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Don't derail it this time.

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I think its okay carry around stuffed animals with lolita.

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I think sack dresses are disgusting.

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sack cuts are cute and the only people who complain are fatties that look bad in them

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this is such a common one on here though. What is the point of having an unpopular opinion thread here if it's just the shit that people always say on cgl?

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>middle parted hair is unacceptable in lolita
>just wear tights if you're over 120lbs
>classic coords with offbrand stuff look like shit
>if you don't have at least one brand main piece you're not serious about the fashion at all

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I think it's become dumb, repetitive and pointless to call random people fat when you can't see what they look like.

I hate the "hi X" meme.

I think cgl takes "lifestyle lolita" way too far with their expectations.

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These are all common as fuck.

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keep your scene/tumblr trash out of lolita. your facial piercings and dumb myspace angles look like shit.

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I hate coords with everything themed to the print. I get having a strawberry bag if you have a lot of strawberry prints for example, but most people should just invest in a good solid color bag and use it. Same for legwear and print headwear.

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I can't understand why people don't just take out their piercings for the meetup.
Also, everyone should take off prescription glasses for photos.

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I love circle glasses and it fuels me whenever someones coord gets cross posted from COF to here and ppl whine about "meme-glasses" (especially when they're the person's actual glasses)

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I hate Lacemarket, I'd sell everything on EGL Comm Sales if I could.

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Again. Common as fuck. Literally every CoF thread has this mentioned.

>solid colored bag
that sounds like it'd be okay for classic but too bland for anything else.

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uh. they are meme glasses. if you got those for your Rx glasses you are a piece of shit. they ruin every coord.

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cool. you share the popular opinion of the rest of cgl.

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ok then why on the CoF cgl everyone always "love this" to the shitty scenester coords?

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Are you just here to tell people that their opinions are not unpopular...?

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I never understood the appeal of misty sky. I always thought it was hideous.

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Where? I always see girls getting ripped on for that? If someone has a nose piercing, it's almost always referred to as "I thought it was booger lololol kek"

Not only that but I'm pretty sure when someone tries to do scene hair they get called out. CoF threads are pretty much trash the itas threads outside of the ita thread.

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Yeah. I made the fucking thread. What is the point of having this thread if people are just gonna regurgitate the same shit over and over?

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That's not solid colored.. it's got white bits and a design.

Anon probably just needs to reword their sentence.

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when people call everyone ageplayers jbc theyre wearing toy-themed sweet

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I think most people understood what she meant. a bag that isn't themed.
Is this not a solid colored dress because it has white ribbon on it?

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That's two toned

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When everything in your coord is light pastels and you have dark skin or hair, it looks bad.

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5'9" and 125, whats the problem with wearing socks If you're over 120pounds, if it's about being fat someone who's 120 can be super skinny depending on how tall they are

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I hate it when people post (false) facts on the unpopular opinion threads and I think they should be called out like the retards they are

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technically yes, but generally there are print dresses and solid dresses/ non-print
nobody generally refers to things as two-toned, or three toned so on

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I hate comm meetups because it's nothing but ugly women trying to one up everyone else with how expensive their clothing is, yet they never do anything to actually better themselves or their manners. I've never been to one meetup that didn't have people constantly trying to shit on other people because of how jealous they are. It's disgusting and not lady like.

I don't believe ugly people should dress in lolita, period; and I don't mean conventionally ugly, but people who don't actually embrace the fashion and aren't willing to commit to it. People without manners. If you're going to cuss while wearing lolita and be disgusting/not make any actual effort, you need to stop wearing it.

Also, if you're a coward that can't wear lolita outside on a daily basis and only wears it to meetups, just give up.

My last unpopular opinion (at least one that triggers a lot of people) is that if you have shitty dyed hair, you need to wear a wig. ALWAYS. Colored hair looks horrible, even with pastel or goth.

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I've never been to a meet like that...

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What about the bow on that bag? I think that makes it themed like the original anon said.

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Fuck I'm 5'3" and 123 pounds about, do I sound fat

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you consider a bow a theme?
what kind of bag did you think she was talking about a black trashbag?

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i understand the hair but not many people can control their skin shade, anon

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Knee length is an unflattering length for dresses and skirts. I much prefer a few inches either above or below the knee. Glad I'm a tall Westerner who gets a little zettai ryouiki with my dresses and OTKs.

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125lbs can have thin legs

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I just got my septum done and you're not supposed to take it out for 6 weeks. When it's completely healed I probably will.

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>>middle parted hair is unacceptable in lolita

So this one is new to me. Why is middle parted hair unacceptable in Lolita?

Genuinely curiously. I've been thinking about switch to a more feminine side part but even my hair dresser says I've been parting my hair in the middle so long now it just falls that way even when wet...

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I dont understand the middle parted hair one. Isn't that just how hair naturally falls? I mean it is one thing to not style your hair but you can have it styled and still parted down the middle. Is just an aesthetic thing for you?

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little purple penis socks

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I'm 105 and I have chunky thicc thighs

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Yeah. One of the reasons I ultimately dropped Lolita is because a knee length skirt with a petti at 5'1 just makes you look even stumpier.

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Lmao I know they also have little condoms

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They're supposed to be those medical siscors that bend at the end though, I'll have to say the designers didn't do a great job, and the little green condoms are supposed to be syringes lmao

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>As much as I dress for myself and honor my own sense of style, I always try to take into account how my boyfriend feels, to a point. His opinions are important to me because I love him. There's a middle ground, obviously. If he complains that I'm going to draw too much attention to him in public, I won't wear the clothes I like when I'm going out with him. If he tries to make me stop wearing them entirely because he thinks I look stupid, I'll (politely) tell him to piss off.

>I think certain hairstyles don't go with Lolita, which is why I support wigs so much. Unless you're very, very attractive (and also not going OTT), please try to have voluminous hair. And bangs. Find the right type of bangs for you, and rock them. The whole world doesn't need an eyeful of your forehead and hairline.

>I think white girls look better in Gothic and classic than sweet.

>A lot of old-school Lolita actually does look ita as fuck, and seagulls only gas them up for nostalgia reasons.

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there are short little Asians that I guarantee are under 120 but still have those awful tree stump legs and they're bowed. what the fuck are with those? if you've got thick ass legs, don't draw attention to them with printed or otherwise loud socks.

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Same. I've had my round glasses for over five years and have gotten multiple comments telling me they're no longer trendy. Bitch I had them before the trend even started and I need them to see, fuck off.

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Those socks are terrible, and so are those jelly sandals. Dump them.

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/pol/ is ruining 4chan!

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This is not an unpopular opinion. /pol/ itself was literally just made to keep the unironic racists in check, but they bled out anyway and spread their shit-stained asses on everything.

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anon stop taking the bait

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Hey dumbass, what's the thread say about derailing now?

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You're right. All apologies.

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My knees are the narrowest part of my leg aside from my ankles so skirts that hit exactly at the knees are the most flattering on me. A few cm above is okay, but a few cm under is horribly unflattering and makes me look so stumpy.

Lucky. Nayrt but a lot of girls in my comm are kinda trashy. I've been to more than a dozen meets and I s2g every single time there's been someone who hiked up her skirt above her waist, in public, to rearrange her blouse/bloomers/petti. I understand the need but ffs can you not do it in the middle of the street while people are staring at us? Who raised you? It's not the same girl every time, lots of girls in my comm apparently think this is acceptable behavior. And yet they think they're all so classy, too.

>ok but where is your unpopular opinion
Many lolitas aren't even half as classy as they think they are, and I've met quite a few who are way more snooty than they have any right to be. You can repost Marie from Aristocats memes and say "literally me" all you want but as long as you're screaming about booze and tits and pulling up your skirt to flash your bloomers to everyone at the park, you're not fooling anyone. One girl had the audacity to call a bunch of random onlookers "trailer park people" when she's one of the trashiest people in the comm. Putting on a poofy dress doesn't mean you're a real princess or have any right to look down on others.

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>implying /pol/ is just talk and doesn't get shit done

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Sack and empire waist dresses will forever be my favourite cuts. People who complain about them are either too fat, or don't go through the effort of sorting out their chests

Wigs often look ugly and ita, especially those that have unnatural colours, just style your hair, it's not that difficult. Blonde, Brown and Black are the only good colours most of the time

If you're too fat to fit in brand, you shouldn't be a lolita, loose some weight before you even consider it. I understand having too big of a chest, but just bind or wear a sport bra

Tattoos are awful in lolita, and should be covered up, tattoos aren't cute and make you look trashy

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Fuck off and stop derailing, retard.

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Where did the kawaii purple penis and green condom socks post go? It was a more relevant contribution than the /pol/posting, by far.

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Fuck off cunt.
>pic related, you.

>> No.9591490

>sorting out their chests
what the fuck does this even mean, you weirdo? you think i can just file these things under b for boobers and have them just disappear

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She deleted her post. I think she and the /pol/pot are the same person honestly, she just got salty.

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you sound like you're contradicting yourself... you say that putting on a frilly dress doesn't make you an automatic princess or give you the right to look down on others, yet as a lolita you're expecting other lolitas to act classy and ladylike and you're looking down on those who don't?

i dislike vulgar people as much as the next prude, i really do. i really dislike the people who feel that they have something to prove, so they curse and do all kinds of uncouth things in public. but expecting people to act like ~ladylike princesses~ is pretty silly.

>> No.9591495

i hate it when lolitas smoke. killing your lungs and smelling like cigs isn't kawaii

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I'm not expecting anyone to act ladylike, I'm expecting basic adult human behavior. Hiking up your skirt so far people can see the top of your underwear isn't something anyone above the age of 3 should be doing in public. I don't think expecting people to act their age is that unreasonable. For some reason girls seem to think that because we're wearing lolita that means basic etiquette doesn't apply anymore. They'll yell "it's just clothes!", but would they do this sort of thing in the middle of a cafe while wearing a regular sundress? I sure hope not.

>> No.9591505

there's a difference between acting like a normal human being with manners and trailer trash in a dress. you don't have to act like a princess to wear lolita, but you need to stop being disgusting if you claim to be so much better than other people.

Lolita is about dressing your best, so you should act your best as well.

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stop trying to mod the thread dumbass. Nobody cares who makes them.

>> No.9591525

Yes, thank you. I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

Forgot to mention that when I say someone's behavior is not classy I'm referring specifically to the girls who are constantly claiming that they are, comparing themselves to classy fictional or historical characters and acting like they're above "normies" because of the way they dress and act.
Honestly the more of a show people make of being an IRL high maintenance Disney princess, the more likely they are to be super loud and trashy in person. Why is this? It's so weird.

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Better question is how have you managed to have the same glasses for over 5 years? My prescription changes so often, I've never had the same pair that long.

>> No.9591527

By that I mean buying a chest binder, or something of the sort. I would look retarded in sack/empire dresses if I didn't do that, as I have a 99cm bust, it's not as if I don't understand how boobs work

>> No.9591530

Laziness to be honest. I do need to get my eyes re-tested soon and I hope they can just put new lenses in my old frames.

>> No.9591535

Lenses swapped in the same frames, probably. I have twiddly frames and the place I bought them from doesn't do them any more, so I just keep getting the lenses swapped when my prescription changes so I get to keep the frames.

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Shite gotta keep running

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I hate solid tights unless it's black ones, and even then I think they look better with some opacity. I also hate socks over tights.

Although I only have brand, I think a lot of lolita looks samey because of the fact there are a limited amount of dresses and styles. Even when people break the boundaries of what is normal in lolita, it still has to follow a strict aesthetic so it doesn't deviate much from the norm. People rag on others for not being creative enough when really there's only so much you can do.

Also I've grown sick of cgl. Not the content, just some of the saltier posters. You're not perfect so quit criticising stuff that is a non-issue/people didn't want crit about (and no, I didn't get posted, it's just an observation)/

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Middle part without any bangs looks horrible with lolita. Just do something like this tutorial and you'll be fine, or buy fake bangs, they're a couple of dollars on ebay.

>> No.9591559

Obviously if you're only a few pounds heavier than 120 you're gonna look fine, it's only an arbitrary number.
Since you're so offended, I'm guessing you are a lot heavier than that.

>> No.9591563

>hiked up her skirt above her waist, in public, to rearrange her blouse/bloomers/petti
So glad SOMEONE has common sense. Is it that complicated to understand that you shouldn't hike up your dress in public? Reminds me of those little 3 year old girls who lift up their skirt because they don't know any better. Guess some lolita's moms never taught them right.

>> No.9591604

Anon please give me a binder rec that doesn't look stupid under blouses (chiffon mainly)/ crazy thick straps. My bust got much bigger after taking birth control and now my brand doesn't fit anymore. I tried those reduction bras but they don't do shit but dig into my ribs.

>> No.9591622

The only binder that I use is a gc2b half binder in nude colour (used to use one in white, nude looks better for me), but if it can be seen under a blouse, I will wear a long sleeved vest, or a white t shirt. If you want something without straps, I can't recommend you one through experience, but apparently http://www.lesloveboat.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=199 are decent

>> No.9591625

Thank you so much!

>> No.9591632

I'm just saying that a certain weight can look fat or skinny so it's not really a good example

>> No.9591640

wouldn't have to if you guys weren't dumb and doing the opposite of the thread's topic.

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Yeah. I thought of a trash bag.
Why are you so extremist with your viewpoints.

>> No.9591648

I believe most lolitas on cgl are itas

>> No.9591650

the ones that aren't itas are usually targeted by other gulls

>> No.9591652

Dude thank you. I've been seeing this shit so often, like literally at every single meetup I've been to, and nobody else batted an eye so I was starting to think that I was the weird one for thinking this is not a normal thing to do.

>> No.9591656

>Also I've grown sick of cgl. Not the content, just some of the saltier posters. You're not perfect so quit criticising stuff that is a non-issue/people didn't want crit about (and no, I didn't get posted, it's just an observation)/

>> No.9591657

You can control the clothes you wear with it, though.

>> No.9591659

Lately from what I've seen, if you can prove you're a real lolita (own the actual clothing) then you get torn down even more.
CoF threads are filled with anons who say things like "how did that ita get my dream dress" and recently in the Lolita Gen someone was bitched at for posting their wardrobe.
The most recent wardrobe thread had people pissing themselves over actually posting dresses instead of stock photos too.

I feel like there's a lot of roleplay circle jerking this summer along with the extremely common "people from outside of cgl totally post here and I can say shitty things about them and then they will react"

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So what should black people wear?

>> No.9591670

I don't know, I'm not black and have no experience picking out clothes that look good with that skin color. If you've been black your whole life, you'd think you'd know what clothes look good with darker skin tones. Greens and yellows look terrible with my skin, so I don't wear them. Why do things like that not apply all of a sudden when race comes into it?

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I think anzujammu is in the upper echelons in her best outfits but here worst are actually disgusting looking
fake, long, and/or painted finger nails and toe nails are actually disgusting, unhygenic as fuck, look away, and just turn me off. how the fuck do people wanna hinder their fine motor skills so much for something so ugly?

dyed hair looks ugly and nicely kept wigs look better 95% of the time

completely drawn on eyebrows are degenerate as hell

latex threads are acceptable

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>you think i can just file these things under b for boobers

My sides, anon, they exploded.

>> No.9591686

Yeah this looks disgusting to me. I mean it'd be disgusting if she were any other skin tone too but I digress. She would look so much better with a coord with dark shades even as an accent, or a coord in something other than sweet altogether.

>> No.9591687

Yeah but to say ALL black people look bad in certain colors is just as wrong as all white people look bad in certain colors. Not all black people are the same shade of black even.

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File: 84 KB, 460x197, photo-22-warm-cool-skin-tone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doesn't picking color that matches your skin has less to do with skin shade and more with your undertones??
people with warm undertones typically look better with warmer, soft pastels, or earthy tones (such as sweet-classic or classic lolita), whereas people with cool tones look better in bright pastels or dark colors (such as pastel sweet and gothic)

i'm hispanic and my skin is pretty dark, and im cool toned. i don't wear classic because the colors typically wash me out, whereas pastels make my features pop better, same with black

>> No.9591690

>thinks dressing to your skin color is about pigment and not undertone
edgy can't hide stupid

>> No.9591693

I am the anon you replied to.
That really sucks. Not even the itas in my comm act like that.. The worst thing anyone does is over react about their photo being taken.

>> No.9591696

Really? It looks disgusting?
you're being extremist. Its ok that you don't like how it looks but the fact that you choose to describe it that way makes you sound biased as fuck.

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5'8" and ~130
I think we might be outliers. Or I'm a fatty-chan too.
>I don't care if threads have repeat content as long as they stay on topic
>Gothic brands have a higher quality standard than classic brands, which have a higher quality standard than sweet.
>I miss when BTB was popular. It's what really got me invested in the community beyond the dresses
>Ouji looks like a tryhard costume.

>> No.9591703

okay, as far as I saw the stock photo thing was the reverse, and had more to do with people being annoyed for needing to "prove" things that had been done since the beggining of time. like are we going to start asking for proof proof of hauls? taobao purchases? we were just running a normal wardrobe thread

overall, though you seem to be dead on

>> No.9591710

>I made the bed by myself


>> No.9591714

Yes it looks disgusting. A dark blob on top of that hideous already entirely light pink coord. There's no balance. She needs dark shoes or something.

>> No.9591718

>dark blob
Look. If you didn't come from pol- maybe you should go check it out. You clearly belong there if you feel like you need to be this much of an asshole about her skin color.

>> No.9591722
File: 45 KB, 397x750, tumblr_ny8fh2mPbZ1qacxl1o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound kind of ridiculous, I'm with >>9591696.

>> No.9591724

I think other anons were assuming it was an ask for proof thing and really it was a hey lets see what they actually look like.. I mean its a wardrobe thread. Take a picture of your wardrobe. One anon did and then everyone else acted like it was impossible which is fucking suspicious.

>> No.9591725

A pale girl with a white wig in a kuro coord would look just as shit.
This one is better because there are more colors and the dress isn't hideous, but she would still look better with a light wig, or no wig and a coord with a dark color.

>> No.9591727

She always looks cute. There are black itas but shes not one of them.

>> No.9591730

What you're describing sounds atrocious.

>> No.9591734

Gee, it's almost like this thread is full of unpopular opinions or something. Kind of interesting how only the one involving skin color requires this much justification.

>> No.9591736

Would you tell a wheelchair user to get out of their chair? Someone with leg braces or a cane to hide them? I'm legally blind without my glasses and dgaf if someone with a stick up their arse finds them upsetting or some shit.

>> No.9591738

chill out already. you're derailing yourself by replying to a ton of bait or irrelevant things nobody else would reply to. also, keep calling us dumb if that's what you need to make yourself feel so superior. let it all out.

>> No.9591739

Actually its full of popular opinions because most gulls are dumb and think unpopular means they can just vent. There's a lot of shit in this thread that is posted all the fucking time.
That includes blacks look bad in bright colors. Come up with something else you uncreative fucktard.

>> No.9591740

Way ahead of ya.
Also no. I want to hear unpopular opinions and I'd rather be the person responding to them instead of someone else who is just going to say the same dumb shit that is always said only to get "kek" in response.

>> No.9591744

>take off prescription glasses for photos

No and also fuck you.

>> No.9591745

I think oldschool lolita should be 70-90s and not include early 2000s

>> No.9591748

You sound really new. This is 4chan, not everyone is going to post only what you want. Most of the shit posts wouldn't have any replies other than people like you who derail while complaining around derailing. Waiting to see you post something without the word "dumb". you're really just embarrassing yourself trying to police the thread because "I made it desu! So u gotta listen 2 me!!"

>> No.9591749

Why are you implying people post what she wants on other websites but 4ch is special somehow?

>> No.9591753

You sound like an idiot.

>> No.9591756

Nitpicking someone saying 4chan users don't post what people want? On other websites if you mod you can delete or ban users, but someone on 4chan simply making a thread doesn't have power

>> No.9591770

This is so stupid. There are so many Japanese lolitas and models with dark hair that wear sweet. Misako, Midori, Risa, Tina. If you think this is an issue, you have a problem.

>> No.9591774

it's probably another white person who thinks Asians look bad in lolita. at least they know their opinion is unpopular

>> No.9591777

Dark things are great contrast with pastels.

>> No.9591781

Pastels look good on. Pink and lavender and yellow and I'm black.

>> No.9591783

Yeah and they look bad. I like when light colors are consistent throughout.
Are you one of the retards from the last thread?
I disagree. It's distracting.

>> No.9591787

Well, if someone having this opinion makes so many gulls so upset, then it's clearly unpopular. I guess I can give you another opinion though. If gulls are so easily triggered that they can't handle opinions they don't like without giving it a dozen replies, maybe they shouldn't be on this site at all, or at least stay out of a thread specifically about things that might upset them.

>> No.9591788
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Now yellow on black skin is friggin choice. Must be the warm tone?

>> No.9591790

A pale white girl in a kuro coord sounds pretty.

>> No.9591793

Pretty much the only skin tone that works with yellow and certain oranges and greens. You may as well take advantage of it.

>> No.9591802

>are you one of the retards from the last thread
nah, i'm just not a racist fuckwad.

>> No.9591828
File: 76 KB, 540x410, IMG_1487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not liking the stark contrast between pastel pink and dark brown makes you a racist now. Ok.

>> No.9591852

I try not to smile/laugh as much as i can in order to not get wrinkles and spend most of my money on cosplay,lolita and beauty products and I don't think it's "vain" to do so

I think fat girls are totally ok in both cosplay and lolita, as long as they try to dress accordingly to their body type

>> No.9591855

Not this anon but chill, this is an unpopular opinion thread. I disagree with them as well even though I can understand why they like how consistent it looks with light coloured hair/light skin.

>> No.9591861

this >>9591670 is racist. sorry you're so insecure that you feel the need to tear other people down, whitey.

>> No.9591862

Nayrt but however you want to frame it, making "only aryan beauties look good in pastels teehee" your weird death hill doesn't look very good, senpai

>> No.9591873
File: 44 KB, 242x326, Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 11.48.45 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sweet OTKs look like fucking shit
>actually sweet in general looks like fucking shit
>Prints are way overrated. some are great, but the other 99% look like too busy pastel vomit
>don't wear short sleeves if you're fat
>modern classic and OTT classic looks incredibly fugly
>lolitas who smoke are disgusting
>people shouldn't bring their nasty weeb boyfriends to meets, the only time bringing your boyfriend to a meet is if he's actually in fashion, presentable hair/facial hair and is not a total uggo creep
>tea party style shoes with low heels are ugly as sin
>unpopular opinion threads are basically just bait: the thread

>> No.9591885

Even if it is racist it's still true. I'm sorry you can't be a kawaii pastel fairy, but you either gotta stick to darker jewel tones that flatter your skin colour or deal with the fact that dressing in pastels makes you look shitty.

>> No.9591891
File: 145 KB, 2048x1503, karen-meangirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do these bitches appear in every single unpopular opinion thread. racism isnt kawaii sweetie

>> No.9591901

Hey I'm not the one who looks shitty because I can't colour match for my skin tone, stay salty

>> No.9591902

for what actually makes colors flattering

>> No.9591905

Paatel pink (and lavender) on any shade of brown looks like a bow on a turd.

>> No.9591910

thanks for the logical counter argument and valid points, I realise now that you are correct .

>> No.9591912

How is that racist, explain to me.
Yeah I'm not sure what anons don't get about "you don't get to look good in every color you choose". No matter your race.
Why do people see "black" or "brown" in any opinion or sentence and immedietly shriek racism. The lack of thinking is like you don't actually believe what you're saying yourself but know that if you hadn't convinced yourself long ago that any opinion on black skin = bad, the other hugbox anons will catch on and lump you in with the "racists" if you don't say something.

>> No.9591914

If you wanna keep deluding yourself go for it, but it looks bad and deep down you know it

>> No.9591915

good point anon, can't argue that. were you on the debate team in highschool or something.

>> No.9591919

Thanks for keeping my daily sodium intake up

>> No.9591925
File: 98 KB, 600x863, strawberry-witch-sakura-and-crane-printed-qi-lolita-op-dress-sb-65_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a soft spot for both qi and wa lolita.
I know 98% of the time they look hideous but I can't bring myself to hate either one as much as a lot of people seem to.
In fact, one of my goals when I started my weight loss journey was to be able to wear a qi lolita coord...

>> No.9591926

You're the hero we middle part Lolitas need, anon.

>> No.9591927

Is every unpopular opinion thread doomed to race baiting?

>> No.9591930

>I have a soft spot for both qi and wa lolita.
aw, me too
the lolita piece I got was from my mom, who when in china bought a qi dress for me off of taobao

>> No.9591931

I think popular cosplayers and lolitas need to step back and look at their attitude other than "people make drama out of me because they're bored with their terrible life."

>> No.9591934

repost but here we go, I will try to add some more stuff:
>i'm not into what most lolitas consider casual, cause it looks normie af. I could see a simple OP, Jsk or skirt with a blouse, frilly cutsew or bolero/cardigan as casual lolita, but when a tee and normie shoes are coordinated with a lolita skirt it really doesn't look like lolita anymore
>sneakers should never be a thing with lolita. ever. it just looks all sorts of wrong to me unless you got tired of wearing lolita shoes and decided to change into them in the end of the day
>plus size lolitas are okay as long as they dress for their size
>i'm a sucker for sets but I have how some of them have the print all over (print on dress, otks, bow, etc) I know thats kind of the point of a set but it looks sort of block-y to have the same print and color all over your body
>sandals are fine but legwear should be worn with them, at least some pantyhose or something jfc
>lolitas shouldn't smoke, at least while wearing the clothes, and especially around other lolitas. its inconsiderate, unhealthy and just plain gross
>there's nothing else that dictates if you're lolita or not except owning the clothes. I don't understand why some gulls get their bloomers up in a bunch if someone is wearing their clothes just for meets or only wearing taobao

>> No.9591940

as long as there are racists, yes.

>> No.9591954

> Basic sweet lolita outfits (meaning not OTT like OP's pic) is the best lolita.
> Casual lolita is underated
> How often you wear lolita doesn't matter as long as you can coordinate it well
> Saying "coord" in real life is awkward and we should just say outfits.
> Non-printed, lace overdose classic lolita is the most elegant
> "Old school" coordinates shouldn't have to be exact. Fashion naturally goes through cycles and old trends should be recycled without having to stick to the exact same details
> Larme isn't so much jfashion as generic cutesy fashion and should be included in those threads
> We need more daily cute outfit inspo
> Selfposts aren't a bad thing
> Chinese lolitas are helping keep the fashion alive and if we want to make brands move towards the American market then we need to start throwing more money at them.
> Natural hair is always better than wigs outside cons (if we're going to insist lolita is a fashion and not a costume)

>> No.9591958

the thing is, picking colors that flatter your skin has nothing to do with skin tone. it is about your undertones, like >>9591688 and >>9591690 stated. someone can have fair skin and look like shit in pastels anyways cause their undertone is warm, not cool, just like a dark skinned person can look flattering in pastels cause they have cool tones. its ridiculous to assume that all black people look bad in pastels just because a few do.

>> No.9591959

...anon, how is OP's pic OTT at all? it's a JSK, blouse, legwear, bag, shoes, and minimal accessories. just because it's a popular print doesn't mean it's OTT.

>> No.9591961

> Natural hair is always better than wigs outside cons (if we're going to insist lolita is a fashion and not a costume)
not to race bait more, but I have african textured hair and you can only style it for lolita so many ways, also it is super hard to have bangs with curly hair

>> No.9591966

Guess we'd better start writing letters to the brands telling them that chocolate prints are ugly now. Who'da thunk it.

>> No.9591967

Sorry, I meant the OP's pic is not OTT and an example of what I like

>> No.9591968

What does a cool-toned black person look like?

>> No.9591972

Newsflash: chocolate prints have always been ugly

>> No.9591973

oh, my bad. you had me really confused. carry on!

>> No.9591974

Did you miss all the posts? If there were chocolate in the pieces it'd look fine, but when your coord is entirely light pastels it's unbalanced. Get your head out of your ass.

>> No.9591977

and you stop being a racist cunt

>> No.9591988

You act like there's a magical rainbow of undertones. There's a small spectrum of undertones within every race, and they don't look the same across different races. A white person with yellow undertones looks different to an asian person with yellow undertones, and a different spectrum of colors will flatter them, although there will be some overlap.

There are no undertones someone with brown skin can have that will magically make pastels look flattering.

>> No.9592003

>being that strict with yourself
>while being lax about others
spotted that perfectionistic autism from a mile away

>> No.9592007

>t. whitey mad that black girls can look cute in pastels too

>> No.9592014
File: 281 KB, 500x456, tumblr_inline_nbhlvqbyIJ1rpogsi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dark skinned people with cool undertones will have a more rosy/blue hue to their skin, as opposed to their warm counterparts

also most stylists agree that pastels are a good option for dark skinned, cool toned people since it gives a good contrast for their skin, so congrats your opinion is pretty unpopular despite being constantly brought up in these threads

>> No.9592018

Until I see evidence, I don't believe they exist

>> No.9592020

Sorry man I tried

>> No.9592021

Lmao your picture literally states that cool-toned black people should wear jewel tones, with no mention of pastels

>> No.9592034

pastels aren't mentioned for either side

>> No.9592036

You did what you could. I was one of the idiots taking the bait and fucking up the last thread, but this one didn't even last a day :( must be something in the water.

>> No.9592040

Then why are you trying to sell it as evidence that pastel shades suit black people?

>> No.9592042

Thanks for this. I was the original anon not concerned with tones but more balance but I still wanted to know what a cool toned black person looked like. Rutina is gorgeous, but still I think if she didn't have anything below to balance her skin and hair, she would look bad in pastels.

>> No.9592044

I never see white or asian girls get this bootyblasted when they realise certain colours don't suit them, they just accept it and move on. But I guess black entitlement is all-encompassing.

>> No.9592051

I was naryrt, just your comment didn't make sense since the picture also includes a white person and an asiin person. should they not wear pastels either?

>> No.9592060

Seeing as you read my reply and presumably the post I was replying to, you know that's not even close to the point and you just feel like being a smartass.

>> No.9592070

anon ,I'm not arguing against you, I don't care either way. you just make very confusing points. maybe they aren't confusing to you but the way you write things are confusing. that reply in relation to the pic makes no sense

>> No.9592073

>"black people should wear jewel tones, not pastels"
>"nuh uh anon, black people can so wear pastels!" *posts picture stating black people should wear jewel tones*
>"your picture says jewel tones, not pastels"

I mean you type like an idiot so it's not surprising, but how hard is it for you to follow a conversation?

>> No.9592084

I look down on taobao lolitas and bodyline lolitas. If you aren't at least investing in some brand you aren't treating lolita as a fashion but a cheap costume.

>> No.9592091

yeah but the same pic states black people should wear earth tones or jewel tones depending on their undertones just like any other race.
you have not point because it also says white people shouldn't wear pastels based on your logic

>> No.9592096

New unpopular opinion: retards like this shouldn't be allowed on /cgl/

>> No.9592101

Reminder that personal insults are the formal way of stating that you have lost an Internet argument.

>> No.9592105

the picture i posted was for reference for the other anon who was curious of what a cool toned black person looked like. besides, the examples showcased are an asian and a black woman, and pastels aren't mentioned on any side, so what are you even trying to accomplish here?

i do think you're right on balance, as in wearing makeup that suits the colors of your coord and maybe a wig as well, but this can be applied to any skin tone.

>> No.9592106

If anons can't understand the role of context of a discussion, I'm not gonna spoonfeed them.

>> No.9592112

>also most stylists agree that pastels are a good option for dark skinned, cool toned people since it gives a good contrast for their skin, so congrats your opinion is pretty unpopular despite being constantly brought up in these threads

>> No.9592121

Nayrt but it's a cultural thing: white people arent used to the concept of wearing wigs as an everyday thing. Unless it's an obvious cosplay wig, no one is going to rightly care/notice
>Natural hair looks gorgeous in lolita though and I fully appreciate those who put in the effort

>> No.9592126

Are earth tones pastel now? Because the other side says "earth", and is talking about TONES. You're deliberately misreading the image/chart.

Anyway, you're just a idiot. There are millionaire designers who dress black women in pastels constantly, Lupita went viral for her baby blue Oscar dress a few years ago, but I guess you, random shitposter on cgl, are the only person who truly knows color theory at the end of the day.

>> No.9592131
File: 101 KB, 630x632, lupita (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The aforementioned Oscar dress that got universal praise

>> No.9592133

I think almost all sweet looks horrible, so at least for me saying black people look horrible in sweet isn't really a criticism of black people.

>> No.9592135
File: 79 KB, 439x600, PremiereDisneyQueenKatweArrivalsnHEqD5vKCFHl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lupita again wearing pastels, this time styled by renowned stylist Micaela Erlanger, but I guess she just doesn't know what she is doing?

>> No.9592137

>that neckline with those shoulders


>> No.9592138

I've seen a lot of really cute ways to style natural black hair for lolita, but if wearing a wig is easier or you feel more comfortable with one then go for it imo.

I personally prefer wearing a wig with lolita because my hair frizzes really easily. Bangs don't work very well because the shorter it is, the more it curls, and I also don't feel like freaking out about the state of my hair for pictures every time it rains, or it's windy, or even slightly humid.

>> No.9592142

>pointing out basic facts about color

>> No.9592143

ok and? i literally just told you the image was for another anon, dumbass. besides you could literally just search online and check out the examples the other anon is posting to understand that professional stylists around the world find pastels flattering on black people

>> No.9592144

You know why it got universal praise.

Also yeah, agreed with >>9592137, those necklines look awful with her shoulders and chest. I'd sue the stylist if they put me in the spotlight looking like that.

>> No.9592148

I'm not convinced by these at all lmao. Like maybe it's what >>9592137 and >>9592144
said with the necklines looking horrid, but they just don't look that good on her.

She looks so much better in red.

>> No.9592150

Her lipstick looks a bit off in this one, and the neckline looks horrendous.
This >>9592135 outfit looks pretty good though.

That being said, she would still look horrible in an outfit like this one. >>9591662

>> No.9592151
File: 357 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_osl2oh0qhc1uxthfbo6_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It doesn't matter what I or anyone else shows you, you'll just say that if the look was well received everyone was just lying and pandering to sjws.

>> No.9592152

Look at that dress and tell me the neckline was a good idea.

I don't trust the opinions of any stylist who praised that choice.

>> No.9592156
File: 71 KB, 1000x800, rihanna-fenty-puma-ss17-show.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the discussion wasn't about black girls in lolita, it was about black girls in any kind of pastels. Not even black girls, but "dark skin". What are we qualifying as dark skin? Hime gyaru tanned up pretty dark and they still got tans. And hime wasn't exactly a jewel toned based style.

>> No.9592158

>Wigs look better than natural hair unless someone has a lot of volume. Most hair accessories look terrible when people have flat hair.

>Unnatural hair colors are fine unless they are really ugly (snot green, fading hair dye, etc)

>Seeing super fat lolitas is depressing because they spent all that time & money on clothing instead of on their weight problem.

>> No.9592161


Ok but literally none of these are flattering so if you're trying to prove black girls look good in pastels, you're not succeeding.

You might have better luck if you posted non-fugly outfits though.

>> No.9592166
File: 97 KB, 634x890, lupita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This isn't about the cut of the dress, its about how the color looks on her skin.

>> No.9592168

You're trying to make a point about it being flattering and use something that's clearly not flattering in cut or color.

>> No.9592170
File: 120 KB, 634x919, article-2539488-1A9AC79900000578-551_634x919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the stylist made such a poor decision about the cut, I'm not surprised they made a poor decision about colour too. That dress does not look good on her.

This one looks much better.

>> No.9592172

Hime gyaru works because of those undertones you were going on about earlier.

Asian girls have different undertones to black girls, so even if they tan heavily they're still generally flattered by pastels.

>> No.9592173
File: 129 KB, 1080x1349, 066c79098f03e785c74a4d4caa19a59b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you, random person on 4chan, are the only brave soul who has the knowledge of fashion and color to know that this was a bad dress on her? Okay.

You'll find a reason to dislike every example I post, so why waste the time?

>> No.9592174

Multiple people are saying it looks bad m8

>> No.9592176

Lolita culture is fucking stupid

>> No.9592179

>You'll find a reason to dislike every example I post
>posts a cheap satin abomination

You're doing it on purpose, right?

>> No.9592181
File: 118 KB, 421x597, 1448127498756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh so NOW the undertones matter. Because all black people have the exact same undertone, and all asian people have the exact same undertone, and there is 0 variation in this.

>> No.9592183

But then why do you keep posting such unflattering outfits holy shit that's a really pretty girl in your picture, but it looks like she's wearing cheap pyjamas and a dressing gown. At this point I'm certain you have no idea about what looks good and what doesn't.

>> No.9592184

>posting a pic where the model looks like she has jaundice because of a color that clearly doesn't suit her

Oh my god please just stop

>> No.9592186
File: 225 KB, 400x600, tumblr_oddc7o7apq1v6tw5po1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it is the outfit itself that is the problem, not the color? Because this discussion is about COLOR.

>> No.9592188

See >>9591988

Asians have a spectrum of undertones. White people have a spectrum of undertones. Black people have a spectrum of undertones.

There is overlap between these spectrums, but they aren't the same colour.

>> No.9592190

I'm laughing so hard here please just stop

>> No.9592191
File: 328 KB, 425x597, Tiffany-Cadillac-Katie-Pinup-06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess the poor idiots at Katie aren't enlightened like you, anon :/

>> No.9592193

>being so enlightened they had to shoop the fuck outta that poor model to whitewash her (and it still looks off)

What did they mean by this

>> No.9592195
File: 190 KB, 401x600, 1448129572995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun fact: mixed black people sometimes have light skin.

>> No.9592196

Fun fact: she's still obviously whitewashed in that picture. I thought this was something y'all were always angry about, but I guess it doesn't count when you're trying to use her as a gotcha.

Also fun fact: she's living proof that black girls have a certain spectrum of undertones that don't look good with pastels no matter how light her skin is

>> No.9592198

honestly this is getting ridiculous, none of you are going to get to a consensus, so why bother derailing the thread with racial issues in lolita again? black girls in lolita will wear whatever the fuck they want, just like white and asian girls do too. no one cares about your opinion

>unpopular opinion: people should stop discussing race in unpopular opinion threads

>> No.9592199
File: 104 KB, 420x596, 1448128863085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is also Japanese, so shouldn't the undertones cancel eachother out? Or does the one drop rule taint anyone with black in their blood with forever looking terrible in pastels?

And she's not that much darker than Risa, come on.

>> No.9592200

Obviously the darker undertones are going to cancel out the lighter ones, but given you've proven you have no idea how any of this works I don't expect you to understand that.

If you wanna defend whitewashing, go ahead. If you wanna make bad fashion choices because you can't accept that certain colors don't suit you, go ahead also.

>> No.9592202
File: 296 KB, 427x640, IMG_6333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Undertones are warm, cool, and neutral....not dark or light. That isn't how undertones work.

And there is a difference between deliberate whitewashing and how skintone works under different lighting, especially studio lighting.

>> No.9592204

>not deliberate whitewashing
>by a Japanese brand


>> No.9592206

Pink and brown look good.
Bimbo blonde

>> No.9592207

K ugly beck

>> No.9592208

The color thing isn't even the root of the problem imo.

It's a fashion made for and by asian girls, inspired by old european fashions. Asians tailored the style to suit them better, white girls then re-tailored it to suit them when it became popular in the west (e.g. the kind of OTT, almost costume-y classic style with feathers and elaborate hats rather than bonnets that wasn't popular in old school lolita).

Black girls had nothing to do with the creation of the style or its inspirations, and instead of tailoring it to suit them and make it their own style, they just whine about how people don't think the asian/white aesthetics don't suit them. Of course they don't. You could make it suit you if you wanted to (and some girls do!) but the ones in this thread bitching about how this or that style or colour MUST suit them or you're racist!! are never going to look good.

>> No.9592215

These idiots think all black people are warm toned.

>> No.9592217

What's her tattoo of?

>> No.9592219

If we are going to be specific, the fashion was made by and for Japanese girls, end of story, no further questions. Sure the style as inspired by european fashion, but white girls really didn't do shit to re-tailor the style to suit them, apart from maybe demanding slightly bigger sizes to accommodate a western frame (something that isn't exclusive to white girls, but westerners in general).

Chinese girls had nothing to do with the creation of the fashion or Korean girls, but no one is out here insulting Taobao brands or Korean brands for being fake or not tailoring the style to suit them. Asians aren't all the same, you know.

How about it doesn't fucking matter who suits what, because if we get down to it, lolita looks ridiculous on everyone. Seriously. Most actual designers would sneer upon AP prints or BTSSB dresses. This fashion is for fun, most normies think lolita looks bad on everyone. Who cares?

>> No.9592221

I've been here awhile and will keep posting like this. Sorry you don't like it but you know what- this thread got derailed anyway bc of dumb race banter. You coulda listened and stayed on topic but nooooo we wanna do what we waaant

>> No.9592224

That don't mean shit. Lots of people like shit movies that doesn't mean they're good.

>> No.9592225

>You coulda listened and stayed on topic but nooooo we wanna do what we waaant
ntayrp but this applies to you too mate

>> No.9592227

Just look at how the style changed when it got popular in the west. It became a lot less doll-like and drew more historical inspiration, because surprise, lots of white girls looked kind of silly in the exaggerated youthful style that suited Japanese girls.

>> No.9592229

im not even black but nice try, kek

then do enlighten me, how do black girls try and make the fashion work for them? do they add their own cultural flair, or do they just limit themselves to the color palette only you thinks fit them? because when any poc (other than asians) tries to add a cultural thing to their lolita clothes, they get attacked on the ita thread, so what's the point?

bless you anon

>> No.9592231

Uh, what? If anything it is the exact opposite, the fashion became even more divorced from its historical roots and became more over the top, because most of the western community were young and weeby. OTT Sweet boomed in the western community specifically, where is the historical influence there?

>> No.9592236

That's cause black girls get hated on the most.

>> No.9592240

Sticking with a colour palette that objectively suits them better is a good start. Given that black hair is so distinctive and that there are many creative and cute ways to style it that can't be done with any other hair texture, it's a huge window of opportunity for black lolitas to show some individual style. Adding cultural flair is tricky, but it's great when done well. Hijabs look good with lolita when balanced properly, so I see no reason why something like a traditional headscarf wouldn't work either, as long as you took the effort to make sure the colour, fabric, and silhouette were balanced.

>> No.9592241

Things like poofier petticoats, moving away from baby-style bonnets, decrease in peeking bloomers, more elaborate hairstyles, all drew more on the roccoco and victorian roots of the fashion.

Historical inspiration doesn't cancel out sweet aesthetics.

>> No.9592247

I doubt that was historical rooted

>> No.9592251

Whether it was consciously done or not, the point is that western lolitias changed the style in a way that drew more heavily on historical European inspiration because it suited them better than the style that was created by Japanese girls.

>> No.9592255

You need to stop throwing around Victorian and Rococo like you know what those words actually mean. Most of OTT sweet look nothing like the styles and trends from either time period outside small details like bows down the bodice or certain sleeve styles.

>> No.9592260

Draw on/inspired by =/= exactly the same as

>> No.9592264

What colors looks good on a person comes down to their undertones, not their shade.

>> No.9592266

Those changes wore done by brands.

>> No.9592269

I'm talking mostly about accessories and styling, not dress styles, but brands follow trends created by their customers.

>> No.9592272

Unpopular opinion, apparently
>pastels look nice on very dark or very light skin

>> No.9592276

I think it's all already been said wrt dark skin, but pastels don't look good on very pale skin either imo. It tends to make you look washed out.

>> No.9592281

Bonnets were decreasing in popularity in Japan for awhile, they never seemed to be all that popular anyway, how can you say that is a strictly western influence? Peaking bloomers, flatter petticoats those are just all elements of old school. You don't know what you are talking about.

>> No.9592283

Unpopular opinion
>Black shoes in sweet is cute
>Showing knee is okay
>The color of your clothes don't matter as long as you coorded good.
Sure some colors will fit you better but wear whatever makes you happy

>> No.9592284

See, I agree but I love the washed out look. I love super high contrast or super low contrast. I'd love to see a black girl with incredibly dark skin in a kuro coord and vice versa with a white girl in shiro. It's unconventional beauty at its finest.

>> No.9592298

Speaking strictly about color, it's probably going to be harder to find colors that go well with darker complexions than it is with lighter complexions. I fail to see how basic facts like that are racist.

>> No.9592300

You have to have pretty dark blue-black skin for most pastels to look good, but I can see what you're saying.

>> No.9592307

The thread already talked about dark skin have different under tones

>> No.9592329
File: 129 KB, 250x333, 6c9b554f-020d-5457-94b5-9c66b9dbe335[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah and OTT sweet doesn't really draw on Rococo/Victorian trends either. IW's Pompadour JSK is obviously inspired by eighteenth century dresses because of the faux-stomacher piece and open front skirt with exposed petticoats. The dress has elements that very clearly reference actual historical clothing. OTT sweet on the other hand draws very little inspiration outside the vague idea of a poofy skirt and big hair.

>> No.9592337
File: 149 KB, 500x600, IMG_1588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>OTT sweet on the other hand draws very little inspiration outside the vague idea of a poofy skirt and big hair.


>> No.9592339

Ankle socks would help, those weird otk's don't help the color balance at all. Agree with other Anon on dark shoes, I always liked the idea of black hair matched to a black bag and shoes with pastels, it reminds me of Alice

>> No.9592341

>Most of OTT sweet look nothing like the styles and trends from either time period

Exception isn't the rule.

>> No.9592343

the post I replied to didn't say most.

>> No.9592349
File: 346 KB, 800x1067, b86cb347-f742-4597-bf0a-47219e43a05f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Very European

>> No.9592354
File: 378 KB, 760x1060, tumblr_ok5semVLeQ1s9hxveo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only is this one of the few exceptions, but this kind of dress wasn't made until recently. If we look at the peak years of lolita in the west, so 2009/2010, AP wasn't releasing anything close to being historical inspired.

>> No.9592356
File: 529 KB, 600x450, 50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So very different, western lolitas totally changed the fashion to suit their own tastes!!!

>> No.9592357
File: 245 KB, 500x375, 3837276507_2940fdbd4c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only western only/mainly western trends I can think of are peignors with lolita, scepters, and split color wigs. None of those had anything to do with white women changing the fashion to suit them, they were just trends that popped up from people copying eachother.

>> No.9592359

This isn't so much historically inspired as much as it's inspired by children's illustrations drawn to suit what someone *thinks* something vaguely historical looks like.

>> No.9592367
File: 36 KB, 514x767, IMG_1592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm drawing quite a few parallels here.

>> No.9592369

Outside of the sleeves and chest bow, there aren't that many similarities. You could conceivably make an argument for the skirt being inspired by Marie Antoinette's court gown in the Vigée LeBrun painting, but even that's a bit of a stretch.

>> No.9592372

It's cute how you're trying so hard to act like they aren't similar when the top half is practically an exact copy and the bottom has similar themes modified to suit lolita

>> No.9592382

I don't even have a bone in this argument but she looks washed out af and blends back into the background against the stark contrast of the pastels.

The Lolita earlier looks much better compared to this bullshit.

>> No.9592407
File: 117 KB, 466x699, 1373159352366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Original OP, I'll give you some examples so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about

>> No.9592409
File: 156 KB, 413x640, 1373161226224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9592411
File: 141 KB, 500x749, tumblr_mowyw3QOkr1s2vi7xo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9592413
File: 70 KB, 397x600, 1372640390620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9592414
File: 35 KB, 346x600, tumblr_inline_mshixlT8lB1qz4rgp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Contrast these with the original aesthetics of the Japanese lolita style

>> No.9592415
File: 33 KB, 491x662, 1392516806443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9592416
File: 218 KB, 335x604, tumblr_mnq3yiy61u1rkfv4po3_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9592419

All cute styles, but imo this kind of look is silly on most western girls, especially if they're older because their faces don't look as youthful. Hence the trend of western lolitas adopting a more elegant look.

>> No.9592423
File: 201 KB, 540x533, 1474837972628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I believe most lolitas on cgl are itas

When I was new to the board I always took anyone on cgl's advice seriously, thought they're all probably great lolitas and super put together because cgl is muh superior secret lolita club - and then i slowly realised a lot of gulls have subpar taste and are probably chubby or ugly.

Sometimes i like to people watch in public and when i see someone wearing some awful outfit that might pass as casual lolita or otome i think they probably browse cgl and spout on about how they "wear lolita daily and have been for several years, its not that hard to put together a cute semi-normie outfit".

>> No.9592425

I think one of the biggest differences with western lolitas were the shoes. Chunky platforms were a staple of Japanese lolita from the original gothic days. Not every Japanese lolita wore/wears them and the trend is declining, but they were extremely popular.

They still showed up a lot in western lolita, especially in OTT sweet, but many western lolitas opted for more classic styles like this >>9592413. Probably a combination of the need to import the classic chunky shoes, limited sizes in Japanese brands, and the difference in aesthetic.

>> No.9592446

The difference is that those girls look uggo, except for the ones on the far left and right who, surprise, are asian. That look suits them, and doesn't flatter the white girls in the picture.

>> No.9592455

>peignors with lolita, scepters, and split color wigs.
Japanese lolitas did those

>> No.9592456

>lolitas must be luvlies!! no cussing allowed!
oh come on

>> No.9592459

nayrt, but that's not a lolita bag. most "plain," non themed bags put out by lolita brands have little embellishments like a bow or scalloped edges or pearls. none of those things are really a theme, though.

>> No.9592462

kind of looks like cotton candy to me? like the kind you buy on a stick at a fair

>> No.9592464

No shit it's not a lolita bag.
If you wear a bag that has a bow and your dress doesn't have them, it's gonna look slightly out of place.

>> No.9592467

Same anon. I saw some girl go into a Ben and Jerry's recently and she was wearing a dress that definitely looked like it might be lolita, like a taobao dress, it had a board print, looked like stained glass windows. She wasn't wearing a blouse or a petti and was pretty chubby.
I wasn't wearing lolita thank god, so I went by unnoticed to her but I can just imagine she's on here now yelling at girls.

>> No.9592468

I didn't encourage the race topic anon. I wanted unpopular opinions.

>> No.9592485

bows are commonplace enough in lolita that it doesn't really count as a theme, is what i'm trying to say. a dress with a bow isn't bow themed, just like a dress with lace isn't lace themed.

>> No.9592503

>t. not a lolita

>> No.9592505

That bag has an embroidered logo. I hope nobody ever tries to coord it with a main piece lacking embroidery, that would look so out of place.

>> No.9592667

Wa lolita is the shits. I really wanted to do it well. I have some kimonos and would love to wear them with lolita and am looking for references online.

>> No.9592718

>coorded good
Newfag detected

>> No.9592741

There's a such thing as being too fat/tall/short/ugly/busty for lolita. Some people just shouldn't wear it.
Hijab and lolita look awful together and this isn't a "hurr all people who look x way are terrorists" or related to my own feelings about organized religion, but it just ruins the look
Also cover your tattoos, don't wear lolita, or just don't get them if you're committed to lolita. Same with piercings

>> No.9592743


You are comparing apples and oranges. First of all, Smileysquid is a western lolita, and she's not even Japanese as far as I know. You're comparing girls wearing classic to random photos like old school advertisements or snaps of Asian lolitas from Daily_Lolita.

For those 4 classic white lolitas I could show you a bunch of western sweet lolitas looking just like an angelic Pretty advertisement.

>> No.9592745

There's a clip from an Angelic Pretty tea party where a girl has a scepter and flat out says she got the idea from Western girls. You saw a few Japanese lolitas with split wigs, but it wasn't common, they were more popular in the US and the trend was started by Kammie. As for peignors, again, only ever saw western girls trying to coordinate them into Lolita.

>> No.9592751

They were all in glb before

>> No.9592764
File: 71 KB, 480x640, takulu-invented-OTT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with you on split wigs and peignoirs. But scepters? Come on now.

>> No.9592840
File: 626 KB, 758x389, sceptre.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is a difference between something being featured in a brand ad a couple times, to being seen in snaps and posts on closet of frills.

Tea party video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wixAkHQ0qbM


>> No.9592841

Unpopular opinion: I hate when sellers use a photo of themselves wearing the item in the sales post. It's a huge turn off from wanting to buy an item. I know that things are used but seeing the seller in the item makes it feel more worn or something.

>> No.9592842

I agree with this but only when the garment is obviously too small when worn by the seller, then I worry about undisclosed popped/distorted seams and stretched shirring (if there is any). If the seller includes a pic of themselves wearing the piece they're selling and they wear it well, it's a nice bonus and may actually convince me to buy.

>> No.9592857

I like piercings and tattoos with Lolita, I think it brings a nice "alternative fashion" touch and contrasts with the overall look in an interesting way.
I do not see the appeal of classic lolita a la toned down Innocent World at all; I think it looks boring and either resembles historical clothes or old lady fashions too much.
"Puffy eye" makeup-look is disgusting
Empire waist dresses make almost everyone look pregnant.
Wispy bangs look sweaty and make an impression that a person who has them has very thin hair

>> No.9592874

You had me then you immediately lost me anon.

But at least I'm not the only one out there that thinks body mods look fine with lolita. I especially like them with sweet.

>> No.9592878

I always ask for a worn photo

>> No.9592880

what if its never been worn? BNWT?

>> No.9592881

Same, I hate very heavy body mods (like over 5 piercings on one face) but otherwise they add a great touch to it

>> No.9592890

they are. they also probably dont ever post their coords online bc they're total trash.

black girls are the ONLY ones who look good in sweet. hell they look good in everything.

not only is everyone on cgl itas, but racist too obvs

>> No.9592895

Then they can say so and if it's true I don't need a worn photo

>> No.9592947

>black girls
>looking good

Pick one and only one, tumblrchan

>> No.9592968

I've seen like two passable black Lolitas in my life and they were both mixed. And neither of them wore sweet either. All the others were fat, trashy, and had no idea how to style themselves.

>> No.9592972

Did I miss something and it's actually 1920something but prejudiced white people have internet access?

The hell is wrong with you idiots? Were you raised in a barn? You're like every horrible stereotype of us in tumblr.

Have some pride and try not to act like an inbred hillbilly, for fucks sakes. How do you think this is ever okay behavior?

>> No.9592976

Boy you sure are sticking it to tumblr by... behaving exactly how they accuse you of behaving?

>> No.9592979

just ignore them lmao
racist chans are thristy as fuck for attention

>> No.9592980

Gee I don't know it's almost like people are sick of coddling black people just because they're black. If you can't dress yourself, don't expect asspats just because of your race.

>> No.9592988

With these kinds of attitudes >>9592890 I'm tempted to go on racist diatribes myself

>> No.9592990

>t. racist white bitch

>> No.9592993

Please keep doubling down on the hillbilly insult, it's not like continuously pissing white people off and mocking the ones who are legitimately disenfranchised is gonna end badly for you or anything

>> No.9592995

Sure, whatever. You think calling me racist means anything?

>> No.9593017

How are random white racists on /cgl/ who think they know better than top stylists "legitimately disenfranchised"? Enlighten us.
Making vague threats makes you look a lot like an inbred hillbilly, by the way. Just a tip.

>> No.9593021

>There's a such thing as being too fat/tall/short/ugly/busty for lolita. Some people just shouldn't wear it.

Agree, the sooner people realize this, the better. Too many horrible looking girls in lolita, it's not a fashion that looks good on everyone.

>> No.9593028

I'm white, you inbreed. You don't sound like a disenfranchised white person you sound like the hate filled toothless yokel stereotype of white people tumblr advocates.

This post is crawling with people saying black people don't look good because they're black.

If you're tired of people generalizing white people as racist hicks how about you start calling out racism when you see it instead of taking the tumblr bait and acting *exactly* as the bigot tumblrinas want you to act like so you come off as some cartoonish parody?

>> No.9593044

>black girls are the ONLY ones who look good in sweet. hell they look good in everything.

This is also racist you thick headed lib arts major.

>> No.9593064

Keep going, please. Keep pushing people to the right.

>> No.9593079

It sounds like you were there to begin with. Keep threatening people on 4chan, it makes you sound very stable and I'm sure all white people would love to be associated with retards like you.
>Wtf, claiming entire races of people are incapable of looking good is racist and frowned upon by all decent humans?? The world has gone too far baka....

>> No.9593175

im sorry but, what? white girls have not really adapted lolita to how they look. the only trends white girls have spawned in the fashion are pegnoirs, tumblr influences in the fashion, and fandom coords, and even most of those get ridiculed on cgl. don't give us that bullshit anon, white lolitas try their best to dress up as similar and as well as asian lolitas. the whole ott classic trend was popularized by asian lolitas too, btw.

>> No.9593178

Like being a racist asshole is pushing people to the tumblr idiot side of the left.

You see how stupid 'only black people look good in sweet'? It looks as retarded as 'black people don't look good in anything.'

If you're on the right or left call out idiots on your side when you see it. Idiots make all of us look bad.

>> No.9593190

We're at the point where thinking the darkest skin with the lightest colors in clothing is 1920s inbred racism. Where white people can look bad in yellow, mint, and orange but black people MUST look good in all coords and colors or else you're a racist. Thanks America

>> No.9593216

Actually its accented, two toned would imply the second color takes up up to half of the outfit

>> No.9593330

nobody said anything about white girls looking bad in those colors anon

honestly lets stop this it's highkey ridiculous. i personally think it's all about undertones and correct coordination rather than skin tone and u disagree well whatever everyone has their own opinion. as long as you're not policing girls on wearing x instead of y because it suits them better according to you. like honestly who even cares at this rate people will wear whatever they want no matter what anyways.

>> No.9593431 [DELETED] 

racism is a completely logical part of being a human, and better yet a being a white person.
why does it hurt you if someone doesn't like niggers?

>> No.9593458

Stop taking the race bait you idiots.

My unpopular opinion is that there's nothing wrong with being a coslita.

>> No.9593764

It's fucking impossible to have an unpopular opinion thread.

Also this is dead as fuck, it's too late for the "stop taking the bait"
The bait was taken, and a ton of gulls have hooks in their mouths.

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