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Last thread! >>9661468

What's your favourite dress/accessory/etc to wear around Halloween?

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Why did there used to be substyles of lolita based on different styles (punk, hime gyaru, deco) but not anymore? Those feel outdated but there aren't new ones to replace them,like the only one I can think of is steam lolita but it isn't popular and many people don't even know it exists.

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Why did there used to be substyles of lolita based on different styles (punk, hime gyaru, deco) but not anymore? Those feel outdated but there aren't new ones to replace them,like the only one I can think of is steam lolita but many people don't even know it exists.

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thot lolita when

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Steam lolita isn't even new, I started lurking egl in 2011 and it existed then

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There were more people interested in other subcultures, I think. Right now all of them are in decline. Larme is too much normie to make any major difference and steampunks are too much of douches to make steam lolita look good. If there will be a next big trend, there will be also a lolita substyle of it.

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Because now whenever people mixlolita with other styles in mind like larme or menhera, everyone just calls it a themed coord

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Nobody ever says themed in my comm, I've only seen it on cgl and I think it's mostly newfags (americans) who aren't learning lolita lingo and also say things like it's blue instead of sax.

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How do you know they are americans who do not know the lingo?

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Anon probably said it because "amercifags so stupid, right", but I notice that if english is your native language, you tend to use different words for things, because they seem right. If your native language is something else, you learn vocabulary for lolita and use it as it was intended to.

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Probably because it is more like "adding things of another style" now instead of the main piece itself being made to look like a different style? Last "new" substyle I remember was Mori/Natural Lolita, that even got a whole brand delicated to it (MiELette Tautou) but most would lump that in with classic.

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Has anyone gotten their confirmation email from Innocent World for Rabbit Letter? I got the initial email and replied but haven't gotten anything back.

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I got the email asking for my address and stuff, but I haven't gotten the actual confirmation yet. The deadline just ended so hopefully it'll happen tomorrow.

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Has anyone heard about this film?

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How well do lolita items sell at bring and buys that arent specifically lolita oriented such as an anime convention?
Ive been trying to sell a lolita skirt for what seems like months but since im not in the US and i feel like shipping paired with a non popular print is really killing my chances. Is it worth entering it when majority of the items sold will be manga and figures? The skirt isnt AP or baby and isnt shirred. Am i best off donating/giving it away for shipping?

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Join the lolita group of your comm or country and just give it away/sell it there

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Has anyone read this book?

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Does anyone remember if AP Paris had new years lucky packs and/or a sale last year?

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If you don’t ask a high price for it, O think you will be fine. A friend of kine was able to sell most of her cheaper items in the Cosplay comm. as it has a lot of starting / wannabe lolita’s. Who love to use it in their oc cosplay. But more expensive items don’t really sell that good.

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But there have been menhera and larme-like pieces

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i can see this. Like outfit instead of coord, blue vs sax, even burgundy vs wine and things like that. Because end of day, the Japanese used english words for these concepts, but they used... I don't want to say the 'wrong' ones, because it's not 'wrong' in any sense, but they used ones that aren't conventional, so it seems strange for a native English speaker to use them until they get used to it.

Listen, stupid weebs will buy any overpriced garbage at a con if it's ~japanese~

Take it to a con and make money. I've seen stupid weebs paying $100+ for a $20 bodyline skirt at a con. I've had stall owners try to sell me overpriced replicas, telling me, "Oh, look, you're wearing AP, it's AP!!!!!!" and charging $200+ for ass tier replicas.

If you keep your price right around $100 you shouldn't have a problem, I assume it's not worth a lot more than that if you're considering giving it away.

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Americans are stupid

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Please drop some more deets on these.

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Does anyone know how much Linda Friesen's dresses usually cost? It's my dream to commission a dress from her but I'm almost afraid to ask about prices since she doesn't seem to post them publicly.

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Iirc,no,at least online(because the only way of ordering was email and that kills the lucky pack vibe). Let's see if they do one this year with the new online shop!

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I always thought it was more than a new brand dress. When she still had her second brand for Lolita, the prices were already really high/on the same level as brand for really plain dress.

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The dresses are plain but the detail is incredible, imo it surpasses JetJ in their heyday before they started whoring themselves out to the print trend.

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I'll speak as a guy on this. Even though zettai ryouiki is a thing (or a fetish), that shouldn't be a big deal. To put it into perspective, Wikipedia says foot fetishism "the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts," but you don't see people going crazy over sandals.
I can understand this point if you're referring to those lace thigh highs with a garter belt. Those are pretty sexual. But regular thigh high socks...? Nah.
I've seen girls wearing those. Lots of guys seem to go nuts over yoga pants in general though.
Yeah. It makes no logical sense.
With those red tartan skirts though, those are a hallmark of the "naughty schoolgirl" image. But being harassed over knee-length ones is mind boggling.

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Here's a little comparison anyway (had to fix a typo on it and replace an image)

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I never understand why some males do this

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What are you referring to?

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Hell im going to list it as my lacemarket price which is under $50 but since its basically unshirred its an XS/S here which most weebs imo here arent going to fit.

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Speaking as a guy, it's so special snowflake

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why do white girls dress like this?
I'm a fan of MD's style and had no idea she was into acting. that's pretty cool. I'd check it out if it ever goes online because horror+dresses is right up my alley.
>that title font is not the one though

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I thought the general idea and the plot twist were good.
The main character was a little bit of a Mary-Sue, and the BtB and 4chan references were a little heavy.
The worst specific thing that annoyed me was a one-liner that referred to a drawing of an 8-armed woman as a 'Hindi goddess' -eyeroll-
Since it's so short and wasn't pricey, I think the story is worth reading despite these issues though, if you're looking to kill half an hour.

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The host of the event said that the movie would be up on youtube soon. I'm hoping it's up by Halloween so I can get a spooky lolita film into my movie/show marathon.

Also does anyone know about how long it takes I Do Declare to ship out something? I ordered a blouse and an estimate of how long I'll be waiting would be nice.

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the director followed my insta but thats all ive seen of it is the image you posted

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This and Dark Tales of the Lolita are on my read list but i hate ordering books online

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Where are you from ?

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I saw some dresses in real and I didn’t really see incredible details or such. The qualiy was good, but I didn’t think they were special enough to deserve that price.

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Yeah. They're quick to flame girls doing this (in any case,unless it's relevant to the discussion,nobody gives a shit if you're a girl or a boy) then they chime in like "WELL, AS A MALE I THINK THAT..."

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>>9666270 here, I got my e-mail earlier today. I tried to get the L-size bordeaux sailor JSK and they told me sold out. Kinda pissed desu, what's the point of the questionnaire if you're going to make so few that you sell out before the reservations even happen...? No doubt they will re-release this again next year too...

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I'm a dinosaur and want to start a blog. Which platform would be best to reach other lolitas? I keep getting Wordpress recommended to me as best for fashion blogging but most other lolitas I've seen are on Blogger/Blogspot.

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there is a girl that often make spatial coords that reminds me of uchuu-kei, but then as >>9666169 said, it will be seen as a themed coord
As i'm leaning to a casual everyday style, i'm trying to find cross-overs with menhera/fairykei (for the comfy sweaters and sneakers), but it's pretty hard...

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whatever you pick it's easier to gain a following on insta, tumblr and youtube

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Can you post one of her uchuu lolita coords?

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Yeah I'm already on IG, but I want a platform for text posts and to keep better track of projects. I hate tumblr and while I'm considering YT, I want to see if I can do this in text form first.

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They're on blogger/blogspot since those were popular at the time they were created. I'd go with a WP blog if I were you. There's more support for it these days.

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I just got my invoice and just paid! I originally only asked for the jsk, but I asked them to add the tights, and got those too!

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Maybe the sailor JSK wasn't as popular as the high waist. They did say answering the questionnaire was not a guarantee of stock.

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well i noticed that i have none saved, but i found her tumblr: https://gumdropgalaxy.tumblr.com/

here's one of the coord i had in mind, tell me what you think

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another one
maybe it's "just" space-themed, but it's such a pain to find crossovers between styles that the "beggars can't be choosers" proverb applies

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I didn’t get the sailor jsk in bordeaux as well, even though I responded promptly. I’m pretty bummed about that, as it’s a dream dress of mine. I know they said that answering the questionnaire is not a guarantee, but why even bother to do one in the first place, then? Especially as Rabbit Letter is meant to go on sale in three steps (questionnaire, VIP, everybody else), so why make so few dresses that they can’t even fulfill the first batch? I’m salty.

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The previews of Dark Tales of the Lolita are *so* cringy

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Isn't this Farah or whatever her name is?

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Well they did say in the e-mail:
> 大変多くの方からご返信をいただき、予約枚数に達しましたため予約完売してしまい
which more or less means "we had so many requests for this that we exceeded our allotment for reservations and have completely sold out" so at least according to them it was popular and actually sold. But it just doesn't make sense to not make more if you had so many people willing to fork cash over for it.
There is mention of another possible re-release (re-re-re-release?) of Rabbit Letter in the email so they might just run another batch later on. We will see. I'm the meantime, I'm with >>9667176. I'm salty.
Also, I know the questionnaire wasn't a guarantee for a spot, but then it seems like a rather pointless questionnaire. Just a reservation by another name...
Anyway, I'm sure there are reasons why they can't just pump out infinite dresses, so I'm just venting here.

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Whoops, wrong anchor. I meant I'm with >>9667167. Polite sage!

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Oh man I'm sorry anon, that sucks. My email finally came in and I managed to get the sailor cut in sax in L, I'm so relieved.

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You know people actually have to make the dresses? Maybe they don't have time to make more, maybe they don't want to hire a bunch of temporary people just for this release.

>> No.9667194

Congrats! I'm glad at least some of us gulls got one.

Of course. Those are perfectly valid reasons. Here's hoping for a second batch that comes out next year or something.

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Claire. She's good friends with that chick who bought a $1500 dress at AP and then later demanded she be able to return it because she didn't read the price tag properly.

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Another batch would be great! I wouldn’t mind waiting longer for my dress, I just want to finally own it (and I’d rather support IW than buying it second hand). I only got a very short mail, so I didn’t know that there’s a chance for yet another rerelease:

>About your item could not be protected. I'm very sorry.
If cancellation occurs, we will contact you.

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They said in my e-mail:
> もしキャンセルが出た際や再々販が決定することがありましたら優先的にお知らせさせていただきます。
(If we receive cancellations or decide on another re-release, we will contact you with priority)
So it's a big 'if', but it's a possibility. I think if they sold out so fast then there's a decent chance for us. Good luck anon!

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You mean that neon haired bimbo with the terrible tattoos that had a haul video with lots of brand and barely anything fitting her because silicon tits?

>> No.9667217

>the newness is real
yeah Claire's style is consistent and well-executed enough to be legit uchuu-lolita.

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Is this even allowed? The description on this listing is killing me. There's a very real possibility that you could get just a Bodyline dress, an offbrand blouse, and 2 offbrand accessories. and for €235? yeah, I don't think so.

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Hello Mairin! Linda's pieces are all custom designed, patterned and tailored to the customer, use high quality textiles, handmade by the designer in extremely small runs or OOAK unlike factory-produced Japanese brands, and unlike some people, she always takes the time to make sure the shoulder straps are attached symmetrically. As someone who's supposed to be obsessed with ~ couture ~ you should know that these are all things that add to the final price. And even then her pieces cost less than even simpler factory-made pieces from many other designers.

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i was ok with it until it said "bodyline" No one is going to pay for that. She doesnt even mention "original price is over 250 euros" or someting.... She can just buy a primark blouse, two claires accesories and a bodyline dress all for under 50 euros

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Sorry, pick one. That lucky pack is guaranteed to be shit.

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It grows

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I just checked out her external feedback and
>this user has been permanently banned

Anyone in the Dutch comm know the dirt?

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I’m in that comm and from her LJ username + location I’ve sussed out who it is, but I’ve never met her or heard anything about her being a scammer. Maybe it happened before I joined.

Definitely not risking that “lucky” pack, though.

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You guys seriously build up shit in your head.
If you wore stuff on the left to an office job, they'd ask you to fucking go home and question your professionalism. If you wear the one on the right to work, you can get away with it. I do it all the fucking time.

Out on the street, you can wear pretty much anything and get hit on. I get hit on all the time wearing normie clothes because I'm fucking female and that's how it goes if you're a woman. Men are disgusting drooling dogs that want to lick you if you're mildly attractive. Most dudes, especially the younger ones or if they're old and alone, will just want to stick their dick in whatever female will let them.

That's why kneesocks are attractive. Anything can be sexy.

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Wrong person

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Iirc they plan on uploading it to youtube. No idea what youtube channel though. Im waiting..

>> No.9667365

Who gives a shit? it's fucking blue. I've never seen anyone use sax outside of lolita.
My take is when lolita was new, there weren't so many, and it was the kind of terminology people saw in the GLB etc.
As time went on, and new fashions arose and got mixed with lolita, it because really ridiculous to have substyles for every new thing, and it was mostly newbies and itas trying to pitch stuff like "bittersweet" and other "new" substyles so it probably got tainted somewhat from that.

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you sound really mad and personally invested...

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The pictures in the left in that image are definitely an exaggeration, but I’ve worked with someone who came to work in dresses like pic related on a daily basis and nobody batted an eye, while I was reprimanded for “unprofessional dress” for wearing over-the-knee socks with knee-length skirts. You couldn’t even see the gap unless you were staring at my legs while I was walking or in the process of sitting down, but still I was the one being “unnecessarily provocative”.

You’re absolutely right that anything can be a fetish and many men will whistle at women regardless of what we’re wearing, but the west does have a weird thing about covered up skin being somehow more sexual than exposed skin. I wear mostly classic lolita with covered arms, neck etc. and it’s ridiculous how many comments I get suggesting I must be a sexual deviant or “beast in the sack” despite being all covered up. I never get these comments when I’m out in jeans or normie sundresses.

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this unfuriates me so much
the worst thing is that you can't sue people doing this because self-expression is not recognized as a culture/religion by the law and therefore those kind of behavior cannot count as discrimination

>> No.9667388

there was a time in the U.S. when showing ankles drove people nuts.
predators don't like to be handed things on a platter, they like to be teased and denied. it's pretty sick and disrespectful coming from complete strangers.
people will think and say all the stuff they want but lolita is for you, and sometimes maybe your friends, to enjoy.
>do you
>forget everyone else

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It's just an example, chill

>> No.9667392

It's just an example, chill

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The model is cute but what the fuck is this silhouette
It's a literal blob

>> No.9667396

holy fuck this self plug

>> No.9667401

A mistake.

>> No.9667406

>Sack dresses look good on thin Asians!

Yea I admit that she's mid-turn and the air caused by the movement is whats giving her that shape but jesus she looks almost 300lbs because of it.

>> No.9667410

I think the main problem here is the hoop skirt she's wearing underneath.

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File: 40 KB, 337x614, 36f70907db2ff269b0ec6435525afc4b--lolita-goth-lolita-style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is an ugly pic and lolita was never supposed to flatter your body

>> No.9667416

The Shantung OP does have some shape to it, it's gathered above the bust and is A-line. This >>9667394 might be a bad pic but this OP seems to have only a few box pleats at the top and for some reason is worn with a bell petticoat? Sure it could be a bad pic but I doubt a good pic would save it. And that's without mentioning the gross muddy print.

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File: 1.14 MB, 275x157, 1504840882760.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh boy, I can't wait for the stupid drama that will follow

>> No.9667428

Why would there be drama? Asking as someone who's curious about this movie.

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has anyone bought anything from lolilolipop_shop ? Ive noticed a lot of lolita follow them and they occasionally comment on peoples stuff.. but the reviews on their site look like generic names most of which are males so it looks like paid/bot reviews

>> No.9667452

Not having wonky straps MuH CoUtuRE, sure anon

>> No.9667456

Its kelly eden, she has an entitled youtube rant up about it the dopey slut. Honestly, I think she was angling to get it for free off the company she worked for there.

>> No.9667481

Does anyone know if the online lolita zines that were mentioned a while back ever continued publication? I've been considering making tiny zines myself for venues like artist alley but I dunno if there's actually a want or need for this in the community.

In terms of content, I was thinking of things like lifestyle articles (recipes, location recommendations, etc.), DIY/how-to and fictional stories/comics. Avoiding things like news and events because we have Kera, Wunderwelt, yt, etc. for all of that. And while I'd love to have a detail shots section, I dunno if that sort of thing makes it easier for replica production or if it'd be encroaching on brand advertising so I'm hesitant on it. Been thinking about this as I wasn't crazy about the essays in very pretty/so rotten but I appreciated the comics and the overall attempt as an indie publication. Any opinions?

>> No.9667504

diff anon but some people are rabidly jelly of MD and constantly try to demonize her with weird unfounded claims that she blocks other goths or people who wear veils. it's pretty dumb. the one girl accused of 'copying her style' was likely an unhinged stalker and started weird drama to get her senpai to notice her.

>> No.9667505

Detail shots would be great for older pieces, especially brands like moitie because their stock photos were shit

>> No.9667513

make it pretty and interesting and people will surely buy it. I know tons of lolitas who are always looking to add nice stuff pertinent to the fashion to their collection/rooms.

>Honestly, I think she was angling to get it for free off the company she worked for there
whoa, that's a possibility. in the end she made money with this stupid ass video and riled her WKs by shitting all over the fashion and a major brand.
I wish normies and casuals didn't use the global online comm for drama. I'm by no means a
>lolita is serious business
kind of person but it's an amazing fashion with such a rich history and I'm not about this doink profiting off of being too spoiled and ignorant to have respect

>> No.9667533

Some of the reason for her high prices is that her pieces are often made bespoke to your measurements. You're paying for her tailoring skills and high quality fabrics.

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oops, 2nd half was meant for >>9667456
just to clarify: Kelly and Claire are two different people. the latter's an actual lolita

on a different note, has anyone bought anything from Kaledio Waltz? I just learned about them from Hexenhaus's twitter but I don't think they have an online shop yet?
this stuff is right up my alley, like Private Square but even more OTT/dolly

>> No.9667539

Oh! I didn't even notice her name in the credits. Honestly this just makes me want to watch this more, if only for the fact she's one of my favorite lolitas.

>> No.9667544

You mean Fahr? No.

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Because at the time, all those styles were still active and being worn. Deco lolita was big when decora was gaining traction again, which then blended into fairy kei, which led to fairy kei crossing over with lolita. Hime gyaru was being when lolita started to cross over with it, Angelic Pretty was even featured in Ageha a few times.

You do see it now, just more subtle since there really hasn't been another big rival jfashion to lolita in awhile. There is crossover in trends from Larme, Mori, and Menhera.

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File: 106 KB, 274x500, tumblr_kuj03dIjuc1qawb8zo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was also some girls who wore both, Himeka Shirosaki was a gyaru Ayumi Hamasaki impersonator who wore hime and lolita. I remember girls being angry about it, thinking she gave lolita a bad name because she was a hostess?

>> No.9667650

Hey! Sorry for the newfag question. I've just used Japonica Market to order something from mercari for the first time.
I got the confirmation email that they purchased the item, but it also mentions that I should confirm whether I want to use EMS or SAL parcel. Do I reply to their email to confirm? Same goes for declaring a lower value for the package. Is there gonna be a form or something once they receive my purchase?
Sorry for the stupid question, I just don't wanna mess up or cause them any hassle!

>> No.9667653

I saw someone buy a 40 dollar bodyline coat at a con even though the seller was charging over 150 for it. Weebs buy anything.

>> No.9667657

How did you order? You should have been able to choose the shipping method if you used their shopping cart.
Anyway, if the item you ordered costs more than 6,000 yen then Japonica will have to send it via EMS for the insurance, not sure how the lower price declaration works because I've never used it but I imagine you'll only be insured for the amount declared which is a risk. And if they ask you to confirm anything then yes, you need to reply to the email you received.

>> No.9667660

I did use the shopping cart but I was stupid and picked airmail because I didn't notice they had the 6000 yen limit, so now they wanted me to confirm the new shipping method.
Thank you for the reply, I'm going to mention the declaration thing to them in my email about the shipping method then!

>> No.9667664


>> No.9667672

you just email them back. i always ask for air and then they say its too big and tell me its gotta be ems cause i order a lotta shit
then after they confirm shipping tell them you want to mark price as whatever you want, then theyll email back asking if you confirm this then you have to reply yet again
any time they say "confirm?" make sure to email back. their english isnt the best but they try to make sure theyre doing what you need

>> No.9667678

Thank you so much for the help anon, I really appreciate it!

>> No.9667700

Massive Dick

>> No.9667720

When will deadass lolita be a thing where you wear timbs and dresses made with Supreme logo print fabric?

>> No.9667755

I would have a red dress with the white supreme logo at the bottom, if it was an all over print it'd look bad but just on the border would be good.

>> No.9667766

ive only really seen the cover, i just want to support lolita authors

>> No.9667775

also youll receive an additional email every time one of your ordered items shows up to them, so if the email doesnt say anything in particular just check if a new number has a # symbol

>> No.9667803

She did a collab OP set with AP too

>> No.9668275

Hey gulls, a friend lent me a dress for an upcoming event so we could match but it smells musty,kinda like a wet dog.
Will aerating it make it better?

>> No.9668278

Does Angelic Pretty have any plans to attend US conventions anymore? I would really love to participate in a fashion show for them, but I feel like after Sakura Con in 2014 they were kinda done with them.... cause I don’t recall them doing any since then but correct me if I’m wrong.

>> No.9668294

sadly it's what's mainstream for all girls of all races atm(at least in the west)

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anon I don't think legal action is the best way to shut up perv

>> No.9668319

I hope they just do their own, cons are awful

>> No.9668337

Why doesn't lacemarket have a section for trades?

>> No.9668341

Wait, who was copying MD?

>> No.9668342
File: 564 KB, 595x842, pop(17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This has to be the Chinese lolitas.

Check the archive, it was all deleted last time we talked about this.

>> No.9668373

I never understood how trades actually work. Do you have some sort of protection against scammers, other than the feedback system? Who will send the item first?

>> No.9668374

Or like a wutang dress

>> No.9668389

Didn’t Chinese Lolita’s get an exclusive red color way at the Shanghai party? When will they be quenched?

>> No.9668391

What was the OP sets name?

>> No.9668393

I like parts of the OP, but it's too much. I think it would be much better without an overlay.

>> No.9668397

some people also invoice each other for say $300/200/150 each depending on dress value so that way if someone backs out/tries to scam they can still file a claim.

>> No.9668399

If you have a covered balcony or you know it wont rain, hang it up outside for like 24 hours. I had a bad case of moth ball smell from leaving my closet in storage unit and after a day it smelled normal again

>> No.9668401

I just do it based on feedback and reputation

>> No.9668406

You both send it on the same day or meet in person

>> No.9668411

I would say 600+ based on how they are.

If you did the preorder it would be in nov, and I assume if the other stuff are mto then the same.

>> No.9668440

Is it customary to message a seller before clicking buy on LaceMarket? I don’t have much feedback yet so I feel like this would be the polite thing to do, but at the same time I’m a socially awkward mess who’d prefer to just click a few buttons and not interact more than necessary.

>> No.9668443

I would say it depends on if you're serious about buying.

>> No.9668450

I joined last year and messaged every seller before I bought an item just out of common courtesy. Now that I have feedback, I still message them after I've bought the item to be polite. So far 100% of them had a smooth transaction and we mutually benefitted from it. It might be a little awkward but it's much better than how awkward it would be if they were uncomfortable making the sale without knowing they're interacting with a human first.

>> No.9668453

I never message before 'buying' unless I have a question about something. But I ALWAYS message right away after buying just to let them know I'm ready to pay and will do so after getting the invoice. I dislike when sellers take forever to start the process, or are very non-responsive, so I feel I should be the same as I personally like dealing with. I don't have a lot of feedback either, and other than my first purchase, I've never had a problem with it.

>> No.9668456

Feedback system is pretty good protection, I've done several trades through LM. You just need two people with good feedback so that you can trust each other, it doesn't matter who mails first because if the other doesn't send the dress, you just report them as a scammer and get them banned

>> No.9668489
File: 158 KB, 675x1200, DLsuQpPVoAAgr1p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meanwhile outside of the exhibition of some felt artist.

>> No.9668514

I wouldn’t click buy if I wasn’t serious about buying. Do people do that?

I guess I should put my big girl bloomers on and message her, then! Thanks for your opinions.

>> No.9668525

imo there's no point in supporting someone just trying to make a money grab through her lolita following. I want /good/ lolita content, not just meh stuff.

>> No.9668527

This is art.

>> No.9668534

Goddamn I love needle felting. I wish it was a thing here like it is in Japan and (according to my Pinterest findings) Russia, but instead the only people who felt in my country are weird middle-aged hippie women who either make everything look like it was pulled from a swamp or constantly feel the need to celebrate wombynhood by felting itchy uterus hats. Sometimes both. Those are... interesting.

>> No.9668553

You should do a search for "relisted due to non-paying buyer" on LM and see for yourself. It's pretty damn common.

I've never expected a message from buyers before they buy. The main messages I've seen if they've messaged prior to buying is if they're verifying measurements/all the items are intact, want more pictures or want to negotiate a hold or price.

>> No.9668587

Update. The small pack is no longer listed. Please tell me nobody bought it.

>> No.9668593

I noticed that too, and also that the big one was gone and she had relisted a new 'big' pack.. I'm guessing it got taken down? I doubt anyone would be so stupid to buy, but who knows.

>> No.9668680
File: 101 KB, 595x619, mmconcept.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

would anyone be willing to translate Mary Magdalene's concept? I have a rough google translation that seems like it would be really interesting if properly translated.

>> No.9668727

So,the angelic bat blouse is listed as 94 bust. I'm 96 with a regular(non sport) bra and I could lose a couple centimetres off my back(back fat). Combining sports bra+weight loss I can fit most blouses. But what about the cutsews? I've seen cutsews listed as 80~cm bust. I'm guessing that isn't max measurements and that the fabric stretches?

>> No.9668731

Yeah fabric def stretches. Some have more give than others though. Best to ask other people about a specific cutsew.

>> No.9668749

I always appreciate having more lolita diy's, hair tutorials, how-to's, etc, in English since I can't ever read anything in kera or glb. Please go for it anon I would love to buy something like that!

>> No.9668767

It might stretch but it won't look good, especially 15 cm of stretch.

>> No.9668798

Princess of Dreams

>> No.9668831

It doesn't look good, but I've found most brand cutsews can stretch to around 108cm in the bust. Obviously not a great fit, but if you're 96cm you should be sweet as long as the shoulders and arms fit okay.

>> No.9668921

I've seen posts on how almost every taobao brand is surface printed so tha part of the print may eventually wash off. Does anybody know if Bodyline is surface printed too? How about RPA?

>> No.9668924

If its listed at 94cm, it means that you should be under those measurements for it to fit properly.

Blouses can be a a bit more fitted than JSKs and OPs, but not by much. Either way, you should be under those measurements for a good fit.

>> No.9668928

I really wish they didn't change the cut of the OP, the original one is much cuter, and it would have been perfect in pink.

>> No.9668990

Admins decided to lock both threads in RC about KE's 150,000¥ AP lacemonster buy.

I know KE is so embarrassed and she told me that several lolitas have already doxxed her.

>> No.9669004

Love Letter is still going and accepting submissions, but they said it might be their final installment.

>> No.9669130


Did she take down her video at least? As long as she's making money off that particular youtube, I can't help but think this is just a money grab, she's probably swimming in ad money from all the angry anons cgl sent to her.

On that note, if someone really wants to hit her where it hurts, don't bother doxxing her. Rip her video off youtube and put it up somewhere else. Then redirect everyone else to your mirror. Heck you could probably put it up on a couple of sites, then request gulls to start bombing youtube with C&D requests for copyright violation or something, then they'll shut down her video for you.

The only way to stop these people is to make sure there's no money to be had from making stupid vids.

>> No.9669135

MD does block people and is bat shit crazy

>> No.9669140

And your proof is...?

>> No.9669148

It was a very short like 5 min artsy film. Wasn’t breathtaking but it was neat. Don’t expect a lot.

>> No.9669151


>> No.9669153


Bodyline is fine at least. I have the waffle print and ice cream print and usually just throw them in the washing machine. Think I've owned them for a couple of years now, no signs of print flaking off.

No idea about RPA, I don't own anything from them.


If they kept the old designs I'm pretty sure some other anons would have bitched that it's another high-waisted release again, lol. AP just can't win.

>> No.9669156


The key to cutsew fit is the shoulder width. If you're very far over/under that measurement, forget the bust, the cutsew will look really odd on you.

>> No.9669181

Bodyline is def surface printed and one of the prints I own from them is the wrong way around lol. But it doesn't suddenly come off in the washing machine.

>> No.9669213
File: 55 KB, 1333x121, Screenshot_20171025-015115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's not making that much money off of it. Its just there to inflate her ego i suppose.

>> No.9669244


Would you really leave up an embarrassing video of yourself, though? Does it really make sense to go crying to your friend that you're (apparently) embarassed and being doxxed, but still leave the cause of the doxxing up for everyone to witness your stupidity? Every new person will be able to google your name and learn firsthand from the video exactly how stupid you are even before they meet you, that's the rep she's built for herself with that video. Do you really think she left it up "to inflate her ego" when that video is apparently the reason the internet seems to hate her? On her own channel, that's under her full control, she's really going to say she's embarassed of that one video while at the same time inviting people to watch it and then hate on her. Does that make sense to you, if not for the ad dollars?

As long as the video remains up, I'm taking that as proof that she's just after the ad dollars. If she's that embarassed I just can't see any other reason she doesn't take it down.

The fact that she's not making "that much money" off it is just the result, actually it's more likely she'll want to leave it up so she can piss off more people in the future and get more money.

>> No.9669276

Does anyone own anything from Lyreivy? What's the quality like?

>> No.9669341

I can buy that she's embarrassed by all the people calling her an illiterate idiot instead of sympathising with her, but with people like this negative attention is still much better than no attention at all. She's probably trying to think of a way to present herself as more of a victim now and I wouldn't be surprised if she'll make another video about how unwelcoming and mean the lolita community is. Everything for them sweet, sweet clicks.

>> No.9669358

Why do some Lolita’s leave the bangs of their wig uncut? Can’t they see it looks bad? It triggers me so much, that I would always comment about it if they are open for concrit.

>> No.9669444

Probably the same reason cosplayers do it, they're afraid to fuck it up. Wig hair doesn't grow back. I agree that it looks like shit, though.

>> No.9669464

They may also not know better. I never cut bangs as cosplayer, and didn't until I got into lolita because I never knew, and someone kindly told me.

>> No.9669471

>Everything for them sweet, sweet clicks.
I misread this as "sweet, sweet dicks" and was confused for a moment.
To be more on topic though, I hope she doesn't make a video like that but it feels likely that she will.

>> No.9669479

AP USA sent be a broken ghost ring.

Anyone know what kind of glue they use? Afraid of using something that will eat the plastic or not hold well.

>> No.9669482

nayrt but if there isn't screencaps or other proof that people had a bad experience with her besides anon comments that say shit like "a bloo bloo MD didn't like my coord on IG even though I tagged her because she inspires me~" then it just sounds like a vendetta. The one girl that came out to try and drag MD didn't even post proof and when she finally did post they caps didn't even involve MD even though MD was supposedly rude to her via fb messenger.

>> No.9669488

Call AP USA and ask for a replacement.

>> No.9669499

She'd probably post those if you asked honestly

>> No.9669502
File: 141 KB, 480x640, bbby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on the new Baby print?

>> No.9669504

Very pretty but not my style.

>> No.9669505

Not any of the anons here but archives suck ass these days and a lot of stuff that used to be there seems to missing.

>> No.9669513

Already tried, they said they are sold out and I have to take up shipping issues with the PO.

>> No.9669526

Hi, so I'm the girl who made the post about MD. I want to kind of clear the air so that hopefully this whole thing can be over, mostly for her sake. When I wrote my post I will admit that it was fueled by anger, and I really just wanted to rant about what had happened because it bothered me for a while. People are right when they say I looked up to her, and it admittedly hurt my feelings to get blocked over something as trivial as wearing a similar outfit. After writing everything out, it did help. It was cathartic in a way. MD contacted me after it was posted here, and while I do feel like she came across as a bit rude to me, I can't really blame her, I guess. I think about how I'd feel if something similar happened, and I'd likely be upset and hurt too. The thing that bothers me the most about the aftermath of that post is that other people wanted to throw so much shit around. I don't think people were incredibly mean to me per se, but apparently people sent MD messages telling her to kill herself, calling her names, and even here on cgl someone made a really rude statement about her race. I think that's uncalled for, especially if people were doing it on my behalf. Truthfully, I'm over what happened now. I think writing the post helped with that, but I didn't expect it to blow up as much as it did. I will probably delete the post at some point just because I do feel bad. I think stupid things occurred on both sides, and I know that she was really ready for it to end and so am I. So, it's fine if you are still angry at me or her or whatever. But at the very least I think it'd be cool to not send cruel messages like the ones that were sent to her before.

>> No.9669529

Also, before anyone makes this accusation. I'm not writing this so I don't have to provide proof of what was said in our messages. I honestly wouldn't feel okay with doing that at this point now because I've moved past the point of wanted to be an asshole about it. It came across as clear to me that she wouldn't appreciate that, and I can respect that. I hope this at least clears up a little bit, and I really am sorry if the whole thing got taken too far.

>> No.9669530

It's pretty, but I wish it wasn't so clip-art up close. It does look nice from afar, though.

>> No.9669538

I did, but she claimed she didn't want drama. Which made no sense because her initial post had already created drama, much like she knew it would. There was no way that girl didn't know a negative post about a very popular lolita wouldn't start drama. After she declined I let it go because I'm not that desperate for drama. If she genuinely wanted to warn people to be wary of MD then she should have posted the actual caps that proved MD was being a bitch. That would have had an effect on MD's popularity/credibility.

>> No.9669544
File: 172 KB, 331x384, 1504362222528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I didn't expect it to blow up as much as it did
Those yellow flowers ruin it in my opinion. It's just too much.

>> No.9669548

You quote that, but I'm literally a nobody lolita. I don't have a large following or anything. The only reason that post blew up was because it got posted on here.

>> No.9669550

You're anon so you reek of bullshit. Please don't claim to be anyone on this fucking board because its only a claim. Quit trying to rile up the tinfoil morons who come here. You're no one when you're here. Quit being a fucking newfag. Go to the farm if you want dramu.

Literally anyone can come here and say "I'm so and so" and these dumb shit heads would believe as if it were gospel.

Seriously get fucked. I'm so sick of "hey so I'm girl in the pic"
I guarantee its either fit fags or r9k losers who rp on literally every board.

You're naive as fuck if you think you're talking to real lolitas here.

Inb4 a bunch of average cunts reply with the usual regurgitated answers and memes because they're angry and don't know how to come up with their own comebacks.

>kek your fat
>sorry you got posted kekistan!!

>> No.9669554

Ok. I'll post on my tumblr to prove it was me? Horribug is the url. Please check it if you want verification.

>> No.9669562

Cool. You missed the point entirely.
That could be anyone's Tumblr.
I'm not asking you to prove yourself. That's what I'm sick of seeing. Shit you could even fake a timestamp proof photo.

Stop or go away with this shit.

>> No.9669565

Anyone else will tell you that my url is where the post about her originated. You're the one wearing the tinfoil hat here.

>> No.9669566

I know you're a "nobody lolita" but to post shit about any efamous/popular lolita will garner attention and drama. If I remember right you even tagged your post with her online name. You knew exactly what you were doing. Quit playing innocent and own up to the fact you were attention hungry and mad your idol hurt your fee fees.

>> No.9669567
File: 32 KB, 426x634, IMG_20170809_214050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're naive as fuck if you think you're talking to real lolitas here.

>> No.9669568

exactly, no proof.
all we have is that one girl's word, and she could have been a weirdo who was harassing her for a time. it really makes no sense to block someone just because they wear something similar.
what does make sense is blocking someone who, or has friends who, flames you with messages.
my impression from videos I've seen of Lor's that featured her, she's way more levelheaded than what a stunt like that would require.

>> No.9669569

I did admit that. And I made the post private. I'm not pretending I wasn't wrong to do it, and I do honestly feel bad about it.

>> No.9669571

Reminds me of another print of theirs, or two other prints of theirs. It's pretty but I'm not impressed.

>> No.9669573

Did you? The sender has to open a claim so that's on them, but you also have to bring the shipping materials into the post office. I hope you can at least get your money back.

>> No.9669581

Anon, I know it may be hard to believe but cgl is well known by the community to the point that people do post on cof then check cgl for what was said about them. You usually are actually talking to that anon or they will see it.

On topic of MD, I can see that she is a bit bitchy irl. Her persona online is curated and we only see what she posts now and then. She may have been a dick at that time about the outfit but has gotten over it by now. Unless new issues come up I don’t think there is much to talk about.

>> No.9669585

Nayrt and obviously there are real lolitas here but the amount of shitposters, roleplayers, and other non-lolitas posting in lolita threads pretending that they know shit, is astounding.

>> No.9669591

Sometimes you are and sometimes you're not. That's all apart of the mindfuck.

I think its rare that its the person who was posted. I think thats happened a few times and gulls have latched on to the hope that something that exciting would happen again.

>> No.9669595

Ah that's true. I wasn't thinking about it like that. Does anyone know why there are so many shitposters and newfags lately.

>> No.9669596

Haha oh wow. That pure fucking delusion!

Its rare.

I love how you just swept what I said aside so you could continue your shit talk fest about some girl. Ya seem biased as fuck and its in your favor to not agree with me because you want to talk about this person so badly.

>> No.9669597

Because this place is boring without them.

>> No.9669602

An eternal constant
I think CGL is losing a lot of stigma lately

>> No.9669606

How could you not know to cut wig bangs for cosplay? Did you only cosplay characters with thick lumps of hair hanging in their face/tucked behind their ear?

>> No.9669607

How are we defining newfag cause there are definitely those who over use that term and edgy and cringe

>> No.9669610

I honestly thought it was a re-release of an older print of theirs.

>> No.9669615

wow, this is the second post about rings coming in broken.
I think it's worth it to let them know others have experienced this and they should either package better, or not send out broken rings under the guise of "it happened during shipping/not our problem"

>> No.9669618


>yellow flowers

It's a Rapunzel print, the yellow stuff is her braid of hair.

I wonder if there's something else to the print, though. The girl in the boat reminds me of the Lady of Shalott, which also has a girl trapped in a tower (and a dying girl in the boat), but I don't really know enough Tennyson to start analyzing it next to Disney's version of Rapunzel.

>> No.9669624

Are they trying to become a tackier version of J&J?
God, I used to love Baby but it's all gone to shit now.

>> No.9669630

A person new to CGL who posts an obvious question, breaks an obvious rule, or seems oblivious to a longtime 4chan convention or meme (such as greentext or the smiley hate)

How new they are is irrelevant, if they do this they are newfag and need to “lurk moar”

something embarrassing

When something says something against the common view only to solicit a response.

This is the lingua franca of cgl

>> No.9669634

There are a few girls in my comm who do what >>9669581 said and check cgl regularly to see if they were posted in the COF thread or the ita thread. One in particular whines on FB about cgl ‘bullying’ her (by saying her hair doesn’t match her outfit) nearly every time it happens. So personally I do tend to believe that people lurk cgl for their photos and some of the more immature ones might defend themselves from time to time. But when it’s someone e-famous the chance is high that it’s just some anon stirring shit.

>> No.9669639

I once posted a WTB for a dream dress and she responded saying she was thinking about selling that dress and would tell me later in the week whether she would keep or sell. Then after that she never got back to me and ignored the two polite messages asking if she had decided yet. It's nothing extreme but it did leave me with a bad feeling about her.

>> No.9669648
File: 189 KB, 460x587, sellrufflecon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so cringeworthy on the sales page. Lucky I'm going to be attending a wedding instead of going to Rufflemold.

>> No.9669652

Is it cringey? I feel sad for her, cancer is terrible.

>> No.9669655

I don’t see anything cringey about this. If I found out my mother was terminally ill, I sure as hell would be spending her last days with her, and not at a con. Salty as fuck.

>> No.9669658

You must be heartless to find this cringey.

>> No.9669679
File: 92 KB, 480x640, 9f4f14b6-8ce3-5b52-8077-ebac0ee33400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


When I saw this print on the website, immediately thought of Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror that came out a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was based off of Lady of Shallot

>> No.9669681

Grow the fuck up, anon.

>> No.9669683

>Baby is a shitshow
As an AatP fan, I don't even want to hear it.

>> No.9669700


There's something about the Lady of Shallott, locked away in the tower, who can't interact with other humans, and basically embarks on a mission of self-destruction the one time she tries to actually get closer to another human being, that seems rather poetic and fits the weirdness and isolation of lolita.

I just can't figure out if they only used the same imagery for Rapunzel because there's a tower in both stories, or maybe there's some other connection with both girls being locked in their towers.

>> No.9669704

I have Spoiled cat and Guerrilla cat. I like both. The quality is very good for a taobao dress, but not brand level. Both dresses have lining and pockets. Stitching is clean, no loose threads. Spoiled cat is made of a very nice cotton satin, I was really surprised when I recieved it. Guerrilla cat is made of thin polyester, but they said that they had to switch fabric because of some print error. Guerrilla cat is a bit strechy which is good for the fit. It also has adjustable straps.

>> No.9669729
File: 195 KB, 480x640, princess_rapunzel-sx2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love it!! Rapunzel is one of my favourite stories.

>> No.9669732

>especially if people were doing it on my behalf
Do you not know where you are? Making posts like this will only make things worse for her.

>> No.9669736

I'm male and I just like role-playing as a girl, I know I'm not alone here to do that. I'm also NEET so I've got time and at this point I know everything about lolita.

>> No.9669744

agree I never experienced that.

>> No.9669758
File: 36 KB, 640x586, 1504380973961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at this point I know everything about lolita.
You greasy role playing NEETS really believe that?

>> No.9669767

do you have any recs for good content? i want to read more comics or graphic novels, i enjoyed so pretty very rotten.

>> No.9669770

bodyline is surface printed but in a different way than taobao is. taobao black prints are surface printed on a white fabric for some godforsaken reason

>> No.9669803

I got guerilla cat and I swear I ordered a large but it seems too small, which is odd because I fit into all the shirred brand dresses I've tried. Quality seems okay but I haven't worn it yet just tried it on

>> No.9669811

No offense but why is www.wunderwelt.jp/libre so bad?

>> No.9669829

Because nobody wants to take the time to write quality content so you just have the self unaware itas and overly excited newbies. It's sad.

>> No.9669870

Do international lolitas at kerastyle get paid? What's the diff?

>> No.9669894

>Please note that the amount of Points your post will receive is determined by staff and neither negotiable nor guaranteed.

This is just my personal opinion but I find this a little off-putting when they ask for high-quality and unique content

I think at Kera you have at least the sliiiight chance to get somehow recognized, and it's more fun as you are part of a “real“ journalistic online magazine vs. just a blog with the sole intention to make advertisements

>> No.9669911

Good ol typical dumb ass meme poster.
You missed the part where I was complaining that the terms are all way over used.

>> No.9669916

There are a few girls in my comm who come here too. Shocker! I'm one of them.

That doesn't confirm that you're talking to the person who was posted.

Just because the odds are in your favor doesn't make it so.

>> No.9669918

You dumb bitches sure do take their bait.

>> No.9669929
File: 418 KB, 489x793, Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.47.53 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The girl who sent the message is cringe as fuck but the recipient definitely did not have to post her on RC.

>> No.9669931

She probably doesn't have any friends, normal people just message this kind of stuff to a friend.

>> No.9669933

I don't know of very many.
Storm Neverland's is very good! She has one that is straight lolita life, and another that has some lolita in it even though it's not explicitly lolita.

I like Hard Decora's comic as well, but that's decora

>> No.9670006

so are you a fit fag or a r9k loser? Cause if you were a lolita you would know that we go on here.

>> No.9670031

How many actual lolitas do you know that have admitted they go on here? How many comments does the average rufflechat blogpost get?

>> No.9670046

>How many actual lolitas do you know that have admitted they go on here?
No one fucking admits they go on /cgl/, you dolt. A lot of girls see this place in a very bad light and will look down on you for admitting that you browse. Some comms even have (dumb) rules that state if you're caught on /cgl/ you're banned. You seem like the rping loser now. You're probably just trying to start shit because you're NEET life got too boring.

>> No.9670076

I've told people in my comm that I go here to their face. My comm doesn't have a rule against this place. There's also a girl in my comm that self posts here in the self post and Insta threads. I've spoken to her about this topic too and she claimed she knew who was posting. I cut contact after that because I know better than to just believe shit posted on 4chan. I understand what being anonymous means. Most of this board doesn't and is under the impression they know who is posting. They do not.

Unless you can see their face - they are still anonymous. And even their timestamped proof pic can be faked.

How hard is it really to accept that you don't know for certain who is posting and who isn't?

>> No.9670078

And if you were a 4channer and not just a gull you would know how much this place is getting trolled to hell and back.

>> No.9670095

>How hard is it really to accept that you don't know for certain who is posting and who isn't?
I probably should have said nayrt because I definitely agree with that part so my bad!
But in my comm its pretty taboo to admit going to browsing here. Quite a few lolitas have made generalizing hateful comments about /cgl/ and the girls who browse here. It's not banned in my comm, but I recall other anons stating it was in their comms and there was a lot of drama as a result of the witch hunts that started to enforce the rule.
Now, I did know a girl who actively talked about going on /cgl/ and self posted and it was actually her. She isn't very welcomed anymore by most.

>> No.9670098

>How hard is it really to accept that you don't know for certain who is posting and who isn't?
It's entirely possible to know who's posting. I had a girl who literally went around bragging to our mutual friends that she posted about me, and saying almost word for word what the posts had said. Pretty obviously a open and shut case, I doubt she was just lying about posting about me. Not really the same thing you're talking about, but it's not true that you can never tell who's posting.

>> No.9670101

No anon. I'm sorry. That part of my comment was not directed at you specifically but was meant to be in general but I did reply directly to you. So it's more my fault than yours.

I know the "hi x" meme will never go away entirely but I'm sick of it being every trolls crutch or go to comment.

>> No.9670107

I'm not saying its completely impossible. I'm saying its unlikely.

Also you replied to the post where I mentioned the girl in my comm who posts here and I spoke to her about this very subject.

I'm not looking for cgl anecdotes. I want anons to stop being so fucking gullible. If someone is claiming to be someone and you don't know that person - why assume they are telling the truth?

Did you see why this discussion started?

>> No.9670140
File: 182 KB, 400x374, 1427943113599.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i glanced at the post and thought they were rereleasing Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror
It's my fault for getting my hopes up.

>> No.9670253

It's out. It was okay and definitely wasn't as bad as I personally expected. A nice little horror short to show at October meets in the future I guess?

>> No.9670257

How long does it take for Maiden Closet to respond to overseas orders? I sent them an email 2 days ago and haven't recieved an answer, but the items are all listed as still in stock.

>> No.9670271

NAYRT, but my friends and I are pretty open about going here. I'm not one of those people who act like being a gull is some great badge of honor, but I don't actively hide my involvement.

I got trolled pretty hard for my one selfpost a year ago, but my actual comm friends didn't care.

>> No.9670292

My comm talks about it.
We even ask the girls who dont browse if they want to know if/when they are posted or not. We openly discuss artificial drama from cgl and how stupid it is when girls generate said drama by posting anon instead of coming to us etc.

So, at least a few.

>> No.9670294

I heard that her services are not up to.par though. There was this girl that ordered a coat from her and the whole experience was very sour. She wrote a review about it.

>> No.9670318

>Just because the odds are in your favor
Thank you, that was my point. I know that the chance is high it’s some troll but the anon I was replying to made it seem like it’s extremely unlikely that the person in the picture wil be in the thread, when for the people I know, it’s pretty dang likely. Many of them will be at meets complaining about something posted here the day before or sometimes even that same morning.

Counting on my fingers the number of people who’ve either talked about cgl at meets, or posted very identifiable things in for instance the mail thread, at least 17. Those are just the ones I talk to often, it’s very likely there are more. All of our mods also post here. And least one of the more dramatic members likes to complain about cgl on her FB and invite clueless white knights to spam the thread with “omg jelly hater!!!” comments.

I agree that “hi X” is annoying and that it’s usually wrong, but sometimes it’s obvious to see who’s posting to anyone who knows that person. Of course there’s no way to prove it, but sometimes I wish there was, just to out annoying selfposters and samefags.

>> No.9670334

They check the stock since they also have a physical shop. It usually takes 3-5 days.

But that makes me wonder: Gulls start talking/asking about maidenclothing a lot lately. Did they have some kind of advertising going on? Or is it their new layout?

>> No.9670382

Then it's weird this is such a slow board. Are they all just much more active on rufflechat or something?

I don't think there are no lolitas here, but you need to realise most people on 4chan are male shitposters, and they all know cgl exists and that this is the girl board.

>> No.9670413

I haven't seen anybody talk about it unless they link other anon in dream dress threads. I usually forget about it but when someone links them, i usually browse the rest of their stock because "oh yeah they exist"

>> No.9670414
File: 186 KB, 750x761, 1E58F8B2-5719-4363-8326-34CDB4316BB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rufflechat really needs stricter moderation. How is this at all lolita related? I’m sick of newbies posting anything and everything they think might interest lolitas to this page, therefore cluttering it. Yeah sure, it’s cute whatever, that doesn’t make it lolita related.

>> No.9670420

Get out, Satan.

>> No.9670424

Details? I was hoping to commission a special occasion dress from her.

>> No.9670427

no, the majority lurk and don't post.
I prefer the quality of discussion when only people familiar with board culture and etiquette who have experience in the fashion are posting.
things move faster in summer, but that's cause all the underage and/or idiots come out too.

>> No.9670430
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1475071201168.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is common (and easy!) to wear gothic and classic to normie situations. It is very easy to dress down black dresses and skirts.

Is it possible to do it as well with sweet? Very colorful prints, or plain pastels?
I find it very hard, but I want to do it. For example, I have a pink coat, but it looks terrible with black tights and boots, or a grey scarf.
Bright colored tights for some reason are considered outrageous where I live, is so strange.

TL;DR: How to normofy your sweet wardrobe?

>> No.9670433
File: 60 KB, 600x400, untitled-article-1469436394-body-image-1469436740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's hard because normies all wear dark colours, especially in winter and autumn.

>> No.9670441


Lace Monster is out now. How does everyone feel about it?

>> No.9670443

I think it was this review on LiveJournal (lose the spaces): http:// egl. livejournal. com/19455356. html

If it was, buyer was unhappy with communication but still said the coat itself was perfect.

>> No.9670452 [DELETED] 

I thought it was an interesting concept, but I was annoyed when there was like, a close-up of the killer putting away those cheap, ugly plastic bracelets. Really? You killed a girl for those?
The acting wasn't the best, and as terrible as it sounds, I think it would have been better if the girls were cuter.
It was weird in that I wasn't sure whether the creators wanted it to be serious or a bit silly (take coord shots and you will die? A commentary on pride and vanity being the ultimate downfall? What message were they going for?).
I liked the name though, and the imagery of the tea was nice.

>> No.9670453

I thought it was an interesting concept, but I was annoyed when there was like, a close-up of the killer putting away those cheap, ugly plastic bracelets. Really? You killed a girl for those?

The acting wasn't the best, and as terrible as it sounds, I think it would have been better if the girls were cuter.

It was weird in that I wasn't sure whether the creators wanted it to be serious or a bit silly (take coord shots and you will die? A commentary on pride and vanity being the ultimate downfall? What message were they going for?).

I liked the name though, and the imagery of the tea was nice.

>> No.9670455

The man on the right is wearing a pretty bright shirt though

>> No.9670460

I thought it was kind of dumb up until the reveal. And I agree about having girls that look cuter or are at least made up cuter. A couple of them had pretty potato faces. It wasn't completely awful, but a bit boring.

>> No.9670472

>when for the people I know, it’s pretty dang likely
Even though I know people that go here, I still don't assume a post is theirs unless ya know, it's something like the insta thread where you can see it's them posting and they don't post anything other than a plug or ask for crit.

I'm also not talking about shit like the mail thread or the dream dress thread where it's more unlikely that the person posting is defending themselves. I'm talking about CoF and the ita thread. That's where the most claims happen.

>sometimes it’s obvious to see who’s posting to anyone who knows that person.
Sure. Like I said earlier, yeah, lolitas post here. You might even know them. Fuck, I know some.

Just because you know someone is posting - does that make it legit to start posting claims? Do you come here and go, "oh that's so and so I know them" - what if it's not them? Why even take the chance?

It's a slow board because there are fewer of us on here in general. Until a troll shows up.

>> No.9670473

>I prefer the quality of discussion when only people familiar with board culture and etiquette who have experience in the fashion are posting.
I don't know if you know why this discussion started but what you described there is not the same as "lets gossip about you know who"

>> No.9670496

Idea was cool, but the main problem is it wasn't scary at all. Acting was at best OK and really bad in some places. I almost laughted at the scene when they were "scared". Like what are you doing? What is the killer doing? Slowly creeping towars you still holding a camera and sticking it to your face? Tea scene was nice tho.

>> No.9670497

Maybe your comm doesn’t accept it but mine does. Both by having convos like “did you see this on cgl” and talking about things only posted here without saying it’s from here. The mods of my comm know and have been here before, same with the “well known” local people. There are also the times where you recognize the self post or typing style of a friend.

It’s very interesting that there is such a backlash now when back during the Kate stuff everyone was fine believing she self posted. Very different feel.,

>> No.9670498

how is that cringy? also how is it hard to explain that its not your style/not lolita without being patronising?
the recipient is being really rude in fact, its a cute dress and a fairly polite yet misguided gesture - seller wants to sell her shit, knows someone who in her mind thinks will like it and lets her know? its kind of rude if they're not even friends, but either way the recipient describing the situation like shes a better person than the seller is much worse.

>hey here's something you might like
>ummmm haha no sweetie that's not even lolita x
>see rufflechat look how cool i am telling innocently ignorant people that's NOT lolita

>> No.9670503

I thought it was interesting and I liked the artsy shots . No real complaints t b h

>> No.9670508

I have the same problem. Lately I've been buying plain skirts to pair with cute t-shirts and doing kind of a pastel, fairykei-ish approach.
It's not normie enough but it's the most I can do for now. I only do that on my days off though...

>> No.9670517

>you recognize the typing style of a friend.
No you don't

>> No.9670533

I find that pairing pastels with light brown or cream always works better than gray or black.

>> No.9670552

Just wear it gurl

>> No.9670558

Wow anon, chill with the heartless bitch act. Amber is one of the nicest girls I’ve met in this community, and you’d be pretty desperate too if one of your closest family members was dying of cancer.

>> No.9670561

I was shouted down during the Kate and Claire thing.

Also people said I was Claire. I'm Asian and like half her size but hey, theres no unconvincing a gull is there? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thats fucking right! I change my typing style all the time. I change the words I use. Its hilarious that no one wants to admit they've been had by a troll.

>> No.9670563

Wear it with brown and tan normie stuff

>> No.9670595

I've always hated turtleneck sweaters(no I don't have a fat neck.and I somehow wear chokers without a problem?) but lately there have been many blouses and OPs with raised collars(is that what they are called?) That I liked. Are they as uncomfortable as turtlenecks?

>> No.9670604

Agreed with the anon who said it was hard to tell if it was "serious" or not. The acting left something to be desired. It seems like kind of a waste to have MD in it and not have her wear gothic since that's her claim to fame. I am happy for more lolita content though.

>> No.9670605

almost certainly, they will either be too loose and sit weird, or be at least as tight as a turtle neck, and at least those are usually made out of soft stretchy fabric as opposed to structured cotton, lace and whatever else.

>> No.9670643

oh look, someone else disliking mairin!

I personally like Linda's designs (from what I've seen online), though from the LJ review it seems the might have trouble dealing with a lot of requests. but, as it's a few years old, she might have learned to manage stuff better, so you could be lucky to get better updated.

>> No.9670654
File: 517 KB, 713x923, Yfd_yPCmo6ePqdt3068cVxserdIRSzUeZ7fTwo516BH22gaeZg6uwuzBEoaP53Id-_UwZtQW-TTbtfYJlQTaAsKQDZnGNX3whiZxSbCM9uGCPnE8YseAdHWyHPwwbG7b8TLSTtG-f_xbJIHm3UPvkGMkUqEh0f_JXzzr2REobIY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminded me of an old egl comic, pic related. It was okay though.

>> No.9670656
File: 447 KB, 714x881, Yfd_yPCmo6ePqdt3068cV3N1KxAjmO8w6LrMDhjVNGaAIoY1kl3UCBVXnnPHTxrpJF7KaggWLL7cI2tCBjhibovlfjhG211BuWXdLY8v18gR1wQf08ckEKBZ0eFSTXiEjsYzVGjh_xC9nTNhcjoNDRN3jjw58tQqvZ7oE_4NiEs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9670665

>get suffocated by a bag
>not even brand

>> No.9670669

the fade transition at 1:00 irked me because it was out of place compared to the other cuts. there are other, more skillful ways to show the passing of time, if that was the aim (exception are the gratuitous 'aftermath' fades post-climax. they're great!).
I like the music a lot! I wish the previous victims looked more afraid when things started to get dark. in such a short piece you gotta amp up the risk and the feeling so we feel the danger as well.
there's also a little disconnect when the main girl is filming herself...would have been nice to depart and have her review what she recorded, us seeing it through her eyes, maybe have little danger cues in the background of her playback. then, after being bored of seeing how she looks on the old cam, she could return to where she left on in the other footage.

what was absolutely fantastic were the slow, delicious shots of the victims's coord elements. it appealed to my purse-lust for sure, and just really works with the monster's motivations. brilliant.
I am overall into this though. I'd love to see more lolita films--more!

What I liked:
>the curtain of film(!)
>choice of girls+coords
>3:08 that dark ominous center mannequin
>long, languid shots of the desired coords
>that colored lighting, the sounds
>visual relation between life expectancy&film remaining

what needs work:
>amateur opening action (have it start with her already in motion toward the door. we see her standing there for an awkward split second)
>length (too short, some stuff leading to climax happens too quick)
>amp up acting quality to amp up viewer empathy (scare me dawg)
>don't cut corners telling time/really demonstrate the main's boredom + the time wasting while she waits

lots of rad stuff here and wonderful details. I wouldn't mind a revised, slightly lengthened reprise, or even more in a series.

>> No.9670672

>Thats fucking right!
I know people who post here then post the same thing on their personal facebook. Not everyone tries to hide their posting.

>> No.9670673

the first girl she sees in the camera is fug

why is this always the case with projects like these? are all of the decent looking people too smart to participate?

>> No.9670676

Did you not read the discussion? Nobody says that there are no lolitas at all that post here, just that you can't know for sure unless it's obvious. Anyone can go in the ita or CoF thread right now and claim they're the girl posted and some gulls believe that kind of shit.

>> No.9670677

>you can't know for sure unless it's obvious
>anon is saying that it's obvious
>therefore anon can know
you have a stake in this argument, something happen to you before?

>> No.9670690

I disagree. they all look like normal lolitas, which is great. none of them look bad
the villain is an amateur photog? who seems to work out of her house. makes sense she'd get normal people as clients.
everyone has different tastes but you've gotta be exaggerating.

>> No.9670702

Wow. That anon was harsh. She's isn't ugly at all and actually has a reputation for being a model for many j fashion brands.

And no. The villain isn't
a photographer. And from what I gather, she is all close friends with these people. There was no casting call. She was literally just doing this with her friends.

>> No.9670710

>The villain isn't a photographer
not irl anon, in the short film

>> No.9670711

>reputation for being a model for many j fashion brands
modelling for free at tea parties isn't impressive, she looks like a potato.

>> No.9670718

>anons are saying you can't know for sure unless it's obvious, you can't trust ''I'm x'' comments
>other anons start arguing they know people posted because it was obvious

>> No.9670719

I like Linda, but I can never see myself paying the price for it. Just because something has high quality doesn't make it for example interesting enough to want to pay a huge amount of money for it. For less than half I can find something similar from a brand, even if the quality is lower. I would be more interested in getting a wedding dress from her than a lolita dress. Also you are not doing her a favor by defending her like that. You can just post your own opinion instead instead of tearing another down.

>> No.9670731

Blue is generally considered a more "acceptable" color compared to pink, though.

>> No.9670736

Now that you mention it, a lot of them seem to be wearing blue

>> No.9670738

And you probably photoshop your face to hell and back for IG likes :)

>> No.9670747

>> :)
Is this a troll or are you really that mad ?

>> No.9670751

it's funny you say that though because the first girl she sees in the camera clearly shoops the fuck out of her IG photos
I don't even think she's ugly like >>9670673 does, just average, but the difference is jarring

>> No.9670781

What kind of glasses do you think would fit to cute styles?
I'm normally using contact lenses, but my eyes are dry all the time so I kinda want to get glasses instead.

>> No.9670787
File: 109 KB, 480x640, bbbbbby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do dresses with these type of waists usually sit?? I have an hourglass body shape so I'm worried that I'll look retarded

>> No.9670798

Transparent ones? So they don't draw much attention

>> No.9670845

Their plastic pieces are made out of acrylic so I bet an acrylic glue would work ok? I think you can buy it at craft stores. But I would also recommend contacting ap first to see if they can do anything

>> No.9670850

These dresses and other ones with lower or dropped waists are actually the most flattering for hourglass shapes. If you are a classic hourglass that dress will fit you exactly right and define your small waist.

>> No.9670902

I'm a slight hourglass and I have two dropped waist dresses and I think they look great! They definitely make my waist look smaller as the volume doesn't start at my narrowest point!! I have quite a long torso so I avoid high waisted dresses like the plague, always looking for more dresses in this type of cut.

>> No.9670940

lmao hi haro

>> No.9671163

Sorry but anyone can come here and just claim they are someone and then everyone takes it as hard evidence. That's dumb and naive.

>> No.9671222

wire frame? im partial to grandpa type glasses that are fashionable in korea right now. they give a nerdy trendy look without going the hipster thick framed kind of nerd

>> No.9671274

That sounds pretty great. Do you have a picture for me?

>> No.9671278
File: 12 KB, 236x236, octagon lenses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my personal favourite shape is an octagon lense, or a rounded top lense with the octagon bottom. i just find it really flattering to the face it creates a nice round face shape, big eye effect etc
round glasses are nice too as long as the frame is thin enough

>> No.9672063

Hi A or P

>> No.9672543


>> No.9674599

Kill yourself memelord