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Old one is dead. Starting:

>get depressed and be a neet for a year
>find a job at last yay!
>it is a shitty job, work from home and doesn't pay well
>but it's a job so yay
>a month later
>boss doesn't send your money and tells you to wait for stuff
>you wait, still no money
>they still send you work to do

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>lolitas are such special snowflake's they have to break off and have their own feels threads now

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>What is catalog

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>thinking of killing myself last year, every living moment
>got work
>got therapy
>lost weight
>still feels anxious about work, friends, crush.
>Work has been giving me lots of stress
>partially because of my own fault
>thinking of killing myself again
>feeling anxious and relax at the same time feels strange!
I am writing stuff down, helps a lot with shitty toughs.

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Posting in this thread because one thread is literal hell, and the other has a weird unrelated pic

>new "friend" added to group chat online
>constantly posting cringey tumblr memes, acts like tumblerina
>wants to get "serious" about cosplay
>suggest some things to help them improve their cosplay
>gets defensive whenever a suggestion means more work, or shrugs it off
>group chat talking about something cosplay or lolita related
>newcommer derails convos with some shitty memes and tumblr posts, also sometimes makes crude remarks towards others making the chat awkward for a couple of days
>starting to question why they were even added to group, bring it up with another bro
>they say new group "friend" has been nothing but rude to them and a couple others

I don't understand why they were added if nobody likes them, I've tried making a new group chat before excluding them, but theres always one of two people (Who we all really like) that say "oh don't forget about ____!" and adds them without anybody saying anything

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>tfw I don't have my own feels thread

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>I don't understand why they were added if nobody likes them

If you have someone like that in your group it lets you know that you're not the bottom one

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do you want me to go on there and tell them that nobody likes them so that you dont have to

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>pull myself out of depression
>start to take care of my hygiene again
>get into a good routine
>be ok and clean, good times
>feel myself falling into depression again
>feel my hygiene habits start to slip again despite my hardest efforts
>start feeling apathetic to everything again
the worst part is that i make income from my social media, so i can't even go full hikikomori and cut contact from the world. i have to pull myself together enough once a week to make videos and take pictures so that i'll have content.

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It's just an online chat group. Let the offender know they're being rude and awkward before it goes too far. Thing is, if you let it to continue but then get angry later they could spin it and try to play victim because you technically never told them about the issue.
Just let that person know, be like "We're not trying to attack you," or "That thing you said is pretty crude and makes us feel awkward."

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my neet year was the worst, you feel gross and slimy all the time and that just makes you feel worse about yourself, I legitimately think taking a shower every day is the best sign of being functional there is

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*Make a list of things I need to do for con prep.
*Friend asks why there's a stain on it.
*Tell him it's water.
*MFW when I don't have the heart to tell her it's my bf's come

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i'm not making this up but my lolita gf makes semennimon rolls (semen cinnamon rolls) for her comm every saturday using my semen
they all know what it is too and they love it
idk i try not to ask too many questions

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with this specific symptom of depression. It really does make you feel like a failure of a human being, but that just worsens the problem... on top of all the other things I find disgusting about myself, I also have a physical component to enhance the loathing and make sure that downward spiral is both steep and at least partially permanent.

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I'm like 90% sure that either they actually don't know, or they're some kind of creepy cult that is posing as a fashion group.
Either way, the one who's gonna get killed out of this is you, because in either case, one or more bitches be crazy.

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gr8 role play but this isn't the thread for that

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When you catch your little sister looking at porn, and it's 3DPD.

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can we do good feels?
>starting college, moving 2000 miles from abuse parents
>never had chance to get into cosplay, but now everything is open, already have some friends here who are really into it, they are going to help/guide while i make first cosplay for my first con coming up
>plus lots of other stuff not related to /cgl/

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>3 out of 5 of my dream dresses pop up for great prices
>don't have money for all three
>2 of them are rarely sold, and usually at a super jacked up price
kill me

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If you have reliable income, why do you not have savings already, anyway?
If you don't have reliable income, why would you buy something non-essential like style wear?

Either way the solution is identical: Accept the loss on this one and take it as a lesson to manage your money better and/or work harder and/or get a new job.

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I have savings, but I'm not about to drop 1000+ on three dresses. I have enough put aside for lolita that would cover one dress, because no one really expects three dresses to show up at once. Quit being condescending and assuming, you're making an ass of yourself.

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>join BakaBT
>download a 1GB movie
>try to seed
>0 peers in swarm, no fucking leechers
>have left three torrents to seed for two days now, no biters
>scared to download anything else that's not freeleech in case I dig this hole any deeper
How am I going to get a good ratio now? Fucking hell.

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I wasn't trying to be condescending, please don't misunderstand.
The tone I meant to have here was "ya win some, ya lose some. Don't worry, you'll do better next time."
I guess I didn't express myself well.

Anyway, if you have enough for at least one, you could presumably snag the two rare ones at least with a little careful massaging of your budget. That seems like a solution to me, if it's possible to make it work without cutting into essentials.

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Dunno senpai. I can never seem to get any seed anywhere on BakaBT even before it went private. People don't seem to download the things I do.

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Man I just really love Lolita.

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I forgot how fucking lit Moi Dix Mois is. Every song is a bop.

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Could be worse, could be /k/'s cum brownies

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The fuck happened to the other threads?

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>Scrolling through FB
>One friend is cringeworthy cosplayer with cringe edits
>Her newest cosplay pops up
>Oh god how shitty
>Too bad (or thank god, idk) she only post them on private account so I don't want to share them

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>work at American Girl store
>told to wear Victorian dress for an event
>cry because it's so ita

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> Friends with group of guys
> Most of them are single and sadboys so I give them dating advice
> Slutty thot freshman comes in
> Manipulates everyone, blatantly here for sex and to use people
> Can't say anything because they think I'm 'jealous' but I just genuinely care about them

My boyfriend understands but none of them will listen and it's so stressful. I've pretty much given up but they're all still my friends so it's difficult to watch her treat them like shit. I guess it's their mistake though, not mine.

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What's she doing to manipulate them?
If it's just one girl leading on multiple guys who are all friends, they're pretty dumb to not see through her act.

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One made by a fat fetish lover and the other was just shit.

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this is not /cgl/ related at all, but you should know that BBT is not the same as Nyaa.

You will not get leechers on all your seeds, you ahve to pick something with a lot of activity, preferrably on freeleech to build up a ratio
90% of the things I get from there never have anyone request from me, but I've uploaded at least 400 GB of Ouran, FMA, and Monogatari since people seem to like that shit

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Being overly flirty so she can: win games (she's sort of a psycho about board games), steal our booze at parties, get them to do stuff for her, fight with each other, etc. She has a boyfriend already, but they're too blinded by the possibility of sex to listen when I point out the shit parts ofher personality.

> tfw I was roped into running a tabletop game with her in it

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>give them dating advice
don't do this please
girls give terrible dating advice to guys because they really only see half the picture in dating.
dating sucks for guys. It really sucks. There are multiple billion dollar industries built up around the fact that dating sucks so much for guys. Women on the other hand, usually just put on makeup, heels, and a push-up bra and stand around in a bar/club waiting for a guy they can tolerate to hit on them. Since the experiences are usually worlds apart, any advice that women give men for dating is probably gonna be bad.
Think back to all the moms telling their sons about how girls just want a nice boy who respects them and isn't a jerk. Now, think about how much those guys are seen as pussies, and how meatheads who ooze testosterone have more women hanging off them. It's just that they have a hard time putting into word what they really want. I guess there's also the fact that teenage girls are dumb sometimes and mistake being an insufferable cunt and looking for a fight all the time for confidence in a guy.

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>TTG with a bunch of lonely guys and a girl who manipulates them all

this'll go swell

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i don't understand how this is cgl related.

>> No.9638891

hardly any of this is related, but if the mods allow a communism/nazi shitslinging thread for a week, then they don't care about relevancy

>> No.9638893

>but if the mods allow a communism/nazi shitslinging thread for a week

>> No.9638894

the offensive/wrongthink cosplay thread has turned into a "sjw"/nazi/communism shitslinging thread for the last 60 posts or so and the mods have done nothing

>> No.9638896

Gonna swing by there and check out the autism, thanks anon

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>Jewish people are all people of colour

What the fuck am I reading

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Cool story but this isn't /r9k/

>> No.9638994

Don't make up excuses why you can't get a gf, it's pretty obvious it's because you're an idiot who doesn't see women as people.

>> No.9638997

/cgl/ is /r9k/'s female equivalent tho

>> No.9639011

there's probably a least slightly less misandry here than misogyny there

>> No.9639013

That still doesn't make it /r9k/ tho

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Not even

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You sound fat

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>dump his ass
>who /sugar daddy/ here?

>that bitch just friendzoned me
>all women are fucking whores

>> No.9639049

>dump his ass
that's a meme you moron
>who /sugar daddy/ here
half the time or more, those are trolls
are you retarded? that barely happens, even less often in cosplay threads. as long as you don't go "guy here" and expect us to flock to you, or make a new thread without consulting the catalog nobody gives a fuck.

tl;dr you're a retarded crossboarder, go back to /r9k/

>> No.9639054

>it's a meme or a troll because it fits my narrative
Take your crossboarder boogeymen somewhere else, princess. We've already had this discussion in another thread.

>> No.9639062

Get a room already

>> No.9639081

That's not r9k anon

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>be me growing up
>"Anon, you look just like your mother! wow!"
>hate that cunt
>don't see too much resemblance and she was pretty younger anyway
>want plastic surgery, figure I'll have money a couple years after I graduate
>still me
>nearly 30
>still paying student loans and shitty jobs
>features more defined, slight wrinkles
>look in the mirror, remind self of my mother
>want surgery really badly
>boyfriend opposes it, would do it anyway but wish I had his support

>> No.9639216

>set up payment plan with girl for mildly expensive dress
>ask for deposit to make sure she doesn't run
>she sends me all payments as gifts on paypal

I mean, I'm just confused. I'm glad it's me and not some shitty ass person, this girl is setting herself up to be scammed.

Always send payments as payments, y'all.

>> No.9639221

Say it to her later

>> No.9639266

>past prime with a boyfriend
>wants plastic surgery just to not look like someone
Literally what's the point
Who cares if she's a cunt, you're an adult now, get over it.

>> No.9639269

>won't be attending my favorite con I've been going to with friends for almost 8 years now
>group is drifting apart
>con not as fun as it used to be
>inevitable group drama
>there is a new ish con same weekend
>going to it in hopes of having a new experience and meeting new con friends

Should I just let go and move on cgl?

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okay Chadington

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>tfw an ugly brolita without any sense of style bought your dream dress AND your dream item

>> No.9639297

wtf is this supposed to mean?
I get that you're using some weird r9k terms but I don't get it

>> No.9639314

>tfw post qt secret for gf to find as a surprise and everyone thinks you're some creepy psychopath

>> No.9639325

I thought it was cute anon, I think they were overreacting

>> No.9639331

Thanks, it had me feeling kinda down. I know I shouldn't pay attention to things like that, but sometimes it gets to you, you know?

You're a very kind anon.

>> No.9639338

I thought it was cute, and at least your gf loves you. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

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Drawing used to be my favorite thing, and now it just makes me feel like shit. Five years out of art school, and I know I'll never be the artist I want to be. I don't deserve to live.

Cosplay is the only creative thing that doesn't make me hate myself.

>> No.9639391

shouldn't have gone to art school famalam

>> No.9639403

Honestly, I should have killed myself three or four years ago. I wish I weren't so scared to.

>> No.9639412

You might not be able to make a living out of art but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to live, or that you're not an artist. I know this feel, I've been drawing my whole life and I've been stuck in an artless rut for a few years now; it sucks but you gotta pick yourself back up, you know? Do you still feel like shit when you just doodle for fun? How about you start with that?

>> No.9639417

If drawing stresses you out, maybe take a break from it for a bit? Doodle when you want to. If you don't have a job, this could be a good time to learn a new skill or even go back to school if you can.

Hang in there. <3

>> No.9639421

Draw furfag commissions and make bank. That's what I do anyway.

>> No.9639427

I loved drawing and my mum tried to tell me I should go to art school. I had enough sense back then to say "I love art, which means I DONT want to make it my job." do what you love is an outdated meme. Move away from creative pursuits for a job and find something else that doesnt make you want to kill yourself. In a year or two you'll probably find your passion for art will come back.

>> No.9639429

I'm currently studying something practical but I have absolutely no interest in it, but I am pretty good at art, considering doing this.

>> No.9639458

Very good side gig. More so if you're actually a decent artist, not that they care too much. Just fetish shit in general.

Most I've made is from a fairly large painting of loli guro. Dunno where the fuck you'd hang it though.

>> No.9639465

Living room or front hall obvs

>> No.9639471

I guess someone like that probably doesn't have people over often? Although I can't say I'm an angel either so who knows.

>> No.9639474

How much did you get for it? I'd be willing to draw whatever as long as I'm paid enough.

Also, how did you market yourself? I've got a semi decent following on tumblr and Twitter (around 2000 followers on each) by shitposting and churning out the occasional fanart but don't know how to appeal to furries or more commissioners. Do I just have to keep drawing them? Should I go on different sites?

>> No.9639481

$1950. But I offered to fix it if he didn't like it, plus possible issues shipping I handled entirely.
I made a separate account/identity entirely and started from ground 0, as I wanted no connection to real life or any other accounts. I highly suggest you do the same.
Then you can draw some tame furry stuff, maybe slightly lewd. Release drawings regularly, visit furry sites, post your stuff. You attract furries with furshit.

Once you have a good little following, open for commissions. Set ground rules if you have them or expect everything under the sun, which means a lot more money if you can stomach it AND draw it well. Furry, scat, inflation, guro, loli, shota, cbt, etc. It does take a lot of time, research, and practice. Your moral compass has to be pretty low too.

>> No.9639488

>spent so much recently on virtual clothes on love nikki dress up queen that I've had to cut down on lolita purchases
>had to pick up extra shifts at work so I can afford it
(I don't get paid very much, so dropping $200 a month on a game is a pretty big deal for me)
rip how do I stop? At this point I'm gaining more satisfaction buying clothes for a virtual character than I am for myself...
but some of those outfits, damn

>> No.9639493

Thanks anon, this is all great help, hope you get lots of commissions soon. I'll definitely change my identity.
Did you change your art style at all? How about typing style when making posts/interacting with customers? Do you ever worry about getting caught? My main worry is that somebody will recognize my art style and approach me. Also, how did you start out with pricing?

>> No.9639495

Thank you. I just kind of hate myself for wasting my life on this.

>> No.9639508

I'm so busy now. I'm wearing since I'm pretty much working 7 days a week. I don't have any time to wear lolita but I keep buying it. On one hand I feel like I'm losing interest and on the other I just want to be like fuck it and wear it for casual Fridays or whatever.

>> No.9639509

I had a pretty low internet foot print to begin with. My style changed a lot over time and I had never drawn anything like this before. My forte was landscapes and flowers, even doodles.

I don't worry too much about being recognized. Your commissions aren't likely to come up on the internet you know? They keep it to themselves, so your public art doesn't need to be super degenerate. Weird and off-putting maybe, but enough that you can explain yourself.
If you're worried change your style a bit while practicing. I use the same business like tone I use in work emails with my customers, you don't need to go THAT far to hide yourself.

Pricing depends how good you are, your turn around time, and the commission itself. Can't really help you too much there as I don't know what your drawings are like. I started out fairly low to gauge how many bites I'd get, and I adjust prices based on how much I want to do the request, my availability, their specifications, if they're a repeat buyer, if I fucking like them or not, etc. Price is definitely the most difficult part.

>> No.9639603

Aaaaw heck that was cute. Forget the haters, they're just jelly they aren't loved as much as you and your partner.

>> No.9639734

>tfw your best friend is still friends with your ex who treated you like crap and is generally an asshole
I know I can't tell hear who can she be friends with but it makes me so angry for some reason..

>> No.9639743

Why the actual fuck would you spend $200 on virtual clothes?

>> No.9639750

Not relevant to cgl
Take it to r9k or adv

>> No.9639751

Delete the game

>> No.9639759

These threads are never related to /cgl/

>> No.9639762

they would be if people actually posted relevant shit instead of blogging about their lives

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>want to cosplay Chrico Cuvie
>tfw I will never be a badass ubermensch murder machine with with a qt super soldier gf

>> No.9639770

Are you friends with your ex's best friend? If so then you have no room to talk.

>> No.9639771

Well they're not going to. No point in complaining and telling one anon to go to a different board when the thread's already full of off-topic shit like furfag commissioning, suicide ideation and relationship drama

>> No.9639790

If this is true, this is a serious issue and you should not only delete the game immediately, but also seek out for professional help, concerning your gaming addiction

>> No.9639799

Wear it on your off time, even if it's just at home. Remind yourself how fun it is.

>> No.9639800

>having a hard time doing Very Hard/Extreme songs in rhythm games nowadays
>Didn't have any problem with them back in college
>it happens again last night and I finally realize
>my EDS has gotten way worse since college and now if I try to play super fast songs my thumbs dislocate

Maybe this is for the best. They added Basara and Mylene to Uta Macross last week and it's making me want to put a Fire Bomber group together. Less tappy tap game means less desire to cosplay ugly 90's outfits, right??

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>Go to store to buy some fabric and thread for new costume
>Weird guy is walking to bus stop, think nothing of him
>5 days later take dog running in the morning before work, usually bf comes too but he took the day off to go visit an uncle he rarely gets to see
>Going through local park and stop for water at fountain
>Guy from before is on a bench, and seemingly inebriated shouts "Hey pretty girl from the store! Ain't you somethin! Lets chat!"
>Dog gets upset and starts barking
>"Tell lassie to calm down, uncle tim just wants some company"
>He gets off the bench, and i just take off running with the dog

Haven't been back to the park since, but it's a real bummer because my dog loves it there

>> No.9639869

Anon I recently came to the same conclusion.

I looked at my time on my phone using an app and I was spending 7 HOURS a day on mobile games alone. I had dozens of games installed that I would rotate through and I dumped a hundred dollars on love Nikki and more on other games like Yugioh. I recognized the issue but I didn't want to uninstall because of the sunk cost fallacy. A dream (mid tier) dress came up for auction and I didnt have the liquid funds for it. I deleted all the games at once except for three: pokemon Go because exercise and I've never spent on it, Habitica because it's a healthy habit app and not really a game, and Run Zombies because it's also exercise.

Go cold turkey anon. They've got you hooked to a dopamine feed. You should cut them all out ideally. It will never work for addictive or compulsive types. I felt a panic attack coming on if I didn't get enough diamonds to complete a set.

Besides that for 200 dollars you could commission amateur artists to draw your favorite Nikki outfits many times over, without worrying about the game. I'm not condemning buying intangible game items, but the probable enjoyment ratio is much better spent elsewhere 99% of the time.

>> No.9639875

I'm stuck on 8s in iidx but at least I'm having fun with doubles.

>> No.9639938


Well seeing as how I literally can't spend money on Uta Macross because JPN iTunes won't take overseas cards and you have to buy third party JPY gift cards and redeem them to be able to buy things in-game... I'm in the clear.

It's not an "oh god I spend too much time/money playing this game" problem. It's a "the more I play with these characters that I love the more I want to cosplay them" problem.

Also. Yanno. My thumbs dislocate when I play too fast.

>> No.9639946

wasn’t talking to you, you goddamn walnut

>> No.9639952


No need to get tetchy, I mistook your reply for >>9639875 cause I was using a mobile browser.

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Why is this thread so kill?

Amazon sent my costume boots to the wrong house, but they refunded me. Would I be evil if the person they sent them to ended up returning them to me, but I kept the refund?

>> No.9640203

not really, I bought a coat on amazon, and bitched about it not getting to me on time
I got a refund, and the coat when it got to me like 3 weeks later

>> No.9640258
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>doing artist alley this weekend.
>met at least a couple older parents who were there to check out the con while supporting their kids art in the AA.
>one is an older gentlemen who is really nice and compliments my art and gets into discussion with me about the series and art that inspired the fanart.

I get sad thinking how my dad has never been that nice or supportive of my art. He's either ignored or belittled my work(nobody will buy it, I'm cheating if I use any digital tools, etc....) and thinks conventions are for freaks.

>> No.9640259

Before we started dating my boyfriend had been planning on taking his life for a while. He says I've given him a reason to live but I'm worried all the time. Sometimes if I message him and I know he's not busy or at work and he doesn't reply for 5 hours I get terrified that I'll never be able to see him again. Obviously that's never been the case but I worry so much. Not even all of the burando in the world could come anywhere near how much he means to me.

>> No.9640264

that's sweet but not /cgl/ related at all. getting real tired of these kinds of posts that are completely off topic but shoehorn "burando" or "lolita" at the end in an attempt to mask it. go to another board if you want to write up general feels.

>> No.9640271

I found photos of my first cooed attempt

It had a fucking adidas jacket

>> No.9640273


>> No.9640305 [DELETED] 

Lmao just close you eyes faggot. No2 asks you to read that shit stop being a little bitch. Nowonder no1 likes you irl

>> No.9640307

Please post it.

>> No.9640308
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>ordered a Menhera-chan shirt from Tokyo Otaku Mode and a pair of tights from some other shop
>it's been 23 days and both are still on route/in transit
Reeeeee, deliver already

>> No.9640310 [DELETED] 

sorry nobody wants to read your shitty unrelated posts
>>>/r9k/ will be happy to have you there

>> No.9640315

>being this fucking obsessed with /r9k/

Maybe you should go there so we don't have to deal with your incessant bitching

>> No.9640316

NAYRT but please keep the posts on topic, and chill the fuck out.

>> No.9640460


>> No.9640493

tokyo otaku mode is SO SLOW. I ordered a Pote Usa Loppy last year and it took over two months to get to me. I refuse to use them again for that reason alone.

>> No.9640497

what shipping did you use/where do you live? I live in the US and EMS is fast as fuck, even SAL shipping has taken like 2 weeks at the highest.

>> No.9640512

>payment finally processes on AliExpress
>It's been 14 days and the seller hasn't responded or posted info when I ask
>Had to extend processing time another 2 weeks
>They're a 3 diamond rated seller
Idk what's going on

>> No.9640561

I used EMS and am in the US. I'm the poteusa anon, seriously I was so surprised and annoyed at how long it took.

>> No.9640606

so salty

>> No.9640679

man im that girl. I want to buy somethings but fucking studying abroad so i keep offering to send as gift when i buy (since i cant add the abroad address to my paypal).

>> No.9640734

Eh it's a slow board anyway at least this being posted doesn't push any relevant threads off.

>> No.9640737 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 600x401, ballpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried going to a local con, but the fat bastard taking tickets said I couldn't come in because I'm a "fake geek girl." I tried to argue, but he just smashed an elf-on-the-shelf on the ground and screamed "Roastie get out! RRREEEEEEE!"

It sucks, having a male dominated hobby.

>> No.9640740
File: 18 KB, 600x401, ballpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried going to a local con, but the fat bastard taking tickets said I couldn't come in because I'm a "fake geek girl." I tried to argue, but he just whipped an elf on the shelf at me and screamed "Roastie get out! RRREEEEEEE!"

It sucks, having a male dominated hobby.

>> No.9640752
File: 197 KB, 700x781, Reaction-pic---Cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Op here with an update

>tumblrina refuses to wear clothing or anything that makes her out to be a "dirty fujo"
>misinterpruts what fujo means entirely because of what they probably read on tumblr
>explain what it really means, fully knowing that most of us in the group chat are fujos
>gets really pissy explaining why theyre scum of earth
>tell them its literally just a pokefun term at girls who like yaoi chill
>theyre dead set that theyre right
>finally get fed up, realise this is a good excuse to leave chat room
>fuck out there fully knowing if they can get pissy at this it's gonna escalate in the future

Hopefully everybody else that also dislikes this person will just follow suit, this sucks though, guess it's back to talking one on one with my bros

>> No.9640769

Fujos are disgusting tho

>> No.9640820

I hate my life and wearing lolita is the only thing keeping me going. It feels dumb but if I ever left, I'd have literally nothing that makes me happy

>> No.9640825

Let me make you happy, babygull

>> No.9640838

This is how I feel too, anon.

>> No.9640844

Same thing happened to be a couple of months ago too, actually. I was wearing a Madoka cosplay too... pissed me off

>> No.9640885
File: 85 KB, 250x274, tumblr_ot9mk7EyCg1vf89jzo4_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw senior year of uni
>no friends
>shitty job paying minimum wage
>only making ~$80 a week after taxes and food costs
>only own shitty macbook, can't emulate anything or play any video games that make me happy
>can't go to meet ups because of money/transportation/time
>comm kicking anyone who doesn't go to the December meet
>can't afford any outerwear that would be even slightly effective during the winters in my area
might as well quit the comm while i'm at it and become a lonelita...
at least my grades are good, but that's all that i've got going for me this semester

>> No.9640891

whoops, $80 every OTHER week
if i was making $80 EVERY week, i'd be pretty happy

>> No.9640947

They whipped an elf on the shelf at you and screamed "Roastie get out"? This is a weird epidemic.

>> No.9640970
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>First they came for the fatty-chans, and I did not speak out—
>Because I was not a fatty-chan.

>Then they came for the brolitas, and I did not speak out—
>Because I was not a brolita.

>Then they came for the DDLGs, and I did not speak out—
>Because I was not a DDLG.

>Then they came for the itas—and there was no one left to speak for me.

>> No.9640977

I know that feel.
I'm a poor broke college student in the middle of nowhere. It'd cost an arm and a leg for me to attend cons
At least we'll get good jobs outta college right?

>> No.9640999
File: 66 KB, 205x198, sda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to lose some weight before a con
>1 cup pressed vegetable juices each meal of day
>exercising regular 7h/week + walking to work
>this for two weeks
>have lost one pound

Being a fatty-chan is suffering.

Also, this one I completely understand, but it still feltbadman.png:

>saw my all-time favorite cosplayer at the last con i went to in the halls
>ask for a photo
>they look me up and down
>walk away

>> No.9641003

only one cup of vegetable juices, or juices plus more. If its only the juice, get ready to get royally fucked up

>> No.9641016
File: 93 KB, 694x642, 1506384968546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're sad and it's late at night so you just start impulse buying shit

>> No.9641039

Why on earth would you juice it? All you're doing is getting rid of everything that keeps you full and losing out on some nutrients. Just download LoseIt or MFP and track calories. Even lazy logging is better than nothing. Especially since there's a lot of healthy and/or innocent seeming things that are fairly high calorie.

>> No.9641051

Numbers. How far do you walk? What's the workout routine? Are you eating anything else with the juice?
Recovering fat lad that wants to cosplay decently so I know the pain, but this shit takes time and effort

>> No.9641070

>I'd need to hit the gym like it insulted my mother for the next 8 months to be swole enough for a Doomfist cosplay.
I guess that's not feels and more /lazy/ but man I should do it.

>> No.9641091
File: 113 KB, 454x432, 165a7d99bbd7ba26cf9cac054e30c779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was underage and dumb as shit online years ago
>where are they now thread
>ctrl + F old username
>0 results

>> No.9641098

>friend spends months making me a costume to wear.
>spend weeks prepping for the con.
>accidentally part the wig in the wrong direction and look like an idiot.

I never part my real hair or cosplayed a character that had side-swept bangs before, so this was something I didn't even think of until it was too late, especially because selfies are also "flipped"

I can flip the photos to fix them before we post them, but holy fuck I've been upset about this since I found out. I feel retarded.

>> No.9641129
File: 63 KB, 537x416, aa6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Packing for trip to glorious Nipponland.
>Wanna pack just one coord to wear when we do lolita-relevant shopping.
>Even my most basic JSKs are so fucking heavy.

I've just got Fantastic Dolly and a plain BTSSB cardigan, but together they weigh more than all of my other clothes combined. Sucks. I'm already planning to throw stuff out if I have to, to fit more.

>> No.9641135

It's totally worth it because the staff at burando shops will treat you sooooo much nicer if you're wearing lolita (even casual lolita).

>> No.9641144

Why am I such a failure? I spent a year unemployed, got a job at last and got fired today, after only a month. I didn't do anything wrong either, they were just like "we don't need you anymore"...
God I feel so shitty.

>> No.9641145

not /cgl/ related at all
take it to /adv/ or /r9k/

>> No.9641147

what's your obsession with /r9k/?

>> No.9641151

Wow you just love derailing don't you

>> No.9641153

I don't have one, it's just one of about 3-4 boards where your moaning about your life isn't completely off topic

>> No.9641156

>I don't have one
>>9640310 which was deleted

lol okay

>> No.9641168

Shut up and stop derailing the thread dumbass. Only 1 of those is me

>> No.9641172

How about your take your obsession with /r9k/ over there instead instead of sporadically telling a posters here to go there? Then the thread won't be derailed

>> No.9641195

Telling people blogging about unrelated shit to go to an off-topic board is not some Boogeyman conspiracy you moron.
Take it to
If you really want to sit and blog about you ablobloblo terrible life
Talk about cosplay and lolita here or fuck off

>> No.9641197

The obsession is real

>> No.9641230

Cry some more about your terrible non-cgl life.

>> No.9641232
File: 227 KB, 500x500, Obsession.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't posted a single thing about my life in these threads, retard. But feel free to keep embarrassing yourself

>> No.9641234

why are you so mad? why do you keep bumping the thread

it's not like your posts throwing a tantrum are /cgl/ related either, relax

>> No.9641239

That's not me, the derail anon replied to himself because I stopped

>> No.9641241

You can REEEEEEEEE all you want over on your favourite board in future

>> No.9641243

Let it go, let it go

>> No.9641248

The elf on the shelf meme wasn't around yet, it was just the "roastie get out"

>> No.9641260

That was my first post in this thread, faggot. Calm down.

>> No.9641310

Relationships and therapy never helped my depression, I'm engaged now and basically just want to die most of the time

>> No.9641312

princess sleeves make me look like a fat pro-wrestler, they are my fav kind of blouses

i dunno what kind of short sleeved blouses would look good on an inverted triangle body type, so i will be only able to wear lolita in the winter

I am not free in the winter due to uni, fml I've been cursed

>> No.9641344

> Got my final dream dress
> Got it for 50% of the ridiculous price it's usually listed for - about what it would have been on release, shipped to me

Finally. Finally done. I'm so happy ;-; <3

>> No.9641346

The lightest dress I own is a chiffon dot piece from BTSSB. You don't have anything like that? :c

Consider buying a coat or jacket when you get there, if they are taking up weight, and donate it when you leave. That's one thing that's helped lighten my suitcase when travelling.

>> No.9641348

Be careful just juicing. It's possible to lose weight without it, unless you're doing it as a temporary "get my hunger under control" thing, which I can understand.

Nutritious, low calorie food, no simple carbs, and you got this.

>> No.9641352

Oh nooooo. Not the incels.

>> No.9641415

Uh, what was it anon?

>> No.9641418
File: 445 KB, 800x1000, 1403269774817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a tea party and japan trip planned next month
>really hyped, have all minds of coords in mind
>suddenly need to have medical procedure on head
>they need to shave off 1/4 of my hair for that
>also blood stained hair will stay like this says my doctor
>don't own wigs and can't wear them for a while anyway
>so much about my outfit plans

I'm really fucking depressed right now..
Not only this, but I've ben growing out my hair for 5 years to have an amazing wedding next year or the year after.

>> No.9641436


Why juice at all? Why not just cut those calories out? The expression I love is, "You can't outrun your diet". So count your calories. Calories out > Calories in = Weight loss. It really is THAT simple.

>> No.9641438

Try boleros? Chiffon boleros work well for summer.

>> No.9641446

just remember that hair grows back anon. one time i lost my leg. that sucked.

>> No.9641447

Hats? Bonnets? I'm sorry though anon. I hope it's not a serious medical condition.

>> No.9641489

I'm so sorry. I'm not very helpful but I hope you find a reason to cheer up and get well soon, either way.

>> No.9641967
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just found out that the girl in my sister's comm who I hit it off with is mentally retarded. I didn't realize because she's an ESL-chan.

Wedding cancelled.

>> No.9641977

>lost my leg
you say that so casually

>> No.9641985

Sucks, anon. I lost three fingers in metal shop. They sewed them back on, but only after a guy climbed into the ceiling and retrieved them.

>> No.9641986

I understand where you're coming from, but... is cutting contact with someone worth it if their IQ is under 100? I've known folks with non-savant genius, but they're actually fucking intolerable, and I've met others that are fine. Same for people under the bell curve. You said yourself you hit it off. You can still be friends.

>> No.9642073

>tfw youre a middleman who knows the cringiest, most narcissistic, my-life-is-run-by-cosplay fat manchild with some of the worst armor and paint jobs you’ve ever seen in your 4 years of bad cosplay threads but you can’t share him until he gets more followers, because if he finds out it’ll be your friends/his “friends” who realized how insufferable he is in trouble. He legitimately thinks he is high-tier, semi-pro and types like he is a shounen anime MC.
My feels when I feel like I have a huge undiscovered lolcow on my hands but as a terrible person being just a bad person I can’t release him yet. Like CWC-levels of sns posting.

>> No.9642077

>types like he is a shounen anime MC

Anon please, at least cap his writing. How do you even type like a shounen MC? Does he quote them or rp with himself about magically appearing harems?

>> No.9642092
File: 243 KB, 1280x853, 1496142130586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw never understood lolitas who buy dresses just to put them in their closets and not wear them
>tfw on fifth dress and they're all going straight into my closet
>tfw oddly satisfying to open closet to see burando shoe boxes and oldschool and Taobao prints while I reach for my boring jeans and polo shirts

I thought it would hurt a lot more than it does but somehow I'm actually enjoying it? I dress pretty tomboy in my daily life, I only wear BB cream and no jewelry but every morning I open my closet to get my work clothes out and see a whole section full of pastels and frills with my hoard of lolita shoes I've not even worn and it brightens my day a little.

Shouldn't I be less-happy about spending so much money on stuff I'm not even wearing?

>> No.9642094

Shopping can be an addiction, the act of getting new things and owning it, feeling you have to have it, etc.

Wear the Lolita more, it’s that easy

>> No.9642114

My health has been taking a nose dive around 2 years ago. I can try to deal with it but I really hate feeling like a "spoony" when I have to forgo a meet or anything social because I need my energy for work/school or can only schedule appointments on the weekends. I'm getting bummed out about it since I got out of my shell and then got blindsided with all these issues just when I was beginning to make lolita friends too. Here's some hard truth green text:
>always go to the doctor
>you never know what they can prevent
>a-at least my mannequin dresses nicely for me

>> No.9642213

>Orders gothic lolita dream dress
>Lots of hiccups with shipping
>does not arrive for three months
>In those three months stop caring about goth in general
>Dress arrives and immediately wants it in the pink colorway instead

Why am I like this

>> No.9642227

You're greentexting wrong~

>> No.9642233

>this guy
Alright, /x/, who's channeling the spirit of Elliot Rodgers again?

>> No.9642351

He calls himself a hero and other people are villains, with dramatic spacing, stuff like that.

>> No.9642353

Oh yeah and thinks every girl who talks to him is into him or obsessed with him so yeah harem

>> No.9642463

Finally trying to help myself, going to get to the gym and work out and get a psychologist to help fix my self esteem/social skills, but everyone thinks it's a joke or 'I don't need it'

>> No.9642466

Go away with the off topic posting

>> No.9642477

>"boy I better start putting aside money for my dream dresses"
>wishlist item pops up on fril for cheap

>> No.9642489
File: 30 KB, 274x359, tumblr_nlewemJfG11r5um5to1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>See pictures of amazing royal idol wedding
>Overjoyed for the two p-san who got married
>But aware no one will ever ask, "Can i be your producer?"
>Will never find hanii
>Will never find someone romantically interested in me who loves idols as much as I do

>> No.9642500

Isn't offtopic, I'm doing it mainly for cosplay.

>> No.9642508

Don't nitpick people when you type like a retard~~

>> No.9642530

as long as you get real enjoyment out of it, should be fine.

>> No.9642564

>loli dragon cosplay
>titties grow a cup size

unbelievable. every other measurement is the exact same. period isn't here. clothes fit just fine

I'm 22, puberty is over!

>> No.9642570


What >>9638875 said; sort all torrents by leechers and download some of the top ones to seed back.

>> No.9642596

not to be rude, but why do you namefag and tripfag? i'm sure other people have asked you but it literally contributes nothing. you're making bad associations with your identity, especially since you're not shy about linking social media and stuff.

>> No.9642601
File: 34 KB, 550x400, xO2L5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Answer's been the same for 7 years, anon

>> No.9642603

You were never going to really pull it off anyway anon. Even the "kawaii never aging asian" anons that post about how young they look never do without extreme shoop. Just have fun and enjoy cosplaying a character you like.

>> No.9642607

7 years of attentionwhoring

not very kawaii

>> No.9642629

You don't need to shit up threads, anon, you can just talk to me in person at katsu or magfest if you're going! hope to see you there

>> No.9642755

>teenage girls are dumb sometimes and mistake being an insufferable cunt and looking for a fight all the time for confidence in a guy.
Fucking this, guys like that are always insecure faggots with no confidence.

>> No.9642839

She’s an attention whore but she did actually link her insta in the insta thread. I said in Japanese that I thought she’d have more followers since she’s a tripfag (to which she said “if you want to use japanese 2chan is better” so....whatever). I thought tripfags were supposed to be popular, but I must’ve been wrong

>> No.9642844

On one hand, I'm finally less of a fatty chan.
On the other hand, it's because I'm so depressed I lack the energy to eat more than once a day.

>> No.9642845

you're nowhere near cute enough to act like this with your name attached lmao

>> No.9642854

Ehh I'm 23 and people mistake me for being younger than my 15-year-old sister. It's possible

>tfw not even asian

My height is my only curse

>> No.9642859


Gulls are delusional about age to the point where they would see a nasolabial fold on a five year old girl and call her fifty. Don't worry about it.

>> No.9642871

gulls are also delusional enough to believe that they're all kawaii 4ever young never aging anomalies

it's pretty hilarious, most of the people who never shut up about how young they look typically look their age or older

>> No.9642882

I always love the humblebragging that always goes on when certain subjects come up. “Some people can look young anon, *I* get carded all the time!” “Some people’s metabolisms are fast anon, *I* eat horribly and am 105 lbs!”

>> No.9642913

>tfw look completely fine in video but like shit in any photograph ever

>> No.9642957

e m b a r r a s s i n g

>> No.9642960

The weight comments usually come up when fatties are complaining about how thin girls are all anorexic if they're under x amount of lbs, so those are pretty justified. Can't let fatties delude themselves.

>> No.9642970

>I eat horribly and I lose weight people ignore that you can eat literally anything and lose weight if you have portion control

pretty sure a professor did an experiment and lost 10-15 pounds eating only oreos because he just had small portions

>> No.9642981

A lot of other times though it’s just thin girls talking to other thin girls trying to one up eachother with anectdotes that contribute nothing to the convo
Anon 1: “no fatty anon some bodies are like that”
Anon 2: “this, I eat like crazy and don’t exercise and I’m still 105 lbs”

>> No.9642988
File: 1013 KB, 500x265, nichijou 06.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Browsing lolita threads for the past few months has subconsciously affected my clothing standards.

I moved out of my apartment last week. During moving, I trashed 1/3 of my wardrobe due to mold (why the hell do my apartments' architects keep putting clothing closets in the BATHROOMS??? OF COURSE MOLD WILL GROW). Donated another 1/3 of my wardrobe because they're too big for me now. Now my already measly wardrobe is down to 1/3 of its original size. I *might* have 20 items in total, excluding lingerie. Tee shirts, tank tops, pants, and a single dress.

I went into some stores today to rebuild my wardrobe only to find extremely poor quality fast fashion stuff that'll last me 10 wears at most before the fabric pills like crazy and the print fades to a shadow of its former self. Poor construction, loose threads, raschel lace, and thin fabric. Worst yet, these shirts are priced at $20+. I would pay maybe $8 for these tops. Before discovering lolita, I thought $20 was a perfectly fine price.

Lately, it happens even with brands: I browse LM and cringe at the price for the quality I see gulls receive. I'm watching handmade lolita YT videos to build up on secondhand knowledge before breaking out my sewing machine to just DIY a dress in order to avoid it all. At least if it turns out crappy, I'll have enough knowledge of sewing to recycle the usable fabric for another item.

OT but, gulls, where do you buy your quality non-lolita clothing? What do you pay for at most for items? i.e. $20 for a tee shirt, $60 for a normie dress, etc.

>> No.9643021

>pretty sure a professor did an experiment and lost 10-15 pounds eating only oreos because he just had small portions

although I don't disbelieve that that happened, the experience of one person is hardly proof that it would work for everyone, which some thin people seem to think. sometimes people have really slow metabolisms, or vitamin deficiencies, or food allergies that would make them gain weight doing the same experiement

If anything, I would take that as an example of "losing weight doesn't always equal getting healthier"

>> No.9643026
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shave "down there" for a tea party
>can't get used to the sensation of my underwear touching bare skin

THIS SUCKS. Never letting the lolita community peer pressure me again.

>> No.9643027

Don't bring this up. The only thing that matters when losing weight is CICO. You can boost your metabolism by eating a certain way but the laws of physics are the laws of physics. If someone eats 1000 in garbage every day they're going to lose weight faster than someone eating 1800 in fruits and veg

>> No.9643028

I buy a lot of my normal clothes in thrift stores because not only is it cheaper but I am better able to assess the quality (items have already been washed and worn enough that the truly crap fast fashion you mention will be looking tired).

I also buy from higher end high street stores and even alt fashion brands but only in the sales, and hunt through the racks at TJ Maxx too.

I also keep searching ebay for pieces/eras of brands I really like e.g. older All Saints stuff before everything was shapeless and they did great draping.

>> No.9643029

did your asshole pass inspection tho?

>> No.9643035

I was there. She claimed to have a Fruit Loop ass, but it was barely even a Cheez-It lol.

>> No.9643037

I know your feel, anon. What I've found to be a great solution is buying secondhand clothing. I can be a real cheapass with more normie clothes because I want to spend most of my money on lolita and secondhand clothing is incredibly cheap but still high quality most of the time.
Check if your country has an active secondhand online marketplace and visit thrift shops every once in a while! You might find gems.

>> No.9643050

>have a 'fleeting obsession' tendency
>will spend months obsessing over something, then move onto something else
>exceptions are when I'm involved in a community (example: fandoms where I have lots of friends)
>get into lolita in a way I've never gotten into anything else
>the fantastic local community draws me in further, I befriend the mods and can't wait to grow closer to them
>think I'm going to be a lifelong lolita and dedicate a ton of time to building my dream wardrobe
>move across the country
>relationships with old lolita friends aren't strong enough to last the distance
>community here fucking sucks, months without meets and the mods posting irrelevant shit like the garage sales they're having (b-but we're selling animu so we though people would be interested!!)
>wear lolita out sometimes, but I rarely have events where I need to 'dress up' and it just doesn't seem worth the effort otherwise
>without community to keep my obsession going, my interest in lolita wanes
>I wish I was more upset about the thought of selling my entire wardrobe, but I'm only a little miffed I spent so much and won't make back what I spent on it
>half-hoping my obsession renews, but only because I don't want to have wasted so much money for nothing

Past me would cry if I could see how far I've fallen out of it.

>> No.9643056


When I see you all nitpicking models who look good for a living I know not to take your bitter asses seriously, that's all.

>> No.9643078

This, and when you see popular and generally pretty girls in the community get vendetta and nitpicked to shit in threads, it's almost just as funny.

>> No.9643090

>can't find job because everywhere i apply is looking for someone with more experience
>everyone keeps saying I should do volunteer work, but that doesn't exist for my field and they don't care about any experiences that aren't directly related to the work
>start looking for part time jobs outside my field
>"you're overqualified, we can't trust you not to leave for better pastures and we'd rather hire a 16 year old because they're cheaper, bye"
>lolita comm is mostly supportive but encourages frivolous spending which I can't afford right now
>several members are also really judgemental
>constantly talk shit about how "privileged" and "first world white people problems" people in my situation are, not sure if passive-aggressively aimed at me or not
>family is pressuring husband and I to have babies
>call me selfish for not wanting to be a SAHM with zero job experience scraping by on husband's minimal grad school salary
>tfw I'm getting shit from them for trying to be a responsible adult

I just want to work for money, buy the occasional secondhand brand piece and save for my future, damnit. Why is adulting so hard?

>> No.9643092
File: 109 KB, 1024x1024, angry_lolita_by_bl4ckforest-dbiyd6m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Find perfect deal on dreampiece at keimarket/lacemarket
>willing to pay shipment to Europoor
>"I only ship within the US."

It feels like a special kind of descrimination

>> No.9643095

the thing is, gulls aren't models

the majority of people are ugly so i don't see how this board is any different

>> No.9643103

Forgot to mention that every time I say anything about applying for retail or Starbucks or whatever, someone yells at me about stealing jobs from less educated people who deserve them more. Between that and people insinuating I'm lazy for not wanting to move halfway across the country, I'd like to go a day or two without someone going out of their way to make me feel like shit.
>just bought fuckton of lace off Taobao really cheap
If I can't afford to buy frills I'll make them myself!

>> No.9643112

i'll buy it for you and send it to you if you really want it, just cover the shipping

>> No.9643113

shipping and item costs, I mean, obviously.

>> No.9643115

It's not about how pretty gulls are, it's about how seriously to take this board. This board takes itself way more seriously than other boards, where everyone automatically assumes people are trolling and shitposting. It's funny to see gulls trying say how plain and ugly a model is, or about how that COF poster is sooooo shooped, you know it's 99% bitter jealousy.

>> No.9643120

awww anon you are too kind!
But I just realised after I posted that I could use a shopping service, wouldn't want to be any trouble to anyone.

>> No.9643129
File: 71 KB, 400x300, 1457829012491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tldr: People who actually look the way do don't need to go on about it on anon. They get enough attention irl or online to know they are. Most bitching about appearance is from "ugly/old" gulls. Almost everyone can pass cause for 15-20 until their late twenties if they take care of themselves. Look at "naturally cute" and that one black girl in cosplay suggestion threads that put "I know I look prepubescent lol" on her sheet every time she posted.

Honestly I'm 99% sure all the gulls bitching about ugly models are the exact same humblebraggers. I've seen lots of genuinely underage looking women and surprisingly they never actually mention it cause it's normal to them. Same with actually being cute/pretty or busty. Every time I've seen a "busty" anon hype it up so much before posting post they could easily drop 15-30 pounds from their arms/waist and only hit the high/mid end of healthy. You can't bitch about how terrible your life is if you won't even try to fix it. Generally the really obese people are the only ones that bitch irl when other people remind them not fitting is a two way street too.

I get mistaken as younger than 14yo sister (5 year diff before underageb8) and get the "are your parents home" almost every package. But I know for a fact I'm not anywhere near young enough for a loli at all. At most I'm passable for 15-20 but literally almost every person in this age range is without heavy make up. It's only uniform enough to guess accurately when you hit mid to late 30s at earliest. It's about as accurate as saying "I didn't get carded! The guy still thinks I'm 15!" when it's standard policy in the US to card anyone without gray hair and wrinkles. My 49yo mom occasionally gets carded for fucks sake. And no not a "forever kawaii asian" either.

>> No.9643136

I am the same anon, family wise. I ended up getting a retail job just to get by but they still complain.

>Dad always complaining I should get a real job.
>Took me 4 years just to get the one I have now.
>Mum hinting she wants a grandchild.
>Ignores the fact she has a step grand daughter.
>"Oh but anon she is older and not from our side"
>Dad constantly takes the piss out of my hobbies, to the point I stopped doing some of them.
>Still buy the odd Lolita item to cheer me up and my husband likes them.
>Given up talking to them about anything I love to the point I'm almost silent in every conversation.
>"Anon why don't you talk to us more often?"

My husband hates my dad more than anything cause of all his unwanted comments on things I like. He is ok with mum but we both agreed we wouldn't let our daughter see them to often in case they start doing it to her too.

>> No.9643138
File: 298 KB, 1242x1862, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good feels

Just bought my first petti !! It's a gorgeous cream chiffon piece for Aud 70, from an Australian brand called Kitten D'Amour

They also have really lovely JSK's, but I didn't have the money with me and they only have a limited amount of each item in existence (bar the pettis)

Btw, what's the consensus on western JSK's in lolita? Because they're really very lovely and I'm tempted to buy one with my first job money-

Pic related, without petti (it has the proper shape with)

>> No.9643145

You can make ME happy. Shopping eases my mind but my wallet hurting worsens my anxiety so I've taken to stress shopping at the dollar store for craft junk and nicknacks for my little sisters. It doesn't pack the same punch as a new dress or blouse or figure but i have bills to pay.

>> No.9643146

>got an ear piercing a week ago
>clean it as instructed, went to a reputable place, everything going great
>bump it a few times, a little irritation but nothing awful
>suddenly it's tender and red and yuuuup definitely infected
>supposed to have a meet this weekend
>can't wear wig as planned because it'll touch it and irritate it further
>can't NOT wear wig because it's red and inflamed and i don't want to subject anyone to that


I don't think there's any chance of it clearing up by Saturday no matter how long I warm compress it. I know its always a chance but I thought that with the nice place and the surgical steel jewelry it would be alright. My earlobes haven't given me trouble for years since i switched over (they used to chronically become irritated if i had earrings in, found out i cant do gold or silver jewelry)

Might go back to the place i got it done to see if they have any tips for clearing it up quickly but i think I'm fucked for this week.

>> No.9643158
File: 20 KB, 480x467, yesssss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God, all of this.

>> No.9643180

Use warm saltwater around the area, teatree oil might help as well plus raw honey.

>> No.9643182

Thanks anon. I picked up some antibacterial cream (not ointment, supposedly this stuff is okay to use since it absorbs into the skin) and I have a thing of saline wash that they gave me. I'm really trying to figure out what went wrong here, I did everything exactly as they said and it's not like it's my first one. I guess sometimes it just goes wrong anyway. I may have rolled on it while I was sleeping, maybe I should wash my pillows and cases again to be safe.

>> No.9643187

hate to break it to you anon but although kitten d'armour is nice their petticoats and dresses are definitely NOT lolita. More of a rockabilly vibe - which isn't bad, in fact I have several kitten pieces myself, but not lolita. There isn't enough poof even for an A-line in their petticoats and you'll need to layer it up. If you're going for something casual like wearing an ETC jsk you may find you'll need more. It will look lovely under their dressess though so if you like the bouquet dress I suggest buying it - I'm debating grabbing it myself and it's work appropriate.

>> No.9643189

That looks cute anon, I'd go for it. I don't know about the consensus, but I often use dresses like that for more everyday looks. As with brand lolita dresses you need to style it accordingly to look good.
For example this particular jsk would, in my opinion, not look very good with a bulky cotton more oldschool-styled blouse. You might want to look into more flowy fabrics.

>> No.9643225

Same. I’m going to be 24 in a couple of months, moving towns to pursue a postgrad. Everyone congratulates me on passing university entrance exams straight from high school.

A little feels:
>moving towns
>will finally be able to choose my own decoration
>mom is having empty nest issues
>buys me everything
>nothing is cute
>my new apartment is 100% normie now
I can’t bring myself to reject anything because I’ll be able to use my savings for other stuff (like going to Japan) and to top it off I got all my appliances and furniture new instead of used.
In the end I’m really happy, but I figure I’ll never have my dream lifestyler house.

>> No.9643236

> boyfriend came out with me in EGA the other day
> didn't just dress up for me, he seems to really like the clothing
> asks if we can do this more often

>> No.9643257

None of those dresses look like they'd suit Lolita, except maybe the midsummer night's one but for that price you could probably find an actual jetj painting dress on closetchild or something.
I can't really help you with petticoats as I sew my own but as a fellow ausfag I think a lot of princess highway/Dangerfield can work if you know what's what (particularly blouses & cardigans), plus we also have Mulberry chronicles (Aussie indie brand) who put out some pretty cute stuff but I haven't payed much attention to them lately.

>> No.9643260

You don't gain weight magically.

>> No.9643268

you can always have a lifestyle house later, anon, like when something breaks or needs to be replaced

>> No.9643295

The size of the engine matters a little, but it's mostly just how much you can burn.
If you work out and build a lot of muscle, you will burn more even at rest, but you still need to burn more than you eat

>> No.9643334

jw why would you use japanese on 4chan though?

>> No.9643352

People speak Japanese here anon
I think it's a lot less annoying than people who wrote out the romanized versions of Japanese loan words like "doragon" to seem cool and weeby

>> No.9643356

Cgl has never used japanese for conversation and IF it was ever used, it's to write out the names of brands or prints/help others with keywords to use for searching japanese sites. There's no reason to use japanese on an english speaking site unless it's an /a/ how to learn japanese thread or something

>> No.9643357

I'm getting really sick of the infiltration of white sluts in cosplay. Most of these dumb bitches are just uggos who can't into normal society for attention and has to ruin a once innocent outlet for nerdy animoo lovers. And 9/10 slutty cosplays with minimum effort but max skin exposure are guaranteed white girls. It's like the only thing they care about is the attention, I bet none of them even know what anime or game they cosplay from but just found some slutty outfit they took a liking to and decided to copy it.

>> No.9643368


Wait, so average uggos are allowed to wear lolita? I won't be burned at the stake for being caught out of the house with my non-kawaii face?

>> No.9643401

>used to have gull friend
>planned lolita outing that went terrible
>gull's creepy bf hounds us while we're out
>turns out he hasn't let her leave the house in months
>while taking her home she says "I thought this was what friends do, go out and have fun. I hope he doesn't leave me." in this quiet heartbroken voice
>stop wearing lolita soon after
>wonder from time to time if she's alright

If you're reading this, I'm sorry, and I hope you're now able to stand up for yourself.

>> No.9643402

Because she said on her insta Japanese OK and I was testing for the helluvit

>> No.9643411

Practice your shitty japanese 101 elsewhere

>> No.9643453
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, 12734845835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>already dark
>browsing /cgl/ trying to have a good time
>doorbell rings twice with a little pause inbetween
>too scared to open
>sitting here having panic attacks
I wasn't expecting anything or anyone and the crime rate has been increasing in my city lately.

>> No.9643475

Ngl I love "are your parents there" because my burando delivery guy knows me and the only people who ask this are people who want to sell me shit, so it's an easy way to get rid of them. I'm not even lying when I say no, I'm 26 and live alone.

Are you me/do you live in my apartment block? Packages were delivered earlier and I was stupidly listening to true crime shows, when suddenly around 8.30 the doorbell rings and someone bangs on the window. Thinking it might be another package I carefully peered outside and it turned out to be little kids doing a school fundraiser. Scared the shit outta me.

>> No.9643650

Just checking to see if she actually knew the language or just put that there for those nihonjin wota points

>> No.9643790

As someone who lives in a really shit neighborhood always always answer the door. Definitely do NOT open it, but a lot of the time they only ring to check if it's safe to break in. Just answer through the door and if you feel safe open with the chain and don't have your body in the opening. If you're a convincing liar say your bf/dad is sleeping and talk in hushed tones. Seeing their face at any time is also a huge crime deterrent as well.

>> No.9643810

Could you diy some kawaii covers/decoration for the main pieces so they fit your aesthetic better?

>> No.9643812

As long as your outfit isn't uggo, I don't see why not.

>> No.9643906
File: 19 KB, 280x354, ideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you'll never have the perfect body

>> No.9643937
File: 146 KB, 960x502, 17757475_1285966161481075_4471512365652535489_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Found this
>Not sure what to feel
>Not sure what I'm supposed to do with this

>> No.9643941

Work for it my dude. It gives me something to do and feel accomplished about later on

>> No.9643978

>Browsing burando rings
>"Free size: About size 10 and up"
>own size 9 Milk ring that only fits two thickest fingers, otherwise easily comes off others

Like I am slightly fatter than the average Japanese woman and taller and wear almost all Japanese mediums, why the hell are my fingers still smaller than their average fingers. i just want cute burando rings sob

I'm buying one anyways to tie in with a coord, I can only hope it will fit my baby hands...

>> No.9643984

Is it sexual harassment if you're a female and a male student keeps recommending you watch perverted ass anime like Prison School, Kodomo no Jikan and Valkyrie Drive?

>> No.9643989

Also before anyone gives me the "just tell him to fuck off." this is a guy who clearly doesn't have brain development past age 12 and punches the table or computer screen randomly and loudly when he's frustrated.

>> No.9643990


>> No.9643991


>> No.9643992

Would it not be sexual harassment if a guy was telling me to watch porm?

>> No.9643994

It would be.
Ecchi isn't hentai though.

>> No.9644002

Neither are any explicit advances on you, so no
Get thicker skin or avoid people that make you uncomfortable then

>> No.9644004
File: 62 KB, 540x472, a5ef164c-b9d1-486d-a11a-61f61322ef0a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dream dress listed for sale
>for a great price too
>"US buyers only, I refuse to ship internationally"
>absolutely adamant about this for some reason, has it written like 3 times
>rest in pieces my international ass i guess

>> No.9644006

also the listing expired without even selling and I'm not sure whether this makes me feel better or worse

>> No.9644020

>school holidays
>driving through awful super busy shopping centre carpark in frills
>pull into carpark just ahead of some big black suv
>soccer mom at wheel keeps honking at me
>actually gets out of car and starts swearing at me
>ask her to calm down multiple times
>says she's going to report me to security and "karma's a bitch"
>I pull out of carpark and someone else takes it besides her
Yes, karma is a bitch
Maybe she wouldn't have been so rude if I was dressed normie...

>> No.9644021

If it makes you feel better many gulls will act as SS for you

>> No.9644063

I appreciate you sharing this.

>> No.9644088
File: 483 KB, 497x732, ea8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Start of 2017
>Taking photos at a con, run into a girl in an incredible Tracer cosplay
>Take a few of her and show her my past work and she's really impressed with what I've done
>Ask her if she'd like to do a shoot sometime after the con and she's really eager to do it after seeing my stuff
>Add her on FB, send her some more ideas for the personal shoot
>"Look's great!"
>Every message I send asking her about poses or inspiration she just replies with minimum effort 2 or 3 word replies
>Doesn't actually respond to the questions, just says "Awesome!" "Let's do that!"
>I set a time and date, still just get an "Okay great!" and that it's it, no discussion about location or time of day
>At the shoot proper she just smiles and says basically nothing, just shifting her pose when I ask her to
>Finish and go home to process the photos
>Thank her for her time and give her a link to all the photos
>She just replies with "thanks!" and I never hear from her ever again
Probably the most demoralizing experience I've ever had in cosplay related stuff. I just got a constant feeling that she didn't think I was worth her time which was weird since she was always willing to do the shoot and on a surface level looked happy with the result. In the messages over FB I obviously wasn't expecting a full paragraph in response but it would be nice if she actually responded at all sometimes. She only really talked to me when she absolutely had to.

>> No.9644092

Maybe you should try being less creepy next time.

>> No.9644095

Ignore the robot, she just sounds like a typical social climber. Either that or you actually did send something inappropriate, but I'm guessing you weren't suggesting bed or suggestive poses.

>> No.9644100

Not even close. The shoot was always planned to be of Tracer in her OG outfit, just shooting her guns in random directions like the game cover. She had a consistent air of "I don't care" about her

>> No.9644106

are you male? she was probably trying really hard to make sure you wouldn't think she was "leading you on." a lot of nerdy guys (and guys in general imo) seem to think that simply being nice/giving them the time of day is showing interest, and then when it gets to a point when you have to tell them you're not interested, they get all "YOU LEAD ME ON REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Sounds like she wanted to do the shoot but didn't want to be friends or give you any reason to think she was interested in you

>> No.9644123

you're probably ugly and autistic looking. people are usually cunts to people they think are below them.

>> No.9644129

Probably this. I've had guys assume I wanted to date them solely because I agreed to pose for a picture with them when they asked. Sometimes when I'm having a friendly conversation with a guy and I worry that he's getting the wrong idea I casually mention that I'm in a relationship (e.g. "oh yeah, my boyfriend loves that movie but I've never seen it") and at least half the time they either drop out of the conversation immediately or get all offended.
>why would you mention your boyfriend don't flatter yourself I wasn't hitting on you you're not even pretty anyway rrreeeeeeeee
>okay, then what are they so pissy about?
It's better than ~leading them on~ and risking them getting truly invested, though, because that's when they get really nasty.

Many men are like this in general but a cons it's 10x worse, especially if I'm in cosplay. Probably something about socially awkward nerds and the assumption that any woman is costume is doing it to please them, or whatever. In my experience it's better to be safe than sorry.

>> No.9644147

I guess. I wasn’t expecting to have a cute refrigerator but I wanted to choose cute carpets and kitchen utensils, stuff like that. I’ll drop by the decoration thread to see if anything inspires me.

>> No.9644152

This is true autism

>> No.9644163

yea, it's really autistic when males think that the opposite gender talking to them means that they're interested. gotta nip that shit in the bud

>> No.9644165

your hands aren't smaller than average, those rings are just sized really big

>> No.9644169

I considered that (a bit too late unfortinately) but then realised I'm also not sure how I could make that work safely for both sides? If this person relists it though I'll definitely have to consider it though.

>> No.9644170

nayrt but why the fuck are they so big? I got a chocomint bangle once and never wore it because it's huge around my wrist and keeps falling off

>> No.9644181

>Referring to men as males
>Unable to see what could be interpreted as flirting
>Blurting out a rejection to a guy who's not interested in you
That is autism yes

>> No.9644191

>oh yeah, my boyfriend loves that movie but I've never seen it
>Blurting out a rejection to a guy who's not interested in you
sure sweetie, sure. run along back to r9k now!

>> No.9644196

Autism, pure autism of you can't understand social cues enough to judge how the conversation is going, or if youre oblivious to how things can be seen as flirting.

>> No.9644204

>a girl mentioning her boyfriend in conversation is rejection
What's your damage dude

>> No.9644224

Here, I'll help you along since you seem a little slow

>> No.9644230

Good job for proving her point.

In my experience the guys who stick around but constantly insult your bf or literally any other male you get within 10ft of are the worst. Then they bitch about how no one gives them a chance and throw a huge fit like >>9644129 said when you tell them to chill. The whole time playing dumb and acting like they had zero interest. It's incredibly obvious when switch from normal to creep the instant they hear your voice. Can't forget the "subtle" negging thrown in too when all you want is to play games on steam.

>> No.9644257

You sound like you have a lot more problems than just boys lol

>> No.9644260


>> No.9644324

I'm really upset with your parents.
As a 26 year old I can't imagine giving alcohol to a high school student, let alone taking their virginity. he could have done all that romantic pseudo-brotherly/fatherly stuff without making it a sexual relationship. there's always time to consider graduating the relationship when you're much older, if there's still a connection.

if you don't want to have a hard time I suggest getting therapy to help you deal with the wounds from your family situation. you're vulnerable and will be targeted by older or generally wolfish people until you begin healing and wising up. It's not your fault but you need to get ahead of the game and not leave yourself open to predators. don't isolate yourself. be your age and find some kindred souls at your new school. good luck babbynon.

>> No.9644376
File: 151 KB, 892x590, IMG_2610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9644380

Lol shut up and take your man hating somewhere else if you can't handle sharing a board with boys

>> No.9644462

Thread is almost dead, but anyways, am that anon, I wear US size 4-5 rings and they don't even carry my ring size except in expensive jewelry stores, I never see JP size 8 or 9 which seem to be the equivalents. Is it just that everyone buys them then? I feel like I doubt it when I mostly see size 10-11 which would line up with US 6-7. (At least, as far as I know)

Same on the freaking bracelets, my wrist is only 13.5cm around so I don't even bother except for clamp bracelets with lots of links

>> No.9644474

if you know that you have gross weird baby hands then why do you bother buying things that you know don't fit you

are you actually retarded or do you just want something to complain about

>> No.9644484

This is the feels thread? Where people post their feels? What don't you understand about this? And I feel sad that my hands are tiny and not even asian jewelry really comes in my size. So, yes in essence, this is a thread where people complain about things.

>> No.9644485

>t. anon with man hands

>> No.9644487

no, i also have weird gross baby hands but i buy shit that fits me and adjustable rings. if you're weird then know how to deal with it instead of buying things that don't fit.

>> No.9644494
File: 135 KB, 400x422, 1408149008500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

touch a nerve?

>> No.9644511


>> No.9644607

>Leave to AA at a con
>Have my mother watch my cats/apt
>apt is admittedly a last-min art mess, sorry, asked mom to not mind it, just feed cats ect
>mom is a sweetheart and cleans up after my slob self, does my dishes
>puts my paint pallet in the dishwasher with my dishes
>my nasty ass paint pallet with layers of acrylic, enamels and god only know what else because I'm a lazy slob and rarely rinse that shit
>ALL of my dishes are now speckled in god knows what
>Mom does not know what to do so she leaves them in the dishwasher and says nothing
I scrubbed some of that Tupperware for 3 days but it is finally paint free, it was pretty funny to open up my dishwasher and find a surprise art project

>> No.9644626

new thread when?

>> No.9644924

After steadily improving my coords since I started wearing lolita a few months ago, I just saw photos of today's coord and it looks like a bag of shit. Super disheartening.
Feels bad, man.

>> No.9645030
File: 208 KB, 923x633, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9645069

Dresses on Amazon and eBay, I like mori style for everyday wear and it's easy to find good dresses, boots, and cardigans in the west

>> No.9645071

No some people are just cunts in general

>> No.9650367

>be me
>driving to my first meet in ages in my dream coordinate that I haven't had a chance to wear out
>Without warning some dildo switches lanes into me and sends me swerving into the median
>I spin out as I'm about to hit the median giving me whiplash
>Currently chillin in the ER with a neck brace and some way cool drugs in my drip waiting for scans to come back

Well guess I'll stay a lone lolita

>> No.9650819

is your dress ok?

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