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Last thread. >>9618827

Time to make us feel, anons. Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.

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Not really cgl feels related but kind of a huge feels
>talk about my ex roomate at lunch with my mother
>shes friends with his stepmother and his father on facebook
>mentions that he works at a lego store now
>feel physically ill
>ex roommate is a legitimate pedophile
>sang "i love little boys they make me feel so bad" as a group of preschoolers passed by
>drew violently sexual shotacon
>is now working at a place little boys will go to
>now having a moral crisis
>im wholly against doxxing
>but this could legitimately end in child molestation
>but I have no physical proof aside possible threads he made on /d/
>but this isnt an exaggeration and is a legitimate concern

Im freaking out gulls and I have 0 idea how to go about this, especially because he now lives halfway across the country

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If it isn't /cgl/ feels, then why post it at all? The last thread ended about pedo talk and here you are with the topic again.

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I wasnt in the last thread, so I didnt see that. And I posted it at all because I dont have anywhere else to anonymously post it and maybe get advice.

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/adv/ literally exists for this purpose. Regardless, thought crime isn't a crime.

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I never said it was a crime, I'm concerned about the real possibility of a child getting molested.
This isnt someone with intrusive pedophilic thoughts that is repulsed by them.
This is someone who has no issues making loud, sexual, comments about preschoolers. And is now intentionally working in a place where small boys would be.

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And? If he has no intentions of acting out there is literally nothing you can do.

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>haven't cosplayed for at least two years
>really want to get back into it
>too stressed right now because chances are I won't have a place to live when october comes around
>not even that broke it's just near impossible to find anything at the start of the semester in or nearby overcrowded uni towns
>considering just dropping out and working fulltime instead even though I genuinely enjoy studying a lot
>just want to sew
>just want to make cosplays like I used to
>just want to go to cons and meet old con friends

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Need new feels thread.
No thought crime talk or pedophile talk.
If it makes Anon feel better - the thought of a child being raped in a STORE where there are almost certainly cameras and they probably would not go to without being attended by an adult are probably really slim. If he was a teacher that's a different story, but working at a store isn't really alarming. You're over reacting.

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Feels of the week

>trying to lose weight for lolita and cosplay
>emotional eating activate
>weight barely moves
>should I go back to restricting?
>I know the answer will be no but it's still tempting, except I know it'll fuck my life all over again

> I saw a Lolita on campus two weeks ago
>haven't seen them since
>still curious

>is anyone else here a STEM-lita?
>I dunno if I can manage so I might change major
>but the only thing I'm good at is STEM
>to be mediocre at best at what you're good at is hard
>I must keep improving so I have some free time for burando and shit

>other hobbies always in my way
>fuck off I want dresses

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/d/eviant here. Ganna have to take "shit that didn't happen" for $500. Shota and lol threads are deleted from /d/. Story would have worked better mentioning /b/.

Pic related - fire girls are hot.

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please learn how to greentext

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>Saw Lolita on cmapus
Same. I wasn't dressed in Lolita do felt too ashamed to approach her. She was so pretty and people asked her to take pictures. Someone asked if she wanted to be in the school paper but she declined.

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4chan is such a male-dominated stinking shithole, the last thing lolita needed was to be associated with this filth and to absorb part of its culture.
It makes me absolutely sick when I hear lolitas talk in chanspeak.
You wonder why Asian lolitas think western lolitas are a joke? It's because of the association with 4chan.

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Who the fuck was she quoting?

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>Asian lolitas

Japanese lolitas give zero shits about the west.
Chinese lolitas are too busy swimming in taobao shit to have any valid opinion.
Korean lolitas have all been cool bros.

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Agree 100000%
There needs to be a better less pedo and bullshit filled place for lolitas to gather online.

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There are plenty of other places, why don't you leave?

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>this deluded
Lurk more.

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>asian lolitas

people like you are one of the reasons people hate us, go idolize another race pls

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Have you considered going back to /r/eddit?

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Being this protective of 4chins just isn't healthy.
I'm sorry your life centres around it, but you need to try leaving your mom's basement once in a while.
Maybe try losing your virginity?

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Already lost it.
To your mom's daughter Lmao

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Naytt but why are you even here? There's Facebook and Amino.

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Sorry, but I'm not female.
And don't think just because I'm male that I'm the same as you scum.

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Stop samefagging so hard and learn to type.

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I've been on 4chan for 11 years now. I've probably been shitposting cockmongler while you were still in 2nd grade. I take "basement dwelling virgin" as a compliment.

Sage this pathetic thread. Remake it.

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All the better that your filth dna is kept out of the genepool.
Tell me how content you are when your grandmother's crying because the genetic line ends with you, incel.

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You leave meemu out of this!

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I like 4chan, been on 4chan for much longer than I've been into lolita. It's only natural I'd come here to discuss my hobby.

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You two are honestly amusing. Just kiss already.

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>social life centres around 4chan
And that's what makes you an ita.

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I want to sell my old cosplays because I'm really poor but to do that I need to fix all the mistakes in them but I'm so tired and lazy even after doing just one stitch so I'm just in this cycle of not doing stuff and then complaining that I can't do stuff.

I'm gonna be honest, though, some of these were my first cosplays. There's a lot wrong with some of them, but they're still salvageable, it's just a lot of work.

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Nayrt, and maybe this person isn't that bad, but anytime I hear someone talking A LOT about /cgl/ or 4ch in general, I lose a ton of respect for them immediately. This place is meant to be casual browsing, not center-of-universe like Lj was.

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If this was real you would have gone to the police

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>Last friday
>Go to friend's tea in Milky Planet
>Stay a bit too late because it was fun playing Mario Kart
>Group of shady guys on the way home
>Thought it would be racist and rude to walk to the opposite side of the street to avoid them
>"Damn pretty barbie lemmie hit dat"
>Too late to cross the street now, they're like 2 feet in front of me
>Try to speed up pace
>Turn around instinctively but realize mid turn that my purse is still on my shoulder
>Pepper sprayed
>Manhandled into a car
>Pepper sprayed again as I try to open m eyes so just keep them shut
>Get gangbanged while car drives who knows where
>Dropped off on side of the roadway after what seems like hours
>Can't open eyes, just crying and hearing cars drifting past
>Someone stops and asks what happened and if I need help, just tell them to take me to a hospital
>Can't even look at milky planet in my closet without physically feeling like vomiting
>Probably zero chance of my assailant being found because "black guys in hoodies" is probably not enough information to go on
>I really loved Milky planet
>Literally just opened closet like 5 minutes before this thread was made and decided to vent my frustration by purposely shitposting instead of actually posting a feel

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I asked an honest question. Why stay if you hate it so much? So typical to resort to virginity insults.

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That makes you even worse. Brolitas are filth.

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Also I lost my only pair of actual Baby bloomers and cute bunny panties that I loved, but probably for the best since those would make me feel sick too.

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Tbh your comm must be pretty shit if they allow brolitas.

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Make an anonymous call to the store and say he is dangerous or something that will freak them out.
How are you both good and mediocre at something
Must be nice to be an idolized race :(
Double kek

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I have a con AND work tomorrow and Saturday.

Anybody done this before? How??

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I got exactly the same. Decided to skip work.

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ayoo barbie girl, we comin' back to hit dat

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How fucking new are you

It's the greentext story format

>be me
>newfag gets pissy
>tries to be the 4chan police
>mfw I have no face

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To be fair milky planet raped more people from scalping in OTT sweet days

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Uh... that's like, your opinion man.

Mana (among others) says otherwise

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>have to share a board with sissies


>> No.9624126

I wasn't really clear.

I guess I'm mediocre compared to others in my school but good compared to any other skills I've put any effort into. I like music and drawing but I'm definitely better st math, but still not good enough to guarantee school success. Now I've got to work 500% harder and I wasn't exactly slacking before, and it's scary to essentially feel caught on a precipice.

Also I wasn't quoting anyone???

>> No.9624127

Ah, we have a difference in definition then.

Sissies are gross

If you've got a dick and you want to wear dresses because you honestly appreciate the craftsmanship and style, go for it. Don't wear it to get your jollies off or something. That to me separates brolitas into two categories.

Same for girls too,

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Mana is the top .01%
Don't ever compare your garbage filth to the divine.

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Whoo there I'm another anon
(Mana be praised)

But someone like pic related (and not just because they are Asian ofc) is fine by me.

We can agree to disagree tho

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Wooo we've got a internet tough guy over here. Lots of us have been here just as long as you, put your dick back in your pants and let people talk about what they want to talk about.

>> No.9624163

Types like this are a very very small minority I'm ok with. Almost all brolitas are nothing close though.

>> No.9624165

>implying you look like that

>> No.9624219

I'm crying, anon.

What can I do to help?

>> No.9624231

You can start by not falling for bait

>> No.9624232

>package containing dream skirt possibly lost
>it was NWT and at a really good price
>probably never getting that deal again
will I ever post happy feels on this thread?

>> No.9624233

>this autistic

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Thanks, your sympathy is nice. I just needed to vent or something. I may give the dress to friend if this keeps up.

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Who the fuck describes a brutal gang rape they've had inflicted upon them as a gangbang and takes the time to needlessly pad out their story with the exact slang the rapists used when accosting you down to the spelling? All a week after it happened no less

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>finally start saving money
>gonna buy lolita and nanchatte
>gonna start losing a little weight
>feeling better about myself
>get bf thats actually into ouji
>likes lolita and doesnt think its a "sex thing"
>fucking hurricane
>everyones preparing or leaving
>hurricane intensifies
>mfw fucking hurricane preparedness kills my bank account

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>imagine being this edgy
>imagine being a time traveler from 2008

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>made a lolita IG account a while ago to have somewhere to post coords
>have posted a few times and tagged correctly
>not many likes, but that's okay
>haven't been posted to the ita thread
I guess that means I'm doing alright.

Did you... buy a generator? Or did you just not have a lot of money to begin with? I don't think I've ever spent more than $60-70 on hurricane supplies. Either way, be safe, anon, good luck riding out the storm. As long as you survive, you can always save that money back up later.

>> No.9624282

It's pasta you retard
Lurk more

>> No.9624288

umm sweetie this isn't /ck/ there's nothing to do with pasting or cooking here

>> No.9624292

It was a couple hundred to begin with and i went from getting more hours at my job to basically not working at all this week cause
And i paid off some debt/cell bill then le hurricane is gonna hit and i didnt work really at all this week. I went from extra spending money to am i gonna have a place to stay that hadn't been raped by le hurricane. Cant get a hold of landlord or get windows boarded up so our place is gonna be wrecked when we come back. Protecting my burando tho. Got almost a full coordinate and this shit happens. Im so ass blasted.
Also thanks anon. Im looking forward to replacing the bare min. and getting burando then dipping out back to cali in February. Florida sucks ass.

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>cuddling on couch with bf while wearing new dress
>he notices something on the couch
>it's a huge roach on my hand
>he runs and flushes it down the toilet
>it's gone but I'm scared of the couch now

>> No.9624315

I can't tell if you're feigning ignorance but *copypasta*, anon.

>> No.9624323

It's not the couch you should be afraid of. Keep your vag clean from now on

>> No.9624325

>tfw no gf to do couples cosplay with
>forced to do fotm characters that can be recognized on their own

>> No.9624342

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the gulls on this board. "Oh no, I don't like hearing about this because it's not cute and isn't a part of my kawaii fantasy life". You have a legitimate concern and you shouldn't feel stupid for being worried about this.
This is what pedos do, they put themselves in a position where they can select a target to groom using a position of authority and shared interests. You are not overreacting, this stuff does actually happen in real life.
I'm not saying you should jump the gun and tell everybody he's a monster because you have no proof and it's dangerous. But by all means tell the police, they won't be able to do anything about it, but a record will be made of the incident. That would be important if anything did ever happen.

>> No.9624403

It's not about not wanting to hear it.
It isn't cgl related.

>> No.9624430

I'm a white girl so no don't look anything like that

I'm a diff anon

>> No.9624434

You could always try old school or timeless cosplay that will always get recognized like Tuxedo Mask, Evangelion shit, cowboy bebop, lupin, etc

They *could* be a couple cosplay but they're fine on their own

>> No.9624504


>being this edgy

>> No.9624509


Anon I feel for you. The gull that was like "you would of gone to the police already" is retarded, please don't feel guilty for having to think this through. I had a friend who was a pedophile and told me once in confidence that he planned to adopt and groom a little girl for sex. It took a long time for me to take it seriously because that stuff, in the moment, feels so unbelievable. Your very best bet is to call the store and warn them. The police aren't going to be able to do anything without an actual incident having happened. I'm sorry to say that it's impossible to put him on any kind of watch list until a crime has been committed but you can do your part and get him away from this store. At the very least this will temporarily reduce his access to victims.

>> No.9624536

If you can't board up your windows, at least put a strong tape on your window in a spider web pattern. If the glass breaks most of it will stick to the glass making it safer and easier to clean up. Good luck. I'm happy you're leaving as opposed to all my family and friends who are riding it out.... a huge category 5...

My cgl feels

>weather is nice
>excited to wear my cute, long-sleeved OP this weekend to an art show that matches my coord's theme
>treating myself to a special cake to help clear out my freezer
>but still feeling really overindulgent when all my family and friends are prepping to ride out a hurricane while I sit around cute, safe, and eating cake
>where are my priorities?
>when did I get like this?

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is this bait?

>> No.9624762

Wait holy fuck I got salty but I didn't report a bitch?

Snitches get stitches yo...

Sorry to hear that

>> No.9624764

fuck u got me again

>> No.9624785

> Finally to the point where I've lost enough weight to fit, and hopefully look cute in, brand
> Finally got skin mostly under control
> Learned what hair cut looks good with face
> Finally bought mirror and don't feel disgusted with what I see in it
> Wrestling with little sister and she elbows me in the face, breaking my glasses
> Think nothing of it, put on back up pair and make optometrist appointment like I've been needing to, even get lucky and they have a cancelation so I can get in after a week instead of over a month
> Go to a professional that isn't working at Walmart
> Find out I have a lazy eye, am assured that it isn't noticeable and easily corrected
> Tell family, both parents are like no shit
> Feel like I have to look like some inbred, Aryan reject
> All feelings of being cute are dead

>> No.9624797

>not buying an eyepatch and being a qt pirate
Or, alternatively, a chuuni. Either one works outs.

>> No.9624804

Some of the exercises for correcting the lazy eye include eyepatches, wish I knew about it ten years ago, when I could use the excuse that I was an experimenting teenager and could dabble in Menhera.

>> No.9624807

Get paid yesterday in the afternoon, dream dress sold during morning.

>> No.9624827

In cosmetology school
Completely out-matched.
I feel like a blubbering loser next to them doesnt help that im 5'10.
Ive been going through family issues and took a break. I had to change schedules cause I cant stand the pasdive aggressiveness and the inferioity(sp) that I feel.
I want to get more into jfash and use my skills but a part of being a great beautician is being happy for people. I dont think I could work with the really beautiful lolita and cosplayers but they are the only ones who are interested in me. Beautiful people like me but its hard when I think im beneath them. Im never going to make a great income if I dont learn how to get over this.
I just want to write that everyone has something to offer. Im talking about looks. Im a kind person

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File: 136 KB, 1024x768, Adam_And_Eve2_1024x768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shill off c*nts

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When that "perfect" girl from the con smokes.

>> No.9624836

>implying women who smoke aren't hotter

>> No.9624845

yes, nothing turns me on more than a girl smelling like an ashtray, having yellow teeth, and coughing when I try to talk to her

>> No.9624851

>being 12
I have friends who smoke who don't meet any of those criteria at all.

>> No.9624852

Begone, foul wench.

>> No.9624853

uh, thats the description of a 40 y/o who has smoked a pack a day for 20 years. not exactly every single person who smokes...

>> No.9624856

do you seriously think that won't be you then?
don you think you're just gonna stop cold turkey before you start to get the shitty side effects?

can people actually be this stupid?

>> No.9624860

People are well aware of the risks associated with smoking, anon. I don't think anybody starts doing it without being fully aware of the risks unless they did it 30+ years ago. People enjoy a whole manner of things that aren't necessarily good for them. One day you won't be 12 and you'll realize that

>> No.9624896

are you serious right now lmao. people drink, smoke, etc. most people die by some form of cancer, more likely from all the crap we eat. get off your high horse, anon. heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US, so hope you're not a landwhale because I'll probably outlive you.

>> No.9624920

>All this butthurt from someone not liking smokers
Why does an opinion offend you so much you salty salty gull?

>> No.9624929

>someone expresses an opinion in a juvenile manner
>call them an idiot
>'wow you're so offended'

I don't even smoke and think it's a gross habit but thinking every single smoker is somebody who smells disgusting, has yellow teeth and sputters everywhere is something I would've thought as a child. It's like saying anyone who enjoys alcohol is probably going to end up an alcoholic and probably can't function day to day without having a drink

>> No.9624941

Do you mean out matched in skill or looks? If it's skill, new job time or practice harder.

At the end of the day you can only really be yourself, there's surgery and makeup but at the end of the day it's still you.

You might feel bad for not being as pretty as someone but maybe you need to re evaluate whose looks matter to you. At the end of the day you're a cosmetic artist and your own looks matter very little. If you're comparing yourself to your clients, stop. I know it's hard when you compare yourself your whole life but focus on the potential beauty in the client.

If they're truly judging you back... tough shit. I hate to say it but that's customer service, pretend you don't care and do your best.

Less pretty =/= less worthy. You're probably way better at makeup than them, otherwise they wouldn't need you. Looks can help quality of life but you can be great while looking like a 3/10

>> No.9625026

I really like traditional Chinese clothing, but I'm white and I know I'll look ridiculous in it

>> No.9625038

You need to stop saying 'at the end of the day' so much anon, you're not on Jeremy Kyle

>> No.9625046

Anon I look like shit on a stick most days but as an mua I'm always busy. My partner says I think everyone is beautiful and it's true. I can just use my talents to bring it out, its not something you'd want to do to yourself everyday but its a damn useful skill. Rely on your talents and trust in yourself. Stop comparing, and honestly anon, speaking as a short girl probably they are looking at your lithe long legs and wishing they had them because the grass is always greener on the other side. Those beautiful people that like you know that looks don't matter for shit. You don't get a pass on lack of confidence or self berating just because you look good, you can never know what is going on in someones life or their inner world just by looking at their outside.Having known some crazy beautiful people I wouldn't like that for myself at all. Having people feel they are owed your face. Having people think you are a reward for them to take... and as a beautiful woman having men being such pushy arseholes that you can never let your guard down while you are out.I don't know how old you are anon but I'm guessing its an age and experience thing, when you hit your late twenties you should know more of who you are, and I'm guessing you are good at what you do because of the way you are beating yourself up.

>> No.9625061

IDK familia it's just unhealthy. Gotta think in the long term ya know?

>> No.9625292
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I met a beloved VA today, bought a super-pretty artist alley commission, and I'm going to see Stan Lee on Sunday.

Very good weekend so far.

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When you have the least obese boyfriend in the comm.

>> No.9625392

>least obese

so... still obese? blech

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File: 139 KB, 250x272, tumblr_n5tpchFrog1rfngx5o1_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My hair is booked in for lightening on Tuesday and after a week of excitement it just hit me that none of my makeup will suit it anymore.

RIP collection of orange and coral lipsticks.

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>OTT Sweet Lolita
>Very Liberal
>Would probably be called a SJW by most of the people on here
>Trans guy friend asks about my dresses
>Happy to help him out, who the fuck am I to judge if he wants to wear dresses
>Show him to some my-lolita-dress and devilinspired because it's the easiest for him to navigate for first time and still get quality
>He seems understanding about the pricing and such, feel pretty encouraged
>Then suddenly "my daddy type thing wants to buy me some because whoops he thinks I'm super cute lil princess boy???"
>My stomach fucking drops
>This is not what I wanted
>MFW I want to be a good friend and respectful of choices but also want to scream and take back everything I just helped him with

>> No.9625534

This is the degenerate future you chose

>> No.9625536
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Tell him you don't want to be involved in his fetish and stop helping him from now on.

>> No.9625538

And if I were you I'd tell him off for involving you in his sex life in the first place, especially if he showed genuine interest in your clothes and then bust that daddy shit out. He basically insinuated that you wear your frills as a fetish and used you on top of that.

>> No.9625548

>perfectly ok with transexual dressing up
>b-but not as a fetish
You reap what you sow.
I hope they buy your dream dress and cream all over it.

>> No.9625554

Underrated post

>> No.9625556
File: 312 KB, 720x540, 1276a92b-1a7f-4dc4-aa8c-06b3f6adf9cc..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smoking is one of those instant red flags of "I make poor life decisions" and little for their future. Smoking serves ZERO benefit to someone who doesn't smoke, and only becomes a burden once you get into it because of you hook it has on you. It will hurt you financially and physically. From a non-smoker's view, there is no upside of smoking. Doing drugs or drinking? Whatever, at least you get an altered sense of reality from those, but smoking does nothing like that for you.

So to make the consious decision to get into smoking, you are already proving that you have personality traits that make you undesirable as a partner. You are too focused on the present and instant gratification to plan for a healthy future, you are so gullible that you'll fall for a market designed to hook you on something "cool" at the expense of your own well being; whether that be from being easily pushed by peer pressure, wanting to be "the bad boy" and rebelling against nobody of actual importance, or just dumb enough to emulate what you think is "cool."

There are no sensible reasons to get into smoking. The act of smoking isn't the negative so much as it is the nuanced personality traits and mentality that come with setting up the ground for a person to even consider getting into smoking.

>> No.9625557

Pure undistilled autism: the post

>> No.9625792

This 100%. It's stupid when people argue smoking is the same as drinking or drugs. Second-hand smoking is a thing too. So on top of being stupid, they're selfish too.

>> No.9625819

Calm down, snowflake. Nearly every Western nation on the planet has designated smoking areas away from people who don't smoke

>> No.9625820

have fun with your lung cancer

>> No.9625825

at the cons I've been to they really don't have smoking areas, people usually just light up outside the exits and you have to walk through it to get in

>> No.9625834

I'm not even a smoker and I've had relatives affected by smoking, I just don't come across as an obnoxious holier than thou snowflake when it comes to the shit other people put into their bodies.

>> No.9625985

I mean... not that anon but I'm fine if anyone wears it, it's just gross if they publicly share that it's part of their sex life.

You wanna jizz on AP, that's your life, but I don't need to know

>> No.9626009

Yep. Smoke smells disgusting and costs so much money. I could never date someone who smokes. Don't even want to be around people who do so.

oh god, some cons are awful. I don't even want to walk outside because there are so many people smoking right by the door.
Staff need to tell the losers to at least stay 30 feet away from the entrance.

>> No.9626014

I don't understand the difference. What is different about how you two like lolita?

>> No.9626024

Ask cons to segregate those dirty smokers to their own island in future to save them from hurting your feefees

>> No.9626027

you seem to be the only one with hurt feelings here
why are you so offended that other people have opinions?

>> No.9626030

>Staff need to tell the losers to at least stay 30 feet away from the entrance.
>thinking I'm the offended one

People like you are militant vegan levels of annoying

>> No.9626034

not me anon
it does seem weird to me though how you're so offended by the fact that people don't like smoking

>> No.9626042

I don't think you know what the word 'offended' means. I don't like smoking either but I don't detest it enough to the level where I'd call anyone who does it a loser/be autistic enough to think someone who does it would be out of the running completely as a life partner or consider them any less of a person. You should try not viewing the world in extremes sometime anon.

>> No.9626047

if you're not offended at it then why are you taking it so personally when people say they don't like people who smoke?
why even start this whole shit show just because some anon said he didn't like girls who smoke?

>> No.9626049

You understand that cigarette smoke is an irritant that can set off people's allergies and make their day miserable right? Just because your maximum inconvenience level is "well it smells bad" doesn't mean others don't have a much harder time than you do with it.

>> No.9626062

I'm not taking it personally, it's a discussion and I'm expressing my opinion. If you think it's such a shit show then stop posting if you're not going to add anything worthwhile to the discussion other than 'you're offended' ad infinitum
People I know who smoke don't go out of their way to light up at every opportunity or blow it in peoples' faces intentionally. If you have allergies or you find it particularly uncomfortable, either move away or tell the person that's smoking what your situation is and they'll usually oblige you.

>> No.9626067

Misquoting an Oingo Boingo song at a socially inappropriate time and drawing cartoon porn are hardly massive red flags, did he ever say or do anything else that would give you reason enough to intervene?

>> No.9626068

The people ITT are speaking specifically about groups smoking congoers congregating near doors, it's not about a single person.

>> No.9626071

>Anyone who doesn't like girls who smoke is 12
>I'm not taking this personally

>> No.9626076

The only person that specifically brought up smoking congoers was >>9625825, otherwise we have autistic novella-length posts about the morality of smoking from people like >>9625556 who unironically think people over the age of 18 smoke because they think they're going to look 'cool', lmao
There's a difference between 'I don't like smoking' and 'anyone who smokes is a loser who I would NEVER EVER consider a life partner because they're all about poor life decisions', princess. I've already said I don't like smoking

>> No.9626081

Why would you want to date someone who smokes if you don't like it?
You're making no sense and I still have no clue why your panties are in such a twist over someone not liking something you like

>> No.9626084

Why else would you smoke?
It doesn't have any effect other than satisfying a craving that is created by smoking in the first place

For what reasons would a non smoker start smoking that aren't petty?

>> No.9626090

>Why would you want to date someone who smokes if you don't like it?
Because I'm an adult, realize people have flaws and that it's not enough of a dealbreaker to completely invalidate every other positive aspect of a person's personality because they do something I don't like. Shocking, I know
Ask a smoker, people do it for a variety of reasons. Not everyone who smokes is on par with some drug-addled junkie who's doing nothing but thinking about when they're doing to get their next fix. A lot of people I know only smoke when they're drinking socially and only enjoy it then. Some people do it because it relaxes them, because they like the taste, to suppress their appetite or they think there's nothing better than a smoke after a meal or having just had sex. Some people just do it because it's an addiction they picked up earlier in life and can't drop.

>> No.9626093

>ask a smoker
then why did you answer if you're not a smoker?

>> No.9626094

>Because I'm an adult, realize people have flaws and that it's not enough of a dealbreaker to completely invalidate every other positive aspect of a person's personality because they do something I don't like. Shocking, I know
>"If you don't want to date someone who has a bad habit that could not only kill them, but also kill you, you're a pathetic 12 year old"
why do you still care so fucking much if people don't want to date girls who smoke?
why are you so fucking ass-blasted and offended that you keep shitting up and derailing a thread for so long over it.
especially since you claim you don't ever smoke

>> No.9626098

Because you asked me? I already said earlier in the thread I'm not a smoker, sweetie. Try to keep up
>also kill you
Talk about melodramatic. You're not going to physically die from occasionally inhaling somebody's secondhand smoke, princess. The only one who's claiming assblastedness and offense is you. I'm sorry it's such a shock to the system for someone who isn't one of the evil smokers to challenge your juvenile life view.

>> No.9626102

>you're not going to physically die from secondhand smoke
except the part where you will

>> No.9626106

Maybe if the smoker in question is locked in a one-room cabin with you with no ventilation for years on end and is blowing smoke in your face 24/7. Again, stop being so melodramatic

>> No.9626107

>Someone is juvenile because they don't like a thing you like
this is how I know you're assblasted

>> No.9626108



The evidence is sufficient to infer a causal relationship between secondhand smoke exposure and lung cancer among lifetime nonsmokers. This conclusion extends to all secondhand smoke exposure, regardless of location.
The pooled evidence indicates a 20 to 30 percent increase in the risk of lung cancer from secondhand smoke exposure associated with living with a smoker.

having a spouse who smokes makes you up to 30% more likely to get cancer

>> No.9626117

Good to know you have no other comebacks or avenues to go down in this discussion, anon. You can stop posting now.
I never said that secondhand smoke isn't harmful, but going on as if you're going to fucking drop dead because somebody you know is a smoker is laughable. My mother's been a lifelong chainsmoker and I show zero signs of ill-health or any early signs of developing lung cancer. Know why? Because she does it away from the rest of us

>> No.9626125

the study takes that into account if you weren't such a fucking moron and read the section about secondhand smoke from spouses
you can get it just from clothes

honestly you sound like you need to take a break from the internet anon. you can't force people to like something they don't like. I still have no idea why you're not only fighting against someone's personal opinion that doesn't affect you, but you're fighting against a mountain of evidence from the scientific community about secondhand smoke
just fucking give up and crawl back to wherever you came from you shitty little internet troll

>> No.9626146

>from hurting your feefees
feelings? You realize smoke causes cancer, right?

>> No.9626156

Yeah! Fuck people who have asthma and other respitory problems!
Them being concerned about their heath is just their FEELINGS.
God, I hate how selfish smokers are.

>> No.9626159

Do you cite that study as basis for breaking off a relationship with anyone you come into contact with who you discover is a smoker? Better just cut off my family and the great friends I've made over the years and live in a bubble because some anon on /cgl/ linked me to a study that says I'm apparently 20% more likely to develop lung cancer through secondhand smoke exposure through my clothes. Give me a fucking break. I'm not trying to force anyone to like something I like (I've said several times I'm not even a smoker but you persist with the inability to read), but saying that some people seriously need to reexamine their worldview in viewing people who smoke as some ungodly plaguebearers who're going to lead you to an early death.

>just fucking give up and crawl back to wherever you came from you shitty little internet troll
Yeah, I'm the assblasted one here. lmao
You're not going to suddenly develop lung cancer because you had to walk through a building entrance with people smoking around it. Jesus fucking wept
I'm sorry that your bodily function has been depreciated to the level at which you're physically incapable of moving yourself out of the vicinity of people who're visibly smoking. Are you posting on 4chan using text to speech?

>> No.9626162
File: 44 KB, 350x490, fuckyourshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm sorry that your bodily function has been depreciated to the level at which you're physically incapable of moving yourself out of the vicinity of people who're visibly smoking. Are you posting on 4chan using text to speech?

No, this is about people hanging outside the entrance/exit of a con and smoking.
I'm inevitably going to pass through their noxious cloud.
Has the smoke from your cigarettes made YOU incapable of having decent manners and moving out of the way of other people?
Talk about entitled.
Fuck other people's health! You gotta have a smoke.

>> No.9626163 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 750x750, ryukoblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I commissioned an animator at the con to draw my /a/ waifu, and it came out very nice, but I worry I may have annoyed him by asking for too many little fixes.

I even waited two hours to ask him to even out her ears. (They still look a little lopsided to me.)

He laughed and said "How could anyone even notice that?" and told the guy next to me "He's got every bit of this girl's body memorized."

Mfw this lovely drawing will always be a reminder of how my autism drains those around me.

>> No.9626167

I don't need to cite any studies anon
I can date whoever I want for whatever reason I want. If I don't want to date some girl because I think smoking is stupid, then I won't
some mad anon on the internet isn't gonna stop me by trying to guilt trip me

>> No.9626168
File: 46 KB, 750x750, ryukoblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I commissioned an animator at the con to draw my /a/ waifu, and it came out very nice, but I worry I may have annoyed him by asking for too many little fixes.

I even waited two hours to come back and ask him to even out her ears. (They still look a little lopsided to me.)

He laughed and said "How could anyone even notice that?" and told the guy next to me "He's got every bit of this girl's body memorized."

Mfw this lovely drawing will always be a reminder of how my autism drains those around me.

>> No.9626179

>Has the smoke from your cigarettes made YOU incapable of having decent manners and moving out of the way of other people?
I've already stated several times I don't smoke. Try reading the thread before you jump in with your faux outrage, cupcake. Assuming you don't have the lung capacity of a 90 year former coal miner, have you tried holding your breath for the harrowing 5 seconds you have to walk through the 'noxious cloud'? Better still, why don't you try reporting it to the higher-ups at whatever con you're attending instead of having a stick up your ass 24/7 for every smoker you ever come into contact with?
>some mad anon on the internet isn't gonna stop me by trying to guilt trip me
Nobody's trying to guilt trip you, retard. I don't give a fuck what you do or don't do with your time. You can say I'm 'mad' all you want. I'm just here to laugh at you desperately try to justify your reasoning.

>> No.9626180

>I'm not mad you're mad
just stop posting moron

>> No.9626181

>tfw my con crush is a gull, and may be reading this now

>> No.9626187

>no rebuttal
Grrr those evil smokers win again!

>> No.9626189

why don't you just stop posting
here, don't reply to me and I'll leave you alone if smoking really means this much to you and is this much of your identity

>> No.9626190
File: 34 KB, 480x399, ssbanal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>come back to the thread after a day
>mfw my little comment has set off a wave of smoking drama

>> No.9626197
File: 60 KB, 552x353, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw found back my first terrible selfposts
>tfw all the bad samefagging/complimenting myself because i was insecure
>tfw posted pics and internet name
>tfw was craving attention/fame way too much and made a fool out of myself publicly
i'm so full of shame, it was 4 years ago but god. Why did I ever do that?

>> No.9626202

>tfw mysterious weight loss and now all of my burando doesn't fit

i would normally be happy about losing 1 or 2 pounds but 15 is a bit much and now i'm sub-100 with a bunch of baggy brand. i've been eating the usual amount though...

>> No.9626209

Best friends boyfriend raped me at a con last weekend. I'm trying to forget it all but nothing's working.

>> No.9626212


If you're underweight it's probably a cause for concern

>> No.9626216

5'3 and 90 lbs now

i was 105 less than a month ago and as is i'm underweight i think? should probably go to the doctor, i'm really confused

>> No.9626221

You could just eat more unless you have a disorder.

>> No.9626223

You're (((probably))) fine anon. I'm 5'11" male and weigh 115 pounds. I'm healthy.

>> No.9626231

I don't even smoke, which makes your posts even more laughable. You can stop posting yourself now snowflake

>> No.9626237

>5'3 and 90 lbs now
Have a burger, skeleton

>> No.9626239

Go to a doctor.
No, you are grossly underweight. It might not cause immediate health problems, but being in that state for a prolonged time can lead to serious problems in your future.

>> No.9626243

i eat a generous amount, 2 decent meals with snacks in-between and desserts

90 lbs at my height isn't too bad but i think if i go any lower i'll actually be worried

i will, thanks for the wake-up call

>> No.9626252

I'm starting to realize I don't really like one of my best friends very much and that I've only tried to stay close to her out of loyalty rather than because I genuinely like being around her or who she's become as a person. I'm sort of sad that going to a con together and noticing I was happier to see just about everyone else I knew there than I was to be spending time with her is what has me starting to realize this, but she's stayed very immature over the years and has only seemed to become more rude and selfish with time. We have a ton of cosplay plans on our list, but none of them are things I care about all that much, and I feel sort of bad prioritizing my own goals or groups with other people instead. However, I've reached out multiple times to try to coordinate things with her for the past couple cons, and she's the one who's brushed me off, so I can't help but feel that it shouldn't all be on my shoulders and that if we're drifting apart, I can at least point to where I've tried to keep that from happening. I'm sad, obviously, to recognize we've become very different people over time and perhaps incompatible ones, especially because that means I have, like, three cosplay friends and maybe three close friends aside from her, but I guess I'm also relieved in a sense to have found this understanding because if I'm honest this is a friendship I've been trying to force myself through for quite some time. I've always felt sort of bad and defensive when people have pointed out this person's bad qualities, but now I'm starting to see they have a point, and I'm somewhat embarrassed to be associated with some of it. Hm.

tl;dr drifting apart from a close cosplay friend, not sure how to feel about it.

>> No.9626258

2 meals or whatever doesn't mean shit. Learn calorie counting.

>> No.9626260
File: 90 KB, 660x495, wtfcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My little sister weighed this much at her lightest. She had to be hospitalized, and the hospital couldn't hook up my WiiU to the television. Glad she's alive though. I haven't seen her much since she got married, but I love her a lot.

>> No.9626268
File: 387 KB, 402x518, ccfe5ddb364ca8bb650f5b4afc2d1929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On the subject of healthy weights
I finally hit my milestone goal of 85lbs
I'm trying to at least get to 90lbs.
(I'm 4'10 so it's not that terrible)
Also good job captcha

>> No.9626307

>triggered fatty

>> No.9626383

Yeah, no. Learn calories anna-chan.

>> No.9626384

okay fatty

>> No.9626386

Okay fatass lmao

>> No.9626410
File: 45 KB, 410x391, LolitaShinjiSad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of being a fatass, I can't fit into a 2L Bodyline dress that just arrived today. I'll keep on losing weight but maannnn...

>> No.9626434

I can't say much except that I've been there before. You can appreciate that it's sad but it's really important to understand and slowly free yourself. It's not an easy process.

>> No.9626438

I'm proud of you anon! A lot of people easily get into EDs along with or because of cosplay and lolita.

Whether or not you were involved in ED it's still good to see you obtain a healthy weight.

>> No.9626486

I was hit by Harvey. Seven year lonelita and lost all my dresses. I guess this part of my life is over.

In related news, newfound depression and debt, hah

>> No.9626517

So sorry anon.

>> No.9626534

It happened to me too, anon. Best friends from high school. At some point I've realized she was hanging out with me just because... well... she hadn't anybody else. We talked but she never listened to my opinions, always following others' advices. When she decided to leave our country to babysit in America, I wasn't even sad. Later I realized she was super negative to me and I kinda blossomed after she left. Just think that it's okay to cut out some people from your life.

>> No.9626537

>drowning in depression.
>probably going to lose job, can't focus on school, friends turn against me, abuse me, etc.
>everything I've worked hard for is meaningless. I'm meaningless.
>bf catches me cutting up my wrist.
>pills and therapy don't help.
>can't eat or sleep anymore.
>everyone I used to know thinks I'm crazy.
>pretty positive lolita is the worst thing to ever happen to me. btb should have been a sign.

I feel like I'm not me anymore. I keep buying things but nothing makes me happy anymore. Every minute of the day is painful.

>> No.9626556

I went to my third lolita meet ever after only wearing lolita casually and toned down. It was nice and a good feel, but I'm already feeling the pressure to perfect my coords and have them be less casual because everyone there looked so put together.

Put your boyfriend out of his misery and stop dating him for his sake. Dating people with depression is a living hell.

>> No.9626667
File: 29 KB, 500x362, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I've became a normalfag. I hardly watch anime anymore, I rarely play any games and there's only one manga I actively follow. I was in a con today and there were almost nothing interesting. The panels I went were okay-ish but not special, and one I left in the middle was full of dick jokes. I hardly knew any characters people were cosplaying. There were nothing worth buying in the AA and dealers hall.

Maybe it's time to change the hobby.

>> No.9626676

I'm finally feeling like I can fight my depression. It's hard and at times I am anxious and depressed and overwhelmed and want to die again, but more often than not that part is shortlived. A lot of it has to do with having someone constantly in my life for close to two years now. I... I call him my boyfriend I guess, but it's only online. I can't tell if it's reality or my depression but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want me in real life. I used to be really fat. I was overweight as a child/teen due to parental neglect and abuse, became bulimic for a long time, lost weight. I'm not longer eating disordered, a normal weight for my height, but I have a bunch of gross loose skin. I'm also old and worthless and gross but I just want to be loved. he's seen pictures of me and says I'm pretty, but of course I can't bring myself to show him the super ugly (like 99% of them) pictures of me. I'm really gross and had a really fucked up past. I love him unconditionally and I really mean that, but I don't think anyone will ever feel that way towards me and it hurts so bad. can't tell if depression or reality.

Sorry for the trainwreck of a post. just needed to get shit out I guess.

>> No.9626678

Thanks! I dont have an ED. I've just always been small and have had difficulty gaining weight.
The only time my weight was alarmingly low was due to rittalin/adderal when I was in junior high. (4'6 and 54 lbs.)
Hopefully I can hold onto the weight

>> No.9626693

summer is over, so why is there so much more newfaggotry going around?
tons of new single-question threads getting made and bumped, knocking generals off the catalog
I thought summer was supposed to be the worst time for shitposting and board quality

>> No.9626706

Sorry anon, but you're right - this behavior is really obnoxious. Commissioner prices are based on their average time to draw, and asking for a ton of fixes jacks the time he spent on your drawing up to the point where it's not nearly as profitable. If you were having him spend significantly longer on your picture, you should have given him an additional tip or additional payments to make up for it - it most likely would have been fine if you'd actually paid for the extra drawing time.

>> No.9626726

Or find your own niche. Maybe current trendy series aren't to your tastes as is the current con scene, and that's okay. You likely just need to find some other thing to spark your interest. You can just find another hobby like you said too obviously, as long as it makes you happy.

>> No.9626749

>believing le summerfags is actually a thing

>> No.9626757

Summer is eternal in hearts of shitposters.

>> No.9626824

>Live in Florida
>Once Irma became a CAT 5 i get bombarded with phone calls telling me to head for the hills
>Decide not to
>Eventually governor declares emergency and parents wire me some money to head north and get a hotel
>Friend says she wants to come with me
>Thankfully most of my costumes are kept back at my parents place in Illinois
>Friend instead ends up going to stay with her boyfriend in Rhode Island
>Stuck in a hotel in Nashville by myself for the next four days
I'm bored out of my mind. I brought my PS3 and thankfully have Netflix/Hulu/Crunchyroll access but i don't want to just be a lazy turd all day

>> No.9626978
File: 9 KB, 174x197, legosad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got Stan Lee to sign my Spider-Man figure today, and the autograph looks kinda janky.

I don't mind the look (It's still Stan's sig!) It just kinda bums me out that this signature serves as a token of his declining health and dexterity.

Or maybe it's kind of beautiful that my autograph tells a story? Idk. I got a lovely picture with Stan, so that's a nice keepsake too!

>> No.9627010

where in nashville? I live there and there's some really fun shit, let me know what you're into.

What a feel though :(

>> No.9627020

Nayrt, but Nashville represent!

MTAC used to be good. :-(

>> No.9627050

I'm a veeery tall sweet lolita and lately all anyone ever says about my coords are how short they are. I have yet to find an underskirt that i like or really fits with my closet.

I've been wishing i was significantly shorter or wondering if I should just stop dressing up. I can't seem to shake this pity party either. I just wanna be back in the mindset where I didn't give a shit about what others said and I blissfully wore my frills.

>> No.9627057
File: 46 KB, 730x780, 1499393549794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I mean did he manage to snatch a pair of little boy's underwear?

Did you catch him stalking jr highs, kindergartens, or pre-schools?
Did he have any cutouts of little boys from a children's clothing catalogue?
Did he have REAL child pornography on his computer or did you catch him with it?
Did he have a child sized male sex doll he was fucking?
Did he ever offer to babysit someone's little boy in a forced and completely unwarranted way?

I get your alarm anon but I think you are over reacting greatly. I obviously don't know this man, but it sounds like he is just an edgy faggot.

>> No.9627068

This made me cry ngl.

Our favorite creators are getting old.

>> No.9627075

I'm near the airport. I've spent most of today getting some work done on my laptop and using the fitness center and pool, and have spent my evening continuing my playthrough of Persona 5 and watching Sakura Quest.

Also as luck would have it, a few friends i met at AX last year actually live here (they only told me they were from Tennessee, and i never bothered to ask where when i met up with them at Colossal back during the summer) so i'm going out to see the city with them tomorrow and help them out with a shoot later this week.

Things aren't so bad i guess. Things kind of worked out and now it's a mini-vacation.

>> No.9627085
File: 31 KB, 393x382, 1131235231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm so sorry to hear that anon. My friend was crossing through the southern part of Oak Cliff in Dallas on her way to a friend's house and was also sexually assaulted. Ended up getting mono from it. She had to go to therapy for 2 years, and it broke my heart to see her go through the pain.

Just remember, it is not your fault. Do not apologize for anything. Find someone to talk to so you can get through this.

>> No.9627098
File: 48 KB, 383x500, sebastien.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's not wrong.
>Put on your diaper thong.
>You gotta kiss the gull.


>It's a thrill.
>Come on, and drop those frills.
>You're gonna miss the gull.

>> No.9627148 [DELETED] 

I can believe it. Niggers love raping white women, and in some ways its glorified by parts of their culture. BLM's racism against whites is only going to put more fuel on that fire. White women are the second biggest demographic, preceded by black women (as almost all rapists tend to rape within their own race), with black rapists. It is the largest demographic of interracial rape than any other race. White women are raped more often by black men than by white men. A lot of those rapes end up being racially motivated, flat out stating that they targeted white women because they hated whites in one way or another. Even socioeconomic factors are removed they still have staggering rates of crime. Even the poorest of whites (appellation hillbilly tier) commit fewer crimes then the richest of blacks, including rape. And good luck with whatever you catch from them. Some 48% had herpes, only 7% knew. Over half of the males will be charged with a violent felony at some point in their life. 90% of ALL interracial crimes in the U.S. are committed by blacks. They are four times more likely to kill their children than whites. Out numbered 9 to 1 they still commit over half of all murders in the U.S.

Don't fucking believe me?






I know there are black seagulls on here and you are not the ones I'm calling out (unless you are a violent prick then fuck you), you are pretty much unicorns in a sea of shit though. The numbers don't lie about that. The media does lie about the violence. So much so that a horrific death by blow torch of a young child gets pushed aside as nothing because a white looking Mexican decided not to let a drug addled wannabe gang banger get the best of him

>> No.9627171
File: 19 KB, 389x315, 16681781_984370921662589_1175493698005569595_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to be a troll, you just have to be. No one is this immature or stupid. So many fucking fallacies an back pedaling. Why Anon, Why? Are you trying to defend your mothers poor life choices? I can understand that because of familial love, but that doesnt take away the fact that she put you and everyone else around her at risk. A risk that makes you 30% more likely to develop cancer. Now you know that walking through a cloud of smoke once isn't going to do anything, so stop being so melodramatic and dishonest. However, living in close proximity to a smoker has proven that their are increased risks in the long run. Which means you COULD get something, you are MORE LIKELY to get something. Not you are guaranteed to get something. Its that same for smokers, but they have a higher risk threshold than second hand smokers.

Maybe it's because you possibly smoke and the fact that someone labeled you as undesirable because of it? Why you you need to change their opinion so badly Anon? Just date someone who doesn't care or smokes as well. The same can be said for you if you don't smoke, just hang around people who dgaf. Or is this whole thing blowing out because you can't stand the thought that one of your (or someone close to you) flaws got point out for what it is, a fucking flaw. Is that it? Is that why you have to defend it so viciously? For you to be acting like this it has to have struck something very personal.

>> No.9627174


I knew a girl like this once... used to work at a daycare. Disgusting to even think about her.

>> No.9627175
File: 242 KB, 997x900, siddharta2009baroko_19854_11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she's getting married

Pic related is me.

>> No.9627176

Autists really hate black peopke don't they

>> No.9627181

why do you think /pol/ exists?

>> No.9627189


Jesus Christ, how horrifying. I'm so sorry...

Incidentally: This is why nobody except the absolute most blue-pilled people take the idea of "racism" seriously anymore. Over half of all black men grow up without fathers, and close to 93% of those who don't have one end up becoming criminals. It's a very sad state of affairs, but the stats don't lie. This is not the first time I have heard a story like this, and it's most certainly not the last.

My point in saying this all, by the way, is so that you don't feel bad for avoiding them in the future. It was not your fault for trying to give them the benefit of the doubt... just shows that you have a good heart.

>> No.9627194

Naw, just really hate the fact that over half of my friends have had incidents with niggers. One was polar bear gamed and had to be hospitalized. A couple were raped. A few were sexually assaulted. I was robbed at gunpoint and assaulted. Almost all of us receive catcalls and other bullshit from...you guessed it.

When the one that was punched tried to talk to some friends about it the first thing they wanted her to know was that the niggers feelings matter more than her physical safety. And they hope that even if she gets PTSD, which she did for a time, she doesn't try to cross the street when she sees a group of black teens walking towards her. Even if it gives her panic attacks, even if they could fucking punch her again (we had a huge surge in assaults at that time) she better not do it because then she would be outcast as a horrible NAZI™.

>> No.9627195

Cringe af

>> No.9627200

>things that definitely happened

>> No.9627203

>when it comes to rape you have to LISTEN AND BELIEVE
>but deny any wrong doings by black people

>> No.9627207


>seagull who has never lived in a ghetto

Why am I not surprised, considering you have enough free time to be posting about burando online?

>seagull who has never been to Tumblr

Now THIS ONE I can't believe. Tumblrinas wish ill on others "because they don't conform to my delusional morality" all the time.

>> No.9627218

>is a white girl who works in east Cleveland
sure, sugar. now go back to /pol/ and leave the nice gulls alone

>> No.9627224
File: 58 KB, 960x635, IMG_7089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish everyone would just leave the nice gulls alone

>> No.9627229

I think it's too much fun for them to troll the girl board. related:
>won an auction for fave dress
>coord together and ready to go
>plans to go get coffee with my friend and have a nice fall afternoon
>period comes a week early, the day it arrives
>shiro coord
>cramps so bad I wanna die
I just stayed in and watched 4 hours of sabrina the teenage witch

>> No.9627238

>someone posts something you don't like
>default to the tried and tested /pol/ boogeyman

Like clockwork

>> No.9627240

>I just stayed in and watched 4 hours of sabrina the teenage witch

That sounds awesome actually
Sorry about your cramps anon, hope you're doing better!

>> No.9627246


>> No.9627248

Thanks! Actually, I made chocolate covered popcorn and built a wishlist to fill in my wardrobe so in the end it wasn't so bad

>> No.9627249

It's funny because this whole post is also posted multiple times


>> No.9627255

I didn't make any of those other posts, sweetie. People like you are the reason Trump won, lmao

>> No.9627263
File: 187 KB, 2000x2000, wypipo trash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>be black loli living in philly
>feel bad for loli that got raped by black men
>not a fan of the n-bomb but understand where the racism comes from honestly
>now getting bitched at by white girl morality princess living in east Cleveland who thinks she lives in a ghetto and probably has two black friends she met online.

Sweetie you are just too precious for this board. You might feel more at home in pic related, or better yet a kennel.

>> No.9627265

White girl btfo

>> No.9627267





>> No.9627278

>black girls
>rated second best by black guys and white guys
>still throws shade like it means something

>> No.9627281

I'm just on the other side of the river not far from camden so I'm just
"lol east Cleveland"

>> No.9627283
File: 156 KB, 273x623, 1504561065178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw male that just lurks to see what women are like among each other
>mfw wpmen argue about racism and shitpost just like men
>mfw the insults are spicy

this is everything i couldve hoped for and more

>> No.9627286

That sounds good! Looks like you're covered if you're with locals.

Oh god yeah, back when they used the better venue. I remember linecon 1.0, stormcon, etc etc. I've been enjoying Akai a lot more but it's not the medium-large size con that's within a short drive that I've been missing. I still go every year, but I have never gone the full weekend anymore. I mostly just tablehop and talk lolita and cosplay with old friends.

>> No.9627319

I've seen much more pointed and hateful things on /cgl/ than in male-dominated places. They're usually very personal and tailor-made to a specific target.

>> No.9627324

Girls are at their worst when they're talking about looks, makeup, body image, etc.

Autist weebs are at their worst when talking about fandom, their waifu, etc.

Combine the two... it's pretty damn salty sometimes.

But nah, girls are people too and we shit(post) just like everyone else

>> No.9627386

Only reason I come to cgl too. So many salty jealous gulls across the board.

>> No.9627439
File: 40 KB, 508x462, deanwtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplaying Sailor Mercury
>600 pound bitch on the sidelines screams "BEGONE, THOT!"

>> No.9627520


>> No.9627528
File: 18 KB, 337x171, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9627667
File: 83 KB, 800x600, done.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am in such a bad place right now. I haven't got a job, just finished my studies and am trying to move house with no income to get out of this abusive shit hole. I am trying my best to leave my demographic behind but I keep getting dragged back into this steaming pile of fuck this it would just be easier to kill myself.

I have been so depressed for so long, and my cgl related feels is that I am just trying to sell some clothes to make ends meet and people just think it is fucking ok to "oh haha I know I have committed to buy but I don't have the money right now tehe, is it ok to leave it a fortnight, we are friends right?". One of my lolita friends owes me $125 for christ sakes, why can't people be more considerate and realise that money is a pretty serious thing and their childishness affects other people in a really serious way.

To top things off I just had a huge domestic with my parent, I was supposed to move out today but my new even shitter tier home's roof fell in so I have to stay here in this hell hole until it is fixed. I am trying so hard anons.

>> No.9627695
File: 57 KB, 600x764, 1502825088120-tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is terrible anon, I'm praying for you.
I'm white and was part of an extreme minority in Chicago when I was growing up. I don't hate black people, some of the people I trust most in this world are black, but there is a day and night difference between black people and niggers.

>tfw sister dated a nog for years
>now single with horribly behaved little 60% face child


>> No.9627738
File: 932 KB, 960x960, imisshim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got fat in the con off season
>con season came around
>too fat to fit into a costume i spent 3 grand on
>can't troop with my 501st buddies anymore
>massive chance I can't loose the weight for TLJ premier
Fuck me up senpai I am working out and watching me eating more but feels shit not being able to troop anymore.

>> No.9627778

Way off topic, but another gull who likes Boingo? Have my dreams come true?

>> No.9627874
File: 33 KB, 628x562, DESTROY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw requested a dress on mercari from tenshi
>seller said to leave a comment
>some rando just randomly buys it without doing so
>requests a different dress to make up for the first one
>seller also says to comment first
>it happens again

Stop it

>> No.9627900

I don't like underskirts. Just wear tights or even peeking bloomers (the long style drawers that are made for it). Iktf though, AP is too damn short and I don't like baby

>> No.9627923
File: 216 KB, 481x481, FUCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>have college information saved in notes on my iPhone
>want to make a new Apple ID, so I sign out of my old one
>it prompts me to delete the iCloud data linked with my old Apple ID, so I do (assuming the college info is still in my notes)
>it's not
>didn't realize the college stuff was saved in iCloud and not my iPhone itself
>log back into old apple ID and try to recover files
>all my iCloud backup data is gone
I'm fucked

>> No.9627932

>be me

Who else are you going to be?

>> No.9627935

Someone else.

>> No.9627940

How is this cgl related?

>> No.9627949

Report in for the latest feels thread then, gulls. How many of you have been ghosted by someone from /cgl/ recently?

>> No.9627986

My sister used to be a gull, and ghosted me after she got married.

>> No.9627989


>> No.9627994

i've been ghosted twice in the past few months but it's nbd. it doesn't matter to me unless we had an actually valuable interaction.

i stopped talking to someone from here after briefly talking to them once because our personalities didn't mesh. it probably would have been weirder/more offensive to send them a message like "sorry i have no interest in talking to you because we're too different, thx 4 the memories"

>> No.9628001

Tbf, she's really my STEP-sister, and I'd only known her for three years.

>> No.9628039

Still sucks, especially since you shared some interests.

>> No.9628063
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My boyfriend says he'll pay for my con tickets if I peg him.

>> No.9628067

Talked to probably 10+ people, ghosted every time.

>> No.9628070
File: 63 KB, 1018x352, nippity nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9628075
File: 1.69 MB, 480x360, 1500004611324.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


so are you his beard or are you dating a sissy

>> No.9628077
File: 879 KB, 500x281, smgdh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're so bad at this anon rofl

>> No.9628139

Lots of straight men like that anon.

>> No.9628149
File: 23 KB, 480x480, 1503529595598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Not the men I've dated. Where did you find yours, a pride parade?

>> No.9628178
File: 41 KB, 720x832, 33783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9628215
File: 128 KB, 1280x722, trainsaremyjam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>looking forward to an event for whole year. It is a day trip to a carnival nearby.
>really wanting to take the steam train trip cause I am bit of a rail enthusiast, and riding a train up a mountain along a defunct rail track that fueled my states economy during the 1880's excites me. For hints if you have seen Saving Mr. Banks it is along that sort or route-ish, but I digress.
>All of my lolita friends are keen to go too, cause it is for a flower carnival.
>"oh anon this sounds great! I will organise it for us!"
>"oh... ok, well I really want to take the train cause it stops at a beautiful historical train station that has an incredible garden to view that you don't get to see on other tours and includes tours of other gardens + transport to and from in the ticket price!"
>"that is a bit expensive anon and they don't do group ticket prices..."
>"but I think it is actually good value plus a steam train ride isn't something you would normally get to do..."
>"I will investigate hiring a bus or a limo or something, it is probably cheaper"
>fold since she jumped in to organise and no one else in the group really has an opinion on transport.

Fast forward
>meet is on this Saturday, nothing has been organised.
>looks like I won't be going on my train trip OR the flower carnival...
>would say "maybe next year" but I forsee this happening again, and people will get shitted off if I just go by myself separate from the group.

Why did people tell me I needed to make friends.

>> No.9628216


>> No.9628238


The dream trip you described sounded lovely, anon. I want to go and I'm not even really into the railway experience.

You just have to be a little more disagreeable. That was your world you shared with that friend of yours, and she completely disregarded one of the significant aspects of the trip that truly made it wonderful. The girl sounds inconsiderate to say the least, and oblivious if she did not realize the train trip was one of the major parts that made the trip cool.

I hope you can work something out in time :(

>> No.9628243
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My con crush lives right in the path of Irma and I'm afraid she'll be washed away.

Also, my art is bad and it's making me feel like I don't deserve to live.

>> No.9628246
File: 148 KB, 1302x852, SpringBluffstation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for your kind words anon. I won't be able to go this year, but next year I will just say "I am doing this thing and you are all welcome to come along with me", instead of opening it up for more a group event.

>> No.9628282
File: 193 KB, 831x1107, 1493841256346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of a silly feel but
>have 19 main pieces
>only have the matching headbows/kc for 7 of them
I want the matching bows for all of them. help me

>> No.9628286

I'm just not good enough

>> No.9628292

Do you just want the matching bows because you cant be bothered coording, have an intense love for the series, or have a collecting habit? No judgements here as I am 10/10 for easy coording for lazy days.

>> No.9628306

Sort of all of them.
It sucks cause I mostly only have the matching bows for the dresses I don't love as much; I don't have the headbows for any of my DDs and it's killing me. Also I just want to complete the sets (otks are another thing but I'm focusing on headwear atm).

>> No.9628313

i really sont want to get an underskirt, i think they look a w f u l. i was just considering one so people would get off my dick about how short my coords are. tights are a great tho thank u!!

>> No.9628317

joined weight watchers today and im so excited to leave the fatty chan life behind!! gonna get healthy and fit into more brand

>> No.9628324

I think I understand that, though normally with my dream dresses I don't get many of the matching pieces for some reason. I find it more fun to make more creative coords for these ones, I think I collect more of the matching pieces for my every day kind of dresses that I don't want to have to think about what to wear before putting it on. Though for my super coveted pieces I collect a little.

>> No.9628336

I'm actually the opposite! I don't have any matching headbows or anything for my daily wear, I usually am able to coord those a million different ways with different things. Most of them are non-print though so I guess it helps.

I think I just like my dream dresses/high tier wishlist dresses too much to not try for the matching pieces! I think it's mostly the print I'm attracted too, so having the matching KC=having more of the print. I actually have one of my dream dresses in the jsk and skirt cut. I'm probably going to get the OP eventually too lol, because it's a relatively inexpensive/older print.
I don't have any super coveted pieces yet, but my current main DD is pretty expensive. I'm hoping I'll be able to get the matching headwear and stuff for that too.

>> No.9628344

u r

>> No.9628494

> Review photos
> Subject blurry
> Strangers in the background more sharp
Motherfucker, I thought I had this all figured out.

>> No.9628512

You gotta learn to sew fellow tall anon. You can do it. Skirts are very easy and since no one will see the waistband you can be a little sloppy without anyone knowing.

>> No.9628663

Someone at Taco Beel asked if I was being hazed by a sorority. Never doing this in public again.

>> No.9628673

I feel like this is a repost...

>> No.9628741

>show some dresses I'm considering buying to bf
>admits he'd like to fuck me in one
>make it very clear I won't fuck him in one of my expensive collector's items and he seems to understand
>show him a menhera dress
>"how about that one"
I love him and all but bless him his kinks sometimes try my patience.

>> No.9628742
File: 113 KB, 872x960, 21462944_715297485336386_2254547564823208213_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped image, not that it really matters.

>> No.9628744

buy cheap stuff on taobao for that

>> No.9628772
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The corrections took maybe 20 seconds total. I just felt bad for being such a spaz.

>> No.9628820

I fucked up and sent the wrong item to the wrong person. I look like an idiot now. I already refunded shipping and told the person what happened, what else should I do? (Obviously still send out the item.)

I have great feedback over like three years and I just want to crawl in a hole.

>> No.9628832

It's alright, mistakes happen. You did well when you messaged the buyer about it and refunded them, I don't think there's anything else you could do beyond getting the item back and shipping the correct one. Don't beat yourself up, it's okay.

>> No.9628886

Replicas are bad, UNLESS you are a fatty-chan. That's the only time we should allow it.

>> No.9628894


>> No.9628905

Not even then. You aren't entitled to a print because you're a fat ass.
Lose weight and then get brand.
Stop supporting the replica market.

>> No.9628914

I'm not fat, but we need to help fatty-chans. They're always coming to tea in homemade atrocities.

>> No.9628916

We should help fatty-chans by not enabling them to be fat.
Also some taobao shops make custom sizes. Point them in that direction.
Replicas are automatically ita.
They don't need sugoi nippon burando.

>> No.9628939

When the doors are gone from the toilet stalls at the con.

>> No.9629007

Someone stole my favorite con backpack on the big picture of the demographic that you call them to see the new Thor and Loki. :( I can't find it while the movie hasn't started.

>> No.9629009


>> No.9629011

Can you attempt this post again without having a stroke while typing it, anon? Thank you

>> No.9629014

So I followed /cgl/s advice and went to an Olaplex salon to get my hair lightened.

$300 later, it's really no better or worse than any other time I've bleached it myself.
Rather than pay another $300 for the final lighten/colour correct next week, I'm just going to do it myself and then use the $30 Olaplex #3 treatment.

Hell, going in for the full 1,2,3 treatment post-bleach would've been $75.

>Feel so silly for wasting all of that money right before my Japan trip.
>That's a burando new jsk.

>> No.9629019

I always think I'm not really a shoes and bags kind of girl but lolita has clearly changed me.

I just packed the shoes I only wear for special occasions and all my bags except the 3 practical ones away.

I have a 35l storage box full of heels, and Victorian boots, and another full of novelty shaped handbags.


>> No.9629057


are you saying black people stole your backpack

>> No.9629088

Yah it's super weird that he'd want to fuck you in a cute outfit. What a creep.

>> No.9629092

People here are obsessed with knees all because of a comment misako made long ago. Fuck her, you can still look cute with some of your leg showing. I bet the people saying your stuff is too short are the kind of itas who wear thrifted trash with Bodyline and plain black tights and think they look good because they followed "the rules"

>> No.9629121
File: 87 KB, 926x762, 12963446_1146742068677336_5171133559929763803_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've had money set aside for my dream dress for so long, and I finally broke and bought another dress with the money, then not 4 days later my dd pops up in auctions. I have some money for it but if the bids keep climbing I'll miss out on it again

>> No.9629201

Oml. Are you okay?

>> No.9629210

Jesus what hell hole con were you at?

>> No.9629214

i feel so unhappy with my body. i'm 4'11" and 145 which is overweight. i fit in brand but i feel so fat looking and gross anyways i just want to be as skinny as the cute japanese girls. i've tried dieting and exercise but progress is super slow and makes me loose hope anyways. guess i'll always be a gross chubby (almost fatty) chan

>> No.9629217

It's not the wearing cute clothes part so much as I already tried to tell him my shit is expensive but he doesn't seem to get it. His hobby is cars and I don't think he'd want to fuck in his car if there was a significant chance of permanently damaging the upholstery, for instance.

>> No.9629224

Slow progress is frustrating, but can be better in the long run. If you lose too much weight too quickly you can potentially get loose skin. Also I'm guessing you've just been trying to lose fat and I'd recommend trying to build muscle to tighten up. That method can be frustrating too if you use a scale because you base your happiness on the number going down and muscle can make the number go up.

>> No.9629225

Nayrt but that's a good way of putting it
Have you tried using that same analogy with him to help him understand?

>> No.9629256

i could try that, but im afraid of bulking up. im pretty blessed on the waist department at least but my arms are so chubby they make me look bigger. i recently got a short sleeved AP OP (unshirred) and i fit ok but i can't wear the sleeves buttoned up cause my arms won't fit. also my boobs are too big but i guess that can be sort of modified so i don't mind much (binders and sports bras help). i get really frustrated cause i hate exercising and i force myself through it with little to no weight loss. i get pumped the first few days but then i just lose hope and fall into old habits. doesn't help that i spend lots of time here and i see gulls criticizing chubby girls (not near to plus size btw) so that just makes me feel worse, and makes me second guess things before posting to places like cof or doing self posting on here.

>> No.9629258

Unless you're a guy you are not going to bulk up to some extreme, just tighten up the muscles you have
You forget that all the super bulky girls have either been lifting on social diets for years or are injecting testosterone

>> No.9629259
File: 47 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comes to Nepalese goatherding imageboard
>complains about Nepalese goatherding
If you don't like the culture, leave

>> No.9629260

are you tall and lanky, or tall and also overweight/big? if you're big then losing weight would help to make things appear less short because then the clothes wouldn't have to conform to a big frame.

not trying to be rude, but a lot of the tallitas i know are also pretty... big.

>> No.9629274

Yah except you can buy cheap cute clothes to fuck in. Can't really buy a cheap car just to sex it up, and unless you're in public there isn't any fun in fucking in a car.

>> No.9629276

>I'm afraid of bulking up
Bulking is actually really hard. Unless you have feakishly high testosterone and eat 120 grams of protein a day, it wont be a problem

>> No.9629284

Idk if this is relevant to you or not, but it's something that helped me with motivation. I marathon a bunch of shows and I started exercising while watching the shows. I would basically tell myself that I had to exercise throughout at least 2/3 of the episode or I wasn't allowed to watch the next episode until I had finished that block of time.

>> No.9629302
File: 64 KB, 512x512, coconot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start uni in a new city
>haven't made any friends
>no sewing machine, so I can't work on cosplay,
>cosplay was the main thing I did to relax before
>too self conscious to start wearing jfash to class
>seasonal depression seems to be coming early this year

not /cgl/ related, but also:
>think I've finally made friends with a guy from one of my classes
>too stupid to realize he's flirting
>he asks me out, I'm gay, reject him
>ask if we can still be friends
>he says he doesn't think so
>back to 0 friends

feels bad gulls

>> No.9629309

I'm sorry that guy was a douche anon. I had something similar happen to me. I'm queer and I don't have a lot of friends in the city I live in. I recently discovered someone I've been friends with for two years was only friends with me to try and get in my pants. I genuinely thought we were good friends and once he found out I wasn't going to screw him, he completely cut me out of his life. I don't know why I even try.

>> No.9629315

Fairgrounds con. A fucking dump!

>> No.9629319
File: 187 KB, 1119x584, 1504152990155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I'm at a con... I see a really cute cosplayer, maybe they're cosplaying my waifu or one of my favorite characters. I can admire, ask for their pic, but I have zero confidence and I can't bring myself to talk to them after even though I would really WANT to. I always fear I'm not worth anyone's time and that I'm just gonna bother people, even though this mindset I acknowledge is unhealthy. After all, simply admiring or having the desire to talk to someone means NOTHING if they do not feel the same way. And often times... they don't.

I'm so used to no one being interested in talking to me. I'm not used to anyone taking a genuine interest in me or hearing what I want to say because it just... doesn't happen. I'm not used to hearing my name being called. I'm terrified of getting close to people because I've fucked up the relationships I've been in and I always fear I'm fucking up whatever friendships I've got now. No one really responds to any message I send either, which leads me to believe that I simply haven't earned people's time or attention, and I most certainly haven't earned anyone's affection. I know I have to earn it. And I haven't. Sitting here bitching about it isn't gonna do much, but if people aren't responding to me... I must have done something wrong.

I just wanna go to cons and find friends and have fun and not be... like this. I want to be able to just chat up cool cosplayers or even cute or attractive cosplayers and have the confidence to actually... be. Instead I'm just a completely anxious wreck who desires closeness but fears it at the exact same time. I'd go to cons and maybe ask to take pictures of people but not have the guts to carry out conversations. I know I have to work on being more interesting and being better but... I feel like it's impossible to gauge how much better I've become because I'll ALWAYS feel the need to want to be better.

I don't know. I'm rambling, I'm lonely, and I have no where to turn to.

>> No.9629336

Even then it's hard. I'm eating ~140g of protein a day and lifting and not bulking as much as I want to. ;n;

For real though, muscle gain will make you lose fat long before the muscle becomes visible.

>> No.9631351

>be /fit/
>do shirtless cosplay
>girls get extremelly touchy with my abs, pecs and arms
>I don't mind it except if they're underage, fat or ugly
>most con girls are underage, fat or ugly


>> No.9633534

yea same