, then you started engaging in "lalalalalal didn't read lalalalala didn't see" full blown 6 yeard old mode.

Any more questions ladyboy?

P.S: I know this is meaningless on an anonymous hydroponic wood gathering newspaper website, but I've a Psychology degree. Stay triggered.

>> No.9685440

>muh psychology degree
get. a. hobby. faggot.

>> No.9685441
File: 1.97 MB, 400x250, 1509897850480.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have several, thank you, did you know that even psychology can be a hobby? And I didn't write that to imply women are inferior, that's just your interpretation. It is normal for men and women to behave differently, I'm sorry if you are gender-confused or something, but that's the way things are. If you want a tip, don't ever transition.

>> No.9685443

>/cgl/- Faggy autism thread

>> No.9685446

So this is one of your hobbies then? Coming to the frilly girly board to bitch about women?
And you think you aren't a loser in the eyes of everyone here? Yikes.
Good on you for being so blind that you can still live with yourself! Whatever it takes to get you through the day, man!

>> No.9685447

>that gyno

>> No.9685450

>Not that Neanderthal brow

>> No.9685451
File: 432 KB, 2272x1704, BfU1Uuq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not bitching about women, are you literally retarded? All this triggering just because a fucking post stating scientifical FACTS. Calm the fuck down already, I didn't mean anything bad about women on my first post.

>And you think you aren't a loser in the eyes of everyone here? Yikes.
>will attack you trying to shame you or put "public opinion" against you, because that's "their" enviroment and area of influence.
>even on an anonymous imageboard

Can you please stop fucking proving me right at every chance you get?

>> No.9685452

>implying gyno isn't worse
>implying the brow couldn't be hidden with the right hairstlye
>implying he can grow hair anymore due to steroid abuse

>> No.9685453

What happened to this thread?
The last one was pretty nice, this one is just shitposting.

>> No.9685454

How about back to cgl related feels hmm? Theres a girl in my comm that im absolutely sure is faking epilepsy for attention. she threw herself on the floor at a meet (i was out of the room at the time but according to my friend she was shaking and stuttering "m-my e-e-epilepsy")
When i got back from shitting the EMT were there and she was wrapped in a blanket sipping water, and the emergency nurse at the venue was shaking her head with her arms crossed. I wish the comm leader would just kick her out already. she always has to pull some munchie fit at every big event to get attention.

>> No.9685456
File: 339 KB, 300x225, bravo fuckwit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just to let you folks know, this is the single most retarded bitchfight I've seen all year, and I hope you're both ashamed of how utterly spasticated you both look right now

>> No.9685457

The board is being raided. I wish gulls wouldnt fall for the trolls so easily. If it isnt cgl related dont reply and theyll eventually go away.

>> No.9685458

I legit think they both believe they're troll le memeing each other, and that the other is completely srs. idiots

>> No.9685459

>The last one was pretty nice
Because mods came along and purged most of the first 50 posts

I'd hope an EMT and a nurse could tell when someone was bullshitting, Anon

>> No.9685460
File: 27 KB, 630x526, 1509763216773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The board is being raided.
>like 5 or 6 offtopic posts on a single thread
>the board is getting raided

>> No.9685461

I think they could tell she was bullshitting thats the thing. its so embarrassing to see the other comm members doting over her like a baby bird when shes perfectly fine

>> No.9685463

anon its been happening for a couple weeks straight. this is a super slow board but threads are getting kill left and right with no sign of slowdown

>> No.9685465

>Implying I don't have fun writing longposts while being absolutely correct
>hurr no fun allowed
I'm serious, but also want that fag/wymyn to get triggered at the same time, could this be called serious baiting?

>> No.9685466

Girl, do YOU know what an actual raid is? Imagine this whole board's threads being entirely replaced by shitposting threads so every thread gets deleted, now imagine this goes on and even mods can't stop it because there are so many people doing it.

THAT is a raid.
Nothing personnel though.

>> No.9685467

serious baiting? no its called being autistic sorry
you know the other person is laughing at you but youre still "absolutely correct" thats... sad at best.

>> No.9685468

invaded then. whatever, gulls arent used to this many threads going to shit. this is like a small town raid

>> No.9685469

Being so butthurt you actually pretend to be another poster, fucking hell girl/boy.
*slaps you in the ass*

>> No.9685471

Cattiness is a product of modern society. Man... do you really think cattiness would have helped females confined closely together in a communal living situation?

You can still see a strong sense of sisterhood in what tribal societies remain today. It's certain that 15+ women bitching at each other in a cave, slinging shade while picking berries, would've not made for an evolutionary advantage.

>> No.9685472

>implying you aren't happy your slow board is getting some action
nothing personnel though, heh

>> No.9685473

keep it cgl related, faggot

>> No.9685474

i wouldn't mind some on topic shitposting, this kind of old manspeak is just gross

>> No.9685476 [DELETED] 

Finally a reply that isn't retarded.

I see what you mean by you need to take into account that this happened too in paleolithic communities, we are talking about something that allows competition on an individual basis.

Think of girls getting jelous over a guy, so one attempts to "discredit" the other girl through cattiness and shaming, so the male dislikes her and the community shuns her.

Basically, men will punch each other to get a woman. And woman will discredit each other to get a man. Plus women not in love or not of age, become liked by the community as a plus of these behaviors, which is very beneficial to her survival.

>> No.9685477

uwu what about lesbian cavewomyns?

>> No.9685482

Supposedly, taking into account that lesbians usually have more testosterone than heterosexual women, would engage in more "manly" behaviors, but not so out in your face like a man, think of the dominant female in jails that engages in actual physical violence against other women.
It's mostly about your hormonal balance. You can consciously go against it, but the fact is that these thinking patterns will come naturally to you depending on hormones.

>> No.9685483


Lol non epileptic seizures lol. Lord those make me roll my eyes

>> No.9685485

Is this an actual thing? Asking for a friend.

>> No.9685486

My first thought was "wait, she threw herself down and was speaking while purposely shaking? does she really think thats what a seizure looks like?" otl

>> No.9685487

Its the immediate feeling of wanting to vomit that tips you off a man has been on the grill board posting bs

>> No.9685489

Like, you get triggered at anything that isn't a hugbox so you fantasize that a male posted it?

>> No.9685490

yeah pretty much
you a man? i need an excuse to go bulimic for my lady diet

>> No.9685494

I'm a man baby.
Pls don't, a proper diet will work better than that and you won't fuck up your teeth and throat.
If you must go bulimic though. just after puking, put baking soda in water, hold it in your mouth and swallow, that will somewhat nullify the acid and balance the pH. You might have a hard time dissolving the baking soda in cold water, use hot water.

>> No.9685496

mmmm mansplain me more daddy, i like it rough
cause i was totally definitely being serious

>> No.9685499

This is extremely off-topic, but all I can really say... that's a very nihilistic perspective drawn from the darkest depth of society; those strongly influenced by a culture which encourages objectification of the sexes. This lifestyle can be seen in the rural Southeast, drug culture, considerable inner-city communities, and the nightlife. It can only be an advantage if society has deemed the opposite sex to be a commodity.

>> No.9685513 [DELETED] 
File: 220 KB, 1280x960, 1507514136506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to give advice out of goodwill
>replies "mainsplain" unironically
Now THIS is pod racing.
Why are some women such insufferable cunts? My instinctive reaction calls for punching you in the face, geez.
And just for your information, baby, I'd have given the same advice to a man.

Have you considered that you are looking at this topic while being biased due to your personal worldview or your experiences?
Because that's not a "nihilistic" perspective in the least, since these behaviors have been going on since prehistory, it is actual psychology, and it serves a function which aids survival.

Look at it in this way.

>prehistoric enviroment
>danger and death looms around
>need to hunt or starve

Which couple would be more succesful in this scenario taking into account the strong and weak point of each sex

>couple A: numale male with strong feminity, not brave in physical confrontations, demands that others designated by the state take care of his safety / empowr'd wymmyn who don need no mansplain and wont be in the cave waiting for the male while taking care of the children because MUH PATRIARCHY

>couple B: classically masculine man, brave, does what he needs to to survive and feed his girl and offspring, goes hunting because he is the sex that is more physically strong and that's literally brainwired to engage in such things / women who takes care of the cave keeping it clean and stays safe while pregnant and raises the children and cooks the meat the man brings.

couple A is already dead, the choice is pretty clear

Men and women are a team, they work like clockwork when they follow their natural roles, switch them around and you're fucked.

Say you are eating soup and meat. Would you use the spoon to cut the meat and the knife to eat the soup?(couple A) or the other way around?

>> No.9685517

>makes obvious joke about men being throw up bait
>makes obvious joke about bulimia
>makes obvious joke reply to, what could only be assumed to be a joking "advice" about bulimia because everything above was an obvious joke
>the joke
>your tiny head

>> No.9685520

Implying I'm supposed to follow your intrincate fantasies about everything being a joke.

I was serious here: >>9685494
Why wouldn't I? Bulimic girls aren't unicorns. Also the advice was no joke, baking soda really neuters acid pH.
>tfw too smart for this

>> No.9685521

Not true for me... I go into friendships wholeheartedly and I don't care about competition with my female friends, we're there to help each other not tear each other down. I only compete with people I'm not friends with, like Co Workers and hobby acquaintances.

>> No.9685524

only over the quest of pussy.

>> No.9685525

oh honey
are you for real? like really really "i didnt get the joke" for real?

>> No.9685527

bulimia doesnt exist but you wouldnt know that because you dont leave the house, incel
prove to me that im wrong.

>> No.9685529


Incels don't exist to be honest, since whore's as cheap as $5 exist, it stops being "involuntary" celibate.

I don't know cgl memes.

>> No.9685531

psh you think a wiki article is going to convince anyone? dont you know all lolitas throw up at every tea? the comm leader keeps serving food as long as you keep throwing up in your angelic pretty brand bucket. eating disorders arent real, as a girl i know we all just do it for funsies. silly little man.

>> No.9685540

There is a rise of the middle class starting in the Industrial Revolution, but the prosperity following WWII into the 50's allowed a considerable amount of women to follow the dream of becoming a housewife.

The housewife was once a dream because the majority of women throughout history worked. You could've had a housewife if you were a noble, from the gentry, wealthy, or some title denoting lordship such as a chieftain.

There was no housewife in the prehistoric age, and the common woman put out a hefty share of hard labor in agricultural society.

>> No.9685541
File: 89 KB, 580x767, 1509857804690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if you do it for fun or ironically, it can still fuck up your teeth, drink baking soda, anonette.

>silly little man
>tfw only 6'

>> No.9685544

>industrial revolution

Okay, full stop. For these behaviors to be innate and not learned, they must come from the very time we were, say, "animal". When we didn't have conscious thought as we know it. That's why it's evolutionary psychology. Don't bring made up political events or shit because it doesn't really belong here. We are talking at animal and physical level. And no, before agriculture women did practically no "outside" labor because the diet consisted mainly of meat, the men did go outside to hunt in groups.

>> No.9685545

This is exactly what happened to my old comm from when I was a teenager. When I was in it, my BFF Maria was comm leader and even though we weren't polished and looked basic at best, we at least made an effort and bought brand and helped each other with outfits. Then, Maria and I went to college. She quit lolita, but I vaguely kept at it. When I went home for the summer, I desperately wanted to meet up with the rest of my old comm and joined their new FB group (since our livejournal died after Maria and I left).

It was like a dumpster fire. I couldn't recognise anyone, the two other relatively good lolitas had already run for the hills. The new comm leader had an overly gregarious, kinda edgy personality, and looked a bit like Honey Boo Boo. The clothes in their last meetup pics looked milanoo-tier, with a few replicas thrown in. Most of the people there had fake Japanese names, and it felt like it had gone from a lolita comm to a "who can be the biggest weeb" competition. The friendly atmosphere we had cultivated was gone.

I decided to post a couple of my better outfits, got bombarded with "OMG NO WAY, IS THAT REAL BTSSB" and stuff like that. One girl there was actually trying to improve, I helped her out a little, but I really didn't want to go their meet and be the only mediocre (as opposed to terrifyingly bad) lolita there. I also didn't want to try to educate a whole comm of people, especially when half of them "hated brand" due to their size.

So I left their group and a week later they all followed me on Instagram.

Nothing awful really happened, but it was just a sad and quietly uncomfortable experience for me.

>> No.9685546

ill drink baking soda if you drink bleach. if i fuck up my teeth enough with the "bulimia" my daddy will just buy me new teeth anyway

>> No.9685548

I'm female and I'd be happy to be your friend, anon. Where in the world are you?

>> No.9685551

Sydney actually

>> No.9685553
File: 40 KB, 720x900, 1509050432037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be honest bleach would also neuter acid pH, but too aggresively, baking soda's pH is around 9 and bleach's pH is around 12.

Do you know that soft, soapy feel you have when you touch bleach and rub it on your fingers? It's because it's making soap out of your skin. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT?

Also, going higher on the pH scale, there's lye, did you know you can literally dissolve a human body on lye? Only feeble bone will remain and the bones will be so soft you will be able to crush them into a powder with your bare hands.

I'm not weird or anything eh, don't get the wrong idea.

>> No.9685556

I wish there was a way to report several posts at once. At this point it's no use to post feels anymore, it drowns in off-topic bullshit anyway.

>> No.9685557

you should try drinking some lye, id appreciate it

>> No.9685559

Will you use my remains as soap when you shower?

>> No.9685561

i will literally put your bone soap up my ass if you leave this board and never come back. drop email.

>> No.9685564
File: 81 KB, 334x500, 1506875879858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are making me choose between you and funposting? Sorry, girl, but there are things that a man can't do. We are done. Consider yourself dumped.

>> No.9685565

pff, i knew you were an incel

>> No.9685566

>she doesn't know I have a dakimakura with a fleshlight featuring my waifu

Your move, hole.

>> No.9685571

my hole is lonely without your death soap.

>> No.9685575

I hope you aren't making fun of my soap fetish, it's literally classy.

>you'll never be able to forcefed soap bars to a lolita's every hole

Why even live at this point?

>> No.9685576
File: 41 KB, 332x494, 1508351600578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Maybe we should just all shit post and hit post limit as soon as possible so we can start over, because this thread is garbage now.

>> No.9685579

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9685580

heres your chance, soap me up and clean me out before my fruit loop inspection at the next meet

what do you think ive been doing

>> No.9685581

I just really love cosplay

>> No.9685582
File: 83 KB, 661x595, 1507670640154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9685583

*shoves 1kg soap bar in your urethra*
Pssst, nathan personnel, heh

>> No.9685585
File: 67 KB, 1024x768, 1420347859149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm happy that you two have things you love, anons. I love both lolita and cosplay.

>> No.9685587

We are talking about soap, stop derailing, make your own thread.

>> No.9685588

Me too anon

>> No.9685598

>posts furry shit

>> No.9685599

thats a lolita ad you freak of nature

>> No.9685601

>le bunnybear mask to hide your ita face
>it's a lolita ad I swear!

>> No.9685602

victorian maiden was ita, i knew it

>> No.9685608
File: 508 KB, 3300x1840, 1509703468000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Autistic guy here, you may post feels now, I'm going to sleep. I'll may or may not be back.

>this pic

>> No.9685611
File: 174 KB, 1024x768, eaac50ecbcdd528a3a660015de7d610c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VM/Beth did these, they're pretty weird as ads go and the egl LJ was super salty about them when they were first released but they are from an actual lolita brand. I find them pretty funny

>> No.9685612

diein your sleep for me thx bai

>> No.9685613

>made 2 pre-orders
>money comes in, way less than it's supposed to be.
>They will pay the remaining amount next month.
>Payments for pre-orders just went through paypal.

fml. I'll be in the red on paypal for at least a month.

>> No.9685614
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1507597765515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The way these threads get derailed makes me sad. I just want to talk about my hobbies, I don't go raid other boards. I guess it's too much to ask that they go raid someone else instead.

>> No.9685616

>claims to not be an incel
>literally posts incel tinder "experiment"

Tune in at 8/7 central for Who Killed Rori Rabbit

>> No.9685621

I think that anon is too new to know that VM is a brand, to be honest.

>> No.9685626

That’s genuinely disturbing, it’s like they’re treating it like an anonymous hookup site when it’s really fucking not.
Have they no shame?

>> No.9685651

Do incels want to be pump and dump material? Is this what they're striving for? Then why do they judge women for the same thing? I swear I don't get these motherfuckers.

Rochelle and Ema need to seek help though

>> No.9685660

if she was really you're friend then you'd be happy to hang out with her and introduce her to people.
newsflash: you are a bad friend and your jealousy and insecurity are keeping you from truly loving people. don't pretend you care about her.

>> No.9685661 [DELETED] 

I think I speak for every gull in this board when I say I'd take the raging incel over the catty homo any day

>> No.9685664

jfc I made the harpy comment. You two retards need to calm down and fuck off.

>> No.9685667

I don't, I wish we could get separate boards for cosplay a lolita.
Lolitas are weird and fetishy.

>> No.9685672

You should google catfishing.

>> No.9685673

>I don't go raid other
Maybe we should, they've left us no other option

>> No.9685681


>> No.9691222

Honestly white hair is A1 in my book. As long as you use skin care and exercise/stay healthy guys will want to be with you.

>> No.9694026
File: 113 KB, 498x594, 13f.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is me, friend. I can only blame the amphetamines and dire life events, but in the end I've had to sit there, alone, reconciling with the fact that I am just an awful, hateful person. What are people like us supposed to do when apologies aren't enough and we don't deserve friends in the first place? I'm now close with some people who are so genuine and cool and I don't fucking deserve them, I'm terrible. One day maybe we can be bros again

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