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Last thread. >>9614428

Time to make us feel, anons. Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.

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>be lonelita
>start going to uni on campus after a few years holed up and taking online classes
>wear lolita every day of class since i usually wear it anytime i leave the house
>mfw compliments every day
>mfw conversations every day
>mfw i've heard a couple people whisper to their friends about how they think i'm cute

this feels so much better than wasting away in my room

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>lost fat
>gained muscle
>go to cons and girls sperg out or get touchy
>still autismo maximus

I spent 2 years getting in shape but didn't work on my personality. Can you gulls help? How to deal with thirsty con girls? What do you look for in a long term partner?
I just want to cuddle and talk about cute coords.

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>locking up my bike outside the convention
>little girl (maybe 9) says she likes my cosplay
>asks to sit on my bike
>let her
>she mounts the seat, and instantly cries at full volume "MY GROOOOIIIIINN!"

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>talk about cute coords
So are you looking more for a girl into jfashion than cosplay?
If so, a lot of cons will have Lolita or general jfashion meets. I feel like those people are a lot less spergy than the general cosplay population, so you'll probably fair better there.

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>have attractive angular face
>only want to cosplay cute moe characters
>face is too angular to pull off moe

It's really frustrating because I know I'm not ugly, but I just feel like I don't have the right face for cute characters

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I wish I wasn't head over heels for my best friend who is already in a relationship.
It really hurts my chest. My heart I guess.
I just want to hold hands with her, twin in lolita together, go on cute dates, take cute pictures.

I love her so much and she has no idea.

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I'm the same.

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I'd be ok with either I guess. I feel I'd be intruding during a lolita meet when I don't put on the fashion myself.

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>at Sunday tea
>comm leader clinks glass for an announcement
>"I'm going to start banning itas, brolitas, fatty-chans, and DDLGs."
>mfw everyloli starts screaming

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>tfw recently graduated and looking for a job
>plenty of money saved up so I'm comfy and can afford to only reply to things involving my degree
>had no free time while working on degree, but billions of ideas of things I wanted to sew
>now have all the time in the world but zero motivation
>spend entire days playing video games and shitposting on the internet
>100% certain I will regret this as soon as I get a job and go back to not having any free time
>try to force myself to work on things
>get frustrated
>go back to shitposting


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How horrifying. Then nobody will be left!

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>tfw recently graduated and looking for a job
>plenty of money saved up so I'm comfy and can afford to only reply to things involving my degree
>had no free time while working on degree, but billions of ideas of things I wanted to sew
>now have all the time in the world but zero motivation
>spend entire days playing video games and shitposting on the internet
>100% certain I will regret this as soon as I get a job and go back to not having any free time
>try to force myself to work on things
>get frustrated
>go back to shitposting

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I feel this on multiple levels.

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>banned from /cgl/ for a day because of a post made in the last feels thread, tons of posts got deleted
>posts about jerking off into panties and how inconspicuous cum is inside them are perfectly acceptable and stay up

Really makes you think

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I recently started working at Toys R Us, and I see little kids cosplaying almost every day. Superheroes, Disney princesses... The best was today, when I saw a little Rey from Star Wars. She even had the hair.

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please do not attend a lolita meet if youre not a lolita or ouji wearer. youll be asked to leave

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that's just regular little kid behavior. My niece wears her princess dress everywhere

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>tfw all White cosplayers look like shit and it discourages me from trying

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>less than one week from the con
>paycheck hasn't auto-deposited yet so I'm cutting it close on ordering a couple things
>most of my friends dropped out of the con over the past month- one scheduled her flight for the wrong date
>this also means I don't have a room at the hotel and have to stay with roomie and his friends 30min away
>roomie also went back on his agreement to have his uncle 3d print a couple things for me (I'd be paying ofc) so I'm having to use old mildly crappy air-drying clay details for a belt
>roomie also has been pretty bitchy ever since we got back from a trip 2wks ago and he admitted that he has feelings, and I told him I don't. I'm hoping I can hang out with my friends and he can hang out with his...
>waterproof body art pen I need for a cosplay is completely MIA and I don't want to have to resort to using Sharpie.
>at this point I don't even want to spend the money to go

On the upside, at least the wig for one of my cosplays wasn't a total pain in the ass to style like I thought it would be.

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Yah, I know, that's why I never have.

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Thats completely wrong though. Asain>=white>>>>>>>everything else unless it matches the original ethnicity.

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It says "Don't reply to bait" in the damn OP, guys.

I never said it wasn't?

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> 5'9" as a girl
>really like cute things, harakuju, j fashion, stuff like that...
>knowing ill never be that cute 5 foot lolita
>i could dress up and just tell myself not to care but i do
>i cant get over just really wishing i could be short but no one understands
>"stop i wish i was tall"
>"but you can reach the top shelf, you can look over people, you can (whatever)"
>but i WANT to be that short girl who has to stand on her tippy toes
>i WANT to be mistaken for a little kid

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>wore lolita for the first time yesterday
>compliments all around
>wore lolita today again
>even more compliments
>getting called beautiful and adorable by total strangers
>got some weird looks but otherwise no trouble at all
I'm so happy
I'm not going to wear it to class or anything, but any other chance like just going to the grocery store or whatever I absolutely will.

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5'9 is tall?
I get called short all the time and I'm 6 feet tall

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Everyone around me is as tall as or shorter
>im pretty above average and wont be cute short but im not tall enough to be "that" tall
Literal purgatory height

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It's tall for a woman.

Also, 6" isn't short for anyone. I'm 6"5' (male) and people comment on it all the time.

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>i want to be mistaken for a little kid

that's weird as fuck, get help

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Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it's bait. They're not wrong, White people cant pull off cosplays as much as Asians can.

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>genetic lottery failed me and gave me a wide ribcage
>my bones touch while having a 71 waist
it's not fucking fair, i want to crush my organs.

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I'm a 6" tall guy and I get called short all the time idk what you're saying dude

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Let's trade, anon. I get mistaken for 14 even though I'm 24 god damn years old and it sucks.

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But I'm 27.
Though I do enjoy being a good lolita for it.

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>order something from the states
>finally gets to my country
>incomplete address, returned to sender
>what no fuck
>just spent some time on the phone trying to sort this shit out

God damn it guys I just want my damn item to make progress on a couple coordinates.

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Yeah I try to tell myself at least I can still cosplay younger characters, but sometimes you want to be able to pull off the sexy busty 5'10" bikini armor cosplays.

That ain't happening though so big shrug.

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Average white cosplayer>average asian cosplayer.
It's only the top 5% of Asians that do the really good ones.

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A guy I dated very briefly but grew to have a pretty big crush on and really hoped to turn things into something serious with recently entered into a big R Relationship with another girl. He never really clarified what was going on between us for a couple months until I asked and then said we were friends as if this was something we both knew. I was disappointed but accepted it. He told me he liked me but wasn't ready for a relationship at that moment because his life was "up in the air". We did indeed remain friends but he remained flirty and actually tried to have sex with me a month after that conversation. Now a month later I saw a relationship status update on FB from him with a girl who lives in a totally different country. I get the idea, looking back on things, that perhaps he was trying to find a relationship but decided that he wasn't interested in pursuing that with me - which is totally fine, I would've understood. I just wish he told me that straight out instead of being kinda dishonest like that. I think it's silly to tell me you're not ready for a relationship because your life is a bit hectic and then two months later enter into a relationship with someone who lives somewhere with a 12 hr time difference. Not gonna lie, I am sad and jealous, but I feel disappointed that he couldn't have just said to me the truth, I dunno. I could understand saying that to someone you won't ever see again but we've remained friends in close contact who hang out now and then, I feel like it would've been better to avoid future awkwardness to just say what you mean? Either way I'm just bummed out as fuck. I had hoped we could weeb out together and be cute at cons and stuff but I guess not. Meh.

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source? majority of white cosplayers i see at cons are dumpy and fat

>> No.9619758

Look at it this way, do you want to date someone like that really?

>> No.9619764


> We did indeed remain friends but he remained flirty and actually tried to have sex with me a month after that conversation.

If you don't put out of course he's going to move on to someone who will. What did you expect?

>> No.9619767

Yeah, that's what I keep trying to remind myself of. Idk why I developed such a big crush on this guy but it makes me flip between feeling "whatever, I'm better off" and just feeling sad and...nostalgic I guess is the best word.

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Sounds like he was keeping his options open.

>> No.9619769

I mean I'm not gonna explain every single detail of what happened but I never said no, we weren't able to fuck because we ended up getting interrupted. I mentioned that just because it's kinda skeevy to me to be trying to have casual sex with a friend and then a month later jump into a relationship - I'm pretty sure that didn't happen overnight so I'm concerned he was trying to fuck me while sweet talking another girl.

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Sorry for the multiple replies gulls, responses come up after I've replied to another post. I'll stop for now.

Anyways yeah you're probably right. I guess I was a little naive in that respect. Trying to just take this as a learning experience and move on since there's no use in sulking over it.

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>tfw super round face and eyes
>basically the perfect shape for moeblobs
>want to cosplay characters with angular faces/sharp features like Jolyne Kujo and Lady Oscar


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>TFW get ugly cheap taobao skirt that has built in petti and can use it as an actual petti

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Are you me? I do still dress up despite that.

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I think a beautiful cos-girl has a crush on me, but she's had three breakups this year and we have nothing in common. She's also kind of mean. Hot as hell tho.

What do I do?

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>sweet talking girl he really wants
>is actively trying to fugg chick friend
Not someone you should be jealous over anon. Be greatful you dodged a bullet and move on

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Went to a con with 2 friends this weekend, staying over at one of their places. They're dating each other and I think they're a great couple! But uh. The day before the con I kind of realized that I have a Big crush on both of them. Freaked me the fuck out and gave me nausea-inducing anxiety the whole weekend.

Still managed to have a good time, but being near them like that kind of just dragged me further down the rabbit hole. They're so cute, and so sweet. I have only known them for a while (a year or two) so I've a lot to learn about them but honestly that's wonderful. I want to cosplay with them, I want to hear their stories and have them tell me about what they love, I want to give them cheek-kisses.
I'd call that just a very close friendship, but it doesn't feel completely platonic at all. They're both definitely attractive, too.

-Are they even ok with poly? am I?
-Am I just overreacting?
-I'm anxiety sick to the point where eating is...difficult. The anxiety stems from a fear of destroying our friendship. this has happened before, the two OTHER times I had a crush on someone. Maybe bc i'm older and on meds now I can beat it, but I'm not too optomistic.

-They make me really happy.
-If the anxiety sickness keeps up, I'll probably lose weight.

Kill me gulls.

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Well, two options, ask them out and get it over with, or if you don't want to and you want to get over those feelings, ask them about their political and religious views. There will probably be something you disagree with them about which will allow you to not like them as much.

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Date her because you like her, not because she's hot

>> No.9619944

being hot has to do with about 95% of why people date anon

>> No.9619954

That makes me sad.

>> No.9619960

OP here, don't be sad.

I'm actually way more interested in the girl who works at my local laundromat and wears a One Punch Man necklace. If only she spoke English.

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>email an anon from /cgl/
>they're pretty cool
>they like talking with me
>procrastinate replying
>two moths later I still haven't
Should I write them back?

>> No.9619966

Went to a con alone this weekend. Realized I really am boring and a loser. Managed to make it 3 days saying a total of 5 words to other people.

I'm not even shy, I just have nothing to say and no-one really has a reason to talk to me.

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>tfw no tall gf

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>Be super confident teenager, don't care who thinks what about what I wear/look like
>Ita af, wore lots of bright colors and dumb things, grow into a fashion sense eventually and look pretty cute
>Still a broke teen tho so no actual lolita, just normie store jfash inspired shit
>Always got compliments on my outfits, people would call me Barbie, etc
>Get older and start working more/ going out less, get depressed from lack of fun in my life
>Loose all confidence
>Able to afford lolita and nice clothes now but too ashamed and embarrassed to do so/no where to even wear it
>Where did all my dumb teenage confidence go?

>> No.9619982

Oh man, I love Kill la Kill but it kind of makes me cry because I was watching it in hospital with my nan when she died.

>> No.9619983

Fucking right? I get id'd when I try to go to r-rated movies

>> No.9619986

Is that what people do? Just literally ask other people out if they think they like them?? Pardon my autism but sounds..... unsafe

>> No.9619992

Number one: really really think about how you feel about polyamory

Number two: casually bring up polyamory to see how they feel about it

>> No.9619995

Just do it and apologize for taking so long

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There's a beautiful girl in my sister's comm but she has red teeth..... Can I help her??

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>am 31
>am 5'5"

>> No.9620074

How red?

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>tfw met bf through /cgl/
>hitting it off really well, love him to bits
>into the same games, shows, etc
>we give each other as much love and support as we can
>actually wear lolita now because he encouraged me to, always loved the fashion but was too scared to wear it out
>getting him back into cosplay, planning a couple cosplay for an upcoming con
>never clicked so much with anyone ever before
>wasn't even a /cgl/ regular when I met him
>all this happened because I got curious while visiting and posted in the friend finder thread
Thanks friend finder

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>live in a small country with only a few bigger cons
>con coming up in two weeks
>haven't started making my cosplays yet because i've been so busy with school

Maybe I'll just wait 6 months for the next con.

>> No.9620114

listen to Jordan peterson and Corey Wayne

>> No.9620116

>>i WANT to be mistaken for a little kid
wtf? that is creepy

>> No.9620185

i'm really happy for you anon!
i met my current boyfriend through a 4chan discord, so i know this feel. he's hands down the most compatible partner i've had, he loves lolita, weeb shit, nerdy shit, and really encourages me to wear it - even wants to try dressing up with me some day (although its hard since he's too tall/broad shouldered to fit boz, but i might surprise him with something from f+f).

>> No.9620191

>visit friend finder threads hoping to make some connections
>get stuck with people like >>9619962 instead

I envy you

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Aside from crush already being in a relationship,

Anon, are you me?

>> No.9620242

Do it. They're waiting.

>> No.9620251

Crossing my fingers so that i can see my crush again, praying so that he is still single, and hoping i have the guts to confess to him.
Me too but instead of cosplay i just want to look good on gothic coords.
That shit n e v e r works anon.

>> No.9620268

unsafe? what kind of mentally ill people do you know that something like that would be "unsafe"?

>> No.9620271

>check emails
> >>9619962 might be the anon who ghosted me
>no new mails


>Convention coming up
>have to make some new connections this year
>will host cosplay contest and other stuff again
>probably won't meet new people

>> No.9620279

>/cgl/ anon ghosted me again
>would probably reply back to them within 5 minutes even though they've been gone for weeks

Why do I have to be like this

>> No.9620327

yes? How do you think people start dating?

>Pardon my autism but sounds..... unsafe

Not asking and wondering what would happen is 100000000% worse than asking and getting rejected.

>> No.9620349

Damn it, anon. Stop being so flaky. Might as well give up since you don't care enough about the friendship.

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I just want to look more innocent and cute rather than "tall and sexy" whys that weird ; _ ;

>> No.9620379

>impulse buy dress online
>immediate anxiety because it wasn't really a dream dress
>fully expect I'm going to regret it like that other dress I bought on impulse
>looking more pics of it up online
>tons of cute coord ideas
>it actually fits in really well with most of my wardrobe
>beginning to get excited
>bad feel turns into good feel

>> No.9620386

Try it with low expectations.
If it doesn't work out, at least you got a pretty face to fuck got a month or so. Don't invest too much for a long time.

>> No.9620388 [DELETED] 
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I guess you can say your shit tastes in anime KILL la KILLED her!

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Do you also like minions?

>> No.9620419

You're overreacting. Just try to relax, everything is fine.

It's up to them if they ever wanna take the relationship farther. The most you can do is casually ask their opinion on the concept, don't make it obvious.

Also a lot of people fantasize about poly but also have to deal with being incompatible with it in reality. Think long and hard about if you think you can handle being in a relationship with 2 people. Can you handle jealousy? What if they wanted to bring a 4th person into it? Would you want to risk your friendship in the event it doesn't work out?

>> No.9620424


>5'6 Manlett, some characters off limits
>do my own thing anyway
>start getting masters level awards for my sewing
>will never have a large following no matter how good I get
>still do it anyway just because it's something I enjoy

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>a few years ago, a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long time was going to a con I was going to
>found out my best friend passed away weeks before said convention happened and went to the con with a heavy heart throughout as a result
>2 years ago, moved on, have a good job, want to have more friends and be a good uncle, then I found out two of my nieces got bitten by the anime bug and bonded with some of my relatives for once
>went to the Yo-Kai Watch movie with my youngest niece then the Fairy Tail movie with the two of them
>was supposed to watch the SAO movie, but plans fell through
>genuinely had a great time with them and were jealous that I went to ALA and AX, one of them was talking about her Lucy (Fairy Tail) cosplay that's a WIP
>planning to get them tickets to AX 2018 (or a local con) for Christmas if I can get the okay and let them know I cared about them like my best friend did for me

>> No.9620555

I'm finally dating someone who's not only okay with me wearing lolita but also wants to wear it together eventually.

However... he's as affectionate as a brick wall. I'm considering breaking up because I don't know if I can stay with someone like this

>tfw we never even had the tea party we planned at the beginning of the relationship because he simply stopped giving a shit about anything regarding me

>> No.9620560

You should be my lolita gf instead. I'll take you to tea and give you cute gifts.

>> No.9620562

aww anon this is sweet.

>> No.9620566

You'll find your own Gropey eventually, anon <3

>> No.9620585

Was in similar situation recently; don't catch the feels and just fuck around with her. Don't get attached and have a good time while it lasts.

>> No.9620638

I feel you, tall-anon. I'm 5'10 which isn't that unusual in Northern Europe but god do I wish I was smaller sometimes, it's shit being tall especially when your hobby revolves around being cute and wearing cute things.

>> No.9620642

Me too. 5'11 which is pretty unusual in my area with a high Asian/Latino population. I've felt pretty uncomfortable about my height for a while but opening up to friends about it helped me a lot. They said they always found me to be more cute by my behavior more than anything.

>> No.9620644

>tfw no tall Valkyrie lolita gf

>> No.9620662

it's not weird to want to be cute but it's weird to say you want to be confused for a child. here are some actual bad things about being short/looking young in an attempt to calm your autism:

-attracting literal pedophiles. i have been hit on by weird old men who ask me what grade i'm in. i have had past partners who said creepy shit like "you look just like a little girl. i like it." and things to that effect. starts to make you wonder whether people actually like the real you or if they just want to fuck somebody who is legal and looks young.
-similar to being too tall, when you're too short nothing fucking fits
-nobody takes you seriously ever. this might sound ~kawaii~ but when you're trying to be an adult professional in a male-dominated field it is infuriating. i bring up an issue or make a suggestion that could increase productivity and have had people say "you're so cute when you try to be serious!"
-every guy i've dated has gotten a ton of shit for dating me and have been called cradle-robbers etc. it's gross and embarrassing.

you might romanticize these things but if you've actually experienced them they are such bullshit. i wish i had 4 more inches on me.

>> No.9620713

how about 4 more inches in you?

>> No.9620719

Calm down there, Danny D. You can't expect to take your ENTIRE shaft

>> No.9620816

Volunteer once a week at a food bank! You'll be obligated to do something and start to value your time again... but it's once a week and you can stop volunteering whenever.

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>Found socks on a brand site that would match a coord I'm planning for Rufflecon perfectly
>Said site also has another rarer OTKs that would match a whole ton of other stuff in my wardrobe. >Been looking for that color combination forever.
>Spend 20 minutes researching if that brand socks would fit someone 5'9ft tall, find out they should
>Go to submit cart
>One of the OTKs out of stock


>> No.9620900

I dont want to sound like a dick but were both in the same boat
I want less inches and you know more
But theres shit about being tall that in my opinion out way being small, and since youre smaller youll think theyres way worse being small
Itll always go back and forth
I know i could take care of myself pedo and work wise, so those things you hate dont scare me away

>> No.9620910 [DELETED] 

>Unable to get back into a serious relationship
>Bounce from guy to guy
>dating 2 at the same time
>realize I will probably never find my ideal match
>getting older and older
I live from guy's attenion but it's never enough. I still wish to be married some day but the older I get the more I realize I will end up alone.

>> No.9620924

Being targeted by pedos is bad. Downplaying it is also gross. In combination with your weird post about wanting to be confused with a kid, you sound like you almost want that to happen.

>> No.9620930

I wasnt downplaying it
If id get hit on i could just take my evidence to the police, i wouldnt just cry and say ewww he hit on mee

And ohk ohk maybe not a kid, but atleast look afew more years younger than i actually am

>> No.9620949

>getting hit on is enough to get somebody arrested
can't tell if underage or stupid

>> No.9620956

I only date hot people if they're usually nice... It's something to consider.

>> No.9620962

>Ask etsy seller for size chart
>Response starts with "Hey dear! Here you go!"

Fucking hell don't call me dear or sweetie or honey or any of that shit.

>> No.9620965

>having this much of a stick up your ass over somebody being polite

Calm down honey

>> No.9620979

The fuck is wrong with you, sounds like they're just being friendly.

>> No.9620997
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a REAL con until you've seen 14-year-old cameltoe.

PSA: Use a pad.

>> No.9620999

>implying meant arrested
>mis demeanors are a thing
maybe itll scare them off of it

>> No.9621003

You won't get a misdemeanor for hitting on someone.

>> No.9621005

Trips have spoken

>> No.9621009

Its not just "hitting on someone" if they clearly think youre underage and clearly want to do sexual things

>> No.9621012
File: 88 KB, 402x402, degenerate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Serves those sluts right for not wearing their thong diapers.

>> No.9621013

Yeah no. They're not going to go up to you and ask if you're 12 then start hitting on you. Plus you're not underage, so there wouldn't be a crime regardless.
You do realize being a pedophile isn't a crime right?

>> No.9621017

> i have had past partners who said creepy shit like "you look just like a little girl. i like it."
>starts to make you wonder whether people actually like the real you or if they just want to fuck somebody who is legal and looks young.

Why would someone being attracted to your youthful appearance mean they don't like the 'real you'?

Perhaps you haven't reached the stage of life where you learn this on your own, in which case these words will fall on deaf ears anyway, but I'll still give it a try: there's basically no one who wants you for your personality. Maybe if you marry someone you've known from childhood you'll have that. But otherwise the dating game is a probabilistic mess where books are judged only by their covers, because the contents are deliberately concealed.

Also, from what I'm reading, you don't have a very nice or unique personality for someone to be attracted to in the first place.

>> No.9621041

>implying you can know everything about a person from a single vague post on the internet
why is /cgl/ full of actual retards

>> No.9621046

Largest female userbase on 4chan and the men who come here are brain damaged.

>> No.9621047

It seems like I struck a nerve, because you glided past everything else I wrote and honed in on that.

Don't worry, anonymous: unlike being too short, there is a cure for being a bitch. You just have to work at it.

>> No.9621048

this is my first post in this thread, i just tuned into you being a pseudo-intellectual retard
>don't worry, anonymous

that explains it

>> No.9621049

>this is my first post in this thread,

Then why did the thread IPs remain at 62?
Is it possible you don't see a way to save face while arguing for yourself, so you're imitating an uninvolved third party? You wouldn't do that, would you?

>> No.9621050

>being this autistic
i wonder what it's like

>> No.9621051
File: 43 KB, 250x346, 137725875344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was wise of you to resign from the discussion at this moment, because it wasn't going to get any better for you.

>> No.9621070

Pads don't stop camel toes. My vag just eats it.

>> No.9621115

Thats....Good I suppose?

>> No.9621128

Where are you from?

>> No.9621129

People like you would be better off alone honestly. Saves others the trouble.

>> No.9621132

>why did the thread IPs remain at 62
What does this mean?

>> No.9621153

Wow, anon, it's almost like you are a frustrated man taking it out in a girl because she is like you know, cute and you are ugly and fat.

>> No.9621156


>> No.9621157

The amount of unique IPs are logged for threads. If someone posts and the number doesn't change, they've posted before.

>> No.9621166
File: 110 KB, 400x316, millisec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chilling at the con
>a bunch of kids decide to do the FF Titus laugh
>some obese teen screams at the top of her lungs "I LOVE MINIOOOOOOONS!!"
>dead silence
>mfw security lectures her

>> No.9621172

Shit where? san bernardino here

>> No.9621177

6 hours away near the capital.
Oh well.

>> No.9621202

stop hanging around with manlet subhumans and get a 6'9 master race as a partner. Then you can be that smol child you've always wanted to be

>> No.9621229
File: 19 KB, 277x265, image_d7e325dd-c332-4486-978c-92eae0ebd713_grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>met a girl at a con, tall, stunning, funny, literally the complete package.
>fast forward a bit, we're friends, cosplay together, talk every day, it's great.
>realise im falling hard and fast for her.
>im short, chubby, riddled with anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses, and not desirable in the slightest.

>> No.9621281

try girls?

>> No.9621350
File: 6 KB, 540x500, 1496990183211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently went to sacanime
>enjoyed seeing the magnitude of cosplays good and bad
>don't cosplay much or even go on this board much, being a guy probably doesn't help
>envious of con-goers and cosplay groups
>wish I too could be part of a friendly community enjoying some carefree cosplaying
>feel somewhat stigmatized due to really long hair
>feel extremely limited in what I could cosplay
>feel like if I were a girl cosplay would be easier due to my preconceived notions about general cosplaying and cute girls
>feel like I'm intruding on this board, this thread even for not being an avid cosplay enthusiast

>> No.9621427

First response wasn't me but if you're actually in Cali then you'd be too far away

>> No.9621465

You can use makeup contouring to soften your appearance some. It's not perfect. But it works on my angular face.

>> No.9621479
File: 69 KB, 322x391, 1474837496816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Con's coming
>Have a coord planned with plain white stockings
>Remember I threw the stockings away since they were old and had some holes
>No problem, go to buy a new pair
>Go through almost every shop in the city center with no luck
>mfw there's almost all other colours in stockings and tights but not white/off-white
>Lastly go to this lingerie shop
>All they have are pornoish
>$30 for a pair
>Regret but still buy one
>Try them at home, at least they fit and look like as I planned

I'm gonna order shitton of stockings and tights after the con, $30 for porn stockings are just too much.

>> No.9621481

Nayrt but do you have any tips or tutorials for this? I want to look softer too, but I can only find tutorials that make you look more angular

>> No.9621492
File: 965 KB, 500x269, 9d938bfed1e426e88150233604bcea75845df118869d4d6336493171b9c91572.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yet whenever I mention it to anyone they're like "Hurr how hard can it be to find white stockings?" Well, pretty fucking difficult apparently. I've actually dared these friends and family members to buy any adult-sized plain white stockings they see and make those my birthday gift for that year. The only pair I ever got was from an uncle who bought them in China, the cheater.
Even the stores with a really wide selection (hot pink? neon green? who even wears those) don't have plain white. When I was a lil babby ita I ended up buying these sexy lingerie thigh-highs because they were literally the only adult-sized plain white legwear I could find in the entire city after looking for two days straight. Nowadays I just buy them online, but it can be a bitch to color-match. I just got a pair in that's unusable because they're a cool almost blueish white instead of the warmer off-white they appeared to be in the pictures. At least they weren't $30.

>> No.9621517

> start cosplaying, have a good innocent time, make really great friends
> another person on the fringe of the friend group joins in
> turns out this person probably has borderline personality disorder, constantly makes us all feel guilty and shit
> they leave group chat, say they need space
> we give them space, they get enraged we're ignoring them
> suggest professional help, brushed off
> take expensive taxi at midnight to hospital because they OD'd on sleeping meds
> I'm the only friend they still considered hanging out with, but after they recovered wouldn't stop shit talking about my friends
> decide to gtfo that friendship
> they turned to a couple of notorious cosplayers in our comm who hate our friend group so now they sit there thinking we're complete assholes after listening to white lies from this insane person
> tfw don't want to go to meet ups if those people will be there
> tfw lose all motivation to cos because what's the point when drama is going to happen when you go to cons

Cosplay used to be nice

>> No.9621521

Okay, so is it just me or does this never actually "work"? Like, I have yet to see any examples of contouring that were meant to "soften" or "sharpen" features that weren't very obviously makeup. Am I just hyper-aware of when people are trying to fake it with makeup or have I just never legitimately seen good examples? This doesn't just go for IG selfies, I'm talking magazine shoots and film too.

>> No.9621525
File: 137 KB, 600x476, um.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf's cousin has kinda latched on to me and I agreed to go with her to an event
>she's been posting pictures of this skirt she's been sewing all over social media for the last few weeks
>calf-length circle skirt made out of stiff, brightly colored fabric that I'm pretty sure was once a nursery room curtain
>whatever floats her boat I suppose
>she finished it! good for he-
>"I finished my lolita fashion cosplay just in time for #event so now @anonsIG and I can wear our matching lolita fashion cosplays together!"
>mfw this is the first time I'm hearing about this
She's only calling it "lolita fashion cosplay" instead of simply "lolita cosplay" because I've given her the it's-a-fashion-not-a-costume talk before. Clearly that didn't stick as intended.

>> No.9621587

Yes. That is good. He's a genuine bro and looks good in breeches and stockings. A little hefty though.

>> No.9621589

Make the ideas your job.

Do you have a spare room?

Set that up as office.

Clock in at 9:00.
Have lunch at 12:30
Work from 13:00 till 17:00.
Then leave and lock up the office

>> No.9621590

cosplay as a tiny giant visiting the world of little people.

>> No.9621613

This is what I'm trying to accomplish, but my retarded ass is being well... retarded.

Congrats anon

>> No.9621616

Same. I just want to be tiny and cute. I dress up anyway, and wear heels and platforms if I want, but it hurts sometimes knowing I'll never be tiny and cute.

>> No.9621675

Small and cute is a state of mind. You must inhabit the psyche of a smaller girl. Pretend you can't reach things that you really can, develop a pose which involves crouching or otherwise lowering yourself, etc.

There are costume options as well. Horizontal stripes make you look shorter, and striped stockings are always cute. Also a high-end option is that you can potentially wear a skirt that covers your legs and then use some kind of wheeled device for crouched locomotion.

>> No.9621722

>tfw no smol lolita gf ;_;

>> No.9621744

>pretend i cant reach things i really can
Pretty sure people will just look at me like wtf are you doing (´;ω;`)

>> No.9621745

That's normal, short girls receive that look when they attempt to do things as well.

>> No.9621753

I stopped going to my comm's meets because it was just a couple lolitas and this one thirsty """ouji"" guy who wore the same shitty thrift clothes outfit every meet. Don't be that guy, only do meets if you actually wear the fashion for real

>> No.9621754

I mean its the point that i CAN reach it
And im pretty sure people would know that
>crouching posture

>> No.9621755
File: 319 KB, 671x613, 1466236354192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9621756

I don't mean duck-walk around the con, I mean when you do image poses crouch and maybe choose a skirt which will hide your giant Amazonian legs when you crouch.

>> No.9621759
File: 27 KB, 302x389, 30E84192-1518-477E-8791-7A1BC0B35964-15753-000023488E3F59EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno anon ( ´_ゝ`)
I know youre trying to help
But that seems very forced and trying too hard
I feel people would catch on

>> No.9621770

Literally, who?

>> No.9621802

Lurk more, newfriend.

>> No.9621834

I read this and it totally pulled my heartstrings. My boyfriend and I are poly and I have so much anxiety about it...I really want us to meet someone else who is a friend and we all fall in love but it just seems so impossible to find others who are like that... anyway it's special so I hope you guys make it

>> No.9621878

I am. Enlighten me?

>> No.9621893
File: 24 KB, 255x300, ung-drill-mirror-black__0380349_pe555270_s41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep obsessing over my appearance because of lolita. I think I look pretty okay in the mirror most of the time, even pretty with the right makeup and hair on, but I've read a bunch of articles online where it says that you don't look as good as you think (especially when you look in the mirror) and now I'm paranoid. They say that it's because your image is flipped, but I used a hand mirror to see myself from the 'right side' and I don't actually look that different...? Yeah my face looks a little lopsided but it's mostly the same? Yet whenever I take a picture my facial features look oversized and my mouth looks too thin/small, but a lot of people say you actually look more like your camera pic than the mirror image... And I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time believing it, surely at least the size of my proportions in the mirror would be correct so how can the camera be a better measure? Also, isn't there stuff like lens distortion etc...
The reason why I can't stop thinking about it is because I'm scared of being too ugly for cute clothes. I've seen some people say stuff like 'how can she be confident with that face' to other girls before, or 'she shouldn't wear lolita with that face' and I'm afraid that I'm one of those girls... I look nice to myself in the mirror (even when the image is flipped) but am scared that I'm just seeing what I want to see and not what's really there/that my eyes are fooling me or something. I've asked some people I'm very close to if that's really how I look (even in random mirrors I haven't seen/used before) and they said yes, but I don't know if they're just saying it to make me feel better...

Idk I just want to know if that's actually what I look like so I know which style would suit me or if I'd suit lolita at all. I don't want to shoehorn myself into any style if I'm doomed to look like shit in it. I know it sounds silly but nobody seems to know for sure and I keep getting conflicting information.

>> No.9621908

Post an image and I'll tell you where you rank.

>> No.9621912

Well, I can't really do that for obvious reasons.

>> No.9621920

>Well, I can't really do that for obvious reasons.

Huh? It's actually not obvious. Or do you mean you have no images in cosplay?

>> No.9621934

I'm a lolita, like I said in the post. My local comm has cgl regulars.
I also didn't want anyone to tell me where I rank but whether it's possible to see how others see us in the mirror (the way I explained in my original post) since the camera distorts features and depends on angles too much.

>> No.9621937

The distortion you're talking about is a product of the human ego, not the camera.
The only way you can see yourself as you really look is to wait a few years and look at old images. Those no longer look like 'you', so they're not subject to the same cognitive bias.

>> No.9621941

Please actually read my first post.

>> No.9621944

No. I can't speak for your face, but your rambling ellipse filled pseudoparagraphs aren't pretty to look at.

>> No.9621949

That's fine, but then don't reply or expect me to regurgitate my thoughts just for you over and over again.

>> No.9621976

Just scissor already

>> No.9621995

>buy skirt on LM
>listing explicitly says "domestic shipping included"
>buy it
>get invoice with shipping cost tacked on
>too autistic to point it out, just pay it

it was only a few dollars but man I'm annoyed. Mostly at myself, but don't put right in your description that shipping is included if it's not.

>> No.9621998

>go to store to get fabric for cosplay
>only guy in the sewing/fabric section
>the old ladies there keep asking what my wife sent me to get, and telling me I shouldn't get this or that
fucking hate the old ladies who hang out in JoAnne's and Hobby Lobby

>> No.9621999

I know. I'm in to the fashion, but only the female side. Can't imagine going to a meet.

>> No.9622005
File: 9 KB, 393x128, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mirrors are usually the most reliable, yes. Your two-mirror trick is actually a fairly accurate assessment, but do remember that lighting and angles also matter here (a lot).
Cameras are generally misleading, but video footage is preferable to still images and far away is preferable to close up.
That's it in a nutshell.

>> No.9622017

>craft artist
>posts pictures of crafts on instagram
>sometimes post pictures of crafts with me or a friend posing with the craft
>posts with me in them get more likes than posts with either of my two friends

does.. does that mean my followers actually like me more?

>> No.9622124
File: 52 KB, 600x724, 1500838493474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get what I consider some really cute main peices
>no accessories that match
>no shoes that match
>no idea where to start
>mfw only main peices and nothing to match
>its the first time I'm not really wearing jfashion so I can't ask in /cgl/
>recall finding a place online where they make polyvore sets for you $5 a set
>can't find it for the life of me

changing styles is so hard and expensive, what I want to wear is still tacky but, stands out a lot less than lolita.
anyone want to be my polyvore stylist? I'll give you $5 per polyvore set

I dress in typical hot topic nerd wear and 60s gogo dresses. I'm trying to combine the two. weird and tacky, I know, but I like it.

>> No.9622134

i think it comes in waves. for almost a year i couldnt find a single pair of white otks or tights and now theyre at ardenes. i buy them in bulk because theyre garbage and fall apart but theyre cheap

>> No.9622138

kill her

>> No.9622149

ill make outfits for you for free just post a collage of your main pieces

>> No.9622161

>finally get bf of my dreams
>think depression might be cured because no more lonely single me
>stressed because I'm in the last few months of my masters but it's cool cause I have a bf now right?
>get food poisoning, trigger the fuck out of my emetophobia, now I panic every time I eat anything BUT IT'S STILL COOL RIGHT
>eating disorder back with a vengeance, dropping weight like crazy
>bf wants me to cosplay his waifu/s at local con
>I have no time or money for cosplay right now
>weight refuses to stabilize so my measurements are all haywire anyway
>tell him I'm just not up for any cosplay atm
>he starts acting kinda distant

I would off myself today if it weren't for the fact that I really don't want my mom to be the one that finds my body.

>> No.9622171

Relationships are all about communication - tell him the truth

>> No.9622173

He doesn't know what a fuck-up he's dating and I plan on keeping it that way

>> No.9622179

You're not a fuck up. Right now you are going through a rough patch. If you want this relationship to be healthy and successful honesty needs to be there. I'm not saying you need to tell him everything right now but eventually. It will only hurt both of you to try and hide things like this.

>> No.9622185
File: 2.49 MB, 1990x2182, garishandilikeit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anything I posted photos of i own
anything with text = suggestions

things I like:
>thigh highs
>mary janes

no go:
>tights (too tall for most of them so why try)

Lolita no longer feels right, but for some reason, this does?

also super cool of you to offer btw

>> No.9622186

This is literally why you'll get dropped like a sack of fucking rocks. Learn to communicate.

>> No.9622193

People like you are why I'm ok with being single.

>> No.9622194
File: 17 KB, 917x1186, 1451749882371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 6'0
Pretty sure I could kill myself by buying some nice heels and leaning forward

>> No.9622202

i feel this in my bones anon...i'm 5'11'' and kinda thicc, i feel like all of my friends i have are definitely closer to 5'5...i just want to be able to buy cute clothes that fit and not feel like the jolly green giant...

>> No.9622205

i should add that i'm a girl lmao

>> No.9622207

I came here to vent, not get the tired self-help drivel. I will get dumped if I unload all my shit onto him and I'm better off not being single.

Yeah, please rub it in that I'm too codependant.

>> No.9622210
File: 258 KB, 1200x801, C4k2otKUEAQ7uPx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just let him know you're a fuck-up
if he's really your dream bf he'll understand

>tfw let my totally perfect bf know I'm a fuck-up and it only made us closer

>> No.9622214

thank you! i was going to say this. i've been through the same thing and had the same results as you.

>> No.9622220

I regret not investing in my old classmate's startup several years ago. At the time, I wasn't sold on the idea. Now it's making decent money and I could've had some of that instead of putting off purchase after purchase now.

>> No.9622221

Enjoy falling further in depression when he dumps you I guess.

>> No.9622226


>> No.9622229


>acts distant after not wanting to cosplay his waifus

Really? He's not offering any support for this and is just forcing that expectation on you?

Sounds like your close to dodging a bullet with that one.

>> No.9622230

I can't remember the last time I went a day without thinking about killing myself

>> No.9622232

>when you check cgl after having a mini breakdown and this is the first post you see
welcome to the club bub

>> No.9622234

He can't offer support when she refuses to talk about any of her problems.

>> No.9622240
File: 201 KB, 500x789, 1501364781171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw going to be super busy this semester and am nervous as hell
I don't know if I'll have time to wear lolita as much as I'd like, going to have to do a lot of stuff for school and work and more productive hobbies.

>tfw checked bodyline's site the other day to buy a pair of boots
>went back less than an hour later
>price went up 2x as much

thanks Yan

>> No.9622244

You're welcome.

>> No.9622255

It probably means you're cuter than them.

>> No.9622256
File: 241 KB, 529x500, stockingfish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna ask my con crush to go to con prom with me tomorrow.

I'm so nervous. Somebody help me.

>> No.9622258

>accidentally murdered a cat with my car the other day
>grandmother passed away yesterday
>Summer is coming to an end
>obsessive thoughts of this fucking cat keep flooding in and I'm so out of it I can't even feel sad about my grandmother
>start spending $$$$$$$$ that i don't have on new clothes to make myself feel better
>anxiety compounds
>compulsion to buy more shit compounds
>constant struggle to not drop myself into even more debt causes more anxiety

I don't even know what to do about this anymore. Every time I start getting depressed I impulse buy, every few weeks I get episodes of mania where I impulse buy. I've been to therapists but they all seem very quick to brush me off for some reason, despite my crippling symptoms that are slowly ruining my life.

>> No.9622280

>Why would someone being attracted to your youthful appearance mean they don't like the 'real you'?

You are completely ignoring that this is specifically about pedos. Pedos don't give a shit about you, they only care that you look like a child. It's creepy as fuck and absolutely disgusting. Normal people don't want to have sex or a relationship with pedos.

>> No.9622285

>feel somewhat stigmatized due to really long hair
>feel extremely limited in what I could cosplay
/cgl/ lesson #1: GET A FUCKING WIG

>> No.9622290

Holy fucking shit I'm basically in the same boat. Crazy bitch with bpd was gaslighting us and just being a toxic piece of shit. We're no longer friends and she lied to a bunch of people about our friend group.

Just hold your head high at cons. You deserve to be there, they don't own that space. Pretend they aren't there, don't acknowledge them, be the better person.

>> No.9622295

People tend to focus on flaws in their own face that other people don't notice, because you spend more time staring at your own face than most other peoples' faces.

EG I think I have a huge jew nose, I have a bump on my nose, I have awful huge pores on my face, I think my foundation is always flaky and cakey, but multiple people have told me over and over than none of those things are true. I don't believe them, because I still see these flaws, but i can at least tell myself, "nobody else notices them I guess."

As for "suiting" a certain style, I really firmly believe that most of "suiting" a style has to do with how you do your hair and makeup, I don't think a certain face is ever really limited to a certain style. Just buy clothes that call to you and make you happy.

>> No.9622296

Well, thanks for the sad. RIP, poor kitty.

>> No.9622299

It was 100% an accident but i literally can't stop thinking about it

I feel like I'm creeping towards suicidal thoughts again because of it, I want to throw up, I'm so disgusted with myself.

>at least it was a feral and not someone's pet, I guess.

That's the only thing that could make me feel worse.

>> No.9622309

Did you at least pick it up off the road? Or call animal control? I'm not trying to make you suicidal, anon, but my heart bleeds for cats. Shit happens, and I can imagine the agony. I'd not be able to stand it, myself.

>> No.9622311

Yeah, we were actually feeding her and trying to tame her, which is probably why it's hitting me so hard. She had a name. I don't want to go into detail and traumatize you too, but I had to have my dad take care of her because I couldn't do it. i was just crying the whole time.

>> No.9622314

Oh, right, she was the same age as our new kitten we just got too (3-4 months). So I keep asking myself, "What if it had been Jiji?"

We don't let the cats outside but I can't stop thinking about it anyway. My worst fear is finding our outside cats dead, me having been the one to do it is... honestly the worst thing I've ever done. I've never felt such guilt.

>> No.9622315

Sorry for your loss, anon. And I know it's easy for an outsider to say, but don't let it eat you up inside. You're not at fault for something completely accidental. It'll take some time, but you'll feel better eventually. Sorry about your grandma, too.

>> No.9622317

Go hug your kitty. It helps a lot.

>> No.9622318

It was an accident, animals are very forgiving creatures and I'm sure that cat wouldn't want you to feel like this.
I think maybe you should try writing letters to get everything you're feeling out. Honestly this method helps me sometimes and other times it's just a temporary fix, but even if it only helps subside theses feelings temporarily, it's worth a try.

>> No.9622321


Thanks anon(s). I had a really good nap with my cat last night and i felt a little better, but I was drunk and/or stoned all weekend to dull my pain but now I'm at work, bored and sober and it's all coming rushing in at once.

>reasons to not drink your pain away

>> No.9622323

He's a tripfag larper with a keen knowledge and appreciation for period fashion, he's well known and appreciated by larpers, lolitas and oujis as well (after revealing that he supposedly lives the ideal "lolita lifestyle" with his girlfriend). He's a pretty chill dude from what I've seen.

>> No.9622328

I definitely don't recommend alcohol as a pick-me-up in this case.

>> No.9622338

>spends copious amounts of money on brand
>starts running out of room in my closets
>keeps buying more
>also drops money on husbando merch
>spent the other day crying because my husbando will never be real
I'm a mess, gulls.

>> No.9622347

bad taste never mind

>> No.9622366
File: 156 KB, 741x1024, 175ab62560f7f62388778df177bb68fe[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>dress in typical hot topic nerd wear
>60s gogo dresses

goddamn anon what did you expect? both those things are garish and tacky and I fucking love it.

>> No.9622374

Honestly >>9622185 goes beyond that. You can make shitty nerd clothes look sort of decent by choosing things with subtle or nice patterns, or nicer cuts (Like, hot topic has dresses that are like character inspired, which is still eeeeh but it can look better)

these are just basic bitch skater dresses. Put on your converse and go about your day. It's not like it's something that requires coordination.

>> No.9622386

>hot topic
>not expecting basic bitch stuff

look anon, if you knew were going to be this upset over the "hot topic" portion of my list, you shouldn't have offered at all.

>> No.9622392

I had to go to the gehtto Walmart for cosplay supplies and some fat girl got pepper sprayed. :(

THE FUCK is "con prom?"

>> No.9622395

I'm a different anon actually. But like, I can't even imagine what you're asking for help with? the gogo shit is all sort of formulaic, and the skater dresses are... basically t-shirts that you don't have to wear pants under. They're just really casual clothes, there isn't really a way to dress them up without looking like you're trying too hard.

>> No.9622396

Holy shit are you guys me?? Ever since I broke up with an ex, his siblings's girlfriend (who 95% has bpd) has been trying to make me out to be this toxic gatekeeper by twisting words, making up the most insane lies, and even editing proof against her claims to make it look like i'm evil. Thankfully she isn't well known or liked in my comm and after claiming that im brainwashing people to "whiteknight" against me, she is avoided by everyone. Sage for oot but I seriously feel you guys.

>> No.9622397
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My mom never wants me to go to a con again, because Dragoncon gossip convinced her that "it's all just a bunch of gay kids fighting in the street."

>> No.9622400

Thanks anon, good to vent this stuff out.

I'm currently ignoring them completely. Fortunately two of them are well known to be drama stirring shits in the local cgl comm so I feel a little better. It sucks jumping around them but I know I'd rather be loyal to my friends who were emotionally manipulated and gaslighted.

>> No.9622403

oh, I want an odd combination of the two.
60s with a little bit of nerd vibes
and nerd shit with a little bit of retro fashion vibes.

I think this could be done by having the right hairstyles/accessories

if it was its own thing, I could have easily picked out coords for them now, since as you said they're all sort of formulaic, but I'm having trouble since I want to combine the two.

>> No.9622404

I think the problem there is that they shapes don't lend themselves to each other very well. You could do a 60s hairstyle with one of the skater dresses but it won't feel like a 60s outfit at all - you'll just look unbalanced and a little weird.

Honestly your best bet is probably plain colored 60s style dresses with the nerd leggings, and just use accessories in matching colors, or from the same series, to bring them together. I don't really think there's a way of making skater dresses look 60s at all.

>> No.9622416

this is it for me, gulls

i hurt too much and all of my friends have left me because they only like me when i'm happy. the only comfort i have is lolita and even that has lost its magic for me. i'm checking out tonight, but i wanna say thanks for the years of entertainment. it was a pleasure shitposting with you. i hope some of you end up with my burando. it deserves better than me.

>> No.9622422

Please don't do this. We can talk.

It's a bad idea, I promise. I've been there.

>> No.9622431

i appreciate the sentiment anon but i don't think talking will get me anywhere. i'll still be alone and real sadness scares people away

my posting is a cry for help but it's useless. i just wanted to tell someone before i do it because i have nobody else to tell. the world is so ugly.

>> No.9622433

It's not the right decision. I swear.

Do you have someone irl to talk to? Your parents? They'd be devastated for life if they lost you.

>> No.9622440

abusive parents who have two other kids, one less kid is one less burden. they are the kind of people who yell at you for being sad.

sorry anon i don't want to shit up the thread any more than i already have, this was a nice exchange, thank you

>> No.9622442

I can't stop you, but I promise, this is a bad idea.

I have to go to work now, but I hope you're still here when I get back.

>> No.9622451

Stop so you can be my lolita gf. Let me comfort you

>> No.9622461

Please stay with us, anon. Things are bound to change, and I'm sure you'll find real friends who will be there even when you're sad at some point

>> No.9622469

go to reddit narcisistic parents. they'll help you more than we can.

I was in a similar situation years ago. If my stepdad wasn't a doctor I wouldn't even be here

its crazy that years ago I kept wanting to die, but now I have become the person I've always dreamed of being.

I'm worr

>> No.9622478

Pedos can't control who they like anymore than you can. If anything, they're channeling it healthily. Learn to accept your partner more, if they aren't hurting anyone then good on them. You have fualts you can't control, so do they, but it they say something you find creepy you're more than in you're right to ask then to stop. Just try to at least be understanding. Also being attracted to someone for youthful looks doesn't automatically make someone a literal pedophile either. Being a child comes from looks as well as cognitive functioning. Unless you also have the mannerisms of a little girl, many of your partners may not have been pedophiles but just like young looking girls; and yes there is a difference. A 14 year old could be an early bloomer with a full rack and curved body, but will obviously act like a 14 year old and not an adult.

Just food for thought. You seem like you're being too judgemental over your partners due to your own insecurities of thinking you have an unlikable personality, leading you to project a terrible image in them that may not exactly be there.

>> No.9622480

Wish i knew this before...
Calm down sweetie
You guys give up so fast
The fuck? Being a guy isn't a problem. Being an autist however...
Have you shown her a real lolita???

>> No.9622489

We're not a fake friend who will tell you that everything is fine tho.
Seriously, hiding that from him will cause nothing good. That's not even a relationship. He's not perfect anyway, nobody is.

>> No.9622491

Vent to your diary. This is a message board and though we are all anonymous there are actual, real people who actually want to help you behind the messages you get. If you don't appreciate the non-trolls' efforts then go write on a locked tumblr or something and stop wasting people's time here.

>> No.9622507

He's also a goddamn clown. Not an insult either. He spent most of his life IRL in the honest to god circus.

>> No.9622516

light and angles are super tricky, and if you see yourself in the mirror, what you see in it is one facet of reality, but one limited to a single kind of angle and light. It is natural that pictures or videos from multiple angles will eventually get a bad side, but that does not mean you are monstruously naive of yourself.

>> No.9622519

it is normal to get distant sometimes in relationships. Married for over 3 years, it is always in stressful situations for both of us (job, courses, etc) that we get distant because of lack of time. Just be patient to yourself, you were honest with him.
You could tell him that you can cosplay in the next con, not this one.

>> No.9622592

Maybe all us tall lolitas should all go out together so itd be less weird than one tall lolita
Power in numbers ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

>> No.9622597
File: 43 KB, 640x359, e521a0c934b0034e29c82a3e27604f061379174881_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stop following j-fash for a few years
>finally get a decent paying job
>decide I can afford to finally achieve my mori girl dreams
>check bookmarked stores
>404, low stock or switched fashions
>blogs are mostly dead
>mfw mori is kill

>> No.9622600

Sell your dresses cheap and you will live on in our hearts as a good anon

>> No.9622644

>defending pedos
Jesus Christ.

>> No.9622714

>Went to AX in July, had a pretty miserable time
>super hot and crowded, and was sick the whole time
>staying at friend's family's house 45 mins away
>retired my favorite costume mid-con because it just doesnt fit me anymore
>been in a slump ever since I got back

I don't know what happened but I just can't bring myself to work on costumes anymore. I still WANT to but every time I try to set my stuff up, I lose all motivation. I need to finish this one costume I've had laying around for half a year now before I start anything else, but its honestly just a roadblock now. I'm not sure how to get out of this.

>> No.9622750

>tfw 5'5" so pretty average
>all of my friends are taller than me and joke about me being short
>go to lolita meet
>suddenly tallest one there
Can I hang with you tallitas pls, I don't like being the tallest one

>> No.9622771

>early Sunday tea
>drank too much coffee
>got super horny from the caffeine

>> No.9622781

Not all tiny people are cute.
Plus, you can prob be a model with that height

>> No.9622788

As a moderate, I'm really annoyed at how regressively liberal the lolita and J-fashion community is. I am saddened about Lynda being let go from AP. I didn't particularly like her or know her well, but I can't believe how hard the community sperged out over her comments. I'm really sad to see how overly sensitive lolitas in general are. What she said wasn't even that bad, yet people got SO offended and lost their shit so hard over it. This community is controlled by regressive politics and I'm sick of it.

>> No.9622789

It's nice until someone tries to drag you into his home... It's also nice when your half his weight and nearly a foot shorter.

>> No.9622796

If only the community cared this much about getting rid of creeps and sissies.

>> No.9622800

What happened?

>> No.9622804

This sperfest https://www.change.org/p/saxony-llc-angelic-pretty-take-a-stand-against-hate

>> No.9622810
File: 42 KB, 800x800, 1469632398771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Used language that is discriminatory towards people on the Autism spectrum.

>> No.9622814
File: 114 KB, 640x912, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nayrt, and your taste is pretty tacky desu, so good luck haha. If you really go hard on tasteful vintage kitsch for everythingn but the skater dresses you might be alright

>> No.9622820
File: 19 KB, 400x220, IMG_3260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being that 5 foot Lolita comes with it's own problems
>I will never be beautiful only cute
>I can't reach things without depending on others or climbing
>people never take you seriously
> can't eat or drink as much
The grass is greener always

>> No.9622825

I really feel you on this but it really doesn't work often. I consider myself poly, but every time I've tried to really make it work one party or another always ends up jealous and controlling. It'd be really great to find other people and have a big happy relationship but people arent into that so much. just ask them about poly stuff but dont relate it to yourself, you can always laugh it off if you need to.

>> No.9622826

>tfw no 5 foot lolita gf to throw over my shoulder for fun

>> No.9622831

Former professional circus performer, turned living museum historian. Built like a bear, but a textbook gentleman.
His makeup, larping and mens fashion tips are on point. This gets some gulls hot and bothered.

Also apparently has a couple of dick piercings.

>> No.9622835

Not all short people look cute and innocent. A lot still have that sexy look, wide hips, big boobs, mature face, etc. There are plenty of short lolitas like that.

>> No.9622839
File: 106 KB, 640x912, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another, because I hate myself

>> No.9622853

My local comm coddles any sissy shrewd enough to claim to be trans, because looking the wrong way at someone claiming to be trans is practically grounds for a ban. Every single one of these poor oppressed "transwomen" turned out to be an autogynophile creep sending sexual messages to girls, including minors. I used to be pretty accepting of everyone and everything but my experiences in the lolita community, locally and online, are slowly turning me into a TERF.

>> No.9622856

It's almost like the tall anons have never found pictures of them in loli in CP collections. Good riddance 12chan.

>> No.9622866

I'm so sorry. Are you still a part of this comm? Why don't the mods do anything about it, especially when the "trans women" turn out to be sexual predators?

>> No.9622892
File: 107 KB, 1058x705, 4772795__e188297988ce060ed77289f0d306731a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am totally OK with a full on thread derail to learn more about this guy.

>> No.9622900

Just search archives for gropey the clown. he used to trip pretty frequently and shows up every now and again, mostly in the LARP threads

>> No.9622908

The mods are the ones going YAAAS KWEEN SLAY up until there's documented proof that he's a creepo. Then he gets booted, and after a year or so a new one joins and the cycle starts again. My friends and I just manoeuver around these types when organizig anything and maintain a veil of plausible deniability as long as the sissy's still in stealth mode, because once you're labelled a bigoted bully for not accepting the sissy as legit trans, that stigma doesn't go away and nobody apologizes even after you've been proven right.

>> No.9622916

Because poly relationships are bullshit and only 'work' on tv shows.

>> No.9622919

Are you really surprised a predominantly female cliche is overly liberal?

>> No.9622925

Is there not any examples of what was actually said? I see so many things described as offensive but aren't.

>> No.9622944

I would rather talk about gentlemanly dickrings over predatory sissies.

>> No.9622974

Glad you are enjoying life anon :)

>> No.9622986

>tfw my CoF posts get posted on /cgl/ and anons are commenting that my skirt is too short, that tall people shouldnt wear ott sweet, that my vag is practically hanging out of my AP
>mfw im only 5'2" and i just have short torso/long leg, underskirts look super shitty with ott sweet imo

>> No.9622998

Did you even see all of Lynda's posts? I'm pretty moderate myself and absolutely on board with her losing her job over her dumb shit, though I agree that the people who get worked up into chimplike frenzies over it are tiresome.

>> No.9623010

I only saw the original comment that seemed to spark the outrage. And I 100% agree with what she said then. IF she did other shit thats more offensive than that, it's another story. But I've only seen that remark and read people said "she's racist!" or "she's rude!" with no proof to back it up. The change.org petition just screams they got her let go because she's not liberal and thus a problem for people. Most of the shit she did is her given right as an American.

>> No.9623017

underage b& >>>/out/

>> No.9623019

lolitas exist in san bernardino??? lmao i thought it was only meth heads and brown people

>> No.9623023

>tfw ugly Manlet with no social skills that stopped being a teenager two years ago.
I will never be able to do couple's cosplay and even if i could nobody would ever want to take pictures of us together because it's hard for me to find anything I look even remotely like in terms of skin tone and facial structure.

>> No.9623048

>frequently complimented on my long, thick natural hair
>too long to wear a wig so it's basically my "signature"
>still really want to cut it all off, but scared I'll look like shit in lolita once I do

I don't know why I feel so attached to it even though I want to try different styles. It's like I built part of my self-identity around having super long hair for all these years, which sounds ridiculous. I even get recognised around campus as that girl with the super long hair so without it I don't know if I'd feel like "me". I'm scared of making a mistake since if I cut it and don't like it it'll take 3-4 years just to grow out to shoulder length, never mind my previous length, but I'm sick of the upkeep.

>> No.9623085

Long bob?

>> No.9623151

I've had a lob several years ago (grew out what I had now from one) and it's pretty cute with my hair type, but desu it was still a lot of upkeep due to the thickness, and the versatility was lower than what I have now for similar upkeep (I couldn't do any of the braided styles I rely on a lot now at that length, it was long enough to stick in a ponytail but still looked bad in one). I think I'd go for a bob over a lob as it has similar styling options but lower upkeep, but desu I just want to go for genuinely, like, boy-short hair.

If I was in any other fashion I'd just go for it, but three years is a heck of a long time in lolita, which makes me so uncertain...who knows if I'll even be a lolita any more three or four years from now? I know for definite that I'll have left university before it grows back, so I probably won't be able to wear lolita on a regular basis anyway, whereas having loliable natural hair is really important to me right now as I can actually wear lolita kind of daily. Maybe I should wait until I graduate to get the big chop, since at that point I'll probably only be wearing lolita to meets and it won't be as much of a burden to wear wigs every time.

>> No.9623166

You have no idea what you're talking about, pedophilia is a fetish and can be treated.
Try reading an actual textbook next time rather than just the wikipedia page.

>> No.9623179

>you're underage if your parents give a crap about you

>> No.9623202

>I would rather talk about gentlemanly dickrings over predatory sissies
Things I never expected to read on /cgl/...

>> No.9623218

You don't ''treat'' fetishes. Literally what is the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia? Besides one being considered morally wrong.
Which by the way, homosexuality used to be "treated" the same way and also considered morally wrong.

>> No.9623228

you don't cure pedophilia, you just stop them from acting out on their fantasies and diddling kids

>> No.9623236
File: 2 KB, 83x125, 1478984459162s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get a couple hundred dollars from relatives for my birthday
>"Wow, I should really spend this on something that will enrich my life like books or a class to learn a new hobby"
>Tempted to spend that money on a new dress
Help me gulls

>> No.9623239

>tried to kill myself last week, unsuccessful
>suck it up and accept that i need help
>boom, housemate kicks me out
>life in boxes, crawled back to my parents house
>at least now i don't have to pay rent so i can buy brand for the first time in ages

silver linings, right?

>> No.9623243

nayrt, but nice bait.

The difference is consent.

>> No.9623261

Anon said
>Besides one being considered morally wrong.
People are homo or hetereosexual in exactly the same way they are pedosexuals or whatever.

>> No.9623275

I'm not talking about the actual act of fucking the kids retard. I'm talking about the attraction to the abnormal. You can't fix homosexuality just like you can't fix pedos.

>> No.9623282

i got u! don't worry, i'm 5'11'' so you definitely won't be the tallest one :')

>> No.9623351

Disgusting, and unfortunate especially for the members being targeted by these fucks. I don't normally advise leaving comms behind but it doesn't seem like there's much you can do to change things, and it sounds like a genuinely toxic environment to be in.

>> No.9623368

Homosexuality is attraction to a fully developed, seemingly healthy bodied (fertile) person who has a psychological age close to yours.

I'm sorry to say that you're either very dumb or a pedo apologist yourself if you can't see how that would be considered non-pathological whereas an attraction to someone who is 1. not yet capable of understanding the world in any meaningful way 2. has a body that is not fertile, would. You have no biological nor psychological basis to feel sexual attraction to kids, and you can never put this "sexuality" into practice - it's clearly a kind of mental illness and is in no way comparable to homosexuality

>> No.9623378

OP on the lynda thing here, and I totally agree that what she posted didn't belong on her facebook page, and it was good business for AP to let her go. But the outrage was disproportionate. She never "sympathized with nazis" and she made posts afterwards to clarify that she believes (rightly so) protests belong on weekends, not on the job, and the outrage over the "autistic" comments is just laughable. The social justice mindset is so cancerous and pervasive in this community. It's not just liberalism, it's identity politics, virtue signaling, and witch hunting at its worst. It just sucks that she was fired for not being a regressive liberal.

>> No.9623381

Yep. There's a san gabriel valley comm.

>> No.9623391
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you're okay.

>> No.9623413

Them being fully developed of the same sex is no different than someone attracted to the same sex and underdeveloped. You don't FIX attraction.

>> No.9623415

Homosexuality is attraction to the same sex. It doesn't state developed or non-developed dumbass. You can be a homosexual pedo.

There is no difference between homosexuality and pedophilia besides the fact one isn't considered morally wrong. And you CAN put it in to practice depending on the country.

>> No.9623419

>Attraction to a body that isn't fertile
Okay, homosexuality has nothing to do with fertility though? You're going against basic human function by fucking your own sex.

>> No.9623446

found the pedo

>> No.9623462

I exclusively masturbate to 2D amazons/muscle girls but thanks for trying

>> No.9623555

>have to resort to calling people pedos after you completely miss the point and get blown the fuck out


>> No.9623577

People have personal views. Said views are separate from work life. Firing someone for their personal views that have absolutely zero bearing on their job is thought crime territory. You can disagree with someone without wishing harm on them. It isn't justice for someone to be canned for their views, regardless of how much you disagree with then.

>> No.9623596
File: 115 KB, 713x1000, DGdEo_SVYAEZ0Wk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't we wind this back a little from the scarecrow argument this dropped into.

The original discussion came from whether or not it was bad for "literal pedos" (incorrect terminology btw, it should be hebephile) to be attracted to an adult woman with a childlike frame and features.

I say hebephile here because barring genetic defects, it is extremely unlikely Anon looks like a literal child under the age of 10. Pedophelia is attraction to PREPUBECENT children whereas Hebephelia is attraction to early pubevent children. For distinction purposes, I'll be referring to them as "young adults" which is common terminology for this age group.

Now, young adults are actually fertile and of breeding age, but obviously have a undeveloped understanding of how the world fully works or where they belong in the world. Because of their need to depend on adults still, it is easy for them to form bonds with supportive adult figures. This creates the scenario in which young adults can easily be manipulated by full adults to "give consent" given the right circumstances.

It's morally wrong from the standpoint of taking advantage of a developing person's psychology. Young adults are old enough to know what they want, old enough to make decisions for their selves, and old enough to have an understanding of sex and the risks involved (assuming they had proper sexual education, which they should by this age). However, it is easy to skew their mindset, and often the gap in experience grants the adult an upper hand.

>> No.9623597
File: 257 KB, 2048x1232, DEVfylwVoAAyATr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now, with that in mind; an adult who is attracted to the features of young adults (Petit frame, small "middle of budding" look to sex features such as breasts, buttocks, etc.) but understands that actual young adults should be off limits and instead only goes for grown adults who have these physical features isn't doing any harm to anyone. For that matter, it doesn't inherently mean that they "only like you because of how liddle gurl you look." It simply means they have a very real physical preference that they can't control, just like how you can't control what physical features you find attractive in those you seek, and they go for those features. They may be hebephiles but they aren't hurting anyone, they're in consenting adults relationships, and they're not in control of who they like. They ARE however in control of who they date, and if they're making the choice to not date actual young adults then there shouldn't be an issue. Who is being hurt in this scenario?

The original post was about Anon having self esteem issues and lacking too much confidence in her own personality to assume anyone could possibly love her for anything other than her appearance as a young adult. Rather than Anon channeling her insecurities on her partners being at fault, it's more helpful to tell her not to discriminately hate anyone who may approach her, understand that dating is majorly about physical attraction regardless of what romance novels tell you, and that if they do something she finds uncomfortable it's important to calmly and maturely communicate this instead of building internal angst against them.

Somewhere along the line this conversation turned into some wild scapegoat where the original context was lost. at a certain point it becomes hate for the sense of hate. They're still human and can't control what they're attracted to, but they have full control over who they pursue.

>> No.9623822

ugh I know a girl who wears a skirt made with this pattern and she is so fucking obnoxious.

>> No.9623996

I disagree with their views and don't wish harm on them. However I do not want any more of my dollars going to such a person. I let AP know that I won't be patronizing their US store any more. AP decides that these losses aren't worth having such a person on their team. This is called a logical business practice. It literally happens all the fucking time. I chose where my dollars go, you mad?

>> No.9624228


your honest attempt made me convinced that you can't style skater dresses in a tasteful way. I'll probably just wear gogo dresses with some nerd flair and skater dresses on my off days