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READ FIRST: >https://docs.google.com/document/d/18JzMNOoNwv9XJxO6N7XJl7kqFYI8RjmdvAEJ5jljN_c/edit?usp=sharing

Old/feedback thread: >>9624803

Anons, I and Santa Frills are happy to present Secret Santa 2017! This is our first time organizing this, so please go easy on us. Everything you need to know is detailed exhaustively in the FAQ/Rules/Deadlines doc above, but here's a TL;DR...

>Deadline to sign up: October 20 at 9 AM ET (East Coast USA Time)
>Deadline to send gifts (for both international AND domestic): December 20

Basic rules:

>Do not ask for all brand, your signup will be tossed.
>Send out your gifts by the deadline and give the organizers proof.
>Post in the thread when you get your gifts. If you're salty (undeservedly salty, if your santa sent you something nice but you're picky), we reserve the right to blacklist you.
>To unlock the high tier, you can either provide eBay/Etsy/Lacemarket/something else feedback OR you have to be on the whitelist from prior exchanges.

Those are the basics, but there is much more comprehensive info in the doc, so please, please read it! MANY thanks to the old santa who has now moved on but provided us with the old white/blacklists and some of the fantastic info you see in the doc. They made it so much easier on us!

We'll be monitoring pretty much constantly, so any questions, please email us or ask here

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>lolita/no lolita only options for categories
of all the options we were talking about in the thread, these are the only options? seems kind of weird to just dump all non-lolita jfash, cosplay, itabag, and other interests in just non-lolita

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We don't expect that there are going to be enough of the other categories. We're going to play matchmaker and look at the interests, not just randomly pair people, but the biggest sector is going to be lolita and that was the main gripe in the other thread (cosplayers and people who don't understand lolita getting matched with lolitas).

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Last year's stats are here >>9630155. If you want anons to participate then promote the exchange in Menhera, etc threads.

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I have a couple of questions that weren't answered in the doc.

1) I know there was a bit of confusion last year about the price range tiers. Is the amount supposed to add up to a total or is it a minimum? There were arguments about this last year and it'd be good to put it to bed.

2) Are people who successfully participated in the White Day exchange also on the whitelist? I couldn't participate in last year's Secret Santa but I was in this year's White Day exchange and the previous organizers said that successful packages would put us on the whitelist for all future /cgl/ gift exchanges.

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>1) I know there was a bit of confusion last year about the price range tiers. Is the amount supposed to add up to a total or is it a minimum? There were arguments about this last year and it'd be good to put it to bed.

It's a minimum. You're more than welcome to spend higher than the their than you are in. But spending lower (before) is what will get you on the grinch list.

2) Are people who successfully participated in the White Day exchange also on the whitelist? I couldn't participate in last year's Secret Santa but I was in this year's White Day exchange and the previous organizers said that successful packages would put us on the whitelist for all future /cgl/ gift exchanges.

Afaik this is the case. As long as you've successfully participated in any previous /cgl/ gift exchange, you're good on the white list.

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Okay for so example if the tier is $30 and someone bought two $15 items and spent extra on smaller gifts for their giftee this wouldn't be allowed, correct? But buying a $30 main item and spending extra on smaller gifts is allowed?

Other gift exchanges I've been in did it the first way where as long as you met the minimum TOTAL you were fine but it seemed to cause drama last year because people were expecting at least one item to be the minimum vs the total meeting the minimum. I just don't want to fuck it up because the anons who did that last year got a lot of flack.

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>1) I know there was a bit of confusion last year about the price range tiers. Is the amount supposed to add up to a total or is it a minimum? There were arguments about this last year and it'd be good to put it to bed.

>It's a minimum. You're more than welcome to spend higher than the their than you are in. But spending lower (before) is what will get you on the grinch list.
Wait I may have been confused about what you were asking.
If the case is "for the $50 tier can I buy two $25 items for the 50?"
Then the answer is yes.
If the question is "Do the tiersadd up? Like is it tier one, plus two, plus three for tier three"
then no.
Sorry if I confused you.
Sage for doubles

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>If the case is "for the $50 tier can I buy two $25 items for the 50?"
>Then the answer is yes.
Thanks for clearing that up! That's good to know because anons couldn't agree on that last year!

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Updated the form with this clarification!

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sorry but it just seems really weird, especially since anons were trying to write out anything not lolita or female in the last thread
guess I just really don't trust lolitas to not be super salty and bitchy towards cosplayers and try to edge them out given the history of this board

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There's a good chunk of people who are both lolita and cosplayer/itabagger (I do all three) so I'm sure these people can act as an in-between.

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>In general, what kind of items would you like to receive?
fucking kek no one wants to send glassware, or potentially receive a box of broken glass

Other than that good job on the form guys

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Joining this year, my first ever of this kind of secret santa, so exciting! It'll be nice to give someone something of good quality, my normie friends aren't comfortable with me getting them anything really good. I have two small questions though. This is just out of curiosity, but do we know of last year what % of people were already whitelisted in last year's exchange, as in generally how many people who participate are new and not on the whitelist? If we don't know I understand, a strange thing to ask, I'm just curious if this is mostly a pool of people who exchange every year with a few newcomers or if that's not the case.

Also, is it good to put a whole lot of potential things for your giftee to get you or would that potentially be overwhelming for them? I'd like to cover lots of bases in case I'm gotten by a cosplayer/someone into skincare/etc while primarily wanting lolita, but I don't want to give pressure and say "get me lolita and if you don't understand it get me these things" and instead just state my interests in each catagory.

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really looking forward to this! My first secret santa with lolita-related items. Godspeed you crazy anons.


smoking and pets seem to be common issues for people regarding clothing. Pet allergic people ought to tell the anons outright alongside food allergies, etc, but it might be good to have gifters mark if they are smokers to make sure others are okay with that.

this really only applies to extremely smoky homes and handmade

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Last year I bought over my tier for my giftfee and THEN ontop of that did a handmade extra for them. If I want to do this again this year, how should I respond to the handmade question? Since the handmade piece wont be included in the cost, and the giftee will still get their tier in bought items?

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Is it acceptable to have a link to an inspo board instead of wishlist items?

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FYI, the form is a bit confusing when it says how many gifts whitelisted santas can sign up for, it says 3 gifts in any tier and then two gifts max? While I assume it means 2 gifts at tier 4 max it's not very clear.

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I guess when I put glassware I was more imagining bento boxes or tumblers, but yes, I'd hope it's common sense to send something like that directly from a retailer or package it EXTREMELY well.

So, it is possible that the white day exchange isn't on there yet (confirming this with the old santa) and that would grow the number of those whitelisted. On the list we were given, I'd say there's about 100 names or so, which is less than participated in both. I think there are a good mix of newbies as well as previous participants!

I'd recommend you put things you're interested in receiving. If you put a bunch of interests and then you open the box and there's nothing lolita at all, will you be a little disappointed? It shouldn't be overwhelming for a gifter, what's important is that you give accurate and clear indication of what you're interested in and be okay with receiving a gift related to anything you're interested in.

It's funny, because I stopped for a second and almost put that on the form. But that would be another criterion to match by and I'm a masochist but a realistic masochist. if someone has the issue where it's that bad, they should indicate that in the "I don't want this" section and the santa, if they forsee this as an issue, can figure out some way to mitigate that issue, like by sending gifts directly from the retailers, keeping them somewhere away from pets, etc. It hasn't been on any past forms but maybe next exchange if it turns out to be a more prevalent problem.

So, that's a unique situation and a personal preference, I'd say. Technically, it would be fine to select yes or no either way, but I think you should hit 'yes, definitely' anyway because you'll get someone who will certainly appreciate your effort and talent.

Yep! Anything like that is fine, put it in the optional 'link 3-5 items' section.

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could have fooled me from how things have gone with this

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the options are worded a little funny
your only options are
>yes, I prefer lolitas
>no I don't care
there's no option for
>please don't give me a lolita, I don't know what brand to buy and will probably end up being complained about

>> No.9632822

>You are not allowed to ask for only brand

well that sucks lol. Not really interested in someone's shitty home made stuff.

>> No.9632826

So don't ask for accessories and clothes. You don't have any other interests that someone could shop for?

>> No.9632832

Just look at the stats from last year m8.

>> No.9632835

Do we mark what tier we're interested in on the application form?

>> No.9632836

the stats don't allow for any distinction
it just asks if you are a lolita or not, same as this one
kind of makes you think when the lolitas that jump on and organize this only think in binary terms of us and them

>> No.9632853


I only found it annoying that there weren't any 0 options at the tier page, if you selected a wrong tier, you couldn't undo it (or I'm stupid, I don't know)

>> No.9632854

It distinguishes between whether someone is a cosplayer, lolita/jfash or both. Was there something more you wanted? Itabag wasn't a category since it wasn't as popular as it is now.

>> No.9632915

Frills is a lolita, but I'm not. Thanks for playing, though.

The purpose of that question is to sort people into "Yeah, I'm comfortable giving to a lolita or jfash match" or "No, I'd be way more comfortable just buying merch or cosplay stuff" groups, as discussed in the last thread. It should make both groups happy that this question exists.

>> No.9632917

I saw your registration, that made me chuckle! I'll add the zeroes in now just in case that happens again.

>> No.9632957

ah, nice. would it be possible to remove my card option? I'm not much a fan of cards.

>> No.9632966

Yes, this goes for you or anyone else, if you need to make a change to your form, please email us. (Email me this request as well for our records). seagullssanta/santafrills gmail

>> No.9632973

thanks! I'll email you!

>> No.9632984

I'm also a cosplayer and an itabagger. (LoZ itabag ftw)
Lolitas are a vast majority.
If we accounted for every other hobby individually, it'd be nearly impossible to find match ups for people with all the other variables.

>> No.9633026

>any previous /cgl/ gift exchange
I participated in the 2015 gift exchange, do you also have the list from then?

>> No.9633034

I confirmed with the old organizer that the list we currently have is 2015 and 2016. White Day isn't on there yet but that will be updated this week. If you're wondering whether you're eligible for the whitelist or not, just email us with your first/last name.

>> No.9633068

Is an Imgur album of examples of things you like ok?

>> No.9633074

I submitted my wardrobe pinterest and my wishlist pinterest, as an idea of what I'm trying to coord around and where my tastes lie. I listed specific things that I'm interested in in the q above that (hopefully that's fine)

>> No.9633354

This is also what I did. I just linked right to my pin bc I only have my inspo, wardrobe, and wishlist boards on it at all.

>> No.9633379

Is there a way to know if you're blacklisted? Last year I sent my gift out but then got insanely busy and completely forgot to send my 2 cards out and didn't realize my mistake until like, March. Would I be on the blacklist or am I fine since I sent my gift?

>> No.9633382

I hope you're blacklisted

>> No.9633391

its 2 cards anon calm down, literally a 50 cent piece of paper

>> No.9633400

not that anon but regardless of monetary value, it's still messed up. i only signed up for cards last year because i wasn't in a financial place to send gifts. i put a lot of time and effort into making the cards look cute and funny, and got grinched completely. i know i might sound stupid, but it made me really sad since i was really looking forward to it.

>> No.9633419

>assuming everyone only spends 50 cents on their cards so it doesn't matter
I'm in a similar boat with >>9633400 where I can only responsibly sign up for cards. That's why I put a ton of work into using decal and putting in a ton of time and effort into the cards. I wasn't grinched, but I would be pretty upset if I had been.

I have a stable job this year so really excited to sign up and spoil my giftee this time!

>> No.9633421

>tfw was thinking of making detailed paper cutouts, etc, detailed drawings along with cards for card bracket
>now worried I'll get grinched
I really hope not everyone is like >>9633379

>> No.9633435

yeah i guess that was a bit snippy sorry.
I was going to put a lot of effort into them as well and was even planning on making home made gifts and including christmas candy in them (so basically turning them more into a $10 tier gift than a card) but like I said i got busy and completely forgot about it in the mess of everything that had been going on at the time.

>> No.9633451

Just submitted. Hopefully it doesn't seem too demanding because I wrote a lot. I just wanted to give them a lot of options to choose

>> No.9633454

It's ok I felt like I wrote wayyyy too much (probably around 30-45 different things) just so there were a lot of options other than just clothing just in case I got someone who didn't know much about jfashion.

>> No.9633473

Email us, we have the blacklist as well. If you're on there we can discuss. I know the white day exchange let the blacklisted anons redeem themselves in the card tier, but...

>> No.9633662

First time participating and I'm excited.

I really hope I don't get grinched and I tried to give examples of stuff within the price ranges to give them an easier time, I hope it wasn't too vague as nothing really over 20$? I hope that's okay.

Incidentally, is it okay that I asked for no food items? Like I'm picky eater with dietary restrictions, so it's just easier for everyone if they avoid food items rather then me explain everything.

>> No.9633736

I asked for no food as well - I think it should be okay?

>> No.9633740

Why wouldn't that be okay? I put down the same thing. I think it should be fine!

>> No.9633759

Gosh, I really wish I could join but my bf is against it since I don't have a PO box or anything ;-; maybe in the future

>> No.9633761

Something about letting your SO dictate your participation kinda rubs me the wrong way, but at the same time I do understand that some people don't want to put their address out to people on 4chan. If you really want to participate maybe use a friend or relative's address? Or your local post carrier might have a parcel collect service.

>> No.9633762

My bf was like that for five years. I dumped him in May and I've never been happier.

But yeah, >>9633761 is right. Use someone else's address, or hell, open a P.O. Box, or maybe if your SO is reasonable talk to him and tell him how important it is to you. Maybe you can PM the organizers and they can come up with something as well.

>> No.9633764

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wrote a ton and specified no food, was feeling a little too picky while writing all of that.
When can we expect like a confirmation email? I just want to make sure it all went through. Sorry if I sound paranoid.

>> No.9633881

First time also! I'm quite excited with it and suggested a lot of things, from fashion to books.
I also specified no food (but it's okay for tea and small candies) since customs could be picky around here... Also, sorry for noob question, but is it common to buy from stores and ask them to deliver to anon?

If my secret anon is from US, for example, I guess it would be easier to buy from a store there and ask them to deliver it directly, then sending a card in a separate envelope.

>> No.9633899

Yeah you can order directly from stores and send them to your giftee; some people just like to personalize their packages. It definitely helps if you get matched internationally as well if shipping time looks like it would take a while.

>> No.9633907

Why does it matter? Does he stop you from buying online? Indie stores? Does he refuse to let a postman come to your place?

Controlling actions are not something you should tolerate.

>> No.9633960

Do we need to share our full name?

>> No.9633981

If you miss a package and need to pick it up from the post office, you may need to show proof of ID to retrieve it. I'd say yes.

>> No.9633982

You only need proof that you live at the same address, not of your name.

>> No.9633989

Depends where you live so >>9633960, brush up on your local post office's policies. The name you give will be the name on the package, so if you can't retrieve the packages due to names not matching up then it's on you. Personally, I didn't give my full name since my postal office only requires matching address.

>> No.9634038

Woo! Just signed up. I had a lot of fun last year with both the SS and White Day exchanges. I got a very thoughtful anon who wasn't a lolita but who got me the perfect brand accessory for my wardrobe. I also got gifts from two gulls who handmade me some things and I hope get that again!

>> No.9634069

Where I live you can't retrieve the package if it doesn't have your ID name on it.

>> No.9634134

Signed up! Hope it's as fun as last year. Thanks for setting it up santa and frills.

>> No.9634161

Was the verification process started yet?

>> No.9634169

I imagine that will probably happen closer to the sign up cut off.

>> No.9634218

honestly this. I wouldn't even have told him, I'd have just sent out the package and said "oh I'm sending out a gift to someone I know" and when the other one arrived I'd say "Oh yeah it's just a gift from a friend."

If he's going to be controlling, I'd work around it. Fuck that.

>> No.9634390

Are we supposed to receive confirmation emails after completing the form?

>> No.9634395

I haven't received a confirmation email either lol. Will be the first time participating.

>> No.9634471

If you guys need us to send out confirmations, we will do a batch once a week on the weekends!

>> No.9634473

>tfw you fail at being a tripfag

Also, anons who have emailed me asking for changes to your form, you're all good!

>> No.9634561

Aren't you the one who said that last event? I remember someone saying their boyfriend wouldn't let them join because it was giving their address out to strangers online.

>> No.9634605

He's mostly just concerned for my safety, don't worry about me gulls! He tends to be jaded when it comes to people on 4chan (he frequents this site a lot, just on the cruder boards) so he'd rather I not give out my address on a site like this.

Probably someone else, this is the first /cgl/ Secret Santa I've seen actually! Got really excited when I saw it, but maybe I can join some other time :)

>> No.9634679

It's a good point though. If they live together she's just not giving out her address, she's also giving out her boyfriend's address too

>> No.9634731

I just signed up and I'm so excited. I participated maybe 2 years ago? I can't remember when exactly, but it was so fun receiving cute things from cute gulls. I hope everyone has fun!

>> No.9635257

My local PO boxes. Were only 11 dollars per month, maybe you can check that out?

>> No.9635259

Registered! I've never done a secret santa before so I'm really excited. I hope I didn't sound like a bitch in my description haha.

>> No.9635270

Now accepting orders for Dragon Dildos

>> No.9635278

Not gonna lie, I'd love to get one of those ovipositor dildos for christmas. But I'm only signing up for the babby tier and don't want to publicly announce my degeneracy to the lolita community.

>> No.9635804
File: 327 KB, 674x950, 152203460666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Signed up, second year in a row! I hope my giftee will actually post in the thread this time. I was so worried they didn't like it and I would be labelled grinch....

>> No.9635807

Hey, Id want a tentacle one.
Lets face it- the only lolitas whod have a problem with you having a sexuality are prudes or bitter, female, incels.

>> No.9635838

Getting a bit worried.
Just send out a package to the US.
Apparently I have to state an e-mail/phone number of the one receiving it.
> Full name
> Address and house number
> Postal code and city
> Country
> Email or telephone number.

Well then.. uh. I don't know how to solve this. Is there any way this could be taken into account when matching?

>> No.9635842

if you're at the post office, ask if it's mandatory. In my country it isn't, or at least I never had complains from the post office people. it's mostly used to contact the receiver, weather for resceduling a delivery or a heads up about customs

>> No.9635853

I mean, I wouldn't want to receive something meant to go inside my body from a stranger on the internet, but to each their own...

>> No.9636343

I added in the feedback section a comment regarding that I prefer not being paired with others in my country (mainly cos we all know each other anyways) I hope this is okay?

>> No.9636360

This should e fine. We'll try and pair you with someone from the US who wouldn't mind an international partner.

>> No.9636368

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one registering for this in my country but I feel excited regardless! It's my first time doing an online secret santa event so I may go a bit overboard.

>> No.9636565

Oh really? That's boring

>> No.9637044

I forgot to mention that I would prefer to be paired with someone in my continent (shipping is much cheaper), am I able to mention that in reply to the confirmation email?

>> No.9637047

Yes, send it to either me or seagullsanta.

>> No.9637206

this is such cute art! do you have the source?

>> No.9637646

https://twitter.com/mit_to_?lang=en <- not sure, but I think it's this person.

>> No.9637929

yes, it seems like it is! thank you! turns out I was already following them on tumblr and didn't recognize their art, haha.

>> No.9638013

Ah, I've never done a gift exchange before but I'll be in japan soon so I'm excited to give it a go.

>> No.9638272

Tip from a crossboarder: if your giftee likes to collect figurines/toys/that sort of thing, but you're not in that scene so much, give /toy/ a go. They have some great generals for the figurines commonly seen at conventions, plus maybe something will inspire you. Just be courteous if you do more than lurk, obviously.

>> No.9638284

Or go to buyfag.moe

My assignment from last year put enough info down so i could send her stuff I was a little more knowledgable about. It helped that she added generic descriptions like motifs, creepy, and favorite animals along with favorite series.

>> No.9639837

Hi guys! Starting to send out confirmations now.

>> No.9640433

Sorry I've never done this but can I gift to multiple people or no?

>> No.9640544
File: 49 KB, 640x809, IMG_0715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You may, but when signing up please read the form carefully as we have gift limits!

Less than a month until the deadline! Let's talk about cute gift wrap ideas. I think the wrapping and presentation just makes a gift so much better!

>> No.9640551

Could you gyus let us know when you have finished with them? I didn't get one yet and I would like to reapply asap if I mistyped my email etc.

>> No.9640555


>> No.9640673

Yes, we're working on it! Sorry, there are only two of us and almost 60 applicants so far!

>> No.9640732

Oh no, there's no rush! I just have some anxiety about messing up my email or something like that.

>> No.9641131

Same, anon

>> No.9641233

So excited for this secret santa! First time doing one over the internet.

I'm a fan of matryoshka gifts aka I get a bunch of presents and wrap them in each other. I usually get something like a small earring box in the center, then maybe gloves around that, a scarf, etc. I always feel unwrapping presents inside another present is so much fun.

>> No.9641313

CGL Secret Santa 2016 gifts
> https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMF5vlzmbkUMKgAlQHynp17FrYdNz-_cdWnR1E6Krk6KqGJd8aBDKZWF-hcqKpr0g/photo/AF1QipN1IXJSe9j7L370d8dz0LSIhhmmCmNpDnkeAvLU?key=OC0wWU1qSWJXUGp3NmdGcFFhVnVHeEktX2p6Y1ZR

>> No.9641314

That was me and I'm single now! Looking forward to this year!

I know you say you're okay but if you're not and you need someone to talk to respond to this post and I'll set up a throwaway email. I've been there.

>> No.9641653

We added a new helper, so if you see someone else CC'd on the emails it's them! I just sent out about 15 confirmations, slowly slogging through them all! Thanks for your patience guys.

>> No.9641658

This is actually really helpful to see, as someone participating for the first time this year! I do wish that we could see the tier that each was in, but that would be difficult.

>> No.9641733

That's even more retarded if he's on the cruder boards. Just tell him cgl is different (because it is).

>> No.9641736

I'd be careful giving my address out to anyone on 4chan
considering how awful /cgl/ has been in the past with doxxing and harassment, I'd be doubly worried about here

>> No.9641741

>up in the air about participating this year
>mfw I see the two gifts I sent last year
>warm fuzzies
Who am I kidding I love the holidays and giving gifts. Maybe this year I'll do a higher tier.

>> No.9641894

got an email!!!!!1

>> No.9641902

I wonder if that anon ever got those animal x rays i sent her? I'm sure Iincluded some other accessories too but I really wanted to see her reaction. I got them at a really cool shop that also sell animal bones jewlery. If only it wasnt illegal to send those through mail.

>> No.9641989

I got them, anon! They decorated my headboard for a while. They came with a cute black skull bracelet?

>> No.9642000

Hi there, I'll be helping the mods to match up the secret santa pairs, manage confirmations, etc. if you have any questions just let me know.

>> No.9642093

Same! All the gifts I got people are in this. And to think I felt even more successful in giving on white day!
Ahhh I'm so excited !

>> No.9642493

Gulls who participated last year, who was your favorite person to shop for (or what was your favorite thing to shop for)? Did you shop online, locally, or some combination?

>> No.9642502

I was somewhere around the 30$ tier and both girls I got wanted accessories, so I went to trusted Taobao shops for those. Locally I went to my city's version of Daiso to get some cute stocking stuffers.

>> No.9642600

My favourite was a person who gave plenty of information about their styles and interests outside of lolita and j-fashion. She was really fun to shop for since we had similar tastes in beauty products, characters, and anime.

My least favourite people were the ones who gave 1 or 2 sentence vague descriptions, didn't communicate in the threads, and then never bothered to post the pictures of their gifts once they got them. Kind of kills the mood in my opinion.

Also I found it easier to shop for $30+ brackets, as the $10-$15 felt too "small", and I ended up going over for those smaller ones. I just really wanted my giftees to be happy...

>> No.9642605

Oh and to answer the second part, I did 90% of my shopping online, mostly from Japan or Etsy sellers. I live in an area where there isn't anything like a Daiso or many artisan shops.

>> No.9642633

I enjoyed making and sending out my cards almost more than my gift, I shopped locally for cute stickers and postcards and had some lovely responsive anons.

I went for $30 tier gift last year and spent a lot of time finding individual items for my giftee. Mixed local shopping with things from Japan and went all out on the wrapping, bows and box decorations. I was quite upset that she never posted in the thread considering we live in the same country and I could have been a lot more lazy with my choices.

Thankfully I had a wonderful white day anon in the same tier who was just the sweetest! Responsive, with a great list of interests similar to my own, a pleasure to shop for.

>> No.9642655

I'm certain I got paired with one of my giftees because we both explicitly mentioned loving octopuses on our surveys. I got her a necklace from an artist I purchased from (and loved) a couple years before.

>> No.9642914

Yes! Glad you enjoyed it. You were >>9642493 my favorite to shop for because I knew I could be a littler more creative. I went to my local necromance store.

>> No.9643100

Must we answer the e-mail?
I mean, everything is correct, there's no need to or...(?) I'm pretty anxious

>> No.9643107

I was in the $50+ tier and a few of the lower ones. My $50 one was so much fun to shop for, her interests were paragraphs long, similar to mine, and we were mutual gifters so her gifts were amazing to receive. I was in Japan during it so it was interesting getting gifts for everyone while I traveled. I still feel like my gifts could have been better so I'm hoping to do more this year.

>> No.9643126

Sorry for being paranoid, but any ETA on when more confirmations will be sent out?

>> No.9643161

No need to reply, I'd actually prefer you NOT reply if everything is good!

We're up to a third of them done and send out more everyday! They're being done in the order the forms were sent.

>> No.9643371

Thank you! just super paranoid and really excited.

Are you organizers going to be participating in the main secret santa, or is there a way other people could organize to gift you guys something? I know we all really appreciate the work and effort being put in.

>> No.9643374

Agree with you, the organizers put so much effort on this it amazes me.

>> No.9643395

submitting feedback links for $50+tier made me realize just how much feedback I'm missing because only a handful of people are rad enough to remember to give feedback.
so annoying.

>> No.9643408

You guys are so sweet! We kind of discussed that. I haven't yet put in my form, but I and santafrills (not sure about santachan yet) want to participate like normal participants (I have way too much fun shopping for people and it would be preferable to be paired with those with similar interests). But if you guys find issue with it the organizers can gift to each other. There are three of us so there's accountability and we can easily treat each other as if we're normal participants (since our forms won't stand out, we will be anonymous to each other as well).

>> No.9643425

I've been wrestling with myself on whether to sign up or not. Its the whole address thing that makes me paranoid

>> No.9643479
File: 115 KB, 540x669, IMG_0547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then don't do it. Why waffle about it. Either you're chill with giving your address or you're not. Move on kiddo. Or commit and get a PO box.

>> No.9643957

PO Box or ask to "borrow" someone's address

>> No.9644263

Have you already sent the confirmation message to LM/ebay/ect?

>> No.9644296

Now that some anon posted a cute drawing, i'm curious about something.

If i drew something for my giftee, paying attention to their hobbies or taste to make something that i know they'll like, i assume that counts as handmade , but what about the price tier? Would it look like grinching?

Art value is very subjective, so i dunno. I want to hear opinions.

>> No.9644298

That seems like something you'd include extra or out in a card. I'd be hesitant to say it's whatever you value it at, since a lot of people overvalue the price of their art

>> No.9644299

Depends - do you do commissions or sell regularly? I wouldn't mind art, but say, if you sign up for a 30usd tier and you usually charge 10usd...

>> No.9644300

Some of them, but right now I'm trying to finish confirmations then I'll finish those! Look for a PM on your account asking for the passcode. Everyone gets a different one!

It depends, ultimately the judges of that are the santa crew and your giftee. If it's like a framed print or something that is artist alley quality then I don't see why not and I'd value that personally somewhere at $15-25 depending on quality! Some people are putting "OMG I'D LOVE A HANDMADE GIFT!" so if you let us know we can try to match you with one of those people.

>> No.9644338 [DELETED] 

I have a question, can wearing a wig damage a rebonded hair? I just had mine rebonded just two hours ago, and i'll be needing to wear a wig on the next day. (it's 1 am here rn)

im male and my hair length is not really long like a girl tho.

>> No.9644342

this is 100% the wrong thread to ask in

>> No.9644660
File: 81 KB, 645x500, kanna_kamui_meme_2__by_wcher999-db7daeh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh! Got my first returned email. MD in Illinois please email me with your correct email address if you see this!

>> No.9644684

All 66 people who have signed up so far has been sent an email verification. If you have not, please email seagullssanta at gmail dot com and we'll figure out what's wrong. On Monday I'll finish sending out whitelist verifications so do not expect them until then. I will also go through and double check that I made all changes requested/reply to you if you haven't gotten a reply from me. Thanks for your patience, all!

>> No.9644901

Thank you! I'm excitedly waiting to see who I will get paired with.

>> No.9645337

If I have fanmerch that fits with the person's interests, I would personally set its value at how much it cost me to get it made. I think its max value would be for how much you usually sell that piece of art.

>> No.9647463

Hey santa anons, when are the whitelist checks happening?

>> No.9647480

I'm so excited for this year's Secret Santa

>> No.9647730

Most of them should have happened already, Santa-chan said she was doing them! If you email us I can check for you.

>> No.9649689

I haven't received a whitelist confirmation yet, should I send an email?

>> No.9649952

Do you confirm feedback if the participant was already in the whitelist?

>> No.9650532


Also yes!

Sorry for the wait, work is really busy this week. Trying to get to it!

>> No.9650544

Santachan here, I'll double check and see if I missed anyone

>> No.9650609

I haven't gotten a lacemarket message yet either.

>> No.9650648

me neither. or is is only for those who have more than one gift in the higher tieres? it's my first time, so I'm not sure how the feedback process and stuff goes

>> No.9650664

I haven't gotten one, either, I'm >>9649689
This is also my first time, I signed up for 3 cards and 2 gifts

>> No.9650675

Is there a way to view the form we submitted? Or are you sending us copies to look over? Feeling a little awkward about some things I listed.

>> No.9650687

Send an email if you would like to view or change the form, we can't show it st all times without everyone seeing all of them but you can make changes and such at this stage.

I will go through the list tomorrow. Just in case, send me an email with your name or email, whichever you prefer

frelevene at gmail dot com

I'm sifting through who replied to their email and who hasn't received one yet, as they kind of came in all at once. Never fear! You will be confirmed, and if not again send me an email and I'll resolve it asap.

>> No.9650698

Is there a way to change the shipping address after applications?

>> No.9650699
File: 54 KB, 640x640, 4338EA39-6B13-4508-B179-D62371B02612-582-0000003FA3C7513C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>send me an email with your email

>> No.9650702

Get some rest, santachan

>> No.9650762

I sent you an email with my LM username, just in case you need to confirm it

>> No.9652541
File: 32 KB, 750x749, seagull-merry-christmas-decoration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gentle reminder that sign-up period ends in two weeks!

>> No.9653044

I still haven't received my whitelist check?

>> No.9653197

>tfw the only presents I get come from random people on /cgl/
I'm glad these threads do well

>> No.9653241

Same here, and I sent my form a week ago. Should I be worried?

>> No.9653316

It's slow going, I'm out of town right now but I'll make 100% sure it's done this week.

>> No.9655599

Back in town! Ten days left to participate, I'll make sure everyone is squared away starting tomorrow evening.

>> No.9657112

All emails are caught up, should be able to do new confirmations and finish whitelist authentications tonight! (I still need to submit my own form too). Thanks for your patience everyone! If you have not yet gotten an email from me, please resend it because I missed it or it did not go through.

>> No.9657389

should i be worried at all if i havent received any kind of email since filling out the form? should i resend it?

>> No.9657491

No, no, I got to a few but not all. Wait a little please!

>> No.9657573

Still nervously waiting for my whitelist confirmation!

>> No.9657759

Double-checked, please email me. Everyone aside from those who recently filled out the form who need them have been sent whitelist verifications! so you're either good or an error was made.

>> No.9657941

A few notes!

If you put "please match within my country", we are going to take that as law. There are some people who have signed up for a bunch of gifts but only one/two people from their country are participating. We are not going to chase people around, so if you'd rather participate in the number of tiers you have chosen, you can email me to change your preferences, or you will be given less gifts than you signed up for. Just a note!

>> No.9658328

This is so much to read ... so I'll just ask here: is this only for gifts, or can we sign up for cards only as well?

>> No.9658373

>If it's too much work to read the greentext, at least read the rules if you want to participate anon

You can sign up for cards only if you like, it's totally up to you.

>> No.9658547 [DELETED] 

Sorry I am on phone and don't have search function... but from what I've filled out so far is there a card only section?? Or do you have to send gifts?

>> No.9658554

Oh yeah I just got to the next page, sorry about that. I did read it but was not seeing it in the first page of the form..

>> No.9658752

Nayrt but emailed you about the whitelist verifications.

>> No.9658768

Why are you apologizing for my post?

Thanks, it's really hard to undestand for me I don't speak English.

>> No.9658789

This is the original anon who posted the comment- I emailed both you and frevalene separate emails a few weeks ago and just emailed you again, I still haven't received the whitelist verification yet.

>> No.9659027

OH I just realised, I posted about the same thing as you but I deleted my post. I totally forgot I deleted it and then your post looked so similar to mine hahaha.

>> No.9659276

Friendly reminder that there are five days remaining for sign ups! If you have sent an email/asked a question in this thread, it should all be answered by tomorrow. I'm going through a backlog as personal things came up, but right now everything is in the clear. We are making preliminary matches for the card category and sorting out the gift tiers into matching groups.

Are you excited as I am? I can't wait until it's time to shop...

>> No.9659855

First time signing up, Im so excited!!

>> No.9660054
File: 131 KB, 468x437, 20171016_121903_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HL from Mexico, I hope you're watching this thread. I matched with you earlier this year for the /cgl/ white day event.

Today, I finally received your card. For some weird reason it was sent to Canada.

Super weird.

I hope it's not too late, but I'm totally keen to be your penpal! I'll send you a letter in the next few days.

LT from Australia

>> No.9660075

Pretty excited for this! Just deciding now if I should sign up for 2 gifts in a smaller tier or just sign up for one gift in a higher tier (I think I'm white listed). Anyone have opinions on this?

>> No.9660080

I prefer going for one big tier, personally. When I start putting a gift together my ideas usually snowball and I spend way above my tier just because I kept thinking oh this would be cool, and THIS, and THAT, AND ALSO I find it more fun to put a lot of effort into one big thing versus dividing resources amongst smaller tiers.

>> No.9660093

>tfw you were really short on interests because you didnt want to sound rude and picky


>> No.9660112

I assume that's what the email being given to your santa is for. They make a throwaway email and message you asking more about what you like

>> No.9660134

you can always add things, more is better than less. Email me if you're worried.

>> No.9660469

Should I email you now or wait for the confirmation email? Just submitted my application yesterday,

>> No.9660577

Wait, I have three to send out today/tonight.

>> No.9660594
File: 867 KB, 500x250, D84397CD-866C-4319-9B13-7624574EF851.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are awesome, I know a lot of the anons have already said this but thanks for hosting such a huge event for us!

>> No.9660595

Not a problem!! This is fun, and I've been doing some of it at work so I can afford to take a few hours a day! I am hopeful that we can get all match emails out by next Friday as well (I'm just as eager to start shopping as you guys are...).

>> No.9661444

Do I need lacemarket/etsy/ebay/etc rating check if I've already been confirmed on the whitelist?

>> No.9661579

I still didn't receive a reply, I'm not in hurry or anything but just worried it didn't come through. Shortly, I still have no clue if I'm whitelisted and didn't receive a confirmation message of my LM account.

>> No.9661583

That's weird, I sent the remainders out. Can you email me please?

>> No.9661597

Nope! You're good!

>> No.9661618

I already emailed you, I was one of the anons emailing you over the weekend but I only emailed fravelene. Should I send it to the same email address I received my confirmation from? I also checked few times the address I sent it was correct.

>> No.9661625

I gotchu

>> No.9661871

Friday at 9 AM ET (New York/US Time) the form closes! Make sure you get all changes/whitelist confirmations/forms in by that time!

>> No.9662176

Just signed up! I'm beyond excited!

>> No.9663841

Less than one day left! Deadline is 9 AM ET (New York time). Will send out rest of confirmations and go through emails by the end of the day tomorrow.

>> No.9664109
File: 43 KB, 450x281, 1378302-bigthumbnail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


A bit of housekeeping!

There are 2 anons who have not yet been whitelist confirmed that need to be (ET and AK). If I do not get those confirmations (sent on Lacemarket) by the deadline you will be reassigned to tiers in accordance with the rules.

Matches will all be sent out by October 27th but will begin being sent out earlier so check your inboxes!

Finally, all confirmations up until this point have been sent out. If you have not gotten one, email me immediately.

Looking forward to it, everyone!!

>> No.9664112

I'm from one of those listed, were just supposed to reply to your message right? Are we supposed to receive a response?

>> No.9664113

Yeah, I sent you a password in your confirmation email. Reply on Lacemarket with the password given in your email.

>> No.9664118

Checked my "sent" box, I see my message was unread from oct 2nd. should I just send again ?

>> No.9664123

I'll send you another message, I may have switched accounts midway through or santachan messaged you. Are you AK or ET?

>> No.9664144

Just triple checking that you got the whitelist confirmation for ET. Seagull Santa sent me an email that I was whitelisted at 18:52.

>> No.9664150

Okay, I see it now! You're good, sorry, you never got marked off in the system. No worries!

>> No.9664162

i'm ak, haven't received message on lm yet

>> No.9664445

i have sent in my last minute application. forgive me, Santas

>> No.9664473

I sent it over a week ago. Will resend.

Not a problem!

>> No.9664512

Have applied about 3 hours ago (last minute - sorry!), will I be receiving a confirmation to the email I gave in the form? Is there any automated confirmation email we're supposed to receive? Just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything correctly as I haven't taken part before.

>> No.9664524
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, 7A520214-7C6A-4143-B8DB-077FF71E30B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9664613

It's telling me the sign up is closed? Is that the case

>> No.9664616

Sign ups closed Oct 20 at 8/9am est

>> No.9664642
File: 33 KB, 640x495, 1496683682793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw so busy with work I missed sign-ups. Maybe it's for the best.

>> No.9664648

Same, anon. I wanted to join so badly too.

>> No.9664664

Yes, I'll do it on my lunch break!

>> No.9664925

Same. Oh welp.

>> No.9664932

so excited for matches!!
thanks everyone~

>> No.9665378

Thank you! Received the email, so excited for this

>> No.9665579
File: 25 KB, 500x286, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Check the deadline
>Check calendar
I'm a day late, can I join in on the merrymaking tho?

>> No.9666205

I'm happy you gulls are out. If you can't sign up in time, you won't send gifts in time, let's not kid ourselves.

>> No.9666212

I have trouble feeling bad too. The organizers gave us over a month to sign up.

>> No.9666220

Official Secret Santa CGL Discord

>> No.9666226

Google search says that this code is posted in /v/. Enter on own risk, I guess.

>> No.9666235

boohoo, I'm >>9664925 and I was participating last year. Not only did I sent everything out in time, I did help grinched gulls not to lose faith in Santa (despite being grinched myself). There wasn't lots like me so... I guess we'll see how it turns out this year.

>> No.9666251

Lmao ok

>> No.9666255

...what? Why do we need a discord? That's too much to monitor for us.

>> No.9666533


>> No.9666554

Is Uncle T participating again this year? I hope so!

>> No.9666644

Beginning to send out matches tomorrow! Check your inboxes. If for ANY REASON you cannot make your match happen, contact me immediately. Your matches are final and you will NOT be rematched, even if you had a preference that was not fulfilled. It's only me doing this portion of it, so make sure you send any issues to me.

I am 99% sure the answer is no, sorry!

>> No.9666675

I can't wait to see my match! Thank you again for doing this!

I'm sorry to ask, but it's my first year participating. Who is Uncle T?

>> No.9666739

A dude from /k/ who initially sent out poor gifts, but redeemed himself. Truly a legend.

>> No.9666740
File: 374 KB, 1276x900, q5IjBqO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a problem! I JUST finished the matches so now it's email time, want to get it done so I can start shopping for my gulls! Hope not to keep everyone waiting too long. Matching went really fast thanks to Kerotan Turtle, who made us matching software. Seriously a godsend.

Also, fun fact: There are 4 gulls in this exchange with Bakura (of Yu-Gi-Oh!) as their husbando. I thought that was interesting.

>> No.9666766

If I never got a whitelist confirmation mail, should I worry?

>> No.9666770

The excitement is almost at it's peak! Can't wait to see who I'm buying for. I wonder if it will be someone else who also realizes that Bakura is the best husband, you three have good taste.

>> No.9666782

If you have time I'd love to see other trends you noticed!

>> No.9666799

Haha didn't know he was so popular. Bakura is my husband since forever, it's nice to know that there are more girls shipping him.

>> No.9666806
File: 24 KB, 249x370, 3d6bf44b5b5d39c4dc744cf9252e159e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3 other Bakurafags
fite me irl

>> No.9666867

email us. If you participated last year, you are defo fine.

>> No.9666954
File: 107 KB, 680x881, 793E98F8-80C1-4EEC-8832-47D79452D2BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>applied as soon as I saw the form go up
>waiting for a month, anticipation builds
>see that emails are going out
>mashing f5 on my inbox
>tfw too excited to sleep

>> No.9666975

I mean you did have weeks to sign up anons? If you don't have enough time in a whole month to fill out a 5 minute form then you definitely won't have time to actually take part probably anyways imo

>> No.9666989

Same! I wonder how long it takes to send out all the matches. It might take a while if it's all done by hand.

Thank you santas, for organising this years secret santa! The excitement is real.

>> No.9667050
File: 35 KB, 236x330, IMG_1067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone signed up is good for what they signed up for, minus one person who understood they likely wouldn't be. You're fine!

A surprising amount of people mentioned the brand Listen Flavor in their profiles. The artist Kira Imai was also mentioned 4 or 5 times. Menhera is probably the most popular fashion after lolita. Lots of Boku no Hero Academia, Fate, and Love Live! listed for anime interests. Out of the main lolita substyles, I'd say gothic was the most frequently mentioned, then sweet, then classic and finally oldschool, but I'll try to do an actual count after and make cute trend graphs like the other santa did. Animal Crossing and Pokemon were the most frequently mentioned games.

Obviously, participants vastly skewed female but there are a few male participants as well.

I'm counting myself even though I didn't put him in my profile, Bakura is bae (there's zero merch of him and it hurts). But I think I matched at least two of you up for a card or something. Our interests are all really different though.

>> No.9667128

Now I'm worried I was not detailed enough in my submission. I am thinking of so many more things I like now that people have mentioned them!

>> No.9667160
File: 940 KB, 500x363, 53735368-C746-4AD5-BAAC-15561B77F809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you totally forgot to mention love for Animal Crossing

>> No.9667178

Listen, everyone is matched with each other (there are no round robins). If you want to add something feel free to get in touch with your santa if they've offered up their email!

>> No.9667180

Are we getting our matches through email or our feedback account we listed?

>> No.9667188

Oh perfect, that makes it so much easier, thank you!

>> No.9667204

Email! It's slow going but it is my goal to have them out by or on the 27th as I put the deadline. It's all me though so if you have a question please email me.

>> No.9667248

Got my matches and I’m excited. I got matched with someone on the other side of the world!

>> No.9667299

Got my match!!
I'm already searching for stuff!

>> No.9667314

Got my matches, inspired and taking notes!

Thanks for all your hard work so far organiser gulls!

>> No.9667327

got my match! looking forward to crafting something cute

>> No.9667371

i don't actually remember what i wrote... any way to check?
also, high key wanting to send my card tier gifts bc i'm just like that but don't want to be rude and make them potentially feel bad

>> No.9667385

You can email me to check but I'm 3/7ths of the way through the email list so likely I've sent out your older info to at least some of your match(es) already. I'm more than happy to copy/paste you your form, but the deadline to change on my end was the 20th! You'll have to let your matches know if you have any changes.

>> No.9667386
File: 104 KB, 437x430, F5AD8481-132D-4524-AC89-FB8AD47D6CC2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9667462

Until what time are you planning to send out matches? You're going pretty fast btw, if you already did 3/7th! So good job!

>> No.9667467
File: 45 KB, 720x720, tumblr_ow93tbOc631wb2ruwo9_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kinda annoyed at some of my matches, especially in the 50+ tier, no links to wardrobe posts, listed maybe two interests...some of my card matches are easier to shop for.

>> No.9667471

Agreed, mine just said "surprise me!"
I mean I guess..

>> No.9667473

Wow, really?
I feel a bit bad for you.. I hope you'll still be able to enjoy the event, though.

Maybe mail them and ask them for extra information?

>> No.9667475
File: 54 KB, 480x640, 1488181353231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

UGHH, like I typed pages and pages and pages and was worried I'd be annoying, linked my tumblr, my pinterest, my etsy... So many options for my people.. Ill do my best, I just don't want to disappoint someone.

>> No.9667480

Not everyone has a list of 100s of things they want ready to give out
It's hard as hell when people ask what you want, since if I want something, I just buy it

>> No.9667483

Y'all can't even go 5 minutes without making drama. People don't even have all their matches and y'all are whining.

>> No.9667486

You had WEEKS to come up with something, though.

>> No.9667488

>maybe people will think I’m cool if I use ‘yall’

Pretty clear you’ve never had to buy for someone over $10, having high tiers give close to zero info on what their interests and wants are is a nightmare.

>> No.9667491

Not if you only took 20 minutes or so to fill out the form.
You got one shot before you either lost all you wrote or you needed to send it

>> No.9667492

Not only that, but the organizers allowed people to change their information when they forgot to include something.

>> No.9667498

Did you really not think to take your time typing out your interests in a word document the copy-pasting it to the application when you were done?

>> No.9667500
File: 239 KB, 500x377, tumblr_mfsrxv6zIK1qzjw8go1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have a list of HUNDREDS of things you dumb fool, I have a general wishlist and I listed SO many of my interests, fav artists, fav bands, husbandos, my aesthetics, to not even get a list of things they own and to get "I hate ivory and I my fav dress is this ONE dress and I didn't even say if I own it or not" is SO frustrating. Even a social media link would have been fucking helpful so please shut the fuck up.

>> No.9667503

Can you guys calm down? It's already been mentioned that you contact your Santa >>9667178 or call out to them in this thread to ask for more info.

>> No.9667511

I'm in the same boat anon, I absolutely love giving gifts but I don't want to overdo it with the cards.

>> No.9667531

No, I didn't think I'd get crucified for not giving enough information, especially when I left my email in the form for questions.

>> No.9667549

Well, I switched computers at work so I'm paused for the moment. I'll be resuming sometime this evening when I get home. Will go as fast as possible! There are a little less than 100 emails to send in total, but it's time consuming (some people have 6, 7, 8 exchanges).

>> No.9667556

Literally just up thread people were complaining about how they hate it when people don’t put a lot of info in their applications and it’s been a consistent complaint in previous years. I hope you put more effort into your gifts than your application.

>> No.9667561

For white day I got a button or a sticker or a charm in some of my card tiers.
I personally sent stickers or bookmarks.
Like, it shouldn't cost you more than 8 bucks but it's a-ok to add something to the cards

>> No.9667572

Got my matches! I'm super surprised I got a match in my area, especially because she's a lone lolita. We might even meet in person to exchange gifts if she's up for it.

>> No.9667577
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>> No.9667581
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>> No.9667598

I'm super excited for my matches. I already ordered some stuff because I know shipping gets super hectic with the holidays looming around the bend.

>> No.9667604
File: 78 KB, 300x224, 2BE75FD4-4381-4A3B-9029-A8AFD5D8D797.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9667628

Just to confirm because of my bad reading comprehension: So whoever I'm sending gifts to will send me stuff?

Because I live in the US and got matched with someone in the UK but I'm moving to the UK in a few months (trying to get this visa figured out) and I'm wondering if it'd be better to have them send their gift to my UK address so they can save on shipping. I'd still ship from the US to make sure they got their stuff on time.

>> No.9667629

Even lesbians love 2d boys anon

>> No.9667635

No. It is round robin, not reciprocal. You will be sending gifts to someone who will send gifts to a different person, and you will receive gifts from an entirely different person.

>> No.9667644
File: 60 KB, 1024x576, IMG_1068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi, while I appreciate it, please do not answer on our behalf because this year that is not the case!

You have that person and that person has you, yes, so if they've given you their email you can contact them in regards to shipping details! If this involves a late gift, please make sure to let us know, though, so we son't blacklist them come December 20.

>> No.9667648

Ok thanks a ton! Also even if I keep my address the same it'll be fine, my family lives at my current address so they'll be sure to confirm/ take photos of my santa's stuff.

>> No.9667658

I can't wait to get my match!

A lot of girls in my comm and girls I know from facebook are participating, and I think it'd be funny to be matched with someone you know irl. On the one hand, it's easier since you probably already have an idea of their taste, but on the other hand, I feel like it adds an extra layer of pressure.

>> No.9667710

Oh that’s so cool!! I thought it was totally random!

>> No.9667716

Ahh the hard decision to either buy one big thing like a JSK or a few things like a a headdress, socks, and jewelry.

>> No.9667727
File: 1.66 MB, 245x240, tumblr_n9aw3sd6FI1qbbb7uo3_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9667729

I’m really tempted to just go crazy and spoil mine since it is the 50+ category

>> No.9667731

Me too! I decided on a variety of accessories since they said they wanted to build up accessories more than main pieces.

>> No.9667732

>mfw my match has the exact same tastes as me

ty based santa-chan

>> No.9667743

I'm so impatient fo receiving my matches, I swear I just keep refreshing my mail.

>> No.9667754

SAME! I just got my match and I'm so excited. She has a lot in common with me, but just enough difference to keep it interesting. I.e. she's more into sweet than I am and she likes menhera, but she's also a lifestyler and into home decor.

I'm also pumped because she said she loves handmade items and my skills have finally gotten to the point where I'm comfortable giving my work to other people.

>> No.9667759

New thread for when this one dies: >>9667756

>> No.9667765

I signed up for the $50+ tier and have been saving up so that I can spoil my matches. Haven’t got my email yet but I really hope we have similar tastes and that I can buy them a JSK or something that they can enjoy!

>> No.9667770

One of my matches' wishlist is full of items waaaay over the tier their signed up for. This should be fun.

>> No.9667771

Omg I’m gnawing on my computer, I can’t wait for my match! I’m in a lower tier but I want to go all out since it’s my first year!

>> No.9667786

Get them stuff that could be used in coords with those items! I’m sure they didn’t share an overpriced wishlist with the expectation you would get them something way over the limit. I know I gave my wishlist/dream dresses so my santa would get a sense of my style and send me accessories to match in future coords. Other things you could look at are motifs/themes of the items and get something to complement that.

>> No.9667789

They're not into lolita unfortunately. I'm fairly unfamiliar with the style they're into. I'll figure something out I'm sure.

>> No.9667802

Could just be like an inspo list? Did mention on the form that it wasn't supposed to be a wishlist.

>> No.9667812

If they left contact details just send them a message

>> No.9667817

Seconding this; I put dream dresses and the like in my wishlist to give my santa inspo and a sense of what style items I’m looking for. I hope my santa doesn’t think I’m a dick for doing that

>> No.9667818

Now I'm getting anxious that people are interpreting that section as a wishlist, I basically some people's EGL wardrobe posts and a coord or two I really admired as it's the style I go for, but in no way did I expect people to get me that stuff ahhhh.

I'm probably going to panic email whoever has me with a dozen disclaimers and clarifications as soon as I get matched. And it's my first time, were we supposed to link our ideal wardrobe items and dream dresses??? Like mine are mostly harder to get old items so I didn't want my santa to feel super pressured to get one of those, but now I'm feeling like I failed them by not listing specific items.

>> No.9667846

How early can we send out packages? I don’t want to risk something getting lost in the Holiday insanity

>> No.9667880

Got matched with my favourite giftee from last SS so I'm excited. I got a lot of lolitas with incredibly vague interests so I'll probably have to send out some clarification emails.

>> No.9667907

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft4o7Od7PWw Thoughts?

>> No.9667913

there's an event in two weeks perfect for picking up stuff, I just hope my match doesn't end up going and buying stuff there because she's from one state over haha.

imo, smartdolls are really ugly for the price.

>> No.9667943

I guess there really weren't a lot of non-lolitas here

>> No.9667947

I haven’t received my matches, in getting so so nervous

>> No.9667969

Santa said she’s sending them out up til the 27th, I wouldn’t worry. Shoot them an email if it’ll put your feathers at ease.

>> No.9667981

I don't know why I posted this here I'm high good thing this thread is dying

>> No.9667986

I guess I'm not certain how the matches were chosen, me and my match have nothing in common at all.

>> No.9667995

As well as it being inspo/a general guide to their wardrobe, keep in mind that they may have signed up for a high gift tier and a low gift tier and that the information could be aimed towards the former.

>> No.9668010

was gender the primary reason for matches?
me and my match have nothing in common except our gender

>> No.9668037

I know my match and I don't have a lot in common, but I'll still try my hardest to ensure they'll love their gifts. Need to look up a lot of their interests though. A few fun DIYs were suggested though and I'm going to try and make something amazing for them!

>> No.9668052

>the in the lower tiers and match asks for only brand
I thought we had rules against this situation
Am I gonna get blacklisted because I won't go over budget to but a brand piece for a picky anon?

>> No.9668075

See: >>9667786 and >>9667818 and >>9667817

>> No.9668202

I woke up to my match email this morning and her list was really informative! I've also been stalking through her social media to get an idea of what I'm looking for and I've already bought one small gift for the package today.

This is really fun because she's a Lolita and I'm not(I do like the fashion a lot but I've never had to build a cord) so I'm doing my best.

Thanks santas for your hard work!

>> No.9668281

It's not that they have a bunch of outfits and pieces listed, they just literally have "brand" and "not Etsy, not taobao" listed.
I have literally no idea about anything in jfash

>> No.9668335

Might wanna email Santa and ask about it, sounds like a bad application if that’s honestly all they said

>> No.9668772

Santa told me to ask here first. I have OA for card tier and you said no handmade gifts but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind a handmade card.

>> No.9668775

So is card tier supposed to be just a card? Because I had one girl from a card tier gift email me her amazon wishlist and basically say "pick something from here".

>> No.9668878

>not a lolita
>chose a preference for non-lolitas
>got a lolita

Wew I sure hope I don't massively fuck this up since I know literally nothing about what they're talking about.

I think the same application is used if they said they wanted to do multiple SSs AND cards. So if they applied to do a gift tier and a card tier, both their receivers would get the same thing.

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