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Last thread. >>9596903

Time to share some cgl feels. Stay on-topic and don't fight!

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Staying on topic and not fighting on CGL?

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>go to animu shop with normie friends
>gush about how cute Kanna is
>friend (who's very traditional) says "If you weren't so against settling down, you could make your own Kanna to raise."

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If I was drinking something, I literally would have spit it out laughing.

>friend wants to be Boots for Halloween
>he's like fucking 6'4"
>looks like what /fit/ actually aspires to be
>asks me if I can make it for him.
>realize he's talking about a one piece shirt pant combo
>stand there staring at him, trying to imagine how big a sheet of fabric I would need to make two halves to sew together
>mfw I'm moving in six weeks
>mfw two of those weeks I'll be 3,000 miles away finalizing my house buy
>mfw I'm doing my pack out after
>mfw he knows all this

Just....just buy it dude.....

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Easy anon, just say no.

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>watching old lolita vlogs and meet up videos on youtube
>reading through the egl memories
>laughing at stupid drama on getoffegl
>cringing at my daily_lolita posts
feels nice man

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I really want friends (or just a friend) who appreciate(s) jfashion. Someone with whom I could get dressed up and take photos, go out to events, talk about outfits and purchases, etc. My best friend is great, but she's not interested herself and lives 1000+ miles away.
Our comm is a decent size, but it's spread out across the state. I've only gone to a couple of meet ups, and although I had fun, I never really connected with anyone.
I struggle to make close friends in general; it sucks. In a shallow sense, I find many people agreeable, and I think people would say the same of me. But at a deeper level, I frankly find most people unattractive and have an incredibly hard time connecting with them.
Most people sap the energy right out of me.
Then, if by some stroke of luck, they don't, I have no idea how to transition the friendship from good acquaintance level to friend level as an adult.

Basically I suck at making friends and am doomed to be forever alone in my weeb wear.

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i think i've posted this feel like 5 times in the past. it's a bad feel.

i've met a few nice people from /cgl/ and lots of nice people irl but i'm way too picky when it comes to actual friendships. our communication inevitably ends within the span of a month because we can't get past shallow niceties and "how was your day" "good, yours" type conversations.

i just want a bff who i can have tea with and knit sweaters for and come to for coord advice. i want to be cute with someone, dammit.

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I want to start wearing more j-fashion around my boyfriend, or in public in general. Most of the time I wear "normie" cute things but I don't really know where to start? It's not that I think my boyfriend will make fun of me, I think I'll just make fun of myself and feel embarrassed wearing it, even though I have no problem wearing it in my room. I have clothes to wear, and the longer I don't wear the clothes I have, THE MORE I END UP BUYING LATER.

Does anyone have any advice on where to begin? I feel sort of at a loss because I know how to coordinate, just hopping over the leap of having more attention towards me than usual is what keeps me away from wearing what I like....

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Start by incorporating items into more normie outfits. For example, wearing accessories or wearing a lolita skirt with a plainer cutsew.

It really sucks, anon. I'm sorry we're in this together.

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Thank you! I hope to be able to dress how I personally want to more often, I think it's just a matter of getting over anxiety that really shouldn't matter to me to begin with. Hopefully, when the colder months come along, I can be more successful.

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You can larp as an East Roman, but you will never fight and die in the service of the Holy City and the Emperor, nor will your life ever be used to preserve centuries old traditions of philosophy, religion, science, and medicine

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wait did I post these in my sleep

I get along pretty well with many girls in my comm and sometimes do feel like I click with a few of them, but it always ends as soon as the meetup is over. When I try to follow up online it rarely goes beyond "hey how are you" "good, thanks". Most people in my comm have plenty of friends already and don't seem to be interested in befriending me unless I have something they want or they're trying to get me to buy something from them. It's really discouraging.
Since I'm on the quiet, reserved side myself I tended to befriend (or be befriended by) people who are more outgoing and confident, and these people seem to be a little more willing to reach out to me in this case, too. However all the girls like this in my comm A) are much younger than me and B) have certain personality traits that I can only deal with in small doses. I'm usually exhausted after meetups because it takes a lot of energy for me to deal with all the yelling, running around, whining about parents, whining about school, hostility towards onlookers and screaming about weeaboo memes.
Maybe I should post in a friend finder thread, but most of my comm is very anti-cgl and I don't know if it's a good idea to out myself as posting here.

Would it help to be more open about my interests and personal life on social media? Idk I don't know how else to open myself up to other people when between-meet online communication always fizzles out so fast.

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>Tfw 3 cons are happening in your home state this weekend/within the next few weeks and you see pictures of all your old con friends having fun.

I-I miss you guys.

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>moved a short while ago and left a lot of my lolita clothes at a relative's house for safekeeping
>thought I'd be able to go back and pick them up but a lot of shit came up so it's been a couple of months and they're all still there
>thought I'd be able to get them this weekend but I had to work, can't go back until early autumn
>most of my summer clothes were in storage there and by the time I can wear them they'll be useless

Hoping for long, sunny September days so I can wear my lightweight pastel OPs.

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I really wish there was something more I could do about my ugly face. No amount of makeup or losing weight in the world could fix it, I'm either fat and ugly or skinny and ugly. I'm so sick of it. I ended up wearing Lolita to a festival last night and I felt so cute and I got so many compliments but when I started taking selfies with my boyfriend I was like '????' Those comments felt like pity comments at best now.
I wish a had a few extra thousands dollars to get plastic surgery to fix my nose and eyes. Maybe then I could look somewhat aesthetically pleasing in Lolita. Pic kinda related because I somewhat look like Lor but less of a man

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Anon, are you me?
I have friends in and outside of the fashion, but I really wish I had a special friend. I wish there was somebody I could make twin coords with and have an unique connection.

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Anon! Did anything happen with this situation? I'm curious, if you'd like to share!

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Yeah, in my comm most people already are friends or have a friend or two in the comm, so naturally everyone seems to gravitate to their friends.
The only times I've made close new friends in the last five years or so were when we were all forced into a situation where we didn't know people and needed to make friends (first year of uni and then study abroad).
In general I've had multiple people tell me that I might be "intimidating," but I have no clue why other than that I'm not amazingly outgoing, loud, or overtly friendly. I am fairly confident, but I'm kind of reserved and quiet, especially in large groups.

If only the digital world were real so we could plug in and commiserate together, anon.

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>when we were all forced into a situation where we didn't know people and needed to make friends (first year of uni
Related sad feel, my uni was full of local students who already knew each other and a lot of other people who just kept contact with their high school friends over Skype/FB instead of making new ones. In my accommodation, a lot of people formed casual friendships but didn't get really close because they still had their close friends from high school...bit weird for me coming as one of the few people from another region and only having kept contact with one person from school. I made friends through the local comm and, again, they were already friends (the regulars/mods had known each other for five years) so that was just casual too.

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Are you boy or girl?

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The problem is kids are in that cute phase for like 5 years between 4 and 9. Before that they're load and screech. After that they hit preteen and teen years and want you dead.

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Due to past circumstances, I've always had problems and fear with talking to guys. At a con this guy and I started talking when he recognized lolita and became friends. He's the first male friend I've ever had, and as well as a great friendship it's also been helping me get over my fear. He's in a different state so we can only talk online now, but he was also my only friend with similar j-fash and anime intersts. There were never any romantic feelings at all. He just got a girlfriend and she doesn't want him talking to me anymore. I'm really crushed.

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I feel you so much anon. I also have a hard time Making real Friends because it rarely gets deep or something weird happens between us that makes us 'break up'. I get along with all the Girls in my comm, they are always Nice to me and never make me feel left out. But I Just don't feel that 'click' with anyone and never see or talk to them outside of meetups. My 'normal' Friends are great and respectful towards the fashion (sometimes I even show them silly things like wtf burando threads which they like!) but sometimes I Just miss having that one special Friend that 'gets' it. Someone to dress up, maybe even twin with and go shopping together for cute things. Watching kamikaze Girls together, reading old glbs together, talking about our latest purchases, that kind of stuff!

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I bet you looked great anon & every single one of those comments were genuine. Beauty is either fleeting, artifice, or a downright lie. Charisma, happiness, poise, confidence & intelligence are attractive. The novel & unusual is attractive. Lolita is a trip to most people, you prolly brighted up some peoples day! Plus, phone camera pics are not exactly going to be flattering, just think of them as a memory aid or a jumping off point, in six months time you might look back at those selfies & think "hey, thats the night we went out & did X" instead of using them to self berate. I think that self love is a load of bollox but if you could make peace with your looks you'd have a happier time. It doesn't matter a jot.

I'm an mua & my husband is a photographer, the amount of fecking around & prodding & lighting & arranging is insane to get a good beauty/high fashion picture. Just enjoy yourself & your life.

"Life is a banquet, and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death. Live! Don't be the person who walks around starving- be the person who hungers for life and swallows it whole...but be sure to dress well for the meal!"

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>do a joke cosplay
>friend wants to copy it for another con
I'm flattered, but how do I tell her politely not to cramp my style?

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> At local ren faire today wearing souffle song's Arabian nights
> Shopkeeper asks where my petticoat is
> show her a tiny bit. Its fairly flat because it's too hot to wear something fuller.
> she looks at me disapprovingly " it should be much poofier"

Did- did I just get called ita ???

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Traveling pink lolita checking in and posting a blog-y post because I have literally zero friends to share my day's lolita first feels with:
>lonelita in tiny rural area, no local comm
>zero common public lolita experiences
>no bubble tea
>not even macaron shop
>traveled to big city yesterday/today
>had bubble tea for first time!!
>bought my first macarons!!!
>plus got some compliments (soooo shy!)
>tomorrow going to BIGGER CITY
Sorry for blog post, but the feeeeeeeels!

Thank you! <3
Traveling was fairly safe, if a touch humid today.
Worst experience was a kid saying to his father "HOOOOE DOWN! Does she square dance like grandma?"
The cashmere was delicious once the temperature dropped.

Funny, but pink really cheers me up, plus I love match-y pink accessories and accoutrements.

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I am annoyed because my friend told me that I should get rid of my cute clothes if I want to get a guy.

First of all, I generally don't believe guys care what you wear if they are attracted to you in general. I also don't think most guys really perceive anything about women's fashion. She's never even had a boyfriend before, so how would she know? She says that only undesirable guys don't care.

However, I'm also annoyed that she doesn't understand that I'm not going to change how I look just because a guy would care.

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Why would a macaron shop be more common than bubble tea? Bubble tea is pretty common in Asian restaurants, even regular Chinese ones or for other types of Asian food. I've rarely seen macarons for sale.

Also bubble tea is from Taiwan, not Japan. Not sure what it has to do with lolita.

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>being this new

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I just realized the only time I enjoy socializing is when I'm in cosplay at a convention. I'm miserable otherwise.

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>wear old cosplay to con
>person that took my pic last year bought a complimentary costume to mine and follows me around
I'm not imagining this, it's creepy as hell right?

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>The problem is kids are in that cute phase for like 5 years between 4 and 9

You are so, so wrong.

Kids are terrible from 1 year old to 26.

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Haha, seconded.

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>told myself that I could get a back massage or go to rufflecon if I pass this summer class
>final assignment set is due tonight and there's no way my internet will be fast enough to upload everything
>know I'll disappoint my professor again and the intro of komm susser todd keeps playing in my head nonstop

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I'm male.

Still get hassled about being unmarried at 27.

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You can talk to me if you'd like, a male with cgl interests obviously.

Let me know and I'll drop a throwaway.

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Me three bros.
Here's my throwaway
I've done quite a few Ouji coords too.

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>order something on July 5th
>"expected by August 21"
>mfw that's tomorrow
I hope it shows up...

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>tfw con crush reminds you of your waifu
>tfw waifu has a secret murderous personality

Should I be worried?

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Yes, because anime is real.

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Don't do it.

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>bought a dress that's too small for me
>"I'll use it as motivation to lose weight!"
>started strong, lost about 5lbs
>suddenly lost motivation
>friends and family telling me I don't need to lose weight anyway

I'm a little sad no one cares enough to help me lose weight. I might as well just sell the dress at this rate. I'll never be able to fit it properly anyway

>> No.9605070

>lost about 10 lbs the past 3-4 months
>clothes fit so much better
>no longer have to sell dress that I was thinking of selling because it was a little too tight

Sadly I lost most of the weight from my thighs/lower body so it didn't help much in terms of fitting dresses, but I'm still proud of myself. I have a while to go before I reach my goal weight, but I'm so happy!!

Anon, you can do it!! I believe in you. It might take some time to get over that bump but I'm sure you'll make it.

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>gained about 10 kg in 2 months
>never been this fat before
>puff sleeves hurt my arms
>no motivation to wear lolita anymore
>start going to gym, it doesn't do anything

I may lay on the floor and act dead as well...

>> No.9605133

>gym doesn't do anything
yeah generally it doesn't do anything noticeable after only being there for a couple of weeks. if you're expecting immediate results than you've already set yourself up for failure

>> No.9605152



Yea, that's not going to do much.

A better way is to start calorie counting. First, find out what your tdee is. Then find an app like myfitnesspal and start logging your calories. Then, work out how to eat less calories so you're always a few hundred calories below your tdee. Don't bother cheating, your body will still concert all the food you "forgot"to log into mfp as fat anyway, so be honest with yourself. Keep this up and you should be able to see one or two pounds slowly fall off every week.

Once you've got that down, *then* go to the gym. Not to actually lose weight, but just to move your body and breathe oxygen and be generally healthier.

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Do you ever wonder what you'll do when Lolita isn't in fashion anywhere and they don't make it anymore?

>> No.9605174

>isn't in fashion
When was lolita in fashion? Even when it seems popular online in some circles, it's still a niche within alternative fashion. Many people who are into alt fashion don't even know what it is.
Regardless, I'd be sad if my favorite brand stopped releasing new pieces but I'd continue hunting down pieces secondhand, assuming prices don't skyrocket, and I'd continue wearing the fashion as long as it makes me happy. I don't need the community or new releases to wear the fashion I love.

>> No.9605176

When I mean in fashion, I mean existing at all. I don't know if the brands or anything will be around in 10, 20, 30+ years.

Other alt-fashions are easier to DIY and never really go away (goth, punk, etc) but lolita is much less so.

I think about this because I'm basically a lifer at this point. Where can I get shoes in a couple decades?? Aaa

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I remember the first time I tried an actual good macaron; the first one I tried was garbage but the second was heavenly and I've been addicted ever since. I'm happy for you, anon!

>> No.9605179


The way BPN went out of business? It's still being circulated, you'll even find it on closetchild every now and again.

The good news is if it hit that point at least Traumerei and other overhyped dresses would actually be attainable instead of the $1k it currently goes for on the secondhand market now. Bad news is.... it will never happen, will it?

Now, imagine if aliens landed in the ocean and suddenly made it difficult for countries to ship stuff to each other, including Japan to the US. Imagine a whole year of no burando shopping, no closetchild, no fril, no mercari, no yja........ I might actually shrivel up and die.

>> No.9605186

BPN went under less than 10 years ago iirc
Will lolita be around in 40 years? I wonder.

I kinda wanna just wear it forever

>> No.9605194

You can wear it forever if you choose to. Not having the brands around may make it challenging but it's not impossible, your wardrobe won't evaporate if BABY goes under.

>> No.9605200

Well no but I can imagine it'd be a huge pain in the ass if the fashion died.

Maybe I can coordinate orthotic shoes with it lmao

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To the anon posting last thread about going on holiday and leaving your number, if you were the one from


I didn't ghost you, your number didn't work for me. I messaged you after telling you but it looks like you got locked out of your account. I thought you'd ghosted me. I'd still love to talk to you!

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I'll sew my own dresses and, being mostly into classic, can probably find suitable shoes, bags and accessories in vintage shops. Hopefully.

>Now, imagine if aliens landed in the ocean and suddenly made it difficult for countries to ship stuff to each other, including Japan to the US. Imagine a whole year of no burando shopping, no closetchild, no fril, no mercari, no yja........ I might actually shrivel up and die.
anon pls now I'll have nightmares

>> No.9605210

Are you only concerned about shoes? You can find lolita-appropriate shoes in normie stores too, they won't be TPS level of cute but they can work, especially for daily wear. It's easier if you wear gothic or classic but it's possible for sweet too; either learn to lighten up with how you coordinate and incorporate black or brown shoes into your coords, hope that you can find shoes in the pastel color that you need, or buy whatever cute pair of shoes that you can find and paint them.

>> No.9605213

That's true. I do have normie shoes and all that, I just kind of wonder what stuff will look like in the future.

This fashion has lasted WAY longer than anyone thought it would anyway so maybe it'll be around forever 8D

>> No.9605216


The fashion will outlive you, I think. Although it might be difficult to find certain styles of shoes when they go out of trend.

I got into lolita when ITS was the big thing, and both homemade and loliables were actively encouraged for those who couldn't get their hands on burando. The DIY component in lolita is still pretty strong, Someone was still asking if Eternitas and Melt had patterns and instructions the same way GLB had in them. The current generation just happens to have a lot of brands, whether it's main brand, indie or single artist, all making very cool things at affordable prices, aimed at lolitas, so it's easier and more rewarding to buy something interesting and cute while contributing to encouraging other people to make cute things for lolitas, than to DIY everything yourself. And with the current push towards customization and maker spaces popping up in many cities, if anything, another 40 years into the future we might actually be able to print our own RHS in our own homes.

As to your current shoe problem, though. I'd suggest you start with white shoes and a comfortable base that you like. A few coats of Angelus leather paint takes care of the colour. For decoration, spare leather, glue, earring backings for non-pierced ears and some creative hours and you can add decoration to it to make it suit your taste.

>> No.9605250

yup feelsbad

>> No.9605251

yeah run bitch runnnnn

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>bf loves lolita
>more into lolita than I am
>encouraged me to re-enter the fashion
>loves when I dress up
>was always too scared to wear j-fashion outside, let alone lolita
>now I can wear it out with him
I'm so happy.

slightly negative /cgl/ unrelated feel:
>professor emailed me asking to submit my paper to school publication
>sent multiple emails back
>never got a reply
>wonder if he changed his mind
>long past submission deadline, so can't do anything anyways

Other than that, everything is great. I still get nervous wearing j-fashion outside, hopefully that changes soon!
My boyfriend loves cutesy pink crap as much as I do, so I have free rein to kawaii-fy his apartment.

>> No.9605355

>gained 100lbs in a year
>lost 100lbs this year
I'll now always be ugly due to stretch marks but at least I'll never be fat again.

>> No.9605389

a long time ago I posted about my boss who was being kind of inappropriate and I started developing strange feelings for...well for a while I was ignoring gull advice to nip it in the bud and walk away, but I got some sense talked into me yesterday.
I have a new job and am no longer working with prev. boss. we talked things out because my dumbass really actually wanted to be his dl mistress. I realized I'm just transfering feelings from my failed engagement 2 yrs ago and I was being selfish and weak.
it hurts because now I have to be separate from him and deal with my loneliness. but I have shoes on the way and hopefully a new dress to commemorate my new, righteous path.

no matter what weak or sad place you're in gulls, never be the other man/woman. luckily actual sex never took place, but lines were crossed and it was bad.
trying hard not to think about it and move on.

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I'm worried my con crush will look at the eclipse and go blind today, but I'd feel weird messaging her and warning her not to.

>> No.9605414

Keep it /cgl/ related, anons.

>> No.9605449

I'm the same age as you, but I don't really feel pressured at all (well.. apart from the fact that a spouse visa would solve so much annoying visa problems here in Japan). Don't worry about those type of things, anon.

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>buy item on Rakuten for the first time
>Its a simple rilakkuma japanese schoolbag for university
>see shipping is done by weight
>can't be too bad right? I have a non-rilakkuma one and its not that heavy
>get told shipping today
>mfw its almost as much as the product itself

>> No.9605563

Macarons are so so overrated.
Same with bubble tea. Disgusting.
Do i lose lolita points for not having shit taste?

>> No.9605567

What did you do? My thighs are my worst enemy, everything else is ok.
Whoa i'm so glad i'm always underweight. Counting everything i eat seems like a pain in the ass. Wish i had a cute face though.

>> No.9605570

How the FUCK did you gain 100lbs in a YEAR?

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>make acquaintance with gull
>really hit it off for a while
>think we've developed an actual friendship
>start to get a bad feeling about them
>do a little research and put some pieces together
>find out they've been feeding me a bunch of lies to try and impress me
>confused and hurt

i guess only vaguely cgl related since we met here. i'm not sure what to do... calling them out would be uncomfortable but i can't keep talking to them if all they do is lie.

>> No.9605578

What kind of lies were they?

>> No.9605580

don't want to be too specific but their entire identity was an elaborate ruse.

>> No.9605581

Not really cgl related but:
>Meet a guy who likes my loltia dresses
>Hit it off, we both flirt loads
>Decide to meet in person
>Goes fantastically well, super romantic
>Next day tells me he isnt ready for a relationship and hardly talks to me

It's been two weeks and I want to die, he was so kind to me and always said how we'd make a good couple. I have no idea what to do I'm too scared to message him and appear clingy.
It's his birthday soon so I'm planning on sewing him something little to see if it breaks the ice again but I feel like it won't change anything. Kill me.

>> No.9605586

How did you research them? Use what information you have on them and try to get them to contradict it in conversation without straight calling them out for being a liar. Confront them with what you know if you have to and allow them to explain themselves

>> No.9605588

Pretty easy. Fast food every day and a desk job.

>> No.9605591

You should consider forgetting about him and allowing me to be your rebound instead.

>> No.9605593

Don't do it, anon. If he's not interested then he's not interested. Leave him be, do your own thing, you'll find someone else who won't play bullshit games with you.

>> No.9605596

The thing is he kept saying how we can be a power couple and even when i said about how much I liked him multiple times he never shut me down. I know he has self esteem issues so I dont know if he's been freaking out or if I'm thinking too much into it.

>> No.9605602

It's an especially good idea to leave him be if he freaked out because of his self esteem issues. Give him some space, he might need it. When and if he feels like contacting you again, have a serious talk with him about this to make sure he doesn't do it again in the future. Anyway, I wouldn't chase him if I were you, it wouldn't do any good to either of you.

>> No.9605603

Thanks for the advice, I just wish he was straight up if he liked me or not, it would be so much easier.

>> No.9605607

The same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago anon, just with slightly different circumstances. Things were going relatively well, we had cosplans together, there was pretty open interest from both sides, then when we hung out for the whole weekend together, they were suddenly distant and cold. A week later when it was con time, we said a few words to each other on Thursday and avoided eachother for the rest of the weekend. Point is that as much as it hurts, and it sucks I know, it's best to let things go since the issue isn't on your end. If he comes back eventually under different circumstances then wonderful, maybe you can try to make things work again. But for now, it's not worth stressing yourself out over wondering what may be the issue, even though I know that your feelings must be strong at the moment.

>> No.9605610

>Female "nice guy" getting friend zoned

>> No.9605612

I took him out to a fancy restaurant and paid for the entire thing. I am the beta female

>> No.9605620

>guy has a perfectly good lolita gf handed to him on a fucking plate
>proceeds to throw said plate straight into the bin without a care in the world for the less fortunate

I'll send you cute messages, tell you you're pretty in lolita, hold your hand and go halvesies on the bill

>> No.9605622

You would have had to eat 12,500+ cal OVER your TDEE every single day to do that.

100lbs/365 days = 3.65 lbs a DAY.

Your average mcdonald's big mac has 550. So again, how the FUCK did you gain 100lbs in a year???

>> No.9605624

Check your math dude. It's 8lbs or so a month.

>> No.9605626

My bad, I was just so horrified by how fat anon got and how quickly I was sent into a panic and forgot how to be rational.

I still don't understand how you gain that much in a year.

>> No.9605627

You did the math wrong
It would be 100 pounds divided by 365 days
So they gained .30 pounds every day for a year

>> No.9605628


>> No.9605630

Thank you anon! But I'm staying faithful to my oneitis for now. If the whole cute hand made gift stuff doesnt go down well I'm gonna cut him out

>> No.9605631

If you end up slam dunking him, make sure to repost about it here and I'll swoop in at a later date. Thank you for understanding.

>> No.9605646

they left a massive trail of breadcrumbs all over the internet and i was able to cross-reference that with the things i already know. i like your suggestion but i'm also thinking that they're just not worth my time... i've given them the benefit of the doubt for too long. i hope it wouldn't be unreasonable of me to just part ways because of this.

>> No.9605649

If you're willing to part ways then you might as well just go balls out and confront them with what you know. Worst case scenario is you lose them which is what you're already planning to do anyway

>> No.9605704

2lbs a week or so is pretty easy.
That's only 1000 calories over tdee a day. A burger at Carl's Jr is 1000 ez and fries+drink adds up quick.

>> No.9605708

But how do you not see yourself gaining 10 lbs and freak? I know i'd freak.

>> No.9605719

I never weighed myself and didn't notice much till 50lbs in and by that point didn't care.

>> No.9605724

>getting laid off
>got enough in savings to tide me over for a month or two but who knows when I'll get another job
>spotted two rare wishlist items but obviously can't buy
>probably going to have to sell a large chunk of my wardrobe
>been meaning to get round to selling $350 of cheapish stuff anyway but it's nothing special and will likely be slow to sell unless I price it way below what I paid
>after that it's all items that I really don't want to part with, but pretty much none of it's really sought after because I wear a lot of solids
>laptop is starting to act dodgy, might need quick money for an expensive repair or replacement sooner rather than later
>the only things I can guarantee a quick sale for are rare items that will be a bitch to find again, and I only have a couple of those so the money won't last long

>con coming up really soon
>super stressed because it's going to be an expensive weekend and I'd rather not go but I've already paid for non-refundable travel, tickets and hotel
>might as well try to enjoy it since I can't get the money back, but will have to live off bread and not buy anything the whole time I'm there
>certain older family members already getting judgy because I'm going on holiday while unemployed, even though I booked and paid for everything six months ago
>one of them is the same relative who lets me send post to their place for safekeeping
>they're going to give me so much shit when four huge parcels my SS posted last month arrive at their house
Ironically half of it was toned-down casual stuff I'd bought for work, which is useless now because my chances of getting another job I could wear lolita for round here are almost nil.

>> No.9605749

I started in 1998 when shit was HORRIBLY difficult to find. The ease of it now with overseas shipping, Taobao, etc is amazing.

I hope it outlives me but man, I got a ways to go (at least 50 years probably womp womp) lmao

Shoes are fine right now but if it all disappears it might be a pain in the butt. I actually had a few pairs completely die because of age (pleather shreds easily after 10 years..) I'm not having a problem atm, I'm just making a joke about me at 75 :P

I just ponder it at times because other fashions have faded out (ie: Kogyaru, cult party, etc)

>> No.9605756

Oh AND I was thinking about it because of an article about street fashion in Japan (by Tokyo Fashion iirc)

They spoke about how it's not dead in Harajuku, just that 90s styles have faded out and lolita was in there. Then again, lolita kind of moved on from being a Harajuku street style more than a decade ago so it's probably not REALLY dying.

Although I kind of worry about it when China gets bored of it.

>> No.9605768

I read that article and Tokyo Fashion specified Gothic Lolita IIRC, which isn't quite the same thing (Tokyo Fashion know their stuff enough not to conflate the two) - I think saying gothic lolita has faded out is a completely fair assessment, both within and outside Harajuku as it's way less popular than it was ten years ago and never really evolved like the rest of lolita did.

>> No.9605821

How the fuck didn't you notice gaining like 15-20lbs? Your clothes must have drastically tightened

>> No.9605825

I wore XL till like 60-70lbs gained.

>> No.9605827

I'm still baffled how you can get that huge and not even notice.

>> No.9605854
File: 354 KB, 1024x768, mana_sama_by_stremon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slightly weird feel.

>been wearing lolita several years, always liked gothic the most but didn't look too closely at Moitie because it was way out of my budget
>basically just knew Mana-sama through image macros and memes, tried to listen to Malice Mizer once and didn't like it so forgot about it
>get into old Moitie after getting into oldschool a couple of years ago, exposed to Moi dix Mois lives while commiserating with nostalgic anons on here
>instantly drawn in, spend more time watching and reading old interviews etc
>start buying Moitie once my income increases and it becomes a bit cheaper second-hand, although four out of my five ultimate grails are still "never gonna happen"-tier
>admiring Mana's philosophy and emulating his look somehow makes me feel better about myself in lolita
still fairly wholesome, right?

>> No.9605857
File: 122 KB, 356x594, mana1999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always used to be really insecure about photos because for some reason my face looks really masculine in photos unless I get the angle juuust right
>not even manly-looking IRL so I don't know why the fuck this happens - I'm shortish with kind of round, girly face and couldn't pass as a guy for shit, but I swear some meetup photos make me look like an awkward brolita
>gradually learn how to pose myself for my own photos but it's hard as it feels like I have to remember a dozen things at once, and I still hated letting people take photos of me at meets as they turned out horrible 90% of the time
>posing can only do so much when the girl holding the camera is shooting from a low angle because she's short
>realising Mana uses the same feminizing techniques as I do in my own photos (chin tilted downwards, face at a slight 3/4 angle, camera usually at eye level or slightly above) made me feel a bit better about having to try so hard to look halfway decent
>get tell myself I'm copying the ultimate gothic pose instead of beating myself up over being ugly without trick angles
OK, that's not too weird.

>seeing Mana pull off lolita so well even in live videos where he can't be shooped girly makes me feel better about the photos I do end up looking masculine in
>actually start finding them kind of funny or endearing, like when I accidentally overexpose a photo to shit and look like I have no nose
I suppose it's healthier to be happy with yourself even when you look a little bit like a dude in a dress than it is to constantly beat yourself up over it

>> No.9605866
File: 105 KB, 700x1055, pleather2001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a few dresses that don't fit well because I'm busty and long in the body
>finally cave and order a binder because one dream dress just won't fit without it
>was only doing it for the fit since the sports bra method didn't work, but as soon as I put it on I was struck by how cool it looked
>try the binder out with MmM and feel even closer to my gothic aeshetic ideal, since Mana has a fairly feminine body but often doesn't pad his chest at all
>the flatter the chest, the closer to Mana but binding until I look like a guy shouldn't make me as excited as it does
I'm in too deep. One of my friends said it was weird that I aspired to look like an ageing crossdresser a few months ago, and I should have listened instead of laughing it off by saying Mana doesn't age.

>sometimes happy now whenever I notice I look like a guy, in lolita or out of it
I don't think I'm turned on by it or anything but I can't shake the paranoia that I'm like...a reverse sissy. I honestly feel really weird about it but I haven't told anybody because it sounds stupid.

>> No.9605867

Weight gain is gradual in most people, Even gaining 5-10 lbs is not going to make certain clothes tighten.

>> No.9605872

My clothes are noticeably tighter and fit weirdly at 10 pounds heavier than I am now, and I can pretty much tell from looking at my body and trying things on if I've gained 5 pounds or so.
Maybe if you're already 200+ gaining 10 pounds isn't noticeable, but if you're 100-150, that's a significant portion of your body weight and is probably going to have visible, tangible effects on your body. The only way I can imagine someone gaining ~20 pounds and not noticing is if the only thing they wore were very oversized clothing or shitty clothing in extremely stretchable fabrics to begin with.
Especially with lolita, wouldn't you recognize at some point that your dresses, socks, etc. aren't fitting the same?

>> No.9605875

I can't believe Swimmer is closing. Kind of feels like the end of an era.

>> No.9605878

Are you American? I really don't understand how Americans can get so fat so easily. At a low point in my life I was eating junk snacks for breakfast, candy for lunch, and fast food for dinner and still only gained five pounds that year. I can only imagine how much it would take to gain that 100 pounds.

>> No.9605880
File: 55 KB, 720x720, 1495568231893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have dream dress with relatively common print
>missed it about a month ago because didn't have any money at the time
>have money now but nobody is selling the dress
>it's kind of common so keep seeing the right colorway but wrong cut or right cut but wrong colorway pop up
Just kill me

>> No.9605882
File: 619 KB, 1200x1200, cryingassoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanted to celebrate the eclipse
>ate 900 calories over my TEHEE
Fuck, I'm gonna look fat when I meet Stan Lee.

>> No.9605884

ntayrt but I gained 12lb lately and I likely wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't a lolita, since all of my normie clothes still fit fine (they're not super baggy either but a lot of them are jersey knit - fitted T-shirts and thin sweaters etc). I realised I'd gained a little because my face looked different but thought it was just a couple of pounds - it was only when I realised I no longer fit into about a third of my wardrobe that I borrowed a friends' scale to check my weight and realised I'd gained that much.

>> No.9605906
File: 839 KB, 500x281, 1480571314919.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>talking to crush
>crush asks for selfie (I'm currently on a trip)
>not really a selfie person but do take lolita selfies
>crush knows I cosplay already but I wasn't clear about lolita so tentatively send selfie from recent meetup
>crush says it's really cute, actually gushes about the cuteness

H-have I found the rare male who appreciates lolita?

>> No.9605945
File: 117 KB, 2048x918, 3436766807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It just happens.
>can't spoiler
Sorry if I blind anyone.

>> No.9606014

Put money aside for it! If it's your true DD, you'll be able to resist the urge to spend the money on frivolous shit. Then, when it comes up again, you'll have the money ready to go and won't run into this again.

>> No.9606031
File: 305 KB, 643x483, oh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be ex-fatty chan
>lost over 70 lbs
>buying dress for upcoming con
>See sizes run small and order two sizes up underestimating weight loss
>dress arrives and is much too big
>rushing to fix before con in a few days
Its a mix of bittersweet emotions

>> No.9606045

Dude, you're hot.

>> No.9606050

>inb4 hubba hubba
I don't usually make thirst posts but holy shit you have gorgeous shoulders

>> No.9606053

>I don't like something that's popular I'm so edgy
I fell in love with macarons several years ago on a class trip through Paris when we had found our way into a fancy chocolate and sweets shop. I wasn't even into lolita at the time.

>> No.9606080

>tfw even in summer cgl is a slow board to the point of being almost dead overnight

>> No.9606099

>murderous personality
What does that even mean?

>> No.9606102


>> No.9606103

Somewhat unrelated, but what's your MBTI? You remind me a lot of myself. :c

>> No.9606132

T-thanks still have weight to lose too

>> No.9606149

Anon he is using you to prop up his awful self esteem. Just cut contact, give him a bit of a twinge of the pain he is causing you. And forget about him. There are plenty of guys out there, a whole world of guys.

>> No.9606197

>Con this weekend
>Wanted to meet some cute nerd boys and maybe take them back to my room for sweet kisses
>Friend groups does not understand my preferred type of guy
>Judged me and cockblocked me all weekend

fuck my friends

>> No.9606228

>started my new job as a teacher for 6 and 7 yr olds yesterday , I like 2 out of 4 kids there. The other two were just disgust little shits, 2 more days and I don't won't have to teach this class , that's what I keep telling myself.

> That and the fact I'm putting up with this is for the money

>> No.9606245
File: 28 KB, 360x363, 1503307608354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see a post in last feels thread about an anon contacting someone from /cgl/ thinking they've been ghosted and that they didn't receive any messages after exchanging numbers before going on holidays
>99% sure they're talking about me, it's a misunderstanding and I want to tell them what happened/that I did send messages and want to keep in touch
>try the most direct route and call the number they gave me last night
>they hang up while it's ringing
>try again just to be sure
>it's disconnected

>> No.9606264

Well did it?

>> No.9606279

Cars and an astounding lack of public transportation

>> No.9606286

>finished my cosplay 2 weeks early hell yeah
>it looks bomb as fuck, really overdid myself this time hell yeah
>.....buut its a pain in the ass to wear and i know its going to be hot as hell in a crowded con
Its a complicated feel

>> No.9606310
File: 206 KB, 1658x806, 1498947845364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start losing weight
>lose about 8 pounds
>still have 80 pounds to go
I just want to die.

>> No.9606327


>> No.9606339

There's no way you gained that little if you ate like that every day, unless you were so depressed you only got a few calories of crap.

>> No.9606340

>have a best friend
>imagine making cosplays together
>best friend finds another best friend
>her new best friend is more beautiful and popular than me
>my friend gains 3000 followers after becoming friends with her
>now she is moving to her best friend's city

>> No.9606342

Sort of know that feel
I lost 3 and still have 37 to go. I just want to timeskip until then desu

>> No.9606364

It just gets harder the more you lose too.
But it took time to gain and takes time to lose.

>> No.9606388

>tfw sweet old package delivery guy was replaced by some fuckboy who doesn't even try to hide his disdain for me
Receiving packages used to be so pleasant even despite the customs charges, but the fact that my burando now arrives by way of fuckboy asshole has kind of tainted the whole experience.

>> No.9606390

Moving in with fiancée he promised me one of the 2 walk in closets. I get here and he's still taking up half the closet that was suppose to be mine with tools, climbing gear, memorabilia, ammo cans and hunting rifles. I dunno what to do without coming off as bitch and whiney. Old me would have just started piling the shit in the center of his closet that gets to be all clothes.

>> No.9606398

Sounds familiar. When my fiancé and I moved into our new apartment I got a small sewing room and he got a gaming room. His room was finished before anything else, even the bedroom, while my room was basically used as a storage area for his stuff. I had to point out several times that all the crates and boxes were full of his stuff, not mine, before he even acknowledged that fact. Before that he'd tell me "you first" whenever I asked him to tidy up a little. Then when it still took him over two months to even pretend to start tidying up I went into passive-aggressive mode and started moving some of his boxes over to his, otherwise largely empty, gaming room. Only then did he get the hint, and started clearing out some of his junk. Half of it is still there, but at least now I have enough room to put up a table and get back to some of my projects.

I really hate being passive-aggressive but this was after almost six months of me asking him point blank to clear out his stuff and him going "uhh, next weekend". Ugh. At least he's a good cook.

>> No.9606435

>boyfriend breaks up with me, over text and out of the blue
>"Sorry anon, you just don't have ambitions or motivation. we're better off parting ways"
>Me, chest deep in a depressive episode that makes me not want to eat, talk to my family, or leave the house

I've never had more of an urge to off myself than I do right now. I know my lack of motivation has been negatively affecting me but now other people are starting to notice and I want to die.

>> No.9606446

here too, anon. ours was replaced bye someone who thought it was okay to give me the packages of the neighbours, and said I could deliver them. yeah, no, not happening. we had to file multiple complaints before he delived our stuff in a decent way

>> No.9606447

>dumping over text

Piece of shit you're better off without, anon. My ex gave me some vague as fuck 'we need to talk the next time we see eachother' over the phone knowing full well it wouldn't be for weeks because we live 3 hours away from eachother, so I had to drag it out of her over the phone and had it end that way, never saw her again. Never gave me my stuff back either.

Please don't hurt yourself.

>> No.9606515

Nayrt, but are you one of the guys offering to buy burando for girls?
Drop some contact info if you're looking for a lolita gf.

>> No.9606518

Sorry, fingerfumbled. Was distracted. Meant to reply to >>9605945 and >>9606132

>> No.9606519

It's entirely possible if this person is active and eats the right portions of it.

>> No.9606522

You guys are forgetting this dude gained 100lbs without noticing.

You think he's hot now but what about when he spirals back into another 100lbs? Fatties that go through that drastic of a weight loss rarely keep it all off after a few years

>> No.9606530

Wow, you really fill the doorway too, you must be 6ft at least?

I know I'm waiting to hear the response to this too.

>> No.9606538

Nayrt, but even his first photo at the heavy weight is better looking than anything I've dated lately. He's a genuinely good looking guy, and you're either being jealous or you're shallow af.

>> No.9606539

>want your significant other to be fit and healthy and not disgusting and obese(which is a disease)
>y-you're shallow

Anon, please.

>> No.9606544

I'm in the market for a lolita gf myself. I can't promise I'll be able to buy you burando but I'll worship you and tell you you look cute

>> No.9606545

Don't even.
He's a good looking guy, great looking, even. Even at his heaviest weight he was good looking.
If you can't stand to admit that, then you're an asshole and I don't get why you're shitting this hard on some poor random dude on the internet. He seems at least decently modest from the whole one reply we heard out of him, so he doesn't really deserve any of this sudden shit you're spewing.

TL;Dr: Get the fuck over yourself and give the guy a chance to at least respond.

>> No.9606547

This guy sounds like a tool who doesn't respect you at all. Honestly, do you think this will get better when you are married??

>> No.9606549

You're an idiot, you're trying to say someone is shallow for wanting a HEALTHY partner. Statistics say that this dude is likely to yoyo with his weight, which is incredibly unhealthy.

I don't find him attractive, and if you're trying to say that your standards of what is and isn't attractive apply to everyone and if they don't that person is shallow you are absolutely close minded and delusional.

Some people are going to have different standards. I personally don't care what someone's face looks like but if they are at an unhealthy weight I am not interested. And since this guy has a drastically increased chance to struggle with his health due to his own poor choices and his own poor choices alone(not like he has cancer or something his choices didn't lead to) I have the right to deem this person undesirable.

Why are you whiteknighting this guy so hard that I'm not even allowed to have a preference?

>> No.9606554

You sound thirsty as fuck and really petty that you think anon is an asshole because she doesn't find this guy hot.

>> No.9606555

Nayrt but that's when you offer to exercise with him
In the form of sex
Were I unwed I would be completely about that. And the guy seems to have a fan club. I guess it really is all about the frame.

>> No.9606573

>tfw I have the same kind of frame as that guy in his heavier days but I know seagulls who might recognize me if I posted

>> No.9606592

Not happening. I've gone 400+ days counting calories and haven't missed a day. I'm autistic about it now.


You can't even see my face tho. I'm not that ugly I guess.
Here's a temp or something idk.


>> No.9606595

>Not happening
That's what everyone else says, but if it happened once and you didn't even notice it and you let yourself get as far as you did, it can happen again. It happens to so, so many people again. You aren't immune.

>> No.9606596

Statistics show that within a few years you have an incredibly high likelihood of gaining it back. Stay strong.

>> No.9606635

I'll be fine. I have tons of active hobbies now and know how to cook too. I didn't gain weight due to depression or anything. Definitely understand the worry/concern.

Problem was I went from 100% active job to desk job and never cooked in my life. All fixed now.

>> No.9606644
File: 227 KB, 935x799, snail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Started running in the mornings for exercise
>Finally stopped stress snacking
>Not sure if it's just confidence or a placebo effect before the actual change, but it feels like my body is already improving
I haven't been this happy about how I looked in a while. Gonna keep it up!

>> No.9606645 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 232x217, esla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw my friend's 12yo sister is cosplaying MeMeMe
>mfw she looks REALLY damn hot
Should I kms???

>> No.9606647 [DELETED] 

Fuck her

>> No.9606660

Holy Mana this thirst

>> No.9606668
File: 109 KB, 480x542, 1502229526038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no sexually frustrated seagulls are thirsting after me

>> No.9606673 [DELETED] 

She's 12.

>> No.9606680

>Tfw i thought my foam building skills were good
>Realise it was just cause I was 1:1 copying patterns from the net, anything deviating I can't figure out
>Can't complete what i started, and just feel like shit/retarded

>> No.9606684 [DELETED] 

We're past the point of such trivialities when referring to a 12 year old girl as 'hot'. Time to make her a woman

>> No.9606699 [DELETED] 

A lot of teens are hot, but I know you keep your dick away from them.

>> No.9606701 [DELETED] 
File: 504 KB, 771x673, 1502362679260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>12 year old

>> No.9606711 [DELETED] 

She's an old 12.

My point is, don't diddle kids.

>> No.9606728
File: 64 KB, 360x296, nepp_what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Still get hassled about being unmarried at 27.
Where do you live that it is seen as abnormal being unmarried at late 20s?

>> No.9606732

Where you from and how old?

>> No.9606734

Western Europe, mid-twenties

>> No.9606739

Too far :(

>> No.9606752

Pastel vomit is almost impossible to find normie shoes for, I eventually just bought some on Ali since I couldn't justify the cost of brand shoes. But now that I've been thinking of how sad I'd be if brands died I've resolved to buy brand shoes once I go through my wardrobe and decide what would match the most

>> No.9606754

No worries, anon. I wish you well.

>> No.9606795

>made an okcupid wearing lolita in all my photos
>kind of just wanted to see the reaction to it, and see if there were actually any guys in my town would also be into lolita/j-fash.
>briefly explained it was not sexual and I just like wearing the fashion in my profile
>guy messages me dozens of times telling me I'm the reason pedos are so common, and keeps messaging me even when I'm not replying.

deleted my account. guess eternal single life is where I'm headed.

>> No.9606801

Why not just block him?

>> No.9606812

>tfw genuinely in to lolita but never find any and would probably come off as creepy trying to talk about coords
Destined to die alone.

>> No.9606827
File: 84 KB, 564x771, ee7c241596e5a9fd2634368c037459f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Put on 5 pounds because eating too much junk to keep myself awake. I haven't been getting enough sleep and probably won't for a while. Realized what I was doing and now I'm going for fruit instead of candy/breads. But ugh. I feel chubby. At least I'm about 22ish bmi. So not actually fat.

Started using retinol because aging sucks. I didn't believe anti-aging stuff worked. But the wrinkles were starting to show more and desperation. It's been working great and I feel much better about how my face looks. I'm going to keep using it and see how much it can do.

>> No.9606834

The comm in my state is pretty big but every meet up I have been to everyone already has their little group of friends.
I feel like such a lonely lolita.

>> No.9606887

Update: He wants friends with benefits
Nope nope nope nope nope

>> No.9606890

everybody in life has one particular thing they are really, really good at
i'm really, really good at wishing I was dead

>> No.9606899

Yes, thank you for asking.

Thanks. I live in the midwest US.

>> No.9606905

I'm also in the Midwest and unmarried at 27. We can be unmarried together.

>> No.9606906

I'm sorry it ended that way. But don't forget the less fortunate

>> No.9606909

Yo don't settle for that garbage that's like a million red flags he's probably a secret asshole.

>> No.9606955

I wont anon! I just need time to get myself together now, maybe improve myself a little more so i dont rush into things and get into a similar situation.

>> No.9606960


I have a bias to babies.

They shit and piss without any sort of distinction, but at least they don't have a half formed conscience that's apt to kick, bite, and scream ungodly noises.

>> No.9606967

We can take it slow. I won't rush you. Just make that initial jump

>> No.9606981

I bought a copy of fruits magazine from 1998 mint condition sealed in cellophane and everything

I'm in the UK so this is pretty much as good as it gets

>> No.9606985


Cut contact, block on all platforms and never talk to him ever again
The feeling of smug, smug satisfaction is so worth it.
If he does try to message you somehow block and don't talk to him

Just focus on yourself, surround yourself with people you respect and have traits you admire. The right person will come along.

>> No.9606988


Fuck off and give her time. You don't want to be the rebound, and she doesn't need a creep from 4chan.

>> No.9606989

Please simmer down and behave yourself young lady

>> No.9606990


Fuck off.

>> No.9606994 [DELETED] 

I'll be doing nothing of the sort, miss. Now be quiet

>> No.9607010

Fuck off creep go beg for a gf on /soc/

>> No.9607047


>> No.9607048 [DELETED] 
File: 1.96 MB, 300x300, giffhappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, man. It's normal to look. Just don't touch.

>> No.9607055

tfw love Lolita fashion and want someone to hand-make cute things for but my falcon is an asshole and doesn't want me to have a girlfriend

I guess i'll just have to dress this little shithead up in Lolita fashion

>> No.9607070
File: 22 KB, 415x419, USGS_Prairie_Falcon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I think you meant father but I'm just going to imagine an intensely jealous pet falcon who screeches and dives at any girl who looks your way.

>> No.9607074

No, you nailed it on the head in the latter half of your post. Jealous little shit.

>> No.9607079


Oh my gosh, that's hilariously awesome. But sad, because he doesn't like girls.

Could we have pics? I'm really curious now.

>> No.9607087

Same. I just got back from a convention and it reminded me of how happy I am there. I took a break for several years and am trying to get back into it.

>> No.9607089

I can take some on the next hunt. He'll be so confused if I bring him out right now to take pictures then put him back.

>> No.9607121

Have you been dating normies? Falcon-san will understand once you bring a gull home, birds of a feather and all that.

>> No.9607151


>finally finished with university and have a "real" job that allows me to afford the cute dresses I've always wanted
>have husband who is super supportive of my hobbies and how I choose to dress
>finally at a weight where I feel comfortable enough to dress in lolita
>turning 28 this year
>constantly fret about the longevity of the hobby and fashion I've wanted to partake in since weeby preteen years


>> No.9607162

>con in 2 days
>pet parakeet (2 of 3) dies suddenly
>manage to finish cosplay despite emotional distress
>feel like whole con weekend will be spent worrying if last remaining bird will still be there when I get back
>someone will be home to feed her the whole time but what if

>> No.9607168
File: 37 KB, 640x480, 060302_1532[00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of falcon? I know my green cheek has a horrible Napoleon complex and bites anyone who gets to close to me. My friend had a jenday that would attack anyone who came into her room. It might just be a bird thing since they only really have us to socialize with

>> No.9607170

aw, sorry to hear that, fellow bird lover.

that's an adorable idea

>> No.9607174

First time in one of these threads, but I just got back from a con and for all the talk of them being social events, I've never felt more isolated or disconnected from people.

I basically spent my weekend attending panels and screenings and hardly talked to anyone one on one, and this is while I'm making an effort to introduce myself to people.

It almost felt like I was the odd one out, and it's a shit feeling. It makes me seriously wonder whether I should continue to go to cons, because I hardly get a chance to socialize due to my job. I figured if I went to a con I'd get to make more friends into the same things I'm into, but I guess not.

>> No.9607176

It's pretty hard. I've only been to cons as a vendor, and that was kind of okay but it was really surface-level socializing.

If you want to go to a con to socialize, you should plan a meetup in advance with a few people who are also like you and afraid of cons for the same reason. There's a lot out there. There's some creepers to avoid sure, but I think lots of people feel lonely these days.

>> No.9607178

Did you cosplay? Serious question here.

>> No.9607186

I attended the con as press and I knew other people from Twitter that were going to be there as well also covering the con. I thought they would be up for socializing and talking shop, as it were, but after making multiple attempts to meet, they weren't all that interested. Talking to random congoers also didn't help, as everyone was in their own little groups and weren't really open to meeting new people.

I don't cosplay, either. I've made multiple attempts and it's just not for me, as much as I'd like to make the effort.

>> No.9607213

Yep. Its just complete blind luck if you actually end up having a real connection with someone you talk to. Cosplaying helps, but i've been to many cons where I just felt so alone.

I have made amazing friends from cons before, so there is a chance, but dud cons happen too.

>> No.9607220

>leaves some things in a room and puts it off

Anon i dont know if you've ever been in a long term relationship but people are just people. Its not about his respect for her, its just about laziness and complacency - which i'm sure goes both ways.

>> No.9607229

Yeah I always go to cons with the intention to socialize but everyone has their own groups or looks busy.

>> No.9607236

I've met great people in the past. But I've been out of the con circuit for a few years. This was my first year back and I was hoping to meet more people but it didn't really happen.

>> No.9607250
File: 15 KB, 370x320, 1484686784438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only two cons I would have realistically been able to go to until this time next year just happen to be scheduled on days where I have more important events already scheduled. I guess that leaves me a lot of time to work on cosplay, at least...

>> No.9607266

I posted my jfashion (Ouji) coords on my OKC too. The messaged I received were from cringe women and cougar.

>> No.9607356
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, 1482097281065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>start taking bookings for photoshoots, overestimate how many I can do
>spent entire con running around with people for snaps
>no time for panels, partying, or hanging out with close friends
At least I got some nice pictures

>> No.9607402

>I just wanna ride out and hunt cute wabbits with my lolita fashion GF
>but my falcon won't let me.

falconer problems.jpg

>> No.9607460

Oh hey sorry for the late reply! Yes I'm the London anon, I got my shit together and managed to get back into my account. Will shoot you a message asap! Knowing me I probably made an error with my number or something

>> No.9607481

wew lad, all's well that ends well. Glad you were able to get back in. I'll tell you more once you message me

>> No.9607527

How did you end up with a falcon anon? That's super interesting

>> No.9607540

>depression is coming back and there's a con right around the corner
>Drinking relaxes me but then I don't shut up about my issues
Mmmmmboy time to break out the meditation pillows

>> No.9607546

>drinking relaxes me
might want to keep that in check, bro. depression + drinking away the feels is a dangerous game

>> No.9607548

I do, only ever drink socially and it always helps conversations go smoother.

>> No.9607561

So how you holding up?
Pls tell me you haven't offed yourself yet.

>Never gave me my stuff back either

>> No.9607564

I believe in you! You just have to remember that persistence and consistence are they keys.

>> No.9607847

I'm tired of trading contact info with male cosplayers to arrange shoots/meet up at other cons only to have them stop talking to me once they realize I won't be their token vidya gf.

>> No.9607853

Why don't you be the token vidya gf?

>> No.9607862
File: 554 KB, 703x1006, Token_Black2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Token Girlfriend?

>> No.9607879

Fat cosplayers complaining about being fat cosplayers on social media drive me nuts. They complain about rude comments and say that if they get made fun of in a costume, they'll never wear it again. What's the point of being in a hobby if you're just going to throw a fit about how fucking fat you are? I get that it sucks that people are rude to/about you over your appearance, but having a childish meltdown over it and stopping yourself from having fun in the costumes you make doesn't seem like the right answer. Either lose weight, grow a thicker skin, or get out of this largely looks-based hobby, or at least stop crying about being a fucking fat ass on social media all the time.

Also, in general, I have mostly cosplayers and lolitas added on social media, and I feel like every day or so, someone's having a freak out about their mental health and plastering up on fb that they're suicidal and shit, and I do not understand how they think that's at all appropriate or don't feel incredibly embarrassed about putting all of their crazy meltdowns out for the world to see. Reach out to friends, yeah, but announcing to your hundreds of followers that you want to kill yourself every week or so? Yeesh.

>> No.9607882

Maybe they're tired of hitting it off with a girl who shares their interests only to find out halfway through shes not interested in them

>> No.9607892

General question: What's your favorite freebies to get when you buy something?
I've been selling some of my wardrobe and I always want to include a little gift but don't know what to give.. I've seen little handmade hair bows as gifts but I feel like that's so.. generic? My favorite things I've gotten are stationary, candy, or even little origami things.
I was thinking maybe charms/keychains but I'd like feedback!

>> No.9607910

All of that is fine. Free stuff is free stuff, don't worry about it being generic...am I cheesy for thinking "it's the thought that counts?" I even keep all the little notes they leave. Anything cute is appreciated.

>> No.9607922

I once got some cute handdrawn art of my avatar on lace market and it was super sweet to recieve!

>> No.9607937 [DELETED] 

I give out mini rilakkuma memo pads, cute deco tape rolls, little bread squishies, food jewelry, or other things that match the dress.

>> No.9607965

I love when people just include something that actually matches the dress. So often I get a random headbow that they just didn't want that doesn't match, it's annoying.

>> No.9607980

>Was in a group that was supposed to go to Crunchyroll Expo
>Had to drop out due to unexpectedly getting a new job i applied for and couldn't request time off so soon.
>Thankfully another friend who thought she couldn't go was able to take my spot
>Woke up last Tuesday to two dozen messages in our LINE group chat
>Apparently a friend of a friend hasn't paid for anything
>Claims she needed to spend all her money on a new PS4 Pro for her bf as an anniversary present
>Excuse is flimsy, later learn from said bf that he bought his own PS4 and the reason she was panicking was because she had quit her job and didn't tell anyone and as a result had no cash
>Muted the convo and haven't checked since
I just wish we would stop allowing friend of friends unless we've had a chance to meet them in person because as much as i love meeting new people it really helps me get a gauge of their character

>> No.9608023

It's part of the falconry process. I had to have a sponsor mentor me as an apprentice falconer and trapping a raptor was part of the process. I went for a falcon because they're less scary than hawks, ironically.

The one I got happened to be a particular douchebag. I named him Bruce but I think I should have named him Henry instead.

>> No.9608083

all i want is a lesbian goth lolita gf but
lesbians and gothic lolitas are both shrinking groups
even just finding a gf who's a lesbian feels IMPOSSIBLE sometimes. everyone is ~queer~

>> No.9608089

Lesbians aren't queer? Sorry, i'm not in the loop but am curious about how the community works.

>> No.9608105

Probably referring to bisexual identify girls rather than completely lesbian. The negative connotation is generally derived as bisexuals not actually being completely on the lesbo team, using it as a means of easy attention and "belonging" to lgbtqia groups, and lacking the special man hating that some lesbos are famous for.

>> No.9608119

I mean in theory they are
However lesbians generally have a very specific experience as women who do not date men.

The word queer is very vague and can apply to literally anything that isn't a cisheterosexual relationship
With the word "queer" the door of possibility for relationships with men is wide open which makes a lot of lesbians (inc. translesbians) very uncomfortable.

In recent years the more social justicey liberal queer community has come to dominate and they have a tendency to not like lesbians very much

>> No.9608124

>be 32
>no longer age/looks appropriate for the characters I want to cosplay.

It sorta kills it a bit. And there's hardly any characters my age range I want to cosplay. They exist, but I'm not into them as much.

>> No.9608137

I'm a lesbian part-time gothic lolita, does that count?

Can pretty much guarantee we don't know each other IRL though because every gothic lolita I know is straight/bi/pan/trans.

>> No.9608138

>However lesbians generally have a very specific experience as women who do not date men.

>With the word "queer" the door of possibility for relationships with men is wide open which makes a lot of lesbians (inc. translesbians) very uncomfortable.

so you discriminate against bi people.

>> No.9608144
File: 69 KB, 617x466, heyisthatanime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went full hikki for almost six months this year while having a nervous breakdown, and now I'm full poorfag.

Can't wait to get my first paycheck from the new job, and get some cosplay shit.

I'm in fucking tears right now because I'm such a failure.

>> No.9608156

Nayrt but that's basically it.

You're no longer a hikki, are expecting your first paycheck in a while, and are planning a cosplay. Baby steps, but not on the path to failure. You can do it, anon!

>> No.9608167

I just bought material for cosplay for the first time in ages and I'm hype to work on it...but my time to actually do so is insanely limited because of a combination of work and the fact that classes just started.

I've got a few months to get things done but my time is *so* restricted I'm still pretty worried about it. Feels good but also feels bad.

>> No.9608177
File: 209 KB, 640x427, Anonaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't fall behind though anon c^:

>> No.9608206


I have such weird strong feelings every time I hear lesbians on cgl say the don't want bi people because it's a 'phase' to use lesbian people, tainted by dick, etc.

Like I'm going 10 years strong, it's a fucking long phase if it is one. But I guess i have the dick taint so that sucks. Oops.

>> No.9608226


Sounds like that girl sent you to the shadow realm, anon.

>> No.9608232

I laughed

>> No.9608260
File: 47 KB, 763x622, 20883005_1563424643678824_6991278851807920720_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When the girl in your comm wears confederate flag panties

>> No.9608267


>> No.9608268

I would like to conquer that south.

>> No.9608314

Maybe she likes to fart on them.

>> No.9608393

I had a terrible dream that I bought the Holy Lantern OP in wine and it turned out to be a replica. I don't even like that print because I prefer old school

>> No.9608396

There are non-SJW bi women, and while I don't like the girls who claim to be queer or bi to be more interesting/fit in with the SJW crowd/be sexier for dudes, they aren't all that common - at least where I am. However I do wonder if there's some younger people who think that if you're straight you're an old-fashioned, closed-minded fuddy-duddy or something and the best way to show being open-minded is to try and join in with the LGBTQ+ community, because the amount of teens I see saying they're queer, pansexual, nonbinary, etc. has rocketed, and many of them don't seem to act on their claims, or are using those terms to mean things a bit more broadly than the terms were intended to mean. I blame the SJWs for stirring up the notion that all straights are evil and allies can't exist.

All the lesbian Lolitas I know are Sweet Lolitas.

>> No.9608405

Honestly I can kind of understand them. I've had my fair share of "bi" girls come onto me because it's easy and fun to play around with other girls but then they'll eventually dump you because they need a man. It's also especially bad that a lot of lesbians just get the "oh you just haven't found the right guy yet" treatment, so I guess the combination of two makes some lesbians extremely wary of bi people. Of course that doesn't mean that there aren't actual bisexuals or that it's wrong to be with a man, but it's no secret that a lot of bi women are into other women simply for the fooling around aspect and serious relationships are with men only.

>> No.9608459

>it's annoying
They probably assumed maybe it'd go with something else in your closet. Why are you complaining about something you're given for free?

>> No.9608468

Us real lesbians are an endangered species. Welcome to the club

>> No.9608488

As a lesbian lolita it's weird to see this reaction to a simple statement of "lesbians have a different experience than people who date men exclusively or people who date both men and women." Sometimes a lesbian is interested in finding another lesbian, that's all.

>> No.9608507


>> No.9608509

Same here, it's not that deep. I don't believe bisexuals don't exist or anything, but someone who even has the *option* of being straight-passing and could be happy with a dude already has a really different life experience to me. Plus I like relationships where we're open and honest with each other, but I'm really, really disgusted by dick and any discussions of heterosexual dickings, so dating someone bi is complicated because I don't want them to have to repress themselves but I'm grossed out by hearing them talk about attractions to men (kind of the same reason I wouldn't date someone with a fetish I was really grossed-out by). Some people argue against this by being like "but if you're in a relationship your gf shouldn't be looking at other people anyway!", but I don't think most people can just turn their attractions off like that and I don't feel threatened by discussing things we both find hot.

More on-topic feel
>bought my first curling iron
>got excited to wear natural hair for a tea party this weekend, try to practice new hairstyles
>burnt my forehead trying to learn how to use it
>I'm going to a tea party this weekend and the burn's painful and scabbing over

>> No.9608510

>but it's no secret that a lot of bi women are into other women simply for the fooling around aspect and serious relationships are with men only.

That doesn't invalidate their attraction to women though, it's biSEXUAL not biIMGOINGTOTAKEYOUHOMETOMEETMYPARENTS

>> No.9608512

Of course not but it does make the relationship shittier.
Bisexual women aren't worth wifing. They're bottom of the totem pole.

>> No.9608514

>bitter bitch
>confused why bi girls don't stay with her
I'd take a relationship with a woman over a man any day, but with attitude I'd fuck and duck too

>> No.9608516

Heterosexuality does not only imply potential sex so I don't see why you have a double standard for bisexuality.

>> No.9608519

I'm a guy.

>> No.9608520

lmfao there is zero chance you've fucked a girl in your life, bi or not

>> No.9608527
File: 69 KB, 591x438, indecent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>has a really different life experience to me.

what does that even mean?

> but I'm really, really disgusted by dick and any discussions of heterosexual dickings

So your a bigot/sexist

Why is there so much hate toward bi people, specifically bi women? I see it everywhere too. Part of it is extreme gatekeeping, but idk what the other part is?

>> No.9608534
File: 316 KB, 604x604, 1484255021499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're a heterosexual white male

Feels good lads

>> No.9608536

>some new guy posts in comm page asking where the best place to buy replicas is
>mods shut him down immediately and call replicas tacky
>tfw good comm

>> No.9608538

Tinder is pretty easy to use friendo. I'm not that ugly.

>> No.9608539

>innate sexuality is bigoted now
Being exclusively same sex attracted isn't gatekeeping you idiot

>> No.9608542

Sometimes I feel like I'll never get that awesome job I'm really hoping I'll get one day.

>> No.9608549

I never said it was. I'm not "disgusted" when I hear someone talk about their relationship if I don't find those people attractive.

>> No.9608564

I am still alive, thanks for checking
I've realized it's for the better, our relationship wasn't the healthiest, but I still feel like shit

>> No.9608566

Lesbians are repulsed by dick. Get over it

>> No.9608567

>telling me I'm the reason pedos are so common

Lost it

>> No.9608571

hi yes i'm a mod to a dying lolita comm and me and the other mods are trying our best to keep it alive, but nobody really shows up to meets

doesn't help that before i was a mod or even before i joined the comm, it was full of itas, so i'm afraid that if we try to make more events only itas will join and it'll be an ita comm again

>> No.9608574

As a bi lady who has been rejected by qt lesbians and had a bi ex who left me for a guy, this thread gives me sad feels. At least my cat loves me...

Cgl feel: Recently I've owned up to my shopping addiction but it's been tough committing to my "no buy" for lolita especially. TG all the burando Halloween releases aren't appealing.

>> No.9608585

It really bothers me as a bisexual woman. Even my lesbian friends have invalidated my feelings, which really deteriorated our friendships, and it makes it a lot harder to date girls. Basically the only woman I've felt okay being involved with and not belittled is my best friend, who is also bisexual.
I'd love to have a lolita girlfriend (I'm the wahhh no friends anon above ITT), but the amount of frankly rude things lesbians and other "queer" people have said to me or around me in life, and even in my comm, makes me very hesitant to even state my interests.

>> No.9608587

You aren't entitled to lesbians. Get the fuck over yourself and move on

>> No.9608594

nayrt, but saying you don't appreciate when someone is an asshat to you strictly because of who you are attracted to you doesn't mean you're "entitled." it means that they are sick of people being dicks.

since this thread is shot, I'll throw in my two cents: I'm bi, I have lots of friends who are lesbians and I don't mind at all that they tend to only date lesbians; I get that I technically have a choice to repress my feelings for women and only date men if I wanted; I totally and completely understand that we have different experiences and that a relationship between a bi woman and a lesbian can be difficult, I do. however, when someone tells me I'm going to cheat on their ass or use them or do the same to other people just because I've loved a people of different genders than they can suck my entire ass.

>> No.9608603

It's not even about cheating so much as a long lasting relationship. They want someone only attracted to their gender and there is literally nothing wrong with that.

>> No.9608611

>see a dress i really want
>paycheck wasnt what i was expecting
>need to buy a new phone too
>plus textbooks for the new semester

g-guess i can just wait until next time i see it

>> No.9608625

>> but I'm really, really disgusted by dick and any discussions of heterosexual dickings
>So your a bigot/sexist
Opinions like this are why lesbians hate bi women. You're literally just as bad as straights, like wtf, do you even think about what's coming out of your mouth? Hetero society says we're unnatural perverts for not liking straight sex, bi people say we're bigots.

>> No.9608627

I mean, it is kinda douchy to be like "well your vagina touched a dick once and now you're unlovable."

It's not like we are saying you have to sit there and listen to every instance of sex we've ever had with a man (assuming there has been any at all).

like how the fuck do you not understand how terrible it is to be rejected simply because you aren't ~pure~

>> No.9608630

Thats not what was said... She said she is disgusted just by hearing about someone being in a relationship with a man.

Winning personality right there. God forbid people treat others fairly no matter their sexual orientation.

so a lesbian saying straight relationship is disgusting is ok, but a straight person saying lesbian relationships are disgusting is a bad person?

>> No.9608632

Gurl could probably use a good dicking to get her out of that bad mood

>> No.9608633

I never said I was rejecting someone because they weren't pure, I'd happily date a lesbian who'd had sex with a man while experimenting in high school or w/e.

>She said she is disgusted just by hearing about someone being in a relationship with a man.
I never said the word relationships, it's pretty weird to assume that the jokey phrase "heterosexual dickings" refers to relationships instead of, you know, heterosexual sex.

Only one of those anons is me and you samefagging with >>9608630 shows your true colours.

>> No.9608635

Fuck off to /b/. That's not even funny.

>> No.9608637
File: 966 KB, 500x250, IMG_5452.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw a friend of mine some time ago told me that he was happy my "phase" ended (I've a bf right now). It's kinda sad when people say things like that.
I understand lesbians could have a problem with my preferences tho. I mean, I prefer people with red hair, they want a girl who doesn't like dicks. No problem with that.

>> No.9608640

Get the sand out of your vag, princess. You're still on 4chan

>> No.9608642

Okay, honestly that's cool. I've heard lesbians say the former and that's bullshit, but if you just want someone with the same interests as you that's fine. T b h I'm projecting a bit, because getting rejected because of past relationships sucks (esp when you are primarily attracted to women), but that's reasonable

>> No.9608644

Doesn't make you less of a sad little fuckhead

>> No.9608645

Yeah, there are definitely lesbians out there who fully embrace the "bis will cheat" sort of stereotype and it's fucked up, but most lesbians I've met IRL aren't like that (I actually hear that stereotype coming more from gay men and straight women) and I'm not either. DESU I'd consider someone who was bi but massively preferred women but IDK.

>> No.9608647
File: 24 KB, 333x333, 1439152275270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting this offended over somebody trolling you on 4chan
>I'm the sad one

>> No.9608650

Last time I checked, treating someone fairly didn't mean fucking them. You're allowed to turn down sex or a relationship for any goddamn reason because dating is a discriminatory process.

>> No.9608686

That's chill. Honestly, as long as you aren't judging me as a person or telling me I'm not ~queer enough~ it's all cool. I don't expect everyone in the world to date me, just to respect me enough not to make assuptions.

>> No.9608687

what >>9608627 said

>> No.9608692

Eh, I'm >>9608627 and she seems more like she is being selective because she wants the comradarie of experience and taste and not because they are judging bi people as people. I get the honest vibe that if, for instance, she met me or any other bi girl in person and there was actual chemistry or whatever she wouldn't automatically write it off, which is what matters.

>> No.9608700

No one mentioned purity or someone being unlovable, good god.

I'm >>9608488 and so many of the I'm Bisexual! people I meet are like this, if you meet the SLIGHTEST resistance to dating you it's time to cry about how bigoted/prejudiced people are and how biphobia is real and lesbians/homosexuals are just as bad as straight people when it comes to bisexuals.

No, a bisexual person and a gay person just have different dating pools, romantic experiences, and social cultures. A gay person might be looking for someone with similar experiences. Most gay people will not turn down a bisexual person JUST because they're bi, but it will usually boil down to "we have incongruous expectations of sex/attraction/dating and it makes it hard to relate to you on a romantic level." This isn't to say these relationships can't/won't work but it's an extra hurdle. Someone being inclined toward someone who shares their sexuality is not unusual or terrible.

>> No.9608703

You sound much more reasonable here so I feel bad about getting tetchy with you in my response above so I'm sorry about that!

>> No.9608720

Her comment came off similar to actual conversations I've had with gold stars that have legitimately said they wouldn't consider having sex with women because they didn't like the thought of having sex with someone who had dick in them (I very heavily prefer women, so most gay women may not know im bi unless they get to know me... consequently I've heard some serious bullshit). She later clarified, and I was happy to back down.

Your comment I was always fine with. I know plenty of lesbians with the same outlook and it's fine, I don't care. It's honestly the reason I usually wind up with other bi girls. it's nice to be with someone who gets you.

I know it's annoying when people play the oppression olympics, but sometimes bi people do legitimately get shit from all sides sometimes and it's frustrating.

>> No.9608722

hey it's all good! sorry I came off as touchy!! like I said, I think I was projecting lol

>> No.9608726

>No one mentioned purity or someone being unlovable, good god.
NAYRT but yeah, not with those words and not in this thread, but we hear it often enough. I've heard lesbians saying they would never date someone who had sex with a man and liked it countless times. "Never been with a penis" is considered a badge of honor by most I've met, and the ones who did have sex with men act self depreciatively about it (half joking, half serious) as if it made them inferior.

I'm glad I'm bi and don't have to be part of the lesbian community. I dated two bi girls and they're so fucking chill in comparison

>> No.9608727

Someone not wanting to date you isn't oppression or bigotry. The experiences of women attracted to both sexes are not the same as the experiences of exclusively same sex attracted women. Some bisexuals only date other bisexuals, even in heterosexual relationships, because of shared experiences. That doesn't offend me. 92% of bisexuals end up settling into heterosexual relationships anyways, so why do you care so much about lesbians dating you? Leave lesbians alone. We get enough shit from straight people, the gender theory kweer people telling us we have to take dick or else it's literally violence, and bisexuals telling us we aren't open minded.

>> No.9608730

it's not about dick and purity you stupid fuck, it's about shared experience, i would date lesbian who had been with men in the past because she shares a common lesbian experience with me. entitled bisexuals are awful

>> No.9608735

>the biggest enemies to the LGBT community are themselves

Really activates the almonds

>> No.9608737

Your reading comprehension is really poor. It sounds like you two actually agree. The other poster is also pointing out that *some* lesbians act like women who've slept with men are inferior, which is problematic.

>> No.9608738

Not really, we don't literally kill each other.

>> No.9608740

Last time I checked lesbians not dating me didn't put my life or lively hood in danger but thanks for playing

>> No.9608743

>entitled bisexual
Did you even read my post?

I heard most of those things when I was dating another girl and we hung out with lesbians often and they thought we were full lesb too. I wasn't even personally discriminated against because the only times I hung out with lesbians they assumed I was one of them, but it was still hurtful to hear those things

>> No.9608748

Actually, story time from >>9608740 (since this thread is auto sage and I've basically accepted im getting temp banned at this point): one of my friends broke up with a guy and decided she might be interested in girls because "men are so annoying" (which having been her friend for years I lowkey doubt, but also you know it's not my place to judge) and she told me that she thought "straight people are so much easier to 'be gay around' than lesbians" and I thought I was going to smack a bitch

>> No.9608750

I live in a first world country so gays being killed for being gays doesn't happen here, I should've clarified

>> No.9608758

Same, I just give a fuck when I see other lgbt people die on the news

>> No.9608762

What if a straight person dies on the news?

>> No.9608767

Where they killed for being straight? If so, I'll be more worried when holding a boys hand in public.

>> No.9608768

Here's your (You).

>> No.9608775

>women talk as if being part of the LGBT community is a danger to themselves or other women when every other man they know has probably knocked one out to girl on girl in the last week

Really gets the neurons firing

>> No.9608802

>Someone not wanting to date you isn't oppression or bigotry.
For the sole reason of being bi, is.

>The experiences of women attracted to both sexes are not the same as the experiences of exclusively same sex attracted women.

What does this mean? I've asked this question 3 different times and no response..

>> No.9608805

I'm bi, and it means we deal with different shit. It's true. Lesbians have the additional hurdle of not being attracted to men at all (something that is expected of women) among other things, and bi girls have the cheating/slut/doesn't exist stuff to deal with. I will never be angry for a lesbian saying I have different problems when it's true.

>> No.9608814

By this logic, straight relationships can never happen since men and women just deal with too many different things.

>> No.9608817

guys who knock one out to girl on girl and guys who want to correctively rape lesbians have overlap

>> No.9608822

idk about you, but I feel more comfortable dating girls than guys because we share similar experiences. I know girls who have admitted to liking boys but chose not to act on ita d identify as lesbians because they don't feel they can connect without that relatibility.

you forget, straight people aren't attracted to the same gender. it's not an option

>> No.9608823

Guys who set out to specifically rape lesbians must be quite the niche market

>> No.9608826

>I know girls who're sexually attracted to men but choose not to act on it and deny their true sexuality for the appeasement of catty lesbians, lest their lofty and untouchable standards not be met

I'm thankful as fuck I was born straight

>> No.9608831

You'd be fucking surprised. Every lesbian I've met has had anecdotes of unpleasant encounters with men who took their orientation like a challenge or were convinced they could "turn" her. It's very common and can be very frightening - I avoid mentioning morientation around taxi drivers now because of one experience.

t. lesbian

>> No.9608835

I've just never cared about someone's sexuality or what ever. I just date who I find cute and have similar interests.

>> No.9608842

Take your victim complex somewhere else, Mary Jane. I'm not harassing gay women, I'm saying that women who deny and suppress their sexuality to appease certain lesbians who might view them as lesser beings for having dared entertained the idea of enjoying dick are being idiots, can do better and should just fuck whoever they want to fuck.

>> No.9608846

honey, I said they chose not to fuck boys because they don't like being around them. I'm starting to think they might be right.

>> No.9608850
File: 94 KB, 528x794, 1451045820005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, boys are totally icky!

>> No.9608852

No it isn't fucking retard. It's called preference.
Just like some people don't date certain races. That doesn't make then racist.

>> No.9608862

>these girls identify as lesbians even though they're not actually lesbians because they feel like they can't connect with other lesbians unless they do

What you actually said was

>they chose not to fuck boys because they don't like being around them

Damn, my mistake for completely misreading that post. You certainly showed me

>> No.9608878

>Just like some people don't date certain races. That doesn't make then racist

Yes it does. If you really like someone, and the reveal to you that they are 25% asian or whatever and break up with them because of that, then you are racist. Not finding someone attractive isn't racist, but not dating someone specifically because of there race is. The same with being lgbt. Not dating someone because they had a straight or gay relationship once is bigotry.

>> No.9608895

I'm talking about looks obviously, not fucking ancestry. Even then you can really like someone and not like certain parts about them making them undateable. I don't find Asians attractive guess I'm a racist now :^)
And no, it's called preference.

>> No.9608898

how do bi people look different than lesbians?

>> No.9608904

I was talking about races you absolute retard.
You can have preferences in sexuality and personality without being a bigot too. I don't want virgins for example. Some people only want virgins. It's literally a non-issue, why does it upset you some people don't want to date bisexual?

>> No.9608917

>You can have preferences in sexuality and personality without being a bigot too
Why? You compared it to looks, now saying its not like looks. I don't get it.

> why does it upset you some people don't want to date bisexual?

I don't like people judging others differently based on their sexuality.

>> No.9608925

That's very nice of you and you definitely shouldn't condemn someone for it. However that and choosing to DATE someone are two different things.

>> No.9608979


I think it affected being with LGBT quite a bit and people were constantly questioning me. It isn't such a simple statement when I'm doubted for who I am. But that's fine, I have a loving boyfriend and if we break up I wouldn't want to date the likes of you anyways.

>> No.9609768
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>tfw really like lolita fashion and girl fashion in general
>tfw no girl friends who aren't either complete normies or completely disinterested
>tfw there's absolutely no way I could pass for a girl: wide build, quickly growing facial hair, hairy as hell legs, etc

>> No.9611529

sauce on that image cant find it

>> No.9611856
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are you me anon?

>> No.9614113