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Can we have a lolita in public thread?

Feel free to post personal stories, pictures of lolitas out in public, normie reactions to the fashion, tips to deal with those, etc.

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I hate to start this thread off on a sour note but this has always perplexed me about these threads: why are people okay posting these photos when they hate it when strangers do the same to them? I'm not talking about photos taken at meets or at conventions, but candid shots taken by strangers.

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Good point!

Now dump photos!!!!

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You first OP you fuckin nog

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I’m not the OP you sucker

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That was a random anon, not OP. How about you dump something productive to the thread as well though?

You have a point, though this isn't a picture I took myself. I personally didn't think too much about reposting it considering it was used in a previous thread.

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I think a lot of the really good lolita in public "candids" are taken by someone in the group. Another lolita or a boyfriend.

Otherwise they'd be a lot harder to find and shittier quality, normies don't usually bother to post their iphone creepshots publicly with nice editing and lighting.

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Also once they exist we can't stop them from existing. So we might as well get some use out of them ourselves.

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Big dump incoming

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contribooting with this one

I do understand what you mean and I kinda agree with you. But those are usually flattering/nice pictures that weren't taken with a cellphone camera so that's a plus.
I'm sure I probably look like shito on 99% of candids where you can see my face or when it's a humid day (puffy hair). Makes me sad.

Also some of these like pic related were very probably taken by a friend

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They one is such a classic! I wonder where it’s from, never found out.

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Her facial expression just made my day

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> end dump

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I agree. Thats also why so many people seem to be staring. Its not because you look weird to them, its more so that you look weird and you decided to have some "candid" obviously staged photo taken in the middle of a public space like>>9664028

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ngl every candid photo of me turns out 6000% better than posed photos and candid photos have a whimsical yet daily vibe to them thats impossible to catch in an outfit shot or professional photoshoot. I have an entire scrapbook of candid photos of random lolitas though so im biased

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recent silly moment that happened to me
>waiting at bus stop, its a bit windy so i decide to turn around so the wind doesnt fuck up my hime fringe
>come face to face with old woman leaning nearly her entire body out of her car window
>phone in hand, huge smile on her face, driver is at crawling pace so granny can take her sneaky picture
>slow enough that i can see her shocked that i turned around she ducks back into the window but leaves both arms and phone sticking out like a spy
>i just smile cause she seemed really happy and i was mostly glad she didnt fall out of the dang car onto the highway

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I wore lolita for the first time in public in downtown Chicago for a meet. Some stares, but otherwise I could've been wearing normie clothes (I even stopped into my local Dunkin Donuts on the way for a coffee and no reaction there). Made me feel good about wearing it in public in the future.

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>tfw your kuro outfit got your entire crew getting called "the Adams family"

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Why is every lolita in these photos fat. Imagine spending all that money to look like trash cause you binge on cake every night, hahaha.

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You have unrealistic body standards, none of those are fat.

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It's known as a fat girl fashion in Japan.

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Are you the ana-chan from the confessions thread or something? Adopt a trip so we can filter you.

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Sad bait is sad, most of them these are normal. Not skinny, not fat, just normal. Please come back when you're not 15 and being skinny is all you have going for you.

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This is such a cute picture omg

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There is another McDonald’s photo , if I remember correctly?

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I love how of the time this last one is
/end dump

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One day when I was wearing lolita, I went out of the house to do things and stuff. It was craaazy.

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those years
that picture made me get into the fashion

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Took this candid on holiday the other day. Seen a few Chinese itas just like her in other places in Europe but didn't take pictures. I wish my comm was more chill, they only dress perfectly or don't wear lolita at all and anything in-between is a sin.

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I don't really get what you are trying to say.
You call them ita, but then shit on your comm, cause they dress well? Girl on your picture looks bad. You should always want to dress at least good, it's not like lolita is different from any other fashion.

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I'm saying I prefer itas over non-lolitas.

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You mean this one?

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Same, anon, same.

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I think anon means to say she wants to see well dressed lolitas out "in the wild", because all she's getting to see is girls like in the pic, and her well dressed comm don't tone down their looks for daily wear so chances are she won't see them wearing the fashion well outside of a meetup. That's what I'm getting from this at least.

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the amount of perfectionism on this board is annoying.

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I saw a lady at the grocery store in old school a while back and really wanted to get a picture of her but I feel bad taking pictures of strangers and couldn't bring myself to ask her. She was wearing an old meta jsk with a weird bow design on the bodice and a white blouse. I almost took a picture of her but she turned and looked at me and I immediately dropped my phone to the side. I hate when random strangers take pictures of me so I dunno... I hate being a hypocrite.

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old pics on the harajuku bridge never fail to make me super nostagic

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Good on you for not being a hypocrite. Plenty of gulls do whatever they want and then whine when others do the same.

Kinda comes with the territory of CGL.

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No, there are guys looking creepy in it as well!

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I know the one you're talking about but I don't think I have it saved. Gross fat neckbeards working behind the counter of a fast food place and a white sweet lolita with blonde hair seen from the back. I wanna say she's a little chubby but I'm going completely off of memory.

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I wish someone would have took a picture of me when I was in Ouji at bestbuy.

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Pretty sure it's fahr

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Got it!

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>tfw I look just as creepy as this guy when I encounter lolita in the wild
it hurts

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That girl is pretty much underweight, anon.

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to be fair it's a bad picture, and while she doesn't look obese in that picture, she doesn't look underweight in it either. sure, her arms look tiny, but the way the cardi sits and the way her arms don't hang straight down makes her look like a super unfortunate pear shape.

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>a super unfortunate pear shape
Do you not know what lolita fashion looks like or

>> No.9664924

Sure, ana-chan. That torso looks tiny compared to the cupcake shape of the skirt.

>> No.9664933

>her arms look tiny
there's some obvious arm chub going on. i'm starting to be convinced that /cgl/ is full of fat people who think anything less fat than them is anorexic.

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You realise lolita fashion is made for petit Asian girls?

While I agree with the arms, we have to put in perspective that the clothes might be really small. Her back has no visible fat on it, her shoulders are slim and the neck as well.

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i'm a petite asian girl, so, yes. wear clothes that fit.

>> No.9664942

im so happy to see the weight argument happen yet again in a thread that had nothing to do with it

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Yes sure anon aps 100cm waists are made for tiny asians

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stop shitting up the thread and post some stories or photos of lolitas in public

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Ikr? What does it even matter!

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Her username is ribbonplague. To me this looks like a normal white girl with normal body.

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>normal white girl with a normal body
Yup, dumpy.

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Careful not to fall for it

>> No.9664969

let me guess? only asian girls look good in lolita, eh?

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You’re either a troll or fucking retarded. That “arm fat” are loose sleeves.

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Can somebody dump photos?

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Alright, I'll do it. If that can make you stop responding to low tier bait for once.

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Stop trying

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one of my faves partially due to her expression

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Fahrlight, she has a ton of in public shots that are staged. The employees were straight up asked to leer

>> No.9665001

You were there?

>> No.9665003

I feel like this is just a murder of crows in human form

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This photo gives me live!

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I'm a sweet lolita but i feel the same. This is so cool! Sorry if I post mainly sweet,I do with what I find. Anyone is more than welcome to post some gawfik!

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I am on this photo somewhere, that’s creepy. I won’t say who.

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I was almost there too on that day. I'm still kinda sad I missed out,it looked so fun

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It was by far one of the best parties AP ever, I’m sorry you missed it!

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>wear choco/candy coord to local winter festival last year
>have a fuckin blast, everyone super nice
>little girls love finding different chocolates and characters on my dress
>walk past cute candy store
>owner waves me down, asks me to stand outside his store with a tray of sample truffles
>’can I get a box of truffles if I do it’
>”of course!”
>stand around for two hours handing out samples
>get fancy as fuck truffles as reward
>gf and I eat truffles while watching fireworks

It was a good day.

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Looks like a music album photo

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The neckbeardiness of that guy is something else. It's almost impressive.

I agree, that amount off chub means it can't be Fahr. For all that she's annoying, she's not a chubster.

She's not huge, but she's also not skinny. Serious boobloaf btw. Not so much this girl, but I wouldn't wear a candy print if I looked as if I eat that stuff all day.

On my next visit to costco, I'm wearing full lolita.

This is pretty neat actually. Where is that?

>> No.9665452

>you came to the wrong neighbourhood motherfucker

>> No.9665517

Shut the fuck up

>> No.9665521

Its almost as if people are trolling

>> No.9665522

I always imagine that girl is what most of cgulls look like

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Most of cgl looks like this, anon!

>> No.9665532

What the fuck is even happening with that skirt??

>> No.9665535

but what are her legs doing tho

>> No.9665537


>> No.9665554

Looks like she's not wearing a petticoat and is sitting with her knees together.

>> No.9665572


>> No.9665575

I get that, but structurally the skirt looks like it’s fucked three ways to Sunday

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Can narrow it down to a hypermarket chain in North Germany. https://www.famila-nordost.de/famila-warenhausuebersicht/

>> No.9665619

She didn't tuck her skirt under her bottom and smooth it out before sitting, just plopped down. Not to mention no petti, and bad construction.

>> No.9665725

>This is pretty neat actually. Where is that?

It's a picture of the Finnish comm, but it's several years old.

>> No.9665747

lol I kinda teared up looking at this 2bh because this is everything I've ever wanted but will never have

>> No.9666137

This was the first photo I ever saw of lolita!

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found it on flickr while browsing for old pics

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>> No.9666242

They sure know how to pose and take a group pic with everyone's coord decently visible. Well done!

>> No.9666256

I love this. Does anyone know the name of this dress? I don't know what it is about the backs of lolita dresses, but it's usually what gets me lol. My first dress was a meta jsk that was only 'meh' to me from the front, but once I saw the back I fell in love and had to have it.

>> No.9666282

I'm pretty sure that Shirring Princess anon! It's pretty plain on the front though https://lolibrary.org/items/btssb-shirring-princess-jsk-l-size

>> No.9666288

Thank you! I have had that dress on a wish list for quite some time and this is the first time I have seen it from the back. I want it even more now. The back is so precious.

>> No.9666526

I have it in pink, and it is definitely a very comfortable JSK. Good choice.

>> No.9666568

nayrt Shirring Princess has been re-released in many variations over the years. There's like 20, all with different details. not all have the back bustle, so keep that in mind if you see one pop up secondhand.

>> No.9666611

>normal girl with a normal body
Except for her legs which seemingly were put on backwards from the looks of this picture

>> No.9667493

Thanks anon. I actually just saw that when searching lolibrary.

>> No.9668584

Id be cool with offguard public backshots as long as it doesnt look like shit

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Aye i'm gonna dump a bunch of them

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Is anyone going to post experiences?

>> No.9670011

what's up with newfags thinking they can tell which anon is which?

>> No.9670021

I saw a person in lolita attire for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for the train and then she walked out. She seemed not very confident because she kept looking at the ground, giving people nasty looks and shit. Not very lolita-like. She was an ita btw I think, colors didn’t match and she wore sneakers.

>> No.9670109

I've had a handful of online friends for a few years now. A few months ago I met them in a major city in full gothic lolita, veil and all. The first minute out of my B&B a bird shit on me. I'm not joking. A fucking bird shit on my OP. I ran back to my room and washed that shit so thoroughly there was no trace of it, let it air dry, was running half an hour late. Rushed to the train station. Some girl in punk clothing high-fived me when we were both crossing a cross-walk and screamed "wrist-cuffs, FUCK YEAH"

On the train, the ticket lady gave me some trouble but I gave her my pass and made some small talk. By the time we got to my destination she was all smiles and asked to take a picture with me.

Took one more train to get to the museum- there was another lolita on board. I don't want to sound judgmental but her hair was very limp and she was wearing striped stockings- but she was very, very nice. We talked for a minute about our coords and parted ways.

Once I met up with my friends they were extremely surprised that I came in a full coord but were delighted and the rest of the day was beautiful. We went to a beautiful art gallery, had a fancy lunch, visited the local art district and finished the evening by the beach.

I've had a lot of excellent experiences in lolita. The ONLY awkward moments I've had were on buses where normies asked for my picture for the obvious novelty, and I didn't give any fucks and humored them.

I don't understand lolitas who are offended by people being amused or find their way of dressing novel. It's unusual, it's fun, there's nothing wrong with people giving you extra attention or whatever. I really love wearing gothic lolita and getting the chance to wear it in a socially acceptable setting is just wonderful.

>> No.9670112

God. Getting shit on by a bird in Lolita sounds horrifying. Even in normie clothes that is like my second worse fear to getting stung by a wasp.

>> No.9670124

It took me only a second to realize what had happened. I'm a Marine, I've been in some serious emergency situations before- but fucking nothing compared to the urgency and seriousness I had when cleaning that dress. Please always carry a parasol with you. Please.

>> No.9670129
File: 33 KB, 256x414, 7b941241cfb17573ec511daa354a0666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that a bottle of sangria?

>> No.9670137

>giving people nasty looks
>not very lolita-like
Resting bitchface has always been a lolita staple.

>> No.9670138

Dumb question but why do they carry the luggage with them?

>> No.9670172

Supposedly that's where they carry their regular clothes that they changed out of when they arrived to their destination (Harajuku, Shinjuku, etc.). Seems that Japanese girls don't often travel in their frills, especially if they don't live in Tokyo.

>> No.9670173
File: 86 KB, 624x716, People+of+Walmart+Lolita[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From People of Walmart

>> No.9670179

horrible cringe

>> No.9670180

God I remember this one. Good cringey times. Also,
>oh it's not as old as I remembered
>wait this was 7 years ago
What the fuck

>> No.9670216

ive had so many experiences with things getting on my dresses, bird shit, spilled food (usually NOT my fault either), black oil fell on my white baby coat last winter (it was on public transit and something was leaking from the ceiling), ive been splashed by dirty water from cars, had to change a tire once on the highway in full ap. oh, and art class. fucking charcoal and oil paint.
life is rough but we have oxyclean and washing delicate bags. i feel like im on next level stain cleaning power.

>> No.9670229

My parents came home from an overseas vacation with a half a dozen candid shots of 'girls who dress like you Anon!' They were so excited to show me, I didn't have the heart to tell them how uncool that is from the other side

>> No.9670240

Ugh. This whole thread just made me feel super nostalgic and sad as fuck.

>> No.9670276

A true horror story.

>> No.9670279

Half of that stuff has never happened to me even in normie clothes

>> No.9670280

You should still.

>> No.9670284

Out of all of those, why were you in lolita for the messiest mediums possible? Working with charcoal meant that my snot was black for the next day, I don't want to think about what it did to your clothes.

Everything else is beyond your control, hence my confusion.

>> No.9670354

This is such a beautiful coord. And I don't know why she's holding her hand in that pose while walking but it makes me really happy.

>> No.9670387
File: 51 KB, 585x800, harajuku_36_by_midori_ronin3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jfc, I can't believe it's been almost 8 years, it feels unreal

Why so??

>> No.9670393

It was common in Japan, not just with lolitas. If they came to Harajuku for shopping or a visual kei show they used it for the goods they bought.

>> No.9670402

Sometimes to just change at the place they were going to because they don't want their parents,neighbor,colleagues,...to know

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File: 173 KB, 640x480, tumblr_lljlmmjggq1qb2zfoo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9670461

>her hair was very limp and she was wearing striped stockings-

>mfw a wild tiferet appears

Aw that's so cute.

>> No.9670645

I've been wondering this for a while now, how come we don't have more recent pictures of lolitas in the wild? Is it because a lot of them are restricted to comm access?

Just strikes me as strange because cameraphones are more advanced than ever, but these images seem to stop somewhere between 2011-2013.

>> No.9670651

desire for perfection

some of the ones in this thread seem legitimately candid but a lot of them appear to be "plandids." i think people seem to be really concerned with their angles and taking the ultra posed CoF style coord shot nowadays. it's representative of a change in our "culture"--staged perfection being revered over candids with minor flaws. also with lolita's massive online presence i just think more people are focused on selfies and taking coord shots of each other for CoF and Insta.

>> No.9670655

It’s rude to take pics without asking and most pics are staged now. Some normie might sneak one but you aren’t going to find that. It also is no longer a trendy thing to do? Like shoe pics used to be the thing but don’t happen now. I rarely if ever do a group shot at a meet. It’s unlikely that someone will be the type to take candids that will be widely posted. Most are kept between the fb group or friends.

>> No.9670723

usually the charcoal lessons were short. i went to one of those schools with 8 classes split up over 6 hours, so i usually brought an apron with me for messy classes and decided it was worth the risk to be able to be pretty the rest of the day. most of the art accidents that happened to my clothes were other people spilling things on my chair that i couldnt control but it all washes in the end

>> No.9671209

>a wild tiferet
Like the jewish thing?

>> No.9671215
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>> No.9671420

This is honestly a shame because this girl was super nice when I knew her. She dressed nicely too, this is just a horrible photo.

>> No.9671439

Sage but what dress is she wearing?

>> No.9671482


>> No.9671521

>egl free-for-all nostalgia

>> No.9671524

my bus into work this morning was pretty full by the time it got to my stop so it was standing room only...my skirt was hitting about 6 people at once at all times but they seemed pleasant or else neutral about it. I apologized and felt bad but people know the deal in the mornings and it was okay. I quickly got a seat once the majority got off at the college nearby.

Maximum poof is my favorite lolita mode, but public transport makes it tough.

>> No.9671580

>not waking up extra early to get an empty bus
You probably live somewhere without decent running transit but if I'm decked out I always wait for a less filled bus, but I also have really good time management.

>> No.9671596

God I thought the exact same thing!!
I'm so nostalgic of it. It was good shit.

>> No.9671764

I wish we could have such threads on /cgl/, it was always so comfy

>> No.9671794

Is there some reason we can't? sorry, I'm new.

>> No.9671853

>but I also have really good time management
I notoriously do not...lol especially when I'm frilling up

>> No.9671890

Whats up with so many lolitas always being extremely late for a very important date?

>> No.9671891
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It gets burned alive with shitposting and derailing. /cgl/ is not specific and slow enough to have a lot of amazing discussion like on smaller boards, but it's also not fast and popular enough to generate gems regularly like bigger boards. Basically it's kinda shit.

>> No.9671894

nayrt, but I always have terrible time management and am late very often, but when it's for a meet or something else I'm wearing a full coord for I never have trouble.
Somehow I always calculate in a shitton of time for lolita and when I set the alarm to get ready I'm excited enough to just get out of bed and put on my outfit right away.

>> No.9671900

Same. I suck and feel bad at how many times i've been late (not from that much but still).

>> No.9671906

Imagine if you felt like that every day

>> No.9671907

How early do you have to wake up to get a bus that isn't full? like 4?

>> No.9672028

Depends on what time the thing is I'm going to. Most meets aren't that early in the day. I don't work super early and rarely wear Lolita to work cause its kind of a waste in my opinion but sometimes I do and I usually head out an hour early to where ever I'm going.

I'm also extremely familiar with the transit in my area. I know when the buses and trains get full.

>> No.9673179

I want someone to photoshop these 3 into the post-apocalyptic background I thought this was before I opened the thumbnail

>> No.9678058

uncultured swines

>> No.9678073

>be me, moved to japan earlier this year
>go to harajuku for the first time on halloween with husbando this year, dressed in full lolita
>get harassed left and right by tourists for pictures
>didn't stay too long fortunately, since we went to shibuya for the halloween street party

fast forward to yesterday

>go back to harajuku by myself for more exploring/shopping, husband doesn't like going out to tokyo
>dressed in fairy kei, feel kawaii af, still feel anxious about being by myself
>walk down takeshita street to get to closet child and liz lisa
>european couple stops me, starts taking pictures of me without asking like i'm some kind of tourist attraction
>"no pictures please, i have to go"
>walk faster to get away, but get stopped again by some filipino family wanting pictures
>i hate tourists

>> No.9678076
File: 1.17 MB, 638x1135, god.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like the tiffy thing.

>> No.9678094

Are you white or jap?

>> No.9678103

NAYRT but she said she moved to Japan so she's probably not. As a foreigner in lolita you will get harassed by tourists in Harajuku, it's happened to me.

>> No.9678136

Two white girls from my comm recently moved to Japan and they hated taking pictures unless they did so themselves. I couldn't help but picture them when reading that text.

>> No.9678243

neither, but i am american stationed in japan. but every tourist was taking pictures of everyone that didn't dress normie. i guess that's normal in harajuku

>> No.9678250

Texas lolita here, moving to Vermont soon. Any lolitas there? How is it? Texas blows; in my area people will grab your skirt or stick their hands in your hair without so much as asking.

>> No.9678277

Is this thing still into lolita?

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