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Previous thread. >>9608601

Keep those feels cgl-related, and ignore the trolls.

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It just means a qt you saw at the con and were infatuated with.

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>bored all the time but not motivation or idea to do anything. Basically just staring at a blank computer all day
>notice there's a big con right here in a week so might as well go
>remember I have no-one to go with
>can't really get excited about it anymore and not really motivated to cosplay anymore
>probably just going to be a random creeper/weirdo story because I dropped my phone and accidentally trip trying to pick it up and some girl will think I was trying to rape her or something
>only excitement is that my ex's family member might literally stab me if they see me around

I really want to get excited for this because I don't do much outside school and work. But I just can't. Even joined a discord group to get hyped about it but it's just reminding me how miserable I am for no real reason.

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No motivation to finish my cosplays ever since I gave up my ADD meds. HELP.

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>First con in a year or 2 after normie adventures
>No budget to cosplay
>Wingman is at a wedding all weekend
>Meet up with multiple groups of old con friends
>They're a lot duller than I remember
>Every new person I meet isn't much better
>Con was a solid 3/10 but everyone is saying it was the best con in forever
>Come home feeling empty

Have I become a Normie?
Do I just stop or try one last time?

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>tfw want to wear cute j-fash or even lolita to uni but engineering isn't kawaii and i'm rarely in the mood to look cute/cant be bothered for only 1 or 2 classes

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I have so many cosplays I wanna do before I'm geriatric but I just feel so... unmotivated. I enjoy finding and ordering supplies/materials, pouring through guides on how to make things, and planning out the exact construction process, but when it comes to actually doing things I just don't have the energy.

I'm not a lazy person at all, like I'll get up and do a ton of other things, I just can't bring myself to work on cosplays. Maybe it's some subconscious fear of imperfection? Idk.

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This is called depression, anon.

Also, don't worry about accidentally being called a creep. There are typically too many real creepers at cons for people to worry about vaguely awkward people doing dumb shit

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are there days when you don't have labs? start by dressing cute then and work your way to wearing cute clothes more often

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>started BC
>it wrecked my life
>stopped birth control
>it made my boobs bigger
>well, specifically, it made one of my boobs bigger, significantly
>feel like a freak
>ashamed and don't know if I'm willing to start wearing extra padding in one cup
>none of my bras fit, always slipping out
>can barely afford or find new ones
>was a 28B, now like a 28F/28D
>no money for reduction
>just want boobs to go away
>consider wearing 24/7 sports bra

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There are, but like I said - taking an extra hour to or so for hair and makeup doesn't seem worth it when i only have a few classes for the day and i could spend that extra time getting some more sleep or study in. Which is essentially what happens when I plan to look cute or even do makeup - i end up sleeping a little extra or just saying fuck it and doing work in that time.

I know if i really wanted to i'd make the time and effort - but I just wanna whine about it first :--)

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No, I get it. I will say dressing cute for class is great if you need a little extra boost, though. I found when I spent an extra twenty minutes getting dressed before a test instead of sleeping or cramming that littl extra but of review in I did so much better. By that point, half the battle is confidence. Good luck and have fun no matter what you do!

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This is a sign of cancer, anon. Get it checked.

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I just had an exam, anon. This is just me now. :(

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Because of last minute cosplays, I made the most ill-fitting turtleneck shirts especially around the shoulders so I'm kinda disappointed in myself but I'll still wear them. I also made one for my SO who lives across the border, so I had to base the pattern from one of his t-shirts. I hope it'll fit... I'm afraid the turtleneck part will show a significant difference too as mine turned out snugger around the neck while his appears looser. I dunno, will see tomorrow when I'm across the border.

Trying to think on the positive side that they can get adjusted later, and last minute cosplays are last minute cosplays. I just don't have time to adjust them now since I gotta get going and packing.

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I should also add that reportedly, my maternal aunt had the same problem from the start of puberty. She apparently was visually disproportionate and there was no real reason for it, it was just how it went. Like I know all women are kind of uneven, but she was, you knoe, oO kinda ordeal going on. My mother used to say when I was starting puberty that if I was as uneven as my aunt, she'd take me in for plastic surgery, cos she'd rather have a daughter with implants than one with ugly boobs. Good news is, my mom is dead and not here to see them now...

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That sounds awful, anon :/

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when she was like 12, one of my friends passed out and fell down the stairs and landed on her left tiddy
she doesn't remember anything about it apart from her mom waking her up
it stunted the growth, and she's stuck with a C-cup on one side and an F-cup on the other. it's fucking bizarro.

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This got dark really fast
I get it too. Why don't you try anyway and see what happens?

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What, they got bigger after you stopped? Sorry, anon. 28B was perfect, now you've got sloppy Ds.

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Ds are not sloppy when you only have a 28 band size.

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guy here, my gf has super abnormally sized breasts. its supper apparent when she takes her clothes off.

thing is i don't mind, they are still fun to play with, and besides i'm dating her for how i feel about her, not her boobs.

90% of guys wont mind

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Nope, they got bigger on BC and haven't went down at all.
Thanks for your opinion man? My boyfriend doesn't mind at all, he said going up a cup size is 'leveling up'. But I still feel like shit about myself independent of what guys think.

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it's adorable when boys get their information on bra sizing from porn

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fair enough, i do myself hate using other peoples' perceptions of me as a value of my self-worth.

i hope you see that we are our own worst critics.

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Derail but why did you give them up? Just diagnosed and set up to be prescribed meds in about 10 days.

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Sounds like it's time to move on or find a different way to interact with the community

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Naryt but I know two people who gave up on ADD meds because they had problems holding their bladder. But the meds really really helped their quality of life afaik, my bff is still trying to convince her BF to get back on the med train.

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>morbidly obese child
>late in high school put in the work and lose all the weight via good ol fashion diet and exercise
>become success story
>become well known for appearance
>become happy
>suddenly very popular in cosplay comm
>confident I will never gain weight again
>7 years later, I've gained it all back plus extra
>constantly diet and exercise, always slipping up and can't manage to lose more than a couple lbs at a time

I am a sack of shit. I know how to do this and I still can't fucking do it. It's all I ever think about. I've given up cosplay as a result, just thinking "oh, I'll do this and that when I'm thin again" even though I know it isn't going to happen.

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NAYRT, but when I went on AD/HD meds it seriously fucked with my depression and I was miserable. On top of that, I use hyper focusing as a skill so while I was able to focus better at will, I lost the ability to squeeze 10 hours worth of work into 2 like some coked up Harvard Law student trying to make journal which was No Fun. For me it's easier to manage it med free, but it's everyone's choice.

>got rid of my smart phone for a while to manage my AD/HD but the demands of modern life got the best of me
>keep scrolling lolita sales on impulse >my workload and wallet are suffering

I just want to be able to receive group messages without spending 30 minutes on LM

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Thanks, anons, appreciate the real life experience stuff!

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>want to wear cute fashion
>know i will never be as cute as japanese girls wearing it
>motivation gone
>want to wear cute fashion
>no point in putting in hours of effort to be at home
>no idea where to wear clothes to either

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Where do you wear clothes to, anon? Stop thinking about alt fashion as special dress up time and just wear it wherever. You don't need an occasion to dress up nicely for, any excuse works.

>> No.9615115

I just feel like it will look weird without putting in any effort into hair/make up or just going to the supermarket for less than an hour.

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I wear lolita for casual runs to the store all the time, it makes mundane tasks much more fun.

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>Make Ann cosplay from P5
>finish white hoodie and go to check it out
>I made the colored bands too big and it looks dumb as hell

Time to hide from any pictures at the con.

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Practice doing hair and makeup! Once you get a routine down it won't take an hour, maybe 15 minutes tops. Plus, when you do want to get fancy you can use the time to do more complex looks

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Waiting for japonica shipping invoice, went a little mad spending.

Also drank 5 cups of regular tea as I'd run out of decaf & have the fear.

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I'm the anon who was whining a few threads ago about how they didn't know if they'd passed the year and wouldn't be able to wear lolita often again if they'd failed.

I just found out I passed and I'm going to buy so much shit. Having that scare made me appreciate the opportunity university gives to dress different on the reg. Daily wear wardrobe is go, no more fucks given.

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I have the same problem anon. Buy a bra that is fitted for a bigger one and use a pad or two for a smaller. If you want to reduce their size you can always use a elastic bandage. I really want a breast reduction but it's expensive as fuck.

>> No.9615273

>already feel uncomfortable about size
>have adult acne
>want to start BC for skin
>dont want big old fuckin titty

what BC did you start? i know breast growth is common for a lot of types but i really want to avoid this.

>> No.9615286

>binding with a bandage
that's how you perms angle damage tissue, anon. please do not do that

>> No.9615309

Seriously? Is it really so dangerous? I'm doing that only for cosplay and teakwondo so it's not like I'm wearing it every day. Sports bras are not enough in my case.

>> No.9615312

Get a proper binder, do not use bandages. It can do long term damage to your ribs and internal organs.

>> No.9615324

Thanks anon. I'll look into that.

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>do cosplay
>everyone glares at the skimpy cosplays instead
Why can't guys stop giving attention to girls that flaunt their boobs? Like just don't look? Is that so difficult?
Yes i'm salty af.

>> No.9615343

welcome to being a male cosplayer
where you can spend hundreds of hours and dollars making something you're proud of and be looked over for a slutty girl who bought a $100 cosplay off aliexpress

>> No.9615450

>low-priority summery wishlist main piece is up on auctions for cheap
>but I know I should keep money aside for dream dresses or focus on basics
>keep telling myself it's unseasonal and might not even suit me but it's the set for half the price I last saw the dress alone and I'm so tempted

>> No.9615452

Honestly I've never seen this done.

Boobs + bad cosplay > bad cosplay
but when you see a good cosplay it almost always gets more attention than the boobs. especially if its big or mechanical looking, i.e. halo shit is great, space marines always get tons of attention, etc..

>> No.9615460

>I've personally never seen it so it must be true
It really isn't anon. The number of times I've worn complicated armor to a con and been passed up so people could talk to a virgin killer thot or bought 2b is absurd

No one cares or really appreciates male cosplayers. Hell, most masqs even have only women winning the top spots

>> No.9615463

>could talk to a virgin killer thot
seriously what the fuck does thot mean and why do people use it in context like this? if you break down the acronym this makes literally no sense.

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mixed feels
>so excited for autumn/winter to come so I can wear uniform-inspired coords and lots of gothic layers
>already planning coords for the next few months
>still a little sad because I haven't even managed to wear all my summer dresses while it was warm (some were in storage and I couldn't go get them)
>collecting them in late September but it'll six months until I can actually wear them
I kind of want to sell some of them because they're just taking up space and I could buy winter stuff with the money, but nobody else wants to buy lightweight sailor OPs and gingham berry prints at this time of year either. Plus even though I've got an image of myself looking all cute bundled up, most of winter will probably be pissing rain that will be miserable even in wool and fur, so if I buy a bunch more wintry pieces I likely won't have enough opportunities to wear them all.

>> No.9615471

Someone's bitter. Chances are, your cosplay is not nearly as impressive as you think. Whenever I go to a con, the draw dropping male cosplay can't walk for feet while the sad taobao + boob girls only have a few orbiters. You might get less attention than them, but it's likely because you have mediocre cosplays and aren't hot enough to convince people talking to you is worth it

>> No.9615474

Sounds like someone has a slutty cosplay and is trying to justify it

>> No.9615487

I'm a lolita, but okay...

>> No.9615491

so then why are you acting like you know about cosplay if you aren't a cosplayer?

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>When you're walking behind a girl at the con and her butt-plug falls out

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Because all my friends cosplay, and I watch my female friends put 10x the work into their cosplays, buy and style wigs, wear makeup and look presentable while I've seen guy friends half ass a character they like, do a shitty die job on their hair, refuse to wear makeup and then pout in a corner because the mean girls with boobs get all the attention. My guy friends that actually try get plenty of photos

>> No.9615505

i swear the guys are whinier attention whores than the females are, and they don't even put in half the work.

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>lost weight recently, still losing
>waist currently around 70 cm
>bought unshirred dress with 75 cm waist
>measures self
>it should fit
>but I'm within the measurements

Help me I hope my dress arrives soon

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This whole being drunk this is so awesome it made me forget about my suicidality

>> No.9615652

I've had over 100 transaction on LM and never had any non-paying buyers until this year. My last TWO buyers were non paying. What is going on.

>> No.9615676

I also remember drinking at 17 years old.

>> No.9615680

It's gonna be okay, anon! Losing weight should be your main priority but it shouldn't be your only priority. Don't link it to everything in your life as that could be the reason as to why you haven't lost weight.

>> No.9615688

I didn't drink and was probably a good bit saner when I was 17

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>Good news is, my mom is dead and not here to see them now...

Why? She might have paid for your boob job.

>> No.9615707

That's great but the whole novelty of drinking wears off quick. Enjoy it while it lasts and have fun with your shit tolerance till you have to drink an entire fifth of vodka to get drunk.

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I'm in love with my con crush, but I know if I asked her out I'd be disappointed by the reality vs. the expectations I have now.

Pic unrelated.

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>Grabbing lunch with buddy and his gf
>Their love live cosplay buddies come sit with us
>Listening to too much Neil Strauss
>Run some half assed game
>Accidental put my hand over one girls hands
>Big old indicator of disinterest as she pulls her hand away
>Abandon all hope for the rest of lunch because of one minor fuck up
I don't get it, if it was with anyone out of cosplay I would have carried on and everything would have been great. Something about girls in cosplay distroys my confidence. It's like the second I run game at a con, I turn into an afc again.
Anyone here have any horror stories about getting hit on/hitting on people at cons?

>> No.9615868

fake boobs > uneven boobs
Like how is this even debatable?
Unless you go and get pornstarhuge implants 99% of guys will never know even if they touch them.

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>tfw realize most girl that are into jfash are selfish, insecure, and stuck up
>mfw fuck em they will never looks as cute as Asian girls in jfash

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>ghosted by someone whose contact info I got from /cgl/ yet again

Stop wasting my time and getting my hopes up if you're just going to stop replying for no reason, Christ

>> No.9615896

>Tfw feel the same
People stop talking to you after 1 days it's pretty sad

>> No.9615921

Of the 10-15 people I've got contact info from none remain. Ghosted every time.

>> No.9615951

>manboobs since a teenager
>no change in lifestyle, diet, etc.
>start noticing right one has shrunk to half it's size

Guess even guys can have boob problems...

>> No.9615971

rejected again, anon?

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>share this feel in one of the previous feels threads
>someone replies to my post with an email saying they won't ghost me and that it happens to them often too
>email them
>never get a response

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>all girls want a bf
>but only a 10/10 tall model bf that earns millions AND spends 24/7 of his time with her
Uhh time for a reality check gals.

>> No.9615987

I'll talk to you anon.
[email protected]

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That's just how it goes. I've learned to accept it. I've added a few other gulls, and we just didn't end up talking much. We didn't share enough similar interests or ideas to match, I guess. On the bright side, I have 2 friends that I still keep in contact with and that keeps me happy. I hope you end up finding someone to keep in contact with too.

>> No.9615994

ADD is a made up "condition"
get your life together
go for walks daily
forget cosplay for now
get your life together first

>> No.9615996

Do not take those meds
you do not have ADD
ADD doesn't exists
you are more than likely a normal human

>> No.9616007

Don't listen to this pseudoscience dudebro. ADD is a confirmed condition and needs to be treated.

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These posts about getting ghosted make me sad.
Sometimes I stop replying to people because I just forget because I've got a ton of people added I want to talk to, and the attention span of a goldfish. I don't mean to do it.

I know you might feel like double messaging is annoying or whatever but I honestly just forget because I have way too many people added on discord or Skype or whatever else, just a message saying "hi" is likely enough to remind to keep talking to you. That is likely the case for other people as well.

>tfw wanting to befriend everyone makes befriending people hard

>> No.9616017

AD/HD is a chemical imbalance in your brain that impacts how you produce dopamine. You might not need or want to take medication, that's your business, but it's real. Now, let's get back to OT feels

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File: 90 KB, 802x798, c25b58b4699a23a48c7e6f3a1668a50ff82798b6068ee9144d6f11a1e0791a30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your bf keeps calling it "loli fashion"

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Average frustrated chump.

>> No.9616112

lmao most girls standards are so low you gotta dig a ditch to be under them. nice try, tho

>> No.9616117

my bf isn't tall or a millionare, but he's a 10/10 in my eyes and we spend all our free time together because we want to. Sorry you'll never get to experience love because you're mean and bitter :^)

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File: 87 KB, 452x789, pg76az6q7dhx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ass her out anyway.

>> No.9616131
File: 24 KB, 301x267, thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Befriend the people around her then ass her out

>> No.9616141

>was doing good couple days ago
>Now I have a hard time thinking of things in my life to be happy about
>Despite knowing full well that it's not as bad as I make it out to be and this feeling will pass
Every goddamn couple of days, I swear.

>> No.9616158

>ask gf to have sex with another guy while wearing cosplay
>she agrees
>ask her to have sex with a black guy while in cosplay
>she doesn't want to
Why won't she do this for me?

>> No.9616163

The aids.

>> No.9616184
File: 95 KB, 1016x970, 1491804515788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9616186

>Love going to cons because I get to mingle and flirt.
>Hit 26.
>Everyone is starting to look like they are 12.
>Everyone I keep making friends with and trying to hook up with are 18 and/or still in high school.
>All these even younger kids keep trying to hook up with me or be my best friend.
>Mfw feeling way to old to go to cons but I love cosplaying so much.

I almost took this 16 yearolds v card last Youmacon and forced a bunch of 17 yearolds to drink an entire bottle of vodka. This shit is getting way to close. It went from being impossible to find people in to my hobby to impossible to find people my age. I don't want to go to jail cause some highschooler really wnated to lose her v card to look cool.

>> No.9616191

The van is on its way.

>> No.9616194

Luckily mine are really even but i still have other problems
>room with friend at con
>we get ready
>notice she has the most perfect looking pinkish nips
>mine are sorta poop brown
>feel really self conscious about them all of a sudden

Is it possible to do something about the color of your nipples?

>> No.9616203

Pink nips > brown nips

>> No.9616214
File: 139 KB, 1024x573, misato-drunk-whore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>skeleton as a child
>changed countries with family
>startet drinking and stuffed myself out of family drama
>now, 24, slight alcoholic and keep trying to lose weight to fit into pretty dresses
>have to loose 15-20 kg (about 33 to 44lbs according to gogle)
>fuck how do you do this when you have an alcohol problem fuck

>> No.9616218

You should be my alcoholic inappropriate Misato gf

>> No.9616219
File: 180 KB, 1238x2539, 18671776_1325301577565634_962729061860802322_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.9616229

Stop drinking
I was on the same boat and have exactly the same amount of weight to lose and cutting out alcohol was the only thing that worked because that shit has so many calories I maintained/gained despite eating nothing while I drank

Two weeks later and I'm already 2kgs down

>> No.9616231
File: 5 KB, 234x216, 2017-04-29-11-41-37--865350048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 29
It seems like anyone past 30 at a con looks like a creep. The only cosplay-esque community I've seen that accepts oldfags is steampunk.

>> No.9616251
File: 109 KB, 600x700, Beer_Cat_by_rongs1234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2kg after 2 weeks? But do they stay away or do they come back?

>> No.9616254

as an alcohol myself, i have trouble keeping weight on
sometimes i get hungry but then i think "wait, let me drink before i eat so i feel it harder" and then i just end up drinking without eating
and eat a hangover meal in the morning, when i'll work it off

>> No.9616258

This is the third week and no sign of them coming back. Seems like I'll close the week at one more kg lower too. But keep in mind, I was at a BMI of 23

>> No.9616266

I'm at an BMI of 28
So does this mean it will take longer?

>> No.9616269

Higher bmi means more fat to lose so you should lose more than the other anon by cutting the same part of your diet out

>> No.9616309

I have a HW skirt which apparently should fit up to 67cm. Got a 62cm waist and it's still tight.
Bought myself a shapewear body and since then it's a lot more comfortable.

>> No.9616330

At first I thought that said pic related so I thought your con crush was a trap.

>> No.9616342
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>work on my next cosplay project
>progress is going well
>suddenly mom comes and asks me if i have a condom
>mood completely ruined, don't feel like working on cosplay or anything
I wish my parents never divorced.

>> No.9616357

Vodka and flavored water.
Count calories.

I drink an entire fifth every other night and I've lost 100lbs.

>> No.9616358
File: 18 KB, 356x200, whiskey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw, I'm sorry, anon.
I'll drink with you.

What are you working on?

>> No.9616360

>suddenly mom comes
>having sex with your mother

That boy ain't right

>> No.9616364

I know you are trying to be funny but
a) i'm a girl
b) if you have to listen to your mom and her bf going at it 3 times a week while you know your dad still misses her it makes you quite depressed

>> No.9616366

I assume you are an adult, as 4chan is 18+ and therefore you aren't required to follow court mandates about who you live with. Go chill with your dad. I'm sure he misses you, and then you don't have to hear it
>bonus points if you have him help with your cosplay, dads love that shit

>> No.9616370

>not having sex with your dad to get back at her

>> No.9616372

can't handle all tthis edge

>> No.9616383

It's not edge, I've just seen enough dd/lg Tumblr posts to know how this situation should go. It's time to shift the odds in your favour and get one up on her. But if you're REALLY opposed to it, you could try seducing her bf instead

>> No.9616388

>join group
>only thing they talk about is how much sex they're going to be getting at the next con

>parents are going to be out of town that weekend
>hey son, the condoms are in the closet right here if you pick up a sailor scout

>mention con to a friend
>oh so you're into costume sex?

i just want to talk and sperg about anime with people, is that too much?

>> No.9616391
File: 158 KB, 404x370, 1499507982494.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9616393
File: 51 KB, 277x265, 1497660904167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The people around her only speak Spanish though.

>> No.9616395

Learn some basic ass Spanish and try and get one of her friends to help you improve and use that as an in. How close are you to her friends?

>> No.9616396
File: 29 KB, 387x267, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Learn Spanish. You'll get a life skill and impress her. Then ass her out.

>> No.9616397

Thanks anon! I'll probably invest in some shapewear too, need to know I'll be able to fit in my cute dresses

>> No.9616399
File: 251 KB, 577x597, 1451840812486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Last con I went to with group was a disaster
>Starting to distance myself from them and it's falling apart anyway
>Want to make new friends
>Just want to go to cons drama free and not worry about anything anymore
>Don't know where to start

>> No.9616403

What kind of stuff are you cosplaying, anon? I'm not an oldfag but I've noticed most fotm cosplayers are teenagers/younger while more niche or at the very least not fotm stuff tend to be in their 20s at the youngest (which was awkward for me when I was underage and the only underage person in several cosplay groups)

>> No.9616404


I know a cutie who's great with the same condition. She hides it well, and just enjoys life. Be strong and glad anon. If its a serious biggo deal, get reduction in the future. Until then, do what you need to, to be comfortable, and happy.

>> No.9616408

>tfw you're 25 and your friends still fotm cosplay

>> No.9616443

Couldn't find a related thread and it'd be dumb if I made one myself, so I'll throw my question out here:

For anyone who has been to a formal at a con before, what should I expect and how strict are the clothing requirements usually? I may be going to one during a con next week, but there's no information posted about it anywhere, so I just want to know what advice others might have to share?

As for feels:
>will be doing cosplans with a major qt
>what was going to be hanging out at the con and doing one cosplay together turned into a weekend long date
>we're doing to do tons of cute poses and just do sweet couple things

Feels real good, like the best thing that's happened in months if not years.

>> No.9616459

It's been a few years since I went to one of these but back in the day it was pretty much like anything you could wear in a nice restaurant is fine. No flip flops, no shorts, no tank tops,no t-shirts that sort of thing. If you wear any sort of pants or dress you'll probably be just fine, these types of events aren't known for being strict Don't bring any props!

>> No.9616463
File: 10 KB, 188x234, 1504150342509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never ever let your bf talk you into drunken cosplay sex. Many things can and will go wrong.
Pic very related.

>> No.9616467

nope. you can bleach your butthole to be pink but it would probably be weird if the rest of your bits are dark. What's your and your friend's ethnicity?

>> No.9616471

I assumed it would be reasonable or at least common sense, but I wanted to check just in case! I'll probably have a military dress-styled uniform with boots, so I think I should be good if I go to it. And I figured props would be a no-go too, but thanks for the heads up anon, I appreciate it!

>> No.9616477
File: 42 KB, 340x500, a9027acd036d10d940c8765a7166e26e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find a collage I made in January of stuff that was available right then that I wanted to buy
>actually had enough in savings to buy them all but was trying to incentivize myself to study more and keep a cushion aside for emergencies, so I'd written little goals underneath each for what I had to do to "earn" them first
>finish revising all lectures for X module, do Y number of shifts at work, sell Z amount of stuff on Lacemarket, that sort of thing
>all except one sold out before I could complete my goals
>was kinda sad at the time but bought other stuff and forgot about it
>went through a style change and revised my wishlist
>mfw 4/6 of those dresses I missed out on perfectly fit my current style and are now dream dress tier
>had forgotten they were even available back then until I found the collage, I've been lusting after them for months
>one of them would have been perfect for a wedding and another for a works' do coming up (none of my existing lolita wardrobe is normie-friendly enough so I had to buy normie dresses for both events)
>haven't seen any of them pop up since

>> No.9616480

I got to cons and sperg about anime the entire day. Then sex happens at night, after anime. What's the problem?

>> No.9616481

Well, where are you from?

>> No.9616486

Is "Ass her out" going to be a new cgl meemee?

>> No.9616490

Keep looking, anon. It's more important to have an emergency fund than a dress, no matter how much you love it. When you do find it, you'll have the money this time and will be able to live with less financial stress. good luck!

>> No.9616492

ye, obviously

>> No.9616500

New York

>> No.9616503

How early does the con start "dying down"?
This is my first con so im trying to budget time well, I dunno if its worth waking up early to arrive an hour before my hotel check in, or get there late but its 5 in the evening by then

Bus transportation is hell

>> No.9616504

Yeah, I'm not sure I would have fully appreciated them if I had got them back then either, they just seem ideal now because they're a perfect match for a lot of stuff I've bought since. I'll keep looking! None of them are ultra-rare so they'll pop up eventually, it just feels unlucky to have missed out while they were all up at the same time for decent prices.

>> No.9616521

I'm a rather dull girl, i doubt you'd want my friendship.

>> No.9616522

Depends on the con. Which one is it?

>> No.9616525

Nan desu kan (which was actually meant to be posted in that thread, thanks mobile posting)
But, it still applies here as a broader question / feel. Im worried ill arrive early but just get exhausted in the first 5~ hours anyways. Or the "lively part" of a con is early on and they become ghost towns at night.

>> No.9616528

That's for me to decide. Where you from?

>> No.9616532

it's ok you'll meet someone who will stick with you soon. I met my boyfriend here and we're still going strong

>> No.9616541
File: 131 KB, 729x712, 18424001_450318311982369_5189066287530566857_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when the new girl's diaper isn't a thong
Excuse me honey, are you planning to POOP during our meet? I just think that, when you join a 16+ comm, you should understand that the diapers are pee-only, and not wear one with a back.

>> No.9616548

You two are mere babies. Watch this:
>thong diaper

>> No.9616550
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, 1623735285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when infighting in your group of friends ruins the whole con

>> No.9616559
File: 43 KB, 450x443, 1490972095647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My sister and I cosplay with a couple of our guy friends. Last con we went to, the guys didn't want to make anything, so my sister and I ended up ordering a group cosplay to do together. We did all the measurements and ordering for them and actually had to help them put on their own cosplays (which I get, these were a bit more complicated). We also had to style their wigs for them and we had to convince them to let us do their make up for them.
We got a good amount of photos but they still got sulky when people wanted photos of the props we made for our characters when they didn't bother to. They got extra grumpy when a photog wanted to take additional individual shots and they didn't want to take any more photos and complained until we agreed to go back to the hotel room.

I'm still salty about it. Kinda ruined the con for me when they get sulky. It just makes it seem like they don't even like going to cons/cosplay.

>> No.9616560

wow you get mad because your friends aren't total attention whores like yourself?

>> No.9616563

I'm not sure how you got that out of anon's post.

>> No.9616564

it does ruin it when one or two people out of your group get way more attention and asked for pics way more than the rest.
I can see why they would get angry, I know when I cosplay with my girlfriend and people gush over the props I made for her and pretend like I don't exist I get mad.

>> No.9616567

No, I just want them to have a good time at cons with us but it seems like no matter what we do to try and help, they just get grumpy and want to go sulk in the hotel room and watch food network. I wanna go out and enjoy the con with my friends is all and I always feel guilty when I want to leave them there and go out to the con

>> No.9616569

have you tried seeing it from their point of view?
seems like you and your sister get a lot more attention and people approaching you, where they're pretty much tied to you for the day and have to stand around while people take your pics and try to small talk with just you and your sister..

>> No.9616570

>tfw actually do go to cons padded
I realize this meme is just one big shitpost, but its actually made me feel a lot more comfortable with cosplay + pamps at the same time, thanks gulls.

>> No.9616571

I definitely get this, though. My sister is a lot prettier than me and she gets a lot more attention while I prefer to crossplay. But I still love the process of making cosplays and hanging out with her. I'd get it more if they actually put in some effort in trying to make their cosplays/props but they don't even seem interested in that either, so I'm not sure what to do.

>> No.9616572

I think the point is that anon and their sister got way more attention but they also put in more work, aka all of it.

It does kinda suck the dudes didnt get as much attention, yeah that would feel shitty, but they dont need to get that level of petty and sulky over it if they didnt do anything in the first place

>> No.9616576

all I'm saying is it sucks to have to follow around people as part of a group and constantly having to be the one holding bags and phones while your friends get their pics taken

>> No.9616580
File: 87 KB, 574x834, 10822396_887167967962902_547699766_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to help some itas today. The comm president told me to "make like a woman driver and get lost."

Should I even go back next week?

>> No.9616584

dont bother. Giving unsolicited help is pretty rude as well

>> No.9616587

You're probably gonna get shit for this, but I don't mind DDLGs at meets. Gud 4 u.

>> No.9616595

It's obviously a bait post anon, none of those things make sense for an actual lolita to say.

>> No.9616602

Yeah, the idea of lols trying to help itas is pretty silly.

>> No.9616619

Oh no I can definitely agree, im not arguing thats shit, but those guys also dont need to be whiny bitches if its their fault in the first place

But, we only know half the story so, thats just my two cents as is

>> No.9616627

I don't know that one personally so someone may know differently but from my experience most (not all) anime cons die down right after the dealers hall closes. I think your should opt to show up early, you might be let down by the late scene.

>> No.9616629
File: 6 KB, 200x200, bounce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

desu I'm not even into the DDLG stuff, I just enjoy wearing them with cosplay, but I'm very thankful that scene exists since it takes a lot of the heat off doing that sort of thing. Thank you tho.

>> No.9616646

>dream item comes up on Fril
>ask FJ to buy it along with a few other things
>everything else is bought successfully but several days later I notice that the order for my dream item never processed
>eventually disappears from my FJ shopping service orders page and they refund me the deposit
>listing's still up and seller has actually reduced the price so I assume seller just didn't want to sell to SS
>shoot off a quick email to Tenshi instead since she's always replied fast and it's a weekday morning Japan time
>a full day later, she still hasn't replied (very unusual for her)
>seller just deleted the listing, will probably never find it again
Gotta hope that was her buying it but since nothing else I ordered at the same time has been marked sold, even the stuff that sellers had marked "immediate purchase okay", I think it must have been somebody else. Can't believe FJ took a week to cancel the order and I didn't even notice, I should have just asked Tenshi to begin with. It's my own stupid fault for not checking that all the orders had gone through.

>> No.9616648

I think you're replying to the wrong anon.

Regardless, DDLG doesn't take any heat off doing "that sort of thing". If anything, it stigmatizes it more because they're so hated.

>> No.9616656

Was in fact one post too low, I'm an idiot, whoops.

And, it may be hated by a lot of people, but it also makes a portion of people more open/welcoming to it, so it's a loss/win scenario, at least.

>> No.9616660

Nah, people are going to hate you even more because we're a already terrified of getting lumped in with them. you'd probably be less hated for doing this in literally any other community

>> No.9616662
File: 493 KB, 225x282, 1487500863801.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Found a really amazing girl from /cgl/
>Her tastes align really well with mine
>She's getting me to dabble into cosplay again despite not doing it for years
>I'm getting her into lolita because she's been a closet lolita for years but never given the supportive push to go for it
>We're both really accepting of each other's weirdness
>Really really love her lots
>We're hitting it off really well
>Wasn't even looking for a relationship here, I mostly just lurk and window shop for lolita as an admirer
>But also she likes minions unironically so I need to call her out on it at every chance I can

>> No.9616669

aw, so sweet! <3 I hope you two's friendship flourishes even more!

>> No.9616670
File: 10 KB, 240x240, Kanahei-Usagi_pisuke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you for this pure post

>> No.9616693

Guess I'm just lucky then because I've only ever made good connections through it

>> No.9616696

So sweet! So happy for you

>> No.9616701

Like >>9616660 said, I can think of literally no-one that is more open/welcoming to it here than they would be in another hobby, but I am biased coming from a lolita/jfash background as well as a cosplay one, the de facto community that is terrified of being lumped in with ageplayers because the public already think we're dressing to attract pedophiles (although there are a lot of edgy tumblr "no kinkshaming" jfash wearers, but they're HATED by the rest of the community in a way they wouldn't be in the regular old goth scene, or IDK, steampunk or some shit).

Maybe it's easier to get by with cosplay-specific people, but there's a lot of overlap. Girls into lolita and jfash tend to be more aware and hostile to ageplayers than normies are as a result of being exposed to more of their bullshit. Speaking for myself, before I got into lolita my vague knowledge of sissies and "adult babies" just led me to think it was an extremely weird and rare but sort of harmless fetish, but having met so predatory sissies and trendy ageplayers fucking with actual underage kids and glorifying abuse I now absolutely hate them, and can't help but feel prejudiced about someone when I find out someone has those kinks.

I mean, you do you, non-DDLG diaper fetishist, I just wouldn't go telling random people at cons about it, because any "awareness" raised by the DDLG community is more likely to be negative than positive. If someone clocks you as wearing a diaper you can always act embarrassed and say you suffer from adult incontinence or w/e.

>> No.9616725
File: 10 KB, 261x195, FB_IMG_1496693441347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>is light skinned
>new to cosplay
>goes to small con
>goes as entry-level Miku
>sees guy taking photos of anyone
"I guess?"
>not the best at smiling
>weeks later
>photos up
>face is gross and sweaty
>creepy smile
>makeup is horrid
I learned to not cosplay shit characters and just cosplay chill characters while i work on my smile better...

>> No.9616763

>wears doll make up
>look like a fucking creep

Why is it that asian girls look cute with such make up but westerns like shit?
Westerns even have more doll features than asians, no sense to me.

>> No.9616768

Because they already have those features like larger eyes, using the same techniques Asians do makes it too extreme and uncanny valley.

That and you might just be biased towards Asians or be shit at make-up because you haven't practiced and found your style yet.

>> No.9616769
File: 69 KB, 617x466, heyisthatanime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did they ask for help? Also, your prez is savage.

OT but it's Miku's 10th birthday today!

>> No.9616784
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you poo at the con? I don't get it. :/

>> No.9616814

I recently got into idol anime/mobage and now I feel kind of sad that I'm too old(26) to be a cute idol myself.

>> No.9616840

Got my waist down from 68.5cm to 66cm. VMaiden, Moitie and Mary Magdalene here I come!

>> No.9616863

>66 is slim
Excuse me??

>> No.9616865

This isn't really a feel but I'm not sure where else to ask aside from /adv/ who I don't trust. I want to do something nice and not sexual for my online boyfriend's birthday. I already bought him a present, but I want to do something else. Any ideas? I was going to draw him a picture of a character he likes from a weeb game we play.

>> No.9616866

D'awww! how did you guys meet on /cgl/?

>> No.9616868

should've started sooner lmao rekt

>> No.9616870

He will appreciate something sexual more than anything else you can come up with.

>> No.9616872

About that... I already asked him and he said he didn't want anything like that for his birthday. We've done things like that in the past too so I don't think it's an issue of anything like that. If you're sure though then I'm willing to defer to your advice

>> No.9616874

>if only she would do smth sexy for me
>ask him if he wants smth sexy
>gets embarassed and says no
Or maybe he is just not into girls and sees you as a platonic friend only? idk.

>> No.9616876

Sing happy birthday to him on voice chat

>> No.9616877


>> No.9616879

I am tired of seeing FFXV cosplays. It just reminds me how much of a disappointment the game is. I wish other Final Fantasy games got more love.

>> No.9616880

What is an online bf?
Is that just another word for LDR?

>> No.9616886

you've never had a discord chat full of friends sing you happy birthday?
sorry you're unloved

>> No.9616887


I figured that might be the case but I'm fairly sure he's being honest. He definitely doesn't see me as a platonic friend, I know that for sure.

I... don't think I could do that. Sorry anon.

>> No.9616894
File: 35 KB, 236x214, 1441913517072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recently feeling really depressed and stressed out
>only goes to one con a year
>con itself is generally boring; the dealers room is the only good part but it's decent at best
>realizes I can't afford it because of school and appointments (no insurance to cover it)
>next year isn't looking so bright either with wanting to transfer to a 4-year school next fall
>just want to feel the enjoyment of cosplay again despite having low self-esteem

I guess the con will always be there when I'm ready

>> No.9616908

Did you ever meet him in person?

>> No.9616909

Not yet, but I was planning a trip near to where he lives early next year anyway, so will probably stop by then.

>> No.9616911

Make sure you bring condoms.

>> No.9616915

>tfw no shy cosplaying bf with a big dicc

>> No.9616922

>she fell for the big dick meme
It just hurts and ruins sex for me desu.

>> No.9616924

>was absolutely obsessed with lolita when I was depressed with a shitty job/lack of "normie" social life
>spent thousands of dollars building a wardrobe, attending meets in my very active comm was so much fun, every day I'd browse cgl/lolita FB groups/blogs for hours
>then I move to another state and get a new job, normie friends, and I get out of depression
>try to get involved with local comm but the mods are terrible and never organize meets more than a few days in advance, if at all (last meet was months ago)
>no new pieces catch my eye and I haven't made any purchases for my wardrobe for the entire year of 2017
>suddenly lolita seems silly because I never wear it
>strong urge to sell everything
>but feels because I remember being sad when I saw others 'leaving' lolita, lolita was such a huge and daily part of my life before
>and now, while I made some of my dearest friends through it, I mostly regret the fashion taking up so much of my time and money

tl;dr should I make a last ditch effort to revitalize the joy or just sell everything and pad my savings account? Has anyone else thought about leaving lolita and changed their minds?

>> No.9616925

Just go be a normie if you want it so much.

>> No.9616927

I will, thanks anon.

>> No.9616943
File: 19 KB, 480x360, 1504160048778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw shy cosplaying bf with huge dicc

>> No.9616953
File: 51 KB, 300x225, 9dhgKatYHfEuA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not telling her to kill her self
Move out and then tell her, that's she is a selfish whore

>> No.9617016

will never be a qt girl who cosplays {spoiler}

>> No.9617018
File: 193 KB, 478x456, 1504199531084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PSA to anyone who ghosts other fellow gulls: Go send them that reply you've been putting off for whatever reason

What gets me is that some of the people I've talked with genuinely hit it off with me/we'd send eachother long and interesting messages. One of them even messaged me after a hiatus saying they hadn't ghosted me only to ghost me then immediately after

Thanks for the support though, appreciate it. I hope so too

>> No.9617029

I feel you anon. I don't have the desirable Anzujaamu face shape and it feels bad

>> No.9617034

>meet cute guy at con
>we get to talk
>turns out he is a /k/ regular
Welp. Anyone have experience with dating gunowners? Are they all crazy?

>> No.9617045

Her face is plain and she looks terrible without makeup. But her body is perfect and her cosplay skills are very good. I would give my soul for her shape. (Team big boobs&thights here.)

>> No.9617052

Can you get addicted to cons? Lately I haven't enjoyed them at all, but I'm so used to going. I should just stop, right? But what else have I been doing with my time if not cosplay + cons?

>> No.9617074

Thankfully, no.

>> No.9617075

Thankfully, no.

>> No.9617079

She's bulimic. You can be, too!

>> No.9617083

go to medic, get that shit checked ASAP
could be hormones, fetal malformation or even cancer

>> No.9617091

live life happy anon, i known a few with abnormal breast sizes and how another anon said 90%-95% of guys wont care. and 24/7 sports bra might be bad for you anon

>> No.9617095

loosing weight is a bitch, but dont give up!
also theres a lot of plus sizes lolita who will give you moral support. try out lolita fashion. one of my best friends tried it and now shes known in the community very well

>> No.9617098

I like how she never once mentioned being worried about guys opinions and everyone ITT keeps citing them as the definitive proof she's fine.

>> No.9617099

i though about going back to my ADHD meds adrial i think. but i just become so zombified. un able to eat and feel emotions, literally. glad i gave them up being able to get hyper and happy again. though i still think if i take them again i can finish 10 costumes and a master degree in a week at the same time with time to spare XD

>> No.9617104

shit anon you made me realize how much my tolerance grew after so many cons of hard drinking now i need everclear

>> No.9617109

dont worry about it anon. be happy about them, no one will care about it. boobies are love

>> No.9617112

Look into other ways to manage adhd first. If your life is a mess and you have to do it, than fine go for it. But if they make you feel like shit it's worth it just to try. I like doing the Unfuck Your Habitat method of forcing yourself to work for 20 minutes and then taking a 10 minute break. It trains you to focus on command better and will break the endless procrastination cycle.

>bonus: if you accidentally start hyper focusing you'lol probably finish a costume and a half before you realize it's been 5 hours and you need to eat

>> No.9617114

my old man did the same when they whent on a cruise for a week.
dad pulls me aside and ask me if i had plenty of condoms. it was just him caring for me knowing how crazy my brothers where at that age.

>> No.9617115

if you can pronounce the words il send them to you how to eat her ass out in spanish

>> No.9617126

I have if anything i learn about taking does meds when i was still a student was how to focus. still shit at remembering names of anything but i get my work done on time now.

>fuck reminded me to work on my nefarious cosplay armor

>> No.9617137

I would consider a compromise.
Sell those, which you won't wear at all, and those which don't have a strong / or any kind of sentimental value.
Keep those, which have a sentimental value.

>> No.9617138

Currently dating a /pol/ and /k/ regular, who would want to have guns, but the country doesn't allow it.

Of course one can not generalize those, but he is a chill dude.

>> No.9617140

Not the anon you responded to, but

I personally always cringe myself when I look at overweight or "plus size" lolitas.

Also then everybody thinks you suddenly have some kind of a "body positive" agenda, thus making it political.

>> No.9617146

Is he good in bed?

>> No.9617147

>Are they all crazy?

You have to be over 18 to use this site

>> No.9617172

volunteer as staff at a con.

>> No.9617287
File: 27 KB, 255x254, 1491781661939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw get linkedin request from one of my normie peers/classmates
>she has all her shit together, lots of connections, etc
>meanwhile my profile is empty and I'm reading drama on a chinese cartoon dressup site
kill me

I'm not even 20 yet, so I have a while to figure out what I want to do with my life, but it feels like time's running out. I'm wasting my time on lolita and cosplay when I could be doing something productive but I don't know what. I get good enough grades, but I lack the necessary social skills/finesse and dislike what I'm studying. I know I'm not smart enough to succeed in STEM or anything related, either.

Ideally I'd like to reach a point where I don't have to rely on my parents or SO, but I'm worried I'll never get there and be a burden forever. I'm just scared.

>> No.9617290
File: 63 KB, 316x316, 1494441596234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>study STEM
>get job as software engineer even though i am horribly at programming but women are hired with preference
>spend lots of time in meetings while all the guys in my department do the programming
I mean i feel kind of guilty about it but the pay is so good and that burando ain't gonna buy itself.

>> No.9617298
File: 175 KB, 1440x1080, 1502801027886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm not even 20 yet
>time's running out

>> No.9617309 [DELETED] 

life sucks after you hit 25 or so
you get locked into a marriage and a mortgage and kids and lose your ability to do things other than just exist and do what your kids want

>> No.9617311

Uhm just don't have kids or get married?

>> No.9617314

You have to be 18 to post on 4chan honey

>> No.9617316

>i'm 27, not married, no kids
>just bought my own house
>still have money for burando

sorry your life sux, anon.

>> No.9617318

Have you considered not making voluntary life choices you don't want to do?

>> No.9617321

aw man good thing i just became 3 years old. In the internet no one knows your a dog

>> No.9617323

speak for yourself
>no children save for a needy catchild
>that dual income, no children life
all the brand, travel, and nerd shit I want with cash to spare. feels good man

>> No.9617334

Lol anon, I'd feel guilty too but that sounds nice. Do whatever is best for you.

I know it isn't, that's why I said I feel. While I know they only make up a small percentage, it seems like all my peers have internships, jobs, and connections with notable people and firms while I have none of that. I don't know whether or not they really know what they're doing, but they're good at looking the part while I can't even do that.

I'm trying to do more but everything's moving so slowly. I'll just cry into my burando in the meantime I guess

>> No.9617336

Make it a mix of fun and sexy.
Like sending him a gift he would enjoy and a letter with some sexy pictures (If you were to buy him a shirt, put some pictures with you only wearing the shirt in the letter).
Or making the drawing + gift and maybe a webcam show?
Most guys are into used underwear as well.

>> No.9617337
File: 90 KB, 600x625, 1384089090879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no lolita gf who loves Kate Bush as much as I do

>> No.9617339 [DELETED] 

You will so sorry when you're too old to have children that you didn't take the chance when you had it.

>> No.9617344

>Most guys are into used underwear as well.
No they're not, you've been on 4chan too long.

>> No.9617345

>Most guys are into used underwear as well.
What? Why? What's so sexy about used underwear?

>> No.9617363

Been dating and in relationships for over 8 years now and almost all guys I have been with were interested in that (normie guys, some ldr).
They won't tell you themself, so you have to ask.

>> No.9617367

I still don't understand what they do with it?

>> No.9617369

you can try easing yourself away from alcohol to lesser quantities. this website lets me know what drinks i can have (in moderation of course). perhaps it can help you too? good luck anon!
i too drink a lot so i've shifted some of drinks to the recommended ones.

>> No.9617370
File: 485 KB, 1024x581, legosadfleck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just got my first paycheck in five months
Hello, conventions.

Turned 26 and could no longer get them super-cheap on my parents' insurance.

Also, they didn't help me feel motivated anymore. Just nervous and made it extremely hard to sleep.

>> No.9617371

>being this naive

They jerk off with them, cum in them or smell them while jerking off

t. underwear perv

>> No.9617374

I assume they don't also wash them when they're done, gross.
I'd rather not have my panties ruined because some guy saw fit to jizz on them.

>> No.9617378

Most sex related things are gross, so..

>> No.9617380

>I assume they don't also wash them when they're done, gross.
Well duh, you're hardly going to take the time to put them in the washing machine and a dryer afterwards if you're trying to do it quickly/don't want the girl to find out you did it. It also adds to the thrill for some guys to know a girl's gonna put the panties on oblivious to the fact they're caked in cum.

>> No.9617382

you're not getting them back anyways
you gave them to someone, they're ruined for you at that point anyways because you will never be able to use them again since they don't belong to you

>> No.9617386

Nah, mate most older adult couples I know that never had kids are super healthy and well adjusted. They are really glad they got to love their life and don't have little beans to worry about. If it's your thing, cool, but it's not everyones and having children when you don't want them is how you wind up with shit parents and fucked up children

>> No.9617415

You might have just been lucky/unlucky, only one guy I've met was into it, the rest were grossed-out by the concept whenever it came up.

>> No.9617418

Used underwear is a nasty fuckin' fetish, ugh. Right up there with feet on the 'what the fuck are you doing' scale.

t. guy with a lot of weird sexual interests, just...none of them are that bad

>> No.9617422

>thinking people are incapable of lying
People who have the likes of rape, pissing and incest fetishes aren't likely to come out and say they're into that when asked straight up in casual conversation. Saying you like sniffing panties isn't exactly something somebody admits with pride either. I've lied before when asked about certain fetishes
Feet are babby's first fetish bro. I doubt your 'weird sexual interests' don't deviate far from shit like choking or women in glasses if feet are one of the fetishes that repulse you the most

>> No.9617425

>putting dick inside a girl = not nasty
>letting your dick touch the underwear that has been against a girls body = nasty

>putting fingers inside a girl = not nasty
>touching her underwear = nasty


>> No.9617437

It's not up there with rape, pissing and incest fetishes though, said dudes had plenty of other fetishes they were open about and I don't see why they wouldn't admit it aloud. No need to get so defensive because you're convinced everyone's the same as you.

>> No.9617451

>No need to get so defensive because you're convinced everyone's the same as you.

I guess that thriving used underwear market on the internet must've just been something I dreamt up in my head. I'm not being defensive, you're just naive if you think sniffing panties is some extremely niche sexual interest that a lot of guys aren't into and think is gross. It's extremely fucking tame but still makes a lot of money

>> No.9617453

Thinking a particular fetish is off-putting doesn't automatically make you vanilla. The only fetishes that *repulse* me are probably gore and scat. I can see how most fetishes would be a thing even if they don't appeal to me, but feet? Never gonna understand it.

Not nasty as in 'ew', nasty as in 'that's fuckin' weird, dude'. Jerking it with a pair of dirty underwear is just strange to me. The only people I can imagine being that desperate are NEETs who are happy to just fap to hentai for the rest of their days rather than speak to and engage with real women.

>> No.9617462
File: 233 KB, 560x560, 1469546836625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dude I'm totally not vanilla
>but I can't imagine anyone liking used underwear or finding a woman's feet attractive, what the fuck are you doing bro lmao shit's nasty

>> No.9617491

B-but I like my teeth.

>> No.9617505

how bout show the kids who is boss?

>> No.9617513

I wanted to do programming for most of my life, then I graduated high school, took 1 semester of college, hated it, and decided to just do artist alley full time. I spent a lot of time programming in high school, but just kinda threw all that experience away, so even if you are being productive now, next year you could decide to go for a completely different career.

Just try out a bunch of different things and see if you can make money doing it and if you enjoy it.

99% of the time someone says something like "everyone" or "most people" they are just projecting their own feelings and trying to normalize something that isn't normal.

>> No.9617526

You could possibly get them tattooed, but I would definitely recommend looking for someone who specializes in that sort of thing such as the people who know how to color match for scar tissue cover up

>> No.9617529

There's a thriving market for a lot of things that are still niche, that proves fuck all.

>> No.9617532

Brown nips can be cute too, anon. Don't worry about it.

>> No.9617542

I'm sorry anon, I know that feel. I have uneven tits too, but mine have been like this since I was 14/15. It's my number one insecurity, but I've started to get used to it and accept it. I honestly feel like it's going to be harder on you than it was on me because I never really had normal tits long enough to enjoy them. Since mine have been weird for so long, I've had time to get used to them. You had normal ones and now they've changed. It's going to take a long time, but one day I hope you can find peace with yourself.

>> No.9617546

Today my best friend said she'd like to try cosplaying. It'll be my first time in years, we're both mid-20's, and she isn't into anything trendy. We're going to go totally unnoticed at cons.

I'm just so excited to actually have fun with cosplay again instead of getting all competitive (which ruined it for me in my teens).

>> No.9617555
File: 41 KB, 599x337, 1499017674015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

losing weight but my waist is currently about 2 cm too big for one of my skirts to fit comfortably, so for now I've just zipped it all the way up and left the button undone. lolita: hacked

>> No.9617557

I'm at an awkward time right now for cosplay
I'm almost too old to do young characters, too tall and big to do small characters, but not tall enough or big enough to do big characters

Feels really weird

>> No.9617559

Because worn underwear smelly like pussy, dude. How much of a virgin are you?

>> No.9617561

>needs to be treated.

yeah, by being self-motivated and effecting positive change, ,eds are only necessary in EXTREME cases.

“The prominent belief at the dawn of the new millennium is that unhappiness is simply a biological condition to be remedied with the right balance of prescribed chemicals. There is still no commonly accepted acknowledgement of the severity of women’s dissatisfaction; of the inadequacy of consumer goods as the primary source of fulfillment; of the sense of being torn between family, independence, community, responsibility, passions. Psychiatry still encourages adaptation—not resistance—to poverty, racism and job exploitation. The goal is to chemically adjust the individual to the existing society, not to empower the individual to change society to provide themselves and those around them with a healthier, happier existence.”

— Susan Williams, Women’s Psychology: Mental Illness As a Social Disease

>> No.9617563

He's a dom, so for me, yeah.

>> No.9617602


Suck your coworkers off

Wymen IN Tech! Yeah!

>> No.9617609

If you're going to emphasise the IN you should at least be suggesting pegging them. Otherwise it'd be Tech in Women.

>> No.9617614

BC won't definitely enlarge your tits. My tits actually came in after I quit BC, so not sure if it was somehow stunting my hormones or something. I'm a 30D and think it's a good size, as is 30DD, don't feel bad, just find a way to show off dem tittayz

This isnt a PUA forum get back to /soc with that scum language

>> No.9617621
File: 280 KB, 410x434, 1485007739687.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been informed that someone posted one of my instagram pictures to /r/ some time ago and requested it to be shopped.
Not sure how to feel...

>> No.9617634

That's pretty weird, this is why I don't feel comfortable putting photos of myself on the net.

>> No.9617734

I don't add much makeup, I look better with just a little more than I wear to work. So when I dress up in lolita after work it's pretty fast

>> No.9617738

Sell your least favorite, keep your favorite. The past couple years were bad for new releases but I have hope. 2015 I got a bunch of things I love

>> No.9617739

Shopped how?

>> No.9617779

I'm a guy but thanks i guess

>> No.9617788

>just bought my first longer-length lolita dress
>show religious conservative mom because she's always gently nagging me to be more modest and I know she'll be excited
>she got really over-excited and happy and now I feel kind of bad for some reason
Maybe I should buy more tea-length and aristo dresses just to see the smile on my old ma's face.

>> No.9617791
File: 2 KB, 191x61, vCdaGrB[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw you click all the baby on taobao but the shop is actually empty

>> No.9617823

Every character I want to do is female but I'm male

>> No.9617834

This is so depressing

>> No.9617920

So? Crossplay is the fucking best. Passable or not, everyone loves it. I exclusively cosplay as female characters.

I'm tall/masculine/lift. Impossible to look girly but it's fucking fun and I get to wear cute clothes.

>> No.9617945
File: 74 KB, 768x1024, lwox9zcndnmy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friends are stressing over their Christmas cosplays, and I'm just gonna add a Santa hat to an existing one.

>> No.9617966
File: 171 KB, 511x340, sad cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to try cosplaying
>have mommy issues
>remember creepy weeb girls trying to hit on me in highschool
>remember woman at work pressing her chest against me, trying for a discount
when random women, I don't know touch me I just lock up.
>friends call me gay when I try to tell them
I have bad anxiety, but it only kicks in with women.

>> No.9617979

What does this "t." thing mean?

>> No.9617992


>> No.9618017

Judging from the majority of requests on /r/ it was probably a cumshop.

>> No.9618056

I did, and I was still bored as fuck.

>> No.9618099 [DELETED] 

>get job as software engineer even though i am horribly at programming but women are hired with preference
>spend lots of time in meetings while all the guys in my department do the programming
And its women like you who are killing it for everyone else (myself included), thanks anon you piece of shit. Surely you can get a well paying job without giving women a bad reputation and abusing our privilege in STEM?

Sage for OT.

>> No.9618104 [DELETED] 

Third wave feminism was a mistake

>> No.9618126 [DELETED] 

Why would you blame her for this? Men like doing computer stuff and she does the rest. What's the problem with this?

>> No.9618128 [DELETED] 

i bet you are just in it for the money as well you hypocrit

>> No.9618129 [DELETED] 

Yeah but if you're not a diversity hire you have to get results or you get fired
You can't sit in meetings all day

>> No.9618131 [DELETED] 

can you get results? are you good at programming or w/e it is IT people do?

>> No.9618134 [DELETED] 

>feminists constantly push the 'gender pay gap', that they're just as capable as their male counterparts and demand equal respect
>the same feminists are given jobs they're clearly not capable of doing because of bullshit gender and diversity quotas
>straight up admits that the men in her workplace do the actual work she's horrible at doing yet gets paid the same as they do
>'What's the problem with this?'


>> No.9618137 [DELETED] 

>getting this mad over a post on an anonymous imageboard

It could have been made up specifically to bait replies like this anon, or anon is underestimating her own competency and being "humble". I've worked far more places with obviously sexist bosses that assume women are incompetent than anywhere that'd do diversity hires.

>> No.9618145 [DELETED] 

Everyone thinks they deserve the job they have, and you remember the negative more than the positive
It's fair to say if you're a woman in tech, you've been hired for or given something for diversity reasons at least once if not multiple times, considering the hard on feminist whiners have with the field

>> No.9618147 [DELETED] 

Nobody's mad, sweetie. I don't know why people on this site automatically default to 'it's bait' as if somebody saying something that stupid is some meticulously manufactured ruse to get a rise out of people and would never be likely at all. Gender and diversity quotes do exist and I'm sure her story about being hired even though she's terrible at her job just because she's a woman is 100% true

>> No.9618160

>oblivious to the fact they're caked in cum.
You do realize cum is very conspicuous?

>> No.9618176

My panties have never been in contact with any so i wouldn't know how visible or not it is on them.

>> No.9618398

It's not really. It dries clear but then hardens the fabric a bit.

>> No.9618440

>tfw no low hanging fruit gf

>> No.9618442

It smells like pussy, which men like

>> No.9618458
File: 228 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ovm2232tz81sv270xo3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have not cosplayed for years
>did a very basic 11 for halloween then to mcm because my uni friends were going
>watching a show
>suddenly struck with the urge to cosplay this one-time, non-canon character with no set design
>try to resist
> "it's a simple design it won't be that expensive"
>£50 later on aliexpress im regretting a lot of things
>guess i'll at least have a great halloween costume even if no-one recognises me at mcm
> pic related: the character im cosplaying (there's only fanart no official art that's how obscure she is)

>> No.9618487

>tfw no girlfriend to do couples cosplays with

>> No.9618618


>> No.9618625

>tfw no boyfriend to do couples cosplays with

>> No.9618633

So my little sister makes an amazing reverse trap, and it's weird.

>> No.9618728

>tfw no girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or, well, anyone do group cosplay with or even talk about cosplay with.
>tfw no excuse for this as I go to 5+ cons a year every year
>tfw there are more people at conventions you have to avoid than want to see again.
>tfw you just want someone to help make cosplays with you.

I thought I met someone earlier this month to do cosplay stuff with, but she keeps coming up with excuses to not meet up again. :/

>> No.9618743

Where do you live?

>> No.9618761

Ever been trolled irl at the con? IT SUCKS.

>> No.9618786


>> No.9618788


>> No.9618806


Destined to be alone anons

>> No.9619344

I'm confused.
Where are you guys from and what meds were you prescribed?
I was diagnosed with ADD a year and a half ago, and have been terrible at taking them regularly because I'm a forgetful POS who has a super irregular schedule.
But I have not experienced anything like what has been described here.
For reference I'm in AUS prescribed Ritalin.

>> No.9619355

how is it depressing

are you upset i'm stretching out your burando

>> No.9619470

i'm gonna stretch out your dirty little mouth if you don't stop it

>> No.9620132
File: 1020 KB, 500x373, sad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really need to vent and its only mildly cosplay related. I'm sorry.

I join a cosplay discord, but we of course talk about anime shit and rp. I feel like I am being pushed further away from the main discord. I don't want to bring it up that I am feeling isolated because 'stop being so needy. stranger on the internet doesn't owe you shit.' So I keep quiet as people have more fun when I am 'away' then when I am 'online'.

recently they made a discord for a topic I express interest in. Voice that I am interested in the topic. don't get the invite anyway. >ouch.
Log off and cried about it. Log back on and pretend it didn't hurt at all.

I just needed a platform to vent about this, because I feel like there no one in the group I can safely express myself with that won't eventually make it awkward for everyone else. Esp. since I do want to stay in this discord despite some of the emotional distress.

>> No.9620435

For a while the only way I was getting calories was alcohol but I've managed to slow that down and get a healthier diet during the week, satisfying alcohol requirements on the weekend by going full Misato.

>> No.9620454
File: 330 KB, 500x281, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>always the family outcast because of liking anime and other weird stuff
>Oldest kid
>No family members to relate to
>About a month ago I mention to a relative that I'm going to a convention
>She asks what it's for, and I hesitantly reply that it's a comic convention (it was Otakon, but I wasn't ready to bring up anime)
>She tells me that she has a nephew that's into the same things as me
>All of my excitement. Finally, a relative to relate to!!!!!
>She tells me about his achievements, and I find out that he's one of the best male cosplayers out there

I'm so excited! I got his number and we began conversing. He's so nice and does amazing work! He sends me updates on his cosplay stuff, which is awesome because it's hard for me to develop relationships with people and I actually feel like somebody is putting in the effort to be my friend >//w\\<
I'm probably going to meet him for the first time this Friday! I'm so happy!

>> No.9620468

Congrats anon. That is a happy feel.

>> No.9620568

Congrats anon, that's really awesome! I can totally relate and I know how awesome it is finding out a relative is also into conventions and stuff:

>Go to family reunion late july
>See that my uncle who I'm meeting for the first time is wearing a shirt with a familiar symbol
>It's the fucking hidden leaf village sign from Naruto
>"Soooo, are your grandkids into anime I'm guessing, given your shirt?"
>"Nope, but I am! Same thing as Cowboy bebop, Space Dandy, Jojo, etc."
>Turns out my Uncle also cosplays and goes to conventions for years now
>We shoot the shit talking about con stuff, swap pictures, add each other on facebook, etc.
>He's looking to get his wife into cosplaying with him soon too, and she's really receptive about it.

My only regret is that I wish we had met earlier than this past summer

Random question for you though anon since you mentioned this weekend, are you two going to Colossalcon East since it's on Friday?

>> No.9620717

Yeah we are c: are you going?

>> No.9620739

Yeah, I am! I'm going to be going with another cosplayer I've gotten really close with since Otakon, so it's going to be a date weekend for us, and we're both super excited! So I hope that everything goes great for you and your friend have an awesome time too (the waterpark looks amazing from what I saw)! c:

>> No.9621120

I lie and say I'm okay with non-binary genders, but in reality I think its just a dumb fad for young teen/adults. A lot of my cosplay friends are nb and it makes me cringe but I continue to use they/them pronouns because I feel like an asshole if I don't.

>> No.9621358

i used to wear lolita in the woodshop. id take off my petti and tuck in any loose ribbons, push up sleeves and get to work. i know engineering is a little more hazardly than general woodworking though, sparks and flux and crud

>> No.9622354

>make sure that a sufficient level of peer group pressure is attained before asking her out

Man, that sure takes me back.

>> No.9622359

tfw your friend get a semi colon tattoo in an obvious place because she survives being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend.
try to be supportive thinking she is going to break up with him.
Years later and is still with him and talk about getting married.
wtf? didn't he sexually abuse you.
"Oh anon I can't even watch rape scene as they trigger me."
but fucking your abuser dosesn't?

I hate that she is now using this as a way to gain attention with her shit cosplay. She wore rose quartz at our last con and everyone kept calling her the semi colon rose quartz and feeling sorry for her.

>> No.9622372

Eh, see it as getting paid for keeing the numbingly boring and unproductive shit off the team.

>> No.9622846 [DELETED] 

I just had a buyer cancel on me after holding it for more than a week. It was a high cost item and I really could have used the money right now. I should have asked for a non refundable deposit but was too lazy to get it done.

I'm not sure if I should leave negative or neutral feedback. I'm not sure if it would be too extreme to leave a scathing review but I'm pissed that my time was wasted.

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