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Please be advised:

There could be anons from /r9k, /fit, /pol/ and /fa/ lurking in the shadows

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>tfw I tore my frenulum

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who /fit/ here?


You have been visited by the Short Roid Crusader, reply "Crusader, begone!" or Crusader will murder you in your sleep while sobbing.

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Cheeky OP

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/fit/ checking in

tfw will never be jojo big

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>comes to the girl board
Living on the edge.

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Don't mind me girls, just planting some bombs in your board.

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>Tfw I pushed 1pl8 OHP
>hopefully another 2 months before 2pl8 bench
>Doing a decent amount of accessories geared towards hypertrophy
W-will I be aesthetic enough to pull off a reg cosplay by July next year

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Crusader, begone!

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Don't let your dreams be dreams, anon

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>tfw no /fit/ bf to cosplay your JoJo husbando

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op dont say shit like "there could be anons ooo w oooo" just put the rules and pray for janitors

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Ok so I learned about r9k, what is the deal with the other boards though?

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IDK about the other boards, but /fit/ has a roiding tripfag by the name of Crusader who posts about his insecurities here regularly, and now other anons from /fit/ have come here to mock him.

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/vr/ here. does 'gull likes to play sim games?

Crusader, begone!

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>tfw it could take years to look like a 1980s post apoc tough guy
>tfw I won't eber actually be a 1980s post apoc tough guy

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I can't help feeling just stupidly jealous.
I joined a group, put tons of effort into my costume, and got into it a lot. I invited my friend into the group, who made her costume in 2 days, and everyone fucking loves her. People have literally cheered as she rolls up (and gets out of my car as I have to drive her there)
Everyone loves her, gives her shit, and makes a big deal if she ever misses an event.
Before events, she bitches to me about nervous she is and how no one likes hers.
After events, she bitches how she doesn't really like anyone but she still has fun.

I know she makes better stuff then me, my props never look as good as hers despite me putting considerably more time into mine. Its just so fucking frustrating.

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>came to have my yearly /cgl/ tour, because I have been retired for a while
>found out seagulls nowadays come from third party sites and don't even know board culture
>let alone other boards

You should all just kill your selves tbqh, fucking normal-fags polluting this hobby and the site in general.

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pisses me off just to read that.. just because i'm a salty bitch

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I'm gonna be a NEET for a few months due to issues which means no lolita. I'm feeling guilty enough but knowing that makes me feel even more miserable.
I don't want to mooch my parents so I definitely rather have that than buy lolita and have them pay for me but god...

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We were talking on /fit/ about /cgl/

Is it true you fellows are mostly anti fit fatties?

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Try to enjoy your life with her! Being the best doesnt mean you can't have your own fun

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Yeah, thats my issue. I know im just being a salty bitch and I should be happy. but its frustrating.

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Another /fit/izen here, it's true.
Gaze upon evidence of such whales being astounded because they must cut a mere 300 cal a day.

I cna't conceive how some one is consuming 1500 cal and not losing weight, probably she was under-counting hardcore or has a super shit lifestyle.

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Since you "bros" are already here I might as well ask:

How do you get rid of muffin top?
How do you get a true flat belly?
How do you destroy love handles without sacrificing your hips or whatever?

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How do you cope with the states and embarrassment of wearing jfash in public?
I grew up adoring all the FRUITS and egl magazines my old weeb friends showed me, but now that I'm an adult and still in love with it and the money to buy it, I feel so.. childish and stupid wearing anything that's eye-catching. Do any other gulls feel this way?

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My older brother has three con crushes and they're all Chinese. Is he racist?

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Running, calisthenics, stomach vacuums, squats
Always squatz

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I used to when I was a teenager, but eventually you get used to it and stop giving a shit.

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>been asking my boyfriend to measure me since febuary for a custom cosplay I want made, would ask friends but I don't have any
>in febuary I had someone picked out to hire to make my cosplay, hired a photographer, rented out a studio for photos
>its November, the month of the photoshoot
>I don't have the cosplay all because my bf was blowing off measuring me for cosplay for several months

I should have just gone to a tailor, I'm super pissed off about it, I was excited and now I'm the asshole that has to cancel on everyone. Any time I bring it up, bf tells me "you blew it off too" which is straight up bullshit

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>girl board
nigga I browse what I want

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I know. I do have fun.
Just back of the mind shit.
My feels if you will

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read the


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Genetics lol

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I bet you keep your genetics on your fridge too, right whale-chan? ;^)

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>tfw cosplay is the only thing in your life that brings you joy anymore

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I know how it feels to be on the other end. I can make a song in an hour, while my musician friends take at least a week to finish a song. And my songs STILL come out better.

Funny thing I'M the one that is most self-critical and anxious. I read somewhere that the more talent you have the more you doubt yourself? Don't know where but yeah, just because someone is at the top of their game they may not always realize it.

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I'm a dude, dude.

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I'm not fat bro. I weigh like 70kg wtf

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>not fat
There is only one logical conclusion:


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Iktf dude. My only friend atm is sweet but she can do everything way better than me with a lot less effort and it can be pretty disheartening. I obviously don't say anything because it'd make her feel bad and would just be super bitchy on my part but yeah it's really frustrating.

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Pssh, ain't need muscle when you have the FACE

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I'm not and I really do wanna know, I want a smooth beautifil midsection, not full on gross defined abs

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I think men aren't observant at all.
For example, if you post a picture of a very skinny girl next to a girl who's not even close to fat, but is markedly not as skinny as the other girl, most men will unironically be tricked into thinking that the average girl is "fat", and they will describe her as such. If it was a picture of her alone, they'd look at you like you were crazy if you called her "fat", but they can easily be fooled by a particularly skinny girl being placed next to her.
The same goes for makeup. They'll swear up and down that they can tell the difference between a woman wearing no makeup versus natural makeup, then they'll post photos of girls wearing eyeliner, foundation, light-colored lipstick, etc to say "See? Girls shouldn't wear makeup". They think night/Instathot makeup is the only type of makeup.
Also, they don't even realize when an image of a woman's body is heavily Photoshopped images. They won't even notice if someone's door is curving right into their waist or if their ass is in another dimension, and if you point these things out, 60% of the time, they will rush to her defense and accuse you of either being jealous or of "sour grapes" (depending on what gender they think you are). I've seen all of these things happen multiple times.
It pisses me off because men are generally naive as fuck, don't notice basic things and are very easily mislead, and yet women allow their opinions on looks to mean anything. The only guy I value the aesthetic opinion of is my boyfriend (because I do care what he thinks, obviously), and even in that case I'm more like "Understandable, have a nice day" than "Yes, let me change for you".

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My friend was running to catch a shuttle as 2B and her panties fell down.

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Dude fuck you, a little definition on abs and quads is hot as fuck

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I'm a guy and I notice these things. But I honestly don't care. Don't listen to guys. 99% of them are fucking idiots, like all people.

>> No.9680226 [DELETED] 

I mean it makes sense, men generally aren't as familiar with what women look like as women are. Though it does always mildly trigger me when guys post pictures of women with no makeup to advocate for the natural look and the girl is clearing wearing lots of it, she just isn't made up like she's going to a nightclub.

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>that whole post
looks like SOMEONE has a really bad case of insecurity!

>> No.9680229

I am sorry for it. I am a robot, too autistic to feel for the others

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t. easily manipulated man

>> No.9680235 [DELETED] 

Not that guy but whether he is easily manipulated or not is irrelevant. You have massive insecurity issues

>> No.9680238 [DELETED] 

>"Not that guy but"
>knowing he's a guy
>implying I'm even the original poster
Go back to /r9k/ or /fit/ or whatever board you invaded from

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>tfw girls ask me if they look better with or without makeup
>I'm autistically honest
>>You look better with makeup
>They're hurt and offended


Oh but apparently I'm the asshole for not taking the bait.

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I guess there are exceptions, but it feels like they're a tiny minority. I don't expect most women to know that much about what guys do for their appearances, so it goes both ways, I guess. I just don't see as many women picking men apart as vice-versa.

For people who spend a lot of time masturbating to women (when straight), they generally don't seem to know that much about them.

Even if I am insecure, nothing I said was wrong, and like I said, the only guy whose opinion I value is the one I love. It's just annoying to see other girls fall for the meme and listen to random guys who don't know shit about shit.
As a sidenote, screeching "insecure!" is another tactic a lot of guys use when they can't argue with someone who's a girl when it comes to looks. I should've added that in. Either "jealous" or "insecure". :^)

>> No.9680243 [DELETED] 

They're just fishing for compliments. Unless someone is really bad at makeup, literally everyone looks better with it.
Men would be 800x more attractive if they invested in some foundation or concealer, penciled in their eyebrows if they didn't have much, tweezed their unibrows, etc.

>> No.9680244 [DELETED] 

>the topic is her massive insecurity
>immediately changes the topic and tells me to leave
Thanks for confirming that I guess

>> No.9680245 [DELETED] 

I pluck my eyebrows but that's about it. Wearing makeup makes you look insecure when men are supposed to be filled with natural charisma and confidence.

>> No.9680246 [DELETED] 

That wasn't the topic at all though?

>> No.9680248 [DELETED] 

>Wearing makeup makes you look insecure
Your most admired male celebrities all wear makeup. Every single one of them. Just letting you know.

>> No.9680249 [DELETED] 

only if you like the sculpted pretty boy look, which is fine. other people (like me) like their men rugged and a little imperfect.

>> No.9680251 [DELETED] 

I don't get why guys don't pay more attention to other people. It's fucking tho. Makes it easier for me mwuahahaha

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>tfw STILL no lolita gf to support unconditionally and to have bully me relentlessly when we're alone

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>screeching "insecure!" is another tactic a lot of guys use when they can't argue with someone who's a girl when it comes to looks
Uh no? It's said when we can smell your insecurity through the god damn monitor.

>> No.9680256 [DELETED] 

>someone makes a point
>all you can do is scream that they're insecure and run away instead of even attempting to discredit a thing they've said
It almost sounds like you're projecting tbqh. It's called "ad hominem".

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>tfw tempted to go to a testosterone clinic and blast and cruise 100% legally

>> No.9680258 [DELETED] 

I'm male and 57 kg, and I still have muscle

>> No.9680259 [DELETED] 

>claims to be le epik oldfag girl
>uses "tbqh", which is extremely cancerous and was started by facebook normies

Nah, you go fuck you're own selfie

>> No.9680261 [DELETED] 

>these femoid argumentation skills
It's not ad-hominem when I actually have something to go on. If you said "I hate black people" and then I called you a racist, would that be ad-hominem?

>> No.9680262

yellow fever cuck probably

>> No.9680263 [DELETED] 


>> No.9680266 [DELETED] 

>someone makes it the topic

>> No.9680268 [DELETED] 

Same thing happens when an average man is near a tall man, fuck off.

>> No.9680269 [DELETED] 

>Your most admired male celebrities
>she thinks men admire celebrities because she admires celebrities

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Incel confirmed. Your opinion is worth even less than the average random guy's. I'm not going to try to engage with you anymore, as every piece of attention you receive only encourages you. Feel free to accuse me of hypocritically using an ad hominem after calling you out on it, but understand that you will not get any (You)s from me in return.
Have a nice day, and may our jannie and mod(s) throw you out on your ass.

>> No.9680273 [DELETED] 

>Men would be 800x more attractive if they invested in some foundation or concealer, penciled in their eyebrows if they didn't have much, tweezed their unibrows, etc.

This is why you should never let a woman dictate your looks. Don't ever make that mistake.

>> No.9680276 [DELETED] 

>tfw no lolita gf to use me for sex I don't want to have and leave me feeling sullied

>> No.9680277 [DELETED] 

Anyone who's even the least bit observant can look at proportions and figure that the average guy is usually just 5'7 or 5'9 at shortest compared to a tall guy who's 6'2+. Come to think of it, I think that's why all the "Look at that fucking manlet LEL" memes seem to be most popular on male-dominated forums and boards. Most guys just don't seem to pick up on that shit, and take things at face value.

>> No.9680278 [DELETED] 

Never bro, never fall for the liquid jew. You can do it, you are man enough, trust your own testosterone, feel it.

>> No.9680280 [DELETED] 

Who are you talking to? This is a female board anon

>> No.9680281 [DELETED] 

I'm 6' 0", a-am I tall femanon?

>> No.9680282 [DELETED] 

Nice, you ignore my entire argument because of some dumb meme. FYI I've had and DO have sex. Not like that matters you idiot.

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These threads have gone to shit, it's all crossboarders, men vs women shitflinging, and tfw no gf fags that add lolita to their post so they can claim it's on topic.

>> No.9680284 [DELETED] 

Not anymore, this is now a multiboardcultural board, like it or not, /g/ here. And check OP
>There could be anons from /r9k, /fit, /pol/ and /fa/ lurking in the shadows

>> No.9680285

But you realize your stuff is better. And i get anxiety, thats why I can never actually talk to her about this, just bitch on a anon forum.

>> No.9680286 [DELETED] 

Too many menz here. We should just let them slapfight each other on feels, and stay on our lolita/cosplay threads where they can't derail it with their worthless opinions.

>> No.9680287 [DELETED] 

I've been 'tfw no lolita gf' posting long before the crossboarder invasion this week, gull. We're all being affected by this

>> No.9680292 [DELETED] 

Man here, I have to reckon you are right, but only if you are talking about normies. You have to reckon normie women are pretty retarded and dumb too in their own areas. As for me, I'm not a body positivist or any of that crap, but I take women as a whole, I like women with proportions that make sense. I dislike boob monsters, ass monsters and such. There are thresholds of weight in which it doesn't really matter if you weight 10 lbs more or 10 lbs less, for instance.

>> No.9680293 [DELETED] 

I'm going out of my way to post anti-men bait in these threads in hopes that they'll link to it on their shitty homeboards, get angry, flood them and condense in the feel threads (because "that's where it's all happening guise") instead of spreading over to relevant threads and shitting up the whole board.
Sucks for those of us who liked a casual place to post feels, but sacrifices must be made in a time of struggle.

>> No.9680295 [DELETED] 

>tfw I was the guy who started all of this derailing with my baits because I was bored

Ask me anything.

>> No.9680296 [DELETED] 

But I never asked to be born this way. I could have been a lolita, but now I'm just an ouji. ;-;

>> No.9680297 [DELETED] 

>Never bro, never fall for the liquid jew.

Natty is a nice dream but you have to understand that the jews have put soy in everything, hosed it down with atrazine, and packaged it in BPA. We don't have the testosterone levels we should - the average testosterone levels in America have dropped drastically in the last few decades. I certainly don't want to cheat, I just want to be everything that God meant for me to be before the slimy dreidel-spinners got their hands on the food in this country.

Benching 2plate is nothing compared to the weight of these feels on my heart

>> No.9680301 [DELETED] 

>don't lift for a while
>get back into it
>mood swings like crazy
I don't even know how anyone could handle roids

>> No.9680304 [DELETED] 

Dude, listen, do not give me that shit, you know full well you can avoid the plastic jew, the bpa jew, and most of those jews. You are right to say it is hard to 100% have the testosterone levels our ancestors had, but that is no reason to give in and be a good goy.

Do what is in your hand to have healthy t levels naturally.
Distill your water and don't drink from plastic bottles.
Do not eat food that contains phytoestrogens (flaxseed, soy, etc.)
Avoid the most xenoestrogens you can, and fight for your natty medal.

We are white men, we should act like it.

Roiding is the ultimate shame and cuckoldry, the syringe is the shackle.

You think our ancestors had it easy? No! They could not bulk whenever they felt like it. Make the right choice, achieve your genetic potential and be content.

>> No.9680306 [DELETED] 

So /r9k/ are creepers (I assume /soc/as well)
/Fit/ is insecure guy + troll
/Pol/ probably posts about politics and ppl don't want to hear about it here

>> No.9680307 [DELETED] 

Beta males are so insecure they are willing to put their health at risk and take 100 pills a day for the sides while dealing with mental stuff that comes with it, just so they are finally (((accepted))) by (((others))).

Some can't even achieve anything substantial even with all of that, like crusader.

>> No.9680310 [DELETED] 

why don't you all just leave contact info and your location please

>> No.9680315 [DELETED] 

> Dude, listen, do not give me that shit, you know full well you can avoid the plastic jew, the bpa jew, and most of those jews.

I already do all this, but that doesn't change the fact that I was consuming this shit when I went through puberty. My T levels are probably irreversibly fucked on account of this (am getting tested soon).

I feel like I've hit my natural boundary - I used to be 120 lbs (am 6 feet tall white aryan man) and am 180 lbs now. Can barely bench 2plate, probably more like 200. I've put in the time and effort here. The reality is that a healthy lifestyle only takes you so far when the jews have taken away our birthright. Do you think there's something inherently wrong with using medication to reclaim it? I don't see the problem, especially if it's the only way to fully reclaim what I was meant to be.

>> No.9680317 [DELETED] 

Mariano Rajoy Brey

Complejo de la Moncloa, Avda. Puerta de Hierro, s/n. 28071 Madrid. (España).

You can find me there from 11:00 to 13:00. I hope you look good ;).

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Oh i remember you, the pedo girl

>> No.9680323 [DELETED] 

No, you don't.

>> No.9680325


>> No.9680326 [DELETED] 

Well I'm looking in the mirror right now, and I can say that I do. I used to weigh 61kg when regularly going to the gym, so I've lost some definition.

>> No.9680327 [DELETED] 

Original poster. Europe. You US or nah?

>> No.9680328 [DELETED] 

No, that was another chick.
My guy is 19.

>> No.9680331 [DELETED] 
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Fellow white brother, do not let the jew take your hope away, I am too 6 feet tall and there's no fucking way 180 lbs is your natural boundary. Are you bulking properly?
You have really realize that you need to eat a lot to feed your muscles and make more. You used to be 120, which, do not take offense, is ridiculous for a 6 feet man, so I believe you might have a problem with eating and achieving your kcals a day.

I too fell for the food jew when I was young, believe me, but I do not thing my t was fucked permanently, I do not thing that can happen from the foody jew alone. Once I fixed my food and routine, I felt my T levels increase. How? you might ask yourself. The way you think is the key. Females have certain thinking patterns, and males have their own too, these are modified by hormones, you guessed it, mainly estrogens and testosterone.
Do you watch porn? Do you have weird or unmanly fetishes? Watching porn is a big no, my brother. You'll have a lifechanging awakening if you stop watching porn completely. It really DESTROYS your brain, wrecks your self-esteem at deep levels. I can go on this if you want, or you can do your own research. "https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/"
You can masturbate, though do not do it every day, wait at least 3 or 4 days in between. But NO PORN.

Keep working hard and eat more my white brother. Believe in yourself, give the finger to the liquid jew.

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Unless you're like 5'3", you're critically underweight.

Look at what Crusader, a fucking manlet, looked like at 58kg.


>> No.9680334 [DELETED] 

Did he seriously roid for that?....................

>> No.9680335 [DELETED] 

>may our jannie and mod(s) throw you out on your ass
Our mods and janitors suck even more these days. I'll be glad when applications open so we can get new ones.

>> No.9680336 [DELETED] 

He unironically looked his best at 58kg

>> No.9680337 [DELETED] 

Also, you might want to look into this "http://www.weightrainer.net/bodypred.html"

>> No.9680338 [DELETED] 

This. I'm a guy and even though I know that physique is objectively the most attractive to girls I can't help wanting to be hyuge

>> No.9680339 [DELETED] 

I'm 5 ft 10
I can send you a pic if you want my dude.

>> No.9680340 [DELETED] 

Yeah, he has what we call a critical deficiency of scoops.
Cunt failed to eat enough.

This is why we roid for ourselves and not for women.

>> No.9680341 [DELETED] 

>Do you watch porn? Do you have weird or unmanly fetishes? Watching porn is a big no, my brother.

>tfw literal cuckolding fetish

>tfw go to /r/cuckold daily

jesus christ you may have a point

>> No.9680343 [DELETED] 

>5 ft 10


>> No.9680344 [DELETED] 

>'we only do it for ourselves and not for women', he utters during his third day shitposting on /cgl/

>> No.9680345 [DELETED] 

Post it here.

>> No.9680347 [DELETED] 

I've been here for months.
Also, married, not in the market for a girl with BPD.

Only reason I've been outing myself is to talk shit about Crusader.

>> No.9680349 [DELETED] 
File: 139 KB, 681x908, 555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here. Nothing amazing but better than the roided dude at 58kg. I'll probably delete this in a few mins.

>> No.9680351 [DELETED] 

You're just lean, not muscular.
No traps, no delts, pecs of a 12 year old.

It's astounding how poor your ab definition at what is likely 10% body fat.

>> No.9680353 [DELETED] 

Somehow I knew, that fatalist view comes from a broken man, you started with normal porn and started going down the degenerate ladder, am I right?
Porn industry being controlled by jews is an indisputable fact, ever wondered how cuckshit has been growing more and more? The internet porn industry is not that old, probably our generation is the first to go through it. This cuckshit is the final stage of watching porn. Some end up liking traps, some end up as cucks, etc.

The most common is to end up with unmanly and degenerate fetishes, how? you might ask.

You start watching normal porn, everything seems fine, right? Suddenly, after a few months of daily fapping, vanilla porn does not cut it anymore, so you go after something else, perhaps you start with lesbian porn, you beat it watching women interacting among themselves, this is the turning point, this is not normal for your brain, you start to develop autogynephilia, you associate your pleasure with that of the woman, you cannot selfinsert willingly or involutarily, because only women appear. This starts changes in your brain, a few more time passes, and you go deeper into the degenerate fetish hole, perhaps traps now? you take the passive role, right? you want to be the one fucked, ever wondered why all this trap stuff and such is so popular here? Your brain assumes the role of a woman, you are the sub. /g/ is literally full of traps that were once normal people with normal brains. I mention /g/ because I frequent it, but this is sure to happen somewhere else in 4chan.

This is just a path of degeneracy you can take, there is the cuck path too.

The cards dealt here are, you interiorize a literal dick complex, you see constantly those (((cherrypicked))) porn actors and wonder, whether consciously or not, if you can really please a woman, this runs deep. Your self-esteem goes down the drain, you start to somehow "adapt", or rather, your brain does, think coping mechanisms. cont.

>> No.9680354 [DELETED] 

>12 year old with this arm
you dont have to go that far

>> No.9680358 [DELETED] 

Veiny arms are gross.

You have a nice torso. I hope your legs are nice too.

>> No.9680359 [DELETED] 

How's your day, and what cgl feels are you feeling?

>> No.9680360 [DELETED] 

I'm 6'1".

Stop shitting up this thread.

>> No.9680361 [DELETED] 

you start to blur out of the picture, you have already interiorized and accepted that you are incapable of satisfying women, you perceive this from their body language on the videos, how they react and such, this BECOMES your reality, because you see it all the time. How does your brain cope? You make the woman enjoy indirectly, using another man! and you jack off to it, solved, right? You even enjoy seeing her pleased from the learned autogynephilia.

This is a very complex topic and is no joke, of course this is extremely difficult to research as it is in their (((interests))) that you keep poisoning your mind and your perception of reality.

Your sexual reality is absolutely screwed, you've been through a literal brainwash, you are a husk of a human being.

Drop the porn, seriously, never look back. Go to /pol/ and ask for the "porn redpill screencap", maybe someone has it, it might be better explained than this. It was researched by someone who talked to actual "traps".

>> No.9680362 [DELETED] 

Well I only said I had muscles at 57kg, I never said I was muscular, I'm aware that I'm lean. Keep in mind I haven't been to the gym in a while and lost 5 kg. I don't look like the 58 kg guy, and that's enough for me.

>> No.9680365 [DELETED] 

>veiny arms are gross
Really glad that's not a common opinion. To be fair crusaders looks pretty ugly.

>> No.9680366 [DELETED] 
File: 92 KB, 1000x1000, 1506276195089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this mean I'm a high test manly man if I fantasize about affectionately dominating a tall fit girl into my loving wife and mother of my 4+ children every night?

>> No.9680367 [DELETED] 


>> No.9680369 [DELETED] 
File: 139 KB, 681x908, 555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your bicep basically looks unflexed...
But I was comparing your pecs to that of a 12 year old.

Eat more, lift more.

Again, most people who roid aren't doing it for gulls, it's mostly to do with hitting the wall and realising that there's only one way past it.
Crusader is, thankfully, the minority.
Everyone "has muscles" if you want to be that petty about the wording.

>> No.9680371 [DELETED] 

I think you're half right. There is another half of it where I am using it as a way to control the girl - she cheats on me, but she does it in a way that I am "allowing" so mentally it's more palatable than her doing it behind my back.

Believe me though, I am already on board the whole no-porn train. It's just an addiction I'm struggling to overcome.

>> No.9680372 [DELETED] 

how does it feel taking credit for something on an anonymous forum?

>> No.9680373 [DELETED] 


>> No.9680375 [DELETED] 

Alright dude. I lost all my weight over the holidays when I was eating 1 meal a day and doing nothing. Since you've saved my pic, might as well give me some advice.
I've got a bench press, and some free weights. There's some protein powder in the house as well. My school gym has closed so until I get a job that's all I've got. What sort of regime do you suggest?

>> No.9680376 [DELETED] 

>There is another half of it where I am using it as a way to control the girl - she cheats on me, but she does it in a way that I am "allowing" so mentally it's more palatable than her doing it behind my back.

See? And why would you even think about her cheating on you, how would you even come to the point of being so sure it is going to happen, sooner or later so you might as well "let" her?
Because you have no self-esteem, you don't deem yourself to be capable of satisfying her sexual needs.

You might not realize these things because there are a lot of unconscious mechanisms on this.

Search for the screencap, seriously, you'll see it more clearly, it talks about the cuck crap too.

>> No.9680379 [DELETED] 

>See? And why would you even think about her cheating on you, how would you even come to the point of being so sure it is going to happen, sooner or later so you might as well "let" her?
>Because you have no self-esteem, you don't deem yourself to be capable of satisfying her sexual needs.

I dunno about all that, man. Your heart is in the right place but some of this e-Dr-Phil-psych evaluation stuff is just off. I can make girls cum, I have a giant dick, I'm just totally apathetic about it. I believe women will always cheat (or get bored and start behaving badly enough that I'll dump them) because of our (((modern culture))).

I don't think you're wrong on the big picture, though, for sure. I think I've seen the screencap you're talking about but I can take another look.

>> No.9680381 [DELETED] 

Please start believing you are worth a girl who loves you and maybe girls will stop doing that to you.

>> No.9680382 [DELETED] 

Well, about my day, just another day wasting my time on 4chan and procrastinating things I have in mind.

What I feel?
>tfw when INTP and it's 99% safe to assume I'll never have a cute, pure gf who adores me and will follow me to anywhere I want to go, both mentally and spiritually
>tfw I'm wasting my prime years in a shipping container bunker making mongolian forum

It feels bad because nobody would even believe me, since this is anonymous. I somehow feel a bit of pride in giving seagulls a fast thread for offtopic stuff in which things other than fashion are discussed.

>> No.9680387 [DELETED] 

>I believe women will always cheat (or get bored and start behaving badly enough that I'll dump them) because of our (((modern culture))).

I see where you come from, and certainly, most (((modern women))) are pure trash, are unfaithful, or moneydiggers. But not for the (((porn))) reason of MUH DICK. But because they were raised in a mindset in which they don't need to be responsible for anything they do in this (((society))), they are overprotected by the (((state))), and basically are 13 year olds mentally wise. They also have these boogeymen to blame for their failures "the patriarchy". They can be with you, use you as a toy, drain your cash, and cheat on you or leave you because some random whore on their fav ((((((((TV))))))))) series did it and they want to see how's like for example. Because they are like a kid with no empathy whatsoever. They are also somewhat fucked in the head and become very salty when they realize they cared more about their career or material possesions than about raising a family, and biology hits them hard when it's already too late.

Places lacking this are mostly in eastern europe, so if you are white, there you go. CAUTION: go for rural girls, and actually travel there, women you see on the internet are just looking for people to take the to the first world and get free alimony bux and become a (((modern woman))) themselves

My advice on this one is: get a good one.

Whatever you do, you are better of without porn.


Good advice

>> No.9680388 [DELETED] 

So does this mean we can all go over to /fit/ and start posting about cute dresses?

>> No.9680389 [DELETED] 

Starting strength.
Buy some rubber matts to protect the floor.

You should be able to box squat on the bench and you can deadlift using the bar and the floor matts.

Calculate your TDEE, eat between 300-500kcal more than that.

>> No.9680390 [DELETED] 

Don't do this, /fit/ is engaged in nofap november.

>> No.9680391 [DELETED] 

We would actively welcome it.

>> No.9680392 [DELETED] 

Or you get called a girl

>> No.9680394 [DELETED] 
File: 2.57 MB, 264x240, 1506666097426.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Men would be 800x more attractive if they invested in some foundation or concealer, penciled in their eyebrows
>some foundation or concealer
>penciled in their eyebrows

>> No.9680398 [DELETED] 

n-no...please d-don't do that. we would h-hate it.

>mfw it turns into a thread of fit males crossdressing

>> No.9680400 [DELETED] 

>impying they wouldn't close the fuck out of the browser the moment they see roachbro cooking cockroaches and eating them for free gainful protein.

>> No.9680401 [DELETED] 

It's true. Eyebrows make up 80% of how attractive you look. Some guys should tweeze that shit and some guys should pencil it in so they don't look like Voldemort.

>> No.9680402 [DELETED] 

Alright. I was thinking of starting running, since I don't do any cardio. Would that mess up my gains or would I just have to eat more?

>> No.9680403 [DELETED] 

You'd only have to eat more.

>> No.9680406 [DELETED] 

They literally wouldn't care.

>> No.9680407 [DELETED] 

In tweezing I agree, but pencil? What the fuck? Do you even know how much that would stand out on a man? He'd become a fucking dragqueen.
If you said hair implants for voldemort types, I'd agree, but pencil? Come on.

>> No.9680409 [DELETED] 

Why do you want to get less gains and actually promote weight loss if you are bulking?

Are you suffering from the ol' tardos?

>> No.9680412 [DELETED] 

>not wanting a hairless bf with silky smooth skin

>> No.9680415 [DELETED] 

You can create a natural look with pencil, y'know? It's just there to make you look like your eyebrows aren't balding. No one is telling you to do sharp edges and arch them to the moon.

>> No.9680416 [DELETED] 

>Eyebrows make up 80% of how attractive you look.
>[citation required]

>> No.9680418 [DELETED] 

>>[citation required]

Dude that's half this thread

>> No.9680419 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 750x750, hairlessbf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit, you're right. I was a fool.

Shave them off and you'll understand.

>> No.9680420 [DELETED] 

I have very stuffed eyebrows, so I don't think I'll ever need that, but I do need tweezing between them.
Good luck getting that natural look as a guy though.

>> No.9680422 [DELETED] 

>has hair on the nose and on the ears
Nice scam.

>> No.9680423 [DELETED] 

That's not hair, that's fur. :^)

>> No.9680425 [DELETED] 

Why do girls dislike fat men?

>> No.9680426 [DELETED] 

Because it's unattractive and shows that the guy doesn't take care of himself. Same goes for fat women.

>> No.9680429 [DELETED] 

A cat has no hair, only fur, so in this context, we are talking about the same thing.
*teleports behind you and susurrates into your ear* Nothin personnel or anything, girl.

>> No.9680433 [DELETED] 

Touché. No toucher though.

>> No.9680435 [DELETED] 

What if he does take care of more relevant things or everything else in his life?

>> No.9680438 [DELETED] 

>more relevant
what can be more relevant than your own self?

lose weight tubster

>> No.9680441 [DELETED] 

>be /fit/
>you no longer need to care about anything at all
Is this what you literally believe?

>> No.9680446 [DELETED] 

You literally just eat less. If you can't do this you show lack of self control.
No excuses for being a fatfuck.

>> No.9680448 [DELETED] 

>moving the goalposts
>being angry and rude
Are you on roid rage?
Why eat less when I can eat more?

>> No.9680449 [DELETED] 

I'm not the other person.
The original question was why someone wouldn't like fat people.
It shows lack of self control. Of course you can eat more, but if you don't move more to off set it you're just going to get fat.
Which is physically and mentally unattractive.

>> No.9680450 [DELETED] 

>mentally unattractive

>> No.9680452 [DELETED] 

Lack of self control. I just said that? Gluttony isn't attractive.

>> No.9680453 [DELETED] 

What if instead of a self-control issue, you use eating as escapism, or as a drug?

>> No.9680454 [DELETED] 

That's also unattractive. What kind of dumbass question is that.

>> No.9680457 [DELETED] 

What things are attractive then?

>> No.9680459 [DELETED] 

That's extremely vague and subjective. Technically being a fat piece of shit with no self control is attractive to someone, but probably not the type of person you're willing to be with or want to attract.

>> No.9680462 [DELETED] 
File: 27 KB, 630x526, 1509763216773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9680465 [DELETED] 

>not getting a qt 3.14 with a fat fetish as a gf

>> No.9680474 [DELETED] 

I don't want someone with shit taste.

>> No.9680479 [DELETED] 

>only phyzikul stuf matters xDD :-DDD

>> No.9680483

>tfw I lost all my dressed in a fire

>> No.9680486 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 634x626, 432BB3AA00000578-4782424-image-a-23_1502465405086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crusader really needs to grow a pair

>> No.9680487 [DELETED] 

>that pic
>roiding for that

My natty beliefs are augmented

>> No.9680489 [DELETED] 
File: 902 KB, 2576x1932, 1507860536486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's synthol too
this is natty though

>> No.9680505


>> No.9680508

I broke up with my boyfriend and he literally set my house on fire.

>> No.9680547
File: 231 KB, 796x664, sashafarted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit. Is she okay??

>> No.9680550

Dump his ass.

>> No.9680564
File: 194 KB, 423x474, 1477468087806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>boyfriend keeps insisting I wear costumes and do roleplaying in bed
Ugh why are guys like this? Why can't they understand what cosplay is actually about?
It's so freaking annoying

>> No.9680566

In jail, you mean?

>> No.9680568
File: 282 KB, 1079x720, 3d58150a-d494-49d6-a075-5b9845dd681d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ordered from some taobao reseller store
>they don't send me any tracking number after 2 weeks
>email them asking what's up, they say sometimes they get tracking numbers a little bit late
>uh ok
>wait 12 days, still nothing
>email them again
>they copy-paste the same answer
>have to prod them to give me an estimate for how long until they'll send my tracking number
>"It takes 2-3 weeks to get a tracking number generally. We'll send it to you in 10-11 days time"
>mfw it's been over 3 weeks
>mfw they're probably just trying to stretch this out until it's too late to file a credit card dispute (which I probably wouldn't do anyway, as filing disputes is generally more trouble than it's worth here)
I'm kind of annoyed, but if they really need $41 that bad, I guess they can have it lmao. I'll be more wary from now on.

>> No.9680576
File: 45 KB, 600x456, 1509366031117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf wearing costumes and roleplaying in bed with me

>> No.9680582
File: 13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhhh, $41 is a solid chunk of cash, my dude. You do you, I guess, but I'd absolutely dispute the hell out of that transaction.

>> No.9680590

I dont feel sorry for you dating a normie, all of my bfs so far have been cosplayers and it’s way chill.

>> No.9680595

What is cosplay actually about? Ugh

>> No.9680596

>has had more than one bf

>> No.9680600

Prostitutes are professionals, she's just a slut.

>> No.9680601

>she does it for free

>> No.9680606

Meh. I said I wouldn't do it as long as they sent in the tracking number within the allotted time, so hopefully that'll make them get their shit together.

>> No.9680608

You sound like a boring vanilla bitch in bed. Don't blame him for wanting spice since you're obviously not bringing any.

>> No.9680619

Kill him.

>> No.9680626 [DELETED] 

lol /fit/izen getting mad at chad


>> No.9680630

>why are guys like this?
Why are girls so generalizing?

>> No.9680646 [DELETED] 

These threads are complete and utter garbage now, holy shit. Is this what all /fit/ threads are like? Turborunts and manlets juicing up thinking it's going to mask their social ineptitude and make up for their failures with women? lmao. Neck yourselves

>> No.9680651 [DELETED] 

Worked for Zyzz. He even admitted he was autistic with women but still got laid because he looked good.

>> No.9680665

>Agree to do a SS(?) trade with close friend since we are now long distance.
>Im near a brand store and she does taobao orders often enough.
>we work out a deal that i go to the store and buy the items in person and she orders on taobao. Both are halloween goodies.
>Her taobao stuff got there mid sep. she sent photos confirming
> i went to the brand store as requested and bought the halloween items she wanted as well as some regional treats.
>sent mine off at least two weeks before or so with tracking because my post office basically will only do 3 day priority now.
>friend claimed she already sent mine
>she got hers, thanked me
>"hmm weird i didnt get mine yet, maybe she got to ship hers the slow way"
>had plans to wear the items the weekend before halloween.
>doesnt arrive
>"okay maybe on halloween...."
>arrived on the 2nd. She shipped it on the 30th of October according to the postage.
>we had plans to do a similar trade for christmas. Ill just order from taobao on my own now.
>We both do swapping websites. Im so pissed because with so many feedbacks i didnt think she would screw me like this

>> No.9680667

swaping websites meaning like penpals and trading goods not like SS websites.

>> No.9680671 [DELETED] 

>because he looked good.
He didn't, though. He was a good status symbol for girls looking to impress (and so that when they say "If you don't stop bothering me, my guy can and will beat the shit out of you" it can actually mean something), but nobody except other men would find his body atractive.

>> No.9680673 [DELETED] 

You make no sense. So you're saying his body isn't attractive to girls, but his body is an attractive status symbol. So which is it?

>> No.9680686

>mods nuked the last feels thread and sterilized this one

About fucking time

>> No.9680690

post gull feels now, it's safe

>> No.9680691 [DELETED] 

>Kpop idol: nigger, nigger, nigger, man I really hate niggers
>Brainlet kpop fans: Omg stop overreacting, they didn’t even know. Yes they’re adults and google exists but they’re from Korea and they live under rocks and didn’t know any better. Why are you niggers always so sensitive about everything???

>> No.9680692 [DELETED] 

Ugh, when are brainlet kpop fans going to finally accept the truth about niggers?

>> No.9680697 [DELETED] 

Oop, looks like we still have /pol/ transplants running around. Time to duck for cover again.

>> No.9680715

Is it tho?

>> No.9680731

I made a Halloween coord, but my comm didn't even organize a meet so I just wore my cute outfit around the house on Halloween and drank the night away.

>> No.9680732

>tfw no witchy lolita gf to feed alcohol to

>> No.9680745 [DELETED] 

You really think muscles matter mate? Are you for real? It's all about the face, man. Get redpilled.

>> No.9680746

post coord

>> No.9680751

>tfw like A-line better than bell

>> No.9680760

I'm with you, A-line is a lot more flattering imo.

>> No.9680761 [DELETED] 

Anon from r9k. I was told to come here and I could find a cutie cgl gf...

>> No.9680762 [DELETED] 

Give us your credit cards, loser.

>> No.9680763 [DELETED] 

Only if you become my girlfriend.

>> No.9680764

I'm a dude though, so flattering is out the window for me. A-line has a more Alice in Wonderland period look while bell has a more porcelain doll look. Both look cool, but A-line has a more understated aesthetic to it.

>> No.9680772 [DELETED] 
File: 710 KB, 1024x733, pantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bf insists on spanking me when I misbehave. God my ass hurts.

>> No.9680774

I mean, you could have walked up to him with a measuring tape in hand and just told him to do it really quick. It only takes 5 minutes. Some of the measurements you could've taken yourself, too.

>> No.9680775 [DELETED] 

Well, if you don't like it, ask him to stop. If you do like it, why complain?

>> No.9680779 [DELETED] 

I don't mind it. Ass still hurts though.

>> No.9680782 [DELETED] 

I spank my gf but it never hurts it. Ask him to use a closed palm instead of an open palm. It'll give the impact but lessen the pain.

>> No.9680784 [DELETED] 

her* lol

>> No.9680795
File: 1.29 MB, 720x404, stockingscream.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf spanking me with a wooden spoon
>mfw he accidentally slaps my labia

>> No.9680809
File: 19 KB, 225x350, 1396266456249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thought I hated kids.
>Go to a local con as someone from RWBY because I make bad decisions.
>Walk up to the photoshoot.
>A bunch of kids want hugs and pictures with me.
>Hang with them for a bit, have fun.
>Back at work, a coworker mentions she knows some kids who went.
>Show her pictures. It's the same ones at the photoshoot.
>Next day, she says she told the kids she works with me.
>They went nuts and kept talking about how cool and fun I was.
>Feeling like I want to work with kids now.
>Want to be senpai.

>> No.9680815 [DELETED] 

mods are gay /r9k/ warrior reporting in

>> No.9680818

why are you mad that she's talented? she wants to impress people just like you do, maybe you'd be well received if you changed your attitude my dude. doing things doesn't always earn affection. just loosen/lighten/brighten up your spirit and people will gravitate to you.
you may not be able to see it yourself but you could be giving off really sour or scary vibes.

>> No.9680828

that's adorable af, mechazawanon

>> No.9680854
File: 23 KB, 374x480, 18342678_447242572289943_7483909726783791046_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why were her panties so big?

>> No.9680865

I think my con crush may actually like me. She just messaged me out of the blue to have a real talk about her life. I don't think she has many friends in this country.

Damn it, I wanna go on a date with her to McDairy King.

>> No.9680868

are you sure you're not just an emotional tampon?

>> No.9680892

Don't use pickup artist lingo on the cute board.

>> No.9680898

>I think my con crush may actually like me. She just messaged me out of the blue to have a real talk about her life

if a girl isn't having sex with you, she doesn't like you

she just wants attention

>> No.9680933 [DELETED] 

>tfw no gf

>> No.9680934 [DELETED] 


>> No.9680936 [DELETED] 

>tfw no bf

>> No.9680939

>finally meet a qt cosplayer at my school costume contest that doesn't isn't a disgusting wreck
>can't work up the courage to talk to her
>she leaves and l never even got her name
Why am l like this

>> No.9680942

I'll be your bf

>> No.9680965 [DELETED] 

Hello, I've heard there were gfs here!

>> No.9680986

>Jealous of semi-pretty cosplayers.
I am a bit overweight, weighting 150 pounds. I am losing weight at the moment and look better, but I feel like my face is just plain ugly. I know some of these girls photoshop their faces and I don't, but it still makes me feel bad.

>> No.9680988 [DELETED] 

>22 year old
>got fed up with waiting for a gf to appear in my life
>look up escort agencies
>find qt 3.14
>look at the price tag
>500€ (five hundred eurodiroos)
>f i v e h u n d r e d e u r o d i r o o s
>fuck it, I have savings
>contact her
>she wants thir party references
>she explains that it's a requriement to be accepted as a client by the agency
>tell her I've never used these kind of "services"
>she reluctantly agrees to meet, but asks for a picture first
>warn her that I'm a virgin
>"oh that's sweet i'll take care of you"
>asks if I want girlfriend experience
>she explains what it is
>"h-how much would that be?"
>fast forward
>in front of the hotel room's door
>heart beating at 100000rpm
>knock on the door
>she opens the door
>shes so qt, fuck
>go inside
>nervous as fuck, literally mumbling and stuttering
>"s-sorry I've never d-done this"
>she chuckles, so qt
>"want a drink?"
>"j-just water"
>drink the water
>she starts getting naked
>heartbeat increases
>literally seeing little green dots and motion blur
>her body is awesome
>"yeah, uh, I'm g-going to undress"
>get into the bathroom and undress there
>"you're a bit shy aren't you?"
>"uh... yeah"
>"do you want to see my last std check? it came clean"
>"i-it's ok"
>start fucking her missionary
>can't fucking take it and come after barely 11 seconds
>"oh boy, that was fast, you really were a virgin eh?"
>feel horrible
>realize I've just wasted 500€ for this
>for this
>five hundred euros
>suicidal thoughts
>sad as fuck
>get dressed
>she doesn't say anything else
>open my wallet and take the money out without looking at her in the face anymore
>"what's the matter? it didn't go as you were expecting eh? I can tell that money is important for you by the way you dress. Look, take a rest and we'll try again"
>second guessing if I should
>rest for 30 minutes
>go back to the room
>"h-hey, I think I'm ready"

>> No.9680989
File: 312 KB, 720x540, 7a7768d7-96cf-407e-bdc2-ccd660b64c48..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplay and roleplay for gf in bed all the time
>tfw she does the same for me
>but neither of bus would dare do the lewd with her wearing lolita

Cosplays are literal costumes. Have fun in them. Also it can be funny at times. Cosplaying Tweak from South park and ramming her ass while spazzing out and screaming about how we're all going to die unless I fill her anus up RIGHT NOW.

Leads to tons of laughter post sex when you're cuddling in the afterglrow.

>> No.9680990 [DELETED] 

>"are you sure? It's only been like, uh half an hour"
>"y-yes I'm sure"
>we start foreplaying
>she starts really getting into it
>lot's of oral
>start penetration
>lasting like a champ
>really enjoying it
>she comes and I still don't
>she wants to finish me off with oral
>tell her I want to finish off vaginally
>she agrees
>best time of my life
>very happy
>"hahaha, well look at that, you're in a better mood now eh?"
>pay her and we say our goodbyes
>worth every penny

feels good man

>> No.9681020

coming from someone who is celebrate, that ain't true.
some people need to be in a relationship first. if she did him now that'd basically be anon sex. not ragging on hookupps, just know that not everyone does that.

>> No.9681044 [DELETED] 

>some people need to be in a relationship first.
total bullshit. every single girl who says this has had sex with a guy pre-relationship under the right circumstances. if the girl is head-over-heels for you like she should be, she will bang you. otherwise you're just playing pretend and your relationship is going to suck

>> No.9681056
File: 94 KB, 600x600, 34475bad4ba6dc85bc87e758754e31b3--my-hero-academia-cas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have been cosplaying for a long time now and I tend to cosplay the same sort of thing all the time. I feel like I haven't learned any new techniques in years and like i'm getting left behind by all these amazingly intricate costumes. I want to do something complicated and elaborate but it seems like most of the designs like that are armor based and I am more interested in learning more textile wise. Everytime I find a design I like it is a crossover or an AU of some kind and I'm not so sure that I want to put the time into something like that.

>> No.9681060

Please don't take the bait.

>> No.9681071
File: 322 KB, 1200x1200, 1457077464010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw objectively hideous
>tfw loving bf

>> No.9681073

I took a break from cgl for a few months and I think it was good for me, but now I'm totally out of the loop on everything that's going on in the community. Feels weird man, I don't want to come back but I don't know how else to keep up since I don't really enjoy any other platform.

>> No.9681113

>be at con
>See cosplayer from series I like
>Ask for pic, get pic, talk to her for a while
>Tell her I'm about to get lunch and ask if she wants to go too so we can keep talking
>She blurts out that she has a boyfriend and leaves
Why, what the fuck is wrong with people?

>> No.9681135

My boyfriend always tags along, but I do try to mention I have one if someone is talking to me and I suspect something.
Do have to say that some people think everyone on the planet is hitting on them, which is indeed an overreaction.

>> No.9681140

yeah but how does having a boyfriend prevent you from getting lunch with someone and talking about anime?
does having a boyfriend mean you can never talk to anyone of the opposite sex for more than 30 seconds?

>> No.9681143

Any girl at a con that is remotely attractive probably gets hit on 100x a day.

>> No.9681144

took everything I could myself and trust me, I've tried that. At one point I got pissed and started flinging the measuring tape around like a whip. He said he'd measure me today but its too late tho

>> No.9681146

ok I'll keep that in mind. I shouldn't attempt to make friends with common interests because "boys are icky" and other guys probably creeped on here.

>> No.9681147

well, I wouldn't want to go out for lunch without him, but my boyfriend and I have the exact same hobbies and taste. We stick together all the time because we both enjoy all the same activities. I wasn't there so I can't tell why, but maybe she wasn't feeling comfortable? Maybe she didn't want to go with a stranger?

>> No.9681148

yeah, but just say you aren't hungry or something. Screaming I HAVE A BOYFRIEND like a sperg just seems like a weird reaction to that situation.

>> No.9681149

As I said, I don't know the exact situation and she might have been weird. It could also be to make her seem unavailable and make sure you wouldn't chase her or try and convince her. Both cases could be true, we don't know. Just speculating here.
Don't let it bother you too much, but women are quite alert when it comes to strangers. We are being told to watch out for strangers from a very early age, so yeah.

>> No.9681153

I didn't say that. Your approach clearly seemed like an attempt to hit on her from her point of view.
It's also possible her boyfriend doesn't want her going out to lunch with random dudes.

Try being in a group or approaching someone in a similar costume, same series, etc.

>> No.9681154

>try being in a group
isn't that the point of a convention? to go meet other people with the same interests as you? I also mentioned I was talking with her for a decent amount of time before I even asked about it, and I only did because we were clogging up the hall standing there talking. We both liked the same series and were talking about it, so it just seems really weird to me that I can't seem to make friend with even the same interests because they sperg out and think I'm trying to get in their pants.

I guess I didn't know that nerd girls were so uneducated about guys to think that we literally only think about sex and picking up girls, that we have zero interest in having friends.

>> No.9681156

You're doing the same as she might have done now. Most girls I know are open for friendships, but inviting people you don't know that well to go with you to *insert place here* even if it is to grab a bite is not-done. At least, in my country it isn't. I did a lot of spontanious stuff, from hanging out with new friends, to bringing a boy without a place to sleep home so he could sleep on my couch, but my parents were always involved and I didn't leave the convention grounds.

>Girls might be open for a friendship, but inviting them to follow you to somewhere for whatever reason can set off alarmbells even if it's unrational in your eyes.

>> No.9681162
File: 145 KB, 720x1280, EC5F3FEC-838B-4D21-8A84-7BB0AB40158B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/fit/ gave me higher standards for my body and physical health, and /cgl/ gave me higher standards for my looks and mental health. /r9k/‘s raids and /fit/ threads made me more wary of men in general. Lolitas woke me up to respecting and partaking in arts and a higher intellectual culture. I find myself wanting to learn proper etiquette, reading gothic novels, etc. Cosplayers woke me up to the joys of creation. I want to get better at art and sewing. I didn’t think I’d ever feel positively influenced by coming to 4chan.

>> No.9681163

lol don't try too hard

>> No.9681164

>Lolitas woke me up to respecting and partaking in arts and a higher intellectual culture.

>> No.9681172

Guys and girls don't make the best of friends typically, sorry to burst your bubble. And no the point of going to cons isn't to meet people.
You can make it that, but not everyone has the same goal.

>> No.9681186

>guys and girls can't be friends
I don't know if this is actually /r9k/ or if /cgl/ is just that close to /r9k/ in terms of opinions

>> No.9681252

Who are you quoting? Because I didn't say that dumbass.

>> No.9681315

>And no the point of going to cons isn't to meet people.
lolwut you say nigguh?

>> No.9681321

That person is right.
I'm not saying it's -impossible-, but statistically speaking boy/girl friendship ends up most of the time in a ludicrous amount of drama an disappointment.

>> No.9681342

I go to cons to cosplay and to buy shit. Idgaf about meeting people.

>> No.9681361

wth are you even doing desu you recluse?

>> No.9681369

>tfw your face and physique aren't feminine enough to cosplay cute girls, but neither masculine enough to do crossplay

having some concerns on going full crossplay from now on, since I give up on cosplaying female characters

>> No.9681377

I've been going for years and haven't met a single person I kept in contact with.

>> No.9681383

Same, people are the worst.

>> No.9681384

isn't the whole point of cons that you get to take your mask off and be a weeb and meet other weebs?
if you just want to buy stuff, you can do that online

>> No.9681418

me too anon

>> No.9681421

Fuck you G-d for creating something so unbelievably terrible

>> No.9681438

Yes and no. I get to act like the retarded socially autistic faggot that I am, sure. Doesn't mean I want to find new people to hookup with. Chances are they still live forever away.
I met a really cool guy and he was from Canada last con. My aim is never to make new friends, if it happens it's a side thing.

>> No.9681440

>tfw have no friends
>trying to build up confidence to go a con and make friends
>tfw reading this thread
>people don't want friends

Guess I'll stay as a recluse then.

>> No.9681460

>to hookup with
that wasn't part of the statement anon
I said friends, not hookups. the fact that your mind immediately went to sex when dealing with any guy came up shows some issue with yourself, not me.
Guys aren't all sex crazed monsters you know. they don't constantly have boners, they aren't constantly thinking about sex. You people are just like a genderswapped r9k lol. you guys have no idea about guys and just spew some guys are bad nonsense

>> No.9681473

>Spend entire life as friendless loser.
>Have to make up stories at work when people ask about childhood/teenage years.
>Talking about imaginary friends makes me want real friends more.

>> No.9681477
File: 112 KB, 600x592, friend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

4chan represents only a tiny fraction of congoers, and /cgl/ an even smaller fraction. Please don't get discouraged, I'm sure you'll have a good time and be able to make friends.

>> No.9681478

yeah, don't try to make friends with people on here. most of the girls on here are sexist man-haters who think men should just give up their money and die.
You'd be more disappointed if you looked at the friend finder thread, where most women routinely put "no men" on their posts and guy sit there wondering what's wrong with them and why no one likes them.

It's pretty sad to see that stuff. Guys left to wonder what's wrong with them and why people won't be friends with them until they're left to kill themselves out of loneliness.

>> No.9681484

This post is demonstrably inaccurate.

>> No.9681485

>being this upset women don't want to talk to you when there are tons of other boards where women get shit on
If you're so upset about women being "sexist man-haters," why can't you talk to the guys in the friend finder thread instead? There are plenty of them.

>> No.9681492
File: 356 KB, 752x680, 1508129840323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a guy and I've made every effort to be polite to people I've met here, ask them questions and show interest in them as people. It's a people problem. People want attention, validation, and emotional support but they want to brute force it somehow without putting any effort in to actually make sure you fucking like each other enough to even be friends.

Still get ghosted. I guess that's my feel for the thread since it just happened in a non-4chan DC server where someone contacted me first and then stopped replying after a few minutes but kept talking in the server.

I must be autistic. People only like me when I treat them like shit.

>> No.9681493


>> No.9681499

I mean I had a post up above where I mentioned trying to talk to and be friends with some girl and all I got for replies were people thinking I was some thirsty guy trying to get my dick wet. The girls here have no clue about guys lol.

>> No.9681506

>tfw Halloween is over

>> No.9681507

I meant hookup as in stay in contact with. Sex doesn't mean anything to me.

Cons are very difficult to make friends at. It's really all about timing.

>> No.9681511

You can see stuff in person and decide if you want it. Also Artist Alley. I don't want to meet any autistic weeaboos.

>> No.9681515
File: 37 KB, 716x717, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no autistic weebs

>> No.9681517

B-but I heard cons were very easy to make friends at. I've been told I'm an attractive guy, I just have zero self-confidence and get so much anxiety. Does it help if you're not a fat, greasy weaboo and you just want cool people to talk about weeb things with?

>> No.9681518

>autistic weeaboo
>I don't want to be friends with autistic weeaboos
this is practically r9k levels of delusion anon

>> No.9681520

Cosplaying isn't just for autistic weebs anymore sadly.

Wrong. Your definition of friends is way too light. Everyone at a con is easy to get along with because we're all disgusting weirdos, but being friends is a different matter. Yes your appearance should help.

>> No.9681523

What is the definition of a friend? I just want people to hang out with, invite each other over to watch some anime, go to cons together, read manga in a pair and discuss it, go ice skating and go to the planetarium, stroll around my local botanical gardens in bloom...I'm so damn lonely that I keep imagining scenarios with imaginary friends and how much fun we would have doing these things...fucking end me.

>> No.9681528

>>Lolitas woke me up to respecting and partaking in arts and a higher intellectual culture.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Lolita. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the styles will go over a typical dresser's head. There's also lolita's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into its characterisation - its personal philosophy draws heavily from Vladimir Nabokov literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this fashion, to realize that they're not just style- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Lolita truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Loli's iconic brand "Baby the stars shine bright," which itself is a cryptic reference to Rococo's baroque epic architecture I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Meissonnier's genius unfolds itself on their coord. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Lolita tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

>> No.9681533

Those are friends, but the problem you're probably having is you're rushing in to it. I have lots of acquaintances, but very few actual friends.

Everyone you meet at a con is an acquaintance. It takes time to make a friend.

>> No.9681577

I'm, like, 90% certain that a friend of mine who does AA at cons traces some of her art. I don't think she does it from well known sources or anything, but looking through her pieces, a handful are really nice but the rest are very ugly and amateur, as though they were produced by someone with an entirely different skill level from her good pieces. I don't know if I should attempt calling her out on it or if I should even bother as she's small potatoes, but it does make me uncomfortable seeing her get recognition in her fandom for artwork that was almost certainly at least partially traced.

>> No.9681580

This is so true. Even the few friends I have successfully made here and through cons and whatnot mostly only contact me to tall about themselves and only seem to ask about my life as an after thought. It doesn't help that I naturally fall into the listener role and don't tend to talk about myself unless prompted, but even when I do, most of my cosplay and lolita friends seem to do the bare minimum of paying attention before talking about themselves again. It sucks, but it's definitely just how people are.

Sorry, I thought I had something more germane to add, but I guess I just had my own cgl friends vent to get out.

>> No.9681582

I totally get where you're coming from because I'm the same way, but at the same time what would we talk about if we're both listeners and don't talk about ourselves unless prompted to?

>> No.9681588
File: 131 KB, 729x712, 18424001_450318311982369_5189066287530566857_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to take my LDR to tea via Skype
>wifi in the venue is down
>can't get cell signal
>tfw no bf

>> No.9681599

I will hoist you from the flagpole by your tidy widies and make you into my lunch money piñata

>> No.9681602

I really should finally hit you back. You are kinda weird though

>> No.9681606

You can be a weeaboo and not be autistic, surprisingly enough. It may be a foreign concept to you because of who you are, but know that people like that exist.

>> No.9681613

what does that have to do with anything?
if you think you're some "alpha or bully" boy do I have some news for you faggot

>> No.9681632

Shut up nerd

>> No.9681633
File: 49 KB, 360x403, 1480211937957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I doubt we have even spoken because I gave up on 4chan contacts a while ago.

If you ghost somebody, that's truthfully your prerogative. But maybe before diving into approaching people, or trying to makeshift a lifelong friendship out of thin air, we should first ask ourselves what we are looking to achieve. If you don't want to talk to that person, and know that you dont, and know that you'll just bail on them, maybe consider not getting their hopes up just to flake again.

>> No.9681634


>> No.9681644
File: 38 KB, 512x512, shimawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>overhear a girl on the phone, "I want to move to Atlanta, but their comms are full of den doos."
>Google "den doos"
>"Did you mean 'den doors'?"
Can somebody help me? Are "den doos" basically itas?

>> No.9681648

din dus

>> No.9681649

>Are "den doos" basically itas?

>> No.9681682
File: 9 KB, 644x323, dyn du nuffin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9681689

Did you try responding to them in the server?

Speaking personally, I never much use direct message unless it's something personal or specific. Usually, I just talk on the server, and if I'm not responsive in private then it is nothing personal.

>> No.9681707

You immediatly put yourself in the victimrole whereas I tried to include the way she might have been feeling. I never said you were hitting on her. Reading is difficult, I know.

I made some great friends on 4chan, both male and female. Some of them I even met irl, some live on the other side of the globe.
I think it depends on the person, but convention friendships are quite hard. I know a lot of people at my local conventions, as I am extroverted, but only few are real friends. There are some great friends waiting to meet you, but you might have to go through a lot of people who just want to have the most "friends" at a con or people who are only nice to you to make you their follower/fan.
You can do it anon!

>> No.9681729

boohoo. you are so ridiculously butthurt over one person. so entitled that you already had it in mind that you deserved that girl's time and full cooperation. it stopped when it did so just move on. you can't force people to leave and chill with you. you are letting one situation feed some existing lady-hate inside of you. be honest.
anyone else would have thought, huh, what a weirdo. and moved on to find another person to talk to without spiraling into
>asdfjklaaALL GIRLS ARE....
all you had to do was say, hey let's get out of everyone's way in this cramped hallway and sit over here and continue our chat. if you were hungry you could have said, hey man I'm starving but really want to keep talking with you about this series I love. do you mind if we walk towards the food?

you can't be that unaware. any convention, including business conventions, is seen by many as a golden opportunity to get booty, often via infidelity.
don't be such a self-centered brat to not try and view what happened from different perspectives. understand that cosplayer may have anxiety or social issues.
also, next time choose your words better and explain what you really mean.

>> No.9681755

I actually just got a sense of heavy narcissism and kinky cunts using fashion as an image shield to present themselves as cute until they can trap their target and begin the mental abuse.

>> No.9681785

>go to con
>talk with random guy about vidya
>my bf come and gives me a kiss
>guy gets mad at me

Wtf dude, talking is not a consent.

Inb4 friendship between men and women doesn't exist. I have some male friends but we know each other for years and they know that I'll never be interested in them in a sexual way.

>> No.9681801

He got mad because you and your boyfriend were disrespectful cunts and pretty much just displayed the same behaviour as a dog pissing on a pole to mark it's territory. You need to get some self worth for one and your boyfriend needs to get checked for cuckolding fantasies.

>> No.9681806

Tell your comm president how racist this cunt is being.

>> No.9681808

I'm sorry. Next time I'm gonna talk with my bf about vidya and kiss some random guy in front of him. I hope that makes everyone happy.

>> No.9681809

Why are you going on about consent? I think you used the wrong word.

>> No.9681813
File: 23 KB, 300x300, Wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>am musician
>so good at it I work for for Sony Music Entertainment as a ghost producer
>tfw still no gf because I never go outside

>> No.9681814
File: 24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>losing weight
>starting to feel happier
>hear about utterly inhumane horrible shit my country's government is doing to innocent people
>binge eat to numb the pain
>still very distraught and now my tummy hurts from eating too much

>> No.9681816

>tfw no bf to lose weight with

>> No.9681827

underrated lmao

>> No.9681854

Den due detected

>> No.9681874

>being this mad at a post online
Jesus Christ anon...

>> No.9681890
File: 54 KB, 500x644, wew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn be the blue eyed yandere teenage otome boy a skinny lonely slightly autistic stuttering possibly bpd BJD nanchatte coord loving semi agoraphobic gull craves to rescue her from herself

i must be colourblind because your red flags all look green to me, anon

>> No.9681965

Getting mad is unnecessary. Idgaf about pda but I guess some people are bothered by it.

>> No.9681970 [DELETED] 

/pol/ here came to check out that autistic r9k thread for the lols
any tips to help us achieve /mlpolo/ or /polo/ ?
Not /x/ this year for some reason we've lost that connection it seems

>> No.9681984 [DELETED] 

/o/ here, it's between /polo/ and /mo/ right now.

>> No.9681987
File: 259 KB, 500x340, 1496944092845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally getting to terms with myself. Every day I care less about being judged. And finally can enjoy wearing sweet Lolita.

>> No.9682004


>> No.9682016
File: 40 KB, 427x427, I've had enough of these plebs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bitches had it coming

>> No.9682025
File: 774 KB, 276x220, 1495456385325.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw tell bf about repressed fujo fantasies
>he thinks it's funny and enables me
>dresses up as south park characters I used to ship when we have sex

>> No.9682027
File: 111 KB, 1024x576, 1401032289644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ghosted again by friend finder contact
>tfw you feel like a battered wife contacting new people from those threads thinking the next time will totally be different and things will change

>> No.9682028

how do you find a friend? link me the thing? don't really have any myself ha ha

>> No.9682036

I thought this post was going to be about being sexually attracted to birds.

>> No.9682043

>dude stops me on my way to work
>compliments my coord and my parasol
>says i look very cute
>somehow agreed to exchange numbers with him
>immediate fear and regret.jpg
I don't want a date, I don't want a boyfriend, I just want to be left alone but I'm too chickenshit to say no. Why am I so broken, gulls?

>> No.9682044

I know that feel anon

>> No.9682064

I hear it's a Swedish slur for black people, so slap that bitch.

>> No.9682072

So don't reply or tell him you're not interested?

>> No.9682075

That's the most logical way to go on about it, but I feel like I have to go on at least one date with him because we already exchanged numbers. I'm more socially and romantically retarded than I thought.

>> No.9682076

the guy's not gonna be happy since any way you do this it's gonna look like you're leading him on, and you kind of are

>> No.9682077

That's the opposite of what I want. Any advice?

>> No.9682078

Don't waste your time or his time..

>> No.9682081

rip the band aid off fast, you aren't going to get through it without upsetting him, but turn him down when he asks you for a date and stop it as soon as it starts

>> No.9682083

Just tell him you're sorry and that you felt nervous to say no but you're not looking for romance at the moment.

>> No.9682085

Thanks anon, I'll do my best.

>> No.9682088

You're right, honesty is the best option. Thank you.

>> No.9682091

I'm glad to hear that. It's probably the easiest way of letting him down.

That's what I would want to hear from a girl if I asked for her number anyway, just not leaving me to lament over where I should take this cute girl on a date. It's understandable if you were intimidated or nervous when he asked. Guys aren't always so friendly if you reject them.

>> No.9682099

You must either be really lonely or a pushover

>> No.9682102

Thanks for being so understanding, I do feel bad about this and want to mend the situation as best I can. Do you think I should contact him first to say this?

I'm both, actually. All the more reason to not get involved with anyone, I'm just not ready.

>> No.9682103

Yeah contact him first. He either won't respond at all or just give a neutral response.

>> No.9682108

It's too late, you're gonna have to marry him and bear his children

>> No.9682134
File: 260 KB, 570x558, bsbutbelieveit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9682169

>tfw a tranny
>tfw scared to buy lolita/jfashion-y blouses because maybe my neck won't fit

>> No.9682178

I feel alone as fuck..

>> No.9682180
File: 6 KB, 249x174, y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel it
I go out a couple of nights every week with people
I chat to people every day, proper conversation not just polite small talk
But I just can't find anyone I can really connect with
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, if my expectations are fucked, or what

>> No.9682185
File: 604 KB, 500x278, 112FD19F-6519-4E50-8A4D-47915EE2351A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Things have been rough lately
>Use retail therapy/wearing lolita to make me feel better
>Bad things keep happening
>Releases I want keep appearing
Someone pls stop me

Also generic “Lacemarket is slow someone buy my unwanted shit pls” post

>> No.9682202

High five, anon. Your post could have been written by me.

Earlier I relisted stuff on LM and now I'm wearing lolita while browsing y!j auctions to take my mind off stressful things.

>> No.9682208

Holy shit. Are you me? I have friends in my new city but I can't get close to any of them. It just feels so shallow and boring. None of them like anime or Jfash and it sucks.

>> No.9682212
File: 45 KB, 530x805, 1477424100858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friends/people blanking me for no reason
>country's only decent con is disbanded and not happening this year
>putting our second dog of nearly 15 years to sleep this week after we lost our first one a few months ago
>dropped out of college and rarely leave the house now

Wew lad

>> No.9682213

Meant to reply to >>9682178, soz

>> No.9682216

Same. I really want to make /cgl/ friends but I'm just so afraid of being ghosted...

>> No.9682231

Condolences about your dog, sounds rough.

>> No.9682237

sound ruff

>> No.9682266

Thanks anon. They really are one of the family

>> No.9682287
File: 1.03 MB, 783x680, b4e68ca3-0617-46b5-8c10-b8c6127ca627..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you me?
>BF finds my fujo history by searching up my old username
>Pokes fun at it but then assures me it's fine and suggests cosplaying and acting out my repressed ships
>He contacts our mutual buddy we have threesomes with and they literally just have yaoi sex for me to masturbate to

>> No.9682306
File: 94 KB, 908x857, 165b5bb0-b2b7-44bf-b06b-c1e17fda579c..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 5'0" guy
>feminine face
>slim body
>really love lolita
>fit brand effortlessly
>study lolita makeup tutorials extensively
>been on /cgl/ since 2011 so it isn't just a weird phase
>but I'm not trans, sissy, or femboi, or even gay just really appreciate as admire the fashion
>help out lolita friends with their coords and they consistently come back to me for more ideas when they get positive response from the community
>one of them is really pushing for me to just brolita it up
>I really want to but
>have a monster 5 o'clock shadow that will rear its ugly head within just 2 hours of shaving and would make me look terrible
>plus a stubborn mustache that will never shave close no matter how many passes I make against it

It's not fair.

>> No.9682309

Laser hair removal/waxing.

>> No.9682313

I'm the same, seriously let's both just go for laser hair removal. If we really want facial hair again I think it comes back in like 10 years. It's a few hundred to never have to worry about this shit again. I look terrible with facial hair anyway, look great smooth.

Also I really love dressing in frilly feminine shit too, I'm actually not gay in any way as well and the constant gay jokes get kind of grating, not because they offend me, but because people think I am something I'm not and the stigma annoys me.

>> No.9682317

For female cosplayers having boyfriends from the anime/manga/costplay/general nerd shit scene, how stable are you relationships and how long do the last? Asking for a friend.
Also how did you meet them?

>> No.9682321

>Why can't they understand what cosplay is actually about?
Getting attention from guys that aren't your bf?

>> No.9682329

(S)he's not wrong. Male anime nerds will usually hit on and try to date any girl with the same interest.
Those friendships usually only work if the guy is in a relationship (once again, we are talking about non-normie guys).

>> No.9682333

It's hard anon, unless you have a group of friends to go there there's not much of a chance, as most other people are in groups there too.

>> No.9682347

Couples doing couple stuff in public are just annoying, doesn't have anything to do with consent, or even that guy trying to get into your pants.

>> No.9682351

Are women actually into that kind of idea, or are you just memeing?

>> No.9682354

lol you sound like you've never held hands with a girl before

>> No.9682356

Joke's on you, I held hands with 2 girls before and none of them were blood related.

>> No.9682363

Wow, are you the slut champion? It isn't a contest whore.

>> No.9682365
File: 300 KB, 652x720, dorothy skirt trick.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>report thought crimes, use brute force to censor people

Commie pls.

>> No.9682389


only if they din du nuttin'.

>> No.9682392

Wow, you should feel ashamed.

>> No.9682403

>talking is not a consent
What the fuck are you trying to say?

>> No.9682407

My bf of 2 years doesn´t cosplay or anything, but we met through our college gaming club

>> No.9682408

Can white girls cosplay as D.VA or is it a no no

>> No.9682412

>things that never happened

>> No.9682420

What kind of dumb ass question is that

>> No.9682462

We've been together 4 years now, getting married next month. We're incredibly stable, got each other's backs and know each other better than anyone else, we're best friends first and foremost.

Met him twelve years ago at a magic the gathering tournament

>> No.9682465

sjws don't care unless you're cosplaying someone with dark skin

>> No.9682546
File: 341 KB, 2048x1152, 18836885_10207249114586513_5488377635438567875_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what happens when you don't wear the standard thong diaper.

>> No.9682558

Who cares

>> No.9682564

I get doing yaoi sex for gf to fap to but not how he'd be willing to do threesomes with another guy. I think realistically guys are only into that for girls they're not attached to.

>> No.9682567
File: 194 KB, 581x811, 18010369_358066657929660_8262805194388237864_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that picture

>> No.9682568

>everybody who doesn't want casual racism in their comm is a commie
/po/ pls

>> No.9682582
File: 208 KB, 923x633, zzzzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9682623

>everyone who doesn't think the way I do shouldn't be allowed to do things that don't harm anyone because my feelings!

>> No.9682625
File: 49 KB, 339x307, A61BC6FA-FF3B-4BE8-A609-437FDE530FCB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting ready for a meet
>the three tights that matched my outfit were all ripped
>have to think up a plan D
>put on an old Bodyline sock that has the faintest pink bows
>socks look all white in the photos
Can’t even believe it, I’m so happy I kind of want to post to CoF now.

>> No.9682631

not the anon you're replying to, but I'd LOVE to have a bf I could jog/workout with and lose weight or just better myself with. goals

>> No.9682674
File: 400 KB, 650x650, 1358363568275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw going through a monetary rough patch and have to restrain yourself from fully engaging in your hobbies for a while

>> No.9682675
File: 32 KB, 401x401, D94F7264-CEA5-482A-B6BA-7F012C3FBC7D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> get really good photos taken from meetup where I wore a coord I was proud of
> smiled pretty big, did a pose I practiced
> sees photos posted on social media the next day
> looks like I’m just standing around awkwardly and not smiling at all
> why am I like this

>> No.9682677
File: 128 KB, 1280x720, 1508607949475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spend a solid 6 hours trying to figure out how to make shoe covers
>not boot, like dress shoes covers
>Prototype looks decent, but securing them under the shoe is still a WiP since I just laced it there with thread
>Basically had to make patterns out of tinfoil, never used any patterns or anything before this
>Shoes are also assymetrical, so it's even more of a pain on the ass

Jesus, it was like learning to swim by being thrown into the pool

>> No.9682721

you´ll get the pose/expression right next time! If you can check with the photog while they´re getting photos, so you can make adjustments to your pose and angle

>> No.9682723

if you care what normies think youre a normie too. gfto normie

>> No.9682725

set his body on fire. good thing all lolitas have detailed wardrobe posts and paypal receipts... right? no? just my tinfoil hat?

>> No.9682727
File: 197 KB, 1600x1064, Saab_viggen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are who I think you are, check your inbox again

>> No.9682750

That sounds nice.
Guess it also means there's little hope for my crush to break up with her bf, as she seems the stable kind herself.
Feels bad man.

>> No.9682759
File: 144 KB, 180x180, ryukochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that pic
Is that girl giving the other girl an atomic wedgie in the front??

>> No.9682775
File: 80 KB, 840x960, slowpoke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been talking to these two girls lately, and I wasn't sure which one I wanted to pursue romantically.

Then I realized, I've only been thinking of cosplay ideas for one of them.

She's clearly the one I like more.

>> No.9682783

I've been looking for that image 5ever, thanks anon.

>> No.9682789

>cosplay ideas
Do women actually want cosplay suggestions?
I always though this was something personal, so a cosplay suggested by somebody else wouldn't "fit".

>> No.9682801
File: 632 KB, 640x610, eqB9Obk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>male, completely comfy with my gender
>very masculine face, fairly neutral body
>browsing fa and cgl for years
>skinny jeans and massive sweatshirts are nice and look great
>just want to wear poofy dresses

kill me

>> No.9682807

That sounds legit

>> No.9682811

I'm always open to suggestions. And it makes even more sense if he wants to do a couples cosplay.

>> No.9682862
File: 606 KB, 440x237, dn't lt yr drms b drms.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>captcha just made me complete 6, even though all were correct. whyyyy

>> No.9682886
File: 37 KB, 1438x960, 39185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lost a lot of weight and put on muscle so I could look good in a skirt
>get to wear pretty dresses during Halloween and everyone just thinks I'm being ironic
Life is pretty good. Muscle male Shimakaze here I come.

>> No.9682967

i usually wouldn´t take suggestions cause I like to cosplay things i´m passionate about, but if a good friend asked for a cosplay for a couple cosplay or group cosplay i would probably do it

>> No.9682969
File: 277 KB, 870x790, 1509980295451-vg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9682972
File: 48 KB, 475x650, 3689A76D-ACE0-45CB-A6DE-2B5AFF8B8503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my pinks don’t match
>my whites don’t match
>my greens don’t match
>my blues don’t match
Sometimes I feel like burning my whole closet and starting over again. My OCD can’t handle this.

>> No.9682990

My guess is that you're like me, and you haven't had too many friends in general. So when you get kinda close to someone you're not sure if you're actually good friends or not. But, as my best friend told me recently when I asked her about all this, if you can have a deep conversation with someone and listen to each other closely and if they WANT to see you, you've got a good friend. I would be willing to bet you've got close friends without even realizing it, and that you've been worrying too much.

>> No.9682993

Good job!
I totally wanna do a hentai/trap collab with someone some day lol

>> No.9683010

I know it's really basic but I want a bunch of male sailor scouts and female tuxedo mask.

>> No.9683026
File: 558 KB, 522x768, Jonathan.Joestar.full.1685606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mostly browse /g/ these days, but I do cosplay from time to time.

Holy shit this board has so much negativity. I've been here 3 or 4 times and there were always a thread about "ugly people doing cosplay", and it seems people post photos from other lurkers from here just to piss them off.

I don't know, I've been a 4chan user for almost a decade now, /a/ and /g/ aren't nowhere as negative as this board. Even with /g/ constantly fighting the botnet. No idea whats up. Hope you guys figure your stuff, wish you all the best

Jonathan numbers are actually realistic for bodybuilders, hes 1,95m and weights 106kg. Nothing absurd. Considering hes pretty lean, I'd suppose he has <=8% bodyfat. If you're shorter than him, then you don't need that much weight to get his looks. You can do it, anon!

>> No.9683033

>implying around the clock AMD/Nvidia/Intel shitposting isn't just as bad

/g/ is as bad as /v/ bro, and they're both pretty bad. /cgl/ has negativity but it never reaches shitposting critical mass like those boards do. We had one major influx last week and it was because /r9k/ and /fit/ invaded

>> No.9683034

Somebody before you literally posted proof that it was welsh, fuck off.
t. Swede

>> No.9683045
File: 38 KB, 279x270, chap211.001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you're looking at a different issue.
The problem with Intel/Nvidia/AMD threads, or any consumerist thread in /g/, is that you never know if you're reading an actual opinion or someone paid to advertise in 4chan. Most of the "flamewars" look artificial to me desu. These threads are bad, but I think its a different reason other than community's negativity.

I think that, unfortunately, /g/ is top 5 boards with more corporate advertising in 4chan. Its an issue that I don't see any easy solution for, though the mods do delete the most blatant shilling threads. I saw a post linking to >30 deleted threads about Apple recently.

I've never browsed /v/.

>> No.9683050

he'll get a rude wakeup if he actually manages to get with them.

>You really want to **** 2B, don't you?
Yes. Yes, I do.

It's not a bad way to get exposed to new material, but I've never cosplayed anything based on looks alone.

My feels: The fitter I get,the more I realize my 'dream' body is unattainable due to genetics. I'm still pretty happy where I'm at and the direction I'm headed, but lat insertions and an extra two inches of height just aren't in the books.

>> No.9683052

>I've never browsed /v/
Keep it that way

>> No.9683104

>Nothing absurd


>> No.9683112

>whites dont match

Is this a meme I’ve missed???

>> No.9683133

Not a meme, matching shades of white, especially off white, can be a huge pain in the ass just like matching other colors.

>> No.9683148
File: 130 KB, 320x209, ok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comm mods announce ILD
>someone immediately messages me
>"can you make us a dozen raffle prizes again"
>mfw this is literally the only reason people message me anymore

feels dumb, man.

>> No.9683150

There's no problem with telling people 'oh man you'd make a great X!' if they have some level of interest in it or you want to do it as a group and include them. Worst that happens is they don't do it.

I've had people suggest I do certain cosplay I didn't have a personal investment in because they wanted to include me in their group and it was cool.

>> No.9683160

Must be all the brand shills and con corporations shitting it up

>> No.9683172

Like >>9683133 said, white can have many variations. White, offwhite, cream, kinari...
The worst is when you put a cooler toned white piece next to a warmer one, the warmer one looks dirty and yellowed.

>> No.9683198
File: 527 KB, 439x578, JonathanP2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry for not making myself clear, I was talking about his height/weight relation. I know hes pretty tall.

But if you're like 1.70m~1.76m for example you could get similar look with less than 75kg.
If you're as tall as him (1.95m) then you'd have to eat a LOT to get even close. And probably do that for at least 2 years.

>> No.9683210

I feel like gulls on the east coast can relate to this more than west coast gulls spoiled by a heavier millenial population and popularity of underground fashion subcultures.
I would love to wear more j-fash outside of conventions but its kind of hard when youre living in no-mans-land ohio

>> No.9683220

1.95m is what, 6'4"? and 106kg = 233#...

even at 6'4", a lean 233# is huge... that's absolutely bodybuilder status. my 6'3" rock climbing buddy is already swole at 200, yeah he could gain 10# pretty easily since extra weight drags you down on climbs, but 30# extra is no simple task - and we've been gymrats for the better part of a decade.

>> No.9683225

Since I'm a NEET (five months ahead) I started gaining weight and I'm feeling godawful.
I'm 121lbs for 5"3 i feel so chubby and gross. Even if it's just chubby I already feel fat.
I hate working out so I'll probably just walk around more and limit my caloric intake seriously. My thighs are touching and it's grossing me out,they're so thick.

>> No.9683230

Start by wearing it when you're going out with friends, progress to wearing it alone

>> No.9683247


>> No.9683257

Yeah, maybe I undervalued his weight. I just wanted to say his body was physically possible to achieve if you want to go that route.

>> No.9683271
File: 191 KB, 365x266, 1501704078472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fukken do it anon.
Because you'll get older and regret even more as time goes on. There's no age to start, go for it!
I suggest you give styles you like a more "mature" twist maybe (for example in lolita,changing the blouse style or wearing a cardigan to make a sweet dress less "childish"),a way that makes the outfit comfortable for you to wear.
It doesn't make you a "normie" like that retard over there >>9682723 said. Just self aware that sometimes, things don't always suit you. But that's not a reason to totally abandon it!

I would also suggest to first go out with friends, you'll feel less overwhelmed by people looking at you if you're in a (small or big) group.
That and start slowly. Maybe don't wear a full outfit all at once. Start with shoes, or accessories,...

Finally I would tell you to think about it. Why should you care about what random strangers think? If you're happy with yourself that's all that matters. If they feel the need to come and bother you/laugh at you, you should feel sorry for them if anything, just leave them do it, they're dumb,at most they'll post on their normiebook or IG about how "hurr saw this weirdo lmao it's not halloween" with three crying emojis. And if your peers reject you, then maybe it's time to find new people to hang out with. A true friend will show support or at least tolerance. At the end,it's just (flashy) clothes. It's still you underneath.
It's perfectly normal to feel the way you do. Just know you're not alone.
/wall of text

>> No.9683282
File: 1.09 MB, 1280x720, 1509143914767.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/a/ and /g/ aren't nowhere as negative as this board
That's because those boards don't deal with RL issues, hell /a/ deleted anything that is considered "blogging", even if it's in a thread about an anime that is supposed to hit close to home and evoke this kind of discussion.

>> No.9683290

>tfw all your dream cosplays are manly men with complicated costumes and you are a small skinny woman
i can dream i guess

>> No.9683300

jojo is basically peak natty potential. if you run into anyone that looks like that in real life, odds are high they're on gear.

>> No.9683305

>tfw 6'5" man who wants to be a trap
Feel you.

>> No.9683309

all the snaps probably happened as you were thinking and gearing up to look how you practiced. don't worry anon. you're worrying is the issue, be free and enjoy. that'll shine through your photos when you achieve it!

>> No.9683316

some women are that tall, anon.
if you wanna look underage, yeah you'll have a challenge ahead of you. but I see no issue with you passing as a tall elegant trap or sexy gyaru trap. look up tall lady inspo.

>> No.9683324

>just want a weeb/cosplay gf
It can't be done, can it?

>> No.9683326

I believe in you anon!

>> No.9683327

>being mentally ill

>> No.9683330

Well that's one of us.
I mean while I'm "too old" for that hobby I know there are plenty of women "too old" for it as well, but those usually are already settled down into relationships.
I wish I could just be attracted to regular women.

>> No.9683333
File: 155 KB, 1440x1080, Space Adventure Cobra - 08v2 (Blu-ray, 1080p, 10bit)[13C795A3] [Gokmen].mkv_snapshot_15.57_[2016.02.25_05.02.55].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do it. Be a badass tough guy. I believe in you

>> No.9683336

Well there's a 27 year old weeb/cosplay guy that I have a crush on, and I'm not in a relationship.
I don't think you're too old at all! There's definitely someone out there for you.

>> No.9683339

Ugh. Someday maybe. My face is pretty androgynous and my shoulders are broad but my build is small enough I'd look ridiculous (I'm also 5'7", which is too short for a guy). My dream cosplays are Gordon Freeman and Adam Jensen, both fairly manly men with complex costumes. And they both have facial hair which is annoyingly difficult/expensive to get to look convincing, and it's not like I have the option to grow my own beard

>> No.9683349

>Well there's a 27 year old weeb/cosplay guy that I have a crush on, and I'm not in a relationship.
You're literally genderswapped me, but ther person in that story is already taken.

>> No.9683372
File: 49 KB, 720x480, (G_P) Votoms (Remastered) 41(x264)(FBE39B63).mkv_snapshot_11.28_[2016.04.23_21.41.03].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you talking about? 5'7" is still plenty doable. Plus it's not like there aren't clean shaven manly man characters too.
Don't give in; I know you have it in you

>> No.9683377
File: 113 KB, 704x338, Kamen_Rider_Birth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you should get into Kamen Rider
>tfw babyfaced 5"4 female
>not letting that stop me

>> No.9683386

If I recall correctly, 5'7" is above average for American females and just under average for American males.

Build doesnt matter on Freeman thanks to his armor,and Jensen's is pretty slender.

>> No.9683452

>6'5" woman
Did someone turn up the thermostat? I feel kinda funny

>> No.9683459

Typically, a lot of guys are thirsty as shit and she just may not feel comfortable being one on one with another just due to personal standards bc she has a bf and she feels it's best not to.

It's a possibility.

>> No.9683482
File: 42 KB, 285x279, shiggymoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Traps are based.

>> No.9683573
File: 26 KB, 480x376, 21766669_129349541048993_2422973772476755060_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jonathan is my husbando. If only I could get a cute muscular boyfriend like him..

>> No.9683576

What the actual fuck

>> No.9683577

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9683585

What about it?

>> No.9683605
File: 70 KB, 600x873, 16319548a25435756dfdcb09e7ab11d1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be a girl
>Want to cosplay as a space marine for local con.
>There's a group of 40k players here who wear army supply shit and open carry and loudly argue about how manly 40k lore is all the time.
>Decide against it, I don't want to be shot at a con by raging fanboys.
Now I have all this foam and I need to find something else to do with it. Vaguely considering doing a Stormcast Eternal, since they're similar to Space Marines and some of them are women, but I'm not very familiar with Age of Sigmar compared to 40k so I'm worried about doing it wrong.

>> No.9683611
File: 826 KB, 800x1200, SoB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about a Sister of Battle, anon? Their aesthetic is close enough to Astartes power armour. Alternatively you could do something like an Inquisitor, Farseer or Howling Banshee

>> No.9683613

Please make the marine armor.
Just make a helmet if you're super worried.
AoS sucks anyways

>> No.9683625

Thanks for the suggestion, but I really don't like them. The lore behind them is kinda neat, but... Call me a prude, but I'm just not interested in dressing like a booby sci-fi battle domme. I'm also a little salty because I'm tired of the guys at the local GW store trying to pressure me into playing them. More power to anyone who wants to play or cosplay the SoB, but they're just not for me.

Yeah, that's what I heard... The lore for the Stormcasts is kinda neat, but the rest seems like a weak 40k ripoff. I might just do the marine armour with a helmet, yeah.

>> No.9683630

>tfw all your dream cosplays are tiny cute girls with elegant but simple costumes and you are 6'1" fitizen male

>> No.9683680
File: 111 KB, 548x662, 7a67d6ae-1053-4cfa-a6e4-7de4cf02b1c0..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw lolita gf asks you to turn around in the shower so she can pluck all of your stray back hairs out

>> No.9683696
File: 181 KB, 830x463, Shion.(No.6).full.836573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I easily get obsessed with girls I am romantically interested in and thus try to stay platonic with all the women I meet
>tfw I realize that I have developed a crush on this one quiet and shy blonde girl in my university's anime club
>tfw up at 3am writing poems about how I feel towards her
I seriously need to stop before this gets out of hand...

>> No.9683702

>tfw no bf who's obsessed with you and stays up all night writing poems for you

>> No.9683714

Been super depressed and not making any cosplays the past year. Now I’m getting back into the mood after months of therapy but can’t start up again because I decided to get out of the military in 8 months and need to save as much money as possible. Feel like I never win with my dumb ass brain and decisions.

>> No.9683719
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I don't know if there are many girls who'd like a guy like me. Even though I am pretty good looking according to my friends, I can't help but become obsessed, think about her all day long and start delusionally planning our future together all the way to getting married and having kids.

>> No.9683724

that sounds like my ideal kind of boyfriend to be honest...

>> No.9683729

My number one sex fantasy is marriage

>> No.9683730

as a big warhammer fan, trust me, you don't want to associate with the spergs at all if possible.

Inquisitors are always an option. big floppy hat optional, but recommended.

>> No.9683779
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I really hope she has similar taste, it's just hard to control my possessive tendencies so I won't scare her away or go full yandere and start stalking her or something.

I constantly fantasize of getting married to her, buying a nice cozy house for us and getting her pregnant.

I've fallen asleep hugging a pillow and imagining it's her every night for something like three months now. Feeling like this about someone I am not so close to yet makes me feel like the worst kind of creep but I can't help it.

>> No.9683797

Robert Downey Jr is 5'7". Just saying, height has very little to do with achieving a manly look, especially if you're cosplaying alone and don't have any near you in photos for comparison.

>> No.9683807

I assure you it isn't. I'm insanely possesive and all girls I've been with leave me because I always want to be around them and them around me.

>> No.9683814

my bf and I are like this, we try to be around each other every single moment. I don't want to do things or hang out unless I'm with him unless they're absolutely necessary (work, class, similar things).

>> No.9683815

I, for one, really dislike clingy people. I just don't want to be around anyone at all 80% of the time. In my case, that's what drives people away because they think I'm disinterested (since I don't want to meet/talk a lot of the time). But good luck to your romantic life, nonetheless. Don't go into creep territory now, anon-kun.

>> No.9683821

calls me a retard then basically agrees with me. if you care what idiots think of you, people who call you a weirdo halloween person, you are not ready for jfashion

>> No.9683830



>> No.9683838

not exactly what those anons are saying, but sometimes you should think of what normies think of you. I seriously worry about what they think because I've been harassed and followed in jfashion before multiple times. It's not fun, especially when you know your clothes play a major part in it. Now I only wear it when I'm with friends or my boyfriend because I know I'll be safe.

Being less desperate would help. Neither my bf or I were looking for a relationship before we met. There's no such thing as love at first sight or first week of knowing each other

>> No.9683839

>Being less desperate would help.
no u

>> No.9683908

Romance is dead anon.
Men like us are born a couple hunded years late.

>> No.9684016
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As a rather introverted person I understand how relaxing it is to spend time just by yourself, even if you have good friends and other people you like.
Even though I am pretty possessive, I wouldn't necessarily want to be physically with her all the time, just knowing that she feels the same way towards me as I do towards her and that I am her only one would be enough I think. When it comes to people I generally think more about the quality of the time spent together over the quantity of it, I want her to enjoy the time she spends with me and be with her more based on that.
Thanks for the good wishes, I'll try not to become worse than I already am.

I fear you're right, but I want to believe.

>> No.9684020


New thread

>> No.9686324
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> R9k guy here for the first time

S-so many grills

>> No.9688239
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Dude its pretty intense i know

>> No.9690698

Ew, is this board nigger friendly?

>> No.9691299

>170~176 cm
>195 cm
Why are Americans midgets?
Okay, 195 is really tall, but I constantly see people 180+ cm tall. 170 cm is closer to being a woman, I see quite few around this height. I'm 175 cm, and I consider myself fairy tall, but for a guy this height he would be quite close to being short.
5'11" really seems like a cut-off for most males in Europe.

>> No.9692041

Switch to legacy captchas, Anon, and suddenly posting on 4chan stops being a chore.

>> No.9692046

That... that's like if /co/ deleted political talk from Captain America threads.

>> No.9694175

Lol cosplaying is literally just dressing up as a cartoon characters, taking pictures and maybe sperging out attempting to voiceact, that's it, I sincerely believe you need to lighten the fuck up

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