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Previous thread >>9661987

Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.

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It's been two years today since my con crush died. I still think about her whenever I cosplay.

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Fuck, right in the feels, be strong anon.

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I think about her mom's reaction (which I observed through Facebook) a lot. I wonder if it's how my mom would react if I ever killed myself.

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>tfw not enough Pretty Princess Points to buy burando, and daddy hasn't filled your tendie bowl in hours

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I kinda like it when r9k raids us

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If /r9k/ ever does raid /cgl/, they make it pretty obvious it's them. But 90% of the time it's just gulls with too much salt in their vaginas calling men they don't agree with /r9k/ crossboarders. When it all kicks off it's interesting, though

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What is this cursed image.

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A newfag detection device.

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>tfw literally 0 (ZERO) female friends

When I was in school most of my friends were girls, now I don't remember the last time I had a conversation with a female my age in person.

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>want to flirt with qt /cgl/ girls
>go to a discord
>get to know the people there
>turns out it's literally all trannies
is this karma?

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I love it when people come crying to me that someone is talking shit about them on /cgl/ and they (somehow) have no clue how to post on a chinese sewing message board.

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>want to give cons and stuff a shot
>not sure what there is to do or if I would fit in

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Are you male or female? I'm male and haven't had a male friend in 4 years. Lolita and cosplay is dominated by women, so there are so few men with similar interests as me.

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I'm male. I moved across the country and I'm self employed so I pretty much never even talk to non-relative females unless they are behind a register or serving me food.

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damn, it's kind of sad to see a female hobby get overrun by mentally deranged guys

we need a safe space for qt cosplayers, preferably close to me

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Some fat bitch in my comm got into gyaru and she just looks like she's wearing blackface all the time.

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Do you think there's burando in heaven? Or rather in hell? If I sell everything now, will I get it back in afterlife?

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If there's an afterlife, according to most theology you either probably will, or you'll be so happy/tormented that it won't matter in the slightest.
If there's not, it won't matter

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In hell you must watch all burando being remade into ironing boards

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Tell your family to take photographs of the dresses, and burn them when they cremate you.

Not the actual dresses, just effigies of them. It'll be ok.

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Nayrt, but in my country cremation is really rare, what should I do?

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You're not a REAL cosplayer until you've waxed your vag with hot glue.

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viking burial

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I moved to another city and self employed also. Its tough making new friends in general.

>implying you are a qt cosplayer

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I have a crush on someone I've met on /cgl/. There. I've said it.

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Me too, anon. But we haven't been talking for very long and they live in a different country ;_;

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No I'm a guy, I just think fashionable girls are the sexiest, cutest thing ever

Sometimes I come here and just smile at all the sperging out over fashion. It warms my heart
I would love to date a /cgl/ girl

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>dream dress is white
>literally can't wear anything buy kuro coords because I know i'll somehow stain it

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Same here anon :<

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W-where is your crush from then?

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Y-you first anon. Also, my crush is a guy.

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What the hell is this picture

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Mine is a girl.. is he from the US or Europe?

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I feel like I suddenly lost interest in lolita altogether. I haven’t worn a proper coord in three months, and I just haven’t felt motivated to wear it because it’s still hasn’t cooled down where I live yet. I’ve also sold things in my wardrobe that used to be favorites, and I’m concerned that I may eventually sell off my entire wardrobe altogether.

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We're both in Europe.

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Same here, actually. The plot thickens! What do you like about him?

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He's just interesting, not much else to say about that really. I can see the potential of something good happening.

I have this situation going with 2 guys from the same country. 1 knows, and the other one doesn't. Whether I happen to be your anon crush or not, just go for it, let her know how you feel. What's the worst that could happen?

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I wouldn't want to make things awkward for her if she didn't feel the same, since I'd still love to be her friend regardless. You should send him a message telling him goodnight if you haven't already!

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please stop

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Our comm founder has AID's.

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Can I be real for a second?

This community is fucking atrocious right now. You're all acting like a bunch of whiny, entitled little babies. Ordinary women spent their money on fancy clothes for you to marvel at. They made it for YOU, and they're going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of "fans" picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren't perfect and are using that to fucking riot.

Guess what? No coord was never going to be perfect. It was never going to live up to your hype. It was never going to be everything you'd ever want in a lolita.

What it WAS meant to be was a fun way for girls to feel angelic and pretty, and I just checked the #lolita tag on Tumblr and it was exactly that. What more do you want?
Is the coord blouse-less? Sure. Is it wig-less? Maybe. Are the tights purchased from Spencer's Gifts? Sure, fine.

But holy shit what do these people OWE YOU?
How fucking entitled do you have to be to witness this painstakingly-crafted Jfash and then say "yeah but..."

We should all be fucking weeping in our chairs right now at the sheer size and scale of the achievement. We should be showering the people behind this thing with the praise they deserve for pulling off one of the most elegant fashion trends in recent history.

Lolitas don't owe you their beauty. Yet they gave you 18 QUINTILLION blogs of it.

If you have the fucking audacity to complain about it then you don't deserve it and you were never fans in the first place.

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Can I be real for a second?

This community is fucking atrocious right now. You're all acting like a bunch of whiny, entitled little babies. Ordinary women spent their money on fancy clothes for you to marvel at. They made it for YOU, and they're going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of "fans" picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren't perfect and are using that to fucking riot.

Guess what? No coord was never going to be perfect. It was never going to live up to your hype. It was never going to be everything you'd ever want in a lolita.

What it WAS meant to be was a fun way for girls to feel angelic and pretty, and I just checked the #lolita tag on Tumblr and it was exactly that. What more do you want?

Is the coord blouse-less? Sure. Is it wig-less? Maybe. Are the tights purchased from Spencer's Gifts? Sure, fine.

But holy shit what do these people OWE YOU?

How fucking entitled do you have to be to witness this painstakingly-crafted Jfash and then say "yeah but..."

We should all be fucking weeping in our chairs right now at the sheer size and scale of the achievement. We should be showering the people behind this thing with the praise they deserve for pulling off one of the most elegant fashion trends in recent history.

Lolitas don't owe you their beauty. Yet they gave you 18 QUINTILLION blogs of it.

If you have the fucking audacity to complain about it then you don't deserve it and you were never fans in the first place.

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I hope you do too because you're fucking stupid

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It's probably your fault for being AIDS in human form

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Kek. Ita.

You guys are mean.

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>This community is fucking atrocious right now
Are you implying it was ever better? That people weren't vindictive internally jealous passive aggressive bitches?

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Lmaoooo you replied
God you trolls are fucking stupider than you look

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ur a faget

>> No.9665268 [DELETED] 

Nah man you're clearly the faggot :^)))

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This is a copypasta don't fall for stuff like this.

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Racist, lol

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But you're the one who's AIDS in human form, so you're a way bigger fag than I could ever hope to be

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Stop replying to me
I don't need some ugly ass scrub replying on my posts

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we are kin

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Both of you go fuck yourselves and become each others aids.

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>tfw feed lolita gf a mcchicken in bed

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>5 more thinspo blogs start following my coordinate blog

goddamnit it just makes me feel slimy and sad every time

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But anon, they're both ladies.

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Underrated comment

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>tfw you accidentally reblog a shitpost to your kawaii blog and it takes you few hours to realize your mistake

Just kill me

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>tfw no lolita thinspo to follow

>> No.9665385

lolita thinspo would probably be ineffective anyway, 1) because most lolitas are chubby and 2) because the only "thin"dicator underneath all of the petti floof are the legs and possibly the arms

>> No.9665387

>what is a waist

>> No.9665397

waist can still be hard to tell unless the person is very noticeably fat, due to how large the current waist measurements of some dresses go (looking at you AP)

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I showed my mom a picture of some lolitas I met at con and she screamed "Oh my god! Why are their bottoms so big? I don't want you hanging out with these girls."

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True. Most of my dresses are at least 3cm too big in the waist at their minimum. One time I wore a skirt that fit snugly around my waist and people started freaking out about all the weight I had supposedly lost in like, a day.

>tfw I was once accused of "tryna look like a black girl" because of my "fake ass"
>I was wearing a petticoat

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you're good sis I liked it desu

>> No.9665461

>"Why are their bottoms so big? I don't want you hanging out with these girls."
Why has your mom banned big-ass girls?

>> No.9665462

They remind her too much of blacks

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Sexy mama.

>> No.9665485

I don't know why her weight is relevant?

>> No.9665496

Didn't you know fatties can't pull off any look, but especially ones like gyaru?

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Hey what happened in AP in La Foret? I saw the secret about it, but I have no idea what it's referencing.

>> No.9665505

It's about Kelly Eden, check out the general >>9661468

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Went to the Halloween meet today. Saw my sister for the first time in a year and found out she's still an ana-chan.

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This may be a very silly and frivolous feel, but I hope someone can relate.
The reason I love lolita is because it makes me feel like a character from a made up land. I know lolita isn't a costume and I would never pretend to be someone else while wearing it (and I've been actively wearing it for about 3 years, but I've been into it since 2010).
But something about donning a somewhat theatrical outfit and putting on a wig/styling my hair, makes me feel like I'm from a different time and place. I know it's silly but gothic makes me feel like a witch or a demon, like I'm powerful and shouldn't be messed with. Classic makes me feel like some sort of noblewoman, or sometimes a doll that's come to life. I don't know why I invent these silly little stories in my head for when I put on lolita, but I guess it's kind of like playing dress up as a kid, but in a far more opulent way. I try telling a story with my looks, but as subtly as I can - I don't want to look costumey when I'm trying to be more low-key. My saved coords folder is full of coords that aren't my style at all, but they tell a story or evoke a mood and I love that.
I really don't mean for this to sound stupid, but I'm aware that it does, oops.
I guess that's why I love Halloween coords so much, everyone's a character and it's great.

>> No.9665550

I don't share the same feel about Halloween coords (or at least most of them) but I do know what you mean. The fact that even the most toned down coord looks plucked straight out of fantasy is one of the things that make the fashion fun.

>> No.9665553

I don't think it sounds stupid, anon. I feel the same about fashion, and I think it's great to be able to explore different archetypes in the boundary of one's self. I feel similar about other types of fashion, even the less-elaborate types I typically wear (western goth and cyberpunk mainly). Lolita does it most for me, however. It makes me feel like a storybook character/demonic little girl lol

>> No.9665560

>finally sell a dress that I've been holding onto for ages
>feel good about the final price
>the person who bought it isn't responding to messages

I mean

Its been 36 hours

I like to give people 48 hours to get back to me, but this isn't looking good. They put in a winning bud at 4am the day it sold, literally the last minute of the auction, you'd think they would have replied to the message I sent not 5 minutes later.

Kind of puts a damper on my plans because it's a Halloween release for a few years ago and I was banking on selling it kind of for last minute Halloween coords, but I'm running out of time to make sure it'll arrive in time.

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Some happy feels

>AP pop-up shop at tea party a few weeks a go
>really surpised they have Mademoiselle de Paris JSK in white in stock
>fabric suprises me, so delicate and soft
>311 euros, ugh expensive
>AP Paris stats flash sale this weekend with 20%
>Mademoiselle de Paris is included
Yass, so lucky, grabbed it

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Fuck me fuck me fuck me

My BED is wreaking havoc, I thought I was ducking recovered but the last two months it has been creeping up. This is my only chance to bring it the other way.

Lolita has both fed my ED and helped me fight against it but I’m tempted to just sell it and become a hermit. I know it’s not logical but I’m starting to miss class, every therapist in this shitty town either doesn’t answer or outright rejects me because they aren’t a “specialist”

I can handle 90% of ed behaviors even now, it’s the underlying anxiety and OCD. I’m a slave to shitty impulses that aren’t even logical but instead I have to lay under my bed for an hour for no reason.

I just got out of res months ago but I feel fucked. I know I can do it but I’m so discouraged. I was doing well even on my bad days. I keep buying lolita and drawing t but I’m terrified to wear it.

I’m just gonna keep calling therapists I guess, fuck me

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Patreon changes their rules, no longer can cosplayers sell pornographic material as patreon rewards. Time to report some lewd bitches

>> No.9665777

Aw yeah. Get those thots.

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>let me shit all over someone's livelihood because I'm a stuck-up, sex-negative hag
yeah you go girl

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If your bed is being disobedient, you might have to bolt it to the floor to stop it from creeping up. My brother died that way

>> No.9665783


>> No.9665787

:) afraid of losing your 'job'?

>> No.9665789

Lol I’m confused if this is a meme I don’t know?

I have to lay under my bed for an hour about once every three days because of OCD or some other compulsive disorder, docs aren’t sure.

Sneaky bastards

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>> No.9665792

Bye Moomoo!

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Daily reminder and a shoutout to all my boys out there to stop falling for the Patreon whore meme


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Sorry you might have to work for a living.

>> No.9665805

Finally. Disgusting livelihood.

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So much for my dreams of being a smut artist or a costitute.

>> No.9665816

Plenty of cos sluts make money using Snapchat and Paypal donations. Patreon isn't the be all and end all

>> No.9665821

>My BED is wreaking havoc
Mine too. I can't wait for this knot in my back to be gone

>> No.9665831

Oh lol fuck

Binge Eating Disorder

Plus my futon keeps following me around

>> No.9665945

>Not McChicken bacon cheddar

You're a bad bf and not worthy of a lolita

>> No.9665949

My BED is so bad I have been selling off my entire wardrobe to buy shirring dresses. How do I cope? Food makes me less angry and depressed. I can't get therapy because of my job...

>> No.9665960

Morning pages, write 3 a4 pages before you get out of bed everyday

>> No.9665965

I’ve tried everything before, and therapy is the only thing that helps. How severe is your case? iE how much, how often, where, how do you feel when you try not to, etc.

I promise food is not making you feel better, it’s making you number. Or at least fake better because of feelings connected to food.

I was losing my mind when I wrote that post but I’ve been doing a liiiiiiiitle better now. Blortgh. Baby steps

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>when you finally decide you're going to make a cosplay from scratch after buying them for a long time
>start with a simple, semi-popular character
>look up tutorials on how to make various accessories
>after tallying costs, look up what it would cost to buy
>buying accessories for the character is a third of what it would cost to make it yourself, and would look so much better

Boy. I should have stuck to just buying cosplays.

>> No.9665999

It many not cost more, if you aren’t used to crafting. Buying from places that aren’t craft stores, etc. post the breakdown in a help thread

>> No.9666042

>this picture
What the fuck?

>> No.9666048

American ""culture""

>> No.9666050
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>> No.9666063

Didn't you get the memo? If you dislike something, it's always the Americas' fault

>> No.9666094
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I told a girl in my comm that I made my own bloomers, and she immediately flipped my dress up to look at them.

>> No.9666139

This is why I don't even bother trying to make a love live (idolized anything) cosplay. Much cheaper and better looking premade.

>> No.9666142

That's happened to me too! Plus I was walking down stairs at the time and she was apparently checking if I was wearing any at all, so she actually thought it was okay to lift up the skirt of someone who might not be wearing bloomers. I'm really glad I was.

>> No.9666191
File: 3.24 MB, 720x377, Me-Me-Me-Gif-hentai-and-ecchi-38722796-720-377.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He proposed last night, he already did most of the planning, the wedding is in two months and he wants me to stop taking birth control after the honeymoon.


>> No.9666194

j-just like in my anime...

>> No.9666217


>> No.9666225

Congratulations ^\\^ marriage is a wonderful thing.

shut up, cunt

>> No.9666237

You wanting to squeeze out a little shit machine isn't /cgl/ related

>> No.9666260

Congratulations, anon

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Had to tell a friend I can't do a cosplay group with her because money/time/other obligations, not to mention I don't even like the series and she typecasted me as the "best friend" because I'm her best friend.

>"Anon just save up money pls, even ten or twenty dollars a week would make it~!"
>I really can't, just moved into my first apartment and I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck for my hobby
>"Aww, Anon, okay I guess... But please try okay~? It'll be fuuun!"

Now I feel guilty about telling her I can't, but I'm not lying. I'm not a poorfag but I don't wanna make myself one for cosplay, and especially not for a series I don't love.

At least she wasn't mad like I thought she'd be.

>> No.9666323

Costhots take notes, this wouldn't be an issue if you had a rich sugar daddy.

>> No.9666326
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Yeah, she could have seen your thong diaper.

>> No.9666338
File: 596 KB, 1764x1177, buynendos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend announces at the con that he wants me and my gf to be the godparents of his new baby
>mfw I was planning to break up with this girl, now feel like I can't

I told my little sister this and she just texted me back "top kek."

>> No.9666343

>asking a non-married couple to be godparents
your friend brought this upon himself

>> No.9666388

I fucking found out today that I was raped multiple times in 2016.


>> No.9666393

I know it's popular to hate on Christmas decoration at this time of the year but I just want to skip October and November and go straight to advent. Fuck Halloween, Christmas is where it's at.

When will I be able to post Christmas decoration and accessory threads without being hated on?

>> No.9666402

I genuinely don't understand how you wouldn't know you were raped, but then find out. Were you unconscious? If so that's shitty, sorry anon

After Halloween at the least, most people wait til after thanksgiving. at least wait until snow in some regions.

>> No.9666405

We don't even celebrate thanksgiving in my country, it's well below freezing up north and the sun goes down at 5:30pm. I know it's excessive to start decorating for Christmas already but it brightens things up a lot when it's dark and cold.

Btw, I think that rape post is being sarcastic.

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I made my little sister go to Wendy's during the con... She was horsing around on the poles near the register and landed really hard on her nuts. Now she wants $20 or she's not going to do the group cosplay we planned with my friends. I'm so freakin mad guys.

>> No.9666423

I hope her feminine penis was left undamaged after the incident

>> No.9666441


>> No.9666447

Is your trap sister okay?

>> No.9666452

I will be pretty good most days and then the stress of work will make me snap and I'll want to buy a whole pack of some cookies or ice cream and eat them all. About twice a week I have a big binge when I can't take the stress anymore. If I have any quick to make foods I will feel compelled to eat them all at once so I just buy things like frozen veggies and tofu otherwise

>> No.9666456

>find girl from /cgl/ on discord
>we live in the same city
>talk and exchange pictures
>she looks pretty
>decide to meet up
>turns out she was a landwhale anglefrauding

Why do you bitches do this? There are plenty of whale hunters online willing to treat you well and feed you cheeseburguers. You don't need to sell a lie to other man in order to get laid

>> No.9666460

Is stress a big cause of your symptoms or is it just one of the things that triggers it? If it's a main culprit you should work on stress management and if you are unhappy at work you should either talk to them about changing things up, maybe there are different things you can be doing there that doesn't bring you as much stress, or you should look into getting another job.

Being stressed out and unhappy is not a way of life no matter what all the memes say.

>> No.9666467
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When my friend was 12 she was walking through the house at night when her little sister ran out of the dark like a ghost and head-butted her right in the vagina. These things happen.

Give your sister the money because she was in a lot of pain, but don't do it because she was bratty.

>> No.9666540

>two lolitas aren't friends in my comm because of a shit post i made on cgl
>was sure lolita 3 wouldve gotten the blame for it as shes always starting shit publicly on facebook
>lolita 2 got blamed for it and L2 ended the friendship because "how dare you think it was me"
>i still feel bad about it
>still wish i knew full deets

>> No.9666542


>> No.9666561

>Elixir is absolutely retarded
>as a language
And why is that? It better not be just about the stupid syntax.
>LFE master race.
Is sadly extinct. People like to mention LFE, but nobody uses it. Since the only differences are the Lisp syntax and the macros, you may as well just write in a semantically identical but well-supported language, i.e., Erlang.
>We don't have these issues
Erlang has some pretty obvious flaws as a programming language, in both syntax (separators, =<, etc.) and semantics (the standard library has inconsistencies in usage between modules). It makes binary strings and Unicode more awkward to work with than they should be. It is verbose. Etc. It is basically a prisoner of decades of backwards compatibility at this point.

Elixir, on the other hand, has a monadic with; for this alone you should be able to forgive it a lot. BEAM deserves a better language than either Erlang or Elixir, though, and preferably one that is statically typed.

>> No.9666562

Welcome to the soccer mom life, gull.
See you at the PTA meetings.

>> No.9666572

>sweaty about to go home from con
>changes out of lolita, still wearing shoes and tights but now wearing some surf girl brand shorts and an anime tee. Basically wearing all dark/black minus the anime tee print. Hair and make up still did.
>talking to friend when the definition of a basement dwelling neckbeard comes over
>fat, tshirt too small, greasy, acne, fedora, overall creepy.
>asks friend if he can take a picture with me
>she, as shocks as i am, agrees to
>Maybe it was my dope anime hipster shirt a friend made?
>takes photo with me
>"nice katnis" and walks away

I am someones fap material and i still cringe about it and think about it often. Why would a friend consent to a photo when i was 3 mins away from going home and clearly changed.

>> No.9666574

TFW no one took photos of me in lolita except my friend who took a photo for me.

>> No.9666581

I'll take photos of you, anon

>> No.9666584

Still haven't been to a con. No friends to go with so pretty sure I'll just look like an autistic creeper

>> No.9666595

Is your little sister hot?

>> No.9666612
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has a dick, anon.

>> No.9666614

just bring a pokemon plushie and say you are a trainer. There, you are now cosplaying and fit it.

>> No.9666616
File: 19 KB, 280x354, ideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like thats a yes to me.

>> No.9666640


Even if I'm obviously alone?

>> No.9666647

People go to cons alone all the time.

>> No.9666653

Really? I'm prolly just being a retarded sperg I guess

>> No.9666656


>> No.9666658
File: 62 KB, 500x667, bubbs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her dick was destroyed at Wendy's though.

>> No.9666672


>> No.9666698
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok where did the thong diaper meme com from?? I am lost.

No need to apologize.

>> No.9666705

From the feels threads.

>> No.9666714

Ok but what sparked it? Did somebody really wear "thong diapers" to a meat or something?

>> No.9666805

There's a nice grill in my sister's comm with no friends. Should I get her into the cosplay scene so she can have some of my friends?

>> No.9666828

I unironically hate the baby voice that lolitas and cosplay girls do. It's just nails on a chalkboard and makes me want to punch the girl in the face

>> No.9666829

pretty sure 99% of the board feels the same, anon
it's fuckin annoying, everyone knows it's not their real voice. I don't know why they even bother

>> No.9666835

start decorating when that stuff's up in stores.

>> No.9666840
File: 96 KB, 500x476, 1503309229231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9666841

Mama mia, that's a nice pasta. Can't believe all of the newfriends are falling for it

>> No.9666874

This is why I always talk myself out of buying white dresses. I have one MM flower print off white dress, and a white VM skirt with lace, and that's it. I will not give in to my desire for all the white dresses, especially chiffon, unless I ever get married again.

>> No.9666878

We're just having fun? People always gossip, it's human nature. The Internet may be relatively new - I've been on this Mongolian lamb braiding board for well over ten years, sadly - but the modus operandi is the same.

And all tights I've bought recently are Wolford, 10/10 would recommend for anyone who feels too old for socks. They've got rose and diamond pattern prints.

>> No.9666879


Man you must have a shitty local community if you're surrounded by people that do fake baby voices. I've met maybe one person in my city that does that shit. It's annoying as FUCK. I will pray for your continued peace of mind.

>> No.9666884

Tell her they injected industrial strength silicone into their butt cheeks, like bargain basement Kardashians.

are you new here?

I sometimes wonder why some sellers have such a shit attitude, I always answer messages within a day and always pay immediately, but with so many sellers dealing with buyers that are flakes I kind of get it.

Keto. It saved my fucking life. Not gonna lie, what you can eat is fucking boring, but you get used to it, it's easy to control, and I save so much money and can use it on frilly frocks, it's a total win-win.

Guess Momo-kun will have to actually sell her ass to creepers.

Your friend is an idiot.

>> No.9666886

I'm putting myself on a buy stop until March 2018, or until I've got $110,000 in the bank. I wanted to hit 100,000 by December, but over the past half year I've seen my savings go from about 98,000 to about 93,000 because I've been buying way too much burando as well as miscellaneous stuff (and a new washing machine), and I'm sitting on top of a pile of clothing I haven't worn yet anyway. It's going to be hard, but seriously, even though they occasionally rip, no one needs fifty pairs of tights. It's all work from here (not the patreon porn kind, fortunately).

>> No.9666887

>mfw mostly shiro lolita
Yeah, you get used to having approximately 10 mini heart attacks every time food is involved during a meet. Honestly though, I've dirtied my clothes with my lipstick more often than I have with food;;

>> No.9666917

Definitely seconding keto. I went from BED to bulimia and was stuck there forever yo-yo-ing and couldn't get out of the horrible cycle. It didn't help at all that my thyroid problem makes losing weight extremely hard. Even with keto I struggle to lose (I basically plateau for a few months then drop a few pounds, etc, but that's not common for 'normal' people on a keto diet) BUT, keto has helped me figure out how to not eat emotionally/impulsively. My body also seems to thrive on it, and I am finally a normal weight for the first time since I was about 6... it helps so much.

>> No.9666926


Damn girl.

I started to feel really bad until I realised even if I put half of my raw salary into savings I'd only have about 2/3 of what you have in your savings. You have my savings goals. Right now almost everything is going into retirement funding with only a little in emergency (1 month worth). And impulse spending. I need to save better.

>> No.9666929

Let's hit those goals, anon, and put our existing wardrobe on rotation until we get there.

>> No.9666933

You took this seriously even after it was called out as copypasta? How embarrassing.

>> No.9666961

The main thing that helps best with stopping myself/distracting myself from binge eating is shopping, especially lolita and nail stuff. But then I get stressed over how much I've spent and eat my feelings.

>> No.9666973

>buy expensive drone for husband's b-day
>tfw he used it twice and it hasn't even taken flight properly yet
>tfw now it's just gathering dust on the closet

>> No.9667009

Lately I just hate the way I look in everything. Even not in cosplay, I hate myself. I hate my face, and my legs, and my arms, and I'm not even fat or anything. Even when I go back to selfies I remember liking, I feel like I look bad in those too.

I don't understand. I've been bullied all my life for being ugly, then gained confidence in highschool through maybe my first year in college, but now it's all gone. Maybe it's depression? I don't know. I'm not good at makeup or anything and I don't have the patience to experiment with it. Maybe I was ugly this whole time and the last few years have been lying to myself? Am I just comparing myself to other people? I don't know. I just want to be beautiful.

>> No.9667013
File: 19 KB, 266x275, 1501285475126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cleaning my wardrobe today
>take out dress I bought a few months ago to admire it
>huh there's something in the pockets
>two unused condoms and a used tissue

>> No.9667042

That means I can start already? Neat!

>> No.9667046

>same but with cameras, lenses, consoles, games, fitness equipment, etc.
On the plus side, every time he side-eyes me for buying another dress I can just point to his growing heap of gadgets that he keeps buying but never uses. At least I get a lot of use out of my dresses and sell the ones I no longer wear.

>> No.9667073
File: 36 KB, 765x258, 1505117919212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit anon, definitely message the seller about this and change the feedback you left if you still can

>> No.9667104

Agreed so much. I can't stand watching videos of Misako and her widdle baby voice. The only japanese lolita-related interview I can stand is the one Cathycat did with Anna Tsuchiya.

>> No.9667105

Why do you not check the piece when you get it, and make sure it's thoroughly cleaned? Wtaf?

At least those condoms were unused. Imagine getting stuck with some little's daddy's cummies.

>> No.9667107

im lucky we only have a handmade ita who wishpers because "so shy. uguuu". baby voice wouldnt last a day with our mod.

>> No.9667108

hopefully it was just a joke. i could imagine extra edgy girls doing it.

>> No.9667113

I should, but what can I even say? "Hey, you left your condoms in the JSK, be more careful next time"?
I usually check them when they arrive, but I guess I was too busy to thoroughly check this one so I just stuffed it in my closet. The seller also had a lot of positive feedback, so I never imagined this would be an issue.
I really hope so! I'm still going to take it to the dry cleaners as soon as I can though.

>> No.9667114
File: 95 KB, 600x448, oops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Was super into lolita when I was younger, but stopped wearing it for around 5 years at University.
>Now 23, I wear it almost every time I go out.
>Dress much better than I used to, but something looks off.
>Realize my hair is not cute enough.
>Get blunt bangs again like I used to have, those looked really cute 5 years ago.
I thought I would look really cute with these bangs, but my face has lost its baby fat so I just look like a bitchy old woman. I don't know what to do. I can't wear wigs every day until these grow out, please help.

>> No.9667116

Pin them back, then pin them aside, forget it ever happened.

>> No.9667212
File: 17 KB, 400x400, tipsboater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>given free condoms
>gets mad

>> No.9667214

Braid it!

>> No.9667342

kiss your burando goodbye

>> No.9667346
File: 158 KB, 600x378, 1506909565842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having daddy cum inside you every single time

>> No.9667468
File: 114 KB, 395x381, 1309305047155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no milk so have to feed lolita gf dry frosted flakes in bed

>> No.9667496

Just have her milk you!

>> No.9667542

t. fatty

>> No.9667545

Shazna is a better band than Malice Mizer.

>> No.9667570

That's disgusting, you're disgusting

>> No.9667579

Stress is the only thing I've noticed that triggers the desire to binge. When I'm just depressed I eat better, but when I'm stressed it's terrible. I wish I could find a less stressful job but my field is very competitive and there is not much available. Plus I actually have tons of money for burando now, I just don't look as good as I used to because of gaining weight. I used to work a low stress minimum wage job which sucked because even though I was happier, I couldn't afford anything at all other than very damaged secondhand and thrifted loliables, much less my rent

>> No.9667642
File: 32 KB, 500x434, peachcry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just got into Re-Ment miniatures

RIP my wallet. But my life is going to get way more kawaii.

>> No.9667654

By getting some self control. Or throwing up, either will work.

>> No.9667661

>just turn your binging problem into bulimia

please tell me you're kidding. even if you are, that's really messed up to joke about to someone asking for advice

>> No.9667663

If she doesn't want to be fat but can't stop eating then yeah?

>> No.9667671

>taking the bait
Please don't

>> No.9667689

>tfw i have that annoying soft high voice that sounds nasal if i try to deepen it/raise it

posts like these make me paranoid but at least i know i suck

>> No.9667692

Literally no one has a natural voice that sounds like the baby voice. It's like someone saying their voice naturally sounds like Ayane Sakura's idol character voice

>> No.9667695

i interpreted "baby voice" as "high and soft voice," and people can have high and soft voices.

>> No.9667703

Look up nyanners for what the voice people are talking about sounds like. There's a specific voice a lot of lolitas and cosplay girls force to try to sound cute

>> No.9667706

oh, THAT kind of baby voice. you can tell they're faking it because they sound nasal and breathless all the time. it sucks though because now everybody with a high voice gets a bad rep for being associated with the weird Youtube fakes.

>> No.9667707

>"I'm deleting this stupid video I made years ago because it's about having sex with a loli and I'm so embarrassed to have ever been associated with it, I've grown up now and moved on"
>just announced she's going to be voicing a literal child sex robot in a visual novel fandub

Really makes you think

>> No.9667714
File: 142 KB, 1300x863, 1492707374277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have 41cm shoulders, apart from that smallish but shoulders create fitting issues
>have few ops I cannot fit and don't believe I ever will bc my shoulders fuck the fit up: bust and waist would be perfect
>start loosing weight
>progress is slow and my weight keep stopping at one number and then drops few kilos at once but I gradually loose cm's around my waist and bust
>not from my arms though
>have lost about six kilos now, more to go but not in hurry bc i'm normal weight and want the change to stick
>decide to measure myself after a while
>notice my arms have lost few cms
>in the evening try on dresses
>arm cuffs that hurt last time worn are now fine
>mfw able to wear my dream dress again
I'm still waiting to get under 60kg eagerly but damn it felt good. I haven't actually felt this good and pretty for a while now and can't wait to wear my dearest dresses finally out. However, I'm still really anxious about gaining it all back even though I only allow myself one cheat day in every two weeks. I just can't enjoy eating out anymore without stressing about not knowing calories or gaining it all back.

>> No.9667717

You look 34 desu

>> No.9667722

You don't have the face for them at all, and I honesty doubt you ever did. Seriously.

>> No.9667725

>thinking that's her when the pic has a watermark
gulls are retarded

>> No.9667726

get more cut in and have a side fringe, sorry anon but these things happen. Maybe try on a wig with a side fringe first to see if it suits.

I ended up looking like garth out of waynes world for about half a year because a hairdresser transformed my betty paige into a full on ear to ear triangle fringe, there was no hiding it

>> No.9667730

She wanted to be taken seriously but realized that her entire fame was based on a meme voice and not actually talent

>> No.9667734

>rushing to go to a meet
>drop lasagna on myself
>all black parts of my coord are clean
>all white parts are splattered
kill me

>> No.9667742
File: 182 KB, 311x300, hanklaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw all this shade thrown at Momokun on Funimation's Facebook page

How horrible, anon. I hope someone here can give you cleaning tips. That's worse than the girl who was running to the meet and had her bloomers/panties fall down.

>> No.9667760
File: 184 KB, 667x812, hilacringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>walking to school
>feel a breeze under my skirt
>realize that, at some point, my panties fell down and I walked right out of them.

>> No.9667773
File: 18 KB, 477x395, 18892924_691584774376079_5808926142800550214_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just read a bunch of fanfiction of a character I didn't think I was into. Now I want to dress up my boyfriend as them.

>> No.9667780

>birthday is today
>friends post pics of us together
>i look ugly as fuck
>they look wonderful and i just look atrocious
They're adorable but god, remembering i'm ugly/terribly unphotogenic hurts.
That and that means i'm starting to age so i'll get even uglier.
I just want to enjoy birthdays again without crying in the shower. I'm only in my very early twenties yet i'm already worried (and yes i do take good care of my skin already)

Reading that comic about that aging lolita quitting the fashion a few hours ago sure didn't help, man.

>> No.9667783

You look pretty anon! I would recommand side swept bangs instead of blunt though. You can do it!

>> No.9667814
File: 635 KB, 936x710, itsatrap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you me? The same thing happened to me, and I had to get new knickers at Tesco's.

>> No.9667819

>depression has been bad for a couple months
>con this weekend
>not going to be able to finish the one new costume i have halfway done but stopped caring about due to shit brain
>want to bail and just stay home
>gonna force myself to try to have a good time even though i know i'll probably just feel empty and anxious the entire weekend


>> No.9667836

Some people legitimately have voices like that though. It sucks for them because then everyone assumes they're faking when they just...have voices that are like that.

>> No.9667853
File: 61 KB, 702x960, dvadewdorito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I practice my loli voice all the time, and I'm actually really good at it. Not always a bad thing.

>> No.9667856

>have a voice to this but a bit more boyish
>also have a habit of trailing off my words to think of what I want to say
>worry constantly that normies think I'm dumb because of my voice
>worry constantly that lolitas think I'm fake UUGUU kawaii princes uwu because of this

Shit sucks. I can't get taken seriously anywhere.

>> No.9667857

are you the one who practiced your loli voice with your head in the fridge or something like that

tell me i'm not the only one who remembers that post

>> No.9667859

Tbh i never understood the appeal of those uwuwukawaii voices. It's unnerving.
My voice goal stays Dakota Rose tbqh. It's cute but mature

>> No.9667860

She sounds like she has a stuffy nose

>> No.9667863
File: 51 KB, 1069x222, wah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Somebody saved it.

>> No.9667918
File: 351 KB, 500x345, irritated.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AP SF sending out coupons for maybe up to 20% off entire purchase when you spend $50, two coupons for $300
>just spend $300 two days ago

I rarely buy AP so I bet they would have expired if they're a short time use but...I rarely buy from AP new and a little bitter I was literally a day too early for this when it's the first time in months I've bought anything.

>> No.9667925

Wtf sort of job do you all have?

>> No.9667927

idk what jobs they have, but keeping 100k around in a savings or checking account is stupid
the money is constantly losing value at the rate of inflation. at least invest it in diversified mutual funds so it keeps some of it's buying power

>> No.9667929

Yeah, I'm aware of this.

I was just curious more about their jobs, how long they've been saving, their age, etc.

>> No.9667956
File: 60 KB, 1014x1024, 1484413632208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no bf to cosplay otp or husbando/waifu with

>> No.9667979
File: 2.34 MB, 300x204, 1412462763419.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you know the can of worms you just openned

>> No.9667985
File: 151 KB, 951x500, 05EBDFA8-8C3E-4850-A815-073B61372ACF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My cardiac arrhythmia came back today and I’m really depressed. I was crying in my car for a good twenty minutes because I just got approved for cardiac rehab and was looking forward to losing weight. Now I’m not allowed to work out until my doctor goes through my holter monitor results. I’m so afraid I'll need surgery again and then I’ll have another 6 months of recovery. I’ll never be skinny. I just want to look good in lolita. I’m maintaining my weight but I’m so sedentary from my heart problem that I'm have trouble burning off what I eat. At least I'm not gaining 2 lbs a week like I was back in February. At least I’ve got the eating under control but now I’m in this limbo where I either eat less and feel deprived of food or try and become more active and risk getting heart palpitations. I feel so trapped. Like I would give up an arm to be able to work out like a normal person.

>> No.9667989
File: 23 KB, 600x600, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9668183
File: 31 KB, 364x243, yelling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend's unhealthy obsession with cosplay is completely ruining my life. I promised myself that after my last cosplay boyfriend years ago I would never date another one (due to the general insanity) and here I am wishing I had listened to myself and just said no. BF and I have been close friends for 6 years, dating for 2, now living together. Both of us have been cosplaying 12+ years and were very active in the community years ago. Now we're nearing 30 and BF makes cosplay the central focus of his life; he spends every dollar he makes on it and every minute of every day talking about it. People have hobbies, that's fine. But it's created real problems...For one, we've sacrificed the rest of out lives or the actual sewing bits. We have no cosplay friends left, we don't go to cons, we don't take photos. We don't go out at all unless it's to a costume sale or to see a movie he wants to cosplay from. He's just spending thousands of dollars a month on fabrics and supplies, hoarding them. When he actually works on a project he immediately gets angry because reference images aren't clear enough, or he doesn't understand how to do something, etc. If he has to seam rip something he throws things at the wall and may break down and cry. He takes all of his cosplay frustration out on me and yells at me every night. If he's working on something I know for sure I'm going to be yelled at about seams and patterns and references. If something is off on his pattern by 1/8th of an inch (I wish I was exaggerating) he will go into a suicidal spiral. If I tell him not to yell at me he tells me I'm making him yell. Everything I make he tells me isn't good enough. We are living in our cave, completely detached from life, unable to pay our bills because he bought $500 on a pair of screen accurate shoes. I already got him into therapy, I've already got him on antidepressants. I know I have to just leave. I know it's him and not the cosplay that's the problem. I'm just so sad.

>> No.9668184

sometimes people choose terrible photos because they look good and dont notice how bad you look or think you look.

i know from experience becuase if im not wearing my glasses in photos i look high and no one seems to notice this unless i point it out to them. Also i know someone whos a "model" who does shit like posting ugly photos of others to make her feel better about her aging face

>> No.9668194

Jesus anon get out now. Run and never look back.

>> No.9668219

People with that kind of voice , fake or not sound annoying as fuck and makes me want to punch them in the throat

>> No.9668221

The pic isn't me. Sorry, I thought it would be obvious due to the watermark. Like most people, I'd rather not post my own face on here...

Thanks for the actual advice! I've got them in a french braid across my forehead for now until I can get to a hairdresser's and see if they can help.

>> No.9668222

Dump him and let him drown in his shitty fucking fabrics

>> No.9668224

anon, are you me? i hope we can start enjoying shit again soon

>> No.9668226

I swear to god im sick of people wanting to lose weight to look good in lolita, if thats your only motivation you are in for a wild ride

>> No.9668227

>I know I have to just leave.
Yes you do. You already did your best to help him, there's nothing more you could do.

>> No.9668269

>he tells me I'm making him yell
That's a very serious sign to get out.

>> No.9668271

Oldschool and MM is all the thinspo I need, now if only more of it was actually in my closet.

>> No.9668290
File: 17 KB, 285x279, 1500853841141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having a lactation fetish
Come on anon

>> No.9668292

Man I just really love lolita.

>> No.9668301 [DELETED] 
File: 1.98 MB, 250x188, 1504841185806.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy Halloween dress
>tracking shows it arrived in hoperiod
>local mail service decides to strike for 5 days
>this happened 14 days ago
>still no dress
>now they threaten to extend the strike for an indefinite period

>> No.9668303
File: 1.98 MB, 250x188, 1504841185806.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy Halloween dress
>tracking shows it arrived in hometown
>local mail service decides to strike for 5 days
>this happened 14 days ago
>still no dress
>now they threaten to extend the strike for an indefinite period

>> No.9668313
File: 697 KB, 250x188, kirk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw writing application letters for several different job openings
>hate this with the fury of a thousand suns
>they'll probably all reject me anyway
>d-do it for the burando

>> No.9668343

Me too anon

>> No.9668344

Who would win?
>Deep seated mistrust of commisioners?
>being depressed i never have time to make new cosplays and keep wearing the ones i'm burnt out on to cons?

I fucking hate it. I've been wearing the same shit for at least a good year and i'm just burnt out. To the point my motivation to go to cons is less becuase again there nothing really new to look forward to. But i get home so late from work that sitting down and crafting is about the last thing on my priority list. I would commission a cosplay but i have never seen anything but horror stories, delays or meh performance 99% of the time.

>> No.9668421

>horror stories: most of the time people cheap out or the seamstress is a newb
>delays: lazy ass or popular seamstress flooded with requests
>meh performance: combination of afordable price but not very popular / very experienced seamstress.

pick one, anon.

>> No.9668441

I havent heard of a commissioner that doesnt over burden themselves and ship thing dangerously close to their sure date. That's normally the best case scenario.

>> No.9668447

Just order things and dont care when they arrive, there’s always more cons later

>> No.9668448

Baby voices in grown-up women make wanna puke, my local community is full of this bullshit

>> No.9668460

>I'm burnt out
I think cosplay should be the last thing on your mind desu, you have to take this problem seriously.

f you don't you'll keep getting worse and worse until you get so sick you can't even work any more. And when you get to that point it will be difficult and take a lot of time to get back on track.

Talk to your boss, see if you can reduce your hours or workload. If your current job can't accomodate you, look into getting another one. And if it's industry standard, look into changing industry.

It isn't worth ruining your health and sanity for work.

>> No.9668462

Those aren't blunt bangs you retards, did you even read the post

>> No.9668464

>accidentally jammed fingers with car door
>Learning how to be left handed
>Freaking out over eventual finger nail fallout (even though everyone assures that it doesn't hurt)
>Sees dream dresses in ideal colorways
>TFW no way to buy them because awaiting med bill
(Newly insured so unsure what I'm getting billed for except for deductable)

I really want to go back to the clinic for another follow up, maybe to relieve pressure

I don't want to have to worry about money and my health. Shit like this makes me envy my EU/UK/Canadian friends.

>Dream that I was friends w/ Princess Fancypant/Charlie
>She's wearing an ott kitchy Halloween inspired coord
>We build a parade float or some avant garde statue featuring a decked out toilet and won 1st place lmao

>TFW not friends irl because I'm an Amerilard w/little social media presence

Man, I hope TPC comes back or they'll do big UK/EU Lolita events again soon. I miss going abroad and would love to meet her someday

>> No.9668471

Whoops, posted too soon/ polite sage
On a good note:

My hometown is getting a Round1
And we've got a meetup location set for ILD. I hope it'll be a good turnout since people tend to be busy with finals and weekend jobs

>> No.9668529

Letting the commissioner know you don’t have a deadline is dangerous, though, because then they’ll likely keep pushing you to the back of the line in order to finish up pieces with a set deadline first.

>> No.9668535

Why would you tell them that? Just don't order it before a con you "absolutely must have it" for.

>> No.9668545

I was feeling kinda bad but this cracked me up.
You made my evening better.

Also pls tell me it's a troll. I refuse to believe someone would do that

>> No.9668590
File: 8 KB, 316x239, amygun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm made plans to see the My Little Penis movie, but they ended up going to IT instead.

>> No.9668604

Eating less seems like the only choice you have so... Get on that. You don't burn that many calories working out anyway, look up the stats. You would have to do so much cardio to make a real difference, strength training is great but doesn't directly burn a lot of calories

>> No.9668732

That sounds fucking adorable.

>> No.9668748

Just go anyway, maybe even in normie clothes. I've gone without cosplay to a con once because work/depression and just hang out with friends. Then again I already paid for everything so..

>> No.9668750

Boi dey rich af.

>> No.9668757

Please feel better, anon!
Don't worry, there's always someone spergier to make you look good, like me.
I'm the biggest autist around, it's all my fault, and no apology will ever be enough.

>> No.9668760

I have a co worker that somewhat likes anime, plays games and actually is interested in my cosplays other than my female co workers who think it's a nice hobby, but otherwise don't care. I had a nightmare about him leaving and my crying at that day. Now work is planning for a goodbye party because he is leaving the end of this year. And I have to try not to cry when he does. fml.

>> No.9668769
File: 26 KB, 436x410, myspacetiara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>group planned to see MLP; saw It instead
Whoa, this happened to me, too! But I'm not a lolita or even a girl.

I hope we both get to see My Little Penis some day.

>> No.9668777

>tell yourself you have bodybuilder shoulders
t. Actually a fatty chan

lol why the fuck are you with a retard having psychotic breaks daily? You don’t love yourself.

>> No.9668818
File: 300 KB, 715x1013, img000016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started doing Crossfit this month, but I haven't told anyone irl that it's so I can accurately cosplay Street Fighter Characters.

>> No.9668934

Because excess fat isn't attractive.

>> No.9668963

You definitely shouldn't be doing CrossFit in that case.

>> No.9668966

>Youmacon soon
>planning on a belly-revealing JoJo crossplay
>depression picks up
>eat feelings
>suddenly fat again

I can either starve myself the day of to reduce tummy size or just be fat, idk what's worse

>> No.9668984

unless you're actually skinny but soft(as opposed to fit and toned) one day of fasting isn't gonna do shit for you.
If you're gonna be dumb like that at least commit fully and go chug laxatives until you've emptied your intestines.

>> No.9668987 [DELETED] 

just starve yourself until then
you can't starve to death in a week unless you were already skinny
just be sure to ease back into eating after or you'll cause serious damage if you starve yourself then eat a ton

>> No.9668991

Don't actually do this, just do your cosplay and work out next year.

>> No.9668994

>first time wearing a full lolita coord all alone without having a meet, event, friends around, other reason to explain why I'm dressed like this
>extremely socially anxious, feel so nervous I'm nauseous, but feel the need to test this and finally get over it
>go to the mall to pick up some makeup, browse the clearance
>only get compliments, admiration, a girl even knowing it's gothic lolita who was also happy when I knew she was wearing Doc Martens, "Wow you're like a dark Alice in Wonderland!" which is pretty good as far as comments go, an old lady saying she liked my style
>when I asked for a sample of a primer I don't know if it was how I was dressed or how nervous and word vomit-y I was but I was given a free deluxe size she literally took right out of a gift set and I stammered in gratitude
>huge confidence boost and a good moment in an otherwise dreary, sad day

I wasn't wearing anything outlandish, a very basic full gothic coord (maybe more like all black classic with some crosses honestly), but still. Babby's first time alone dressed up, and I feel so many of my fears erased!

>> No.9669016
File: 93 KB, 510x467, duhoyyyy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no frosted flakes and not in bed so feeding stale cheerios to lolita gf on the sofa

>> No.9669032
File: 11 KB, 350x401, 3040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn white people age faster than a banana.

>> No.9669042

Most people wont say anything nasty to you ever. The worst thing that has happened to me while dressed up is just the puzzled looks, but they don't say nothing ever.

>> No.9669062

You must live somewhere relatively decent. Where I'm from(not where I live now thankfully) people yell at strangers in the street all the time, for any damn reason.
So it depends where you are, but if you're living in a rough area I don't see why you'd wear a soft looking fashion anyway, that seems dangerous.

>> No.9669068

I've never ever ever had a bad day in lolita. I always get so many compliments. rarely someone says something stupid but 99.9999% of the people either don't say anything or say something nice. I get called alice in wonderland a lot as well (I wear old school b/w)

>> No.9669071

My voice also sounds like my nose is always stuffy. I talk in my first language a lot at work and I'd hoped to sound more exotic with an accent but instead I just forget words and mispronounced vowels in English and sound like an idiot.

>> No.9669080

I live in a town relatively close to the beach and an hour away from a big city. The town I live in and a neighboring town were surveyed as the happiest places to live in the US. It's a nice place, it never gets too hot or cold. I've always wondered if theres a local comm but I've only been wearing lolita for a year so I feel like I'm not hardcore enough yet. I dunno.

>> No.9669139

I'm glad you had a good day, anon, I hope your anxiety eases next time you go out in your frills. Remember the only reason you need to dress up is because you want to.

>> No.9669158

Got the flu over this weekend, and my fabric order still hasn't shipped. I'm going to do Halloween stuff this weekend with my friends and bf, but I've kind of given up on putting together a nice coord. I feel really bad after spending a bunch of money and time on a dress, plus accessories and new shoes. I'm going to put what I've made so far aside. Hopefully I'll be able to find a nice black outfit at a thrift store so my accessories don't go to waste.

>> No.9669180
File: 18 KB, 600x401, ballpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no cgl gf to dutch oven

>> No.9669258
File: 144 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_oq96r1Bk1a1se1c7mo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Futaba Sakura cosplay

I would fuck this girl every way possible. I want smelly NEET pussy

>> No.9669269

She isn't a NEET. It's just a cosplay bro.
Also her face looks hideous.

I don't know why r9k has such low standards.

>> No.9669284


>> No.9669303

>Also her face looks hideous.
"Hideous"? Only another female would say this.

You are subconsciously jealous that I want to fuck her and not you.

Post pictures of yourself in Futaba cosplay too and I'll jack off to it.

>> No.9669316
File: 195 KB, 417x578, 1508906798041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only my friends can fap to my cosplay. You are not one of them.

>> No.9669321

You could try to lose water weight just for that day so you look thinner?

>> No.9669407


keto, I can't repeat it enough.

>> No.9669433
File: 137 KB, 694x642, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw sort of figured out how to put eyeliner on
I-I'm making progress.

>> No.9669467

Proud of you, anon! Keep practicing and you'll get it just right rather than just "sort of", you can do it.

>> No.9669561

This used to happen a lot with my relatives and bf too. I would recommend only buying him things that fit in with something you see he does/ needs on a daily basis. He might think that using a drone or working out would be fun, but people often underestimate the time commitment of a new hobby, and the equiptment goes unused. He might get more use out of an upgrade to something he already uses. People also seem to appreciate practical gifts that fix a reoccurring problem of theirs, like replacing a cruddy set of headphones, or giving them a compact coat if you live in a snowy area.

>> No.9669709

>you will never be a prettified cat in makeup

>> No.9669828
File: 139 KB, 765x1046, fghjk,l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon are you deaf?

Also, Mana is prettier than Izam

>> No.9669863

When everyone at comm looks like they pood themselves.

>> No.9669872

>When everyone at comm looks like they pood themselves.

Elaborate pls

>> No.9669877

In our comm photo.

>> No.9669956
File: 98 KB, 350x425, 1489798009329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

USPS is incompetent I swear to god.

>my taobao order was supposed to be here on saturday
>they said they left a notice
>no notice was left at my door
>monday, sleep on living room couch so I can easily hear anyone knocking the door and retrieve this package
>no one knocked on door
>get an email from USPS saying they came to my apt, knocked on the door and left a notice in for redelivery
>scheduled redelivery for today
>go check mailbox on other side of apartment complex
>filled with missing notices saying I needed to be there to sign

... they expected me to be waiting for them AT the mailbox... fun shit.

>> No.9670131

I'm never going to a local con again. FUCK.

>> No.9670143

You can't say that without details friendo

aigh just hearing this gives me aids. I'm thankful my apartment has central mail, so the mail person doesn't have to let me sign, just the person who works the office.

>> No.9670157

>so the mail person doesn't have to let me sign, just the person who works the office.
thats the deal with my apartment too.. but i'm still getting missing slips...

>> No.9670160

>"Your Etsy stats page will now update more frequently! Updates instantly rather than every few hours"
>hasn't updated in 48 hours

Etsy please

>> No.9670192

Someone threw a fit over replicas. The comm president had to call and restore order by Skype, and the first gentleman laughed at us for being petty bitches.

>> No.9670217

>the first gentleman
Nani the fuck?

>> No.9670233

did you daydream a lot as a kid? you might just be one of those people that cant cope with real life kek. head in the clouds babe?

>> No.9670243

i'm assuming it's the comm president's boyfriend

>> No.9670246

tfw cons will never be as fun as the first few you went to.

>> No.9670270

if you got them done at a salon they probably cut them too blunt and the wrong shape. a lolita blunt fringe is different from a mid 2000s zooey deschanel cut

>> No.9670286

Fucking lol. Itas are crazy.

>> No.9670307
File: 53 KB, 526x345, 08FBC79A-4D48-42B4-958B-ED323FC37EF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

F-fuck you...

>> No.9670311

My best con experience was just last year, so not always true.

>> No.9670398

Which server?

>> No.9670459 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 524x550, 1597ecba-3805-4f33-86fb-887fa37ab0f5..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spill new perfume on myself in sleepy morning prep for work without glasses

Well, there goes half the bottle. Guess I'll order a replacement now, and everyone at work will have to deal with me being a bit overpowering today.

>> No.9670637
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