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Have you guys ever handing out gifts to people you interact with? Or made them do some little task (like dance, or answer trivia) and the gift is the reward?

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I've seen No-Face cosplayers hand out coins at cons.

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I think if you hand out food you shouldn't do handmade stuff, only prepackaged candies and the like. Stickers can be cute too.

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this is probably for cosplayers but i'm a lolita and usually carry cutesy cheap or handmade jewelry with me. a lot of kids approach me with their parents thinking i'm a party princess and wanting to take pictures, so at the end of the interaction i fish out a bracelet or a ring and give it to them as a silly gift.

it's kind of weird but it makes both the parents and the kids happy so whatever. i don't mind it if it brightens their day.

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I've handed out fake flowers to people who recognized my costume; I saw one girl still using the flower I gave her as part of her prop a year later. Felt good, man.

I want to do an Animal Crossing villager cosplay in the near future, and I think it would be cute to carry around little bells to give out, possibly little doll furniture or something like that to "trade" or "reward" people for a small task.

As for things I've been given, a Pokemon trainer gave me a handmade badge pin once (which I kept pinned to a jacket for years until it eventually fell apart), and I've gotten a bath token from a No Face. Gift giving can feel a little awkward, but I think it's a fun way to add to your costume and start a conversation. It certainly makes you memorable.

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I went to a con one year that was on Valentines Day, a lot of people brought the drug store valentines you hand out in grade school and gave them to each other. It was really cute and fun.

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I was actually thinking about making something to give out to go along with my Warcraft cosplay. Not sure what to make though. Every idea I have involves suspicious candy (candy out of it's original packaging) or too expensive too give out.

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Years ago I cosplayed from Kamen Rider Den-O. There's a lot of weird context stuff that goes into the character giving out sweets, but suffice to say he does, and I had a basket full.

Nobody knew who I was, but seeing as how my schtick was running up to them and handing them candy and saying "My name is Sakurai Yuuto, please remember me!" I really hope they knew when I was done...

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I've handed out some Undertale heart pins a couple of years ago to people who took my picture or recognized and talked me.
It added a lot of fun to the con making people happy with them! Even got someone asking me afterwards through Facebook to bring one to a different con, which surprised me.

It was really cheap to make the pins too with AliExpress supplies, which is a nice bonus to the idea.

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I went to a Fallout shoot where a few folks were handing out Nuka Cola caps. Some were pretty nicely made too. I also saw a dude at Dragoncon dressed up as a "Quest-Giver" who would give people little tasks (like "find 5 Harley Quinns" or something like that) and reward them with "quest items" like glowsticks and wrapped candy. I wish I'd done one of his quests, it seemed like such a cute idea.

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Nice. I've had a Noh face hand out bath tokens and a Totoro cosplayer hand out wrapped acorns. Seems like it's common among Studio Ghibli cosplayers.
If I can find the right water bucket, I want to cosplay as Lin and hand out star candies.

I used to hand out business cards with info for my local Lolita comm and the guidebook link at my local comm, but I've had mixed results. I've found it easier to talk with interested people and pass on info directly to their phones since people are likely to lose or keep cards as some collection ( I saw how veteran artist alley/ vendors only keep out a few at a time).

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I've never personally done it, but at Anime Boston 2016, there was a Tuxedo Mask cosplayer handing out faux roses to every Usagi / Sailor Moon he saw. I was cosplaying Usagi and it was my first time cosplaying, so I was pretty nervous, and it honestly made my whole con. I was really touched. I kept the rose, too!

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There were a bunch of these at Dragoncon this year!

No face, a Zoltar who gave fortunes in exchange for charity donations, a LOZ mail person who gave out mail, Mayor McCheese giving out cheeseburgers, and of course Ollivander who gave out over 500 wands ! Pic related gave out little facts on paper lol

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My friend gave out mini cupcakes and brownies when she cosplayed Jane Crocker, I was running the HS meet up and we helped a cosplayer fix her horn right before we started the meet, she bought me a zip up pencil bag from artist alley as a thank you, I still use it for con stuff 5 years latter.

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At ALA there are a few people that hand out out ribbons!
Also at the same con, my sister cosplaying Mei from Overwatch got a free mini print from a DVA that was handing them out to OW cosplayers, it was adorable.

I really want to hand out something next ALA, not sure if small MHA stickers or ribbons tho

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Oh yeah. The ribbons are a BIG part of ALA and have become a tradition. I'll have to make some for my AA table.

I've given out candy during a Halloween festival, but not much else besides that.

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I've given out blue feather when I did a Harvest Moon cosplay.

I've recieved a yellow scarf from a Durarara cosplayer once, it was really cool!

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I designed buttons and made 100 of them to hand out to cosplayers who dressed at characters I liked. The buttons were mating stream characters like No-Face and Pikachu.

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I also handed out vials of perfume samples to my fragrance line when people said I smelled nice

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I'm planning on passing out flowers when I cosplay Shiemi. I've also passed out extra prizes I bought for a panel. People enjoy getting little things.

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One of my favorites were Heisenberg/Breaking Bad cosplayers handing out "meth", which was just rock candy.

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AAhhhhh that's the fucking best idea

I got a pokemon card from a girl who was handing some out at a pokemon meetup, and a really nice Guzma cosplayer gave me some Poke(jelly) beans!

That's such a cute idea!
I find it funny that receiving a small gift from a stranger makes people so happy, but it's probably because it's a nice gesture and helps "break the ice".

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had a Lolita pull a business card out of a business card holster on her garter belt. She introduced herself, chatted a bit then lifted up her skirt and gave me her card. I guess the presentation was the gift?

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I've been doing ribbons at ALA for a few years, and I've gotta say they're really great for finding others with similar interests, or bonding with people who share your sense of humor. Last year was the first in a few that I didn't place an order, and I realized I missed it a lot.

>reach into skirt pocket while wearing cos
>pull out a regular show ribbon from ALA
>it's fucking september???

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I gotta say, I'm never ungrateful when I receive something free, but I would much rather get a keepsake that I can put on my desk or shelf than a piece of candy I will probably end up tossing out.

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Ive always wanted to do Woshua from Undertale and hand out little packaged hand sanitizing wipes. I think it would be so fuuny but damn Im so lazy and UT fandom isnt the best.

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Oh, and a side note: instead of candy, consider cough drops. I always run into at least one person, stranger or friend, whose throat is dying halfway through the con.

There's always vitamin C drops, but those are basically candy anyway. At least you'll feel a little better thinking you're eating something good for you.

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At Colossalcon East there was a Philip J. Fry cosplayer with a pizza box--I asked if they had my delivery for 'I. C. Weiner' and they said yes! Asked me to double check the order, opened the box, and it was full of pins that I got to pick from! A great idea that goes with the costume!

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I'm thinking about asking people to "do a quest" and then give them a little trinket upon completion. I came think of a fun quest idea though.

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I wanted to cosplay Mayuri from Steins;Gate and thought it'd be fun if I gave out Upas to people.

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I once cosplayed as Ciel and my friend was Sebastian and we made a bunch of cakes and handed them out.

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Did the ribbons thing at ALA last year. Had a nurse joy ribbon where they had to help give my magijarp plush the motivation he needed to evolve into garadose it was really fun.

Then at Katsucon 2016 it was in Valentine's Day. I cosplayer frisk from Undertale. I went and bought a bunch of chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil and gave them out. It seemed pretty perfect since it was valentines and also was fitting with the character and game. It was fun I got a lot of valentines from other people too.

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Excuse the typos I'm on my phone.
Also remembered also in nurse joy I've received loads of stuff. Pins and Pokémon cards. My favorite was when a Brock cosplayer gave me a rose.

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Yeah. Last year I participated in the Pokemon challenge. It was a lot of fun and I collected most of them. I'm not sure what I'll be making for this year.

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I cosplay Hell Girl and pass out little yarn dolls to people that recognize my cosplay. I make them in all three colors of her companions, too.

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I had a Brock cosplayer give me the boulder badge, I think more pokemone gym leader cosplayers should do that more

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Valentines are my favorite honestly! Lots of people do this at Katsucon.
Last year I cosplayed Celty and Shinra with a friend and we gave people valentines from both of us

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One year at PAX Aus, a guy was walking around with one of those little Polaroid instant cameras? He was taking photos of cosplayers and then gifting them the tiny little instant photo printout. It was the cutest shit and best gift I've ever got

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when I wear Princess Bubblegum I talk to kids who approach me about school and science and give them candy when I say goodbye. It makes them so happy and that makes me happy!

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That's adorable!

I've seen a gumball cosplayer giving out wrapped gumballs to people who approached them, which is also a pretty cute idea

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I cosplay No Face and hand out chocolate coins.
I've also cosplayed Toriel and gave out pie. This was at a residential con where it was easier to carry round paper plates and cutlery.

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Scavenger hunt stuff like this can be great for community interaction and is really something that more cons should be doing themselves. Make people go around looking for stuff and having to interact with other people, making friends along the way.

This is cute.

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I feel like at bigger cons, asking people to complete quests for a reward needs to be instant. Like something that can be completed on the spot. Having them go look for something then find you again is too difficult in the sea of people.

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> my schtick was running up to them and handing them candy and saying "My name is Sakurai Yuuto, please remember me!"

A-anon were you referencing the candy scandal episode? ngl made me tear up a lil bit reading that

threads like these give me a little more hope in the cosplay community, heres some stuff I've done

>Hand out Miku buttons to other vocaloid cosplayers
>Cosplay Lapis Lazuli, hand out water bottles
>Takemi Tae (p5 Doctor) handing out bandaids to people who needed them

I'm also going to be handing out ribbons next ALA, not sure what it'll be yet though, maybe something persona related in my Noir cosplay

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Damn judging by the thread it seems like all the fun people handing stuff out don't go to comic Con. Time for me to hit up some anime cons

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Fuck that noise, if it's unwrapped for all we know you shit in it or made some "slime pie" a la homestuck (weed, basically)

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I was selling at a booth for a Lolita swap and I gave a kid a teeny bow. She was overjoyed beyond belief

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You should give people mail to deliver to another cosplayer that contains a funny message from your animal crossing character. If they open it they get a "shame on you" sticker as well.

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I sort of want to give people autographs as Rohan kishibe with little drawings of pink dark boy but I'm not sure if people would think it's funny or not

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Actually yes, I was pic related from the then-popular Magicarp jump game. He's a random encounter NPC that will hand out a "Nugget of Wisdom" that the player automatically trades in for coins. I bough two pounds of fools gold nuggets and handed them out in little ring drawstring bags. I never gave all of them out and a bunch are scattered all over the house

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Not gonna lie, that sounds incredibly boss.
I would've been a blushing mess, but I would certainly never forget it.

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These are all so cute! Last year I and a friend went as Dipper & Mabel from Gravity Falls and handed out a bunch of caticatures to cosplayers. It was cheap and a little silly, but a lot of them seemed to appreciate it!

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This is probably going to sound lame but I want to make kandi (plastic raver bracelets) and give them out to cosplayers. I thought about making cookies and handing them out while being cosplayed as undertaker, but I wouldn't take unpackaged candy from people so

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As a question directed at everyone, would you rather just say hello and receive a gift, or play a game earning a gift but also having the chance to lose the game and get a lame prize?

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I really want to cosplay Lilith from Fire Emblem Fates and hand out those chocolate gold coins.

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I remember back in 2013 when MLP was huge, Ponka cosplayers handing out cupcakes.

Shit was delicious.

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I don't know if I would be happy to eat something (even if it was wrapped) by some stranger handing it to me. The cool little trinkets and keychains are awesome though

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I want to cosplay Jasminka and hand out little bags of chips to people.

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Yeah, that's some shit I wont touch at all. If you don't pick up random candy off the street and eat it, why the fuck do you take random candy from strangers. Don't they teach you that shit in like pre-k?

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It was store bought and still in the original packaging.

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Had two friends who dressed up as Cyrus and Reese from New Leaf and they handed out lolipops, they had one or two baskets full of them.
It was adorable. I also remember some girls in a cosplay i don't recall with bakery trays and they carried little (homemade) cookies around. It was flowers,stars,hearts,.. with icing on them

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That sounds very funny to play a game! Depends which kind though.

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Currently working on a Weather Report cosplay and I'm planning on handing out little toy plastic frogs/snails that I can get for cheap on Chinese wholesale sites.

It'd be a fun little gimmick whenever I get stopped by a photog or stop another Jojo cosplayer to say "here, take this" in-character and hand them a frog/snail before walking off.

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If it's part of your cosplay, limit it to people who stop you and cosplayers from the same series. Make sure to ask if they want to play and explain it first, and you're golden.

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I'm sure you had good intentions, but it'd probably have been better to hand out a craft/charm/sticker representing pie than actual pie unless it was a REALLY small gathering where everyone knew each other.

>> No.9647745

Stickers only if the con allows them, there's lots that don't. I'd read the AA rules through really good to make to sure, if artists aren't allowed to sell them, I wouldn't hand them out to be safe.

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Wasn't there a guy who did that but the cookies or whatever had his semen in it?

>> No.9647791 [DELETED] 

I did this but never told anyone about it so I guess I'm not the only one

I picked the cutest girls (and frankly tried to target girls wearing either super super slutty cosplays or lolita) because frankly I wanted to get back at them for not wanting to fuck me

ngl it was pretty satisfying to watch a dozen girls consuming my cum unknowingly

>> No.9647795

Why the fuck would artist alley be prohibited from selling stickers?

Even independent of that, why would people not be allowed to give people free stickers?

Do they want to avoid people sticking them all over the venue? Are they afraid people will hand out LSD tabs disguised as stickers?

>> No.9647801

>Do they want to avoid people sticking them all over the venue?

That's exactly it. Shitty people stick them all over the venue and that's a good way to get a con banned from that venue.

>> No.9647873

pretty sure that was a /k/ meet up or some shit

>> No.9647907

You're probably bullshitting but no wonder nobody wants to fuck you

>> No.9647992

I am not bullshitting and for the record I wasn't always this way

actually once I was a very friendly, giving person (and not in a creepy beta way) until I realized that I'm ugly and on account of that girls will not give me the time of day unless they're obese or I'm paying them money

now I take pleasure in their suffering and "getting one over" on them. very satisfying, and I don't care if you don't like it or think I'm a monster. you are the one who helped made me this way.

>> No.9647999

>(and not in a creepy beta way)
literally everything you have said so far makes me sure that you've always been a creepy beta.

>> No.9648005

>you're a creepy beta
ok well idc what you think, I hope you were one of the girls who ate my cum

and btw I am going to do it again so fuck you

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I plan to generally loudly say I'm looking for people to go on a "quest". And anyone who stops will play.

>> No.9649359

You do realize if this is true you're committing a crime and you can be tracked through 4chan and reported to the authorities, right?

>> No.9649396

I made "Future Ex Mrs. Malcolm" stickers and gave them out to people when I was Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. One lady even kept it on her backpack and showed it to me when I tried to give her one at the same con a year later. That was fun

>> No.9649422

That's such a cute idea! I'm going to use it, if you don't mind, because I adore it.

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