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Looking for inspo for doctor or patient coords. Any kind of guro/doctor/patient lolita would be fantastic. Going to dump the very little that I have.

I know there's a menhera thread up but I'm looking for distinctly lolita. Menhera accessories that fit the bill would be totally welcome too. I just need more shit, my inspo folder is practically empty.

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Nurse stuff is super cute too.

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Last pic I've really got.

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incoming dump, I love guro as well, it can definitely be done well!

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also I'm a big fan of alice auaa even though they're not strictly lolita, some of their pieces would work wonderfully in a guro coord and have a real gothic asylum feel to them.

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here's the pattern for that!

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Slightly different coord but same girl.

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I'm not too sure if this completely counts as guro, but it's the most elegant way to do it that I've ever seen.

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fuuuuck, sauce on that dress? I'm a sucker for crosses

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Posting some stuff from my tag for this.

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hooly shit, I'd love a bag that looks like that lock in the bottom left.

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comes in black colorway too

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Source on any of these pretty please?

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What's the dress on the left? It's not Meta, is it? I know it's not Hospitality Doll.

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I honestly think it's just an offbrand white coat, that matches the theme.

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Does anyone know the name of the dress? Maybe the apron too, because it looks nicer than some of the other heart aprons I've seen.

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OP here, thanks so much to everyone who's posted so far. my folder thanks you too

Don't remember the names of any of the rest but the OP in >>9600898 is Asylum from Violet Fane.

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does anyone now how to find out your size? was sizing details earlier in the book/magazine?

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Love AA. Such a sorely-unappreciated jgoth brand in the western world.

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Afaik, the skirt is 3F.

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The dress is the Milpa Box Pleat JSK and the apron is one of 1999 Meta heart aprons, I believe.

The Violet Fane piece in >>9600898 is actually a JSK

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This is a doctor too

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I love love LOVE this idea, makes me wanna do my own plague doctor coord.

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how tall is she? that barely covers her cooch

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There's a Taobao dress that recently got posted to LU that would be perfect for this.

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I'm having trouble finding it, mind linking?

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I think is Insta Mori's Nameless Poem OP with a cape

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The new dress is called the crow,I think the time is up for that one tho.

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I know what the dress in the picture is, but anon says there's a different dress posted to LU, which is what I'm having trouble finding.

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Here's the dress.

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Yeah, it's this one! It looks like the preorder ended a few days ago, but it came with a short black cape and everything.

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